Zara Zaft
Hey all. It's me again. I do have one more story I can remember. Although it definitely doesn't involve my wonderful girlfriend. It happened when I was either twelve or eleven. I can't remember, but I used to go to this residential/day camp back at that time. I was still going to the day camp version of it. It's a HUGE place, and I have some fond memories, but this story sort of...well it embarrassed me at the time in a way at first, but I sure wouldn't mind it that much now. At the camp we always had a counseler(sp?) that watched over our group. This time we were playing some game in our large woods. Well it was like a weird version of hide and seek. I really can't recall the rules, but anyway, I ended up running away with this one white girl in my group. Pretty cute and I recall her having quite a figure for her age. She ended up dragging me along with her. And we ran quite a ways until we ended up in I think a residential area that was not being used.

She finally stopped running and said "Hey! We can hide here. You be the lookout". I complained, and said we would have to move sooner or later. The guy that was searching knew the area better than anyone else. He had been going here for a long time. So we were a little worried, but we had a long while before we'd get caught. I noticed that the girl was looking around in the different cabins. She told me to wait there as she continued to walk through the buildings. I made a face at her, and sat down messing around in the dirt. Then I noticed her going around the back of the cabin. I got curious, and followed to see what she was doing. When I walked back there, I noticed that there was this old looking building. I didn't bother to go in, but looked around. Then I noticed that it was an old bathroom. Just built really different compared to the newer ones. As I was walking around the house I heard some movement in the building. Most of the windows were pretty much broken. This was definitely a boy's bathroom. I looked through the window, and it happened to be a stall. The door slowly opened, and I ducked down. I heard some shifting of clothes, and heard a girl's groan. I knew it was the girl that I was hiding with. Of course poked my head up and looked. I was shocked. She had her back facing me, and I got a full view of her cute butt. She seemed to be reaching around for something. She then finally found was she wanted and tore off some toilet paper. She layered the seat with it...entirely too much...and sat down. I was completely fascinated, and thought this would be a story to tell my best friend. The girl almost immediately started pissing. It wasn't an extremely strong stream, but it wasn't weak either.

She must've peed for a good minute and some change. The stream finally trickled to a stop, and she let out these "zzzzzp" "zzzzzp" farts. She then took some paper and started wiping between her legs. I should've left right then, but I was so turned on by then that I wasn't going to leave until she was completely finished. Just my luck. I'm pretty confident in my ability to keep quiet, but nature screwed me over that day. A couple of animals-squirrels I think-jumped down on to the ground and rustled some leaves and snapped some twigs. She almost immediately stopped, pulled up her panties and jeans, and started looking out the window. I quickly dropped to the ground, and tried to crawl away but she said "I see you! You were peeking on me weren't you?" I had a deathwish for those animals at this point. She didn't look mad at all, but I noticed she was blushing slightly. She said "I told you to wait! You're gonna get in big trouble for this." I yelled back though "You should've said you were going to the bathroom! I was just walking around to see where you went." She blushed a little more and said "I don't care. You were still peeking on me. I'm going to tell!" I started panicking and getting desperate and said those dreaed words: "Come on! Don't tell! I'll do anything if you don't tell." She seemed to think for a bit, but came to a conclusion quick and told me to come in then. So I walked around and thoughts of tons of things she might do for payback.

I asked her what I had to do, and though it couldn't be that bad...but what a girl she was. She didn't hesitate in saying "You have to let me see you go to the bathroom too." I raised my eyebrow at her and caller her crazy, but she threatened me into agreeing. Then she threw on "I get to see you do number two too!" I immediately started complaining saying "What?! Hell no!" and the sort. But I was in no position to complain at that time. She had caught me, and she threatened me with that again. I was completely uncomfortable now. I pulled my cock out my shorts and started peeing. It wasn't really urgent, but I guess I did need to go. She immediately stared at my cock, and even held it as I peed. I almost jumped and said "Do you have to do that?! This isn't a fair trade! It's not like I touched you or saw you poop!" but she giggled and said it doesn't really matter. Now I was completely flustered and I peed while she held and examined my cock. As soon as I finished she shook it a little to get the last drops of pee out, and I quickly put my cock back in my shorts. She giggled and made embarrasing comments, and then told me I had to try and poop now. I tried the "Sorry, I don't have to go." excuse, but she simply said "Try anyway!" then she asked even more of me. She giggled and said "I want to see everything just like how you watched me!" I immediately started shouting again, and it took her nearly walking out and going to tell for me to say "OKAY!". She then said "sit on the toilet the other way." I just gave her a weird look and said "Huh?!" She said she thought of a way so she could see. She started laying a bunch of toilet paper on the floor, and then told me just to sit facing towards the toilet. It was the weirdest thing I had ever done, and I was blushing furiously and completely shocked in a way. I didn't even like my relatives to know when I had to take a dump, and here she had me exposing myself completely.

So I ended up straddling the toilet with my butt hanging off the seat over the toilet paper. I said "Come I really have to do this?!" and she said "mmmm hmmm!" and tugged down my shorts and boxers past my butt. I shouted in surprise and she just giggled. I was completely embarassed now and just wanted to get it over with. I then just decided I'd bear it and just try and poop. So I calmed myself a bit. I then looked back and saw that she had gotten on her knees and was looking up my crack. She said "I see a little hole" and started giggling. I just blushed and tried pushing. I felt her hand grab my cheeks and squeeze repeatedly. She giggled and said "Your butt feels so squishy" I stopped pushing just because I was surprised, and was about to start again when I felt her finger poke my butthole. She started giggling and said "It feels funny!" and other comments as she poked my butthole. I'd say she was more fascinated with my butt than I was when I saw her peeing. I thought I didn't have to go, but I felt a turd finally start to move. She stopped poking and went to poking and squeezing my cheeks while she said "Your butthole's opening up! Finally pooping?" I just blushed and started pushing. It was a surprsingly large turd, but smooth. I felt her spread my cheeks and say "Fire away!" as the turd moved out. She quickly described it saying "It looks kind of soft and smooth." I sighed and said "Fine! You're watching me poop, but do ya have to dig your nails in my crack?" She simply giggled and said "Just focus on your little brown buddy."

I had started out completely uncomfortable, but I sort of felt turned on too in a strange way. It was sort of confusing for me at that time. I started pushing the turd again and it eased out and just slowed to a stop. I tried pushing and nothing happened. I even clenched, but it would not drop. She excitedly started talking about my turd again. She still insisted on squeezing my cheeks over and over and rubbing my crack while the turd just sat there. She giggled and said "Are you just gonna let it hang there? Guess you got a little tail now." She giggled and looked closely at the piece of poop just hanging out my butt. I could only let it decide to come out on its own. It finally started moving and she started giggling as the turd just eased on out and fell on the paper. Then I couldn't help but grunt when I felt this weird turd just poke out nd start moving. It took A LOT out of me to pass this one. She laughed and said "It looks so weird! Look how it curves around!" and just kept describing the deformed turd as it moved out. Turned out that it was a LONG turd and managed to touch the ground, but it didn't even break. I had clench hard in order to snap the turd off. The girl was just having her fun by then and made tons of comments about the turd. Then I felt the rest of the turd make start to move, but this time it started crackling like crazy. She started laughing and said "You make wierd turds and wierd noises when you poop!" I grunted and pushed until the turd just fell on the paper. I tried pushing and I just embarassed myself by letting out a ton of farts. It sounded like the creaking of some old stairs. She finally commented on the smell and just started laughing and joking about my farts. She giggled and pushed my cheeks together saying "Stop the deadly gas!" Then she started playing with my butt again. Grabbing my cheeks and moving them around while she waited for my next turd, and even tried to move my cheeks to "make my butt talk like Ace Ventura" in her words. I tried pushing again and she started laughing and talking about how my butthole opened and closed over and over. I was about to give up until my stomach made a little bit of funny noises and a smooth turd just poked out started to move out. "Hey! You finally popped out a normal turd" she said when the turd slowly came out. As soon as it fell, two smaller turds just fell out immediately after. I pushed again and another weird turd came out. She was fast to tell me how it was knobbly like the other one. A turd has never moved out as slow as this one did for me. It made TONS of crackling noises, but moved at the pace of a slug. That gave her plenty of time to make embarrasing comments about the turd.

She started saying things like "Eeeew! Look at this part of the turd" while it slowly moved out, and her busy hands didn't make it any easier. She was treating my buttcheeks like a stressball and seemed to be obsessed with touching all over my cheeks. It finally fell with a loud thud, and immediately this stringy turd just coiled out on top of it. I figured I was done and thought oh well if I wasn't. I told her "Finally finished! Happy now you abuser?!" She giggled and said "Aaaaw! Is that it? Let me see for myself. At least try to push a little." I humored her and pushed repeatedly. I got nothing but some humiliatingly loud farts. She then said "Cleaning time! You didn't think I wouldn't wipe did you?" she giggled as she tore off some tissue and dug around my crack. I know I felt completely uncomfortable while she played around with the paper. At one point she twisted the paper around and stuck the tip up my hole. I told her that this was completely unfair, but she just giggled and pointed at the paper sticking out my butt. She finally pulled it out, and spread my cheeks and started squeezing them again. She stared at my butthole and said "I think it's finally clean! But look at all the poop you made!" The pile on the floor was just a mess of different turds. I didn't even want to look at it long. I said "Are you done wiping now?!" She looked around my crack again and poked at my butthole repeatedly with a small piece of paper and finally said "I guess you're clean!" I was so soar from sitting in such a wierd position that I couldn't even get up right away. I streteched out my legs first and she giggled saying "oooh! posing now?" She grabbed a cheek and said "Your butt's as smooth as a baby's though! And you make those nasty turds!" She started giggling again and I just sighed as I finally got up. I said "Are you gonna let me pull up my shorts?" Because she was still squeezing and moving my cheeks around and giggling. She finally said "Okay! okay! I'm done torturing you!" She smacked my butt with her other hand and said "Don't peek on innocent girls next time! Or this might happen again!" She giggled while I said "You are FAR from innocent. You're no better than me" She finally stopped squeezing and grabbing my cheeks and looking up my crack and said "Well that was a lot of fun! Thanks!" I could only blush, but I was pretty turned on by then.For fun I bent over in front of her and looked at my turds and wondered how I could flush it all down. I felt her finger poke and ticckle my cheeks and butthole while I was bent over. I just decided to leave the turds in the toilet for anyone to see. I squatted down to pick up the turds carefully, which she sort of made difficult because she started kicking my butt over and over while I moved the turds carefully and dumped them in the toilet. I finally pulled up shorts and boxers and said "Well I'd say that was overkill but we're even now you violater!" She simply giggled and said "It was just a little bit of fun! Now hurry hurry!" and she put her hands on my butt and pushed in order to guide me out the bathroom. That was the other major experience I had. Although it was completely one-sided, but I guess I did kind of enjoy it myself. We really became better friends after that. And she'd occasionally bring it up and never lost the habit of squeezing my butt and laughing whenever she could. I don't go to the camp any more, but I'm pretty sure she still does. I might go again just for fun. I wonder if she'd try to emberrass me about it again. It wouldn't bother me nearly as much then.

Well this is the last thing I really have to post about. Besides what happened with my girlfriend that's all folks!

Long time no post for me. Haven't had much news lately. I stopped up the toilet tonight with a log, and I thought it flushed down good, but Mom went in there about 15 minutes later, flushed her business and it overflowed onto the floor...guess mine didn't go down as I had thought it had...LOL. Anyway, since I'd rather not step in piss with my socks on, I decided to throw on some pants and visit a neighbor's tree a few moments ago. Very cold out, so had to hurry the piss out of me. It was a very nice piss, lasting about a minute or so. Couldn't see much of anything, but I'm sure that tree is happy that it got some extra fluids :) That's all. Might have another story soon, maybe in a couple of weeks. Later-

Miss all of you-


To movie fans:

A couple of movies containing female poop scenes to report. There's a low budget movie called "Tangy Guacamole" about some college students who go to Mexico for spring break. A bunch of girls are staying in a hotel room, and at two different points in the movie, a cute blonde is shown sitting on the toilet spraying air freshener. The first time, she comes out and says something like "Man, those tacos really burned coming out." The second time, she stinks up the bathroom so bad that she brings the air freshener out of the bathroom and sprays it at the door. Only problem with the scenes is that she's only shown from the waist up. For those interested, there's also a male poop scene. The second movie is called "Prey for rock and roll." Early in the film, Gina Gershon is shown sitting on the toilet with her pants around her thighs. It's not totally clear that she's pooping, but I surmised she was because there is a voiceover of her contemplating her life. Later in the film, four girls from a rock band are meeting in a restaurant to discuss contract negotiations. One girl shows up late and hungover and after a couple of minutes she announces "I'm going to go take a shit." Unfortunately, nothing more of interest is shown. For those interested, there is also a scene where a man has peed his pants out of fear. For TV fans, Scrubs had a episode about an "epiphany toilet" that was located on the roof of the hospital. Staffers would find inspiration when they went up there and pooped in it. Of course the whole thing is surreal, but near the end, there's a great shot of the cute blonde intern sitting on it with her pants around her ankles.

Well, those are the poop scenes I've seen recently. If anyone knows of any more, please post them.


Hi, It's Amanda. Here's my answers to S.L.'s survey:
After you have a shit, do you
(1)Wet your toilet tissue before you wipe?
Sometimes, especially if I am pooping at work and don't have a washcloth handy.
(2)Use anything wet on your behind in addition to toilet tissue (such as a pre-moistened pad or cloth)?
If I'm home, I usually wipe my butt with toilet paper about 4 or 5 times, then I clean it up with a washcloth with soap and water because it's usually so messy that I'd go through half a roll of toilet paper and it still wouldn't be totally clean. I always try to get my ass totally clean, because if not I can sometimes smell a dirty butt type of smell when I bend over or squat, which is not cool at all.
(3)Use soap and water on your behind immediately?
Yes, see above.
(4)Use a bidet?
(5)Use powder or some other cosmetic on your behind after wiping?
(6)Use pre-lotioned toilet tissue?
(7)Use plain, dry toilet tissue alone?
I always use soft toilet paper, not the industrial strength sandpaper type paper. About one in 5 of my poops don't require anything more than just plain papers.
(8)Ever wipe only once?
Sometimes. Rarely, I have a poop that slips out nicely and doesn't even leave a mark on the paper the first time I wipe.


just wondring if a lot of women like to take a poop in the nude.

Biker Trash
One of three things is happening here. You have a rather large toilet, you and your girlfriend are rather small, or you have a good imagination. Liked the story, though.

Punk Rock Girl-
I read anything from you in a while. Did you give up on us?

Mel and Ash-
Write somethin, dammit.

Boy,there's been some great stories on here lately-some responses-
TO ZARA-Wonderful story with you and your friend doing the buddy poop.thing
Wish i was a fly on the wall for that one!I enjoyed reading your story as i felt my morning poop coming on-very inspirational!!i should print that one and read it on the bowl as i'm doing my morning dump-really nice stuff-a 4 star story!
TO ANDY-some years ago,i went out with a girl who anyways had to take a wicked dump every time she went to the supermarketSometimes we'd go there on purpose so I could see her dump as soon as we got home-it was pretty wild
why--who knows!
TO MYSTERY X-As for your question-I myself never get constipated,but once in awhile my poop may start hard and knobby,but quickly it gets softer and smoother and yes those dumps are usually quite long and smooth and a bit wider.Never really noticed any change in odor-the color thing depends on what I ingest,i guess.When I was a kid i clogged up the bowl a few times,but it never happens to me now.BTW sounds like you had a good time seeing your girlfriend dump-yes,there's nothing like it!!
TO LAURA(and twin!)-Cool story of you and your sister dumping together-I had to laugh at the part about your brother getiing off on the whole thing-frankly,I wouldn't blame him! your story reminded me about a few times I did that myself with this nurse friend of mine some years ago-we would sit on the bowl together with our butts back-to-back and push out our loads and it was really so much fun( and erotic too!) to do.we would lean foreward a bit and since we both would do long ones sometimes they would touch and come together as they ploped into the bowl.My anus was a bit higher up on my butt than hers and i would try to aim right for her anus.Sometimes we would both start out with some long poops and then it would get softer and that's when both our turds would come together,esp when it would get really looser-sometimes we used a mirror to see all the action.It was great! we used to really fill up the bowl in the morning-we'd have to flush the bowl at least 2-3 times to get it all down! i may have told the whole story in one of my earlier posts-(the good ol' days!)
speaking of poop,i gotta go right now,so i'm off to the bowl to unload-reading all these great posts make me have to poop! great stuff,all BYE

hey all. i'm Mandy. i'm a senior, i play on the basketball team, and im a cheerleader at my h.s. lol.

last week, (i think thursday?) was very strange. before i went to bed, i changed into some white cotton panties, and a pair of sweats. my stomach was gurgling, and i had some "warning" farts, but i didn't think a thing of it. at about 1:00 am, i woke up, and i really needed to go to the bathroom, but, for some reason, (bad mistake!..) i didn't. i woke up later, and i felt this huge, sticky mess in my panties and sweats. i had no idea what it was. i turned on the light, and there was still somewhat of a bulge. (this is what happens when you go a week with out shitting btw) i felt mortified. there i was, an 18, attractive girl, with a bf, laying in her own shit. it was caked all up my ass cheeks. i was clueless. somehow, i started peeing. i was really scared. all i remember was that i looked down and there was this warm sensation in my theighs and crotch. so, i had completely shit myself, and now pissed myself. i was scared. lol. i started crying. i must have been crying pretty loud because my mom came down and said "oh mandy. what have you done" she pulled my sweats down and there was shit everywhere. EVERYWHERE. i felt like a little toddler. my mom told me to clean up. it took at least an hour. i put the messy panties and pants in a bag, wiped for a half hour, took a shower, and put fresh panties and pj bottoms on. when i woke up the next morning, i felt really weird. it is so strange. i liked it. i couldnt believe it.

so. to see if i really did like it, today after i got home from school i decided to shit my panties purposely. i hadnt taken a shit since then, so it was a big load, once again. after i got out of school i had rememberd that i had to go to the mall to buy my cousin a birthday present. so, i got onto the highway, and the gurgling started. i thought it could wait. then, i came up with the best plan. i decided that after i bought my cousins present i would shit my pants, and then drive home. that...kind of was how it worked out. lol. so, i went to gadzooks, and i planned on buying her a pair of pants. i got to the checkout line, and there were 4 people. i had to go. ooooooh so bad. i decided it was now or never. (i really dont know why i did this, i liked it but i am humiliated!) i bent my knees just a little, and a big solid log (about 5 inches long) came out of my ass. a big bulge formed in my jeans. it was soooooooo reliving. once again, i felt like a toddler..but at the same time i also felt sexy and naughty. i had a huge load in my panties, and it was contained. i payed, left, got some nasty looks, lol. so, i really like this panty pooping thing. im going to do it a lot.

btw- when i got to my car i was such a dumbass, i had no way to get rid of the load in my panties so i had to sit down and drive smashed it all. when i got home my mom was home and my mom was sooooooo mad. she thinks i have a problem, and she threatened me with diapers.


To Chelcie: Liked your story
To Laura: Loved your story about pooping with your twin and brother
To an unfortunate kid: Liked your story
To Jade: Sometimes i too put off to go to the toilet to poop
To Hilary R: Loved your bathtub pee
To MysteryX: Loved your story about your g/f letting you watch her poop...about turds become long thick and hard..and sometimes all i can produce is hard balls. My turds might go from light brown to dark brown. Are you constipated?
To Andy: Your not the only one that goes to a library/bookstore and you get an urge to happens to me too.
To Matthew C: Liked your story
To Dan: Sounds like a cool movie coming out
To DADS TOILET: Liked your poem
Not much else poop/pee wise going on..g2g bye

Sup Yall? I used to post on here alot way back in the day at the same time "Torie" did. Ive just read posts on and off for the past few years and saw that Torie posted something today so it would only be fair to drop an I'm alive post.
I'm 5'7" male, 145 lb, 19 years old from the midwest region. In good shape for a college guy, I wrestle and run on the track team as an all-conference 200 m sprinter. Not much has changed in four years as far as bathroom shit and taking a dump goes, I still love to do it, still love to watch girls do it. :) I'll try to make it a point to start posting on a more regular basis instead of just reading. Prolly also change my name since its a little outdayted =D
Anyways, I gotta get some shit done, possibly taking a shit soon included, if its any good ill be sure to tell =D Also ill try to take the current survey tomorrow. Talk to yall later, drop a post Torie, s'been 4 years and i just happened to be reading here still :) friggin crazy =P Take it easy yall... -J

MysteryX, here is what happens
1. Everything stinks 100x as much. The bathroom becomes uninhabitible for 2-3 hours.
2. The turds are much fatter and are hard as rocks. They are a true pain in the ass.
3. Usually I crap one 18 inch turd plus a few, or I make a lot of golf balls.

I had to take some medication that gave me a pretty bad case of the runs for about 2 days. This gave me a couple of cool dumping experiences.
I had to pull over and run to the park restroom. No doors of course, and there was a transient crapping in one stall. My toilet was pretty filthy so I decided to just squat over it. I pulled my jeans and briefs all the way down, spread my cheeks with my hands, and let 'er flow. A few guys came in and saw me as liquid crap was pouring out. I guess it probably looked pretty gross. Wiping up wasn't too bad, though.

At the swap meet, I had a door and I was able to crap while seated. As I was waiting to finish emptying out, I peeked under my stall door and watched the feet of the guy in the stall across from me as he dropped his jeans and briefs down to his ankles. White Fruit of the Looms. The partitions are pretty high and it's pretty easy to see your neighbor. We both finished at the same time and I noticed that he wiped while seated. My neighbor was about 25 years old, skinny, probably about 5'8". Looked like maybe Latino.

I took another dump in this touristy part of town. The restrooms are on the 3rd floor and 2 of the stalls have clear windows in them. I took the large handicapped stall with the largest window. It was dark outside and the reflection of the window in my stall gave me a bit of a view into the other stall. I went into the stall and another guy went into the stall next to mine. He quickly dropped his pants and proceeded to drop his load. I did the same. I watched his feet as he dumped and I could tell when he was dropping a log by the way his feet would tense a bit. We both finished crapping and started wiping at the same time. We both stood to wipe. I could tell he was standing because I could now see his reflection in the window. He was wearing a red shirt that he had pulled up and I could see his bare back. I could see as he shoved paper back there to wipe up. He finished and I could see the reflection of white briefs being pulled up over his butt. The partitions in this restroom are kinda low so as he straightened himself up while adjusting his underwear, I could see the top of his head to just below his eyes. In other words, we both looked at each other. I just nodded my head at him and he mumbled a "hey". Then he pulled up his jeans and buttoned them. We both came out of the stalls and washed up. He was about 6 ft tall, slim, had dark brown hair in that messed-up style. He looked to be in his early 20's. I figured he'd wear boxers, but his jeans were low rise and you have to wear briefs, or go commando. I wore dark blue or black briefs while I had the runs because I didn't want to have a little leakage and ruin my white ones.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I would like to thank all of you who decided to reply to my survey. I really appreciate it. I'm really amazed at how much you girls poop and just how much you enjoy doing it too! Any new posters feel free to respond as well. Take care and keep the good posts coming.

Yours truly,


A survey for the Ladies...

1) do you poop every day?
2) what time of day do u poop?
3) do u fart loudly when u poop?
4) how bad do u think it smells on a scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely bad, 1 being bad but not deadly)
5) do u poop with the bathroom door open?
6) do u leave skidmarks in the toilet when u flush?

Hello Buzzy nice to be back will post shortly.

Shortshirtgirl. Point 7 in the survey. I often do the same especially when I am having my period. It helps for the pains. A slow hard poo can also bring on nice feelings.

I remember seeing a video clip on the web of supposedly a pilot of a UK show called "The Poo Show". Whether this was the correct title of the show I'm not sure, but it did look real - it was presented by Davina McCall who is quite famous now, she presented the UK version of Big Brother, as well as other shows, although she did look quite a bit younger. Unfortunately the clip had been heavily cut down (presumably to reduce download times) so you did not get to see the contestants (apparently they were all male) or the actual game taking place. I suspect it was on one of these programs where they show clips of shows that have "never made it" and didn't show the actual game. It seemed the basic object of the game was to do a poo against the clock in order to win the maximum amount of money over the other contestants. There was a line of cubicles on stage which presumably the contestants sat in. In the clip (which was very short) Davina forgot to give them toilet rolls and had to go along the cubicles passing them under the doors. There was a live audience as well - I'd love to go and see that being filmed!

I have always been fascinated by watching men pee. When I was little, my stepbrother would sometimes let me hold his penis while he peed. I used to love doing this...and do it whenever I can with my boyfriend. I also love watching men pee, especially outside - how far they can pee, etc.

Does anyone else hold their boyfriend's/husband's penis while he pees? What is that like for the rest of you?

Do you have any stories about seeing men pee?

And also, for you men out there - have any of your girlfriend's ever wanted to hold it for you, and what was it like for you?

Punk Rock Kid
Hey I got a new story
SO me and my girlfriend were on a camping trip with my family last weekend and we went for a walk after dinner...alone.
We walk around talking and laughing for a while when she said she needed to pee.
At camp the only toilets there are where all the tenets and campers are set up and not one the trails.
We found a spot and she pissed a stream.
I had the urge to go too so we made it a peeing contest.
We both had alot to drink at dinner so i could tell it was going to be good.
She spread her pussy wide and pissed a stream about an inch wide and 6 feet long for about 3 min.
She beat me by a landslide.
She finished and compilmented me on my "package"
Later that night I slept in her bunk(for those of you who care i did not get laid i'm only 14)

ShortSkirt Girl
After my experience with peeing, I thought I'd try the same experience with No. 2. The rules were the same as before, I couldn't 'strain' or encourage a movement, but at the same time I couldn't hold it in or try to prevent it in anyway - just let nature take it's natural course. As we had nothing planned over the weekend, it was pretty easy to accomodate this exercise. I was just around the house in sweats and a t-shirt, nothing fancy. The only exception I did make was to slip a pair of rubber pants under my panties. The morning came and went, and I didnt have any discomfort at all. But directly after lunch I felt a distinct bowel movement. Out of habit I just tensed, and squeezed my butt cheeks together a bit, but my husband reminded me that I was to let nature take its course. So I relaxed, and walked around the house doing odd chores. Twenty minutes later, I knew I wasn't going to last any longer, and I felt the first turd move to my ass and slip effortlessly out. Becuase my 'daiper' panties were generously sized, and very roomy, the turd slithered into the crotch area and I could feel it between my thighs, with a very audible crackle, two more turds quickly slipped out - again with no muscle movement from me. It felt so wierd to be pooping, standing up, in the kitchen with all my clothes on! Gradually my pants filled with the mess and the last few movements turned watery, so I thought I'd better clean myself up. To my suprise, the rubber pants held everything in nicely, so much so that after I showered I could put the same clothes on again.

quick pee survey:


1. Does you stream go staright down or off a little?
2. Do you sit or hover?
3. If you sit, are you legs close together or spread out?


1. What is preference? Sit or stand?
2. If standing, does your steam go straight or veer off?
3. Can you pee with a boner or does it choke flow?


Hey guys.
I just let out a poo poo. I want to share it with everyone.

I was sitting at the computer, when I felt a good poo coming. I decided to continue on the computer for a few more minutes, when it was definatly time to sit on the toilet. I went in, pulled down my pants, and sat. Nothing happened for about 10 seconds. Then I let out a long, loud fart, which lasted 5 seconds. Then, I farted again: equally as loud, but not as long. Then nothing for a few seconds. Then, I farted yet again, which was louder than the first two. Then came the crackling. I felt a nice smooth poo come out of my butt. It was a 6 incher. Then came plop, plop, plopplop as I let out some smaller poo poo. After my poo, I started to pee, which lasted 10 seconds. I then got up, looked at my poo, wiped, flushed, then left.

I like farting when I poo. It makes a nice experience even better!

Well, that's all for today.

Keep pooping everyone!

Take care guys.

well, I have not been here in a while, but I've got another story or two in my quest to see how it feels to pee like a girl.

after driving for a few hours along the shoreline road route 1A in rhode island and not have had to pee since about 4 AM, after watching the sunrise at the beach and driving on, I began to get the urge to pee about 7 AM, but not bad yet. finally at about 7:45; I stopped in to get gas at this small store and gas station in westerly rhode island. [ I stopped earlier about 5 am and go some coffee- a 24 oz,that and a 12 oz can of soda was all I had to drink before the beach]having to pee quite bad by now, I asked the woman working behind the counter," do you have a restroom here I could use, please, first?" . she said , "sure thing, it's right in back" and showed me where[ literally the door right behind her register] before stepping out of the way. anyway, I went in, closed and locked the door and inside was just a small sink and toilet and the seat was allready down. [ it was one of those elongated low-flow types, but one of the more modern ones with the bowl filled with water from the back to about 6" behind the front rim- about 3/4 full] anyway, like often do in unisex bathrooms, I pretended to be female and sat down to pee. first, I unbuttoned my pants and quickly pulled them down to my ankles. then I pulled my underwear down,placed " it" between my legs pointing straight down to simulate how a woman urinates from her vulva, sat down on the seat and began peeing into the toilet bowl. as soon as I began to pee I heard the usual soft to moderate tinkling sound that a woman makes as her urine stream splashes into the middle of the toilet bowl's water; and I continued to pee in a steady tinkle for at least 1 min. and 45 secs.! as I peed, I could hear the " tinkle" soften to more of a " piddling" sound and hear the sound of urine foam fizzling [like soda in a glass]; as my pee slowed to a dribble before stopping for about 3-5 secs. I could smell the sweet odor of strong pee slightly and see the golden foamy pee fill the bowl. the then I began peeing some more in a series of splashing tinkles and piddles which sprayed a bit into the allready foam-filled water, sprinkling toward the front somewhat, but still hitting the water completely at all times! the first splashy piddle sprayed slightly to the front, but down in like three bursts, but kept steady for at least 25-30 more seconds,stopped for 2 secs.,again dribbled slowly in a " drip,drip,drip" sound for 10-15 secs as I leaned a bit foward, finally making one last 4 sec. dribble and was finally finished peeing. I usthave peed for at least 2 minutes and 40 secs. before getting it all out! then, I wiped like a woman would,dropping the paper wad in the bowl, got up an began to pull up both my unewear and pants, button and zip up; meanwhile looking into the toilet bowl to see what it looked like. the toilet's water was filed with dark golden pee and the entire water's surface was completely covered with 1/4 to 1/2 inch big golden-white foamy bubbles which were still " fizzling" a bit and didn't fade quickly. then, I flushed the toiet bowl and watched as the urine, foam, and paper all swirled down and the bowl re-filled with clean water-ready for the next person to use[ maybe the slightly " plus sized", but really accomidating and nice woman herself?] I wonder what she heard? being that the door was directly beind the counter? [ anyway, she was probally glad later that I didn't spray the whole seat like most guys would!LOL]

sunday, feb. 29-2004 more " female curious" pee stories.

after unitarian church I stopped by to make a phone call at the woodbury, CT shell station/convienence store, and also, to buy something to drink. having had to pee, but not that ba yet, I first got the key and walked around the outside to use the unisex restrom. in my usual quest to indulge in my slightly " transgender fantasy" of what it would be like if I was a woman; I unlocked the door, walked in, closed it, locking the top latch behind me. [ they have both a single urinal and one toilet bowl in the stall; which is elongated and has a bowl completely filled with water from the back up to about one inch behind the front rim] . and so, after locking the door, I walked into the stall to the right and shut the stall door. then I unbuttoned and droped my jeans and underwear, sat down on the clean seat[ tucking "it" straight down between my legs in the middle of my crotch as to simulate how a woman urinates from her vulva]and began to pee. my pee came out in a slow, soft stream , making this soft " piddle" as it splashed into the toilet's water right about in the middle of the bowl, but just a little toward the front. I continued to pee and make a steady, soft, "feminine-like" piddle for about 30 secs. and could see the clear water quickly becoming yellow with some foam bubbles beginning to form and spread toward the front a bit. then, I stopped for like 2 secs. and resumed to piddle slowly fr another 15 to 20 seconds in three separate but steady , soft streams; with 2 drips at the end and was finished " going to the bathroom" [ as the " ladies" would say? right?LOL] I then took the wad of paper I'd been rolling up while peeing , wiped a bit and got up. as got up ad was pulling up my underwear, jeans, etc.; I looked and saw the toilet's water turned bright yellow with concentrated pee and just a little foam, covering maybe 20% of the water's surface, floating in the middle toward the,back in two separate patches; which did not fade too fast. then I flushed the toilet and watched both the urine, foam, and paper wad swirl down as the bowl re-filled with clear water. [having not peed since about 10:15 AM ; when I peed at about 1 PM after almost 3 hours and two more small cups of coffee besides the 20 oz at like 10 AM, it came out very concentrated and made quite a bit of foam even while sitting down. I guess girls would make foam also??]

an unfortunate kid
hi this is my first post.i really like golden girls stories.anyways,i am 13 and about a year ago we went out of town to eat.i am a pretty large girl so i ate hardely.aterwards we all felt very full so we went to wall mart to walk it off. before we went in i was very gassy so i just had to fart.s i did or so i thought i had crapped my pants diareah.i didn't realize it but it was all over my shorts seeping through. when i walked in i got alot of stares.uh nasty.

This story is for all you other poop procrastinators out there...

Are you ever too preoccupied with something when you have to poop that you keep on putting off going to the toilet? i ALWAYS

To Zara,

Very hot story, it almost gave me a boner just reading it.

to Roberta:

I almost always pee when I poop, most of the time i pee first and then
poop. mostly I poop in the morning, but not every day, i don't worry about it but I normally have very large hard poops.

Hilary R.
Had a great bathtub pee last night. I rarely take baths but thought it might be relaxing for me (I run a lot for soccer season and get sore in the evenings). It was so relaxing to lie there in the hot water and just let it all out. It was also cool to see the pee come out underwater. After my bath I got out of the tub and took a nice relaxing, although smelly, dump. My poops always come out real easy after a shower or bath. I got dressed and went to bed feeling much better.

Bye all.

I go in the shower, bushes, sinks, and many other places. Does anybody else go in weird places on purpose?

My girlfriend allowed me to watch her poop yesterday. It was a totally awesome experience. The way her anus opened and stretched was exhilarating. The turd was so long that it didn't even make a splash. It simply slid into the water silently. And talk about thickness -- it was the width of 3 adult fingers (maybe I'm exaggerating a little). The color was weird though (in my opinion). It was light brown, slightly lighter than sand (not white sand). And the texture was extremely smooth, with no cracks or bumps.

I have a question for everyone. How does constipation affect your turds? Here are some things to think about while answering this question:

Does your turds become longer? Thicker? Longer and thicker?

Does your turds smell more?

Does the toilet clog up when you flush?

Does the color of your turds change at all?

Here's a question for everyone-
When your're in a bookstore or a library, do you always get the need to take a massive dump? This happens to me every time I go into any store with a lot of books, I don't know if it's the chemicals in the air from the ink, or the paper, or what. And I love to read, so I find myself going to the bookstore often. It's never a nasty shit, just a sudden urge to go right away, which I usually do in the public restrooms, then I'm fine. My mother has confessed that this also happens to her in any place with a lot of books, maybe it's genetic, I dunno.
If anyone else has this sort of experience, let me know.

cute guy
peegirl i like your stories u should write some more.

Matthew C
great stories Christopher.
I really missed on Friday night cos I was in the late night bar enjoying a beer and some great girls - it looked as if I would get to go back to their place as well.
But I was really needing to shit and when it came to time to go I just had to go the gents as I think i would have crapped myself in the taxi (or at least been farting all the way). Plus i didn't want to get back to their place and have to go straight in and stink up their toilet as there was no way I could have done what they were so clearly after with the amount of shit that was inside me!!
Anyway it was a great dump (apart from some lowlife giving some verbal after every 'plop') but when I got out the girls had gone - and I didn't get their numbers.

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