Mister Zorro!
Hello all. It's been a long while since I last came here, but nothing has changed. I read back and saw a lot of nice stories. I'm black, not too tall and not too short, and I've benn called "fine" by some ^_^. Probably nobody remembers, but I talked about my encounters with certain members of my track team when we did cross country. That hasn't really changed much at all, but I'll save that for another time. I had a sort of cool experience on Tuesday I think it was. Well I'm real friendly with most of the people in my neighborhood. There's a white girl that lives like a block or two away, and of course we got off at the same stop. She's kind of cute, but she's also a gaming freak, and my source of free games too. I'd been in her house before to play games with her and her older brother(more of a bookworm). Neither of our parents got home until like two or three hours later, and I don't know where her brother was. I was originally going over there just to borrow a few games, but we ended up playing a few for a bit. While I was watching playing a game on the computer I felt I needed to take a good piss so I told her I was going to the bathroom and looked around until I found it. She said she would wait until I got back before she went any further.

I finally relieved myself and peed a strong stream for about twenty seconds. I then felt that familiar urge I get when I need to take a dump. It felt like it was ready to come out then and there. I figured why not, and put on the fan in advance as I sat down on the toilet, and leaned forward with my head in my hand. My usual position. Ever since I started track, I have to take a dump daily most of the time, but I hadn't gone in about two or three days so I knew I would have to go sooner or later. Just didn't expect to have to go at her house. I didn't even have to push, nor did I want to, as what felt like a thick but smooth turd eased its way out. It seemed to just get wider as it pushed out, and slowed till it eventually stopped. Then I had to push and it started to slowly move. While I was pushing, my friend knocked on door and said "I thought you were just takin a piss. What's takin so long?". I said that I got caught by surprise and would be out in a little. She laughed and said "You're taking a dump? I wouldn't have waited so long if I knew you were gonna do that. Just hurry up." I could see the shadow of her feet stand at the door for a bit, and then walk back towards the compute room. I started pushing again, and started looking around and raised my eyebrow in surprise. There wasn't any toiler paper. I wasn't really bother, and just thought that things would get interesting now. I shouted "Where's the toilet paper?!". She seemed a little surprised and said "There isn't any in there on the roll? Just check the closet." I looked my side near the corner of the bathroom and saw a tiny linen closet, and hobbled over. I had to make sure that the turd hanging from my ass didn't break off. I opened the closet and saw only epmpty packaging and no toiler paper. She knocked on the door and asked if I found it and said "Nope! There's none here it all. That's just perfect." I made a little gush fart and the turd started to ease out with a little crackle here and there. She sighed and said "Hold on for one second." and she walked away from the door.

By then I was back on the toilet and just about finished pushing the turd out when she knocked on the door and said "I found the other package. Want me to slip it through the door?" I could tell she felt awkward. I rolled my eyes and said just bring the package in and that the door wasn't locked. She quickly said "Okay." and walked in with the toilet paper. She walked in and immediately said "Phew! Did you have to stink up my bathroom this bad?" I didn't even notice the smell much. She tried not to look in my direction but I said "I don't care if you see me. I was just worried about the sudden lack of toilet paper. She finally fully glanced at me, and I could tell she was a bit interested. She smiled a bit and said "Everything coming out okay?" and I simply said "Hopefully. Haven't met much trouble yet." She slightly closed the door behind her and handed me a roll of toilet paper. She then walked to the closet and put the new toilet paper in. I was back in my position, and trying to hold my turd, but it was ready to leave. I looked slightly to my side and could see her stealing glances behind me while she was still messing around in the closet. I figured I'd give her a good show if she wanted to see and slowly scooted up a bit. The turd almost immediately fell with a loud splash. She fully turned towards me and said. "God! That sounded like a big one!". I said "Yeah yeah. That's how my turds usually are." Right after that we sort of got into a conversation while I was on the toilet. I was still in my position, and she was now leaning back on the closet. I guess she was getting less tense and more comfortable. She then started talking about games again while I was still in the middle of my business.

She wasn't even bothering to look away now or hide it, and was staring right at my ass as started up again. Any time I started to push a turd she would barely talk at all and just sit their observing. The conversation quicky moved from games to what I had eaten and soon she was talking about how big of a dump I was taking, and how she had never seen turds this big. I'm notorious for farting a lot whenever I take a dump. I just let out long "Brrrrrrrrr zpppp zppp Brrrrrrrrrrr" farts between each dump. She simply smiled or giggled each time I did it, which was a lot. I felt another hard turd push out and start easing on down. She was staring as close as she could while the turd slowly moved out with quite a bit of noise. Just completely random crackling noises. I expected her to say something about it, but she was still just staring ang giggled a bit. She did say "That's another big one!" while the turd eased out and finally felt with a LOUD "SPLASH!" Some water even got on my butt. I flushed and said "Round 2". She seemed completely awed and turned on by now. I pushed and pushed and the tip of a turd just poked out and went back in.So I thought I'd have a little fun and said. "Could you see if the turd is moving out". She smiled and said "Sure!" and kneeled down behind me. I purposely pushed and let the turd back in for a bit. She laughed the whole time saying "It's coming! it's back in your hole...hehe it's back out again." I actually tried to push then and the turd actually did give me a hard time. She playfully cheered me as I grunted and groaned while trying to push the turd out. She was have fits of giggles the whole time. I felt her place a hand on a buttcheek as she said "Come on! You almost have it! push push! Just treat it like a mission in a game!" I took a breath and said "Only you could come up with that comparison". I pushed again and nearly broke the turd because she was moving her fingers along my cheeks and it sort of tickled me, but the turd finally fell with another loud splash. I then started letting out my usual poop balls. They were both small and medium sized. The small ones just plopped out together like water from a faucet, and the medium sized ones sounded like I was dropping small stones into the toilet. She was quiet again and really staring now that she had a clear view.. I was turned on just as much as her by then, and she went from running her fingers along my cheeks to slightly squeezing them like she was just experimenting. She was still almost completely quiet with comments here and there like "Your butt has rapid fire!" She was just enjoying the show like I intended. The turds finally slowed down and got soft and stringy. The kind I have trouble with most. Even more than the hard turds. The turds weren't that big, but still pretty hard to get out. I pushed and some small poop balls shot out again for a bit, and then I got nothing but farts. She giggled and said "You should feel 100 pounds lighter after that dump." I got up from the toilet and stretched. She repeatedly smacked my butt while I stretching and playfully whistled. She looked in the toilet and just shook her head after glancing at me. I simply smiled and flushed; hoping it would all go down and thank god it all did. I made sure to flush after every huge turd. She was still kneeled down and relaxing. She said "Thanks for putting the fan on in advance. It would take forever to get rid all of this smell if not for that" I simply said yeah yeah and started for the toilet paper. She didn't look like she planned on leaving until I left so I grabbed a few rolls. I looked at her and told her I had best wiping method. She giggled and said "I bet you don't!" I could tell she wanted to see so I began to wipe. I really do use a different method now though. I just grab my cheek with a hand with the paper around my fingers and rub my fingers up and down my crack. I don't know when I figured that I try that but it works wonders. I said "See? You have to have skills to do it like me." She smiled and said "I got skills too! Watch!" She quickly grabbed some toilet paper and tried to emulate me. She grabbed my cheeks and said "ooooh! Squishy butt!" and tried to run her fingers up and down my crack. She was giggling more than ever now and was having a good time trying to perfect my method. She finally stopped and said "guess you're all done!" I smiled and said "I guess you're not that bad!" I bent down to pick up my jeans and boxers and some stuff I was carrying in my hoodie pocket fell out*happens too much) I sighed and bent down to pick up all my crap(no pun intended). She giggled and said "Sheesh! Are you just gonna show off your butthole like that?" I laughed and said "Guess so." while I was gathering my stuff. She walked up behind me and put both hands on my cheeks and starting smacking them again telling me to hurry up. I could tell she wanted the exact opposite of what she said though. For someone, who was surprised I didn't care if my butthole showed, she sure was staring hard while she was waiting on me and even poked it a few times. I made a playful gasp and said "Guess you don't mind me showing off my hole that much then". She simply blushed. She made surprisingly open comments while she was waitng on me and went back to talking about my "massive dump" again. I finally picked up all my stuff and playfully posed while I pulled up my boxers and jeans. She blushed and giggled and literally kicked my ass out the bathroom. We almost immediately started playing games like nothing had happened, but I did notice that she'd occasionally zone out at times. I think she was reminiscing ^_^*. Well that's it for me. I might have some more track stories soon. There's something always going crazy there. Later!

Hi. I wanted to post a story. A while ago my boyfriend had a going away party. Well we were having fun and when we had cake and ice cream I was very desperate. Then we just kept laffing. That makes me have to pee. Well I was thinking of going to the bathroom. Then it hit me. I aws laffing away then the pee escaped sliowly onto his bed. I soon had to leave so I just pulled the sheet out from under me and as far as I know he never found out. LOL! ~HILARY~

Punk Rock Girl

I peed in front of a group of strange men the other night. I was at a club in Jersey with Colin and some of his friends. The womens room was full out the door, so I leaned into the mens room and said, "I'm a woman, I have to pee, can I come in."

I heard several "yeah, sures" come from inside, so I entered. I entered and saw that the toilet was completely out in the open. Colin later told me this is to prevent people from ducking into the mens room to have sex or do drugs. I guess they figure women don't do that, because most clubs I've been in have doors on the stalls in the womens room.

Anyway, I just dropped my leather pants and thong to my knees and sat on the shockingly clean toilet. I peed, wiped and flushed. I got a few glances, but most of the guys were gentlemanly about it. I even struck up a conversation with one of them.

I washed my hands and headed back to the dancefloor. Fun!



Good morning; cool beginning for a hot day. Sightings and incidents to report. Two days ago a young gentleman was changing his baby daughter's diapers in the restroom at work; she had slathered them with light brown poop. He had to hold her squirming body and was looking around for a way to get more toilet paper, so I helped him, getting four nice lengths of paper. I saw the tiny bottom change from light brown smears to at least fairly clean.
This morning I got to work outside for a little while before getting ready to go to work. I had already had my first b.m., just before breakfast, a long curling snake of medium brown; as usual when at home, I concluded my wiping by placing a dab of Noxzema on the paper and cleansing my anus, including up inside it; use no. 601 of that jar. Outside, I worked steadily for most of an hour before feeling again the need to poop. I wear rubber gloves to protect my hands from sharp weeds, spines, etc. I went again under the juniper hedge, where I saw the dark remains of my last poop. I dropped my pants, squatted, and pushed slightly, feeling a thick, smooth turd sliding out. It went for some time, then finished. It was moist, so I knew I'd have poop hanging on down below; I used my gloved right middle finger to get as much off as possible. It was medium brown and fairly soft; I wiped the finger on the ground. Then I used my gloved left middle finger for the next pass, and got a lesser, though still significant, amount on it; again I wiped it off on the ground. I pulled up my pants and went back to my work, intending to go into the house later to finish up my wiping. I knew that working in the soil would further clean off my rubber gloves. As I was working, my neighbor came over to ask a favor; we talked a bit as I worked. His wife called him, and he went. A bit later I reached a stopping point and went into the house to clean my bottom (by now the rubber gloves were ruined, and I took them off). I sat on the toilet, got t.p., and wiped; still a major stain. I folded the t.p., wet it at the faucet, and made another pass. Much better. Now it happens that a roofer was coming today to do our roof, and my neighbor and I had briefly discussed that. As I was taking paper for what I expected would be my final wipe, my neighbor knocked at my front door. "I'll be there in a minute," I shouted. "That's all right, I can ask you from out here," he said, walking to a spot right outside my open bathroom window. He asked me his questions, and I answered them; I knew he knew I was sitting on the toilet, and it obviously didn't matter to him, though it was most intriguing to me. Again I did the final Noxzema wipe, flushed, and got up, just in time to see the roofer drive up.
That's it for now--happy pooping, everyone!

No big thing really looking at the net..but at school in physics I sat and pooed My pants big time I was 15 years old. I was found out and asked to go to the toilet to clean up alone. I was called so much after..

Hi again. I haven't posted in a while, but here I am again. I had something interesting happen when I was pooping the other day. I was pushing out a nice long log when there was a big burst of gas, and then log kept coming for a while longer. Normally what happens, at least to me, is that the log will break apart at the weak gassy spot. But not this one. It lay in the water looking like the letter V, with the weak gassy spot right at the bend. I thought it was kind of neat.
My girlfriend Regina has taken some funny pees in the last couple of days that I thought someone might like. A few days ago, we were at an outdoor event that serves a lot of beer. I needed to pee and was going to go, but rather than wait in line for either one of the bathrooms, I tend to go out back of the building to the unused loading dock and pee into the woods. (I know some of the people that work at this place, and they do it too, so it's cool.) Regina followed me out there, and without hesitation, hopped down off the loading dock, took her panties off, and peed a nice straight stream from under her skirt while standing up.
The next day, she came home from work needing to pee, and felt that the toilet was too boring, so she repeated her standing with a skirt act and peed on the balcony. I was laughing so hard. Sure, there's a spot that needs to be cleaned, but it's worth it.
She's been in a very silly mood recently, and followed it up last night by saying "Rex, I brought you a beer!", and hands me a pint glass of warm, very light beer. Hmmm. I wonder what she had been up to.... I'm really going to have to work on being silly in return now!

Monica, I know how you feel about the trail curving back. I've never had it turn into an embarassing situation like yours, but I have been peeing in the woods, and noticed the trail again one zigzag further on below me, in plain view. I don't think anyone's ever seen me, though.

patrick that was the best story ever! I wish I had a girlfriend like nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Im Mike, a 14 year old male.I always seem to get explosive diarrehea. When I eat fast food and greasy foods In an hour I get sharp pains in my stomach.When I get to a toilet Ijust sit down and nature takes its course. shit explodes out of me and I fart a whole bunch of times. ON occasion I shit so much that it fills up the toilet. I got explosive diarrehea at school before during Gym class. I went to the toilet and there was no lock on the door. I exploded on the toilet had to get up and hold the door and shit again. THe bathroom stunk and i didn't flush the toilet,it was a one person bathroom. THe biggest dump I ever took was after a big meal. I thought i was going to shit my pantsbut i got home and ran upstairs and When Sat on that toilet it was like the atomic bomb. At the perfect time as I sat on the seat I let out a mighty roar of explosive diarrehea that i will never forget. It was so forceful that I had to hold onto the sides of the toilet and elevate my feet off the ground to make everything comeout. When i want to empty my intestinal tank all the way I put my hands on my knees and stomp my feet on the ground. I did this and when my right foot hit the ground I let out about another gallon of diarrehea and 30 5 inch turds and farted a couple of times. What a site it was when I looked between my legs. Atleast 3 gallons of explosive diarrehea had come out of me and filled up the bowl it flushed all the way,but it was bad smelling.

Jeremy V.
Hey everybody how's it going? I am kinda knew to this site but I am very interested in bathroom habits and have been since I was about 13. I was wondering if somebody could help me out. I'm wondering what recent movies have female poop/pee scenes. I know the movie "Enough" with J-lo does, it's an awesome movie, and "Panic Room", but not the more recent films. If somebody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. By the way I have a funny story about what happened in March this year. I was having baseball practice, and the softball team had a game that day. The baseball field and softball field are really close to each other, and they share concession stands and bathrooms. Well it was about 15 minutes into practice and the opposing girls softball team shows up. Well that got my attention b/c two girls headed towards the bathrooms, and so I followed pretending to need to use the guys. So I go into the guys bathroom and by the way, you can hear everything in the girls bathroom as it is next to the guys bathroom. Well I very quietly snuck into the guys bathroom and listened as they entered the girls bathrooom. I heard them take their pants down and sit. I then heard one girl say to the other one, "I cant't pee." I kept listening and the other one yelled, "ARE YOU PEEING YET?" I was startled b/c I thought they knew I was in the other bathroom so I yelled, "Are You Talking To Me?" The girls screamed and ran out so I quickly left feeling like an idiot b/c I'd just screwed myself out of a hell of a pee performance. I don't believe the girls saw me but ever since then girls have been using the football bathrooms across the parking lot, and you can't hear anything. Hope you guys enjoyed the story! :-)

Question for the girls.
Have you ever at least once attempted to pee standing up, and if so, was it a success or a disaster?

melvin a.k.a mail boy
hey people im back just to fill all you newcomers in im 13 male about 5'10(im tall for my age) and ive been interested in girl pooping for about 2 or 3 years now.

well i have a question (I would mostly like to hear what the girls have to say) ok here it is . I get constipated every now and then or I just have problems poopingand or just get it started unless I really have to poop bad. but my question is does anyone know what I can do to get it out WITH OUT USING LAXATIVES OR SUPPOSATORIES .Just let me know and trick or "tools" I can us.

oh and i whanted to say whats up to Anethea and Carmi i LOVE you stories and plus the fact that your black Anethea (please dont take it racialy im black to.


Hi. I haven't posted here in a long while, but I've been lurking for two or so years. Anyways. I have a poop story to tell you. Yesterday afternoon, I got home from school and noticed that my rectum was filling up with a nice thick long log. I sat down on the toilet and started to push. The log started to come out fast. Around half the log came out, and the tip was already in the water. The final half came out a little slower, but the whole log coming out of my body lasted around eight seconds. As soon as the log thudded into the water, the smell rose up between my legs and hit my nose. It didn't smell too badly. I flushed, and amazingly, that 3 inch thick, by 1 and a quarter foot long log got sucked down. I wiped, flushed again, and left the bathroom, closing the door. I went into the bathroom about ten minutes later, and noticed that my poop smell was still there, and quite strong. It was stronger than when I was sitting there taking the poop. I also noticed that my poop smelled different when I walked in later than when I was sitting there. Has anyone else noticed this? I hope you liked my story. Keep the female poop stories coming, I love them!

You ever flush the toilet at a party, and the water starts to rise up? Scariest thing ever.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hi Lone Ranger !
Nice to see, that I am not the only one in Vienna, who is into the topic of watching girls doing their business. I am male and 26 years old. It`s a pity that I have never met a girl, who is also in these things. More later

Hi its me again
I thought I would tell ya what I look like, I'm 19, green eyes, 5 feet 4 inches, very long straight brown hair, and I usually wear a skirt or shorts and I always wear panties, and wear t-shirts usually unless I'm at work. (I have to wear a collared shirt and pants at work.)

Today I had a big dump, it came out so fast that I didn't even know I had already let it all out, I thought it was just a little bit, I was sitting there pushing real hard trying to poop but all I was doing was peeing for about 5 or 6 mins, till I gave up and got up and looked in and there was just one big turd in there about 2 1/2 inches wide and 10 or 11 long.
It took a lot of toilet paper.

I got some survey questions for anyone who answer them.

1. How old are you?
2. How often do you poop?
3. How often do you pee?
4. How much do usually poop and pee?
5. Is your poop usually hard or what?
6. Females only, have you ever peed standing?
7. Have you ever pooped standing?
8. What's the most you have pooped?
9. What's the most you have peed?
10. What's the most unusual place you have pooped/pee?
11. What's the most public place you have pooped/pee?


Kelly Marie. I think it's established fact that many women can outpoo their male counterparts although output is very much an individual thing and we're all different. To every rule there are always exceptions.

Monica. I enjoyed your story about taking a poo whilst out hiking. For what it's worth though I think you did entirely thr right thing. When you need a good poo it's best not to put it off unless you've absolutely no alternative.

Louise. To be honest I can't say that I've ever peed anywhere really unusual such as a phone box but I have peed behind trees and bushes sometimes when I've been out in the country and needed to go really badly.

Samantha C. When relationships break up, particularly if they do so in a bad way, people sometimes have the uncontrollable urge to do things which in calmer, more rational, moments they would never dream of doing. I think that's what probably happened in your case. Taking a poo all over some of your ex boyfriend's treasured belongings was every bit as mean as taking a pair of scissors to his best suit would have been but I'm sure you did it when you weren't thinking rationally. Hopefully your ex boyfriend should realise that was the case and not bother to pursue the matter further. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself though. We all do things which with hindsight we'd have thought better of from time to time.

Diva. 'Keyhole accidents' are, I think, quite common. A person is desperate but close to reaching a loo so the brain sends a signal to 'holding muscles' to releax and they sometimes relax too soon.

Since Wednesday of last week I've had some really good poos with a big panful most days. The latest 'biggie' was yesterday evening. As I'm often rather constipated it's been a great help and an enormous relief to drop some big loads.

Did anyone see the episode of the prison drama, "Bad Girls" on ITV on Wednesday night? There was one scene where a female inmate who was being segregated took a pee on her cell toilet in front of one of the warders. There was only a slight but distinct tinkling sound so whether ir was for real or sound effects were put in I don't know.

Best wishes to all


It has been a while since I posted how hasve all been? Not a lot going on for me. I had surgery a couple of months ago and was I constipated after. I hadn't pooped for five days so I asked for some prune juice and she gave me some mixed with orange and mom. It tasted terribble but it worked. I had diarrea for a couple of days but then I have been fine since.
some survey questions:
1. How long do you take to shit?
2. How many times a day do you shit?
3. what time of day do you usually shit?
4. young guys any prom stories or date stores of taking a shit?
5. do you have chest hair? (younger guys)

Megan from page 1054: loved your story. any more stories of your families toilet habits especcially shitting?
Billy and kevin l.: love your stories. how old are your brothers and how often do they shit? does your family get chest hair? HOw long does it take all of you to shit?

well happy toileting to all of you. JR

Louise's survey:

1. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting or standing.
2. My stream goes straight down.
3. What's the differnece between a thong and panties?
4. It depends.... I sometimes just pull the crotch aside, sometimes I take them off completely
5. legs apart always
6. usually standing
7. wipe from front
8. flush standing

Louise's question:
The strangest place I have ever peed: I would guess either my backyard or the floor in the back of a supermarket, behind some boxes.

A short story:

The other day I decided to hold my pee in for as long as I could and then go into the bathroom and see how long I could pee. I held it in for six hours and then ran to the bathroom. As luck would have it, my mom was in it and we did not have any other bathrooms in our house. I ran in, pulled my jeans down and sat on the sink and peed. My mom was still pooping when I finished a minute and a half later, and I had to poop to, so I ran outside and did it behind a bush.
Any of you have similar"I can't hold it any longer, so I'm going to pee in the sink" experiences?

A survey of my own:(For the ladies, please)

1. Do you ever pee/poop outside even when there's a bathroom close by?(Yes)
2. Do you ever skip wearing underwear when you have a skirt on so that you can pee/poop outside easier?(Yes)
3. Do you pee/poop standing up or sitting down?(I do both both ways)
4. Do you pee/poop with friends or alone?(I do it with friends all the time)
5. Do you like peeing/pooping in unusual places?(Yes)
6. Write a short story about the most unusual place you have peed/pooped in(Hopefully one with friends)


Louise (from France)

Nice report and question..
I've peed in many public situations but without letting see what I was doing..I peed carside also in crowded street, but I pee sitting on the edge inside my door, covred by 2 opened door, so no one can see me...
I've peed in alleys, staircasese, parkings, I think that the 2 most public place were a phone box and sitting on bench near a bus stop...I was bursting, waiting for a bus, nowhere to go or hide well around, so I pulled my thong aside under my skirt, adjusted my short skirt to don't let it under me while I peed, than I sat leaning on the edge of the bench, like if I was serching for seomtimes, I pissed a bit on the bench and on a shoe, but I manged to piss in a very public place, without getting noticed and without wetting myself...

Leanne have you ever peed into a Phonebox? Or in some unsual palce?



Answers to Tina's Question's:
1. How old are you? nearly 18 2. How often do you poop? twicw a day 3. How often do you pee? 8 times a day 4. How much do usually poop and pee? i often poop a few logs and pee an 8 second stream 5. Is your poop usually hard or what? mine's often firm and floats a lot
6. Females only, have you ever peed standing? N/A 7. Have you ever pooped standing? no 8. What's the most you have pooped? about a 20cm log 9. What's the most you have peed? about 50 seconds
10. What's the most unusual place you have pooped/pee? garden/pool
11. What's the most public place you have pooped/pee? football oval/alleyway.

This afternoon i took a big dump. I switched the fan on, sat on the toilet, did some noisy farts and pushed out 5 brown logs which sunk. I farted a few more times, pushed out 2 more logs which floated, then wiped my ass 8 times until there was no more brown on the paper. I flushed the toilet, brushed the skidmarks off the porcelein and sprayed with air freshener. There was still a strong poo smell, despite turning the fan on and spraying air freshener.

MISTER ZORRO: that was a great story.

TINA: Hope you like my answers. I really enjoyed reading your post. Love from James!

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