Hello. Have you guys ever shit on a subway? I have. Once I was alone on a subway and about 20 stops from my house so I shit. As I was shitting a hobo walked in. He just said ''Go on,continue.'' The guy was crazy? Ash D. and Mel D.- nice posting keep it up :.)

Hi there. I've been reading this site for a few weeks, and I decided to try what MARCUS has been doing and poop in my underwear, just to see what the big deal is, since I haven't done that since I was in diapers, so today while I was at home and no one else was around, I put on a pair of my underwear that were getting old anyway, and sat down on the toilet. I didn't have to poop, but I figured I'd try anyway, so I gave a push. a fart came out, then I could feel what I thought was a hard piece start to come out. I was surprised at how much more I had to push once the poop had come out enough to rest in my underwear, it was weird. I didn't do very much, and what was even more weird was that I thought it was a hard poop, but once it hit the cloth, it kind of squished and turned into a ball about the size of a large walnut. Like I said, I had to push a lot, and I was kind of getting out of breath by it all, so I did a stop and go thing for a few moments, and every time my anus would pinch shut, it made this smacking sound against the poop. I knew there was just a little more in me, but no matter how much I pushed, it wouldn't come out. I stood up and pulled my underwear down and dumped the poop ball into the toilet and it fell into the water with a "Bloop!" There was very little clean up to do in my underwear, hardly a streak, and I was able to clean them and save them in case I want to try this again, but all in all it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I guess I'll have to try it again when I have a bigger poop to take.

Hey y'all
I went camping this weekend cause a friend of mine invited me and Jessica. Saturday morning i woke up to find my friend CJ peeing on the fire to put it out. Hey Hannah come check this out he said. He had a stream like a waterfall coming from his penis. Beat that he said. Jessica came over and pulled the front of her pants and pink panties down, spread her vaginal lips and peed a large stream. Then i came over pulled down the front of my pants and blue panties and did the same thing as her CJ was amazed and was having a major erection. That night i heard a crckling noise. coming from Jessica's sleeping bag Hannah I pooped myself. she showed me. since she had her pants off and a thong on there was a 6 inch log laying there. I grabbed a tissue and threw it outside. That morning CJ challenged mee to a pooping contest. He gug a hole and squatted over it.He pulled down the back of his jeans and black boxers. I saw a log come between his legs. the i went over and lowered my pants and black panties and dropped a 9 inch log. I won.
Post later Love Hannah :)

Leanne, I've been caught peeing behind my school in the bushes. I was at recess and had to pee really bad, so bad that I knew I couldn't make it inside. I had on a skirt but had on no panties, so I just squatted. Halfway through, one of my friends walked up. She said that it looked fun and started douing it herself!! We now pee every recess together.

Today I made had to poop 4 times today. I think i have to go again. I have to poop again. brb... im done. its been 2 minutes and its big. Im only 12 years old .

hey..i was just any of you have trouble pooping your pants? i piss in my pants a lot but i cant poop. i dont know why. i want to, but i really cant....its so weird. does anyone know why this might happen?

Hey PV,

You got the knack, that's exactly how my present GF does her trick. Just a gentle bend in the knees, but she always snaps her butt to shoot her logs because she stands far from the bowl. Oh, and she rarely spreads her butt cheecks except for pushing the leftovers of her last turd... It just slides out easily, then stops..then a snap to break it..

The one that used to do it one leg on the bowl, did use one hand to spread her butt cheek. I think that she used to do her initial pushing on her way to the toilet, because she didn't have to wait or strain at all to get her turd moving. I mean she would go, take her cloths off, and her turd used to slide out just as she put her leg on the bowl and spread her butt..Normally it was foot long rope, or a 6inch thick and compacted turd. The lattter used to make a huge splash noise when hitting the water. The compacted turds left her always clean, with the ropes she had do dig inside in order to get rid of her leftovers...

Well I have just returned from a leadership course with my year at high school. This involved a three day expedition, camping out, to which nobody (except me!) went for a dump. Well, as you can imagine, people became pretty blocked up and I had one of the best listening in sessions after that, which was simply phenominal!

First (the toilets at the centre were uni-sex) a quite fat girl named Rachel came in, along with her friend Vicky who came to wash. She sat down on the toilet, and pissed. Then all went silent, but I could hear shuffling. After about two minutes I heard Rachel sigh and strain ugghhhh.......nnnnnnnnnnnnnn......uuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh!! oh darn! and then a squeaky fart. She tried again uuuugggggggghhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnnn....... but nothing happened. This carried on for twenty minutes increasing in intensity unil panting quite heavily Rachel said :'Vicky, are you still there?' 'Yes-whats up Rachel?' came the reply. 'Iam so darned constipated! can you help?' Rachel said, opening the door. Vicky went in and said: 'Rachel-take one big push for me' Rachel obliged uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! pant, pant.

'You are in a bad way! said Vicky, 'turn around'. Rachel did, and Vicky said 'I can see a turd head!' Rachel said 'Brilliant' and Vicky said 'Ok girl, one more big push for me!- you can do it girl! Hey, I'll rub your bum cheeks for you if you want!' Vicky said. 'Please!' Rachel asked and then gave an almighty push uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhh as Vicky said its coming, its coming! Rachel was gasping for breath and saying this reallllllllyyyy nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.............. hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrtttttttts and she began sobbing. 'Push!' said Vicky, uuuggggghhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhh pant, pant as a big splash was heard and rachel went aaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhh, thanks vicky!

For the next fifteeen minutes, Vicky continued to rub Rachels cheeks as every so often there would be an ughh....aaahhh! as turds came out. After an hour Rachel flushed, and had finished her torture, 'saying thank you Vicky you are such a good friend!'

Well, I was amazed by that, and there was a lot more to come as other people had a tough time as well! I have lots of stories to tell from the trip, and i will tell some more later!

One day when I woke up I noticed somthing smelly and squishy coming from my butt I new what it was...diharea! I was mortified!


Roberta: nice to hear your anecdotes, I too prefer to pee in the showers that in the pool, but i always pull my crotch aside to pee when possible..Funny the pee in the phone booth, did some of your friend did it too, how did they react to your pee..have you peed in other similar places..I peed in a phone box only twice in my lide...

Tim, please post your story with some "wild" woman in the gents, story, it should be interesting!!

Your pee in the bag was really too tricky, I would prefer to go behind something and pee more easily, I'll be glad to hera more pee anecdotes of you and your wife!!

To all:

Please reply to my short survey about peeing in showers (giving some details if possible, expecially on questions 3 and 4)

1-do you pee in the shower?
2- you do it just at home or in common showers too (gym, pool beach)
3-did u ever see women or men doing this?
4-have you ever done in presence in presence of other men or women?




em dubya
Hi everyone! There've been some great posts coming in. I want to leave some feedback on the most recent ones.

pee-pee girl:Great story! I like to pee and poop into a container when I'm at the comp, too. Please post again soon!

Alex:Bummer, that sucked. Great story, though. At least some good came out of it. Please post again sometime.

Hannah:Great post! I wish I could meet u and this friend of yours. Please keep us "posted" on anything else the two of u do.

Roberta:Good post. I'll have to keep that in mind about the swimming suit...I wish I could have seen you peeing in that telephone booth. Please post again soon.

Son of a Preacher Man:That was a close one! I'm glad you had a good friend there with u. Please post again soon.

CeeCee:Ya, I think a bigger poop would be more fun. But I admit, it's not for everyone and I don't like to poop my underwear all the time. Please keep us "posted" though.

A:Some people just like peeing/pooping. I don't think you're "weird." I don't know why u (and I for that matter) feel taht way, though. Please post some more, I think it will help you figure it out.

The Crank:Nice to have you back!

Doug:That would be odd to have it flush so loud. Let me know what the cause was. Please post again soon.

Danny:Woah, reading that almost makes down there hurt. Good post, but don't hurt urself ;). Please post again, though.

Well, thanks again everyone for posting. If anyone has some questions or anything that I could answer, I'll do my best. Happy 'go'ing and Keep Posting!

will ur bladder burst if u do not go to the toilet even u just had to go??

i always look at the paper after wiping you folks?

potty animal
hi! I really like this site, but I haven't been able to post because my mom hates bathroom stuff.Oh, yeah, I'm 12 years old.I was just reading,and I feel soooooo sorry for kirstyn!!!I like pooping in my pants, too.I do it similarly, too!

Onnce i had a foot long poop! it was about 2 in think it hurt and i had to push alot! I did it just two min ago OWWW!

To Mister Peeper

I loved your story about your Aunt. I wish that had been me in there with her. Did you get a hard one? Also, yoe poopedu said that the rest of the week that you were at your uncle's house she pooped with the door open. Did you wander into the bathroom at all while she pooped those other times? Did you take the open door as an invitation to come in? Did you see the poop in the toilet at any time? I can't wait to hear from you

Let me tell you how I got my girlfriend Carolynn to start pooing in front of me. For over 1 year I have been dying to watch her poo and see the poo in the toilet. I finally pulled it off. Now she does it in front of me on a regular basis.

She had a boyfrien many years ago named Tim. She lived with him for over 1 year. She lived with him at her parents house. She told me that her parents house had no locks on any of the bathroould see itom doors. She was 21 years old at that time.

I asked her if Tim as ever walked in on her while she pooing. She said that he had. I asked her I he had seen the poo. She said yes he had, because she is tall and has to wipe standing up all the time. The
poo was exposed for him to see. I told her that if he saw it, I should
see it. She reluctly agreed and I have seen her poo and seen the poo
for the past 3 months. Now she is used to it. We have lunch 3 times a
week and she poos at lunch every day. I see it every time. She is a vegetarian and her poo is always light brown. She poos big loads. I am in heaven because I now can see her pooing any time I want. She tells me as she is sitting "OK I'm going to stand up now".. I then walk in and look in the toilet. She poos with the door open and I stand in the doorway talking to her until she stands up. Then I walk in. I have wiped her several times as well. I probably see her 5 or six times a week.

Monday, February 23 2004

My computer has been a bit tempremental over the last week and I haven't been able to get on the net. It turned out my password had become corrupted and I had to get a new one. I'm now back online and I just read through some of the new posted stories. I loved reading the story about that girl from Spain who helped a constipated girl in the public restrooms. I got so excited when she said she could see the massive turd coming out of that girl's anus. It must have been quite a performance and I wished I was there to see it.

Yesterday I did a nice turd in the morning, it came out in three, medium sized logs, the first two sunk to the bottom of the toilet bowl and the third one floated. It was pointed at the end. Then later in the afternoon, I did another decent sized poop, it was hard and knobbly and it sunk to the bottom of the bowl. It was probably the length and width of one of those fat sausages.

I was also wondering, have you ever filmed yourself taking a dump?? Or have you got someone else to film you? I have filmed myself taking a crap before and I got quite excited, watching the expression on my face as I pushed the turd out. I would love to watch myself pushing out a big, hard, long, slow log.

Has anyone got any good stories about suppositories?? My Dad was constipated just before Christmas and he had been trying to do a poo each day but he couldn't go. After about five days, he was still constipated, so he asked my Mum to buy him some suppositories from the chemist. So she bought him some and on that same day, Dad opened the packet and shoved one into his anus. He told me he had a big heap of shit stuck up his arse and it felt about (exaggerated to the max) "four feet long, three feet wide and with sticks sticking out of it" Anyway, the suppository didn't work and he ended up squeezing that out instead of the poop. He was still constipated the next day but I'm not sure when he was able to push the turds out.

My flatmate works in a nursing home and she often has to give people suppositories. She told me that one night, she had to shove a suppository up an old guy's arse and he was extremely, extremely constipated. She told me she could feel pieces of rock hard shit as she pushed the suppository up there. The next day she said he was able to push the crap out.

Just wanted to let you know that recently I had the pleasure of sharing the restroom with a group of females. It was a roadside rest area where they were doing work in the men's room, therefore I was directed to go into the ladies to do my business. I was in there taking a crap and all of a sudden 3 females walked in to use the bathroom. They were all gigling about something to do with skiing, for I think their boyfriends had invited them somewhere to go skiing that weekend. All 3 of them let a fart prior to their pee. They must of really had to go, for they peed for a good 30 seconds. While they were peeing they continued to giggle about how terrible they were at skiing. When they finished they checked with each other to see if they were done and flushed the toilet at the same time. Another lady came in after that and had to pee. Again, she farted and then proceeded to pee for about 15 seconds. A 3rd lady came in and sat in the stall next to me. She did not fart, however her pee lasted about 15 seconds. The thing with her pee was it sounded like a guy pissing in the toilet while the other ladies had that hissy-airy sound to their pee. I guess it has something to do with having sex, where after a female has it for the first time, their hymen is affected so that it changes the sound of the pee.

Well, I enjoyed the experience. I hope to share a bathroom in the near future with the ladies. Anytime you want to share a bathroom send me an email and we'll compare our experiences. Happy tinkles!


once I was at work I thought I had to poop so I went and sat on the toilet I thought I felt something come out. I looked much to my suprise nothing was there i swore i felt something so I kept pushing I didn't have to BM after all.after lunch I felt I had to crap so once again I was walking to the crapper. the fleeing got bigger as i was walking the toilet was on floor 5 i was on 15 as was walking to the elevator it got worse when i reached the elevator i was holding butt together. i pressed 5 and didn't think i could make it. i reached 5 i had to let it go but i didn't i kept walking to the crapper i walked in and farted realy loud! there was a warm feeling in my pants (i never wear underwear) it was on my legs now I took of my pants to find wet shit all over my new kakis I sat down On the craper and had an explosion along with a few loong loud farts!
it was all over the bowl when I was done I wipped flushed and wipped some more I casualy walked out of the stall to notice ladie staring at me!


pee-pee girl
hey guys i have a story. i was sitting here on the computer,i had to poop but, i thought i didnt have to go that bad so i just contunied what i was doing, when Ihe felt the head of a turd fighting to come
out.i knew if i stod up the log would just fall into my pants and i didnt want to mess my pants. so i grabbed a big silver salad bowl
,put it on the ground beside me i pulled off my pants and thong and sqatted over the salad bowl.right when i squatted the log slipped into the salad bowl then i started to pee a log stream that was going all over my log.
then i started on my next turd.
that one was hader for me to push out that was about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide once it hit the bowl it broke into pieces. the rest was very runny almost like i had the runs while i ws gtting the runny poop i was peeing at the same time. i stood up looked at my depsoit took a couple of napkins wipped then pulled up my pants. i took the filled salad bowl and dumped it out on the side of the house in the backyard and washed it out in the bathtub.well thats all for now guys.please keep on posting about bathtroom incidents on th ground....i love them. love, pee-pee gir

Hi. My name is Alex and I've read these stories for a long time. Only recently have I actually told this story to anyone who didn't already know. It was last summer. I was 16. Just had my license. Me and my friend Kara were going to go to the tanning bed. I woke up, put on some pink booty shorts, slipped on some sandles and left. Then I went to pick up Kara. My stomach hurt in the morning, but I merely brushed it aside as it being inconvenient. I had some coffee on the way. I never drink coffee, but I had a coupon for a free coffee from Barnes and Nobles. Only now after someone told me I know it is a laxative and only would add to my stomach pains. I picked up Kara and we drove to the tanning place, my stomach getting more and more tight and feeling bad. I had to hold it until I got home, because I REFUSE to go in public restrooms. Well we tanned, and during the tanning session my stomach really started bothering me. It soon became unbearable. I was too afraid to let myself fart in the tanning bed. I figured it would lead to an accident and that was the last thing I wanted. Well my session finally ended, and I put my clothes on and waited for Kara to get done, hers was a little longer than mine cause she started later. I said "hurry up kara". She goes "i'm putting my makeup on." I said "forget about it." she said "whats your hurry?" I said "I need to get home and do some stuff for my mom." she finally gets done, and we leave the place. I'm practically having to hold my buttcheeks together to keep from shitting! No joke! She goes "are you alright?" I go "no, i gotta shit bad but I can hold it." she goes "I hope so." We start driving, and I soon cant take it anymore and a little shit seeps out. Just enough to stain my shorts cause I was wearing a thong. She goes "oh my god." I go "i gotta hurry." but the next thing I knew, my stomach cramped, then it got better. Then it grawled, and an uncontrollable wave of shit came gushing out. I couldn't even hold it it was so powerful! I moaned as the shit flooded my entire shorts and rose between my theighs and oozed through my crack and everywhere! It was so horrible. It was hot as hell too. Kara goes "omg that smells so gross." I said "shut up." she goes "you could've stopped somewhere." I said "leave me alone i'm sick!" She goes "alright, sorry." I take her home and my stomach is still acting up! It hurts so bad, and the steamy mass of shit I'm sitting in makes it even worse! I was gagging it smelled so bad! And it was staining my seats worse every passing moment! Well I finally got home, but when I got out of my car, all the shit came down my legs and onto my feet and sandles. it was horrible. really horrible. I go to my front door, but I left my keys in my car! I ran back to my car and I had locked them in! It sucked! I was so desperate right now, I knew if I shit again it would be even worse! Plus all the shit I was covered in now could only go one place! Down! Fortunately there was a key under the door mat, and I let myself in. Only thing was, when I stepped in, I spread my legs a little too far. EXPLOSION # 2. Therefore, I made a quick puddle down the hall of my house. I changed my clothes, threw my pink shorts away cause they were gonners. So was my thong. I went to bed, and shit a couple of more times. It sucked. I think it was something I ate the night before.

Hey y'all
Much to the pleasure of em dubya i have a diapers story (by the way great post frank). So as you read in my previous post I met a girl named Mandi and we have become good friends. For some reason she got kicked out of her apartment so i told her she could stay with me. One night she found the diapers under my sink and brought them out. She told me she wanted to try peeing in them. She pulled down her jeans and black panties and slipped one on I pulled down mye pants and purple thong and put one on as well then we sat on the couch. Sonn we both had to pee. Mandi stood up spread her leggs far apart. so did I. The mintue i did the pee came out of my pussy. It felt so good. Mandi hadn't gone yet. Good pee she said and then i heared a hissing noise. Mandi was peeing a boat load. When she was done she bered down hard and nothing happened. Wait hse said lets go poop in some panties. We went up stars and put on some old gray panties. We both turned our bottoms to the mirror. Mandi had a lttle point showing I had a buldge appearing. Uhoh said Mand I can't stop and the Panties are full. Then the leg band pulled a way from her leg and a humongous turd fell on the ground.
HOpe you like. Post later Hannah

Haven't had much to post in a while. Just learned that you can pee through your swimming suit without it smelling in a most unusual way. I was at the local swimming pool and felt I had to pee. I held it in for a while before I got out to go in to pee. I started dripping pee as I passed the showers, so I just turned in. By then, I couldn't hold it, so I just let it all go. I got right back in the pool and there was no smell afterwards. I also peed in a telephone booth. I was downtown shopping with friends, and had to go so bad that I knew I couldn't make it to a store, so I just went into a telephone booth. Since(as usual) I had no panties on, I just pulled up the front of my skirt and peed down the drain in the booth. (it was luckily so dirty that you could not see through the glass) Will probably post more later.

Son of a Preacher Man
I had been playing hockey at the park with a group of friends all day. While we were playing, I could feel the urge to poop, but figured I could hold it until it we were done. The urge to go got worse quickly. I whispered to my best friend Josh that I needed to go to the bathroom real bad. He told me to go by the trees. I shyly told him that I had to poop real bad. He said. "Let's finish this game, then you can use the bathroom at my house because it's closer." I didn't want to wait, but I didn't want to screw up the game, so I just tried to ignore the feeling. I was struggling to keep up with the play because every few minutes a huge cramp would hit, forcing me to stop running and squeeze my butt cheeks together. It reached the point that I knew if I waited any longer, I was going to embarrass myself in front of my friends. I told Josh I had to go now, and ran toward my bike. He quickly followed, explaining to the other guys that I was feeling sick. We rode as fast as we could towards his house, but I was having trouble pedaling and holding my poop in at the same time. I never had to go this bad before. I was scared I wasn't going to make it to a bathroom. When we got to his house, I jumped off my bike and ran to the side door, going through his garage to get in to his house. He needed to unlock the door to get in to the house. I begged him to please hurry before I crapped my pants. He had to reach in to a tight hiding spot to get the key. I felt my butt hole open and poop pushing in to my underwear. I started crying, and yelled for him to hurry. He couldn't find the key. I told him I couldn't hold it anymore and was shitting my pants. He told me to drop my pants and do it on a newspaper on the floor. I was too embarrassed to do that. He grabbed a newspaper and threw it on the floor, between my feet. Again, he told me to drop my pants before I made a mess in my pants. Defeated and desperate, I shoved my pants down as fast as I could, and bent down over the newspaper, scared because my best friend was watching me, unable to hold my poop in. I had already left a small pile in my underwear. There was another poop hanging halfway out my butt. Josh was behind me, watching me squat and poop on his garage floor. It wouldn't stop coming out. The crackling noise, the smell, and the thuds as it hit the floor reminded me of how embarrassing this was to be shitting in front of my best friend on his garage floor. I closed my eyes hoping this would end. A little pee squirted on to the garage floor while I was pooping. The pile continued to grow on the newspaper, with no pushing on my part. When it finally stopped, I was crying with embarrassment. Josh put his arm around me, and told me he would help me clean up. Since we were no longer hurrying, he finally found the key and helped me in to the house to sit on the toilet. He brought the newspaper in and dumped the huge pile in to the toilet before throwing the paper in the garbage. But not before we both marveled at how much had come out of my butt. I don't think I had ever pooped that much in my life. While I jumped in the shower, he threw my clothes in the wash, and brought me a pair of his shorts to wear until mine were done. I was very grateful that it was only Josh who saw me shit my pants, and that he was there to help without making fun of me. Josh and I became even closer friends because of it. I have learned not to ignore the signals my body sends when it tells me it's time to pee or poop.

Hi there. I've been reading this site for a few weeks, and I decided to try what MARCUS has been doing and poop in my underwear, just to see what the big deal is, since I haven't done that since I was in diapers, so today while I was at home and no one else was around, I put on a pair of my underwear that were getting old anyway, and sat down on the toilet. I didn't have to poop, but I figured I'd try anyway, so I gave a push. a fart came out, then I could feel what I thought was a hard piece start to come out. I was surprised at how much more I had to push once the poop had come out enough to rest in my underwear, it was weird. I didn't do very much, and what was even more weird was that I thought it was a hard poop, but once it hit the cloth, it kind of squished and turned into a ball about the size of a large walnut. Like I said, I had to push a lot, and I was kind of getting out of breath by it all, so I did a stop and go thing for a few moments, and every time my anus would pinch shut, it made this smacking sound against the poop. I knew there was just a little more in me, but no matter how much I pushed, it wouldn't come out. I stood up and pulled my underwear down and dumped the poop ball into the toilet and it fell into the water with a "Bloop!" There was very little clean up to do in my underwear, hardly a streak, and I was able to clean them and save them in case I want to try this again, but all in all it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I guess I'll have to try it again when I have a bigger poop to take.

Hey, this is my first time posting anything here. I love to poop! But I use to hate it, & I wished I never had to go to poo, so I'd hold it in for a whole week when I was a kid. Sometimes I still do hate it, if I'm in a tense environment. But in a public bathroom where I'm anonymous, I'm afraid I enjoy it too much. Does anyone know why some people like it so much? Is it because feelings of embarassment are translated into feelings of pleasure?

The Crank
Hi guys!!!!!! Used to post here wayyyyyyyy back and I'm so glad to see this forum is still around!!!To Marga, I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!I don't think I have any really interesting stories at all since I last post but will be on a look out. You GUYS ROCK!!!!!!


Today while at the university rec center I went #1 the flushed the urinal of a small public bathroom in the center. When I flushed we heard (a person outside also) heard kaboom, kaboom, ... She was a person at an interance. She said that problem was happening and she would contact maintainance. I told her I thought there was air in the inlet water pipes and wondered if they had been recently drained.

I told her that I had flushed a urinal and that was the noisiest pee I had ever had!

Mister Peeper.
PV -- Until this day I'll never forget that morning. I did'nt realize that some women were so open to such things. While she was sitting there taking a huge poop, she was talking to me as if we were sitting in lawn chairs in the back yard. There was such a warm, cozy feeling being in the bathroom with her during on of her most private moments.

They were Army-issue briefs, which, incidentally, are shit brown, heheh.

Hi. i actually just found out about this fourm -- interesting. i've ALWAYS been a "student of pee" -- i have almost no interst in poo. but anyway about bladders.

this is a very long story, never before written, about experimention with finding out my maximum bladder capacity. i say right up front this is experiment was successful but I warn you to beware as it is not without some health risks. the approach i took is not for everyone.

i've always known that i have a large bladder - every since grade school days when my total lack of planning always left me with a volley ball for a bladder near the end of most school days. but i also had good control and i mainly just dribbled after a certain point in the aftenoon -- and of course this repeated spotting left dark yellow urine stains that my mother really hated.

But EVERYONE always went to the john before me. this was true in school, on hunting and fishing trips, on hikes, on dates, at work (i do a lot of field work on streams -- our crew is in full chest waders so potty breaks are a big thing-- everyone needs to get out of them for a break but not me usually. "where do you PUT that?" is the typical question or then there is the "don't you EVER go to the restroom? anyway. that is me. i had a uncle on my dad's side that also has a reputation so i believe it is just in the genes.

my interest in peeing things has contiued unabated. now days i make my living as a biological research scientist and i am driven to measure everything. so obviously i've measured my bladder in every concievable situation numerous times. i keep a two liter graduated beaker in the cupboard beneath the sink of my bathroom. i told you i have this interest.

i know almost exactly what is in my bladder -- within a 100 mL or so just by the feel of it. for example that if I measure its volume when I get the first "signal' from my bladder that says "hey remember me" i will almost always pee out about 650 - 750 mL (note: 500 mL ~ 1 pint. this is like clockwork.

then i also know that if I wait another 4 - 6 hours after that first signal -- while maintaining normal liquid consumption (i drink a lot of water) I will feel somewhat "full" but farily comfortable when sitting -- a bit uncomfortable when standing -- but in full control. THEN if i measure it -- i will output between 900 to 1,200 mL of pee in the beaker. i have no REAL trouble holding it to 1.5 L.

however, i did once try to test my maximum and this is the story about that rather horrible experience.

i did it on a long car trip from Boston to southwestern Ohio. i started the trip with the intention to push my bladder to the limit - to get all the way home without a pee break. Its about 850 miles and i'd driven it many times in 12 - 14 hours -- usually with one pit stop.

The plan was to drink "normally" and try to make it my parent's home in ohio and then measure it -- somehow. I was pretty sure that I could because i had a couple of projects in europe and had flown from boston to london and to frankfurt seveal times without a "break" -- and i was not in bad shape when we landed -- no sweat. Seveal times I had gone more than 12 hours. i once drank beer at the haufbrau house in munich for 5 hours without a trip to the pisctor -- so i fully expected i could do this.

i picked up a couple of 2 liter bottles of A&W root beer, filled the car and took off. i'll spare you all the details but after guzzeling root beer non-stop for 8 - 9 i was very full. but i was nearly to the Ohio boarder so i kept pushing -- setting little short distance goals and reaching then -- then setting a new one.

i was ok sitting it the car seat but almost decided to gave it up when got out to fill up with gas the last time in cambridge ohio (eastern boarder). but i did get back in the car and got back underway.

it is intersting when your bladder gets overdistended like that -- you have periods of pain and then periods when it seems to relax. anyway about 45 minutes from home it suddely went from occasional spasms of pain to constant, sharp really bad pain and i suddenly wondered its not really possible to rupture you bladder is it? i decided the experiment had to end now.

i knew there was no way i was going to get home in control. i was going to be forced to dump my whole hard earned load on the interstate -- no choice. it was evening just getting truly dark so i just steered the car into the left hand lane of the interstate and then pulled to the left hand edge of I-71 and thought this experiment is over -- a failure.

but as the car stopped i heard a hollow thud -- it was an empty 2 Liter A&W root beer bottle. saved! i grabbed it.

but i then realized that i probably could not get out of the seat -- hours ago I had unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. i felt bad that i'd gone through this for nothing but not clearly because all i could really think about was the pain. the word desperation really means something to me

I worked my legs out the drivers door and then into a full sitting position my feet on the side of the road and slid down onto my knees --then i managed to get my penis into the opening of the bottle (not easily as the pain had cause my friend to get about as small as i'e ever seen him -- in my life -- he was hidding). i tried to urinate and nothing came -- but the pain continued. now what i thought. finally i got a trickle started -- then whamo i started pissing like a rocket - it was more like a female pee -- big stream -- intense. (that in inself was weird because i have a big prostate -- its healthy but its big and i can't pee distance worth shit -- in fact the two times i've really tried the most i could manage was about a four foot stream and both times i quite promptly filled the back my pants with a very much unwanted number 2).

anyway after a few seconds -- i kind of spasmed a huge sharp pain kind of centered at the sphincter of my urethera and the flow stopped. after a few seconds i got it going again and soon the bottle was half full. but i was still raging -- i directed the stream to the side of the bottle to prevent the foaming. after a bit the flow started slowing and the bottle was filling and so I stopped the stream. when it did that i had another sudden spasam of sharp pain all through my grion with it the pain seemingly centered again on my sphincter. now I was worried.

but then i started peeing again more slowly now and filled the bottle. i was nearly done -- but i'll guess i put another 100 - 150 mL on the I-71 in little spirts. the pain in my groin seemed to lessen. my bladder tingled.

so i guess my bladder at absolute maximum would be 2 - 2.3 Liter. i'm sure that is on the large side -- but i do not know if it is out-of-the-park large. i really do not know. but i will guess its been discussed on this forum and many of you might know some ranges.

HOWEVER. i strongly warn against doing this to this kind of extreme level. the for the next two to three days after this i had to pee every couple of hours --my bladder screaming at me. what's worse the urine was dark -- and after about a day i figured out why -- there was blood in it. i had torn the walls of my bladder in places. not such a good thought. so here i was home visiting my parents for the first time -- so was i going to tell our family doctor that has known our whole family for years -- guess what number one son -- the college graduate with the big job in the east had broken his bladder through stupidity?

in the end i was spared because it resolved after about 3 days and by the 4th or 5th day my urine was back to normal. normal bladder function did not return for about a week though.

it is long but I would like to know if other were this foolhardy in trying to find out about their bladder.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Mysterious Man
Anyone wish they could poop off the edge of a building, that'd be pretty cool, huh?

Silly Girl that is total hog wash. Only way a bladder will burst is if something like a car crash happens while the occupant is near bursting point and gets poked down there too hard. Otherwise (like if you held your finger in a candle flame and the pain took over to make it move)either pain from extreme fullness or tired holding muscles would cause an uncontolled flood.

Mysterious Man
Amy: Great panty poops, why not eat as much food as you can, hold for about a week and then wear tight blue jeans and panties, that would be really cool.
China Girl: Hope to hear more from you soon.
Ash and MelD: Can't wait for more great stories! (I've caught up on old posts, spectacular!)
Any girls who read but don't post: Try posting, you'll love it, this site is the f****** best!
I wish to add one more cartoon babe to my list of animated girls pooping: Kim Possible

are public loos designed to amplify the sound of farts?and ditto seat drop clang.........and the latch turn racket........the splashes seam quieter..........but u reach for the paper and the noise the spool makes is loud........deafening even

Silly Girl the following is part of the article from one of several web sites that offer proof that Tycho was poisoned by mercury one day before his death, and not from any bursted bladder as you previously stated.
In 1996 it was possible to carry out another analysis using the PIXE-method (Particle Induced X-ray Emission) by J. Pallon at Fysiska Institutionen at Lund University, Sweden., this time on hair from Tycho with the root preserved. The result was that the mercury was not from an outside source but actually had been digested.
Using the growth rate of hair it was concluded that Tycho was poisoned by mercury one day before his death.
These forensic investigations show Tycho Brahe died of mercury poisoning. Even though it cannot be excluded, it is not likely that Tycho was murdered, but most likely he conducted his own death by using his own mercury-rich medicines the day before his death. This was done to help cure his disorder of the urinary system (prostatic hypertrophy or less likely bladder stones, since no stones were to be found in the coffin). It was not a burst bladder caused by his courteousness, but mercury in his own medicines that led to the uremia of which he died.

@Silly Girl: "...People can die from holding it too long or to much...". !! This is absolute NOT TRUE !! The bladder-muscle just releases the urine when the pressure becomes to high. Also a bladder of a health person can´t "burst".

Tim (and Sarah)
Handyman: I hope you enjoyed your urgent pee into hat woman's garden! I cannot believe she did not let you use her toilet. You should have peed right there of the roof. I know; I wouldn't have either, but it would have been appropriate, lol. A friend of ours once told us a story, where she looked out of the window of her rooftop flat and saw a chimney sweeper on top of the opposite building, who took a leak into or onto the chimney. It was a bit weird, but I guess if you gotta go…Greetings, Tim

PV: Thanks for your lovely words! I always think of you when I see Josie with Bruce-Nemo. I guess that little soft toy tiger is an artist or something, cause he has a bit of an eccentric name…He certainly is very cheeky sometimes: Like some little tigers can, he can also pee standing up: He just uses his tail like a penis and then he pees against my legs, while I am sleeping on the sofa. What do you say? Cheeky bugger, eh? ;-)
I thoroughly hope you'll never have to suffer from haemorrhoids. There are so awful. Inspite of my good hopes, I had a terrible reappearance last weekend. It hurt so bad, I could hardly walk, when I came back from the loo. Oh, well at the moment it's better again though. Sarah only suffered from them during pregnancy. At the time she was too embarrassed to tell me. She should have. It's good to have some comfort when your poos hurt so much. Enough moaning. Here is a fun story:
On Thursday I went out with some colleagues, as it's the carnival season over here. Thursday was the women's carnival and the ladies tent to go a bit mad by then ;-). We went for a little pub crawl and ended up on a big square , which was packed. It was freezing cold, but too crowded to get in somewhere. The cold and a few drinks made me die for a leak. I spotted a little gap between a building and some bushes, which had lots in and out traffic so I figured that this was the place. I was too desperate to wait for a toilet, but still polite enough not to piss right on the road like some did. I told my mates, I was gonna find a spot for relieve and immediately had three peers who wanted to join the mission. We went into the bushes and around he corner of the building and found a row of about ten to fifteen guys peeing against the wall. I took a quick look around an also saw some ladies bums inbetween the bushes. We found a free piece of wall and started adding our streams. I had such a full bladder I couldn't stop peeing. It was running slow due to he cold, but also running steady…The others waited for me after thy finished, starting to tease me about hurrying up. Suddenly two policemen arrived on the scene. I was worried to get into trouble (although there are no such strict laws like in the states over here), but I still had to pee. The other's laughed and teased me. The policemen (they were real, not in costumes…) passed us without taking notice. The went a bit further down the wall towards the end and …unzipped and let it fly. If you gotta go…
I'll continue this story with some "wild" woman in the gents, next time
Hugs to PV and all friends (hope you are all fine, especially Robbie)

Traveling Guy
Yesterday evening I was sitting at a table in the fod court area of a large campus student center, enjoying my meal. The doors to the men's and women's restrooms were close to where I sat. A cute, young student couple, who looked as though they might be traveling somewhere for the weekend, walked up and stopped in front of the women's room and put down their bags. The girl said to her male friend, "Watch my stuff for me, will you please? I won't be too long." With that, she disapppeared into the women's room, leaving her friend outside. A minute passed, then two, then three. The guy started to look a bit uncomfortable, shifting back and forth, just standing there with their bags outside the women's restroom door, in plain sight of everyone nearby who was eating.

After some six or seven minutes had passed and several other females had come and gone from the restroom, the girl finally emerged. Her male friend looked slightly annoyed and I could hear him say to her, "If I'd known you were going to be in there so long, I would have gone in there" - pointing to the men's door - "and taken a pee."

She gave him a resigned look, shrugged her shoulders and said very openly, as though she didn't care who else heard it, "I took a dump, okay?!" I thought it was so cute! I could just imagine her in her bright red sweater with jeans pulled down and her round little butt on the potty leting go her logs. I also wondered if any of the other women felt lucky to be in there at the same time she was doing that.

Which brings me to MARGA's post... Eres un angel de verdad. (You truly are an angel.) You see… Sometimes the special interest we all share here lets us do good for others. I posted a story here a long time ago about being the only other person left in the building when a paralyzed student in a wheel chair needed to use the toilet to take a dump. I took her into the unisex and sat her on the toilet and when I offered to leave, she asked me to stay while she moved her bowels. My heart was racing, too, just like yours, but I also had that wonderful feeling of knowing I was helping someone when she really needed it. By the way, I hope that young women in your story either gets medical help or at least tries some changes in her diet.

Marga, favor de regalarnos con unos cuentos de tus propios momentos memorables de hacer caca. (Please regale us with some stories of your own memorable moments of taking a dump.) Your English is just fine!

Peace to all, and good peeing and dumping. -TG

To PV - Yup, it certainly is comfortable.....but in my opinion, it's not as comfortalbe as sitting on a toilet to pee.

To Marga - Veryyyy exciting story. I've never helped someone poop before, or encouraged them or whatever the case may be. But if I was in the same situation that girl was in, I'd love to have you help me.

To Lia - Nope, I never peed or pooped on a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. When I was younger though, maybe around six or seven years old, I used to grab a few stuffed animals and bring them in the bathroom with me while I poop. I guess you could say it was like an "audience" for me. I would set each one up right in front of the toilet so that they had a good view of me and I had a good view of them. I didn't do this each time I had to poop, but at least a few times a month maybe.

We don't have to go to school this week.....winter break. My friends and I are getting together later tonight, so who knows if I'll have any stories afterwards.

Mysterious Man
Ash D: I have an idea for a poop place, get undressed lean over the edge of the kitchen table and poop off of it. Another would to be to haave a contest with your sister Mel.

See ya guys later!

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