I pooped in my pants when I was 9 years old, because my playmates dared me to do it. It all started when we wereall playing at my friends house, and his little sister came over and told him she had to go poop. (she was nearly 3 and was being potty trained. He said. "watch this". Then he told her, just poop in your pants" I watched as she squatted slightly and started pushing the poop into hr training pants. All of the other kids laughed at her, but I didn't. I told him that he was mean for telling her to do it, and it wasn't any big deal anyhow.I sholld have kept my mouth shut, because he and the rest of my playmates jumped on my, and kept telling me that if it was no big deal, why didn't I do it. I kept saying no, and they called me a "fraidy cat" and dared me. I did have to go, and I'd pooped my pants before, but not in front of other kids (unless you count an accident in first grade). They called me a chicken and double dared me to do it. I walked over to the side of the shed, to be out of sight from the house. His mom had been looking out and seen his sister poop in her pants. I spread my legs, squatted slightly and pushed. My poops were usually firm, but this one was a little softer, and spread in the seat on my pants. The other kids watched as the buldge in the seat of my jeans grew, then they started teasing me and calling me names like potty pants. I was so embarrassed that I ran home. My mom saw what I'd done, and made me go change my pants and clean myself up, before she spanked me.

When I was 10 years old, I was with my mom and dad at my older brothers wedding. The wedding was at 11 am , and we overslept. I just had time to go pee before my mom made me get dressed for the wedding. I was and amm quite regular with my bowel movements, and go every morning right after I get up and have breakfast. We were so rushed that we all dressed quickly and left before I had my morning poop. I felt the urge coming on stromg as we drove to the church, and I told my mom "I have to poop". She told me I'd have to wait, because we were already late. I was one of the flower girls, and I had to go immediately and get in line with the bride and the rest of the girls in the wedding. As I stood there, I was very close to pooping in my panties. Then, a couple of silent farts slipped out. The music started playing and we were about to start walking down the aisle, when more gas escaped, followed quickly by the poop I'd been trying to hold in. I felt it fill my cotton panties. Then everyone started walking down the asile, and I went too. It felt strange walking with a big load in my panties, but I managed to do it without waddling. I stood with my panties full of poop through the entire ceremony. When it was over, my mom called me over to the corner and asked me if I'd pooped in my panties. I started crying and told her I had. Mom took me into the ladies room and removed my pretty dress to help me clean up. Several ladies came in while mom was c;eaning my bottom. One of them said she had noticed my accident and I was good to have not interupted the wedding. I spent the rest of the day without any panties under my dress.

Hey Guys!

I just had a really nice shit. Whenever i have to shit at night, i make sure i do it before i have a shower, so i can wash my ass.

I was about to get in the shower, when i felt an urge to poop. I went and sat on the toilet naked. I always like to pee in the shower, si i held my pee and concentrated on just pooping. I pushed and my hole opened. A nice firm shit slowly moved out of my ass. It came out really easily and was really smooth, it felt like shitting silk. It dropped out and made a loud, deep splash. I farted, which also felt great. I pushed and another firm, smooth log slid out of my ass. I was done, i felt great, my asshole felt like it was buzzing. I got in the shower, squatted down and pee'd a really strong stream that lasted for ages. I washed my asshole until it could get any cleaner, i even soaped up 2 fingers and cleaned the inside.

Thats's all for now

Love Mel.D

Man, I had the best dump today. Something like two big logs and then a bunch of those soft little ones that just keep coming. Of course, I was a bit nervous at the time that my school might not have received an important grade transcript which I needed to graduate, so that likely helped it out. Fear really helps clean you out. (It turned out the transcript had arrived, yay.)

Morning,guys--Another quick story when I was upstate skiing-it's kinka funny
I was in the town with some friends and we stopped at this small diner like place for some food and I had a big cup of hot chocolate and about 20 mins later it put my intestines into overdrive and I really had to poop bad,so i went into this other small Bed and Breakfast place and asked where the bathroom was and I went upstairs to this small room that just had a toilet and a sink in it-the bowl had this small wood seat on it.I took down my pants to my ankles and sat on the bowl and right away,my butthole opened up with a lot of soft stuff,but after about 5 seconds,i felt something and right away,i clamped my anus shut becaus to my horror,the seat was so small and I was sitting foreward,i started pooping on the back of the seat,so i got up and looked back and saw this small pile of soft poop on the back of the seat and I was kinda grossed out a bit as I had to clean off the seat-this seat looked like it was for little kids butts!!very small and round.Noe i'm cleaning off the seat and now I really got to go,so i took off my pants and sat on the seat and leaned back against the tank and opened my legs and made sure i was properly lined up and let out all this hot chocolate induced very soft poop.It felt wonderful as I was both pooping and farting thruout-I had to make sure I didn't pee cause i would peed on the floor,but toward the tail end of my dump,i know i'd have to pee,so I leaned over to the sink and got a disposable cup and put it in front of the seat and as I started to push out the tail end of my loose poop i started peeing and I knew I was going to fill up this cup rather quickly and had to stop peeing and empty the cup in the bowl and start peeing again.I think i peed as much as i pooped-I really had to go pretty bad and I looked in the bowl and saw just a buch of soft turds warpped around the bowl with a pile of pudding poop in the middle .Then I wiped and it was a messy one and with that samll seat,it was a chore to wipe too!!Now I have a normal sized butt,but I can't imagine anyone who is really big pooping in this small bowl!!The seat looked pretty old,so who knows how long that seat was there!that was the 1st time that ever happened to me and hopefully the last-I figured you guys would get a laugh out of that one! some responses
TO MIKE-Yeah,i lot of times as I read the posts on the forum,i can feel my rectum filling up as I read all the cool stories and by the time i'm thru reading i usually have to go right to the bowl!! I think sometimes reading the forum is better than a cup of coffee and I felf like i'm pooing along with all of you guys!!It's cool,don't you think?Glad I'm not alone
TO THOMAS-really enjoyed your story of watching your girlfrind poop on the ice
very nice,you lucky guy!!
Well,I can feel the beginning of a good BM coming on now,so I'm off to the bowl
great stuff,all!! BYE

i am female 19 and i once was on a ride at a carnivale and i was with my little brother and i had to pee really badly and my brother was like what is wrong so i told him to lay on the floor and when he did i peeed on him

Hey guys.
I just let out a nice poo.

I was reading posts here, saw my post about weither regulars had to poo while reading or posting here. I sometimes have to poo when reading posts, as I did when I posted said question. Today was no different. I felt a nice poo coming on. I kept farting. Well, after a few more posts read, I went to sit on the toilet. I sat down, and farted. Then nothing for 30 seconds. Then I heard crackling as my butt opened up. This was a nice, long poo. It slowly slid out. It took 10 seconds of crackling before I heard a "Ploop". I got up. My poo was nice and long. I went to wipe, only to find out it wasn't needed. Today's poo was a thing of beauty. Nice and long, loud crackling, and no wiping needed.

To Buzzy: That sounded like a good expereince. I personally would love to poo with a woman. I have a related story. I was on the phone with a female friend once, and I had to poo. She said she had to poo as well. Well, I went to sit down. We were talking, and in the background, I heard a good fart. I farted a silent fart. As my poo was sliding out, I heard from her side: plop, plop, plop, plop then a big ploop. Not really as good as your story Buzzy, but still, a good expereince.

Well, that's all for today.

The long ones are the best ones!

Take care guys.

Hey All!

Got another story. I had a nice public bathroom dump today after school.

I finished school at lunchtime today and i needed to take a shit, but not too badly. The shopping centre is just up the road from my school so i went there for lunch. I went to the food court and had Macca's. I really wasnt that hungry, so a medium size Big Mac meal filled me right up and made me wanna take a dump. The food court toilets had a huge line so i found a quiet part of the shopping centre and found some toilets. When i walked in there were two girls from my school washing their hands and two other girls from school in stalls side by side(I could see their school bags) I took a stall right next to one of the girls. The girl in the farthest stall wiped, washed her hands and left. The girl next to me wasn't making any sounds, i think she was shy. I could hold my poop for a while, so i decided to just sit there until she did something.

I sat and waited for about 5 minutes until the girl just moaned and let out some really big, stinky, echoing farts. She moaned again as she farted and then sighed in relief. I heard her groaning. She groaned for a minute or two. My heart was beating as i was waiting for something to happen. She gave one last big groan, then a huge plunging thud into the water and more sighs.She strained and more explosive farts and moaning. She sat for a while, groaned a bit, nothing happened and she wiped. She stood up, pressed the button to flush, but nothing happened, she kept pressing it, then gave up and said "F#ck it", she walked out and didnt even wash her hands.

I was the only one in the bathroom, so i cam out my stall and went into hers. I looked into the bowl, there was one almighty turd in there. It was hard, dark and fat. Half of it was in the water, the rest was curved over touching the front of the bowl. I thought i'd be naughty and take a shit into a toilet that already had a huge turd stuck in it and that couldnt flush.

I slid my pants and thong down to my ankles, relaxed and spread my legs wide. I had my elbows on my knees as i leant forward, ready to unload. I lifted my ass of the seat a little bit and did some of those forced, tight, explosive farts the other girl did. I pushed and felt my shit press against my tight asshole. I pushed again and my hole stretched around a nice thick log. It was kind of slimy, like lubricated and pretty much slid out of me and thudded on to the girls shit. I looked between my legs and it was quite long, about 10". I farted loudly and pushed out a smaller log, that also landed on the pile of shit below. I was done and wiped my asshole, it was really dirty, i was going to have to wipe alot, but i didnt want to ruin our masterpiece. I went into my original stall, with my pants around my ankles and wiped in there. The toilet flushed fine. I went back into the other stall and admired the huge pile of shit in the toilet, someone was going to get a surprise.

The End.



To Mike, I too like to read post on this site while holding in or waiting to have to go. In fact right now I am writing this while waiting for my suppository to work. I took it about 15 minutes ago and can feel it beginning to work. Do others find that while reading stories on this site that it helps them to go as well. Well I think its time to go sit on the toilet with my magazine and see whats going to happen. Talk to all later.

Mister Peeper

Thanks for responding. It was great. I am surprised that you didn't go into the bathroom when your aunt had the door open and said "Are you
going poo poo? Do you want company"? Or you could have gone in and stood in front of the mirror and combed your hair while she was pooing.
In that situation, you wouldn't have had to settle for just seeing the skidmarks afterwards. You could have seen the actual poo in the toilet when she stood up. And you could have smelled it the whole time. Do you wish that you had done things differently?

Recently I had felt the need to take a poop (Shit) but it didnt come on strong, but when I eventually sat on the toilet at home it started to come & the feeling was somewhat arousing. The more it came out, the more it stretched my anus wider & wider & actually started to hurt a bit & I didnt think I was gonna get it out! Eventually it did come with a huge sigh of relief, man it must have been huge. It took 3 flushes of my toilet to get it down.A few days later it happened again when I was in a shopping centre & I couldnt hold it so I had to go to the public toilet...same thing stretched me huge & it really started to hurt & I felt like I was gonna pass out, just at that point it started o narrow & came out all the way...again it took 3 goes to get it down. although it hurt, it was a bit arousing and led to some...well u know..! Has this happened to anyone else? I've never anything like it since.

A big hello to everyone here, I haven't posted for a while although I've still been reading with great interest!

I had an interesting thing happen the other week, I was at an outdoor festival and went to the makeshift bar to buy a beer. It was quite busy and next to me waiting was a small group of women, probably in their 30's. It's hard not to hear their conversation (although I didn't hear all of it) and it turned to the topic of toilets. One woman mentioned "I'm no good with public toilets". Another went on to tell about a friend who doesn't like to shit in public toilets and waits till she gets home. Then another mentioned how she "shat in the doorway once" and blamed it on the dog, I assume this is a childhood recollection although I'd like to think it was recent >:) It was hard to hear every word but another woman said "..try to encourage it, it's a more relaxed way of living" which I assume she meant shitting when needing to. I also heard the word 'poo' mentioned a few times, a great turn on from the mouth of beautiful women for me. Gold.

BTW, does anyone know what ever happened to some of the regulars who used to come here such as Tony from Scotland?

Hope you all are having joyous toilet experiences :)

I pooped in my pants when I was 9 years old, because my playmates dared me to do it. It all started when we wereall playing at my friends house, and his little sister came over and told him she had to go poop. (she was nearly 3 and was being potty trained. He said. "watch this". Then he told her, just poop in your pants" I watched as she squatted slightly and started pushing the poop into hr training pants. All of the other kids laughed at her, but I didn't. I told him that he was mean for telling her to do it, and it wasn't any big deal anyhow.I sholld have kept my mouth shut, because he and the rest of my playmates jumped on my, and kept telling me that if it was no big deal, why didn't I do it. I kept saying no, and they called me a "fraidy cat" and dared me. I did have to go, and I'd pooped my pants before, but not in front of other kids (unless you count an accident in first grade). They called me a chicken and double dared me to do it. I walked over to the side of the shed, to be out of sight from the house. His mom had been looking out and seen his sister poop in her pants. I spread my legs, squatted slightly and pushed. My poops were usually firm, but this one was a little softer, and spread in the seat on my pants. The other kids watched as the buldge in the seat of my jeans grew, then they started teasing me and calling me names like potty pants. I was so embarrassed that I ran home. My mom saw what I'd done, and made me go change my pants and clean myself up, before she spanked me.

what pages have stories of girls having the runs or having diarrhea

Hi Everyone
I'm a long time reader, first time poster.

Kirstyn - I'm sorry to hear about what happened, I myself am in high school and I know how bad things like that can be. I do however agree with your idea of pooping in your pants when it's not an accident though. I'm just never given a lot of time to myself, so I can't do it.

Well, I am yet to have any horrible experience like these in my life, so I've dodged the bullet. lol. I'll keep you all updated, after all, it has been four days since I've taken a dump at all, so you never know what could happen! lol
Talk to you all later

Billy and Kevin how many time have you slid back fur some could use the toliet with you.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Hello. Today my girlfriend Kayla and I went on a hike. After about 2 hours, we both had to shit bad. We took the train home. On the way we shit on the train. There was a whole family in the compartment. The lady pulled out her cell and called the cops. At our stop, we ran away home fast. The cops caught us. We paid a $100 fine. Bye GUYS!! p.s. kayla has a good story coming :.)

the big shiza
ok.... this happened to me. i was in class and i full blow shit my pants and it was like everywere! it keeps coming and coming for like ever!and i end up peeing to!!! IN SWEATPANTS!!! GRAY!!!!! standing up reading a report!

Billy and Kevin
Today was the last day of winter break at school. After lunch, I was about to go into the bathroom for a double header. I knew it was going to be a big poop, because I didn't go for 2 days (usually I drop a load after breakfast, between lunch and dinner and sometimes again before dinner or before bedtime). Mom called and asked if I wanted to go to see a movie. we said ok. I said when. She said now. I said, I have go to the bathroom, then I will be ready. She said, the movie starts in 10 minutes adn we have to og right now. I said, ok. We went to the movies. The urge to go was less, so we got popcorn and soda. After about an hour, it was time to go. I got up to go ot the bathroom. My little brother and cousin ahd to go too, so they went we me. By the time I got to the bathroom, my first turd was already starting to come out. We went into the family bathroom. My friend Paul and his little brother were there. I guess they forgot to lock the door. I said sorry and started to go out. His little brother wiped his butt and got up. He said come in. I said ok.

ANyway, I went in sat right down. There was a hurd in the toilet and some small turds. I said to Paul's little brother, gee you really pooped a lot. He smiled and said they were pauls. I said, I thought I recognzied the corn. Paul had a birthday party the night before. They had corn on the cob and hamburgers. I passed one huge turd, about 12 inches and started to poop out some little turdlets. I also took a big pee. My little brother was doing the pee dance. I said I am going to be a few minutes, you want to go now. He said yeah, so I slid back and he sat on the toilet. He made a big pee and got up. He was standing there. I said, you should pull up your pants. He said that he needed to wipe himself. I looked in the toilet between my legs, and sure enough, there was a medium size turd over our big turds. I was long, so it probably hit the water while it was partly in his butt. i told him to come over and then I would wipe him. I wiped him once and he was clean. Then I told my cousin to sit down. She is 5 also. She sat down and started to pee. Then i heard a big release of air and farts and then a bunch of little splashes. I knew she was pooping. She peed for about a minute and the splashes lasted for about 30 seconds after. She got up. I asked her if she wanted me to wipe her. She said ok. So I wiped her. I only had ot wipe her twice. Then I wiped myself. There was her pile, my other cousins turd, my huge turd (full of corn too) and Paul and his brother turds. I flushed, and everything went right down, except for some skid marks.

We washed our hands and went back into the movie.

The Messy One
When I was young, my dad said I should always sit on the toilet seat instead of standing, at least until I was 10. He always said that way I wouldn't miss (which for me, is very true). Well I was babysat with a few other kids, and my babysitter wanted to run some errands. Well, of course, since all of us kids were under 8, (I was 7 at the time), she always made us try to go to the bathroom before we left. We didn't care if other people were in the bathroom while we went either. We'd all run to the bathroom, and get in line. Unfortunately, out of 7 of us kids plus 2 of the babysitters kids, I ended up last in line. I had to go really really bad. I was holding my cock the whole time so I wouldn't pee in my pants. Finally, I was next. Jenna, a younger girl, was in front of me, sitting on the toilet. I was standing in front of her, and I pulled my pants down to be ready to go. I started to feel the pee start to seep out of my cock, and I knew I was in trouble. It started in a full stream on the floor, and I was so scared I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed my cock, and tried to head for the toilet, but I starting peeing all over Jenna becuase she was still peeing. She started screaming, and then the babysitter came running in. Jenna was done, and she jumped off the toilet, soaking wet. I tried to jump up on hte toilet because I liked to sit, but I feel and landed on the floor, making myself pee all over the bathroom, and almost on my babysitter. Finally, I was done. I sat there crying because I felt so bad. My babysitter was realy nice about it to me, though I know she was mad. The good part was, I had extra clothes with me that day because I always got wet when we played in the snow, and I hadn't needed them yet.

After that episode, I've always liked peeing somewhere besides the toilet. I'm glad my wife feels that way too. We enjoy watching and hearing eachother pee. When we take road trips we don't stop at a gas station to pee. We stop on the side of the road, walk out a ways, and pee outdoors, with each other. It's not like it's bad, and when you do it, you'll always want to do it after that.

Last time I wrote I told you about my visit on Boxing Day to my sister-in-law Sarah -
who lives in the country 60 miles out of London.
I wondered then if I might be invited back and so I was. She telephoned and said she was on her own for a few days and would I like to come and stay. Her 8 and 10 year old were back at boarding school, and the 6 year old - a day-pupil was staying with friends locally.
I am a 48-year-old divorcee, and Sarah is a 35 year-old blond with a slimmer and shorter figure.
Those of you who have read my previous posts on lavatory experiences will know that I often get very constipated and have done so for many years. I normally go every 4-5 days but sometimes longer, and when Sarah invited me down I had not been for at least 5 days. My rectum felt empty, but the upper part of my large colon felt a bit tight, but not yet uncomfortable.
I had some days leave owing to me so I left my flat arriving at lunch-time and we went shopping in her nearest large town in the afternoon. After a cup of tea and a toasted tea-cake in a department store we went to spend a penny. The store had a Ladies with 3 cubicles. All were empty and we went into two adjoining ones. Sarah made a restrained short hissing fart and then wee'd discreetly.
I broke wind, which echoed around the cubicles, and wee'd noisily. During the day my rectum had gradually become uncomfortably full and distended after at least 6 days of impaction. I started to strain audibly on and off for some minutes. Sarah did not say anything but I am sure she was listening intently as she made no attempt to leave her cubicle. "I give up," I said aloud, and we wiped and left.
On the way home in the car Sarah said, "Do you often have difficulty in going to the loo?" I said, "Yes, I have not been now for 6 or 7 days and my bottom is starting to ache". Sarah went red and said "I don't know how you can last that long without going - I go every day". Nothing more was said.
The following day I still had not been able to go and the leaks and cabbage from last night's dinner were compounding matters by producing plenty of (unwanted) noisy wind.
After lunch Sarah said lets go for a walk. I told her that I was now too uncomfortable to go out and about until I had been to the loo. My rectum had been aching whilst sitting at lunch and I was bursting to fart. I do not fart at the table under any circumstances - I can remember my father telling-me-off as a child. I told her I had tried to go twice in the morning but with no result other than passing wind.
"I may need your help to ease my constipation," I said to Sarah - who coloured again. "Yes" she said rather nervously "of course". We went upstairs to the guest bathroom and said to Sarah " I might have more success on the floor it's easier. "Well - yes" Sarah said "but come into my bigger bathroom".
I spread out my bath towel on the cork floor and with my back to Sarah kicked off my shoes, pulled down my jeans and panties and knelt down on the floor. Sarah was behind me - somewhat agog I expect. All she could see was my ample, but well shaped bottom, with dark hairs filling my bottom crack and a black bushy pubis beneath. My thighs, although sizeable, are in proportion. My boyfriend says I have a proper mature pear-shaped female bottom and he loves it.
Sarah, without prompting, knelt down and put one hand on each cheek of my bottom and pushed sideways to open up my crack, to examine my ample anus. The instant I started to strain I released a long loud fart, but said nothing. However, I glanced back, Sarah was bright red. I could feel a large hard turd gradually expanding my ring to its maximum and filling the opening.
I relaxed my effort and the fat stool retreated back into my rectum. It felt particularly hard and knobbly. Twice more I tried in vain, each time the turd lodged in my overstretched opening and then retreated, and I was becoming exhausted.
"Sarah have you got some lubricant" I gasped. Sarah went to her dressing-table drawer and returned with some lubricant jelly. She put some on her index finger and "without so much as a by your leave" gently pushed it all the way into my back passage. This hurt a bit until the lubrication spread. I felt the tip of her finger push my hard stool an inch or two back up my colon. She did this a few times. I clamped my anus tightly around her finger as she withdrew.
I then took a really deep breath and pushed. The large hard turd inched its way out until about 4 inches were protruding. It then stuck fast. Oblivious to all else and in pain I heaved and strained until finally the large lump shot out and down onto the towel. I felt my anus oscillate in and out involuntarily just like when a horse finishes passing a large lump. I strained again with my hole now wide open, but my rectum was empty.
When she saw the large size of my turd and my gaping open bottom-hole Sarah gasped in astonishment. "I have never seen one so big" she said.
I wiped the KY off my otherwise clean bottom, and carefully placed the turd into the loo.
The solid turd was only about 8 inches long, but very fat in the middle. It started at about 2.5 inches thick increasing to nearly 3 inches about halfway along its knobbly length, before tapering to 2.5 inches again The thicker middle bit is why it got stuck. It was dark brown and all hard with compacted boluses. The remnants of a good week's eating I thought.
We washed our hands, and I quickly pulled up my panties and jeans, and we went downstairs for some coffee and a toasted hot-cross bun. The tightness across my waist meant there was still a lot of hard material remaining high up in my large bowel, but that would ease its way down to my rectum another day. I felt another fart coming on but held back, as my anus was sore, and I did not want to stain my panties with mucus and the remains of the lubricant. A warm bath later would be the answer.
Sarah was still red in the face and looking very embarrassed. "Thank you, Sarah" I said, "I could not have managed that without your help".

Hey Guys.
To Buzzy and Dave: Yes, I think it is the best to have to poo when reading/posting here. It is cool. Whenever I can, and feel a poo, I'll come here to read and/or post. Nope, you aren't alone there Buzzy. Thanks for replying you two.
Dave: How did the suppository work out? Did it give you a nice big poo?
Another simple question for everyone: Do you thing the best poos are accompanied by some serious crackling? Just curious. I personally love the crackling sound: especially in public. Announces to my neibour (when I have one) that I am letting out a nice poo.
Well, that's all for today.
Take care guys.

Thanks to all for your replies and stories:

Anonimuous male poster,
I enjoyned your emergency pee in the shower with your wife, I pee togheter with hubby in the shower wvery time we had a shower tgheter...when my hubby has morning hardon (i think it's what you are talking about), if he doesn't need to use teh shower, he pees into the bathroom sink: it's much better than trying to aim at the toilet and making a mess!
Do you have other funny pee anecdotes?

I liked your funny pee in the plastig bag episode, anyway I think for a woman peeing like that would be more difficult, in that situation, as teh sicurity guard was a women I simply would ahve opened my car doors and peed on th floor sitting inside the door, without caring too much about her. I think she would understand I needed to go..
Do you have other episodes?

Thank you very much for your kinds compliments, great and funny episode about peeing in th e bucket, i loved it.. do you have some more similar?

I think it is a common thing for people to pee during a shower, I gree with your you have some funny pee tales?

Upstate Dave
Nice story, I'd like to hera more pee adventures from you an dyour wife.

I too sometimes find difficult to use a orintal squatting type toilet, bu tit depends mostly from the dressing, did you ever happened to pee on the floor because the toilet was too dirty or clogged?

I pull thw crotch aside to pee in teh swimming pool shower, as I don't like to piss in my swimsuit, did you or some other girl ever do it?
Dod someone see you squatting and pee in the gym shower?
I'd like to hear aother anecdotes about peeing in unusual places form you too.

Where did u pee togheter with your friend besides behind the school?

The Messy One,
I too like to pee outdoor with my hubby, great!

Thank again to all and keep on posting about pee!!



Ladies, young and old, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this survey.
(Please describe your body type as: skinny, slim, thick, BBW)
1. How many times do you poop in a day?
2. Briefly describe your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
3. What's the average length of your turds (inches: 1-3, 4-8, 9+)?
4. What's the average thickness of your turds?
5. What's the usual texture of your turds? (smooth, lumpy, rough, slimy, or a combination)
6. Do you enjoy unleashing a large turd?
7. How often do you clog the toilet?
8. Have you ever purposely shown off your turds to someone?
9. If you can remember, guess the length and thickness of the biggest turd you ever pooped.
10. Did you ever poop outdoors in an area in which your turds can easily be discovered? (ex. street, sidewalk, beach, someone's backyard, etc)
Thanks very much for your answers!

when you look into the toilet bowl after you're done peeing, what does it look like ? describe, please.

Raging Urophile
Attn. Upshirt girl.
I haven't posted or visited this board for a few months because I have no new stories, but I did read your recent post about having a discussion with others as to why peeing and dumping (I hate the word "pooping")is enjoyed by those of us on this board, but irrelevant or dusgusting to many others.
Back on pages 1095,1096, and 1098, I discussed my philosophies towards the origin of these interests in great length. I will someday incorporate them into a chapter of what will be an extensive autobiography. Please read my old posts and tell me what you think.
Thanks, Raging(but still unfulfilled) Urophile.
Remember my motto ladies. "Keep on gushing, spraying, hissing, and streaming, and, whenever possible, do it in front of men.

I was just wondering, do a lot of people pee in the shower? I do, and I love it. I would like to hear other peopels opinions.

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