i saw some requests for wetting accident stories; i have 2 wetting stories and 1 pooping story. im whitney, im 19 and im 5'8, 115lbs long brown hair blue eyes. here goes.
the first story is sexual but is my most embarrassing wetting accident ever. when iwas 17 i was with my boyfriend at his house and we were ther alone so we were laying on his bed and i was in my underwear. i really had to pee but he was enjoying me so i didn't wanna spoil everything and was putting off getting up as much as possible. he squeezed me and pressed right on my ???? and i knew i was gonna wet my panties. i was wearing a redish purple colored pair of cotton panties. i screamed a little when he squeezed me so he looked over immediatley and saw i was wetting myself. i soaked my panties completely and made a giant wet spot on his bed. i didn't even clean myself there, i just pulled my skirt on over my panties put my jacket on and walked home in tears. i waited for him to call me. it wasn't that bad..i was still humiliated though.
the other time i wet myself was a cleche..i was the loser who wet her pants during the SATs. i couldn't help it, i peed before it but i still had to pee part of the way in, and i just couldn't hold it until the end of the testing time. i peed my pants 6 minutes before it ended. very humiliating, but mylast story takes the cake.
my boyfriend and i went to busch gardens in the summer and we went to wait in the line for the first car of apollos chariot. well, i had to poop a little badly before we moved very far through the line.i was wearing thin stretchy gray pants and a thong, so i was horrified at the possibilty of crapping myself.we finally made it to the front of the line and as we were getting in the roller coaster car, i started to crap my pants. barley any came out even to make a bulge, so i clenched my butt harder and stopped it. i was not ready for this ride..i made the incline just fine, but the drop was no fun. it happened right the gravitational force lifted me a little off my seat i felt something hot and mushey spread on my butt. i took a really wet poop in those tight gray pants, it was showing right through! to top it off i started pooping my pants even more for lik 5 minutes and i couldn't control it. when the horrible ride came to a stop i got off in tears. my butt was completely covered and a giant brown wet stain with a little mushy bulge in the center of my butt. i dragged my boyfriend out of the park with me. people all around the coaster when it happened kept talking about how i pooped my pants on the roller coaster from fright. lol. nope, i just really had to poop!and it just so happens i wound up pooping my pants!
thats all for now
love you

My roommate Kortoe of minnesota just took a gigantic shit after being constipated for almost a week. It was the size of a premature baby! We are looking for the world record on the largest piece of fecal matter, it clogged our save it.

Biker Trash
Mel D.--interesting story out beside the house. Apperently we think alike. Just this morning I was outside and wanted a place for my morning dump. i live in a trailer blocked from view in the back by by a corrugated metal fence and from the side by a row of evergreens. This makes for a perfect corner to have to myself when I need it. I decided to get back up against the house where i knew no one would walk, like you thought, and squatted with my lounge pants around my knees. (I totally and entirely am against underwear, so I could never have that kind of fun anyway. i don't even own a pair.) I farted my first little chunk immediately, then a single smooth, but sizable turd slid out rather comfortably and coiled under me. i sat there for a few finishing my cigarette and enjoying the air on my exposed butt, then stood, and like you I covered my pile with the surrounding weeds. I had to go in and wipe, though. I could feel the residue around my hole when i stood. i just thought it ironic I read your post on the same day that I did the same thing. I love your posts and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Hey everybody, how's it going? I just had an experience that was kinda cool.
Let me start by giving you a little background. I'm 38, 6'2", 185#, and love to poop. I'm usually once every two or three days, and my poops are huge.
Anyway, I started seeing this young lady friend, and talked her into pooping for me, which is hard to do with two teenagers in the house (but I love them as much as her). But at her house she has one of those low-flow, small trap toilets, which just refuse to accept my shit without some serious assistance from Mr. Plunger.
So we talked about remodeling the bathroom, but finding one of the old toilets, (ones that used to take some serious shit with no problem) was our biggest problem.
But where we live does an annual spring clean up, where people put anything and everything out to be picked up and thrown away. Anyway, I was going thru town one day and spied an old toilet in the trash pile, so I picked it up and brought it home to rebuild it.
Now my g/f and I live in separate places, and separate towns for right now, so I brought the old toilet to my place to work on it. I put it in the barn where I live, and was going to check it out this weekend to make sure it would work right.
Thinking I would have a few days till my next dump, I figured I'd be able to work on it...WRONG!!! I was looking it over when all of a sudden I get this cramp in my gut, which means I need to shit, and very soon!
So I decided I was going to try out the old crapper the fun way. I took a used milk crate, placed a large trash bag in it, and set the old crapper on top of it, then dropped my jeans and carefully sat on the toilet.
So here I am in the barn, on top of an old toilet that isn't connected to anything yet, with stomach cramps telling me to let I relaxed and immediately started pumping out about 10-12 soft yellow colored turds, splashing into the water I had poured into the bowl...I totally filled the trap, which is huge. I then wiped 3 times, throwing the paper in the bowl. Now it was time to check out how good this thing was going to work. I took a 5 gallon bucket of water and poured it into the tank, then pushed the lever. The toilet gurgled and all the water and my shit flowed out into the bag under the toilet, without even thinking about plugging!!!
I dumped the water and shit out in a hole under the barn, and am waiting for one of my usual hard long turds to try it out again before I put it in my g/f's house. Hopefully when she comes down to see me, she'll have to take a dump too and maybe we can buddy dump in it and use it again in the barn.

BECKY: My parents are very nice about accidents. I was sick one time and peed a ton in my bed by accident, but they just cleaned me and the bed up and gave me a hug.

I usually hate to use public bathrooms to take a shit but I've been going to eat at one of the local Subways to eat lunch and I recently have been having them put jalapenos on my half sandwich. Yesterday the 14th I had to take a huge dump. After I went I looked in the toilet and my bm looked like ditch water with some little tadpole looking things. Today I went back and had to take another huge dump. This time it looked like a huge brown snake crawled into the toilet but I was at least relieved. I think I lost about 3 to 5 pounds during each bm. I also left the light on in the bathroom because it also runs the fan so I could let the place air out.

This evening after tea I went to the loo and had a really good poo - the best I've had for ages. A good half dozen six inch logs, each about 2 inches in diameter came out. If felt absolutely great!

To Mel D:
That story you posted about shitting when you still had your thong on was amazing. How was it without your undies for the rest of the day?

Hi all, mt hubby and cooked a thing called an espatada yesterday. Beef on a stick with spices what a reaction. Normally my hubby will brush his teeth as I dump and gets all excited but today he left the bathroom in a hurry. gas and poo really smelly.

what does it mean if your pee smells really bad not liek regular pee but liek spolied eggs or something? is something really wrong with me?

I've been thinking about what stimulates my interest in poop and pooping. I think it's the variety. I know that many aspects of it are the same every time: there's a certain range of colors, sizes, textures, smells, and feelings associated with defecation, and within limits everyone's experiences (and poops) are alike. And yet, I've never seen any two that are exactly alike, in size, shape, or any other aspect. And when the urge hits, no matter how familiar the general sensation is, each time it comes as a slightly different experience. If I can do something a little different--sit a different way, squat or hover, watch myself from a new angle, or the like--that adds to the variety and interest.
I had two nice poops this morning, one before breakfast and one after. The first one I watched myself with a small mirror held behind and to one side, as I hovered over the bowl (seat raised, of course). It came out long and slender, three nice-sized turds that splashed heavily into the water and wet my bottom. I wiped, and the first pad of toilet paper had almost nothing on it. I folded it, put a dab of Noxzema on it, and wiped again, then stuck my finger (with the paper) up my anus to clean it out. Again, almost nothing, but it felt very nice. My second poop was about an hour later. I got a larger mirror, stood up on the rim, squatted down, and sent out maybe a dozen thin, soft pooplets--considerable length, but not as much substance as the first one. It felt good, though. It took my normal 3 pads of t.p., then my final cleansing with the Noxzema (up to 580 uses of that same jar).
Happy pooping, everyone!

Kit Kat
Becky: It's awesome that your coach was there to help you in your time of need. There needs to be an increase of people like that./

Aussierod: Yes, please share more!

To anyone who found the song witty: Here's a song for the masses, based on a hypothetical girl named Heather being afraid to poop in a public bathroom and having to be reassured by yours truly. To the tune of "Shake Ya Tailfeather," here's...

"Grow a Tail, Heather"

We doo it for fun
We just doo it for fun
Dirty T.P.
We doo it for fun
Bad Girl
Smelly Kitty dropping three!
Dump like trucks, we doo it for fun
Squirts and splucks, we doo it for fun
So lay it on, cause we doo it for fun
Dropping a ton, we doo it for fun

C'mon girl
What your name is?
Where you from?
Turn around who you came with?
Is that your load or you making brown paint here?
I can't explain it but that's gonna make me faint here
I'm still a sucker for one-stalls, you know I never changed that
Your bathroom is clean but those doors need more fat
I'm still the same Kat when I was young and dumping with bad girls
But now I'm older hope they saw I'm dumping with bad girls
Here come another chick
Unlike no other chick
Panties to the ankles
Know she's gonna take a sh*t
Ya'll help me
Why don't cha
Please help me
I'm taking a pee nothing else, not me
Unlike the cocky bow legged ones
Like white and Dominicans
Hispanics and Asians
Dumping about a ton?
Manolos Ma-no-no's they can't tell
Everybody in here pooping
When they do it do it well

Let me see you pinch a loaf
Girl, go and pinch a loaf
You can even do it slow
You can even do it slow
When you really gotta go
When you really gotta go
Just drop that mess to the floor
Plop something poop something
Grow a tail, Heather
Girl, go and drop a load
We can even do it slow
We can even do it slow
When you really gotta go
When you really gotta go
Just drop that mess to the floor
What's dumping? You's dumping
Grow a tail, Heather

Now real girls get down on the pot (on the pot)
You know they pooping though they act like they not (like they not)
Mama I like how you crap
The way you dump while you rap
Enter alone on the throne girl do it again
You know they love that
Now where them girls at?
It's Kitty dumping three, it's smelly, how you love that?
Come on, I'm doing another one sister
From the butt to the dirty how they loving it sister?
Baby you repressive let's get
To that there bathroom
Do the best of the best and
You got to lay it in the toilet, the next one down
I had to tell her she's a human like us so don't make a fuss
Look here momma you're dead wrong for holding it that long
The stall's built high so when you pooping I see your thong
My toilet's full of poop, dump it, Heather till the morning
With this bathroom that smelly man somebody better warn them


Oh no, them bad girls hear me pumping
Can't stop now
Got to continue my dumping, yeah
Because we gon' potty till them lights come on
And if my farts stop thumping then my fight's still on

Yo, I'm the big poopy type
I like them thick with their mind right
Slapping in the toilet, conversate when the time right (Naw)
They're not hard I've got ex-lax to handle that
They be like it's a man when it's really just Kitty Kat
Come on you know the links connect like Voltron
Wiping so much ass, TP going like fold-ons
My gohans don't match fool
But it matches her long poo and the seats that I got in the loo
I'm just a juvenile (Wha)
Because I be about C's
Keep the women dizzy when the bathroom's really busy
I dump like a truck or racehorse honey (I'm gon' drink some honey)
Man, I'm that packed sonny
See I'm moaning and groaning girl, that's how it's starting
I laid sixteen farts of fire, begging my pardon
Plus my Kats dump in packs like Sammy and Dean Martin
And don't light a match in here, or it's gonna start sparking




That's all!

Kit Kat

I read alot of stories on here but only tried to post once and it didnt go through for some reason. i have irritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes i go in my pants without any notice. it just comes out.
its usually mostley water. one time i was driving around in the car with my girlfriend and it just came out so i had to drive her home. I grew up with my mom giving me enemas cause i was born with an imperforate anus (no butthole) so its hard for me to hold it so every morning she would give me an enema and i would sit on the potty. she doesnt give them to me anymore i just give to myself, I love my enema bag i cant use it enough it feels so good to squeeze that warm water in my butt. i love to fill myself up and go lie in the tub and release it. i love to push all the water out of me. sometimes if i dont do my enemas i get constipated then i have to put my finger in my butt to pull out some of the stuff to get the nozzle in my butt. it feels so good and free to do an enema outside if i can if im alone i love it. sometimes i should probably wear diapers cause its hard for me to hold my pee too. i was driving in my car to work and i had to pee and there was nothing around me so i just went in my pants and i got to a bathroom and i smelled like pee so i just took off my boxers and threw them out i tried to dry my pants with the blow dryers in a public bathroom cause i had a big pee stain. ok i have to go ill talk more later

Poopie Bre
Yesterday I was at the library and I had to poop real bad, so bad that I could feel poop almost comming out as I was bending down to pick up some books that I had dropped. I went into the men's room and there was only two stalls, one was blocked and the other was in use.
So in the end I managed to hold it in until I was home and I felt very relieved. With only a tiny bit of turd coming out.

Hi, me again.

There was this other time I was on a houseboat trip with some family and friends when I had the sudden urge to poop.
Now the toilets on the houseboat had a flush pedal system, which I didn't like.
So I did my business in the toilet picked my business out with a plastic bag and dumped it in the bin.
Only thing is my Auntie who was on the houseboat, who cleaned the bins, find my "present" and I was so embrassed and humillated.

Hey Aussierod: yeah, do post more of ur family stories/sightings? cool posts, do keep them coming in...

Hey guys.
Over the past 2 weeks, I have been crckling out really long poo poos. Almost daily I would be on the toilet farting, crackling, and a nice long poo would slide out. Here is an example.

The typical poo over the past 2 weeks starts out with farts, farts, and more farts. Then I would feel a poo coming, and go sit on the toilet. Usually after a few good farts, a nice, long poo would crackle out of my butt. Of course it felt soooo good coming out! In fact, I have to poo now. As I stated in a previous post, that is one of my favourite things: posting/reading here when I have to drop a poo.

I have a question to all here. What is it about poo that makes you like it, want to know if others went poo, and want to talk about it? I'll give my answer. It just think it is so pleasurable to sit on the toilet and drop poo. Also, the sounds of going poo (my own and others) kind of makes me excited.

Well, as I said before, I have to go poo. Feels like a nice long one too! Time to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet!

Take care guys.

Eric in Chicago
Snoyd: Brussel sprouts are also good for farting (good way to convince kids to eat them). Chana dals (a type of lentil, rather famous for its near-complete lack of effect on blood sugar levels) also work pretty well if you don't soak them and drain the water first. They also come out in my shit the way corn does. Since I'm diabetic, I like to fart, and I like to see stuff come out in my shit, I think they're pretty cool (they also taste good when prepared properly). Hard-boiled eggs won't make you fart any more than usual, but they will make your farts really stink.

Poo lover: the smell of shit is mostly due to byproducts of amino acid digestion. It's usually attributed to indole and skatole, both breakdown products of tryptophan. Sulfides and mercaptans produced by the breakdown of cysteine and methionine can make it *really* stink. One time after I had a *very* garlic-rich Italian chicken dish, my shit had a garlic-like smell; that's also due to sulfur-containing compounds. When I was a kid, I'd notice a distinct sulfur-based odor (almost garlic-like) after I'd drink large amounts of green or blue food coloring when I wanted to make my shit turn green or blue; many food colorings contain sulfonyl groups. There's a distinctive smell that comes from eating not-quite-fresh fried chicken; we used to joke about it in college, where such food was commonly served in the cafeteria.

Louise (from France)
A younger Friend and collegue of mine, speaking about travelling to London for work or to study told me a very interesting thing....
She enjoyned going out for pubs in the eraly night with an english friend that came to visit her during the week she sepnt in London for a job training and professional english master she attended...
She usually waited for a night bus at a stop not far from covent garden area, where she used to "visit" some pub after the language school or in the early night, With he rfriend...
She told me that drinking beer or cider made her quickly need to pee in that cold weather, and even is she visited the loo at the pub she found herself needing bad a pee while waiting for the bus..
.She complaint for no public toilets around, than she told me a thing that she know I'm really interested about: She said that at least 2-3 times she couldn't wait any longer and she needed badly to empty her full bladder (beer, cider, cold weather and a bit tipsy status are a terrible mix to increase the "needing to pee sensation")..She told me that she asked her friend if she could indicate hero a secluted place nearby because she needed to pee badly...The first time her friend told her to not worry about because she needed to go too, and she knew the "right place to go"..My friend thought that she was bringing her to a dark alleway or between parked cars, instead she headed to a well lighted area on the opposite side of the small square.. IN that palce ther were 2 old style phone box..The english friend indicated them to my firend as "the toilets", my freind is not much Inhibited about peeing outdoor but she was abit puzzled...her freinds go first to "break the ice"..she asked her a tissue got into the red box and squatted to pee so naturally as she was going to a toilet..My friend followed her "sample",but as the floor of the phone kiosk used by her friend was soaked by her pee, she used teh other box...
I loved it, than my friend added that another night she used that phone box as a "toilet", because she felt the urge waiting for the bus again, while another day it was the turn of her english friend to squat in the phone box....
She told me that from the pee smell inside she was sure tehy wern't the only ones to use that box as "urinals", instead from what her friend said it seemed to pee a common "bad habit" to use those kind of phone box as "secluted street urinals"....
She told me that her friend peed into another phone kiosk near the pub in the late afternoon, and with many people working around....

I really appreciated her experience..

any more anecdotes about "Phone boxes-urinals" in London??



A question-survey for the ladies here:
Girls, where is the strangest place you peed?
This question is dedicated to all the women who want to talk about where are the more unsual place wher they happened to relieve themselves (not wetting). Men expereinces are welcome too, expecially if realted to witnessing a woman peeing in a odd place, but even about peeing themself in a very "Unusual" place..
please friends , replay

thanks in advance


Thanks very much 4 your reply, I would be very glad if you will post some detailed anecdotes next times when you'll have a bit more time to write...I'm really courious about you peeing in the changing room drain in presence of other girls..




About peeing in phone kiosk: it seems that is not so uncommon that pople of both sexes use them as urinal, expecially in London (mainly teh folcklorisitc red ones)..Probably because often they are the best hidden place to go pee...
I peed in one of them when I was a student, with a friend, I witnessed a mother letting her son and daughter piss into one while waiting for a call (no cells at the time). Sometimes, expecially near bus stop or station I felt a light urine smell when I phoned into a box (years ago, not existing cellular phones), in fact an english freind of mine once told me that they are a sort of "emergency unisex urinal".
I add that recently my hubby witnessed a tipsy elegant dressed woman, that after the "happy hour" beer at a pub in the business district, pissed into a red phone box, with her friend waiting outside, normally as it was a toilet...
My hubby pissed into one years ago too (while speaking on the phone with me, hearing the spalshing noise)

Do you ever peed into a phone box, or witnessed someone doing it?



This is my first time visiting this site. I did a search for the words "took a shit" and low and behold, a site for me. Im curious how others found or gravitated to this site.

I always wanted to watch a girl go poop. Its just something that I would never get to do. Ive even had girl roommates and never once even suspected them of pooping. Its as if they never do. Im thinking if they dont do it at work, and not in public bathrooms, and now not even at home then when? Maybe they do my favorite (shit and shower) You turn on the shower, take a nice massive one, jump in the shower (without wiping), get out, dry off, and flush. Ive found that the steam from the shower (and the soap) somehow dampen the smell.

Since im new to this board i have a few questions. Have any of you ever WATCHED IT COME OUT of a friend with their participation? Or participated in general with a friend? (besides sitting in the stall next to you). And do your farts smell (females)

I will try to tell you some poop stories. Just let me know what type of stories you would like to hear. Thanks for a great site.

Ok so i will share a story to break the ice.. Its in the embarrasing moment category. I was meeting this girl for a date. It was the big meet the parents date. I was sitting on her couch trying to be as gentleman as I could. I was doing pretty well and felt fine that day. I was talking to her parents about school, life, work and how smart and successful I was. She was almost ready to leave.

All of a sudden I felt a big gush in my stomache. I didnt know what was going on but it felt like i was starving for food or something. I then realized that I had to go really bad. This girls apt was pretty small and the bathroom was pretty much part of the living room.

I said "i will be right back... i forgot something.. i have to go.. bla bla bla" she said "no dont leave, im almost ready" I said no i really need to go. She was very confused as to why i would just up and leave and I can understand why. I felt my bum starting to get a little wet and said "oh no.. i have to use the bathroom" I figured maybe it would be one of those quick-drops and i could pass it off as a pee. She said "its over there" and of course her parents are pointing.

I went in the bathroom and felt like a nuclear bomb was unleashed from my hold. It was a mixture of solids, softs, farts, runs, and god knows what. I was in there for a good 15 mins when she began banging on the door "are you all right?" i said "im fine, be right out" i was so embarassed. THEN she opened the door, AND IN WALKED HER MOM WHILE I WAS ON THE SHITTER. There i was with my pants down sitting on the porcelian throne in someone elses house on a first date and the bathroom smelled horrendous. It was truly the most embarrasing moment.

Im also interested in farting girls and that type of stuff i dont know how anyone can contact people on here but would like to exchange some emails.

Twice Shy
Strangely coincidental

A couple days back at the office, I was incredibly busy with things, so I opted to order delivery pizza. Now, I'm well aware of what all of that nitrate-cured pork will do in terms of raunchifying one's outlet, but I chowed half a pie anyway, then went on. Later in the afternoon, I grabbed a 5th slice from the unrefrigerated box, having felt hunger strangely return.

The next morning, with duty straight before me, I woke up to a horrendous fusillade of farts, the kind of farts that you must imagine ran the whole length of the colon. When this was through, I was soon greeted by a cramping need to blow some turdage, only it soon became diarrhea. This was truly copious diarrhea, like when you go in for a colonscopy and have to drink the 4 liters of salts. I do believe I blew my whole system clean, for it was just a liquid spray at the end, like peeing from one's butt-crack.

So I'm thinking I must be one of those un-reported cases of food-borne illness out there, most likely from slice #5. Either that, or the whole pizza had some nastiness of salmonella or listeria to it from the get-go. I think I'll try ordering a different brand next time.

To Mel D.: That was an absolutely wonderful post about your outdoor pooping experience. If you have any more stories like that one I'd love to hear about them.

To Becky: That was a really great story you had. I thought it was so nice that you had a coach that was so understanding and trusting. I also sympatize with you on the whole not pooping in public bathrooms idea (even though I am a guy). I always try to hold my load in until I get home or somewhere more private.

That's all for now. Until next time, take care and keep the great posts coming!

Yours truly,


Monday, April 19, 2004

Louise: I pee both into the drain and on the floor of the changing room. I do it anytime, it doesn't matter to me if there are any other people there. We both pee in front of each other. I really don't have much time to write now, so I can't go into details, sorry. About your survey: same as you, LOL.

We see so many posts on here about parents, teachers, or coaches who are really mean to kids who have accidents and even punish them. How about we hear from some who had accidents and we treated with kindness.

I was a freshman in high school and on the school's field hockey team when it happened to me. I just can't say enough about how wonderful my coach was in that situation -- treating me with nothing but kindness and sympathy.

We had an away game that day and all through the bus ride there and my stomach was feeling really uneasy -- I knew I really had to have a bowel movement. I had been holding it in since lunchtime because I never did like to do that particular function in public bathrooms (especially school bathrooms) and would usually hold it in until I got home. But there were times, of course, that I did have to use the school bathrooms and I knew that this was one of them.

Unfortunately, when we got there, I discovered that the only bathroom available was this open toilet in the back of the equiptment storage room. There was no stall around it, just a wide open toilet in the back of this big room. By now, of course, I wished I had used the girls' room back at school because as bad as they were, they were a lot better than is. A lot of the other girls on my team complained about, but they did use it although I'm not sure anyway went BM in there. As for me, I just couldn't use a bathroom with no privacy and I resolved just to hold it in. I told the coach of my predicament, but there was really nothing should could do about it -- it was the only bathroom that was available. She did offer to stand guard at the door to the storage room so I could be guaranteed that no one would walk in on me while I using that toilet (as she did for another girl that wanted privacy to pee), but I just couldn't bring myself to do a bowel movement under these conditions. Looking back, it was really stupid of me not to go, because I would be guranteed even more privacy than I'd get in a typical girls' room stall, but I just felt uneasy sitting on a open toilet in this big storage room.

Well, you probably know the next part of the story. As much as I tried to hold it in, I just had to go too bad and I had already waited to long, to accomplish that. I could feel it happening a little at a time, but by the time the game was over, I had a very large bowel movement in my pants. Fortunately, though, it was a very solid movement that managed to stay in my panties and under the loose fitting field hockey skirts that we had to wear, the bulge in the panties wasn't noticeable. That was a small consolation, though, because I knew in the close confines of the bus on the long ride home, the smell would surely give me away.

After the game, though, the coach came over to me to ask me how I was doing. I felt too embarrassed to tell her, but somehow she just knew that I had had an accident. She gave me a big hug and told me that it was allright. She told me that accidents happen to everyone and its nothing to be ashamed of. She told me not to worry about it and not to cry because then the other girls would know. She said to just act casual and nobody had to know about it except the two of us.

I felt bad enough already, but I would have just died from the humiliation if my friends had found out. But thanks to my wonderful coach, no one else ever did find out about it. On the bus ride home, the coach told everyone that I wasn't feeling well and used that as the excuse for me to sit with her in the front of the bus. That way no one else on the bus got close enough to me to smell the bowel movement in my panties. Even so, the mess was big enough that there was quite a smell in the bus but no one could really figure out it was me. The coach just sat there next to me enduring that awful smell, just to make sure that none of the other girls would get close enough to me to know what the smell was. She knew I was ashamed and upset but she just wouldn't let me get down on myself for what happened.

Once back at school, she gave me a ride home -- not even worrying about me stinking up her car. The only thing she did was put down some newspaper so I wouldn't stain her car seat. Once home, I just finally broke down in tears at facing my mom with the mess in my panties. But the coach was still there comforting me and even told my mom that that it wasn't my fault because there just wasn't a bathroom at the game. My mom was mad at me at first (well, she was shocked at first, but she was mad right after that) but when she heard my coach say that there just wasn't a bathroom there, she seemed a lot more sympathetic. If she knew that there was a bathroom there and that I just refused to use it, I think I might have gotten punished. But as it was, my mom just warned me to be more careful next time. That was something else the coach saved me from.

Mom helped me clean myself up -- my skirt was stained but washable but my panties were a total loss and I just flushed them down the toilet. I cried some more in the shower but that was the end of the whole incident. In school, the next day, the coach again assured me that no one else had to know and no one else ever did know. My mom may have told my dad but I'm not even sure about that.

I jsut can't say enough about what the coach did for me that day, especially saving me from the unspeakable humiliation of having my friends find out about this. Reading some of the other posts on here about what some poor kids had endure for having accidents makes me realize just how lucky I was to have a coach like that -- especially considering how my accident was clearly my own fault in more ways than one.

I want to read more about coaches, parents, teachers, and others who were kind and helpful to you when you had an accident.

It's me again, in my post about how i pooped and peed in bed i mentioned it was my second time pooping my undies and third time wetting them but i forgot to tell you about the other 2 times i wet myself. you already know how i pooped my pants in the car when i was 13 and i pooped and peed my undies in bed the other night. one of the other times i peed my pants was when i was 15 i was at the movies with my boyfriend, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. i had to pee really bad at the end but no one else seemed to be going so i decided to hold it until i got home because i didnt want to be the only one who had to go. we got picked up in his brother's girlfriend's van but her parents forgot to put the last row of seats in so me and my boyfriend had to just sit on the floor in the way back. the position was really uncomfortable for how bad i had to pee and when the car got moving i tipped back a little and it made me lose control of myself. i peed my pants for like 2 minutes, we were barley even out of the parking lot when i finished and my pants were completely soaked with pee. i was shocked and had no idea what to do! my boyfriend has his arms around me and was rubbing me and i got really scared he would feel the wettness on my pants and know i had an accident. i told him right there that there was soemthing wet on the car floor and i had been sitting in it and now my butt was all wet! he bought it! he said "oh well move over to this side" and we moved hehe. he even put his hand on my butt to feel the wettness...i thought i had gotten away with it. it wasn't until the next night we were on the phone and he said "i know you wet your pants in the car, you smelled like pee." i was so embarrassed...we didn't break up about it or antyhing, but it still made things awkward. the other time i wet myself, was actually because i had to poop really bad! i was in the car with my friend and her mom becaus she had picked us up from a party. this was earlier this year. i had to pee a little, but part of the way home something gurgled in my ???? then i felt a big mass form in my bowels and i got a cramp in my stomach. i had to poop pretty bad, but believe it or not thats not what worried me. it was only about 5 more minutes until we got to my house so i knew i could hold in my poop, the real problem was the cramps from having to poop added to the pressure on my abdominal region from the seat belt was making me have to pee REALLY REALLY BAD! i had a good hold on my need to poop but i was struggling and almost whimpering trying not to totally wet my pants. i held it almost the whole way, but right as we were pulling on to my road it was like one big pressure release at once. i farted a really big but quiet fart, and as i was farting i felt the warm wetness spread in between my thighs and go into my lap at first, then felt the dreadful felling of this flood of warm wetness spreading rapidly under my butt. i whimpered uncontrollably and started to cry when my friends' mother turned and said "oh my goodness kelly are you all right!?" i shamefully told her while sobbing that i had peed my pants. before i could even apologize the pressure on my stomach was just too much. i stood from the car and my hard raced in a panic because i felt like i was going to poop my pants. i put both hands over my butt and moved into my house as quickly as possible while sobbing. i got into the bathroom and i barley got my pants down without pooping. i pooped on the floor next to the toilet a little bit, but at least i didn't go in my pants. i mean it was bad enough that i peed my pants so its not like it woulda been a huge deal if i pooped them too, but i knew it would be harded to clean up if i pooped my pants too. if it had been the other way around, where i pooped my pants but still had to pee, i would've jsut peed my pants..


ps: my brother found out i had an accident in bed...he saw my wet sheets and dirty underwear in teh laundry :( not fun

Sir Grunt-A-Lot
Hey the Sopranos 2 episodes ago the 1st half was about bowel movments... Chris's fiance Adriana a hot chick was in the car when she all of the sudden said i have to go to the bathroom and was holding her stomach. The driver said ok i will take you back to your car and Adriana was like no now #2. Then you seem them screach into a gas station her walk into the bathroom. Then you see her at the doctor and the doctor is pushing on her stomach and stuff talking to her about her diareaha. she says she is afraid to leave home cuz she is away from a toilet and is afraid of having an accident. The doctor tell her she has IBS. Well then you see her with Tony Soprano and she tells his all about her diareaha, then you see her with her fiance Chris and she tells him about it and tells him she has to give the doctor a stool sample. Then Chris tells one of his friends "she has diareaha or something like that" well laters.

kelly: wow thas a weird incident.
this is my fist time posting here but i went to the doctor and they found some infection in my stomach. anyways they gave me six bottles to fill up everytime i go poop. and everytime i fill em up i have poop on a newspaper and scoop a lil bit in the bottle with the included spoon. well by the time im done doing the proccess it is very smelly. but im almost done with them. well i got to go by the way this is a nice place.

One time I was visiting my cousins and my oldest cousin jean, who is about 18, was 17 at the time, had finished volleyball practice and her legs wer very sore. It hurt her incredibly to sit down. It hurt her so much that she was having difficulty sitting just to take a pee! Poor jean! I think later she had sort of squatted/hovered which didn't hurt as much.

Poo lover
Why does shit smell the way it does then?

2 days ago my family went to eat at a local all you can eat resturaunt.
i had steak,clam chouder, and a banana pudding that no one dared to eat.
the next day was easter! that evening i had bad cramps, i took an ibproufin thinking nothing of it until around 11pm!
oh the pain! The next day, it ended with another loaf.
i havnt crapped since!

love your storys, keep posting.


Today I took one of my trademark toilet clogging dumps, well it would have clogged the toilet if i had of done it there. No one was home so i was looking for a fun place to shit out a huge load i had been saving. There wasn't any good places inside so the backyard looked like the best place. This was going to be a shit that i couldn't blame on the dog, so i had to do it somewhere that it wouldn't been seen. I went up the side of the house, which is all grown over with weeds and stuff. I went all the way up the end, where no one would go. I cleared away the weeds in a small area for my poop to go. I slipped my pants off and put them on the ground. I thought of something to make my poop even more fun, i thought of shitting with my thong on to make it a bit harder to push out for a different sensation. I got really excited as i squatted down. I pulled my thong aside from my pussy to pee a stream that was strong and lasted for about 30 seconds. I put my thong back in place and relaxed. I could feel my poop trying to open up my asshole. It opened and my thong on my open anus felt strange but nice. My turd was pressing on the thong, i gave a push and it started moving out. The turd wouldn't come out on its own, i needed to be constantly pushing. I pushed until the turd was about 4 inches out, it stretched my thong, then got past it and slid out slowly. I looked down between my legs and it was really fat and long, about 14" long and almost 3" wide and dark brown. My thong was back in place, tight up against my throbbing asshole. I could feel another big turd ready to be pushed out already. I pushed really hard and it shot out really fast, straight past the thong and onto the ground. Another big one, same lenght as the last one, but not as thick. I was having so much fun i pushed for some more poop, but all i got were little tight farts. I was finished. I stood up, put some weeds over my huge load, grabbed my pants and walked back inside with my shitty thong on. I took my thong off and there was shit all over it, i threw it in the bin, put my pants back on and went without underwear and with a dirty asshole for the rest of the day.



What foods make you fart?

I've found that (in addition to beans, the usual suspects) that sauerkraut and broccoli are great for generating gas. I've ripped a few real boomers in the hours after a meal that includes sauerkraut--and those are usually pretty raunchy.

Louise (from France)
Dear Chantal (Switzerland)
Probably in your caountry you are more shy about peeing roaside, I and my daughter peed like you did more than sometimes, expecially in small resta areas (without toilet); I'v seen other women doing this and many women pissing outdoor, I don't know if men pissing outdoor is so common in your country, her in france is quite a normal thing...thank for posting dear.

Funny, and long posting, go on like this darling!

Funny cmaping pee, you are lucky that you can aim your pee 2 ft in fornt of you, ahve you praticed doing this in other palces (in teh shower, public toilets ,

Keep on posting pee storeis..

happypee to all




I poop at least 6 times a day. is that normll for a 10 year old to do?

I can relate to your story because two of my GF's would never sit on the toilet, even in their own private bathroom...They do this stand/bend over thing with or without spreading their butt cheeks (depending on how hard they need to strain). They both would never sit, always touch the door of flushing handle with a tissue..but odd enough they would both never be disgusted to touch thier turds. One regularly break her turds with a toilet paper. The other one I saw pushing soap bars and digging poop balls out of her anus when she was constipated.

That reminds me something that saw few years ago.
I happened to be in a Unisex toilet in one of the office buildings in SF. There were 3 stalls and I took the middle one... I heard the door next to me slam and after few minutes a faint hissing of shy pee... I was about to exit my cubicle, then suddely a strong smell like a dead animal hit my nose.
I looked for a way to see what's going on because I don't remeber that I smelled anything like that in my life..Then I noticed that there is a small gap at the back of the cubicle and that the tiles are quite reflective...
I managed to see the lady in the next cubicle high hovering over the bowl her skirt is hiked on her waist and she was straining to push a turd. The turd was quite thick, and was sticking about 2 inches out of her hole. She stood like that about 20 minutes, tring to force it out.. each time it moved few milimiters out and back in. In the mean time everyone that entered the room made a comment "ewwwww.... what is this!!..." Finally, she managed to push it all out..I was expecting a monster but it no longer that 3-4inches. Still it is a big questing how come a small piece of turd can make such a terrible smell that stayed out long after she left...

I woke up with a bad case of gas this morning, and I wound up having a very loose bm. The toilet was full of all these little squiggleys. I went to work and felt fine. After work tonight I had another bm, which is kinda usual for me. It was a normal little log. Then later I was super-hungary and ate lots of pasta for dinner. About an hour later my stomach started to hurt really bad. I kept passing gas and shifting around and I knew that I was going to have diarrhea. Problem is, we have 6 people in my house and one bathroom. I dont get along with the people I live with, and I try my best to be unobtrusive. Anyway, I finally got to the bathroom (it was occupied, I thought I was going to go in my pants) and I released several mini waves of diarrhea, but when I looked in the toilet all that was there was a few little pieces of stool, smaller than a penny, and a little brown liquid. I was surprised thats all that was there. It smelled really bad. I sprayed some baby powder around and used some scented soap, hoping to cover the smell. A few minutes later one of the roomies went in and was like "ooh, holy crap was that you?" to another roomie. Then he sprayed some spray. I was so embarassed. I don't know how to face these people anymore. Living with them sucks, but giving them ammo just annoys me.

John D.
I love black toilets but they are not always easy to find. There is a gas station nearby that has a single-person unisex bathroom with the black seat. There is a nice-looking girl working there and I'd love to sit down and take a poop there but the seat is always filthy. There is a lot of yellowish crud on the bottom of the seat (it looks like dried-up piss that hasn't been cleaned in days) and there is no way I'm plopping my ass down on this.

At Home Depot, I was entering a stall and I noticed the feet of the guy in the stall next to mine were close to his door. I peeked through the crack as I was entering my stall and could see that he was wiping. His hairy butt was right next to the door and his hand was busily wiping away any residues of crap. I went into my stall, satr on the can and watched his feet as he continued to wipe. He would lift the heel of one foot as he was wiping. He had his khakis and white boxer-briefs all the way down to the floor. He finished wiping and pulled up his underwear and pants and flushed. He must have clogged the toilet because he flushed twice and it didn't soulnd like it was flushing properly.

I remember a few years back when my buddy Tony and I were at the mall and we both had to take a dump. We went into the restrooms at Sears and took adjoining stalls. We had never crapped together, although he did take a leak at a urinal once while I was dumping in a restroom with no partitions. I was a bit curious how he dumped. He pulled his pants and green Jockeys all the way down and got up on his toes. He didn't make much noise, but we both did fart a little bit. We both laughed when that happened. We exchanged a few words, but didn't really talk much. I think he sat and wiped, as did I. He wiped about 5 or 6 times and came out before I did. It was pretty cool. I've had the pleasure of seeing him dump a couple times since, and he still drops pants and undies all the way down, as well as get up on his toes.

Biker Trash
Hello, all
I have an obsrevation and a story. The other day between classes I went to the park up the street from the campus to walk around and kill an hour or so. (The park toilets are only open from April to November according to the Kansas recreational season.) I was walking along the pathway and burning one when a family came from the other direction. Out of respect for the nature of what I was smoking, I decided to get off the trail away from the kids in the coming family so that I wouldn't expose them to the nature of what I was doing. This was near the closed restrooms. Behind the row of trees where I was waiting, I began to notice small piles of wadded tissue, napkins and the nature, and occasionally, there would be a turd by one of the tissue piles. I just thought it funny that the general public, who can't close themselves from April to November, would take to relieving themselves outside rather than complain to the parks dept.
Now for my story: My girlfriend and I were at a bar Fri night-one of those hole in the wall punk joints with no class or talent, but lots of alcohol sex and things of that nature-and after a while I had to pee. I went to the back corner and wrangled with the door to the restroom and stumbled inside. I had never been in this bar before, but I wasn't surprised to find three inches of filth covering everything, followed by graffitti and stickers and whatnot. The room must have been a boiler room as there were pipes switches to God knows what and all kinds of crazy shit everywhere. I finally picked out which contraption was supposed to be a toilet and peed at it rather than in it. The experience was weird but unexciting and odd. My girlfriend opted to wait until I took her home. She has an iron bladder on a bad day, anyway.

What are ya'lls opinions on toilets with automatic flush sensors? I'm compiling info for a research paper for class arguing against automatic toilets and I'd appreciate any feedback during the next few weeks pro or con. Thanks...

This morning before I left for the campus I was outside smoking when I got choked and hacked up three and 1/2 lungs. This was nothing new, but apparently I had to take a shit and wasn't awake enough to know yet. The coughing got things moving and at first I was farting with every cough, then I figured out the next wave of coughing probably wouldn't just bring all talk. I was in a pair of lounge pants and a flannel which made things easier in a hurry, so I stepped off of the porch and coughed again, feeling the head of my turd start sliding out. I just squatted and yanked my pants below my rear end let go. The turd was rather thin and smooth and was actually quite comfortable. It fell in a perfect coil--an act that doesn't happen that often for me. I pulled myself down from under my rear waistband to pee, then stood up and finished smoking, then went in to wipe. I had to move the turd so that my roomates wouldn't be irritated, as that basically happened at the bottom of the steps going out. I wonder what my neighbors must think if any of them saw.

Two other things that came to mind:

* How many have seen the movie "Fools Rush In"? Remember that sequence where Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry are sharing the bathroom in the morning and she starts to use the toilet? He turns and leaves immediately. She gets up, her (hot pink) panties around her knees, goes and drags him back in by the hand, and makes him sit on the edge of the tub and face her while she pisses and/or takes a dump.

Somehow, I don't think I'd have to be dragged back in--in fact, I know I wouldn't leave--if Salma Hayek wanted to drop her panties and piss while I watched. I think I'd even be enough of a gentleman to offer to help her wipe. :-D

* What about that third use of the bathroom exclusive to women--dealing with menstruation? How about some menstruation stories?

Wednesday, April 15, 2004


To Marcy Anne: Hey girl I read your pooping accident with some empathy.Every time I need to poop especially if it's gonna be abig one I always manage to get an erection. Actually it can be embaressing at times, like the other day I was in the sports section of a large store looking at some fishing gear. I felt the urge to poop, as I hadn't done my morning poop I knew this was going to be a sensation, I continued to browse for awhile , but I felt my erection starting to become noticeable. So I sort of turned into a corner & pulled my T shirt out of my jeans so to cover the obvious. I let out a few sbd's, the smell announced to anyone in th3e vicinity that I was brewing up a poop. The cramps became more & more frequent , I thought now is the time to go find a toilet for I could feel the knobbly turtle's head make its way to my ring. As i passed through the checkouts I had to stand ,clench my cheeks & try to withdraw the poop that had started to slide out, having done that I walked quickly but awkwardly to the gents. Just as I reached the corridor leading to the toilet I had to step over a pool of spilt milkshake. This forced me to change my stride, this caused an 8" log to slide out into jox, this caused me to have the male equivalent of what happened to you!!!!!!!!!!!I made it to the toilet in time to do the rest of my poop in the bowl , fortunately it was a hard poop , the mess was minimal...............

To Kit Kat....... Thanks for taking an interest in my family stories, I do have a few more stories if you are interested in reading them????????? Just let me know .........

A short survey for the gals. If you need to have a poop & there is no paper what do you do??????
Hang on till you find a toilet with paper.
or have a poop & don't wipe, cause sometimes you just gotta go
or wipe your hole with your finger, then wash it afterwards???? I have done all of them from time to time

Katie: Re standing to some of my recent posts when I stayed at my uncles place for vacation a few years go.As a result of this I often stqand to poop, especially when the seat is covered in other people's shit, just back up to the bowl , open one of your cheeks with your hand & let go. Makes for wiping easy too.
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day I posted about a Phoney Phart Mark 1 when it turns into a runny shit. The reverse you might call the False Report. When I was in college, there was some friends of my mom and dad who lived 50 miles away and often asked me over. This day they asked me to give a lift to the Reverend Mother of a convent which was on the way. I was (am)quite shy and this was quite an ordeal. Made worse by the fact that she plonked herself on the back seat and read her office on the way there. No conversation at least! Lunch was great with a dozen people though I didn't speak to Reverend Mother. On the way home she sat next to me and the atmosphere warmed up. Then ten miles on the road I started the most agonising stomach cramps and an overwhelming desire for a bm. No question of embarrassment I had to stop and get out of the automobile.
"I'm sorry, Mother, I have to go to the bathroom. I just can't hold it." "Don't worry. Pull over and we'll work it out." I stopped by the side of the road, hobbled round the car and began to pull down my panties. Reverend Mother opened the two doors and I squatted between them. She took up a position with her back to me so I was in a square.
I waited for a stream of shit. All I got was a monumental fart. Ten seconds of blast a bugler would have been proud of encompassing three distinct notes. Then...nothing. It was as if I was empty though I heaved and pushed. After a minute or so Reverend Mother turned round. "Is that all?" I was scarlet with embarrassment and nearly in tears. "I'm afraid so." "Good, let's get going." After about ten minutes or so on the road she said "Do you know what caused that?" Oh my God, what, divine punishment? "No, Reverend Mother," "That dratted artichoke soup! I've had presentiments myself." Is that nun-speak for farts? And then a little later, "We have no secrets might I ask you to open the window." And then a fart not in my league but not bad. "That's much better." And, do you know, no smell at all! Is that the Odor of Sanctity?

love and kisses Anthea

Sorry I haven't posted for quite a while but it's been a busy time one way and another.

The other week my Aunt Anne paid one of her visits and brought my uncle too. As soon as she arrived, Aunt Anne announced in her characteristically humourus fashion that they were both 'bursting for the loo!' The reason for this was that on route they'd called on another relative for morning coffee but declined, for reasons to do with the cleanliness of his house, to use his loo. Coffee coupled with a long drive meant that by the time they arrived with us they were both desperate to pee. Aunt Anne made us of the facilities first and Uncle followed. They were both very glad of the relief when it came!

Punk Rock Girl. Sorry to hear about your bout of constipation but I'm pleased it's sorted now.

Chantal (Switzerland). I know what it's like to be bursting for a pee when I'm in a car and I'm glad you got the relief you needed. About five years ago I was in a car with some friends and, despite going to the loo before we set out I'd taken too much fluid on board and it wasn't long before I needed to pee badly. I held on as long as I could but eventually I had to ask them to call at a service station which they very kindly did. Luckily the loos were in order.

Marcy Anne. I enjoyed your account of the accident you had on that afternoon hike. If you needed to poo from 7.30am it's hardly surprising that you had an accident at 3.30pm. It sounds to me as though you'd probably been constipated for a day or two and your early morning tea/coffee coupled with all the walking you did during the day, not to mention food you'd eaten, brought the need for a motion on. I'm surprised but delighted that you enjoyed the experience of doing it in your knickers. If you like it that much it you may well decide to enjoy a few more accidents, accidentally on purpose. I remember many years ago visiting Alton Towers. On my way to the coach in the morning I got the feeling that I needed to big poo but there was no chance to go. By dint of sheer good luck I managed to hold on during the journey without shitting myself. When I go there I reluctantly headed for the rather rustic gents toilets and had a good poo, thinking I was done. Wrong! Later on in the day, just before leaving for home, I decided to go for a pee. As I was stood peeing at the urinal I farted and something more solid shot out into my pants. I'd had an 'ambush motion'! Luckily it wasn't too bad but bad enough. Upon getting home I put my pants in the wash and had a good shower.

Louise (France). I've seen guys peeing in public before now, including one on a railway bridge in Edinburgh. It's not something I'd encourage though unless it's an absolute emergency. In answer to your little survey, my reply would be (B). If I needed a pee badly and a loo wasn't available I'd look for an alternative, such as bushes. If I had to hold though I'd try and hold.



Hi all,
An interesting thing happened this easter weekend. On Friday night I went to a party with lots of drinking. I've been drunk many times and find I do large and soft poos the next morning. However, the next morning after this party my poo was almost black in colour. The only thing different I drank was some tia maria but only then it was a couple of swigs from the bottle. I've heard other people saying this happens when they drink certain things. Strange.

Andi - it's good to see another Aussie on here, I think there are only a small handful (that I know of) including myself and PV (from Adelaide).

I was wondering how many wipes people take after using the loo. I seem to wipe rather a lot, and as a result, take a really long time to have a crap and I'm beginning to wonder if I've got something wrong down there.

hi i'm the kelly who crapped in my shorts in the car when iwas 13, posted that story a couple weeks ago. i just wanted to ask about an unexplained bed time accident....i'd never wet or pooped myself in bed since i got out of diapers until 2 nights ago...i don't even know why, i didn't eat or drink anything weird before bed and i didn't have to go before hand and i was not even sick, but i woke up yesterday morning and my underwear was soaking wet and i had a big load in them. it wasn't messy diahrrea poop either i just took a regular poop in my underwear and wet them too while i was sleeping. i can't think of any reason i would have randomly peed and crapped myself in bed one night when i've never done it in my life...i had like salmon colored underwear on, the were only a little wet on the front but they were completely wet on my butt almost up to the waist band. the poop was dark colord and solid and was about teh size of a softball and filled up my underwear a lot, but despite my udnerwear being soaking wet there wasn't much of a brown stain through my was weird. the wet spot on my sheets was gigantic too. it's my first accident in bed ever, second time i pooped my underwear and third time i peed them..i don't know why this would happen, does anyone have any idea?

My friends and I were once filming a movie at a highschool. It was very stupid but I really had to go 1(and sort of 2 but I can hold this in real good)so I tried to make it inconspicious but was hard. Then a scene called for me to come out from behind some distant bushes so I thought this was perfect. I went walking back there and hid while pushing down my pants. Then I let loose and after a minute of steady stream(good thing they were still planning). Just as I got my pants up, the scene started. Funny that no one noticed sound.

First time posting, long time reader.

Girls keep posting pee stories outside.

One day I was getting ready to take a bath when I decided to pee and poop on a towel. So I got a towel and peed and pooped all over it.

I always pee in the shower whenever i ge out of bed i go to the shower and get in (when the water warms up!)and pee sometimes if i have a bad case of diarea the i go in the shower i was wondering if thats normall for a women (21) to do?

pooper F

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