Hey Guys!

The other day Mel and I went for a walk through the park late at night, just because we were bored. We walked around the playground, getting bitten by thousands of bugs, but it was fun. As we were walking around I felt a stong urge to poop, an urge that had been bothering me all day that i kept ignoring. I told Mel i needed to go and she said she had to pee. We were about a 10 minute walk from home, so we went to the toilets in te park. Of course, the toilets were locked, it didnt bother me too much, we just decided to go right where we were, in front of the toilets!

Mel went first, she pulled her jeans and thong down to her ankles and squatted. She started peeing and just stared around until she was done after about 20 seconds, she stayed squatting, then farted, shook off the drips and pulled her thong and jeans back up.

My turn.I was pretty desperate by now. I farted before i pulled my pants down and my poop started coming out, i hurriedly pulled my pants right off and squatted. A log was already moving out of my ass. I slowed it down so i could enjoy it. Mel came around behing me so she could watch, even though it was pretty dark.As much as i tried to hold it back, it forced its way out, so i relaxed and let it slide out of my ass and land on the concrete below. I could immediatley feel another big log pressing against my asshole, when all of a sudden a flash light shines right into my eyes and a man calls out "What the hell are you girls doing over there!" It was some kind of security/park ranger guy, i didnt even know we had those here, but we did and he started coming towards us. I was squatting half naked, facing him, with a big poop about to come out, i didnt know wat to do. Mel yelled "Run!" I grabbed my pants and we sprinted into the woods. We could hear the guy calling out. We ran for about 5 mins unitl we were sure he was gone. All the adrenaline made me need to pee bad, so i squatted where i was and let out a short but forceful stream. My poop still needed to come out, so i pushed hard and got it out as quick as i could. Mel said "I think he's coming!" I was done pooping so i put my pants back on and we ran all the way home.

It was definetley an exhilarating walk in the park. Later that night i listened to Mel clog the toilet again. She's going to post on that now.

Love ya All and thanks for all the nice comments.




The other day I saw a very interesting bathroom related ad on TV. It was an ad for a radio station. One of the breakfast host on this station is a very loud and open-minded woman. One morning she told a story of when she went camping with her husband and she had to pee in a saucepan.On the ad on TV there is a saucepan producton line with two ladies woking on it. The first lady on the line puts the lid on the saucepan and the second lady, that is further up the line, tips them upside down and puts them in a box. They are listening to the radio and the female host is telling her pee story. The first lady hears it and grins, she takes a saucepan off the line and puts under the conveyor belt, you hear a very distinct tinkling of pee hitting the bottom of the saucepan, which turns into a loud trickling of pee hitting pee. She puts the saucepan back on the line and places the lid on top. The lady at the other end picks the saucpan up, tips it upside down and you see pee come spilling out all over her. I hope that makes sense. Anyway it was very interesting.

Moving on to my story. The other day I backed up the toilet..again!
I had been eating alot and i hadnt been for a poop in 3 days, which is a very long time for me. I was a little worried because over those 3 days i didnt even have an urge to poop, i didnt know what was going on. Finally, late on wednesday night I got a big urge to shit. I was just lying in bed, watching tv, when i needed to fart, as i usually do in bed. I rolled over on my side, spread one cheek with my hand and let rip a really loud and tight fart, followed by some little fluffers. then all of a sudden i got hit by the urge to take a really big dump. I thought it might be another fart, so i pushed, but it wasnt a fart. I felt my hole open up as a log tried to come out. I quickly got up and ran to the toilet and sat down(I was nude) I pushed, but it wouldnt start coming out, i pushed harder and my hole started stretching as the poop started coming out. It was one of those real big ones that really hurt. I was in a bit of pain, firstly from my asshole being ripped open and also because of the heavy feeling in my gut, but at the same time, those two things were giving me some pleasure. I started pushing again, i groaned loudly as the log gave way and eased out nicely, thudding loudly into the bowl. I moaned and panted after getting that out. I sat for a while, letting out a few farts, before getting ready to push out some more. I pushed and groaned and another big log started coming out of my sore and tired asshole. I pushed and grimaced in pain as the fat log stretched my hole again. Half way through the log, the pressure eased off and the rest came out easily and plonked on to the log already in the bowl. I sat and pushed to see if threre was anymore, but only farts. I wiped my sore ass and the paper was dry. I flushed without thinking. The toilet started gurgling then stopped it was blocked up. I couldnt be bothered getting yelled at by Dad late at night so i waited until the morning and told my mom.

That's all for now.

Love Mel.D


pee pee girl,

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cups do you use to pee into while on the computer and how do you do it, do you scoot your butt to the edge of the seat and hold the cup under you or what? Also how old are you? I enjoy doing the same thing as you and em dubya, his story was cool also. reply soon plz.


To: Jean Ellen:

Hi- there is nothing more exciting than a grown woman with lot's of pee power and no hesitation about showing it off a bit! Please...I for one am standing by for your stories!!! Mick

Mister Peeper
I think my fetish really began when I was about ten years old I'm thirty-four now. When my mom and dad divorced, he remarried within a year and about six months after he and my step-mom were married, I accidentally walked in on her while she was on the toilet and was probably the first time I had ever seen a woman on the toilet pooping. I had just come home from school and was heading to the bathroom to take a leak. I opened the bathroom door and the first thing to hit me was the thick, heavy smell. She was using the guest bathroom which was fairly small and when I entered the room I was almost right in front of her. She was sitting leaned forward with her hands clasped together and as I entered she looked up and said, "whooops, I'm in here" and just a split second after she said that, I heard her drop her log with a "FALOOOOOOP" sound. For some reason or another, that kinda stayed with me and I started walking in on her "accidentally" from then on. I remember walking in while she was leaning to the side wiping her butt once. She called me into the bathroom once as I was walking by the bathroom door and asked me to get her a roll of toilet paper from under the bathroom cabinet and the whole time I was in there she was steadily dropping turds that sounded like, "floop,floop,ploop,flooop,plip,plip..........fallllloooomp" and smiled as I handed her the paper. I remember going back into the bathroom after that episode to pee and noticed there were light brown turd marks all over the bottom of the toilet bowl. I always remember the strong, heavy poop smell mixed with the smell of her hair spray and perfumes she would use also.

Louise (from France)
Hi to all,
I rembered about a weird fact that can be interesting for those here who are more intrigued by peeing..

I have a (close) friend who let her daughter relieve on the floor in the local old cinema teathre.
It is a thing that happened sometimes until 3 years ago, she let her daughter relieve on the floor since she was a child till the age of 13. Now she doesn't still do this (the ciname is cahnged too).
I discovered later that when she took my daughters and son to the movie she made them do that too
Now the old cinema is replaced by a new modern multi screen with excellent services and facilities.
In the past it was a very old one screen teather, very big, that became too large for the average number of spectators and in a state of decadence in the last years of his long life.
It was a two stairs hall. The upper level was always empty but had some very large and confortble seats on the first rows with a good view. So we almost always joined those places.
As the cinema never got full, they closed the upper level facilities, probably to have lower maintenience costs.
So if u needed to use teh toilet u have to exit the upper hall, go downstairs and reach the opposite side of the main hall. Not very confortable, and the toilets anyway were old and often unclean.
When her daughter was younger, my friend, if she didn't need to visit the toilet herself, wouldn't care to go downstairs and walk ot the toilet, expecially if during the film, so she indicated the girl to squat betwen the side row of chairs, wich were in a dark zone and always unused. It became quite a normal think for her, that the girl would go and pee on the moquette floor betwwenn chairs even during intervals.
The side chairs on the upper gallery were quite dirty and unused, and passing near them i felt a light urine smell, and also noticed tissue on the ground and stains on the old moquette: i think that my friend daughter wasn't the only one who have peed there at least once. The cinema was old and it would have been renuilt so it wasn't very clean.
MY daughter told me that when they went togheter to the movie with my friend she suggest them to pee there too, because she didn't want to go downstairs (too lazy) to bring them to the toilets during the short interval, so they did it a couple of times, too.

I noticed that some people (I htink mostly males) had peed in the corridor of the old lavatories which were closed and on the adiacent emergency staircase, too. To be honest the first time that i found the toilet closed on that level, I was bringing my son to the bathroom and as he needed really to go, the toilet were locked and nobody was around I let him pee in a corner of the corridor. Anyway if somebody would get there at the moment i think nobody would clomplain to see a bursting child peein out of a closed bathroom. Needing to pee myself too, I tought for a bit to go down few steps on the emergency stairs and pee there, but i was afraid to be caught, so I held my pee and went downstairs to the main dirty bathroom.

I understand that it wasn't so pratical to go downstairs to the toilet, but I didn't agree with this habit of vandalistic behaviour and told her to not do it, expecially with my daughters. Anyway she kept on letting sometimes her daughter peeing on the movie floor (even directly from the nearest empty chair to her seat) till the closure of the movie teather.
When I told her my opinion she confessed me that once during a long movie she was really interested in, she didn't want to miss a scene and was bursting, so she peed on the floor between the side seats herself too.
A bit disgusting for a nice mature woman, but she didn't care too much. In fact I saw her pissing much more public place than me, without caring too much if someone could see her.


master dumper
Hey, It's me again, Shannon Great story LOL, anyway It was last week and I was at a bitchen party at my friends house when I realised I realy had to crap bad, and I rembered that I had to pay him back for the present he left in my bathroom a while back so I snuck to his bathroom and unloaded my cargo so to speek I left a foot long and three incher and som smaller terds. Boy did it smell raunchy LOL well that showed him the smell of sweet sweet revenge nearly made him gag. thats my story, I'l be writing back soon, by

Well I held my poop in for about another two hours before I really needed to push it out. However, when I got to the toilet, I pulled down my pants and did a 15 second pee. Then I started to push but small amounts of diarrheoa came out. I did a few farts and pushed again and I got some cramps in my stomach. More diarrhoea came out, it didn't gush out quickly but rather felt bubbly and warm. I did another fart and waited a few more minutes because I thoought I had more poop to come out but I couldn't do anymore. I wiped but there was nothing on the toilet paper. I pulled up my pants but Im still not satisfied with my poop. I like doing firm turds, especially ones that require me to push a and grunt.

Hey everyone, here's a good story for ya'll. yesterday I was snowmobiling with my best friend at her boyfriends house, it was really cold, and we had these huge snowsuits on of course and we were just riding thru the countryside and it was really fun and nice…her boyfriend was taking us out for rides…well I was out in this field waiting for my friend and her boyfriend to get back…and I felt the need for a pee….it wasn't too bad but it just sucks even more when it's cold. But they got back and then he asked if I wanted to ride around some more and I said yes so we went out on our way, but we're flying thru these fields and we hit a bump…and I think we got a little air time but when we hit the bump and when we landed pee spurted out into my panties, not a lot but enough to feel the warmth of it, by this time we were pretty far out and I told him I wanted to go back, so he turned around and started heading back…well little did I realize that I had to go more than I thought, and it's hard to hold it in when your legs are spread apart…so I had to stick one hand by my crotch to hold it in…it also made it harder to hang on to the snowmobile…he hit another bump, this time we didn't get any air time cause we were going slower but it was rough and more pee spurted out into my panties, and I could feel more just wanting to come out, but we got back to his house, he dropped me off so he could go get my friend and I started heading up the sidewalk to the house…now this is what's bad, they hadn't shoveled the walkway…and it had rained the night before and then frozen so ice was everywhere, and as I was walking up some steps to their porch I slipped and fell forward and caught myself with my hands, but the hit made me totally pee panties and my jeans that were underneath the snow suit, and so I hurried and got up and ran inside, but his mom was inside and I said hi…and she asked if I would like any hot chocolate and I said I was going to leave because I needed to get some things done at home, I of course didn't tell her what happened, she didn't even see me fall…and so I said I couldn't stay but she poured me some anyways and said take some to go…and so I said okay, went out to my car…and started driving home in my wet pants and snowsuit…by the time I drank all my hot choclate I had to pee again and I thought, what the heck I'll just go again the suit was wet from snow and I already peed my pants once so I just went, I got home about 10 minutes later, went inside tok my clothes off, put them in the washer and took a shower, hope you guys enjoyed this story

Love kate

Today I was at a rehearsal and a group of school kids attended. I happened to be walking into my dressing room afterwards just as they came past with their teachers waiting for their bus. These kids were all ninth and tenth graders. One of the girls, a skinny blond with long hair wearing a pink tracksuit, went up to the woman teacher and talked to her quietly but urgently. The teacher shook her head. The girl looked like she was going to cry. Then she took her hand, put it on her crotch and crossed her legs. The teacher turned around, saw me and said, "Excuse me, where are the public restrooms?" She had an exasperated look on her face. I explained where they were and offered to take her, but she said "No, I'm fine, can I go now, Mrs. Johnson?" The teacher said OK but hurry up, and she took off running at top speed and still holding her crotch. Then a large, black girl dressed all in black came up to the teacher and asked "Can I go to the bathroom?" The teacher said "The bus is going to be right here." The girl said "But you let Alicia go." The teacher said "She was going to pee her pants. Can you wait?" The black girl said "I guess so," and went back to her friends. I heard her complaining to them about how the teacher was racist and how come she let the white girls go to the bathroom and never let the black girls. The black girl was crossing her legs and moving from side to side. I was waiting in the hall for the conductor and the school was still there a couple of minutes later. The blond girl who went to the bathroom came back. Another girl went up to the teacher - a white girl with short red hair and freckles - and she was wriggling from side to side. She said "Mrs. Johnson, I have to pee so bad I can't hold it." The kids had been in rehearsal about two hours and had had an hour pre-rehearsal Q & A session, without a bathroom break. The teacher said "Can you try?" She said "No, I can't, I'll wet my pants." The teacher sighed, turned around, saw me and said "Can you tell this girl where the restrooms are?" I did and she left, walking. A minute or two later, she came back and came up to me and said "I can't find the bathroom. Can you show me?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the black girl who had to go doing a pee dance. I agreed to take the redhead. When we got to the restroom, it was locked - I guess since the blond girl's visit, security had thought everyone was done and locked it. I offered to go find them. When I came back with someone, redhead was fidgeting around and holding her crotch. She shot into the bathroom as fast as she could. When she came out, we went back to the group. The black girl who had to go had her legs crossed tight and was leaning on the wall rocking back and forth while talking to her friends. I felt bad for her, so I went up to her and offered to let her pop into my dressing room and use my bathroom. She said she was OK and could hold it till she got back to school. But a couple of minutes later when their bus still hadn't showed, she walked up to me bent low with a hand on her crotch and shyly asked if she could use my bathroom. This was easy because my room was right where they were and the teacher wouldn't even notice. The teacher saw her holding her crotch and came up to her and said since she didn't think they'd be waiting this long, she could use the bathroom. I told the teacher she could use mine because it was closer, but I didn't want a lot of people in there. The teacher asked if I would mind if she used it as well after and I said sure. While they were in there, I guarded the door and so could hear them. The black girl had a long, hissing pee and the teacher must have been desperate too because she had a heavy, pouring pee. They were both really grateful to me. This whole time I'd been holding my pee from rehearsal and when they left, I finally went as well.

I remember another moment from childhood when I was really urgent. I was eleven and on my way to school camp. The bus ride was about 4 hours. We brought lunch to eat on the bus. My mom always put lots to drink in my lunches. There was a bottle of soda, a bottle of water and two little juice boxes. I drank them all fairly early into the ride as it was hot, and sure enough, by about the 1 1/2 hour mark, I had a strong urge to pee. There was no bathroom on the bus and I probably wouldn't have used it in front of everyone even if there was. I was sitting next to my friend Laura, and around the time that I was starting to have to go really bad, she told me that she did, too. I said "You do?" and made it seem like I didn't, but inside I was happy because I no longer felt like the only needy person on the bus. Laura's tolerance for urgency was obviously not as high as mine because she had no problem asking the teacher to leave the room. Because she knew there was no bathroom, however, she tried her best to hold it. I felt her squirming and bouncing beside me and she kept saying how much she had to go. This was not helping me distract myself from my full bladder, and I was getting annoyed because I was trying to sit still and look normal. After a while, I had to cross my legs tightly to relieve a little of my discomfort. By 2 hours, Laura told me tearfully that she was about to wet her pants. I told her to talk to the teacher, secretly hoping that in solving her dilemma, mine could be solved too. She got out of the seat and went to talk to the teacher at the front. I could see her wriggling around as she did so. Then she came back and said the teacher told her to try to hold it until we got to a town and she didn't know if she could. She continued to squirm wildly in her seat. She also asked the girls in front of us if they had to go. They both said yes and one of them also said she was going to wet her pants. The other had her legs crossed like me. Laura said "Diva doesn't have to go", and they said "She never has to go." That made me feel proud and more determined than ever to hold on. Suddenly, the girl in front who said she was going to wet shot out of her seat holding herself and ran to the teacher. I could see a wet spot on her front. As she was talking to the teacher, she started crying and pee began splattering onto the floor from under her hand. The rest of us looked at her in shock. Then one of the boys in the back yelled "Ewww!" A whisper began moving towards us that a boy had wet his pants also, and a pee stream began running down the bus floor. The teacher (who was new that year) got up and spoke to the driver, then she got on the intercom and said "I must apologize for assuming that sixth graders could go a whole afternoon without using the restroom. Obviously, I was wrong, and since so many of you obviously have an urgent need to use the toilet, I don't think we can wait the next few minutes to get to the town. We're just going to pull over here and people who don't think they can hold it can go behind the bushes. Then in about fifteen minutes, we'll stop at the town and those of you who still have to go can go there. And please don't tease or make fun of those of you who didn't make it. We've all been in an embarassing situation before and we all know what it feels like. As a matter of fact, I'm an adult and I have to go, and will be using the restroom in town too."
The bus pulled over and lots of people piled out and ran to the bushes, so desperate they didn't care who saw them pee. Laura and the girl in front of us who hadn't wet her pants were among them and my bladder ached to join them. There were maybe eighteen or nineteen kids out of about forty who didn't go, and I was one of them. The girl who peed her pants was crying, so I went up to her and told her not to feel bad. She said "YOU never have to go, Diva. YOU never pee your pants." I tried to feel superior but inside I felt guilty because I had peed my pants a few times, only nobody knew.
They all finished and the bus started again. I knew I could wait fifteen minutes to the town and with a little shifting and rocking in my seat managed not to feel too uncomfortable. But when we got to the town, the only place we stopped was at a gas station with one of those bathrooms at the side that holds one person at a time. Our teacher, the two mother chaperones, and about eight girls got in line right away. There were about five or six boys who went, and that left about five students, including me, who claimed they didn't have to go. I wanted to more than anything, but there was no way I was going to stand and wriggle in line in front of everyone. I don't know what I was hoping for, but it was definitely a more discreet place to go - like maybe a McDonald's where I could claim to be buying something and then just slip away. I thought of claiming I had to wash my hands, but I knew no-one would buy that. So I stayed on the bus rocking from side to side with urgency. Finally we got going again with another hour to go. I was trying to think of something to do. If I'd had a skirt on, I think I would have been tempted to pee into the seat through my panties, but in pants that was impossible. I wanted to hold myself or shove my heel into my crotch and sit on it, but thought that was too childish, so I spread my legs apart instead and straddled the seat and pressed down. Instantly, I felt more relieved. Laura asked me what I was doing and I said my butt hurt from sitting so long. After about fifteen or twenty minutes of that, I felt the first squirt of pee try to come out, and I knew I was reaching my limit. After all, I had foolishly drunk a lot of liquid even though I knew it was a long ride. I managed to keep that squirt back by rocking so that my bladder pushed further into the seat, and pulling on my jeans so that the seam dug into my crotch and helped to hold it. We still had three quarters of an hour and I was so desperate, I wanted to cry. I took my rain jacket, bunched it up and shoved it under my butt, telling Laura I was sore from sitting, but in fact I was using it to hold my crotch and as I rocked back and forth on it, I was able to avert a second squirt. At half an hour left, I didn't know what I was going to do. My bladder felt stretched with pee. Then Laura started saying she had to pee again. I could have killed her. There I was, straddling my seat with a rain coat up my crotch sure I was going to pee my pants in front of everyone and SHE was talking about being desperate? She'd peed an hour and a half ago. I hadn't peed in about four. I stopped straddling the seat and crossed my legs tightly instead. Then I leaned forward. The change of position helped for about ten minutes. Then a squirt of pee did come out. I shifted around and managed to stop it but not before there was a small wet spot on my panties. I was on my way to a "slow release" wetting. I finally resorted to holding myself - one of the very few times I did so in a school situation. I covered my lap with my raincoat, put my bag on top of that and snuck one hand in and pushed as tight as I could. There were about twenty minutes left. I held on for dear life and managed to limit myself to two more small squirts. By now I was wriggling quite a bit telling Laura I was "itchy." Finally, we arrived. When I stood up, I almost lost it and peed right there because standing made me feel the amount of urine rushing into my bladder. I clenched my butt and shifted from foot to foot and managed to avert that. I was hoping I could rush right to a restroom, but the camp director came to meet us and give us a tour of the camp. Laura of course still had to pee. She told the teacher and the teacher asked if anyone else had to. Several people did, and the teacher sent them to the bathroom. I debated going, but my shyness held me back. As we walked around camp, every step felt heavy and my crotch area hurt, and I was close to tears. I couldn't hold my crotch any more - or could I? My raincoat had deep pockets. A ray of hope - I grabbed it, put it on, zipped it up, saying I was cold despite the heat, and put one hand in my pocket and - bravo! I could hold and walk and no-one could tell. I knew I was being stupid and I should just ask the teacher if I could go, but I just couldn't - it was a matter of pride. Finally, we were led to our cabin and told to unpack before supper. I sat on my bunk, covered my legs with my sleeping bag and held myself and rocked, and I still squirted again. I debated running outside and peeing in a bush as the cabin had no toilets, but I was scared of being seen. Finally, it was time for supper. We headed for the dining room, which had toilets, and were sent to wash our hands. At last -relief, five and a half hours later. But there was still one more hurdle. I had to wait until everyone else left the bathroom. I dawdled at the sinks, crossing my legs and washing my hands over and over and putting on more and more lip balm, until finally everyone was done in the stalls. Then I darted in and whipped down my pants as I was starting to wet my pants full out. By the time I sat on the toilet, the crotch of my underwear was soaked from all the leaks, but nothing showed on my jeans. I don't know how I held the rest of it that long other than sheer willpower. I began to pee right away and it came out in a twisting, hissy stream that made me sigh with relief. Halfway through, I heard the bathroom door open. I had to keep peeing, so I did, hoping they'd go away, but I heard the teacher calling my name. I thought if I ignored her, she'd leave, but she came and tapped on the stall door and asked if it was me. I said "Yes" and she asked if I was OK. The whole time, I was still hissing away and was now severely embarassed. When I had flushed, wiped and attempted to wipe the crotch of my underwear with TP and came out of the stall, the teacher was still there. She said "Wash your hands and come sit down." I had no choice but to do so. I was so embarassed to come out of the bathroom with the teacher in front of everyone else who was sitting down waiting for us so they could eat. I went to sit with Laura and she said "You took a really long time." I told her I had to wash my hands, but I don't think she believed me.

Hey y'all. Em dubya- I'll post as amny diaper stories as i can but for today i have another kind. i was walking in the hall going to the library when this girl whos in my english class nmaed Mandi came up to me.your name is Hannah right? I need to crap vey bad so can you point me in the direction of the restroom. at that minute some kid bumped into her and she spilled her books. she bent down to pick them up and i could see she was wearing some sexy red panties taht would be a shame to get dirty. when she was done picking up her books i walked her to the restroom. Sadly it was closed. By now Mandi was squirming a lot "please hurry" she said. The only other one i could think of was across campus so irushed her off to that one. Thankfuly it was oppen and uninhabited. By now Mandi was almost crying. I rushed her into a stall she pulled downher red panties and jeans and began to crap. By now a ihad to go. "I'll be right next to you in the other stall i told her. I went in, pulled down my jeans and black thong and began to pee. then i pushed out a log about a foot long. I went back to Mandi to see if she was okay. There was a foot long log floating on top. "Hold on she said. Then she realeased a strong stream of pee from her pussy. Weel now we're friends Love Hannah

Adam: I'm 18 years old. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My friend was going out with this girl and I went behind his back and stole his girlfriend.We're roommates my friend and I. His girlfriend and me were going out for dinner . I had a drink with my friend and then I went out. Me and his girlfriend were eating our appetizers at this texas like restaurant.when I could feel my lower intestines rumbling. I shook it off and went back to eating.10 minutes later I
got the same exact feeling and told her i had to go to the restroom.
When I left the table I walked fast to the bathroom. I got in there and headed for the stall,the other one was occupied. I got in the stall and tried to get my belt undone. I got it undone and pulled my jeans a little down to my boots which were up to my knees. I sat on the toilet and when I'm telling you I exploded I mean it. I gushed out gallons of watery liquid shit. The expression on my face was incredible. I couldn't believe what I was doing. It gushed out for a minute straight and then It stopped. I wanted to get everything out so I stomped my boots on the ground and when my left boot hit the ground it started it back up and more liquid kept on coming. I made a couple of loud gaseous farts that smelt worse than rotten eggs.When i looked in the toilet i filled up the entire toilet to the rim of the seat. I went back to my table and my girlfriend asked me if i was okay. I told her that I took the biggest shit of my entire life and she laughed. When I got home i went into the medicine cabinet and found a bottle that i never bought. On the front of the bottle it said turbo-lax and it said it may cause explosive was almost empty. From that i knew that my friend had found out that i was going out with his girlfriend and he slipped it into my drink before i went out.

Hello everyone,
I used to be a regular here once upon a time but I haven't been here in ages! Just decided to pop in out of boredom and because I need a good poop fix.

LINDA- I must agree with you on the whole aspect of long, hard turds which require a lot of effort. Sounds like your guy friend put on quite a show. Can you explain his performance in a bit more detail? There's something endearing about seeing a guy struggling to push out a difficult turd, especially since they always give the impression of being strong and macho. Their vulnerability throughout the whole act of shitting is very sexy...

MISTER PEEPER- I really liked your descriptive story about watching your aunt as she pooped and then being given the honors of wiping her afterwards...

A'ight, I remembered another Boot Camp story, so here goes.
It was towards the end of my eight weeks of training, and by now my body was used to eating meals at specific times of the day. Now, those of you who also eat at the same time every day, you know that your shitting schedule becomes like clock work. You end up crapping every day at exactly the same time, give or take a few minutes. Anyway, that's what was going on with me, which I didn't mind. I was used to the usual meals: Breakfast at 5:30am, Lunch and noon, Dinner at 6, but I was ALWAYS hungry, as was everyone else. In boot camp, they practice food and sleep deprivation on you, to a certain extent, so that you get used to working on very little food and very little sleep. The result is that eventually you learn to get past the hunger and deal with it, but that, if given the chance to eat, you eat as much as you fricken can.
Well one day my battle buddy had to go to the doctor on post for some reason or another (I can't remember what was wrong with him), and as I explained battle buddies before in my last post, I had to go with him. We had brekfast as usual, then we were given MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), which is basically military food rations, ie packaged food that can last up to a year, because we didn't know how long we'd be at the doctors. Anyway, we wolfed those down on the bus on the way over, my buddy went to his appointment, and I waited around for him. By the time he was done, it was lunchtime, and the nurse on duty told us to go to the cafeteria. Now, the food at the hospital was WAAAAY better than what we had been eating at the chow halls near the barracks, so we were thrilled. TWO breakfasts and now a good lunch. After we ate, we got back on the bus and headed to the supply building to report back in. When we got there, the Sergeant on duty asked us if we'd had lunch yet. Being the sly, starving kids we were, me and my battle buddy exchanged knowing glances and told him we hadn't. TWO breakfasts and now TWO lunches. Man, we thought we'd scored big time. We each got another MRE, which we both ate. This was about 30 minutes after we'd had lunch at the clinic. After we ate, we had to help out with cleaning the supply area, and it was about this time that my stomach started disagreeing with all the food I'd crammed into it. Man, I ain't never had cramps as bad as that. I excused myself to the one latrine in the place, dashed into the stall, yanked my pants down, and evacuated the nastiest, worst smelling liquid shit I think has ever come out of my ass into the toilet. I wiped my ass, flushed, and went back to the supply area. I must have looked as bad as I felt, cause my battle buddy gave me a look like, "Man, what's wrong with you?". I just shook my head and went back to cleaning, but five minutes later, the cramps hit again and I was forced to run back to the toilet. The same runny crap came out, and I pushed to try and get it all out, cause the bathroom was right by where the Drill Sergeants were sitting, and this was the second time in 5 minutes they'd seen me go in there. When I thought I was done, I reached for the toilet paper...and there was none. Someone must have been in there between my two trips to the latrine. And it wasn't like I could get away with not wiping, this was one of those shits were wiping it off yer ass was crucial. I gathered my pants up and waddled to the sink, grabbed a few hand towels, waddled back into the stall and used those to wipe my ass, which hurt like a bitch, you all know how rough those paper things are. Deffinitely not meant for asses, but I was desperate. Once I was clean, I flushed the toilet.....and the paper towels didn't go down. In fact, they clogged the damned thing. I waited a few seconds, then flushed again, and again. It took two more flushes til the towels finally went down. I washed my hands and opened the door to go back to the main area, and who's standing right there but one of the Drill Sgts. He must have heard me flushing a billion times. He glanced into the bathroom behind me, took a sniff at the air (and dude, it STANK after that shit I took), then glared down at me and asked me what the hell was wrong. I said I wasn't feeling good, and the Sgt that had given us the MREs overheard me and said "It must have been that MRE". Then suddenly I could see the Drill Sgt putting two and two together, and he grabbed me by the collar of my fatigues, held me against the wall and did that 'in your face' thing Drill Sgts are so known for and said "How many meals did you eat today, Private?" (I was a Private back then), and I kinda just muttered something about two MREs and breakfast, and left out the part about the cafeteria food, and he gave me another hard shake and yelled in my face "So you've already had your three meals for the day in a span of just a few HOURS!? Then you won't be eating any more today, Private! And it made you sick, didn't it? Well NOW you understand why we have meals at certain times during the day!" and everyone in the place could hear this guy yelling at the top of his lungs. He pushed me back into the bathroom and yelled "CLEAN IT!" before shutting the door, so of course, I cleaned the thing for the next hour and a half, which wasn't so bad, considering I was able to restock it with toilet paper, which was good, cause I ended up letting out a few more squirts on and off in the toilet while I cleaned. And eventually my battle buddy came running into the latrine to take a massive shit as well. The latrine had one toilet, which was in a stall, then the sink outside the stall, and I was still cleaning when he ran in there, but by the sound his ass was making, he had it worse than me. The Drill Sgt eventually came back in and realized that my buddy had eaten just as much, and when Dinner came around, they made sure we stayed back and didn't eat that night, which I also didn't mind, cause my stomach still felt like hell. So, yeah, lesson learned the hard way, I suppose, heheh.

hi i am a new viewer of this site and i just want everyone to know that i love it and hope to post something about myself in the future. thank you for all the great stories.

ShortSkirt Girl
For Kelly's Survey:What is your favorite part of doing a really good BM?

1 That first heavy feeling. I LOVE this feeling - this and the anticipation of number 2. It's usually at this point I start to wonder where I'll go, and what it will be like. If I'll go a lot or a little. It's like your body is reminding you that you really dont have a lot of control over the process. It's coming out no matter what you do.

2 The feeling of having to go real bad, and the anticipation
See above. Although this can also be scary if I'm in a situation where I know I'm going to have to do it in public or go on myself.

3 The first second or two as your anus begins to open
This is really enjoyable too - feeling the size of the turds, and that lovely crackling sound as they push out.

4 The widest point of a very big BM
My husband says he loves to watch my face as I'm shitting at this stage. Apparently, it's pretty obvious that I enjoy wrestling with a lovely big turd.

5 The very end as the last of a large log comes out
Bit of a let down, when you've finnished a nice big BM

6 Or the afterglow of a major BM
After I've cleaned up and washed my hands, I often take a quick nap (if I'm home)

To ROGER L.: liked your story...sounds like a cool experience you saw w/ those boys peeing in the movies

To Brian: Loved your old are you? and was that your first time to use a doorless stall and see ppl pooping like that in the open?

To Mister Peeper: Loved your story...did your aunt ever see you poop?

To Zip: Loved your story

To Mike: Liked your story

To Shanon:
The number of different women I saw peeing/pooping in my life is handful so I really don't know who else is using this odd position..But I'll be glad to hear form our women counterparts here...

Now that I'm thinking about it I have another funny incident that I'd like to share. It was when I was teenager...
It was summer time and we went to the beach couple of guys.. We spread our beach towels on the sand and we lie there to catch the last rays of sun. Next to us there was a young mom maybe 20something and her 2 years old kid. She had a white bikini, and was taking a nap..In the mean time her bored kids started to roam around. The chick woke up, got scared that the kid is not there and start looking for him. When she found him, she put him on her towel squatted/kneeld in front of him and started yelling at the poor kid..She was realy yelling!!..It looks like she had to go bad, because she suddenly lost control over her bladder..LMAO. At first it was a short squirt of very dark pee (like apple juice)..She looked shocked and yelled "shit!" and let go..She was gushing this dark and stinking pee through her white bikini, but didn't give up on yelling on the poor kid..Her stream went stronger each time she rais her voice..LOL it was so funny. She finished after a minute or so, looked shamefully to the side at our grinning face..and went to wash herself in the shower.

haven't posted in awhile but still lurking.. great posts!

I had a great dump in my shorts today when I came home from work. I was standing at the computer checking things out when I got this urge to do a massive load. So I stood with my legs apart and hardly had to push as it was right there ready to come out. I nice huge load slid into my white briefs hanging down to my balls. Felt so good and hot nestled there. I had to adjust a bit to make room as my jeans were kind of snug, but man did it feel good!!

wet briefs: Outdoor poops can be fun.. have done a few intentional shits in my pants while out and about.. never been caught, but it felt fun to be daring. One time was at the gym infront of other guys.. I posted back around 1000 about it.

franco: Are you in toronto? I seem to remember someone maybe you posting from toronto. I am in toronto.. wish I could be in the stall next to you when you dump! Would a great dump even greater to share it!

dork: are you still lurking? Miss reading your posts! Any good shit stories to share?

Eric in Chicago
Ariana: Yes, I've heard of Maple Syrup Urine Disease. It's an inherited (recessive) inability to properly metabolize branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). The result of the metabolic defect is an accumulation of branched-chain keto acids, which get excreted in the urine and smell like maple syrup (which contains branched-chain keto sugars, if I recall my biochemistry textbook correctly).

Another inherited disorder of amino acid metabolism is "blue diaper syndrome" in which the body can't properly metabolise tryptophan, with the result that the urine contains a compound that gradually turns blue when it reacts with oxygen. Thus babies with the disorder make pee that's clear or yellow, but turns blue after a while. This is not to be confused with intermittent porphyria (as in King George III), where the urine may develop a purplish-blue tint, or the ingestion of methylene blue, a dye which turns your piss blue because it's absorbed from the intestines and then excreted by the kidneys (it's partially metabolized to another compound which is clear in the absence of oxygen, and then excreted by the liver into the bile. The result is that if you ingest a lot of methylene blue, your shit will come out brown but it will gradually turn green with exposure to air).

Most disorders of amino acid metabolism result in severe impairment of brain development if they aren't caught and treated (usually by limiting the amount of the amino acid in question in the diet, at least until the kid grows up) promptly.

Mysterious Man
Hey!, I'm back, my computer died back in August, but I'm using a computer at school, I've read some the post I've missed, they're great!
Anyway, I've been able to see a few movies with a girl taking a dump in them. I'll list them and I will even rate them on how good they are:
Tart- Very good, her straining was believable, but could've used some more sound and maybe even show the poop. A+
Spun- Pretty convincing, but terrible results, I think she did drop a big deuce, but the staff edited it so it wouldn't offend. B-
Dennise Calls up- I wish there was a scene, not just short screens of her leaning. A-
Detroit Rock City- Needed more length and sound. C
Blind Date uncensored- Beliviable, but more straining. B
Blue Crush- Unsure, but I think she was taking a dump, needs more content. C-
Legally Blonde 2- I belive she was pooping, but no sound to it. C (Didn't some girl in the first movie poop her bunny suit? Please someone tell me.)
Short Movie: Baby- Not bad, pretty decent. B-
I hope some of you guys list movies with scenes like these, also explain what happens and rate it if you want, anyway, has anyone ever watched Cowboy Bebop, in the episode "Mushroom Samba" Faye, the young woman, ate a year old box of provisions, and gets sick, she runs into the bathroom, and twice, when the dog walks by the door, she can be heard moaning, obviously taking a bad dump, several episodes have toilet scenes, but no real noises. Anyway I made a list of female characters, real, cartoon and video game, that I'd love to see taking a shit. Here's my list, you guys should post your favorites too, it'd be fun. You can even mention what kind of shit they take, they can guys if you want, I'm more interested in women though. :)
Chritina Ricci (Casper)- Dropping a big turd, sitting in normal pose.
Avril Levine - Hunch over, with the biggest turd of her life, slowly pushing out. (This is for you, Punk Rock Girl.)
Beyonce- It be funny if she took a dump backwards in that one video of hers.
The girl from Inspecter Gadget who did 'Penny'- Ligthly constipated.
Lucy Lu- Constipated. Straining hard.
Drew Barrymore- Big turds, lots of straining.
Sidney Bristow- A huge dump
The chick from Sum 41 video- Doing it in same place as video.
Anime girls:
Sasami (Tenchi)- Big dump.
Marlene (Blue gender)- Constipated.
Bulma (Dragon Ball) - Big dump on ground.
Girls from Digimon.
Game Girls:
Meryl (MGS)- Big dump.
Lara Croft - Constipated.
Yuna(FFX)- BIg shit.
Rikku- Constipated.
Kari (Kingdom Hearts) - Big shit.
I'll post more later, see ya.
P.s: Curious, what's the name of that moive with Japanese girl pooping?

I had an accident today. I was driving to the service to get the oil changed when I started to feel the need to go. It got pretty bad very quickly, but I was near the service already so I hoped to make it. But not so, as I was walking to the restroom I started to lose it a bit. Not too bad, but the restroom was occuspied. I was glad to be wearing a diaper (I have a bladder condition) as I completely pooped myself in front of the only restroom that was there. Oh well, I cleaned up and changed into a spare diaper. I don't think anyone noticed.

Good afternoon, everyone!

To ADRIAN and BUSSY: lol, Thanks guys. I appreciate the replies and the advice. It's been a bit of a battle lately in the bathroom - I suppose stress is a big beneficiary. I look forward to posting again soon, but right now i'm on my way out the door. Thanks again! I'm enjoying all the feedback I can get. :)

Hey! I posted once before promising stories... Here's one that happened earlier tonight.

I was at the mall with my girlfriend and I had a few days of shit in me. Well, first, im a 14 year old male, somewhat slim, 127 lbs, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and at the time i was wearing plaid boxers and dark faded jeans and a beater (it was hot in the car so i took off my shirt lol). I needed to shit the whole ride home (her mom was driving me home). I was probably very gassy as by the point i reached the driveway, I not only had to shit, I needed to take a huge leak. As soon as I kissed my girlfriend goodbye and said bye to her mom and the car was out of the driveway, I was about to have an accident and that's what happened. I stumbled on the ice (winters in new england are fierce) and i totally lost control and pissed my pants and shit them as well. I made my boxers into briefs by pulling them up against my nuts. It was really nice because i love doing it on purpose... I snuck inside, i had to talk to my mom a little but i hid behind a table i then rushed to the bathroom and showered down...

Rachel: I just love your stories. Tell us more about you and your mom's adventures

Take care,

I have to report in on this one. I am still laughing about it. This dude went into the bathroom stall next to mine yesterday afternoon at school. I heard him getting himself undressed and then sat down on the pot. He began moaning ang groaning following by the customary farts and plops. All of a sudden he let out a blood curdling scream and ran out of the stall with his pants down around his ankles. I sat up and said whats going on. The dude yelled ' "THERES A MOUSE IN THERE!!! ". I cleaned up as fast as I could and got out of my stall too. This guy was still naked from the waist down, I said let me see, and sure enough this ugly grey mouse was crawling around the back and the side of the toilet!!! The poor dude had to wipe himself off and find another bathroom but he reported the mouse to the janitor. This morning that bathroom is being fumigated after being closed all day yesterday after the incident. I could not believe that!! But it always pays to make sure you use a clean facility!!!

Mysterious Man
I'd like to continue my little list.

Lalaine (Lizze Maguire)- Taking a big dump.
Hillary Duff (Lizzie Maguire)- Big long poop.
Liz Phair- Constipated.
Morgan Web (Xplay)- Long shit.

All the girls from Tenchi Muyoo
Alicia (Blue Gender) - Big turds.
Kagome (Inuyasha)- Large dump.
Sakura (Card Captors) - Constipated.

Video games:
Samus Aran (Metroid)- Big shit.
Kira (Jak II)- Constipated.
Ashelin (Jak II)- Constipated.
That blonde girl from Jak II

I was wondering, wasn't there a Jackie Chan movie where he ends up in a girls batrhroom and hides while she takes a shit?

Hi everybody!

You ask what started up the fascination of seeing and hearing women peeing? I myself had a sister, and peeing (and pooping) together was always an exciting adventure. She could do things I could not and vice versa -like hissing, or filling up the trough between her pressed-together thighs when peeing in the chamber pot - and I could write my name in the sand on the beach. Then we once had a baby sitter looking after us. She must have been about eighteen years old, which for us was an adult person. I remember once, on looking up from what we children were playing at, that she was gone. I began to search and happened to push at the bathroom door, which was not quite shut. This bathroom was narrow and long, like a corridor, with the toilet at the far end. And there is where I found her. She was seated, enthroned on the bowl with her pale thighs bulging over on each side. Her two round knees were held neatly close together, and above them and on her lap she contained a cloud of white frilly petticoats in place with her hands and lower arms. Her waist seemed twice as slim rising from the bunched up underwear; this impression also being enhanced by the dark grey cardigan with buttons all down the front she was wearing. She had almost black hair parted down the middle of her head and framing her oval face, then curling outwards over her shoulders. To me she looked like one of the swans on the pond in the park with white feathers all ruffled up. She looked at me with her large dark eyes from under the rather severe arches of her brows and must have said something to the tone of: „Honey, please, go and play. I'll be back in a moment." But all I could do was stand as if riveted to the floor and marvel at this liking to a figure in a fairy tale, and listen to the strong purling sounds of her forceful pee stream echoeing around that bathroom. Today I know that the toilet had a twelve inch drop from seat to the water at the bottom, which gave fantastic sound effects to a woman's pee.
I was hooked.

Hi Diva,
I found your and Ashley's pee on horse-back quite astounding! I could come to the conclusion that desperation enhances creativity! Then your descriptions of your experienced levels of needing relief, ranging, from not having to go at all, through all levels of increasing urgency to frantic desperation, made good reading.

Louise (from France),
the most memorable place not in a toilet that I have peed was over the side of my boat when sailing at night and in a sea full of plankton. Where the pee stream hit the water about one and a half metres below, it looked like blue-green fire-works. It was simply beautiful! But I have already described this in a post somewhere in the back pages, as well as a male group pee from a roof at a party, a pee into a robidog bag once by my wife and once by myself; and then there was the episode of my sister and I when we were little and could not find the chamber pot under our bed, and so proceeded to pee into toy pots and pans of a toy kitchen, and some more, I cannot remember which made it to the forum and which did not; such as peeing into a crack in the floor boards in a bedroom of and old house we were staying at as children, our countless pees (and shits) outside and so on ….

Tim, what an great story of you helping your friend with his back ache on the toilet I was quite touched. Give Sarah my love, too.

Assistant, I liked your story of taking care of your handicapped friend.

Carmalita, dear, I love the way you described Nu, the beautiful model who can crap, fart and belch with gusto! Keep up your stories!

Hellos to Robby and Annie. Robby, are you now well enough so that can you reach round to wipe your butt? Or are you just pretending you cannot to continue to enjoy Annie doing this for you? He, he!

Punk Rock Girl, good to read from you again! I had begun to miss you your strories!

OK toileteers, enjoy a good one, Rizzo

Andrea, spend some time sitting on the toilet even if you don't really have to go. Stay on like for 15 minutes, read a book, do homework, play with yourself if you want to, do a little tinkle, then split. Practice makes perfect. I work in a school and lots of kids do this. Some even come in after classes while I'm cleaning. I know that they are taking their time and that's fine. The toilet seats are comfortable enough to sit for a while. I know that plenty of them spend their entire free period on the toilet. Sometimes they take HUGE dumps and don't flush it. This is to show off their productions. They grow in size after soaking in water for a while, also. Best wishes to you.

Friday, February 13, 2004

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