China Girl
It's been long time to post. I had bad turd the other day with my friend over. We were coming back to my house and I had so much pressure. I had to let out tiny farts to help relieve. We finally get to my house so we went to my room. I always use my toilet for turd when I can. We went in my room together to talk so I leave bathroom door open. She stays in room though because she knows my bad smell. I walk fast to toilet and open lid. The lid slipped though and slam down. I think toilet had enough of my turd. But I lift lid again. I don't have much mercy (hehe). So I smile and turn to pull down pants. While standing, I let out soft air farts right in front of toilet while pulling pants down to signal what is coming. I sat down fast and hard. My hole open wide and soft farts come faster now. My friend and I just stayed quiet. The farts turn to moist grinding sound. My hole got wide fast and I did it. A huge turd just flew out, slammed into toilet hole with loud crash. It was long and slapped against toilet porcelain too. My friend said "damn" and laughed. The smell was coming fast though, and it was rotten. After that though, I did big thunder fart. I peed, then farted some more. On the last fart, a few smaller sloppy turd came. It was very unpleasant. The turd was big toilet choker, not surprising. It was sticking out of toilet hole and almost reached the toilet rim but curved to the side. It darkened the water with horrible smell. I flush while wiping. I wipe standing with butt toward toilet to see how I finish the job. It was about 3 or 4 flushes not just because of turd but so much toilet paper. I said "whew" while flushing to my friend. Of course, I felt much better while toilet suffer my taste and smell. Smell spread to my room fast, but we left shortly after. I just close toilet lid and bathroom door. I don't spray, I just leave my smell in there.

Smelly Kellie
I took a HUGE dump this afternoon, one of the biggest I've ever done. Usually, I take a crap every day, typically right after dinner. However, yesterday I was in class all evening for a review session, so I didn't get a good chance to go. Then I was out with my friends until about 1am. Then, I had to babysit my sister's daughter all day, so I was at her house. I didn't want to take a chance of clogging the toilet there, so I continued to hold it until I got home at around 4pm. All in all it had been about 46 hours since I had last dropped a load.

I went into my bathroom; I didn't even grab a magazine on the way in, and I didn't even bother to close the door. I quickly pulled down my jeans and pink panties and sat down on the toilet.

I typically do decent loads, but today was incredible, probably double what I normally can do. I squeezed out 3 long, thick logs of poop. They were each probably 8 inches long and probably thick as my wrist. Then I produced a couple of round chunks about the size of golf balls.
Strangely, I didn't do any pee until I was completely done pooping.

I was pretty messy afterwards; I used about 10 sheets of toilet paper to get the job done on my butt (I always use a couple of sheets to wipe my pee).

I felt so incredibly relieved as I looked at the size of my dump. I sprayed some vanilla air freshener in the bathroom, which I normally have to do after I poop.

I knew I wouldn't be able to flush the poop, so I left it until 5 minutes ago to soften up, when I was able to flush it.

omg i had an accident in my pants on the way home from work today. a little while before the end of my shift i started to feel a strong urge to poop. i knew i'd be going home soon so i decided to hold it in. well it was really bubbling hot and gave me some really uneasy cramps. i relaxed and held it in and the cramps went away eventually. my shift ended so i punched out and i called my mom to come pick me up from work, cuz im only 16 and i dont have my drivers license yet. well it turned out my mom was out to dinner and she wanted me to call my grandma. i called my grandma and asked her to come get me and she said she would be about 10 minutes. i was so worried, i had to poop so incredibley badly and she was gonna be 10 minutes. i wasn't in a situation to go back into the store and use the toilet because i had locked up. i waited and waited clutching my ???? and occassionally but secretely my butt the whole time and she finally came. not too long into the ride i said "grandma..." and she said 'what is it jenny?" and i said "i....i might have an accident...." she said "oh sweetheart don't you wet on my seats" and right then i farted really loudly and it was wet...i froze...then i suddenly just felt my stomach flop and i began flooding my panties with horrible was very flatulent and violent...very embarassing grandma was horrified..there is NOTHING worse than diarrhea in your grandmother practically threw me out of the car at my house and i went inside and showered with my clothes on...then peeled my jeans and panties down when i thought it was was such a mess that it made me queasy. it took forever to clean. this was the worst accident ever.

Katie T.
Thanks for everyone's support. It is stupid that some guys, my boyfriend included, can't accept the fact that girls have the same bodily functions that guys do: when girls eat the food doesn't just disappear into thin air.

So I'm planning to poop when my boyfriend is around as much as possible. I did exactly that this afternoon. He and I ate lunch at Wendy's, and all throughout the meal I had to go pretty bad, both pee and poop. So after we finished eating I decided to use the restrooms there. I would have probably held the poop for the 5 minute drive home, except that I had to pee pretty bad, and figured I might as well take care of the poop at the same time.

I usually try to avoid fast food bathrooms, as I've been in several that were disgusting, even by my standards. To my surprise, this ladies room was sparkling clean, and it smelled fresh, like it had just been cleaned. I was sorry for what I was about to do!

I sat down and immediately let out a nice stream of yellow pee, which lasted about 30 seconds. I then began to push, and farted a long, windy, SMELLY fart. I felt a lot better just from doing that, as I began to squeeze out a nice long medium sized turd. I had to pinch my butt cheeks at the end to get it to drop. Almost as soon as it had dropped into the bowl I felt another turd making it's way out. I gave a little pushing and was able to drop this turd plus another couple of chunks of poop. Feeling greatly relieved, I wiped my anus and vagina, flushed, and washed my hands, before rejoining my boyfriend. As we left, I saw another girl enter the bathroom. The smell I left hadn't been that bad, (compared to other times for me), but I'm sure she would know that someone had recently taken a dump in there.

I told my boyfriend, "god I needed to get that out!" to which he just shook his head. I wish he'd lighten up!


Katie T.

Hey Everyone!!!

I have been busy lately, so I havent been able to post. But tonight I've got something great to post about!

On Friday night I had the best time of my life. My cousin, Jess, Mel and I had a Pissing, Farting and Pooping Contest!!

My Aunt, Uncle, Mom and Dad all went out together for the night and Jess was staying for the weekend.

We were all sitting around watching TV and chatting and stuff, when Jess brought up the topic of pooping and pissing and how more and more people were into it these days. We kept talking and she started saying how fun it was and that we should all do something fun with pooping together. I had an urge to poop and pee, but i was holding it. Jess needs to poop any time you ask her and Mel said that she was holding one back. So we were all set to dump a load. Mel was the one who came up with comparing our poops to see the winner, but Jess came up with the idea of a contest of all 3 excremental functions.

We got 3 large cups, a glass measuring jug and laid some newspaper on the floor. The cups were to pee in and then the jug to measure the amount. Poop would be judged by size (length and width) and farts would be judged as they were done and by how loud and how smelly.

We decided to pee first. We all did it at the same time. We squatted all next to each other, with the cups underneath us. Mel started peeing first, it pattered into the cup and then started to fill up and tinkle. Jess started soon after, then i did. Mel's pee didnt last long. Jess and I were battling it out. I tried to squeeze every last drop out, but jess lasted longer. We poured Mel's pee into the jug and it was 250ml. Jess poured Mel's pee into the toilet and measured her own next. She pee'd about 350ml. We then measured mine. I won! with 365ml.

We decided to poop one at a time. Mel was up first. She squatted on the paper and spread her cheeks. She ripped a big, loud, long, tight fart. that stunk pretty bad. She groaned and a turd appeared out of her hole. It moved out pretty quickly, it touched the paper, bent a little and broke off. There was no break between turds, another started coming out slowly, it was fatter than the last and took some effort from Mel. She moaned as the end of the turd came and rustled and thumped on the paper. She did a post dump fart that smelt really bad but wasnt too loud. She did a huge dump, that would be hard to beat, but Jess and I are pretty good competition.

I went next. I squatted next to Mel's pile. I took a deep breath and tore one of the longest farts of my life, it was really loud too, but didnt smell. I did another loud fart and was ready to dump when i could feel the first turd press on my hole. I pulled my cheeks open wide, exposing my asshole to Mel and Jess. I felt and heard my hole crackle open and stretch with a nice fat turd. this turd was stretching my hole to the MAX, but was pretty smooth, so it came out OK. It touched the ground and started to bend, it broke at the bend and kept coming out. It felt so good coming out, i moaned in pleasure. The end touched the ground again and then broke off out of my hole. I spread my cheeks and ripped another fart, that was really smelly, loud and long. I was in the lead for farts and soon to be in the lead for shitting to, because another turd stretched my hole. It was a little thinner and pretty soft. It oozed out easily and dropped onto the pile. I pushed hard for more, but i only got more farts. I was finished and i was in the lead for farting and shitting. Jess was the only one who could beat me.

Jess didnt want to squat. She stood and bent her knees, poking her ass out a bit. She pushed to try and fart, but only got a few little ones. She groaned as the tip of a turd poked out. She took a deep breath and pushed hard. A big, dry turd slowly inched out of her. She groaned the whole time, until it reached the end and thudded to the floor. It was really thick and hard, but not very long. She did a few little farts and another turd started coming out. This time just as thick, but a little smoother. I squatted down to get a better view of it coming out. It was hanging out and was really long. It dropped to the ground with a loud thud and rustle of paper. She did a nice big fart. She pushed really hard to shit some more, but only got a little bit of mush.

We were all done and ready to judge. Mel had a 10" by 2" inch turd and a 8" by 3" one on top, a decent effort. I did a really long one, which if not broken would be 14" by 3" and another on top which was about 8" by 2", I was in the lead. Jess' pile was last to be judged. She had a short but fat turd first, it was 7" long and 3" wide. Next was a long one, about 12" by 3".

I was the winner, taking out all three events! We all wiped out asses, then dumped out loads in the toilet and flushed, one by one. We all felt great and had a really fun night.

The End

Love Ash.D


And now a word on my recent experience with "paint-on" teeth whitener.
I smoke, I drink a lot of coffee all day long, and I have a deeply-rooted fear of dentists dating back to when I was just a wee lad, thus, my teeth, while all present in my mouth and straight, had a nice yellow tint to them. I could have cared less about this, til my girlfriend brought it up three weeks ago that I should get them whitened. So, because I'd rather be killed than go to the dentist for any reason what so ever, I went to the local supermarket, bought the prettiest looking box of paint-on teeth whitener they sold, and had at it. Lemme explain this stuff first, to those of you who've never used it. Every night before bed, you literally paint this white goop that smells like Elmer's glue, onto your teeth, let it dry for thirty seconds, then go to bed and brush it off the next morning. You do this every night for two weeks, and in theory it brings the whiteness back into yer smile, so to speak. Well, it deffinitely works, I'll say that. I used it for 11 days straight, my teeth are just about f???ing glowing now, so you get your money's worth, for sure, but buyers beware. This stuff comes with a nasty side-effect.
Day 1 into the routine, no problems, Day 2, same thing. Day 3, I'm shitting these nasty, floating turds with undigested food the likes of which I've never seen come out of my ass. At first, I figured it was just something I'd eaten. Day 4 rolls around, my guts are still cramping every hour, which produces the same quality crap. I'd feel the stuff making it's way towards my ass, sit down, and like, two weird-ass lookin', small turds would come out with ill looking mucus to follow. I swear I saw an entire ziti noodle, fully intact, floating amidst my crap one day.
Fast forward to day 8 and after nearly a week of crapping 5 times a day, I seriously thought I might have worms or something. I was constantly hungry, even after I'd eaten a full meal's worth of food, and constantly on the toilet at home and at work. It was like everything I ate bypassed my stomach and went straight to the colon, which as I'm sure you've all experienced at some point or another in yer lives, hurts like hell. Food just ain't meant to rush through you that quick. By now I was considering going to see a doctor, probably should have at a straight week of the runs, but I figured I could gut it out a bit longer, no pun intended. Day 11 rolls around, and I finally make a connection between the teeth whitener and my shitting problem. I'd been sleeping with this crap on my teeth for 11 days...waking up with it gelled on my teeth, but also undoubtedly swallowing some of it during my sleep, which is approx 8 hours. 8 hours I'd been susceptable to sucking that shit down my throat. That's 88 hours I'd essentially been poisoning myself. I immediately stopped using the product, just to see if my theory on it was true. I only had three days left to go anyway, and my teeth were already white as sheets. And wouldn't ya know it, the next day, I was fine. Completely cured. Looking on the instructions for the whitener, I read "It is okay if you swallow a little bit of the paste." Course, they failed to mention exactly how much "a little bit" is before it becomes TOO much and causes you to crap incesently for two weeks straight.
So now my teeth are a brilliant white again, which I must say, looks much nicer than they used too, but I'm willing to bet money on the fact that the lining of my stomach now carries that same, pearly-white glow.
Ahhh, the pain we put ourseleves through for beauty, heheh.

Linda RS
Hi everyone!! it's me..sorry I've been gone so long but having moved to a new house,school,and cheerleader practice takes it's toll on a gal ya know.<winks> Well I've been fine but kinda sad that after a few days of cathcing up a lot of my close friends here are gone. Sad. But oh well i wish them the best and hope they are doing fine. I have a question really for everyone here new and old. Has anyone heard of a child having a greater trust for a parent of the opposite gender? See my little cousin Kendal (you all recall her)will allow us to go into the bathroom and see her pee. However, when it comes to poop it seems she will not allow anyone to see her go except her father.(You may recall him here as Cousin) It's true... even Elena her mother is shown the door. It's cute and all but well a tad odd. I was made to wait at the door open time (I was just going in to brush my teeth, nothing big.) abd was allowed in once her "deed had been done" And from the smell of things it was one HECK of a deed..her face was all red and she seemed more relaxed then. However my cousin will knock on the door and after annoucing it's him he'll be allowed in or sometimes she'll take him in to keep her company. She's a daddy's little girl for sure..she loves her dad very much and is always attched to him. Now Lynda her twin sister is allowed in but well it's a sister thing I suppose. But well case in point one day poor Kendal had not pooped in almost a week and Elena had to fight (and I mean fight) to give her a supossitory, and that was only after she talked to my cousin on the phone and told her to be brave and it was to make her feel better and he was on his way home. Well still after a bit of fighting Kendal was given it and well she held out or rather held it in for a long time. Elena told her to go to the bathroom but she was very stubborn and almost started crying saying "not without papi" He walked in the door and asked what all the yelling was about. Kendal ran to him with her hand on her tushie and was talking 80 miles per hour and I doubt even he understood what she said. After a quick explanation she darted with him in tow to the bathroom. Elena kept knocking on the door every few minutes asking if everything was okay. He'd say she's fine and Kendal would yell "YOU BETTER NOT COME IN MOMMY!!!" After a bit we heard the water in the tub running and my cousin opened the door. We went in and Kendal was in the bath playing and happy as can be. She then said she was sorry to her mom.(I'm sure my cousin had a talk with her) But well it strikes me as odd. Anyway our hosue is odd cause the bathroom has 2 toilets. To one side of the room, maybe a couple feet away with a second small room the size of a closet with a toilet and a sink of it's own. So from one toilet you could see another person sitting there a few feet away but it has a door with a lock for privacy and trust me it comes in handy. Thankfully we're all open about that so it can be a lifesaver.(My cousin joked oen time that the bathroom sold them on the house. Hee hee.
Well I'm off for now,when I'm back I'l share some stories. Anyone up for some after cheer practice potty stories? See ya.

Hey ya! I guess I have become a regular poster here...

I was working on a video game that i'm making and it had occured to me:
I should make some peeing games! If anyone here is interested, let me know! And here's a story:

One time I was camping with my cousims (I was about 6/7 years old at the time) and the toilets were quite far from our campsite. My aunt had brought a camping potty for the girls to use. The toilet was about a 2 by 2 by 1 1/2 foot beige box and it was pretty hard to tell it was actually a potty until you lifted the lid and saw a small round bowl in which to have your pee in! ;)

So anyways my girl cousin who was also 6/7 was needing a pee pretty badly now. I had also needed a pee so she says "come on, let's go use the potty!" So I agreed. We were only 6, for pete's sake, so don't get any naughty ideas! It's simple logic- we both needed a pee so we both went to use the potty. Now this kind of potty is extremely hard for a guy to stand up and pee, the bowl is on the smallish side so it is quite hard to aim, and even if you do it splashes back out a bit. Even if your aim was good and managed not to splash, you couldn't stand anyways because my aunt kept it in the back of the van. So that leaves you no choice but to have a nice seated pee! =)

My aunt left the trunk open to allow the girls easy access if they really needed to go. I believe that we were alone at the campsite, except for my mom, changing inside our tent (everyone else went swimming at the lake). So my cousin climbs into the back of the van and lifts the lid of the potty. She pulls her undies down, hikes up her little skirt and hops on top of the potty, her feet dangling! lol! Then I hear the tiny sound of her pee hitting against the plastic of the potty's bowl. She finishes up and grabs a tissue from a nearby box and wipes. Now there is a little hole at the bottom of the bowl and you keep it closed while you are having your pee. This makes the bowl of the potty fill up with your pee. Then when you are done you pull this handle which opens the hole, and all your pee drains into the lower part of the potty.

She pulls out the handle, drains her pee, and then hops down from the potty. She pulls her undies back up and then says "your turn!" as she climbs out of the van. I climb up to use the potty as well and who should come out of the tent but my mom! I lift the lid when my mom walks over and brings me back down from the van. She puts the lid back down and tells me to go pee in the woods! Mean, huh!
I ask her why I can't just pee in the potty like my cousin had just done and she said -get ready for this- boys don't have the right... um... "equipment." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to this day I laugh when I think of that story! Too bad I got caught! It would have been fun to have a sitting pee on the camping potty.

So anyways, that's the end of my story! Tell me what ya think!
Happy pees!

Eric in Chicago
Marc Lex: you probably ate or drank something with a lot of blue food coloring (green food coloring is actually a mixture of blue and yellow dyes). It doesn't get absorbed by your body, so it comes out in your shit. The "normal" brown color of shit is actually produced by a bright-yellow pigment mixed with smaller amounts of red and green pigments, so the blue and yellow mix to give you green. If you consume a *lot* of blue, or even green, food coloring, you can shit blue; it's actually quite an achievement, though I managed to do it the very first time I successfully changed the color of my shit when I was 13 (I had been trying to do it for a few years, but never drank enough food coloring; once when I was pretty little I made green shit after drinking green food coloring as part of some game, and by the time I was 10 or so I wanted to do it again).

There are a few other things that can cause green shit, but you'd have diarrhea or other gastrointestinal symptoms if they were the case. Taking supplements with lots of iron (not, by the way, something to do unless directed by a doctor if you're male) can cause green shit, but as I understand it it's usually a pretty dark green. Eating lots of chlorophyll-containing foods like spinach or greens can also cause dark-green shit; I once read a story about someone who was in a contest to see who could eat the most collard greens; he ate at least a pound of them and a few hours later they all came out the other end in one great big plop, still green.

On a trip to Scotland in August, I set off early in the morning and reached the Scottish border in two hours where I stopped for a pee break. Arriving at Loch Lomond, I had lunch and a pint or two at the local (only) pub. At the end of lunch, I felt the need for a BM so went off to toilets. Unfortunately, at that time a busload of Scottish football enthusiasts had arrived obviously the worse for drink and took over the toilets. I had just eaten a wonderful steak pie and the prospect of queuing behind a lot of vomiting people was off putting to say the least. So I set off on my journey again.
Anyone who knows Scotland will appreciate that after the big cities once you get to the Highlands, there are no facilities. After 20 miles or so, the need to have a dump was becoming rather more urgent and I had a long way to go. When I next saw a signpost, it informed me that my destination was another 60 miles. I was now painfully aware that I was going to have to defecate and defecate soon!

I was now driving around a Loch and the road had become busy as this was the holiday period. I looked in vain for somewhere to park but every available parking space was taken up by caravans and this was a road on which you could not stop. By now, I was desperate and would stop anywhere possible. I then spotted a place to park on the other side of the road. Taking my life I my hands I pulled over against the oncoming traffic and sat in the car wondering what I should do.

There were so many cars and people around the side of the Loch and I needed a shit. Where to go?
This is where Murphy's Law comes in i.e.; If anything can go wrong-- it will.'
I looked across the road to the mountain and although it seemed a distance, I thought that the best course of action was to make it to the tree line. I searched to boot of the car and found some old paper hankies and set off up the Mountain. Sparse though it was there were mature trees and I saw the perfect place, a weeping willow tree whose branches touched the ground. Moving the branches aside, I saw that the whole area was screened by the branches and also that this area had been used recently for the same purpose as I wanted to use it. There were mounds of turds and tp, the size of the mounds indicating the desperation of the provider.
As the tree trunk was quite wide at its base I decided to crap there. I went up to the tree, turned around and undid my belt and zip and pulled my jeans down. and suffered the common problem of an erection. I do not know whether it is a full bowel massaging the prostate but it is a curse as you cannot pee (or with great difficulty) when hard. The pressure now on my anus was intense so, with a quick glance around to make sure of my privacy, down came the boxer shorts and I squatted down.. The next events which followed were according to the law of Murphy. At the same moment as my anus opened so did the branches behind me and I glanced around. There stood an attractive blonde girl reaching under her skirt to pull her panties down. She had obviously not seen me (hidden by the tree trunk) but nature took its course with me and let everything go and I mean everything, loudly and abundantly... I have never seen anyone move so fast. I had saved her from personal embarrassment but embarrassed her (never mind me) beyond words. I continued to shit consistently for another minute then a pause and a final small follow through. Three paper hankies later and my relief as big as my pile (8" high) I made my way back and commenced my journey noting with some chagrin that around the next bend was a car park with a path up the mountain near to the very tree that I had used.
As the lack of suitable facilities is common in Scotland, the Scottish environment protection agency have issued guidelines to those touring in Scotland-'Where to go in the Great Outdoors'
More to come

Lone Ranger
Hi! I've been lurking here for quite some time because the topic of girls peeing and pooping fascinates me. I'm a 19 male from Vienna, Austria and I thought I'd share a few stories. Up to the age of 17 I spent most of my summers in a very remote place in Italy. There they do have some standard indoor toilets, but also a nice old-fashioned outhouse. Now said outhouse faces away from the house down the valley. Since it was always dark in there they figured out since nobody could watch they'd just take out the door. Now you've got an unrestricted view over several square miles of forest while taking a crap, let me tell you, it's absolutely unbelievable. At nigh you can hear the sounds of animals going through the shrubbery and it's pretty exciting to sit there. Plus you don't have any lights there, electricity is only in the main buildings.
Back when I was a kid of 4 there was a girl my age there. I don't remember much of her, except she was a real cute blonde named Miriam. Us kids were mostly running around stark naked (back then it was that remote most of the adults did too), and one nice day Miriam told me now we'd have a pee here. We were standing just besides the door of the outbuilding where her mum slept and she just stood there and peed. Since then I know girls can perfectly pee standing up. I guess that epsiode triggered my fascination.
Myself I love going outdoors but don't have the chance to do so very often. I only do it when there's a nice secluded area available close-by, preferably in the woods.
After said episode I haven't been able to watch too many girls pee, since most girls I know are _very_ pee shy and wouldn't even say the word aloud. Once, about 2 years ago I was invited to a garden party, and suddenly I saw a little girl (maybe 4 or 5) stepping up some stone steps in the bushes near the fence (they were just some kind of decoration pice and led nowhere), turning around and just peeing standing up, in full view of most of the people.
Another time I saw a woman hold her little girl in a real busy street. There were a few trees along the sidewalk and passing by in a streetcar I suddenly noticed that woman holding the girl in a pretty unmistakeably pose, pulling down her pants and panties.
However, that wasn't anywhere as interesting as seeing a girl my age pee or let alone poop. To all who've submitted their stories here: I really envy you guys who know nice open girls who let you watch them!!!
At school the walls between the boys and girls bathroom were really thin (just tiled drywall with nothing between), so if it was _really_ quiet you could easily overhear girls, but unfortunately there was usually too much noise.
Phew, that was a long post, if I remember any more stories I'll post them.

i peed my pants on a date has this happen to anyone else if so write it

i was wondering if there is any pill out there that makes you fart alot.. and doesnt make you poop at all. Also i was wondering if there are any girls out there that have panty pooping storys with alot of farting in them... thank you..


To Diva:
I live right outside of Minneapolis here, about a half-hour away! I can drive to downtown at almost anytime I'd want! Nowadays it's gotten boring to hang out there, but yea, public restrooms here, or in the middle of any city, seem difficult to seek out?
When I was going downtown much more often, The City Centre mall, attached to the Dayton-Raddison ramp, around 7th and Hennepin had free public restrooms I took advantage of!!!! There was a guard station facing them, but I still got in! That seems to be your best bet if you're ever back here again? If you're lucky there'll be a big event downtown like Ribfest, parades, etc. and there'll be biffies galore! Hey, better than nothing right? If ya wanna ask later maybe I'll be able to think of more restrooms.

To Mike, Love your posts, I am like you its wonderful to just sit on the toilet and poo. Many times I will read posts here while waiting for the urge to go poo. Sitting on the toilet is very pleasureable for me while I fart and poo. I also love to read while Im sitting there too. I usually sit there for half hour . Mike how long do you like to sit. I also enjoy an occasional suppository and enema, its makes the toilet experience that much better. Well, its my time to drop my breifs and sit on the toilet for a while. take care

Just a quick post telling you about my pee in the garage...

Coming home last night I had to pee desperatly but I couldn't find any privacy, so when I got home I took off my shoes, socks, jeans and knickers so I only has a t-shirt on stood with my legs apart and let loose, it was so powerful I couldn't keep it steady, pee went all down my legs and all over the garage floor, when I had done (about 50 seconds later), I just slipped on my knickers and ran back into the house.

Seeya, Luv Leanne

Pooping Women
I had doorless experience and love having that kind to .... and walked in and there 4 stalls with no doors and 2 with doors and so i took the one with no door right in front of where people walk in .... my friend took the close door and she said you could have took the other one I said I am not shy to piss or shit in front of someone .... and I was sitting there trying to get comfortable I took my pants off and panties off and sitting arched where you could see my poop come out of my rectum and I grunted a few minutes and pushed in pushed a few times and as my friend come out of the stall I had a turd hanging out about 3 inches long and I told her that she could watch or leave so I kept pushing and it was about 10 inches hanging to the water while she was watching me and I told her I would be here for at least another 30 minutes or so that was only first turd to come out and I pushed for 3 medium slimy turds come out and 3 short ones and 8 balls come out while she was watching me and I turned around so she could see me wipe dirty crack and it was smelly and dirty to .... and I love to shit in public and talk to you again soon!!!!!!!

A pee survey for the ladies:

1. What is your preferred peeing position? (Sit, Squat or Hover?)
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little?
3. What kind of undies do you wear?
4. How far do you pull your undies down?
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together?
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing?
7. Do you wipe from front or back?
8. Do you flush sitting or standing?

What ever happened to thta woman Noreen. The one whos daughter likes to poop her panties

I loved CD's story about his mum, aged 58, doing a really big jobbie which he saw unflushed and stuck in his toilet pan, a real turn on to read about.

Recently I had a similar experience with an old family friend who came to spend a long weekend, 4 days, with myself and my sister Maureen, (we share the old family house) a few weeks ago. We still call her Aunt Rosemary although she is not a member of our family, but has been a friend since our childhood and we are now both in our 50s and Rosemary is 70.

On the third day of her visit we were having our dinner but Rosemary was picking at her food. Maureen asked if everything was ok, but she replied that the food was fine but she had lost her appetite as she had been constipated since she came here. Hearing this gave me a buzz as I have been turned on by women doing a motion since I was a kid. Neither Maureen nor I use laxatives, but Maureen asked her if she was taking anything for it? I was relieved when she replied that she didnt believe in taking medicine but that things would probably come right the next day. Maureen did however give her prunes as a dessert instead of the trifle the two of us ate, and suggested she drank some of the juice before she went to bed.

Next morning about 6.00am I heard her getting up and walking along the corridor to the toilet which is next door to my bedroom. The only sound was Maureen snoring in her room next to mine. Listening through the wall I could here the performance unfold in the toilet. There were a couple of loud farts then the tinkle as Rosemary did a long wee wee. This went on for what seemed like ages then after it stopped she grunted NNN! NN! PLIP! PLOP! PLINK! I knew this was small hard turdlets dropping off of a bigger poo. She continued to strain, NNN! OH! UH! PLOOP! PLONK! PLUNK! and I could imagine the larger hard balls dropping into the pan. Rosemary gave a sign and I wondered if that was all she was going to pass then she took a deep breath and again strained "NNN! EH! UH! NNNN! I could her her panting and guessed that she was now doing the big jobbie. She seemed to grunt for ages then she gave aloud AH! followed by a KUR-SPLOOSH! She hadnt finished though as I heard her then go OH! OH! and a few seconds later there was a "FLOOMP! and my experience suggested that this was a softer but still solid turd that had been passed. She sat there for a few minutes then I heard toilet paper being pulled off the roll and her wiping herself, then pulling up her knickers and pyjama bottoms and washing her hands. She didnt pull the flush as our toilet has a very noisy cistern which takes a long time to re-fill after being flushed. She must have thought that I was also asleep like Maureen, and didnt want to wake us, but I am a very light sleeper and was already awake when Rosemary had left her bedroom. Perhaps she meant to come back to the toilet and flush it later, but fell asleep.

I waited till I heard her walk back down the hallway and close the door of her bedroom, then I quietly slipped out of my room into the toilet, gently closing and bolting the door. I could smell that a BM had been passed but like CD I was thrilled to see just how big it had been. I carefully removed the piece of toilet paper and saw Rosemary's entire motion in the pan, some little pea sized bits, three balls the size of hen's eggs, but the two big jobbies which grabbed my attention were the fat lumpy 12 inch log which was the shape of a big carrot and lying on top of it a smooth curved sausage shaped turd of about the same length, both being about 2 1/2 inches thick. Like CD I left it till 8.00am to soften up but it still needed me to throw two buckets of water down the pan and pull the flush three times before it all went away, the softer jobbie breaking up but the harder one staying behind until the third flush. By the time I had done this and had my shower Maureen had woken up and had gone downstairs to start breakfast. Rosemary had fallen asleep after her efforts but when she got up at 9.00am she said she was starving. Maureen merely said. "I guess you are back to normal then?" I merely smiled to myself and said nothing, not wanting to embarass her.

Last week I had diarrheoa on Tuesday so I took some imodium. The next day my turds were a bit firmer but stil a bit loose so I took some more imodium. My diarrheoa went away completely and I didn't feel the urge to take a dump for the rest of that day. By Thursday I could feel a massive poo developing. I went to work and I felt the urge to take a dump all day but I held on (I never poop at work). When I got home, I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat on the throne. First I did a wee that lasted for almost a minute, then I relaxed and I could feel a huge load moving down towards my anus. I had to push really hard for a few minutes, then I could feel an extra wide poo start to stretch my anus open. I strained and pushed for ten minutes and the poo slowly moved out of my anus, then it got stuck. I felt the poo with my hand and it was rock solid. It was also very thick and it was hurting. I started pushing again but this turd was very stubborn and it didn't want to come out. I did a few farts and then I pushed as hard as I could. This time the turd came out. It was extremely long and very dark brown. I did another wee then I wiped my arse and pulled up my pants. I know now that imodium causes rock solid poos that are hard to push out. However, it was quite enjoyable

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Louise - when I was in London, I definitely noticed the pee smell in phone booths. I never saw anybody peeing in there, but I did notice the lack of clean public toilets.

Someone asked about if any of us had a story about being caught somewhere with no public toilet. It has happened often to me in Europe, but one of the most desperate times was in Minneapolis. I remember all the details so clearly because I was so, so urgent. It was one of the worst times I ever had to go in my life. It was a few years ago when I was 23 or so and I was there to sing a small gig. I left the hotel I was staying at after dinner with a few glasses of wine and water in me, without peeing, because my plan was to run out, find a Target and come back in a few minutes. I walked further than I intended to looking for a Target and about 45 minutes later, I finally admitted I was lost and starting to have to pee badly with all that liquid in me. So I decided to find a bathroom so I could relax and figure out where I was. I was in an area with a lot of office buildings and clearly nowhere to pee, so I kept walking and maybe 15 minutes later, saw a fancy restaurant with a patio. I walked in and right away was approached by a hostess. I said I just needed to use the restroom, but she said I'd have to sit down and order. Having just eaten, I declined and left. I walked another 15 minutes, my need rapidly growing more urgent, until I came to a Y. At home, the Y generally has a bathroom available, so I went in. There was an elevator going up. I took it, and came to an area that was locked and barred off. The only thing open was a little booth to buy tickets. By now, I was getting worried and starting to dance a little bit when I stood still. I walked back outside and kept going. I had given up on finding my way back or finding a Target, and just wanted to find a toilet first.
In about 5-10 minutes, I was in a mall, and sure I was home free, as it was only about 8.00. I followed the ladies' room signs and was absolutely shocked to see that they, too, were locked and barred. As I walked away, I felt that full feeling in my bladder where as I walked, I could feel water and pee sloshing around adding 5 pounds, and every step I took put pressure on my crotch. I knew I was desperate and had to release this pee soon. I saw a security guard sitting at a counter and walked up to him intending to ask where the public restrooms were. But as I got there and he looked up, I saw a large sign stating that restrooms are not for public use, or something like that. Embarassed, I felt I had to ask something, so I asked for directions to my hotel. He went into detail and I didn't even listen because I felt a trickle of pee try to exit and had to cross my legs and bend down and dance to hold it in. I think the counter prevented him from seeing, but the people walking behind me probably did.
I thanked the guard and went quickly up the nearby escalator, with no idea where I was going but needing a place to keep crossing my legs. When I got off, the danger of wetting my pants had passed for right now and I saw a bench. I sat down gratefully, feeling my bladder filling and about to spill over. I pressed it subtly into the wood of the bench and rocked a little and contemplated peeing through its slats onto the floor, but there were way too many people around. I got up and began walking through the walkway. Every now and then, when no-one was around, I had to stop walking, cross my legs and dance because the bladder pressure was unbearable and little trickles kept threatening to come out. I had no idea where this tunnel was going. Finally, it came out at a hotel and I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew hotels had bathrooms. I headed for the lobby and was greeted with a big sign at the bathroom that said bathrooms were for guests only. Well, I was a guest of the city, so I walked in, and was stopped halfway by a huge security guard. He said "Ma'am, are you a guest here?" I said "Yes" and he asked for my room key. I said I didn't have it with me. He told me I couldn't use the bathroom. He seemed unmoved by my panicked expression and shifting back and forth as I stood there. I said to him "Listen, I'm from out of town and I really, really need to use the restroom. What do you suggest?" He shrugged, said he couldn't help me, and asked me to leave. I went back in the walkway and continued on in the direction I'd been going, trying to think. I knew I couldn't go on like this much longer. When I thought no-one was around, I stopped for a second and did a wild pee dance, crossing my legs, jumping up and down, pacing around. Suddenly, I heard a businessman in a suit asking if I was all right. Embarassed, I said yes and hurried off. By now, I was so desperate, I considered squatting down and peeing right there in the walkway quickly, before anyone else came. But it was carpeted and I thought that would be too gross, plus what if someone saw? And there were security cameras. I indulged for a moment in a fantasy of my thick, rushing stream pouring into that rich carpet from between my legs. But I knew I couldn't do it. If I'd had a long skirt on, maybe, but I was in fitted pants.
There was a parkade nearby. I went there, thinking it would be the perfect place to pee, but again, it was full of security cameras and without my own car to crouch beside or sit in, I didn't know what to do. I walked around for a while holding myself and bending over, with terrible pains in my stomach, then steeled myself, let go of my crotch and went back to the walkway. As I walked along (by now I'd been wandering around downtown Minneapolis desperate for probably close to 2 1/2 hours) the stomach pressure built so badly that I had to unzip my pants. Finally, I couldn't stop a small rush of pee dampening my underwear. I let it run a second or two before clamping my legs shut, thinking that now maybe that would help, but it just made my body eager to get rid of the rest and now I was even more desperate. I had to go so badly that I started to cry and began walking along crossing one leg over the other and pushing with every step, bent down low. There was absolutely nowhere to pee and I didn't know where I was. Then I saw another Black woman approaching. I didn't even have the heart to walk more normally. She saw me, but was going to walk past when I stopped her and asked her where there was a ladies' room. She looked at me, in tears, dancing, and said "You have to go bad, don't you, sister." I said "I've been holding it forever and I can't find any bathrooms in your city." She said "Try a hotel, honey." I explained I'd already been kicked out of one. She was surprised and said to try another. I thanked her and left, crying harder, all out of options. I saw an elevator and ducked in, wondering if I had the guts to pee in it. I wasn't sure. I pressed a floor and paced around, holding myself. More pee began to come out. I crossed my legs, bent down, then sat right on the elevator floor with my heel in my crotch and rocked. Obviously, I still wanted to try to hold it. At that moment, the doors opened and an elderly, well-dressed couple got in, giving me a weird look. I jumped up and stood shifting from foot to foot. I was so desperate I couldn't think. Finally, they got out and I pressed a button for another floor and jumped up and down holding myself, but I was just too desperate to hold it any longer and a flood of urine burst from me and began soaking my pants. In the midst of trying to stop it with my hands, the elevator doors opened and I was in a hotel lobby with a ladies' room right in front of me and a big sign about guests only blah blah blah, but no-one was around. Dripping on the floor, I ran in and into a stall. I fought with my clothes and held myself as my pee fell on the floor. Finally, I was on the toilet. Even with all the peeing in my pants I'd done, a storm of hissing pee twisted into the toilet for over a minute and I bent over and sighed with relief. I sat there a long time after the initial pee as several smaller trickles came out over the next 15 minutes or so. Finally, I got up, cleaned myself as best I could, and left, and was confronted by another security guard! Having already peed, I didn't care what he said, only that I didn't want him to notice my wet clothes. Finally, I ran away and found that with the weight out of my bladder, I was able to navigate my way home. Because I'd been so desperate, my bladder was weak and I had to pee badly again by the time I got to my room.
Is anyone here from Minneapolis? Is it always this difficult to find a bathroom? I'm from New York and have not had that much trouble at 8, 9.00 pm.

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