Last week I used the ladies room of a restaurant where I sometimes go for breakfast. I was sitting there legs apart, elbows on my knees, panties round my ankles waiting for the big moment! Then the main door opened and someone came into the only other booth. A youngish voice piped up, 'Are you doing a poop?" Whaaat. I answered the question with a giant plop but said nothing. "Obviously you are, what a bomb."
Involuntarily I followed with a long, windy fart. "Careful, you may blast off into orbit." I really hadn't anything to say so I went about my business in silence. Then the door opened again and another voice said, "are you there, hon?" "Katie," said my nextdoor neighbor in a tone of horror, "is that you?" "Sure thing." "Oh, my God!" This was all beyond my wildest dreams and I thought I'd die laughing. I wiped and finished off. Went out to wash my hands. There was a girl in jeans and a halter aged about 16. She knew nothing of course and took my place. I still hadn't spoken. But as I went out I said, "Top that!" and closed the door. You couldn't make it up.

Grands baisers. Anthea

For the first time in a bit I had a good motion on Tusday afternoon (May 18th) shortly after coming into the office. A good meal last night (beef stroganoff) was undoubtedly the key factor.

When I get into the office, I usually head to the men's room after putting my things down & logging into the office network. But today, I didn't immediately feel like it. For the first half hour or so I just sat down and started working.

I usually start working around 12 noon or there abouts… Around 1 I felt an urge to go… but nothing very strong. I considered just waiting for a while but decided to follow my usual procedure & head to the men's.

The washroom is just down the hall and, as usual, I walked down into an empty men's room. (By contrast, the women's loo next door is a virtual highway of activity. Pity that it's been insulated so well. Aside from the occasional muffled flush, you can't hear a thing from the other room. <<sigh>>)
There are 2 stalls in the men's and I usually go for the first one - the handicapped cubicle because the toilet is a few inches higher than the other ones in the building. The 'regular' ones are so low, I feel like I'm about fall on my ass rather than to sit down!

Closing the door, I undo my button on my pants… Pull down my underwear (usually white y-fronts) and sit down. Normally, I lean forward - resting on my forearms.

(Note: I don't usually watch them coming out, so I can only be certain of the sizes after getting up and looking what I've produced while wiping my bum. Also, they were all no more than around 1 ˝" in diameter.)
This time I had to push a little to get things rolling. Not much though (no grunts or breath holding needed.) By the feeling in my gut, I knew it would probably be a 'snake' on the way. When I started feeding the turd coming I knew is wasn't going to be a huge thing. Slowly, I felt my poop sliding out bit by bit. Eventually 6 inches of my first stool appeared before breaking off & silently dropping into the water. Then (as usual for me) my bladder took over for a bit & I took a piss for about 30 seconds or so. What followed were the next pieces - which began their journey out into the wide world.
With my second one, again I had to put into a wee bit of effort to get it out. Not as long as my first one, it broke off into the bowl with a much louder, "plop". I recon it was about 3 to 4 inches long. My third was another 5 or 6 incher & also slid silently into the water.

What remained in my rectum were 4 or 5 smaller pieces, each no more than 3 inches in length. Everything came out very clean this time actually. I only had to wipe twice…

Unless the loo malfunctioned, there was absolutely no danger of anything blocking up the flow, but I took a moment to have a close look at my jobbies. Not particularly noteworthy in terms of the amount produced, but all of stools had an amazing colour! A lovely brown that I had to admire I must say. For a minute or two I stood with my pants down & enjoyed what I saw.

Finally, I then pulled my undies & pants back up… flushed everything away… then headed back to my desk (after washing my hands.) My only thought was that I didn't have that satisfactory, 'empty', feeling after a good jobbie. Oh well...

Talk to you in a bit!


Hi everyone! I hope this spring is turing out to be good for you!
Here (near Toronto, Canada) it's been rather wet actually. We can't seem to go more than 2 days without a shower passing through... So naturally, it's been a little cool for my tastes. (Then again, perhaps I've got visions of the coming summer floating about in my unconsciousness...) Could be worse I guess, since out west - Alberta, Sask. especially - just got hit with an unwelcome spring snowstorm last week. But this is a place to chat about bowel & bladder happenings... not meteorology, so I'll move on...

I must say I'm a bit disapointed with what I've managed to produce over the last month or so. Nothing that made me say, "WOW! Now THAT was a good one!!", after surveying my jobbie. Not much in the way of constipation really... More accurately, in a word all my poops have been BOOOOARING!!!
Around this time of year back in 2001 I was at home, seated in front of my PC when I had the most enormous feeling in my stomach. Out of nowhere my bowels were demanding that I get to the washroom upstairs N.. O.. W.., NOW!!! And I quite literally dashed up from the basement with my rectum bulging with a load that was demanding to be let out without *any* delay.
When I reached the bathroom, I could feel the urge growing almost exponentially. The second or two it took me to pull down my shorts (I wasn't wearing any underware that afternoon) seemed like forever!! The moment I set down on the toilet - it all flowed out like a storm! No effort at all went into geting it all out! It wasn't diarrhea, but it wasn't solid either. It was like... well... almost like a big cow pie!!
It the minute I was seated, it was all over. To this day, it gave me the most satisfying feeling EVER!

To liven thins up a bit, I've been planning to leave something outside in the backyard for the neighbours to notice. Not an easy task though, since - #1. I don't want anyone to actually catch me in the act & my backyard is visible to perhaps a dozen other houses... and #2. I haven't been able to make a nice sized log in a long... LONG while. :(

Taking a piss outside is just so much easier since I can 'let loose' in my shorts/pants wile mowing the lawn or puttering around in the garden. Someone would need to be right beside me to notice the wetness running down my legs.
Knowing that I'm getting away with it is satisfying I must say... But isn't nearly enjoyable as passing a good load in the outdoors!


ANTHONY(Indianapolis)-Another must-see movie with a guy dumping is National Lampoons Van Wilder. One of the "bad guys" takes a laxative without knowing and takes a dump in a trash can in front of about 5 people. Very funny. Make sure you check out the extras on the DVD because there are several takes of that scene. The actor keeps cracking up and they keep needing top re-shoot it.
Kiss me Guido shows a good looking Italian guy drop his briefs and sit on the toilet.
A moview by Gus Van Sant called something like "the living end" has a guy on the toilet and it shows him wiping, looking at the paper, and wiping again.
American Pie has one of the characters taking a noisy crap after ingesting a laxative.

I know there's more, but I can't remember them right now.

Yesterday, I had to take a massive shit. I sat through five hours of school squirming in my chair trying to wait until the appropiate time to shit. So I let out a few silent farts from time to time, but it didn't really help. So once lunch came around I went into the bathroom and to the farthest of the tow toilets from the door. I close the stall door and just before I start, my classmate comes in and take a piss and notices that I am on the toilet. So he laughs and embarrasses me by asking if I had put toilet paper on the toilet seat. I said yes even though I hadn't. So I quickly finished and left out before anyone saw my evidence.

love this site, so any way, just got off the toilet. Long sotry short, held it in for almost 2 days? From last night to to nite. Skipped last night, then skipped going in the school(shy pooper) and finally went afer homewrok. Almos 5 12 inch logs

hello my name is fi, i am english however i moved into the united states in recent years, and i've recently completed high school. i'm 18 years old, and i have a little story about an incident involving a problem in knickers when i was a high school junior at age 17. I had felt fine most of the day, i was in school and i was wearing a thin, loose fitting dressy white flowered skirt that went about to my mid thigh, and underneath i had on a rather snug fitting pair of little light purple knickers with little tiny white flowers on them. it was partly through the day and we were sitting down to lunch, when i felt as if i needed to have a bowel movement, quite badly. i was excusing myself to head to the toilets, when my friend melody, god bless her, stopped me and began harassing me about the homework for french class. i was in a desperate race against my bowels and i needed to get to the toilet urgently, so i quickly murmured to her about some pages i was unsure of, and i hurried off on my way. i left the cafe and proceeded down the hall, when i rolling cramp in my lower abdomen caused me to stop. i felt a pressure in my bum, and that's when i felt a large poop forcing itself into my knickers. it was of considerable size, and kept pushing it's way out of my bum and into my knickers with great persistence, and i felt my knickers expand outward and tighten as the solid poo smooshed and squeezed itself to fit between my knickers and bum. thank goodness it was solid. it did have a somewhat rank odor, however. i tried to proceed to the ladies toilets but i just kept on filling my knickers in the hallway until it was too late to get on the toilet. i entered the ladies washroom gingerly and went to the mirror. i turned my rear toward it and to my delight, my accident was inconspicuous beneath my skirt. i decided to just hide it all day and wait until i got home to change out of the messy knickers. following the lunch period, i had my chemistry class. i sat at my lab table and felt the solid but soft pile of doo in my knickers smoosh against my bum. it felt like a warm, sticky poo patty in my underpants. it was not enjoyable in the very least, might i tell you. problems arose after that, because now my skirt had stuck to some of the now smooshed poo agaisnt my bum and when i stood up people saw on me bum that i had obviously soiled my knickers! i was dismissed at that point to go home and clean myself. it was not a pleasant experience, but to be perfectly honest this was not the first incident!

good day to you,

Funny episode of your girlfriend, do you have more of her peeing in unusal place (outdoor or indoor) because of her very weak bladder. I too cna't hold very long and pee often, but i never get so despparate quickly..I rember at college days 2 friend of mine pissed out of both the passanger side windows of my old car on a road trip, theu didn't it for emergency, but just for the fun of it. Boviously they "washed" all the extern side of my car with theyr piss, and a few drops into the internal side of teh door too. BUt I didn't got very hungry because it was an old car and I didn't care much about it...

wonderful sight, I only have a friend who can pee so powerfull like this, I agree with you that it is not a way for us to pee..How did teh woman react when she noticed you watching at her, di she say something to you?

I've read your answers to doera's survey: can you descrube the anecdotes when u peed in a phone box (I've done it too) an on the back seat of a bus

Dora's survery
1. How old are you? 46
2. What gender are you? f
3. How often do you normally pee? 6-7 a day and more
4. How much do you normally pee? no too much
5. What's your record holding time? 3-4 hours
6. What's the strangest place you've ever peed? phone box, train vagon (no toilet aboard), underground station, a public bench...
7. Have you ever seen somone else pee their pants? no pants, but peeing treough her swimsuit standing in knee high water fo a water park
8. Have you ever peed your pants? no
Do you have a story? I have many stroies about peeing, no wetting, i tell tehm later..
I'm courious to see your answers to the survey Dora, expecilly a short story about the strangest place you peed...

good summer to all



My latest anecdotes
1- last week: a gipsy sighteeen
As I told you in my experience fo the gipsy women pissing into the phone box in full daylight, there is quite a number of gipsy beggars at the major traffic lights and crossroads on my usual way to with the good season the number of them seem higher...
Last week I decided to stop at a big crossroad traffic right into a small gas station to check a strange noise in the back of my car and to by a newspaper at the small newspaper kiosk..
Unluckyly the gas station was closed that day, only self pre pay working, I didn't need fuel, but I stopped anyway to check the noise..I parked in the empty area where the non self pump was. First i went to buy the newspaper, coming back to my car I saw a gipsy woman going in the fuelling area. Before I reached my car, she stopped besides the closed gasoil pump, pulled up her long skirt, esxposing everitying in the process and squatted middle high near the pump, in a quite visible palced. She pissed forcefully on the pavement and on the tramac ( avery dark yellow pee), spalshing all around and mixing her pee with the puddle of oil and gasoil on th ěe ground, she was exposing her bum to teh cars passing in the sideway which bring to the gas area and her funny (really hairy, I don't think Gipsy are used to shaving) to me who was coming form the opposite side. She didn't wipe, stood up and pull down her long skirt (pantyless) and went back to the traffic light...There was no much cover in teh area wher she peed (maybe behind the small gas kiosk), but she didn' t care much, in fact if she had crossed teh traffic light to the opposite side there was a mall bunch of bushes that surely offered a better hiding...
I learnt that tgipsy doesn't care much about where they pee and if someone can see them...
I didn't managed to guess what the noise was and took my car to a mechanic in the afternoon.

2-this weekend-summer pee
At least we are having the first summer daysi n this late spring, after amny bad weather weekend...
We had great family "meeting" at my mother summer cottage..
With the nice sun we went to a fine beach in large group:
My family, my cousin with her daughter and my sister's fmaily..
We went to a nice beach in a natural area, no service opened (there are few during the main season opening too, because building are not allowed), there was quite a crowd of people with the nuce day, desapite the early season...
Going behind th e dunes or parked car to pee was common for all..and during the day, we girls kept the old habit of "going in pairs", or more to the toilet..
When my cousin told me that when they pissed behind the dunes, they get caught with theyr ass in the air, by an old couple who was peaking flowers above the dunes, I think it was better to find a better place. In fact there were often peopel passing on the trails going between the parking an dteh dunes, and some "strange" men who seemed to be "watchers". When it was turn for me, my sister and her daughter to "visit the loo", i suggest them to find a better hidden place to pee.. We headed for a small amntenience barrack, which is a classical palce for me to pee behind during the summer... We found tha barrack was dorlles and empty at this time, so we found it better to go inside to "go to the bathroom"..I went first with my sister kepping guard, then it was her daughter and her turn to pee inside the barrack, with me standing in guard, It was a wisw joyce, because I spotten a man walking on the top of a duen behind, probably he was ther to spot women pissing or copules having sex in the dunes...
Before going home, almost all of use visited "the bathroom" and we made a short line od 5 girls to take turn to pee in the barrack...
summer outdoor peeing is so nice!!


Ive just had a lovely buddy dump with my sister Maureen and she is quite happy for me to post here about it.

As a bit of background, I am 53 and Maureen is 55 and we both live in the old family house, our parents in their 80s now live in an old people's flat with resident wardens on the South Coast of England, what I think is called a "condo" in the USA. Maureen is a widow and moved into the house which she shares with me.

When I was a kid in the 1950s it wasnt the done thing for parents to let kids watch them doing the toilet as it may be now, but it was quite common for an older sibling to be used to show the younger one what to do. I was therefore allowed to watch Maureen doing her poos and she was a good teacher as I was soon clean and able to go to the toilet myself before I started school at five and had very few accidents. Until Maureen reached her teens it didnt bother my parents that I would often accompany Maureen when she did a motion, my folks were quite open about nudity etc and if I was having a bath or getting washed in the morning before going to school and Maureen needed to use the toilet it would have been stupid for her to have to wait and perhaps wet or fill her knickers or vice versa. So often I would have the pleasure of seeing my big sister sitting on the pan doing a motion then seeing the turds she had passed. Now when she reached her teens my parents thought it was no longer appropriate for me to be in the toilet when she was using it. Luckily for me Maureen thought otherwise and when our parents were out she would still let me accompany her and watch her doing her big jobbies. Now that she is sharing the house she lets me watch again and as this morning we often have a buddy dump. As I have said although my parents were quite open for the 1950s and 60s they always closed the door when using the toilet as that older generation was a bit more prudish about such things. I would however listen through the thin wall between the toilet and my bedroom when my Mum was doing a motion. As like many women she was sometimes constipated she would quite often do a really big jobbie which would be passed with a lot of NN! and OH! straining sounds and which made a loud "Cullumpton" sound when it dropped into our large and deep toilet pan as three days poo all came away in one big lump. Quite a few times her turd would be too big to flush away and I would see it stuck in the bottom of the pan, a big brown knobbly carrot shaped jobbie with a pointed end and I'd have a buddy dump on top of it doing my own smaller jobbie on top of her big one.

This brings me to this morning. I have a day's leave today, but Maureen got up at 7.00am to go to her work and I made breakfast for us both. After eating we both needed a motion so we went together to the toilet. I usually let Maureen go first and I wasn't desparate so I watched as she sat on the pan with her skirt round her waist and her big white briefs at her knees. She did her wee wee, a loud tinkling then I could smell the odor of her poo as she gave a grunt NN! UH! AH! then her big turd slowly emerged. It was as usual a fat one, dark brown and knobbly about 2 1/2 inches thick and grew in length as Maureen urged it on its way NNN! UH! OH! then about 12 inches long it tapered to a point and plunged into the pan, "KUR-SPLOOMP! She wiped her bum, as it was a good solid jobbie this only took one wipe, then pulled up her knickers. I then sat on the pan, watching her had encouraged my own motion. I wasnt able to pee to start off so bore down and felt my own turd start to come out. It was as fat and solid as Maureen's jobbie, but lighter in colour as I was working a 12 hour shift yesterday and had eaten chicken sandwiches then pizza for my meals in the canteen, Maureen had eaten darker meats. My turd was also a foot long and was slightly curved but when it dropped into the pan it hit Maureen's which was a floater and it made a sort of "FLAP!" sound. As soon as it was passed I could then pee. I also wiped my bum and dried my "John Thomas" then pulled up my white Y Front Briefs. We had a look at our combined efforts then pulled the flush but the two big jobbies stuck in the pan, they are still there but I will thrown down some buckets of water to shift them later when they have softened up a bit.

your name whizzer
to Curious:

your survey

wipe sitting or standing, wipe sitting
I wipe behind my back
I wipe front to back

hope this helps

Curious. My answers to your survey are:
What is you gender? Male
What is your age? Fortysomething
Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? Standing up.
Do you wipe in front or behind your back? Not quite sure what you mean.
Do you wipe front to back or back to front? Usually front to back.

Christine. Reading your post, I would advise you to not be too hard on yourself and learn the lessons of experience. Perhaps you were a little harsh in the way you responded to your daughter's accident. Maybe there was a little 'poetic justice' in the accident you had whilst out riding a few days later - if that's how you want to see it. However, accidents happen and practically everyone has them at some point in adult life. For some it may be a daily occurence whilst for others it may happen only once in fifty years. The people who post here and admit that they've shit themselves are only a tiny but very brave minority of the population. Most people do it some time or other but few have the courage or candour to admit it. I wouldn't worry unduly about messing yourself again whilst out riding as the statistical odds against it happening are quite substantial, especially if you pay a careful visit to the toilet beforehand. Even if it does happen, it's a minor nuisance - hardly the end of the world. If anyone judges you for it, I'd say they had a lot of growing up to do!

Best wishes to everyone!

Twice Shy
Men taking dumps in film

Anthony, I believe it was, wanted to know if there were other notable movie scenes of men taking dumps. The one that immediately comes to mind is in the 1999 comedy hit "Fight Club", where Edward Norton is on the crapper, ordering from one of those IKEA-like catalogs at the same time on the wireless phone. This is before he has actually met Brad Pitt, whom we later see him with in the bathroom, when one of them is in the process of taking a bath. That would have been a killer scene with the two of them; a buddy dump, perhaps as memorable as the one with the NaOH in the soap kitchen. Brad Pitt later has a scene in which he talks of urinating in a tureen of soup, but again, we don't see him actually do it. There's another scene in which a fellow is taken down by the two performers in a rest room, but this time, it is because they are threatening to castrate him. It's that kind of movie.

A sort of survey about peeing outside. I'd like as much elaboration as possible, though!

1. Are you male or female?
2. How often did you pee outside when you were younger?
3. Compare that to how often you do now.
4. How morally acceptable is peeing outside where you live (optional[not that any of these are required!]: post where you live)
5. Do you think it's more acceptable for boys, girls, men or women to pee outside? Put them in order, and explain why you think so.
6. What are your views on peeing outside?
7. Do you prefer peeing outside to in a toilet?

Thursday, May 20 2004

I have a pooping story, when I was 16 years old. Well let me start by saying that I went out to dinner with my family at this steak place, and I ate some beef. A couple hours later I decided to go out for a run around my neighborhood. I went out on the 4 mile run. About two miles into my run, I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had to poop. I didn't really think much of it, because I get that feeling alot. But the cramps got worse, and I was getting worried because I really began to feel that I had to poop. I was running on a busy road, and I knew for a fact that I wasn't gonna make it home, so I crossed the street so I can run down the side street and find a hidden place to poop. Well it took forever for me to cross the street because it was so busy. When I finally did cross the street, I felt it comming out, so I ran faster so I wouldn't go in my pants. Then out of no where, it all came out of me. It was so soft, almost like diarhrea. I couldn't believe this was happening, I had to stop running, and bend over to try to hold it in, but it just keep pouring out. Luckily I was by myself, but I still couldn't believe what just happened.

i remembered when i was working in a kitchen as a cook a few years ago i had something to eat there and i guess it wasnt cooked enough or whatever, well i was working on the line and it was during dinner sometime it was kinda busy. I felt myself having to go to the bathroom and i couldnt leave the line well right behind the line is this brick wall behind the brick wall is storage and stuff well i had to poop bad. if i didnt leave the line now i was going to shit my pants bad. so i went behind the line pulled down my pants quick bent over the trash can and loads of wet shit came out of my into the trash can. oh god i think it lasted like 5 minutes and it was getting late at night so the other cooks werent looking for me. they musthave though i was taking a break or something. so i pooped my guts out into the trash can i forget how i wiped my asshole then but i pooped then wiped and pulled up my pants i felt much better. i got rid of the trash bag quick or it would have stunk. i was fine after that. it was a unique situation. one i will never forget. i went home and took an enema that night to clean myself out more. thanks bye, loove this site.

To ShortSkirt Girl -
I came close to peeing in my tennis skirt once while in the middle of playing tennis. It wasn't a serious game or anything - I was just hitting the ball back and forth with my friend. It was one day after school, and we hadn't stopped at home after we left school. So, seeing as I have a sort of weak bladder, I needed to pee while we were playing. Maybe one or two small drops came out, but I was able to squeeze my legs together and hold my pee in until I found a toilet.

Amy single

Please post more stories about you pooping in your panties. I absolutely looove them!


Tell me more about yourself please.

My girl can never hold her "water" very long so I always try to remember to keep a quart sized jug in the car for her to pee in. If not for that, long car trips would probably take twice as long. Following is about one of one of the times the jug wasn't with us.
After a few hours on the road she casually mentioned she was starting to get "the urge," but instead of doing anything about it she went to sleep. About 20 minutes later I noticed she was holding her pussy but she ignored my suggestion that she get the jug. I realized she was still asleep. Another 20 or so passes and she wakes up in a fuss, squirming about yelling she's starting to pee in her jeans. Quickly undoing the button and downing her zipper she shoved her hand down there to squeeze herself shut while at the same time fussing about in a frantic search for her pee jug. NOT! Someone seems to have forgotten it, and with that she let out a curse word I won't repeat here, followed by a command to pull the car over to the side. Problem was there was no pull over place on the long bridge span we were on and when she realized that she totally freeked, yelling she was going to pee all over the car any second, that it was already leaking out. She pushed her seat all the way back, spread her legs all the way out and leaned as far back in the seat as she could and then put her other hand on top of the one already tugging on her pussy. Her face looked distorted, she was biting her lower lip, her legs closed and twisted and then opened again. I reminded her she was a grown woman and she needed to exercise some self control and to NOT piss in my car which was only two weeks old. Eventually we were off the bridge but traffic was bad and still no place to pull over, and then there was that familiar smell of pee. Honey I yelled; stop peeing it's starting to smell of pee and with that she started crying, yelling it was "burning down there," and she was doing all she could to keep it in but it wouldn't stop. I opened her window and told her piss out there and in her desperate state she twisted about and poked some of her butt towards the opening. A HUGE splash of pee gushed out of her; I could see some of it running down the door but most appeared to be shooting out the window as the most amazing look of contentment came over her face. At quick glance I noticed some spray running down the back window as she tried with her hand to hold her pussy lips open to keep it shooting back instead of running down inside the car. Eventually she stopped but as she turned around her butt came back down on the seat she yelled, "O shit;" as a final squirt landed on her seat. O well I thought; can't live with um; can't live without um; and she did look so cute; if only I could of watched that pissy butt in action from outside.

One time I knew this guy, and I was over at his house for the superbowl party, and ate six cans of corn, and that night towards about 1 am, he started to have gas. And we all went outside in the woods to watch him take a big dumparoo... and BOY was his anus out of control! First a long of about a foot and a half long came out. Then he farted and started making butt pee. And then it started to spray out like a big hose, and then a HUGE load of just corn fell out, and then more butt pee. And then another load of corn came out in between a foot-long log. It was about 3.5 inches wide, and took him near 20 minutes to push out. (He'd had Mexican the night before and Chinese earlier that day.)

Well, then there was the GRAND FINALE! The end of his turd got stuck in his anus! And he pushed and grunted for another five minutes, and it shot about five feet across the woods and hit a tree, and SPLAT!

You can bet he was releived after that. That was the biggest dump I've ever seen!

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