hey im kelly im 16. i have a story about something that i did when iwas 13. my mom, my brother and me were in the car, we were on our way upstate to go to my uncle's house and stay for a weekend that summer. we were on the interestate and had been driving for about 2 hours and had 3 to go. we stopped at a little place where there were some fast food restaurants and we got food, and we went to the bathrooms and did the whole pee thing. i didn't have to pee that bad but i went anyway, because if i didn't go then i would have to go in alittle while, and then i'd be screwed because i missed the bathroom break. we got back on the road and my and my brother were just screwing around in the back because the ride was boring and we were a lot more awake than we were before the lunch break. we were playing that game where one person puts their hands on top of yours and you need to pull your hands out real quick and try to slap theirs before they get them away. we were playing for about ten minutes when i suddenly felt a little uneasy low in my stomach, so i kind of stopped playing suddenly. my brother asked me if i was going to be sick, and i said "no my stomach just hurts." my mom told me if i was going to be sick, there was a paper bag under the seat. they made such a concern out of me getting sick that i was afraid to tell them my real dilemma, which was that i was starting to have to poop..i just sat tight and tried to avoid thinking about it, because i knew there was nothing i could do about until we got to my uncle's house in another 2 and a half hours. i figured i could be a sport about it, usually if i hold it in long enough it makes it go away until there is a more convenient time to go, one quirk of being young, i can manipulate my metabolism. i put on my headphones and sat back and shut my eyes, and tried to fall asleep. when i'm asleep my body shuts down, right? there were times when i had woken up early in the morning needing to pee badly, but i was so tired i hesitated to get up and fell back asleep, but i'd wake up hours later only needing to pee much more urgently, i didn't wet myself (except one time, but i won't go into that now) i successfully fell asleep, under the impression that i'd wake up when we were getting there and i'd be able to go to the bathroom then. at one point my brother woke me up. he wanted me to see something we were passing, but i didnt really notice from being barley awake, being disappointed in the fact that i was only asleep for 40 minutes, and being alarmed at how incredibly badly i had to poop! i was in a tight spot; long car ride, middle of teh interstate with no where to stop, mom and older brother in the car, sitting there trying not to poop in my shorts! i was starting to panic in my mind, i got so scared of pooping my pants because i was wearing both white underwear and short white shorts, if i couldn't hold it and went in my underwear, i risked a very visible stain, not to mention the bulge, and also my shorts were pretty short and i was sitting so it had the potential to squeeze out and move down my legs a little and get on teh car seat. there was a time when i was 8 when i was able to get away with pooping my pants in the car because i was wearing black regular fitting jeans, so i went in my pants and no one noticed because there was no stain and i controlled bulging, and my poops never have very strong odors. this was a totally different story though. i was so scared to tell my mom what was going on, even though an accident would be 20 times more embarassing then saying "i have to poop" to my mom and older brother, at least the accident speaks for itself..i just was not able to bring myself to telling them i had to go! there was an hour and a half left, so i squeezed my butt together and curled back up to try and sleep again. i couldn't fall asleep from having to go so bad though, i had to do something. i pulled my blanket overmyself so my brother or mom couldn't see my body, and i put my hands on my butt. that helped a little and i felt more able to fall asleep, until one thing happened. a little gas squeezed out, and i just felt this little warm burst of air come in to my hands and ironically, amplified the little fart noise when the gas had to squeeze out from under my hands brother started laughing a lot, i was sure glad he was amused. then he started to tell on me like i did something bad, "mom, kelly farted!" then he contnued to laugh. i felt like crying. i was so embarrassed that i farted that it made me even MORE scared of saying i had to go. i just kept trying to fall asleep, but my brother intervened my bothering me. he kept saying dumb things like "feeling flatulent? cheer up! you can let one loose anytime with kelly." it must have been sometime shortly after that when he took my blanket, and saw me with my hands on my butt.i quickly took my hands away and sat up and demanded my blanket back. he just sat there with a big idiotic grin on his face and said exactly what i didn't want him to say..."uh oh, does kelly gotta go potty!?!" i just told him to shut up a bunch of times, and my mom told us to knock it off, but then my brother said "mom kelly's gonna crap on the seat." my mom told him to shut his mouth, then asked me if i was okay. i was crying by now, and i just told her ireally had to go to the bathroom. she asked me to hold on for another 5 or 10 minutes so she could find an exit to get off so we could stop someplace. i thought it would be okay, but it really wasn't. i made it about another 3 minutes, then i took a huge dump in my shorts. i was crying through the whole thing. i pooped so much that it was about the size of a flattened grape fruit, and it did exactly what it though. it took up the whole back of my underwear and squeezed out the leg parts into shorts and smeered on my legs, but didn't really get on the seat. i messed myself really bad, and i think it made my brother feel sick, because he just sat and looked out his window rather then tease me or laugh. i was still really upset that i pooped my pants. when we stopped my mom made me sit there and she went around to the trunk and got some clean underwear and a pair of pants from my travel bag, then came to my door and opened it and reluctantly told me to let her see.. i slightly turned toward her and she slightly lifted my legs, then she looked away and said "oh my goodness, kelly." i felt terrible. she told me not to stand up, i guess she didn't want it falling out of my shorts..she took the paper bag out from under the seat and had me put it between my legs and hold there with part of it over part of my butt and told me to get out of the car. i did it with tears streaming down my face. i had to walk into the burger king with a paper bag between my legs and shorts that were mostly white but brown on the butt, and a face full of tears and my mom holding other pants and underwear...we got a lot of stares. nothing says lunch time like seeing a young teenage girl walk through the restaurant after crapping mom sent me in the bathroom with the other pants and underwear and had my clean myself, and told me to put my dirty shorts and underwear in the bag. it took me at least 20 minutes, and ididn't get myself entirely clean, just got the dirty shorts and underwear off and cleaned as much of the poop off of my butt and my legs as i could and put on the clean pants and underwear.i went out and left the place, but most of the people who saw me come in a mess had already left, so no one there really knew what was going on and i didnt get any stares besides from a couple employees. when we got back out to the car my mom told me i still smelled..i cried a little more. allwe could do then was get back on our way. when we got to my uncle's house i was sure happy that all my relatives were immediatley made aware that i had pooped my pants on the way and that's why we were late. thanks mom. also, my mom had to give my dirty shorts and underwear to my aunt to wash there and i was told to shower as soon as we got there. my cousins didn't talk to me a whole lot that weekend..that was the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

today i pooped my pants because i was walking my dog and i felt like i had to go, but i was like 8 blocks from my apartment and on the way back i couldn't hold it and went in my pants.

Yesterday, I had a pretty nasty accident. I got up, put on a shirt, and my pair of blue lyrca shorts (no undies today) and ran out the door to school. I barely made it to the bus stop, when I got on, I realized I had to go to the bathroom bad. I somehow managed to hold it in, and arrived. to make matters worse, I forgot that the doors to the classrooms are locked, and the bathrooms are inside each of the locked doors. I'm dancing around, trying to hold in the urine. The bell finally rings, scaring me, and I dribble a little pee into the front of my shorts, enough to get a golfball sized spot, but pull my shirt over it, and race for a bathroom. Make it in, and relieve myself. Lunch time rolls around, I have lunch, and then go out into the quad area. It's a pretty warm day, and this does not help, as I feel a little queazy from the school food I just ate. I start feeling killer cramps, and question about going to the bathroom, (to release the poop) but decide against it, as I hate the stalls. I always pee, never poop, (have a fear of public toilets) I almost poop myself, but get the poop to go back in. I finally make it through the rest of the day, and board the bus to go home. We start heading back near my house, when the bus breaks down. at this point, the bus is hot, and I am bursting at the back of my shorts to go. It takes 10 minutes for the driver to flag down another bus, and transfer to that. As I get up, I shoot a river of poop into my pants, and it floods the seat of my pants. I quickly clamp my cheeks, and manage to stop the flow of the poop. I get laughed at by a few kids, but not too much. This bus finally gets me home, and I get off, having kids snicker at the stain on the back of my shorts (soaked through, and spread around the set of my shorts pretty good) I start walking home, and the urge starts hammering me hard. I walk a little faster, and quickly realize that is a big mistake. It starts really hammering now, wanting to flood every inch of my shorts. As I turn the corner, I wlk past my friends house, and he pops his head over the wall, asking me if I want to go swimming. I stand there, thinking he is crazy, and that the water must be cold. All of a sudden, a river of poop floods my pants, and starts filling up my shorts. I tell my friend I must be going, and start to walk, but he tells me to stay there, and he will go get something for me to look at. He turns around, and goes inside, and I completely lose it all. My blue shorts fill up with poop, and splatter all over my legs. To make matters even worse, it starts dripping out the cuffs of my legs, and hitting my shoes. it is major flood time, and then it gets worse, as chunks start plopping into my shorts. I am standing there, as my friend comes out, walks through a gate, and see hat i am there, dancing, totally pooping my pants, and he starts laughing. I finalyl stopped, and started peeing myself, making a even bigger mess. at this point, I run home, and unlock the front door, and rush into the bathroom, a big load of liquid poop in my shorts. I put the toilet seat up, stand near it, and as I pull my shorts off, disaster strikes. I pull too quick, and the poop slides right down my legs, and splashes everywhere, hitting cabinets, the toilet, and so much more. I start crying, and do not like the mess I will have to clean up. Luckily, my parents get home in 3 hours, so this won't be a problem. I hop into the shower, and completely get rid of all the poop. the water is so brown, from all the poop on my clothes, and myself. clean up took a while, and was very messy. I got that all done, resisting the urge to throwup. The cool part was, I got all the poop stains out of my blue lyrca shorts, and being lyrca, they dried quick. My parents never knew the accident I had. Hot weather screws with my body until I get used to it, and I have alot of accident stories involving hot weather.


Anyone got any accident stories? Billy and Kevin? Always looking for Speedo,Bike Shorts,Wet Suits,Lyrca,Baseball Uniforms,Soccer Uniform stories.

Did anyone like my last story? Never Really got any feedback. old story is below.

I had a accident one time also. I was at my junior high school last year, about july or so, and I was in the main hall ways (outside) where it was pretty hot. As I was walking to the cafeteria, I felt a little pain in my stomach, and it started getting worse. I then felt more ill, and decided to go to a bathroom. I went into a building, and then started walking down the hallway. I was wearing a blue shirt, and a pair of tight, but loose fitting boxers (you wouldn't have known they were boxers) and as I walked more, I suddenly felt a rush of poop wanting to fill my boxers up. I started walking faster, hurrying to get to the bathroom, and as I rounded the corner, it started pouring out. First, chunks plopped into my boxers, and then fell out the sides of my shorts, bouncing all over the hallway, and the poop just kept flowing, running down my leg, and kept filling up my shorts. I was laughed at, and quickly ran to the bathroom, where it finally stopped, and I spent a while cleaning the boxers. It also ran down my legs into my sandals, so that took a while to clean. Luckily, I washed it off in the sink, and it was so hot out, the boxers dried 5 minutes later.

Hi everyone
If you've read Hannah's posts, I;m the Mandi she talks about. Hannah got a new job and is overrun with work so I'll be posting in her place. I was driving around with Gabi shopping when she told Me she nedded to find a restroom. In this part of Dallas there are many stores and a no restrooms. Thankfully we found a grocery store but the restroom was out of order! Then an idea popped into my head. We ran to the feminine care department and picked up some diapers. We checked out and ran back to the car. Gabi was almost crying. We got to the car and I threw some towels over the windows for privacy. She took off her jeans and black panties (which had a couple drops of pee in them) and handed her a diaper. She put it on and I told her to wait. I took off my pants and red panties and put one on also. Then i told Gabi to relax and there was a faint hisssing noise as she reclined the seat into a comfortable postion I did the same and peed in the diaper. I took mine off and disposed of it but Gabi asked if she could keep it on in case she had to go again. About 5 mins. from my house Gabi let out a couple of silent farts and there was a crackling noise. When we got home We went up to the bathroom and she showed me what she had done. There was a big, knobby poop in the back off the diaper
Post Later
Love Mandi

The other day i was at the mall with my mom when i needed to poop,i told my mom that i needed to use the bathroom and as we walked into the ladies room my mom went into the first stall and i took the next one,i thought she would wait outside for me like she usualy does,i didn't know she had to go too,but there was nothing i could do about it since i was about to mess my pants and actualy did a couple of farts as i was pulling my pants and panties down and there was no time for me to put tp on the seat either,i felt kind of embarresed knowing my mom could hear the sounds of my bm coming out and then i heard her let out a loud fart and she said to me i guess we both had the same problem,i didn't say anything back as i was to busy going and did i ever have a lot of gas too,i could hear my mom trying to push out what must have been a hard one since she was straining alot,for some girls i guess this would be a normal situation but me and my mom both lock the bathroom door at home and only my sister and i have seen each other on the toilet,so it felt kind of weird to be doing this right next to each other.

A couple of minutes later i heard mom pulling tp from the roll and she flushed and washed her hands as i was still going (i hadn't gone for 3 days)and my mom was standing by the sinks waiting for me to be done as other people came in to do there business.

I was finaly done and had to use a ton of tp since i did a lot of loose smelly stuff and i washed my hands and as we were leaving i said very quietly, sorry about all the gas,(i smelled up the room) and i could feel my face going red and she said it's nothing to be ashamed about and it's just between us girls right.

I feel a little closer to my mom now due to the experience,have any other girls had similar experiences,by the way i'm 15.
I just thought it was not to bad an experience and wondered if any other teens have gone with there mom in the room,oh i am 15.

just curious (JC)
Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. *bewwt* wait, let me turn down my radio. (grin).

Somebody told me that "Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius" there's a gag involving peeing in the shower. Has anybody seen it? Tell the details please! Thanks.

Ash D you have the best stories keep them comming.

This morning was dump city at my school. I had to go real bad after my morning coffee so I headed in only to find a full house. I waited for about 30 seconds and finally some dude stepped out and I ran in. I took all my clothes off and exploded into toilet for a long time. It was brutal and I know what did it. Doritos and chili with jalapenos will simply make you erupt like a volcano. I was sweating profusely and felt like I was going to die. I was not alone the other dudes in the neighboring stalls were also moaning in agony between farts and crackles. Snap, Crackle Plop, but it aint Rice Krispies! Its more like Lincoln Logs. I was in ther so long and i did not have the energy nor the inkling to stand up and look over the stall walls, I just kept pumping out my butt. The bathroom smelled like a sewage plant. After I finished I went back to my dorm room to lie down because i felt sick. When I woke up I drank a cup of tea and had to explode again. This time in the dorm bathroom, I just did my thing and finally felt better.

hey this is my first time poasting here my name is amanda i have shoulder lenghth brown hair brown eyes and im 5'5'

i always make myself have accidents in public, i always use exlax and here are some of the things ive done: ya know how when you go to see the doctor you have to wait in that room for about 15 mins? i made an appointment and about an hour before i left i ate as much as i could, took some a strong laxative, put on some white cotton panties and very tight white cotton pants. the reason i take a laxative is because somtimes i tense up in public, or i dont have to go... and also this makes it very messy. anyways, in the doctors office,(the one where you wait for him alone) my urge hit, i wasted no time and let go. the very runny load ran dwn my leg it was near liquid. it was half way between my ass and knees on my thighs. i sat there for about 10 mins thinking of what to say. and when he came in i said. oh my gosh im soo sorry, this is so embarrassing! i couldt hold it! he said its ok its happened to him before but he did tell me that he couldnt give me a checkup like this but he gave me a bag to put my pants and panties in and said hes sorry but the only thing he has for me to wear is a diaper and hospital pants. im not shy at all like u can probly tell, so i went to the bathroom and put on the diaper and pants (the diaper is probly so i didnt mess the pants). he gave me my checkup without mentioning anything about my accident. i told him that i would bring the pants back in 20 minutes and he said ok. when i got on the bus i remembered the diaper so i messed right then and there... nobody noticed but it still felt great. i changed brought him the pants back and left.

ive done the same type of thing in different scenarios if you want to hear about them just right it in one of your posts.... thanks for your time happy pooping

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Stevie B.
This forum rocks! I can't believe that there are other people like me that enjoy hearing women pooping and farting. I also can't believe that there are other females out there that enjoy this too! I myself love to over-hear women's pee farts. When my wife sits on the toilet,I often hear several seconds of silence and then a series of loud and long pee farts! They are so loud,they echo through the bathroom door! You females are so lucky! When you go to public restrooms, you get to hear all those other females peeing and pooping. I am wondering what is the longest pee-farts some of the females on this board have made? Keep on posting those stories about your trip to the ladies restrooms! Sincerely.S.B.

Biker Trash
I prreciate ral pee sories too, and love to see or hear anecdotes about men peeing outdoor, expecially in unusual places..So please post more of your stories, I'm really courious about your pee on teathre floor and library...thanks

Plushy Al
My hubby often pees in the bathroom sink, It happens mostly when he has to pee in the morning after he woke up with a "woody" (morning hardon), so it is difficult for him to pee and aim well in the toilet. NOw I'm used about it and I prefer much more that he pee in the sink instead of macking a mess all around the toilet trying too pee in it with his "hose" pointing to the ceiling.....

I like to hear more opinioin and experience from women about peeing in the shower,



Buzzy, that was a hilarious story of you using a midget sized toilet! It reminded me of „Hotel New Hampshire". And I enjoyed your buddy dump with that attractive woman albeit seperated by a very thin wall. I, too, have done some skiing in Upstate - NY, but the lodge where I was at had the bathrooms in the basement, if I remember correctly.

Thomas, that was truly a good story of your sweetheart leaving a steaming pile on the ice in the middle of the lake!

Hermione, dear, I had been waiting for that second episode of yours with Sarah for a while! Thanks for your excellent story! I think you have touched some chords in Sarah's emotions she may not have realised existed, or was reluctant to admit. Enjoy the special and precious friendship! But you do get bunged up more than most of us. As long as you feel fine, that's perfectly ok, I think.

Debra, dear, so you do not use the toilets on an airplane because you do not want people to know when you have to go. I think the opposite is the case, especially for some people like us here (chuckle): noticing a woman who doesn't go to the toilet during a long flight means that she will be nursing a swollen bladder if not more. Ah, the covetous glances in her direction to observe if she is beginning to shift in her seat, if she turns her head this way and that, and how anxiuos she is to find the nearest ladies room on arriving, and let imagination take its course! Shifting in your seat is good for the circulation in your legs, but I wouldn't recommend holding it in for ages when seated for long times. Your backside will be damp from sweat; ideal for harmful bacteria to multiply and possibly migrate up your urethra. Then you described your underwear. Wow, how complicated can you get! It almost sounds bullet-proof what you had on, as complicated to take off as a chastity belt! And the acrobatics you had to resort to for a squat type toilet! You poor pet!

Hello Everyone,

I'm pretty new at this posting thing, but I thought I'd give it a try and give a shout out to some of the people who post on this site. I'm a guy who has a mild fascination with the subject of pooping, especially when it comes to girls. I guess you could say I've always had this curiosity or hidden desire to find out details that I could never really ask of them in person since most consider it to be either disgusting for me to ask or too private. When I discovered and read some of the posts on this site, I was amazed to find out just how many girls are open about everything from the subject in general to actually discussing their own pooping experiences. I'm so glad to know that there are girls like you out there. That really gives me some hope that one day I'll actually meet a girl that is the same way.

To Ash D.: Your stories were absolutely amazing. I thought it was great when you decided to poop in the same toilet as the girl that left the giant log. It sounded like you made a couple of nice big ones too. I'm also surprised to hear your sister Mel produces big turds like those you told about. If you all post again I'll definitely be reading them.
I also had a list of questions for Ash and any other girls who wish to answer them:
1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc)
2.How often do you take a poop?
3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)
6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)
7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)
10.Overall, do you like pooping?
11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
13.What foods do you usually eat?
14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
I look forward to any responses to these questions. Thanks.
Yours truly,

I type in "toilet farts" in quiotes in yahoo search and this site was one of the 1st results I found because I was looking for a site like this. Toilet farts/s*it farts are the funniest things to hear. You know how it is, we all do it, we all look through the crack of the stall door (if you're at work I mean and know who comes in there, in my case it's a supermarket) to see who it is and after you let some guy you see them looking through the mirror trying not to laugh, as you are yourself (trying not to laugh I mean). We have this one guy who works in the night crew, skinny build and all, middle aged man who, whenever I happen to be in there I would see him come in and I know I'd be in for something big. I call him hiroshima because when he sits down on the toilet....forget it. Blblblblblblblblblblblblblblblbl.....pzzzzzz....pzzzzzz........:::::;insert rasberry noise after it:::::: and that's how it sounds.....and usually after that bomb you would think it's down but he keeps on releasing those toilet fart.....I almost died when I heard him the 1st time.

This other guy I know who works there in the produce section, normally just comes in for a leak but one time this guy sits down, again I'm in the stall 2 down from him and it sounded like he was firing off 10 grenade launchers at once. Oh and the smell as one of those dumps that would strip the varnish off a footlocker. There's not much ventilation in there.

If this was way off topic or a little more disgusting than usual than forgive me. This place looks funny as hell, though.


In reply to your mystery poster:-

Age 48, brunette, large body, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 12 -13 stone, but nicely shaped bottom and boobs ( + nutcracker thighs - my boyfriends description !)

1. How many times do you poop in a day? I normally poop once every 4 - 5 days.
2. Briefly describe your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Breakfast - Large bowl of cereal, toast x 2, banana, coffee.
Lunch - example -steak and kidney pudding, potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, fruit.
Tea - toasted tea-cake. Dinner - example - whole pizza, vegetables, banana, yogurt.
3. What's the average length of your turds (inches: 1-3, 4-8, 9+)? 6-8 inches
4. What's the average thickness of your turds? 2 to 2.5 inches
5. What's the usual texture of your turds? (smooth, lumpy, rough, slimy, or a combination) Hard and lumpy
6. Do you enjoy unleashing a large turd? Very much - unless it hurts a lot
7. How often do you clog the toilet? Nearly every time I go
8. Have you ever purposely shown off your turds to someone? Yes often
9. If you can remember, guess the length and thickness of the biggest turd you ever pooped. Nearly 3 inches in diameter at the start (difficult to get going at this size !), 2 to 2.5 inches average, and 10 -12 inches long. This was after about 12 days of constipation about 2 to 3 years ago.
10. Did you ever poop outdoors in an area in which your turds can easily be discovered? (ex. street, sidewalk, beach, someone's backyard, etc) Beside a woodland path.

Hope this is of interest to the poster.

Twice Shy
The diverse pathways of ##1,2

I recall now that I read something about how space crews might eventually have to perform the functions of their bodies, on very long interplanetary flights where everything must be conserved. The gist of it is, that there will be a dual system for hitting the head, one for the urine and one for the poo. The urinary stream is a remarkably sterile product, absent an infection of some kind, so this would be collected and distilled out into drinking water. The butt-hole, on the other hand, produces nothing but a bio-hazard, of the kind that would enter a composting operation directed to other uses. So that was the story--astronauts and astronettes would need to hook up to a two-part john. It would take quite some training, though, to feel comfortable taking a drink from the potable water fountain, realizing that it was not too long ago the output of someone's potty.

I don't know--there must be stuff about this on the site that I'm too lazy to look up. It is time to take a well-needed leak.

Yes I do pee in the shower. I'm in Korea, where the bathroom IS the shower. The toilet happens to be in the shower, so yes I do pee in the shower.

Biker Trash
I haven't posted in a year or so, but I read ya'll quite a bit. Louise, Mel and Ash--you three are why I'm posting now.

M&A-I rather enjoy reading your posts. You remind me of me when I was ya'lls age and I'd give a lot to hang out with you two sometime. Keep your posts coming. Write a step-by-step anecdote of you taking a dump while you are doing it. Poop at the computer for me ;-)

Louise-I myself have an absurd fascination for "real" pee stories. I have peed everywhere from a roll of carpet in the whse. at work to mop buckets at work; from parking lots to library and theatre floors; from anywhere on camping trips to anywhere on walks. The most absurd situation I ever peed in was when I was working at a local motorcycle repair shop. Three of us were rearranging bikes in the back and I was trapped in one corner, waiting on my coworkers to move other bikes out of the way so that I could free up my corner and get out. I had to pee before I started this activity--badly--and now could feel a little seep out here and there. I calmly, to avoid wetting myself as this is a juvenile act 25 years in my past, backed up behind a counter full of useless and retired motorcycle parts and stood there for a minute and lit a cigarette. When I was sure the other three guys were involved in their activities, I reached down and snuck my penis out-I refuse to wear underwear for any reason whatsoever (I don't even own any) so this was no problem and involved only the zipper. I stood up against the counter where one door was missing and let go inside the cabinet. It took about 20-30 seconds and once, one of the guys asked for a lighter. I handed it to him from across the counter, wondering what he would think if he knew that, on the other side, my dick was pointing at him and leaking. I was thankful that the noise of the excessively loud radio and hum of the air tools in the shop drowned out the patter of urine filling the cabinet. I never knew if anyone knew I did this, and I'm sure that I would have been fired if I would have been caught, but I had to do what I had to do.
I hope you like this story and feel free to ask me for more.
A tout l'heure (or something like that-my french sucks)

Plushy Al
My opinions on shower peeing?! I do it all the time. I make sure that I aim for the drain, and empty myself out before getting in.

I got a question that follows this up. Who here has peed in the sink? I've actually done that many times, when the toilet broke, I'm just too damn lazy to step outside. But I always use Comet to clean it up.

Hey everyone! I have missed reading all of your great stories but I'd been having computer troubles and couldn't access the internet in my room. I'm not brave enough to visit this site in public computer labs! Now that I'm back online, I have lots to post about. Also, spring break begins tomorrow so I'm sure that will give me ample chance to live up to my name. I'll post some stories when I have more time. Until then, keep these great stories coming!
Happy Bathrooming

Jim I go on the seat. :.)

Hi I am new here but I REALLY enjoy this site because it is something that I can relate to. Are there any good stories of girls peeing and getting caught out there?

today i was in social studies class and it was the very beginning and i felt an urge to poop.i asked the teacher to got to the b/r(bathroom).she said no.about a hlaf hour later i knew if i didnt go to the bathroom now i would have an accident.well my teacher still said no.i said i was having my period and she sent jenna with me.i ran into the b/ my horror all the stalls were english teacher who is very nice gave me a plastic cup.i pooped in it.after i was done she had left.jenna told me to take it to our teacher.i told her no.i got detention

when i was 17 i was on a bike ride with my boyfriend. We were havin a great time. i was wearin tight white biking shorts and a nice was a really long trail like 6 miiles of woods and trails. about halfway through i really had to pee. so we stopped and i went behind a bush. i thought my panties and shorts were out of the way so i let go then when i finished i realized i peed all over my shorts. so i walked out thinking my boyfriend would laugh at me but he didnt. then more bikers came up the path and look ed at me they starred and kinda laughed we went further and i had to poo i figured sinced my panties and pant s were ruined wnat would a little poo do i let it go and it was huge , it was also wet the born soaked through my panties and the back of my shorts were all brown. before my boyfriend noticed i pretened to fall in mud. He thought it was mud. but i think he realized the smell. after that i never called him again.

Hey this is Katy, i'm a junior in college and im about 5'8" and 120 lbs and shoulder length wavy light brown hair and green eyes. I've got one particular story to tell, because it's almost spring break and this is something that happened to me last year during spring break. I went to Cancun (i know no one does that) to party with just about every other college student on spring break. now, has anyone ever heard of peole saying not to drink the water in mexico? i never knew why that was, i thought it was because it was dirty looking or tasted bad,but when i got there the wated looked and tasted just fine to me, so i had no problem drinking the water there. The first night there i got to my hotel room with my friend Lindsey and my other friend who's name is Katie, kinda like mine. we got down there kinda late and we went and chilled around before we came to the hotel so now we were just gonna get some sleep. i took off my clothes down to my bra and panties and just put a t shirt on, then went to brush my teeth before getting to sleep. after brushing my teeth i drank a cup of water from the sink, then i went to bed. i don't know how in the world i didn't realize this happening and managed to sleep through it, but when i woke up in the morning, i woke up to the most disgusting smell you'd ever smell, and feeling warm and mushy all over my butt and between my legs. i lifted up my blanket and looked down, and it was horror! just brown, everywhere. my light blue panties were completely full of poop and they were completely stained brown, there was so much poop it filled the back of my panties up all the way to the point where ti came out of the waste band and there was poop on my back and my shirt. teh sheets were completely soiled too and there was poop all over the inside of my thighs. i dont know how the hell i slept through having massive diahrrea in my underwear...but my friends were disgusted and horrified. Katie has a weak stomach so she just pulled her pants on and went out of the room because the whole room smelled, nad Lindsey just said "katy did you drink any water last night?" i said "yeah when i brushed my teeth." she informed me that the things in water in mexico are not things our bodies are used to having in water up in america, so the water in mexico gives you diahrrea if you aren't used to drinking it. so that explained why i totally messed myself in bed..anyway, i just got everything cleaned up and later we went to a bar down on the beach and met with some guys we came with. i was wearing a neon green 2 piece bathing suit and some black shorts and sandles.we hung out for a while and had some breakfast, and just as we were getting up, i felt like something just pressed down on the lower part of my stomach, i got such a massive cramp. i then felt that hot feeling inside my butt like i was about to take a big messy dump. i knew immediatley i was gonna have the runs again. i said to lindsey "linds im gonna run up and use the bathroom, i'm gonna mess up my bathing suit in like 5 seconds ill meet you" and i took off. there werent really any bathrooms around the hotel besides in our rooms, and we had a room on the 4th floor. i didn't know if i was better off taking the stairs or teh elevator, all i knew was that i had the runs like you wouldn't beleive and i needed to get to the 4th floor FAST. i went into the stairwell and start to rush up the stairs, but it was no use. i farted when i was not even halfway to the second floor and i just felt this hot, wet blob of poop go into my bathing suit. i felt it start to run down my legs and out of my bathing suit and shorts and i looked down to see actual streams of brown liquid leaking down my legs. i couldn't even tackles the second flight of stairs, i just stood on the landing at the second floor and completely let go. the poop was so liquidy it just made my bathing suit and shorts wet and kind of filled them a little ,but all the poop poured down my legs and onto the floor. i just looked at myself, a disgusting mess, my legs were covered in messy brown liquid and there was a puddle of diahreea between my feet, and i'm sure i had a gigantic wet brown stain on my ass. people walking down the stairs barley looked at me, they just rushed past..i waddled up to my room, filling my bathing suit with a little bit of more solid poop on the way. i just stayed in my hotel room the rest of the day after i cleaned up, and had my friends find a place to buy me some immodium..

em dubya
Hi all! Great posts! Here's some feedback on the latest bunch.

No Name:Ya, I pee in the shower. It feels good to just let it go with having to wory about missing or anything (as long as u don't go out the shower I guess.)

Ash.D:Woah, I don't think I could easily hold a turd in that long. I bet that felt great! Sweet post, as usual. Also, on ur other psts, that musta been a bummer for someone, but it definately was a work of poop art!

jere):Bummer that ur friends were mean about it. It does feal kinda good to poop ur pants though, huh? Good post.

No Name:Great story! That was pretty impressive that you were able to stand having poop in ur pants for that long.

Mel.D:Yet again, another great post. I like to poop in the nude, too. That musta felt good to let go of that one.

Andrew:Good way to use fear to ur advantage ;) Good post!

Buzzy:Isn't it great to go in cups, etc.? Great post.

tammy:Well, that'll show 'im! Glad u posted.

Mike:I like those no-wipers. Good post.

DAVE:Ya, reading these seem to help me "go" easier, stimulates I guess. Good post.

MaFfY:Great post. Those big ones feel grreat, huh?

CC:Glad ur back. Good post.

Jay:Glad u've joined us! I've been pretty lucky about not having many bad accidents, 2.

Please keep posting everyone!


I would love to hear about any more "hearings" you may have had growing up or in recent years. I, too, love the sound of a very long, intense female pee. You mentioned that there was a wide variety of bladder capacities when you snuck into the girls room. Do you recall any instances where you were amazed at the urination capabilities of any of the ladies? Thanks for sharing.

I ALWAYS pee in the shower. Here is why
1. As I shower, the nasty water (ith dirt and grease in suspension) serves as a toilet flush. That conserves water.
2. The sounds and sights of water make me want to pee right at that time.
3. It is really conveinient.

HI, my name is Fred and I always read this board, and thought that I would contribute a story of mine that is very memorable. I once dated this Danish girl, and she was about 6 foot in heels and weighed about 190lbs. and had a big rack and a big bubble butt. First thing is that she never used the bathroom in front of me, and I never heard her fart or pee, because I was scared that she might find out that I was listening to her while she was in the bathroom. We would spend the night at each other apartment, but I never heard her fart or nothing like belch. I know this is gonna sound funny but I know not to many blacks endulge in this but i'm black so anyway, Here it goes. We had been dating for about a year and on this particular night I took her out to this Mexican restaurant and she ordered 2 bean burritos and I think some Mexican rice or something, anyway my mind is not thinking about her going to the bathroom, that's the last thing on my mind at the time, we were talking about something that happened at each other's workplace and discussing our day. So she then says Fred I'll be back i'm going to powder my nose, trying to be lady like so I say ok go ahead. So I guess she goes to pee and comes straight back, and before she sits down she goes, Man am I full, and rubs her stomach, so I think nothing of it, and we leave to go to a house party, and I'm not the type to stop my girl from dancing with another guy so she dances with him, and we both have had aleast 6 or 8 petron shots each, this was her first time drinking petron, because we normally just drink vodka and imported beer. So i'm kind of semi drunk and in the house theirs a couch, and there are two other people on the couch I'm on the end of the couch, and im just admiring my girl because she has this big ass and i'm getting kind of horny anyway, but im thinking of what we are going to do afterwards, So she wearing these tight blue jeans and this University of Minnesota shirt, and she comes over to me on the couch and leans down to my ear, because the music is loud and says there's no room on the couch, can I sit on your lap, and I said sure babe, so about 10 minutes pass and she says you want to dance , and I say that's okay, so while she is asking me that she starts to hold her stomach and rub it and she says Fred my stomach is hurting, and I say do you want to go and she says no. I just want to lay my head on your shoulder for a minute, (notice i'm still holding her in my lap and she turns sideway like im holding a baby in my lap) by that time the person next to me left and she stretched her feet out a bit, Then she burps and laughs and says I'm think I drank to much, I say lets go, and then she says let me lay my head her for a while, I said ok, And then something happened that never happened before in my life. She starts to rub her stomach, and at the same time she looks at me and says my stomach hurts, and in the same sentence I feel a vibration on my dick that lasts about4 seconds long and while it's happening she starts to put her hand over her mouth like she's embaressed, and says OMG did you feel that, and I said feel what, and she goes OH NEVER MIND but, I felt it. So I played nothing never happened, So then I kiss her and we start talking about different people in the party and people watched, and all sudden She goes, Baby look at tha(before she could finish the statement I felt that same vibration, which last longer this time, and all the sudden she starts laughing and saying OMG I CAN"T BELIEVE THIS, and I say what are you talking about, and she says nevermind I was thinking about something, I love you. So we stay at the party about another 20 minutes talking and I feel little pops on my leg. So she says lets go to my place so we go, on the way she starts to rub her stomach, and I don't say a word. So we get to her place, and I say, lets watch some TV, She says OK and I said can we lay on the couch and watch TV and can I lay between your legs, and she says how, I go you lay on the couch first and I lay with my neck on your crotch and my shoulders under your but, like I would be giving you a shoulder ride, she says OK. She goes first I have a taste for some ICE cream do you want some I go no that's ok. She goes you don't mind if I eat while we watch TV do you, I said no. Then it happened we were talking and I was laying sideways between her legs looking at TV and I heard her stomach growl for about 4 seconds long and she never said a thing, just kept eating, then I said wake me if you want to go to bed and layed on my back so my neck was under her crotch because she had the bottom of her feet on my thighs so her thighs were in the airs so my neck was in direct contact with her butt. So I close my eyes and play like i'm asleep, and about 5 minutes pass,and I hear her stomach growl, and she says in an almost silent tone OMG, OMG, please don't let this happen, then she whispers Baby are you awake, and I don't say a word, again she says you awake baby, and I don't say nothing, No sooner than that I start to feel this vibration on my neck like an minature blow dryer, and It just keep on going for at least ten seconds, and i can feel her start to rub her stomach like it's making her feel better, I start to smell rotten eggs in the air but still have my eyes closed, then the vibrations stop. About ten minutes later she goes Baby you awake, and I don't say anything and this time she goes OMG my stomach hurts, and this time she couldn't hide it and starts breathing real hard and says Baby, Baby, are you awake and I ignore her and all sudden I start feeling this small vibration on my neck and It's getting larger and larger and she says OMG Baby wake up The farts sound like Short LOUD POP POP POP POP POP FRED FRED I HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM, OMG I CAN'T MOVE FRED GET UP and I ignore her, and then she goes FRED I CAN'T STOP IT she's saying all of this in a whispering voice like she was scared to wake me, and I kept ignoring her, and then she said IT'S COMING OUT IT"S COMING OUT, and then I said what's wrong with you like I was halfway sleep, and she's starting to cry, and says IM ABOUT TO MESS MYSELF and that's when I feel this big lump forming in the back of my neck and she's just looking down at me with her hand over her mouth, and says I can't believe that just happened, and she still farting like crazy, Now she crying a little, and says I tried to wake you but you were in a deep sleep, I thought I had a lot of gas but it was poop to. I go I didn't hear you fart, and she goes I been passing gas alnight tonight, because my stomach was hurting me, I said you farted while I was laying between your legs, she said yes, but I wasn't trying to I just happened, I said that's okay, because you need to come out of your shell anyway, let's get you cleaned up, and she said I love you.

I was wondering if anyone has trouble pushing a big log out when they are in a hurry?? I often have to take a dump in a hurry and I can never get it all out. Sometimes, I will take a dump and while most of it comes out, a small, hard stubborn piece will refuse to come out. I have to wipe my arse, pull up my pants and walk around for about ten minutes then try again to push that last bit out. This usually works but its annoying when I have to go somewhere or I don't have time to push out the rest. My anus burns for a while too.

jere) I can recall pooping in my pants a few times when I was younger, I think I was about six or seven at the time. I suffered from extremely severe constipation when I was seven. I think it lasted for a few weeks or maybe even months because I remember taking medication for it and being quite sick. The medication I took didn't work very well at first but after a few days, it started working really well. My constipation became chronic, so I was backed up on and off for a few months (or as far as I can remember, it was several years ago now). Another problem associated with being extremely constipated was the fact that my family and I were living on a yacht (my Dad had a yacht built and he took us on a long sailing holiday and we lived on the yacht for two years). Here is one story about me pooping my pants:

My brother, sister, Mum, Dad and I were staying in a small town (we were living on the yacht at the time) and anchored in the harbour. We all went into town that day for a few hours. On the way back, I needed to do a poo so I told my Mum that I needed to go to the toilet. I had taken some medication for my constipation and it was starting to work. She told me I would have to wait until we got back to the yacht. I tried to hold on but I could feel a big poo slowly sliding closer and closer towards my anus. I kept telling Mum I needed to go and she said it wouldn't be long before we were back on the yacht again. We got to the jetty and we had to wait for our friends to come back with their dingy (to take us back to our yacht). I could feel my poop sitting near my anus and I tried to hold on for as long as possible. The head of the poop was poking out so I squeezed my butt cheeks together in the hope that I wouldn't have an accident in my pants. A few minutes later, our friends arrived in their dingy and I just couldn't hold on any longer. The poop slid out of my anus and into my pants very easily and it was relatively firm. It felt cold on my bottom. We all got into the dingy and when I sat down, some of the poo squished onto my bottom and all over the inside of my pants. A small piece of firm poo moved further down my pants and was almost falling out into my shorts. When we got back onto the yacht, I went to hide in my room. Later Mum found me and I told her I did a poo in my pants. She wasn't too angry but she wasn't exactly pleased either.

bROOKE: You were creating an unsanitary condition. You could have been arrested by transit police for that.

Andy and
SHY PUBLIC POOPER- Army issue briefs are camouflage colors, so if a soldier is caught in the wild, the color of his underwear will blend with the foliage. They are sold at .99 stores.

Traveling Guy: Macy's New York had mens and ladies restrooms, I believe next to each other. I was with my cousin, David, who became my boyfriend for while "back in the day" in 1979. We were shopping in Macy's after we ate these 3 huge triple cheeseburgers at Wendy's. I knew that this was going to be the big one. I asked David to hold my coat while I had to use the toilet. I took a stall, raised my red corduroy skirt, white slip, pulled down my blue panty hose and white panties. My bowels exploded with intensity. My bowels loosed 5 sausage logs. I sat for about 15 minutes, during which I farted and urinated. I wiped myself from the back and the front, pulled up my undergarments, let down my skirt and flushed. After washing my hands, I came out. David said that he was worried. I told him that I had to rest my bowels. I saw his 17 y/o manhood rise in his corduroy pants!

Marga: Lets hear more from you. How do you do it in Spain? I used to help girls and even boys with broken arms or handicapped use the toilet in elementary school.

Ariana and Lia: I used to take my stuffed animals to the bathroom with for company when I was in kindergarten.

A: My mother said that when I was little, I used to hold my bowels for days. She was right. Then, I used to scream with pain when I was 3-4 years old. I had to be dosed with laxatives and enemas. I was taken to a doctor who said there was nothing wrong with me.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I have had to take three dumps in the last three hours. I did the first one when I got home after work. I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I did a huge wee that lasted for about one minute, then pushed out seven or eight soft pieces of poop. About an hour later, I could feel another poop coming on and I felt as if I would do it in my pants if I didn't go straight away. So I went into the toilet again, sat down and pushed out an explosive poo. It wasn't exactly diarhoea but close to it. About half an hour after that, I had to go again. This time, my poop was even runnier than before and there was lots of it. It came out in one big explosion and it smelt really bad.

bROOKE, where do you go when you you poop on the train? Do you go sitting in the seat or in a corner or on the floor or something?

Hey Everyone!

Happy to see lots of people lovin Mel's and my posts.

As you know Mel is usually the one to take the really big toilet blocking shits, but it was my turn last week. Luckily it wasnt at home, if we block the toilet one more time, Dad will crack it. It was at school, i probably would have got in trouble, if i had been caught.

When i went to bed on thursday night i needed to take a shit, but everyone was asleep and i didnt want to wake them up, so i decided to wait until the morning. I had an early class(8am) but i didnt set my alarm.Mom woke me up at 7:55am!!! I just quickly threw on some clothes and jumped in the car. After about 2 mins the adrenaline stopped running through my body and i realised i had to shit really bad, but i couldnt worry about that because i had to get to class, so i ignored it...for about 5 mins. I was in I.T and for once i wasnt complaining about the hard, uncomfortable chairs. The hard plastic seat was the only thing keeping me from shitting my pants.I could feel my asshole opening, everytime it did, i squeezed and closed it back up. I could see the girls toilets from the seat, i was dying to go.My shit was pressing against my pants on the hard chair. I asked the teacher, who is usually pretty nice, if i could go to the toilet. He wasnt happy he said to me "You already came into class late, I'm not letting you miss anything else!" I was so desperate, i wanted to just walk out and take a really great dump.

Somehow i made it through another 30 minutes. I kind of got used to the feeling of needing to shit. We have a 12 minute break after early classes, i didnt even care if it was enough time, i just wanted to go. Of course the Senior girls toilets were packed with girls peeing before next class, so i went down to the canteen toilets and there was no one there. These toilets are in a bit worse condition than the Senior toilets, but it didnt really worry me at that point. I burst into the first stall there, ripped my pants and thong down. I relaxed my ass and immediatley a big fat turd tried to come out. It was too big for my little asshole. I was desperate to get it out, but it was nice and smooth and actually felt quite nice. I decided to sit back, enjoy it and let nature take its course, rather than stuggle with it. I sat for about 5 mins, nothing was happening, i still had the end of a turd poking out of my ass, so it was time to use force. I stood up, spread my cheeks wide and sat back down. I took a deep breath and pushed really hard, i could feel the pressure building up and didnt stop pushing until i got some movement. My face was burning hot and probably bright red. Slowly but surely this turd was coming out. Even though it felt like my asshole was tearing open, i felt pretty nice. After about a minute of a staedy pace of movement, the turd finally got a bit thinner and then just plummeted out of my ass and thumped into the water, splashing my whole ass with water. It was a great feeling to get that out of me. I could feel more in me, but i had to wait. My asshole closed back up and nothing was coming. I pushed but all i could manage were loud, smelly farts, so i wiped my ass and got up. I looked into the bowl and there was a huge dark brown turd, that was pretty much plugged right into the pipe. I knew it was the wrong thing, but i flushed it and sure enough the toilet gurgled and started filling up with water. I just walked out, feeling very satisfied.

The End

Love ya all.



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