Danielle O
I was waiting in the restroom for a stall when a pregnant woman came from the changing table with her baby. She asked if she could go in front of me, and I let her do so. I was very surprised that she barely walked into the stall and walked out saying "all yours now". I walked into the stall to the sight of her baby's used diaper, swirling around the toilet bowl and quickly disappearing out of sight. I was surprised because it was the first time I'd ever walked in on the toilet with something the previous user left still in the process of being flushed. It was only a couple of seconds, and I felt like flushing once more just "to be sure". I've walked in on unflushed pee, TP, and the occasional panties or pantyhose, but never #2 (Yes, the diaper was soiled - and left skidmarks). And I've never walked in when the toilet hadn't finished flushing it's load away.

Well this is my first post but I gotta say I just love reading the stories, especailly the women pooping in public ones. I only say that because recently my girlfriend and I were driving home from Taco Bell when all of the sudden she told me to pull over in the YMCA parking lot..she said, " I gotta shit bad." And boy did she ever; as soon as i stopped the car she got out, when down by myside of the car because no one could see her, pulled up her skirt, yanked down her panties and let loose with a series of wet loud farts. After that it was about a 2 minute flow of wet poop and farts. I must say i was quite turned on by this. It started to come down, I have never heard a girl fart so many times before; anyways...she would squueze out a little squirt of poop every few seconds until she was done. I gave her some napkins, she wiped and we left....I'll keep you updated on her pooping habbits. As well as mine....hey girls...any poop stories you wanna post post!...I'd love to hear them....ttyl!

the other day i was at the track jogging when all of a sudden i had a bad cramp in my stomach i tried to shrug it off but i couldn't. so i was about to shit in my panties so i ran like hell to the bathroom, but u guessed it there was 2 toilets , no stalls and these two wemon were sitting the and it smelled bad so i guess they were taking a shit, so i waitied trying not to shit myself, i just stood there outside squiring around till i had to say something so i started begging one of them to hurry. well after 5 more minutes this cute blonde walked out and said sorry but no time for small talk i ran in with the other girl still sitting there , i just couldnt wait i sat down and exploded . 3 or 4 minutes had passed and the girl that walked out came running back in and just sighed and begged for me to hurry, but i said it would be 10 minutes u better ask her and she just said no she had bad problems so she dropped her pants and sat on the sink and just let go . i feel sorry for the person who has to clean up that place.

hi my name is rebecca, i'm 16 and throughout my life i've been somewhat of a little pantywaste. not so much in recent years, but as a little girl, i don't think i could even count the times i wound up going poopies in my underwear. i never really peed my pants, but for some reason i had worlds of trouble holding it in whenever i had to go poopies. as soon as i realized i had to poop, i had probably 20 minutes or less to get to a toilet, before i wouldn't be able to hold it in anymore and i'd go in my pants. when i was in kindergarten, my teacher eventually had me put into a program for children who needed individual attention from an adult at all times, and it was generally for little kids with learning disorders or other mental disabilites or physical disabilites, and i was there just because i pooped in my undies 4 or 5 times in the first 2 months of kindergarten and my teacher didn't like dealing with it. she had a room full of other little kids to worry about too, not just me. it generally happened once a week through kindergarten and first grade, and i got picked on a lot. in 2nd grade i only had 2 accidents at school the whole year, so i was getting a lot better. 3rd grade was the first time i was ever really devastated after having an accident though. it was a few weeks after i turned 9, and i went to school that day in a little baby blue dress with a poofy skirt and a big bow because we had a holiday party that day where our parents could come. before the party though, we were out on the playground for recess. we had a set of munky bars that was in the shape of a house, and a lot of kids played on it. i always saw the other girls in skirts climb to the top and sit up there, and i thought they were idiots because the boys woulds just stay underneath and look at their underwear. well on this particular day, i saw the boy i had a little crush on playing at those monkey bars, so i decided with my 9 year old logic that if he saw my underwear he would like me. i decided to climb to the top of the monkey bars, which i had enver done before, and when i got up there, i had a major problem. i was afraid to death of heights, and i was trembling and i was too scared to climb down. to make matters worse, the boy wasn't even looking to see up my dress, but it didn't take long before that was the least of my i sat up there frightened and frustrated with my undies showing, i suddenly had to go poopies really bad. i was not in a good situation and i was on the verge of tears, i didn't want to be up there anymore because i was afraid and had to poop and my udnerwear was showing, but i just couldn't climb down! everytime i tried to reach for one of the lower bars i would feel like i was going to fall so i would chicken out. a couple of minutes later, i went poopies in my underwear, and everyone could see! tears started to run down my cheeks, and one by one kids started to point up at me and say things about how i pooped my undies. figures that was the time when the boy i wanted to look up my dress at my underwear actually did, but only too see that i pooped in them, and he laughed with his friends. i had to sit up there like that for another 5 minutes or so before oneof the playground aids came to help me down. i cried my eyes out. luckily we had our parents coming in for teh party after recess, so i was allowed to go home with my mom.

i need to be gonig for now, so i will tell a couple more stories i have at another time.

When I was eight years old, I went to the mall in Vancouver, and had to pee. We went shopping for a long time, so I held it in for four hours. I was getting pretty desperate at that time. In fact, I was so desperate to pee. I found out that the only boy's room was being cleaned, and my bladder was completely full, so I went into the ladies' room, and the girls ran screaming out of the room. I took a good, long pee in the stall, and boy, did I feel so relieved. My bladder was completely empty, and I felt so good. Another time, I went to the store, crossing my legs, desperate to pee. There were no bathrooms, and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I was holding it in for hours, and I felt like I was going to pee myself, so I grabbed the head of my penis through my jeans, and let out the urine in a bush. It was so relieving, but it took me five minutes, but at that time, I was so relieved that I finally let out a pee. "Aaaaaaahhhh..." I sighed in relief for my bladder. Unfortunately, a girl saw me, and she started giggling. How embarassing, but at least I finally got to relieve my bladder. Aaah...

Matt W.
I'd like to share a story about something that i once witnessed while i was at work, that really made my day. Like many people who read and post on this forum, i take a particular interest in females relieving themselves, especially in their pants. I never really witnessed it happen first hand and just left it to my dreams, until a couple of months ago. I work in the dairy department at a grocery store, ordering product and doing general stock. i wasn't having a very good day and as a result i was very sluggish on the job and it seemed like time was going in reverse, things were so slow. at about half way through my shift, things really started looking up. i was arranging and stocking the sour cream section of the dairy case when a woman of about 40 and her daughter of about 14-17 came onto the aisle. the young girl was wearing dark blue jeans with no pockets on the butt and they were tight, so i immediatley took notice to the young girl and her nice butt. i took a quick look and then looked back to my work, because like any guy i'll take a second to check it out but i'm not going to gawk the entire time. i didn't take too much notice to anything else, except i could hear the girl complainging about something to her mother and seemed to my quite distraught, and i just figured she wanted something that her mother refused to pay for. as they got closer i heard the mother tell her daughter that she'd have to wait until they got home, and the daughter sighed with dismay. i don't know why that didn't clue me in because after what happened next i thought the problem should've been so obvious, but it was for the better because knowing my luck, it wouldn't have happened if i was expecting it. as they worked their way past me, i slightly turned my head again to see the young girl trailing a few feet behind her mother and trying to discretely put her hands on her butt. that was when my eyes were locked, and i started gawking! the mother continued along and the girl stepped in toward the shelves slightly and stood behind a display, and i couldn't see her butt anymore. i heard her breathe a little heavily and whimper quietly. i looked over and i could see her head down, then she looked up. i didn't want her to see me looking at her incase she looked back so i looked back to my work for a second, and waited to hear her walking away. i heard her mother call out "katherine lets go!" from around the corner, and the girl said "coming..." with a quite uneased tone in her voice. i looked back at her walking away, and to my pleasant surpise, there was a bulge about the size of a baseball in the seat of her pants. when she got around the corner i heard her mother say a few things like "oh for god's sake!" well, her mother may not have been, but i for one was very pleased. seeing a teenage girl poop her pants at the store made work a lot better! i saw the same girl in the store again a few weeks later, and she gave me a look. she probably knew i saw her poop her pants.

Hey all, I was just curious.....What happened to Jane and her postings? I have some office stories that I will share w/ all of you later on!

JANE, WHERE ARE YOU? Also, whatever happened to Althea??


Mr. Sport
if anyone has a story about having an accident while playing a sport or while watching a sport (NOT AT HOME, IN PUBLIC) please share THANK YOU!

Shy Dumper
I recently read a posting from a person who seems to have to shit when they are in a bookstore. Well the same thing happens often to me. I can't speak for anyone else but for myself it seems that I usually visit a bookstore, mostly Borders , after a busy day and it gives me a chance to relax and browse around. This seems to trigger the urge to have a healthy bowel movement. The last time this happened I was away on a business trip in the South, eating on the run and just having a very busy and hectic day. By mid afternoon I started to feel the need to shit but it wasn't urgent and where I was there was not a place to go. On the way back to my hotel I noticed a Borders so I stopped in just to unwind. Not more than ten minutes after I started to browse through this book I REALLY got the message that it was time to shit and that was that. I went into the rest room and there were two stalls. One was occupied with a person who was experencing serious diarreha and the other one had no toilet paper or seat covers. I realized that the time was now and could not wait until the other guy was finished,so I dropped my drawers and stratled over the bowl and let rip a loud fart and followed with four turds with a loud crackling sound which was very audible because I was squatting over the toilet instead of sitting on the seat. They hit so hard that the water splashed up and helped clean up my ass since there was no paper to wipe with. I quickly left and made a beeline back to the hotel to finish cleaning up.

Eric in Chicago
Shitmaster: the change in the remnant poop smell in the bathroom over time is just the result of some of the gasses that contribute to the smell dissipating faster than the others. Just like the color of poop (if you poop brown), the smell of poop is due to a bunch of different substances mixing together.

Melvin: the three usual causes of persistent constipation are inadequate fiber consumption, inadequate water consumption, and inadequate physical activity (note Mister Zorro's post about how he has to shit more now that track season's started). Increase your consumption of fiber (possibly taking a supplement like Metamucil, but don't use the supplement as a substitute for fiber-containing foods (you can take a *lot* of fiber supplement if you just want to shit massive loads for fun!)), make sure you don't let yourself get thirsty, and do stuff that gets your body moving for at least 30 minutes each day (you need to start the habit now or really nasty stuff, not just constipation, will happen to you as you get older; the least of it will be having something resembling a truck tire around your waist. The human body simply can't tolerate being a couch potato for more than 5 years or so).

Mike: talk to a doctor. Routinely getting diarrhea after eating isn't normal.

PRG: there's a *small* subset of gay men who seem to think that a public washroom is the ideal place for sex. One time I was in a gay bar and I had to take a dump all of a sudden. But I had to wait about 10 minutes for the two guys in the only stall to finish what they were doing. This was a bar with a "backroom" where guys were messing around out in the open, so there was no real reason for them to hog the stall (they weren't doing anything that wasn't going on in the backroom). Some people (again, a very small percentage of gay men and an even smaller percentage of the general population) seem unable to figure out how to satisfy their sexual needs without getting in other people's way.

peeple person: clear pee just means you consumed a lot of water, enough to dilute the usual yellow pigments. Or maybe it just means you peed in a urinal or toilet that's bigger than you're used to. When I moved into my new apartment, I noticed that my pee was all of a sudden yellower than it used to be. About a day after that, I realized that the bowl on my new toilet was a lot smaller than the one on my old toilet, and therefore my pee wasn't diluted by as much extra water as it used to be.

Impatient Pooper: Prune juice, unripe apples, and sugarless candy contain lots of sugar alcohols (indigestible sugar-like substances, not related to the alcohol in booze) that will give you diarrhea if you consume enough of them). If I eat 4 or 5 packs of sugarless mints, my butt will have to spit after about an hour (after about 15 minutes of cutting some good farts). If you want a more solid poop, take a *lot* of psyllium husks as a source of fiber (just make sure to drink plenty of water with them); you can go *way* over the recommended dose without any problem. I've grunted out some *massive* loads that way. If you consume 50-75 grams worth of fiber from them, you'll have to go *real* bad (it will take at least 8 hours, though).

Both methods may give you some stomach cramps before you shit (classically, the high sorbitol content content of unripe apples gives boys who steal them a severe stomach-ache, though the usual old stories probably didn't let them describe how much better they felt after they cut a good one).

Twice Shy: turning your poop yellow is *extremely* difficult because, as you say, the "normal" brown is actually mostly yellow. The standard yellow food coloring doesn't work at all unless you've really got the runs (one time I managed to get a yellow stain in my underwear after drinking a couple bottles of yellow food coloring and then making myself get the runs and crapping my pants). I have turned my poop slightly yellow by taking a lot of riboflavin (Vitamin B2); it's bright yellow (in fact sometimes used as a food coloring, though mostly in Europe rather than the US) and not all of it can be absorbed, so some of it comes out in your poop (of the part that is absorbed, some of it isn't used for metabolism so it comes out in your pee. You can get really *bright*, glow-in-the-dark pee from loading up on riboflavin. Very useful for guys (or adventurous girls) who want to write stuff in the snow). Warning: if you want to really load up on riboflavin, take riboflavin-only pills rather than B-complex pills. Some of the other B vitamins can have bad effects if you take too much of them (some people find that a single B-100 pill gives them enough "ink" for serious snow-writing, but don't go beyond that with the other B vitamins).

Seth: your comment about teachers trying to get you in trouble for trying to start an independent drama troupe (post-Columbine hysteria run amok?) reminded my of the way one of my aunts rebelled against her mother back in the 1930s (the story's obviously been handed down). My maternal grandmother suffered from religious rigidity (recently identified as a psychiatric problem, though many religions have considered it a spiritual problem for centuries), which means she attached great religious significance (usually in the form of prohibitions) to completely mundane matters. Anyway, my aunt got tired of her mother's attitudes and totally shocked her by, get this, going to the local bank and (gasp) *opening a savings account* (oh, the humanity!). From what I've been told, my grandmother was praying for her daughter's soul for several days; she really thought my aunt would go to hell for her "disobedience." My aunt is now 87 years old and she and my 92-year-old uncle are doing just fine, thank you.

jr: when companies that make toilets want to do "real life testing" of their products, they look for households that have several teenage boys because boys between 12 and 18 make more shit than any other group, due to how much they eat (the family gets a free toilet in return for testing it out). In the earlier stages of testing, every toilet manufacturer has its own (proprietary, trade secret) version of "sham poo" that they use to see how how well their toilets flush (IIRC, they're mostly based on polyacrylamide gels).

dj the smart boi
hellooo everybody! my names vernon(im a j.r.)and i love this website!
im 16(turning 17 in december) and im black. i really love this site because im not exposed to alot of people who appreciate what i appreciate. its been too hard to find someone who likes stuff like this as much as i do.

i've sortta been a short-to-mid time reader of this site(although this is my first time posting)and i really love how you guys make people of our "hobbies" feel welcome. if anything new should happen to me, im going to post it (:

Dear Anthea: I have actually read and heard about Japanese toilets with the machine that sprats your anus with a "soothing and refreshing' jet of water. And not just Japanese eiher. They can also be bought in america!

No Longer Constipated
I read the posts on these boards somewhat frequently. For the past week I was constipated, so after an agonizingly painful bowel movement last night just because it was so hard, I decided to buy something I had read about before: cascara sagrada.

Now, I've read that with enough dosage that a bowel movement can be made relatively quickly. I really didn't want to wait 5-6 hours for it to take effect. Now, cascara sagrada is a 'natural' stimulant that basically speeds up your large intestines natural contractions that spawn bowel movements. It does make it runny, and since you're basically flushing out your entire large intestine, it can be quite smelly and of varying consistency.

I've not taken a laxative before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Basically, I anticipated the worst, so I put on an old pair of underwear first. I then broke open one of the capsules and poored it into an 8oz glass of water. I added a teaspoon of sugar for taste and mixed. I drank it quickly. It didn't taste bad. Even without sugar, I don't think it would've been bitter.

I then paced between the kitchen and the bathroom to try and stimulate my bowels myself. One thing I wanted to do was to make sure that I was 'ready' to go. I didn't want to get the urge to push, only to have to force out a large turd uncontrollably. Which, given last night, would be just as painful, I felt. Especially if I couldn't stop myself from pushing it out. So, after only 15 minutes I got the first gurgle in my intestines. I stopped pacing, and stood in the bathroom. Another gurgle. I didn't feel the urge to poop, though.

I started pacing again. Another gurgle, and then another. It had now been 27 minutes since I took the laxative. I went into the bathroom and took off my shirt and pants, but left my underwear on. I didn't want to sit, because it seems like whenever I have to take a poop, sitting on the toilet somehow cuts off the pathway. So, I stood. I left my underwear on just incase I were to inexplicably start pooping I don't have to clean the wall/floor/etc. I stood in the bathroom about a minute when I felt a gurgle and a quick firm force of my large intestine trying to release the poop. I clenched my cheeks because it seemed too early.

The gurgle happened and the pressure was relieved. I said to myself that the next gurgle and I'll sit on the toilet and go. Before I could even finish the thought, the next gurgle came and I instinctively began spinning around to sit down on the toilet. As I was spinning, the pressure built so much, I was afraid if I began pulling down my underwear, it may result in my from cleaning the area beside and behind my toilet. So, I sat down with my underwear on. With my butt firmly planted on the seat, I lifted myself up just a bit to start pulling down my underwear.

Not to disappointingly, it was too late. The leaning forward did it. I felt a quick gush into my underwear. Then a sudden torrent that I couldn't hold back even if I wanted to. It was accompanied by gassy bursts. It only lasted about 4 seconds at most. It wasn't until it stopped, that I realized just how much came out.

I feel great now. I've drank some water. I got a little bit of a fever thing that happened right after I pooped. But I likened it to dehydration, and a glass of water, and then a little food, and feel great. I'm going to use cascara sagrada again when I'm constipated, but at least I now know how it affects me. Although, given how much, and how messy the poop was, next time I think I may just stand in the bathtub for a half hour. Might be safer.

Mr. Business
Hello all, I have a story to tell. First off, I am a 28 year old male and hold an entry level management position with a corporation. I have to admit that I have an anxiety about using public bathrooms. Although I do have my own office at my place of employment, it does not include my own private bathroom. Going #1 is no problem, however, going #2 is a completely different story. I have only gone #2 three times in my four years with the company at the building, and those times were working late and I made sure nobody else was on the floor. When I am not working late I usually arrive home around 6pm. I will also admit that most times I am squirming coming through the door and rush up to the privacy of my home bathroom. My wife always scolds me for not using the bathroom at work when I have to #2. However, the shit hit the othernight when I didnt quite make it home and I had a slight accident in my new suit my wife had bought me for my birthday a few months back. She told me I was worse than her students (she is an elementary teacher). Little did I know that my accident pushed her over the edge, well sorta. The next morning after arriving to work, my stomach turned over. "Oh god, please no!" was my exact thought. It only took a couple seconds to know that this was not going to pass and I needed to get to the PUBLIC bathroom ASAP. I walked quickly, trying to hide the fact that I had to go from everyone. I made it to the bathroom and went into the stall. Right after I latched the door someone walked in and went into the stall beside me. I looked down at the toilet, wishing I would just wake up and this would be a horrible nightmare....but I didnt. I dropped my pants and boxers and sat on the toilet. I tried to hold it in until the person beside me left, but a short fart slipped out and I let go. It all rushed out along with more louder farts. The door opened and two guys walked in talking. I kept thinking "oh god, oh god". I was totally humilated. My movement lasted another couple minutes and the three men eventually left. I cleaned myself and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and dried them with the hand blower. I looked at the door, then at wall. I did not want to go back out there. Suddenly someone was paging my name, that I had a call holding. I rushed out of the bathroom and back to my office quickly and made no eye contact with anyone. Luckily we didnt have no meetings that day, and I stayed hidden in my office the rest of the day, even on my lunch hour, and just took client phone calls. I waited until most people had gone home before I did and I was a few minutes later arriving home. Upon walking in the door, my wife asked "How was your dump?". I looked at her and asked how she knew. All was then revealed.....I drink a mineral water every morning before I leave for work. I pour it into a glass because I do not like drinking out of a bottle. That morning I had walked into the kitchen and it was already in a glass on the table. She had poured it for me.....along with a couple tablespoons of that "clear, tasteless, liquid fiber" that has been advertised on television lately. She told me that I had to learn the hard way and have a "diarreah episode" rather than a simple silent movement, and hoped that I had learned a lesson and will go from now on when I need to. She said she can understand her 7 year old students going in their pants, but not her 28 year old husband. I admit I still have an anxiety of public restrooms. But I suppose I had better go from now on when I need to.

I am dying because i need to poop but a friend is using my toilet and he is constipated, i do not know how much i can hold it. I supose i can hold it until it hurs and i have to use a bucket to shit or something. i cannot either use the other toilet because my little brother age six is pooping and i can hear him say: AHH, OHH. Ahhhhhh... i need to shit now, my stomach hurts a lot and i think i better going to poop at the bucket, ohh.. see you and i hope yo have not being in a situation like thid, hava a goog pooping.

Hi, i hope you are ok.The other day I was at school when i realized i had to go to take a poop.I asked permission to go and the teacher told me i could. My school boysroom is only toilets without cubicles. there are 4 toilets and i found my little brother there pooping. i talked to him and he said that he had a problem. I sat on the toilet and pulled gdown my pants, and i pushed to make the poop come outwhile he told me this" i was at class when i felt the urge of pooping so i asked the teacher to let me go but she did not let me go, so i thought i could hold it. ten minutes passed and the urge got worse so i told her again but she did not let me go again. I told it to a friend and he said he had to poo and pee, but that he could not hold it. we told that we really had to go and she let us go. we were running to the restrooms whwn i felt a little egg-shaped piece of poop going out . my stomach hurt so i decided to stop and sat on the flour a little bit,but my friendhelped me stand up and we walked to the restrooms. He sat in the one in the middle and i sat next to him. we both pulled our pants and underwear to the knees and i let go out a large soft poop to the toilet and he was a little bit constipated and he groaned while pushing to let go out the poop, then he peeied. He wiped 2 times and washed his hands. i felt more poop coming so i stayed sitted on the toilet. he left like 5 minutes ago or so" By that time i have finish pooping and he not so i wiprd 5 times and i go. Well that is all.

i will start saying that this is my first post and i am not the other Roger or Rogers that post here and that the other day i was in an old house in the middle of the forest with my friends and my little broyher while dad said he had to go shopping to the town. (I am 10, my brother is 6 and my friends John and Nick are 10). My brother said he had to go to the bathroom but in that house were no bathrooms i said he had to go to the bushes. I also had to take a dump so i asked Nick and John if they wanted to go to the bathroom and they said yes.My brother asked peeing or pooping so Nick said both and John said peeing. My little brother went to the bushes and John to a couple of trees together making a circle.When my brother was near the bushes he said he never had done this and he wanted me to stay with him.He pulled down his shorts just far enough to let his poop go out. He groaned OOOOOHHHAH! and he pushed a little and a thick firm poop was going out. he groand again and the rest of his poop was dropped. It was a turd of 7 of long. He aked for something to wipe but we hadnt. By that time John had returned and my brother was finished. I asked to Nick if i could go first because i was sure i could not hold it anymore , he said that he had an urge but he said yes. Iwent to that part John had gone and i squat pulled my pants down and just then a big turd came out. it was soft and long. Then an other turd came out. i tried to wipe but there was not tp or tissues so i just pulled up my pants. The next one and final was Nick, he climbed a tree sat on a branch and pulled down his pants to his knees and start peeing. then he screamed OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHAAH! and a hard fat turd came out of his anus slowly , he pushed and pushed and groaned so i said , are you ok? He said it just hurts and he would stay there 5 more minutes or so . We kept watching him and he was just pushing and groaning. More turds came out and he finished 8 minutes later with 3 long turds that fell off the branches and landed on the wood and 8 small turds . We talked about that all the rest of the day.

Hey guys.
I let out a good poo yesterday. Here is what happened.

I was reading posts here when I started to fart, fart, and fart. I then felt a poo coming. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I immediatly farted. Then nothing for 10 seconds. Then I felt my butt open up, and a nice, firm, long poo crackled out. It felt so good coming out! I got up, and it was about half a foot long, and 3 inches wide. What a great poo!!

Well, that's all for today.

Keep dropping the poo!

Take care guys.

Biker Trash
I had fun this weekend. I ate biscuits and gravy Friday morning (if anyone ever visits the great pointless city of Wichita, avoid Potbelly's restaurant) with my dad before he left for the East Coast for 6 mos. Saturday morning around 2a.m. Iawoke to a serious cramp and I about shit my bed. I scrambled out of bed and ran outside, hoping my roommates weren't still awake. Imade it barely around the corner before I felt wet liquid leak out of my ass and run down the inside of one buttcheek. Luckily, I sleep naked so I didn't have to worry about my pants getting messed up and as soon as I felt the first trickle, I knew there'd be no stopping the flood that was inevitable. I just pushed and squatted kind of simultaneously and the doors opened and torrents of liquid watery shit sprayed everywhere behind me. The stench about made me puke and I really can't say I have a week stomach. I squatted and pushed out wave after wave and I could feel the shit dripping off my buttcheeks where it ran. When I thought I was through some ten wicked minutes later, I finally could relax enough to pee, then I realized I was butt naked basically in the front yard hacking cack all over and in plain sight of the whole nieghborhood. This sent another ten minutes of waves of shit through me and once again I damn near puked. I finally got to where I could push and nothing would happen , then I carefully walked back in so that I wouldn't drip shit through the house and wiped, then went back to bed, this time sleeping above the covers just in case. I had to do this about five more times yesterday (Sat) and finally I woke up today and everything's semi solid, which is fine by me. Somehow, the shit was liquidy enough that first time that it all soaked into the ground and except for a faint tint of tan in a three foot radius, there's no evidence of where I went.
I was also at a friend's house yesterday and we were talking about something when she had to pee. She was in the bathroom getting ready for a date with some dipshit so she just pulled her skirt up and thong down and sat on the toilet. I started to walk away when she said it was okay and we could keep talking. This girl has peed in front of me before, but she also knows I have wanted to be with her off and on for 8 years, and all of a sudden, she realized that I was all about staring at her with her her skirt up and thong down and peeing, so she said,"Okay, I'm nervous now" and shut the door on me. All I could do was crack up and laugh. I have seen every inch of her naked in the many years I've known her, and I will never understand her.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin
Hi all
I'm new here but I've been reading the posts alot:I check here almost every other day.

Impatient Pooper-

You asked if there was a way to have a deliberate pooping accident without laxatives?

Well I know some foods that tend to make you poop more often. Well at least they make me poop more often.

The biggest "pooper food" for me is asperagus (sorry if my spelling sucks). Also, if I eat too many, say, Twizzlers, you know, they give me MASSIVE cramps, and then like an hour later, I have a HUGE poop, sometimes even clogs the toilet!, but usually not.

One time, when I was, like, 4, in preschool, it was Halloween, and we were having a costume parade, and I was in my costume already and I had to poop really bad, but the bathroom was full cuz of all the other kids getting help with their costumes, and then just when there was only one person left in line, I just let my bowels start movin! I was so embarrassed, I was crying and everything, and so my teacher called my mom to come and get me a new costume. BTW, I was a princess before the poop, and a tiger after. Not a really princess-like thing to do!

Does anyone have any desperation stories? Like, peeing yourself on the bus or something? I'd like to read them.

Happy peeing, all.

Dora's Evil Twin >>> ^(-.-)^~~>

Hello everyone,
I'm a male from Australia and I'm nearly 18. I've got something to share with you all. 14 years ago, I went to creche and the caretaker was prepared to help anybody in the toilet because we were only little. I remember pooped a few times, but I couldn't manage to wipe myself, so she would roll off some TP and wipe my ass until it was clean. I only learnt to wipe myself about a year later.

ASHLEY: I make sure that I eat lots of fibre and drink plenty of water each day which helps me do a regular, healthy poop. Love from James!

Hey guys.
Yesterday, I decided to try something that I have read about on this site before. Mainy peeing in a sink.

I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the front edge of the sink. I got a mirror so I could watch. I started to pee, which lasted 20 seconds. Then something unexpected happened. I heard crackling. That could only mean one thing: POO! I looked in the mirror as a nice firm 4 inch poo slid out, and into the sink. Of course, after I was done, I cleaned everything up well.

It was a fun experience, but I think I'll henceforth stick to good old toilet!

Well, that's it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed something different from me for once!

Take care guys.

Seth-Liked your story about the doorless stalls when you were in school. If you read any of my posts, you can see I liked dumping in doorless stalls also. The beach I go to used to have doorless stalls, but they were completely remodeled a few years back and now there are doors. Happy dumping!

I had a fantastic dump last night, I felt really great. I was watching tv and having a few drinks when I needed to take a piss. I went into the toilet, closed the door and pulled down my pants. I did a huge wee, wiped my arse and went back out to the loungeroom. Then I realised I hadn't done a poo since the day before. I waited about half an hour and by this time I needed to take another pee. I went back to the toilet, closed the door and pulled down my pants again. I did another huge wee and then I pushed a bit to get the turds moving. At first it felt like a very long poo was slowly moving its way down but then I squeezed out a small but extremely wide nugget. After this, I squeezed out another four or five nuggets that were a bit smaller but they still hurt my anus. There was more poo sliding down and I had to really push hard to get it out. That last piece of poo came out in one long, smooth log although it was rock solid and it burnt my arse. I wiped my butt and there was some poop on the toilet paper, along with some blood. I had a look at my job and the logs were light brown and very solid.

This morning I woke up at about 9.45am and I went to the toilet to take a piss. When I was doing my wee, I could feel the tip of a turd poking its way out of my anus so I tried to squeeze it out before I had finished my wee. The turd slowly inched its way out a tiny bit but I knew this one would take a while so I finished my wee first. I strained for a few minutes but this poop was really stubborn. I tried relaxing my anus to see if that would help but it didn't. I had to push as hard as I could and the turd broke off and fell into the bowl. I kept pushing and I managed to squeeze out three or four more rock hard turds. After this, I did another wee but I could still feel more poo in me. I tried to push out some more but this poo wouldn't budge. I had a look at my load and the logs were almost black and very solid. I woke up again at about midday and went back to the toilet. I did yet another wee and I was able to squeeze out five or six more logs, this time they were not so solid but still bulky and almost black. My anus was sore too. I really enjoyed these labourous dumps because they stretched my anus and felt fantastic!

desperate to poop

Haven't posted for ages. Some good stories on here though.

I went to on a hen night last weekend to Butlins. Loads of drinking and eating Pizza as well. Not surprisingly that made for plenty of BM's.I was in the main pavilion went an urge to shit came over. I wandered off to the toilets and much to my dismay there was a small line. One of the toilets was out of order. There were two women in front of me and one
of them was dancing gently which usually signifies desperation. The three girls that were occupying the toilets were all pooping. The one in the middle had a bad case of the runs and she was letting out waves of diarreah and moning at the same time. The other girls seemed to be dropping a huge log as she was straining a lot. The third girl was a lot quiter but the smell was quite rank.

After about ten minutes I was getting quite nervous as I was begining to get a severe need to go. I contemplated going elsewhere but I wasnt sure where the other toilets would be. The first girl in the line was also desperate too and dancing up and down. Finally after another 5 minutes the girl in the end cucible flushed and came out. The other girl dashed in, quickly unzipped her jeans, pulled her panties down and let a long gushing stream of pee. This was quickly followed a series of plop plop plop and a sigh of relief.

After another five nminutes the girl in front of me went in. She only needed to pee and I was relieved when she came out quicikly. I quickly ran in and rushed to get my Jeans down, pushed my panties down and unleashed a large mound of soft poop. I continued unloading for a good ten minutes. All this the girl in the middle stall was still having the runs. I finally felt done and wiped my bum and left. There were two or three waiting when I came out. I fel relieved and went to wash my hands

As I went to the sink to wash my thands though another cramp hit and I huffed and re-joined the line. Another ten minutes later and was I repeating my performance.

Happy pooping!

There is no direct correlation between bowel habits and breast size, but there is a connection: Since breasts are fatty tissue, the amount of carbohydrates and fats you eat could be going to your breasts for fat storage, and also causing constipation. This could be a signal that you need to moderate your diet, so it would be wise to trust your doctor, especially regarding fiber. But the main cause of super poops is abnormal food choices over a long period of time, resulting in a lazy colon and infrequent but huge bowel movements.

Hey all, any of you seen the new tp commercials. One with a young teen going out of the bathroom and two angels appear and they are talking about how many sheets he will use by the time he turns 18. Then his dad has a stack of papers and they disappear with the sports section. The other one is where two men are on an island and one is shitting and the other one ask to borrow some tp. the guy shitting says 4 sheets and the other guy laughsand says 9 then runs off. Well happy toileting to all. Please take my survey from a couple pages ago. thanks.

Lauren, your post reminded me of an event I was a part of earlier this year. I was driving home from a party with my friend Maria, laughing about the people who were drunk (I hadn't had anything to drink, Maria had had a little, which was why I was driving) when she said, "Hold on, Candice," leaning to the left and cutting something fierce out the back. Now Maria is a gorgeous girl, and seeing this hot chick rip one like that would probably leave most guys in shock, and the ones who weren't in shock would pass out from the resulting smell. When I say it smelled bad, I mean it smelled BAD. Much like charcoal-burned eggs.
"Whoa, sorry about that," she said, folding her arms across her stomach and looking worried. At this point I was kinda nervous about the status of my passenger seat, and I said, "Maria, you okay?" She bit her lip and said, "I think so, but I need to use a bathroom." I had been feeling some sensations in the back earlier but didn't answer them because of the lack of need, however as Maria said that, the slight feeling became a light pressure on my stomach, gently letting me know a release was in order. I saw a gas station, and I suggested, "Maybe we could go there." Maria looked at me as if I was nuts. "Those places are filthy. Besides, two hotties like us in a dinky gas station at night? I've seen too many horror movies to want to star in one."
Shrugging, I drove on, toward a barely-lit open park near the neighborhood where my apartment is. By this time, Maria was completely bent over, holding her stomach. I pulled over at the park. "Do you want to go out here? It's an open park, so if someone tried to sneak up on us, we'd see." I half-expected Maria to be prissy about it again, but she just said, "I guess so." I shut off the engine and got out. Walking around to the other side, I opened the other door and helped her out of the car. I was kinda torn between concern for Maria and excitement that my very cute friend was about to poop right in front of me. Not that we'd ever get together, but it still is a little thriil for me to see someone poop, even someone of the same gender. However, when we got to an area lit enough so that we could see, but not enough for anyone to see us, Maria was hesitant. "What's wrong?" I asked. "If you're not sure, I'll go, then you'll see it's ok. I have to poop too." I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them to my knees with my thong, then spread my ankles and squatted. "I'm not sure I can squat like that, I'm a little tipsy," Maria protested. This was true, so I replied, "I'll hold you up." Standing up halfway, I helped her get her panties down (luckily, she was wearing a skirt) and eased her into a decent squat. Her face was red, and she still looked like she was holding in. She started to quiver, and I knew she was still hoping for another way. Either that, or she was afraid it would sound or smell bad. I reached over and rubbed her stomach. "Come on, go ahead. Let it out," I instructed. "When I push your stomach, I want you to let loose. Don't hold back, don't worry about me. On three. One, two three." With that, I pressed gently but firmly on Maria's abdomen. It probably hurt, but a lot less than keeping all that garbage in her intestines. Almost immediately, she broke loose with a wet fart and started unloading crap like refried beans. I massaged her stomach as she heaved and moaned, caught in the throes of a massive cheap-beer-induced poop. After the initial explosion, she was panting, then she seemed okay for about ten seconds. During those ten seconds, she started to pee, but this was soon joined by round two of her nightmarish diarrhea. The chunky pile just kept growing underneath her. Meanwhile, I was having a nice time, because during her time of trouble I'd squeezed out a couple of thick hershey cigars that felt so good coming out, and it felt like a third was on deck. Not there yet, though, so I rested for a bit while the last bit of rubbish worked its way out of Maria's system. Pulling up my pants in front and keeping them just below my butt in back, I walked quickly back to the car, got tissues out of the glove compartment, then jogged back. My poop was ready now, so I squatted down and squeezed out another thick one. I like the regular sized ones, but the ones 2.5+ inches thick really get me going. After that, I peed for a while, then wiped up. Maria was looking just about done, so I handed her some tissues and pulled everything back up all the way. "Um..." Maria looked sheepish. "I'm not sure I can do this, could I get some help?" I immediately understood and got behind her, being careful to avoid her pile. Digging gently, I was able to remove the sticky streaks radiating from her anus. As I pushed gently against her anus to clean that, Maria inhaled quickly, but didn't say anything. When I finished, I said, "All clean," and helped her up. We drove home, and as we got back to Maria's apartment, she thanked me for helping her out. I said, "You're welcome," and made sure she'd be okay that night, then left. The next morning, she thanked me even more, and I assured her that she'd do the same for me, and I was just helping her out in a time of need.

Hi. My name's Seth. I'm a twenty-five year old male. I live on the East Coast.

I see people mentioning doorless stalls a lot on this site. When I was in school, from 3rd Grade all throughout high school, the boys' rooms NEVER had doors on the stalls. I never did find out why. I was told everything from they didn't want boys smoking to they were trying to "toughen us up" for the army. I wondered why the girls stalls always did have doors (yes, I ventured into the girls room once or twice in my years), and assumed it was because girls may be changing their maxis or tampons. I suppose you'd want extra privacy for that.

My first day of 3rd Grade I went to the bathroom and remember being shocked that there were no doors on the stalls. Actually, the stalls were these little three foot formica barriers between the toilets.

I had never seen a toilet stall with no door anywhere else up til then. I admit, I was very nervous about pooping in full view of anyone who came in. But, I managed the courage to finally go. I remember feeling like I'd accomplished something.

All through school, if I had to take a dump, I just went ahead, even if the bathroom was packed. Over the years, my self-sonsciousness subsided and I was soon able to take a dump in a public bathroom with no doors on the stalls. I remember once in seventh grade, my class went to a park for a field trip. I went to the restroom to take a dump. The toilets were completely out in the open, with nothing blocking them from the rest of the room. I just dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat and pooped. I got a lot of surprised looks from my classmates, but that didn't bother me too much.

One time in high school, when I was in the drama club, some girls and I were trying to start up an independent acting troupe. Somehow, the drama teacher got wind of this (not through me) and shut it down. The three girls with whom I was planning it thought I had blabbed. They asked someone where I was and were told I was in the boys room.

I was on the toilet, in a doorless stall, having a really stubborn dump when in walked these three girls, all looking pissed off at me! I covered my crotch with my hands and yelled at them, "What the hell!" They all yelled at me about blabbing to the teacher, how could I, blah, blah. I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. They stormed out and I got up with a log halfway out of my ass and ran after them, pulling up my pants as I went.

I caught up with them and told them it wasn't me and I didn't know what they were talking about. I said, would I be standing here with shit mashed between my butt cheeks if I did? Later I found out one of the girls had told her mother her plans, and her mother had mentioned it to the teacher's wife, a friend of hers. Needless to say what happened next!

That led to a lot of apologizing from them. I guess if I can survive having three pretty girls see me on the toilet, I can take anything!

Wow, this got long! Oh, well, have fun. I'm sure I'll post more later.

Hello all
This morning when I woke up my stomach was churning and I was farting like crazy. I knew that I had to shit but I didn't want to get out of bed. So, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I awoke a few minutes later and was still farting and my asshole felt as if it could hold out no longer. I headed to the bathroom and sat my ass on the cold toilet and started to piss. I sat there for a minute and nothing came out. I could feel it pressing asainst my hole begging to be let out, but it wouldn't budge. I gave a little push and I felt my hole start to open and it began to slowly emerge. Then it was as if a cork shot off a bottle of champagne and the shit went flying. Out of me poured hot, liquid ,steamy poo. It didn't have the continuous flow like most attacks, it came in waves and with a buch of little farts accompanied by bits of poo. as the shit started to subside, I wiped, flushed and went back to bed.
As I started to fall back asleep, i felt my stomach start to gurgle and make strange sounds. I ignored it but I wish that I hadn't. I did go back to sleep but when I woke up I was lying in the stinkiest mess. I have never shit myself before, well since I was an infant, I was completely mortified. I sleep naked and i move around alot so the shit was all over my ass, up my back and all over my cock and balls. Thank god no one is home. I got up carefully and went to go clean up. The mattress is a total loss, I tried to clean it but the odor is still to overwhelming. Not to mention the herendous stain. I guess I'll have to wait for it to at least dry and then take it to the dumpster down stairs. I hope no one will see me carrying the shitty mattress. Well that's it for now. Have a great day everybody.

Hello. My name's Samantha, I'm fifteen, and I usually go by Sammi. I like jokes about farting and pooping, which is pretty rare for a teenage girl, I guess. I thought the diarrhea scenes in DUMB AND DUMBER and NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE were both hilarious. But one time whan I pooped my pants on the way to school, I wasn't laughing! I woke up and got dressed in my usual outfit: a t-shirt and jeans. Thank goodness I had not started wearing thongs yet! I had on just plain panties. Anyway, I got on the bus, which was crowded. The whole ride to school I started feeling crampy in my bowels. By the time I got to school, I had farted a couple of time, just little silent ones, but it stank up the bus, and no one suspected me, though. But when I got off the bus, I let all the other kids walk ahead of me. I decided to let a big fart rip out of me, but insteada glob of this soft, slimy poop squirted out into my panties!!! Not a lot, but enough to feel between my buns. I rushed to the girls room, entered a stall and pulled my pants and underpants down. There was a big brown stain on the seat of my underpants, and I could feel the sticky poop between my cheeks. I sat down on the toilet and pooped the rest out. It was mostly diarrhea, but really chunky. The bathroom was full of girls, and I didn't want anyone to know I pooped my panties. So, I took my scissors out of my back pack and cut my panties off! I wrapped them in toilet paper, then wiped my ass, which was really gooey. I flushed the toilet and pulled my jeans up. I should add that I hate wearing pants with no underwear! I carefully threw the wad of TP with my soiled panties in the trash and washed my hands. That was a close one! If I had really lost control it would have gone down my legs and that would have been horrible. Oh, well. I have some other pooping stories, but I will be back later to tell them! Bye for now!

Hi, it's my first post in here and I decided to share a story which happened to me years ago..Well, I was still at school and I was dying for a pee for hours now. I asked the teacher but he refused to let me go, so I decided to wait until the next class, I then asked the teacher of my next class but she also refused to let me go also...By now I was really desperate, I was fidgeting and holding my crotch. It was very obvioius that I needed a pee but the teachers thought I was kidding around..Well, I held it for about 3 hours, then I just couldn't do it anymore and I let go with a beautiful feeling of relief..Well, it was really embaressing because everyone knew I peed my pants and I could hear students whispering whenever I came near them, but what could I have done..When you gotta go, you gotta go.

the guy on the couch
ashley, the connection between big boobs and big poops is really quite simple; if you turn the b's in boobs upside down, it says poops, and vice versa.

-guy on the couch

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