Caroline M.
Today, something bad happened! I went downtown with my mother's friend, and had two of the largest types of frappachino's. Then, as we were about to go, my mother's friend sees some kind of tea she likes, and tells me i HAVE to try it. So, i tried it, and i loved it! I had another SEVEN glasses of it! Now, i hadn't used the bathroom all day, and for lunch i had had a cheesburger, and i started to need to use the bathroom. SOO, we got on a subway. I said to the friend, "I really, really, REALLY got to use the bathroom." SHe says that we'll use the bathroom at borders and then i'll go to a movie with my older brother or i can go home with my dad. Well, the subway was going nice and fast, and we were pretty close to Borders, when some little kid throws up! SO, everybody has to get off the subway, and wait for them to clean the car, and then get back on! That took like half an hour! SO, i really, really, really had to poo and pee, and when I walked onto the subway, I sat down, and realized that i had sat in some vomit! I felt really sick to my stomach now too, but didn't want to get sick, or go in my pants, so I just stayed very still and held it.

Then, a bit later, we got out of the subway and we walked 5 blocks to borders! About 2 blocks in, I couldn't hold it any longer. Some poop escaped, and i was terrified to find out that it was diahrrea. It ran down my leg, and me and my friend RAN to borders. We ran up the flight of stairs to the bathroom, and i had my bladder and butt clenched as hard as I could. By this time, my friend had left me and told me to find my brother when i was done. SO, i got to the bathroom, and i said "Can i please go in front of you? I really, really, really have to go, and if i can't go now, i'm going to go in my pants!" It was some mean, old lady i said that to, and she gave me a talk about being polite to your elders. I was dying, and i was in sooo much pain from holding it in.

Then, finally, somebody came out, and the old lady went in. I was in trouble, I knew. Finally, the door swung open, and there was this lady there. she had opened the door, but her like 5 year old daughter was sitting on the toilet, singing! I said to the lady, "Can your daughter please hurry? I'm going to have an accident!" The woman told her daughter, "take your time!" SO, the little girl sat there singing, and finally I couldn't hold it any longer. To my humiliation, I started peeing in front of that awful woman. It ran down my jeans leg, and litterally made a puddle on the floor. I kept going, and couldn't stop, and then my butt exploded! diahrrea pocketed in my underpants, and then dripped down my pants leg. The woman started laughing, and I was crying, yet i couldn't stop going!

Finally the old lady got out of the stall, and I rushed in! I looked at the toilet breifly, only to find out that the toilet was clogged by a massive poo by the old lady. I left the stall, all the while going in my pants. The other people had left, so i ran into that stall, but it was clogged too! I was amazed, and crying, but i didn't know what to do! finally it hit me! I'd go in the sink! i locked the door to the whole bathroom, and pulled my pants down, and urinated and pooped in the sink! It went on forever, and there were a couple of knocks on the door, but i couldn't do anything but keep pooping!

Then, when i started to move out of the sink, my stomach heaved, and I threw up on myself! I quickly got out of the sink, and undressed. I was so sick, I didn't care if anybody saw me or not. I crawled to the toilet, and managed to get it unclogged. It had just got unclogged, when I felt the need to hurl. I put my face real close to the toilet bowl, and burped real loudly and started to puke. While I was puking, all of this diahrrea flowed out of my butt, and i was covered in vomit and diahrrea. I stopped puking and pooping and started to cry as I cleaned the bathroom up. Once the bathroom was clean enough, I tried to get my clothes clean, but they smelled so bad that while trying to clean them, I puked on them some more. BUT, i was undressed completely, so I decided the best thing to do would be to quickly get dressed, run out of borders, get a cab, and get home, and then call my brother and appologize for never meating him.

So, i dressed and ran out of borders, down the street, and got a cab quickly. I was feeling pretty lucky, but the cab driver was really bad and was driving very harshly, with unneccessary stops all of the time. Finally, I sat up, puked my guts out, payed and ran the rest of the way home, where I showered, lay down in bed, puked again, and slept. I just woke up and puked once more, pooped on the floor of the bathroom, and am to tired to clean it up. I'm typing this story. I have more to say, but i just pooped on the chair while typing this, and i'm going to puke now...i can bye!!!

Okay, i didn't submit this until after i had puked right now, so i'm curious, when other people get the stomach flu, do they generally puke many times and have diahrrea at the same time? because i ALWAYS do!

Today i woke up feeling really crappy. I got up, and went to work. I felt worse as the day proceded, but i figured that i'd make it without throwing up. Finally, half way through the day, I burped loudly, and felt better. I should have known that i ALWAYS burp before I puke, but I was sick. Then, all of a sudden, without any warning, my butt exploded with diahrrea. AND i was wearing a thong! but luckily i was also wearing pants, so you couldn't see the poo, my pants just looked like i had done it in them. I called the boss and told him i was sick and needed to go home early. He said fine, and I got in my car, and drove home. I was almost home, when my butt exploded again, and then I puked all over the steering wheel. I got home, took a shower and lay in bed. I slep t for like 2 hours, and then woke up, thought i needed to fart, and instead soiled my bed, sat up, puked my guts out, and type this. I'm still feeling really crappy, so i think i'm going to do more later. I'll keep you posted!

Tonite, there was a movie on HBO Comedy called Rules of Attraction....Anyway, there is a scene about half way thru of seeing James Van Der Beek sitting on a toilet taking a dump, it showed him wiping also, anyone else see this movie??? I am 42 w/m and does anyone else know any more movies with guys taking a dump?????

Randy M
I have been reading here for a long time and I thought Id post one incident of my own.
Last summer my friends Jenny and Frank invited me to go along with them on their boat, a 25 foot Cuddy as its called. Our destination after some joy riding up and down the river here at home, to go to a waterfront resturant later in the afternoon. So we set out after lunch and toured the river up and down a few times. It was very hot and my friends did have a case of beer aboard and drank a few cans. I thought Id join them and have one too, maybe a couple. After about 2 hours I felt I had to pee and it was now building up some pressure. I would have asked them to pull over on the shore but the banks of the river for some miles was very steep and there was no where to pull up on shore. I was really glad to be on the boat with this gal
Jenny, a real cute foxy chick,( sister of the guy owning the boat) and I was really into keeping an eye on her in her swim suit and enjoying her company. The pressure was building up now and I had to pee rather badly and there was nothing I could do. I was afraid Im going to wet my shorts in front of this chick and be embarrassed to no end.
Im sitting at the tail end of the boat on a seat looking directly into the little storage like cabin in the front of the boat, there's nothing there to pee into either. The girl was looking forward to the front and sitting in the first front seat not paying attention to me. I could
feel that any second Im going to leak and let it all out. I give my peter a pinch and hold my legs tight, thats all I can do without being so obivious having to piss so bad. The water rushes by the side of the boat and we bounce a few times on the swells from passing boats. I feel a little dribble of warm pee leak into my crotch. I dont know what Im going to do, I guess piss my pants right here in from of my friend and this girl. She is looking forward drinking a can of beer. I put my hand over the side and felt the swells from our boat as more pee leaks into my pants. I suddenly get an idea, I reach over the side and put my hand into the water. I then scoop a handful of water up into my lap.
The girl is still looking forward and I scoop more water into my crotch and then another wetting my shorts from the water splashing along the boat. Then it just lets go, I cant hold it anymore, I start peeing my pants full blast. Im worrying about a possible puddle by my feet and on the seat where Im sitting. I scoop another big handful of water and toss it in my lap. This time it made a good splash. The girl, Jenny, turned around as she heard it. My pants were soaked in the crotch and legs and my ass was soaked also, felt hot though with piss. Jenny just bust out laughing and said, "that last one got you good" and was laughing hard. I actually had dredged up enough water to cover my pants and a spot on the deck where I sat. I felt better now and wondered to myself if my friends also needed to pee and how were they holding on? I had pissed my pants and got away with it, but does Jen and Frank both have to pee too?
It was about 20 minutes later when we came up on the floating resturant and tied off the boat. I felt warm pee in my shorts and my butt being ichy and I thought I could smell my pee. Jenny got off the boat first and Ran up the boardwalk to the building. Frank laughed, "she gotta pee"!
We walked up the gangplank and steps to the building and went inside and Frank went into the mens room to pee. I followed after hanging back a minute or so not wanting to have to stand there at the urinal and not having to piss now. Jenny come out just as I go in the mens room and I notice a wet spot on her crotch about the size of a baseball. No wonder she was running. So we sat on the stools and ordered burgers and beer and hung out for a time before starting back home.I made sure I took a long piss before we set out this time.
Well its getting dark now, about 8PM dusk, as we start to pull into the docks at home We tie up and I jump off, followed by Jenny and then Frank. We start up the ramp to get the truck and the trailer. All of us had to piss again pretty good. My bladder was full and needed to let out a load again. I walked about 25 yards up the ramp, walked off to the side into some weeds and, (the hell with it) pulled out my pecker and let er rip, pissing and spraying all over. Ahhh, felt good. I turn around just in time to see Jennys nice butt, her shorts and panties down her around her ankles and peeing hard with a loud hiss as she just had this big grin on her face. We both got our clothes straight and started to walk together, Jenny laughs and said, " I was starting to pee my pants and I just hadda go". Frank then appeared from some bushes laughing too, after he had just watered some flowers over there. We loaded up the boat and headed home, my pants had dried fairly well and Jennys wet patch had dried up.
After that we made sure that we took time to find a spot where we could drain off some pee by pulling into some shoreline area.
We had a great summer, and I got to get close to this cute gal and we sort of lost all our shyness after that.

Anyone have a similar story of being on a boat and having to pee real bad?

took a nice shit today.......nothing big.....just reguler size and amount....more later....

Well it's getting close to summertime now and I wonder if any girls or women will do this this summer? Will you wear a short full skirt without panties so if you are out somewhere and have to do a poo that you'll either do it sitting down on a park bench,from the top of bleachers, or anywhere else? If you do or if you have please tell us some stories. My poops have been runny and loose lately so I've had a tampon in to try to make my poops a little firmer.

in malls you know at xmas time how theres a santa i was woundering if any one knows if kids really pee poop on santa if youve seen kids pee poop on santa or have a memory of your self peing pooping on santa please post if peeing pooping on santa is more of an issolated insident then maybe i'll see if i can get a job as one

what tv shows have you seen where a male has been seen taking a shit? or needing a shit is mentioned? who was it. no news here. happy toileting to you all.

Shy Dumper
In reading the posts yesterday I see that there was another person who used the handle Shy Dumper. I never saw that and would have never used it if I had. I think that since I am no longer a shy dumper I will use a different name in the future. It is so great not to be reluctant to go when you have to go. For instance, I was at a baseball game last night. Prior to the start of the game we were eating wings and drinking beer. At the start of the 7th inning I got a cramping feeling and excused myself to head for the rest room; I sat down and immediately let out a loud volley of three farts followed by a loose load of mushy poo. It was quite smelly I might add but was sure better than trying to hold it and wait until I got home. I would have never made it. In the meantime I will think of another name to use.

To first time: That was a great post you made about intentionally having an accident in your panties. If you ever post again I'll definitely be looking foward to it.

To Kyley: I like the story about you watching yourself poop in the mirror. I have actually done that before and it seemed kind of "interesting" in a way getting to see what it looked like when poop comes out. If you ever decide to watch yourself poo in the mirror again I'd be interested in reading about it and any details you can provide.

To Suzanne: I enjoyed reading all your "accident" stories, even though the accidents weren't obviously timed very well. I look forward to reading your next posts.

To all you other ladies who have posted poop stories and/or accidents, they're great stories, and keep them coming.

Yours truly,


Couple of comments. 1)Women do indeed piss a larger stream than men. I have seen them in action. From a woman's bladder to the outside is only an inch (this fact also makes them more susceptible to bladder infections). From a man's bladder to the outside is several inches through a curved tube, which will slow down the volume. 2) Get a bidet. Dumping is fun, cleaning up afterward is not. Now that I have one, I will never have a house without one. The spray simply blasts the messiest dump remnants right out of your hole and down the drain. It gets right up inside and gets it all. No poop on the fingers. No 10-wipe cleanups. Only one wipe to blot off excess water. A roll of toilet paper lasts for months in my bathroom.

To Christine......... welcome aboard , you are not alone when it comes to women having accidents while on a horse, I have seen it twice. I shall recant the stories for you!!!!
1. I was riding with a group of people from a club I was in , when one of the ladies, Sue needed to take a piss. She & I were very good friends so she confided in me that her her need was urgent. I noticed as we were riding together that she would ocasionally grab her crotch & the expression on her face showed she was desperate to piss.I asked her to dismount , I'd hold her horse while she had a squat in the bush, but she was too shy she said!! Then she said in a few minutes if we don't get home soon I'll piss my pants altogether, because she was starting to dribble. Looking at her crotch I could see an obvious piss mark, she had started to to do wees in her pants. Just after that I lost sight of her for a few minutes because the dense tress made us ride single file, then we had to go down a steep hill for about 20 feet. As we started the descent Sue was behind me , we were only allowing one horse at a time to descend the hill, Sue's horse slipped slightly then regained its balance. This caused her to rise out of the saddle, the shock opened Sue's floodgates, she thoroughly pissed herself & was it obvious in light tan pants. We had to ride about another 1/2 mile to get home , she said she was awfully chafed & sore from the urine. She sqaid in future she will not be so shy!!!!!

2. I was with a group of people bringing back a mob of cattle from an island off the coast which is used to feed cattle in winter, the crossing can only be made at low tide . Then the horses are up to their fetlocks (ankles) or higher in water. We all stop & dismount prior to the crossing for a toilet break , this will be the last chance for a couple of hours. We had been in the water for about 1 1/2 hours & in sight of the shore when I had the opportunity to ride beside a girl I'd met on the trip, we both got on really well. But as we began to talk she started to ride away from me , this happened several times, but she still seemed to be interested in talking to me. As we approached the shore alot closer she was able to ride a bit faster, because the water was shallower as she rose out of the saddle I could see why she insisted on keeping her distance from me. There was a large dark brown stain in the crack of her jodpuhrs(riding pants)starting around her vagina then spreading across her bum & going up her bum crack. As we got further toward shore her poop started to work its way down the insides of her legs, judging by the stain mark. Unfortunately I had to stay back with the cattle & never did get a chance to talk to her again!

As you see Christine you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aussierod

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I got a survey for everybody.
What is you gender?
What is your age?
Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
Do you wipe in front or behind your back?
Do you wipe front to back or back to front?

My girlfriend is super slim, but she eats A LOT. Her logs are HUGE! They're often 2 1/2 - 3 inches wide and 12 inches long.
I have a 4 question survey for all you ladies! If you're female, please take a moment to participate. Thanks!
1. What's your height & weight?
2. What's your ethnicity?
3. Do you eat tons of food and not gain an ounce (high metabolism)?
4. How WIDE and LONG are your typical logs? (inches)

I feel very guilty about something that happened recently. I'm 34 years old and a single mom, my daughter is 14 and in 9th grade. A few weeks ago, i got a call at work from her school informing me that she had some sort of emergency and i needed to go pick her up at school. My mind was racing and i was very worried as to what had happened. When i got there, i found out she had pooped her pants!!!!!! I was INFURIATED!! I was made to worry so much and leave work because my 14 year old childishly pooped her pants at school. i scolded her in the car on the way home and even punished her with extra chores, and made her attend school the next day despite her humiliation. I threw away her soiled underwear too.
Well, now I feel very very guilty about being so hard on her, which is the reason i found this board. What made me feel so guilty, might you ask? Well as it turns out, after scolding her for doing something like that at the age of 14, I, 20 years older than her, had an accident of my own, just a few days later.....
Aside from my job selling insurance over the telephone during the week, i also give horse back riding lessons at a ranch close by. On this particular day, i found myself needing to have a bowel movement shortly after beginning a ride with a group of 11 and 12 year old girls. I didn't think much about it and just held it in, and continued along. About halfway through the trail which took approximatley 45 minutes to cover at a slow pace, i felt an incredible amount of pressure in my abdomen and on my bottom and i was really feeling the urge to relieve my bowels. I was getting very worried. It wasn't as if i could stop a group of little girls on a trail in the woods with horses to yank down my riding britches and my panties to poop behind a bush. Well, shortly thereafter, i felt an unbearable cramp and was forced to lift my butt off the saddle a little as i pooped my pants very badly. I was in shock. I felt a hot flash come over my whole body and my heart pumped. I couldn't believe i pooped my pants. It's one thing to poop your pants, it's another thing to do it at age 34 in front of a group of young girls. Thank god there is padding on the butt of riding pants, so it wasn't apparent that i had an accident. maybe keeping my butt off the saddle a little because i was afraid to sit in my own poop gave me away along with the fact that my already bulky padded bottom now looked even more bulky gave me away to some of the quicker girls in the bunch, because when we got back to the ranch and i had thought i hadn't been found out, i heard 2 girls tell their parents that i pooped my pants. i had another hot flash and my eyes filled up with tears and i was barley able to keep from crying. i couldn't believe they knew, let alone told their parents.needless to say i could not face their parents after that, so i just waved from a distance. As soon as all the girls had been picked up, i broke down and cried right outside the stables. I then gathered myself up off the ground and got in my car to go home. i couldn't drive with my butt raised off the seat because i couldn't control how much pressure i put on the gas peddle if i did that obviously, so i sat down and smooshed the poop all over my butt and the inside of my underwear. when i got home, there was no hiding from my daughter that the bulging in the seat of my pants was more than just the padding, so i apologized to her profusely for having yelled at her for pooping her pants. she couldn't believe that i did it too.
i headed into the bathroom and carefully slid my ridng pants down. i examined the inside of them and found no poop marks in them, so they were safe aside from the odor. my panties on the other hand...i was wearing white panties and they were absolutley bulging in the seat and stained brown completely all over my butt. i cleaned the poop out of my panties as much as i could and then set them aside with my riding pants and showered. i put my riding pants and dirty panties in the laundry after the shower.

i was just absolutley devastated. since then, i've tried to go to the toilet before i take long rides, because now i'm paranoid that i will poop my pants while riding again...

love Christine

Today i heard a great story from a friend. A while back i heard about a girl in my school who pooped her pants one night, and peopel talked about it a lot but i never heard much about it. today it came up among friends and one of the girls i was with said she was the one with her when it happened. apparently, they had been at a local concert and had been drinking heavily, and got kicked out. my friend and the girl who did the deed were waiting outside the cafe waiting until they could get a ride. the girl said to my friend "i need a bathroom" and my friend said "they won't let you back in there, pee in the woods with me." the girl moaned and said "no i need a real bathroom" but my friend thought she was just being picky. my friend said again "you need to either wait an hour until we go home or you need to go pee in the woods" and the girl again said "i need a real bathroom!" a few minutes later, she pooped her pants.

i have a story about pooping my pants. i know, i'm the only one, lol. but hey new stories are fine!:)

today i was coming home from softball practice and decided to stop at wendy's. it was like 90 degrees out so i was wearing only my sports bra and a pair of shorts. when i was driving into the wendy's parking lot, i saw a friend of mine walking into wendy's by himself, so i honked and motioned for him to come to my car. i got out and gave him a hug and he told me i looked lovely lol, but anyway i'm rambling. we went into wendy's and ordered food together and ate. when we were finished i offered to drive him back to his house, and he agreed. on the way to my car, i felt a rumble in my ???? and i knew the fast food was already working on me. when i got in my car i just felt a terrible cramp...will asked me if i was okay and i said "well i have to go to the bathroom really bad all the sudden..." he asked me i was going to be okay or if i wanted to go back into wendy's to use the toilet. i said i thought i would be fine, but it was a huge mistake because i was already struggling not to poop my shorts, and it felt like diahrrea. i kept hunched forward a little and kept my butt clenched, and he saw that i was very desperate and told me he didn't need a ride and said i should go right home. i don't know what iwas thinking, but i said no no it's fine, and kept going, and drove very uncomfrotably to his house. it was torture. i knew there was no way i could drop him off then go home without pooping all over myself and the carseat, but i was determined to at least get to his house so i could run in and use the toilet. i was doing okay, but my stomach felt stiff and achy and i farted several times. my face was so red with embarrassment because i farted so much. he asked me again if i was going to be okay and i said "may i please use the toilet when iget to your house?" he said "of course" without even giving it a thought. too bad i didn't make it though. i was driving up the hill into his neighborhood when i lost it. i had to pull over it was so bad. i felt the cramp just convulse and i winced in pain and lifted my butt off the seat and stopped the car, and just EXPLODED in my underwear. it was a continuous stream of creamy diahrrea just pouring into my underwear at full force, and it was very noisy too. it poured out of my shorts getting all over the seats and down my legs, and he just sat there and watched with amazement. when it stopped for a little bit, i was so exhausted that i just dropped right back down into the seat and it made a big squish. i couldn't even think. it was just diahrrea everywhere. my shorts were soaked and i couldn't tell if i peed myself too or if the poop was just that wet. i couldn't believe it...the car smelled like a dead animal had been rotting in it for weeks in high temperatures. i apologized several times and continued to his house. he was very sweet about it. when i dropped him off he reached over and stroked my cheek with his finger and told me it was okay and promised not to tell anyone, and thanked me for the ride home. it made me feel a little better. before pulling away, i went through another wave in my shorts, then went on home. the clean up process was very time consuming and sickening, so i don't really feel like talking about that..but i'm comfy now.

i should do one of those immodium commercials where it says "where will you be when your diahrrea comes back?" oh man that was terrible.

i'll probably post again, ttfn!-nicole.

This Morning i woke up and i felt i had to do a poopy so i went into the bathromm and pulled down my pjs and my pimk panties. and i did my wee and then i thought it would be interesting to see the poop come out of Me! soo i went to the mirror and turn soo i could c my bum and u let out a fart i bent over and saw they poop start to come out . after that i cleaned up my poopy mess and wiped my bum .

does n e body else ever look at them self poop?

n e body have n e pics ?

Eric in Chicago
No Longer Constipated: Cool story about messing your underwear after taking cascara. Do be aware that frequent use of stimulant laxatives can cause dependence; it's really better to use a saline (e.g. magnesium citrate) or osmotic (e.g. sorbitol, found in prune juice and sugarless candy) laxative if you're occasionally bunged up and really want to get rid of it all at once. If you drink two bottles of magnesium citrate (widely available in "dollar stores") or four glasses of prune juice, you should get a "mudslide" within two hours (wear shorts that you don't mind getting dirty! You'll get the best results if you try to hold it until you can't, since you get rid of some of the laxative each time you grunt). In the long term, it's better to use a fiber laxative/supplement to prevent constipation.

Bryian: Bloating is usually caused by consuming indigestible starches or sugars. Corn doesn't contain any of them, but if you've got a "stomach bug" your ability to digest ordinarily-digestible starches and sugars may be temporarily impaired, leading to gas formation and diarrhea (in particular, just about everybody becomes temporarily lactose-intolerant after a gastrointestinal infection). You probably saw a lot of corn because everything you ate was going through you real quick.

ShortSkirt Girl
I peed myself in a very public and humiliating way last weekend. I was playing tennis with the pro at my club, and although I'm not a great player, I was determined not to concede one point to the b???h. Anyway, the game was longer than usual, and becuase it was so hot, we both drank a lot of fluids, and I totally ignored the call of nature. Towards the end of the game, just as I served, I amazed myself by spurting a fine jet of warm piss which immediately soaked into the crotch of my tennis panties. The shot obviously went wild, and I tried again, but this time I knew a big spurt was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I just felt it fill my pants and then flow like a warm river down the insides of my thighs, with some actually splashing noisily onto the court. The pro asked if I was okay, and in tears I just walked off the court. Not sure if I can go back after that little display, my panties and the skirt of my tennis dress were totally soaked.

Jack S.
This is my first post here and i am 11 years old.I was last weekend on a trip to a museum with my friends Jimmy Sam and Mark and with my little brother about 5 years old(my friends are 11 and 10)When i got he urge of peeing and pooping. We were with Jimmy's parents and the museum was about 45 miutes from that point. I held it and i saw Mark and he was changing of position every 20 seconds.i asked him whats wrong and he said i need to pee VERY bad and i told him i have to go poo and pee so i asked my friends if they wanted to go and said yes. Jimmys parents stopped in a rest area and stayed in the car. There were no bathrooms and we went to the bushes. When we arrived there was a boy about 8 there. I asked what was he doing there and he answered he needed t poop and then i asked jimmy and sam and they said they had yo poop too and so my little brother. There my brother sat down andpulled down his pants just far enough to go. We also did and i pooped a long soft turd and so did jimmy. sam was making a lot of tiny turds and my brother just groaned and left a medium sof turd and so the other boy. we wiped with leafs and go.

I was driving and the traffic was quite heavy. Suddenly, about 200 yards in front of me a car pulls over to the shoulder and stops. The rear door opens and a woman gets out of the car. She left her door open but she didn't stand in between the doors.
She bends over, really bends over I mean in a way that her hair is touching her shoes. At this point I decided to pull over to the shoulder as well, because I thought that she doesn't feel well and about to get sick, so I should help her. (I'm a certified paramedic). Just before I open my car's door this lady hikes her dress up, pulls her panties aside and lets go an enormous spray. She was bending in this head down position, legs close together, hair touching the ground. It didn't look like anything I saw before as she was spraying and gushing all over the place. It looked like if you took your garden hose and put your hand over the stream spraying to all possible directions. She pissed like that a minute or so and I could see her butt hole kind of wink as she strained to push her pee out as fast as possible. Then it turned into dribble and she was done. She released her panties and jumped into the car; quite an amazing show as I've never seen a girl pee like that.

I just submitted some i gotta run cause im feeling crampy and i got an urge to poop. Its sticking out a little. I hadn't pooped since monday night its now thursday and i ate burger king yesterday,....i think thats giving me the cramps..better run bye

With this year being the worst flu season in a while, there must be some good diahrrea/vomiting stories at inconvenient times. Lets hear some of them.

Dora, answears to your q's

3)5-6 times a day.
4)20 seconds.
5)phone box/back seat of bus.
6)yes, a girl, about 15 outside a public bathroom.
7)no real story.
8)yes, it was a dare from 4 of my friends, I had to pee myself in front of someone it was at ight so the girl I peed myself in front of was drunk, it really warmed me up.

seeya later, luv Leanne


1. Describe yourself (age/sex/anything else you want) 44 y/o female, black, 5'7"
2. How often do you poop? 1-3 times daily.
3. How long does it take you to poop? less than 10 minutes.
4. Do you partake in anything such as reading while pooping? reading, if I have a long one. I have even masturbated.
5. Describe your poops (hard, soft, watery, snakes, logs) etc. any, depending on what I ate. Mostly, hard logs
6. Do you stink up the bathroom, if so do you spray airfreshner or use the fan? yes, sometimes.
7. On average how many times do you have to wipe, and how much toilet paper do you use on each wipe? Not much, at all, unless it is gooey or loose.
8. When you wipe do you wad it up of fold it nicely? either way.
9. Do you ever clog toilet? no.
10. What is the longest it has taken you to poop? last year, it took hours.I was constipated with provolone cheese.
11. Do you often have to flush while seated to keep the toilet from clogging? no
12. Do you leave skid marks? sometimes.
13. Do you leave floaties? rarely
14. Do you cover the seat if pooping in pubic? sometimes.
15. If pooping in pubic do you strain and grunt a lot to hury or do you just let nature take its corse? let nature take its course.
16. Have you ever gotten up and went to leave the bathroom, but realized that you were not done taking a poop so you had to go sit back down and finish going? yes.

A pee survey for the ladies:

1. What is your preferred peeing position? (Sit, Squat or Hover?) either, usually sitting. I squat or hover if the bowl is not clean or if I am in the woods.
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little? straight down.
3. What kind of undies do you wear? briefs or bikinis, pantyhose, sometimes a slip.
4. How far do you pull your undies down? knees, shins or ankles
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together? either away.
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing? either, usually sitting.
7. Do you wipe from front or back? front.
8. Do you flush sitting or standing? standing.

Hi. I am Tevin and I am 13.
Yesterday after school, I went into the school's bathroom and as I was pissing at the urinial, my friend Christian comes in, goes directly into the stalls (jumping as he is doing so), immediately drops his pants, puts his ass on the toilet and releases his shit. First, it was a loud fart, then shit and piss. Then he wipes, flush, and comes out. Now that was pretty funny because Chris acted like he had diarrhea, but it was really a big solid, stinky shit. Well, I hope that he is okay.
This morning I had a light breakfast (a biscuit and tea). After finishing eating, I got dressed and as I walk out of the door, I have to take a shit. So I sprint to the bathroom, drop a easy load of shit. Has anybody had experiences similar to this?
God bless you.

Bog Boobs = big poops. Well I dont see the problem. I like doing big solid turds and so does my sister Maureen and both of us do Im happy to say. ????er women with larger boobs also tend to have larger rectums and eat more so I suppose they would do larger jobbies, at least that is my experience having seen quite a lot of the motions passed by large ladies over the last 50 years, their turds tend to be long and fat.

The woman who saw the disposable nappy being flushed in a Ladies Public Toilet puzzled me. I have seen these often, also Y-Fronts, knickers and panties in which someone has had a big accident, and used sanitary towels and tampons, condoms, and of course turds, from little balls that have floated and stayed behind after the rest of the motion has flushed away, to magnificent big logs that have been too big and have stuck in the pan and sometimes the entire motion with the big jobbies and the smaller turds and balls lying in the pan as described by me when I saw what our guest Rosemarie passed after she had been constipated for a few days.

Now a question for fellow toileteers. What sort of toilet pan do you prefer? I like the old style with the seat high above a long water filled trough or sump at the bottom so there is a long drop from the user's bottom to the water resulting in loud Plops! or Ker-ploonks! and Ker-Splooshes! and also a nice tinkling sound when the wee wee is being done. Our house still has the original old style pan it had when my sister and I grew up there as kids and many a happy time was had by me hearing the sounds of my Mum or my big sister Maureen sitting on that same pan as their big jobs dropped into the water with a loud KER-SPLOONK! and of course doing my own number twos with similar sounds as I grew older and bigger. I dont like the modern syphonic type pans with the water up nearly to the top of the pan as they dont make any sounds although you can see the whole motion before it flushes away and sometimes really big fat jobbies will get stuck for you to see.

On the matter of the sounds made by turds dropping into the water in the toilet pan, I usually use the same words that many here do, Plop! Plonk! Ker-Plonk! Kur-Sploosh! Flump! etc but in the Old Posts I read some great words based on place names in Britain, Collumpton being one, the sound made by a big fat jobbie, but I also thought of Plimpton for a small ball and ????ton for one that is a bit bigger but not as big as a fat Collumpton lump. Has anyone else here thought of place names or other words which are like the sounds made when doing a motion?

Overheard an interesting conversation on the train. Some guys about the age of 17 were discussing a recent trip in a chartered bus. On the way back home from somewhere one of them really had to pee. He asked the driver if they could stop at a restroom somewhere but the driver said they were running late and was not going to stop for any reason.

This guy sits back down for a 1.5 hours bus trip!! about 45 minutes later he's jumping up and down and holding his crotch and he's begging the driver to stop because he just can't hold it anymore. The driver once again says they are not stopping for any reason.

This guy then begins to beg everyone for an empty bottle because his pee is starting to come out! He gets handed an empty Coke bottle but he rejects it because it's way to small. So he gets handed and empty Cordial bottle.

He stands, leans his head against the side of the bus and starts to pee in the bottle. The bus then stops at traffic lights and another bus full of school girls pulls up along side and all the girls are watching this guy pee into the bottle!

Several minutes later he has finished - and the bottle had volume markings on the side to help make up the cordial... anyway this guy peed to above the 1 Litre (1/4 gallon) mark!!!! He must really have been desperate to pee!!

I must say I was getting pretty excited during the telling of this story!

The other day I was fixing the cistern of a toilet in our home, when the following ditty, a sort of Limerick, started to take shape in my mind, (uh-oh, the results when a brain has not much to do!):

A lovely lady with a lazy colon,
Didn't need to poo
For ever so long.
When she eventually went to the bog,
She clogged the loo
With a most monstrous log!
It took me, the plumber, from nine until ten,
To break up her turd, and make it go down the drain!

Silly, isn't it?
No offence meant, certainly not to the muse!

Jane (and Gary),
I'm still around, still alive and kicking, but like you, I have not had the time (nor the patience) to post.
To all my special friends, and to all fellow toileteers here on the board, I wish the most happy reliefs, Rizzo.


Due to a virus here in Australia my pc has been off the road .Glad to be back to read & share some more stories with you.
Whatever happened to Marcy Anne , she wrote a good story then disappeared???????

This is a short survey for the ladies..........
1. Have you ever been too busy , but been dying to do a poop & just done it in your pants instead then taken care of it later?? I know I have!!The other day I was working in the shed & could feel the urgency of a 2 day poop wanting to make it's way out. so I just let it make its own way into my jox , fortunately it was a very hard turd.

2. Have any of you girls ever had to use a public toilet to do a poop & found it had no paper. So what do you do find another stall , if one is vacant, wait & hope you don't shit your pants , just hold on & return later,if you're desperate do your poop & wipe with your finger or just suffer the discomfort of a poopy bum for the rest of the day??

3. When you're wiping your bum do you sometimes get poop on your hands????? I used to get it on the palm of my hands somehow as well as my fingers, but now eversince watching that relative of mine through the hole in the shed(see recent past posts) I mostly stand up to poop & pull one cheek aside as the turds exit my hole, therefore my bum is not very poopy!!!

4. You girls who wear thongs do you find it hard not to have skid marks on them , I know someone who calls them anal floss hahaahahahh

All for now ..........happy pooping Aussierod

Friday, May 14, 2004

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