Whats up everybody! I've seen this site a few times, but never have had anything to speak of. Now I've decided to open up! I was at a Dave Matthews concert last summer. We were camped out half a mile from the venue. I ate a bratwurst cause I had the munchies, and we walked to the concert. Oh yeah, I am 19, 6 foot, 115 lbs, blonde hair. It was so hot there too. It was like 95 degrees. No joke! Sweat was just pouring off of everybody. Well during the walk I started to have bad stomach cramps. Like doubling over bad. It sucked. We I managed somehow after stopping a couple of times, and when we got to the concert, I had a dude buy me and my friend some beer. Its always easy to get guys to buy a couple of girls beer. Well we drank and sat with the guys for awhile, the show started, it was great! We got a little drunk but not too bad. My stomach was really starting to hurt by now. I stood up and started dancing again, and then I squeezed a huge fart out. Only next thing I knew my little baby blue shorts were filled with diarrhea! I was mortified, as it was hot and steamy and just plain gross. Well I went again, and I was just in horrible shape. I had to walk back to the campsite with totally shitty shorts, shit going down my legs on my feet, thong totally ruined. Some lady gave me a pair of underwear to change in, but I had to wear the shorts until we got packed the next day. They smelled and it sucked. I shitted a couple of more times that night in the disgusting portapoties.

Marc Lex
I've been crapping BRIGHT green lately. I mean I feel normal and stuff, but in the toilet, its like Jolly Green Giant took a shit. I mean its like grass on the lawn green. I have no idea what it is. I have been eating normally.

Any advice?


I woke up wednesday morning with this urgent desire to make my BM in my pants.
My husband was up early to play golf with his friends so he put n the coffee had a light breakfast, and went off leaving me to sleep in a bit.
I stayed in bed just a little longer then got up in my niteshirt and put on my soft little cotton stretch shorts and went in for my coffee.
I walked out on the pool deck with my coffee knowing the urge for a BM would be coming soon,and it did within a few moments the urge came on and got stonger.
I just stod there relaxing my body and enjoying the feeling of it moving down inside me to my waiting anus.
i allowed it to move down and to open my hole then just relaxed and let nature do the rest.
it came out firm and slow and stretched my tights ,then i had to push to make it continue. i made two sausages and the feeling was wonderful. I leaked a little pee as i finished -then finished my coffee and waddled to the shower to take care of another need and begin my day.

I remember in scouts one time when I was 9, we were hiking on a mountain, the trail was steep and there was no place to get off the path or you would fall. I really had to poop bad and We were at the top coming down, I couldnt hold it in anymore and with every step it came out, it was a long and firm stool, it pushed my pants out in the back as if I had a boner. I was only wearing a pair of sweat shorts, they were grey. I didnt realize at the time, but as I was pooping, towards the end I had given up trying to hold it so I was actually pushing it, every step I pushed and pushed, but at the same time I was peeing my pants also and I didnt know it until the last push (which was a big one to get it all out) the pee started running down my leg and I freaked out. I was in between two other kids who didnt seem to notice what I did in my pants. I looked around in panic and the kid in front of me was crossing his legs and holding his crotch as we were walking. I watched him closely, I could only see his but, he had on jean shorts, everytime he grabbed himself I could see his shorts get real tight in the but, that is how I knew he was holding himself and pulling on the front of his pants. Then he was pulling with both hands and doing the march, lifting his legs high then the other, I saw a stream begin to run down his leg then it got real heavy and was pouring down both legs then stopped real quick. He looked behind and saw me, then he saw my wet pants and smiled, I smiled back and we continued to hike. I totally forgot we had to go over this ledge towards the bottom, we repelled up going up so now we had to repell down. Our scout leader came to me to put the harness on and found what I did, he was mad at first and asked why I didnt tell him, I started to tear up and he said it was ok, and started strapping on the harness, the harness strap goes between the legs and it mashed my poop up into my crotch, felt weird. I started down and one of the dads was below catching everyone, he helf me by the but as I got close to the bottom then let me down to the ground, the pee had started to soak the back of my pants a while back and he gothis hand wet, he wiped it off on his pants, I pretended not to look, he didnt say anything to me but caught the other kids. We all lined up next to the cliff and they took a picture of us, looking back at the photo, you could see my wet spot plain as day but also two other kids had wet and one was holding himself in the picture, so I was not alone.

Punk Rock Girl

I took a shit in a latrine at a national park over the weekend. One of those kinds where there's a couple of those bucket type toilets that empty into a compost heap underground. No doors, no stalls, like sitting on a toilet in a prison cell.

Anyway, being a generally non-self-conscious person, this didn't bother me. I dropped my shorts and underpants to my boots and sat my bare bottom on the seat. I pushed out a nice thick load, followed by a few smaller chunks. I peed and wiped and pulled my shorts and underpants back up.

Colin waited for me outside. Nothing too exciting, but an unobstructed public dump is always a little thrill.



Great experience folks. I was having lunch at school as usual Monday and figured before my two oclock class I better take my dump. I walked in to the bathroom in the student center and lo and behold my friend Ryan was sitting in one of the stalls with his shirt hiked up to the middle of his stomach and with the door wide open. I looked at him and said Hey Ry whats up? He just dropped his head down and let a humongous cracklin log rip. I went into the opposite stall and left the door open also so i could watch him take the rest of his shit while I proceeded to take mine. It was entertaining watching Ryan go. He did not care about anything during this extavaganza, he just kept breathing hard and groaning, he turned beet red and kept putting his head way down but then lifted it up towards the ceiling on occasion with his mouth wide open. Boy did it stink. Finally after about fifteen minutes he wiped and left. I saw him in class later and he just said Hey Eli and made no reference at all to our group toidy!! I wish everybody would do this.

Sounds like you ate Asparagus, drank Coffee or Tea, or you were dehydrated. If it keeps up, id say go to a doctor, but I think you'll be OK.

Yet another doorless stall story. Again, I was in the restroom where 2 doorless stalls face another stall. I was taking a leisurely dump and I heard these 2 guys walk in. They were talking and I heard one of them say that he had to take a dump. As soon as he walked in they both started laughing and the guy who had to shit said, "Man, this is just like being in County. You gotta take a dump in front of everybody." he was of course referring to county jail. His buddy said, "no it's worse there. You got steel toilets." He went to the urinal and the other guy went into the stall next to mine. As he got near my stall, he asked if I had ever been to County. I said no, and he just laughed and said it's set up like this with no doors, and he entered his stall. I could see him in the mirror across the room. He pulled the paper "gasket" out and placed it on the seat. He kept talking to his buddy, who was at the urinal and could see us both. He bropped his green boxers and jeans and sat down. He talked to his buddy the whole time and he would turn to look at him as he answered. He even grunted loudly once. His buddy went to the sink and washed up. The other guy finished up and started to wipe. I started to wipe about the same time. In the mirror, I could see that he actually stood to wipe. I couldn't see him completely, but I could see he was turned towards the paper rolls and had pulled his shirt up where I could see his stomach a little bit. He was hispanic-looking, and looked to be about late 20's. His buddy was also hispanic, probably mid 20's. Both were skinny, and not too bad looking. He pulled up his boxers and jeans and went to the sink to wash up.

I was still wiping and decided to wipe like he was. I stood up, pulled up my shirt above my stomach, and bent at the waist to wipe. I was leaning over quite a bit and I heard someone come in. I grabbed some more paper, folded it and wiped one last time. By then I looked up and saw a guy, about 40, pull his blue shorts and white briefs down about mid-thigh and sit on the toilet across the room. As I looked towards him I dropped the paper into the toilet and heard him say something like "man, isn't this is a strange set-up?" I was pulling up my blue briefs as I responded "Yeah, I guess it is sorta strange." I adjusted myself, pulled my shirt back down and pulled up my jeans. I flushed the toilet and walked towards the sink. I glanced at him as I was walking towards him and we both smiled and nodded. I heard him fart a few times as I was washing up. I always think it's kinda cool to converse with strangers while taking a dump.

Shy Dumper
For many years I was always hesistant about going to the bathroom in a public place. I would hold it if necessary until I got home and many times I barely made to the toilet. This was the case only with having to take a shit, peeing in a public never bothered me. Then one day I came across this site and read many of the accounts of how people take pleasure in releiving themselves and discovered it was no big deal. Now when I have to go I simply walk into the stall, drop my pants and let it fly. Sometimes my farts are quite loud and I usually drop 3 or 4 big logs that are very audible as they hit the water. However I feel much better doing it when nature calls than holding it until I get home or to a private place.

Heyy all. I have been lurking around here for quite some time now and I would like to see some more stories about boyfriend/girlfriend bathroom stories. I don't have any good stories of my own but i just love this site. I'll post later.
Bye for now!

P.S. Do any of you have A

Night Owl

This morning I awoke to find, to my astonishment, that I had wet the bed for the first time in ten years. (I'm 21.) I used to have a bit of a problem with that. Not every night, but maybe once every two months or so. Enough so that I used to get that "there I go again" feeling of exasperated familiarity. But around 1994 it finally fizzled out, and I figured I was over it for good.

I can't imagine why it happened now. I haven't been particularly depressed (no more than usual, anyway) or stressed, even though it's crunch time at my school. And I certainly didn't consume a ridiculous amount of water last night, so that can't be it.

The thing that makes this weird is, a few days ago I was channel surfing and ended up watching that PBS kids' show, "Arthur". To my surprise, the episode dealt very frankly with one of the characters' bed-wetting problem. I didn't know children's television could be that direct about things like that. Since television is related to my major, this revelation made an impression on me and I found myself being reminded of it over the last couple of days, still being surprised that subjects like that can be covered today.
It also got me thinking about just how little control we have over involuntary uriination during our sleep. "Well," I thought smugly to myself, "At least my problem is far behind me." Then, lo and behold....

If anyone can think of a reason for this, please let me know. I know we've got some experts on here. I'm kinda worried about going to bed, now.

(I don't think I'll tell anyone about my defilement of that mattress. What they don't know won't hurt 'em. I hope.)

recently there was vandalism at our school.A bunch of windows and stuff had been broken and stuff.BUT in one of the teacher's rooms the person had crapped in her desk and on her floor and i think they peed on her walls too.


Were do you people pee at the swimming pool?
I mostly do it sneaky into the water is this normal to do? Every time when I go to swim I say to myself to stop with it and go to the toilet normally, but every time I pee in the pool again. I think I like the feeling of the hot pee in the fresh water.
Thanks, Eveline (from Holland)

HELLO FELLAS, HOW ARE YOU IM GONNA TELL MY STORY ok there it goes, one day i fell asleep and i didnt take my morning dump, . I let out most of my farts in the car, but still had a big shit aching to get out. I had heaps of work to do in my first 2 classes, so my mind was taken off my need to shit. I was actually pretty desperate by this stage and i could feel a really fat turd trying poke out. I pulled my pants . I was firm and smooth and very thick but seemed to come out pretty easily. It was long but made a huge, loud splash, that got water over my ass. I could feel more poop, but it needed a push, so i waited It was time for my next turd to come out. It was the same texture and size of the las one, but maybe a little drier, which meant more pushing. I pushed and as my turd was about halfway out i heard 3 consecutive small splahes a larger splash, a fart then i let out like 7 little farts that feel realy great relief, then I pushed the rest of my turd out, which splashed my ass again. I wiped, the water of my ass , then my asshole which was pretty clean. then flushed and continue my day

Hi. I'll give a little backround on my-self. I'm 5'8", 200 pounds, and am not muscular, but not fat. I'd just like to say that any sickness you have, if it goes far enough, will affect your control. I had to get my appendix removed and was less than an hour from death. As a result I didnt eat in 2 weeks, and I didnt need to go in 2 weeks. Also as a result it weakened my bladder and bowels. One of the people who helped me through this was my sister. I went to her crying my eyes out. I was so embarrassed. She walked in my room to see if I was alright, and her only response was I wasn't, lol. She had to clean me and shower me. It wasn't until a week later I was better. I had to be diapered for a bit too, my sis took care of it the whole time. After I pooped my-self they diapered me. It was needed. I did regain control luckily. It was the scariet thing that happened to me. I though I lost my control for good. back when it happened I was fat though, I thinned out over time.

Big D
Katie T..Love your stories. I am the type that enjoys knowing how big the piles are and how long the logs are. But I do love your storries.

It's been ages (10 months) since I've had the pleasure of this site. I was cleaning up my PC's files when I came across some pages I had archived (I liked to print out the stories & read them during my commute to & from work.) Stumbling onto the files made me realize it time to pay this favourite hangout of mine a trip here once again.

Other, more pressing issues forced me to forgo my visits here. But at last I can share some of my more memorable potty experiences during my time away.

First thing… I met a very nice woman last November and we seem to have clicked. She's a great person and I'm more than happy to be involved with her. As such, I was up front with her about my affinity for listening to or seeing ladies pooping and peeing on the toilet. While she isn't disgusted or shocked about the thought, it's obvious she doesn't get 'excited' about the prospect of someone seeing her having a movement.
"Ambivalence" is probably the correct description about her feelings on the matter…
I just hope one day she grants me an 'audience', so I can see her in action. She's a big girl, 29, slightly taller than me at ~5'10", ~190 lbs, and from the day I met her I've been SOOOOOO anxious to see what kind of jobbies she produces.

The Christmas & New Years holidays of this past winter proved to be the most memorable for me in years. But not for enjoyable reasons, however…
My 'roids flared up to their most sore an painful state I can recall. I spent about 4 days in my room continuously shoving as much Anusol and ice into my rectum as I could manage to get the swelling down. :(

Early last month my mother happened to be staying with me. She proved to me that even at 58, she could still surprise me to no end.
It was during the weekend and I had just come home after running a few errands. As I approached my house I could sense that I needed to take a leak. Not a major piss, but the pressure was just enough to give me a little extra step or two in my gait. I searched a moment or two for my keys before finding them and hurriedly opened the front door to my house. Fortunately, my downstairs toilet is very close to the door so I was in there in no time flat. I quickly pulled down my zipper, pulled out my 'John-Thomas', and then pulled up the toilet cover so I could relieve myself ASAP. A second before I began, I saw it there. In one continuous piece, an absolute MONSTER of a turd!! No mere 'snake'… This was a 30-inch long, +2 inch wide light brown PYTHON of a stool!!! Floating in the water, it curved around the circumference of the water's edge in the bowl, at least 1-¼ times!
For a few moments, I forgot completely and totally that I had to pee with some urgency. The monster sitting in my loo had me dumbfounded! Awestruck at it's enormous size.
After a minute or two I realized that flushing this thing would be pointless. This solid mass wasn't going ANYWHERE!! Not unless I used something to break it up or left it in there a while longer to soften up. I took the latter choice…
After I took one last look, closed the lid and went to the bathroom upstairs for my pee. Passing by the room my mother was using, I saw her fast asleep. After seeing what she had done, I guess she too realized that the poop needed some time to dissolve a bit. But I don't think she was counting on me seeing her astonishing creation.
An hour or so later she was still sleeping so I went downstairs to check the state of the 'python'. By then, it was loose enough to go down the drain in a single flush.

Being a guy, I can't say how frequently other women pee in the shower, but I would think it's pretty common. Personally, I do it all the time... It's all going to the same place, so I could never see the sense in taking my morning piddle before or after my shower.

Talk to you all later!!

Louise (from France)
MY sister Told me that she peed in phone box near the guest house where she lived when she got to london to study english, many years ago..
She told me that her english friend pissed into a phone box in fornt of her, and she admitted of having done it sometimes, my sister also saw a lady getting into a red phone box and peeing into it.....
Pissing in british phone box seems to be more "used" than I supposed...
any other expereince form teh friends here?

bye bye



I walked into a public toilet where I found two cubicles, of which one was already occupied. So I entered the other one, closed the door, dropped my trousers and sat down.

A voice came from the cubicle next to me: "Hello mate, how are you going?"

I thought it a bit strange but not wanting to be rude I replied "Yeah, not too bad thanks."

After a short pause, I heard the voice again "So, what are you up to mate?"

Again I answered, somewhat reluctantly it must be said. Unsure what to say, I replied "Umm, just having a quick poo.. How about yourself?"

I then heard the voice for the third time ..... "Sorry mate, I'll have to call you back. I've got some d* ckhead in the loo next to me answering everything I say."

Here's one for you - a few years ago I was doing an operational tour of duty in Northern Ireland for 6 months, and we had 5 days leave in that time. Naturally, I was out on the piss every night of those 5 days and my mental state was a bit, er, 'disturbed' at the time, which explains what happens next.....
I was staggering home drunk, and there was this guy that has been trying to restore a Range Rover for I don't know how many years. He loved that Range Rover. And I don't know why, but I was dying for a good dump, and I was so frustrated at his slowness in restoring this lovely old car that I decided to poo in it. Luckily, the car was unlocked (it was parked up on a spare bit of land in front of his garage) and I stood on the sill of the drivers' side, with my bare butt exposed to the drivers' seat. I clung on to the edge of the windscreen with my left hand, and the door pillar with my right hand, and gave myself a 'red on, green on, GO!!!'
Well, I started to spray my cack all over this lazy bastards seat, and at the same time I realized the ridiculousness of the situation. I mean, what could have I said if the police caught me? I would have had to put my hands up, and admit I'm a dirty sod and get arrested.
Anyway, while I was thinking this, it occurred to me what I was doing, and I started laughing! However, the more I laughed, the more I was spraying chod all over the place, including down my legs and over my jeans.
Once I had finished, I can vaguely remember pulling up my newly refurbished trousers, and staggering the 100 metres to my mum & dads house. I think I tried to wash the shit off my legs, but I'm not sure. I woke my sister up to tell her, but I couldn't speak cos I had tears of laughter running down my face, and was totally hysterical! She said that she can remember hearing me stagger off to my room and collapse on my bed, and the sound of me switching off the light, whilst giggling insanely at the poo games I had! I can remember waking up in the morning, and after a second or two I remembered what I did, and staretd laughing again! It still cheers me up to this day.
The lazy bastard died before he finished restoring his Range Rover, but at least I taught him a valuable lesson.
There's a few other poo related tales from Northern Ireland I can tell, but that's another time.......

To Jeri_l:
Oh, I'd love to see the several coils you can produce in my own toilet, but that's not possible! I only wish that it was a unisex toilet and maybe it could've been me seeing your gigantic poo???
To Kortoes roommate:
Hi. I'm a 29 year old guy in Minnesota(Twin Cities) and would love to hear about Kortoes record poos, if female? What gender is Kortoe? Thanks,

Biker Trash
Why does this change every few days and not almost every day like it used to? (To the site mediators) Also, what happened to the pics? I haven't seen one in a long time.

I'm sitting in the library on campus right now and I have to shit something severe. It's only 9:30am and I shouldn't be ready until 11 like normal. I hope I don't fart in class and not have it stink. I can't get 'em to stink anymore unless I cook my own food, which doesn't happen. (I raid ma and pa's house.) I also have to pee, which is the inspiration for this post. I'm wearing a pair of loose Dickies today and that allows me plenty of room to, um, hang out in. It also allows for no support, which can either be amusing or a drawback. Every now and then, I get hard when the need to pee gets persistant enough, and normally my jeans are constrictive enough to cover that. Right now, however, I have that situation going on, and in these Dickies, I feel like I'm in high junior high going through puberty again. I'm 28--I shouldn't have to wonder whether anyone sees me pointing out which way I'm going. On the other hand, it's kind of fun. I think I'm going to go pee, now, which will bring up another problem: my pants are brown and since I am perpetually freeballing, I end up with a wet spot on the front from backdribbling every time I pee when I'm wearing these.

Hi, my name's Ben, I'm 15 and I live in England. I was wondering if any girls in my age group could provide some toilet stories, since my girlfriends don't talk about that sort of thing. Its not "the right sort of thing" to talk about!

Thanks in advance, I'll post my own story as soon as I think of one :-P

Thursday, April 23, 2004

Another Mall story

Three of us went in the late morning to shop and have lunch at a favorite place in our local Mall.
I had not had a poo in and it was the third day (Very odd ) for me.
after all that walking and lunch the urge finally came and i had to go pretty bad. I went to the public restrooms and found a stall got my skirt up and panties and hose down and got in my hover position. a bit of gas passed and there it was ready to come out.I knew it would feel soooo good.
I was sighing with pleasure as my tail opened and a wonderful chubby soft sausage came slowly and steadily out of my open bottom. But my god it kept coming and coming!.I finished with a wet fart and some pee. and looked into the toilet before i wiped and good grief!! i made a whopper! it was mustard color and in the shape of a long coil that turned several times and was above the level of the water. the toilet was FULL!!.There was no way i was going to chance flushing it ( besides i WANTED someone to see what i produced) (mmmmm).So i wiped and put myself back together and left the stall. as i was washing my hands ad checking my face a woman went to my stall. I heard a gasp as she turned and came back out.i wanted to just stay longer to see what might happen but my freinds were wainting

Hi guys,

One time when I was at a bar (When I was bout 18 and a month) I was with my friend for her 18th bday. Well after a few hours I told her I had to go to take a piss and she said she did too so she came with me. It was a co-ed restroom. I had on a skirt so I just lower my panties some and just peed standing up at a urinal and some guy came in while I was peeing and uses the urinal next to me and he starts looking at me down there so I tell him to stop looking. Then I get the need to take a huge dump, so I go into a stall next to my friend with my panties still down. (It was not that far) I sit down pee and poop and farted and pooped some more and pooped even more I did 8 or 9 good sized logs. Then I started to grab some toilet paper but there was none, so there I was yelling "Tina I don't have any toilet paper" she just kept saying "that's too bad" I'm there bout 2 minutes trying to get my drunk friend to give me some then someone hand me some over the door (it was that one guy from before) I tell him thanks and I wipe my pussy and butt then I say "are you still there?" he says yes I then ask if he could get me some more, says sure and hands more to me I wipe my butt some more and then I pull up my panties unlock the stall and come out not wanting to flush it because I shit to much in it, that guy says "are you going to flush it" I tell him "I think it too full" "see look" he look in it and says "damn you sure can shit" then he says "I wanted to say I'm sorry for looking at you earlier, its just that it surprised my to see to woman peeing at a urinal" I told him "it was ok and asked him to turn around so I could check on Tina he said ok and I went into her stall and(she was wearing shorts that night) she had her shorts off and her shirt and bra off too all in the floor her panties barely even pull down just barely passed her butt hole just sitting there trying to poop(she's been constipated since yesterday) then she just starts pushing really hard when she see me and starts grunting too and just starts piss from pushing so hard and she piss in her panties well and she farts loud then a loud splash and lets out 3 or 4 small logs real fast and she's still peeing on her panties for about 30 more seconds, I pull them off of her and drop them in the floor. She was so drunk I had to wipe her myself and she clogged the toilet with her constipated poop. It's a good thing I don't drink much I only had 2 beers and the rest was DrPepper, she had close to 20 beers or so. I threw her panties it thrash btw and just other clothes on her and that guy help me take her to our car too and he said his name was Ryan and gave us his number if we wanted to go back together sometime well any way sorry if I wrote too much and for the spelling if there is any. Latter

Hey everyone. My name's Tekoa. I'm twenty years old and a college sophomore. People describe me as a tall (5'11'') ebony goddess. Anyway, let's get to my story.

Yesterday, I was feeling extremely full. On Friday, I pigged out at my boyfriend's parents house and on Saturday, I attended a family reunion. I didn't shit since Thursday night so I knew my poops were going to be big. I just didn't know how big.

So last night after I got finish talking to my boyfriend on the phone, I started to have major cramps. I began passing a lot of gas. They were really loud and stinky. I knew it was time to poop. I walked quickly to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with a loud thump. More farts exploded out of me. And boy did they really stink.

Nothing happened for a minute or two, but then those hissing farts started to seep out. I felt the anaconda turd slither its way down from my colon. It peeked its head out and my asshole started to stretch. The turd crept out slowly and each millimeter expanded my asshole to its limits. It was SO big and very painful... I didn't push or constrict my muscles at all.

It took about 8 minutes before the turd left my asshole. I looked into the water and it was at least 13 inches long and 4 inches across. A little bit of mushy poop came out afterwards but that's about it. I wiped and flushed the toilet... UH OH! The monster poop broke in half. Part of it went down the pipes but the other half was still floating. I had to get the plunger for the first time in a long time.

Let's just say I felt really good afterwards. My butt was a little sore but all in all, a great poop.

Hope everyone enjoyed my story. Bye. I'll try to write more.


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