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To Ash. D & Mel. D: I LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!!!!!!!! Please post more. Your stories are the only ones I read on this site! Please answer my survey. Thank you so much for your help!

1. Can you give a physical description of yourself (age, height, weight, chest size, etc.)?
2. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, most of the time, sometimes, or never)?
3. If you SOMETIMES wash your hands after you pee, why?
4. If you NEVER wash your hands after you pee, why?
5. Do you wash your hands after you poop (always, most of the time, sometimes, or never)?
6. If you SOMETIMES wash your hands after you poop, why?
7. If you NEVER wash your hands after you poop, why?
8. How long does it take you to pee?
9. How long does it take you to poop?
10. If you are desperate to pee, what do you do?
11. If you are desperate to poop, what do you do?
12. Do you ever pee your pants on purpose? Why?
13. What do you do to your underwear after you pee your pants?
14. Do you ever poop your pants on purpose? Why?
15. What do you do to your underwear after you poop your pants?
16. Do you pee in the shower (always, most of the time, sometimes, or never)?
17. What drinks make you pee?
18. What foods make you poop?
19. How often do you take a poop?
20. What unusual places have you peed at?
21. What unusual places have you pooped at?
22. Where do you shop for clothes (Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, or Hollister)?
23. What kind of underwear do you usually wear (Thongs or panties)? Why?
24. Are you a folder or a crumpler?
25. Do you check the toilet paper after wiping to see if you need to wipe more?
26. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?
27. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone?

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, all!!!

I've often taken dumps in front of my boyfriend in the past, unless I had diarrhea, in which case I prefer to be alone.

But over the weekend, I was laying in bed while he was showering. All of a sudden, my rectum filled to bursting with liquid shit and I had to fiercely clench my buns to keep from shitting in my underpants.

I rushed in the bathroom and yelled, "I have to shit!!!" He said okay, not knowing I was about to spray a geyser into the crapper.

I yanked my underpants down to my socks and sat down. An explosion like I haven't had in years came bursting from my ass and hit the water with a loud, long, tremendous splash, accompanied by an ear-shattering fart which he heard over the water.

"Whoa, are you okay," he asked.

"Ugh," I said. "I was about to shit in bed!"

I sprayed some air freshener before the smell got too overpowering. I squirted out a few more streams of diarrhea, then felt much better. I wiped my ass and warned my boyfriend to get out of the way of the water, and flushed. Didn't want that sitting in the toilet for any length of time! I took off my shirt and socks and joined him in the shower.

I crapped my guts out again later in the day, but we were out so I had to use a Barnes and Noble bathroom.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!



Thanks guys! I am getting on very well. I can easily pee standing up now! All I have to do is spread my lips and go. It really works. Thanks!

Louise: Here is the story.

I was on my way into the swimming pool and figured that I would need to pee before I got in. I decided to do it while so I was showering, so I didn't do it before I got to the shower. There were several people already in the shower when I got there, so I just decided to wait. As it turned out, they had just started, so I changed my mind and decided to pee in the shower with them there. But then another person got in before I could start. So I just got into the shower and started peeing. A guy noticed the dripping coming from the crotch of my swimming suit, and asked if I was peeing. I said yes, and he said that he did it all the time.

Another story:

The other day, I was at a friend's house and suddenly got an urge to poop. I never do it in their bathroom because it is unbelievably disgusting, so I said that I had to go home. About halfway there, it started coming out in my panties, so I realized that I would have to do it in somebody's yard. I had blue jeans on, so I couldn't just pull my panties down and poop like I do when I have my skirt on, so I ran behind some bushes in the yard of a house and yanked my blue jeans and panties off. I made two large logs and several small turds. I quickly pulled up my panties and made my way home. I expect the owner of the house thought it had been done by a dog.

Will post more later.


I was coming back from church when I had this sudden urge to poop I ingnored it and went on my way. While I was walking I saw a boy fall down our dirt hill and roll I felt sorry for him but I laughed and accendetly shit my pants. I tried to stop but It kept going on and on and on. My thong very fast filled up and poop started falling out of my pants for a breif second I held my pooping bum and got home and went to the toilet and cleaned up. Has that happened to any of you where you can't control it?

Fishbone, in response to your survey:
1) my stream does different things. If I'm really desperate then it tends to split into 3 or 4 sections, with some going down and some going out (I've peed a horizontal stream before!) If I don't have to go that bad, it is more likely to be 1 or 2 streams that go down, but it usually still goes somewhat forward.

2) I sit on the toilet seat at home or on toilets in homes of people I know well, like family and close friends. In public toilets or unknown homes and places, I hover and cover (put toilet paper on the seat).

3) I tend to spread my legs apart when I really have to go and keep them together if I'm having a more relaxed pee.

As you know, until high school I very rarely told anyone that I had to pee (or poop) and would have been horrified for them to know that I was ever desperate. The exception was holding contests. I was very proud of my ability to hold it, which I don't think was that great, but because I was always holding it and desperate every day while other people wouldn't put themselves through that and would go to the bathroom, I thought I was special. So I had several holding contests with myself and with friends and family.

There was one contest where I cheated. I was 8 years old or so and in Brasil for the summer with my cousins, and we were at my uncle's beach house and decided to have a holding contest. One of my brothers had a very good ability to hold it and I was determined to beat him. Our rule was that we had to drink water every half hour and stay in the yard - if we went down to the beach it would be too easy for people to pee in the water. We all had on our bathing suits for two reasons - no parental knowledge if we wet our pants, and we'd be able to see if people did wet their pants more easily. My auntie couldn't figure out why, on such a hot day, we weren't in the ocean.

We started at about 9 am, and starting around 11.30 or 12, one by one, people were giving up and running in to the bathroom. (those who didn't go for a pee in the bushes.) I'm sure my aunt wondered why everyone seemed to be rushing in in a desperate hurry. Finally, by 3.00 or so, it was just me, my brother with the big bladder and one cousin, and I was bursting like nobody's business but trying to pretend I was OK. I was swinging in a swing pressing my bladder tightly into the wood. Time went by and my brother and my cousin were still holding on, though shifting around a lot uncomfortably. By close to 4.00, I was so urgent I was straddling my cousin's see-saw bouncing up and down holding myself with one hand and the see-saw with the other.

Sometimes when I wet my pants, it happens in a very slow release, with small squirts that exit over an hour or more until I don't have to pee anymore. This started to happen on the see-saw. I'd pee a little, bounce and hold, pee some more. I thought I was out of the contest, but I realized that, especially since I was sitting on the see-saw, no-one could tell. My bathing suit would absorb each soak before the next one came. By 5.00, I had finished. I realized I had to keep acting desperate, so I stayed on the see-saw holding myself until I felt dry, then I got off and went back to the swing and sat in it with my heel up in my crotch. By now, my brother and cousin were showing signs of desperation, dancing and holding themselves. They temporarily stopped when my aunt brought our supper out, then went right back to it. Because I'd been holding so long and still had to drink water as I was in the contest, I started to have to go again really quickly and so no longer had to act. Finally, after 6, my cousin stopped dancing and peed a huge stream and it was just my brother and me. About an hour later when I was feeling the strain, my brother threw in the towel and ran behind a bush. I was the winner and everyone was impressed. I felt guilty because they didn't know I'd peed my pants on the see-saw. I ran inside to the bathroom but it was locked, so I had to run down to the beach and pee in the water, which felt great.

An interesting place I peed on purpose was on a log in the woods in Brasil. We were on a family picnic, I was desperate, there was no place to go except the woods. I wandered off on my own looking for a bush and saw this huge fallen tree log and got the idea that I wanted to pee on it. As no-one was around, I stripped off my panties (I had on a dress), straddled it, feeling the wood against my skin, and let go. It was awesome hearing my pee hissing into the wood and I felt so much better when I got up.

Mysterious Man
I was on the computer yesterday and overheard a commecial for that "Significant Other" show, and a girl said she tried peeing while standing, I was like ("Damn!") I thought. Does anyone watch this show? Has there ever been a scene with a female taking a dump? I'd love to see that in this kind of show.

BTW: Does anyone know which page China Girl first wrote on, I wanted to read hers.

See ya guys!



when i was in school i sometimes got annoyed by the skidmarks i had in my underwear. allthough i did wipe my butt, there was no way to not have them there. after 2 days of wearing my undies, there was a big brown stain in there, and of course the unpleasant piss stains too.
once, i figgured that a friend of mine also wears skidmarks in hes briefs and so i did not worried anymore about this fact.

Hi. Fred Limp_Bizkit, yes, I remember you well. I remember when we "flirted" together! :-)

Beth, too bad about that accident. I'm happy to read that your friends were so sympathetic. I'm very sympathetic, and I'm sure most everyone on here is also. I think if a state park is open, so should the bathrooms. Budget cuts, perhaps?


Hey guys!

I've been having to take a dump at school a lot lately and today i had to take the biggest one of all and ended up having a nice buddy dump.

As usual i slept in and was late getting to school and as usual i had to take a morning dump and was full of gas. I let out most of my farts in the car, but still had a big shit aching to get out. I had heaps of work to do in my first 2 classes, so my mind was taken off my need to shit. By recess my urge was back and i was getting cramps. I was walking with my friend Amanda, just talking, when she says to me "I gotta take the biggest shit!" then we hear a cough and we turn around to see a teacher behind us, she says to us "Excuse me girls, but i dont want to hear that sort of stuff, keep it to yourself." When she walked off we cracked up laughing and nearly wet out pants. I told Amanda that i had to take a giant dump aswell, so we both went to the quiet girls toilets behind the gym.

We took 2 stalls side by side and got ready to dump. I was actually pretty desperate by this stage and i could feel a really fat turd trying poke out. I pulled my pants and thong down to my ankles and so did Amanda. She had a pink thong, with a little skid mark on it. I had a white thong also with skid mark. I heard Amanda let go of a really forceful stream of piss and a strained, but loud fart, followed by a moan. I tinkled a bit, but had no time to fart my shit was already stretching my hole open. I was firm and smooth and very thick but seemed to come out pretty easily. It was long but made a huge, loud splash, that got water over my ass. I could feel more poop, but it needed a push, so i waited and listened for some activity from Amanda. I heard light straining, then some crackling, i got excited and was rewarded with a thumping splash, a fart and a moan. She strained some more but only managed a little tinkle and a small fart. It was time for my next turd to come out. It was the same texture and size of the las one, but maybe a little drier, which meant more pushing. I pushed and as my turd was about halfway out i heard 3 consecutive small splahes from amanda, a strained groan, a larger splash, a fart and then wiping. I pushed the rest of my turd out, which splashed my ass again. I wiped my pussy, then the water of my ass , then my asshole which was pretty clean. We both flushed at the same time and came out looking very refreshed.

The End.

TJ: Thanx for your nice comments



About a month ago I started working at a new office job. Things were going well, and it was my first week working on my own. The day was slow so they decided to cross train me with another dept. It was just before lunch and the girl training me was sitting with me at my desk. Suddenly the little tingle I had in my ???? for a while (which I thought was from drinking coffee without eating) turned into a spin-cycle. I got hot, and nausious, and my stomach started gurgling a lot. I excused myself to the bathroom and hoped that I would find the bathroom empty. Since it was right before lunch a bunch of girls were in there. At this point the stomach cramps started and I knew that I was in for a violent attach of diarrhea.

I can't go with other people in the bathroom, especially diarrhea, so I clenched my stomach and wandered back to my desk. I waited 2 minutes or so but my stomach was churning so bad I couldn't stand it. I went back to the bathroom. I had just closed the stall door when a few other women walked in. It took every bit of strength I had to keep the diarrhea from exploding out of me. My stomach felt as if I was being stabbed over and over and it was girgling so much I thought I was going to throw up. I went back to my desk, explained to the girl I was working with that I was going to take lunch and asked if we could continue later. I sat with her for another minute and then excused myself to head back to the bathroom. This time, I found the bathroom empty, thank God! I was in the process of sitting when a horrible stomach cramp tore through me and massive wave of dirrhea exploded out of me. This happened again, and again. The toilet was full of almost totally liquid pooh. I turned and flushed and the movement caused me to release several more waves. I sat there for a few more moments, wave after wave coming. I couldn't stop going. My stomach was churning so bad.

I started getting scared that someone would come in. I cleaned myself up, and though I still felt full and bloated and extremely sick to my stomach, I was able to pry myself off of the toilet. I dragged myself back to my desk, forced myself to eat a bland lunch (it usually help settle my stomach) and go on about my day. My stomach was churning all afternoon, but I managed to ignore the sensation that I needed to have more diarrhea. The bus-ride home was torture. Walking from the bus to my car I had horrible stomach pains. I had to sit in my car and not move to keep myself from going in my car. I made it home, had another small attach as soon as I could make it to the bathroom and then curled up in a ball on my bed. I was in the shower that night when all the sudden out of no-where I had to go. I had to go right there. I was standing in the shower when all the sudden diarrhea poured out of me. My stomach hurt so bad that I kneeled in the tub while wave after wave of diarrhea escaped.

The next morning I had a very soft bm and the rumbling was very mild. I made it the whole day before coming home and having another soft bm. I didn't have a bm the next day, and the following morning I had a soft one. Then at night I was watching tv and all the sudden my stomach started to flip flop. I headed to the bathroom and was not planning on what actually happend. I sat down, and the only way I can describe it is by saying peeing out of my butt. It was a violent wave of complete liquid. I sat there, stomach incredibly upset, and released wave after wave after wave of liquid. The more I release the more pressure built up and the more voilent the attach became. Less came out, but the pain became more unbearable and the force was getting harder to deal with. I must have spent at least 40 minutes in the bathroom. I managed to clean myself up, even though my stomach still felt full and I knew I'd be back again, and laid down in bed. I didnt go again that night, but in the morning I had a huge wave of soft-serve pooh. My stomach still hurts and from then on out I've been giving myself a nightly enema to try to make myself more regular. Much as I hated going at work, I have to say I loved the experience. I always enjoy a good pooh.

Some stories.....

Here's a time when both me and another person were desperate to pee. When I was 12 and in Girl Scouts, we went out to the country twice for a day of camping to practise for a bigger trip later. We left about 8am, got there about 10 am and were staying till about 4pm, getting home at 6. When we arrived, I could feel a vague urge to pee, but not that bad. We unpacked the vans and set up. Then our leader announced that for bathrooms, we were going to dig a trench and put a tent around it and toilet paper and a shovel inside, and put the used toilet paper in a garbage bag and shovel over our waste in the trench. Everyone thought that was gross, and my friend Susan said "No way! I'm the kind of person who can hold it for nine hours if I have to." Our leader said, "Well, you will have to." I was thinking in my head that I would have to as well. No way was I going to go in that trench.
No-one else wanted to either. Around 12, we made a campfire to cook our lunch. By now, I definitely had to pee but it was still under control. Two other girls, however, really had to go. One of them was jokingly saying "I have to pee," bouncing around holding herself. Finally, she said "I give up," and ran for the tent. The other girl couldn't stand still. When the first girl came back, she said "It wasn't that bad,"
and so the second one went. After that, everyone started using the trench but me and Susan.
By about 2 o'clock, I had to go pretty bad and began crossing my legs and shifting around. I stole a peek at Susan but she seemed OK. Not by 3 o'clock. At 3 o'clock, I was urgent and was crossing my legs tighter and shifting more frequently. Susan was jumping and dancing around even more frantically. I began to wonder how I would make it home and decided that if Susan used the trench, I would too. But she didn't. We were leaving at 4 and I spent the last few minutes at the campsite straddling and rocking a wooden picnic bench trying to relieve the bursting pressure of my bladder while Susan sat at another table with her heel in her crotch. Before we left, the Girl Scout leader suggested that anyone who had to go should go (I don't know if she noticed mine and Susan's antics), but we both denied it and got in the van. I was bursting and really scared of wetting my pants on the way. Neither Susan or I mentioned anything to each other though if I knew she was urgent, she must have known I was.
The 2 -hour ride was agony. Susan and I both had our legs crossed tightly and were both unable to sit still. I rocked and bounced like crazy. After a while, I had to go so bad, I was tempted to ask if we could stop at a gas station, but my pride wouldn't let me. Determined to stay dry, I put my backpack on my lap and my hand in my crotch and pushed as hard as I could to stop anything from coming out while I rocked. Somehow I made it back to the church where our parents were to pick us up. I assumed I could use the restrooms there, but the church was unexpectedly locked. There was a bench there and Susan and I were the first to sit on it as we waited for our parents. I scooted to the very edge of it and spread my legs apart and arched my back, which helped lessen the full feeling in my bladder, while Susan sat on her heel again.
Suddenly Susan said to me, "I'm bursting to pee. I've held it all day before, but I really have to go." I acted non-commital though I was interested, but unwilling to state my own desperation.
A minute or two later, she said "I can't hold it anymore. I'm going to pee in the back alley," and she got up and left. Though I longed to join her,I couldn't. She came back sighing with relief and said "You should go. No-one can see."
"I don't have to go", I said, and she looked sceptically at my corssed legs and my backpack hiding the hand in my crotch.
Just then, my parents arrived, and I raced for the car and held myself all the way to my aunt's house, where they had decided to go, and raced straight for her bathroom as soon as was possible to maintain dignity, where I had a very long, hissing pee that had been held from about 7.30 am to almost 7 pm. That time, I didn't squirt at all.
The second time we went back for a day trip, I was determined to do the same thing and so was Susan, but at about 2.30,she said "Oh, screw it" and went to the trench. I hung on until it was time to leave, but I was really uncomfortable and felt closer to wetting my pants than the last time, so I snuck inconspicuously to the trench and squatted there. I had a long, desperate, hissing pee into the earth. I actually really enjoyed the sound of my stream hitting the ground and the sight of the foamy, bubbly mud. I didn't know what I had been making such a big deal about, and it was nice to be comfortable on the ride home.

One of the most embarassing moments of my life had to do with peeing. I was 16 and in high school and I was a cheerleader. One day, I had to pee really bad in last period. I'd had to pee since lunch at 11.45, but due to a cheerleader's meeting before practise after school, I didn't have a chance, and in the break before last period, I was cramming for a test in last period. I was writing the test with my bladder bursting at about 3.00, my legs crossed tightly, shifting around in my chair. Our teacher was strict, but I began to feel that I was urgent enough that I would need to ask to leave the room - the period went till 3.40 and I wasn't up for another 40 minutes of squirming and bladder pressure. As I raised my hand, the intercom came on and there was an announcement that the water was going to be turned off in 15 minutes and would be off all evening, so teachers should excuse any students who would need to use the restroom or get a drink before going home.
The teacher saw my hand up and asked what I wanted, and I asked if I could use the restroom. A couple of other people, including my good friend Karen, made the same request. Our teacher said "NO! You are writing a test! You will stay where you are!"
I timidly told her that I really, really had to go, and she said it was too bad.
So I held on for the rest of the test by scissoring and crossing my legs and rocking and bouncing in my seat. I didn't care who saw - they'd all heard me say I had to go.
The problem was that Karen and I had cheerleading after school for an hour and a half, so we still had to hold it. Karen said she was desperate too. We had 20 minutes to change in the locker rooms before practise, right by toilets we couldn't even use. Karen and I squirmed and wiggled as we put on our uniforms.
Practise wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. It was active, and all the bending and jumping served as a great pee dance, and the fast pace distracted us somewhat from our need. When I felt the twinge of my pee trying to escape, I did a leap or a kick or a lunge and forced it back. While our coach talked to us at the end, I sat in the splits on the hard gym floor rocking slightly and then switched to sitting on my heel.
I don't know why I just didn't do what I'd done when this had happened in school the last time. I snuck to the restroom and peed in the toilet without flushing, and the water wasn't clear, so I wasn't the only one. I think the peer pressure of having a friend who also had to go made us both feel that it would be too gross with the water off and we should hold it.
Finally, we were done and changing back to street clothes. I was straddling the bench and rocking and Karen was pacing back and forth breathing hard. We had to take the bus home together and we went to our lockers to get our books. As we stood there, Karen said "Oh GOD Diva, I'm desperate!" "So am I," I moaned. I should have peed at 11.45. It was 5.30. My abdomen felt heavy and sore. Suddenly, Karen started holding her crotch and jumping up and down chanting "I have to go pee, I have to go pee." I held my crotch and jumped from side to side singing "So do I, so do I, I'm gonna piss my pants" while shaking my pompoms. Suddenly, we heard a voice behind us. It was the football coach. He said "Is that a new cheer, ladies?" We immediately stopped and couldn't even look him in the eyes with embarassment, and ran outside to get our bus, giggling with embarassment. Karen said she'd almost wet her pants with shock when she saw him. We waited for the bus dancing, pacing, rocking on the bus bench. On the bus, we decided to both get off at Karen's apartment as it was closer. We both held ourselves for the whole ride and didn't care who saw us. I was so desperate I felt like crying. We ran from the bus stop to her house holding ourselves. In the elevator, Karen suddenly started to squirm so hard, she looked like she was convulsing. Then I heard a heavy stream of urine hitting the floor of the elevator and Karen turned red. "It's OK," I said. "You're not going to laugh at me?" she said. "no, why?" I said. "it's not your fault, you've been holding it forever." No-one got in the elevator as Karen peed. She still wasn't done and her pee dripped on the carpet as we raced down the hall to the apartment. No-one was home. Seeing Karen pee herself made it harder for me to hold on and I contemplated joining her, but I managed to make it by holding myself, and while I had a very relieved long hiss in the toilet, Karen was in the bathroom with me, cleaning up. After, we sat on her bed and told each other desperation and wetting stories, and I promised not to tell anyone about Karen's accident.

Or there's the time I wet the bed when I wasn't sleeping. I was about 7 or 8 and had decided to see how long I could go without peeing after waking up in the morning one Saturday when I had nothing to do. I woke up urgent as usual, but didn't go to pee. I got dressed and had breakfast rocking in my chair, then went back to the privacy of my room where I played with my dolls rocking on my heel, read a book holding myself, and managed to go about 3 hours before I felt urine start to leak out and decided I'd been tested enough because I couldn't stay still or think of anything else. I actually really enjoyed, and still do, the feeling of fullness in my bladder if I know it's by choice and I can empty it any time. Before I went, I squatted for a few seconds and felt the strain of my underwear pulling across my bursting bladder. Then I went to the bathroom. This is when we only had one and my brother and grandmother liked to take long poos, and of course this was one of the times. I had several accidents and close calls at home because of this. This time, I hadn't yet figured out that I could pee in something else (a little later when I woke up absolutely desperate, I peed in my dolls' bath rather than wet my pants, but this time, I was only focussed on the toilet.) I danced, sat and rocked in my chair, sat on the bed holding myself. By now, I was no longer enjoying the feeling of fulness that had become pain. The person in the bathroom was still there. Feeling the crotch of my underwear getting wet, I crawled into bed and curled up holding myself. Then I saw a stuffed animal. I took it, pushed it into my crotch and kind of straddled it with my legs bent at the knees, and moved up and down bouncing on it. It felt so good that I forgot to be vigilant about holding my pee and relaxed, and the next thing I knew, it rushed out, all over my stuffed animal, the comforter and the sheets. I was so startled, I froze and didn't get out of the bed. Then, I started to cry because I knew I couldn't hide this accident and it would be too hard to clean up. I also knew I couldn't explain how this had really happened. I wet the bed maybe three or four times a year until I was about 10, and usually I was forced to tell my mom and she was understanding. (After that, it stopped, then in high school and college began to happen maybe once a year and still does to this day.) Of course, I hated to tell my mom, as I was the kid that would never admit to having to go, but I knew I couldn't sleep in a bed full of pee. So I changed clothes and when the bathroom was free, rinsed the wet ones and hid them under the bed to dry. Then, later in the day I took my mom aside and whispered that I'd wet the bed last night, and she said not to worry about it and thanks for telling her, and she cleaned it up.

I don't know why but I haven't had a dump in 4-5 days. When I finally dump it's gonna be HUGE. I can feel it moving down right now but I will try to hold it until I get to school tomorrow. Even though there are NO stalls or privacy whatsoever in or near the BOYS bathroom, I dump there anyway. Even girls, outside the bathroom, can see completely into the boys room. One time I was sitting on the toilet, with a hard on, so my big dick stuck up below my shirt, and a girl saw it. I didn't bother tucking my dick into the toilet when I urinated so it went all over the floor in front of me. I alway leave my turds in the bowl. Once I jammed an orange into the toilet outlet before dumping, so when the poor bastard flushed the toilet after me, my load went all over the floor.

Jimm, I don't know how you could not wipe your butt after you shat. If I leave the least amount of shit in my butt it iches like crazy until I wipe it all.


First time poster, long time lurker. I just had to share an experience from afew weeks ago. I live in New Jersey, and often go into Manhatten for the day to shop or hang with friends.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the East Village walking down Avenue A, when my bowels cramped up fiercely. I knew about the bathrooms in the park on Ave A, so I headed toward them. I had never been inside.

I entered the bathroom and the stnch was overpowering. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a year. I went to the stalls. All three were empty, but had no doors, and the toilets had no seats. I thought about finding another bathroom, but knew I wouldn't make it.

I picked the only stall that had the least amount of piss and shit on the rim of the toilet, and covered the rim with toilet paper. I pulled my jeans and boxers to my ankles and sat down. I shit out about a gallon of diarrhea.

A couple of guys came in while I was shitting. They glanced in at me, but that didn't bother me. I finished and wiped my ass. When I stood up, I looked back to push the flush handle and saw a big cockroach sitting on the toilet. It might have been sitting there the whole time, right next to my ass!

By far the grossest bathroom I've ever shit in.

Old Observer
Hello to all--1st to Beth: HOLD YOUR HEAD UP. THANK GOD YOUR BODY IS FUNCTIONING WELL ENOUGH! You're lucky/blessed that your friends treated you with so much love and compassion. If I was Greg, I would've offered to clean you and if you accepted, bought you dinner.
Next to our old AMIGA Carmalita--love your exploits--why not describe some of your enthroned experiences while well-dressed. Why not try when wearing a dress, panties and nylons and pumps? Women look so gorgeous enthroned while so dressed!
To Althea--love your stories--But one day YOU might not "make it in time", but you, too, if/when it happens hold your head up! You might find a knight in shining armor to rescue YOU. To Amy--how are YOU?

I was wondering if anyone has ever been in the middle of taking a huge dump that got stuck half way and you had to break it off?? This happened to me once when I was constipated. When I was about 10, I was at a friend's house and I had been constipated for a few days. I went to the toilet there to do a wee and I decided to try and do a poo too. I pushed and strained for ages, trying to squeeze out a massive log that was extremely thick and long. After a while, my friend was knocking on the toilet door, saying that she needed to go. I said I would be out in a minute so I tried pushing the poo out some more but it just got stuck. There was a small turd sticking out of my butt that I needed to wipe away. I used some toilet paper to break it off and then I felt an even bigger urge to push it out. I didn't want to spend anymore time in the toilet. I had to wipe my butt a few times to get rid of all the poo then I pulled up my pants. It was the most uncomfortable feeling too.

Diva. The story of your flight to Brasil is well-told. How you held your pee at such a young age for such a long time is amazing. But why wouldn't you tell your mother you needed to go? Were you secretly teasing her or playing a game to see who would go first? You must have had a very large bladder at an early age. Some kids, like me, were holders. Many times I would go all day at school without peeing. Sometimes I wouldn't go even when I got home. By age 12 I only peed twice a day, early morning and early evening after supper.I too have a very large bladder and even now in my twenties still pee the same way. I used to pretend to go after school so that my mother wouldn't find out. I would run the water in the sink, turn on the fan, and flush the toilet.

Biker Trash
I have a confession to make. A confession of misunderstanding. I have been fascinated with relieving myself my entire life. It began when my mother used to make me pee on a tree when I was little as a way of potty training. By the age of 5 I refused to pee in a toilet and could hardly wait to have to pee so that I could pee on that tree. At the age of ten, I moved to the northwest and had a yard with a secluded corner for my brother and I to create a "fort" complete with toilet to pee in. One day I had to shit and decided to shit outside in the "toilet." I have found that squatting outside is much more fun, and in the 18 years since, I have shit in countless ways and countless places all over the U.S. and peed in many more. Everywhere but in a toilet, as I am unable to make myself go in the "normal" manner. I admit I have my fetishes with my functions, but what I don't understand why the f??? any one in their right mind would want to purposely mess themselves. It ain't natural, ya'll. It just ain't natural.

Hey Guys.
I had a nice public poo today. Here is what happened.

I was on my way to a mall to see a friend about something. As I was driving, I felt a nice poo coming. Well, obviously, I couldn't do anything about it at this point.

When I got to the mall, I looked for a bathroom to drop my poo. When I found one, I went in, locked the stall door, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I immideatly farted. It was nice and loud. Then nothing but short farts for a few minutes. Then I felt a nice, firm, long poo crackle out my butt. It slid out slowly, with a lot of crackling. It felt so good coming out. Sounded good too. After my poo dropped, I did a nice fart to complement a nice poo. I got up, and it really was a nice poo! It was almost a foot long. The best poos are long! I wiped, flushed, and left. Kind of wish I had a neibour or too, but oh well.

Well, that's all for today.

Keep up the poo!

Take care guys.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

During the last week or so, I haven't been eating many vegetables or fruit so my turds have been hard to push out. On Friday morning, I felt the urge to go in the morning but I knew I wouldn't have time to go before work. I also knew that it would be hard to push out the turd (and it would take longer than usual) so I decided to wait until after work, when I got home. The urge went away during the day but by the time I got home from work, I really needed to go. I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down. I did a wee first, then my anus opened up and I could feel a very wide turd sliding down. It hurt as it slid down, then I was able to push it out quite easily. After that log came out, I still had more poo up there so I pushed again. It took about ten minutes to squeeze out a rock solid but skinny poop. I felt much better after taking that dump.

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Hi Guys,
A couple days ago I was in a public restroom in the lobby of a hotel at a convention I was attending. I had to pee and was standing at the urinal. There was a cubicle directly next to the urinal, and I happened to look over toward it. There was about a three-quarter inch crack between the cubicle wall and the tile wall of the bathroom, and the tiles were smooth and reflective enough that I could see the perfect image of the ass of a guy sitting on the toilet. The dude obviously had just gotten done taking a shit because he was wiping his ass with balls of crumpled up toilet paper. He was leaning forward on the toilet. If he had been dropping a turd, there is no doubt that it would have been plainly visible coming out of his crack. I thought you guys might enjoy that story, as I know there are some guys here who like listening to and seeing other guys shitting. To me it was a big disappointment. It would only have been cool to me if it had been a unisex bathroom and there had been a female in the cubicle.
Happy pooping. Richard.

I love having an evening completely to myself from time to time (I'm no hermit!) and last week I gave myself just such a luxury. Close the front door behind you, and you have no one's pleasure to consider but
your own. You can fart (smell it too if you like), pick your nose, scratch wherever you like and eat or drink whatever weirdconcoction takes your fancy. You can fantasize without someone saying "What are you thinking about?". (Hillary Clinton having a shit but I'm not telling you). It was like that on Friday. I got home wanting a poop. Took all my clothes off and squatted in the shower right down on my heels. I grunted and moaned (another pleasure that polite society forbids) and little by little squeezed out a lovely firm torpedo. I examined it. The front end was knobbly and the other end came to a blunt point. It seemed hard as wood. I picked it up in my bare hands. It didn't leave a trace and I placed it (reverently!) in the toilet bowl. Then I had a shower, washed my hair, covered my face with gook and decided on a peanut butter sandwich followed by a tub of ice-cream and some (non-diet!) coke. Afterwards I smoked a cigaret (secret vice). I might have put two slices of cucumber over my eyes but then I wouldn't have been able to see the quiz program on cable! Perfection. My ???? rumbled and I got ready from some welcome wind. What I got was the dreaded Phony Phart. We all know it. Like treading in dog turds we pray it hasn't happened. I felt liquid between my buns and feared for my cushions. I put my hand there gingerly and it came away wet and brown but not too much harm done. I waddled to the toilet and it was as if my earlier poop had removed the cork. Liquid shit poured out of me and for the next ten minutes I couldn't move. It was the end of my lovely peacefull evening. I suppose we've all been there.

There's another sort of Phony Phart and I'll tell you about thatexperience next time. Love and love to you all. Anthea

Louise (from France)
very funny and strange pee story, do you have more?
kisses to all and keep the peeing topics alive!

I really ebjoyed the girlfiend "holding and aiming" for you experience. I often does it with my hubby indoor and outdoor and really like to do this...did you try it more times?
can you describe how and when your girlfriend aimed her pee 7 feet in front of her? It' is really impossible for me so I'm really courious about it
Hilary R
I suggest to make your "peeing trials" in the shower or outdoor, when you don't have to clean up the mess on the floor, then when you get a bit of pratice and you can try to aim at the toilet, do it first on public toilets, when you don't have to worry much if you pee a bit on the floor, then do it in your toilet only when you have a good skill!

Louise (from France)
For all the pee lover my a funny pee episode from this weekend:
With the first spring weather-weekend, my friend decided to take the advantage of the glof club (all our hubbys are members there) to spend a nice day in the sunny weather...
We were 4, me, my best firend, and another couples of friend (wives of hubby's freind) we were all aged about 44-50, except a woman who was "Only" 37. We were all fine dressed in golfing style (pants and cotton shirts). We had no hurry so we took a nice picnic bag with us, containig some sandwiches for lunch, a champagne and a wine bottle and some water....
We decided to not use any golf cart, to keep in shape with a nice and long walking on the court, so we had our golf trolley with a small selection of clubs to have less weightt o carry...
All of us were not very good players, so we proceed very slowly from hole to hole, always many shot above the par number. Making all the 18 hole would have required all the day for us....but we were happy to play in the nice sun and drinking some champagne and wine...
When we were at the fifth hole, one of us started complaining that she was going to have to pee shortly because of the champagne that make this effect to her..She said that walking back to the club building would be a too long trail, so she would resist...
2 hole later she said simply that now she really had to piss soon, the younger friend said that she need the toilet too..I liked the situation and told them that obviusly there is no way to walk so much to reach the toilet of the club, so they have to wait for an area with more bushes and tree to have a place to hide...they agreed and told us to go faster because we were in the middle of an area with only open lawn and very few trees, no way to squat there without being seen.
We need at least 2 more hole to reach some bunker holes, with a small group of trees and some rows of medium bushes...
When we were at the 8th hole it was very funny for me to hear an elegant woman like my friend saying that she really had to piss and she had piss there, because she didn't want to piss herself on the golf court!!
We went to the first row of small trees, they offer a partial cover form the rest of teh court, but the sight was opened on the other side...So we created a small partion with our 4 golf trolley in a row, so the pissers could squat in a corner with trees on a side and golf bags on the ohter, with me and my friend standing in guard of the "entrance". A man would be mad at seeing firs my friend with a trimmed but quite hairy at the same time "red bush" between her legs pissing focefully on teh lawn while hovering high with her trousers and elegant underwear to knee, with a nice withe bum in the air..I laughed at her because she made a very loud hissing noise and a her pee was a gusher sprying everywhere on the lawn..she made an escalmation of relief when she was done (less than 1 minute later) and I took two paper towels from the camping bag for the 2 friends to wipe...then it was the turn fo the younger friend, a very nice and well tanned balck haired woman, she squatted very law insted, keeping her feet the wider she could with her pants to her knee, anyway the stream aiming few inchesin front of her was clearly visible. It wasn't so gushing and hissing like the other, she is almost completely shaved and have a thinner stream, but she pissed longer, maybe over a minute...
when they were done only 2 soaked paper napkin were the evidence of their pee on the ground...funny
About on hour later it was time for me and the other woman to pee, but we were in a part of the court with many bushes around, so we squatted togheteter safely on a soiled area surrounded by thick bushes, near the bench where we stopped to eat our sandwiches for lunch...
Later, after the golf match (i was the worse) we went in the club to a plesant sauna and jacuzzi before going home.... before gettin in the sauna i made a long pee in the shower while washing, with my friend smiling about it...I suppose the other 2 peed in the shower too, because only the red haired friend went immediatley to the toilet (she was bursting again) to pee as soon as we reached teh changing room...
hope you enjoy it



A pee survey:
1. When you were in grade school how many times did you pee each day?
2. How long could you hold your pee?
3. Longest time you remember.
4. When you became an adolescent how many times did (or do) you pee each day?
5. In adolescence what is the longest time you ever held your pee? Tell a short story about it.
6. In adolescence have you ever been pee-shy (not able to pee when you tried to)? Did it happen once or twice or all the time? Do you have any idea why?

My own answers:

1. Grade school: about every 2 or 3 hours. 5 or 6 times a day.
2. Held on: 2 or 3 hours.
3. Longest time on a school trip. The driver wouldn't stop. We drove for 4 hours. I was one of the kids who didn't wet my pants but I had a terrible pain in my bladder when I got there. It took me a while to pee.
4.By the time I was 14 I peed about 3 times a day, later only 2 time.
5 When I was 18 I went on a trip with 2 friends. We stopped several times to pee or eat. I didn't go all day until we stopped for the night, about 12 hours. They couldn't believe it. I peed for 3 minutes straight.
6.I became quite pee-shy when I was in middle school. There was a lot of fooling around in the boy's room, kids poking you in the back when you were trying to pee at the urinal, or looking at your penis, or talking to you. I couldn't pee then. Also I didn't like adults standing next to me at the urinal in movie theaters or sport's event. I couldn't go then. It didn't bother me too much since I was developing a good power to hold my pee. I outgrew the problem after living in a dorm at college.

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