Hey, Samantha (aka Sammi) here again. Has anyone here ever had to leap out of a car and poop on the side of the road? I did once! I was on a road trip to my Garandparents house for Christmas a few years ago. We ate lunch at the nasty diner, and I got diarrhea. Of course, I didn't know I had diarrhea until we were back out on the road. We were in the most unpopulated part of the highway, when I suddenly desperately had to poop. I asked my Dad to pull over, I was going to be sick. He pulled over, and I ran out of the car behind the bushes. I yanked my pants and underwear down and had diarrhea on the ground. It was bad, really smelly, hot and stingy. When I was finished, I pulled up my pants and went back to the car to get some tissues, but we didnt have any! I sat with a sticky butt until we got to the next rest stop. By the time we got there, I had to poop out more diarrhea, but at least I was able to wipe my butt. I was surprised that my panties somehow stayed clean! Icky!!!

Marisa P.
Hi Im 25 female and rented a summer house with my close bubbys Doug 24 Brian 25 and Chris 24 and the girls Sara 24 Diane 24. We were set out to get very drunk and started to play Truth or Dare. by 8pm we were all feeling no pain and needed to pee really bad the bathroom were upstairss John chose to make a dare to Sara to pee in this wine bucket that was empty since we were drinking beers she said I cant drink anymore till I pee so she took the dare pulled down her sweats and sat on the bucket in the middle of the room for all to see and began to pee pisshh hissing and I handed her a towel to put over her privates she kept peeind full stream John yelled you are the only girl that could pee like a man sara stopped and was going to wipe OMG and sat down again doug started to count to 58 Wow everone cheered she pulled up her thong and said John you next beat me okay and pulled out his pp andstared to piss in the bucket doug andchris pulled their pps out and started to pee and countDoug time was 132 chris 59Brian was the longest 159 but they dtill didn,t beat sara at232 great time.

Hey everyone, my name is Suzanne and i'm almost 20. I just found this place because i wanted somewhere i could share my embarassing accident history! One thing i'd like to say though, i read through a good amount of the old posts and aside from being very interesting and a great read, i love the friendly environment here!! i don't know if it's just a topic where everyone is just so nice because it's so personal or if the moderation is just very good (or both) but i didn't see any hostile or negative posts. I really like that. Anyway, here we go. I've had several accidents in my day, i'm just that kind of girl, i have weak control. since there are a lot, i'm not going to go to each and every detail, just give the jist. most of my accidents involved poop, because i have worlds more trouble controlling myself when i need a BM then i have controlling with my bladder. My accidents are in ascending order from how old i was when it happened.
1. My first accident since being potty trained; i was 4 years old and i had overalls on. I had to go poopies and when i got into the bathroom, i couldn't undo my overalls and before i thought of asking my mom for help, i pooped my underpants.
2. I wet my bed for the first time that same year. I cried a lot.
3. When i was 6, i peed my pants on stage during the first grade play. we had to have an intermission so they could mop it off the stage and so i could change my underwear and get into something that could be used as an alternative to my costume. (i was just in the background as an extra so it wasn't like the spotlight was on me, but it was very obvious that there was a little girl peeing herself in the background.)
4. I count this as one accident even though it's technically three, but they were close together and were caused by the same thing. I wet the bed three nights in a row when i was 8, and my mom realized it was because i got into a habit of drinking soda when i watched TV after dinner. needless to say, after wetting my bed the third night my mom stopped buying me soda.
5. Also when iwas 8, i had the flu and i had really bad diahrrea in my underwear while i was resting on the couch. I felt so sick that i was too weak to stand up, and before i really put fourth much effort to do so i just had a very massive accident in my underwear.
6. At age 9 i had spent a night at a friends house. i had to poop when i woke up that morning but was too shy to go at her house, so i wound up doing it in my pants during the ride home.
7. My little brother had his 5th birthday party at Chucky Cheeses when i was 10, so i was kind of one of the older people there so i was tyring to be mature by waiting at the bottom of the slide in the ball pit acting like i was making sure no one got hurt, so i was trying to put off going to the bathroom. but before everyone was done playing, i just pooped my underwear in the ballpit. i was just wearing little white panties and a poofy pink party dress, so when i was climbing out of the ball pit one of the little kids saw up my dress at the giant brown lump on my white panties and pointed it out.that was the most i ever got in trouble for having an accident..don't poop yourself in front of toddlers...
8. When i was 11, i got sick to my stomach one day and while iwas kneeling on the floor throwing up in the toilet, i pooped my pants.
9. At age 13, i had a ballet recital one night during which i had to poop. I couldn't really take a break so i had to wait until i got home. didn't make it very long, i pooped in my leotards as soon as i finished, as i was leaving the dance floor. Oh man did that show.
10. The day before my 15th birthday, i was AT SCHOOL and during science class i had to pee, and i would have made it but my friend made me pee my pants from laughing. Sooo embarrassing!! I was more embarassed than when i pooped my leotards at ballet, because i was able to just quit ballet after that and never face the people again!
11. This one takes the cake as my most embarassing accident ever. It happened when iwas 16, right when i started 11th grade. It was at school again, and i had a very sharp and uneasy pain low in my stomach. I felt fine during my economics class, but at the end when i stood up i just felt this like, hot pressure go right toward my butt and it felt like there was a boulder rolling across my stomach, and i just poured liquid poop into my jeans and panties. i didn't go to school for over a week.
12. And last but not least, my most recent accident, at the age of 19 which finally inspired me to find people who would appreciate them all! Two nights ago i was at work, and i am a cashier at a grocery store. it got pretty busy, i had to poop, but i also had 6 people in myline with a lot of groceries! I was in agony, i started to poop my pants when i still had 4 customers left, but it was solid so it was coming out very slowly and i kept having to push because my pants were tight, and my body would just push a little out on it's own that i couldn't control but then i would feel the need to go so badly that i kept having to push by reflex to get all the poop out. it was terrible it didn't smell too badly but there was obviously a poop smell coming from me. i'm sure the customers knew by the faces i was making that i was pooping my pants. it took me almost the rest of the line to finsih pooping in my pants, and i had quite a large bulge on my butt! i was allowed to go home early at least, and only one of my co workers and my boss knew about it. no one has said anything yet.

so that's all, and there could be more to come. i mean i don't really like having accidents, but let's face it, i'm accident prone. i'm sure i'll be back sometime, next time i pee or poop my pants.


Punk Rock Girl
Shit. Literally.

It happened again! I'm now sitting at my computer desk at home, after riding the subway and walking three blocks with my panties full of shit.

I was in the storage room at work, grabbing some supplies. I felt a fart coming on and decided, being alone, to let it rip. Big mistake. Diarrhea spewed from my ass and filled my panties. At least I didn't wear a thong today.

I stopped the flow just in time to keep more than a few globs from coming out, but decided that was enough to call it a day. I told my boss I was sick and had to leave. He said okay.

On my way to the subway, more liquidy poop squirted out. I just wanted to get home. I got to my apartment, carefully peeled off my shitty underpants , sat on the crapper and let the rest of it come out.

I'm now cleaned up, my clothes are in the wash and my ass is itchy and raw. Great day so far.

Ugh, crampy again. I have to shit some more, I think. Bye.

That saying, "pinch a loaf" was used in NYPD Blue by Sipowicz and his now supervisor when they suffered gunshot wounds and colon cancer, respectively.

Jeremy V.: In high school, I and another girl used a seldom used bathroom to urinate. My friend and I took two of three stalls leaving the middle vacant. Little did we know a boy came took the middle and pulled his pants down to his knees and sat in the middle stall so he could get a peek. My friend and I were wearing bell bottom hip-hugger slacks. Her's were light blue with white panties with blue print. Mine were green with pink panties. Anyway, we had our pants and underwear to our ankles and this boy saw, hear and knew everything about us. We did not know that he was in there until, we had finshed and left. He thought that we would not see him, but we did.

jr:1. How long do you take to shit? less than 5 minutes unless, I have diarreah or constipation.
2. How many times a day do you shit? 2-3 times a day.
3. what time of day do you usually shit? early in the morning, mid-morning or midday, then midafternoon or evening.
4. young guys any prom stories or date stores of taking a shit? plenty of date stories, see my earliest posts about my boyfriends.
5. do you have chest hair? (younger guys) n/a.

Roberta and Louise: Roberta, a thong is a thin male or female waist undergarment. The front covers the genital area, while the back has a thin strip that rides the in the split of the backside.

To Linda: I liked your most recent post. Those sounded like some pretty nice sized loads you had to let out.If you have any more pooping stories I'd love to read them!

To Jessica: I really enjoyed reading your most recent post. It must have really felt good to get all that poo out after not going for 2 days even though it all ended up in your panties. If you have any more stories like that one I'd love to read about them.

To Ashely: I was quite amazed to hear about your ordeal with big toilet-clogging poops and big boobs. Whatever the rason for it, I'm sure a solution is not too far away. I personally would agree with your doctor and say try more fiber or going more than once a day. I hope things work out for you and Jamie.

I've noticed awful lot of posts from girls who have pooped their panties or witnesses to girls that have. I'd just like to first of all say kudos to all of you for posting about it. Secondly, if you have any stories about it, I'd like to read them.

Yours truly,


Did anyone see today's episode of MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR? Lan's new classmate gets caught up in a traffic jam in her limo while needing to use the bathroom! Lan helps her from her car and gets her quickly to the nearest bathroom (Here comes Lan to save the day!) then finds a net jack-in and defeats a virus causing the traffic jam! It was a funny episode, and at the end, she gets a new limo with a bathroom inside!

Rebbacca - Good storie...:Do yo have more?

Does anybody know the name of the drop of water that splashes back up into your asshole right after a turn falls off? Maybe an appropriate term has never been created???????

Green Poop and Running Water:

Someone posted a while ago asking about Green Poop. I had this phenomenon too a while ago. It turns out that GREEN POOP is caused by drinking PURPLE liquids such as grape soda, prune juice, grape juice, grape drinks. So no need to worry, its just discoloration from your purple liquids.

Also I though I would share this. Im always busy and pooping takes up too much time although I like to enjoy it, its the one thing I cant control time-wise and sometimes it makes me late. My pooping time is cut down severly by running water (which every bathroom has, except for public ones that you cant reach from the toilet). I dont know the reasoning behind this and the running water has to be at a certain "frequency" which ive grown to find quite easily now by adjusting the nozzle. I can go from nearly constipated to dropping big loads quickly just by running the water. Its as if my body immitates the flow of water out of my rear.

Im also curious if girls fart around each other all the time as guys do. Im also curious as to when women go, ive had girl roommates and NEVER caught them after (bathroom never smelled, and they were never in ther for more than 3 minutes) When do you go if you have roomates? Do you do the old poop and shower that I do all the time?

this post is to clarify my position. I originally posted some stories as "shy dumper", then someone else started using the same "handle". No offense to me at all, but i want to let everyone know, these recent posts are from someone else. I did not think of a new name yet, so I'll share one last story on the old name for now. I was coming home from my friends house on my motorcycle, Halfway home something bad happened. I felt my stomach rumble and knew diarrhea was on it's way. I cracked the throttle and hoped i would make it. Time was not on my side and neither was positioning, I was riding a "crotch rocket". i held on with everthing i had (passing cars on a double line ETC.) I finally made it home, stopped in the driveway, jumped off the bike and ran inside the house. As soon as I sat down a huge wave of diarrhea sprayed into the bowl, i was relieved. I let out another 3 waves and then cleaned up. I went back outside and realized, I NEVER PUT DOWN THE KICKSTAND on the motorcycle. Luckily no damage to the bike, just my ego. Oh well what can you do, lol.

Jane (& Gary)
Hi Bethany. Thanks for asking about me. Yes, it's been ages since I last posted. I've dropped by from time to time, but I have no time to post. It was by chance that I dropped by and saw your note. I'm also wondering where my old friends are, like Carmalita, Althea, Robby & Annie, Rizzo and everyone else.

Nothing too terribly exciting has been happening to me, poopwise. I have a few stories, but I don't know if I'll have time to post them. I have a very quick one about my pooping session the other day at work. It was late afternoon, and I had a very strong urge to poop. After pulling down my pants and white panties and sitting on the toilet, I proceeded to have one of the quietest massive poops I've ever had. Usually I make noisy cascading plopping sounds when I push massive waves of soft poop, but this time the poop slid out with barely a crackling sound and only an occasional audible plop. I was pushing out long thick ropes of soft serve poop, enough to flush the toilet while seated five times. The poop smell was strong as usual, and I left the ladies room with the smell still lingering, but I felt much better after that.

No telling when I will post next, but all is well with me (and Gary, too.)

Long nights at the library must be condusive to extreme dumping. Last night I was studying for my History final very late. It was closing in on one a.m. and I figured i would go dump before I finished studying and would head back to my room for the night. When I went in all three stalls on the right side were occupied and there was some intermittant farting and gasps going on there. I peaked into the one on the left and saw some big dude leaning way forward with his head in his hands. Crackling was occurring there. I peered into the middle one to see a blonde dude from my chemistry course engaged in a body jerking( must have been kind of painful) dump. He was moving back and forth, his eyes were closed and his face was contorted like the kids in those sour starburst commercials and he let out a loud UUUGGGHHHH! I moved over to the right side and saw another dude , a black guy who is on the football team with his head down and he was naked pumping out a very big one I think. Now I really had to go bad! I went into the middle stall on the left side and began to join in the doodie chorus. With one very loud fart I commenced my own dump. It was very big. I felt like death as this enormous log began splitting me in half. I moaned loud and as I moaned the black guy let out an AAAHHHHHH! Then the blonde dude in the middle across from me let out this sigh of relief that sounded like mmmmmAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Then he started pumping and crackling again and that made me begin crapping again. With a loud uhhh I began letting another log out. Then I heard someone i cant remember who because it happened while i was pumping, let out an OO OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and this run of diarea came out and made the room smell horrific. With this symphony occurring another dude came in and locked himself in the stall next to me. He joined in with a mighty log ploping into his bowl and the blonde guy groaning and grunting across from me. Then everyone began wiping and flushing. I was done too. I cleaned up and went to wash my hands and the blonde guy came out of his stall at that point. He went to wash his hands too and I saw how red he was from this poop. He looked like he was sick now. I said, you okay? He looked at me and said, No I feel like death! I asked him what he had for supper and he said he had eaten the tacos they serves at the food service. The black guy who was still sitting on the toilet murmured out in a strained voice < "OOHH GOD THOSE TACOS!!!!" and began crapping again. Both me and the blonde dude started laughing. I left and went back to the books. Just thought you all would get a kick out of this midnight madness!!

first time
I've read this forum many times and actually enjoy reading about people having accidents on purpose. I have always had the urge to do it myself but never done it out of fear of getting caught. I'm a 19 year old female and I live at home with two younger brothers so having privacy isn't always possible. My mom is working today though and my brothers have gone to baseball. So here I am alone in the house and dying for a dump. I've been holding it in for over four hours now and I'm really starting to have to go bad. I want to try having an accident but I'm nervous. I thought maybe if I came here and read some of the recent posts I would get the courage to do it. There are so many great people who post on this forum. I feel like I know you. Well I guess if I'm going to do it I'd better get started or I'm going to chicken out. First off let me tell you what I'm wearing. I have on a pair of pink cotton shorts and a white t shirt. I usually wear a thong but I'm not going to have an accident with that on so I'm wearing a pair of bikini cut panties. I am also very slender. 5 foot 4 and 102 pounds. Okay. I'm neeling on my chair with my arms on my desk. Here we go. Pushing slightly to see how I feel about it. It feels extremely weird knowing I'm going to poop my shorts. Oops. A dribble of pee escaped too. I made sure to pee before doing this so as not to soak my chair but I guess a little stayed in me. Now I'm pushing harder. I can feel the poop moving down. Pushing harder...........holy cow is this big! Okay. took about a minute to push that out. It feels so weird in my shorts but I like it. I have to do more. Pushing again. Really hard this time to get the rest out. I just pushed out two more medium turds. I'm going to stand up now and see my creation. Oh my GOd! I can't believe the size of the buldge in my shorts!! It's about the size of two baseballs side by side! It feels weird. I'm touching it through my shorts. It's hard but not too hard. I walked around my room with with my load in my shorts and I can't explain the feeling it gives me. It's such a good feeling if you know what I mean. Okay I think I'm going to sit down on my chair and see what happens. I'm scared of making a big mess but it just feels so good I want to see what sitting in it does. Oh no. I don't think I should have done that. It's really squished now. I just made a really big mess. I have to go and clean up now before my mom gets home. This was fun but I have a huge brown mess on my butt now. Time for a shower and gotta get my clothes in the wash. I will post again soon. I promise. Let's here more of your "accident" stories. I love it. I think I will be doing this as often as I can. Goodbye for now. Happy pooping.

Me again. Hi everyone. One time I was working on an art project with a number of fellow students. We were working in an old warehouse. The only bathroom facilities were a communal bathroom with three shower stalls, a bit roundabout sink and three toilets... all out in the open, no stalls or anything. Anyone washing their hands, shaving, getting dressed, etc. could see you on the toilet.

The men and women had designated hours when the bathroom was male or female, but that system proved to be far more of a pain than anyone was willing to deal with. Finally, we all agreed to be adults, and just share the bathroom.

One day, my bowels were screaming to be emptied, so I entered the bathroom. There were seven girls in there, not one other guy. Two were in the shower, two were getting dressed, a couple were fixing their hair, only one was on the toilet. I said, "I have to take a BM, does anyone mind?" They all said no.

I walked to the closest toilet, pulled my pants and underwear to my knees and sat. Unfortunately, it was loud, but not too stinky. I had to ask one of the girls to hand me some TP. I was surpirsed at how easy going we all were about it. I had had girls see me on the toilet before, but I'd never taken a dump from beginning to end in front of one, much less seven, girls before.

It was kind of a weird, but pleasant experience. They were all mature about it, no "eeewww" or "gross". Just a pleasant smile. I said sorry when I farted, and one of them said, "Not a problem."

Anyone else have a simlar experience?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin
Hey, all, back again! This time, with some survey ?'s, too.

1. How old are you?
2. What gender are you?
3. How often do you normally pee?
4. How much do you normally pee?
5. What's your record holding time?
6. What's the strangest place you've ever peed?
7. Have you ever seen somone else pee their pants?
Do you have a story?
8. Have you ever peed your pants?
Do you have a story?

Please reply, thanx!

Dora's Evil Twin >>> #(^- -^)~~> | -

Twice Shy
Handling the problem of one's elders

I guess this anecdote does not properly apply to toilets per se, but rather, folks who have failed to reach them. Both my father and myself, it turns out, have had chance to "assist" elder men who have crapped their drawers. My Dad, it turns out, was a hotel bell-hop back in the 1950's. A fellow staying in one of the rooms asked that he come discreetly, and "help me with this", handing my Dad a pair of crapped trousers and drawers. Nearly 30 years later, I was working my first job as a dishwasher in a family restaurant (the kind of work I suppose every kid needs to do once, to appreciate his place later on). This effort in sanitation included cleaning the johns, which I guess is what they check off on the sheets you see in some modern-day public loos. I was on duty one evening in the men's room, and encountered a pair of boxer shorts that had a thorough deposit of hideous diarrheal crud. I chucked them as best I could, into the burgeon of trash that it was also my duty to port into the dumpster out back. Now, of course, I'm 42 years old, and crapped numerous drawer-pairs, though this was more a problem when my bowel was shorter than it tends to be these days. Maybe a young kid will "help me with them" someday soon. I will be grateful.

Though unrelated to male drawer-crapping, when I worked at the restaurant, I was also doing the ladies' john once, which the manager noted was a job that the bus-girls and waitresses tended to do, since I was too shy. Well, that night, I was ordered in, with hot-bleach mop, to fit my job description. Scared silly, I locked the door shut, as I swabbed the deck. Not too long after this, I hear a desperate-sounding female voice at the door, wanting in. I did what I could, then gave way, the best I can recall. I am probably repressing the full detail.

I had an interesting lavvy session with some walkers that we had last week. Three couples from Johannesburg came to see Rock art and walk in the mountains. Being young (we ask for ages and fitness at booking) I decided to take them on a two day hike. My husband stays at home and does the farming. They over nighted in the nearby town and were with me at about 8 in the morning. I gave them the usual intro re rubbing cream between thighs and in their butt cheeks to prevent chaffing and it sounds strange but after years of this I actually tell those that think they may have not wiped nice and clean to go to the bathroom and wash and cream up. Some look at me in horror that I can say that to a total stranger but have thanked me later in the day. Nothing worse than a sore arsehole chaffed and mixed with sweat and shit and only a quarter of the way through the walk. No washing for at least 36 hours on these walks.
Off we go and at the first tea break one of the ladies whispers in my ear that she needs to take a leak. It seemed that they knew each other so I thought best to crack the ice now. I sent the men off in one direction in a loud voice and took the ladies off in the other direction behind some rocks. I explained that we do not wander off 500 metres for a pee and hold everyone up. Pees are taken as close as possible to the stopping point and if no cover around the men look the other way. We all do it so what is the difference. Boys got pipes that's all. Around the rock we can hear the boys piddling and I get my jeans and g string down and assume the position while two of the ladies pull to mid thigh and pull panties aside standing. Fascinating, I never mastered the art. I think my labia are a little big but I love to feel the breeze through my crack. Dries the sweat from walking. The third lady is now looking a little bashful and is trying to pee in a halfbend with jeans and panties at mid thigh. I tell her to get down but she says that the grass tickles her bum and that there may be insects. I say that she will piss on her cloths but she is already at full throttle so I leave her. As her thighs start to cramp from a half crouch (just try it. Half down for a minute almost unbalanced with you bum stuck out) she starts to involuntarily rise. And as I told her the last little bit goes all over the back of the jeans and on her pants. Shit she says you are right. I say of course I have been pissing in the bush for years. We finish up and I tell her that the wind will dry her off.
After a long day we camp for the night under the stars. After doing our ablutions with them all learning fast we settle down for the night. I had a feeling that the next morning would be interesting. How do these townies shit in the bush?
5.00am and I am up with coffee on the boil. The men roll out and head off down to the designated mens area with loo roll under arm. The ladies are given their coffee in sleeping bags and I wonder which of them have the same reaction to coffee as me. First cup sends a message to the old piping that it is time to empty. I start to pack away the cups as we eat later and I roll off a couple of feet of paper and put it in my pocket. As I turn to go to the ladies area ( nice little knee high bushes) I hear one of the girls cut a fart in the sleeping bag to which she says "Here it comes." She slides out also grapping paper and strides off ahead of me. I tell the other two that we will be back shortly. They both say the are fine and will make it through the day. I thought like hell they will. Exercise and fresh air are the best medicine for the ????. I am on the heels of the lady ahead of me and I can see some urgency as she starts to undo her belt and zipper as she walks. I can smell a wiff of fart that has ascaped. We round the corner and I get behind a bush and get my one leg out of my jeans and undies. Best way to shit in the bush, get down and with out any effort a monster plug shoots out followed by the normal wet mush. The other lady has a great need and does not even get to a bush. She just gets down ahead of me and half way down I can see this turd moving out and hanging there. It hits the ground as she gets down properly. I am now just getting the last little softies out and proceed to have a good pee. She gives a heave and the next couple of logs drop out. She shifts a little and also has a good pee. Much wiping and we are on our way back to the others. As we round the corner here comes one of the other ladies. She asks me to please come with her as she is a little scared as it is still dark. I go with her and she gets down all embarrassed behind a bush. The area stinks a little from the first two offerings and she soon cuts a long wet fart and I can hear her sigh as a semi soft mound drops out of her arse. She tells me that the coffee must have kicked in. I agree. She also pees and then drops another mushy poo with a heave and then wipes. No sign of the other lady. We proceed back to others who are now ready to go. At about 9.30 we stop for breakfast in a dry river bed. There is a steep side and it is about 300 metres wide and flat sand. As we eat I tell them that we often get leopard on the river beds but we will see the tracks if there are. While we are sitting finishing sandwiches I see the odd lady (the one yet to shit) quietly rubbing her ???? with her right hand. I look and say nothing. She gets a funny look n her face and I know the look. It is when a little cramp has just sent a signal that things are moving and this one will not wait. We have all tried to let it pass but I know these things need out now. She says nothing and we pack up and start to walk. We have now passed the last Rock art and are walking down the river for a while before following a ridge with great views. I am ahead and in the path I see a fresh leopard track. I stop them and signal to be quiet. We slowly walk on and in the distance is a small bush in the river bed. I signal to stop and look through the binoculars. There is the leopard lying in the shade. I tell then that this is fantastic to keep quiet and we will slowly approach to a safe viewing distance. I have forgotten about the lady that rubbed her ???? and I am sure that the others have too. We get to a good spot and we all crouch down and get out binocs and cameras. They all get some nice pictures and are still looking when this leopard's mate arrives from behind the bush. I tell them to be quiet and to sit still. Suddenly in the quiet we hear the rumbling and churning that is definitely a stomach protesting. We look around to see Barbs (her name) screwing up her face in pain as the load protested at being kept in. I whisper are you OK. She says no she has to shit right nowwww. I tell her to scoop a small hole on the sand right there and to get done. The others tell her to get on with it as she will frighten the leopards away if she moves away. She hurriedly in a crouch gets her pants and indies down and gets over the hole that she has scooped. I looked across at her not more than three feet away and right behind the others and I can see that she is trying to let go slowly and quietly. Now I have been there and done it and there is no way that you drop a load like the one that was waiting quietly or slowly. It hurts too much and gets to the point where it is like child birth. You have to let go and push. Well that is what happened. A blast of fart and then an almighty flood of semi solid shit and wind. In about 30 seconds it was all over and just the trickle of a good pee broke the silence in the river bed. She had now turned bright pink and wiped once with a tissue and pulled up her jeans. After covering the mess we watched for about 10 minutes and then moved on. Needless to say she was teased all day about the leopard shit she took, as apposed to wicked, I assume. Other comments were ambush shit because it came up and took her by surprise. I knew it was coming but I used to treat clients like children and urge them to go and shit when we all crapped but some will not listen and those I leave. They will get caught during the day but occasionally it is a real ice breaker. I think some people think that everyone has silent non smelly neat little shits. It is the smallest sexiest fussiest ladies that shit the smelly monsters. I have had some men say that after hearing or seeing the lady of their dreams dropping a killer especially in the bush crouch they have had a hard time rekindling their desire for the lady. It has been said that the bush crouch is the great leveler and even the biggest snob assumes the position when nature calls. I have had long chats with both sexes in the bush crouch. It is the one position where while letting it all hang out you actually cannot see much. If in a deep crouch all privates are in shadow and all people see is a buttock. A buttock is a buttock is a buttock!!

Hello Ladies of ToiletStool! Please answer these questions ONLY if you frequently pass LARGE stools. 1. Does your thick logs ever cause you problems? 2. Did you always poop big turds? 3. Do you eat a lot? Or do you skip meals, eat sparingly, etc. 4. Do you eat v???? and fruits more than anything else? 5. Can you remember the thickest log you ever pushed out? 6. If there was a contest to win 1,000,000,000 for the thickest and longest would you prepare? (ex. what would you eat, how long will you not use the bathroom, etc.) 7. If you're extremely you surprise yourself when you push out a massive log? 8. There had to be a point in your life when you realized "hey, my poops sure are big". How did you come to this realization? 9. Are you pleased that you can produce such big logs? Or do you NOT care what your poops look like? THANKS! I hope those weren't too many questions.

Big M
hey all, ive posted a couple times but just 2 refresh ure memory, im 14 about 5'10 a little chubby and black. but anyway i had my first accident in years. I sort of had to poop, but it wasnt that bad of an urge. so i took my time and started walking to the bathroom, and farted on the way...unfortunately, gas wasnt the only thing to come out. I let out a squirt of really weird dieareahish poop into my boxer briefs. I quickly stepped into the bathrrom and removed my underwear, the poop looked like snot and was all over the bak of my underwear, and it smelled really weird. Not good, but not like poop either, theres no word to describe it so i made one up, it smelled "pooparatic". So i rinsed off my undies and put them in the washing machine then sat back down on the toilet. and guess what...I couldn't go! I coudln't get anything moving, it was really frustrating, but it made sense, I had already pooped twice that morning, and it wasn't even noon yet. ok, ill post again l8er

I can sypathise with the lady that cut across the bush only to drop a load next to the trail. I run walking trails on our farm and we slept overnight this last week. One of the ladies obviously needed to shit in the early morning and did not realise that she went in the wrong direction. As we started the days walk we almost tripped over the steaming pile in the middle of the trail. I realised and the others too that it was a lady cos there was a thong next to it that had been used to wipe. Later in the day one of the guys came to me who had seen it with me and pointed out a young hottie who he said had no underware on and he said it was her. He said on one of the small rock climbs he was behind her and "happened" to look up as she climbed and saw a pussy and arsehole looking at him from above. I also noticed during the day that she seemed to develope a small skid in her shorts. I spoke to her later asking if she was OK and she said it was her but she was very shy. What a pile for a small lady

The other night for dinner i ate some chicken and a whole can of corn all by my self...The next day towards the afternoon i started feeling gassy and bloated...i pooped 2 logs at work one was about 10" long and the other was about 5 inches long...then im still feeling bloated and gassy i get home and was feeling like i had to poop more...and all i could pass was gas. Then later on about 6pm is when i had to poop again for the 2nd time in my life i exprienced a dump like was almost 90% corn and the rest was just soft poop. Then i go to bed and about 9pm i had to poop more...2nd time i had almost pure corn in my poop. Has any one experineced a dump like that? and you feel at first as if your gonna have some chunky wet shit(but is actully the corn making that feeling). And will corn bloat you? or is it just me?

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