Hey everybody!

It's the start of the school holidays, Mel and I are home alone while our parents are at work and already we have had a great buddy dump.

Yesterday I woke up really gassy, which is pretty normal. I farted in bed until i felt there wasnt any left then got up. After breakfast i felt really full and needed to shit...really bad!

I hate using the toilet upstairs so i went to the downstairs bathroom, which is an ensuite to Mel's room. I opened the door, she was asleep. I tried to sneak through and not make a sound, but the floor creaked and i woke her up. She said to me "What are you doing?", I told her i was going to the toilet. She was alert all of a sudden and yelled "No you're not!!" as i scrambled for the toilet. I quickly pulled my panties down, held on to the sides of the seat and ripped a fart and started a strong piss stream. I looked up at Mel with a cheeky grin, she wasn't happy. She said "I've gotta go for a shit real bad!" in a grumpy voice. I told that I was going for a shit and she groaned. I told her to use the upstairs toilet. She said to me "Well, if you're going to steal my toilet, I'm going to stay here and watch!" I was fine with that. If she was going to be there, I was going to put on a show for her.

I had finished my piss by the time we stopped talking. I pushed out one more pre-poop fart before getting ready to drop a nice load. I sat there, looking down at the floor, trying to relax my asshole. The turd was to big to come out on its own, so i gave a push. The end of the turd made its way out of my hole and started moving, with a small amount of force. It crackled as it strecthed my anus. It dropped out after about 30 seconds of pushing. I pushed extra hard at the end to make it splash loud and hard. Which worked but also splashed my ass with water, which pissed me off. Mel was watching intently, she had her hand on her ass and was starting to hop around, but was still concentrating on me. My hole felt like it was gaping open now and was a little bit sore. The next turd was pretty quick to started coming out, but still didn't come out easily, it required some pushing, moaning and groaning, but it came out and splashed into the water. I let out a loose fart and i was done.

I stood up to inspect my load, but Mel quickly pushed me out of the way and plonked her ass on the seat, tearing a huge fart and moaning immediatley. She pushed and farted again. Then she grimaced and groaned in pain as she pushed out a big turd. She moaned as it thudded into my two turds. She panted and said "Woah! That was a hard one!" She let go of a few farts that smelt pretty bad. She leant forward, groaned and i heard three quick, consecutive thuds and another moan. She farted and started peeing which made a strange pitter patter sound on top of the turds below. She was done and we both looked into the bowl to check out our joint dump. There were three small turds lying on top of 3 huge ones. The big three were all about the same size, 10" long, 2" wide and the 3 small ones were about 4" long, 1" thick. We stood next to each other, bent over a little and wiped our asses at the same time, both of our asses were clean. We were surprised when we flushed and all of the turds went down. That was a good start to the holidays.

Love Ash.D

I recently had to use the facilities at a local mall. I went into the men's room and the urinals were all being used so i went to the stalls. There were two and one was being used. I went into the unoccupied stall, locked the door, went over to the toilet to find the hugest turd that I have ever seen. It was long and fat. I swear that it had to be 10 inches long and 8 inches around. I had to piss really bad so i did. I figured the force of my pee would breakit up and it would go down. As I was peeing, not even a dent. That thing was rock solid. I flushed ant the turd would not go down. I was so concerned that someone would think that I did it that I kept trying to get it to go down. I realized that it would not go down and rushed to get out. As soon as I opened up the door I bumped into a guy that was waiting he immediatly noticed the turd, and the said to me"guess it wouldn't go down" and for some reason I said sorry, taking responsibility for something I did not do.It was pretty embarassing because my friend and I contunied shopping and I ran into the same guy in the dressing room at Nordstrom.

Mike A.
Today I had to take a dump soo bad at camp. I was hangin with my friends and had to go. the camp bathrooms were bad, none of the doors locked. I told my friend Nick (we are both 14) I had to go, and he said he did to. we went into the bathroom, no one was in there. i went in the end stall, and he went in the one next to me. we both pulled our pants down to our theighs (so no one would see our dicks) he peed a little and so did I. we can't poop until all our pee is out so to get the pee out faster we opened our dicks. IT ALL came out finally, so we started to shit major. we were done in about 10 minutes. we stand up to wipe, but when in public we turn and face the toilet so no one can see our dicks.

I have another story, one which happened to me this weekend, and is, in fact, still "happening", so to speak.
I used to be in the Active Army, but now I'm in the Reserves, and this past weekend was my "one weekend a month" commitment. I got off work early on Friday and went home to pack my stuff, but while I was doing that, my stomach began to twist into cramps which I knew meant something bad was gonna happen soon, and sure enough a few minutes later I was releasing some loose crap into the toilet. Well, it's an hour long drive to my Reserve Unit, so I did what any rational person would do in my predicament, I took some Imodium AD and headed off to my Unit. Now, the Imodium worked great. So great in fact that I didn't shit all weekend, which, at the time, was fine with me, as we were outdoors all day, camping at night, and I was tasked to be an instructor to train some new Soldiers, and of course, the main fact in that I hate shitting in port-o-potties, which was all we had available.
Anyway, the weekend was great, I drove home from the Unit on Sunday, and went back to work on Monday and Tuesday, and everything was fine, but still no crap. So that brings us to today. I went to work, I came home, and suddenly the 4 days worth of crap inside me started moving. Once again, I ran to the can, and it's like all the loose crap the Imodium stopped on Friday was just put on hold. I'm talkin' crap the consistancy and temperature of molten lava, here. I took a shower a few hours ago and had to get out of it twice to give my ass some relief. I considered going in the tub, but it just didn't seem like a very sanitary idea, thought the way it's looking, I think the shit would all go right down the drain without a problem. I swear this shit feels like it literally burned my ass on the way out. My girlfriend came home a few hours ago and was wondering why I looked pale as a ghost and was hobbling around like a guy with a stick up his butt. I checked the package of Imodium I'd taken on Friday, and the dates on it say it expired May of 2003. I don't know if that has anything with the way I feel now, but I sure as hell ain't ever taking this stuff again. So here I sit 3 hours later, with a burning ass and cramps that feel like a f???in' tank is rolling through my intestines.
Anyone else ever have this experience with this Imodium stuff, or is it supposed to work like this?

My Name
Your early morning stream was clear? How did you manage that?

@ hottie

great story, please write more!!!

Louise (from France)
Biker Trash
I wish I was the cable guy who spotted you peeing...catching aman pissing at full force with his pecker hanging out, jut outside his house (a garden or a patio?) Lovely..

tahnks for your reply first of all.
I'm a bit courious about a thing: when you say that you pee naked on the floor when changing if there is a drain, you mean you piss on a drain into the showers of the changing room or that you pee directly on the floor of the changing room. Did you ever do it in presence of other girls, does your friend do it too? (your changing room muast be pee smally in that case, i suppose). When you say that you pee in front of eachoter you mean in the showers or in the changing room? Can you give more details about peeing with your friend in those situation (changing room of pool or gym, or other? where did you pee? a short description, how many of you did it, the last time it happened and so on..) I 've always pee in presence of my friends in the shower, but never did it on the floor of a changing room, and I have a long experience about it because I had a long experience about it because I played volleyball when I was younger, and we were used in peeing in the shower (sometimes it was the only place to do it, because guest's changing room had no toilet) it was amny years ago; but i never saw one of us pissin on the floor, at maximum in a small sink or outside teh changing room

Your group peeing expereince reminded me of my school "girls only" free camping expereince..we often peed al togheter in the morning, and we made competition about the longest pee or distance, i've always envied the girls like your friend who could pee standing against a tree (like aboy), in fact my pee aims a bit rearward from a standing position, so my only change to pee abit agianst something is to point my bum at it...

thanks to all



I haven't been eating many vegetables, fruit or fibre for the last few days. I did a small poop on Monday morning but I could still feel more poo in me. On Tuesday morning, I felt the urge to do a big shit but I didn't have time to go before work, so I held it in all day. Then I had to go out to dinner on Tuseday night, straight after work and I couldn't find time to take a dump then either. When I got home on Tuesday night, I really needed to get the shit out of me but I just couldn't push any out. This morning I got up and ate two bananas and drank a cup of coffee. By now I desperately needed to do a shit so I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down. I had to push and strain for a few minutes but after that, it was easy to squeeze out four gigantic logs. I had a look at them when I was finished and they were very thick and rock solid. I could still feel more poo in me but I couldn't push any more out. About half an hour later, I went back to the toilet and pushed out several smaller turds.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Louise (from France)
I want to hear experiences and anecdotes about being desperate to pee and finding the toilet locked.
What do you do?
aPee there anyway (near teh closed toilet)
b Find a secluted spot to pee
c try to hold it a bit more to fin another toilet?

I always did a or b in my experiences.
I would tell you a recent episode of my experience..when I found myself in a more embarassing situation..
I was in Englnad for work and was travelling with an english consulor of my firm (a lady) after a meeting..
We were visiting some intersting work locations for a local office in britain, so we travelled all day..
Before dinner we were on a local highway, near Dover. The excuse of putting some fuel was good for but of us to visit the toilet to empty our bladders..
it was 7,-15 or later in the afternnon and dark..
When we reached the area it was only self service fuel, and the shop and service area was closed at the time...
First of we hurried togheter to the toilets...
The building was next to the shop, there were 2 small corridors inside one bringing to 1 the ladies, one to the mens..When we reached the toilet door we found the same sign that was in front of the shop: opening time 07am-18,30 pm. the door was locked.
If I wasn't with that woman (at least if i went to the toilet myself alone) I surely wouldn't think it twice to check if someone was coming outside and then peeing on the floor there, or as alternative go to squat carside...I needed a wee, even if not too badly.
I noticed that the consulor (A women younger than me and quite nice, bu her serious working suit made her seem older than she was) seemed a bit embarassed..She said "I don't guess why even the toilet has a closing time".I noticed thats she was nervous, probably she needed to piss worse than me..I was A bit afraid fo making a bad impression and so added "you're right, I would have needed it very much now!" She looked and ask me if I was sure I could wait till the next station I would have replied her that I needed to go and I would have peed right there, bu instead I told her "I can't be sure, and you?". Fortunately she replied "I'm worried I can't wait too much, i think I need the loo now, and I feel sorry to find it locked", So I took advantage of her answer and told " I need it too, so you can't waint longer, canyou? I think you better find a "solution" to your need". The girl seemed very embarassed and told me "I'm sorry for the situation, but I don't think there's another toilet here, what can I do?" she was nervous and embrassed, so I was very friendly to her and told her "simply you can try to "relieve yourself" even if the bathroom is closed." She said "Oh, my god, I think you are right, but out it is flooded in light and I'm afraid of someon would come.." Now I was sure about how to go on and so I told her "hei, you can go here, no man can see you in this place and I can stand in guard for you on the entrance", She said "thanks you are so kind", I replied "no you don't ahve to say thanks to me, I'm in your situation too". To be honest, I probably could wait till another gas station, but I enjoyed the situation, and went on. I told her I was going to check if someone was coming outside and offered her a tissue. she said "thank you" when I checked that the "way was free" I told her, "ok, you can do it" an stood on the entrance of the corridor to not embarass her getting to closed..I din' look at her much to avoid her to feel to embarassed, but I noticed she squatted very low on teh floor in a corner..
When she was done, I knew I could easily pee ouside of the building on the rear, or go carside,(i didn't care much about the light) but prefer to use the same spot..I told her "now you may exchange the favor with me and stand in guard", than I passed her my bag, after ai took a tissue out of it. I got besidedes her puddle a few feet from the corner wher she squatted (she really made a big puddle) and after adjusting my dress I assume an high hovering position to pee. In that postition My pee stream was clearly visible and it made quite a loud noise splattering on the floor. I did it on pourpose, as I enjoyned the situation, she stood on the entrance of teh corridor but i didn't notice if she looked at me (I was against light to watch her so I don't know where she was looking exactly, If I knew it before I would have been more cousios to watch her peeing). I wiped quickly and got dressed,My puddle was smaller than her, to confirm that she really had to go..
She told me it was an embarassing situation, but I encourage her telling it wasn't our fault if toilets were locked, and having a natural need is nothing to be afraid of, than added "when you have to go..." she smiled and we got more friendly during the rest of the day..

Please tell me your expereinces



Kit Kat
Hey, this is a spiffy li'l forum. I've always been interested in bathroom habits of people, esp. poop, but being a girl and all, it's "not nice" to talk about such things. It's actually pretty annoying that people think that only guys go to the bathroom, and I like the fact that there are girls here who are proud to yank 'em down, both the stereotypes and the panties.

Twice Shy: Here's another poop jingle, to the tune of "What Da Hook Gon Be." It addresses the fact that guys can't/don't accept that girls poop, and that most girls don't help by being all high and mighty.

Now what goes in must come out
But it ain't coming out, it be them same ole' mounds
Weighing a pound, nine inches around
But when you drop them down they go around plugging the mouth
Feeling like an invader man
Get that feeling in my stomach and you know I'll see ya later man
Girls constantly frontin until you confronted too
If you don't like what's going on go into another loo
Cause I keep a toilet stinky
My dumps and my paper all alike man, both them filthy
From skimpy and empty to full to dump
See you be scared when my butt go BRUMP!
Obey no rules to school you fools
Schoolgirls everywhere, we're laying doo-doos
Cable stretching out for miles and stinky poos
And the young girls done do young girls' #2s

[Chorus - twice]
But yo, what da stink gon' be? Uh oh!
See I don't leave no f***ing stink in this B (bathroom)
All I need is the can in the background
The fan blades loud, keep the air goin' 'round when I'ma rip one

TP'll run out…tomorrow
But I will never have to borrow
Dumped in my panties when I turned sixteen
Only drove it home didn't drip through the seams
Plus it was bulged in my shorts but nobody could tell
So we did what we had to do for the poop not to smell
Haha, I lay on my own melodies
Plus I like my poopies and my poos like a capital letter 'C'
That's how it is, how it better be
I preferably rather have two or three girls in the stall with me
Close your [ears] boy you ain't heard nothin'
I always break wind let a person smell somethin'
I'm basically coming from nothing to dumping
When I say dumping meaning toilet full of stink butt muffins
Used to lay a stinker on Halloween
How you go stop a hotter teen
Went from nada to a lot of things


People always saying girl it must be nice
No poop no nothing just sugar and spice
Understand the body's good but I'm not made of wood
So don't be talking 'bout no "inch" when I be plopping a foot
Unless you want a foot
I ate a bowl of chili that can place me where I need to be put
And it might not cost me playa
Got a hot pepper interior, pasta saucy playa
And we all push it, but me I push it real good
Farts blown out, foam out, seat real wood
Catch me on your local derrty
Or in the w.c. doing vocals derrty
I'm the same girl that came through wit my doo
Let the girls go pee while you go poo?
Yeah right! All I need is spicy meat to be banking
And I'll come up wit these turds that I'm usually cranking
I be ripping some

[Chorus to end]

Kinda weird and goofy, and confusing at times, but there it is, hope you liked it.

Kit Kat

To Frank the Tank

I do pee and poo in my pants because I do not like to hang on till it hurts. I would rather let go and have poo/pee filled briefs than hurt holding it. Also I enjoy it anyway. I really enjoy doing it when other people are around and like the challenge of not being found out.

After doing it in my pants I like to keep it there for a while and then later I clean the pants, my shirt and trousers best I can and sling the lot in the washing machine. If I need to pee when in the shower I just get on and pee and hold the end and enjoy it squirting through my fingers. I mostly like to wear briefs because they kep the poo close to my but and secure.

hey again everybody, here's another story from my camping trip...

The first night we were there I woke up about 11:50 pm needing badly to pee, because the tent had 4 bedrooms I didn't wake the other girls; as I got up I was only wearing a T-shirt and a pair of knickers. When I unziped the tent I noticed that it wasn't cold or wet outside so I stepped out of the tent, walked about 15ft away from it, sqatted down, pulled my knickers to one side of my pussy and relaxed my bladder, instantly a thick gush of hot pee came out and splashed on the ground. I realized that if I kept peeing like this that the puddle would soak my feet so I pulled my pussy lips apart and pushed harder. My pee went about 3 ft in front of me, I still needed to pee so I pushed harder, my pee shot out about 6ft in front, it made me giggle uncontrolably, 10 seconds later I stopped peeing, I wiped my pussy with my t-shirt and went back in the tent.

The next morning Tash told me that she heard me splashing last night; we both laughed about it for a while.

I'll post another story in a while

I thought I'd let you all know about a holiday experience I had.One summer holidays about 8 years ago when I was about 17 I spent some time with my uncle Terry & his wife Kim. They lived in a rural area in an old timber house. Also staying with them was his cousin Jackie who was about 26 yo who is a brunette, very well developed girl, I suppose about 5'7" tall with average looks .Attached to the house was an old disused shed with a workbench. It was about this time in my life that I 'd developed an interest for wood carving, so I had brought all my tools with me because Terry said I could my the shed mine while I was there.I also had a fascination for toilet habits of women, I had seen a few women poop especially my sister who was very open about her pooping habits. I remember one time that she even shit her pants walking home from school with me, she was desperate to shit & said as we were nearing the house " I just can't hold it anymore, I'm gonna do it in my panties" with that she stood still let go a real bubbly wet fart, spread her legs, I could hear the log crackle as it pushed into the seat of her panties. She then said to me "you liked that a bit huh, have a look at the front of your pants" ,sure enough I had a bulge in the front of my jeans, while she had one at the rear of hers.

Back to the story. This shed was built onto side wall of the house, it was rectangular in shape, with a bench running the full length, on the end of the bench was a cupboard which I decided to move to give me more room. When I moved the cupboard I noticed that it uncovered a crack in the boards on the house. Looking through the crack gave a view of the bathroom /toilet room. Being only a crack did give me limited vision but I could see the toilet bowl to the floor & halfway up the cistern. So everyday I used to go out to the shed & do my wood carving. This was a very noisy toilet , firstly the door sqeaked,the lid sqeaked & it flushed like a dam bursting. So I was always notified of a toilet user.

My first sighting was of my aunt having a quick piss, she just came in pulled her jeans to her knees pissed like for ages, farted then pulled her jeans up without wiping then left.

Jackie was my second, this lady was something else to watch. I heard the door squeak then as I saw Jackie enter I was very interested & aroused. She had a pair of track pants on, she took her left leg right out of her pants , she was not wearing any undies. Instead of sitting, she stood almost fully erect with her right hand she pulled the right cheek of her arse open , her fingers were not far from her hole , then bent slightly. I watched as her hole domed out , this huge brown turd just popped its head out, the rest of it about 8" long then slithered out landing with abig splash. She stood up rolled off some paper forced her hand in between her cheeks , gave herself a quick wipe, dropping the paper in the pan. From my vantage point I could see she had not wiped very well as there was shit on the underside bum, she got dressed ,flushed then left
I have 2 more stories about Jackie , I will post them soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy pooping alll

My second story about Jackie (second sighting). I had learnt that she had fairly regulat toilet habits , about 10 am you could bet Jackie would be standing with her back to the bowl having a shit. This one particular day my uncle was having a fan installed in the bathroom , the electrician was there from about 9 am to 11 am, right about when Jackie had her morning standup shit. I floated in & out of "my" shed doing bits & pieces of work , just as the electrician was leaving I went into my shed. In the meantime Jackie had been pacing up & down the driveway,smoking like a chimney. I asked if she was ok , she replied " wish that guy would hurry up, I'm busting for a shit".
I was in the shed when I heard the familiar squeak of the door, sure enough it wasd Jackie. She hurriedly lifted the seat then pulled her track pants followed by a green pair of of full briefs. Itwas obvious that she was in dire need of a shit, the gusset of her briefs had a some sticky poop in them , the crack of her arse was poopy as well. She let go the rest of her shit in the pan, about 3 big logs from memory. Jackie then removed her briefs , then rolled off some paper & proceeded to wipe herself . She has a very hairy arsehole so she took quite a bit of wiping to get herself shit free.

Happy pooping/pissing

My third & last story about Jackie is the best, well I think so anyway. There was a period when Jackie did not meet her apppointed pooping time, it was around about when we went to see some friends of my uncle. She ssaid the food had made constipated, however I still made the trek to the shed every day at the same time,till finally on the third day she made the door squeak. Jackie did her usaual thing pulling one leg out of her track pants, backing up to the pan & pulling her cheek open with one hand. But this time she really must have been constipated for I heard her grunt & push like never before. I could see the very tip of a turtles head rtying to get out, but poor Jackie was having a hard time to get it moving, let alone right out. The more she pushed the more it came out , but so slowly. so she tried to hold her arse open with both hands. Her hole was distended,but her log began to move slowly, it looked as hard as arock. During this time she let out some really loud farts, then she stood up took the other leg out of her pants. She then put both hands on her cheeks & opened her bum up again, but this time she placed hands so that her fingers were almost touching.
She gave a huge grunt & the monster turd slipped out right onto her fingers, it must have been 10" long, this was followed by 2 x 6" logs. She shit all over her hands by now, she rolled of alot of paper to wipe her hands & messy arsehole. Followed by washing them in the sink.

Happy pooping all

Hello all. I'm 14/male. I've never actually peed or crapped outside (I'm probably a minority here, but whatever). I've been lurking here for quite a while, and it's an interesting forum certainly. I'm probably more interested in peeing than crapping.

Eric in Chicago: Interesting that you never peed outside until you were 12. I have never peed outside either, although I don't really pay attention to whether others do. I'm sure almost all of my friends have at one time or another, though. Anything in particular got you started peeing outside?

I might as well add a bit more about myself. I can hold pee for 12 hours easily, sometimes 24 without having to go, depending on how much I've had to drink. I'm not sure what the longest I've ever gone is, though. Occasionally I weigh myself before and after peeing, and I normally lose more than a pound.

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