I went to see the final movie Lord of the Rings last weekend. I sat about in the middle of a row admist some younsters who were friends and were talking up 4 seats. I noticed before we went in to the theater and sat down the group buying super large cokes and popcorn and other stuff. So the movie starts and my eyes are on the screen.

Then I notice about after 2 hours into the movie a bit of shuffling and twisting around in the seat by several of the lads. A glance now and then you couldnt help to notice the two sitting closest to me were apparently needing the bathroom, they hadda pee. I noticed them both talking about leaving and going to the mens room but didnt want to miss the show. They both were crotch holding and neither one could sit still. Two of the other boys got up and left for the restroom yet the two next to me stayed put, holding on. Finally I noticed the one boy about 12 put his hand down his jeans and was holding onto his willy directly. The other boy by me also 12 was still just grabbin his crotch and hanging on for dear life.The other boy then unzipped his fly and leaned forward and tried to use his big drink cup and pee in it while in a dark scene. You could hear his pee splashing into the cup while the lad by me squirmed about, holding on. I heard some pee like splash onto the floor as he missed the cup one time. He finally set the cup down the cup on the floor and sat back to enjoy the show. My lad, still was squirming and didnt seem to want to pee in the cup or leave. Perhaps as he was sitting next another party, an older person he didnt want to do this. He leaned forward holding his peter thru his jeans and sorta leaned on the seat in front. In a little bit I heard the distinct drip drip sound of water on the floor. He apparently was just peeing in his pants. This didnt help things for me either as by this time almost to the end of the movie I hadda go too pretty good.

Yea, finally the movie is over, and the boys all get up to leave, cept the one next to me who peed in his pants. He sat there watching the credits . I sorta wondered what he would do, his buddy now waving for him to get up and go. I then thought, Im leaving, he may be waiting for me to leave. I got up and stepped thru the seats not to knock over any cups and stuff and walked up the aisle. I went out to the parking lot to the car just as the two boys that sat by me crossed the lot.
The one a blonde boy wearing tan jeans had wet pee stains down his legs and on his ass, was totally soaked. They got into a car driven by some female, probably a mother of one and left.

Ive read of sightings of some pants wetting during a movie, but the first time I was like close up on this one.

Anyone else here can write and tell of a pants wetting during a movie? I bet it happens a lot...

First time poster here ...My dad, our neighbor (my dad's friend) and me went shopping for Valentines Day presents or our special ladies last weekend, We ate luch at a fast food place called Chick-Fil-A, and it was good, by the time we hit JC Penneys, we ALL three started laughing, we all had to make our shits really bad. Mr. "J" knew where the gentlemens restroom was from experience hopping with his wife, so in the three of us trott, quickly...only to find 3 stalls without doors, but all occupied ~~ We had no choice vbut to wait while these men finished their bowel movements. Two of them finished first, and my dad said to me "age before beauty, son" So my dad and Mr. J. jump on the two available toilet bowls and geezz, both their asses both exploded, and stunk up the gentlemens restroom SOOOOO BAD....the three of us were laughing so hard, the other man finished up, and I sat down, and MY ASS EXPLODED !! we all laughed and finished up... It was funny !

Monday, February 09, 2004


PV: Hi there! Did I already mention, how great it is to see you back here? I really missed you. It's so nice to hear from you again. I still think about your wonderful story with all your pees on the beach. The one on the wall in the tunnel was definitely my favourite! What an image!!! Thanks for your sympathy regarding the haemorrhoids. You are right, it's absolutely awful if it hurts to go to the loo. It's this little time of relaxation during a busy day, isn't it? I have to say though, that a bladder infection is the worst. At least painful poos are not so often. But never mind. I really have no problems at the moment. In fact I am pooping like a pro! On Sunday I produced three (!!!) big piles. It was unbelievable. I had been eating lots of fruit (dried and fresh), wheat and muesli, which must have brought it on. I already started in the morning: We usually watch our favourite TV programme on Sunday mornings and it's always big cuddle time for all in bed. I couldn't even wait until the commercial break though: I had to dash to the loo and had a soft, but firm, easy, big movement. It felt wonderful! Second time I was working on our new house in the afternoon. I felt an urge to go, but wanted to finish what I was doing first. There was no chance though: I was getting desperate and fidgeting…Finally I ran with my legs crossed. Robert was in the bathroom, washing out some brushes. There is another bathroom, but I did not want to risk it. I told him I needed the loo and he just absentminded told me to go ahead. I quickly pulled my pants down and immediately started a big plopping concert with a row of turds hitting the water. Robert looked at me surprised, cause he thought I was going to pee. We grinned at each other and he shook his head and flew from the stink. Last on I did before going to bed. Sarah came in to brush her teeth and also thought I was peeing. Suddenly she sniffed and asked if I was going No. 2. I replied that I had been in there first! She laughed and asked me if I hadn't been already in the morning. I told her,this was No 3 already. Se wouldn't believe me until she had to witness another big load of freshly made turds. I had no clue, where it was all coming from, but I very much enjoyed my "shitty" Sunday. I went even more refreshed and very empty back to work on Monday. By the way, I dumped again on Monday at work. At this point it was getting eerie. I thought I might be possessed by aliens, who used my body as a waste disposal medium…But then it calmed down and I am back to my one or two good ones per day. I am sorry to go on about it. It just feels so good to have all this hassle free ones…Just a quick off topic, if I may. They sold some "Lion king" soft toys at the drug store. We got a little lion for Loewie (of course), but the tigers where out. We had to find another branch, who finally had tigers left, cause Josie is the "little tiger" and therefore absolutely needed a tiger and nothing else! Do you remember, who gave her that nickname? Hugs from Sarah and me. We thank you for your kind words. Take care and stay with us, please…

Rizzo: Thank you for your lovely words as well. I think, you might have missed one reply from me, but never mind (1213). You are very right, I do very much enjoy the openness between Sarah and me. What I love most though, is that I truly believe that Sarah gains as much from it as I do. I wouldn't like it, if she wouldn't. She seems to feel even more at ease with her own body, which is good. She used to be always embarrassed about slipping a fart or leaving a smell in the bathroom, in other words being human. She truly believed it was alright for guys/me to fart at home but not for women. She is far less constipated than she used to be cause she is more relaxed about it. She said she was very lucky, cause her friend has often arguments with her husband, who thinks woman should wear high heels and short skirts at home. Luckily I don't have such problems, lol. Sarah said: "Don't I have a great life: I just put on my comfortable pyjamas and if I want sex, I blow a fart…LOL! Well, she can't have my body that easily, but ok…nearly ;-). I don't think I mentioned it here, but after my therapy I really had problems in the bedroom. I guess you can imagine, how much that brought me down. Luckily it's all great again and like every crises it brought us even closer together, as my past story shows. Hope you and your wife are healthy and fine! We are waiting for another one of your great stories. Hugs from me and a kiss from Sarah
P.S.: Yes, urine is good for the skin and healing wounds. I cut two of my finger tips on new year. I took the plasters of the next day and peed a bit on it each time I had to go, cause it had been recommended to me. It healed amazingly quick….

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dears! Hope you are fine and especially Robbie is recovering alright! Let's hear how you are doing! We are fine so far. How are your girls? We miss them. Has Meghan fully recovered from her accident? I bet the two are busy with the young men ;-). You know, you might think that Loewie is getting older and wanting to go to the bathroom by himself, but at the moment he is developing backwards in that respect. We really don't know what is going on. He was toilet trained so quickly and easily and was all clean half a year ago. Now suddenly he starts having accidents and wet sheets at night again. We think he might have a problem, but don't know what to do. Any advice would be welcome. I mean, we don't make a drama out of it. If it happens, ok. I try to wake him and let him pee in a potty before I go to bed, but sometimes he is already wet by then. We aren't worried about the wet pants, but rather what brought it on. The doctor said, we should wait and see before we panic. It might pass. Well, hopefully it will.
Would be great to hear from you again. Lots of love from Sarah and me.

Jenna: Hi thank you for your words. Did you ever try and find out if your boyfriend is interested in the issue? Better take it slowly, so you don't get hurt. It took my wife and me over ten years to be so open. Well, lol, some are quicker, but you probably know best how close you are with him. I liked your story about the traffic jam. It's always a bad situation. I certainly experienced it. Are you still around? Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is fine! All the best from Tim

May I say a quick hello to some, whose names I really enjoy showing up regulary since a long time, but to whom I never send my regards like CARMELITA (I am certainly also a fan of yours), BUZZY (I really like your stories), ADRIAN ( you are really a kind guy, who always has an advice for those who need it) and TRAVELING GUY(I really like your interesting stories and thoughts)…

Did any one happen to watch Oliver Beene sunday on fox? there was a bathroom sceene....
Oliver was on a field trip and he was getting ready to eat soup on the bus, and the bus stopped suddenly spilling all the soup on him. The kids thought by the smell and looks he had thrown up. They started calling him names. Then Oliver was gonna get the kid back who called him names...Oliver was in the bathroom cleaning his shirt up when the boy that called oliver a bad name came in. He took a stall and dropped his pants and was could hear the sound effects...Oliver peeked under the stall and saw he was wearing a diaper. Thats how oliver was gonna get him back, tell the whole class he wears diapers. He told this nerd, and this nerd got up(they were back on the bus) and he pulled this kids pants down to show he was wearing was so funny...i guess these kids are 10-13 years old
it was cool
gotta run bye

Nate in AZ
SHORT SKIRT GIRL: I havn't posted here in a couple of years (my posts were back in the late 200s), but had to respond to your question as to why some of us are comfortable with talking about pooping, and like me, turned on by the discussion. I think it's because pooping (and to a lesser extent peeing) is the last taboo, even less talked about than such nono's as incest and child sex. For myself, my interest (nee fetish) came from watching my sister poop when I was about ten and she was seven. Also, my mother tended to my toilet wiping until I was well into kindergarten and perhaps even beyond. So that part of the anatomy never had a negative connotation for me. And I'm bisexual so it has an even larger importance in that realm. So I think it makes a difference how it is treated as a youngster, as to how as an adult it is regarded. Just thought you'd like to know, that we are not alone! Since coming to this site 4 years ago, it has made me a great deal more comfortable with sharing this with others, for which I'm extremely grateful, to everyone who has shared.

Mister Peeper
Hello everyone, glad to see I'm not the only person with this interest. I've been a reader on this site for quite some time but this is my first post. I've got a story involving one of my aunts that I'm real close to. I went to stay with my uncle on spring break when I was about twelve years old. His wife (my aunt) at the time was about thirty-four years old, 5' 4", long, wavy dark hair. Not really what you would call heavy set, but she had everything in the right places. One morning while my uncle was gone to work, I had just stepped out of the shower, dried off and put my clothes on when I heard her knock and ask, "are you decent sweety, can I come in?" and I said "sure, if you need to, I'm dressed." She came in carrying a roll of toilet paper and I knew what was about to happen. She had a southern accent and I love the way she described using the toilet, Where most of us would say, "I need to shit" or "take a crap", she said, "I haven't poo pooed in a few days and I need to use the commode." In her sexy voice, she said "poo poo" and gave me a boner. LOL. I said, "I guess you need me to leave" and then she said "that's ok sweety, just go ahead with what you're doing, I don't mind you being in here while I'm on the commode." And then she pulled her knit pants and pantyhose down to the top of her thighs and pulled the back of her long blouse up a bit to expose the lower part of her back. She was wearing pumps and made the whole scene look very sexy. She sat close to the front of the toilet seat which gave me a good view of her nice butt. I was standing at the vanity and the toilet was right beside it and I could look down at the space between the back of the toilet seat up to her butt. I knew I'd be able to see everything coming out. She sat leaning forward holding a roll of toilet paper. The toes of her pumps were turned slightly inward. She let out a loud gushing pee and she turned her head around toward me and was asking me about going shopping with her later and was interrupted in mid-sentence by a strain as she raised her butt up slightly and farted which gave a "spooooooooooooch" as it echoed into the bowl. She sat upward and was trying to scratch an area on her back and then finally I reached over and started scratching her back and she replied with, "oooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah that feels soooo good sweety, if you don't mind rub my lower back, I think that will help me get started dear." I was ecstatic. She didn't know how much she was turning me on. She leaned back forward as I rubbed her lower back giving me a better view at her butt and into the toilet. I could still smell the pungent fart as it wafted up from behind her. She said, "ooooh I think you're doing some good as she strained and the soft "crackling" and "hissing" started as the head of her turd slowly poked out. I was starting to see the turd as is inched out slowly. It was a light reddish brown, smooth and solid. As the turd slowly inched it's way out I could hear her grunting and in a light, sexy and breathy voice it was almost like she was talking to the turd, coaching it out. It sounded like this, "ssssssssscracklecracklessssssssmmmm ooooh you're a long one sssssssssscracklecrackle" and then the turd stopped about mid way and stopped. Her smell was beginning to fill the small bathroom. She said, "sheeew, I'm probably going to stink you out of here" and I told her I did'nt mind the smell. She was chatting with me while the turd was hanging out in a sexy grunty voice. She was talking about a trip to the Smoky Mountains they had taken the previous year. To me it was a good atmosphere in the bathroom with her. I had like a warm feeling all over. I sat at her feet while she talked about their vacation and every once in a while her voice would rise with the strain of the hanging turd. The smell in the bathroom was heavy, not what you would really call smelly, just a good, heavy solid female poop smell which didn't seem to bother either one of us. At this point, she was sitting with her arms folded over the top of her knees and then announced "WHEEEW, I need to finish poopooing" and I timidly asked her if She wanted me to rub her back some more and she replied with "I sure do sweety, that seems to help me a lot." I got back up and went back around and started to rub her warm, smooth lower back and surprisingly the turd was still hanging out the same distance as where it had stopped. I slowly rubbed her lower back close to her butt and was going down as far as I could without thinking she may be uncomfortable. She leaned forward again and gave a slight push and the turd started moving with a "ssssscracklecracklecracklesssssspooot" sound. I was amazed at the length and said "wow" and she turned and looked back, laughed and asked, "can you see it coming out?" and I was kinda embarrassed but I told her I did and told her "I did'nt know that women could do one so big" and she replied in a strained voice, "we'll have to have a turd contest sometime" and laughed and I watched the turd taper off and fall into the toilet with a "FLAADOOOOP" sound. She sat back up and said, "now that's a turd" and we both laughed. She remained seated and I sat down on her vanity stool and we talked as she finished up. While we were chatting you could hear gentle "plips" and "plooops" and started rolling off some toilet paper. I jokingly asked her if I could help her wipe and surprisingly she said, "sure, but don't let anyone know about this or we'll probably be in trouble." She wiped her vagina and rolled off some more toilet paper and handed it to me and then moved forward to the front of the seat so I could get my hand and paper under her to wipe. I made the first pass and sliding it up her crack and barely entering the hole with the paper and as I brought the paper back up I noticed a just a slight light brown smear on the paper and repeated it about two more times until she was clean. I couldn't believe that I had an aunt (by marriage) that kinda thought pooping was cool. During the days that followed she would use the toilet with the door wide open while I was there. I think she knew how much I liked it.

Just a few more thoughts whilst I sit at my lap-top - today I am not at work and I am having a laid back day. My trousers are wet and there is a pool under my chair - I have been enjoying the feel of a good firm poop pressing into my white Calvins and have just raised my bum and it has slipped in and filled hem well. I shall enjoy the feeling for a while before I change.

A question - has anyone ever seen their parents or older brother or sister have an accident - deliberate or accidental.

I had a laugh one day when I had come back from school early to do home study - I was sat in my bedroom by the window when Dad pulled up in the car - he sat there for a while and then when he got out I saw the dark stain all over the front of his trousers where I realised he had wet himself - even better he was holding his bum with his hands and pulling at his pants. He kind of bent his legs a bit and then I knew he must have messed as well. Mum waas at work and he would have thought I was at school and he walked or waddled towards the front door. I kept very quiet and he came upstairs and began to remove his trousers just as he got inside the bathroom - the back of his underpants was brown with poo and it was a good messy load. He closed the door and I watched through the keyhole like a naughty little boy as he sorted himself out. I never said a word - I slipped out of the house and pretended to have just come home so as not to show him I knew!

I know that Dad also wet himself when we went to watch a major rugby match. I did as well - we had seats and just before half time I saw the pee dripping off the seat from Dad and a pool forming underneath. I felt safe then and did the same! I knew he could hardly tell me off and actually neither of us said a thing about what we had done. It seemed quite natural to let go and was quite exciting wondering what other people would think if they noticed!

My sister did it one day when we were coming back from shopping - she had fartd\ a few times and then after we got off the bus she said she was going to poo and if I said anything she would kill me. She was about 17 and I suppose I was 14 at the time. She must have just let go - it was a little wet because in the 5 minutes it took us to get home she had a stain in the back of her jeans and she was quite smelly. When she slipped out of her jeans her panties were coated and it was all spread down betweeen her legs and her blouse was plastered as well - so Wet Briefs - some girls wear their blouses tucked in their panties and get them stained!

All from me but everyone keep coming back with your stories.


Someone was talking here about taking all your clothes off to take a dump. My best friend in high school used to take off his pants when he would take a dump at my house. I was able to peek in at him a couple of times. He would take off his pants and underwear, set them off to the side, and straddle the bowl, while on the balls of his feet. Once I had to bring him toilet paper while he had a bout of diarrhea. I opened the door and saw him sitting on the can with his colored briefs and jeans in a pile.

FRANCO-I've also asked a couple of people for paper a few times and they are usually happy to oblige. Once, the guy was in a handicapped stall and the toilet was on the other side of the stall. So I had to really bend down and reach under the stall for the paper. I was actually able to see him sitting on the can as he was reaching over to hand it to me.

Hey Guys.
The poo keeps coming! I just let out another poo. 4th in 4 days. This must be one of my poo everyday weeks. Anyways, here is today's poo.

I was reading the new posts on here when I felt poo poo coming. I went and sat on the toilet. I farted, and then started to pee. After going pee, I farted again, then I heard some crackling, and felt some poo poke out of my butt. It slid out with no breaks. It was smooth, long, and stinky. It was about 10 seconds from the first poke of poo from my butt to it hitting the water. It was a nice long poo! I looked in after and it was about 1 foot long. I wiped, flushed, then left.

To ShortSkirt Girl: In responce to your question of why some people are tunred off and uncomfotable with this subject of poo, I believe three factors lead to one being open about it. The three factors are: Acceptance, comfort, and sence of humour. You must be accepting that you, and other people poo, and it is natural. You have to be comfortable with yourself. Finally, you need to take it in good humour and that will lessen the embarassment factor.

Well, that is all for today.

Keep up the poo!

Take care guys.

My name is andrea. I posted here once a long time ago, and just recently came upon the site again. I'm a 18 and a freshman in college.

I just recently moved into the dorms and I've have some trouble with the bathrooms. They're community bathrooms and I prefer privacy, especially when I'm having a bowel movement. I just can't bring myself to use them unless I'm sure no one is around. This is really starting to cause problems because sometimes I have to wait to 3AM to relieve myself, not to mention the fact that it's not easy to hold it in all day. I never used the bathrooms in my high school, but it didn't effect me because I would just wait and go after school without many problems. But here it seems I don't ever have the option of a private bathroom when I need it. Last night I truly considered just letting my poop out on a paper towel in the room when my room mate is out.

I was wondering if any of you are in college and also have this problem. What did you to do overcome it?
Any advice is appreciated.

My girlfriend has posted here before and she told you about me drinking like a horse then urinating all the time well let me tell you what happened the other day when we were at the movies see the way our movie theather is set up they have just a couple of seats down low and then all the rest are built up well we always go to the movies in the middle of the afternoon and we usually see a less then popular movie. so the other day we were sitting in there and we were the only ones sitting down below and the other three people were up and away from them. well i had to urinate and could hardly hold it. I knew that i could not get up and walk to the bathroom so my girlfriend gets up and throws out the popcorn thank god we get extra large so i grab her long coat and put it over my legs i unzip my pants and pull out my penis and i pee like there is no tomarrow needless to say i was the one who had to throw it away.

em dubya: It is uncomfortable to stall during a poop and having to hold some in for a whole day. I like to empty my bowels in the morning before work (if I feel the urge to take a dump) but sometimes I only have time to push out some of the poop. I like to take a dump when I have lots of time to enjoy it and do it properly. I often have to push out two or three turds and then I can feel another turd but it takes a while to push that last one out. I usually fart a few times before I can push that last piece out too.

I enjoyed all the stories this am. My favorite one today was Andy's. I love Army stories. I have often wondered about the shitting habits of all those dudes in close quarters like on a submarine or Marines out in the field. My brother is a Marine but I could never dare ask him about these kinds of things!!! Anyone out there have some good stories?

ShortSkirt Girl
Hi Everyone

So, here's the thing. Given that everyone who posts or lurks here is into peeing and pooping, has anyone thought why this subject is so unpleasant to some people and is so fascinating to others (like us!)

In a highly unscientific poll of my five closest friends (all girls also), four of them usually refuse to discuss the topic at all, and the fifth will only mention it when she actually has to go. So why am I so fascinated by peeing and pooing? Maybe it's something to do with our earliest potty training? Why, if it's as natural as eating and sleeping, are so many people turned off by these discussions?

If you have any theories, I'd love to discuss them here.

Super Pooper
Well, Here's my moment of glory that happened just a few minutes ago. It was a very pleasant poop, even though it caused me some pain. I went quite a lot starting with a good 4 inches of firm doo, followed by much softer, much more painful doo(the kind that burns your bum a bit) Took me a few good squeezes to get it all out, but the shocker came when I looked in the toilet to see my master work only to find it was green... I'm talking really green, like spring grass green! That gave me a good chuckle, and so I thought I'd come and post about it.

Hey guys. Thought I'd take some time out to post on here. BTW, my last post I told about that Friday I came down with a bad case of the runs. Well my the next morning I was fine. So on to what I came to post about. Tonite I took one of the biggest dumps I've taken in a really long time. I probably hadn't gone in a week and by now I was starting to feel the need to get this beast out of me. I am very private about BM's around friends and family. Sometimes peeing too if I'm around people I'm not used to being around. So tonite I was allowed some privacy. I sat down, peed, then began pushing. I knew it was gonna be very thick and painful to push out so I was gonna try and pinch it off piece by piece like I usually do in these type of dumps, BTW, I've learned that I can pinch it off to hard like I used to or something between my balls and anus cramps up and starts hurting really bad (prostate maybe?, or the muscles?) Anyway, the turd wanted out so badly it didn't let me do that so I uncontrollably pushed it out in one HUGE log and a couple of smaller pieces followed. When I wiped there was some blood on the TP because it stretched my hole so wide. I looked in the toilet and thought, My God, what am I gonna do with this thing. Reluctintly I flushed it and at first the turd didn't budge, and I've never had that happen in like 10 years, then it does go down only go so far before completely stopping the toilet up. I figured that part was coming so I pulled out the plunger and got to work. I couldn't see the turd at all but it woulnd't budge. Then one of our dogs broke something off the counter (clever dog if you ask me) and my sister came up. She started cleaning the mess up and then stopped and said she had to pee. Well I was forced to admit that the toilet was stopped up (I didn't want to say it was me because I was embarrassed enough as it was) so she used the other bathroom. I probably worked on that thing for 40 minutes and I almost gave up. But then I noticed it was starting to drain some. So I kept at it and finally another 5 or 10 minutes it unclogged and I flushed it to get all that brown water out of the toilet. I had to lay down for a little bit after that. The last time I remember clogging the toilet that bad was back in the day when I went thru this LOOONG phase of holding my poop for weeks on end and pooping so much and so largly that we actually had to leave the toilet unflushed for days so the poop would break up in the water. I was probably in that phase from about 3 or 4 to about 11 or 12. Why I put myself through that misery I don't know because I remember countless times having to go so bad but didn't. I wasn't embarrassed about pooping during that time, I probably starting getting more private when I came out of that phase.

Anyhow, thats been my eventful night. I've enjoyed alot of you all's stories here. Ash D., Mel. D., and some others I can't think of at the moment. Keep'em coming.

if anyone has any accident storys (ither pee or poop) i would love to hear them. Thanks

Tom - your fart stories are pretty cool. Since I was a kid I've enjoyed farting in school, in stores - well almost anywhere. The louder the better. Once I was in a drug store and let one rip. People on the other side of the shelves heard it and giggled. I was with a friend at the time so ever since then we've been in competition. The best one was when I was with a tour group in europe - we were in a large church - all hard stone surfaces, a great echo chamber. I waited until the group fell silent and forced out a big BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!! I did a loud hiccup, followed by a belch, then a loud fart, after drinking all night. Three piece band! I was with a church choir for about two years, and one Sunday, I was gassed up from chili the night before. I had already let go several SBDs that morning, and in the middle of the service, there was no holding it in! Silently I released fumes corrosive enough to peel paint! For ten minutes it smelled just like some one took a shit right there. The dude next to me was a friend, so after the service I asked him if he smelled that and I confessed that I was the one who did it.

Hey Guys.
I just let out a poo poo.

I felt my poo earlier today as I was reading posts here, but decided to wait. When it was time to sit on the toilet, I went to the bathroom, and sat down. I let out a short fart which stunk a bit. But this poo was stubborn, so I had to push. I pushed out 6 poo poos. They weren't too big, but one or two were bigger than the others. My poo stunk a bit. I wiped, flushed, then left.

To Buzzy, Bryian, and em dubya: nice to have replies to my posts. Thanks for replying.

Well, that's it for today.

Keep up the poop!

Take care guys.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Hello to all the new posters. I just got rid of 3 cups of coffe and all the cheese laiden food I had on superbowl Sunday. I sat down and started to pee very hard and my anus opened and a smooth feeling poop started to emerge while my pee stream was splashing noisilly into the water in the bowl. This time the start of this poop was the widest and narrowed slightly over its length. This one dropped down into the water without a splash because it hit the bowl and went sideways across. I peed for about another 30 seconds and then stopped. I wiped only once and it took 2 flushes to get this one down. It broke in half on the first flush leaving the second part in the bowl.

Here is a little more on the post that I did the last time with the swimming group. Barbie and I after her pee in poop in the barn went back down to the lake. The others asked Barbie did she make it ok and she told them yes. I went back in the water for another swim. I got talking to Jeanie as we played around in the water. She goes to me watch! All of a sudden a buch of bubbles pop up to the surface of the water from behind her. Then she tells me she needs to take a hike up to my house. The others had left to go over to the store so her and I scratched a note in the sand and we left.

We took the dirt road shortcut and up the hill behind our barn. The closest bathroom was in the back of the house off the summer kitchen. We both went through the door into the summer kitchen and she was already pulling her one piece bathing suite down. She turned and sat down on the edge of the old couch that I had there in the old summer kitchen which was now a recreation room and pulled her suite right off.

I can'tgo any further and she let out this long zipper sounding fart and started to pee right then and there! Her pee shot up and over her suite and landed on the floor about 3 feet from the couch. She was really peeing away with a loud hiss. She had the look of instent relief on her face as she peed. She farted again with a long zipper sounding fart and said I have to shit too! I dont want to go here on the floor but I can't stop peeing first.

Well I went over and slid the old trap door over the cistern under the summer kitchen floor and she kicked off her suite and still dribble peeing quickly ran the several feet and squated over the opening and still peeing gave one good grunting push started to poop. A very chunky light brown one started to emerge from beween her buttcheeks. Again some air passed out along with her poop making a zipper sound again. She had a 7 inch poop hanging from her butt and had pee flowing off the end of it. That piece broke leaving a stub hanging which continued to grow in length. She had that piece grow to about 6 inches and then end nice and clean. She stood up and looked down into the cistern and there was a nice two piece pile in the bottom. She then squated again and peed for about 15 seconds more then stoped. I think I need some tp so I went into the back bathroom and grabbed the roll and brought it back out to her. She took some off the roll and wiped her backside and it came off looking clean. I handed her her suite which she put back on and we went back down to the lake.

I'm very good friends with a girl named Kelly, who happens to be wheelchair bound, and needs assistance with just about everything physical, including using the toiler. Whenever I would spend time with her, eventually it would be pretty obvious that she needed to use the toilet because she would kind of let out little grunts and moans of discomfort that were rather quiet, and she would have a very discomforted look on her face. that didnt always mean she needed to use the toilet, she could have just been uncomfortable and needed to be readjusted in her wheelchair (she can't really move any of her body), but whenever that was the case she would ask me to help her get comfortable. this lead me to assume that all of the other times she didn't mention it, she needed to go to the bathroom. sometimes i would ask her if she needed to be readjusted and she would say she was fine, and even sometimes blamed her discomfort on pre-menstrual syndrome. i realized after a while that she NEVER asked me to take her to the bathroom, and whenever we were together for more than a couple of hours she always had those discomfort. i think she preferred to hold it in until she got home so her mother could help her use the toilet there. Anyway, now that we've been spending a lot of time together for about 3 years, she is no longer afraid to have me help her use the bathroom. Most of the time the places we go together will have a single person bathroom or a "family" bathroom somewhere, because i can't take her to the men's room, as well as i can't go in the ladies' room with her. There's never been any issue with pooping, each time I've taken her to the bathroom she only had to pee. I noticed though that there were still times when she seemed like she had to go, but didn't say anything, and if i asked her she told me she was fine. The few times that was the case, as soon as I took her back to her house her mother would take her to the bathroom. I guess she was still too shy to let me take her to the bathroom if she needed to poop.
Now that the history is through, here is the main story. This past August, Kelly and I went to Ozzfest. We were both enjoying the show so there was never any notice of any bathroom issues, and even if she had to go she didn't seem uncomfortable because she was having a good time. We left the show a little bit early, and the drive home was about 2 and a half hours. Only about 20 minutes into the ride she was giving off her usual clues of needing to use the bathroom, but she wasn't saying anything so I had a feeling she was needing to poop. She seemed okay for another 40 minutes or so, but we still had an hour and a half to go and she seemed more uncomfortable. I heard her fart rather quietly about 3 times in 10 minutes, but it didn't smell, and I guess she thought I didn't hear it, but I recognized those quick, quiet farts as farts of desperation. I finally couldn't stand her discomfort anymore and asked, "Kelly do you need me to take you to a bathroom?" She looked at me with a look that partially suggested she was relieved to here those words, but partially suggested she was very embarrassed, and to my shock she denied needing to go to the bathroom! Well, I didn't want to insist that she had to go so she would admit it and let me take her or anything, but the poor girl clearly needed to poop very badly. I had an idea. I said to her "Well, I need to take a piss so i'm going stop as soon as I can, so let me know before then so i know whether to have you stay in the car or if i should bring you with me." She just gave me an impatient "uh huh" to acknowledge what i said, and slightly smiled. About 5 minutes later we were passing through a town so i pulled over in a shopping center that had a few restaurants. I said "so do you want to wait in the car?" she said "yes i am fine." I felt annoyed. The girl was farting the entire, i figured maybe she just had bad gas and didn't need to poop afterall, although her usual clues suggested it. I got out and went into a Friendly's and to the men's room. I didn't even really need to piss, that was just my idea to just try and help her out, she looked so uncomfortable and i didn't want her to be nervous about me helping her poop anymore. I tried to piss, but only a little bit. I went back out to the car and she was breathing a little heavy, and her face was slightly red. i got worrie and said "kelly are you all right??" she said "okay, i was lying i REALLY have to go to the bathroom.." While in my head i was thinking "FINALLY", i just sadi to her "okay no worries, there's a handicapped restroom inside." I got back out and quickly got her wheelchair from the back and parked it outside her door, opened up and helped her out of the car and into her chair. I was careful doing that because i didn't want to put any force on her belly or anything and make her mess herself. i started to take her inside and the whole time she kept making sounds with her voice like she was going to start crying, and i told her she would be okay. well, i guess i gave her a little too much we were headed toward the handicapped restroom, she let out a quick sigh and a bit of a moan and said "stop stop stop!" i looked at her and her eyes were very teary, and suddenly she let out a prolonged, low, rumbling fart that made that 'clapping' sort of sound, and it last about 15 seconds. i asked her why she told me to stop and she said very quietly to me "i just crapped my pants..." i didn't want everyone in the restroom to know she had an accident, so i took her into the restroom anyway until she could stop crying. she was very embarrassed and ashamed, but i told her i understood and it was okay. once she was finished crying and she felt a little better, i took her back out to the car. there were plenty of stores around, so i told her it wouldn't be a task to find someplace to buy her a pair of clean underwear and some babywipes so i could clean her up and change her panties, but she seemed reluctant. i mean she waited until it was too late to even feel comfortable enough for me to take her to the toilet when she had to poop, so i doubt she was ready for me to clean her up after she pooped her pants. i told her i didn't want to take her home that way because her mother may have been upset at me for 'making' her poop her pants, as there had been an occassion when we were 15 when she apparently peed her pants in her living room as soon as she got home from my house and her mother thought it was my fault. she felt bad that her mother would've gotten mad at me, so i took her to a Kohls that was nearby Friendly's. When we were in there i bought her a pair of plain white panties and i separtley bought a pack of disinfectant wipes at a different register, because if i bougth the panties and the wipes at the same time the cashier would have known she pooped her pants, and she was embarrassed enough as it was. i took her to the restroom there, the bathrooms there were single so it didn't matter. i had to lay her on some towels on the floor since there was no way i could clean her when she was sitting. the bathroom as pretty clean though so it was okay. i pulled her pants down, and she had light blue panties on. i lifted her legs up and rest her ankles up onto part of her wheelchair. the bulge in her panties was about the size of my fist, and they were stained a rather dark brown. i carefully slid her panties down, as not to get the mess all over her legs in the process. the load in them wasn't very solid, it was pretty mushy, but it wasn't so bad that it wasn't well contained in her panties. i was going to empty them in the toilet and rinse them in the sink and put them in a plastic bag, but she begged me just to throw them away. so i did, after that i cleaned her throroughly with the wipes and put the new panties on her. she seemed very comfortable and relived now, for the first time in hours. i was proud of myself. i put her pants back on and got her back in her wheelchair, and we left. i feel bad for whoever went in there next to find a pair of panties with a heavy load on them sitting in the waste basket. the ride ome was a little quiet, but kelly seemed happier, and toward the end of the ride laughed a little and said "so i trust you're not going to tell people i crapped my pants, right?." I "promised" (heh) but she doesn't need to know about this site!
needless to say she hasn't been shy about asking me to take her to the toilet when she needs to poop eversince.

Here's another story of a person I saw desperate - my good friend, Sammy, who is also a singer. We were doing a show together a while back before I was working full time in opera and had to make my living in other ways - some back up singing for a Broadway artist.
When we got to the rehearsal room before the show, Sammy said "I just drank this tea and realized that it always makes me have to pee. Maybe I should go to the bathroom." One of the guys showed her where it was -it was right off the side of the room where we were. She went and came back and we waited for the director. Just as he walked in, Sammy whispered, "I can't believe that tea. I have to go again." But it was too late.
About 30-45 minutes into the rehearsal, I felt Sammy beside me shifting around in her seat and I knew she was getting uncomfortable. After a while, she whispered to me "When is there a break? I really have to pee." I just shrugged.
A little later, Sammy slid in her seat so that the edge of her butt was just touching the edge of the seat and her legs were stretched out in front of her, and she began jiggling lightly up and down. She sat like that for a while, then she folded her hands in her lap right next to her crotch and I could tell that she wanted to grab it really badly. She whispered to me, "I'm dying." She wriggled even closer to the edge of the chair and crossed her legs tightly and whispered "The floor's gonna be wet if we don't get a break." I whispered "Just go while he works with the men", but she said "I don't think I should." By now, we'd been rehearsing about an hour and a half and Sammy had been wriggling for about an hour.
Then the director wanted us to go upstairs and rehearse on stage. Sammy groaned and I said to her, "Why don't you just ask him if you can go?" but she shook her head. We walked upstairs and with every step, Sammy kind of pulled one leg over to cross the other and push back on her bladder like I do when I'm desperate. I knew she must be in agony - I know how it is when you drink certain teas. We were standing on risers to sing, and Sammy shifted from foot to foot constantly and whispered things to me like "I am so desperate" and "I have never had to pee this bad" and "I wish this was over." I told her to stop talking about it and try to think of other things, but I know how hard that is. At one point, she crossed her legs and kind of bent down and whispered "I almost lost it there." After about half an hour, we went back downstairs. Sammy was doing an out and out pee dance on the stairs, crossing her legs and jumping and then bending down. By now, everyone knew she had to go.
We went into the room and sat back down to practise. Sammy went right back to sitting at the edge of her seat jiggling her legs. After another fifteen minutes, she whispered to me, "Oh, I am going to burst. I am going to wet myself." I said "You should just go, already." I could imagine how full and heavy her bladder must feel. She began to rock in the seat. I don't know if the director finally noticed her urgency, but he said "I think we should take a short break now. Come back in ten minutes."
Sammy was so relieved, she shouted "YESSSSS!!!!" shot up out of her seat and sprinted to the bathroom. I had to go too though not particularly badly, so I headed there at a leisurely pace and when I walked in, I heard an immense, loud hissing and Sammy's equally loud sighs of relief. She must have peed for a couple of minutes, and when she came out of the stall, she couldn't stop talking about how great she felt and how she would never drink that tea again.

Another person I saw desperate was another good friend, Wahidaa. When we were in college we drove cross country to visit another friend. It was the middle of the night and Wahidaa announced that she had to pee. I did too but felt I could hold it for a while. We drove for a while and didn't see any place to stop, just open prairie. Wahidaa said she was starting to get desperate and she was wriggling a lot in her seat. An hour later, we still hadn't stopped and Wahidaa said, "Diva, what am I going to do?" I said "Just pee outside," but there were absolutely no trees for cover, so we kept going. After a while, she looked at me and said "I hope you don't mind" and put her hand between her legs and said "That feels so much better." I told her I didn't mind and offered to drive so she could do whatever she wanted to hold it, although I had just driven a huge long shift. We pulled over and switched seats. Now Wahidaa wasn't driving, she had her hand between her legs and was bent over shifting up and down in the seat. Suddenly, an exit sign appeared but we were in the wrong lane and I couldn't get to it in time and we missed it. Wahidaa said " You just missed the exit!" I said "I know, I'll find a place to turn around," but there wasn't one. Wahidaa started yelling at me, "You stupid b*&%^, I'm going to piss myself because you missed the &^%$# exit!" Finally, there was a place to turn around and we did and went into the town but there was still nowhere to go -everything was closed. I told Wahidaa she would just have to go outside. We pulled up behind a restaurant that was closed and Wahidaa jumped out, still holding herself. I glanced down at the seat and saw a big wet spot the size of a saucer. I looked at Wahidaa's butt and there was one to match. She was standing outside the car but she hadn't moved because she was busy holding herself and pee dancing like crazy . Finally she got her pants down while holding herself. She didn't even try to cover herself, just squatted and peed right there. It was like a hose hitting the sidewalk - a really thick, heavy flow that lasted over a minute and made a massive puddle. When she was done, she looked at me and said "I pissed myself a bit." I told her not to worry about it and she apologized for yelling at me and we went on our way.

A story about me for Louise... how I came to pee in a heating vent. I was in college and we went to Chicago to perform. One night I went out with a few friends. We had some beers and hung out and then walked back to our hotel. It was a fair way and we ended up getting lost and myself and another girl had to pee badly. At first, tipsy as we were, that was part of the fun. We held ourselves and danced around and laughed about how we had to go. But it stopped being funny when we were so desperate we were doubled up barely able to walk. The other girl said to me "Come on, let's go piss in an alley", so we took off and looked for one. We didn't find an alley, but we saw a big old building with heating vents all around. She decided that we should just pee into it as it was more sheltered from prying eyes than the gutter near the street. I had almost started wetting my pants already so I agreed. We took turns to lean against the wall and pee half-standing into the vent while the other tried to block anything from view. We could hear the pee hitting the metal and see it running into the vent, which we found funny. I hope it didn't affect or inconvenience anyone as it was probably a pretty dumb thing to do.

Chick chick!
I have had that happen a few times, and it sucks big time.
I remember one Halloween, I was feeling like I had a knife in my stomach, but I didn't want to go #2 at my girlfriends house.
I waited until I got to mom's later that night. I usually take something from the fridge, but this time, it was different. I RAN to the crapper and let loose. My butt felt like a crack in the Hoover dam. I fired a bunch of 300 degree diarhea, and I farted so loudly. The crapper and the water amplified the noise quite a bit.

I must have wiped 20X, flushed, then wiped another 20X, and flushed. I still had some skids in my undies the next day.

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