Hola mis amigos,

Here's a story about Friday night when I got into a nasty fight with Angie! It was shortly after the Latino family community celebration that I attended. I was wearing a bright flowered skirt and a white sleeveless top with matching heels. My hair, black and long, was parted to one side, flowing over my shoulders in thick curls. Underneath all of it were white bra and panties.

When I got home all my turds were reaaaaalllly needing to come out! I missed my morning dump, so needless to say, I was really built up. This is where I miss living in the house with Pat and Renee, because now I only have 1 bathroom in my tiny apt. This was actually one of those nights where I really wanted to be alone to poop. Nu was there like usual, but so was Joanne and Angie. They'd been out partying and came to my place afterward. I didnt' know how drunk they were until later which begins my story of the fight that me and Angie got into.

I'd only been home a few minutes when I just had to go take a monster shit! Joanne got up and was following me teasing. Nu and Anj were on the sofa, and I could see Anj craning her neck around to see what was going on. I went to close the bathroom door and Jo followed quickly behind me.
I shrugged, then lifted my skirt, pulled down my hose and lacy panties before I sat. At first, a real big and slow log came out, crackling in the bowl. "Is it a long one?" Jo asked, smiling down at me. She was standing against the wall with her arms crossed in front.
I simply nodded while grunting and pushing on one fat and smelly turd. It was soooo hard, thick and crackly and SMELLED AWFUL!!! Jo leaned over, listening as more turds were dropping like crazy. First came the hard plops, then soft mushy squeezings that crackled and spit, and made super gross noises. Jo plugged her nose as I kept crapping out turds.

Then Anj came rushing in going "I gotta pee bad! Can I do it between your legs if I promise to be careful?"
I agreed, then spread my legs enough for her to squeeze her round ass in between for a good squirt.
"Smeeeellll you!" she said.
She was right too. I could actually smell yesterday's chicken and rice! Isn't that weird?! It smelled just like the food when it was steaming on my plate. Now, it was steamin' in the bowl!

Angie's soft ass warmed my legs as she let loose a powerful piss! I could hear it splattering on my turds below. Her piss stream was so powerful that it started to actually break up some of my softer logs, making them smell even worse. Angie began giggling, holding her nose. She did pee on my thighs which I knew was going to happen. But it's weird because it was warm and felt good! Then she grunted and pinched off a turd that was just hanging out of her butt! I actually spread her butt cheeks apart to help pinch it off for her. All I wanted to do was take a shit in peace! She then pulled off some TP and goes "wipe me!" "Wipe yourself! You can reach it better than me," I said, wanting her to get off my lap. Her and Jo were both a little drunk and I was actually pissed off at them because they had driven to my place like that. We have a rule as friends: nobody drives when they drink. It's either a cab, bus, or we walk it. My plan was to wipe my ass, then go take Angie's keys from her. However, Nu was on the ball, and had already confiscated them while she was in the bathroom with me peeing between my legs. So, the 2 drunk chicas had to spend the night or walk home because Nu wouldn't surrender the keys. Nu eventually went back home, and Anj and Jo stayed overnight with me. I have a bottle of Cuervo, and Anj kept drinking until she passed out on the floor in front of the TV. Jo crawled into my bed (which is definitely cool with me!)

This morning when Jo woke up, she made coffee, and was laughing at Anj who was still crashed out on the floor, flat on her back, spread-eagle, with her head flopped to one side like a super-sexy, hot blonde corpse. Her nice, healthy boobs were pointing straight up and when she breathed, they'd go up and down. I had a cup of coffee, then went in to yak with Jo while she sat, taking a big morning dump. She really squeezed out some hefty turds too, I was impressed. Joanne is a kind of big girl, and her ass is really round and fills up the seat. She's pretty with long reddish hair, and big tits and ????. The turds were gross smelling too because of all the booze she drank.

When Angie finally did wake up, she had the worst shits imaginable, and spent about 20 minutes on my toilet, squirting, flushing, spraying air freshener, shitting some more, flushing, spraying air freshener, etc. She didn't even remember peeing between my legs from last night. She had that Cuervo "shit transfusion" of a hangover. GOOD!!! Both of them were sorry about last night, and Nu called, telling me that Angie's car keys were hidden behind a can of soup in the cupboard. I lectured Anj about the driving thing until she finally yelled at me in Spanish "Ya basta!" (that's something that I taught her). It means "Enough already!" Being a hot-tempered Latina, I yelled back some even worse things like "Callate bitch!" (shut up bitch!) Can you all believe I said something like that to one of my best friends?!!
She yelled back at me, and I yelled at her until we both ended with mutual "f--k you's!" I usually don't fight with my friends, but me and Anj got into it. She was hungover and sick and I was irritable and it got way out of control. She finally grabbed her stuff and stormed out. Feeling bad, I chased after her and yelled "peace out girl! I'm sorry! I just worry about you is all!" She just waved me off with her hand without turning around. Jo gave me a big kiss, and ran out too saying goodbye.

This morning I could still smell traces of Angie's wicked Tequila dump in the bathroom. She used up all the air freshener and there's some nasty swirly poop stains in the bowl. I called her and we talked and we love each other again. Nu is gone, the girls are gone and I'm lonely!!! Nu's going to L.A. for a shoot and I miss her already. Waaaaah. I know I sound ultra bitchy, but I worry about my friends and other people who are on the roads when they're out drinking. Angie understands how I feel and we're way cool with each other again.


Ash.D and Mel.D

I really enjoy your posts. You're my favourite contributors.
I like the way you describe the sound your shit makes when it drops, and details of the bum splashes. I take it that you are sisters ?
Do you ever listen to each other.
I wish we could have a joint shit in 3 adjacent cubicles, with me in the middle and one of you on either side. We could enjoy listening to each others farts, grunts, crackles and plops.

Love Stan

To Ash D.: First of all, in regards to your response to my comments, I would like to say you are very welcome. I also wanted to tell you just how much I loved your most recent post. You give really great details of the whole "experience". I really like that.

One thing that I came to my mind after finding this site was the reality that all girls have to poop just like guys do, including the really cute ones that I never would have pictured having to sit on a toilet and push a huge load of poop out of her butt. It also fascinated me, from the results of my survey, just how much girls have to poop and just how large their loads are compared to what I would have guessed. One final fact I learned from this site was just how open girls are with talking about their bathroom habits and poop experiences. I admire that a lot and hope to find some girls in this world like you all who post in this site. The only problem I have is finding out which girls are open to it and which are not. Do any of you female posters on this site have any suggestions on how to find girls who are "interested" in the subject or bring it up in conversation?

Thanks once again to all who responded to my survey. You all were most helpful, and I commend you for your generosity.
Yours truly,


How long have all of you held it(pissing)?
My longest was (!) 9 hrs (!) cuz i was out in a canoe at camp
and i wasn't about to just jump in the water and piss was I? NOOOO
and also if anyone has pissing their pants stories plase EMAIL THEM to me dont post them here i dont like to read them on here it takes to long to find replys to MY stories. also what do you call your piss?
i call it tinkle (lol) it just sounds so cool
happy pissing! bye! :-D

Hola mis amigos,
How is everyone? Wonderful stories!!
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I LOVED your latest!! I've had that happen too. Actually, Nu is the expert on diarhea, and rushing into the bathroom while someone is in the shower or tub. Sounds like you have an awesome boyfriend. I was with a guy and some other friends last week and we were generally talking, and he said "I think it's so gross when women shit. They're too beautiful to think about like that." After that, he asked me out. Needless to say, I ended that conversation quickly! What are we, a bunch of barbie dolls or something?!! I love your fire PRG! Take care mi amiguita.

UPSTATE DAVE: Hola amigo! What's up?

TJ: I have a story for you today. Hope it's worthwhile.

FERNANDO: Qué tal amigo? Tu cuento me encantó mucho! Me gustaría ser la limpieza mientras tú cagas!

OLD OBSERVER: Hola bebe! I will probably have a good story after tonight, because I am going to be a hostess at a semi-formal Mexican community gathering where I have to wear a dress, heels, hose, the whole works. After the food they'll be serving, I'll definitely have a load stored up!
I often have to poop after coming home from work. I work part time answering phones and setting appointments at the agency where I was volunteering. I have to dress professionally there. Here's a story from last night as I hurried home from work.

Last night was one really wicked shit! Right when I got a few blocks from my apartment, I could feel poop needing to come out bad. When I pulled into the parking lot, I quickly ran up the stairs, fumbled with my key and noticed Nu's sandals by the door which told me that it was unlocked. So, I ran in, slammed the door shut behind me, then hurried into the bathroom. Nu was watching TV as I ran past her. In the bathroom I pulled up my skirt, slid my red panties down, then sat and grunted out a fat string of smelly sausages.
"That's grosss!" Nu yelled.
"Don't listen to me, watch TV!" I moaned.
This one was a really hearty poop and took a few minutes longer than usual. My turds kept coming and coming. They were soft, but very dark brown and reeeaaaallly stinky.
"I can smell that even with the door closed," Nu called to me about 2 minutes later. "Sorry!" I moaned. I kept grunting, pushing out more fat crap. I finally finished and the bathroom reeked bad. One of the turds was a big fat coil and clogged the bowl. I can't begin to tell you how stupid I felt with my skirt up, and panties stretched across my thighs, working a plunger like some road crew worker! I had lots of wiping to do, so I had to be able to flush the toilet first. I used air freshener and I had to light an entire book of matches! Afterward I lit a few candles to put in there.

Nu's smile turned into an awful frown and she started fanning the air away from her a few seconds after the door had been opened.
I came over to the couch and laid down on one end. Nu was jabbing my thighs with her bare toes and said "Didja take a big one?"
I didn't answer, so she slowly began probing with her toes toward the inside of my thighs trying to bug me. I still didn't answer her because I was having a bit of a stomach ache. When I was at work, I knew I had to poop, but didn't want to because I knew it would stink really bad. We have a unisex bathroom, and there's a cute new guy who volunteers there and I DID NOT want him to enter that bathroom after I pooped it out!!


Our class along with a few other students were going on a field trip to the local Science Center where there are displays and all sorts of interesting things. We were to leave at 9 AM on the bus, then tour until 1 PM, break for a lunch and then tour again until 4PM. We had a chance to try out all the hands on displays and have fun.

I was talking in the hall to this cute chick and trying to coax her into sitting with me on the bus. Then the call came to load the buses and we would be leaving in 10 minutes. I grabbed my jacket and made it to the bus with the other mates.

We got on the bus and sure enough that cute girl Nancy did sit by me on he way. We talked and laughed and told some stories and all until we got there. It was about a 90 min trip from our school. About half way there I felt a slight twing where I was reminded I didnt pee before leaving school and getting on the bus. I held my jacket on my lap and
gave my dick a little pinch and it felt better. I sat there talking to
Nancy with my hand pinchin my dick. It seemed to help and I felt I could wait till we got to the center.
We got there without any problem and unloaded and lined up for the tour.The first thing everyone did is find the restrooms so we could all pee. My friend went to hers and we met up again. So then we went thru all the exhibits, soon it was lunch time. We lined up
at the cafeteria with our trays. I had a large coke and hamburger.
The we went thru more hands on displays and watched this movie on this huge curved screen. Then it was almost 4PM, the movie was over and we had to rush to the bus. My friend and I jumped on and took a seat near the back. Oh, then I remembered I hadnt peed all afternoon, and didnt take a break after the movie,especially after drinking that big coke.
We are sitting on the bus about 30 minutes and I felt that twinge to pee again. I noticed Nancy sort of sitting straight up with her hand between her legs with her jacket half covering up.
I gave my dick a pinch again like before but my bladder was starting to complain and stretch. I noticed Nancy also was squirming a bit beside me as I too shifted in my seat. She looked over and said, " are you ok", and I said, "ya but got to get to a bathroom." She said,,"well me too, we were rushed",Maybe we might stop someplace"
Now we are about 45 min from home and I get this little spasm like my bladder wants to let out some pressure. I was holding on for all my might, but again another surge hit and I squirted a little pee in my shorts. Well, maybe this will help now. Its didnt show and I had only a slightly damp pair of BVD's. A few minutes more and another hard spasm hit and I squirted a longer shot of hot piss into my shorts. Oh I was starting to sweat now, I did not want to wet my pants in front of my best girlfriend. That day it was sort of cool, and everyone wore blue jeans or cords or girls jeans, and some skirts. I had on these dark blue cordroy jeans I had just got for school a few weeks ago.
The bus then hit some rough road and was bouncing about some and I could hardly hold on to my pee. Suddenly another long squirt shot out into my shorts and I could feel the hot wetness up my butt crack. I knew that I had wet enough to get my ass wet and seat on the bus.
I tried not to look at Nancy who also was having some problem, dont know if she was as desperate as I was but I didnt ask. I did notice she
was like biting her lip and had her hand down her crotch and didnt move an inch.
Now its about 20 minutes from home, and one other student went to the tacher and apparently made a request for a pit stop, but I could hear him say, " only 15 minutes to go and so hold on".
Suddenly the bus jerked again and I squirted again in my pants, holding my dick did no good as my piss came out anyway. But now I thought I could feel a sight warmth spreading in my crotch and down my butt.
I think I was pissing in my pants like a tiny stream I could not stop.
I think Nancy noticed my bouncing around in the seat and my holding myself. She said, " you really got to go, huh? Well so do I, Im almost wetting my pants." This from a girl that is basically shy and quiet making this statement sent a shiver thru my body and then more piss started to free flow down my legs. Only 5 minutes more and here I totally pissed myself on the bus. I could tell Nancy was close to peeing her panties too.
Finally the bus pulls up at the dock behind the school and all mates were now getting off. I took my jacket and let it wrap around my waist and made it off the bus and headed for the boys room. Nancy got off too, and I noticed a wet spot on her butt as she flipped her jacket across her waist too.
In the boys room I took paper towels and tired to soak up some wet piss iin my jeans. I got a stall, took off my jeans and then my underpants. I took them and put them in the trash can. I tried to wipe my cords up best I could. I looked in a mirror and noticed no one could tell I pissed my pants on the bus as the dark blue covered it well.

After a bit my parents came up in the car and we headed for home. I noticed Nancys folks also came and picked her up too.
That next day in school we talked again about the experience and she said she made it home and no one was the wiser about her having wet a bit in her pants. I said my cords didnt show either. We were lucky and we vowed if ever again we were on a trip we would hit the restoom first no matter what.
Afterward Nancy and I dated again and we saw a lot of eachother for the s school year.

I was courious, any other students out here have the same experience like having to pee real bad on a bus on a field trip from school?
Like to hear your story..

Eric in Chicago
Biker Trash: Boys (defined for purposes of this discussion as males between the ages of 4 and 120) generally tend to prefer peeing outdoors to peeing in a toilet. "Generally" means "there are some exceptions"; for some odd reason I wouldn't pee outside, and thought badly of those who would, until I turned 12. Then I joined the club, and would do it every chance I got. Making up for lost time, I guess.

As far as people deliberately messing themselves, you've got to be careful how you use the word "natural." There's a *biological* definition of the term ("what happens in nature") and a *theological* definition of the term ("what should happen according to God's plan"). Many stupid arguements (flamewars) occur between those who are using different senses of the terms. For a lot of people, "natural" means little more than "what I approve of."

In the biological sense, it's "natural" for anyone to squat and grunt whenever and wherever they get the urge. For practical reasons, this needs to be modified to "whenever and wherever it doesn't expose other people unwillingly to your shit." Just a consequence of living among other people. But the notion that "people shouldn't get a kick out of messing themselves, no matter how little it affects others" is simply a statement of personal belief, and cannot be universalized. If someone wants to mess himself, the question is how it affects *you* directly. If it doesn't, then it's simply none of your business.

Buzzy, I am like you I wish I were invisible sometimes. Do have any stories about witnessing other girls pooping.

Robert-Can you tell us that story that your British cousin told you after you saw her have an accident?

Constipated Pooper
This whole week I had been extremely constipated. I usually go 3 times a day, but this past week I hadn't been able to go for 8 days. My whole body hurt from my stomach to my back. I was in so much pain. Finally I went to the mall with my friend and we were walking around when I thought I might be able to finally go. I told her that I had been constipated and I needed to go to the toilets. She said she also needed to have a poop. We went to the toilets, they didn't have doors between the toilets so you just sat infronot of everybody. For me that was not a problem. When we went in there, there were 3 other women doing a poop, and one just peeing. There were six toilets,I took the toilet right in the middle, and my friend took the one across from me. I sat on the toilet and my friend started pooping and seemed to be little constipated as well. She was groaning and moaning and her face was red. I started to push and I could feel the giant mass of poop in my rectum, but it wasn't going to come out easy. I pushed really hard and got a little out but it just sat there. My stomach was in so much pain that I was almost crying. My friend asked if I was alright. I told her that I was in tons of pain. She said that she too was constipated, but she had had some luck and was almost done. I then took a deep breath and pushed again. It moved a very little out and hurt so bad. The poop was very hard and dry and HUGE! My friend was done at this time and came over to the toilet I was on. She asked if I wanted her to rub my back and ???? area, I said that sometimes in the past that has helped. She started rubbing my lower ???? and I just moaned, It really felt good. I started to push and moan all at the same time, my friend kept rubbing my stomach and telling me to keep pushing. My poop came out about another 2 inches, but it was so thick and dry that I couldn't get it all out. We were the only ones in the bathroom now, so my friend told me to stand up so she could see how much was out and how big it was. I did she said that it was about 3 inches out but it was gigantic, she said no wonder why it hurt. She started to massage my bum checks and that really seemed to help a lot, I said ok I am going to sit down and push again, she said ok and then went to massaging my ????, as I was pushing she pushed on my ???? and said she felt all the poo in me. I pushed really hard, and finally a huge turd it the water. I knew I wasnt done though. The rest in me didn't seem liek it would be as hard. I pushed again and another turd started to come out, it too was dry but not as big. I stopped pushing and it hung there. I asked my friend to massage my butt checks again. At this time a lady came into the toilets holding her stomach and moaning. She sat down and looked at us, and asked if I was constipated, I told her yes, and she said that she was too. I started to push again, and got another turd out with a lot of pushing and groaning, the lady next to us was moaning and hold her stomach. She then put both of her feet up on the toilet and squated over the bowl and began to push, she said that usually helps the poop to come out. She still didn't have luck. I was still full in my rectum, I pushed and pushed , but all I was getting was tons of gas, I felt bad for my friend who was sitting there on the floor while I was farting right in her diretion, she said she didn't mind, she knew what it was like to be constipated and how farting often helped relieve a lot of pressure. I pushed again and the tip a poop came out, I got a sharp pain in my ???? and grabbed it and bent over. my friend kept started rubbing my lower back, close to my butt, I pushed again and It came out in one push. I was finally empty. but my bum and ???? still hurt a little. We then left the toilets and went home.

Mysterious Man
Ash D: Could you tell me which page it was you posted the story of you and Mel videotaping eachother taking a dump? Please
To Site moderators: I can't see all of page 1197, please help me.
That's all for now

Sunnday, April 04, 2004

Dear Louise, thank you for your story from the golf course. I had the same experience last summer, it was my most embarassing peeing and soft pooping accident in my life. I sometimes have problems with both my bladder and my stomach when I am quite nervous. I am 44 years old, and just made the examination for golf course. This particular day I was very nervous as it was the first time to play with my (luckily!) female boss. Already after the second hole I felt both that my bladder was very full and also I felt a very sharp pain in my stomach. I was mortified as I knew I would have to use the toilet very soon, and how could I explain to my boss that I was bursting to use a toilet. I cursed at myself that I had drunk such a lot of coffee and eaten so much ice-cream before this course, which I was sure was the reason of my problem. I tried to hold it as long as I could. My bladder was aching, and I felt sharp pains in my guts, too. I was quite unable to concentrate myself on the game and just thought: what could I do? I knew there was no chance to reach the toilet in the golf club as we were out in the course. I had an intention to run into the bushes, but there was no way, as there were only plains. After another half an hour I was sure I couldn´t hold it anymore, either I would go right now or it would both piss and shit myself. Finally I spotted some bushes. I told my boss in tears that she would have to excuse myself as I have to go urgently, and I told her that I had stomach cramps all day. At the same moment I ran into the bushes, but I was mortified as I now realised that everybody else from the golf course could see me. I had no choice. I quickly lowered my panties and golf slacks, squatted down, and first the longest pee in my life came out of me. It splashed and splashed on the ground. When this was done, I had the most terrible attack of diarreah pouring out of my ass on the ground. I was squatting there for at least 20 minutes. When I was done, I wiped with some kleenex from my bag and quickly went back to the golf course. My boss asked me it I was ill. I told her that my stomach just get upset. Just a few minutes I had another strong feeling in my stomach and I was sure it would be diarreah. Fortunately I could held it into the last round and I quickly excused myself to use the toilet in the club house. I just sat and diarreah was just pouring out of me. It was like if I were peeing out of my ass. I was totally mortified about this.

c'est moi
I've had a pretty remarkable 2 days bm wise. Let me give you some history first. For most of my life I have been constipated on most days and I have diarrhea on average of 2-3 times per month. This past month I've had some pretty bad stomach cramps just about every time I eat. I've had more smooth movements than usual but I've also had diarrhea on at least 5 or 6 different days. I woke with a horrible stomach ache one morning a few weeks ago. I knew I was in for a nasty diarrhea attach but I was unable to go before leaving for church. On my way there I began passing gas and pretty soon I knew I had to go and soon. I sprinted for the bathroom and had several waves of chunky diarrhea. I cleaned myself up feeling completely fine for the rest of the day. Things like this happend quite a few times this month.

Yesterday morning I woke feeling good. I grabbed a cup of coffee and was checking my email when about halfway through my coffee I got a stomach cramp. I shifted in my seat and as I did I felt everything in me slip down into place. I had another bad stomach cramp and sprinted for the bathroom. I sat and relaxed, and released what felt like a small amount of smooth creamy pooh. When I looked in the toilet I saw more pooh than I have ever dumped in one sitting in my life. It was well above water line, there had to be 10 to 15 soft ropes in there. It totally covered all the water and started up the bowl. Just then my stomach gurgled and I suddenly felt full again. I had to go more, but I couldn't. My stomach was really hurting, but I couldn't go. I skipped breakfast feeling sick to my stomach, and had errands to run. On my way to the first place I had stomach pains and I thought for sure I'd have to use a bathroom when I got there. I didn't. My stomach felt uneasy and I had cramps on and off during the morning.

I went to the bathroom at work 3 times that afternoon trying to go (I hate shitting in public bathrooms). This time I managed to force out 2inches of what promised to be a much larger load. My stomach was killing me but I couldn't go. The night passed, no pooh, and the stomach cramps lessened.

This morning I woke up, was again halfway through my coffee when all the sudden I had to go! I had to go right then and there! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, you're gonna shit yourself in .2 seconds kinda feeling. I tore open my bedroom door only to find that someone was in there. I have never in my adult life come that close to shitting myself. My stomach hurt so bad that I pulled off my thong and grabbed a garbage can just in case. I was just about to use it when I heard the door open. I sprinted to the bathroom, threw myself onto the toilet and proceeded to dump a huge load! It was the same kind as yesterday, except this time it came out slower and I was able to enjoy it more. The bowl was almost as full as yesterday. I headed off to work feeling relieved.

This afternoon I suddenly got the urge again. I went to the bathroom at work and sat on the pot. I couldn't go. I knew I had to go, but I couldn't. I got home tonight and again, felt like I had to go, again I couldn't. Finally tonight when I took a shower I gave myself a tiny warm water enema and pushed out 2 small logs and a few little bits. I still feel like theres more in me, but no urges. For someone who's usually constipated, and who surely doesn't eat enough to produce these enormouse loads, these past few days have been an experience. I'll post with more details tomorrow.

Louise (from France)
a few more curiosity about your "peeing in showers habits".
Do you always piss trhough the swimsuit or pull it aside (when alone on in female only showers)
When you are naked in a common shower (pool, gym changing room, etc..) do you pee in presence of other unknown women/girls? Do you pee in presence of your friends? have you ever seen other girl pissing in the shower, or share a pee toghter with 1 or more friend while showering?
Have you ever seen man/boys pissing in shower?(penis out or through swimsuit)--thanks in advance, and other women expereinces about shower peeing are welcome too.

Funny peeing on the log sotry, hace you ever peed in "not outdoor locations", like parking garage, staircases and similar?
Can you explain what does it mean when you say "I've peed a horizontal stream before!"..does the stram aims directly in front of you (like a boy to explaineasily). Doesn't this kind of pee stream cause you problems, like spraying the toilet seat and the floor (expecially if you are hovering) and even owrse your panties ant pants? Can you describe one or more circumstance when you peed like that?
thanks in advance darling...

Biker Trash,
as you never pee in a toilet, can you describe some unusual locations (out and indoor) when you happened to empty your baldder...

holder A pee survey:
1. When you were in grade school how many times did you pee each day? it was a long ago I think about 2 times a morning as average
2. How long could you hold your pee? not more tha 3-4 hours amx, but it depends from how much I drink and if it is cold
3. Longest time you remember. the same
4. When you became an adolescent how many times did (or do) you pee each day? I think 6-7, like now, maybe less because I didn't drink 2-3 litres of water like nowadays
5. In adolescence what is the longest time you ever held your pee? Tell a short story about it. I dont rember exactly how long i held it, but i was in a large fair with my mom, it was a covered area full of small stalls who sold everything..We wlaked for hours between the stalls, shopping..I started complaining to mum that I need to pee, but we didn't see any toilets the end of the tour i was bursting, my younger cousin needed to piss badly too, and mum said she needed a wee too..we reached teh entrance area to see that ther was an enormus queque for the small toilet block. I told mum that i could'nt wait for the queque nor I couldn't wlak 10 more minutes to the parking garage to pee carside (like We often did in those situation). It was full of people everywhere and I felt embarassed because I was 12 and i felt too "Old" to squat and pee in presence of so may passanger..My younger cousin had not this problem because she was only 9, so my mother let her squat next to the bench where she was sitting to rest a bit..Watching my cousing making a big puddle on the pavemented floor made my need even worse, I was almost crying and begged mum to find immediately a suitable hiding to let me pee...ther was a couple of big christmas three near the neches, so mum suggestd me to lower my panthyhose and panties to my knee under my skirt, while sitting on the bench besides her, than moving vaguely the few steps form the bench to the large tree vase, go and seat on the vase edge and then simply pulling a bit the rear of my schottish style skirt empty calmly my bladder in the big...doing it pretending i was just sitting in the more natural way, nobosy could have noticed that I was peeing...I did exactly what she told me and relieved my self vaguely sitting on the vase, with a just a pleasant grin on my face to indicate that i was enjoyng the relief of emptying my aching full baldder in the vase, instead of just sitting...My mom helped me standing in front of me pretending to talk while serching domething in her bag...I think none of the passangers guessed that i pissed in teh large three vase (and I did porbably the longest pee in my life)..Only the fact that i discretely pulled up my underwear form under my skirt when i got up would be a sign of what I really did, but I supposd nobody noticed it...than we wait 20 minutes form my mum to visit the toilet..when she got back she told that with that long queque and the disgusting condition of the few stalls she should have better to find the courage and piss like me in teh vase instead of losing so much time to pee in a disgusting toilet stall....
6. In adolescence have you ever been pee-shy (not able to pee when you tried to)? Did it happen once or twice or all the time? Do you have any idea why? NO i've never been pee shy, I gorwn up peeing without any shame in presence of my family members and all my friends..

hope you like it


hello,all-some responses
TO ASH D-Nice buddy poop with your girlfriend Amanda!Sound like a real good poop session you guys had! good stuff!
TO BIKER TRASH-I had to laugh out loud when i read your post about people purposely messing in their pants and I'm glad someone mentioned exactly the way I feel about it,too.I also think it's pretty gross and was tempted to mention it on the forum,but I'm glad you beat me to it!! Kudos to you cause i totally agree,but I guess different strokes for know-funny,i could almost hear you saying it!
TO MIKE-Sounds like my kind of dump.sound like one of my gym dumps and yes it's best to have someone to poop along with,esp when you have to go bad as you sit on the bowl and let out a few pre-poop farts and it's one of those 12-18 coils i like to release from my butt as you hear the other guy doing the same thing!
TO SIR RICHARD PUMPALOAF-I, too have seen that view a few times and yes i enjoy hearing and seeing other guys poop,but only cause WHERE am I going to be able to see women doing that without being arrested!I'd rather see and hear a pretty women pooping,but it's not too common you know.It's different when I hear and see other guys poop cause it's when I have to go too,otherwise,i'm not interested,but I'll take seeeing a women dumping just about anytime!Sometimes i wish i were invisible so I could go to ladies room and enjoy the sights an sounds of ladies doing their business,but let's be real,it's just not very feasible! for me,it's just apples and oranges!
It's been pretty quiet on the poop front-not much to report-yes,i dump every morning,but right now,I'm just doing pretty uneventfufl poops! i guess'its' just that cycle-i'm sure i'll turn around soon and do some bigs ones(hopefully at the gym)
great stuff ,all BYE

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