Samantha C
Well, hello again -- like six months since my last post! Cha!

I've been really involved with this guy all that time, and I got back into sports again, too, so there's been zero "fun time on the computer" for me! Now, though, the boyfriend is toast, and I've just sort of shut down for a while to reflect on everything.

The guy wanted my roommate (a girl) and me to have a threesome with him. I said no, and he had no idea that my roomie was a true lesbian; I found out from her that for a solid week he really tried to get her into bed behind my back, all after I'd said "no" to the whole threesome idea and everything. Needless to say, he got what he deserved.

I still had his apartment keys, so I left work early last Thursday, drove to his place, and crapped all over his baseball cards. He collects them -- as an investment he says, right?! But he's almost thirty and it always creeped me out. So I got out his big plastic crates, opened three of them, and straddled them, one by one. It's tough to release and then hold, but I've been down that road before, even if it had been a while. I have naturally thick, solid turds anyway, so it was no prob. I put my first one, nice and fat and hard, in the first crate. Then the next two were longer and more slimy and they went in the second crate. The last crate got a long slender turd, plus a pretty sick splatter of after-shit (what I call it) as I farted a couple times. All his neat little plastic cases and albums and junk that were holding his cards were all covered in my crap!

I wrote him a little break-up note and left it in the last box, on top of the worst of the mess. I stuck the key down into the turd in the first box like it was a radio antenna. The second box I just reached in an smeared the poop around until it covered the surface of everything I could reach inside. Then I left some brown hand prints on his carpet, his couch, his mirror. That kind of thing.

It's the second time I've scatted at somebody's house due to a breakup. I haven't heard from cops yet, and I know I'm lucky, right?! My roomie says I'm crazy, and she's got me going with her to her therapist tomorrow. I guess that's why I'm on tonight posting this, cos I'm nervous about it. I know I'm pretty sick and all. But no doctor needs to hear about my life like that, right? I guess we'll see. If anybody cares I might drop back in and tell how it goes.

Do other people find that certain actions or places sometimes trigger you wetting your pants? For me, putting a key in the door if I have to pee relatively badly often causes me to start to pee right then and there, even if I'm not completely desperate and could hold it a little longer. I think it's my body's reaction to the many times I have come home absolutely urgent and almost peeing my pants - my body has learned that relief is a few seconds away. I often went from my front door to the toilet with a big wet patch in my pants. Now I try to go before I leave for home so this won't happen.
However, I didn't realize this extended to any key. I'm currently doing a show and I was given a key for the elevator in the opera house to get from the rehearsal space to my dressing room. This past weekend, my husband was visiting and we went out to lunch. I had to pee at the restaurant but decided to hold it until I got back to my dressing room. I could definitely feel that I had to go, but I didn't think I was that urgent. We came back and I took out the key for the elevator. The minute I put it in the lock, a rush of pee wet the crotch of my panties. I was forced to grab my crotch and dance to avoid soaking myself. I hadn't even told my husband I had to go since I wasn't in desperate need. He asked me if I was OK and I admitted that I was wetting my pants. He was shocked. The trickle stopped and we got in the elevator. By now, the urge had receded and I went upstairs, checked my schedule and put my stuff in the green room, feeling totally in control of my bladder, before going to pee and deal with the wet spot I'd made.
The next day, I was by myself and had to pee and as I stood by the elevator, I was hunting in my purse for the key and couldn't find it. As I began to panic, I began to pee my pants. I dumped everything from my purse onto the ground, squatted down on my heel and rocked as I finally picked up the key, then had to shove everything back into my bag and key the elevator.
A couple of days later, I was coming out of rehearsal and had been drinking water and was uncomfortable with a bursting bladder, but there was no reason I couldn't hold it for a few minutes more. I was with a group of other singers and we all headed for the elevator. I mentioned that I was dying to pee and keyed the elevator. Almost instantly I felt a trickle of pee in my pants. Because I had company, I couldn't dance and hold like I needed to and all I could do was shift about and cross my legs a bit and tell everyone I had to pee. So it kept coming for quite a while before I finally was able to mentally shut it off. We got out of the elevator and before I could rush to my dressing room (I had no idea if people could see how wet I was), the director cornered me. I felt bursting while I was talking to him, but didn't lose any more pee and was able to hold it. When I finally got to my dressing room, my underwear were completely soaking and so was the crotch of my pants. Then I lost more pee in another way that I sometimes do - while by the toilet undressing. Often if I have to go badly I'll hold it fine until that point and then as I'm unzipping, have to cross my legs and squirm and hold myself as pee pours out in my underwear. Once when that started to happen, I left the bathroom and held it for another fifteen minutes with no further wetting, then went back to the bathroom and peed. If I don't rush, undress slowly and breathe calmly even when desperate, it's not as bad, but I don't always remember that.
As to the elevator key situation, I'm realizing I can't go to the elevator having to pee, so I've started using the crappy downstairs bathrooms before getting on.

In my first year of college I saw a little girl about 11 pee her pants on a bus. I worked for the summer at an inner city day care and we took the kids to some waterslides. This little Native American girl I'll call Joanna liked me and hung around me a lot. We got to the slides about 10, after a 1/2 hour or so bus ride. At around 12 as we were in line for the last slide before lunch, I noticed Joanna kind of shifting discreetly from foot to foot and figured she had to pee, but would go once we finished our slide. We did and headed to the tent where we had a barbeque. I expected Joanna to head for the change rooms first, but she didn't. She ate lunch sitting on a bench with her legs crossed. After lunch, at around 1, she came up to me and asked if she could slide with me again. I said sure but we should go to the bathroom first, because I sort of had to go, and though I could hold it, I wanted her to. We went to the bathroom, but she didn't go in a stall, she just washed her hands. I asked her if she was sure she didn't have to go, and she said yes. I figured she was 11, not 5, and knew the limits of her own bladder, so we went sliding. It was by now about a 1/2 hour wait for each slide. By the time we got to the top, Joanna was clearly very uncomfortable. She was standing with her legs crossed and when we got to the wooden stairs, she ran to the railing and kind of pressed her crotch area against it, then sat down quickly on the bottom step with her back very straight and her legs kind of spread. I asked her again if she had to pee, and she said no. I dropped it because there was nothing we could do about it now and I had the feeling she would maybe pee in the water (not great but I couldn't stop her.) She bounced from foot to foot as we waited. Then we slid, and landed in the pool. I could feel Joanna bouncing about beside me and I looked over and she was jumping up and down in the water holding herself, so at least she hadn't peed there. I figured now mabe she would go, so I asked her again if she wanted to pee, and she shook her head no. I said it would only take a minute, I'd go with her, and we'd slide, but again she said no and headed up to slide again. During this next line-up, she was obviously desperate. She kept pulling on the crotch of her bathing suit, holding herself when she thought I wasn't looking, and couldn't stand still. When she sat down to slide, she was holding herself. I thought there was no way she wouldn't pee in the water this time, but she got out of the pool dancing and crossing her legs. There was time for one more slide and then we were leaving. Joanna was doing the running man, doing pirouettes with crossed legs, hopping with her legs pulled together, jogging on the spot, and squatting down on the ground every now and again. She looked so obviously as if she was dying to pee that a stranger actually told me that I should take her to the bathroom, but she still wouldn't go. I didn't know if she was embarassed like I was at that age and didn't want to make things worse. We slid and then I decided to leave her alone to have a chance to sneak a pee. I told her I was going to change as we were leaving at 3.30 and it was almost 3. She nodded and stayed in the swimming pool bouncing around holding herself. At 3.15, I came out of the change rooms and Joanna was in the shower, holding herself and squirming, so she still hadn't gone. A little later as I was helping other kids, I saw her squirming around putting on clothes, still urgent. At that age, I would have found my way to the toilets by now. I didn't get it. At 3.30 as we waited for the bus, she was dressed and straddling and rocking a bench. I could hear other kids asking her if she had to go and she still said no, though she was displaying a classic bursting bladder. I mentioned to my supervisor that Joanna seemed to have been desperate to pee all day, and she went and talked to her and tried to get her to go before getting on the bus, but she wouldn't. We figured if she'd held it that long, a 1/2 hour bus ride shouldn't be a problem and she'd probably go back at the centre, since we'd never had this issue with her before.
We got on the bus and almost right away got stuck in traffic. Joanna sat next to me. She was rocking in the seat and squirming around, bursting. After about ten minutes, she began holding herself tightly. Five minutes later, she looked me in the eyes and said "I have to pee." Finally. So obviously she wasn't as shy as I would have been - or maybe she was and that was how much she had to go. I knew it didn't help the situation, but I couldn't resist saying "You knew you had to before. Why didn't you say anything?" She shrugged and whispered "I don't know." I thought if I ignored her, she might be OK, but I could feel her moving so much she was practically convulsing beside me. A few minutes later, she said, even more urgently, "I have to pee!" I said again, "Why didn't you go before you left?" She said, "I thought I could make it." I told her I'd go and talk to my supervisor. I told her that Joanna was now saying she had to pee and my supervisor said it was her own fault and she'd have to hold it. I told her I didn't think she could, especially as the bus was moving so slowly. She shrugged, too bad. We were in traffic along a highway and there was no possible solution to Joanna's state. I went back to her, told her she'd have to hold it, and tried to distract her. Looking very worried, she pulled her legs up onto the seat and squatted on her heel. She was shoving me off the seat with her desperate rocking. A few minutes later, she said tearfully, "I'm going to wet my pants." I told her we were almost there, although we weren't, and to hold on. She grabbed her crotch again. Maybe a minute after that, she gasped and looked down and I saw a river of pee trickling from between her legs over the seat to the ground. The kids behind her saw too and began teasing her. She sat there peeing and crying and I was trying to shut them up before the whole bus heard, but of course they did. I told Joanna not to worry about it - I knew she hadn't peed since 9.30, it was now about 4.00 and she'd had to go since before noon. But she cried and cried and said her mom would kill her. We had a washing machine at the centre, so we washed and dried her clothes, but people continued to tease her. I wonder why she waited so long to admit she had to go?

today in school, i had a very ironic dump. i was in english class, sitting working on my vocab and trying to ignore the fact that i had to poop, fairly bad. english was the end of the day for me so i was just holding it to go home. i could have done it too, as i do all the time, but something different happened today. during class some kids 2 rows over were all talking about poop stories, just like this place! one guy told a story of crapping his pants while mowing the lawn once, and a girl said 2 years ago she pooped her pants while up to bat in a softball game. also a guy talked about pissing his pants during and ice hockey game and some of it melted the ice a little, and also a girl who pooped her underpants in bed when she was sick recently. all the talk about pants pooping was making me really have to go bad! i moaned a little bit and tried to zone out from their conversation. my friend james was in front of me and asked me if i was okay. i said "i just really wish they would stop talking about that, i really have to poop and they're making it worse. if they keep it up pretty soon i'll make a poop story.."
well, telling james that was a mistake...he didn't say anything and just looked back to what he was doing. i felt embarassed. then, suddenly james made a farting noise with his mouth. it alarmed me. i told him to shut up. then he asked me if my bowels were itching to move. i couldn't believe it, he was trying to make me mess my pants! i was worried, there were 25 minutes left and their taunts made me need to poop really really bad. i started to contemplate just swallowing my pride and going to the school bathrooms, which is a bad thing here because there are no doors on the stalls...i managed to zone out a little bit and felt okay, when for some reason somethign a girl said was seemingly amplified for me to hear it over all the murmer, and what she said was "crapped her pants." a wave of discomfort came over my whole body and i felt a rush of poop head right to the end of the road, busting to come out into my underwear. i was starting to panic, i couldn't even speak and my abdomen and my butt felt numb. i raised a little off the seat and i just started to lose complete control and let off a quick but noisy fart. a few people looked over to see me just completely lose control and take a big shit in my pants in seconds. i felt the bulge grow so fast. i was horrified. the first person to say antyhing was the guy who talked about mowing the lawn, and he goes "god what a convenient time to do that" least i was on queue.

love that boy
Thursday night I was sitting lying on my bed playing on my computer when all the sudden I had to shit. The urge hit me with a ton of bricks, one second I'm ok, next second my bowel's exploding. I had to wait for someone to come out of the bathroom and when it was finally my turn I turned, sat, and relaxed. My anus opened as far as it could go and all the sudden everything in my bowels forced its way out the opening. It felt like almost like a log coming out but I soon realized it was totally liquid diarrhea. Then my stomach tightened and it was like turning a gallon of milk upsided down, *glug* pause *glug* pause *glug, glug* wave after wave of liquid. Then the first pain in my stomach started, I got all sweaty and nausious and my stomach did a flip flop. All the sudden i had about 3 waves of explosive diarrhea. Most of the shit was out of me at this point and the less that came out, the more it hurt. A few waves later I finally finished and went about my night.

I had a crazy busy weekend so I didn't shit all weekend. I came home Sunday night and had very much relief from a normal log. Monday morning, I had a nice smooth firm log before work. Then we come to today. It was about 11am at work when all the sudden my stomach started to squirm. I knew I had to go and I tried to go early before people used the bathroom around lunch. I tried, and couldn't go. I went back to my desk and the squirm started getting more and more intense. I knew I was going to have diarrhea. My boss asked me to go for a walk with her, and I knew I had to get it out of me before that, so I went 2 more times to try to force it out. One time I couldn't go and the next time she was in there. Finally my stomach was so upset I went back again and sat and forced out a few huge waves of chunky diarrhea. Then the damn was opened, and several more waves kept coming. I tried to hurry so I could meet my boss but I let out a few huge booming wet farts. I heard someone coming so I flushed and before I could clean up a few more waves came out of me. I cleaned myself up still feeling icky and managed to go for the walk and make it through the day. My stomach is still a little funny now, and I'm sure I'll go again tonight. I'll update tomorrow.

Hey Guys.

To Dave: Glad to hear someone else finds sitting on the toilet and going poo as pleasurable as I do. To answer your question about how long I sit, it depends on the situation. If I am home alone, I'll sit for a longer time. In public though, that's when I'll sit the longest (usually waiting for a neibour to poo with!). It is nice to read here with the feeling of a poo coming isn't it?

Well, I have to go pull down my pants and sit on the toilet and go poo!

Take care guys.

To Brian: That was an excellent story about Rosemary. I'll bet that was some sight to behold seeing what she produced in the toilet. If you have any more great stories I'll be eager to hear about them.

To Linda: I really liked your last story. I was quite shocked to find out immodium caused you to produce rock-solid poos.

To Ash D.: I absolutely loved reading about your peeing and pooping contest. Congrats on winning the event. If only I could have been there to see it. I hope you, Mel, and Jess have more contests like that in the future.

To Katie T.: I liked your story about pooping at Wendy's. I for one think it's great that girls poop. I am quite fascinated about it. I often get thoughts of eager anticipation whenever I see a girl eating a big meal, hear them talking about all the stuff they ate, or talking about poop in general. In my mind I'm thinking "It all has to come out the other end at some point. I can only imagine how it will turn out." I also think it's a great plan for you to take a poop when your boyfriend is around. I'm sure that over time he'll come back to reality and accept the fact that girls poop and not just guys.

To Smelly Kellie: That was quite a dump you took the other day. I really enjoyed reading about it. It's hard believe a girl would have to poop that much after only 2 days. My dumps are rarely ever that large, and certainly not as frequent. If you have any more great stories I look forward to reading them in the future.

To China Girl: I liked your most recent post. It sounds like you produced a pretty big load.

Keep all those great posts coming!

Yours truly,


Poor Diva! People can be such sadists and not letting people pee is particularly cruel. There's not a person alive who has not been absolutely desperate at some time. We get stories here of kids whose teachers refuse them permission to go to the bathroom. I never do with my classes. Sometimes I'll go and check that nature is taking its course! I once caught a 15-year old boy doing something with his penis which was NOT peeing and brought him back to class so embarrassed he couldn't look anyone in the eye. I never said a word but no one took advantage for some time after that.

I know where all the public restrooms around where I live so it's not a problem. In NYC I heard that it is against the law to stop someone using your bathroom if you have a business open to the public.

My Mom told me once of a big Hollywood producer who used to have aspiring actresses to lunch and used to give them rough white wine laced with a diuretic. Immediately afterwards he would put on a movie in his screening room and lock the door. The poor victim would have to be in a real agony to pee before asking to be let out He would then give the wrong directions to the bathroom. The story goes (according to my Mom) that after a long delay one time he went into the living room and found the girl peeing in the wastepaper bin. He pretended to be incensed. But she'd had enough. "You bastard," she said and emptied the whole contents onto his priceless carpet. I think she may have had no future in the movies!

There's something irrestible about peeing in the "wrong" place, something naughty and sexy (n'est-ce-pas, Louise?) that goes back to childhood. I've gone out with no panties and a wide skirt and peed in public in a park, say, surrounded by people with nobody having any idea. That's soooo nice. love you all Anthea

Crapper Dan
Hello, I've been reading this site for a while, but this is my first post. I was wondering in particular if anyone on this site has hypothyroidism and that has been a factor in any pooping dysfunction. For several years I had undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroidism, and it led to many grueling poop stories, some of which I might tell in time. The general description of hypothyroidism says that it causes constipation as one of its symptoms. But constipation can be manifested by sporadic diarrhea, strangely enough, as it was in my case. That might have led to a slow diagnosis of hypothyroidism, since I reported diarrhea as a symptom much more often than constipation, although the latter was the underlying problem. Since I've read somewhere hypothyroidism afflicts a good many more women than men, I wonder if that makes men less likely to be screened for the disease, and could contribute to a slower diagnosis for me. Mine was diagnoses pretty much by accident, when my blood was being tested for other things. So if anyone on this site has experience with hypothyroidism, I'd be interested in hearing those stories, and particularly any that relate to whether women are more routinely screened than men, and whether that leads to quicker diagnoses in women. As for me, I suffered from significant pooping symptoms of hypothyroidism for 12 years, particularly severe the last six, and dry skin symptoms for pretty much all my life that I can remember before finally being diagnoses. During my years of greatest symptoms I developed a big interest in hiking in the woods, a good pastime in any event, which I still enjoy. But a big reason for it being a significant pastime back then is because in the woods you can always run and hide pretty much whenever necessary, if a sudden explosive poop comes on. I'll continue my story later, but presently have to logoff this computer. Thank you.

Mysterious Man
Ash D - DAMN! :) I wish I could've seen that contest, it sounded like the greastest show on earth! I hope you and your sister and cousin do another sometime, why not try to hold in your loads for about a week and then meet up on the eigth day and see who poops the biggest, fattest and best turds.
Hope to hear more of your legendary dumps!

I heard of a independent film called: "The 9th Life", and there's a few scenes with a cute girl taking what looks like a big shit. Anyone know of this and maybe where to get a copy?

See you all later!

Good morning; cool and wet here. I've had two movements so far this morning, both long, medium soft but still well formed. The first was before breakfast; I sat down, got out a mirror, held it behind me, and watched; four turds came out, the first three fairly long, the last short. I wiped once, folded the paper for a second pass, put Noxzema on it, and wiped again, sending it up my anus for the final cleansing. Felt good. The second movement was a few moments ago; I stood on the rim, squatted down, and held the mirror below me to one side. I watched a very long turd slide smoothly out; it finally broke off and was followed immediately by another, shorter turd. Staying in my squat, I peed into the water, then wiggled up and down to release a tiny piece of poop that still stuck; it finally dropped in with a plip sound. Wiping went as before; I'm now up to use number 596 on my jar of Noxzema. The past two days I have had three nice movements each day. I am taking an antibiotic (Cipro), so I've been worried about diarrhea. I have had nothing of that sort; in fact, my b.m.'s have been quite normal.
On Saturday I was working outside and felt a strong urge. Going inside to poop was a bit of trouble, so I went under a juniper hedge, pulled down my pants, squatted, and let go. It felt good--thick, firm, and smooth; it went on for some time. Finally it dropped almost silently onto the ground. I looked and saw that it had curled up into a small mound of medium brown. I had a paper napkin in my pocket to wipe with, but I felt disposal might be a problem, so I looked around and found a thin piece of wood. I scraped that across my anus (very carefully) and got a small but definite amount of poop on it. Later I went into the house to finish wiping.
Yesterday at work I had two sightings. First, in the morning, someone left a tiny greenish-brown nugget floating in the bowl. Later, in the afternoon, I went in and smelled the familiar smell. Checking the toilet, I found an unflushed bowel movement. Immediately visible was a single thick turd maybe six inches long and dark brown; there was a lot of heavily smeared toilet paper. Taking a pen, I pulled the paper aside to reveal several additional smaller turds in the bottom of the bowl. With some regret, I flushed it down (it went easily). There were numerous strong skidmarks afterwards.
Happy pooping everyone

Hi Linda RS how ya doin' sweety. I thought you were gone for good! Glade you're back. I just wanted to comment on you're same/opposite sex in the bathroom. I think it might have to do with who made her most comfortable when she might have had a hard time going. If Kendel had kind of a hard poop and her Father helped her with it once maybe that imprinted on her that he was the one she wanted with her when ever it might be hard or hurt again, sounds to me like she might have had a struggle with the suppository after a week!! Yes, tell us some cheerleading poop stories. Have you had any good buddy dumps with the "girls" yet. Had any really hard poops? I had one about a week ago and I finally had to take an enenma to get myself to poop.- JW

Crapper Dan
Hello. I'm back from when I started my story yesterday and then abruptly had to log off of a computer. I don't remember whether I got around to saying that for a time during my years long struggle with hypothyroidism I was for a while misdiagnosed (or at least dubiously diagnosed) as having "irritable bowel syndrome". Well I was. I know I had gotten around to saying that, during that period, I was getting into hiking in the woods, a good pastime that I still enjoy, as well as a convenient one to get into at a time when one may have to quickly run for a place to hide for an explosive poop. But it did have its unexpected drawbacks relative to other activities in my life. For one, I was trying at the time to be a part of a Church that had a big emphasis on doing "Crop Walks". The rather aggressive promoter of those "Crop Walks" once approached me asking me to participate in one. I told her thanks, but I couldn't handle the walking involved, which was ture, since it was walking around the city, where, unlike in the woods, there wasn't a convenient place to run to if suddenly a irrepressible crap came on. As fate would have it, she responded that she'd seen me hiking in the woods (unbeknownst to me) so she said I COULD handle the walking. She was far to pushy and devoid of any disarming personality for it to be thinkable to confide in her my "condition" as the reason why long walks adout the city were unthinkable. That layed me open for her to accuse me of being "uncompassionate" for my declining to participate in "Crop walks", and indeed she did so. Meanwhile her own uncompassionateness was a case consistent with that sometimes false / sometimes true saying that "what one doesn't know doesn't hurt one".
Other things I unexpectedly found out from my conditioin as part of my hiking include the following. There were some occasions when a really explosive crap came on suddenly and I didn't have time to go for the best hiding place. Among such incidents there were two times when two women (a different pair of women each time, I suppose) came walking along where they could see me doing my thing. I would have expected they would have done the "polite thing" and looked the other way. But not at all! Both times, one of the women in question not only stared, but actually pointed me out to her companion. I was shocked that that would happen. I'm sure I would be subject to villification if the situation were reversed, that is if I were walking in the woods with a friend, happened to glimse a woman taking a crap, and didnt look away, but actually stared and pointed her out to my friend. So, I'm interested in any posts anyone else might have about people happening on you crapping in the the woods and how those persons behaved. Have others found there seem to be such different expectations and standeards of "accpetable" behavior based on the relative "genders" of the crappers and the observers?
And once again, I'm interested in what experiences if any anyone on the site has had with hypothyroidism.

here is my question: i have a girlfriend who is quite fixated with watching (other) males on the toilet. i know for a fact that she pulls up a chair and watches any who will let her while they are on the pot. she says it is nice and cute and talks about the sighs and grunts and butt noises(farts). however, she also mentions their helpless little peters while doing this. i know for a fact that she often sits and watches her boss do this. she says that it is "fun and cute" but i am wondering if this is actual infidelity. what do you think? al

Biker Trash
My habits have apparently changed over the last few days. Last Saturday, I woke up and stepped out on the back porch for a cigarette as usual (I normally take my first pee of the day off the back porch, though sometimes on the front porch) and waited on my bowels to wake up after me. When they did, I went over to my corner of the yard and squatted over my ever-growing pile of morning shits. I pushed for what I figured was a preemptive fart and delivered a massive load of semi-soft shit that more than covered the four days' worth pile that was already there. It was over as quickly as it began, and the sudden, unexpected release damn near got me aroused. It was beautiful, but I have no idea where all that shit (pardon the pun) came from, and I had to wipe 412 times. Ever since then I've only been able to muster up a few inches of the same semi-soft shit once a day, and I still feel perpetually empty. It's strange.

A question: How many of ya'll experience the symptomatic pee or poop, i.e. the poop that happens with a certain activity, such as hiking or biking, whether there's a reason to poop or not? I used to have to shit every time I walked in the door of one particular job I had, sometimes even after I took a good sitting just before I went in. I blame it soley on the job environment (salesman).

Tuesday, April 28, 2004

I went to the Earth Day festival this weekend, which was held at the park that has my favorite doorless stalls. As I was leaving the festival, I decided to drop in and take a dump. I was wearing just a pair of shorts and some sandals. No shirt because it was hot and I was catching some rays. I walked in and saw a guy taking a crap in my favorite stall! He was older, probably in his early 60's, but in good shape. He had his bike parked in front of his stall. I decided to take the stall directly across from him. I put paper on the seat, and dropped my shorts and black briefs down to the floor. It was a bit weird, sitting there basically naked, taking a dump in front of a stranger. But still kinda cool. I held onto my dick with 2 fingers of my right hand, which I always do when I'm gonna pee. I peed into the bowl and then started to crackle out a few logs. My neighbor across the way also crackled a little bit, as well as farted. He wore a red and white t-shirt, dark blue shorts and light blue-green underwear. They looked like maybe bikini-type underwear. They were all the way down, and his shirt was pulled up a bit. He didn't make any attempt to hide his "stuff", he just pooped merrily away. We both sat for about 8 minutes. I started to wipe before him. I did my usual front and back wiping, finishing off with a standing wipe. He wiped from behind, using his right hand. I pulled up my briefs and shorts, flushed, and went to wash up. Another successful buddy dump!!


Funny pee in the grage...why did u piss there, you where locked out of house, or you did it just to do soemthing "funny"? Kisses

Fishbone A pee survey for the ladies:

1. What is your preferred peeing position? sit only on bide abd wc at home, hover in every other circumstances (public toilet, outdoor)
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little? MY stream tends to go a bit rearward or veer a bit
3. What kind of undies do you wear? thongs
4. How far do you pull your undies down? to my knee, or i pull the thong cortch aside, without pulling them downe..depends fromdressing
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together? molstly spread, but i depends form where i pee
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing? depends
7. Do you wipe from front or back? front
8. Do you flush sitting or standing? standing

Diva. loved your disperation story..If i where you I would have pissed somewhere befoire going too close to wet myself, even in a indoor location..
did you ever pee in a phone box yourself?



Since im now a regular poster, I guess I should give some info about myself. I am male, 16, and have really messy dark brown hair. My eyes are cool they are half green and half brown. when I think of another good story I'll post it here.

Hey All! I just got home from school 6 minutes ago and then went downstairs and took a poop. It was huge. I was sittin on the crapper for 5 minutes. It had popcorn in it because i ate popcorn Monday night... I am a 16/m from the US... i used to post as Leo but now i changed my nick..

Iedereen wie nederlands spreek... ik sprekt nederlands!
Anyone who speaks Dutch.... I speak Dutch!

The recent issue of Details Magazine, the one with Rob Lowe on the cover, has an article about taking a dump at work. I quickly read through it at the 7-11, but it looked pretty funny. There is a photograph of two guys feet with their pants down in stalls. Check it out!

I had to give a stool sample for some lab analyses recently and boy, that was not any fun! I had to first squat and catch my "sample" in a plastic container, and then I had to put some portions of it into three different containers with liquid. Then the plastic container got a lid and they were all transported to the lab within 1/2 hour. I don't usually like to get that close to poop!

Shithouse Poetry: >I have a very hard stool. It breaks every civilized rule. My toilet clogs so I have to use a special unclogging tool. It's really pretty cruel. And it defininitely ain't too cool.

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