Hi everyone!!! My name is Haley, this is my first posting - this is such a cool site, I have lurked for a long time but I finally want to post and talk with everyone else!! Like everyone else I love going to the restroom and love listening to others too. I have a cool story I want to share but first I will describe myself! I am 17 and a senior in high school!!! I am 5'5" and very cute, I have red shoulder length hair, blue eyes (w/ glasses) and weigh 110 lbs. Like most teenage girls I tend to live in the restroom but I have always "gotten into it" more that everyone else. I love using public restrooms as often as I can - since it helps to give and receive when you are in public as opposed to being at home!!! My favorite thing to do in the restroom is poop (as opposed to being a pee enthusiast). I usually have to poop every day although I skip a day every now and then. Almost always I poop at school - usually during my lunch break - not so much because I want to (which I do) as because I have to!!! I am a petite girl but you wouldn't guess that to look in the toilet after I go - I usually poop quite a bit. Earlier today I had to go soooo bad but I couldn't go during lunch as usual because I was taking a make-up test. I am a student helper in the jr. high school principal's office (across the parking lot from my high school) in my period after lunch. My supervisor, Cathy, the secretary could tell I was uncomfortable and asked if I was okay. I told her yes - that I usually go to the restroom during lunch but couldn't today because of the test but I still needed to go. Cathy told me to go, it was slow in the office today and she could do without me for a little while. I thanked her soooo much and left to find the girl's restroom. It was weird knowing that I was going to take a dump at the jr. high. I hadn't gone there in 4 years! I soon entered the nearest restroom. Since afternoon classes had already started it was empty. There were six stalls, I picked one in the middle and closed the door. I undid my jeans and lowered them to my ankles followed by my thong. I sat down on the toilet with my legs slightly open while leaning forward (my usual pooping position!!!). I soon felt that welcomed feeling of my butthole opening up. God, it soon felt like I was passing a football. I pushed a little but only felt a huge piece of poop not wanting to budge. I decided to just sit and let nature take its course. Soon enough it began to move - I thought I would scream. I closed my eyes tightly and gritted my teeth as my monster slid from my butt. Finally after a few minutes it dropped into the toilet. My poor hole was throbbing. I looked between my legs and couldn't believe the size of it. It was wedged into the hole of the toilet with at least six more inches sticking out, hard and knobby. I still had more to do as well. After a few minutes I farted loudly and could hear my hole crackle open again. Just after I farted another girl came in - just in time I thought! She entered one of the first stalls and soon began peeing. After she finished she continued to sit without wiping (usually the sign of a pooper). I now had the urge to finish up so I strained a little to get things going. As I pushed I could feel the poop push against my butthole but it just wouldn't come out. I pushed several more times and finally was rewarded with a piece about the size of golf ball. It made a loud splash as it fell. I pushed some more and produced an audible fart. My hole again opened and out fell another golf ball with a splash. Without warning, I farted again and soon golf ball after golf ball began splashing into the toilet. I counted 16 before I was done, it felt so good as they were coming out! All were floaters around my big one. I felt sooo much better. I did not have to wipe but two times. I was going to flush but thought the better of it because there was no way my big turd was going down that toilet hole. As I was washing up I could hear splashes from the other girls toilet, she was apparently taking an after lunch dump too. I left her to her business and went back to the office. It took me about 20 minutes to go and I felt so much better afterwards! I guess I will go for now... so until next time I hope everyone has nice pooping and peeing experiences. Haley!!!

the other day i was going to town and i felt a big crap coming on fast. i always hated going in public restrooms,but i could not hold it. so i pull into this gas station and went running to the toilet and to my suprise i guess the bathroom did not have a lock on it. i quickly opened the door and this older woman about 30 or so was sitting there and i aplogized and closed the door and stood there waiting. well about 5 minutes past and she finally came out and said sorry for the wait but i didn't care i just rushed in and sat on the pot not even rembering the door wouldn't lock and just let loose.well after 5 minutes this girl came running in and saw me ,she said she was sorry and asked me to hurry she had to crap really bad but i said it would a few minutes .she just gasped and waited .wellabout ten minutes later i walked out and she had shit in a mop bucket ,i guess she couldn't wait

Hi. I'm a 27 year old female. I live in New York. I'm a city girl, but occasionally I go on trips to different parts of the world. Partially because of work, and partially for fun.

I'm not at all self-conscious about talking about shitting or farting or peeing, and I'm comfortable peeing in front of people, including guys. But farting and shitting are two things I prefer to do in private. Here's two stories of the only times I ever took a shit in front of men.

Once, I was in France. I was walking through one of the beautiful parks when I felt the urge to shit. I made my way to a public restroom. I knew they were unisex, but was very surprised to see that there were no stalls or anything between the toilets. Just five toilet lined against the wall. A girl was sitting on one, and two guys were sitting on a couple more. I decided, "When in Rome", and mustered up the courage to pull down my pants and panties and sit. I was able to pee with no problem, but I had to zone out the people around me before I could shit. I finally was able to go. I wiped my ass a couple of times, without bothering to check the paper, and rushed out. The people there shit in front of each other every day, but I wasn't used to it, but I still feel stupid for being so embarrassed.

The other time was when I was in Belize, Central America. The only bathroom facilities available were these little latrines. The "toilet" was a big rectangular box with a long hole cut in it. Basically, you positioned your ass over the hole as best you could and went about your business. The problem was, the shack had a back wall, a roof and two posts holding the roof up. That was it! It was totally open other than that, and ANYONE within two hundred feet of it could see whoever was on the toilet sitting there. But, my bowels overcame my self-consciousness, and I managed to take a shit in front of at least fifteen or twenty people standing around. That was weird.

I thought by now I would have outgrown my BM shyness, but I haven't. I'll pee in front of my boyfriend, but never shit. Just too weird for me. I knid of wish I'd get over it!


AManda: Great post! please tell us more!

If anyone has any accident stories, please post them.

TJ-1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc) 14, 5'6", blonde, 105 lb.
2.How often do you take a poop? 2 times a day
3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width) 6" long 3" wide
4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop? 10-12
5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc) firm or semi solid
6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc) logs and coils
7.About how long does it take for you to poop? 15 to 20 min
8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop? any
9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc) public so i can listen to everyone else going
10.Overall, do you like pooping? yes, i love it
11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa? i like others watching me (boys or girls), and i like to watch others go too.
12.How long do you usually hold your poop in? at least 2 hours to get a good urge built up
13.What foods do you usually eat? tacos, McDonalds, whatevery the school feeds me on weekdays
14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops? any thing that has a lot of fiber
15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out? mussy, or semi solid, i like how u don't have to push that much to get tem out.

In the book "The Compleat Practical Joker" by H. Allen Smith, I found one story that might be of interest to some of you. The book was published in 1953, so this incident presumably took place around the late 1920s. Here it is:

An acquaintance of mine in the book publishing business attended Syracuse University twenty-odd years ago. He remembers, with some pleasure, a dance that was given at his fraternity house. Since the house would be co-ed for that one evening, it was necessary to reapportion the toilet facilities. One large bathroom on the second floor was, accordingly, turned over to the girls and a "Ladies" sign placed on the door. Before the hour for the dance to begin, my friend had an idea. He went out to a pet store and bought three goldfish. There were three toilets in the "ladies' room" and he put one goldfish in each of them. He says that all during the evening the girls kept going to the room, but not a single one of them used the toilets for fear of harming the fish, and he says further that the girls seemed to get livelier and livelier as the evening wore on, and in the end they were fair leaping around. Demonstrates the essential kindliness of women.

Man. Ive just read here for the last year. I had the worst experience a couple of years ago. I went to Boy Scout Camp as a counseler. I had to do the little guys, so I watched them 24/7. I couldn't even piss by myself! I am very shy and I dont like to do that with people watching. I didn't piss or shit for 4 days until I got sick and they sent me home. Of course, there was traffic. I wasn't driving. I held on to my dick and sqeezed it reaaaaaly tightly. And my friend went and stoped...went and stopped. I finnaly said "Thats it! Im pisssin' my pants. It was the most satisfying piss of my life! And it happened the next 2 years after that! I dont like being a counseler.

See yall!

Hey guys.
Just a simple question for everyone. What are the most single pices of poo anyone has pooped out(small pieces, big pieces, ect.)?

For me, I once was in a public place sitting on the toilet, and I decided to waste a good long one to see how many small poos I could let out. I did this by letting some poo poke out, then "cutting" it off by closing my butt. Well, I heard about 20 plops before I was done. Now I know wasting a good long poo is ashame, but 20 plops in a public bathroom with neibours was pretty good too!

Well, that's it for today. I have to sit on the toilet and go poo now.

Take care guys.

Linda (Switzerland)
I want to relate you another soft poop experience. I rarely have diarreah unless I am very nervous. But I think the worst thing to happen is having diarreah during skiing like I had a few days ago where there is no place to go if you have to! Now in Switzerland we have a wonderful winter and a lot of snow. As you know from my previous story I have a younger sister but I have also a younger brother (10 years old). My family went to ski vacation last week, but most unfortunately somehow we got a stomach virus, I don't know how. My father was there only for 4 days (he had to leave again for business as he is pilot) so he could escape all trouble. In the fifth night only a couple of minutes afer I was asleep I heard my mum rushing to the toilet with horrible waves of diarreah. She also had more diarreah at least 10 times between 2 a.m and 8 a.m. and to vomit at the same time. I was very sorry for her. Also my little sister joined in in the morining with diarreah. My mum and sister were so weak that they told they would be unable to move from the hotel room. I however felt quite well (although felt something feeble in my stomach) and also my little brother. So we decided to go skiing anyway. Big mistake. Everything went well until we were waiting at a skiing lift when I suddenly felt a sharp stab in my stomach for at least three minutes. At the same time out of the nothing I felt a strong urge to shit. I was mortified as I knew I would have diarreah very soon, and I was praying I wouldn't have got the virus! Every minute I felt a strong pressure on my guts, and I was sure I would shit my panties before time. When we got out of the lift, I was hysteric. I hoped that they had a toilet at the top station but there was no toilet to find. I suddenly run to the station manager and aksed him where the toilet was. The station manager explained me I had to do the downhill and then I could find a toilet in the station downstairs. I started crying and told him I would never make the downhill without going in my panties. Then he told me as an exception I could use the toilet which is usually only for the staff and made bad jokes that next time I had to dring fewer coffee. I cried and told him I had problems with diarreah, then he escorted me to a small unisex toilet in the station building. I was mortified as my brother told me that he had to pee very urgently otherwise he would pee in my pants. Imagine: I was there in the worst urge to shit I ever had in my life and then my brother wants to pee first. As there was just an unisex toilet, I had no choice, he peed first, while I was moving up and donwn to release some pressure. When he was done, I quickly throw him out of the toilet, finally unzipped my ski dress, lowered my panties and sat down. Tons of brown, mushy diarreah poured out of me. I was sure I had messed my pants if I had waited one minute more to go. This diarreah could never stop, and my small brother was still waiting outside. He was clapping on the door asking me when I would finish, but I couldn't do anything, diarreah was just pouring out of me. I sat on that small toilet, and everything I had eaten and drunk in the past two days came out of me. The first wave took me exactly five minutes without stop. and the second one took me even longer. Finally I thought I was finished, and got out. The station manager who I guess heard all noises told me he understood why I had to go to the toilet so quickly. I was dead. I had no force to go on skiing, and I had just one wish: to go to bed to lie down. But this wasn't that easy, as we were at the glacier at 2800 meters high! Finally we decided to do the downhill to the next lower station, as I had no other choice. I had no illusion that this virus would be strong, as it hit my mother the night before, so I was sure I would have to go again. I was right! During downhill already, I got another sharp pain. I was able to make it to the middle station, and then quickly ran to the toilet again. This time I was pouring off diarreah for at least eight minutes non-stop. This time my younger brother was there, and asked me: Lyn, what is wrong with you? I just told him I had severe diarreah and he would have to patient with me. Then I was dying and we were waiting for our downhill train. Much to my regret obviously the train broke down as they told us everyone would have to ski downhill as there would be no other trains. I was mortified as I was sure I couldn't make a downhill in this condition. I had to go already in the middle of the downhill. I simply could'nt hold in: I had to go beside the lane, squat behind a bush and let it go into the snow! I was mortified as I had never in my life before pooped into the snow. But I just couldn't help, I simply had to go. Brown diarreah splashed into the snow. My brother was really sorry with me although he didn'r realise anything how bad I felt. When we were down, I had to run once more to the toilet and then home. My mom and my sister had the runs all the day, and this continued for all three of us for thee more days. I never saw the ski slopes again, which was very frustrating, and so the stomach virus spoiled all our three women's skiing holiday. I would wonder why my son never got this virus, just all we three women? And did anyone else have some experience about having to go in the middle of skiing?

I'm hoping for some serious replies out there. Are any of you taking blood pressure medication? If so, then you probably know that one of the major side effects is constipation. It's damnable! I used to be quite regular - each and every morning before my shower. Now it's every other day or every third with cramping and bloating to boot. Exercise seems to help. High fiber foods seem to have little effect. If you have any other suggestions, please post them. I hate trying to go and have what seem like marbles come out of my anus. Once every two weeks or so, I will have a highly enjoyable bathroom experience. I know when it's about to happen too. Then I just sit back and push. Suddenly, a massive log appears. A real ring stretcher! It seems that all of my poop comes out in one huge log. I feel like I could run a marathon when it's over. The bloating is gone and I feel like a million bucks. You know what else? There is hardly anything to wipe! Isn't that amazing? Anyway, best wishes to you all.

kelly: That must have been really awfull... feel so sorry for u!

Biker Trash
Louise-The theatre pee wasn't all great. I was alone save for one other guy down on the front row and I think it was the "Sirens" movie with Hugh Grant. I had on a pair of loose gym shorts and didn't want to get up to pee, so I pulled up one side of of the shorts to pull myself out and proceded to pee on the floor in front of the chair. A drip or two got on me, but I simply moved down a chair and all was well.
The library pee was right here on campus. Evening ours are great for an empty library (especially on campus due to students who leave as soon as they are done w/class)and I was doing research for an English paper.
I had to pee something great and was in a back corner on the 3rd floor, so I pulled myself out kind of clandestinely and lowered my shirt down to hide my penis, as I WAS in school. I waited until I felt the first drop seep up to the end of my penis and turned sideways and let go, walking forward slowly and pretending to keep on looking at books, careful not to ruin any books on the bottom shelf. After an eternity, I was done so I shhok myself and squatted down. Squatting will allow the penis to retract somewhat and pulls it back inside my jeans without actually doing anything. I eventually pulled up my Zipper and went on about my business.

To the girl who shit her pants on a bicycle ride w/ bf----
Try having that same experience while riding a Harley. It happened the week before last to me. My only transportation is my Harley at the moment and I was in a serious diarrhetic condition and trying to make it back to town without farting. Twice, I had to stop and shit on the side of the highway, and for some dumb f???ing reason, I still live in Kansas where it's flat and on the bike there's nothing to hide behind: no trees or car doors or anything. Needless to say, I got honked at by the cars going by. Apparently a biker dude with his jeans around his knees squirting out liquid shit everywhere is not a common roadside sight here. I hope I made somebody's day

hi all,
How are you? do any of you have stories about people pooping in the woods or outside like for exaple Pooper-Snooper (you have great stories tell more!). I enjoy this site this is my first post but I have been reading it for weeks now. I love poop stories so I went to and got the it's great I already took the sitting on the toilet survey test well got to go!

tell more soon,

I've been in the Army 6 years. Army issue briefs are brown, not cammo, unless they've changed the standard issue in the past 6 years when one goes to Boot Camp, but I've NEVER seen cammo briefs sold at ANY PX ANYWHERE in the world, and I've been to many. They must be some civiliian thing.


Hey everyone...

great posts from everybody.

SCARDEY CAT....I posed the same question a few months ago and got no response. I have not shit from fear myself, I've only heard stories about people doing that, tho I think they are exagerated...still waiting to hear some stories on this site tho....

Okay interesting thing last week. I was down in the business district last week and stopped in to have a dump at one of the many cans in the concourses under the city. I opened the door and found both stalls occupied and one older business man waiting. He scowled at me as if to say ...the first one up is mine!! So I hung out for a few minutes and realized that the occupants probably were not their for purposes of crapping so I headed out. the businessman followed. I stopped and looked around to get my bearings and as I did so, the businessman comes up to me and says..."What the hell...I was waiting in there 10 minutes and those guys didn't move a thing-do you know of another washroom in the area?" I laughed and told him i was heading for another one. So he followed behind saying nothing.

As i opened the door of the next can I found both stalls unoccupied and as I turned to the businessman behind me I notice he is walking kind of funny, like he's shit his pants. He looked embarrassed and shuffled passed me into one of the stalls and closed the door. I sat down, dropped a load and could him struggling to get off his pants and then I heard a soft plop and noticed a lump of wet shit on the floor by the toilet.

Knowing this guy was dying of humilation I wiped and flushed to let him clean himself up.

I stopped back into the same can a few hours later and went into the stall he had occupied. The shit was cleaned and only a smear remained ont he floor, but behind the toilet I saw a pair of BVD briefs completely covered in wet shit.

The guy must have smelled like a shit house the rest of the day...

Anyone else had this happen?

By the way I employed my "Nothing like a good shit" line the other day and the guy on the other side of the stall replied..."I'm so f??kin' happy I could shit!" and then he did loudly and gruntingly.



Linda (Switzerland)
Hi. I am 17 years old, tall with long blonde hair. I have a story to tell you when I had to pee and poop diarreah both at the same time for the first time in my life. My mother likes very much to ride horseback, and so she convinced me to try it. It was the first time for me to ride out with a horse and my mother and younger sister were accompanying me on another horse. First I felt quite comfortable, but after riding about 20 minutes, I felt a very strong urge to go to the toilet, both I felt my bladder was very full and I also felt some cramps in my stomach. I was very sorry I didn't go to the toilet before riding, but now it was too late, I had to go very soon in order to avoid going in my panties and riding slacks. I told my mum I had to go to a toilet urgently but she told me: now way, I would have to hold it until we would get back to the horse centre in about an hour, as we made a very long ride. I was really desperate as every movement of the horse made my bladder more and more aching and at the same time I felt my stomach gurgling on and on. I was very awkard as my horse as moving too fast and too much. I told my mum once again that I had to go to the toilet very soon as I wouldn't be able to hold it. She told me: Sweetie, then you have to go to the bushes. I first wouldn't want to do that, but I had no choice. My mom hold the bridles of my horse while I descended from horseback and literraly ran behind a nearby bush. I quickly squatted and lowered my panties and slacks. First I let out the longest pee in my life I can imagine, it gushed on the floor for at least 4 minutes. Immediately when I was finished I started to poop, and this was very annoying, as mushy diarreah sprayed behind of me all over the floor. I squatted for about 10 minutes and was still not done. My small sister came to see me what was wrong with me - I told her I still have to squat and let out liquid shit.Finally I felt I was done and was very ashamed to ask my mother to give me some kleenex to wipe my ass. I had left a huge puddle and pile of liquid shit behind me... When I got back to the horse, I already felt my stomach was not feeling well and I had to use the toilet quite soon again, so I asked my mum to ride back to the horse center soon. We were riding another half an hour and I felt my stomach to cramp another few times, and I knew I would have another wave of diarreah. I quickly ran to the toilet, made it quite in time to have another wave of liquid shit into the toilet. I didn't have to shit anymore that day. It was surely nervousness, what do you think?

I need some advice. I think my girlfriend might have a problem with pooping her pants, I think. i haven't been able to find out for certain,but there are just so many clues that show that she may poop her pants fairly often. What i need advice on is if you guys think she does sometimes poop her pants, and also another thing. I kind of like the idea that she may poop her pants, but if she does she seems really ashamed and secretive about it, so i dont know if i should tell her or not if i found out she does. i dont know if it would make her feel better or if it would just weird her out. anyway, here are some reasons i think she poops her pants.
1. there has been more than one occassion when we were together or wtih a group of people where there was suddenly a hint of poop smell in the air, especially near her, and when that comes about she seems to be very nervous and fidgety and it always seems to be when she needs to leave and go home, and is very reluctant for me or anyone to take her, if she can get home on her own by all means she will. one of my female friends suggested i could be wrong on the smell being poop and she may just be having her period very badly..but i dont know.
2. she hates being in a place where there are no bathrooms immediatley or conveniently available for a long period of time, ie: movies, car rides, and she also hates spending nights at places other than her home. one time we were in the movies and i'm almost positive she went in her pants. she didn't do what she normally does, just at the end of the movie she was very anxious to go home and when we were getting out of our seats and were walking, she was doing as much as she could to keep her purse hanging behind her and over her butt and kept pulling her jacket down a little, but i did notice a bulge in her pants. she also was walking weirdly. she also then didn't want to go anywhere after the movie, just wanted to be taken home. i never smelled it and she never told me she pooped her pants or anything, but it really seemed like she did.
3. one time when we were out to eat, her bag she carries was on the floor kind of under the table, and it was slightly open, and i could see a pair of underwear in there. perhaps a spare in the event of an accident?
and 4. i was at her house very recently, and i was waiting in her room for her to come back form helping her mom with something, and i saw a pair of underwear on the floor next to the hamper. being like any guy i went to check them out. they were white with small blue flowers all over them, but the seat was stained a very faded brown color, suggesting she had pooped in them before.

so with all that i'm more than a little convinced she has a pooping problem and is afraid to tell anyone. somehow i could be completely wrong, but i doubt it...anyone have any tips on how i can confront her about it?

Louise (from France)
A funny episode od yesterday at work...
I was working on ean event presentation with my two abitual collegue (both female and friends) and the graphic designer. He is a quite young man, not too bad nor too nice, but a very funny and poilte person...
during a coffe break before getting in the room to work he told us to wait a minute because had to make a "peestop"..
when he got back he was a bit hungry...he said that some idiot should have clogged the toilet and it was out of order...I immediately got interested by the argument, so I replied that it was really a boring thing because he had to get the elevator or walk on the opposite side of the corridor for the staircase, to go to a toilet on the upper or lower floor...than I added that we wouldn't complain if he would use the ladies in those circumstance..he replied "oh, thanks, don't worry" friend collegue told him "if you don't wanto to use our restroom, don't worry we will wait some other minutes for you to go upstairs or to the lower level to go to the bathroom". He replied "thanks, but I don't need it", than smiled and added "i've done"...I got very courious on this subject (i'm always interested about men peeing) so i told him: "i know that we girl are a bit slower anyway, but I couldn't believe that in such a short time you go downstairs or upstairs, did your business (pee) and got back", he likes joking with us so he kept on the argument...and said "in fact I didn't go downstairs or upstairs", my friend was a bit puzzled or anyway courious and replied him, joking ".... didn't you tell us that the toilet was out of order, ahhha i guess, it was you who broken it.." and laughed, he replied "not, not, I told it was out of order when I got in, the toilet stall was in fact closed with a sign on it"...I got intrigued and told "exuse me, but if you didn't use the ladies and didn't go to another floor to use tha bathroom, what did u do?" smiling i added "wasn't you that crazy to have a pee in our cooridor?" and we all laughed....he smile dback and replied, "no nothing so difficult, I simply used the sink". I loved the argument...fortunately my other collegue friend kept the conversation alive...and added " you men are always privileged in those circumstance, in fact if We would have our bathroom out of order we should lost a lot of time to go to another floor"...obviuosly she was on a joking mode...he replyed:"it's not my fault if we are anatomically different, but nobody prohibits you to do the same thing..." we all laughed again, so I joined the occasion for my turn to speak: "in fact I'do exactly what you did...sink aren't only for washing hands...." we all kept on laughing, end my younger friend added "and..... don't challenge her to do it, 'cause I know that she is able to do it"..(in fact i peed in the sink of the first floor bathroom in front of her one or two years ago....)

Kisses to all

I had a nice dump tonight. I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down on the seat. I did a big wee that lasted for over 30 seconds, then I began to push out a big turd. I grabbed a magazine that was on the floor and started reading one of the articles. I find it easier to poop if I'm reading or concentrating on something else. The turd slowly eased its way out of me and then I did another turd that came out a bit easier. After the second turd, I could still feel more poop in my anus so I pushed again. This time, I had to push for about ten minutes and then a harder turd came out.

After dinner, I felt the urge to do another poop. This time, it felt like diarrhoea and I felt as if I would poop my pants so I went to the toilet. Some explosive diarrhoea came out. About an hour later, I had some more diarrhoea. I really hope I'm not coming down with a gastro bug.

Good morning; chilly here today. This morning's b.m. was good; after an initial hard push, it slid out easily, two longs and a short. Yesterday I had three movements. The first was here at home, 5:45 a.m., three smooth turds maybe 15" total in length. The second was at work, two fairly long ones that both split up upon entering the water; they had quite visible bright-orange fragments of the carrots I had eaten the night before. The third was in a store where I had gone to purchase an item. There were two side-by-side stalls. No one was there when I entered; I dropped my pants, raised the seat, and bent over, holding my little mirror behind me. I watched as a long but not thick turd slid out and dropped into the water with a splash; then a second, shorter one emerged and fell with a hefty "sploink!". Then I put the seat down and sat to wipe. As I did so, a man went into the other toilet. There was a gap behind the partition, and I could see his bottom; there was enough space between it and the seat to see what came out. He reached back and flushed, and amidst the noise I saw him drop four thick, smooth turds. He stopped, then did another one, a short one. He flushed again. Then he wiped and went away. I then wiped myself, but before I was finished a boy maybe 10 years old came into the next stall. I couldn't see much, since he sat sideways on the seat, but I heard him have what sounded like crampy near-diarrhea. He hopped up and walked to the front of the stall to wipe, then flushed and left. I was finally able to finish wiping, when another man came in; because of the way he sat I could see nothing, but he dropped about half a dozen tiny nuggets and then a solid plunker, wiped, flushed, and left. Rather a good set of sightings and hearings. Happy pooping, all!

Hello to everyone.

I had a great weekend as I went to the Grand Prix in Aus. These events always have portable toilets, they're these flimsy fibro units that either have one gender per unit or two in one. Anyway, I found one that had mens' and womens' side-by-side. I went in and took the stall next to the dividing wall for a poo and to my and surprise and delight there was a gap between the wall and the floor. So, in effect, it was like being in the next stall to the womens! I did a poo and waited for a woman to come in and use the toilet. A woman came in and took the toilet next to me. She closed the door and I could hear her pulling her pants down and sitting on the loo. She then had a wee that lasted about 15 seconds and made that beautiful tinkling sound that women make. She tore off some paper, wiped and left. Needless to say I was quite turned on at this point in time and stayed seated for almost two hours. This toilet block wasn't used much by women although plenty of beered up men came in and used it to piss and shit which was a downside. I heard a few other women going (only wee) that day. I returned to the same toilets the next day in the morning hoping to hear a poo but no one came in to the ladies. Later that day I returned and heard a few more wees'. I was fascinated as I listened, some women did short trickles, others had strong hissing streams, some pulled of lots of paper, some little. You could also hear any conversation, at one point two girls came in and were commenting on how filthy the toilets were, one saying "I'm afraid to even press the flush button because you know some mole has just wiped her arse or pussy". I hope to find more public toilets like this in the future!

Hello there , One day , I had to poo for a long long time after a car travel , and I stopped in a field , after having left the main road . Problem is that meantime I had pissed my pants . So while I shitted , I had some pissing running down my legs .
I enjoyed it

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I really need to pee now... I was outside in the garage earlier and decided to try and poop outdoors. I have not done this in a long time. It had started raining outside, so I came back in and decided to poop on a paper towel in the floor. I laid the towel out behind my feet. THen I unbuttoned my tight jeans and slid down my panys and underwear. I pushed and 3 small turds popped out easily. THen I moved to the toilet and wiped once. I am planning where to pee now.... It will have to be soon, as there is a wet spot already... Gotta go pee...

Last year, my family was at a state park campground in our pop-up camper. Now, as soon as I saw it, I decided that I would have to poop in the RV dump station. (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a big 3" or so pipe sticking out of the ground.) The last night we were there before we headed home, I snuck up to the pipe(wearing a skirt and no panties, as usual) and squatted on it. I also happened to pee, and all of that went over into the grass. Right now, we are planning a long hike and I am preparing by learning how to poop on the ground. I am just doing it on our bathroom floor and then picking it up and dumping it into the toilet. Will keep you posted.

Sorry about the two posts, just saw Louise's latest survey...

1. Yes.
2. Gym, beach, pool, everywhere.
3. Yes, my friends
4. Yeah, I do it with my friends all the time

The Crazy Crapper
does anyone have anyweird positions they use when they are pooping

Scaredy Cat
Has anyone been so scared that they pissed or craped their pants? If so Please share. Thank You

Hilary R.
Mel- Nice post!

It is not easy to poop and not let out any pee.

Do you ever just stand up and let it flow in the shower, or do you always squat down?

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