i'm Cassie and i'm 17, senior in high school and all that fun stuff. i have quite a record of accidents in public, and i found this place so i decided to share them. i don't really like having accidents, im just pretty accident prone so i decided to just accept it, and now i even tell people about my accidents just incase it ever happens in front of them, so they aren't surprised. that way it is slightly less embarrassing. anyway, i'm gonna share some of my most memorable accident stories..memorable as in most embarrassing. i have 3 wetting accident stories and 2 pooping accident we go..
The first time I ever had a bad wetting accident (bad as in not just in my bed at home, yes i was a little bed wetter until about the age of 8) was in kindergarten, soit wasn't that big of a deal because a lot of kindergartners do that. it happened because well, since i was a bed wetter, nap time wasn't something i enjoyed because i was scared i would wet myself, so i alwasy tried to stay awake. one day though, i hadnt slept very well the night before, and at nap time in my kindergarten class i fell asleep rather easily, and peed my pants.i woke up and started crying, and some other kids giggled and stuff. my teacher took me to get cleaned up, and my mom came with clean pants and undies for me.
the next peeing accident i had was a bigger deal, it happened when i was a little older and was significantly more embarrassing. i was in 4th grade and it was recess. i hadn't wet the bed in a couple years by then and i hadnt peed my pants other than that besides the time in kindergarten, so i thought i grew out of it. i had to pee druing recess, but no one wants to waste recess time. i didn't think much of it and just kept holding it an as i played. me and some other girls were running up on the hill in the back of the recess yard, we were playing tag i think. ther was a little ditch at the other side of the hill that was a litle hard to see, and wehn i ran over the hill i tripped in it, and when i fell down i wet my pants. my friend kayla saw me and was shocked, "cassie you peed your pants!" i tried to lie and say i just fell into a puddle when i tripped, but the other girls all saw there was no puddle and made fun of me for peeing my pants. that time i cried enough sothe nurse let me go home.
the next accident i had was a pooping 6th grade, we went on a field trip to six flags, great adventure. it was about an hour and a half bus ride, and i had a bad ???? ache the whole ride there. i realized by the time we got to the park that i had to go poopies, and i told the chaperone for my group that i wanted to go to the bathroom as soon as we got off the bus. she said there would be a bathroom break for everyone after we got through and out teacher checked into the park, since we had the field trip group paid for ahead. well, that took a little too long and i really couldn't hold it in any more, and to my horror, i pooped my pants. it didn't seem to smell and i thought i could hide it, just as long as i could keep from crying. i fought back my tears, then it was finally time to go into the park. we were walknig toward the bathrooms andi was acting casual, when my chaperone asked me to come talk to her..i went over to her and she said in a very quiet voice, "cassie i know you had an accident.." i started to cry. i guess there was a bulge in my jeans. if she saw it, i could only imagine how many of the other kids knew i pooped my pants. my chaperone waited at the guest center with me until my mom got there to pick me up. my whole grade knew what i did.
in 8th grade, there wasn't really that much of a story, we had an assembly and i had to pee really bad, and the assembly was a little long so i ended up peeing my pants, again. that was the most embarrassing because i was 14 by then, and it was theater seating, so when i had to get out of the aisle i needed to slip by everyone, giving them a nice up close view of my wet butt. i had tight light blue jeans on, so the big wet stain that covered almost my whole butt and part of my thighs was quite obvious.
last but not least, here is my worst accident on the record. this happened last yar when i was a junior in high the end of the school day, i felt a need to poop coming on, but i didn't care too much because it was the end of the day and i would be home soon. the day ended and i went out to get picked up by my mom (i didnt have my driver's license yet.) she asked me how my day was and all that, then told me we were going grocery shopping before home....i wanted to object, but i REALLY don't nkow why i didn't, i just decided to tough it out. about 10 minutes into grocery shopping we hadn't even gotten through 2 aisles, and i really really needed to poop. i told my mom i was gonna go look around and i'd find her in a little bit. i walked around desperatley looking to see if there was a bathroom around. im way too shy to ask where the bathroom is, i just hate the idea of people knowing when i've gotta go. i searched for 10 minutes and i was unsuccessful. i decided to go look for my mom, and as i was heading down an aisle i let out a pretty big fart. it was quite loud and made a classic fart sound..i didnt even turn to see if tehre was anyone on the aisle who heard and knew it was me, my face just went completely red and i rushed out of the aisle. the fart was dreadful, i knew that meant i had very little time to find a bathroom. shortly after i found my mom, it was finally time to check out and i was relieved to know that. my friend elizabeth had just gotten there from school, because she works there as a cashier. my mom saw her and went to go in her lane. there were 2 people ahead of us, and i was concentrating as hard as i could on not completely filling my pants right then and there. i had tight jeans on too so i knew it would be noticable if i had an accident. when iwas our turn to check out, i asked elizabeth where there were bathrooms. my mom immediatley interrupted and said "cassie don't be ridiculous we're about to go home." i got quite upset at my mom for that, she of all people should know that i have accidents once in a while. i had to poop so incredibly bad, and while my mom was still puttng the groceries on the belt, i let out another mom, elizabeth, the people in line behind us and the cashier in the next lane over ALL looked over at me, and i started pooping my pants..i quickly put both of my hands over my butt to try and hold it, but ti was no use, and i could feel it pushing out with great force, and making a huge bulge in my pants. my mom yelled at me to go wait outside....nothing like pooping your pants in the grocery store when you're 16! :(

Da Guy
A few months ago I was sitting on the toilet in the boys room when I heard someone come in. I looked under the screen and saw the feet face away from the toilet--he was sitting on the toilet. Then I heard a long tinkle. Then the guy got up and I heard some paper ruffling and thene he opened the door and walked out. I thought to myself, 'Why the hell does a guy wanna sit down to pee?'. Then I heard a girl's voice giggling and then saying;
"Hehehe! I did it! I went in the boy's!"

hey guys, well i don't have much to say or report. I haven't been doing anything interesting lately, just having my daily poops usually. Todays poop was in total length about a foot and a half and although that sounds big, that's about normal for me. Well I'll write back whenever I have something to say. Keep the stories coming. hey, always like your stories Mel, Ash, JJ,and Hannah, I hope Rachel comes out with some more stories soon.

One day last summer I was looking at campers to buy and I suddenly felt a need to poop, so I quickly looked around to see if anyone was coming, luckly nobody was. I quickly went into the tiny bathroom. I left the door open so that I could see if anyone was coming. I sat down on the toilet and farted. I couldn't believe the smell of the fart, I never smelt anything like it. I started to push the turd out, and just as soon as it started to come out someone started to walk towards the door of the camper. I jumped up and pulled my pants up just as he was getting within 10 feet of the door. It was a boy about 12, he wanted to look at the camper because of the bunkbeds. When he got in the camper I was sitting at the table pretending to look at some papers, all the while trying to limit the damage to my pants witch were now damp in the front, and had a little damage to my underwear in the back, The boy complained about the smell, I told him that it smelled because of a dead animal even though it smelt more like a bad egg. He went to the back and looked at the bunkbeds. There was a pull down bed that you had to yank to get down, he yanked at it and as he did he let out a loud but short fart. He looked my way and turned red, and ran out the door. Finally I was left alone again. I went back to the toilet and sat down. I peed for about 30 seconds and farted again, and pushed. I exploded with Diarrhea for about a minute. I wiped with the paper that I was reading on the table and got off the toilet. I pressed the lever to flush the toilet, some of the poop went down, but alot stayed. I had to pee again so I peed into the toilet to wash away the poop. The camper really stunk so I decided to make a sneaky exit out the back so nobody would suspect me. As I rounded the corner of the camper to my horror, all the pee and Diarrhea had gone through the holding tanks and was now laying on the pavement. Right next door there was a family looking out of the other camper right at the pile! I ran in the opposite direction before they could see me, or at least I hope they didn't see me.

As I was leaving the dealer I saw the kid that had farted being dragged across the driveway to his car by his mother. He had a big brown bulge in his pants along with a wet front. I'm glad that I didn't end up like him.

Upstate Dave: I didn't know that you knew the adirondacks so well and that you even knew that Malone existed. I live right around the Malone area, and am surpised that someone actually knew that the town existed. Its so small cows outnumber people 10 to 1.

Please let me know if you liked my expierience.

master dumper
dear checkfriend I choose not to use the publick bathrooms because their realy realy dirty and plus I like messing up the toilet in the nurses office.

Any way Yesterday I was at a huge highschool party with me and my friend {the same one whose bathroom I stunk up } and we were sitting around drinking coronas when I felt the sudden urge to crap. and since the bathroom line was so long I had to get creative, so I went to their basement and acted like I was going their to get something, and then took a crap down their and blamed it on their dog LOL that was the best crap I ever had. Be writing later By

Mister Peeper.
NNJB - I think the main reason my aunt let me see her in that situation is because we were so close, like buddies, but I think she knew it was a turn on to me. Mainly, she was being her "at home" self by leaving the door open because she was always leaned forward reading when I would pass by the bathroom door. When she was done I would always go in and take a leak and see her skid marks in the bowl. The bathroom would hold her poop smell for about half an hour after she was done. The only other time I was really in the bathroom with her was the friday of that week when she asked me to bring her mail in to her and as I entered the bathroom with it and handed it to her she replied with a "thank you sweety..........PLIP.........FLOOOOOOOOOP" and I could tell a long one had just entered the water.

Hey guys.
I have just a simple question today. How many of the regulars here read this site and/or post when they have to go poo? Just curious.
Well, that's it for today. I have to sit on the toilet and go poo.
Take care guys.

Hi,all--been busy and haven't had time to post lately,but have been reading the forum almost daily as I let my bowels fill up and read all the good stuff esp from Mel &ash D and Franco,PRG,senorita "malita and lots of others here-lately most of my dumps have been pretty uneventful-a few good ones here and there--
anyway,I had a good poop session when I went upstate NY with some friends to do some skiing and stayed at this bed and breakfast place up near Hunter Mt.The 2nd morning about 12-15 people were eating breakfast(and the food here is super and it really makes me dump good,too) and we got to know some of the regulars that worked there as well and there was this woman who helped with the serving and getting all of us out on the slopes.She was about 30-35,very natural looking and no make up at all and had a slim atheletic(sp?) body and she's eating along with all of us and I'm sitting there finished and talking with everyone and as i'm sitting there,I feel my intestines start to push my morning excrement towards my rectum and I feel it start to fill up-this food up here really makes me go and i noticed a lot of other folks it had the same effect as one by one they left the table to go to the bathrooms,so I decided to just wait there til the urge got stronger and at one point i'm talking to this woman and i got a strong cramp and I reacted to it and she noticed it and said to me"I guess you are going to leave me too and head for the toilet" and I just smiled and we both laughed slightly and then she said"yeah this food is all homemade and it will keep you regular,that's for sure" and as i'm getting up to go,she says"well it's that time of the morning for me too "and grabs the morning paper and we both go together to the bathrooms up the stairs-now this place has 3 floors and on each floor there are 3 bothrooms right next to each other and each room is very small with a toilet,sink and a small shower stall-now i've stayed here before and dumping here is great cause the rooms are right next to each other and the walls are pretty thin and you can hear a lot of action,so naturally,going up the stairs with this woman in front of me,i was getting pretty excited about going to the next toilet along side of her and as i'm watching her nice tight butt climb the stairs we go to the rooms and she turns to me and says"you take that room and i'll take this room and enjoy " and then she offers me some of the morning paper"Need some reading material for the deed?'I said "sure why not" but I knew I wasn't going to be doing ANY reading with her in the next room!So she goes in and i go in and I locked the door and I hear her lock her door too and as I get undressed,I hear her sit down on the bowl and start to pee and I hear the rustle of the paper and I'm So excited by this and I really had to dump pretty good as I sat down on the bowl and she was still peeing,but nothing else,so i decided to just start to dump as I felt my anus relax and I let out a long,dry fart and then a hissing fart and as I felt my anus start to open up i hear from her side "Oh,I bet that felt good-glad i gave you some of my morning paper"now in these rooms the walls are so thin,you can hear everything when someone is dumping in the next room,it's almost like dumping in a public toilet when you are in stalls next to each other. In a way,i was excited by the fact she could hear me start to poop,so I just let it all hang out as my poop started to come out with a lot of crackling and some hissing gas as grunted a bit in relief I could feel it was one of my long ones as I let it slowly slip out my domed anus i heard her say "wow you're having a good on this morning,in fact it's inspirational,so I'll join you "and as i'm just letting this long turd hang out my butt,(and losing my mind with delight)I hear her let out 2 hissing farts followed by what sounded like a coffee induced soft bunch of poop exit her but pretty quick and it sounded like plop,plop, crackle,plop fart fart plop,plop,plop farrrrt and I could hear her grunting softly with every fart she let out as i could also hear the turning of the paper too-it was like a symphony-now here i am practically right on top of this woman with this poop hanging out my butt hearing all this action-I was going nutz!then I heard her say"that 's what I needed "as she grunted out some more loose stuff and I had to go then as I let this long turd start to move and it sped up and I let out another fart and let out the tail end of my morning BM which was soft with lots of crackling and a few farts which of course felt super and for a few seconds,we were both dumping at the same time!then I heard her say"hey,you done yet?"I said "no I don't think so,how about you?"she said yup,1 cup of coffee just pushes it all out pretty quick"As I hear her start to wipe,I let out some more soft stuff and she says "boy you really had to go huh?" and I was right in the middle of the dump, as I grunted out a "Yup"--needless to say,I had a great time pooping with this lady and of course I had to get off too!then I heard her flush and then I heard her jump nto the shower which led me to believe she,too probably dumped naked_WOW,i thought what fun this was!Then I let out 2-3 farts and some mucus and peed for a bit and wiped my butt and it was a messy wipe too,so I decided to jump into the shower too.After a few minutes ,we both came out of the bathrooms at the same time and she said" you,know i tried to make you feel more comfortable about pooping cause I know these walls are really thin and one can hear just about everything and at this point,i've been going to the bathroom up here for years,i don't give a hoot who hears me or not" I said "thanks,it was relaxing to have a poop buddy-we did some good poopin' together!" and we both laughed--boy,if she knew just how much I enjoyed It!! the next few day here was lots of fun- every morning i would poop along with eigher her(and we would talk to each other as we pooped and I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as i !!) or someone and it seemed to me that whoever it was I pooped along with seemed to enjoy the experience just as much as I did-I try to come up there every year to ski and do some great buddy pooping.It's almost as much fun as my pooping in the woods in the summertime! wish I could do a woods poop with this pretty lady-she sounds like a good pooper!!hope you all enjoyed the story!! I had a great time up there!!! maybe I'll mention a few more things about up there in a future post-- BYE

Thanks for answering my questions that I had.
I saw on the show The L Word a couple of weeks ago,
the woman that got preggers was on the toliet and showed
her taking the pee test. Then in the same show it showed
one of the men going in and using the toliet and two of
the women made out in a toliet next to him.
I surprised one of the lesbian women on here didn't mention
it. Me and girlfriend watch it every week.
No new stories from me but my poops are just normal
and boring. I've even stopped getting those nasty "piles".

Sunday, February 29, 2004

I think my bathroom interests started by listening to girls tinkle. Every day I would have the opportunity when my sister went, and her friends when they were over to our house. Almost every day at least one friend would come over after school, even if it was just for 20 - 30 minutes and they would always use the bathroom. Some of them really had to go, others just did a little tinkle. Some would just sit on the toilet and "try." When they were older, they would change tampons or check their pads also.

Later on I graduated to sneaking into girls' restrooms at school. This would have been 5th or 6th grade. I would sit on the toilet in a stall and just wait for girls to come in and pee. They would toss a lot of tissue on the floor. There was a wide range of tinkle sounds and bladder capacities. I got caught once on the way out so I stopped doing this. I didn't get into trouble but I'm sure if I was older I would have. After this I volunteered to clean the bathrooms after school a few times so I could enjoy wiping girl toilet seats. usually a few toilets were unflushed so I got to see what they did. I would also restock the toilet paper and towels. These were nice bathrooms so I didn't mind. It smelled a lot different than the boys' bathroom.

Boys usually didn't flush the urinals at all, so by the end of the day, things were quite smelly. Not a bad smell to me, but I flushed each urinal several times and then cleaned them. I once found some shit on the toilet seat which was the grossest thing I ever cleaned up. Anyone want to hear more about these adventures?

To Bryian

I am glad you enjoyed the story about my girlfriend. It is all true. I had to find a reason to gether to let me see her pooing. When she told me that she lived with Tim years ago, she mentioned to me that he once said to her "When do you poo? you never poo, I always have to poo". She replied " I poo, I just don't let people know I am pooing".

Since Tim had expressed an interest in her pooing habits,I figured that he had probably had been interested in seeing her pooing and possibly wanting to see the poo. Since her house had no locks on the
bathroom doors, I guessed that he would have decidedly to deliberately
walk in on her while she was pooing. When I pressed her about it, she
told me that, yes, he had walked in on her two or three times. I asked her if he stayed in the bathroom until she was done. She said yes, she asked him to leave but he refused to go.

I asked her if she knew if he had seen the poo or not. She said that he did see it, she remembered that he came over to the toilet and
glanced in at it. I told her, "If he had a chance to see it, I should see it. I treat you better than he ever did" She agreed and pooped in front of me that very afternoon. She has been pooing in front of me ever since.

I Had a very funny expierience one time whenever flying to Australia, it was a cold day when leaving London, so I DECIDED to be very femine, in that I was wearing a nice skirt and jumper on. Underneath my sskirt, I had a nice pair of cotton white laced briefs on, then i had my fawn tights, and my skin nickers were under, Now the flight is about 11 hours, and like many people I don't like using the toliet on board, Much too smaall and everybody sees you going, anyhoow we eventurally landed in hong kong, and I was really bursting, so eventurally got through customs and that. Hunted arround to see where the loos were, and finnally found them. so rushed in, and jioned the que, it wasn't that long but hearing all the others peeing and flushing before me, really made me desparate. At last, my turn came, and a cubical became vacent, So practically crossed leged, I dashed speedily into the stall. turned arround and locked my door Now As you all know the toliets hong kong style are like shower trays, and using such takes a certain skill and tack, especially when wearing tghts ect. Anyhow wondering how to nogicate things, l took a minute or two just thinking what was the best method from this point on. So lifting up my skirt, I grab my underwear, and Began to pull everythhing down. then so not to get splash whenever I began to pee, first of all, I tried just to bend over, AND hold my skirt up with one hand, and hold my underwear, tights ect away from the path of my flow, but this isreally difficult and i was afraid of slipping and then loosing my ballance. So wondering again aboutt this, I attempted to get myself into a squarting shaped i rested my feet on the door, and myshoulders and head rested against the back wall of stall and with my skirt well up underneath me, I could let myself go, ah such a relief as my unrine eaggerly flowed, having held it so long it was warm and steamy,and I could feel this as it bean to trittle against my skin at the last. On realisinng that I was now finished, I had to think how to get back on my feet without falling into my wet unrinated basin, by now the floor was wet and slipperly, so slowly I managed to regain my ballance enought to lift myself back onto my feet, grasping my skirt,tights and pants,I tried to make sure none of them dropped back into my dirty toliet basin

Although this prooved difficult, I did managed to get there eventurally, and once having my ballance, I could think about wipping my bottom clean. as perusual there wasn't a bit of paper left in the stall, so struggling to keep my sKirt well up, I reached into my bag, where I knew I had some wet ones. Taking a couple, and lifting my skirt a bit higher, and I began wiping myself. OH how beautiful this felt, the wipes just cleared everything away, a lovely feeling, my bottom was really damp, with both my wee, and the sweat from sitting so long in the cabin. Anyhow, soon I began to feel, all nice and dry, I could start to begin pulling up my nickers and tights once more. lifting high my skirt, and grbing the first of these, I Leant down, grabed the first layer, and started to pull upwards, pass my ankles, knees and up under my skirt and on up over my bottom it self. These seem to slide on ok, nothing seemed to have been traped inside them. Having my nickers on, the next step was pull up my tights, by now these had slid arounnd my angles. So taking one leg at a time, I began straightening them leg by leg, each attempt brought one leg higher than the other, this continued, almost until both sides were up under my skirt, then lifting my skirt yet again, I clamped it up between both my elbows, leaving both my hands free to grab hold of the both ends of my tights, then With a little force I hiked them on up over my bottom, into place. Being almost through, I then reached down to where my garter [over tights,] pants were, and gently pull these back up underneath my skirt. Feeling cosy and comfortable, I opened my stall door, Walked accros to the sinks and mirrows, washed my hands and face, coombed my hair, then headed towards the tea rooms, where I had a drink piror to boardng my onward flight to Sydney, Australia. Just another 7 hour hold.

Hi, iīve been reading this forum for quite a time and wanted to tell you a story of about three weeks ago which happened in our winter holidays. As Iīm German, donīt be too judicious about my english, okay?
Anyway, I spent two weeks in a little village called Sils Maria with my longtime (about 5 years now) girlfriend, or should I say: female partner(?) in Switzerland in the snow. We stayed at a small and very luxurious family-hotel chaletstyle, went for long winter-walks, did some skiing and had an absolutely great time. As it was abominably cold, at times near minus 20 degrees celsius, the adjoining lake was frozen solid and one day we decides after breakfast to go for a really long walk right across the ice to the village on the other side, have some tea there and walk back. It looked deceptively near, but as you canīt really walk fast on ice, (you have to sort of shuffle along), it took us nearly three cautious hours to get across. Anyway, it was fun to walk on that wide expanse of ice, we went to a restaurant, enjoyed our break and after about an hour, startet to walk back. I donīt quite remember that, but I think, my gf even went for a quick pee, before we left. Not that it helped her very much in the bowel department. After about an hour of shuffling she startet to complain about a "grumbling stomach", at first only a nuisance, but things developed fast...
Some time later one could plainly see that she was in distress. I asked her and she told me, she had a funny feeling in her bum and her intestines felt like knotting, her stomach gnarled and she startet to press her hands on her abdomen and walked sort of slightly bent forwards. We tried to shuffle faster, but that didnīt work at all, itīs plainly impossible on sheetice.
At first we laughed about it (she a bit uneasily) and I made the usual jokes, like, "keep you cheeks together all the time" and "donīt slip now or the shock of falling will be too much for the strain on your asshole" a.s.o. Actually we made quite good time, but finally it dawned on her, that she had to take a dump in the VERY near future and startet looking about. But flat ice is flat ice and there is absolutely nowhere to hide. Fortunately there were only a few other people about and rather far away, but anyway, the idea didnīt please her much, so she held on a little longer.
But when we were literally in the middle of that lake, she suddenly said: Sorry, I really have to go NOW, or that stuff will start to slide out by itself. I donīt think, I can hold it in anymore.
One thing: she is not a shy girl, thank heavens, we know each other quite well and the bathroom door is nearly always open. Iīve seeen her peeing and sitting on the toilet and vice versa, so itīs not a big deal between us. But anyway: on that ice in full view of anybody who might care to look in our direction...
So we startet to make a plan, she holding her stomach with one hand and her bum with the other. She would take down her pants and all the warm underlayers, squat on the ice and hold her jacket in front of her, and I was to squat behind her and open my jacket, spread my arms as far as they would go,and so obscure the view for anybody looking from behind.
And that precisely is why I had my own private backside-frontrow seat to watch the ongoing proceedings. She startet to take down her pants, warm long underpants, several other layers and finally her panties, assembled all of that at her knees (all that with one hand, the other pressing down on her anus, first through the clothing, later in direct contact) and finally squatted. It may have helped that sheīs a tiny, slender girl. At the same time I squatted and opened my jacket behind her, although I was careful not to be too near, as I was expecting a sort of explosion or stuff gushing out. But that was not what happend, not at all....
She moaned and to my surprise did not pee at all, not a single drop. She seemed to relaxe, her anus opened, a brown peak peered out, but then vanished inside again. (I could see all that plainly). Her Asshole closed quite effectively and she said: "What the hell is that,I thought, it would be gushing out of me in a second flat. This fells more like constipation now." Then she closed and opened her anus-muscles several times in rapid succession, the brown peak peering out bolder and bolder,then really pushed and first of all a very round and solid lump the size of a golfball plopped out onto the ice and rolled towards me. Yes,I thought, that must have helped quite nicely and effectively to block her asshole from the inside and hold all the rest in for the last hour or so. I gave it a light shove and it was really hard and near perfectly round.
And then the really amazing thing happened: No explosion at all, but immediately afterwards a thin (thick like a finger) cord of light brown shit startet to slide out of her hole. Soft-textured, mushy, but semi-solid and clinging. It streamed unbroken and slightly steaming onto the ice, and curled and looped there quite gracefully. And: it seemed to be neverending... the lazy flow went on and on and gathered under her bum in a neat curly pile, still looking like a coil of thin rope (or maybe frozen solid two seconds after it came out, it was VERY cold). And due to the extreme cold there was nearly no stink at all. The whole process looked very asthetic to me, no, dammit, it was near mesmerizing and I could have watched that traquil flow forever. we,, it didnīt last forever, but my girltook her time and only finally the stream came to an end, tapering ever so slightly. And mind you, still not a single drop of pee went with it.
As she had her hands full of clothing I even gave her anus a courtesy-wipe with a tissue but it was anyway perfectly clean.
She then stood up and began dressing rapidly (the cold biting at last, I guess), turned rund and we marvelled over that nice looking mole-dome on the ice. Nobody had so far as looked at us, it seemed, and we shuffled on.
And that was what I wanted to share with you, mainly.
About an hour afterwards, she had to go again, we did our little routine and this time the stuff (now really gushing out, and as I was too near, it splattered my boots) was rather liquid, messy, and must have come from very deep down inside. It was after all just a short burst and after that first experience rather unexiting.
By the way: the whole episode was not so very embarassing as some of you might think, as there was nobody near. We had quite a good laugh afterwards and fantasized, what we would do the next time, it might happen. But of course it never will....
But one question remains niggling at me and I want to ask the ladies of this forum one thing:
Of course, when you pee, you pee, and this is a single action. But when you have to take a dump, can this be done without peeing at all?
Are there routines, like peeing first, unloading after, or alternating the two, or do both at the same time, or some pee first,then dump, then same after, or what? This question has been on my mind ever since and I hope sincerely to get some statistical facts from you ladies.
Thank you and goodbye for now. And, yes, my girl knows, Iīve been writing this episode down for you and is reading the story from behind my shoulder, laughing hard......

Hi again!

Further to my post about Rachel, I will tell another story from the course about another girl who fell foul of not going to the toilet for three days!

It was nine o clock on the evening a group had returned from an expedition and I was freshening up. When, in to the toilet walked an attractive ginger haired girl from my grade ( we are 16) called Kirsty. She walked in a way that she hoped nobody would notice, and sat down on a toilet. I curiously followed into the next cubicle.

She pissed at first and then let out a tremendous booming set of farts. All was quiet until I heard a uuughhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnn, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! No! Kirsty said quietly. Why now? ugghhhhhhhh!!! nnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....any of my firends, pant, breath. For the next twenty minutes this gorgeous girl gave a lovely display, with each push getting longer and elongated uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,ooooooohhhhh, uugggghhh! After about fifteen minutes, she said, 'time for plan B' and i heard shuffling and toilet paper going down on the floor.Interesting, I thought!

I squatted down on the floor, and presently I saw Kirsty's nicely rounded bottom appear, and then she pushed harder than ever uuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, onnnneeeeeee, twooooooo, threeeeeeee,nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, at this point the head of what looked to be a very knobbly turd began to poke out. Kirsty was pleased, nnn...yes...yes....nnnnn...thats good, but then, ugh!! Its stopped again! Kirsty continued nnnnnnnnn........uuuugggggghhhhhhhh, and the turd began to move slowly again, ow! ow! ow! Kirsty was going, but she continued the fight until uuuuggggghhhhhhhhhh......aaaaahhhhhhhhh, pant, as I saw this big fat,knobbly turd lying on the ground. Kirsty climbed onto the toilet and was like aaaaaggggh! aaaaaghhhh! in relief breath, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...........oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh as she began to fight another turd out. This time she wasn't stopping for anything, and I heard her mumble well done Kirsty! Well done! nnnnnnnnnn.....its not beating you! its nearly there, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......aaagh! a large plop in the toilet. Two big turds down, forty minutes passed! For a few more minutes she fired cannonballs and as she flushed the toilet she sighed aaggghhhhh!!!!!! Never again!

I felt like clapping her for this performance! What a gorgeous girl, I felt so lucky to have heard it! I WILL post a couple more stories from this trip, people were silly to not go for three days you know, but who cares> I aint complaining!

I'll call myself R.M.A. because that's the initials of my name. People will have an easy time remembering it because it sometimes means Remember Me Always. I love the women's BM stories. Keep them coming!


To Louise
Here are my answers to your survey
1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No 4. Yes

em dubya
Hey everyone! Wow! There's been a lot of great posts coming in recently. There's a few in particular I wanted to reply/leave feedback to.
Sally:How embarassing! Being the teacher and having an accident. Great post, though!
Lizz:I envy u that! I want to pee in a diaper, too! Please post more soon!
And to everyone else:Please keep these great posts coming!
Also, I have a small story to share. I just woke up about 5 min ago. Last night was the first time I'd ever slept in the nude. I also kept a cup by my bed. I used it twice. Once at about midnight and once at about 7AM. After I'd pee into it, I'd get up and dump it in the toilet, rinse it, and wash my hands. Right now, I'm sitll naked and I think I could get used to this nudity thing.

Please keep the posts coming everyone!

hi. I love Ash D AND MEL D.

Roberta, I like your stories. What happened next to Janie, Sam, and Grant?

desperate to poop
It was this winter and our pluming went out and all we could do is pee and if we had to poop we had to hold it until we could get to a gas station or the law office that I work at. While I was wating for the plumber to show up to fix the problem I had the sudden but massive urge to poop. I was almost ready to explode I could fill the poop wanting to come out but I knew that I could not take a dump just yet, so I was holding it in as best as I could and I could not take it any longer, I went into the bathroom and I sat backwards on the crapper and I placed a trash can behind me and I pissed into the crapper and I pooped out the other into the trash can. It felt sooo good to get rid of that huge monstar it was 3inches thick and unknown how long it was

em dubya
Hey all, I was just reading the posts here when I decided I should pee in a cup. Since I already had no pants and underwear on, I just took the cup and peed in it for about 25-30 sec, which is long for me. I had to hold back the spray because it started to splash a little (I need to get a bigger cup.) As I was peeing, I felt a growing need to poop so I decided I'd do that in the cup, too. I knew the cup was too full, though, so I went and emptied it into the toilet. Then, I sat on my chair (ok, so it's more of a kneel) with my legs together, the cup resting in the little whole between my ankles, and the top of the cup right on my butt. I read another post while I let the poop slide out. It was fairly small but enough that it kinda squished at the bottom of the cup. I then flushed it, washed my hands, and threw away the cup (it was just a paper cup.) Now, I'm still without pants and underwear and I think I might read some more posts. Keep posting everyone!

Hi all,
let me tell you about a poop:
well once me and my girl friend were playing basketball we were about 9 and I had only met at school 2 days ago .I felt like I had to poop. I DID NOT want to tell her. I would be so embaresed so I just held it we played for 5 more minutes and urge was strong at this point.8 more minutes passed I had to tell Amy(my friend)!So I said Amy? What? she said. Ummm...When do you have to go home? in 30 minutes. she replied. why?amy asked well because..... there's my dad we have go eat dinner! guess you have to go! The poop was about to come out at this point. but it's only 5:00. ya but I want to talk to my dad. it was about to come out (oh ya we were at my house). fine see you tommarow. Okay I ran In the house and reached the stairs (I only poop in my bathroom) I had to hold my cheeks together there were 16 steps I knew I wouldn't make it but I tried hopping to find it only pushing the crap father through my butt i ran up the stairs two at a time and made it up I thought I did But I had a poop in my pants a ran to my shitter and locked the door and took of my panties that now had a bunch of crap in them and threw them away ploped myself on the toilet and farted some shit came out then a huge 5" turd came out .splash! water splashed all over my butt cheeks.

thats all for now
Elise that's my real name my phone number is

To overwipe: I always look at the toilet paper after I wipe. How else can you tell if you are clean. Youi know? When the paper comes back "white" then you're as clean as you can get without a shower.

To Son of a Preacher Man: Intense story. I've had the same situation happen to me. Thank goodness you had a good buddy with you. You should never feel ashamed about going to the bathroom. It's the one thing that does not discriminate. Doesn't matter how much money you have or how educated you are. The bottom line is EVERYONE has to crap and pee. I think you also learned that you shouldn't make fun of anyone who is in that situation, and to be as compassionate and helpful as your buddy was. Sometime the urge to go isn't always at our convenience. Take care.

Super Pooper
I'm back with more interesting tales from the depths of my bowels. The past 2 Bms I've had have been quite memorable. I always have a bm after I get out of class, right when I get home; and every day it is almost the same, a nice 6 incher with a few turdlettes. Well I went for a couple days without a bm... it's not that I tried to, but I just never got the urge to go. Then the day before yesterday I got the urge to go, and it was so hard to push out that it hurt! but the wierd thing was it was only 6 inches long with a couple turdlettes... Standard size in my book. Then Today for my bm all it was, was a bunch of nicely shped round turdlettes... a great bunch of them that squeezed out one by one individually... was quite strange and I thought I'd share.

To Louise,

-I nearly always pee in the shower at home.
-Sometines at the swimming pool I pee throught my comtume in the showers.
-My friends do the same when they are in the showers at the pool.
-Once I peed in the shower at the gym, it was pretty obvious sinci I squatted down.

Hey guys.
Been a while since I posted. But today, I did a good stinky poo poo, and decided to share what happend.

I was on my way to work out when I suddenly felt that I had to poo bad. I would have to wait for a bit because the elevator was taking its time. Well, I finally got to the bathroom. I went into the first stall, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. As soon as I sat, I let out a loud, stinky fart. That was followed by another 2 farts: equally as loud. I then heard crackling as my butt opened up and let out a long poo. After the poo came out, I let out 3 more farts. I then heard more crackling as another poo was coming out. This one was much shorter, and made more of a splash in the toilet. I then was done with my poo, but then I started to pee. After I went pee, I got up and looked. It was a nice, long, 1-2 foot poo poo, with a small, maybe 1 inch piece of poo. I wiped, then flushed. In short: stinky fart, fart, fart, crackle, ploop, fart, fart, fart, crackle, plop, hiss, wipe, flush.

I enjoyed today's poo poo. It was nice, loud crackle, felt good, lots of farts, and stunk some.

Well, that is all for today.

Keep up the crackling, farting, and the pooping!

Take care guys.

today i was in my math class.and our power went off for some reason and all the teachers and students were supposed to stay in the room and wait until the power went back on. and my teacher you could tell that he really had to go to the bathroom cuz he would put his hands in his pockets and start grabbing his dick. and 45 minutes later he started leaking out some and then he went to go sit behind his desk so nobody would see what he was going to do. it was funny. most kids could see that he already had a wet spot growing on his pants. when the power finially came back on he's like ok have a good rest of the day.

when i was leaving another teacher from out in the hall called his name and he got up you could see a dark spot where he had pissed himself he tried to untuck his shirt to hide it. i never found out what happend to him at the end of the day.

Hi. I am 12 years old and all this talk about pee has just made me remember a story that happened when I was in third grade.
It was a normal day I ate, peed, and learned what I needed to learn, but what I didn't know was what had happened after lunch. For lunch, I had a sandwich, chips and a juice. Then I drunk a lot of water. I felt alright until 30 minutes after lunch and recess. Our third grade teacher had a rule that you could not go to the bathroom until 1:00 and it was about 12:00 so I had to wait one hour. Well my bladder was about to explode but I tried to wait because it was about 15 minutes until I could go. It seemed like time was stopping because it was teasing me. I eventually started to leak little pee drops and before I knew it, I was peeing very fast. I did this for about two minutes and what ticked me off the most was that it was 1:00 when I finished and there was a big wet spot on the floor and on the seat and on my pants. I felt really embarrassed. I just sat there until the end of class and wabbled my way to my mom's car and home. I threw my pants in the washer and took a long bath. Now I go to the restroom after each meal so I won't pee on myself. Keep up with the posts. They are quite funny.
Tevin (laughing)

hi i am just wondering something.after a long day wenever i take off my undies there are poop stains and wet patches.i never feel any of this come out!?!is there something wrong with me?does it happen to u?y is this happening?i am only 11 years old.please write a post just for me explaining this.also,wen i stick my hand in my pants my vagine is ALWAYS SOAKED.PLEASE write back.~LAUREN~


It wouldn't hurt if learn a little bit about women anatomy if you plan hang out with them...LOL...

The noise that you heard has nothing to do with the hymen or being virgin. The hymen is in the vagina, vs. the pee comes out of the urethra..yes..unlike male, females have two different for sex and babies, the other for urinating..

Now there can be few explanation for the different noises that you heard..Let's start first with the last woman that sound like a boy. The first reason can be that she peed standing like a boy, yes women can do it! The second is that she hovered high over the bowl and aimed directly to the water. In both cases her stream traveled quite a long distance which makes this hard splashing noise.
About the 3 other girls, since they were friends, they were shy one hears the other pees like a race horse.
So they either:
1. Sit down on the bowl to pee and aimed to the porcelain instead to the water (most unlikely, because women never sit in a public toilet)
2. Hovered above the toilet and aimed to the porcelain so it doesn't make so much noise.
3. Hovered above the toilet, but trew inside tons of toilet paper that damped the splashing noise..

In any way, what you heard was the hissing noise of their pee as it forces out of their lips...

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