Kelly Marie
Yesterday I wrote my first post, using as I said before, my first and middle names to distinguish myself from other Kellys I've seen on the site, even though I go by just the name Kelly ordinarily. I had been reading among some old posts around pages 1198-1230 or so. I saw a survey wqritten, I believe by Mel D, of about 5 questions. I was interested in that survey, but when I went back to answer it, I couldn't find it again. One questions was something like "Are you surprised that a lot of guys believe that girls don't take big poops like they do?". If anyone can tell me what page that survey was on, I'd like to find it again. Meanwhile I'll go ahead and answer that one question. My answer is no, I'm not surprised at all. After all we live in a culture where little boys and little girls alike are taught that "girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice". It is a pervasive part of our conditioning. In light of that I've surprised and shocked myself a number of times at how big my own turds are sometimes and how my poop can stink in a very un-sugar-and-spicely manner. It is quite easy to see how guys in our culture, seldom encountering girls' poop (unless they are lucky enough to have friends like some on this site) would be very naive about how the other half can be just as "down and dirty" when it comes to pooping. My own shock at my un-sugar-and-spicely qualities must have begun with the fact that I poop at all. They say we don't notice the smell or our own poo as much as others would, and so maybe I've been able not to be shocked by that most of the time. But when I get diarrhea, like what I've had a touch of the last two days, often my shit has a putridness that I can't ignore. And from my first experiences with such putrid diarrhea, which must fade into my earlieat memories, I felt severely chalanged to seem girllike (as I was conditioned to perceive such a quality). By my college days, I was still up for a major shock about what I still unconciously at least perceived to be my expected little girl daintiness aura. One day I was hiking in some woods behind the campus, when I needed to go poo. It wasn't diarrhea that day, just a normal rather robust poopie that I wouldn't expect to stink any more than average for me. I went behind some bushes off the trail, lowered my pants, squatted and doodooed this ample and presumably healthy turd. As I started to wipe my poohole with some leaves, I heard sounds that might indicate someone was approaching (If anyone was, I never actually saw them). But not knowing, I scrambled for better cover, waddling as best I could with my pants around my ankles, not wanting to fully stand up and rub my "buttcheeks" together smearing my dookie into a harder wiping job. So scrambling, I became a bit disoriented. I didn't get lost or anything. I still easily found my way back to the trail. But the one significant consequence of my brief disorientation was the uncanny fate of stepping squarely into my own turd! So, sitting by the trail, I tried to clean my shoe off with leaves. I thought before that I generally didn't notice much stink to my own doodoo unless I had diarrhea. But when a whole big turd of it gets crushed, that's ann entirely different matter. I never had so nauseatingly severe an encounter with poop stink that with my own shit appressed to my shoe that day, and could hardly finish the job without puking. Gee I wouldn't have previously expected such stink to come form a guy's turd ever, let alone a supposed sugar and spice creature!

hi i'm kelsey, i've been reading this place for a while but never really had the nerve to tell any of my stories. but, i've decided. i'm 17, and what you need to know is that when i was 12 i was in a car accident which left me a parapalegic. i'm paralyzed from the waist down, and it's made going to the bathroom a different exceperience. when i first got home after the wreck, i was so used to hospital bed pans that i wasn't ready when i first realized when i had to pee. i couldn't really control my wheel chair at that point because i had abbrassions on my upper arms that made using my arms very painful. i was on a lot of medicine that day so i wasn't all with it either, and i for some reason never asked either of my parents to help me get to the bathroom. well, eventually i just peed my underwear. i had never peed my pants since getting out of diapers, and here i did it when i was 12 years old. i was just so depressed and couldn't stop crying anyway that i didn't really care that i peed my pants. i eventually pooped my underwear too before either of my parents stopped in again to check on me. it was my mom, and it really suprised her, but she was okay about it. it took a few years and wetting and messing several pairs of panties before i got used to using the toilet as a handicapped citizen, but even now i can't keep from having the occassional accident. i'll tell my two most recent accidents. one was the day after my 16th birthday. i woke up in the morning with my ???? feeling a little uneasy really deep down, but as part of my morning routine i never really made it into the toilet besides to pee quickly before my shower. after breakfast i really had to poop, but also had to go to school. when we got there, i was really struggling not to poop my pants all during first period. i could've gone to the bathroom, but the only handicapped bathroom was 1 floor down and i didn't have a key to access the elevator because i left it at home, so i had to meet an aid between each period where i needed to move between floors so i could get on the elevator. well, there was no one ther with a key during classes so i couldn't be excused to the toilet. i really couldn't hold it in anymore,and i felt my butt start to clench without my control and then i started pooping my pants in class. i couldn't hold it at all, i just kept pooping my pants really bad. i pooped a lot! i'm sure the bulge on my butt would've been gigantic, but it all squashed since i was sitting and spread all over the inside of my panties and up between my legs. i made a horrible mess in my pants, but it wasn't a noisy dump so no one really noticed it happened. the smell was only mild and i'm sure you need to be very close to smell it, and since i sit all the time it's not like my accident was visible. i just went through the whole school day with a big mess in my pants and cleaned myself when i got home. the most recent accident was on my spring break. i went with my parents to look at colleges i plan on applying too. on the way to one of the out of state schools i looked at, we had been on the road a while and i needed to poop and pee really bad. we stopped at a really cruddy looking diner, and needless to say, they didn't have a bathroom i could use. stupid trashy place. we had no choice to continue down the road, but i pooped and peed in my underwaar while we were leving the diner. i could've gotten away with it because i had a black skirt on since i was on my way to visit a college, so no one would be able to see wettness if they looked at my lap, since it was my butt that was all wet. the only problem was, the poop smelled really bad. everyone who came wihin a few feet of my knew i pooped my panties really bad. we just went back home after that and managed to get the visit rescheduled for the next week. we weren't headed to stay anywhere overnight anyway.

i just thought some may enjoy hearing about someone with different experiences.

Hello, nice site! Crapper Dan (love your name!), I can sympathize a lot with some of your story. People like those on this site, who are free and open about two of our inevitable endowments of nature, are unfortunately a tiny minority of the population. So in all likelihood the two ladies who pointed you out to their firends were probably not longing after a less squemish and taboo-ridden existence like posters on this site seek to share. So in all likelihood they were being very rude. Too bad that's the predominant way of the world we live in. Your experience, like one of mine, tends to show, I think, that perhaps women are generally more rude and insensitive then men when it comes to happening upon someone "relieving onself" in the woods. Several years ago, I was hiking (on a rather faint trail) with a group of about five other people (a gender mixed group). Suddenly a monster turd was telling me loud and clear that it couldn't feel at home in my butt anymore. So I told my companions I'd have to take a break in the woods and then rejoin them. Walking a bit off the trail, I found an apparently secluded and pooper-friendly place. So I let my pants down and squatted. There can be a certain paradox of a strong urge to poop, which some on this site are surely familiar with. One can feel in immediate danger of shitting one's pants if one doesn't find a butt-bearing-freindly place in no time. And yet, as soon as one gets bare-butted, it can still take a bit of pushing and straining to make a big hard turd start its journey into the light of day. And so it was on that occasion. It turns out my feeling of seclusion was fatally flawed. On leaving the trail I had almost completely cut across a horseshoe bend in the trail, and without knowing it I was right beside the faint trail again. As fate would have it, just when my heaving snd straining had gotten my anus open enough for my burden to peek out, I heard voices behind -- close behind. It was a group of four, two guys and two girls, as I was to find out, hiking the trail. The turd's incipient journey from my butt made it the least possible time to try to move out of their sight. Inevitably, they got a bird's eye view of a huge "log" slithering out of my rectum. Nothing could I do but pretend maybe I was deaf or something and feign obliviousness to their finding the forest to be briefly a pooper gallery. As they walked on I heard one of the girls say clearly, "My gosh, shitting right by the trail! What a dolt!" The other girl responded, "I've heard of female exhibitionists before but never thought they'd be so gross as that!" They were getting on farther away by then, but I still think I heard one of the guys say in a more subdued tone, "Shouldn't we give the poor girl some peace? Maybe it is one of those have-to cases, like -- when you gotta go, you gotta go." The other guy remained silent for all the time he was within my hearing range. After that, I could have looked for a hole to crawl into and die. But I thought, well, it's nature and surprise encounters can happen. If they don't like it, that's their problem. Still a bit addled, I didn't think of seeking more seclusion for wiping my bottom. I was carrying some tissues with me, and used those. I did think that it was best to not drop any of the tissues near my turd, hence not cluing anybody that a human had done this deed so near the trail. So that is what I thought I did. Maybe anyone seeing it might think it was dog poop or something. I found my way back to the trail about where I left it. I didn't know by then that the trail I'd nearly shitted on was the same trail around a horseshoe bend, so I had no reason to believe I could find my companions that way. So getting back to the trail as I knew it, I ran to catch up with my companions, and found them, not too long before we reached my fateful indiscreet pooping place. That way I learned that it was a horseshoe bend, not two different trails. My "log" was all too obvious, if for no other reason than flies buzzing around it by then. A girl was the first in my group to spot it. At first she said, "Pee-ew, what do I smell? Yuck somebody dookied right by the trail. How gross!" "Must have been a guy," said another girl. "Doing it to mark his territory or something -- a macho thing." I wondered how they were so sure it was human poop. Then I saw the tell-tale sign. I'd accidently dropped one of my tissues close to the turd after all. That caught me just short of suggesting that it might be dog poo. Then one of the guys, in answer to the girls who had spoken, said, "I don't see how you can be so sure. I thought anyone could well..." "Well what?" asked one of the girls. "Well have to make a spur-of-the-moment to decision to go in the woods," he seemingly reluctantly finished. Then a girl just had to turn to me and said, "Monica, you always have something to say. What's your opinion?" She seemed to want support, I would suppose, for the claim that only a guy would do such a crass thing. I was about to suggest what I actually knew, namely that maybe someone cut across the horseshoe bend and didn't realize he or she was back right beside the trail. Luckily I aborted that thought in a hurry! I realized I was probably the only one who had clearly figured out that we'd been around a horseshoe bend. To reveal that could have revealed me as the leading suspect. Instead I thought of a quick retort. "Well, if you want to know for sure, you'll just have to get a DNA sample from it and have it analyzed." I quickly rued my chutzpah at saying even that, realizing I had suggested something that could trace it all the way back to me. But it turned out to be a good thing. I guess the thought of collecting any sample of it seemed gross enough to the more vocal members of the group that discussion of the subject pretty much died there.

I have three stories from childhood that I thought I would post on here. I was always very shy about telling my parents or other adults that I needed to use the toilet, which often resulted in accidents. These are two of my most memorable.

When I was about 8 or so, my family and I had gone to a large outdoor park that had waterfalls, a marina, flower gardens, etc. After walking around for a bit, I began to get a bad headache and felt a little sick. I think I'd eaten something that was not good. My stomach started cramping and I was panicking. There didn't seem to be any restrooms around and I knew there was no way I would make it home without having all of this crap explode out of me. I was sweating, panicking, farting, and desperate. I told my family to go walk around without because I "wanted to sit under a tree and reflect." After they'd gone, I crouched down and began to cry and my stomach churned and gurgled. All of a sudden, this massive explosion of wet, runny poop exploded out of me and filled my shorts. It was obvious to my family upon their return that I'd had a horrible accident. My mother helped me find a bathroom and attempted to help me clean up, but not before I'd had a few more explosions!

Another time, I'd gone shopping with my mother. She's the type of person that makes an event out of going to the mall, often resulting in my boredom and desperate need to pee. I'd felt the urge to empty my bladder shortly after we had arrived, but being shy I didn't say anything to my mother. I began getting more and more desperate, squirming and fidgeting. I grabbed myself whenever she wasn't looking and bit my lip to hold back tears. I had to go so badly. My mother picked out several bathing suits for me to try on and I had no choice but to do so. It was pure torture trying to manouever into and out of the suits as I had to go so badly. When I had the last one on, I began getting "pee shivers" (I'm sure you other ladies out there know what I'm talking about.) I couldn't hold it anymore and just a huge flood rushed into the bathing suit and dripped on to the dressing room floor. When my mother realized what had happened, she rushed me out of the store and to a bathroom to clean up.

Luckily, I've grown out of being too shy to admit I need to use the toilet. I can even admit that I am turned on by reading about, hearing, or seeing men pee or witnessing other people's accidents!

One time while iwas sleeping my mom came in to wish me a happy birthday and i got so suprised crap and peed my pants at the same time but my didnt notce then i stood up and my underware fell off on to the floor(I sleep in my underware) and splattered everywhere and my momjust started screaming but i still wasn't done so i was stil peeing and craping and my mom still hasn't gotten the giant stain out because it mixed with the pee and soak in the carpet it corved pretty much my whole room. It was so embarrissing.

TJ, glad you liked my account of Rosemary's lovely big dump in the toilet at my home and my hearing her doing it and afterwards seeing her jobbies.

Like a lot of men here, I have been turned on and fascinated by defecation since I was a kid. I get a buzz from doing a big solid BM myself , listening when someone else is doing one and seeing their motion if it hasn't flushed away.

I have been lurking on this website for a while and have read that this is quite a common interest, CC from Australia being a man who enjoys listening to women passing a good solid poo.

When I was a boy I would listen near the toilet door when my Mum or Big Sister Maureen were doing their motions and hear the tinkles of their wee wees, their farts, the grunts as they strained to pass their turds then the plip! plop! and kur-sploonk! sounds as their jobbies dropped into the toilet pan. Sometimes I would be lucky and I'd see what they had passed especially when my Mum had been constipated for a few days which happend quite a lot with her an she did a really big jobbie which was too large to flush away and stuck in the pan. I would know when she was needing a motion and it would give me a buzz to think that she had this big turd up her back passage waiting to come out and often I would listen to her doing it then go into the toilet after her and see it lying in the bottom of the toilet in all its glory.

Hello there!

My boyfriend and I were away over the weekend, and as happens sometimes I get constipated.

I took a dose of a laxative Sunday night, but it didn't work until noon today.

The urge hit me right after a business lunch with my boss in the room. We had a lunch function with a client and towards the end of the lunch break the damn thing kicked in big time.

I had a sudden urge to find the ladies room and when I did get into the stall, I let loose with a large and explosive dump. It took about fifteen minutes for me to finish up and rejoin the group for a post lunch tour.

So a word of warning to you ladies out there. Those gentle little pills can almost ruin your business suit.

Next time I will try a suppository instead. Maybe even some castor oil to be sure I get cleaned fast.

Only the other day i went for a walk in the local park,the weather was fairly warm so i had a can of Coca Cola to drink on route.After about an hour or so i felt the urge to pee.The toilets in the park have been closed due to vandalism so the only option was to go in the bushes and relieve myself.I lifted my blue summery dress and dropped my skimpy panties to my ankles and took the squat position,i let out a strong gush of pee,it was so forceful that it was hissing as it left my pussy,then i had this look of horror as i could see this man over the other side of the lake taking pictures of me or he was spying at me through binoculars.
I was peeing so much and so strongly that i thought what the hell i'll let him continue to watch me,i got a bit of a thrill to be honest knowing that later on the saddo would masterbate over the thoughts of me taking a leak.
When i'd finished i got a tissue from my bag,stood up,faced him and wiped myself,and as you do leave the tissue lying on the ground.I sat on a bench nearby and watched as this man went into the bushes and picked up the very tissue that i'd dried my pussy with,could any girls post in to say that something similar to this story has happened to you.

Biker Trash
Samantha C-
Don't feel too bad, I knew a guy that did that to his brother way back when we were kids. He shit on Chris' dresser and bed.

Biker Trash
How ironic you ask about the same cirumstances I asked about yesterday. What you are experiencing is what I referred to as "the symptomatic issue." I experience an urge to pee every time I go to the local wildlife refuge as soon as I get to the park and get off my Harley. Also, I have to take a dump every other morning as soon as I sit down to my first class. I usuall wait until my break when I go to the wildlife refuge, though. I'm with you, I also wonder how many posters and lurkers have noticed this.

I forgot to post this....The other night i went to burger king for dinner and i was in line and there was this boy about 13-17 in line, he was wearing a white baseball uniform. I noticed his butt and it was brown. It was probably dirt but looked like poop.

Then not too long ago, i think last friday after dinner i had a verry smooth 8 inch log...i don't know why it was smooth...usally its not

Then on monday i had a log, the beginging was hard and the end was soft. The end of the log, it looked like it was starting to disolve...kinda how the water gets cloudy in a fish bowl from fish poop.weird


Have you peed in strange or unusual palces when you were not a child girl anymore? can you tell some details?
Have you evere pissed into a phone box, or seen someone doing it?



To louise,
I supposed I peed there for fun, maybe I was a little drunk


1)I sit on the toilet at home, I usualy squat over public toilets.
2)If I push hard enough, my stream is straight but mormally it veers off to the right.
4)When wearing a skirt I pull the crotch to the side, wearing pants/jeans I pull them down to my knees.
5)Together, almost all the time.
6)I wipe after both, when I can.

A question to all the ladies:
Where's the most public place you've ever peed?
For me it was at the side of a highway, during a 2 hour car journey, I pulled over, I was wearing a skirt so I pulled the crotch of my thong to the side. I was leaning against the front of the car, so only the traffic on the other side of the road saw me, I was peeing for about 30 seconds.

seeya, luv Leanne

Hi guys, I can see that there are still no gals my age who are into this kinda thing. Ah, well I can wait.

A friend of mine gave me a bit of advice. It doesn't work for me, but she insists that it works for her and her (girl)friends. She says "If some poop isn't coming out, get off the toilet, squat down next to it and push with everything you've got. Its not only poop that comes out, but it gets the job done!"

I was dumbstruck when she said that, since she's a knock-out good looking girl. So... ladies, give it a try, and tell me how you get on!

Thursay, April 30, 2004

i'm 17 in high school, girlfriend nikki is 18. we are both pretty casual about bathroom stuff, like we don't make a habit of talking about it but if it comes up we're comfortable talking about it. she always announces when she has to pee or if she has to poop or if she has to pee and poop. i've always just said gotta go to the bathroom..but i guess she likes to let us know what she's up to. when we're at either of our houses she usually won't close the door when she uses the toilet if my/her family isn't around, which is when i invite her over/go over there most of the time. she closes the door mostly when she poops but not all the way. we even can make something out of it at school. unfotunatley, the only time we see eachother during the day discluding lunch, is 4th period. that's the only time we're in the same wing, we're both in the science lab wing. she has a physics class and i have ap biology. she usually waits til that time to go to the bathroom because the doors to the classrooms have windows of equal size next to them, just in that wing, so she signs out of her class and walks by the window that i watch most of the class and it's my queue to sign out. i sign out and go out the door and she waits by the lockers past the window for me and we walk together. almost everyday she tells me how badly she has to pee, because of how much coffee or how much apple juice she drinks at breakfast. sometimes when we get to the bathrooms we enter at the same time and race. you may think i have an unfair advantage as a guy, but she's good. she generally wears just skirts and comfortable fitting pants like sweats, yoga pants, sport pants, and she can get them down and go real fast. she beats me fairly often, usually because i think i spend too much time washing my hands, but to her credit she does get ready and go damn fast for a girl. i always beat her when she had jeans on. so my confession is, this entire academic year i've really wanted for her to accidentally wet herself trying to hold it for when she could see me. the closest she ever came to doing it was a few months ago. she didn't wait for me at the lockers she just waved to me at the window, and let me catch up to her. she didnt stop or anything she just continued and she had a small wet spot on the inside of her right thigh. she looked at me and said "sweetie i am trembling i've gotta pee so bad and i wet a little" and before i could say antyhing we were at the girl's bathroom door and she entered swiftly. i tried to listen a little but couldn't hear, she must've gone to a far stall. she came out and i let her wrap my hoodie around her waist to shadow over so her wet spot wasn't so apparent. it got me pretty excited and i think she knew but she didn't say anything, and she didn't act much differnent. it was sweet. well, today something a lot more wonderful happened. well, it upset her but it was a great experience for me. when our science classes came around, i saw her come by the window very quickly and rigidly and didn't look in or stop or wave. just continued. i hurried to sign out but when i got out she was already down the hall and around the corner. i got around the corner fast and almost bumped right into her. she had stopped, she was facing toward me mostly and was hunched forward with her face red as a cherry. i said "nikki are you all right?" she said "i just 'you know whated' in my undies.." i felt great. i looked down and was suddnely alarmed not to see a river of wetness down her legs with a lake at her feet. she had a short denim skirt on. about a half a minute later, it hit me. the smell...i thought 'holy f??k she pooped her underwear!' and i was right. she carefully stood up straight from her hunching over and had her legs still pressed together tight and her face still red as anything. her eyes looked glassy like she was going to cry, so i just got closer to her and held her hand and i took her to a secluded spot. at the end of the wing there is a deep alcov that just has a couple benches, a fake plant and the access elevator. no one is ever around there. when we got there she cried a little bit and said she didn't know what to do. i hugged her. when she was done crying she wiped her eyes with her hands and then said to me weakly, " it bad?" and she slowly turned to her side. i stood hesitant and my heart raced, probably pumping blood to the south pole. i put my hand on the edge of her skirt right below her butt and lifted it slowly. she had light purple panties on, the were really tight on her butt and had elastic around each opening. right in the middle of her butt just where it goes between her thigh was a bulge the size of a baseball. there was a, say, milk chocolate covered poop stain the size of a golfball on her panties right over the bulge. i almost did something in my own pants, and i'll tell you rightnow it wasn't piss or shit. i let her skirt back down and looked at her face as se turned toward me again and repeated "is it bad?" i said 'it's not too bad." and she said 'is it on my legs...?" and i said 'no it's in your undwear only." and she said " there a stain?" and i said "it's not that big.." and she said "oh could it not be that bad it feels huge.." i looked more and when i put her skirt down i realized the bulge was noticable through her skirt. i told her and she cried some more. she said we needed to get out of school fast and not let anyone know, despite her usually comfort with body functions she was far too humiliated for anyone to know she filled her underwear. i waited there with her and devised a plan. we waited until it was the end of the period and as everyone was coming out she waited out of the way and i got into both rooms and got our bags. i stood with her like we were just having an affectionate moment as everyone got out of the area, it was lunch time. i walked to teh opposite end with her and we took the stairs to get to the side door to the parkling lot. we got out unnoticed and went to my car. it was a rush, i was ditching school with my girlfriend because she pooped her undies, thats an adrenaline rush and a hard on for me. we took my car and i got us out quick and just crossed the right and went straight into a neighborhood to get out of the school zone. she wet herself as well in my car. we went to my house because no one is there in the day time. i gave her a plastic bag and some cleaning wipes and let her go to my bathroom so she could clean up, and i told her to put her wet and soiled underwear in the bag then take it to the wash. she knows hwo to do the wash on any machine so i knew she could do it. while she was doing that i cleaned the pee stain off my passenger seat. there was no poop stain but it reeked like poop. when i came back in she had a towel around her waist and still had a shirt on and she just relaxed in the big chair in my room while her underwear and skirt were being washed. i wanted her so badly. i tried to make out with her several times but she would stop shortly in. it took a while to get her in the mood, when she finally made out with me more passionatley. we continued to have a wonderful time while her skirt and underwear washed, but i won't go into those details. when they finsihed up and we did too (heh) she put her skirt and underwear in teh dryer and we had lunch. afterward she put her clean dry underwear and skirt back on we spent the time together at my house for another 4 hours, and she even slept with me again.

i've never had a better experience in my life. i had to share it.


I can't believe I found this site. This is so cool. People can anonymously talk about their bodily functions! Cool.

Well, lemme tell you all about my experience this weekend. BTW, I'm twenty-eight years old and I live on the Jersey Shore.

I shit my pants for the first time since I was ten on Saturday. Not pleasant. I was out shopping when I felt my guts churning a little, but within a little while, I was having cramps and my ass was ready to burst.

I went into a few shops, but nobody had a public restroom. I asked this bitchy old lady in one store and said it was an emergency and she told me to get lost. Well, I finally made it to a parking lot at one of the public beaches. There was a porta-potty there, but when I opened the door, there was shit and piss and everything else all over the seat and everything. I was too nauseated to even squat over the seat.

I thought about just finding a bush and squatting in the sand, but my butt cheeks couldn't clench anymore. I groaned as I felt a huge load squeeze its way out of my ass and into my panties. My buns kept clenching involuntarily, which squished the shit een more. By the time it was over, it felt like I had a couple of pounds of shit squished against my bottom. It was so nasty, I can't even describe it.

I was out in the middle of no-bathroom-land with my panties full of sticky, stinky poop and about twenty blocks from my house. I finally ducked behind one of the changing rooms and toom off my pants and peeled off my shitty panties. My buns were smeared with shit, there was a massive glob of it squashed between them, it was disgusting. I also know I'd get shit in my pants if I put them back on without my underpants.

Finally, I decided that that was better than putting my shitty panties back on, or walking home bottomless (with poop smearing my butt), so I just put my jeans back on and threw my panties under the boardwalk.

I waddled home and took a very long shower.


I remember this one time while I was at work, as I was coming back from the restroom(I wasn't using though), this one woman(she looked about 20 and had short brown hair in a short selved shirt and shorts) was at the register her hands tightly holding her butt, she couldn't stand still at all, well I went back up to the register and ask her "Can I help you?" then she said that she needed a toilet very badly, so took her where the only toilet was. and she ran in, and I stayed there listeing for a few mins as I heard her pull shorts and panties down and throw herself down on the toilet. then a huge fart, but I had to go back to the front, and about an hour I saw her come back up the front(wich I thought had left already)and get a soda and came up to the register and I ask if she's feeling better and she was, she payed and left and it was time for me to get off work, so I clocked out as another girl clocking in, well I went to the toilet and the lid was down and damn it stunk in there, I lift up the toilet lid and there was the most amount poop in there I had ever seen in one place, it was all coiled up and past the water level with a few turds on top of that and quite a bit of toilet paper and pee too, well I sat down and peed and wiped and then went home.


Hey i got a servey for you all!

1. Describe yourself (age/sex/anything else you want)
2. How often do you poop?
3. How long does it take you to poop?
4. Do you partake in anything such as reading while pooping?
5. Describe your poops (hard, soft, watery, snakes, logs) etc
6. Do you stink up the bathroom, if so do you spray airfreshner or use the fan?
7. On average how many times do you have to wipe, and how much toilet paper do you use on each wipe?
8. When you wipe do you wad it up of fold it nicely?
9. Do you ever clog toilet?
10. What is the longest it has taken you to poop?
11. Do you often have to flush while seated to keep the toilet from clogging?
12. Do you leave skid marks?
13. Do you leave floaties?
14. Do you cover the seat if pooping in pubic?
15. If pooping in pubic do you strain and grunt a lot to hury or do you just let nature take its corse?
16. Have you ever gotten up and went to leave the bathroom, but realized that you were not done taking a poop so you had to go sit back down and finish going?

To tina:

1 63
2normally every day, sometimes every other day
3. 4-5 times / day
4. big loads , sometimes not much pee
5. hard
7. yes
8. don't measure
9. same s 8
10. outside behind garage in a coffee can
11. same as 10

Hope this helps

Hey guys.
I had a long poo poo the other day. Will describe that, then answer a survey I saw here.

It started with some farts that stunk. Then I felt poo coming, so I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I farted 5 times. Each fart was nice and loud. Then I heard the familliar crackling as my butt opened up, and a nice, long, firm poo crackled out. It kept coming and coming. It finally droped off. When I got up to wipe, I looked, and it was close to a foot long! What a nice poo!

Now to answer Tina's survey.
1. How old are you?
I am 25.
2. How often do you poop?
I have to poo now! Usually 3-4 times a week.
3. How often do you pee?
Depends on how much I drink.
4. How much do usually poop and pee?
That varies.
5. Is your poop usually hard or what?
Usually hard firm poo for me, sometimes softer poo.
6. Can't anser because I am male.
7. Have you ever pooped standing?
8. What's the most you have pooped?
Can't remember.
9. What's the most you have peed?
1 minute of straight peeing.
10. What's the most unusual place you have pooped/pee?
Infront of a video camera.
11. What's the most public place you have pooped/pee?
Public washroom.

Well, that's all for today. I have to go pull down my pants, sit on the toilet and drop poo now.

Take care guys.

My answers to:-

Tina's survey:
1. How old are you? A) Over 40
2. How often do you poop? A) 2 to 3 times a day
3. How often do you pee? A) 10 to 12 times a day on average
4. How much do usually poop and pee? A) It varies
5. Is your poop usually hard or what? A) No, Usually medium
7. Have you ever pooped standing? A) No
8. What's the most you have pooped? A) 8 or more turds
9. What's the most you have peed? A) About 2 pints
10. What's the most unusual place you have pooped/pee? A)Bushes
11. What's the most public place you have pooped/pee? A) Bushes

jr's survey:
1. How long do you take to shit? A) Depends. Anything from 2 to 10 minutes.
2. How many times a day do you shit? A) 2-3 times
3. what time of day do you usually shit? A) Occasionally early morning but more often early evening and about an hour before bed
4. young guys any prom stories or date stores of taking a shit? A) No.


Tina, some answears to your survey...

2)once a day
3)usually 5 times a day
4)I dont poop so much and I usually pee for about 20 seconds.
5)pretty hard
6)I've tried to pee standing but it went all down my leg
8)can't remember
9)after a long car journey I squatted down and peed for about 90 seconds, I left a huge puddle on the car-park
10)I pooped at the side of a country road before and the strangest place I've ever peed was in a phone box(Answear to Louises question)
11)again, a phone box, or I was desperate and peed of the edge of a seat on an empty bus once (I was nervous so it took me a while) and at the end of it the back of the bus reeked of piss.

Luv Leanne

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