I have a pooping story. Well the other day I had to piss really bad. I almost pissed my pants. I ran into the batroom and stood up to the toilet.(Ilearned how to piss standing up). I pissed a lot and then not realizing I had to shit, Diareah started pourng out onto the floor. OMG!!!!!! I took a long time in the bathroom. I didn't know how to clean it up. Luckly, Iwas the only one in the house. I cleaned it up toilet paper. flushed it and used the swifer to clean it up. As far as I know my dad never found out.

I hope you liked it!

Punk Rock Girl
Carmalita: Right back atcha, Babe!!! Your stories are my faves on this list!!! I love them so much, I could just shit! Hee hee hee.

Well, diarrhea is gone and has been replaced with my usual dillema: constipation. When I'm regular, which is about half the time, I have a dump in the morning when I get up, then again in the late afternoon or early evening. That's pretty much been my schedule since I can remember.

That's when I'm regular, though! Most of the other half of that time, I have mild to chronic constipation. I'd take that over the shits any day. But yesterday, whoa!

I hadn't taken a shit since Friday MORNING! I sat down and pushed and nothing came out, just a little squeaker. All day, I felt kinda bloated and lethargic, but nothing in the afternoon either. I went to bed without having taken a shit all day.

Saturday morning, I could feel it building up down there in my guts, but it wouldn't budge. I ate a big bran muffin for breakfast and had a big salad for lunch. I was positive by that night I would have been able to go, but nope. I went to bed Saturday positive I'd wake up with a load of shit in my underpants!

I woke up, not even feeling the need to shit. I felt crampy, but just in my stomach, my rectum felt like it was filling with cobwebs! Anyway, Colin (my boyfriend) and I headed out to do some shopping and take a walk. We were in a coffee house in the Village having some dessert when EVERYTHING in my guts decided it was time to leave. I mean, one second I felt fine, the next I felt like I was about to shit my pants.

I said, "Whoa, I gotta take a dump." Colin chuckled and I went to the restroom. There was just one little unisex, but it was better than nothing. The door was really thin and about three inches off the floor. I don't know if people could see my feet, but I could see the floor outside and a couple of chair and table legs! Oh, well, I was too desperate now to be bashful.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them and my thong down to my knees and sat my bare bottom on the toilet. I relaxed and this monster load exploded out of my ass and hit the water with a mega-ton splash! My buns got soaked. Although I was amazed that I didn't let out a huge fart along with it, I knew everyone had heard "SPLASH!!!!" come from inside. This was followed by about six or eight chunks which plopped into the water one after another.

I actually felt lightheaded, but soooooo much better. I smiled and sighed and leaned against the tank for a minute while I let nature take its course. I rolled off some paper and wiped, then flushed the toilet. I washed up, sprayed some air freshener, and proudly waled out the door. Nobody looked at me, Colin just smiled.

I finished my ice cream and we walked out onto the street. I felt light as a feather! Nothing like a nice, big, long dump to brighten up your day!!! Then your ass can go back to it's other job, being a super-cute thing for your boyfriend's hand to squeeze!!!



Hi, Ryan S. Stacey is still a close friend and no, we never buddy dumped together. "Mike" and I were very close for a couple of years and, I hope this isn't too out of line, we did see each other in the nude but no, we never buddy dumped together. Although "Mike" is no longer my boyfriend, we do keep in touch and I still think of him as a close friend.

"Mike," Stacey, and I all go to different colleges. Stacey and I plan to come home from our different colleges this weekend (Easter Sunday) and we've already made plans to meet up. I, or we (Stacey and I) will probably bump into "Mike" on our rounds..

Glad to see you back on here, Ryan S.


the other day i caught my neighbors peeing in my yard and they do this alot and i have told them to stop but haven't. so one day i waited till they were going to be gone( i have been eating and drinking a lot this week and haven't peed very much or had a bm all week so i knew it was going to be big. so i sneaked over to there house and bm all in there yard. there were about 4 long logs each about 8-9 in each and about 5 small turds 4 in long man it felt good. i ran back to my house feeling relieved and i had to pee a few minutes later and knew it would be maybe 3.5 minutes long and it was, but i never pee in toliets because i always think i am going to miss. they have a two yards so i went to one side and start to pee in there for about a minute. i then geld it went into there back yard side yard (thats where they went in mine) and started to water everything then i went and watered there front lawn went home a felt good. everytime i have a bm or i have to pee i always use outside. i haven't used a toliet in about 6 months. (my favorite thing to do is start to do my business and have the people catch me doing it especially doing it on there car)
keep the stories coming

Twice Shy
I often think of another of my strange "poo jingles" when I'm on my way to work in Arlington, VA, and pass by the sewage treatment plant on Four Mile Run. We humans who live in civilized cities must give daily thanks to the sanitation that allows us to be so close, yet crap so nastily.

Sometimes you can smell a whiff of the plant, from the office complex where I work. That is when I think of "the Fudge Factory"

(perhaps the lyrics to a music video, sung to the tune of "The Fun Never Stops at the Fun Factory", a TV commercial for a Play Doh toy in the 1970's)

The fudge never stops at the fudge factory,
Crap out dukey,
Blow it from your rear,
Press on the handle (shot of hand flushing crapper),
It comes out here (horrendous influent flow, ceaseless, at the sewer's end).
Crap out shit from one to ten,
Make what you want,
Then flush it again.

You need the sewer, if you're going to be a poo-er.

Hey guys.
I have a story about what happened last night.

I was out eating spicey chicken wings. Now this was after I had already ate dinner. About half way through the wings, I felt what borderd on a fart/poo. Felt like a fart, but then again, felt a little too much to be just a fart. So, I held it for a bit.

When I was done, I decided to go sit on the toilet. I closed the stall door, pulled down my pants, and sat. I then let out a HUGE fart! This was loud, and lasted a good 10 seconds! Then came: Plop, plop, ploplop, plop, plop. My poo was nothing special, but the fart was the biggest I have made. Bigger than the one I posted about about my mall poo recently. I just love farting when I poo!

In reponce to Buzzy, I also kind of wish I could see a woman drop poo. I have a sexy best friend, and when I manually get off, I will often dream about her sitting on the toilet and dropping her poo. Do any of you guys here do that too?

Well, That's all for today. I have to go poo.

Take care guys.

Hi again everybody, sorry I have not been posting for the last few weeks but there was something wrong with my internet connection.
I have a few good peeing stories from the last few weeks, here's one of them...
About 3 weeks ago me and 3 of my girlfriends went on a camping trip, it was a proper camp-site so they had toilets but we only used those for pooping when we needed to pee we went in a cup/bottle inside the tent, just outside the tent or we used the forest which was only about 100 yards away.
One of my friends, Tash is very shy about peeing but she wanted to get over it so the first morning there we all went out to the forest for our early morning pee, we all squtted down around a big bush except for laura, who wanted to practice peeing standing up so she peed on a tree, I gave her 8/10 because some went on her shoe.
When it was aour turn I peed first, it was a strong, loud splashing sound, then I heard another splash, then another, eventually we were all peeing, I looked down in-between my legs and watched the stream of clear pee flow away then I looked over to my right and saw Tash's steaming pee stream, I looked over to my right and saw Sineads pee stream then I looked at Laura, leaning on a tree pretending not to watch us but she was watching out of the corner of her eye.
eventualy we stopped, pulled up our knickers and shorts/skirts and went back to our tent.

I'll post another story soon...

To RyanS: Liked your story...did your family see your turds?
To CourtneyJ : ): Liked your story
To Don: Loved your story
To Biker Trash: Liked your story
To Carmalita: Liked your stories
To Josh: Loved your story
To Constipated Pooper: Liked your story
Yesterday i was at work and i started feeling kinda gassy like i was gonna have to poop soon. I had a slight urge in the morning. Well i got busy and soon enough i was having a cramp in my stomach. I felt like i couldn't hold and it was gonna be loose. I got someone to cover me and i ran to the bathroom. I must have passed a hard log then soft stuff on top of it. i wiped 10x and flushed and went back to work. Then i pooped one more time at work, been ok since
oh btw..earlier yesterday i went to the same bathroom to pee. I had noticed this young 19 y.o was back there by the single restroom. I figured he went in there(or he was sitting in the room there) well i had to pee, a little while later when he came out of there, i went back there to pee. I go in the mens room and see a little dab of poop in the bowl and huge skid marks.

Last night on tv, Inside edition was showing something from president bush. There was a boy there about 12 i guess he was all fidigity, they interviewed him, he announced that he had to go to the bathroom(i asume pee). Well thats it gotta run bye


I almost always pee through the swimmsuit when there are other people around. I sometimes pee naked on the floor when changing if there is a drain nearby. With my friends, we usually do it in front of each other, but sometimes we take our whole bottom half of the suit off and sometimes we just pull the crotch aside. I once saw another girl pissing in the shower, she ran past it to the bathrooms, and saw that they were full. She came running back to the shower, pulled off her entire one-piece suit, squatted, and pissed in the corner. That was the only time other than with my friends. Never seen a guy doing it.

holder's survey:

1. 3-4 times each day, sometimes as much as 6
2. 2.5-4 hours--I have to pee a lot
3.I can remember a 5 hour time I didn't pee. I ended up that time soaking my pants.
4. Same as above.
5. I once was in a shopping mall with my mom, and needed the bathroom. I looked around for one, but every single one was closed. Just as we got to the exit, my pee started coming out, and quickly filled my panties and then my blue jeans. I had held my pee maybe 5 hours. I actually got into the same dilemma another time, but that time I went into the changing room in a store and did it on their carpet so my pee would soak in.
6. Never had any problem, except with large groups of people.

Frank The Tank: here are my answers to your survey.

1. 13 year old, 5 foot tall, about 100 pounds, brown hair 2. Sometimes 3. Because sometimes the toilets and everything are gross 5. sometimes 6. because sometimes I am not in a bathroom 8. 30 seconds, less if I'm wearing my usual, skirt but no panties 9. several minutes, unless I'm in public, then I push harder 10. do it either behind a car or behind a bush or anything like that 11. same as 10 12. sometimes, but only right before I get in the bathtub, because I do it by sitting on the toilet with my panties on 13. Wash it 14. No 16. Always 17. I don't know, never tried to figure out 18. Look above 19. usually once a day 20. almost everywhere 21. neighbor's backyard 22. Wal*Mart 23. Usually none 24. what do you mean? 25. Yes 26. if I have it on, all the way or almost completely on 27. Until most of it is gone. I have had to walk around with tons of poop on my butt for hours because I missed it.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hey everyone. Nothing really to mention just the same usual routine. Although I do have to mention that in the last several months to a year my pooping habits have decreased. Kinda back to my younger days when I'd hold my poop for weeks. However, I have not held it for weeks but have held it up to a week and regretted it. Last Friday I clogged our toilet pretty darn good. And unfortunately thanks to my sister making the biggest deal out of it got the whole family involved and I seriously thought we were gonna have to call a plumber because I worked on it forever and my mom worked on it for a while and I think my sister may have tried it. The water would drain and actually we flushed so many times that the water was crystal clear but somewhere there was my rock hard turd and it was stuck. Finally my dad came down and got in unclogged. Then this past Wednesday our neighbor across the street had a sewage backup in his yard. My mom said a guy came over and first asked my mom to flush the toilet 4 times, then he came back and asked to put some die stuff in the toilet then flush it to see if it comes up at our neigbors house. Fortunately the problem was not from us but it did kinda make me wonder at first.

TORIE - It's good to see you posting again. Actually the same day that you posted I was actually going back to when your made your first couple of posts. Funny coincidence because I was wondering if you'd ever come back and post here again. I do have a couple of questions, back in 2000 you mentioned you wished you could buddy dump with your friend Stacey, did that ever happen??? Also that boyfriend of yours that you called "Mike" on here, how did that work out? Are you 2 still together?

Twice Shy
I often think of another of my strange "poo jingles" when I'm on my way to work in Arlington, VA, and pass by the sewage treatment plant on Four Mile Run. We humans who live in civilized cities must give daily thanks to the sanitation that allows us to be so close, yet crap so nastily.

Sometimes you can smell a whiff of the plant, from the office complex where I work. That is when I think of "the Fudge Factory"

(perhaps the lyrics to a music video, sung to the tune of "The Fun Never Stops at the Fun Factory", a TV commercial for a Play Doh toy in the 1970's)

The fudge never stops at the fudge factory,
Crap out dukey,
Blow it from your rear,
Press on the handle (shot of hand flushing crapper),
It comes out here (horrendous influent flow, ceaseless, at the sewer's end).
Crap out shit from one to ten,
Make what you want,
Then flush it again.

You need the sewer, if you're going to be a poo-er.

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Got an interesting story today. I was at work and had gotten up from my desk because I had to pee. I was making my way to the restroom and had stopped by the copier to talk to my friend Cathy who was making copies. Just as I finished talking to Cathy and was continuing on my way to the bathroom, the company president's secretary, Patsy, came walking by on her way to the restrooms. Patsy is about the sexiest mid-fifties woman I have ever seen. I held the office door for her, then as she passed by I continued into the hallway on my way to the restrooms. The ladies room is on the left and the men's on the right. Patsy opened the ladies room door and as I began to open the mens room door, she looked at me and said playfully, "I thought you were going to follow me in here." My jaw must have dropped and I was totally speechless. I wanted to say, "Is that an invitation?" but didn't want to risk being accused of sexual harrassment so I didn't say anything and went into the mens room and peed. Patsy must have only peed too because she came back to her office about a minute later - not enough time for a bowel movement. I went into her office and said "not too many comments leave me speechless, but that one did." The way she laughed I think she would have been pretty cool about it if I had made a comment back. Had it been an invitation, I would have happily accepted.
Sir Richard Pumpaloaf

CourtneyJ : )
I'm new here. My name's Courtney i'm 24 years old long brown hair and am 5'9" and I frequently have accidents to the point that i'm considering diapers. Now on to the stories (I have 2).
I was out for my morning walk here in Kansas City. I felt the urge to pee but i figuered that i could make it to the restroom at the end of the trail. About a quarter of the way from from i realized i wasn't going to make it. I went over to some trees to pee. I had just gotten my sweatpants down when a warmth began to spread through my underwear. I looked down and realized I was soaking my light blue bikini bottoms. I finished and the bikinis were now dark blue. I stuck them in mt fannypack, put back on my sweatpants and went commando all the way home. Another time I was coming home from a long day shopping and felt the urge to poop really bad. I got up to my front door with the turd pushing against my underwear stepped into my foyer but it was too late. the 12" turd slipped out and since i was wearing a thong it slid down my legs along with a couple of five inchers.
I plan to buy my first pack of diapers tomorrow. I'll tell you how it goes.
Sincerely Courtney J. ;)

Neat forum! First time visiting. I have one to share. This happened about a year ago, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. It involves my girlfriend Betsy and I've been wanting to tell someone about it but couldn't tell anyone of our friends since Betsy is still embarrased about the whole thing. So we were visiting a college friend of hers during the weekend in Pennsylvania. We slept over Saturday night and then left Sunday afternoon to go back to New Jersey. I was driving and we were approaching the bridge over the delaware river when the traffic just came to a dead stop for several miles. Betsy was disturbed and said she had been needing to go to the bathroom for the last fifteen minutes and she was hoping to wait until she got home but was thinking of asking if we could stop and find a restroom some place and then we had run into this traffic jam and she didn't know what she was going to do now. I asked if it was bad and she said it was. And she said she didn't have to pee either. And, even worse, she said she hadn't been since Friday. She did ok for about the next 10 minutes (we were just sitting there in traffic) but then she started to get very fidgety and I figured she was having a tough time holding it. I asked her if it was a solid bm and she said it definitely was and that it was pushing against "the door" like it was so ready. I felt really bad for her because she obviously needed to go in the worst way. She said if she passed gas that it might relieve some of the pressure and I said sure and she did. It helped some and she was ok for the next 5 or so minutes but then started to get really fidgety again. She had a worried look on her face and she started to moan and bare down softly and I asked if she was pushing and she said she was and she couldn't help it she just had to get rid of it. I didn't want her to go in her pants but we were stuck in traffic on open highway (no bushes) and there really wasn't any place for her to go. She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned forward on the passenger seat on the edge so that her behind was raised off the seat and she spent the next 3 or so minutes pushing out a three day old bm. I put my hand on her leg to comfort her and say it was ok. Then I looked at her behind and I could see bulges on her tight pants. I put my hand on her behind just out of curiosity but also to comfort her. I couldn't believe she was pooping her pants right there in the car! When she was done she uncomfortably sat back in the seat and said she was sorry but she just had to go and I said it was ok that I understood. After about 15 minutes the traffic started to slowly move and we were on our way. After we got over the bridge we took an exit off the highway and found a gas station. Betsy said she needed help "cleaning up" and I said of course. We went into the ladies bathroom (just a single occupant bathroom so it wasn't a problem). She stood there and I carefully pulled down her pants; gosh did she have a load! I won't go into details here but lets just say that without having everything drop on the floor I had to extract things one piece at a time. It wasn't exactly fun but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and it wasn't nearly as smelly as I thought it would be either. It was an interesting experience. Thank you for letting me share it because I've wanted to for some time now.

Biker Trash
I figured out an accidental but amusing way to run the cable inspection guy off. I was smoking a cigarette the other day and since I don't smoke in the house I was outside. I had to pee, so in order to not waste my cigarette, I stepped around back to relieve myself. About the time I get my pecker all hangin out and shooting a full stream, the cable guy came walking around the corner facing me. He turned red and I grinned my big-ass grin at him and he walked on by not even stopping to check our hook-up.

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