Wow.. it's been a while. Sorry. Anyway, I noticed Deep Cloud Nine's question. Even though I'm peepeegirl, I thought I'd tell you what I know....

Whenever I use my infamous cups, I just use ordinary plastic tumblers from the cabinet. I pull of my pants and panties and sit on my knees with the cups underneath me or I stand and just hold the cups under the flow. If you don't want to worry about cleaning them, then you could use disposable plastic cups and then just throw them away.

I've been holdin' for a while... wish I had a cup right now!

em dubya,

When you go to the drugstore or wherever to purchase diapers, if anyone asks or looks at you weird just tell them that you're grandmother lives with you and the diapers are for her or you could just go to the next town where nobody konws who you are so it wouldn't matter. I did the same thing when I was younger, and just a few months ago I actually had to buy diapers for my best friend's great-grandmother at WalMart, the clerk (female) and I were joking around about it and she said that she might be able to use some since she has to stand at the register for long periods of time when the store is busy. good luck and have fun!

Silly Girl
People can die from holding it too long or to much. Tycho Brahe was at a party and rumor says that he could not leave the room until the king left, or maybe he was being to polite. His bladder burst and you could probably guess what happened, chairs farted in other words he died.

amy from pennsylvania
i had an embarrassing poop at my senior prom 4 years ago. i had ben really busy up until the week of my prom so i kind of got a dress at the last second. well, it was pretty complicated, it had to be done up the back and was pretty tight. i couldn't get ti on myself, my mom tied it up for me on the afternoon of my prom day. it looked good and i was satisfied, and all was well. my limo came later that night with some of my friends already picked up, but my date was supposed to be at my house so we could leave. i had to keep the limo waiting until he got there, but it was fine. eventually we left and got to the prom. i felt the lurking need to poop almost the whole time i was there, but it wasnt until about an hour and a half in where it got bad, and was really bothering me. i went to the bathroom, it was nice. single bathroom and it was very clean and decorative, since it was a nice place where we were having the dance. well, here's where i ran in to trouble...i couldn't get my dress undone! i tried for about 5 minutes, but then i was barley able to keep from pooping! i had an emergency, so i tried to just pull my dress up far enough, but it was too tight and wouldn't come up past my knees. i was about to open the door and call for one of my girlfriend's to come help me, when i just felt a big hot chunk of poop just squeeze its way into my underpants..followed by a soft gooey stream of hot poop, and then about 4 more big underwear was completely soiled and i smelled awful. i turned and let my butt face the mirror so i could look...well, the tight dress didn't do much to hide the fact that i had just taken a crap in my underwear..the bulge was enormous. i slipped out of the bathroom, but the 4 or 5 girls in line outside noticed without even trying that i totally crapped myself. they seemed more sympathetic then mean about it..the girl at the end of the line said not to feel bad because she already had pee starting to dribble down her legs..i went back out and tried to stay away from people, but it was no secret wha had happened, and i just found my date and told him i needed to go home because i had an accident..he was very sweet though, he took me home. my mom was pretty made because i stained the dress..but hey, i couldn't help it.

I'm nearing 60 years old and have been watching all your entries for years. I've noticed the past years that it is getting more difficult to hold my bladder back, probably due to an enlarged prostate. A few days ago I drove into the city (New York City - parking is not easy) and as I began looking for a parking place noticed that my bladder was going to want some emptying. If I had to look for parking on the street too long I could dash into my building and pee in the staff toilet. This time I quickly found a place some six blocks from my building and thought that I was OK. That six block walk in bitter cold weather was not good for my bladder. By the time I walked into the building I felt a very urgent need to pee. As I stood in the elevator I could not hold and rub my cock in front of the elevator operator. As soon as I walked out of the elevator I felt a long squirt of piss, and then another. I was nearly emptying and could not stop it. Ten steps to my apartment door and then four to the bathroom but I was squirting at every step. By the time I got to the toilet I ripped down the zipper and grabbed my cock which was wet with pee and matted hair which made a clean stream difficult. There I concluded my emptying. My pants were wet to the knee. This wasn't something that was very pleasant for me but I expect that some of you will enjoy reading of my challenge.

Hey guys well I have another story that happened today. All day ever since I woke up I have been having that feeling in me that I might have a monster of a dump. It has been two days since I last went and that is really unusual. I thought abuot just going whenever the urge hit me, but I decided I might try experimenting again. So the whole day passed with this feeling in my lower body and I knew it was going to be good later on. Well after dinner I figured it was time I take a bath and "experiment". I sat in the bath and let the water fill up until I was sure i was over my bumhole. When it was I felt the urge come back , and I relaxed and after a few minutes a 6 inch piece of poop popped out of my hole really quick and it came out with a loud fart. Now the thing I was trying to experiment is whether the poop would float or not, and after a few seconds of sitting at the bottom of the tub it floated up to the top and looked like a sub that had surfaced. That piece was very large and I felt like I hadn't done anything so I knew I shuoldn't poop anymore in the bath tub unless I wanted to clog the drain. I got rid of the piece and cleaned up and when I was done I still had the urge. I am planning to release it all tomorrow regardless of whether I need to go or not, but I am expecting a monster poop. Until then thuogh I still have the urge, I will post later abuot this.
Rachel-Your story was awesome, post some more like that when you get a chance


I see you have many pee anecdotes, some are very funny, now I'm gettin gmore and more courious about how and where you peed: in a bucket behind a blanket backstage, into a heating vent in the ground by a store, in a humidifier,-in plush car, plane and movie seats, in the mens' room .
Rember that I'm interested just about real peeing as I don't care about wetting.

I see you have good pee expereinces too.
I'm courious about your and your wife's pee into a robidog bag, and every other episode about peeing outdoor or in strange palces with your wife, sister or friend...Please write more and more about them..



Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
To Ken,
Regarding your story about the jewelry thief swallowing the ring and then pooping it out later. That reminded me of a story a buddy of mine told, that when he proposed to his wife he dropped the ring in her favorite alcoholic beverage and waited for her to discover it while she drank. Unfortunately, she didn't discover it until she was choking on it and almost swallowed it. He said he would have been chopping her turds up for the next few days if she'd swallowed it. He was grossed out by that idea, however if I ever got married I think I'd do the same thing hoping that my fiancee would swallow the ring. It would be cool having her poop into a box or paper towel or something until we could recover it. That would definitely be a big turn-on.
Sir Richard

The Jackie Chan movie in question, in which Jackie hides while a girl runs in to use the toilet, is Operation Condor.

However, she only pees. Which is fine, because you can hear the definite trickle into the toilet (and even see her pants come down!), but there's no turds involved.

The same girl also drives a BMW Z1 roadster, which is interesting enough in itself. But I digress... ;)

Shy Public Pooper
Nice story--like the fact that you heard your battle buddy on the toilet and that he had diarrhea--Just curious, did you have boxers on at the time or briefs?

I am a 32 year old male and have a little handyman business on the side, in additon to my "regular" job, which leads to my story. I have several customers who call me on a regular basis for all their maintenance needs but I occasionally get calls from people wanting me to replace a roof or do some other one-time only job. I've never had any problem with any of these clients letting me use their bathroom....until last week. I was re-tiling a floor for a woman in her 60's and felt the need for a pee so I politely asked her I could use her bathroom. I couldn't believe it when she said "no" but she said she didn't want me tracking all over the house. Since I estimated I only had about an hour's work left to do, I figured I could probably hold it that long. WRONG!! After only ten minutes, I started getting really desperate and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. I kept having to grab my "wee wee" and give it a tight squeeze to stop the spurts. Of course, it's impossible to keep your mind on your work when you have to pee so bad and I was concentrating more on holding back the flood than working on the floor. The woman must have realized I had stopped workin since she didn't hear the usual noises because she came into the room to see what was going on. I was standing there holding my crotch, not daring to let go because if I did, I would surely piss my pants! I couldn't believe how mean this woman got! She demanded to know why I wasn't working on her floor and I told her desperately, still squeezing my weiner, "Please, Maam, I really have to go to the BATHROOM!!" She just looked at me and said it wasn't her problem and to get back to work! I knew I'd have to do something and fast because I just couldn't hold it anymore. I finally decided I had no choice but to see if I could find someplace in her yard where I could take a piss and went outside on the pretense of getting something out of my truck. I sneaked around the side of her house and thankfully saw some bushes that would give me adequate privacy. I hastily unzipped and barely and barely had enough time to get my "wee wee" out before my heavy stream shot out in front of me. Talk about a much needed piss and the feeling of relief!! I went back inside to finish the job, not realizing until much later that I forgot to zip my fly!!

i am 12 and i wanted to tell what happened when i was 10. i have a little brother and he is 8 and he wears pullups at night cause he pees the bed somtimes and i wanted to see what it was like to wear one so i held my pee all day, i was practically jumping cause i had to go so bad and i put one on then mom started coming up stairs and said we have to leave now for baseball and i hurried up and put my ball pants on just as she opened my door, she didnt notice and she grabbed my shirt and put it on me real fast and was about to tuck it in when i said i can do it and i tucked it in and put my hat on. we went out to the car and i sat down in the back seat with my brother that is when i couldnt hold it anymore and i started peeing. it was weird cause i was peeing and looking down but i didnt get wet, i peed my pants before on accident once and this was cool cause no body could see it. i was done peeing and my but was soaked, when we got to the field i got out and my pants sagged down real heavy. the pullup was so heavy it was pulling my pants down, i grabbed the pullup and pulled up real high and we walked to the game. we were in the field first and i ran to the base i played and the pullup sagged down real low that i tripped and fell. i got up and the coach asked if i was ok and i said yeah. the game went good till i batted the catcher said why is your butt so pufy and i siad shut up and when i hit the ball i ran to first, i started falling again but caught my self as i pulled up on the pullup as i ran. we stopped for a break so everybody could go to the bathroom but i decided to go in my pullup again, i didnt know that i had already filled it too full but i sat down on the bench and started going and i was looking at the front of my pants as they started getting wet now, pee was running out the legs in the crotch and i could stop going the coach and some parents were standing right there and saw me going and they yelled at me and asked why i just sat there and wet myself, i had to tell the truth, mom pulled my pants down in front of everyone and pulled off the pullup then she spanked me on her knee and i cried so loud everyone ws looking now. i was so embarrased i wanted to leave but they made me stay till the end, i got called pee pee boy and diaper boy.

glad i got at least a little bit of feedback on my story.
one thing i wondered about kelly was what she does when she wakes up in the middle of the night having to pee and/or poop. i mean she can't get up and go herself. i was really curious about it, so i waited until one of our nighst when we were both in weird moods and talknig about what seemed like anything. i asked the question, and she was quiet for a second. after thinking about it for a little bit, she said "well, it's hard. it doesn't happen often, but the problem is more when i wake up in the morning around 9 and my mom isn't up yet, and i have to take my morning pee." i was intrigued. she said probably 2 or 3 times a month she would wet her bed while she was awake in the morning, because she couldn't hold it long enough to wait for her mom, who had slept in. i really wanted to hear the middle of the night stories though. she told me that she rarely woke up needing to poop, but she said she pooped in her underwear in bed once when she was 14, but not because she woke up and couldn't hold it, she just had an accident while she was sleeping. well i thought it was interesting so i figured a few others would.

NorCal Lurker
All morning my stomach has given me trouble, and I had released two loads of poo by 8am. So, this morning while looking at some of these great posts I felt the need to release a quick fart. I raised my leg, and ripped one, but to my surprise it was wet. I sat in horror as I had just splattered shit all over my underwear. I then went and tried to finish on the toilet, and take a shower. But, as I tried to shower the urge to fart hit me again, and I just put the shower head to my ass and ripped another wet fart all over my shower. Now, I am done, and hope to have a dry afternoon.

Hi guys. I was reading through some stories yesterday (Sunday). I have to compliment Gretel on her exciting post!!! The details were so varied, it was really a great story.

To Eric in Chicago - Thanks for that information about the disease. Do you happen to know if it only affects people in Pennsylvania? I think that it could only affect a certain religion in Pennsylvania, but I could be wrong.

To Mystery Man - I saw Detroit Rock City - good movie, along with a good ladies room scene. My friends and I have tried renting "Denise Calls Up", but it's not available at any of the video stores around us. Would you mind giving me a description of the movie and of the bathroom scene?

If anyone has seen the movie "Denise Calls Up", would you mind giving me a small description of the bathroom scene and of the movie? Thank you....

One last thing before I sign off, I tried to hold my pee in after I woke up this yesterday. I woke up at 7:15 and I was able to hold it in until 11:30 or something around then!!! I peed so much once I sat on the toilet and it felt so relieving. I probably could have held it for another half hour maybe, though. Oh well - next time.......

Good morning! I just got up from my first morning poop. Ordinarily I go as soon as I get up, but not today. I awoke, dressed, went outside for the paper (20 degrees and windy outside), came in, had breakfast, read a bit, then went outside again to clean off my wife's car (it snowed during the night). By then she was ready to go to work (I'm off today), so I stood on the porch to wave good-bye. By that time I had begun to feel my rectum filling up, and I farted a couple of times. By way of experiment, I decided to see if I could stick my finger up my anus far enough to feel my oncoming poop. Standing there looking out the window, I sent my left hand middle finger down my butt-cleft. Passing the tailbone, I encountered the moist concavity of my anus; slowly I worked my finger inside, perhaps to the first knuckle. There, indeed, was a turd, waiting to exit. It felt solid, but not very hard. I walked to the bathroom, dropped pants, and sat; but nothing came. I came back to the computer and dialed up this forum, but before I could begin to write, my urge became more insistent, so I returned to the toilet. Using a mirror, I watched as my poop emerged--a continuous length of inch-think medium brown excrement, which broke up into six turds of lengths from 3 to 6 inches. I felt empty, but I could tell there was still poop stuck to my anus, so I sat until I felt it break away. I wiped with my usual three lengths of toilet paper (each refolded for a second pass), finishing up with my usual spot of Noxzema on the last sheet to cleanse up into the hole. That was use number 501 from the jar that I started last March.
I haven't been in many public places lately, but I did have one sighting. In a Kentucky Fried restaurant where I frequently have lunch, I found that a previous user had left his movement--medium to light brown, a set of walnut-sized hard lumpy turds, which altogether made up a fairly good sitting. They must have sounded like a hailstorm dropping into the water. Sorry I missed it. In the same place, several months ago, someone left a turd an inch thick, a foot long, smooth gray-brown (dark). I left both poops in place for the delight of the next observer. (Occasionally I leave my own, if it's worth looking at.)
Happy pooping, everyone!


Can you give us a more detailed description of you and your sister's turds (thickness, color, appearance)?

Do you fart at all while releasing a big one?

Do your hard turds have a slimy coating on them? I once knew a girl that would pass some real big ones and they looked like they had some kind of mucus covering on them when they came out of her.

What do you and Liz look like (hair/eye color, etc)?

I have been reading here on and off for years but rarely post. I have a few questions I would like peoples thoughts on:
- I've noticed more and more that men (and possibly women) in public toilets try to avoid touching anything. ie. they don't flush, don't shut the cubicle door (see below), don't wash their hands, and even use disposable paper towel to open the exit door (then droping it on the floor). The only reason I can think of for doing this is an unfounded fear that they are going to catch some hideous disease from "unclean" facilities, but what they fail to see is that by not flushing and hand washing they are the ones "dirtying" the place in the first place.
- More and more I see guys peeing in cubicles (ie toilets) rather than at urinals. Why? Is this some sort of manifestation of penis envey? Or a form of homophobia? They still stand, so it is not as if they are going into a cubicle to sit down for whatever reason.
- Finally, on a different subject. When I was at university (I finished in 2002) I went behind one of the main building to have a cigarette one day. It was easier to hide than to listen to the public health announcments from my peers. Whilst there I realised I was standing outside a window in the large girls toilets on the gound floor of the building. The window was about 7 feet off the ground and open for ventilation (no air conditioning or anything). Standing under the window you could clearly hear whoever was in the closest cubicle and whatever they were doing. If the traffic outside was quiet you could hear a cubicle or two over as well. After this day I used to return to this place for a smoke regularly and often linger afterwards "waiting for my next class". My question is this, is it wrong to listen to these girls doing there thing? They had no idea I was listening them or that I was even there


I loved watching my friend Christian taking a shit. Here is the story in more detail:

I actually dated Christian for about 18 months and I watched him take the great dump while we were going out. We were on holidays and staying at my sister's house. We went to the cinema one night and Christian kept telling me he was really busting to do a shit. All through the movie, he kept saying "I really need to do a shit" but he wanted to hold it until we got back to my sister's house. I don't think he had done a poo for two or three days (and he always did at least two a day) Luckily, my sister only lived five minutes away from the cinema but all the way home Christian kept telling me he was absolutely busting. By this time he was doing lots of farts too and he told me this turd felt massive. We got to my sister's house and Christian couldn't get inside fast enough. He ran to the toilet, even though he knew I needed to go too (but I only needed to do a wee). I sat down on the couch in the lounge room but after a few minutes, I went into the bathroom too (the toilet was in the bathroom). Christian had taken off his shirt and pulled down his shorts and jocks. They were down near his ankles. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was pushing out a mega log. He was sweating heaps and straining to get the poop out. He even grunted and moaned a few times. This was going to be a long, slow dump for him. After about half an hour he managed to push the whole turd out but I didn't get a look at it. He told me he had a look at it and it was the biggest poop he had ever done - it came out in one very long, very thick log that was rock hard. He said it hurt coming out and that the poop got stuck in his anus half way through. Even though the smell was bad, I really enjoyed watching Christian pushing out an extra large, rock hard shit. It turned me on too.

Do you have any good stories about pushing out long, hard turds?? Or any stories about being constipated?? I have lots to share. I would love to hear about any stories you have.

Hi! I have been a long time lurker, but this is my first post. I am a 22 year old girl from Spain (so forget me if my English is kinda funny), and have always been interested in watching and hearing other people (both boys and girls) pooping. Yesterday I was doing some shopping at my favourite mall when I felt the urge to take a pee. Well, I went to the toilet, had my pee, and decided to stay just in case I could hear someone doing her business. Five minutes passed and nobody came in. I was ready to leave, when someone took the stall next to mine. My heart was pounding, hoping she was going to take a nice, long poo. I heard her taking down the toilet seat, the usual rustling of clothes coming down, and the next thing I heard was a sigh and a voice whispering "bueno, vamos a ello" (well, let´s get started). So I was preparing to enjoy a nice pooping session, when a long echoing fart awoke me from my dreams. Astonishing, but nothing compared with what going to come. Soon she began to strain audibly MMMMM…MMMMMM….followed by a loud sigh. Then more straining MMMMMMM….UMMMMGH and another sigh…but no plops…then I heard a cry of pain and she began to talk to herself "este asqueroso estrenimiento y esta maldita fisura me van a matar" ( This disgusting constipation and this bloody anal fissure are killing me!) . She began straining and grunting again, even harder UMMMMMMMMGH…the grunting sounds were now accompanied with sobbing. No doubt the poor thing was in great pain.

So I decided that I may try to help her. I knocked on the partition and asked her "are you ok?"- I heard her mumbling among sobs "who is speaking?". "I am in the stall next to you", I answered, "seems that you are not well" "I am not", she cried "I can´t go and it hurts a lot" "Maybe I can help you", I said, "I have also trouble with constipation". "Ok", she answered "come with me if you want to". My heart was beating really fast…I opened the door stall and saw a really good-looking girl in her late twenties. She was about 1.65 metres tall, slender, had short, black hair, wore fashionable red-rimmed glasses that covered her watery eyes. She was wearing a white sweater and black leather trousers, her crimson panties were up to her thighs. It was hard to believe that such a nice-looking girl was having such a hard time pooping!

I took some paper from the roll and laid it on the floor. She looked at me in surprise. I told her to squat on the floor grabbing the seat. I assured her that it would be less painful that way. Doubtfully, she squatted and started to push again UMMMMMGH…UMMMMGH while I was rubbing her back. A couple of minutes later the tip of a very fat turd started to poke out of her hole. It was dark brown and seemed to be rock hard. She went on pushing and the turd slowly began to move. She suddenly stopped and started to cry again "It hurts too much, I can´t bear it". I put my head on her shoulder and encouraged her "Come on, this torture will soon be over. Now do a big push for me" She started to strain again, much harder and longer than before NNNNNNNNNG (pant)….NNNNNNNNNNG (pant). I carefully parted her cheeks while the turd was coming out. Tears were running down her face…Fifteen minutes later a 16cm. long turd was lying on the floor. It was very hard and knobby and there were traces of blood in it.

I hugged and congratulated her for getting the monster out, but she wasn´t over it. She squatted began pushing again. The tip of another very thick log appeared at her ass and began to move very slowly. Drops of blood were dripping from her ass. She started to sob "oh my god, oh my god" and was in tears again. I caressed her cheek and told her to be brave, and she smiled me among her tears. She went on straining hard for another 10 minutes, tiny drops of blood dripping from her swollen ass. I pitied the poor thing so much!. Finally she was over. This second log was a bit shorter than the previous one (about 13cm) but equally as hard and also stained with blood.

She was finally empty, she said. I congratulated her for being so brave, and was curious to know how long she had been without pooping. "I last went to the toilet six days ago" she said "Every day I try to go, but I can´t. It´s terrible. But from now on I think I will squat. Usually it hurts even more". She took her handbag, opened it and started to look for something. "I need my special tissue to wipe". She looked inside her bag for some seconds and then said in a desperate voice "I forgot them. And it is going to hurt like hell if I use average toilet paper". Her eyes filled with tears again. I offered to go to the pharmacy and buy them for her. She said "would you? You are an angel" She gave the money and I left.

Five minutes later I was back. No more tears, she was sitting with a lovely smile in her face. "You are certainly an angel", she said. "Would you then let this angel wipe your ass?", I asked hee. She smiled again and said "sure". I carefully wiped her reddish anus, there wasn´t almost anything to wipe, on the tissue there was only blood.

She put her panties and trousers up and we went out of the stall. While she was washing her hands, she thanked me and complained that her boyfriend could never do such a thing, he only made jokes at her troubles. We then had a typical girl-talk about boys, until we went out of the toilet. She said thank you again, and we went separate ways.

Tell me if you liked my story.

Hey everyone-

The hilarity continues....

Last week I was going to catch the subway and felt an overpowering cramp-we're talking enough to blow the ass end of my pants off. So I head to a washroom in the area and this guy is also approaching, carrying a suitcase and walking fast with his head down. He goes into the one stall and I fly into the other. we must have had the same thing cause I've never heard anyone thrown his stuff down so fast and sit ont he bowl and explode-likewise myself. The LOUDEST series of farts and wet shit. Of course I moaned kloudly to get the ball rolling and he responded with a wet fart and and whistle of relief. I then employed my line "Nothing like a big shit eh?" he says "Thats for sure" and grunts out a what sounded like a huge log. I take it one step further and say "Sounds like you're doin' a massive one in there" he replies, Holy crap thats for sure-I'm fillin the bowl over here" Then some other guy walks in and hears us talking and gets freaked out so he leaves. We just sat there grunting until we we clean and I wiped up and left. It was a real trip.

Now I was out with a friend the other day and we were sitting drinking beers and she starts to tell me a story about what had happened to her the previous week...she seems freaked out by it still so I sit back and listen. It seems that she was on a bus and noticed this middle aged guy standing up in the aisle with this look of panic on his face. He kept looking out the window as if looking for something. When it was my friends stop-which happened to be beside a small park, the man grabbed pushed by people and ran out the back door. As a lot of people were getting off at the stop, he drew a bit of attention to himself as he started to head into the park. My friend intrigued by this watched him, saw him get no further than a few steps when he stopped, dropped his stuff , undid his suit pants and stuck his butt out to let out a shwer of shit against a tree, while people were still getting off the bus. She was freaked by it, but like a car accident couldn't stop watching. He apparently let stream after stream fly out, his was obviously embarrssed but in a desperate situation. She started walking and saw him pull up his trousers without wiping, and walk down the street with his head down.

She was freaked by it...I think it would've been cool to see-but thats just me.

Gotta shit...later


Hi there all, long time since I posted, I've been busy and am now catching up so this'll be a lengthy post.

JJ -- Yes, everything landed in the bowl when I did a bending expulsion, though I admit at times I'm concerned it'll go everywhere! I can empathize with your girlfriend, I've never actually done a turnout squatting on the bowl, though I tried when I was a kid. I could never balance and didn't want to risk falling off. I MUST try the one-foot-up method, I can see how that would stretch the anus and this would help if it was a dificult motion. Oh, and your highway post was quite something, that was certainly a strange urination posture, bent double and spraying "like a mule in a thuderstorm" as the saying goes...

To the unidentified poster asking about the episode of Xena Warrior Princess in which Gabrielle is having explosive diarhoea-- it's "In Sickness and I Hell," Season 4, Episode 4. Xena takes a dump and wipes with a piece of one of Gab's scrolls in the Season 2 show "A Day In The Life," while it is inferred that she's taken a dump (by the hilarious soundeffects of a zip followed by a toilet flushing) in "A Tale of Two Muses" (Season 4, Episode 6).

I'm a Xena fan -- I guess you can tell that, huh?

QUINTESSENCE -- Merry Meet thyself! I loved your description of your on-the-floor turnout, and I was interested to see that you squatted facing the bowl and holding it for balance, as that's how I've done it too! And how well I remember struggling with a big beast. Please do tell us about your experiences as you continue to explore the delights of not using the bowl!

DIVA -- Many thanks for telling the story of your horseback pee. What a situation... It makes me wonder if it wouldn't have been easier for you and Ashley to stop, get off and have a squat, then gallop to catch up with the others -- still, that's hindsight, I suppose!

RACHEL -- That was a pretty amazing experience with you and your Mom messing yourselves, and the finish up at home was quite remarkable. I hope you have plenty more to post about!

ARIANA -- the standing techique you describe is a comfortable and easy one, I've used that method for a quiet pee at home many, many times over the years. It's fun, isn't it?!

MISTER PEEPER -- Your story of your experience at 14 with your aunt was absolutely wonderful! How I would have loved to be in a situation as open and relaxed and freindly as that, having a glorious moment with someone totally unabashed!

TIM & SARAH -- Hi there, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Thankyou for the kind words, they are deeply appreciated! I sha't be going anywhere, this forum is one of the most fun places around! "Little Tiger" -- of course I remember -- how could I forget? SMILE! Give her a hug from me! I'm so glad your haemorhoids are minding their manners -- it makes me squirm uncomfortably at the very thought of them! My dad suffered for many years and I was always afraid they'd happen to me (knock onn wood, they haven't.)

JJ -- Reading along to the current page as I'm replying... I had to smile as I read your account of the young mom who was so furious with her child on the beach that she pissed her bikini. Not that it's a particularly funny thing, but it reminded me of an incident many years ago. We had a genuine "harridan" living next door, who used to berate her son wickedly. I was in my garden one evening when I heard a tirade coming out of the next house. She was yellig at him in her kitchen and I heard her get to the S word, followed by a long break, then her voice was even shriller. It seemed in her fury she had lost control and actually emptied her bowels on her kitchen floor. Her toilet was next to her backdoor and I saw her moments later bring something wadded up in her hand and flush it away.

1am in Aus, gotta dash. Will read the rest of the current page and post again real soon. Au revoir to all my friends here!


Monday, February 16, 2004

Twice Shy
Regarding anecdotes of people passing precious objects through their alimentary tube:

When I was 10 years old, my Dad thought me old enough to start seeing the PG pictures at the local Cinema in Livonia, MI. My first PG movie experience was Robert Redford and George Segal in the 1972 thriller, "The Hot Rock". One of the characters ingests this noteworthy diamond, which is seen as a national symbol by an African nation, if I remember the story right. The cops catch him and detain him until it passes. Such is the work of a safety officer, going through a suspect's feces.
They don't actually show this in the film, but there are scenes surrounding the crapper and its plumbing.

When I was 12, my father again treated me to the Cinema, as my escort to see Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" (rated R). We see there, of course, the immense Alex Karras blasting forth the product of ordinary pork and beans (or was that beans and pork?).

Last weekend I had a chance to see another R-rated hit, "Cold Mountain". We have a delicious scene sequence there in which one of Jude Law's companions in his journey is horribly constipated, but finally, this backwoods boy jumps for joy, as he runs off into the thicket woods, with a mighty crapload on its way to freedom.

The movies sure do some fine depictions of the toilet. "Hot Rock", however, was my intro, as an impressionable young boy. I remember that I, personally, swallowed a steel ball bearing about 3/8" in diameter, back in 1981. About 36 hours later, after I'd flushed off a dump, I looked in the bottom of the bowl, and there it was, too heavy to clear the trap.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi to all friends! I hope everybody found the long overdue replies (page 1230).
Hope you are all well and fine and speak to you soon. Love from Tim (and Sarah)!

Rizzo: Thank you for your compliment. Peter is feeling much better now and also sends you a hello. Not being able to wipe your own bum is not a nice experience, no matter what, but I guess, it helps if it's a very close friend, you can ask for assistance. A few days later I was in a late meeting and Sarah and the kids were with Peter. I got a very funny SMS: "Are you gonna be long? Peter needs to go potty..." I had to stop myself from laughing when I looked at it...I checked on my watch and my boss said: "You are right . Let's go home..", not knowing, what was going on. We still laugh about it today, cause Peter involuntarily ended the meeting cause he needed a poop...Take care with a hug and a kiss from me and Sarah...your choice which one is from whom...LOL.

Louise from France: I simply love your posts! They are great. I admit being a cheeky peer myself and liking to hear and see others doing so. I have done the staircase in the parking deck and the odd corner. I think one of my cheeckiest pees was in a nightbus when I was still a student. Well and quite a few others...

General Question:
Has anybody some tips or advice? Our little boy, who is five now, started wetting the bed again quite regulary. He was very easily toilet trained between two and two and a half. There were occasional accidents, but he was really all dry about half a year ago. Suddenly there are ever so often wet sheets again and we can't figure out why. I tried to talk to him to find out if he feels bad about He said he's only embarrassed about it, but otherwise happy. The doctor says there are no organic reasons. When I asked him, why he wees into bed, he said: "I don't. My willy does it while I am asleep..." This was cute, but not really an aswer. Anybody with kids got experience with it? Thanks for any advice...

Hi everyone!I have a question:Has anyone ever peed,pooped or farted on a teddybear or a stuffed animal?Please respond-Hugs and kisses to all!!!

em dubya
Hey all! I've been thinking about what else I could do and where else I could "go." I'm thinking maybe diapers, but I'd be some embarased to buy them. Maybe I should try a hard wood floor or something sometime. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

Have not posted in a while, but do read some posts when I get a chance to get online. Some time ago I told about my sister and I having difficult bowel movements ever since we were little. Mom was no help. She always had a difficult time moving her bowels and would sit for a long time straining hard to push out a big solid turd that was just amazing. It was so wide and hard it would never go down the toilet hole. We would often visit the bathroom after she got done just to see it pluging the toilet. So, we figured that was the way pooping is.
I guess we are just afraid to poop because it hurts so much. My sister Liz and I are slim and not big eaters, but we have old habits that just keep hanging on. Liz and I have the same slow metabolizm, we don't go to the toilet for four or five days. Liz does bigger ones than me even though she is smaller. Boy are hers ever big!
When I feel like something may be down there, I always check inside my butt hole to see how big and hard it is. Then I know to schedule my toilet session at home where I can take all the time I need. I usually have to strain hard. I don't like public restrooms cause people could hear straining sounds I sometimes make. I don't like the cruddy toilet at work, so I always go poop at home. When my boyfriend comes over, he likes to see me on the toilet and likes what I do. (bf and Liz are the only ones I have pooped in front of) Sometimes he helps me when it is too big to come out and my butt won't stretch anymore. He will push it back in my butt with tp and then put some soothing cream around and inside my hole. This lubes it up, and even though it hurts, it does come out easier.

I just had a really big hard poo. I was all by myself on the toilet this evening, no one around to hear me, and I really had to work at it. I had to strain hard and long. I took a deep breath beared down hard, my face red with the pressure. Its always hard to get my hole to stretch enough. Pushing, I let out a loud gasp, rest about thirty seconds and repeat. This rock hard, wide turd was a struggle to get out. It hurt bad at its widest part where it was stuck for a while, but after 25 minutes I did it out, looked like 14 inches long, finally, what a relief.

I went to the library today for a book for a report. My brother and his girl friend went along. They are grad students and they were studying. When I stooped over to reach for a book, I felt something in my rectum. I had to go to the bathroom to make #2. I knew where the bathroom was because I am a regular there. It had stainless steel stall doors. I found a stall, put paper on the seat, closed the door. I put my jacket on the hook, lifted my gray uniform skirt and pulled down my gray panty hose and white panties to my knees. If you must know, they were FOL's. I also have no-name knock-offs in white. My parents buy them because they are cheap. I sat my skinny on the toilet with my knees together and ankles apart. I painfully squeezed out a large piece about 7 inches and then another piece which was three inches and soft. I then peed and sat for about 15 minutes. There were lots of women in their teens, 20's and 30's. They all had to urinate. My brother's girl friend came into the bathroom calling for me. I told her, "Tell him that I am sitting on the toilet making #2." When I finished, I reached for toilet paper, wiped myself through the front, pulled up my clothes and flushed. My brother asked me if I felt better. I told him yes and he kissed me on my forehead.

Hi my name's Kirstyn (yeah) and i'm 17. For a while i've liked to poop in my pants when i am alone and i can clean myself and keep it a secret, because for some reason i just enjoy but im sure ppl here understand that. well anyway, recently i discovered that even though i enjoy doing that, doing it completely accidently is sooo not fun!! i kind of brought it on myself. a week ago my parents were going out one night, and im an only child so i was going to be home by myself, so when they were out of the house i changed into a nice soft comfy pair of light pink panties that hug my butt and my crotch and all pretty nicely, because they are my favorite kind of underwear to poop in. i put on some thin gray yoga pants over them, because those are tight so i can look at my butt (not to brag but i think i have a great butt) in the mirror nicely and also they are stretchy so it makes a great bulge! so i was in my tight but comfy pants and underwear, and i drank some black coffee, because that is the most effective thing i've come across that makes me need to poop really bad and not have a long time to hold it (when i poop my pants on purpose, i dont try to force it out, i love holding on until it overpowers me and happens in my pants.) Well there must've been a problem that night. About an two hours after my usual dose of black coffee, i still didn't have to poop, which was frustrating because now i was nearly out of time to have a leisurley poop in my pants because my parents would be home soon. i didn't need to go for the rest of the night, and iwent to bed kind of irritated because i had a perfect change to have fun and it didn't happen. i feel asleep with the same pants and underwear on.
the next morning i had school, and i woke up at nearly a quarter til 8. my first class begins at 7:50, so i NEEDED to rush! i just sprayed myself with some body spray, pulled light jacket over my t shirt, brushed my hair and put on my shoes and hauled ass to school. it wasn't until i was almost to school when irealized i still had on my panties with the yoga pants, so i was going to have a very noticable panty line. i got all stressed out about, but then i realized it wasnt that big of a deal...its just a panty line. plus i could wrap my jacket around my waste to cover it. as i was sitting trhough my first period class, i got a feeling down low that i would have loved the night before, but dreaded now..i suddenly needed to poop fairly badly. it didn't feel too bad like i couldn't hold it, but i knew there was no way i'd make it through the school day without pooping, so i couldn't wait to go home. when the period ended, i figured "now is as good a time as any" and started to hustle to the girls bathroom. before i even got out of the classroom, my stomach just like convulsed and totally decreased my holding time by a lot! now i had to go IMMEDIATLEY!! i tried not to panic and kept trying to get through all the people, but it was HORRIBLE with everyone trying to talk to me. the whole way there i was just praying that my tight pants and lovely panty line weren't attracting a lot of visual attention from the boys who love my butt, because if i lost it they had front row tickets! i made it into the girls room, swung the door open and immediatley ejected a great big load into my pants, it came out fast, quickly and quietly, very smooth, but still felt fairly solid. i went completely red, but there was no one in there. i looked in teh mirror and tehre was a bulge on my butt the size of a soda can, and a slight brown stain showing through my underwear and pants. i rushed into a stall and closed the door. i just stood there, i couldn't even think, i just pooped my pants in school! i had absolutley no time to clean myself, so i stood still and did a smell test. well, i couldn't smell the mess i just made in my pants, and i figured i was as close to it as anyone else would be, so i swallowed my pride and wrapped my jacket around my waste to hang over my butt so now one would see the bulge and the stain on my butt. this was the first time i was definitely NOT excited about pooping my pants! i was mortified. i left the girls bathroom and walked into the hallway. since my pants and underwear were so tight i was very confident in the containment of my load, but it felt very strange to walk. i saw a lot of boys looking at me who seemed dissappointed that my butt was covered now, lol..oh well. i stood with my friends and no one noticed a thing, so my confidence that i was going to be okay was through the roof. until second thing i hadn't anticipated was sitting down. when i pooped my pants, i was standing, and it all just kind of slipped out in one great big mass, i dont know why but i guess that had something to do with the lack of my second period class, i gently sat donw but there was no way to avoid the poop from smooshing..i felt it ooze out of my pants and get on the inside of my pants, and go into my lap and everything, so my heart started pounding since it was defniitely not as solid as i thought...but when it smooshed and spread like that, the smell made it's presence known...the whole area about 15 feet around me in all directions smelled liek poop, and my red face gave me away in a heart beat...some kid asked who farted, and some guy was blamed for it so it was all good for a minute. well, i guess they just didn't want me to feel bad or something because a couple of minutes later when the smell was still there, a kid said loudly "okay someone definitely crapped their pants, who was it?" and others started to laugh. at this point i noticed half of my class looking at me...i wanted to curl up in a ball and die..i tried to just not say anything and be casual, but i was already totally caught. my teacher came to me and quietly said "you may go to the rest room if you need to."

here is the moment that will forever define my high school experience, because no one will every forget it...

as soon as i stood up after being excused to leave, the knot in my sleeves to my jacket around my waost came undone, and i felt my jacket about to fall off of my waist.. i tried to grab for it but i failed..there was an uproar of both laughter and sounds of disgust and i ran from the classroom. i ran down the hallway in tears and went into the girls bathroom again, and i looked to see how bad it was in the mirror..the bulge was mostly gone, but now it just looked like there was padding on my butt in my pants, and a brown stain the size of a pancake....i just sat on the floor and cried. the make it worse, i peed my pants while i was crying on the floor before i finally left the school to go home.

Louise (from France)
A strange pee sighteen I had Yesterday:

Yesterday while I parked my car at a gas station to buy a newspaper I had this sighteen:
There is a small group of gipsy women and boys who saty always in the morning in the area next to the traffic light in fornt of the gas station.
They are costantly doing their beggar "work" with the car waiting for the traffic light every morning..
I had this sighteen going back to my car.
The women of the group came togheter with a younger girl in the parking where I was.
They headed quikly to the phone box few meters ahead. When I saw that the woman was pullin up her long skirt in fornt of the phone box, while the girl kept the door opened I guessed what she was going to do.
The gipsy woman entered the phone box, and while the girl kept the saloon's kind door opened she squatted not too low with opened legs inside the box and pissed inside it, in full view of everyone. She had quite a long pee and exposed her really hairy bush in the process, then pulled down her long skirt without waiping (she was pantyless), when she was done and I was moving with my car I saw the girl adjusting her long dress and entering the phone kiosk. She was going to piss there too. Anyway I just saw that she made the woman (now waiting for her) close the doors when she got in, I didn't see if she squatted or peed standing as the traffic light got green and I moved away...
It seem like they do this on pourpose in full view of the passangers. In fact they could use the toilets on the rear of the gas station (I don't know if someone would complain for the gipsies using them) or go in the bushes on the back of the parking. In fact ther is a small area with big bushes and trees that would offer a very good cover for someonr to go pee behind them, or at leas squat between 2 parked car, as there are many....
So there is no reason to piss into the phone box, except the fact to do it on pourpose...
I must admit I peed into a phone box (old and broken) twice in my life, but they were different situations: I was desperate, no better places to hide (car were too close to the wall for me to squat behind them), it was dark and no one saw me (an my friend who did it too)...


Althea tell us about the accidents that you had as a kid

To shy pooper: I get excited hearing about people holding in their poop all day and not pushing it out until they get home. I love reading stories about people squeezing out massive turds, especially if they haven't been able to go for a few days. I like doing big poops too because it feels great to push a big one out (if it doesn't hurt my anus)

I remember holding a poop in for several hours when I went to a big music festival a few years ago. I had taken a dump the day before the festival but I felt the urge to go on the morning of the festival aswell. I didn't have time to go to the toilet so I just held it in all day. The festival finished at about midnight and then I didn't get to a toilet until after 1am. I remember sitting on the toilet for about half an hour. I really had to push hard - each piece that I pushed out was rock solid and they hurt my anus. I did lots of farts inbetween each turd too.

I have been holding a poop in all day and I want to see how much longer I can hold it for. I felt the urge to go earlier this afternoon but I was at work so I didn't have time (and I have never felt comfortable to take dumps at work). The urge went away but now I'm feeling the urge to go again. I can feel a turd sitting just above my ring, not a huge one, maybe medium sized and I have started farting. I should be able to hold off going to the toilet for a while. I will post after I have done my poop.

I found an interesting article in the web version of a newspaper. Here's the start of it, with the identifying details omitted so our moderator will approve it the first time, I hope.

"When [the suspect] popped a $20,000 diamond ring in her mouth at a [mall] jewelry store and swallowed, police Detective [name] thought right away that he had his suspected jewel thief.

"It took nearly 72 hours, however, for [the detective] to get his evidence.

"That's how much time elapsed between [the suspect's] arrest Friday night and when she passed the ring, still bearing the price tag, at the [county] County Jail on Monday night."

Can anyone share any other stories about digestive tracts being used to conceal small objects temporarily? (Besides illegal drugs, which we all already know about.) First-hand experiences, anecdotes heard or made up, or even questions ("I wonder if anyone ever...") could all lead to some interesting discussions here. Thanks, everyone!

Hi, I'm a Brazillian (sorry about my awful English) girl, 16 year old and i've been visiting this website for a long, and would like to tell you one of my stories :-)
Onde (two months ago), I had a very bad stomachache and had to go to the hospital. The nurce said I'l do an ultrasound, then I had to drink a lot of water and wait till my bladder was full.
Very soon, I felt the real need to pee, but I thought maube it wasn't enough to do the ultrasound, so I waited a few minutes.
I told the nurse I was ready to go to the exams room, and she said she would call the doctor. At that time, I needed to pee very badly and was hoping the exam would be really short, so I could go to the toilet.
The nurse came and said that the doctor hasn't arrived yet, so I'd have to wait a bit.
When I was about to give up and go to the toilet, the nurce came again and said we were going to do the exam.
We arrived at the exam room, but the doctor was with another patient on the ultrason so I said the nurse I couldn't hold the pee anymore. She said I could let a bit of it go, this way I would relief myself a bit. However, I was afraid of losing control of it, so I decided to keep holding it.
Finally, the doctor called me. I layed in the bed and he started with the ultrasound. He pressed it hardly against my belly, and I was about to burst.
The exam wouldn't finish before I peed myself but I was to shy to tell the doctor (He was a male) about my desperation.
He kept moving with the ultrasound around my belly, and couldn't find anything wrong. He said my bladder was really full and that I souldn't worry because the exam would be finished in a few minutes.
So, I decided to realx and stop thinking about my need to pee. It wasn't a really good think to do, because soon I started to feel a wet spot forming in my panties.
I tryed to stop it, but I couldn't hold the pee anymore. I completely peed myself in the exam room.
I was so embarassed and started to cry. The doctor said it was common, happened all the time.
Surely it wasn't enought to stop making me feel really bad.

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