Hey I'm Sally, I found out about this place from a friend of mine who browses here, and found my story rather hilarious and asked me to post it I am. I'm 23 and I just got out of college and I'm a high school Gym teacher. It's rough because it's my first year teaching and i always feel like the students will be judging me, and in my 2nd week i didn't make it any easier for myself... I had to take my class out to the fields to do fitness tests with running, and it had rained the night before and the only useable field was the one furthest from the school. I took the students out there, and about 5 minutes after we started I REALLY had to poop! there were still more than 50 minutes left in the period, and we were so far from the school, and plus i'm the teacher, there was no way i could leave to go to the bathroom. I just took a deep breath and started holding on! i sat on the bleachers and pretended to be writing in the grade book i had, so i could just stay still and hold in my poop. about 20 minutes into class i could hardly keep from pooping my pants, and i got so incredibly nervous, so i made up an excuse about having to get some forms from my office and told the class i was going to take roll again when i got back to make sure no one snuck away. i got up and started the long journey back to the building, but it was hard not to walk without making it obvious that i was trying not to poop myself, and i heard some smartass guy in the class say "her forms must be in the toilet." as if that didn't make it embarrassing enough with everyone knowing i had to poop, i barely made it 20 feet away from them when i pooped my pants. they all even knew i pooped my pants before i did..not literally, i'm just saying that's how obvious it was, i had light blue stretch pants on, so there was an instant bulge that felt like it was as big as an orange when i was was poop of a rather creamy consistency and just oozed out into a big warm pile in my was one thing when i peed my pants in math when i was in 9th grade, it's 90 times worse to poop your pants in school when you're the teacher..

if you wanna know about the 9th grade pee story too ill say it, it isn't as interesting though i don't think. everyone wakes up with really bad tasting morning mouth i guess, but i went through this phase when i was in 9th grade when morning mouth taste was so bad it made me sick. everymorning when i got up i would go downstairs and have like 2 glasses of water. it was okay because i then just got ready and showerd, and went pee before leaving for school. this one morning though, i woke up on the late side and i was rushing, and i forgot to go pee before leaving. when i got to the school my class was already starting, so i just ignored my full bladder and headed to class. my bladder must've gotten a little "pissed" off at me for doing that, because it seemed like as soon as i got into my math class i had to pee twice as bad. i sat down and i'm sure i made it quite obvious. i was wiggling my feet around a lot and biting my eraser, everytme i moved my body i felt like i just wanted to pee like crazy. literally only 10 minutes into class, i peed...i was sitting awkwardly and i sat up off the seat for a second just to reposition myself, and when i did that my bladder betrayed me. i started to pee my pants when my butt still wasn't on the seat yet so there was a second when it was spattering onto my chair, and everyone looked over..i sat down right away but they saw the dark spot in my lap getting bigger and a puddle coming out from under my was horrible. one kid called me "soggy sally" about a week later, if i remember correctly.

Someone asked about my "accidents". See my earliest posts. I did wet myself in elementary school and I did mess myself up to about 3 y/o; then there was the time when I had a stomach virus in elementary school. But, that was at home. I never had the dramas like some of you guys.

As for constipation and hard stools, I rarely suffered with constipation. When I did, it was murder. I get it with certain cheeses. So, I go easy on the cheese and heavy on water, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Lately, my bowels have been loose because I also take lots of Vitamin C.

My 12 y/o niece (2nd cousin) has these huge bowel movements. They are thick. She is at my house for school winter break. Saturday evening after dinner, the kid clutched her abdomen and said in a little girl voice that she had to sit on the toilet. She pulled up her wool plaid blue skirt as she walked the hallway and closed the bathroom door behind her. After about 10 minutes, I called for her and she called out, "I'm sitting on the toilet. Can you give me my fiction book?" I gave it to her and she opened the door. Her skirt was bunched around her waist and her purple panty hose and purple Hanes panties with red balloons were at her knees. She took the book. She said, "I just made 5 pieces of #2." Plus, she broke a buzzing piece of wind. She said that she ate too much. She is pudgy like me when I was her age. I asked her if she needed anything and she said, "No, I have more in me." She was in there for 20 more minutes. When she finished, she flushed, but left a solid piece that did not go away. I discovered it when I went to take a bath. It was huge, about eight inches long and an inch wide.

In my early teens, I used to have these terrific bowel movements. I was in ninth grade. At the movies one Sunday afternoon, I had to rest my bowels during the film. I decided to go rather than wait for intermission. So, I went up to the balcony where the restrooms were. I had the entire restroom to myself. I found a stall, put paper on the seat, pulled up my navy skirt and white slip and pulled down my white panties. I breathed hard and gave a push. My bowels evacuated 6 hard brown pieces. The first 4 evacuated slowly. Then, I urinated. There was no action for about 7 minutes when I felt pressure in my intestines. Sitting on the toilet with my toes pressed downward, I breathed hard again and gave another push. Another 2 pieces evacuated with a fart before and after each piece. It was a beautiful relief and a release. I sat for awhile longer, then reached for those little square pieces of toilet paper from a shiny metal case attached to the partition. I wiped through the front of my legs, pulled up my panties, let down my skirt and slip. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands and went back to the film. The theater was demolished recently.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Great posts from everyone. Louise here is my answers to your short survey. 1. Yes I pee in the shower. 2. I pee in the shower at home and sometimes when at the pool there is outside showers to rinse off in I'll pee under those showers. 3. I have never seen another person pee while in a public shower. 4> My wife and I have peed together many times in the shower at home.

I used to drive for a delevery service back in the mid 1980's. My route would take me all over the northern part of New York. A good part of the route was through the Aderondack Mnts. There was a number of times I would take my wife along for company. We would leave at 3am in the morning and be on the road from the warehouse at 4:00 am and head north.

The first stop was 110 miles so my wife would fall asleep while it took the 2 hours to get there. The first stop I would unlock the store and bring in the items that were to be droped off there. My wife would wake up and help with the smaller items and would use the bathroom while I was taking the count to make sure all the items were there. This bathroom was small and she would leave the door open and I could hear her hissing away while she peed.

The second stop was for coffee for me and tea for her. Then back on the road for a 60 mile ride to the next stop. The next stop the store was open and was a quick stop. There were always two other stops close by and they were always small orders. The next stop was about 50 miles and there was always time for breakfast before going because they were not open and I had to kill time before they were open. So I treated my wife to a big breakfast and then we left for the next stop.

We got to the stop in Lake Placid and delivered the items to this store and another quick delivery in town and now was heading north again up to Malone N.Y for my next stop. There is a nice small general store in a small town just outside of Lake Placid and I made a stop for a couple of sodas. Hit the road again and on route 30 heading to Malone there is a nice rest stop by a small lake and I always stop there for a break.

My wife got out along with me and she said she really had to go bad and I told her thatis why I stoped. There is many pine trees along the shore of this small lake and many paths to walk on. We walked in along the shore and halted once we were out of sight of the road. "J" told me to sit down becuase I have to pee and shit too. So I sat down and she slid her shorts down and sat on my knees and started to pee a hissing arcing hard stream of pee. Her anus bulged open and a thick turd poked out and started to slowly move outward. This slowed her pee stream down and it was running down off the turd as it was getting longer in length. She gave a push and that piece fell to the ground with a thud and her pee stream went back toa steady hissing flow for several moments and then stoped. I'm done she said and I already had a napkin waiting and wiped her anus and vagina. She goes your turn,

She slid her shorts back up and she unziped my jeans and pulled outmy penis and aimed for her log on the ground and slashed it with my pee. I really had to go bad so my pee lasted quite awhile and once I was done and she ziped me back up with a smile I bet you feel better. I said you don't know the half of it. We stayed for several more minutes and left to go up to Malone. I will post more of this road trip next time. Upstate Dave

Hi all! Thank you very much for your kind words regarding my previous post! Ariana-would love to share a good dump with you. Rizzo-who knows, I don´t think I will meet that girl again, but maybe our paths cross some other time. Travelling guy-lucky guy, your wish will become true, I am partly the protagonist of this story, you will know about my caca. Your Spanish is quite nice, by the way. Nick-Great story about that very constipated girl, please post more!

Anyway a couple of months ago I was at the library when I felt a well-known pressure in my rear. I hadn´t gone for the last two days, so I knew it was time for a nice shit. I went to the toilets on the first floor (the partitions are thinner and the gap below them is wider than in those in the ground floor. I´ll tell you more stories about this place, it´s a favourite of mine). All cubicles were empty, so I took the middle one, waiting for company. I decided to assume my favourite position when I am constipated, that is, squatting on the seat. I lowered my jeans and my (light green) panties to my ankles, put my feet on the rim and started to push. I let out a couple of farts before I felt that things were starting to move inside my rectum. Then I heard the toilet door opening, some steps approaching the stall left to mine, and the door stall closing. She began to lower her trousers and panties. I was anxiously waiting for the first fart or crackling sound, when suddenly her feet disappeared from the floor and I heard the sound of a shoe stepping on a hard surface. Apparently, she had decided to squat on the seat too! I couldn´t believe it, but took another look down and definitely her feet could not be seen. Two squatters side by side!! She began to strain, and I realised that I had forgotten about my own poop, so joined her..

Finally I gathered courage and talked to her through the partition: "Hi there, are you squatting on the seat?" After a couple of seconds of embarrassing silence a low voice said:"Yes, but why are you making me such a funny question?" "See, I am ...mmmm...squatting too", I replied among grunts.. I prefer…...mmmm...…to shit this…...mmmm..….way when I am constipated" "I am..…mmmmmmm…....a bit consti...mmmmmm....pated too",she said. Her grunts were longer and lower than mine, sort of mmmmmm, whereas mine were like MMMM. At that point, the tip of a firm, long turd was already showing out my hole. I went on straining and a couple of minutes later it fell down with a FLOOMP!. "That was a nice turd", my companion said. "Mine is a bit stuck", she went on. I encouraged her to push harder and started pushing again myself. Another turd started its way out. Our mmmmm…were filling the air beautiful music. While my second turd was coming out I hear a loud splash and a sigh of relief. "That was a big one" I said. "Yes, but not the last one, there´s more on the way", she replied. So we went on emptying our bowels, giving compliments to each other when we heard the sounds of a turd hit the water. Apart from those first two turds, first of which was about 20 cm. long, the second half of it, I made a couple of golf balls, some pellets and let out a couple of loud farts that made my companion laugh.

I was finally over, wiped my anus and left the stall. Nuria (that´s her name) was still in hers, I could hear her tearing paper from the roll. I washed my hands and waited for her to come out. She did it a few minutes later. To satisfy your curiosity, she was 20 years old or so, 1.70, a bit overweight, with big breasts and an ample bottom. She had long curly light-brown hair and shiny dark eyes. She was wearing a navy sweatshirt, jeans and a denim jacket. I asked her how she felt after the dump. She said that she felt much better, and explained that her mother had taught her to squat in her childhood days, and she never sat to take a dump. But she did not know anyone who did like her, and neither did I.

Since then Nuria and me have met several times, she´s already been to my place, and laid her feet on my porcelain throne :). But we haven´t met anyone to join our "squatters club" yet. Anyone there??

Please, post more stories about squatters!
Hope you liked my story.

I just tried the whole "peeing into a diaper" thing about 5 minutes ago, it was great. Im gonna try to poop in one next. Any suggestions on how I tell my boyfriend of a year and a half and let him in on my interest?

Hi all It's only morning and I've pooped 5 times I have to go....ahhh I just went in a cup wow! That 1 was 7" long !

To CeeCee: Liked your story
To Hannah: Loved your camping story
To Nick: Loved your story
To overwipe: I too always look at the paper when i wipe, its normal and its a way to make sure your clean and its a habit
To wow: Sounds like a nice big poop
To NJBB: Loved your story about your g/f
To Linda: Sounds like some nice dumps you had
To Eric: Liked your story...did any one see you in the ladies room?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hey Alex, why do you absolutely refuse to go in public restrooms? Wouldn't that be better than having an accident?

Hey, does anyone know of a list of anime scenes with toilet-related stuff? Also, Mysterious Man, here's my animated/vidgame/comic girl list:

Dot Matrix (Reboot)
Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive)
Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Tea Gardner (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Jessie (Pokemon)
Abbey Chase (Danger Girl)
Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Last week I described an earlier effort to determine my maximum bladder capacity. As you know from the earlier story this was a kind of traumatic effort but I did manage to reach what I am most certain is my maximum bladder capacity of about 2.3 L ( a full "2 L" soda bottle is really about 2.2 L and I estimated about 100 - 150 mL in addition we peed on the ground.

Well that happened about 10 years ago and in writing the story I started wondering if my bladder had started to "age" like the rest of me-and if it had become less expandable. So last week I did an experiment.

I am doing field work on our stream project for the next three months so I'm in full chest waders all day anyway. So I thought this would be the time to test things. So for each day last week Monday through Thursday I followed a set protocol:

1) I would empty my bladder completely at midnight the day before and then head into work with no morning toilet. (this was a bit of a problem on Monday as I'm in training right now for a 5 K run and the morning run on a filling bladder is bad - I moved my running to the end of the day for the rest of the week).

2) I did normal water consumption during the work day and refrained from peeing. We come in from the field at around 4:30 pm each day and usually by about 5:30 I'm back home. I was pretty full - bladder wise -- for sure each day -- but not out of control by any means. Nonetheless, I was very ready to release it as soon as I got home. All four days I delivered approximately 1.5 L of urine into the beaker. It was a little more that 1.5 L on Tuesday for some reason a little less on the other three days. Monday was the least being barely 1.3 L. (By the way, it takes me about 75 seconds -wrist watch chromometer -- to deliver that amount of urine - my flow is not impressive but it is steady.

3) I was off from work on Friday last week and I did not do any "holding" that day. I urinated "normally" -- at waking at about 5:30 am (about 400 mL); after lunch around 1:30 pm (about 600 mL); before supper around 5:30 pm (about 600 mL ) and them before bed around 1:00 am (about 450 mL). Each time I tested with a Clinistix - there was no blood, no protein, no sugar or no ketones in my urine.

4) Saturday was test day. I took normal fluids and ate only semolina bread (expect of a bowl of rolled wheat and milk in the morning) because I did not want a lot of gas. Then I worked out in the back yard all day raking, trimming trees, and getting the flower beds ready for spring. I wanted to keep busy to keep my mind off my bladder.

5) At around 7:30 pm I was starting for feel some real serious discomfort - not really pain but intense "tension" or strain. After another 30 minutes I was finding myself unconsciously rubbing my penis and squeezing myself -- so I decided to call it a "day" and I was able to pee out 1.85 L of fairly dark - very odiferous - urine. It is strange but when I hold like that I usually have a little trouble starting the flow. It helps to pull on my penis a bit and to squeeze the head - then relax and keep the end squeezed off - pressure then builds and I quickly release and flow will start - sometimes with a mL or two flying off into outerspace before I can get it directed -- weird.

6) On next morning (Sunday) I awoke having to pee badly but had only about 500 mL of urine - the urine was about the usual color for morning but on the Clinistix it has a "trace" of blood and a +1 for protein, no sugar, no ketones.

7) I drank a couple of glasses of water after my coffee and at 10:00 am I felt like I had to pee again and did - another 500 mL but light yellow in color with no blood and a very light trace of protein (maybe). I seemed OK after that.

8) I am fine this week -- urine tests completely normal.

Conclusion: My bladder may be a little less pliable right now than it was 10 years ago-- but I'm pretty sure that if I did this for a few more times I could reach the 2 L mark again. (for sure my bladder is doing better than my hair!)

But it is not worth it to try any more "big tests" right now as I will be doing field work until mid-April and I do not want to have work with a irritated bladder that screams for relief every few hours.

I want to relate some urine holding contests I've had with both males and female in my next post. And then I want to chat about the physics of peeing.

PS a number of folks on the fourm talk about peeing for some certain length to time --- like 30 seconds or 50 seconds. I think that it would be useful for folks to note when this is an estimate or actual time. After observing maybe 100 maybe more "toilet cams" mostly of females I have gotten a pretty good idea what a "normal" female pee time is - it is actually a lot shorter than you might think because the flow vloume is on average greater.

Tim & Sarah. Hi! Your pub crawl sounded good - and the wee that followed it. I bet you were both well ready for it. As regards the wetting problem experienced by your daughter I wouldn't worry unduly. It's not an uncommon problem and I'm sure she'll grow out of it eventually.

Hannah. Hi. Enjoyed your post - keep them coming.

Leanne. When you've gotta go you've gotta go! I think that woman was quite wrong to judge you for taking what sounded like a very necessary pee. Doing what you did was certainly the lesser of two evils.

Louise (France). Here are my answers to your questions:
1-do you pee in the shower? I haven't done as yet but may try it one day.
2- you do it just at home or in common showers too (gym, pool beach) If I did it would only be at home in private - not in public.
3-did u ever see women or men doing this? No.
4-have you ever done in presence in presence of other man or women? I've weed in the presence of other men and women but using a conventional toilet, not a shower.

I'm not sure about your view that 'everyone' or 'nearly everyone' wees in the shower. It's well known that some people do it but I'm not sure how widespread the practice is. My guess is that it's common amongst very busy people who see sense in combining their shower and early morning leak. It must also save water into the bargain I'd imagine.

Best wishes to everyone!

To tell the truth, I turly don't know what started my fascination with the crapper. If people knew, some say it's plain curiosity. Others may think it's a total "accident". There was this time that I needed to pee, but the worst thing (so far I think) happened: the stupid toilet stalls were freshly painted, and the room stunk. I had to wait till getting home just to take a simple leak! (That also explained a weird smell that day.).
Of Interesting Note: There was this one time a janitor opened a women's room door, and asked if I needed to go (I think that person meant that they'll open the men's room, but I couldn't tell). I couldn't believe that someone would say its alright for a man to use the ladies' room. [:-)]
Another small note: I saw someone that got three sodas. For a moment I thought, 'Did she want to go sit and pee for 15 minutes or something?'. No, she didn't drank all three, she got them for herself and a few friends.
To Mister Peeper: I think this madness started based on your situation with the whole walking-in kinda' thing.

To spot: About the whole listening to girls peeing thing: What do you think is wrong with that? I mean, you don't see what their doing, you only just hear it (the perspective is way different this way). That's my two cents (Sorry for any ladies offended this way). Also, the note about men and cubicles: I do also notice that they go to the cubicles to stand and leak.

To Marga: It was a great idea to help a fellow dumper-in-distress (I mean the extreme constipation). That is unless, your in the wrong bathroom (I don't consider women watching me use it offensive in any way. I only wished it could be the other way around) :-)

To Mysterious Man: If you still want, here is my list of want-to-see dump:
Characters from Magic: The Gathering
Akroma, Angel of Wrath (She explains my so-called 'user' name!): Sitting for 15 minutes, with poop only dropping as marbles.
Phage the Untouchable: Sitting for a little over an hour with REALLY explosive diarrhea (The whole joke about turbo-lax and the explosive diarrhea warning on the label would possibly explain this).
Serra Angel (All three versions, I mean the three different artworks: pre-7th, current, and either a promo or an oversized card): All taking long dumps, with obvious relaxing facial expressions.
Mostly all of the female characters (notably the female angels), but there's the ones of highest wishing
Characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! (First the cards, then the characters)
(These are of the Japanese approximations in names)
Injection Angel Lily (she's a nurse with a giant needle between her legs [no offense, but event with the American censorship, that needle is still there]. Also, of strange note, she wears short shorts instead of a skirt): Taking a long dump, with slight constipation (pushing noises)
All the female human characters from this series, with explosive diarrhea.
Requests (from all unless stated):
-Keep the poo and pee stories going (especially from the women)!
-Help find more toilet scenes, maybe even a few pictures.
-For females not to be shy in front of males while in the toilet (No offense, but that fears's just silly).
-From Mysterious Guy: Keep up with lists of want-to-see poopers (possibly pissers as well).

Pour Louise dont les histoires de pipi sont tellement chouettes. Continue, ma cherie. Voici un de mes souvenirs inoubliables.
(For Louise whose peeing stories are so great. Keep it up, sweetheart. Here's one of my unforgettable memories).

It happened a few years hen I was visiting a cousin in Rhode Island. They had the builders working and I stayed in a hotel nearby. I got there really late after stacey and I had had an evening with the Chardonnay. I got changed (than heavens) and went to bed. Two or three hours later I woke up desperate to pee, opened the door of the bathroom which slammed behind me. Except that it was the door onto the passage. There I was unable to get back, dressed in a nightie with the words "love me tonight" and some musical notes printed on the back (a present from my Dad who thought it might spice up my night life) and dying to pee. I went down a floor and found a door open. It was a sort of service room with brushes and cleaning stuff and rolls of toilet paper. In the corner was a bucket with a mop in it. Anyone who's seen "Full Metal Jacket" would recognise it. The guys used one to swab the floor in the communal head where there were 20 or so toilets side by side with no partition. I have a dream of being in a restroom like that full of other girls and myself all doing our business and hanging out! I lifted up my nightie, squatted and pissed into that bucket for what seemed like half an hour. |I won't deny it was a turn-on, though I was terrified of what was to come. I went down to reception where there was an oldish guy reading a paper. I thought he would die laughing and I was nearly in tears. We went up to my room and he let me in. Funnily enough I went almost straight to eleep. That's Chardonnay for you! love you all Anthea

Tycho Brahe did not die of a ruptured bladder. He probably got a bladder infection then treated the infection with compounds of mercury, a day before he died. Tycho Brahe died of Hg poisoning.

A strand of hair was taken from his corpse. On the last day of growth the hair strand had a lot of mercury, enough to kill him.

Hi all!

The other day I had to get up early for a business meeting way out in the boonies. I know it was a holiday here, but that's when there is no interference from personnel. Anyway, the coffee dispensing machine worked; - but the toilets were locked! Well, it shouldn't take too long. But as things worked out, there were several phone calls, slow data transfers and other minor nuisances to delay operations. Until the end of our talks, I completely forgot to even think about the disastrous effects coffee can have on my excretory system. By the time I said my good-byes, however, I discovered a heavyness in my bladder. Ok, I said to myself; now for the three hundred yards to the gate, check-out at the security, another few steps to my car, and then, wrooooom, to the motorway and to the next rest stop another 15 minutes along the way home. Piece of cake, easy peasy, or should I spell it easy peesy? Hmm…
As I quickly strode towards the gate now visible a mere hundred yards ahead, I suddenly realised that the rest stop on the motorway was on the other side. On my side there was none for the next 30 miles or so. Darn. At this moment my bladder seemed to have taken the cue to try to declare independence and give an unwelcome trial squeeze to its contents. I had to stop in my tracks, put my hand in my pocket of my corduroy trousers and give my willie a really painful pinch. Aaaouch! That obliged Old Sphincter recover from the surprise and take hold of the situation again. The coffee of Italian expresso type was definitely making itself felt. The function of bladder content over time seemed to have become exponential, the first derivative showing a gradient of ominous positive value; or simply put, I was rapidly developing a raging need for a piss!
The security guard at the gate was the pretty short-haired brunette woman in a smart dark blue uniform with a lovely warming smile who had checked me in before. As I smiled back at her and wished her a good day, I thought that little did she know I was all clenched shut below. Or did it show? I don't know. Now for the car. For a moment I contemplated standing behind the open door and peeing next to the front wheel. But I was in plain view of a bored security guard who, when I glanced over my shoulder, was looking right at me. So I got in and fastened the seat belt. Ooooh, bad move! I had to pull it away from my lower abdomen. Then I thought about my last post to Louise (from France) and the little dark brown plastic bags as a last resort. Ha! I had one right there to pee into! But not within sight of the guard. So I drove off, across the endless and empty parking lot, round a bend but still with buildings on my left and more traffic on the road there. What the heck, I thought, pulled over and stopped next to a trash container. People seeing me in a stopped car would believe I was using the phone! Anticipation was letting the urge begin to peak towards ‚red alert' by now, as I fumbled the zipper of my pants open, half lying down in my seat because the steering wheel was in the way. I groveled for my twingeing dick, stuck it into the plastic bag and gave my quivering sphincter a much needed respite. At first I only managed a dribble. The pressure on my bladder continued unabated. It was because of the way my dick was being stretched to the front and down over the seams of my underwear and pants which were squeezing shut the urethra on the underside of the penis. I had to pull my fly more open and forward. Thereby some droplets of pee got on my fingers which made my willie feel soft, rubbery and decidedly squidgy. I had to concentrate on holding it in place as it had the tendency to escape my grasp and slide back to where I had pulled it from. But at least the stream had begun to flow in earnest. Aaah, that felt soooo good! I peed and peed and peed. Finally the little yellow waterfall died down to a dribble and soon stopped. A couple of forceful squirts, and, of course, the last dribble went into my underpants (drat) and I was done, only to find that I had peed so much, that there was not enough neck of bag left to tie a knot! The bag was not of the Robidog brand, but smaller, and yet, I marveled at how heavy and warm it felt. All that pee had been inside me only moments ago! Looking down at my slim hips I wondered how on earth it had had enough room.
I carefully wrapped the top of the bag around a finger, held it up to see if it were leaking - it was not - lowered the window (electric drive) on the passenger side and lobbed the full bag out and into the gutter of the road next to the trash container. Splash. Done. I know I was littering, but there was more litter there, possibly from carnival, and the following day it would be taken away by a garbage removal truck.

Ok, folks, that's all.
Love to my special friends from Rizzo

Dear Rizzo: Thank you for the words of advice. We really appreciate it. We already tried to figure what kind of attention Loewie might be missing. Sarah is a bit worried, it might be cause he she started to work again. I do work less now and usually tend to the kids in the afternoon. So far Loewie was always closer to her and he is not as easy as Josie, who tells you every worry or secret. I had an interesting conversation with Loewie's Kindergarten teacher about it. She also realised that he recently is a bit "less grown up" than he used to be. She pointed out that our kids were noticeably earlier independent than other kids, probably due to the limited time we had for them while I was sick. At the moment I am able to give much more attention to the kids than I ever have been, cause I work less and am feeling fit. She suggested that maybe Loewie subconsciously figured that things are alright now and therefore demands some "baby-time" back. It made perfect sense to me. Especially after I read on the internet that bedwetting, which occurs after a period of dryness, can maybe have to do with the original toilet training being too stressful. Now we never put pressure on our kids there, but as the teacher suggested, they might have felt subconsciously being obliged to grow up faster as there was enough trouble around already. I vaguely remember the feeling from my own childhood. So, I guess if Loewie wants some more "baby-time", I certainly owe him some.We will just continue without worrying too much. We tried the fluid reduction, but when he is thirsty, we allow him to drink, otherwise it comes over like a punishment and we don't want him to suffer. I look after him before I go to sleep myself and let him use the potty for quick wee. If you sent him to the toilet he's completely whiney. One time he "sleepwalked" into our bedroom and Sarah just about stopped him from peeing into the laundry basket, lol. Thanks for lending an ear! Peter says thanks for the advice and care. He is in good hands regarding his back as he is "married" to his orthopedist and I force him to do yoga on top of his prescribed exercises. It's an old injury from an abused childhood, coming and going. Did you see "Finding Nemo" ?. When Peter started to try moving again with great effort, he had our very supportive kids next to him singing: "Keep on swimming, keep on swimming…" In that sense….with lots of thanks, Tim and Sarah

Adrian: Thank you so much for your words. I noticed what a helpful person you are, offering advice ever so often. You can be sure we would never punish our kids for an accident. We just want to make sure they are alright. Usually our boy is upset when he wets his pants, which means he is put into new cloth and one of us takes him for a cuddle, while the other one changes the sheets. A friend told us that she was always was shouted at for wetting the bed and another friend was even beaten up for it. Never ever! As I have written to Rizzo, I do already come round as the potty fairy and disturb our little one's dreams. Thanks for all the good tips! We will try not to worry. It reminded me that I saw a thing on telly where they showed funny advertisements. One was a special offer for a mattress protector. It said: "For big and little"- Meaning for grown ups and little people. But in German it can also mean for poos and pees…It was quite funny.
Hope you enjoyed your dump there! It certainly feels good to get rid of the cause of too much gas. Thanks again from Tim and Sarah

Louise: Hello there! As I said before, I love your posts and adventures! I'll post my story next time, as I am getting too long. Just a quick note on your question: Being used to it I find it hard not to pee under the shower, it's like a reflex. Also as a male I sometimes would not know how to pee in the mornings, if not under the shower, I guess you know what I mean… In communal showers I don't look so much at others but I noticed when some guys piss obviously, like holding there dicks casually against the wall. One of my favourite pees under the shower, I already posted here. Our whole family came back from a fair and we were all bursting for the loo. We were all wet from the rain and the kids were supposed to take a bath and we were about to have a shower. My wife and I wanted to use the toilet first, but our little daughter spontaneously extended her quick wee into a prolonged pooping session. So we both got into the shower and enjoyed draining our bursting bladders together with great pleasure under the warm water. It was a wonderful.

I recently read a story by somebody who witnessed & assisted one their female relatives to do a poop, apperently this woman was constipated.
A simlar thing happened to me sometime ago .When I was 15 yo my parents were in the armed services, they were transferred for about 6 months to a base that was about 4 hours away. So my schooling would not be affected they had me me stay with my fathere's brother, Alan. Alan & I had always got on really well & they knew there would not be a problem at all. They did not really count on his new ladyfriend, Terri who moved in just after I started living with Alan. She was (still is ) a very attractive woman , she has dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, average size body, about 5'6" tall with a tanned complexion. One of the first things I noticed about Terri was how open she was about her toilet habits, also if her pussy was itchy she just scratched herself no matter where she was or with who.
I can still remember her saying to Alan on many occasions "be back back in a sec, gotta have a big shit".Because the bathroom was located not far from the kitchen , I often heard her turds splash into the water, followed by a satisfied sigh & sometimes a comment to the effect. Then I would hear the paper being rolled off. then scrunched up into a ball, the wiping if I was close enought to the door. She would then flush , wash her hands say well that's one job done!!!!!!
Alan used to work from about 7 am till about 5 pm, this particular day I happened to be at home , I had a school project to do on the computer. I got out of bed about 730 am, organised my self for the day , then had breakfast then proceeded to take a shower. Terri was already up & outside working in the garden(she is a mad keen gardener), I could see her through the kitchen window, she was wearing her garden shorts as she called them, just an extra small pair of denim cutoffs & tank top. I guess in my youthful way I fancied Terri, she was I suppose a hippie chic always wore the long broom dresses as she called them, beads & never shaved her pits or legs, very easy person to get on with!!!!!!!!!
The bathroom has the toilet in the same room , it is positioned so that the toilet is opposite the cubicle & next to the basin. I was in the shower cubicle about half through when the door burst open . Terri burst in , making a quick apology she siad she had pains in the gut & needed to be on the toilet. I had put my clothes on the seat, she put my stuff on the floor , lifted the lid , with her back to the toilet & facing me she quickly unzipped her shorts, letting them fall to her ankles & plonked on the seat. She had her legs spread as far as possible, as I said before she was a hippie chic, it was obvious she had not shaved in long time , she quite a growth which extended up her ???? & down the insides of her thighs.
I always thought women sat on the toilet & just let it happen well she used her fingers to direct the stream of urine, almost like me having a piss. Her piss came out with a force like a garden hose. By this time I was getting aroused & didn't know what to do , couldn't stand in the shower all day. Then Terri leaned forward & was obvoiusly trying shit, she let out this booming fart which echoed in the bowl. I watched as she leaned over looking at the floor, grunting I used this moment to quickly turn the shower off, grab the towel, by this time I had a full hardon & would have been quite embarressed for Terri to see me like this , getting aroused watching trying to poop.....

Standing there drying myself Terri asked if I would mind rubbing her back , she was constipated & needed some help , she moved forward on the seat & leant further over. She was grunting as I was rubbing her back, finally as I was looking at the gap between her tanned arse & the seat I could see the tip of a huge turd making its way out of her hole . She told me to keep rubbing as it was doing the job(to use a pun)I looked at Terri"s turd it was huge & nobbly & very dark. As this monster oozed slowly out of her arse, I thought no wonder she has gut pains, by this time it was about 9" long & still coming. Terri then looked around at me & said it is obious that you enjoy watching women on the toilet, I must admit it was embarressing but she was right & there was no hiding the result of my interest either.

I had always enjoyed pooping be it on the crapper or in my pants or outside , but had never had the chance like this before. Terri's turd finally succumbed to its own weight , broke off a splashed into the bowl, this allowed her to do the the rest in relative ease. She did another 3 more turds, then I asked if she would like me to wipe her hole, she said why not, then I realised her hole was as hairy to . I wiped about three times to get clean, she said woould I like to do it again , I jumped at the offer , I shall tell about that later folks ............. typing is not my best thing & my 2 fingers get tired...........also I need to do my mornin poop, I can feel the turtle's poking out now!!!!!! I would like some advice should I do it in my pants while at the computer or go to the toilet, because I feel its going to be a big solid on??????????????????
Happy peeing & pooping

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