pee-pee girl
hey everone.

em dubya- great post. i almost always pee in either a cup or a bowl when im on the computer.its more conveient and i like it.

Quintessence- i loved ur posts about pooping on the ground.

Bryian- no nobdy was in the bathroom at the time. but,i wouldnt mind if there was.

Ash D- loved ur post.

Trideltmy- loved ur post.

Diva- i loved your pots i peed in a tubberware a couple of times but, not while on a horse that must of took much skill.

i have a stor for you guys.
well our sink was leaking so we took out the pipe underneath the sink. when nobody was home i got this idea. so i putt a towel underneath the sink and i pulled down my pant got up on the countr and peed and pooped in the sink the pee and poop fell through the drain and underneath the sink.there were four huge logs and one small one and about a gallon of pee. i took the poop w/some toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet. well thats it for now.everyone keep on posting.
*anybody have any stories about pooping or peeing outside?????????


My name is Jennifer. im an 18 years old. Today i was out for a run when i felt i had to poop really bad. I was lucky to find a port a potty in the park so i walked in and sat down . As I was sitting there pooping i felt the tip of the poop come out of my butt I knew this was going to big so I relaxed and let things go. I grabbed some tp and wiped 5 times.

hi guys sry i haven't poted in a while but school kept me busy u know.anyway heres a story.

Last night i had a basketball game, and u know how if u have to poop before runing or anything after u get done u have to poop about 10 times as bad. well thats what happened to me. i had had to poop since 7th hour but haddn't had the time to so i was playing basketball and as soon as the game was over i had to shit really bad, so after we were done shacking hands i ran into the bathroom adn into a stall, pulled my shorts and thong down and sat down. right away i had liqudy shit porring out of my butt, and it contined like this for like 5 min, then some soft serve come out, then a log about 1 foot long and 6 inches wide. after that i wiped and was done.

Jean Ellen
I am a 39 year old bus driver. I have had an interest in bathroom activities since I was little. I did not know about this site until I was wandering about on the web. It is super. I am interested in peeing. I do a lot of it. I will tell you more later.

I was just wondering... After you drink a lot (of anything), do you have to pee frequently, or can you hold it all and then relieve yourself all at once? If I consume much liquid, then I have to pee about every 15 minutes. Urgently. I simply can't hold it. I can go into the bathroom, sit on the toilet, pee a moderate stream, wait a fe seconds, and then squeeze out more. I can do that repeatedly. It's like my bladder fills up much too quickly, causing the need to expell it all immediately. On my way home, I had a bottle of water, and then about an hour ago, I had a few glasses of iced tea.. Now, I'm having to run to the bathroom every few minutes. Most people I know, just hold it all and then release it all at once. Whew. I could never do that.

Also, I've noticed (and I may have mentioned this before) that being around large amount of water makes me have to pee. Anyone else like this? If I'm in a swimming pool or lake or whatever, it's almost as though my bladder fills twice as quickly as it normally would. And the urges hit very suddenly too. Or at least they seem to. I couldn't count all the times that I've been out swimming when I would suddenly be struck by a desperate urge to pee--right there and then! one occassion stands out where I made it out of the pool: I was over at a friend's house with a couple of friends swimming in her above-ground swimming pool when I suddenly had to pee. Someone accidentally hit a beach ball over the side of the pool, and sensing an impending accident, I volunteered to climb out and retrieve. I barely made it out of the pool and down the ladder before I suddenly felt pee flooding through my bathing suit. I peed half-way around the pool to where the beach ball had landed and kept peeing on the way back to the ladder. Luckily, the high walls of the pool pretty much shielded me (and I was dripping wet anyway, so they wouldn't have noticed) and their splashing masked any sounds.
Another time when I didn't make it out of the pool: I was in a hotel's indoor swimming pool, swimming with a girl I had recently met. She was really competitive and intimidating and I didn't want to admit to her how badly I needed to pee, so I tried to hold out. Even though the bathrooms weren't far from the pool, I was too embarrassed to go use the bathroom. I was in shallow section, but I was treading water to try to distract myself from my full bladder. I panicked when I suddenly felt a hot pee jetting out of me a few seconds later, I lost control and emptied the rest of it into the pool.

Usually I make it out of the pool (even if it is a close call), but still, there have been several incidents where I simply couldn't and was forced to relieve myself in the water. Pools, lakes, etc.

I better sign off, bye for now..

I was going on a ski date (only my second date with this guy). There was a snow storm during the drive and we were only going about 10 mph in solid traffic. There were no exits or shoulders. My large breakfast coffee had run through and my bladder was about to burst. I was totally embarassed, but I had no choice - I told him my dilemma. He said try to go on the floor, but not the seat. With no room to move in the compact car, I got my pants and underwear to me knees, but their wasn't room to move the edge of the seat. I moved my knees to my chest and let go. Instead of the floor it sprayed the glovebox and splattered everywhere. I was mortified, but couldn't stop. After it was over, we both had a good laugh about the experience and I helped him shampoo the carpet.

To Diva - Do you ever get spasms holding at stage 5 and above? Have you measured each stage for comparison?

To JJ - I have seen only a few women bend over completely as you describe. I wonder what percentage of women use that position outside.

Hi i've been reading here for a couple of months but never had anything to post...until tonight. i had the most embarrassing accident ever tonight! i have a pretty long day, i am a senior in high school so i get up and have to get to school everyday, and i am also captain of the girl's basketball team. i go to school for 6 and a half hours then have 2 and a half hours of basketball practice and i don't get home until around 5:30 on most nights, and since i hate pooping at school like a lot of people do ,i wait until i get home. well tonight was a problem. i kind of had to poop toward the end of the day in school, but i didn't think a whole lot about it because on mondays and fridays i have a study hall last period and since i am a senior i can leave the school if i have a last period study hall, so i planned on going home to go poopies during then. i ran into some problems...when last period rolled around i went to the office to sign out, and the office secretary says "don't you have a basketball game this afternoon?" and i said "yes" because we did. she said to me "well im sorry but you can't leave the school if you are involved i na sporting event afteward." i stared at her and said "well i just need to run home to get something for the game, it's an away game and we leave at 2:45 and i need something." she looked at me and said "well im sorry but i can't let you leave, the best i can do is let you call a parent or family member who can bring it for you." i was getting soooo pissed. i told her there was no one who could bring it for me. she asked me what i needed to get, so i needed to think fast and i just told her i needed to get my ace bandage for my wrist, because it was the first thing i thought of. she said to me "oh well you're in luck, they can give you an ace bandage in the atheltic training room. okay then?" i gave up. i couldn't fight anymore, i just couldn't think of it, so i decided to just commit to postponing my dump until further notice. i walked around in the hallways and i decided since it was during a period and msot people were in classes, ic ould probably go poopies in one of the bathrooms in the school, even though i definitely didn't want to. i went into the most secluded girls bathroom in the school, but it smelled awful! apparently i wasn't the only one who had to resort to pooping in school, but it smelled so bad in ther ei couldn't stand it, so i had to leave, without relieving myself. i let out a sigh of dismay. i wanted the hallways some more, and as i was walking up one hallway i passed one of those quiet, smooth farts that feels kind of like you're deflating, and my stomach felt soooo much better. i was excited because i thought i had realized i only had gas and didnt have to go poopies afterall, so i felt better. i hung out in the computer room for the rest of the period. 2:30 rolls around and it's timet o head to the girls' locker room to get ready to leave for our game. i go and meet my teammates and we all get ready and dadadada, not important. 2:45 we leave for the game. The game was in a town about an hour and half away. it wasn't so bad, because as far as i was concerned i didn't have to poop. we got to our game, warmed up, lsitened to the intros and all that good stuff, and the game was on. it went pretty well, we were winning. the only bad news was that during the 3rd came stomach gurgled a little and i suddenly needed to poop 3 times as bad as i did when i was at school. i was immediatley in agony. i kept having this horrifying thought of pooping in my shorts while i was out on the court, and you know basketball shorts are pretty roomy, so it would definitely fall right out and onto the floor..i got so nervous and my eyes even teared up a little. i had to think fast so i kind of made myself get tripped up and i took a fall on the ground. i had hurt my wrist earlier in teh season, so i pretended that i re aggrivated my hurt wrist, so my coach let me sit out. i HAD to sit down because when i was standing i just couldn't bear it, i felt like my poop was just going to pour out into my underwear and basketball shorts. i could feel the way it was brewing in my stomach and i knew it wasnt going to be very solid..i sat firmly on the bench and squirmed around a little. i had to do something. i told my coach i was gonna go out for some air. yeah, i went for air alright. i went outside of the gymnasium and i carefully tried to slip a fart or two, perhaps that would relieve some pressure like before and i'd be able to hold it in for a longer time. i was very very careful and managed to let one quick fart sneak out, but it didn't do much. suddenly i farted again unexpectedly, and it did relieve a pretty good amount of pressure which made me feel like i earned a lot more time, but it also felt like i pooped a little..i was in horror that i had just nearly pooped myself, and i had that weird wave of heat quickly run down my body..i managed to maintain control of myself, and i felt a bit better. i walked back into the gym, paying close attention to what it felt like on my butt when i walked. i didn't feel any squishing or gliding on my butt, but my underwear was kinda stuck in my butt a more than just riding up. i reached back to pulled on my underwear through my shorts to get them out of my butt, and they definitely felt a little sticky..i knew it couldn't be that bad though. i went into the gym and sat out the rest of the game. the game ended and we were able to use the boys locker room to get changed before the ride home. i tried to stay a bit of distance away from my teamates when i got changed. i grabbed my jeans and want to the further end of the locker room and quickly took my shorts off. i turned a little so my butt was facing the mirror and i took a look at my underwear...well, they were white so needless to say i definitely had a brown stain started up, about the size of a 50 cent piece..i quickly pulled my jeans up so none of the other girls would see the embarrassing stain on my underwear, but when i pulled my jeans up i got another wedgy with my underwear. i couldn't pull them out of my butt through my pants because my jeans were too tight, but i was too afraid to reach down my pants and grab onto the disgusting i just dealt with it. it must have been a liquidy squirt that made the stain because i didn't feel any poop in my undies. anyway, we were all changed and packed up on the bus. i braced myself for the hour and a half long ride home. i mean don't get my wrong, where as that sacrificial fart relieved a lot of pressure, i still had to poop really bad. about 20 minutes into the ride home i was in agony again. with over an hour left to go it was inevitable that i was going to lose it in my jeans. i clenched my butt as much as i could and concentrated hard on holding it in, but it was no use. i suddenly felt this hot gush from my butt and this warm mush spread all over my butt. i stopped immediatley, but there was no doubt that i just pooped my pants at least a little bit. i needed to poop 50 times worse now since i had already started, and i was trembling. i raised my butt off the seat about an inch, and i took a MASSIVE dump in my pants, with plenty of sound effects...i looked up and everyone was just staring at one really said anything at first, except i heard a couple other girls whispering like "oh my god did nikki just crap her pants?" and one girl saying "that smells so bad.." i was SO humilated. my coach asked me if i wanted to pull over somewhere..i didnt want anything besides to go home and die. a lot of girls opened windows. i don't know how i managed to not cry...i just sat with my head down the entire ride, and i didnt get off the bus at the school until everyone else did. that was a challenge, i was deathly afraid to stand up, but luckily my jeans were tight enough to keep the poop from slipping down my legs...i walked like a penguin into the's hard to walk with a huge load in your pants..i gathered my stuff up, and still didn't talk to anyone, and just waddled out to my car and got in..i burst into tears as soon as i got in my car, and stayed there until i was done crying enough so that i could drive. i went home and had to let my poor mother see her 18 year old daughter show up at home with her panties full...she had no comment, just a look of horror and turned around. i gingerly climbed the stairs and went into my bathroom, and there i went through the most long and depressing bathing session i ever have. that's it.

Punk Rock Girl

Long time no post! Sorry, I've been very, very busy. Got a promotion at work, which is great, it means more money, but also longer hours, more take home work, and less internet surfing while at the office. I actually have a free hour right now, so I figured I'd drop a line and say hey!

My most recent bowel related misadventure happened about three months ago. Yuck. I was at the gym working out, when I started feeling a little queasy in my guts. I left the machine out on which I was working (dig that awesome grammar) and entered the women's locker room. I went into a stall, pulled down my sweatpants and underpants and sat on the crapper. I had a soft, gooey dump, nothing too bad. I wiped my ass, washed my hands, and headed back to continue my workout.

A little while later, I was on a treadmill "jogging" when a horrible cramp reeled through my guts. I stopped running, which caused me to lurch backwards. My feet hit the floor, I fell with a thud on my ass, and a glob of mushy shit exploded out of my anus. A few people came over to me and helped me up. The odor of shit began to make itself apparent, but if anyone noticed, they didn't say anything. I thanked everyone and headed to the locker room again.

I went in the same stall and took off my sneakers, then stepped out of my sweatpants. I looked inside them, and was amazed to see that the shit had managed to stay inside my underpants. I folded my sweatpants up and set themn aside, then carefully stepped out of my underpants. A glob of mushy crap was sitting right there in the seat, and the rest was still mashed between my buns.

I stepped out, naked from the waste down (except for my socks) and tossed my shitty panties in the garbage, then went back in the stall. I sat down and squeezed a bit more shit out, then wiped myself, which took a while.

I went to my locker and got my towel and went to the showers and got cleaned up, then got dressed and headed home.

The first time I've shit my pants in a long time. Hope everyone is well! Hellos to Althea, Bryian, Carmalita, Manhattan Girl, Emily in NYC, and everyone else.

TTFN, and Peace!!!

I have a teacher at school and she farts a lot. I hear her but she does not know it. She is about my mom's age about 55. Sunday afternoon at church, I had to make #2. I was holding it until it was unbearable. I excused myself from my folks and went to the ladies room. I took a stall, pulled up my navy skirt, pulled down my black panty hose and pink panties to my knees. Talk about anticipation, release and afterglow. As soon as I sat, I felt a sensation throughout me. My rectum let out an eight inch log. I was so happy to let this monster out of me. I wiped only once, then pulled up my undies and flushed. Before I flushed, I stood over the bowl and admired what I just did.

To Andrea:
Pooping on a paper towel can make your room to stink for hours...I'm not sure if your roomate will appreciate it...

A good alternative to paper towels are ziplock bags, I mean the big ones (1 gallon). It works great on trails when you don't want to litter nature with your feces. (some national parks like Mt. Lassen require you to take care of your shit). It may perfectly work great for you in your room...You don't need to worry if your dump is solid or not, and you can pee in the bag as well. You put all the used TP together with everything, seal the bag and get rid of it...

shy pooper
TO ANDREA: Hi Andea, I am also like you. I have always wondered why I am so shy about pooping with anyone around, I mean everyone poops. But in college I did ther same thing. I would be wondering around really feeling fuul, and needing to use the bathroom. I hate to say, I am still like this and I am 27. I really dont know what you can do, but wanted to ask you a question? Does the thought of another person doing the same thing, holding it in until they get home, excite you? Because it sometimes does me.

Jenna-- That was an awesome story. So do you usually hold you poop for 3 days or so? Please tell us more stories about pooping big ones! Please post more about clogging toilets! I love to hear when girls do that!


Student: When I was in college there was a track and x-country coach. She had a body that would not quit. She was in her mid tolate 40's. I used to marvel at her. I would be in the coaches' bathroom with my cheerleading and tennis coach/lover and I would see the track/x-country coach in her blue track shorts and red trainers. I could not stay in there too long. I knew that she would do the same to me like your librarian. I would wait until she would step in the stall, pull down her blue Hind shorts and white panties to her ankles or her shins and sit with her legs scrunched together. I never heard her bowels release. But, I knew.

Robin: I never lived on a dorm. I commuted by bus or train. In college, I was first afraid to make #2 in school toilet, but after a girl in my class did so, then so did I. In fact, she asked me to join her. You might find company with a classmate who is shy like you. I did in my freshman year. We both had to take a crap. It was easy. I was really afraid in grammar school, but I had to few times. You will get used to it. I have always had clean toliets. Just take some paper and wipe the seat and/or then put paper on the seat.

In high school, I would find underused or closed out girls rooms. There was a Cambodian girl who was new to us and was shy of using the school toilet. In fact, we met in the hallway. She told me that she wanted to make #2 but could not find toilet paper and that she was shy of being with other girls. I had keys to the rooms and closets. So, I let her into an unused unisex bathroom. She took the only doorless stall, pulled down her black jeans and white panties to her knees sat and loosed her bowels with a wave of chunks. She thanked me and then wiped herself from the front, pulled up her pants and briefs and flushed. Another day, I was going to that same bathroom and I saw her and she asked me if I was going to the bathroom and could I join her. She said, "I have to make #2 bad." I told her yes. We entered. She took the stall, lowered her blue jeans and yellow band-leg panties to her knees, sat on the bowl and released two 8" long pieces. As the two pieces splashed into the bowl, she clutched her stomach, said, "Oh, oh" and lifted her sneaker heels off the floor. She sat for about 10 minutes. Then, she wiped herself clean with two wads of toilet paper and flushed. Then, it was my turn. I undid my belt, let down my red trousers and royal blue cotton band-leg panties to my black penny loafers, sat on the bowl, then loosed my bowels in one noisy release. I was sputtering pieces for three minutes. My friend said, "That's why I am afraid to make at school." I told her, "Get used to it. You are a junior in high school. I was afraid of the noise, but sometimes it happens." I hated being in the bathroom with girls that would make fun of me evacuating my bowels. I then urinated long and hard into the toilet. I felt more in my bowels, but only a long fart. My friend giggled. She said, "You thought that was more piece of doo-doo in you!" I told her, "I thought so." Then, she reached for the toilet paper and gave me to wipe, two wads: one for my vagina and one for my rectum. I wiped my intimate parts through the front. I looked into the bowl and saw medium sized pieces piled up and suspended in the water. When I finished, I pulled up my trousers and briefs and flushed. We washed our hands. I told her that I was in the AV office in afternoon, if she ever needed the key to our private toilet.
In high school and college, my bowel movements were legendary in the female PE department.

Jenna: That sounds like my first time I took a crap in parochial school seventh grade. I'll never forget. I evacuated 18 inches, broken in two. Did it hurt, ever. It was painful to hold it in during class and it was painful to evacuate. Thank God, I did not fart or make any noise at all. It was a "hard" experience. I did not show it to my friends. In fact, an older girl came into the bathroom. She knew that I had made and told me to flush the toilet. I did have an attack of diarreah in that school and so did my classmate. It was either go to the toilet or have an accident. I chose the first. In elementary school, some girls would not flush the toilet and would leave their bowel movement for the next girl or for everyone to see.

Diva: I urinated myself as a baby as a matter of natural course. Then, I had accidents in kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and then in 7th grade. Never again, after that. I was afraid to speak up. Now that I am a teacher, my kids take the pass and go. There is no need to ask. I have mature kids. I work in a private school. In public school, they are asking to go to the bathroom every minute. I saw girls and boys when I was in school wet themselves often. I felt sorry for them. In first and second grade, a girl was standing in line to get her paper marked, when I heard this noise. Urine flowed down her legs and dress like a sprinkler. The teacher told her not to be afraid to ask, ever. However, I know kids who have "accidents" diliberately.

CoolBoy and Student: There was a storybook that taught little children that everyone goes to the bathroom for a bowel movement, mother, father, brother, sister, policeman, the high school cheerleader who baby sits for them. It was illustrated. See my earliest posts about when I was a baby sitter and a cheerleader. I let my boyfriends and boy cousins see me sitting on the bowl. Sometimes boys that I baby sat would spy on me while I was on the toilet. They were surprised that girls could have bowel movements.

JW: I had enemas when I was school age. I hated them The only good thing about them was they gave me a good release. I have since learned that your rectum was designed for expelling, not for invasion by a hose. That is why I avoid colonics. If I want to clean the walls of my intestines, I take psyllium and bentonite.

ShortSkirt Girl: The force of a bowel movement depends on the diet, bowel transit, and the contents of the intestine. There are so many variables.

Kelly:What is your favorite part of doing a really good BM?
1 That first heavy feeling
2 The feeling of having to go real bad, and the anticipation
3 The first second or two as your anus begins to open
4 The widest point of a very big BM
5 The very end as the last of a large log comes out
6 Or the afterglow of a major BM
I like them all.

I am under the weather at home. I am detoxifying myself with an herbal laxative, natural cranberry soda, green tea and aloe vera juice. I will let you know what the results are.

Emilie: I was on jury last March. I had to go to the bathroom. All you have to do is tell the court officer, bailiff or sheriff's deputy. The judge told us to do so. The court reporter interupted the trial to change a disk. I thought that he had to go.

Carmalita: I like your decription of Nu and her apparel as she sat on the bowl. Clothing and underwear make the experience. It makes me feel like I am there.

Dungbeetle: See my earliest posts about when I was in college and a local grammar school kid came to take a crap in the PE dept girls' toilet.

No Name: You are either unusually "normal" or constipated. Some people have one bowel movement a week. Mine release anywhere from once to three times a day. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fiber, as in fruits and vegetables. Firstly, take an herbal laxative tea on a fast. Then, go on a fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast. Buy Gary Null's books. Talk to your local health food store.

logman: I never had an accident. I was a cheerleader. I used the toilet before an event or practice. Once, I could not cheer because the doctor gave me Dulcolax for constipation and it was brutal.

Robert: In grammar school and part of high school, I used to hold my bowels until I got home, but I learned that it was not good for me and it was making me sick. Tell me more of your stories and see my earliest posts. A few times I used a pizzeria bathroom or a subway bathroom when I was in dire straits.

I read in the New York Daily News that there was an increase of diarreah after the August 2003 Blackout. That was because people ate spoiled food.

master dumper
It was about a week ago in school, I was sitting in history class when I got the biggest poo cramp ever. Thinking quickly and not wanting to use the school bathrooms, I asked for the nurses pass and soon went down to her office. As soon as I got their I rushed to the bathroom and craped for littery fifteen minouts. I washed my hands and flushed the toilet proud of the stench I left behind. As I was leaving the nurce had asked me what the matter was and all I did was exclame not to co in the bathroom for a good hour.

master dumper
sory for just the nurse's story, I am a long time visitor, but new poster and wish to share more funny story's with all of you. I'll be posting more soon. thanks

long-time lurker, new poster

OMG! On friday at school i almost pissed myself in front of a huge crowd of people. I had skipped math class to watch my friends in a wrestling tournement. It was in the school's 3rd gym, and there arent any washrooms near it. I was sitting there and all of a sudden got this really bad urge. I held it and kept on watching wrestling. A few minutes later I left the arena, and i lied to my friends that i was with that i was going back to class. I left the gym and RAN to the bathroom. It was %^&*$#@ LOCKED! I was soo mad. I had to piss so bad i didn't care so i went into the guys washroom. There was no one in there so i went into the stall and took the longest piss ever. Just as i was pulling up my panties and jeans, in walks my best friend!(and crush but he don't know it). I explained to him why i was there and he understood. At least it wasn't one of those immature guys that would freak out.
haha wat a werid story

em dubya
Hello everyone! It's great to see some many new posts.

Not too long ago, I was looking at some posts here when I felt a need to poop rising. I hadn't gone in a day or so and I'd been eating more than usual so I knew it would be pretty big. I went into my bathroom, pulled down my jeans and underwear, and sat down. I peed for about 20-30 sec then started pushing. A fairly fat turd eased it's way about 1/3 of the way out then it just slid out. I wiped 3 times while seeted then stood and looked at it. The turd was pretty long for me (probably about 8-10 cms) and it started kinda knobby then tapered into almost a point.

Also, so feedback, etc. about some of the new posts that I found to be the most interesting.

Rachel-Great post! I would love to hear more aobut you and ur Mom having "accidents." Please post again soon!

Ariana-I like posts where people in places other than sitting on the toilet. Bummer that your sister got revenge on u, but at least it wasn't actually pee! Please post again soon!

Hannah-Great post about u and ur friend Jessica. I particuarly like the part about the diapers. Please post some more sometime soon, and would u please post in particular about pooping/peeing in diapers?

Also, thanks to everyone who offered advice and comments. Great posts everyone, please keep them coming!

To Andrea---

Yes I have had this problem alot. I am in my thirties and I can't bring myself to going in a public bathroom or when anyone is around. I need to be at my home and no one else in the bathroom and then lock the door. Sometimes when I go it is alot, but usually it is just pebbles and still pretty smelly so I get embarressed about the smells.


A few days ago I was driving to the university for a night class, about an hour or so after dark. I parked near a corner of the nearly empty lot, near some snow piles that the plows had made.

As I was getting out, this car comes flying into the lot at about 60 miles an hour and screeches to a halt near a snowbank in a corner of the lot. The door flew open, and this really hot chick, very slim, with real long hair ran out. She is in my calculus class. She was wearing jeans and a heavy jacket. She ran over to the snowbank, went up it a couple of feet, yanked down her jeans and panties to knee level, squatted, and started peeing a torrent that I could hear from 20 feet away onto the snowbank!

Well gee, this was practically a dream come true for me. I sat back down in the car (the passenger side of my car was towards her, she couldn't see me) and got my watch out since I figured this was a pee worth timing and watching. I started the stopwatch, Indiglo is really useful for times like these :)

So this girl's still hissing away with no sign of stopping. I could see some splatters flying around off of her, her shoes must have gotten soaked already. She wasn't even looking around, I guess when you're that desperate you aren't even thinking of privacy. I was watching my stopwatch in amazement as a minute went by. She finally started slowing down. She shifted position a bit. I could just barely see her face from the side in the dim light from some buildings on the end of the lot. Then her face got this look of concentration, almost like she was pooping. Her stream started hissing madly again, and went back up to full blast!

Her stream made a sound like HISSSSsssshh....HISSSSSSssssshh... she kept pushing and relaxing and her pee sped up and slowed down. This continued on for another minute and a half. I know it sounds unbelievable to pee that long and hard, but if you had been there you would have believed it!

After about 3 minutes of constant peeing, her stream slowly tapered off and stopped hissing. It didn't stop though, it kept dribbling out at a more normal rate. Her face had the priceless look of relief. She tried to push again to speed things up but then her face turned into that of pain. Her pee stream didn't change. Her bladder must have been aching so much it was painful to push. She then closed her eyes and seemed in bliss. Her stream was still dribbling out.

After four minutes, her stream had slowed down more. It had changed to a very slow dribble. She tried to push again, and again it was too painful.

A crazy 5 minutes and 37 seconds after I had started my watch, the dribble turned into fast dripping, then slow dripping, then a final drop. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a kleenex, and wiped herself once. She dropped the kleenex on top of the snow, sauntered into her car, and drove away.

I was kind of mesmerized for a few minutes. When I got out of my car I went over to take a look at what she had left.

She had peed so much it should have been in the Guinness book of World Records. The yellow area on the snowbank was about 3 FEET across, ran in a 2 foot swath all down the side of the snowbank, and the snow on the ground at the bottom of the snowbank was also yellow for a circle 3 feet across. At the very top was a melted yellow hole a foot wide from where the pee originally hit the snow, between her two footprints.

The thing was, the snow wasn't just tinted yellow, it was a really dark yellow, nearly orange. It looked like she had let off about a 5 gallon bucket worth of very concentrated pee.

When I got close enoguh to bend over it, the smell hit me. This was the raunchiest pee I've ever smelled. It smelled like what you'd get if you took a big bucket and peed in it without emptying it for a month at home. It was definitely very concentrated pee. I was wondering how she had gotten pee this concentrated - it smelled like she hadn't drank any fluids for a week and held her pee all that time, although that is definitely impossible.

The kleenex in the middle of the area, in a wad, and the side that was ponting up was colored the same dark yellow.

I went to my class late, and drifted through it thinking about this girl... wow.

To: Short Skirt Girl-

Hi- your thoughts on what may cause a person to develop a fascination and interest in "toilet' related matters is very interesting.

I have always thought it went way back to my early years growing up with 2 sisters. We were then and continue to be very casual about nudity and peeing in front of each other. We are all in our 40's, and as recently as a few month ago, we have used bathrooms together.

It seems that watching and hearing a female pee triggers off an overwhelming desire to see and hear more!!

I can also recall an incident when i was about 9 or 10 when during a full day of being out with a girl cousin of about 20 at the time, I got to see and hear how a grown woman took care of a desperate pee. It was absolutely riveting as i can remember.

We were out with this cousin who as I siad was about 20 at the time and a college student. She was always cute and outgoing, and enjoyed taking the younger kids out to movies, etc.

We had been out all day at an event which did not allow much time for bathroom use. Somehow we wound up leaving the event without using any facilities. One of my sisters mentioned her need for a pee on the way home. Since we were over an hour away from home at that point, our cousin began looking for a place for us to use a restroom.

It had begun raining on the way home, so we were on the lookout for a sheltered haven. All the time our cousin never even gave any sign of her need to go as well. We found a small gas station ( back then they were not the "super center fuel/lottery/sandwich" shops they are today), just a small station with a bathroom on the side of the building.

As we stopped, my 2 sister and I followed my cousin as she lead us to the restroom. we figured we would have to stand in the rain waiting for each person to use the facility, then take our own turns individually.

Upon reaching the door, she motioned us all to come in the small bathroom as to stay dry. We took our turns peeing with my youngest sister starting it off since she had to go the most. The other sister and myself took care of our need. At that point I assumed that we would be asked to leave the room so the older "woman" could have her privacy. Not the case.

I had a perfect bird's eye view of the entire situation from where I now stood in the corner of the small room. I watched with fixed eyes as my cousin whipped up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and hovered over the toilet. I was amazed at all the hair she had, and how big her "V" was compared to my sisters. My cousin remained very casual and chatted with us as she started to hiss out a wide powerful stream which I could see perfectly. I felt major excitement at the opportunity to see and hear something this cool! She continued with a long hissy stream with occasional "pushes" to really create a wide fan shape to her peestream. It was loud as well from what i remember. Afater a huge amout of relief, i continued to stare as she wiped herself and redressed. All without any sign of prudenes, shyness , etc. It was also fascinating to see how much a big person could hold and how long she could pee.

i think from that point I was hooked for good on the power f a woman having to pee! What do you think caused your interest??? Mick

I've not got any specialist training, but I don't think you could identify someone from a DNA analysis of their turds. This is becxause turds are more than 50% of their dry weight composed of bacteria, which of course are full of their own DNA. So even if some DNA in a turd matched the suspect's DNA, it might well be masked by bacterial DNA. Maybe there is a reader of the forum who know more about this?

When I was young I was very shy about shitting anywhere away from home. But since I became a regular reader of this site, I've totally lost my shyness, and really enjoy doing my business in a big public toilet, preferably at a busy time, when all the stalls around you are full of guys shitting their guts out. Just sitting and listening is a pleasure in itself, as well as contibuting to the noise yourself with a good explosive fart. What I hate are the toilets in shopping malls where they play canned music, so that you can't hear anything.

assistant, do u have any more "accident" or close call stories about kely? if u do i would like to hear them

Been off work alot latly, had some free time to watch movies....

A lot of the movies i saw had bathroom sceens

I watched My Bosses Daughter, there were several sceense where ashton kutcher was house sitting for his boss and some one breaks in and ashton had gun and was gonna shoot him but the guy wipped out his thingy and started peeing on him and all over the was cool..i think it happed 2x in the movie

Then i saw the movie Grind its about these skater dudes who wanna be sponcered so they go on tour...there were numerous fart jokes and a few peeing sceenes and some pooping sceenes.There is one where the guys are on the road and they pull over and they all pee on the side of the road.

Then there was a sceen where this big fat man announce he had to shit and he goes in a porto pottie then a few minutes later this dude started skating in that area and it said no skating aloud..and he didn't see the sign so hes skating then he does tricks with the porto potties and he knocked them all over and then at that time the big fat guy comes out from crapping. They made them clean it up, when they were done they smelled like shit.

Then the last sceene was thes guys are at a skate championship and they sneak on this tour bus or a RV and they are snooping around and then this one dude decided he had to shit so he goes into the bathoom and the 2 guys left and hes in there and theres this other guy there too waiting and then the owners of the skate bus come back and theres 2 guys in the bathroom. The owners remarked that it smelled like #2 on the bus and they aren't supposed to go #2 on the bus...After that the owners got off cause the smell was bad and the 2 other guys left

I think thats all the bathroom sceenes i can think of..check these movies out they are good.

To ShortSkirt Girl:
Most people I know won't talk about their toilet habits. I definitely wouldn't discuss my bathroom habits with my flatmate either. I do know one guy who will discuss pooping and peeing with me and I have actually watched him taking a dump a few times. One time I watched him take a dump when he hadn't been able to do one for a few days. It was great to see him pushing and sweating to squeeze the turds out. I got quite excited.

I was so excited when I found this site because I love reading stories about other people taking dumps, especially long hard ones that take a while to push out. Im not sure why some people don't like discussing their toilet habits and I don't have any theories. Maybe they are just embarressed.

After reading through several posts on this site, I have been plucking up the courage to try pooping in different places. I will have to wait until my flatmate is at work (she does night shift) before I can try something else though. I really want to try pooping on the floor or outside in the garden.

To Quintessence - I loved your story. It must've felt great to get rid of that poop!

To ShortSkirt Girl - I can't really answer your question for you, cause I honestly don't know. But I do have one thing to say. Most of my guy friends really like all those bathroom jokes and the funny bathroom scenes in movies. I know that doesn't help, sorry.

In highschool, I remember I was in biology class one day and we were talking about different diseases and genetic syndromes. One of them was called Maple Syrup Urine Disease, which only affects people in Pennsylvania (I think, I could be wrong)......has anyone else ever heard of that??? Please share some thoughts if you have, thanks.

I just came here after taking a major #2.
It all started this morning, where I needede to go, but only made a 5 inch turdlet. It wasn't thick, but it was very three dimensional. Eight hours later, I was driving to mom's house, and I got the need to go again. I felt like I was balooning out, and I had to stop at a questionable gas station. I grunted and let out around 15 inches (Visible) and then 2 turdlets, 3 inches each. I got into my car and felt like I had lost 5 pounds in 10 minutes! However, I still had the uncomfortable feeling of needing to crap again. I ripped a really loud fart in my car, and thankfully, I was the only one in there. 20 mkinutes later, at mom's house, I sat on the can and only produced a turdlet with a cannon blast of a fart.
I still don't feel finished!

Mornin,all--some responses
TO SUPER POOPER-Green poop-funny-what did you eat to get that result?
I get those kinds of dumps you had when I eat tex-mex or thai food-the ol' ring of fire!
TO JJ-Great sighting in the bushes-I would have really enjoyed that view!!
TO FRANCO-Nice session in the toilet with the guys-sort of like my poop sessions at the gym and yes,most guys do talk back to me and sometime just start talking to me as they unload which I enjoy hearing them try to talk to me as they grunt out thier morning loads-I grew up in a family that closed the bathroom doors but as I got older and met a few women that were really open about pooping,i started to be more relaxed(and totally enjoyed buddy pooping with these ladies) about dumping with doors open and in public toilets when I saw how many other guys were totally open about dumping in public--Great stuff Franco-we would probably have a good buddy dump if we were ever in the same bathroom!!
TO OLD POOP-As far as that antibiotic thing,some years ago(I think it's on one of my old posts awhile back),i had a funny experience with taking them-I had a mild bladder infection when I was about 25 and took these horse pills for about 2 weeks and yes they made by BM'spretty soft and really gassy but when I would go, the poop would be totally this off-white color!Man that was strange and I called the Dr in a panic,but he told me it was Ok,so I started to enjoy pooping white turds and I got the mirror and watched the white turds come out of my butt.The BM was mostly soft and it came out fast and a lot of farting and like you they were really long and thin,but it felt great,but when I got the urge to poop,I really had to go right away!Normally,im can hold it for a bit,but not with those antibiotics!!When I would go then,it was a lot of poop too,but the thing I didn't enjoy were the cramps I got before I pooped-they really hurt! yeah antibiotics do some strange things is us all!Good story,old poop!
Speaking of poop,i gotta go take a dump right now-i sometimes really enjoy reading all your posts and posting myself as my rectum fills up with my morning excrement-I won't make it to the gym today,i really gotta go! great stuff all!! BYE

Hey everyone,

Today I managed to get a real conversation going with the guy in the next stall while we were both doing a nasty gaseous dump at the downtown library.

There I am having my morning coffee dump in the basement washroom when this guy comes in and takes his jacket off and sits down and lets it rip, we're talking a huge 30 second fart followed by major log action. I sit there and fart loudly and give a grunt as I push out a small wet mess. I take a chance and say..."Man it feels great to have a good dump..." well the guy starts laughing and says, "You bet buddy". I fart again loudly and does the same as if its a contest, he starts laughing again and says, "Geez its some noisy in here eh?" I agreed then feeeling another wave of farts and shit build at my back door I said, "Its gonna get noisier yet guy" and blow my ass load into the bowl. He laughed and farted a small one..."Bet thats gotta take the load off eh?" he said as I started to wipe. I left and he sat there grunting some more and farting occassionally as I washed my hands..."have a good one" I called to him as I left...he laughed and said"I'm tryin'"

Nothing better than a big dump than taking a big dump with another guy taking a big dump ---Oh yah!!


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