Hey Guys!

Sorry, it's been a while since my last post, computer problems. I've had fun going back and reading all the recent posts, they are really good lately.

Anyway, had a nice dump with a friend at school the other day.

I woke up with a strong urge to shit, but i was late for school so i didnt get a chance to go. I was desperate for a while, but after about an hour the urge went away.My friend and I both had a spare period, so we were just walking around, talking. I had completley forgot about my need to take a dump, until we walked past the girls toilets. I saw the sign "Senior Girls Toilets" and a huge cramp hit me and all of a sudden a turd was pressing at my asshole. My friend was in the middle of telling a good story and i didnt want to interrupt her by going to the toilet, so i kept walking. It was a hot day and my butt crack stated to sweat. Sweat dribbled down my crack and my asshole was wet, making it even harder to hold my poop in. I started getting sharp pains in my butthole, a few times i had to stop walking to bear the pain. We managed to do a full walk around the school and ended up outside the toilets again. My friend was still talking, but i didnt care i said "I really need to shit!" She said "OK, I need to pee." I rushed into the first stall, swung the door shut, i didnt have time to lock it, i quickly slipped my pants and thong down, let my ass hit the seat and ripped a big, booming fart and moaned in relief. The fart relieved some pressure, so i pushed again and another huge one came and i gave another moan. I pushed a little to get my poop moving. It was kinda slippery and the head poked its way out. It started moving a a slow pace, i didnt feel like pushing, so i let it come out on its own. I relaxed my pussy and did a nice, long, low-pressure pee, that tinkled nicely. I was making all this noise, but my friend had not said one word or made a sound. I called out for her and said "Are you there?" she answered back in a strained voice "Yeah." She was one stall down from me. It was obvious she was trying to poop. I said "I thought you only had to pee." she said that she did, but she was constipated and wanted to try and get it out. I didnt think much of it, as i got a shot of orgasmic sensation and a smooth lump in my log strecthed past my hole. The turd then got thinner and sld out pretty nicley, making a huge booming splash, that sprayed my ass with water. I groaned in pleasure and relief and let out a loose fart. There was silence as my next turd was making its way towards my throbbing asshole. I could little strains and groans of my friend trying to push out her shit. I broke the silence when i let go of another fart, which sounded the start of my next turd. This was was harder and dryer and required some pushing and straining. I pushed hard, giving a groan and the fat start of my turd strecthed out my ass. I kept pushing and the turd slithered out of my and slid down the side of the bowl into the water. I was done, but i didnt wipe, i stayed to see if my friend could manage to end her constipation. I listened intently. It seemed she was making progress, she was still straining but she was giving of a sigh or relief, then all of a sudden a booming splash and the biggest moan i have ever heard. She sat just catching her breath, then strained and a long tight fart came out and another moan. She started wiping and so did i. I wiped my ass, which was pretty clean, then wiped my pussy, when i did i noticed it was really wet and not from my pee ;)
We both walked out feeling great relief.



Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Good to hear from all of you and a special hell o to Carmalita. Glad to hear that you are ready to graduate! Megan I have had many girls hold my penis while I peed. The first time was a little strange in that the girl I was with had just peed in front of me and she just reached over and unzipped my jeans and pulled my penis out which I did have a erection at that time and when she touched it it would spring in a upward motion which would make her giggle. She had fun because she would aim it all over the place while I went. Many of the girls I knew enjoyed doing this. My wife enjoys holding me too. Upstate Dave

Louise (from France)

" I also love watching men pee, especially outside ", me too.
1-Does anyone else hold their boyfriend's/husband's penis while he pees? What is that like for the rest of you?
yes, i often do this game with hubby, i did it with some past boyfriend and with my cousin when we were kids. I've always liked it, expecially aiming the pee stream against something: a waal, a tree, a car...

2Do you have any stories about seeing men pee?
yes and often tell my expereince here, please tell yours..

fishbone -
quick pee survey:

1. Does you stream go staright down or off a little? it depends, but my streams mostly go a bit mor erearward than straight down
2. Do you sit or hover? sit on my toilet and bidet (often pee in it) and hover on public toilet
3. If you sit, are you legs close together or spread out? quite spread at home, on public toilet My feet are enaugh parted to assume a good balance while hovering, nor too wide nor too close togheter

Hilary R.
i pee in the buthtub when I have a bath too, but not underwater like you. I hold it until the end of my bath, then when I got up to rinse my self with the shower inside teh but up i one my leg and pee in teh already dirty water before going out....

thanks anyway...and every stories about you and or anyother woman will be well accepted..

cute guy
YOU, post you some of your stories instead, please...

Do you have any funny or best rembered episode about peeing in th eshower with your friend (when, where, if other women saw you)...thanks

I've almost always peed from the side of the boat, and my friend and sister too, used the bucket only on emergency situations. like rough sea ot too many boat around...funny story more

kissess to all
keep on posting about pee!!


In response to S.L.'s survey:

After you have a shit, do you

(1)Wet your toilet tissue before you wipe?
(2)Use anything wet on your behind in addition to toilet tissue (such as a pre-moistened pad or cloth)?
(3)Use soap and water on your behind immediately?
(4)Use a bidet?
(5)Use powder or some other cosmetic on your behind after wiping?
(6)Use pre-lotioned toilet tissue?
(7)Use plain dry toilet tissue alone on your bottom? Yes.
(8)Ever wipe just once?
Frequently. My shit tends to be of the constipated variety; hard and dry.

I am a young university professor and years of student/faculty toilet tissue has trained my shapely bottom to be unpretentious.

Friday, March 26, 2004

To Carmalita: I'd like to first of all thank you for answering my survey. I also liked your story about you and Nu at the Wal-mart. It sounds like the two of you can produce some really big poos. If you ever post in the future I'll definitely look forward to reading it.

As for anyone else I may have missed, thank you for filling out my survey, and keep those great responses coming. Take care everyone!

Yours truly,


Julie, (and a couple of others who posted in the last month and a half about actual accidents)

It has been a long time since I've posted. I almost did after your post about the accident and decided it was time to do so after your most recent post. This primarily deals with your last statement and your request, and has a little relevant to the others mentioned above.

For years I have had problems with accidents, primarily bowel. The reasons get complicated, but the short of it is that some times I can go for months without an accident while at others I fear it daily. How does this relate to you? The accidents can be any where from a minor nuisance to a major nightmare. The difference is less how much or how loose as one of where I am, how quick can I get out of there, and how many, (especially who), will know. Also, once you've shit your pants a few times it get easier to just let it go. Not all my accidents are exactly accidental. Sometimes I know there is no way I'll be able to hold it and the only difference between doing it now or holding it another five minutes is five minutes of extreme discomfort. (I'm also rather active so it also means I choose the position I'm in) At other times it can just be that the need is great, maybe I'd make it, maybe not, but since no one will be close enough to know what does it matter. And finally we get to the times I have to go, bad, but this is not the time or place for an accident however, I'm OK, I can hold it till I can get to a bathroom, or away from where I am and the next stop will be home. But, all in the sudden there is a major soft wet load in my pant and I realize that in a momentary lapse of thought I just let it loose. Last time it happened was away from home at a major trade fair that was extremely crowded, my hotel room was at the other end of downtown and I had the choice of the bus, a taxi, or walking a mile and a quarter. I'm to the point I've grown accustom as one can to this, however of course none of this has covered what effect it has had on my life.

I can understand wanting to do it again to figure out the feelings caused the first time it happened. I'm not saying do it or don't do it, but only trying to provide a few things to think about. Personally I think many are to 'uptight' about accidents. I don't see anything wrong with doing it for no other reason than you'd rather do it than hold it. However, as you learned from your wetting accidents, there is a down side to it. Other don't understand and if the wrong others find out it can be painful. Some will be sympathetic, many will be cruel. If you want to do it to try to figure out what you were feeling the first time, do it. The question will be how far do you want to take it. I've dealt with the issue long enough that I've figured out the feelings and answered the questions for myself (one of the reasons I'm not posting all the time) though there will be differences for each of us. I also have the mental scars from those who have the attitude that adults don't have accidents, that they do it because they are mentally sick and need help. Running into such a person is never pleasant, if it is someone with a hold over you, like a boss. it can be hell. If you decide to do it give some thought to when and where and who might be around. This is what I meant about consider how far you want to take it.

Whatever your choice, good luck figuring it out. If along the way you decide you have questions you'd like to ask, even though I don't post much I generally keep track of what is being said on the board. If you direct a question at me I'll most likely see it and I will answer.

To Fishbone's survey
1. What is preference? Sit or stand?
Prefer to stand, unless I'm sleepy and scared I'll miss the toilet.
2. If standing, does your steam go straight or veer off?
Usually straight. Sometimes it breaks off into two moving channels on the way out, which is kinda interesting ;)
3. Can you pee with a boner or does it choke flow?
Chokes my flow. If I'm able to get any out, it's in short spurts, which can be painful at times to let to just wait till you're soft again.

Observer--Mid West
Summer, last year. On my boat were only 2 adults, Ron and Mable (two singles), usually 4-5. They were fun "kids" and learned quickly about boat handling during the first beach and water sessions. Mable, 31- 5'3 ca 110lbs, was having a few drinks in the bar after class. We then chatted it up for another hour until I had to leave. The next day was hot and humid, so all of the class loaded up on Gatorade and water, plus we had took extra water jugs onto the boats. We sailed to the center of the lake, then the wind DIED. After 15 min adrift and no movement Mable said she is going to have to pee soon. Shortly after, Mable began to squirm in her seat. Ron noticed this too and made a few jokes about the fact we are surrounded by water. Mable was increasingly uneasy and asked me what the "pee" plan on the boat is. I said " OH that's easy just go to the front of the boat and wing it of to the side." She said she wouldn't do that. So the other option is get into the water hold on to the boat and let it go. She was to afraid of getting off the boat. Apparently not able to wait she asked Ron to go to the front of the boat and walk around the head sail. She grabbed a bailer gave it to me and said "you'll be the catcher." The interior of the boat is uneven and convex so I guess squatting was impossible for her. Sitting on the back bench holding one hand on the tiller and in the other the bailer I waited for Mable's next move. She stood between me and the centerboard box in the middle of the boat. She pulled down her jeans shorts and to my surprise she was wearing a thong, that too was peeled down to her ankles. She then bent over, put both hands on the back edge of the centerboard box and started to pee a steady stream into the bailer bucket. It lasted about 4min with hissing off and on. Towards the end I saw her strain to empty her bladder, her anus began to move. When she said she was done I leaned over the back of the boat and rinsed the bailer out. I turned back into the boat and she still hadn't pulled her pants up, but had turned around. She didn't seem to mind, but then again I was wearing my dark sunglasses, that I scanned her intently for as long as possible. During the week we met up again and took a shower together "the morning" after : )

One day me and my "friend" were outside in the woods in a tree that we loved to sit in.Well i had to i went down to my house and got toilet paper b/c this "friend" wanted me to poop in front of this "friend".when i got back to the tree we found the higest spot for me 2 sit in and i pooped outta the tree.we did this a couple times(meaning that my "friend" watched me poop and i watched my "friend" poop) it was cool watching the turds fall outta our butts and 2 watch it SPLAT!! on the ground.

I used to work in a large office where one woman walked through at the same time every day carrying a newspaper and her lunch. OK. So she was on her way to the lunch room. No big deal. A few week's later I was in the ladies room at the sinks fixing myself. In came the same woman...carrying a newspaper and her lunch. for a quick pee before the lunch room. She went into a stall behind me. I was curious and looked in the mirror at the gap under the door. She slid off her panties, sat down, put the newspaper on the floor and opened her legs so wide, her feet were into the next stalls. She was eating her lunch!!! And reading the paper while peeing. pooping as I could hear the noises! I thought that was so gross but still quite fascinating!

Hey Andy,

Read your entry about having to go when you get into the bookstore. I don't think it has anything to do with the smell of the bookstore. Rather, I think it's because a bookstore or a library has a very "relaxed and calming" energy about them. When you feel really relaxed, it allows your body to do it's thing. I think that's why lots of people read on the john. It relaxes them and lets your system clean itself out. Have you ever tried to crap when you were in a hurry, or someone was right behind you waiting for your stall? It does not make for a good or thorough crap, I tell you.

an unfortunate kid
hi this is my first post.i really like golden girls stories.anyways,i am 13 and about a year ago we went out of town to eat.i am a pretty large girl so i ate hardely.aterwards we all felt very full so we went to wall mart to walk it off. before we went in i was very gassy so i just had to fart.s i did or so i thought i had crapped my pants diareah.i didn't realize it but it was all over my shorts seeping through. when i walked in i got alot of stares.uh nasty.

hi all, its while.just saw this thing on a preview that u may like to know. ina movie thats comming out i think its called willard, theres going to be a tiolet scene, i don't know if its going to be a pee scene or a shit scene, it on;y showed a girl in the bathroom turrning around and starting to pull down her pants. well, ttyl.

This is the nicknme I earned when I was 11 years old. I never liked stopping my play just to go to the bathroom. I wet my pants a couple of times while playing because of this, before I figured out that as a boy I could just go behind a shed or something and pee. I had always managed to hold my poop until this one time. I was at a friend's house, and I had to go. As usual I held it and didn't go. We were playing some game with toy guns and such. I was waiting in "ambush" for my other playmates, when I involuntarily farted. A few minutes later I heard my playmates coming. I was getting set to ambush them when I felt another fart coming on. Thinking nothing of it, I pushed, and instead of farting, I filled my pants with mushy poop. I just stood there with this big smelly load of poop in my pants, not quite knowing what to do. Then my friends came around the corner. They soon discovered I had messed my pants and started teasing me. I've been called "Stinky" ever since

Does anyone have any tips on how to teach me on how to stand pee? I can't even do it right in the shower. I always pee in the shower. Oh and is there any girls who has mastered stand peeing? Keep posting!


When I was 9, my family flew to Brasil (where we're from) for vacation. By the time we got to the airport, I already had to pee, but of course I didn't say anything to my parents, being too embarassed to ever admit having to go. After checking in, waiting to board, drinking a Pepsi, boarding the plane and being served juice, my need was becoming urgent. I hadn't peed in 3 1/2 hours since leaving home. I started working out a plan of how to get to the plane bathroom - maybe by saying I had to wash my hands - but then we were instructed to buckle up for take off. I got travel sick when I was young and had been given Dramamine, which made me drowsy, so I fell asleep during take off. I awoke about 3 hours later with my bladder bursting. Dinner was being served so no-one could get out of their seat. During dinner, one of my little sisters who had none of my reservations announced that she had to pee, too, and my mother told her she'd have to wait until they took our trays. I got excited because I knew I could offer to take her and then go, too. All I had to do was get through dinner. I really wanted to hold myself, but was determined not to, because I was a big girl of 9. So I crossed my legs tightly under my blanket and concentrated really hard on other things. By the time the trays were gone, I didn't think I could wait any longer. I took my sister with me to the plane toilet and there was a long line up of impatient people shifting back and forth. My sister held herself and jumped up and down and some adults asked me if "you girls" wanted to go ahead. I was trying to shift discreetly from foot to foot as I was afraid of wetting my pants if I stood still, but I was appalled at my sister's antics and that people might class me with her, so I let her go ahead and waited my turn. However, my turn never came. Soon after my sister came out, the turbulence sign came on and the flight attendant sent us back to our seats. I began to panic and wish I had skipped the line with my sister, but it was too late. In my seat, I crossed my legs again and leaned slightly forward. My bladder was painfully full. After a while, I began to shift around and rock. My mom asked me if I was OK, and I said yes. I would have died rather than tell her I was desperate. Luckily, I had a blanket. I covered my legs and spread them slightly to straddle the seat and rocked gently back and forth. The pressure in my bladder lessened a little. Half an hour later, the seatbelt sign had still not gone off, and I was frantic. I contemplated peeing into the seat or a bottle, but I resisted the temptation. After a while, I finally had to start holding myself under the blanket. It felt great. One hour later, we were still in turbulence. My mom said that she was urgent for the toilet. I don't know if she knew I was and was trying to make me feel better, but she definitely had to go too because she began to shift in her seat as well. Then my same sister had to go again (she always did when she was small.) I didn't say anything. I just held myself. It wasn't helping that my mom was bouncing in her seat and saying "ooh." Finally, I felt a spurt try to exit. I plugged it with my hand and stayed dry. Out of desperation, I wadded up the bottom part of the blanket and pushed it into my crotch with my hand. I looked at my mom and was shocked to see her holding herself without any cover. A bit later, she said "I'm going to wet my pants if they don't take that sign off soon." Then she said to me, "You're being very mature not to say anything about it." "Anything about what?" I asked. She said "Having to pee." I said "I don't have to." She said "You must - we left home about nine hours ago and you haven't gone yet." I insisted I was fine and my mom said, "Then sit still."
I tried to. I held myself as tight as I could with my legs spread. Finally the light went off and I offered to help take my sister to the toilet with my mom and the rest of the family. Again, there was an even longer line of desperate people, and because I'd told my mom I was OK and was just going to make sure I didn't have to later, I couldn't wiggle. I walked around in little circles, pacing, pretending to be impatient and bored but not bursting, while my mom crossed her legs. As we got closer to the toilet, each second agony, my mother said that she would go first because she was about to wet her pants, me and my sister should go together and then the rest of the family should go in twos.
There was a seat adjoining the line and when I felt that I was going to wet my pants right there, I went and sat right at the edge of it, pressing my bladder into it. Finally, it was my mom's turn, and because she had to go so bad, she took ages. My little sister came and sat on my lap and I was glad because she was a shield behind which I could hold myself again. If not for that, I probably would have peed my pants in the seat. One of the women who had been in line with us before and also hadn't had a chance to go came up to me and told me I was a good little girl for holding it so well for this long. I ignored her. When my mom finally came out, sighing with relief, me and my sister went in. I had to let her pee first, much to my annoyance. As she started, the trickle intensified my desperate urge, and another sourt threatened to come out. I did the only thing I could think of - I dropped to the floor and pressed my heel into my bladder, pretending I just had to sit down. It worked - I stayed dry and my sister didn't take long. As soon as she was done, I didn't even care about getting rid of her. I whipped my dress up and my panties down. The moment I sat down, the floodgates burst. First, a torrent of pee that sounded like a jug of water being poured into the toilet flowed out. That probably happened for almost a minute. Then, the hissing started. My pee sprayed and hissed furiously for probably just over a minute. Then there was another maybe 20 seconds of the heavy torrent. This gradually slowed into a light trickle that stopped and started for probably 2 more minutes. Another of my desperate sisters could be heard banging on the doornpleading with us to hurry up. My little sister was amazed and asked me how I made those noises. I said "It's how big girls pee," not wanting to tell her that it only happened after long periods of holding it for hours while desperate. Finally, I finished, we washed our hands and sat down. My panties weren't the least bit wet and I felt so light and relieved. My mom started talking about how much better she felt and how urgently she'd had to go and how she'd thought she was going to wet her pants in line and she'd peed for such a long time. Then, my little sister opened her big mouth and told how long I'd peed and demonstrated the hissing sound. My mom looked at me and said "I knew you'd be desperate." I was too embarassed to speak, but then she said, "You're very good at holding it. Good job. I can't hold it as long as you," and I felt better.

Another time when on a plane when I was maybe 10 or 11, I had to go even more badly, if that's possible. I tried everything - crossing my legs, rocking, holding myself wiht one hand, then two, scooting to the edge of my seat, shoving a pillow between my thighs - and about five or six little spurts of pee came out this time and soaked into the seat over the course of about an hour. Overall I probably had to go for about 7 or 8 hours and was desperate for about 5 of them. Usually I was somehow or other able to hold the bulk of my urine for that long, but this time I just had to go extra-desperately and couldn't. When the fifth or sixth spurt of pee came out, I knew I had to admit failure and just go, but at this point, we were supposed to be buckling up for landing. I thought I could hold it until we got to the airport, but the runways were full and we ended up circling for another hour or so. I knew I was going to wet my pants as soon as I got up if not before, and in my light cotton dress, there would be no way to hide it. So I had to improvise. I had a blanket, as usual, which had allowed me to hold myself, so I made sure it was secure on my lap and then I used one hand to work my panties down to my knees. I picked up the skirt of my dress that was under me and flipped it to one side. Then I decided to pee in my seat. I thought I owuld just let out a little bit and that would help me hold the rest. At first I was so nervous that despite my agonizing urgency, nothing came out. Then the floods of pee started to flow and soak into the plush seat. I knew the seats were thick enough that nothing would drip on the floor. I also knew what I was doing was disgusting and very wrong but having started, I couldn't stop and had to abandon the idea of just doing a bit. I did try to stop - I grabbed myself to no avail. I was shaking with fear that somene would grab my blanket and see what I was doing. The noise of the plane prevented anyone hearing a hiss. The pee seemed to go on forever because I was so desperate, there was a lot. Finally, it was done. I had to sit with my bare bum in a completely soaking seat and pools of pee that gradually soaked in. I began to be so scared that I would get caught. As soon as we were free to get up (which wasn't for at least 1/2 an hour after I'd peed, so I knew I never would have made it) I whipped up my panties, stood up and dropped the blanket on the seat. I got away with it, though I knew my mom would think I had to go so I went to the toilet in the airport and managed to produce a trickle or two. I don't know if the airline found out. It has always made me feel weird to sit in airplane seats - what if someone else did the same thing right before?

Trekkie: you asked if i'd talk about my wetting problems when i was growing up and dreams with bedwettings, and if my parents were understanding. sure thing, i'll describe some, afterall that's what the forum is here for. I'll generally answer most questions.

I'll tell you about a few of my most memorable accidents. something that is a little sad is that i kind of, well, lost count of how many times i wet my pants in public from when i was out of diapers until around 14 or 15 when i basically stopped having wetting accidents. I know the exact number of times i've peed my pants at school, but i lose count from little things such as being in the car to long and going in my pants, or being in a store or any place with my parents while needing to pee and not being able to hold out until we even get to the car. to skip ahead and answer one of the other questions, the only time my parents were ever unpleasant about it and scolded me was when i'd wet my pants when iwas with them places. that mostly always happened when iwas much younger though, i got a hold on that problem around age 8, although i did pee my pants when i was out to dinner with my family when i was 13, but i managed to keep it a secret. anyway, sorry, now for those stories.
like i said i know how many times exactly i've wet my pants in school,and the total is 9 times. yes, 9 times, and i only had the good fortune of switching schools one time. i wet myself twice in kindergarten, once in first grade, and once in third grade. after the same group of kids got to hear about my peeing my pants on 4 separate occassions, i was lucky that my farther got a new job and we moved, except it was worse in my new school. this is where the real memorable stories get, that i will describe.
my first year at my new school wasn't bad, i managed to make it through 4th grade with dry underwear each day, while iwas at school at least. 5th grade was a disaster though. i peed my pants THREE times when i was in 5th grade. it was tough because there was a lot of development happening in the area and many new kids were coming to the school, and they ran out of rooms, so a set of portable modular classrooms were next to the school. the 5th grade had classrooms in the modulars, and the modulars had no plumbing, so in order to go to the bathroom we needed to walk into the school and through a corridor to the 3rd and 4th grade wing. it was a bit of a hike! due to the length of time it took kids to go to the bathroom, we were only allowed to go to the bathroom during a break time at 10:00, during lunch at 12:30 and recess at 2:00. this was horrifying to me from the start. In my second week in 5th grade, i had to pee while i was still on my way to school in the morning. I don't know why i didn't go as soon as i got to school, i guess it just wasnt part of a 5th grader's logic. when i reached my classroom and we got started, it was only 8:30ish or so, so i had a while until break, and i was already getting really worried. i didn't squirmed in my seat for about 25 minutes when my teacher came up to me during independent work time and told me if it was an emergency i could go, so she obviously was aware of my fight with my bladder. i got up and left the room and walked form the modulars to the bulding, but before i got to the 3rd and 4th grade wing, i couldn't hold it anymore and started to pee my pants. i think my tears were coming out as fast as my pee was. i remember a teacher i didn't know coming around the corner and seeing the puddle at my feet and getting mad at me, then walking back where she came from without saying anything. i didn't know what to do and returned to my 5th grade classroom with soaking wet pants for my class to see so i could ask my teacher for help. the next time i did it in 5th grade was a smilar story, but i had managed to wait until break time to go to the girl's room but i didn't get my undies down in time when iwas in the bathroom. i didn't pee in my underwear that much, and i managed to get on the toilet for most of it, but i wet my underwear enough so that it soaked through my jeans when i pulled them back up, and everyone knew..there was another time in 5th grade but it's a little more vague, i dont remember having to pee at all but me and some girls were jumping off the swings at recess and when did a jump i felt like i was peeing my pants when iwas in the air and of course i had a pancake sized wet spot on my butt and in between my legs. when i landed. i have NO IDEA what happened there.
i was dry through 6th grade too, but 7th grade i had the first experience that made me stay home for almost a full week. i had to pee during the last few of our morning classes, but it wasn't too bad. when i got to lunch i really had to pee badly but i had to do my math homework that i didn't do the night before. i sat at my table with my legs pressed together tightly and bouncing up and down a little andi even had my binder in my lap, and i was rushing through my homework. halfway through lunch i had to pee so bad i could feel it in my toes, so i decided i would take my binder to the bathroom and work at it while i was sitting on teh toilet, lol, but i guess thinking about that stimulated my bladder becuase that was exactly when i felt 2 quick warm squirts between my legs, followed by one medium squirt that i felt soak my underwear a little. i leaned forward a little bit and completely lost control of my bladder. i sat there and peed like crazy and i could hear it running off my chair and dripping on the floor and running down my legs..i had a skirt on that day. i sat there with my face completely red and didn't move while everyone around me talked about it, when one of the lunch monitors came over and told me to get up and go to the bathroom. i had a medium blue jean skirt on. well, at least most of it was, i'm sure my butt was navy blue. my socks even got wet.
and last but not least, as if that one wasn't terrible enough, i did it again in 8th grade. this one was the most simple and understandable accident i ever had in school, but the fact that i was 14 made it the worst. we went on a field trip that was about a 2 hour drive away, and my bladder didn't make the ride. i wet myself on the bus 20 minutes before we got to teh museum we were going to, so i got to sit there after having peed my pants with all my classmates around for the next 20 minutes that felt like 4 hours. the kid in the seat with me moved, needless to day. i couldn't even go in the museum, one of the teachers aids who was chaperoning took me to a store 2 blocks over to get new underwear and a pair of shorts. what a great thing to blow souvenir money on. my face was red and puffy the whole time after that because of coursei just wanted to go home and be away from them, but i had to stay there since we were on a field trip, and it's a little awkward to be around kids you just peed your pants in front of.

as for bedwetting. this was a more understandable thing for my parents because they knew i made an effort to stop it, it even got to the point where i didn't drink anything within 3 hours of going to bed and always made sure i peed before bed, but i wet the bed essentially every night anyway. i wore diapers in bed until i was 9, and always had the plastic sheet. there was a while when i was 9 when i was only wetting the bed once a week or so, so i got out of the diapers thankfully, and my parents didn't want to pay for them anymore anyway. the diapers cost more than wetting one pair, sometimes two pairs of udnerwear a week obviously. when iwas 12 i started wetting teh bed a lot more again, i remember a week during the summer where i woke up around 4:30 every morning with soaking wet underwear. that went on for a while but my parents just accepted it and continued to pray that i'd grow out of it soon. it went on like that until a while before my 14th birthday, when i started to only wet the bed once a week again, and it eventually turned toa very scarce happening. it's only happened once since i turned 14 and i am now 19. that one time however, is the final section of this long response, which is about dreams accompanying bedwetting. i know i said i stopped wetting the bed at 14, but i only had thise one accident so i don't count it. when iwas 17 i wet the bed one night from a dream i had. it was kind of a sexual dream, so i don't want to go into too much detail, but anyway, i was dreaming of being at a bonfire party that i had gone to a couple weeks prior and being behind some trees with a very good looking guy who had been there. he was putting his hands on my "special region" and, forgive the sexual content here, but he kept saying "you feel so wet.." as in a female being sexual aroused...which i sure hoped it would have been, because around then i woke up with my underwear drenched for the first time in a while.

sorry for the long post, i was given a lot to say :) i'll answer more questions if anyone ahs them, but maybe i'll shorten things up some more, unless you people like long posts. i'm gonna get going now. to be honest, i have to go poop! still wanting to do it in my pants like idid the other day...but it's too weird to think about doing that. i don't know why but i REALLY want to poop my pants. this is going to drive me crazy. someone help.

Hola mis amigos,
What's up everybody? Well, I'm back in an apt. again. It's lonely, so I always try to have somebody over. Nu is with me a lot of the time. It's a much better apartment though because this time it's not a studio so there's a bedroom. I'm getting ready for graduation! Me and Nu have taken many walks and trail hikes and having our usual outdoor fun. She's really surprising lately. Sometimes she'll lay these monster turds! It's like she ate a ton of food, but I know she doesn't because she's so slender. She's not as diarhetic anymore which is good. Me and Jake split well. He went back to Texas. Renee and Patsy are still in the house, and Patsy got a really good job. Angie still comes over, so does Joanne. As for Tesa, she got in trouble again, but we'll be seeing her again sometime in May when she gets out.

Somebody mentioned Wal-Mart. Me and Nu stunk out our local WM yesterday. We went in to poop together, a restroom thing that we haven't done for a long time. Nu started right away. The minute she dropped her pants, she sat down and was plopping hard sounding chunks and grunting like a little demon. I could smell her poo wafting over the stalls. As for me, I pushed on a really long and fairly soft log that began coiling and twisting. I grunted hard trying to push it all out. Soon, my smell began to join Nu's. She started giggling saying things like "Peeewey!" When I finally prepared to wipe, I looked down into the bowl, and there was a giant poo that completely obscured the flush hole of the toilet. Nu was still giggling, and began to describe her poo. She said "there's a submarine, and a few small boats." I then heard her wiping, and then a flush. Mine flushed ok, but it left streaks all over the bowl. Nobody came in and that was unusual. Probably because it was still earlier in the morning.

Anyway, here are my answers to TJ's survey:
1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc)
26, 5'1", 102 lbs. Mexican-Americnan, chocolate complexion, long black and curly hair.

2.How often do you take a poop?
Usually twice a day.

3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
I usually push out a long fat one, then a couple shorter ones.

4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
2 or 3

5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)

6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)
Logs, sometimes really fat coils.

7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
On the average about 2 minutes.

8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
Usually in the morning, then again in the afternoon, or at night after dinner.

9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)
Everywhere. I do like restrooms though where I can hear other women.

10.Overall, do you like pooping?
Ooooooh, yeahhh......

11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
I like it; I'm an exhibitionish at heart.

12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
Usually not long at all. I give fair warning to everyone, then go do my thing.

13.What foods do you usually eat?
La comida Mexicana! I cook my own, enchiladas, tostadas, tacos etc. I prefer vegetarian, but will also cook chicken.

14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
Si! Macaroni and cheese, Italian food, and junk.

15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
I like my usual semi-firm, butt-stretching logs--as long as they're not too fat.


the biggest poop of my life
Hello, I have not ever posted here before, but I have been an avid reader for a looong time! Tonight, however, I just had an AMAZING poop. I am 19, 5'2" and a little bit on the chubby side. I was talking on AIM when all of a sudden my stomach hurt really bad and I really really needed to go. I very quickly tried to end my convo with the need to study, and ran to the bathroom without even any reading material. Once there, I immediately sat down, no farts or anything and started pooping out a really really long one. I could feel it start coming out, but then it kept coming and coming and coming and coming, I don't know how long it was since it was all the way down the whole, but some was also sticking out of the water. After that, I immediately started pumping out another semi-soft poop that was pretty long. That was follow by a short reprieve after which I excreted tons of soft stuff that was sticking up out of the water on top of the big boy! It felt sooooooooooo good, and I just had to post it for you guys to enjoy. I am not sure if I have EVER pooped that much before, I definitely feel satisfied, right now!

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