Hi, this is my second time posting here. I posted a long time ago sometime in late January, I think it was the weekend before superbowl if anyone wants to read. I just talked about one of my first experiences pooping in a public place and how I hated it so much. I'm 18, a college freshman and have always tried to poop at home. I moved in the dorms this semester and found a secluded place I could go. But right before spring break some girls that I knew came in the same bathroom I was in, I was so embarressed but I didn't get caught. After that I decided that maybe finding some building on campus when there wasn't class would give me more privacy. Well today I pooped on campus for the first time. I found this secluded restroom and did my business. I had to really go, normally I have a lot of little soft turds that form a mound, but this time they were a little larger and floated a little while. Like little snakes. The smell wasn't too bad. I liked this better, but some girl came in and peed and then washed her hands right in front of my stall, I kind of got mad at that because I felt as if she was trying to peek. Well thats all the time I have right now gotta go bye/

Hi, my name is Beth and I am a 26 year old woman who read some posts on this web sight some time ago. I remembered the sight, and now I have a posting of my own.

The weather has been great the last couple of weeks so some friends and I went to visit a state park. We were having a great time playing frisby, eating lunch, and hanging out. Then I felt nature's call. I sat down on a park bench and tried at first to ignore it. But the urge kept getting stronger and I was forced to head for the rest room. I didn't know how clean it would be, but I had to go bad. When I got to the rest room, I was astounded. The women's rest room was locked. I tried the men's. It was locked too. Now what is someone supposed to do if they have to go to the bathroom in the park. I read a sign and it said closed for the season. Great! Now if only my bowels were closed for the season. I went back to the park bench and slipped my foot between my buns as I sat back down.

My two girl friends soon asked me if anything was wrong. I was visibly rocking on the bench, sitting on my foot, and I had just came from the bathroom. So Susan deduced that I had to go to the bathroom and said, "What's the matter? Do you have to use the restroom?" I said, "Yes, and really bad but the darn bathroom is still closed for the season." Everone agreed that the restroom should be left open. Jill added she had to go too and was mad the restrooms were locked. Then the boys came over from passing football and Susan blurted out that I had to really use the restroom. I was embarrassed in front of the guys. Greg said to just go in the bushes. The bushes still didn't have any foliage, and I was afraid someone would see me. There were others in the park. So I said I would be fine.

Greg wanted us to join them in football, and I thought some activity might help take my mind off of having to go to the bathroom. Boy was I wrong! As we were playing football, I had to go worse. The tip of my poop kept poking in and out as I played football. Finally, I was hiking the ball, standing in a stooped position, when it came out too far. I stood up but my poop was pushing out in the back of my tight shorts. My tight shorts were keeping it halfway in, and I still had to go tremendously. I gave a push and the rest of my poop came out forming a ball in my panties and shorts. As I pushed out I started peeing too. I thought I just pooped in my pants I might as well pee. Nicholas was behind me and must have seen me fill my shorts. Sue asked me what was wrong as if everyone couldn't figure it out. I said, "I am sorry guys but I just had an accident. Can we please go home. I need to change." I was so embarrassed and upset. A 26 year old woman just doesn't poop in her shorts. I felt so naughty. But what could I do? I couldn't help it. To my surprise everyone was really sympathetic and understanding. The guys all hugged me and told me it was all right. Jill said that she had to go too and if we didn't leave for home now, she was going to have an accident of her own. I really felt bad for spoiling everyone's fun. I sat gingerly on a towel as Greg drove me back to my apartment in his van. My poop was squished as I sat in the van's seat and we had to drive home with the windows rolled down.

I swear I will never live this down. What can I do? I thought I could get some advice and understanding from readers on this web sight. Also does anyone know why state park restrooms are closed during the offseason?

I read your post with great interest. For most of my adult life i have lived (and emotionally)died by my BM's
I have been cursed with excessively large movements until my mature years, that seem to have a mind of their own.Basically i trained myself to go in the morning at rising and not leave the house until i had my BM.i have a hundred tales of what happens when i have failed to observe that basic rule. I felt comfortable if i(we) went to places where a toilet was redily availiable as if i had the urge i had a window of 10 to 15 minuits and it was in my pants. it puts a bit of a cramp in a free and active lifestyle. You can only guess how many times i have had to use bushes friends and parked cars, not considering people watching me excrete one of my monumental turds.what must they think!!. after it is all said i have also answered all those questions i am a person that has a problem and my friends accept me as i am. an occasional accident is just that. I hold my head up and say oh god im sorry i;ll have to go take care of this problem ( we get quite good at it actually). Sexually i have a girlfriend that is just in love with my problem and the ultimate for me there is a positive side as well.

Mysterious Man
AshD and MelD: I know you two love to try an interesting way to take a dump, here's a cool idea, if your interested:
Get undressed, get on top of your kitchen table, hang your butts over the edge and poop. Another idea would be to have a poop contest. Hope you like the ideas and respond soon, please

China Girl: Hope to hear more from ya in the future

Elise: Wish to hear of your poop adventures

the biggest poop of my life: How old are you, male/female?
That's all to ask for now, see ya all later!

I haven't posted in a while, i guess i rarely do, but i do read this site so i guess i'll post again. I was reading some old posts and noticed a trend of people pooping while standing up or hovering, so i figured i'd give that another try. Every now and then i feel like standing with my back to the bowl and pushing some turds out so today i did just that.

I started by getting a book to look thru and then put it on the sink counter. I took my clothes off and stood with my back to the toilet and relaxed a bit. I had already needed to crap for a while so it didn't take long to get started, although when it started to come out it was hard so i had to bend over a push a bit. After it got started it all came out in 5 inch chunks, maybe 3 or 4 of them. They landed in the bowl on the toilet paper i had put in so it didn't splash up. After it all came out i put the seat down and sat and read for a few minutes. Then i stood up and debated whether or not to wipe. I looked in the mirror at my hole and saw it was quite messy. Since i liked how it felt kinda squishy and muddy, i decided not to wipe, and pulled up my pants and put my shirt back on. I went back to my room and watched tv for a while and got some dinner later. After a while i decided to put some baby powder on my butt to keep it from smelling too bad (it didn't smell that bad though). I guess i'll shower in the morning and make sure to get my butt all clean again.

Anyways that's my story. Are there any other people who like to go without wiping sometimes? I'd like to hear some stories if so. BTW, Mel.D and Ash.D i enjoy reading your posts.


The Crank
I dont know if any of you guys know the TV series "Love is a Four Letter Word"???It's got 2 pretty good toilet scene,one where the female lead who's chracter's name Abbey or something sits on the toilet while her boyfriend brushes his teeth. He says he likes her most when she's in this position and she went "On the toilet?" in that really cute British accent (show's british btw). Another is when she went into a cubile in the toilet of her boyfriend's bar and he climbs up the wall and looks in and she says "Do you know where you are?This is the girls!" Something like that. They had sex after that.

Hi everyone, This is my very 1st post on here and am very nervous about doing so but here goes. This past fall my lady friend and I decided to take a drive to the country to see the turning of the leaves.Sue had packed a picnic lunch to take along so around noon we looked for a place to stop and eat.We came upon a remote picnic area,stoped and had lunch. After eating I had the greatest urge to poo and told Sue that I needed to go to the restroom real bad.Well Sue replied that she also had to relieve herself so off we went.The restrooms were one building with the womens on one side and the mens on the other. I hurriedly entered the mens side went into the stall and just got my pants down in time to sit and release a huge shit, it just flowed out.As I sat there I noticed A hole in the wall deviding the mens and womens restroom and thought of Sue on the other side.Not being able to resist I bent over to see what was on the other side.As I looked I saw Sues beautiful bottom thru the hole as she hovered over the stool on the other side.Evidently she was constipated and was straining quite hard.Suddenly her bum hole began to open and I could see the begining of a huge log begin to appear.The log began to move on its own finally and Ive never seen anything that long in all my life,it must have been 2 inches across and at least 20 inches long.Ive never done anything like this and it did excite me very much.It had always been a fantasy of mine to see a woman poop,and now I always look for bathrooms with holes in the walls.Till later Bob

Good Morning
Last Night i was heading home and my friend callie had an accident (Peeing not a wreck). It was a long drive back to dallas from denton and she had had two sodas at a party. Teh closer we got to Hannah's house the more intense her urge became. We finally arrived and since Hannah is having her driveway redone, we had to walk up the side walk callie told me "Mandi i'm wearing a new really nice black thong and-" with that a flood of pee poured out of her jeans and created a pond on the sidewalk around her. We went and got her cleaned up and washed her thong. Now she scared of accidents so she's going to do the same thing I do and wear a diaper out in public. She went in the cabinet and pulled out a diaper and slipped it on. WHile she was getting it on i figured a would take a crap in my diaper but as i began to push the turd out i realized I didn't have a diaper on. I was wearing a thong like Calllie. The 8" turd slid down my leg and onto the floor. "Mandi you crapped yourself," said Callie. Callie's going to post later from mine and Hannah's house about some diaper stories

To Ash and Mel D: I really enjoyed reading both of your posts. I love reading the stories on this site about girls taking a poop. I was kind of excited when both of you said you got so much pleasure from pushing out those big logs. I'll definitely be eager to see any more great stories you post in the future.

Also, kudos to all you other girls who like to post about their pooping experiences. Until next time, take care.

Yours truly,


Sunday, March 28, 2004

anyway, about that question from the girl who asked if you ever had allowed a girl to hold your penis for you while peeing. well yes I did, with this former girlfriend chris I was with from dec. 2001-nov. 2002. anyway, after about like four months of seeing each other and having allready peed in front of her more than a few times while hiking,we finally got to the part when she allowed me to watch her pee. [ this suprised me for a " good catholic girl" like her; whom, even after 11 months, never made love with me because of her " guilt" about being " unmarried" LOL] anyway, after this movie we got back to her home and I first drank a few root beers[ me like three glasses but she had just half of one] besides the large soda for me and small for her at the movies. anyway, about an hour later we both finally had to pee and walked in.[ she allowed me to watch her last time] she said" you want to go first? or should I?" well, I did and said to her, " here, just so you'll know what it feels like to stand and pee, go ahead and hold it." at first, she said " no, I'd better not" but after I insisted , she said" okay, jeez, I've never done this before, not even with my ex husband do I do this?" I told her, " just hold it chrissy and point it where you want the urine to go! [ her toilet was one of those round front types, where the bowl's completely filled with water and even a woman has no choice but to " tinkle" while peeing!] and so , she grabbed it and pointed it toward the water as I began to pee. at first, it hit the side rim and she said, " whoops! oh jeez!" but then she got it to go straight into the middle and stood there with this big grin on her face as she watched my deep yellow colored urine come out in this wide 1/4 inch splashing stream hit the water and turn it from clear to yellow and watched the urine foam saying, " there's your bubbles!cool!". after peeing for about 45 secs, it slowed to a drip and she said" all done, I guess. what do I do now?" I told her" shake it a few times, sweetie" which she did. then she watched as the bubbles fizzed and said " I'd better flush it now, I guess. that was a whole new experience for me, that's for sure."

I'm a 14 year old boy whos been reading the old posts for a while now.
I'm more into pee than poop even though my name may suggest it.
Lately, I've been peeing into the shower.
There are still a few things about this site that confuse me.
I'm not sure if this is page 1 or 1245 but I think it goes in numerical order and that on each page it goes bottom to top. Also, why is there an opitional box for posting your e-mail when the FAQ say this site doesn't use it.

See ya soon!

Hey Everyone!

Quick story.

The other day I was at my friends house when i needed to shit. I got up and went to the toilet, when i got there, the door was closed, i just stood there and waited. I only had to wait for about 10 seconds. The toilet flushed and out stepped my friend's mom. she looked at me and smiled and said "Hello Mel." then walked off. As soo as i walked into the toilet i was hit with a strong poop smell, but it didnt worry me too much. I farted, then looked down into the bowl and to my shock, there was a big, fat, long turd poking up out of the water leaning against the side of the bowl. I was a little surprised, but there was nothing i could do so i pulled my jeans and thong down to my ankles and sat on the nice warm seat. I farted again and started to pee. Before my pee ended i started pushing to get my log out. As i pushed i farted and the end of my pee stream came out really fast. My log started coming out really nicely, it felt great. A nice big, smooth, fat, warm log strecthing my ashhole open is the best feeling i can think of. I got so lost in enjoying my poop, i was surprised to hear a loud splash. The turd felt so great, i tired to push for more, but there wasnt any left. I went to grab some toilet paper, but there want any, i looked around for spare rolls, but couldnt find any. I just pulled my thong and pants up, hoping my hole wasnt too dirty. I flushed the toilet and watched both, huge logs get sucked down the toilet. A nice Dump!

Love Mel.D

Louise (from France)

" I also love watching men pee, especially outside ", me too.
1-Does anyone else hold their boyfriend's/husband's penis while he pees? What is that like for the rest of you?
yes, i often do this game with hubby, i did it with some past boyfriend and with my cousin when we were kids. I've always liked it, expecially aiming the pee stream against something: a waal, a tree, a car...

2Do you have any stories about seeing men pee?
yes and often tell my expereince here, please tell yours..

fishbone -
quick pee survey:

1. Does you stream go staright down or off a little? it depends, but my streams mostly go a bit mor erearward than straight down
2. Do you sit or hover? sit on my toilet and bidet (often pee in it) and hover on public toilet
3. If you sit, are you legs close together or spread out? quite spread at home, on public toilet My feet are enaugh parted to assume a good balance while hovering, nor too wide nor too close togheter

Hilary R.
i pee in the buthtub when I have a bath too, but not underwater like you. I hold it until the end of my bath, then when I got up to rinse my self with the shower inside teh but up i one my leg and pee in teh already dirty water before going out....

thanks anyway...and every stories about you and or anyother woman will be well accepted..

cute guy
YOU, post you some of your stories instead, please...

Do you have any funny or best rembered episode about peeing in th eshower with your friend (when, where, if other women saw you)...thanks

I've almost always peed from the side of the boat, and my friend and sister too, used the bucket only on emergency situations. like rough sea ot too many boat around...funny story more

kissess to all
keep on posting about pee!!


HI ALL, my cousin told me about this site. I'm 15, girl, blonde hair. I have this diaper storie about my cousin. My cosin(the same one who gave me this site)is 6 months younger than me. She has had this bed wetting problem ever since i can remember. Well, last year i spent three days with her. Her parents were away fot the week, so we were home alone. Well, i slept in her room. So, one night i got really bored, and decided to look through her closet, draws, and stuff. I looked in this one draw, and found this bag of goodnights. As she was about the same size as me, i decided to put on a pair. As i didn't have to go at the time, i read for about 50 minutes or so. Then this really intense urge hit me. Now, me being not so smart, forgot i was wearing the goodnights. Well i ran to the bathroom, and to my unpleasent suprise,my cousin was in it. Well, i began frantically bouncing and hopping from foot to foot. I got so desperate i began to hold myself, as i did i felt the goodnights on. So i decided to go in them. It felt so good to finally let loose, but to my suprise(again) my cousin came out of the bathroom, and saw the look of relief on my face, and the goodnights on(did i mention i didn't put my pajma pants back on). She just stared at me as i peed for about a minute. When i was finally done, she looked at me and said, "did you just piss yourself in a pair of my goodnights?" What could i do, so i answerd"Yea". "Ok, as weird as it may seem, i understand what amd why you just did that". I just stared at her. "I do it all the time" was all she said. So the next night she invited me to see her pee in her goodnights!

I know, not a very exciting story, but i have more, just not enough time to right one now!! Hope you enjoyed!

ShortSkirt Girl
To Hilary,

It shouldn't be that hard to pee standing up. If you're having any problems thrust your hips out a little, and just open up your lips (down 'there' I mean!) a little. Even with a gentle flow, the stream should easily clear your body and go harmlessly down the shower drain.

Hope it helps - let us all know how you get on, it's a lot of fun!

Peeing standing is not hard, it depends on the size of your inner lips. If yours are large take two hands and spread the inner ones apart and adjust the stream as necessary. If yours are small spread the outer lips and lift up at the same time. You should get quite the distance. My girlfriend can hit 7 feet easily with a full bladder

I remember an accident I had when I was about 8. I was in a childrens' choir that was asked to sing at a banquet at the state legislature and I was asked to do a solo. It was a very big deal. My mom dressed me up in a brand-new outfit - velvet knickerbocker pants with elastic at the knees, lacey tights, shiny shoes and a frilly white blouse.
We had to wait around for a while when we got there, and by our turn to sing, I was already starting to have to pee. I didn't really notice it much after that until after my solo. Then there was still half the program left and without my performance to distract me, I knew I had to go quite bad. As we sang, I shifted around a little from foot to foot and pulled on my knickerbockers to try and put pressure on my bladder. By the time we were done, I really had to go, and so did several other people, but I didn't say anything as a stream of kids headed for the restrooms. I was determined to wait until I got home. There was some talking and introductions and so on that happened while I squirmed around. Then we were in the car heading home, and by now, I was urgent. I engaged in some gymnastics in the back seat trying to hold it. I pulled one leg up and jammed my heel into my crotch. I bounced up and down with my legs crossed. I held myself and rocked from one butt cheek to the other. By the time we got home, I was really bursting, but my brother beat me to the bathroom (this is when we only had one bathroom in the house.) I had more than one accident waiting for it to become available, and this was another of those times. (The most memorable was when my pee horizontally sprayed my door while I was trying to hold it after a ballet class.) Since no-one else was around, I sat down at the top of the stairs waiting for him to come out. I put my heel back in my crotch and rocked like crazy with my hand also holding myself. I was panicking as I could feel my underwear getting wet with little squirts. Suddenly, a wave of urine rushed out. I jumped up, ran into my room and dropped to the floor, squatting and holding myself, but it was too late. I wet my pants. My new knickerbockers were soaked and pee had run all down my new tights into my shoes and the carpet. Even though no-one could see, I was humiliated. Just as I finished peeing my pants, the bathroom door opened. I quickly changed into my pyjamas, took my wet things into the bathroom and rinsed them out with soap. I let them dry in my room overnight and as far as I know, I was never caught.

I never had a full accident in school as there were enough breaks to survive, but there were a lot of close calls and a few semi-accidents. Here's one of the biggest ones I remember from when I was 9. It was a hot day and I guess everyone was drinking a lot of water, because more people than usual were asking to leave the classroom. I really had to go, I think I had had to go at the last break but hadn't for some reason - but of course I wasn't going to ask - I would hold it till recess no matter what. Suddenly, our teacher yelled "That's IT! No-one else is going to the bathroom until recess! And after recess, I'm going to start writing down your names when you ask to go, and if your name is appearing too often I will NOT let you go!!!!" There was a gasp. I didn't care - I never went anyway, and that was why.
The guy who sat next to me who was a pretty good friend also had to go and had been about to ask, and he got pretty anxious. He kept telling me that he was dying to pee, which isn't what I needed to hear when I was trying not to think of it. He bounced and jiggled up and down in the seat. Then he started to hold his crotch and look constantly at hi watch. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the position I usually was in when I was desperate to pee in school - legs tightly crossed, body right at the edge of the wooden seat so that my aching bladder could be held by the corner of the chair. I was also keeping an eye on the clock, counting down the minutes till break. It was very quiet except for the whispers of my friend constantly telling me how urgent he was. I was disgusted by his lack of decorum.
About fifteen minutes before the break, another guy got out of his seat, went to the front of the room and whispered to the teacher. Then he walked to the door with his hand on his crotch and a big wet spot showing. When he came back in a few minutes later, he had his hands folded in front of him to try and hide it, but we all knew he'd wet his pants.
There were only about ten minutes left and I normally would have been able to hold it, but my buddy's squirming and complaining and this other guy's wet pants made me more desperate, and a big rush of pee seeped into my panties. I didn't know what to do. I had never peed my pants in school, even when I was little. My buddy was preoccupied and everyone else was looking at the guy with wet pants, so I quickly put my hand into my lap and pressed as hard as I could - I didn't usually hold myself in school without a cover - and the pee stopped coming. I then bunched up part of my skirt and crossed my legs tightly around it, and squirmed around that way until the break. I ran straight to the girls' room to beat the rush that I knew would be coming. I got into the stall, but then the pee started coming again. I held myself, crossed my legs and scrunched down, but it wouldn't stop. I knew I had to get the few inches to the toilet. I pulled down my soaking underpants, trying to hold myself as pee dripped onto the floor. Finally, I was on the toilet for the last few trickles. When I finished, I was wet enough that my skirt was sticking to my butt. I dipped some toilet paper into the toilet and wiped myself, then tried to rub everything dry with dry paper as best I could. Then I went out for recess and didn't play with anyone, letting the hot sun dry me off, and no-one seemed to comment.

I also had semi-accidents in a few exams in middle school and high school. In eighth grade, when I was 13, we had a 3 1/2 hour exam. I was worrying before I went in about what I would do if I had to pee, and I think this made me have to go even more quickly than normal. I know that by about halfway through, I was wishing for a toilet. I crossed my legs and sat at the edge of my seat, I rocked back and forth, I spread my legs apart slightly to straddle the seat. I knew if we absolutely couldn't wait we could ask to be escorted to the restrooms, but I refused. In the last half-hour, I squirted a few times in my underwear, but I just crossed my legs tighter and held on. Finally the exam was over and I was heading to the restrooms when a teacher stopped me to ask me a question. I stood there talking to her trying not to squirm. Finally she let me go and I was in the restroom, but there was a huge line-up. As I stood in line, I began to pee my pants slowly. When I finally got in the stall, I finished in the toilet but was again quite wet.
In eleventh grade when I was sixteen, I was in a similar predicament in an exam, but I always wore a couple of maxi-pads to exams now just in case. All the same, I was trying to hold it as best I could because there was supposedly a rule for this particular exam that no-one could leave. When the rocking, leg-crossing and shifting around didn't ease my discomfort, I slipped a hand into my lap - by now, I was less shy and didn't really care who saw. The proctor must have noticed my desperation because she came up to me and asked if I needed to leave the room, and I said I did, and she said that since I was a good student, she would take me. I was so relieved as I felt I was on the verge of wetting my pants (usually exams were not a problem as I've always had decent control, but every year there tended to be one or two where nerves made me desperate.) As the proctor and I walked down the hall, I started peeing into the pads. There was still quite a bit left for the toilet - I hissed like crazy. The pads were soggy so I tossed them. The proctor commented that I must have been desperate.

I'm a professional singer and I'm usually fine on stage, but there was this one gig - one of my first professional ones - where I almost wet my pants on stage. We were doing a 3 1/2 hour Bach passion with no breaks and I thought I would die. After about 1 1/2 hours, I really had to pee (I'd been drinking a lot of water and there was some under our seats.) I had to sit and wait, stand up and sing, sit down and wait, and stay perfectly still, and there was no chance of leaving the stage. All I could do was try to distract myself and use little discreet ways to try and hold it. I kind of arched my back and pressed my butt and bladder down into the seat. I lightly crossed my legs. When I stood up, I tightened my butt muscles when I wasn't singing. I sat on the edge of my seat. I shifted around during applause and when I sat back down and when the focus was off me. Near the end, I was really bursting. It was one of the worst times I ever had to go. I had on a slinky gown so I had on thong underwear and a tiny feminine pad and that was it. Then I started to leak. I squeezed my thighs together and my eyes shut. I was constantly sneaking peeks at my watch. Every now and again, I'd leak. I rocked a little in my chair. Finally, it was over and we were bowing. Finally, I could escape to my dressing room. I was almost in tears, I had to go so bad. When I got there, I peed and peed and hissed away for at least 2 or 3 minutes. Finally, I was done. I got up and was shocked to see that the back of my gown had a fairly obvious, fairly big wet spot from all the leaks. I was so embarassed, I didn't leave my room until I thought everyone was gone. That also happened to me when I sang Beethoven's Ninth one time that same year. Now I wear puffier gowns and maxies in my panties if I think there'll be a problem.

Coming back from Spring Break we had an interesting experience. I went to the South Padre with a few of my girlfriends from Baylor. While down there I ended up twisting my knee. All I did was just sit there while they pranced around in their bikinis. While I was there I met up with a guy I knew from school, Julian. He had been there since the start of the week and was about burned out and ready to head home. I was dead weight to the girls so I asked if I could hitch a ride. He said he would love the company and we would leave first think in the morning because it was a good drive. We got up at daybreak packed and got some coffee to go and we were off. We drove for about and hour or so and Julian stopped to get gas and some thing eat. I asked were the bathrooms were so I could have a tinkle before departing. The clerk said there were around the back. When I went around they were nothing more than port-o-johns with broken doors with shit and sewage overflowing. We looked at each other and said "I think we can wait" We took off sipped on our coffees and enjoyed the ride. It was really pretty, we took an older highway off instead of the interstate which really allowed us to Americana. I asked Julian if we can stop sometime soon because I would be needing to pee. It was pretty desolate but I saw I a sign that said Picnic area 5 miles. I was like, great relief in 5 minuets. Julian said great because he has to "throw some water" as he put it. When we came to the picnic area we got out and stretched but much to our surprise the sign was just what it said, "Picnic Area" all there was a picnic table and some trees. No restrooms. Well much to our disappointment we looked at the road sign and the next town was seventy miles away. Well, we both looked at each other and Julian felt bad I had to go, he knew finding facilities was important, however the need to pee was more important and I was peed outside before, but there were two problems. One, I never peed in front of a boy before, and two, when I went outside I would usually squat down, but my injured knee made this a difficult. I made the decision relief was more important. We walked over to a large tree and agreed I would go on one side and he would go on the other for privacy. I had come to the conclusion I would pee standing up since squatting would be near impossible. I have peed in the shower a few times so I know the pee would fall straight down or a little behind me so in order to achieve this I would need to remove my shorts and panties. So I didn't make a mess. I took then off and was bare from the waist down with exception of my shoes. I assumed the position and the pee started to flow, that's when everything went wrong As I started to pee, I heard Julian start to yell, I thought he was playing, but to my surprise he came around the tree and caught me mid stream. At first I was in shock, I thought this was a lame trick to see my bare bottom, but something was not right we was waving his hands like a mad man and swatting the air. It turns out either he or I disturbed a bees nest and they were not happy, still peeing I tried to run but my knee would not allow it I got a few steps and almost fell. Julian picked my up on his back and ran with me back to the car leaving my clothes there. I was kind of still peeing but tried very hard to stop the stream, I felt the bees buzz my head. I tried real had to stop peeing, never had to cut of my flow once the gates opened I didn't stop till I was done. But, I managed to stop. We got to the car where he threw me in and jumped in after me. We were safe. It all happened so fast. Watching the bees outside the car I knew it could have been a lot worse. I looked around and notice I got his seats and him a little wet, but I still had to pee very bad and the pee was coming quick. When I pinched off the flow It burned so bad. I told Julian I could hold much longer, the bees were still there and the pee was coming. Julian was a quick thinker, he told me to turn away so there I was showing him all my goods. I warned him here I comes I cant hold it and more, I felt so bad I was going to ruin his car, but I was losing the battle to hold the pee back. Julian grabbed a coffee cup which I didn't see and told me to let it go. I was about cry thinking I was going to soak him, but I felt something under my bottom as I let go and I realized it was a cup, I almost filled that 20oz cup all the way up. I felt him pulling it away when I said "Wait! I am not done yet" I always have a post pee dribble for about 15 seconds. This has gotten me more times than anything right when I think I am done I stand up and the pee runs right down my leg. I dripped for a little and he handed me some napkins to finish the paperwork. I wiped and unfolded a new to sit on. I noticed Julian was not as lucky as I was the bee stung him an the arm plus he never had a chance to pee. I was holding the cup of pee still bare bottom (I left my clothes at the tree) and we drove about a quarter mile down the road when he got out and finished his pee. I took this opportunity to put on a sundress so I wasn't exposed. We drove on and decided to stop for lunch and get something for his sting. While we were there I was feeling naughty, I thought peeing in front of a boy was embarrassing but I got a little turned on. The gas station had one of those family restrooms with both the urinal and potty. He said he needed to go as he stepped in I asked if he minded if I came in I felt uncomfortable out there alone. He stood at the urinal doing his business and I hiked my dress and hung on to the railing trying to hover, when I said screw it I stood up turned around and let go. Julian said he never knew a girl could do this. I said there is a lot of things we can do we just don't tell you. Well thanks to this we are starting to see each other on a romantic basis. Funny how things happen.

Hi, I am a mexican guy. Im 25 and good looking. Although Im skinny I have an athletic complexion, nice facial features, a goatee and moustache, olive skin and brown eyes and brown hair. I am about 5 feet 80. Today I took a leisurely dump at a department store here in Mexico. The interesting part of the thing was that while I was doing my business in came a cleaning lady without even warning. I just heard her cleaning cart and her voice but she didnt ask if she could come in. Unfortunately I was the only guy taking a dump but although other guys came in, I think none of them had the guts to take care of their business in her presence. However as I was in the middle of everything I thought; Whats the point in getting out of here; even if shes here, I mean, she already noticed me. So I just relaxed in the can for a little while and then took care of my messy butt. All the time she just wandered inside the restroom apparently cleaning the other stalls. By the way the stalls have hight partions so she could have a perfect view of me. Finally I had the guts to get out and I assumed the most natural possible attitude and went to the sinks without making eye contact. She just igonred me. I washed my hands and left. I really enjoyed the experience. Hope you liked my story. Happy dumping to all of you. Adios.

Impatient Pooper

I took a massive crap today :). I don't think I've had one this big in at least a year. It came out in one long smooth turd (my favorite kind), which was about a foot long and very dark brown in color. The beginning of it was about 2 inches in diameter and kind of knobbly, but then it tapered down to maybe 1.5 inches before coming to a point at the end. After pooping that out I looked down between my legs and said "Holy shit!" I still had to go some, so I relaxed by thinking about my crush and let the est come out. It was a 4.5 inch long by .5 inch thick turd, smooth and pointed on both ends. Afterwards I felt completely empty, a sensation I have not had in weeks. About three hours later I had to go again, strangely, but I was in a hurry then, so I still haven't gone.

Happy pooping!

Hilary R.
Hilary- Nice name! LOL

I've mastered it by practicing it in the shower. To do it in the toilet takes practice. I always have to kind of push my p**sy up to get it to shoot straight. You'll get it eventually; I spent a long time cleaning pee off the floor after many unsuccessful attempts. There are a lot of websites with info also.

I had a great dump at school today. Unfortunately no one else was in the bathroom. I dropped two long logs and and some smaller slivers. I'd been holding it for about 24 hours, so I felt much relieved after going.

Hilary R.

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