I have a one-hour train journey into London each day to go to work (Mon.-Fri.), and it is in the buffet car of the train that I read and write to these posts, I find it helps to pass the time away very quickly. I have to read these stories about George etc. usually with other people glancing my way and I have to try very hard not to laugh or smile, as they probably think that whatever I'm doing on my laptop is of a serious occupational nature. Well on the pooping front it seems to be a no go, this will be my third day without doing anything from my rear quarters, with still no feeling of anything getting near. This does concern me from a more serious view, as I can vividly remember my mother not going for over a week, and was subsequently rushed to hospital and later died of septicaemia. I don't like to take any laxatives as this leaves things too risky when I am out and about, or at work without immediate access to a toilet. When I do eventually pass anything, I should think it would be like having a baby out of my backside. When I've been going for a pea I have stayed back and had a squeeze to try and start something, but never even resulted in a puff of air. My boyfriend thinks I should get onto a toilet frequently through the day, to just try and get rid of something anywhere. I can always do the next one in front of him in more normal circumstances. I am sorry I don't have time to explain what my undergarments are today, as the train is starting to slow down, but just hope they remain in the condition they are in now. Bye!!!

Monday, February 23, 1998

To "Hello" and "Jenny" - Your predicaments are not unfamiliar to me. First, Jenny. Your experience is amazing. No way I could wait an additional hour beyond expectation having to go so badly. I don't know how you did it. In particular, I girls are noted for waiting forever sitting down but then can't hold it for the additional minute or to it takes to get to the bathroom. You should have timed yourself; it probably was a record! "Hello" (I assume you are male so peeing on the side of the road is not a big deal), there are fluids that if you consume enough of them are flowing through your body and as soon as you pee, your bladder fills right back up. I don't know how you got home without an accident. The times I was trapped were on busses when I was in high school and college. I just sat there and felt this intense pain increase and increase as my bladder filled and filled. I don't ever believe I was afraid of leaking and I don't know why, but the pain was terrible. Then it was worse when I stood up and got off the bus. Whatever had clamped shut during the ride would not unclamp for many minutes so I had to walk around and relax before pissing. Like you, I felt my bladder in pain for quite a while afterwards - it was not used to stretching so much.

Nice new girl on the toilet, but where are her panties? I hope her dress is pulled up enough! Congratulations Meagan! I rember my first dumping expierience with my first girl friend and it was highly erotic! and it still was after 6 years. So keep it going. talk to you later, Kevin L

Hi everyone. I saw the new picture on the top of this page. One question though: Is she "going" on her dress?!? It relly looks like it.

Ever since I can remember I've always been rather facinated while watching another guy take a Crap It began in middle school when my buddy told me he had to take a poop, so I followed him into the bathroom and continued to talk to him while he shat. It continued to this day when I make an effort about once a week at least to go to a public men's room where I take a nice slow crap with other guys doing the same thing. There's an industrial park close by, by the docks and also a large men's room complex for the workers. Rows of urinals, toilets with no stalls on the other wall, and a row of sinks. It is remeniscent of the Army Latrines. Anyway in the morning, before going to work and after my first cup of Joe I go there and am always greeted by at least 6 or 7 guys taking their morning dumps, while reading the sports page or talking to one another. This place smells like a shithouse and the sounds of other dudes taking a shit and letting go farts and pissing really relax me, so to speak, and before you know it I'm laying turds along\ with them. I's great!

I would love to hear stories from anyone that have secretly installed a video camera in a bathroom. If people know they are being watched while going to the toilet and get excited by that fact, they are going to exaggerate their behaviour by overstraining and sitting in odd positions to arouse themselves and people watching. It would be fascinating to hear about people who were unaware that they were being watched, and just needed to pea and poop. It is very exciting reading all these girls stories about where they put their panties while sitting down, and what they finally achieved, but I would be curious to know about people who were unsuspecting.

Young: I was watching television last night and see a feature on those fancy automatic toilets like I've been reading about in your posts. The explanations were a bit subdued at it was on a regular viewing channel, but they were implying that it was just a one stop routine without having to do anything. I have just a regular toilet, which had a standard moulded plastic seat, but I have since changed it for a hardwood one. Not so exciting maybe as the Japanese ones but I find the wood ones more comfortable than plastic.
Meagan: Sound like you had an exciting time with your boyfriend in the bathroom. Bet you will be saving up all your bathroom visits until he comes round, just wondering if he managed to do anything in front of you. If he does it once he will soon get the bug to do it all the time, an excitement we have all found, as I'm sure you'll agree.

To the Moderator. Moira sincerely hopes that you didn't think she was in any way being anti Gay when she mentioned KY jelly in connection with them. Its just that this is one of the better known uses to most people. This was most definitely NOT any put down and we both are aware that this lubricant is also used by hetrosexuals who may have dry sexual orifices and by doctors to ease the passage of instruments such as Proctoscopes, Sigmoidoscopes,Culposcopes,Speculums, etc. Both Moira and I would wish to make it plain that we do NOT have any bias against other consenting adults sexual orientation or practices and have quite a number of Lesbian and Gay Male friends. The only people we detest and condemn are censorious types who try to control what others read, watch or do in private. In reply to other posts, its great to read that Young, Caroline, Meagan and Batgirl, to name but a few, also let their boyfriends watch them doing their jobbies as Moira and I have done for years. Its not only a turn on to many people but helps strengthen the bonding between partners and is a great intimacy. When I was a kid apart from being able to watch my two cousins doing a motion as they watched me, and like Pooping Girl having the pleasure of watching Aunt Helen doing her big jobbies when she would come in to use the toilet when I was having a shower or bath, there was also a school friend who I visited where circumstances allowed one to be "in on the job" when someone else was using the toilet. This mate, Paul, lived in what we call a tenement in Glasgow, (the closest American concept is a Brownstone House like some of the poorer quality housing in New York etc). This dwelling did not have individual toilets in each house but shared toilets on the Mezzanine Floor shared by all the families. The door was missing from most of these, possibly stolen for firewood by vandals. Thus anyone using it had to sit there in full view. It wasn't too bad as most people would keep their knickers (panties) up at the top of their legs thus hiding their sexual organs and preserving their mo! desty. We would be playing on the landing near these toilet cubicles (stalls) and enjoyed listening to all the sound effects and actually seeing the person sitting there, and even then we both found it a greater pleasure if it was a girl or woman doing a motion rather than a man or boy. There was a fat woman, Maureen, who was Paul's neighbour who's huge fat jobbies rivaled those dropped by my Aunt Helen. When she used the toilet she didnt seem to care less if we were nearby and would sit on her throne, her big white panties gathered up at the top of her thighs and actually chat to us as her jobbies went "Ker-sploosh!" into the pan below her. As they would often stick in the pan we would see them afterwards and they were whoppers!. I would be interested if other readers have similar memories of family or neigbours using an open communal toilet such as this.

you're right about the 'no door' policy in boot camp. also no doors on Navy ships (at least the one i was on). and no doors in most jails. (don't ask me how i know that) :) i do remember during one visit to our friendly local lockup (i was completey innocent)that they brought a young guy in for some stupid thing and it was his first time in jail (a newbie). after the first few hours it was pretty obvious that he needed to use the can but couldn't do it in front of a bunch of men (we were in a holding cell at the time). when he finally couldn't put it off anymore he tried to go but couldn't produce. i've seen this happen quite a few times and mostly to men - women don't seem to have the same problem for some reason. the kid was practically crying he had to go so bad. i finally talked the floor watch (an old school aquaintance) into letting the guy out to use a private commode. so it's not always true that "if you have to go bad enough, you will overcome your inhibitions". speaking of boot camp - i remember that for a week or so all of the guys in our barracks were told to piss in these big trash cans with black plastic liners in them. just in the mornings, when we got up. somebody evidently would collect it all up later. i guess all the piss was used for some kind of reasearch or something?? being in boot camp you were never told squat about what was going on but i've always wondered. would have made an interesting .jpg tho - 3 or 4 guys at a time standing around whizzing into a trash can.
you get my vote for most enjoyable posts on the internet. something about your 'accent' i guess. :) i always look forward to seeing stuff here from you. keep 'em coming!

While read ing the posts for the last 6 months I have some posts I especially enjoyed.
My favorite is the one about the 11 year old boy (back then). He tried to flush a long turd down the toilet. It got stuck. The youngster tried several times to flush the turd down. It did not flush away. So the boy threw the turd out hitting his aunt in the face while she was hanging cloths out on the line.
Another good one was the female on a canoe trip. After eating breakfast she "needed to squeeze out a few logs"; she got her shovel, being the responsable camper she is. She met a bear, was charged, froze in fear, when ahe came to she found she messed her pants. Now she knows what it means to have "the crap scared out of her".
Lynns story about her neice Kelly was a good out. Kelly was sure humorous and cute when she farted a soft warning fart and droped poop while being handed a geography book by her Aunt Lynn.
The series of stories about Denise while she was growing up was also worthy of very honerable mention. I especially liked the one when Denise was 2 weeks short of being 13. That one was both cute and gross! Keep posting the good stories, they are appreciated.

Sunday, February 22, 1998

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Madilyn, I have had that experience before, and its proven to stay the same for me for almost a year now. I've grown used to it, and its not so bad anymore, but it still makes my heart skip a beat evertime i see the blood on the tp. I tried to see wear the tear was, but only when i let someone else look (in the fetal position) can anyone see it. Its not the end of the world, take care :)

Pooping in front of my new boyfriend was a whole lot of fun. Short and brief, but highly erotic. We went to dinner and Idrank alot of red wine. It gets me going. Anyway, we went back to my place. My roomates were both out. We went up stairs to my room which has a door adjacent to the bathroom. I told him...."so..???" He looked at me and smiled and said..."well OK then..." " do you have to poop?" I said....oh a big way!! I had been holding it for most of the day. With the red wine factored in I was ready to dump :) We kissed for a while, he felt me up and undid my jeans. I motioned him to the toilet and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles. He pulled my top off. With my bra already undone, he removed its remains. I was on the toilet sitting frontwards. He asked to look. I leaned forward. As he began to look the show began. First pee rushing, a cute little fart and then.......... a long gaping turd poop. Brown and stinky. It rushed out in all its length! and all he could say is........wwwwwoooooowwwwww!!!!!!. I sat there for a long while, during which, he touched me and kissed me and rubbed my ass. I got up and bent over the tub and let him wipe me and clean me with a wash cloth. He took me to bed. :)

to Silent Spice : When I first met BMG, he is the LEAST guy in the world you would met. He NEVER care about his appearance (at that time he ONLY care about wheter his car shinning or not) and he's VERY shy in the front of girls especially the one he just met. Till this day, I wonder how in the world I could be in love with him so much. When he first look at me, he just introduce himself (but very polite), and speak nothing to me. He is the WEIRDEST guy I ever known, and the most independent guy also. He seem could do anything by himself, from fixing up my car to change diaper, everything. He also never mind women seing him peeing or half naked, because he seem doesn't have any ashame of his body. What in earth woman could stand man like that? He tell me once, If a woman really love him, she would take him as it was, because he expect nothing from a woman. His integrity make me think and here we are, three years later, still togather. Every body have weakness...

Ooops sorry, this is toilet forum, not the love story forum, but I guess SilentSpice have to know who BMG really was. Back to Pooping story, today after my modelling session I come back to my house with my friend Patsy, you know, the one who always produce massive logs. My boyfriend is at home, watching television. As my daily routine, I went to the toilet. I never closed the door when I'm doing my job at home, so I lower my jeans and undies, open the toilet seat cover, seat down and staing to push. My boyfriend left a Japanesse Automotive magazine on the toilet, so I read it. While I'm reading it, my boy friend come in, unzipped his jeans and pee in the wash basin. After he zipped up his jeans he kissed me and walk back to the television. I pushed out more turds, suddenly Patsy shout at me, "Don't flush it, I have to go too!!" I never let my job unflushed, so after I cleaned up my self I flush the toilet, pulled up my jeans and undies and join my boyfriend watching TV. Patsy ! rushed up to the toilet. This time she didn't forget to bring her own toilet paper. She quickly pull down her jeans enough to let her job go and sit down. She farted loud, like explosive and followed by continous Kerploonk sound. She must be passed some massive logs, because the kerploonk sound gone and she still grunting. Suddenly My boyfriend and I smell a crap and it came from the toilet. We turn ourselves back and looked at Patsy. She just smile and continue pushing. The movie in TV no longer interesting, as we both watching Patsy doing her job. "Turn on the extractor!" my boyfriend shouted at her "At full speed!" She turned the extractor while still sitting on the throne. "I'm sorry, I responsible for it" Patsy answered. After 3 minutes of Kerploonk attack, finally Patsy finished he job. She wiped four times and flush three times. Lucky our toilet have super powerful flush mechanism, to prevent logs like Patsy's clog. After she dressed back she just laughing and says "Your toilet is the only one I can get clogged with." She's well known to clogged toilet in her house....

Well, I haven't posted for a while. Nigel, I saw your Thu posting and it was interesting. The H.S. I went to, Brebeuf Prep in Indpls, the 2 out of 3 men rooms had urinals in one large room and sit-down toilets in another. The other mens room was a large room, urinals on one wall and sit-down commodes on the other wall. You could sit and be dumping and see people taking a leak in it. People rarely went to take a shit in the large room bathroom where as in the other 2 bathrooms, people shitted there more often because of the wall between urinals and commodes. There was bathroom in the basement which had the dividing wall which a lot of people went to shit and also to smoke since there were very few teachers and admins would walk to. In the morning, you could count on a couple of people going to take a shit before school in the basement bathroom. I took a shit there many times and a few in the single room bathroom. At the time I went through HS, the shitters had no doors but they do now.

I had to go shopping today at a town 10 miles away when I felt a slight stomach cramp coming on. I tried to ignore it and just kept walking around the shops in hope that it would stop, and as I kept walking around it got a little too uncomfortable. I went into the shopping precinct toilets and found an empty stall. I closed the door, pulled down my trousers and panties then sat on the seat. While sitting their I remembered reading one of the posts by another user of this site concerning a different sitting technique, and for curiosity sake just tried it. I normally leave my clothes just above my knees, but thought they would need to be down to my ankles for this experiment. I leaned forward with my head between my legs and everything seemed all right, but when I brought my legs back to the sides of the toilet I kept losing balance. The only way I could do this was by placing my hands on the ground. I wish you girls (Susan, Alex etc.) would tell me if this is right or if you are not supposed to put your hands on the ground. When I go with my boyfriend he normally expects me to go in a sitting up position. I normally push with only a little pressure briefly then relax, and keep doing this while resisting the temptation to go for about 5-10 minutes or even longer. I finish by tightening back my muscles very hard for about 2 minutes continuous then relax and then push gently until my muscles take over and feel the blood rushing to my face. I find this generally leaves one long piece, which is better if you go with your partner and he ends having to see it. I did one long one and wiped about 15 times, (the toilet paper is free at public toilets, and so I usually keep wiping a few times even after the paper is clean). I don't like going when I am out because it means I cannot go again in front of my boyfriend when I see him, but I cannot hold for several hours. When I did see him later in the day, I accompanied him to the toilet and made it up to him there. He's now getting plain lazzzy.

Wanted to relate my own story of a sensitive bladder. I remember being about ten or so. I had drunk a lot of lemonade, if I remember correctly. I was at a relative's house, and we left to go home. I had to stop midway through the trip home to pee on the side of the road because I really had to go. But then, that lemonade, because of something in my system, seemed to multiply. My bladder filled up incredibly fast, and it was full again with a few minutes. We still had a long way to go, and soon enough we were no longer on a highway but in the outer limits of the city. I had to pee so bad, and we had so long a way to go. I just had to hold it in, somehow. I remember squirming around, feeling the stinging pain in my abdomen. I was desperate to go, and I couldn't. As we neared home, I thought I was going to lose it. I don't believe I had had to go that bad before. Finally, after seemingly forever, I entered home. I raced to the toilet, and in no time flat, I was peeing. It felt so good to finally let it out. I peed forever, it seemed like. My bladder hurt a bit after I finshed, because it was so full that it had to contract back to normal size. Anyone have similar experiences? Thanks.

pooping girl
Moira... When I was growing up the doors in out hous were always open. I remember when I was a little girl, mom would come in and go to the toilet while I had my bath, she would bring the newspaper in and do the crossword puzzle while she pooped. She would get me in the tub and wash me and after my hair was washed she would sit down and do her jobbies as I played in the tub. Going to the toilet was a natural thing for us and since we only had one bathroom for 5 people it seemed like everyone had company while going to the toilet or showering or whatever you had to do.

Note from the moderator: Before this starts a flame war, KY jelly is the recommended lubricant for insertion/extraction of all manner of devices medical, vegetable and mineral, into both males and females. It also is the only supplemental lubricant that can safely be used on condoms and other birth control devices. Unlike cream of motor oil, (petroleum jelly) KY jelly water-based so it won't eat up latex or rubber. Tiny holes caused by the use of petroleum products can lead to mistake pregnancies, STDs and pestilence. Don't forget that some people male and female may be allergic to petroleum jelly and need an alternative for their medical, and recreational insertion needs.

Im sorry Madilyn had pain and bleeding passing a large hard jobbie. In Glasgow we have an experssion for such a motion, as "passing a jaggy brick". I have often done ones like this but seldom get bleeding either from piles (haemoroids) or an anal fissure which is what it would appear that Madilyn has suffered. I suppose that having passed big fat turds since childhood, my sphicter can stretch to accomodate such logs, as indeed can George's as he has also done big fat ones since he was a teenager. My advice to Madilyn is to lubricate her back passage with either vasiline, sometimes called "petroleum jelly" or with KY jelly available from the pharmacy (drug store) and used by Gay Men as a rectal lubricant. If it helps them "get it in" it must help her "get it out"! Also try using Olive Oil in cooking or even drinking some as some of it will pass through the system and lubricate the stool. An other suggestion is to sit there, after lubrication of the back passage as suggested, and let the jobbie come out slowly by itself with just gentle pushing and straining to help it on its way. That way the sphincter can slowly dilate to accomodate the fat turd with less pain and chance of anal fissure and bleeding. If its any comfort the anus heals very quickly but I would advise Madilyn NOT to avoid passing her next motion when she needs it as is she gets really constipated a vicious circle will be set up and she will get a really bad fissure or even piles. One other solution would be to insert a Glycerine Suppository into her back passage when she feels the need to have a motion. If she can hold it, the suppository, in long enough it will soften the very hard start of the jobbie and make it easier to pass. There are also some creams and suppositories, usually used for haemoroids (piles) which have a topical anaesthetic in them which would reduce the pain. Hope these hints are of use to Madilyn and I would say cheer up as your anus will heal quickly and will soon get used to passing fat logs if you try some of the measures above.

Hey. i just found this site. I had a teribble experience. After school, i really had to pee but, my friends didn't want to wait for me to use the one at school and they said use the one at home. I had to go but i didn't want them to leave without me so i decided to just hold it in. so we all got on the bus. It turns out there was a traffic jam and our usual 30 minute ride turned into 1:30. Now i said i really had to go before, but for like the whole ride i had to squeeze my legs together, i couldn't sit still, my bladder felt like a water balloon. my friends noticd and they asked me whats wrong. Then i whispered what was wrong, they were really sympathetic. so anyway, i am sitting there biting my lip and finally i arrive at my house. i was dancing around in the elevator, and finally i reached my house, and ran inside to the bathroom. I then pulled down my pants and had the longest pee ever, my friends were laughing so hard, the noise was so loud.

I find it extraordinary reading all the detailed instructions of how one should simply use the toilet. Do people really take a tape measure to the toilet with them and start fishing about in the pan afterwards measuring and counting pieces? After I've been to the toilet I'm usually just glad to get rid of whatever is in the pan.

My problem is my boyfriend wants me to go number 2 in the evenings when I am with him, but I usually feel a need to go at lunch time when I am at work. I have a choice of giving in and use our office toilets, (meaning I cannot go again later that day) or being uncomfortable for the rest of the day at work. I have tried to compromise with him by suggesting that weekdays I will watch him go for his number 2's, and he can still see me tinkle from time to time on the days when I cannot do the other at his convenience. At weekends he can watch number whatever, as we are usually in each other's company all day. There is another solution in which I could just pretend to go, it would still appear the same to him and cannot see why he couldn't get the same titillation.

Nigel: To answer your questions; when I last wrote it did happen to be the first time I had used the toilet in front of my boyfriend. Until then I regarded a visit to the toilet as a call of nature just to relieve myself. No I didn't feel uncomfortable about going in front of him, as I am not self-conscious about toiletry necessity, but I did find it stimulating knowing I was thrilling him.

Does anyone have any experiences as kids in school, when your bladder seemed bursting at the seams, yet you were unable to get relief for a long time?

Saturday, February 21, 1998

Hi guys. Susan, it's great to hear from you again! Meagan, I'm looking forward to hearing how your shitting in front of your boyfriend went. Caroline, quite an interesting post on going to the bathroom with your boyfriend! Dave, please read my latest posting in the "Coughed Up and Spitted Out" forum. I had quite an interesting peeing experience yesterday. My bladder was quite full; anyone who has read my posts knows I have a very sensitive bladder, and when I have to pee, I have to pee, NOW! I sat down to pee, figuring it would start coming out of my vagina right away. I strained a little bit and nothing happened. I sat there for a couple of minutes, thinking "come on, come on" (not that I was in a hurry to go anyplace, but..); I continued sitting there, trying to be as relaxed as possible. The pee started coming out in a trinkle, and then, all of a sudden, "Alex's water works" was in full motion! I let out a hard, continuous pee for almost a minute (yes, I timed it). I don't remember this ever happening to me before; not a big deal, I guess. Has anyone else had this kind of experience when having to pee? Love Always, Alex :) P.S., Happy 20th birthday, Steph! (02-21-78)

Today I had kinda a bad experience with a poop log that was too big and hard. It gave me a headache pushing it out-I know this was a bad idea to strain myself so ended up opening my anus too much and must have torn it, because the feeling of the poop finally moving out was what one would imagine must be similar to pooing razor blades. I don't reach behind to wipe like I guess some do, I reach under in the front between my legs. I look at that papaer and don't stop wiping until the wad is blank. I noticed some spots of blood on the toilet paper wads from where the poop log literally made me bleed. The blood spot and the wad of bathroom tissue looked like a big white rose with a red center. I got up and looked at the poop which was dark brown and sunk like a submarine. Now I have a sore anus. I sprayed cinnamon potpourri-scented air freshener in the bathroom. I will be glad when my anus stops hurting, and I am dreading my next poop-I expect that it will hurt my already "injured" anus.

New Guy
Some Guy Re: Jill I take a dump usually within 20 minutes of finishing a meal. I go fairly often, just in small amounts. I guess I like to save the big ones for later.

I hope I have come to the right place for advice about wind. I am 83 years old and don't have much control over my rear passage these days and it gets embarrassing sometimes. I was on the bus today coming home from doing my shopping when I blew off loudly, the man sitting near me looked at me and said with no teeth in (whoop there misses you'll blow your socks off). I am using my son's computer right now, he's been teaching me how to use the Internet. All his girlfriends use the Internet and live halfway round the world, so this make his courtship's difficult, it's a good job they have the Internet or he wouldn't be able to write to them easily anyway. I said to my son "don't that George who rights here seem like a nice man"? He reminds me of my poor Albert when he was alive, and he was clever and knew long words. I live near a harbour and my neighbour Tom always say to me "Hilder when a boat comes through, I never know if it's you or the ship blowing"; he's a cheeky devil. He thinks I should join the girls on the water-sports sites, but I had to tell him at my time of life I'm to old to go swimming. I told my doctor about my wind and how difficult is was stopping it, but as I said to him "at least it doesn't smell". He told me it could be serious and might need an operation, when I asked about my backside he said "no an operation on your nose". Well, good bye to you all.

Silent Spice
Hi again. My mom just pissed me off again yesterday. I really hate her sometimes!!! I bet she hates me so why cant I hate her? Besides there is still my sisters, my dad, my friends and granma(my granpa died at the beginning of Feb)and uncles and aunties and cousins!! If she loves Dan(the guy shes sleeps with)more than her own youngest daughter than fine by all means she can like him more! Oh I heard my sister poop again. She always goes with the door open!!! MOIRA: I give my sympathy and support to George since his mother rejected him and stuff when he was five. Thats dumb especially if his father walks out on them both and then his only parent left with him is his mom and she rejects him..when hes only FIVE?!?!?!?!?! But atleast she came to his graduation..UNLIKE MY MOM WHO DOESNT WANT TO COME!!!!!! Thanks for telling me about your mom toilet training you. My mom(thank god)never let me watch her go to the bathroom. I heard her poop sometimes when she was still living with us. She was embarassing me too(probably on purpose)by going with the door open when my FRIENDS were here and when we had to walk by the bathroom she would grunt and strain and say "Smells like roses in here!". My friends thought my WHOLE FAMILY was wierd and so they didnt want to be my friend anymore because they thought that I would end up the same way when I was older! YOUNG: Yeah you are right. I will find a guy sometime in my life I know! Especially if they see my graduation pictures! I look WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better with make up then I do without but the thing is that I dont know how to put on make up!! People at school did my make up not me! I want to know how!!! Oh well. BMG sounds like one of the nicest guys around!! How do you find guys like that? Hey right now I dont doing #1 or #2 in front of other people but who knows? Maybe someday I wont mind! Your Valentines Day sounded so cool!!! Was it one of the best Valentines Days you ever had with BMG or was there better days? George: Your friends like being in the bathroom together too? None of my friends are like that. At school my friends always use the bathroom at lunch but it is NEVER #2. I always expect to hear something but its always peeing(thank god). Girls at my school always go into the bathroom in groups or pairs! Guys at my school were talking about that! Anyone here: MY FRIEND ON THE INTERNET WANTED TO FIND A PICTURE OF BRIAN LITTRELL OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS ON THE TOILET(FOR SOME REASON)SO IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND ONE FOR HER PLEASE TELL ME THE ADDY. Good day mates!

Friday, February 20, 1998

I have been reading the posts here for several days with interest. My boyfriend and myself usually go to the toilet in front of each other and both enjoy the same excitement of being watched by each other. We don't consider anything abnormal about doing this activity together, but see it as adding interest to our love life. My boyfriend has a cute little bottom and I really enjoy seeing it on the toilet seat, with his underwear down to his ankles. I think there are plenty of people out there who would get enjoyment from going in front of their partners, but are too bothered by their embarrassment or thinking it's improper. After a short time of doing this together we just accepted we all do the same things into the toilet and started wiping each other. It can be highly sensual when feeling the other person's fingers through the toilet paper, (sorry if this sounds over the top) but has to be experienced to appreciated. If I am sitting on the toilet he usually lays his head on my legs while I am trying to push, then when I've finished will slowly kiss me on the lips for about 5 minutes before wiping me. I cannot believe there are not millions of people out there who do not do similar things but are too modest to admit what they do. Bye All!

Hi. Dave, I typed something in the "coughed up" forum which might be of interest to you. Some Guy, no, I haven't tried any "lactose-free" products (i.e., Dairy Aid, Lactaid); I hadn't eaten any lactose-based products for at least a couple of weeks before I "splurged" that evening (on pizza, etc.). I think my body was "shocked" by all that lactose, which is why I had such diahrrea. I can say that was the longest, most intense crap in my life. Blake, I understand what you go through; I've been there!
Before I found out I was LI, I usually took a very gassy crap once or twice daily, and rarely spent more than 5 minutes in the bathroom. Now, when I'm "good" (that is, not eating or drinking anything forbidden), I find myself taking more time to go to the bathroom. Not lingering, but spending ten minutes to poop instead of five. Later. Jodi

ENJOY YOUR POOP IN PUBLIC When I was in high school, I ran on the track team for Battle Creek Central. That year we visited Jackson Michigan for a track meet. When we went to the bathroom before racing there were uninals and two camodes out in the open, without stall walls. This is the first and only time I ever saw that. Back to the story; we entered the bathroom. I hust urinated, and two of my team mates used the toilets. When I left I said "Enjoy your poop in Public." I hear in boot camp they have no partitions for toilets and uninals. When you are in boot camp you have no privacy. I talked to one guy about that. He it depends on how badly you need to pee. When you need to pee bad enough your inhabitions will be overcome.

I am amazed by these descriptions of 18 inch logs. I have NEVER produced anything more than maximally 7 inches. But nowadays I never produce logs, my turds are much too soft. But what they lack in size I make up in number. Yesterday I counted them all, by counting the splashes as they hit the water. In my first dump of the day there were two installments, the first of 49 turds, followed after 2 or 3 min by another 6. After breakfast I went again, in a public toilet on my way to work. This time there were about 10 turds in the first lot, followed a few minutes later by about 5. They were rather pale in color, but I think it was just what I ate the day before. Incidentally WHERE do most people do they daily business? I guess that most do it at home/dorm/hall of residence or work/school/college. Does anyone REGULARLY i.e. every day shit in public facilities like stores/shopping malls/restaurants/pubs?

To Silent Spice. Both George and I give your our sympathy and support. Its horrible being rejected by your mother especially in your teens. I was lucky having a loving mother and father and younger brother. George was rejected by his mother when he was 5 as she had a nervous breakdown when his father walked out on them both. This is why he was brought up by his Aunt Helen and his two cousins who were like mother and sisters to him. He did see his mother from time to time but she was really no more than a distant relative. She did come to his graduation from University where we met each other but he sees her on her birthday and Xmas as she has never really recovered and is still a bit "strange".
As regards my own childhood, as Ive said, my own mother was quite open about defecation but nothing like as much as George's Aunt Helen. She toilet trained me by taking me to the loo with her and letting me watch her doing a jobbie but this stopped as soon as I was able to go on my own without accidents. I in turn toilet trained my young brother who was 3 years my junior by him watching me. For this reason I have never been inhibited about people I know and like watching or seeing what I have passed. Indeed I let him watch me do a motion for years after that right into our teens and I watched him. This of course was without our parents knowing, when they were out or busy watching the telly downstairs etc. Unlike Aunt Helen my mother didn't usually do really big long turd which stuck, instead she would drop two or three fair sized fat ones the biggest about 8 inches long, the others about 4 or 5 inches at most so my brother and I would only see one of her motions on the rare occasion it all came out in a single big turd. Ive already mentioned the time we saw her doing one in the woods when we went for a country walk. Another time Is aw what she had done was when I was about 12 andshe had gone to the toilet at home. I had heard the sounds "plonk! Ker-plunk! "Ker-sploonk", so I knew she had passed 3 jobbies. Next I heard her ! shout for me to bring her a roll of toilet paper as there was none left. I got one and when she opened the door as it was a small toilet she had to get up off the pan to get the roll of paper and I was able to look down the pan and see 3 jobbies floating there. They were hard knobbily turds , fat but not long, the sizes as described above, a big carrot shaped one, a fat ball and a smaller cigar shaped jobbie. The other time I saw her do a motion was when we shared a bedroom on holiday and she used a "chamber pot" (bedpan) one morning. As I watched, as she had her back to me, I saw the two fat jobbies as the slowly slid out of her back passage between her buttocks. She thought I was asleep at the time and I didn't say anything. Afterwards I was able to see the 2 turds lying in the pottie before she emptied in into the toilet at the end of the hallway. Again the biger one was about 9 inhes the smaller about 6, but both about 2 inches fat and quite knobbily. Have any other readers stories of seeing parents doing a motion when they were kids?

I have been reading the recent posts about people with mixed feelings about doorless stalls. When I was at school the toilets were open but just had a small divider between the toilets. However, they were situated in a sperate area of the block and were not in view from the urinals or the sinks. I was always reluctant to use these and would wait untill I was out of school, but was always fascinated at how people would dare to use them. One day at school I did need to go but decided to wait untill I was out of school, and as everybody left to go home I could not make up my mind whether to sneak in and use one. I went into the block and nobody was about, so I crept round to the toilets still not decided about whether to use one. I had been nipping up for some hours so I pulled my clothes down just enough to go and sat down on the seat. They were very high toilets and seemed a foot higher than any other ones I had used, I remember looking round feeling so exposed if anybody came ! in, when I heard footsteps coming towards that area. It was a cleaning lady who had obviously thought every body had left the building. She see me and said "carry on I will come back when you have finished" and waited in the other area. I felt really silly, did my function very quickly flushed the toilet and left. I did use them in future on odd occasions, but only when other toilets were being used so I was not the sole attention.
Batgirl: I read your recent story, and wondered if this was that the first time you had been to the toilet in front of your boyfriend, and if so did you feel stimulated or a little uncomfortable?.

TO SOME GUY My ex boyfriend never actuallly saw me go. But I am sure he heard me a couple of times. I would leave the door open when I was going so I am sure that he heard me. He seemed to more shy about going. He always closed the door, even when he just had to pee. I never brought the subject up with him. It just didn't seem like he was going to be "in to this". I also thought that I could bring up this subject later on in our relationship, but that didn't turn out to be the case.
On a brighter note, I had good BM experience a couple of weeks ago. After coming back from lunch I could feel the pressure starting to build up and I knew that I was going to have to make a trip to the bathroom. I got up from desk and headed into the ladies room. I found a empyt stall at the end of the line. After closing the door I unzipped my dress pants and pulled them and my panties down to below my knees. I slowly sat down the toilet and relaxed. I started to pee which lasted for about 20 seconds. As I could feel it starting to move down inside of me I got into my "position". For those of you who are newer and haven't seen my old posts. When I start to push I lean forward with my head down between my knees. I also pull my feet close into the toilet and go up on my tip toes. Step, Alex and Jodie, also use variations of this method. I find this really helps in going. I took a deep breath and started to push. I could feel the tip of the first piece starting t! o come out. I had to stop and take another breath. While I was getting into my postion another girl had come into the stall beside and was peeing. Knowing that she could hear me straining and pushing is something that I find kind of exciting. On my second push the piece came out and splashed into the toilet. Then to my suprise the rest came out in one big soft piece. Usually I can tell when my BM's are going to softer or looser. This time it felt like I was going to have to push them all out. Needless to say this was followed by a feeling of relief. I had to wipe 7 times as it was a farily soft one. The girl beside me had already finished and gone by the time I got out. I've got to run. I'll post some stories about other girls I have head going over the last while next time.
Take Care

Thursday, February 19, 1998

to Silent Spice : Thank you for sharing. Don't be jealous. I hope you will find a goood boyfriend like mine and treat you nicely. I guess BMG really know that I love him. He never ask me to anything that I didn't like to do. NEVER. I know that he has fetish about women shitting since we just dating for a month. He's a quite nice guy, polite and know how to treat a lady. I know his fetish because every time I excuse him (when we're togather) to go to ladies room he seem so curious. He even try to peek at me when I use his bathroom. First I feel discomfort about his act. Honestly, I enjoy watching him pee. He's very open about that. Finally, after I caught him dead sneaking at me while I do number two, he admitted his fetish. He's affraid to ask me to let him watch while I'm doing number two. He said that if he asked directly to me would cause offend me.

I said I never mind if you asked me politely. He answered that he would prefer that I guess what really he want and surprise him (I did by letting him watch me). After I let him watch my BM, he taught me how to control my BM so I can enjoy it. Now, I really enjoyed when big solid fat turds come out slowly from my back (Wow, the sensation). There's always some discomfort when you doing something for the first time, but when you getting used to it, it didn't matter anymore. When we have busy day, the morning chat with him while I'm sitting on the throne is a good idea. He maybe have some weird fetish, but he's great guy and I love him! We've been togather about three years. Well, Silent Spice, I hope you didn't jealous at me anymore.
Silent Spice, this is my Valentine story.
He take to the dinner I always wanted. He really surprise me. First I don't know where he wanted to take me, he only asked me to dress in my best outfit. When we both fully dressed, We drive on his Mercedes S600, that I know he would take me to some place quite formal. He always garage kept his Mercedes expcept for special occasion, so I knew he would take me some place formal. We go to the restaurant on top his office building. It's an expensive restaurant and have dress code. He already make reservation and We have candle light dinner! I never been to this restaurant before, so I was curious what's the ladies room like. After we finished our dinner, I excused him to go to the ladies room. The ladies room is a first class. It have four stall and it's carpeted. The atmosphere is really created to show the status. I entered one stall, closed the door, lower my undies and pull up my dress. I seat down and starting to pee and suddenly I feel my bowel need to be emptied. I start my BM. I guess the atmosphere make me do that. After I finish, cleaning my self, dressed up and went back to my boyfriend. He asked me do I like the ladies room, I said yes, It's luxurious. Because of him, I always want to try diffrent kind of ladies room, and after taking a dump in one of them you know which one you like.

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