Kit Kat
Laura: I use terms like "pinch a loaf" sometimes, or "laying cable," but I generally want to get the point across, so I say "take a dump" the most. I used to use "#2" back when I didn't like saying the word "poop" but now I don't use that as much anymore.

Rose: How embarrassing! I'm glad nothing like that ever happened to me, but I'm puzzled as to why you never asked to be excused to the bathroom.

Katie T: I definitely think that guys need to open their eyes and accept the fact that girls poop. I'd be really annoyed if I had a boyfriend who would hold me up when I needed to pee, but not poop. It seems like I'd need it more while pooping! I'm glad you were able to handle the situation well.

Nikki: I certainly haven't ever gotten away completely with an accident before, but this one was a half-and-half deal, I guess. On my sixteenth birthday, I had a pretty bad accident. I guess that I have a problem with bananas or artificial banana flavoring, because I had a big banana frozen yogurt and paid for it with a pair of cute white panties and dark blue Capri pants. And I've had frozen yogurt from the same place before, and haven't had a problem. Luckily, it was when I was coming home, and it was mostly of my own volition. I was riding in my best friend's jeep, just the two of us, and we were stuck in traffic. Ah traffic, the old nemesis of anyone who needs to get home to their toilet. My stomach was making weird noises, and my friend Jen was worried about me. The conversation went something like this:
"Hey, are you okay? You look like you're gonna hurl."
"Well, I'm not gonna hurl, but I think I have really bad gas, or more."
"You can let off, you know. I don't mind."
I bit my lip and let go slightly:
"Umm...that didn't feel safe."
"Didn't sound safe either." Then a few moments later, "Holy s***, that stinks."
"Thanks for your moral support, Jen. I just crapped my pants and all you can do is comment on the smell?"
"You actually did poop?"
"Not much, maybe just a little, but there's definitely a stain on my panties. I can feel wetness."
"Thanks for the report."
"Yeah, no prob."
I stayed hunched over for about ten minutes, and we moved about an inch during that time.
"Uh, Kit Kat, it doesn't look like we're going anywhere."
"Are you sure?"
"Well, a few people are getting stuff out of the back of their car like drinks and such."
"Darn." A pause. "I think I'm gonna let the rest of this go then."
"In your pants?"
"Unless you have a better idea."
"Okay, I'll crack the windows once you're done."
For a while it didn't work, because I had to let myself crap my pants, which was so much harder than it seemed at that point. I just couldn't do it for a while. Then a cramp shot through me, and I had no choice.
"Wow, you really toasted that one."
"Yeah. We're going to have to have a funeral for my panties."
Surprisingly, I wasn't too distraught. All we really had to do to prevent my parents from noticing was spray a little air freshener in the car and a LOT on my butt. I just washed out the Capris and did my own laundry that week. The panties were a lost cause, though, so I canned them.

Aussierod: I liked your story about the sightings of your various family members. I wish someone would spy on me like that. Not freaky-spy, like some old guy at an abandoned rest area, but a hotter scenario, like one of my guy or girl friends peeking in through a door I didn't exactly close all the way. :)

That's all for now!

Kit Kat

Sorry. It's been a while. I've been kind of busy, but I have a story that you may find interesting (it wasn't very interesting to me at the time though!). Okay.. here you go.

I'm lactose intolerant. Anytime I have more than just a little milk, I get really sick. I always have really bad stomach cramps followed by horrible diarrhea and nausea. I've always managed to keep from throwing up, but my last episode was pretty bad.

I had eaten a lot of mac and cheese. I didn't really think about that much. I had been a little constipated and figured that if it did make me sick (and usually cheese alone doesn't), then at least I'd finally be able to go to the bathroom. I had already tried to poop twice, but I couldn't. Anyway, about two hours (maybe a little sooner.. don't really remember) after I ate I was on the phone. I was suddenly hit by a really bad cramp. I knew what was about to happen so I made up a quick excuse to get off the phone and then I bolted to the bathroom, tearing off my jeans as I went. I just knew that I was going to have the diarrhea all over myself before I made it, but I didn't. I made it to the toilet and sat down. I had that burning feeling that you get, but all that came out were a few little drips.

It was like I was constipated and had diarrhea at the same time. It was horrible. I could feel the hot, sick diarrhea pushing to get out, but I couldn't go. I was doubled over, my stomach hurt so bad and I had my hand pressed against my mouth, trying not to throw up.

It hurt so bad so sitting there trying to let it come out on it's on so I started pushing, anything to get it out of me. That made my butt hurt so much that I started crying. The pain of that certainly didn't help and I actually moved the wastebasket in front of me, because the pain was making me feel even more puke-y.

Somehow, I finally got started and after that it all just sort of exploded out of me. I finally got the nerve to look down and the toilet was so full that it surprised me. I'm pretty small and I couldn't believe that all that crap had come from me. I only wiped once and then decided that I should courtesy flush, just in case. I did and the toilet clogged. I had to finish wiping (my raw and sore and burning and stinging rear--ow) and stagger downstairs to find a plunger. I started feeling sick again, so I went into the living room, sat down on the couch, and closed my eyes. I finally got back up there with the plunger and it was horrible. I actually had to scoop my poop out of the toilet and throw it away. So disgusting.

I am NEVER eating mac and cheese again... no matter how good it tastes.

Anyway.. I learned something "interesting" from that ordeal. You CAN have diarrhea and constipation at the same time. I hope none of you ever experience that, either. It was my worst bathroom experience ever. Ugh.

Hallo Simone,

nice to read a Story from Germany. Iīm a frequent reader of this site and iīm living near Stuttgart. Do you have some interesting poop stories from Germany ?

today i was in traffic adn it was backed up pretty far back. i had a lot to drink earlier that day and didn't pee all day either. i had to pee really bad. i got over in the outside lane and opened the door and pulled out my pecker and peed for about 2 minutes it was the greatest pee ever though

hottie how many people"s cars have you peed on< have your neighbors ever caught you doing that( i assume you have done it before since you haven"t used a toliet in six months)

everyone keep the stories coming there great

Donna & Lisa (pooping buddies)

Love your story about you and Amanda at school, I have had the same problem lately, my friend Lisa and myself have pre-school revision sessions this term which means starting at 8.30 am, I usually pick her up at about 8 and neither of us are usually ready for our morning dumps by this point. We usually let a bit of gas out on the way but nothing more. The other morning we finished out 8.30 session and were heading for morning registration. I was desperate, and could feel a large turtle poking his head out for a look, I told Lisa I had to go a take a massive shit and to excuse me from registration, Lisa said that she was just about to say the same thing. The corridors were really busy and this usually meant that the toilets would be full as well, we went and found the 1st grade toilets on the first floor, as many first graders haven't got the guts to dump at school, so we can usually find spare cubicles down there.

We went in and all 5 cubicles were full, and it sounded like there was a lot of dumping going on as plop after plop rung out from different stalls. Lisa and myself were now getting desperate, we heard some rustling which meant that someone was finishing off with a wipe with the rough school toilet paper. Luckily two cubilcles came free at the same time, but not next to each other. We took the stalls, while a 1st grader continued dumping a massive load between us. I heard Lisa unzip and take her position, I hitched up my skirt and sat down, the turd almost imediately started to slip out, it was long and slipped into the water fairly silently, but there was far more to follow. Lisa let rip with a series of farts, which made a few of the girls in other stalls giggle. Lisa apologised and then launched out several large sounding pieces, which plopped loadly into the toilet. The first grader next door pushed out one more plop and then wiped and left. I was straining and heard Lisa drop another couple of large pieces, I asked her how she was doing, and she said that she was pretty much empty, so started to wipe. I was still straining and Lisa came into my stall to chat while I continued. A big dump was half out and Lisa took a look, slowly it crackled out and plopped loudly into the water. I sighed I was pretty much done. I took the rough recycled tp and cleaned up, we had been about twenty minutes and had definately missed registration, but it was worth every minute. Curiously two of the stalls which were occupied when we went in, were still occupied by the same girls, they either had stage fright or were very blocked up. We pretended to leave, and as we did, we heard both girls strain and push out large turds - it must have been stage fright.

Ash D - I would love to swap college pooping stories with you, I or myself and Lisa go pretty much daily and are usually worth a story or some kind - hope to hear from you

Ash D

I think you're so like the Australian version of me, we both love dumping and get bored always using the toilet to do it. I like you, love going to public restrooms and just listening and waiting to see if anyone's performing, before performing myself. At school I nearly always need a daily dump as I get up too late to get time to go at home, loads of my friends would never dream of using the school toilets, but I love it, and I have a couple of dumping buddies, who I often poop together with. I grew up on a farm so I have been dumping outside all my life, in fields, in barns, on haystacks etc etc,wiping my ass with leaves or whatever. So it means that I have no problems just squatting where and when I want. It sounds like you're pretty much the same. I get away with buddies for weekends a lot and we always have great dumping sessions and chats about our bodily functions, but I love hearing about your stories, because I can really relate to them. I live in Perth WA and am 16, 5ft 9 tall and about 65kgs. I dump up to three times a day anywhere that I get the chance. As its Easter Saturday, and I've got nothing to do, I hanging out with my Skye this afternoon, I'm holding a good dump in, so hopefully will have a good story for everyone tomorrow.

Over and out from WA - Andi xxxxxxxxxxx

This is RMA again (second post):
To Katie T.:
Too bad your boyfriend wouldn't help you poop. If my girlfriend wanted me to help/watch her poop I would be ecstatic. There's nothing cuter than a grown woman pooping.


I haven't had any memorable poops over the last few days. On Friday I'm going camping so I might have some good pooping stories after next weekend. There are toilet facilities at the camping area but I'm not sure what they are like - I have never been camping at this place before. I find it hard to take a dump whenever I have gone camping in the past. The fact that I won't be eating many fruit or ???? on this camp doesn't help matter either. I will write back with any good pooping stories.

To Marcy Anne: I like your story, it really turned me on. I love reading about people doing big solid turds in their pants. I have never pooped in my pants as an adult but I remember doing it quite often as a child. I also enjoy reading stories about people trying to squeeze out huge, rock solid logs, after being constipated for a few days.

PRG- I enjoyed your description of the recent post-constipation poo. Interesting comment at the wrote:

> I finished my ice cream and we walked out onto the street. I felt
> light as a feather! Nothing like a nice, big, long dump to brighten
> up your day!!! Then your ass can go back to it's other job, being a
> super-cute thing for your boyfriend's hand to squeeze!!!

While I'm sure squeezing your bottom is something your boyfriend loves to do, you might also consider letting him help you with your constipation now and again. A well lubricated finger, gently inserted in a really cute bottem and then wiggled can make your bottom want to poop awfull bad sometimes...try it, you BOTH may like it.- JW

vapour- i also never peed or shit outside.


To Andy: Just read your posting about Imodium. Man, that stuff is SERIOUS. I would only take it if I was traveling, and I was not in my own home where I could shit when and where I please. Otherwise, that stuff will block you up. Obviously, you had a lot of stuff that needed to come out and when you took the Imodium it was like a major build-up of toxins.
I bet your ass was burning when you finally let it go. You're really supposed to crap everyday and not going for four days sounds like a bomb waiting to go off. Oh well buddy, you learn something new everyday.

Good evening; rainy Easter here. Yesterday I decided to squat on the toilet bowl rim and hold a mirror down in front of me to see my poop emerge. In the initial squat my cheeks were spread, but my anus was just a dark spot. Then I began to push, and my anus descended slightly and opened out to look like two lips with a narrow slit between them, front to back. Then it opened a bit more and my first turd began to appear. Gradually it came out, forcing my anus further open. It was fascinating to watch from that angle. I did three nice turds that splashed heavily into the water below, slightly splashing my bottom. Today I had an interesting incident. After my two morning b.m.'s, I put a little Noxzema on the last bit of toilet paper, as usual, and cleaned off my anus, finally pushing the paper up into the hole to clean it up. (These were uses 571 and 572 from that jar.) Apparently the second time part of the paper broke off in my anus and stuck there. After this b.m. I finished dressing and went off to play for Easter service. I came back and had lunch; somewhat later I had gas. I let a fart, expecting the usual noise; what came instead was a slightly burbly hiss, almost silent. This happened a couple of times more, and the last time it felt like something else--presumably a tiny turdlet--had come partway out, as well. I went into the bathroom, dropped my pants, and reached back to feel between my cheeks. Sure enough, something was hanging out, but it didn't feel like a turd. Carefully I grasped it, pushed slightly, and pulled it free. It was a small piece of moist toilet paper, from my morning wipe! It had modified the sound of my farts. After removing it, I had occasion to pass more gas, and the sound was as expected.
No unusual sightings lately except a nice potato-shaped floater of a turd at work; very dark brown, solid and big.
Happy pooping, all!

To Ash & Mel D: I absolutely loved your buddy-dump story from the other day with your sister Mel. It really shocked me hearing that all your logs actually flushed down without clogging the toilet. Keep those great posts coming!

To Kit Kat: I thought your "poop jingle" was pretty cool. I for one used to be like the guys you talked about thinking only other guys pooped. But once I found this forum a few months ago, that changed. I was actually quite thrilled to read all these posts where girls described their pooping habits and even their enjoyment of pooping. If you have any more jingles or pooping stories, I'd love to read them.

To Katie: I liked your last story but am kinda ticked at your boyfriend for not helping you when you needed to poop. I know that if I was there I would definitely have helped you out, even if your boyfriend disagreed. I also would be perfectly comfortable with a girl wanting me to watch her poop. I think that'd be extremely flattering for a girl to be open and comfortable enough to let a guy watch. Kudos to you and all other girls out there that feel the same way.

Until next time,

Yours truly,


Hey guys.
No reportable poo poo recently for me, but saw a couple of questions that I want to reply to.

To Laura: In responce to what term I use, I like to use more childish terms to keep the humour in it. "Poo poo" is most common for me. Like I would say "I have to go poo poo". "I have to go poo/I have to drop a poo" are also terms I use.

To Katie: Welcome! In responce to your question regarding going poo standing up, it is something that I have done many time before. I have a story about once I did this. I stood over the toilet (pants totally off), and looked in the mirror. After some crackling, I saw a poo emerge from my butt. It slowly grew longer, and longer. I was able to stop it mid poop, and I had a nice looking poo sticking about 5 inches from my butt. I then pushed, and it kept growing before breaking off, and landing with a big splash in the toilet. That was a fun experience.

Well, that's all for today.

Keep up the crackling!

Take care guys.

Chantal (Switzerland)
Dear Louise (from France); finally I read all your posts, and I am quite open to your problems. I am female, 38 years old, and live in Southern Switzerland, near to the border to France. I had to pee only once on the highway as you describe, last summer. We were driving with my mother and my 11 years old son to our summer resort when suddenly the traffic came to a complete stop. There was a traffic jam on the highway. I felt a horrible urge to go, as I had drunk enough coffee before. I understood I had to go soon as my bladder was about to burst. So I opened the back door of my car, and I knew my bladder was about to burst. I lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and pantyhose and did it right there on the escape lane. Never in my life I felt such a relief by peeing. I am sure you will apreciate.

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and have posted once before.It's cool to have a place for us to share our experiences.Here's the highlight in my week of defication:

Earlier this week I went to dinner with my mate. I had this really good chicken dish some beer and dessert. I was so full I thought that I would explode. When we got home I thought sitting on the toilet would help. I was sure that I was gonna produce quite a nice load. There was so much pressure on my hole but nothing wanted to come out. I just kept letting out all these little annoying farts. Finally I felt like a trud was gonna pass and I let out the loudest, mos foul fart ever. I felt complete relief and figured thats all there was to it. I then sprayed down the bathroom with air freshener brushed my teeth and then went to bed.

Around 3:30am I woke up with herendous cramps and major need to empty out. As I jupmed out of the bed I felt the acid flowing through my bowels, to my rectum and thought that I would not make it to the toilet. Before my ass could hit the seat hot liquid poo and pea sized turds started jetting out of my hole with incredible force. It just kept flowing it was so acidic that it felt like my butthole was on fire. This continued in waves, as you can inagine my ass was getting completly soake with shitwater. At one point during this crapping session the force was so hard that as the shit hit the water it was splashing out of the sides of the toilet seat. So finally after about five minutes the cramping subsided and the shitting stopped. As I sat there on the toilet, i dreaded having to wipe. I knew it was gonna be a mess. My ass and balls were covered with watered down shit. I used alot of toilet paper but ended up having get in the shower to feel really clean. As I was in the shower, as usual the warmth of the water triggered my bladder I let out a stream of piss and all of the sudden my guts started to churn and I didn't want to shit in the shower so I jumped out made it to the toilet and emptied out another load. This was not as bad. I finished and got back in the shower finished and returned to bed. I went back to sleep and got up to go to work. I got to work and about 3 hours into my shift I got that ever so familiar gurgling feeling in my bowels and knew that I was gonna have to shit. I hate shitting at work but it is a small office i figured that I'd be safe. I ran to the bathroon got in the stall , put down the seat cover and let it all go. I looked over and there was no toilet paper. My first instict was to use toilet seat covers but I was sitting on the last one i then got up off the toilet stall, crawled underneath to the adjoining stall and grabbed the start of the roll and brought it through to my stall and continued to clean up. That was the most work I ever had to do to complete a dump. I would like to hear about other poeples experiences in public or private restrooms where there was no paper or they ran out.

Cheers Thanks Alot

B. Guy
Which actors/actresses would you like to see poop/pee ?

I woke up yesterday morning after a lovely meal the night before with terrible ???? ache. I looked extremely bloated my poor ???? was swollen up like a balloon and i was having extremely painful stomachache.At work i tried to use the restroom but nothing would come out- the more I strained the more painful my stomach became. By massaging my ???? and pressing my ???? onto my desk in my office i managed to pass some trapped gas . but my stomach still looked visably distended.After lunch i felt the urge to use the toilet and passed an enormous quantity of gas and a smallish amount of solid. As soon as i stood up, doubled over with stomachache i realised i wasnt finished. My stomach felt terrible and as waves of cramps overcame me i realesed wave after wave of diheorea. This made me feel a lot better but it would have helped me if someone could have rubbed my ???? for me
Has anybody helped an uncomfortable work collegue in a public restroom or been aisted by somebody else?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Marcy Anne
I am a 37 year old female 5'9" tall with curly brown hair and full figured. About 3 years ago, myself and 4 other friends went on an afternoon hike out in the hills not far from where I live. On this day, I wore a pair of Levi's dark blue corduroy overall shorts and a white t-shirt. I had to do a BM since 7:30 that morning but figured I could hold it until we got back home that evening. At 3:30PM with 40 minutes to go until we were back at the car, painful cramps were coming every minute or so. As we walked from a clearing into a wooded area, it became obvious that I was I was not going to make it to a toilet and that I was going to end up having a bowel movement in my pants right there on the trail. As I stepped over this rock, I felt this sharp cramp in my butt, and let out a pre-pooping fart that was 5 seconds long. I stopped walking and I then felt the head of a semi-hard log rush its way uncontrollably past my sphincter muscle and out into my pants. As the log was coming out, I could feel it dislodge the Kotex Overnites extra-long sanitary pad that I was wearing for my period. I then smelled a horrible stench coming from my pants and and reacked back with my right hand and felt that I had a grapefruit sized lump and a smaller orange sized one in the seat of my overalls. I continued walking and my butt waddled like a duck as a result of such a big load in my pants. This felt sooooooooooo good and began to have an orgasm right there on the trail. When we got within 200 feet of the car, I could feel several chunks of poo break away and roll down my pantlegs and fall on the ground. When we got to the car, I put a plastic bag on the seat and sat down for the 20 min ride home. It felt as if I were sitting on a grapefruit. When we got home, I got out of the car, went inside the house and went straight to the bathroom to clean up. Damage report....Underpants and Kotex maxi-pad a total loss. Couple of brown marks on my overalls.

I had a curious conversation the other day, and I was hoping maybe some of you could provide some comments. I was in class yesterday afternoon when my best friend, Kristen, leaned over to me and whispered, "I really have to pinch a loaf". I has shocked, not because of what she meant, but by her choice of words. I had never heard anyone use that phrase before. I thought it was pretty funny, and I asked her about it after the hour. Usually when she had to go she always says, "I've gotta take a dump/crap/sh*t." Anyways, she went off to the bathroom; unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go with her. But it got me thinking about the words we use to describe having to go. I would be entertained if some of you responded with your terms. Here are mine:

If I have to go: "I have to pee/poop."
When I'm in the process of going: "I'm peeing/pissing/pooping/taking a dump."
The actual pee/turds: pee/poop

hi all,

i recently had the shits really bad, i thought i just had to poop bad, so i went into the bathroom pulled down my pants and panties, and sat down, right away shit started spraying out of my ass, i had about 10 wavves over a 30 min peroid (sry spelling). well thats all for now.

how often does anyone have an accident (pee or poop) and somehow get away with it?? i was this lucky yesterday, and am thankful i was. it was the first really nice day of the spring and i went for a walk with a couple of my friends. i was wearing a small, dark blue t shirt that was open at the top and a shortish white skirt. we were in town and had just gotten done lunch about 45 minutes before, when i had to poop, and bad. i just acted casual and didn't mention it to any of my friends. eventually we all split up to go home and me and my friend brian were walking together because we live on the same block. the hill that led up to our neighborhood was long and had no houses on it, just trees on both sides and a bench here or there. i really really had to go when we were on our way up the hill. brian is a little on the heavy side and stopped to sit on one of the benches as we were going up the hill and i alsmot went crazy! i told him we need to continue. he asked why and the last thing i wanted to tell him was that i had to go to the bathroom really bad. i said iwas dying of thirst and wanted to get inside to have a drink. he sat for a minute or so then got up, and we continue. we were only halfway up the hill and i realized there was no way i would make it all the way to my house without pooping. i kept on silently praying to myself that i wouldn't poop my underwear, but it was no use. i felt a big solid poop start to squeeze it's way out and when it did i had to go even worse, so there was no stopping it. i pooped out a really really big piece of poop into my underwear and i felt it make a gigantic bulge and make my underwear hang down. my skirt was pretty short so i was immediatley panicking to myself that my poop filled underwear was hangin lower than my skirt for brian to see...i slowed down my walk a little subtely and stayed just a little behind and put my hand under the back of my skirt. i felt the big hard bulge in my undwear and also felt where the edge of my skirt was, and was relieved that it wasn't hanging lower than my underwear. i relaxed a little, because now that i knew that was not a concern there probably wasn't anyway he'd kno what i just did, because i personally couln't smell it for one thing, and the skirt probably saved me. the bulge wasn't visible on the outside of the skirt because it was hanging down more in between my legs then being on my butt, and also since it was pretty solid and in one big mass i didn't think anything would fall out of my underwear. we continued along and i was careful, then we got home. his house was first, so he left and i walked up to my house. i got in the door and let out a huge sigh of relief that i got away with it, but that still didn't relieve the fact that i'm 17 and i had crapped myself... i went to my room and changed my underwear/cleaned myself up. i'm ashamed that i had such a childish accident, but at the same time i feel good. i pooped myself and he didn't even notice! god i'm lucky.

Hi! I'm new here, and this is my very first post. I really like the subject of this board, and hope to share some fun stories with you guys.

I'm 23, have medium-length light brown hair, and have a slender figure. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who loves to watch me pee. I haven't been able to persuade him yet to watch me poop, however, although I'm working on that!

I don't have any recent stories that are of much interest. Most of my pees and dumps have been pretty uneventful. They're usually of decent size and rarely have any small pieces. Usually it's 2 or 3 logs and that's it.

I do have a post that some of you might enjoy. I've been reading this board a lot and noticed a lot of chat about women being able to go pee standing up. I have by the way learned how to do this if anyone has any questions, but I'm curious if anybody here has tried to POOP standing up, something I have tried.

I was camping/hiking for the weekend with my boyfriend (secluded forest in Tennessee, no public camp grounds, certainly no public bathrooms.) On the first day, I hurt my ankle while hiking. I could still hike, but it did make it extremely painful and difficult to squat down to relieve myself. My boyfriend was a lifesaver when I had to pee; he would kneel behind be and hold me up as I squatted so I wouldn't put as much weight on my ankle (this was before I knew how to stand up to take a leak). But, as I already mentioned, he will not watch me take a dump, no matter what. Well, on the second day of our adventure, I had to do exactly that. I tried to hold it as best I could but of course there comes a point where it's going to come out no matter how hard you fight it. I was at that point.

I told my boyfriend about this, but he said he just could not help me poop. I told him that I was going to have an accident if he didn't help me. So he told me to sit on a big log (a wooden log, not the the other kind) and use it like a toilet. He then walked away until he was out of sight. So I tried his suggestion, but I simply couldn't get positioned so that I could stay on the log and have my butt hanging over the edge of it. By this point I was absolutely desperate. I stood back up and felt the poop make a involuntary effort to come out. I decided to stop fighting it. My pants were off at this point, so there was no danger of it landing on them. I just relaxed and let it all out; I didn't even have to push. I just stood there and felt my body produce turd after turd after turd. When I was all done, I looked down at my work. It was without a doubt the biggest load I had ever dropped anywhere. This pile would have clogged up any toilet guaranteed. Feeling like a million dollars, I wiped with a leaf, put my pants back on, and rejoined my boyfriend (yelling at him for a while for not helping me out).

It's great to be here on this board. If you guys enjoyed my story I'll post a lot more.


Katie T.

Today i had one pooping experience that i will never forget.

im 17 and a high school junior, and today was the worst...Everyday in gym class was start off with jogging 3 laps around the gym, then 20 jumping jacks then 20 push ups then 25 crunches. well i went to gym today not quite having to poop, but i felt full in my abdominal region, like a had a dump on deck ready for later. i got changed into my gym clothes, which i wouldn't have done if i knew what was going to happen because my gym pants are some of my old pants from dance class so they are really tight and stretchy. when class started after we all changed, it must've been halfway through my second lap when my dump was ready..i suddenly REALLY had to take a crap. i continued on just praying it was just a cramp that would soon go away and i could supress my need to crap. jumping jacks were torture. i barley spread my legs apart at all because i was trying to keep my buttcheeks clenched! my teacher noticed me not doing the jumping jacks properly and i think she took off participation points. stupid bitch. we got to push ups, and when i got in my push up position my stomach gurgled relatively audibly and i could feel the aching pressure build up so deep in my system, it felt like it was in my butt and my butt started to tingle. i was almost in a panic. things like this happened before, when i got feelingsl ike that during for school but they usually faded away after a few minutes and then i didn't need to go until later in the evening. i was praying that would be the case this time, but no such luck. when we turned over to do crunches i suddenly lost control and completely crapped myself on the gym floor. i hopped up and waddled out of the gym quickly with my hands over my butt and my face as red as a tomatoe and i didn't say anything...i rushed into the girls locker room and immediatley started crying, i couldn't believe what i jsut did. i grabbed my gym bag and went to one of the stalls. i sat in there and cried for a bit and when i calmed down i peeled off my soiled pants and underwear and buried them in the trash can. i had a couple of extra pairs of panties in my bag because i hated wearing thongs during gym so i had them incase i was wearing a thong to school that day, so i was in good shape for a change of clothes. i washed myself thoroughly as i could in the shower with paper towles and lots of soap. i put on a pair of underwear from my bag and put my regular clothes back on and went to the nurses office to get her to send me home...she almost wouldn't even see me because i came without a pass but after i explained to her what happened and how devistated i was she let it go...she proceeded to let me go home as well. i haven't talked to anyone else about it all not looking forward to tomorrow.

I just came home from a week-end trip from Italy with my friend Monika (we live in Munich) and want to tell a story while caught terribly in a traffic jam. We sometimes have problems driving together as we are quite close friends but we have completely two different sort of bladders. My bladder is quite small and sensitive while Monika has a so called iron bladder and can hold in hours and hours without even thinking of going to the toilet. And therefore sometimes Monika makes some jokes about me, but without any malice, of course, as we are close friends. Also this time Monika was driving and driving and already after two hours I felt some urge to go to the toilet. However I didnīt say anything as I know Monika doesnīt like to stop for hours while driving, and I could hold it easily. However, every hour the urge became stronger and stronger. After five hours we reached the border of Austria, I asked Monika if we would make some stop at the gas station, as I now really I felt I had to go. Monika (it was her car, ok) told me we have enough fuel, so we run as long as we can, and she thought we could do so, but big mistake! We drove down towards Innsbruck when suddenly traffic came to a complete stop on the highway. We stood there without any movement for exactly 2 hours.
Obviously there was some accident on the highway. Now I felt such an urge in my bladder that I canīt describe. I felt any minute that my bladder would explode in my panties and I was afraid of my long skirt. I was crying at Monika why she didnīt stop at the gas station I asked. She told me she had to go too and she was sorry, but she thought I could hold it as she could as we had used the toilet at the same time in our hotel some hours before.. We considered together maybe I shall jump out of the car and just have a pee outside but I was too shy, as everybody could see me doing this. And I had never peed in public since I was a child. Suddenly the traffic started moving again, however slowly, and we saw that police had removed all traffic from the highway due to a terrible accident. I felt now such a pressure in my bladder that I knew if I wait any minute more I would pee in my panties. I spotted a gas station and I told Monika: either we no go there and I can go to the toilet or I will piss all my bladder out in your car. And then, finally Monika realised that she was finally about to run out of petrol. So we headed to the gas station, and Monika started to fill in the petrol. I ran, as fast as I could, to the toilet. I quickly sat down, lifted my skirt and lowered my panties and let out as much pee out me as I could. I think it was the longest pee in my life - 4 minutes non-stop. When I came out MOnika was about to pay the petrol and told me: maybe I should better go to the toilet, although I could hold it until home. I asked her if she was crazy. Then she told me, ok, Iīll go. I waited outside as I had to go once more to let out a few final drops but heard her doing a very-very hissing pee, ever a longer one than mine. Monika was peeing really exactly 6 minutes non-stop! And then she told me: now she felt relieved, so much as never before in her life. On our way home, finally we made jokes about our different bladders again, however when we got home of course I was the first to pee earlier very urgently...

today i was in traffic adn it was backed up pretty far back. i had a lot to drink earlier that day and didn't pee all day either. i had to pee really bad. i got over in the outside lane and opened the door and pulled out my pecker and peed for about 2 minutes it was the greatest pee ever though

hottie how many people"s cars have you peed on< have your neighbors ever caught you doing that( i assume you have done it before since you haven"t used a toliet in six months)

everyone keep the stories coming there great

Hello, pee people!

Josh, I loved your story about you and Nancy having to pee on the bus. That's exactly the kind of story I like to read on here. Please tell me more! (and anyone else...) In regards to whether anyone else was dying to pee on a school bus trip,I posted on here a while back about my bus trip to school camp in sixth grade. We had about a four hour ride on a bus with no bathrooms. We ate lunch on the bus and I had a lot to drink and by halfway through the ride, I was bursting, but didn't say anything. One of my friends sitting beside me and one sitting in front were both urgent as well, and talking about it. Finally, the girl in front couldn't take anymore and went to the front to ask the teacher if we could stop. She was holding herself and while talking to the teacher, she peed her pants at the front of the bus and started crying. Then a boy at the back also peed his pants and it ran down to the front of the bus, so our teacher apologized to the class for making us wait and had the bus pull over so people who couldn't wait could pee behind trees, and a few minutes later we stopped at a gas station for everyone else. Even though I was really desperate, I was too embarassed to admit I couldn't make it to camp and so I chose to hold it. By the end of the ride, I was so, so urgent I had a sweater on my lap and was holding myself under it and had my rain jacket wadded into a ball that I was sitting on and rocking back and forth to have the hardness release the pressure in my bladder, and I was still squirting into my underwear now and then. Even when we got to camp, I didn't go right away because I didn't want to look desperate. I did mostly make it to the bathroom for a very long pee, but my underwear were very wet.

I also once flooded the seat of a school bus on a school trip when I was seven and I think had really had to go for most of the day - I was squirming, holding, twisting around and lost control when the bus hit a bump close to the school. Incredibly, no-one seemed to notice and it soaked into my dark pants.

Louise - the peeing horizontal thing has only happened a couple of times so it's not a daily problem. I have to be very desperate and the urine under so much pressure for it to happen. Then the pee comes out sort of like a man's - at a 180 degree angle straight out from my body -more like a hose or something. The most memorable time was when I was 8 years old and had held it through a long dance class and a long shopping session with my mother afterwards and I was absolutely bursting when we finally got home. Then someone was in the bathroom. I went to my room and danced around for a while and ended up jumping up and down in front of my door holding myself, but I was just too desperate, and suddenly the pee shot out and soaked my door. It was concentrated in tiny droplets that sprayed the door horizontally with a hissing sound like when you put your finger over the bottom of a faucet that's turned on. It came out so fast that my clothes and the hand in my crotch weren't even wet at all.

You also asked about peeing in places like parkades. I peed twice in a parkade. Once I was 18, in college, on a date to a funfair with a guy and they only had very disgusting outhouses. After a while he noticed my squirming and I fessed up that I was dying to pee and I would like to leave. On the way back to college, I was so desperate that I was holding myself. I would probably have made it, but he got worried about me soaking his upholstery and said he would stop somewhere - unfortunately, there was nothing open, so he drove into a parkade and stood guard while I squatted by the car door.

The other time was about 4 years ago when I was about 22 or 23. I was on my way to an audition and maybe it was all the water I was drinking, but even though it hadn't been very long since I last peed, I was absolutely dying to go - one of the most urgent times I've ever been. I was running late and couldn't find a place to park and I was desperate. I was literally in tears as I drove around in circles with my pants unbuttoned and my hand down them, holding my crotch. I wanted to pull over and pee in my water bottle but I was scared of messing myself up for the audition. I could see restaurants but with no place to leave my car, I couldn't go in. Finally I found a parkade further away and drove in. When I got out of the car and bent over to pick up m stuff, a squirt of pee came out and I had to cross my legs and bend over to stop from flooding my pants right there. I was late, I was crying, I was about to be wet and I knew there was no way I could walk three blocks to where I had to be while I was this urgent, nor might there be time to go when I got there and there was no way I could sing like this. I wanted to squat in a corner but it was awkward with pants on and I was scared of being caught. Finally, I got in the car, took off my pants and underwear, sat sideways at the very edge of the passenger seat which was facing the wall, opened the doors and peed a long stream between my legs onto the ground.

Holder - no, I wasn't playing a game with my mother (unless it was subconsciously) on the flight to Brasil when I held my pee for a really long time. The reason I didn't tell her that I had to go was that I never told anyone I had to go out of embarassment or pride or something. This led to a lot of interesting incidents in my childhood and surprisingly few full-out accidents, because I was pretty good at holding it for my age. My bladder has always filled pretty fast, so it wasn't that I wouldn't have to go - I would just wait a lot longer than was comfortable to release it. I think I had better control then than I do now - but I also don't test myself like that so I dom't really know. I have always to a point enjoyed the feeling of a full bladder and the feeling of accomplishment from holding it, but now I ony like that in a controlled environment and once I'm in public and have to pee badly, I panic and look for a place to go so I don't spend the day feeling the way I used to.

My ex-boyfriend was like you - he only peed in the morning and before bed and sometimes one other time. He would only pee at home. He told me that often if he was out all day and he really had to go, he'd put his hand in his pocket and hold his dick until he got home and no-one knew. He was about 24 or 25 years old at the time, with a full-time job where he never used the restroom.

Here are the solitary times between the ages of 6 and 16 when I ever asked anybody if I could go to the bathroom (a lot were for poo, which I find harder to hold and accidents obviously are harder to hide):

age 7 - I had to poo in school so badly that rather than go in my pants I asked my teacher for permission, and even though it was only about 10 minutes to the break, she let me - she must have known I was urgent, because I never asked

age 7 - on a family long-distance car trip, I had to ask for a stop to pee after holding myself for ages - my parents were about to stop anyway and I was annoyed. I had squirted a lot in my underwear by the time we got to a gas station.

age 8 - I really had to poo in my acting class and asked for the bathroom - I was made to wait until other people had to go. When I finally got to the toilet, I had let a little hard piece of poo out in my underwear but managed to hold most of it.

age 9 - I had to poo at home when my mom was painting the bathroom and had told us to go before she started. I was trying to hold it but when I farted to release the pressure I felt something wet in my pants. Im panicked and ran and asked my mom if I could come in, and in a couple of minutes, she let me. I finished the very wet poo in the toilet but my underwear were full of wet poo which I attempted to rinse out in the sink.

age 11 - on family vacation, I was bursting so badly that I thought I was going to pee my pants in the car and was forced to ask for a stop, but the next stop was our destination. I managed to hold it with a hand in my crotch and a lot of rocking, and was really annoyed that I'd bothered to ask.

age 13 - on family vacation in Brasil in the car again. This time stands out as one of the worst times I've ever had to pee in my life. It was a hot day and I was drinking a lot of water. I remember I was wearing really small, tight denim shorts and I shifted around on the car seat spreading my legs so that the denim would strain against my bladder. Finally, I asked my parents almost in tears if we could stop, but we were in a bad neighbourhood, so once again I was forced to hold it till our destination. It's a miracle I didn't pee my pants that time.

Those are the only times I remember telling anyone, friend, family, teacher, ANYONE, that I had to go to the bathroom, until my late teens.

Regarding Holder's survey-

when did I pee in grade school? - 2 or 3 times a day - we had lunch break and 2 recesses and those were the only times I would ever consider going as I never asked. If I had to go near the end of the day, I'd wait till I got home. Sometimes I went home for lunch and if I had to go in the late morning, I'd wait, so some days I never peed at school at all. I never wet my pants in school - I came close a few times and had very damp underwear once. I also once managed not to get caught sneaking out of gym class to pee when I was about 8. I was straddling the balance beam and rocking, trying to hold my urgent pee, when I felt it start to come, so I jumped down and snuck to the locker room and no-one said anything.

how long did I hold it in grade school? - usually not more than 3 or 4 hours, but there were some holds that were longer out of necessity (excluding the occasional holding contest.) The longest I remember was the 9-hour hold at age 9 on the flight to Brasil (but I was asleep for about 3 of them.) Another really long hold I remember was also when I was about 9, at school camp. We spent about 6 hours out in the woods with no outhouses and I assume now that people who had to go were ducking behind trees, especially the boys, and there must have been a lot of other urgent kids and maybe even some accidents that went unnoticed, but at the time I thought I was the only one who was bursting, and was determined to wait until we got back. The only people I heard verbalize a need were my two best friends who were told by a parent chaperone to find a place to squat and did so. Near the end of the outing, we were playing hide and seek and I had to go so bad I considered squatting down where I was hiding, but I was too scared of being found at that moment. I somehow held on until we got back. We were walking, so I couldn't even hold myself, but I was walking very funny, crossing one leg over the other and kind of bending every few steps. I remember my stomach was really hurting with the need to pee and it was hard to walk, I felt so heavy, and it was so relieving to finally go. There were probably some other 5 or 6 hour holds or more, but that one stands out.

As an adolescent, I wasn't as reticent about asking to go, but I still only excused myself in school when absolutely necessary and would wait till the breaks, so I still went 2, 3 or maybe 4 times a day at school.

Of course, for both grade school and high school, I went in the morning and before bed and probably once or twice in the evening as well depending where I was.

The longest I held it as an adolescent - I wasn't holding it as much by now. One time I remember are a cross country meet with school when I was 16 - we had a 4 hour car ride and when we got there, I already had to go but all they had were outhouses, so I decided I wouldn't go (I still hate outhouses.) I held it through the warm ups but during the race, I was really desperate - so much so that I considered sneaking behind the bushes, but I didn't want to affect my time, although I'm sure the bursting bladder didn't help either. I even ran holding myself when no-one was around me.As soon as I crossed the finish line, I gave in and ran to the outhouse and hovered to pee holding my nose. I had probably held it for at least 7 or 8 hours. I also once held it for an entire flight home from Brasil when I was 16, which was about 10 hours from Rio to New York and nearly killed me. I was wanting to wait until we got from the airport home, but I couldn't - I almost peed myself by the luggage carousel and had to run to the ladies' room. I don't remember why I was holding it - I think it was a return of being embarassed to tell my parents I had to go.

I also held it for about 12 hours in college on kind of a dare and I never want to do that again! Another time in college I held it for about 7 hours on a date for various reasons beyond my control and partially peed my pants on the stairs of my dorm.

I wasn't pee-shy as an adolescent and I never really was pee shy - I didn't have problems getting my equipment going in public places (but to this day I can't poo if anyone is in the bathroom.) But as a child, from 7 till 15 or 16, as I mentioned I would rather be very uncomfortable and restless and hold it and risk wetting my pants or wet them rather than ask people if I could use the bathroom, or even sometimes use the bathroom that was there. My major childhood memory of every trip, every lesson, school time, times with friends, extra curricular activities, is of a bursting bladder and the gymnastics I did to hold my desperate pees. I eventually got over this to some extent. It's strange because I come from a big, open, Afro-Latin family where people used the bathroom with the door open and talked about their body functions all the time. Maybe that embarassed me, I don't know. I think school had a lot to do with it because I had a teacher one year who made a big deal when kids asked to be excused and would ask them if they could wait till recess, another teacher who about once or twice a trimester freaked out, said too many people were asking to go and banned anyone from going, and a teacher who made you write your name on the board when you went. I hated the idea of raising my hand in front of everyone and being asked if you really had to go or if you could hold it (if you were asking, obviously you didn't feel you could hold it, and the closer it was to break, the more likely you were desperate, but if it was close to break, they almost always made you wait, or prove your desperation.) I even had one goofy teacher who demonstrated the "signal" for being desperate - jumping up and down holding your crotch and saying "Oh, please." By the time I got a cool teacher who said he didn't want us sitting there not concentrating because we were urgent and said he trusted us to just get up and leave at a convenient moment, I was too brainwashed to take advantage and still sat there bursting every day.

I also sat with kids who made fun of people who had to go and bragged about being able to hold it, and I was in a lot of holding contests, with school friends and with family. Everyone in my family was obsessed with my brother's holding abilities from when he was little on, and I was jealous. I had a lot of younger siblings and cousins and my mom would alternately fuss about them having to go and get flustered on outings and say it was too bad and we had to hold it if someone had to go. Thus I got the idea that having to go was immature and childish and big people should be able to wait till they got home.

Unfortunately, another contributing factor was that for a while all these people lived in a house with one bathroom and there were often line-ups. Also, my grandmother and brother loved to take long poos and read. We had some pots we were allowed to use, but I rarely stooped to that even if I was dying. The majority of accidents I did have were in my room, waiting for someone to finish in the bathroom. It didn't occur to me to keep a pot there for such situations. Also, we went often to Brasil (my mom's home) or the Azores Islands(my dad's home) and once to Angola, Africa where we have family, all of where there were lots of people in small houses and minimal toilet facilities. This environment bred my interest in peeing as I saw a lot of desperate people and a lot of accidents.

It's funny but sometimes I get back that embarassment - never with my friends or husband or well-known colleagues, but sometimes in unfamiliar situations or new places with people I don't know well, and sometimes with my parents. This past summer I took a 3-day car trip with my parents to a wedding - just me and them. Usually we all had to use the restrooms around the same time and there were no problems. But the last lap of the trip, as we were heading into our destination city, for some reason that afternoon I was really, really urgent to pee and they were apparently fine, and I didn't want to say anything. I sat there dying to pee, crossing my legs and shifting around, and just when we got into the city and I thought we were going straight to our hotel and relief, my dad got lost. After a bit of that, I was bursting so badly I wanted to say something, but by now my parents were frustrated and arguing and I didn't want to add to that. Ironically, we were in the city and passing tons of fast food places and public toilets and so on, and there I was, a grown woman of 27 sitting in the back seat holding myself. I did make it to the hotel but as I didn't want my parents to know I'd been desperate, I held it while checking in and unloading the car and when I was finally alone in my room I ran to the toilet already starting to go in my pants. It was strange that I still felt the same way around them that I did as a kid.

My dad was the only person in my family like me, so maybe I got it from him. I remember one time we were on a family barbecue in the park and we went for a hike and my dad was very restless, bouncing around a lot. Suddenly he broke away from us and went running up a little hill behind some trees, calling out that he'd catch up to us. A couple of minutes later, he did. My little cousin asked where he went and he said to look for mushrooms and my aunt laughed hysterically, because obviously to her he'd had to take an urgent pee. A couple of minutes after that, we came to some public restrooms and my aunt said to my dad that he could have just waited another five minutes, and he pretended not to know what she was talking about. Another time on a picnic my dad said he was going for a walk, and me and my brother decided to sneak up on him for fun, and we came across him peeing a huge, thick desperate stream against a tree and sighing with relief.

Once we went to a very old church in Portugal for a tour, and halfway through, my dad got up, whispered to my mom and went walking around, peering behind doors and things. He came back, said something to her and she said there was some in the car. Then he went outside. He was gone about ten minutes and when he came back I heard her ask him if he was OK and he said yes. When the tour finished we went out the back door and there were restrooms in a separate building. My mom said "Look, there" and my dad said "Oh." I think that time he confided in her that he had to poo badly but couldn't find any indoor restrooms and being too embarassed to ask the guide had pood outside somewhere using kleenex or paper from the car without realizing there were bathrooms after all. Another time I remember is on a car trip when I was getting urgent to pee and suddenly my dad pulled up in front of a building without saying anything and ran inside, then came out quickly, got in the car and drove off. It was so weird, no-one said anything but obviously he went to pee, without even giving anyone else the opportunity. Usually they stopped when my mom or one of my siblings had to go, and this time everyone had outlasted him.

My mom was the opposite. She was very open about needing to go. I remember seeing her pee her pants once when I was about 7. She rushed in the door from grocery shopping and announced breathlessly (this was all in Portuguese but I'll write in English) "I just HAVE to go to the toilet right this second. I've been holding it all afternoon and I can't anymore." She then charged up the stairs holding herself, but unfortunately my brother was having one of his long poos. She ran downstairs and sat in a wooden chair in the kitchen (of course I was hanging around to see this) and said, "Oh, I hope he hurries up. I'm desperate." I asked her why she didn't go when she was shopping and she said she went to a new grocery store and she couldn't see if they had public restrooms and she had so much shopping to do, she didn't want to stop and ask. She went into details of how by the end of her shopping she was dancing around as she was taking things off the shelf. She said "I couldn't stand still in the line and I really wanted to do THIS" - she grabbed her crotch - "but I knew I couldn't. I did it a bit in the car, though. I feel like such a child. Oh, I have to go NOW" and she jumped up and ran upstairs again, but he wasn't done and she came down again. She sat in the chair and rocked a bit, holding herself and said "Oh, Diva, you don't know how desperate I am." I felt bad for my mom, but I was fascinated. Finally, she said "Maybe I could use one of you children's pots," and she went to get one, but my mother is a big African woman and she knew there was no way her butt would fit. So she went to the bathroom and banged on the door and yelled at my brother to hurry up because she was desperate. He yelled that he was almost done (he had no respect for other people's needs when he pooed.) Biting her lip, my mom again went downstairs. She sat on the bottom of the stairs and held herself and bounced up and down. I suggested that she go next door to the neighbours but she said it was a stupid idea, and my brother would be out soon. Then she said "I feel like the child in class when the teacher won't let them out. Do you ever feel like this?" I said no, although I often did. I was feeling very superior to my mom, that I at seven had more decorum than she did. At this point my dad came in and asked what was going on. My mom said "I think I drank too much coffee or something, I don't know, but I really, really, really, really have to pee in the worst way and my son's in the bathroom and won't come out and I'm going to wet my pants if he doesn't hurry up." My dad said "He'll be out soon," and looked embarassed. My mom switched to kneeling down with her heel in her crotch and rocking on the stairs. She then ran up and yelled at my brother again and he told her to wait. She went down and said to my dad, "Please, help me, he must be finished by now and he won't come out." My dad ran up the stairs and banged loudly on the door and screamed at my brother, "Come on out, boy!" My brother said he just had to wipe. My mom ran back in the kitchen still biting her lip and sat in her wooden chair with her back very straight and her hand between her legs and said again and again that she was desperate. My dad told her to hold on. Then he went to the cupboard and opened it, looking in, and I saw him shifting his weight from leg to leg. Suddenly, my mom said "Ooh" very loudly and leaped out of the chair and began doing a wild pee dance, wiggling her body from side to side sort of bent over with her hand between her legs. My dad went up again and I heard him yelling at my brother. My mom had been at home for at least fifteen or twenty minutes and he still wouldn't come out. Suddenly I heard a heavy flow of water on the tiled ground. I looked at my mom and was shocked to see her still grimacing, dancing and holding herself as a stream of pee flowed from her crotch that seemed to last forever. As my mom peed, she sighed with relief and said "Sorry, Diva, I'm much too big to wet my pants and you shouldn't do this, but I have no choice, and it feels so good." I didn't understand how wetting your pants could feel good. As soon as she was done, she got a mop and started cleaning the floor. While she was doing that, my dad came in and said "He's out." My mom said "Sorry, but you're too late." My dad looked at the mop, her wet clothes and kind of blushed, then went upstairs. In a hunch, I followed him and, standing at the top of the stairs, I heard a heavy flow of water in the bathroom like someone was pouring a jug of water into the toilet. My dad had come home having to pee urgently as well. After my mom had cleaned up and changed, she gave my brother a lecture about consideration for others.

I'll tell more stories about her some other time as this is already long.

Happy peeing! Please post more pee stories!

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