Hey, just a heads up, unless u want to stay around the house for a few days, don't take any saline laxtives, they give u dierra, i was constapated, and we had some epsom salt whch is a saline laxtitive, so i took some, and about 3 or 4 hours later i was sitting on the toilet with shit porring out of my ass, and it keep up for like 4 days, it was relly bad, almost pure water.

I'm a girl, and I was wondering if any other girls out there wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee but can't be bothered going down stairs to the toilet, so you just pee on the floor in your room.

Sorry.. I've only just realized that I made a mistake on my last post. I meant to say "Even though I'm *not* peepeegirl." That makes quite a difference!

Anyway... I've been holding it for at least 7 hours, even having drunk a couple bottles of water. I've been watching a movie and I didn't want to leave but I've waited so long that now I can't sit still! Movie's finally over.. so I can pee at last. Whew....... I'm gonna find a towel or something!

Not much has been happening in way of the bathroom lately... just my usual little pee quirks.

Can't stay.. gotta go! And i really mean 'go'!!!

Sir Nicholas De Mimsy Porpington
Ok im a new poster and would rather not have my name posted till further!
Here's my story:

I was walking down the mall w/my girlfriend and she really had to pee!But as we are new to town she couldnt find the restrooms.!She was standing there holding her crouch and she started to jump up and down and ppls were looking at her! than she groaned. she danced around 4 a bit then finally found the restrooms she dashed to them.....but they were locked she had to sit down to keep from peeing herself she held herself for a while then attmitted defeat by peeing herself!

Hey everybody, this is my first post and I wanted to tell you about when I got caught peeing two days ago.
I had been drinking all day and on my way home from a club(about 10:00pm) I didn't think taht there was any harm on taking a pee on the street, so I checked that nobody was around, pulled up my skirt, took of my thong, squatted down and waited, for about the first 10 seconds I could not pee (It was the first time i had ever done it in such a public place) but then it started to come out, a thick stream of clear pee, splashing on the ground. After about 50 seconds of peeing the huge puddle started to stream off into the road. but then I heard some foot-steps, looked to my right and saw a middle aged woman walking towards me, I was going to stop peeing but it felt so good, so I carried on, the woman stood in front of me watching my pee soak her shoes and said, 'You're absoloutly disgusting, I've got a good mind to report you to the police, then I stopped peeing, got up and said to her 'You can't tell me you've never taken a pee in public? and she said'Yes, once when I was 6, the bathroom was occupied so I has to use the drain in my back garden.' At first I thought she was laughing, but after she walked off, I realised that she was serious.
When she was out of sight I squatted back down and resumed peeing, I counted another 48 seconds before the last drops came out, I wiped myself dry with the inside of my skirt, put my thong on and looked down at the huge puddle I had made -- it made me feel good.
any other girls out there ever been caught peeing?

hey whats up
last week, i had some severe diarrhea in school. I am in 9th grade and 14 years old. I was taking an exam in my history class. All of a sudden, my stomach started cramping up and i found myself in severe abdominal pain. I had the urge to take a long heavy dump but the rules clearly stated "no bathroom trips during testing" i was now beginning to sweat and get nausious. I wrote whatever i can on the test trying to finish fast so i can go to the bathroom. I started farting and some people started laughing. After three to four farts, i got up hunched down grabbing my stomach. I quickly ran out the room and into the men's bathroom. I ran for the first stall. As i began sittin down. I let out a loud moan followed by loud plops and plocks. Farting noises followed. I was continuing to sweat and till my back against the wall. plock, plop, plock,plop. THe turds we very mushy and liquid like. My ass was literly pouring! when i was finally done. I wiped my ass 9 times and started at the toilet. In the toilet, there was nothing but brown liquid and TP. I felt relieved and embarrased.

THat day i went to the bathroom 7 times.

For Randi:
1. Does your anus have any hair on and do you keep it shaved
or waxed clean? it has hair, although I have shaved it once before.
2.When you fart,do you tend to push it out or let it come
out on it's own? I push it out.
3. When having to do a #2, do you sit forward on the toliet
so you can just reach back and wipe when you're done,or do move
frward on sit after you're done? it never occurred to me.
4. When sitting on the toliet do you put your panties on
the top of your thighs so if anyone accidently came in they couldn't
see your pussy? always have them to my ankles, most of the time.
5. I have hemmorrhoids now wheather I have a solf BM or not.
Other than creams what is the best way to take care of it? And is
there anyway that I can my anus muscle tigher to prevent hemorroids? Apply witch hazel soaked cotton to the rectal area. I had them years ago. See your doctor. Maybe there is a way or not to tighten your sphincter.

I was reading a story in the New York Times deploring the bathrooms in the New York City Public Schools. Some kids wait until they get home or they use the toilet at the local hospital near their school.They say that there is a "dearth" of toilet paper. But some kids wet the paper towels and toilet paper and throw it on the walls and ceilings.

TO PV. Hi OZ girl, long time no see....
I see that you like to try everything once in your life, if not twice...LMAO. Yes, this highway girl was really something. I was that close to get all of her spray. I really thought that she's in trouble or something and I was about getting out of the car. I've never saw a girl going like that...I mean sticking her ass high up in the air while bending so deep down so she can look behind in between her legs. Share with us your finding on the one leg on the bowl position. A friend of my GF told us that she's doing it as well, in cases where the good old hovering position doesn't work for her. I mean in cases where she need to release a stuck torpedo in a public toilet.
Hovering doesn't work quite well in hard constipation cases, but I can tell you that my current GF handles it with her stand/bend trick quite bravely.

Your story about the woman who lost control over her bowls reminds me something that I saw few years ago. There is a 40something woman in our appartment building. One day I go up in the stairs and then I meet this woman in the middle in of the way up. Immediately, a stron smell of poop hits my nose. I thought that I'm going to die. I let her go up one staircase, and I look up under her skirt. This lady had an accident. She was wearing a pantyhose, and they were all full with solid poop...

Another incident that happend to me last year in New Orleans..It was quite funny. It was Mardi Gras and evening time. In one of the allys I met 2 drunk girls in their early 20's.. We stopped and started to chat and laugh, etc. One of the girls disappeared, but I didn't pay attention because I thought that she was giving us some space to hook up. We kept on talking, and suddenly I notice that I'm standing in a middle of a puddle..I look aside and I see the other girl. She was with her bare ass against the wall, leaning abit forward, and her jeans and underware were pulled a little down. For all the people that were walking there it looks like she's just leaning against the wall. She was peeing torrents, and everything was running in my direction and pooling where I stood... She noticed that I noticed...Screamed, pull her panties up..of course she wet them, then gave up pull them down and kept on until she was done...

Handyman - That woman didn't deserve to get her floor finished. Hope you charged her double for it! I am also a part time electrician and very rarely experience problems with being given the use of the toilet. If I do, the assertion that the job is going no further until I have used a toilet usually works well! That and the pointing out you might make a mistake - which is never a good thing with Mr. Electricity!

Louise (from France)
A funny episode from last day, and a small Poll-
I was cught pissing in the pool changing room shower:

You know I always pee in the shower, at home and out. I think it's a normal thing and everybody does it.
I always pee in the shower at my gym and pool changing room , all my friend know it, and many of them do this sometimes too.
Yesterday I have a funny episode...
After a plesant and long swimming solo session in the Pool i got out of the water with a very full bladder. I never piss into the pool as I find it a disgusting habit....
When I got into the changing room my only thinking was about relieving finally my full bladder in the shower.
I entered the shower room, quickly removed my one piece swimming suit and go to the nearest shower...
I was dying for I pee, I opened the water and while waiting for the water to get warmer, I opened my legs and standing in front of the running water, a few steps form the large gutter on the floor I let it flow..I don't know if it was louder the sound of the shower itself or of my gushing pee spalshing on the pavement below, it was a true waterfall of clear pee pouring out of me..Emptying my aching bladder was so pleasent that I closed my eyes while I kept peeing, it was a very relieving sensation. I kept pissing for maybe 20 sec, with eyes almost shut...
When I was done I put my hand in the water to feel if it was enough warm..In that moment I had teh feeling that someone was watching me...I quickly turned myself and noticed a girl of about 28-30 standing naked at the entrance of shower room..I felt really embarassed and got red in face. Probably the girl was surprised to caught me in full flow and waited politely for me to finish before gettin in teh shower area (no partitions)...
I always pee in the shower, but normally with other women around I do it more discretely under the running water, so it is not easyer to guess that I'm peeing, anyway no one complained even if they guessed I was pissing under the running water, I think almos everybody does it...
This time I felt embrassed, because, sure to be alone, I peed in a unequivocable way, before getting under the water. I felt ashamed and said "sorry" to the girl when she came closer and opened a shower..Fortuntely she helped my embarass replying something like "don't worry, we all do this somethimes". She was very polite and I felt much less embarassed. Later the girl asked politely some of my hair conditioner while showering and I passed it to her smiling...I'm not sure, but maybe she too peed while showering...I cannopt swear she did it, but for some seconds I noticed that she was standing leg a bit apart in the water and the water running on her body for some seconds took an innatural angle of flowing between her legs, probably she made a really pale pee under the shower....
I could have been worse if it wasn't that girl to catch me in full flow in front of the running shower, I was luky.

For everybody here:
1-do you pee in the shower?
2- you do it just at home or in common showers too (gym, pool beach)
3-did u ever see women or men doing this?
4-have you ever done in presence in presence of other man or women?

Please answer, short anecdotes are welcome!


to Bryian: i'm 23, my dad is 48 and our neighbor is 50- something.., we always had doorless stalls at school, so I ws used to them, my dad and our neighbor work at the assembly plant, and they said except for the executive mens room, and the womens restroom, all the men's restroom stalls are doorless, but what was funny was how we all hadda go at the same time LOL....''ka-boom" and i think our stink scared away some potential poopers good B

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
To Handyman,
I would have just pissed my pants and continued working with the piss dripping all over her floor. That would have taught her a lesson.
Sir Richard

em dubya
Hi everyone! Reading through all of your posts, and there are some great ones this time! DeepCloudNine, thanks for the advice on diapers but I think it'll b a little while before I work up the nerve to actually get some diapers. Right now though, I kinda wish I had some. I've felt and urge to poo for a while now and more recently and urge to pee. I have my handy-dandy disposable cup here so I think I'll use it. I think I'll try Lizz's idea of kneeling with it under me. O, btw, I took off my pants and underwear so I'm naked from the waist down. Ok, my penis has kinda hardened up so I think I'll pee first so I don't spray everywhere. 1sec. Ahh, I just held the cup upto my penis and relaxed, now I have a fair amount of pee in the bottom. Ok, now for the poop. woah, that came out fast. I almost spilled some on the floor. The turd here is probably 6-8in long (or would be if it wasn't folded up) and it's turning the pee green. Weird. The poo is semi-soft but still stays in a log shape. It's a light/medium brown with a few darker patches. Phew, it's starting to smell, I'm gonna go flush it. Bye for now!

Marga, you are a jewell!
Thank you for a lovely loving report.

Just back from NYC where I spent the long weekend. Wento the movies to see "21 grams". Collectors of bathroom scenes will like to know that there is a shot of Charlotte Gainsbourg down to the waist sitting on the john. In the interests of realism I had hoped for a loud hiss on the soundtrack followed by a wipe (nothing else in the movie is left to the imagination) but the camera cut away!

Afterwards I went to the ladies room. I love movie house toilets, they're so quiet. You've got to pick your neighborhood. I was once terrified out of my wits when a really rough guy followed me (as I thought) into the ladies room. It turned out it was a genuine mistake and he rushed out again. This time I did my usual thing, went in and started to fix my makeup. Two minutes later a gal in her 30s came in and went into a stall. I was straight into the next one. Down went my pants and panties and I barely squatted giving myself as much height as possible. A real noisy torrent from me and she wasn't doing too bad. It was hard to separate which of us was doing what!

We stood next to each other freshening up and I offered her my mascara. It was so nice. Dontj'a love the simple pleasures! love you all. Anthea.

hello. Im lesbian.ok so one day me and my girlfriend were at the mall and we both needed to crap. the mall was about to close and the bathrooms were locked. So we decided to go in the bushes. unfortuately, a cop was looking for something in the bushes so we had to go home. our home was close but we were about to burst! once we got home we both went into the same bathroom. i crapped in the tub and kayla , my wife went in the toilet. we both remember it to this day. By the one, im glad others are interested in this. the poop by kayla was 19 in. long. mine was 16 in. by y'all

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

whats the strangest thing youve flushed?

The ultimate conversation occurred yesterday.

This guy comes into the stall next to me and sits down. He was a real grunter and sigher, lots of relieved sighs, only he hadn't managed anything. He started off quietly, trying not to make too much noise knowing there was someone beside him.

But then he couldn't hold back and it sounded like a cannon wnet off from his asshole, dislodging a log of shit as if from a high powered rifle. I heard him sigh and then fart and push out some more stuff. this went on for a good five minutes. I pushed out what i had left sighing and then wiping up. I pulled up my pants and flushed and sighed a relieved sigh again and said...."Nothing like a good dump eh?" Okay til now the reactions have been okay, but this guy went nuts with laughter. He burst out laughing and said very loudy, "Holy shit man-do you have that right" and then blasted another fart into the bowl. He continued laughing for a few minutes as I washed up. Then hearing him still laughing, I went back into the stall as if in a hurry and ripped my pants down and farted another one into the bowl. I then said..."Of course finishing a dump is also important" Well he nearly threw up he was laughing so hard. He continued with laughing to himself while farting and pushing out more shit...this guy had A LOT of crap to release.

So he finally finishes up, I take the cue and we open the stall doors together and walk out laughing. By this time there are 2 stern looking businessmen in the washroom, one waiting to dump and obviously not amused by our sophmoric behaviour.

We stood and washed our hands and he said, "Man that was hilarious in there...did you hear the load I just dumped?" I laughed and grabbed my gut, "If you'd been in here earlier you would have heard the same thing comin out of my ass-I almost shit my pants getting to the toilet" He laughed -he was a short stalky loading dock worker. "What is wrong with our stomachs eh?" he asked..."I gotta stop eatin those fried burgers". He rubbed his stomach and grabbed his stuff and left still laughing. The 2 businessmen scowled and walked out.

I'm still about the BEST buddy dump ever...If I'd of given him a chance this guy probably would have wanted to compare dumps.

Whoa....feeling the urge.


Hi all of you!

Louise (from France)
I Love your posts. Sorry that I do not have the time to go through the last seven hundred pages to find my old posts, but here I will describe the ‚robidog relief' method.
The time my wife used a robidog bag must have been about one and a half years ago. It was on a camping site in the South of France. There was a full moon, we were in our tent with our dog, it must have been about midnight, the toilet building was a hundred metres away, there were still some people about, my wife needed to pee but did not want to go all the way to the toilet. So I had the idea of her weeing into a robidog bag. The trick is to fold the opening of the bag over to the outside, and then hook your index and middle fingers under the fold using both hands. Then you pull the opening of the bag to the shape of a rectangle. Now, with one hand from the front and the other from the back you pull the opening of the bag to yourself at best when in a kneeling or standing position. Before that you should, of course, have pushed or pulled out of the way any articles of clothing or taken them off. You will find that the bag fits neatly to cover your vulva, if you ever wish to try. Then release the contents of your bladder (the best part of the exercise!). The bag can hold one and a half litres easily and still leave enough ‚bag' to tie a knot. The tricky bit, though, is removing the bag without spilling anything after you have relieved yourself. It can be surprisingly heavy, and warm too! You need to clamp one hand (you decide which one) to a tight fist to hold the bag well, then carefully let go with the other hand in order to remove it from between your thighs. Now the bag will dangle from one hand only. Don't let it slip, or you will have an instant flood! Tie a knot and pull it tight. Then look if the bag is leaking. This may happen if it is an old bag which has been scrunched up and carried around in your pocket for weeks. Dispose the bag at your discretion. The bags are free, and available in more than one country, as you surely know. I always keep some handy in the car, not only for the disposal of doggie's doo-doo, he, he! I have used one in the car, when parked down town and waiting for a business partner to turn up, and who was late, and I was feeling the rapid increase of a need to pee after morning coffee!

Hi Tim,
Thanks for those hugs and kisses from you and Sarah! My choice which is from whom? The answer seems easy enough. Now to Loewie peeing his bed. If I am not wrong, Josie is already attending school, having things to tell when she comes home, and Loewie is not. He may be subconciously asking for more attention, and peeing the bed at night is a sure way to get it, in a positive as well as in a negative way. I would not make a great ado about it. I would subtly see to it that the child gets plenty to drink during the day, but stop with liquid intake an hour before bedtime at the latest. Then have him pee just before he is tucked in. It may help, but it is purely a, let me say, a ‚physical' remedy. He will need the attention from the person he may be missing. It could be your attention he may have missed, or Sarah's. It depends on the situation in your lives. Our sons had phases in life which we called ‚daddy' phases, and ‚mummy' phases. These alternated over the years. I sometimes had one of them constantly around myself, then had to let go because he turned to mum for a while, to be replacd by the other, if you understand what I mean.
Sorry to ramble on like this, give my love to Sarah, and get Peter to do some Tai Chi exercise to get his back into shape again the gentle way, and to be able to reach around to his bum again!

I find your first post excellent! It makes great reading! You surely enjoyed being the angel to help that poor girl trying to push rock hard turds past anal fissures. Ouch! It is a pity you went separate ways. Or did you plan to meet again? Hope, hope! More posts like that, please!

Tim & Sarah. I wouldn't worry too much about your daughter's bedwetting. Occassional bedwetting up to the age of 10 or 11 is fairly normal and I used to wet the bed sometimes until I was 7 or 8. Indeed some people wet the bed in adulthood, either because they can't help it or from choice. The important thing in your case is to make sure that your daughter is loved and affirmed - and never punished for nocturnal accidents. I would advise limiting her fluid intake after tea and making sure she uses the toilet at bedtime. If the wetting tends to occur at a certain time of night it might be worth waking her an hour or so before then and making sure she has another trip to the toilet. It's best to be patient and not make a fuss though. If you don't already have one a mattress protector might be a good idea.

I've just taken a good dump after having a windy and flatulent afternoon. It sure feels good.

Franco your posts really are hysterical! I cannot believe you do that I aam going to have to experiment with your shittalking techniques here at school someday when I get the nerve. Anyway today started off kind of dull. No one in the student center bathroom when I was in. I had to take a normal crap this am nothing unusual. Later on this am after class however was a little more fun. I went to the library after my class figuring I might get a headstart on some homework and use the internet. When I walked in I went into the ground floor bathroom and the stall door was locked. Oh goodie! I peered over the top and saw a kid sitting there naked. He was leaning forward, way, way forward so that his body was actually perpendicular to the floor. He had a very big ass and was quite muscular. I wanted to see the size of the logs that would come out and i was not disappointed. They were enormous and the dude was pushing with all his might. I watched intrigued for as long as i could then left as he reached for the paper. I placed myself carefully at a table in the lounge outside so I could see him when he came out. I was amazed, it was not a kid at all, it was one of the basketball coaches! He must be in his 30's. I thought he was a kid, its amazing how good some folks look naked, you cannot tell their age at all.

MEL & ASH -- couple of great stories there, your park adventure reminds me of Louise's fun in her park in the UK.

MARGA -- welcome to the board. That was quite a story! An anal fissure is a horrible thing, and I'm so sorry for that poor girl. Surely the doctors can do something to help her? That's no way to live...

Well, we've had a real heatwave here lately, which has made for some memorable outdoor wees last thing at night, I've weed on the lawn, standing, but a few times I've used the edge of the concrete area. The first time I stood but the ground was baked iron hard and I got all splashed. So the next times I squatted and weed forward, which was excellent, and very relaxing in the warm night air under the stars. It's one of my favorite things!

With all the talk of the standing poop lately I gave it a go too. Like JJ's GF, I tried one foot up on the seat and it worked well enough, but I have much less control and had to sit to finish off as I squeezed the last log and got dirty. The next time I surprised myself a bit, I just backed up in a gentle knee-bend, hung my bottom over the pot (seat down), spread my cheeks with my hands and released my load. It slid free easily, including a foot-long tadpole that hit with a really cool SPLOONK! There were three or four others in the load too, and the whole lot came free with not so much a crackling noise as a wet, slippery rushing sound. It was really good! But I sat to clean up again, force of habit I guess.

I used a urinal at college the other day -- more she-wee in the gutter. Fun!

Bye for now,


Eric in Chicago
Sir Richard, Twice Shy: The kids' book _Joey Pigza Swallowed The Key_ (about a 10-11-year old boy with a whimsical condition that somewhat resembles ADHD) has a scene where Joey swallows his house key during class and shits it out the next morning (and cleans it up and tries to swallow it again the next day, after bragging to his classmates about how he got it back). I suspect the scene was added to give the book "boy appeal." One time in my teens I swallowed a spare bike lock key and got it back after a day or two.

A fun thing to do is to swallow a couple of those capsules that contain a dried-up sponge in the shape of an animal and see how long it takes before you crap out an animal-shaped sponge. You really have to dig through your poop to find the sponge, though, unless you've got diarrhea, since the sponge gets all compressed in solid poop. I got one back after 12 hours, but most of the time it takes more than 24 hours. Dig around in Google and you'll find a story of a college kid who engaged in a sponge-shitting contest with some of his dorm buddies.

When I was 16 I swallowed a bunch of small rubber bands (left over after I stopped having to wear a retainer) and "recovered" them the next day when I squatted over a tinfoil pan.

Bubblegum pop prince Aaron Carter claims to have swallowed a marble when he was 12 and recording "Aaron's party." Presumably he heard a "plunk" after a few grunts the next day. I've never heard whether or not he told the story during a concert, though the boys whose girlfriends dragged them along would probably have appreciated it if he did.

I went to the swap meet again and took a dump in stall with the ripped up shower curtain. I was able to adjust the curtain to keep the doorway covered, but after a few minutes this Asian guy pulls open the curtain to see if the stall is occupied. he says sorry and leaves. Then half the curtain falls and I'm left sitting there on the toilet with these guys standing there, waiting for a stall. I stand up and shuffle over to the curtain and try to fix it. It holds for a few seconds, but then it falls again. The guys standing outside the stall look at me and sorta smile. I just shrug and finish up my dump with the door mostly open. I start wiping from behind and from the front as usual. Then I fifnish up with the standing wipe. All the time there are guys waiting for stalls standing outside my doorway. I pull up my red briefs and my jeans, and flush.

Another day this weekend I was in a mall and took a dump in a department store. The restroom has a urinal and a toilet with a partition but no door on the stall. The main door locks, but after the last guy unlocks the door and comes out, I go in and then poke my head back out and tell the guy standing behind me that the urinal is available if he wants to use it. He says sure and goes to the urinal while I go behind the partition and have a seat on the can. Although the person sitting on the toilet would normally be hidden by the partition, there is a strategically placed mirror that reflects the toilet area to just about everyone in the room. As soon as you open the door, you can see the guy on the toilet, as well as when you are at the sink or drying your hands. I was able to take a dump with about 6 people coming in. Then this handsome Hispanic guy comes with a little kid. The kid runs around the partition and then bolts back when he sees it's occupied. The dad says they have to wait. I finish up and wipe and flush. They go behind the partition and the dad tells his son to stand still. The dad then unbuttons his pants and pulls down his dark brown pants and boxers. The pants slide down but he keeps his boxers right below his knees. Hairy legs are seen between his boxers and his shirt, which he used to preserve his modesty. He looked pretty cool on the can, staring straight ahead, just slightly biting his lip. He had nice facial features, short black hair combed back, and a goatee. I was finished washing up and had to leave. I saw him a few minutes later looking at some clothes and trying to keep a handle on his kid.

Yes, I had another doorless toilet stall experience. This one was downtown where there is a public restroom next to the city buildings. It's open 24 hours and has an attendant in a booth outside who buzzes you in. He/she limits the number of people inside the restroom since there is only a toilet, urinal, and sink. I went in and came around the little partition between the toilet and the urinal. There was a skinny guy sitting on the can. He wore jeans, a maroon t-shirt, a ballcap, and sunglasses. Usually there's a transient using the toilet, so this was a pleasant surprise. He had his jeans and black underwear down just about mid-thigh. His shirt was pulled up so I saw that he had a very flat stomach and was very pale. His pubic hair was just barely visible, but it was very dark against his pale skin. His "stuff" wasn't visible. Hanging into the bowl, I suppose. I stood back a bit, so I wouldn't be staring right at him. He flushed a couple of times while sitting there and then proceeded to wipe from behind. He would wrap the paper around his hand and wipe. He flushed one last time and then carefully pulled up his underwear and jeans and buckled his belt. He went over to the sink and I walked past him and went to the toilet. I had already undone my belt and had started pulling my jeans down when he said that he needed to grab his bag which he left hanging on the partition. I said sure and backed out of his way, with my blue briefs still on but my jeans down at my thighs. He grabbed it, I pulled my clothes all the way down, and I had a seat. The seat was still nice and warm. II went up on the balls of my feet and took a dump. He was at the sink in front of me, about 10 feet away. I dumped, farted once, and then dumped again. He was still there as I was finishing up. He had taken off his has and glasses and he looked like a Marine. Good-looking guy, probably in his 20's. I wiped a few times from behind, then wiped twice from the front, moving my "stuff" to one side. Then I stood and wiped one last time. Then I pulled up my underwear, my jeans, and buckled up. I flushed and went over to the sink. He moved to the side and let me wash my hands. It was a cool sighting/exhibition. I figure it's only fair to let them watch me dump after I've seen them dump!

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