I would like to share with you about 2 incidents that I witnessed several years ago.

These were times that I used to frequently drive on the I10 from Houston to San-Antonio.

The first incident was in a rest area. I stopped there to relieve myself. I tried the restrooms and they were all way to disgusting even for taking a leak. So I went to the bushes like everybody does. I went quite deep inside found a tree and started to pee. In front of me there were more bush. Suddenly my eye caught a motion. I found that in front of me there as a group of 5 women that were squatting to pee/poop. I didn't see much of them because they were hiding pretty well and they were all squatting low... Then there was one girl early 30's that she was kind of guarding them. She was quite tall (maybe 5.8), leggy and had ponytail and baseball cap. She was standing in between 2 bushes with her side to me. At first I didn't notice anything special..Then I saw that her butt is bare (she had a perfect one). and she's kind of standing with a slight bend in her knees..(I mean almost standing) I thought myself that she just got up from squatting and getting ready to wipe. I was wrong again...She was pulling her shots and panties with both hands in between her legs...I told myself OK something is going on here but I'm not sure what. I looked for a stream or something and I saw nothing... Then I saw something brown sticking out of her ass..But this thing look to me too big to be a turd..I though that it was a piece of branch or something.It couldn't be that big!..I was wrong..after 5 minutes or so it fell out of her ass on the ground. She stood still looking nervously around then bent her knees again and pushed another piece...This one was moving faster and broke into 2 pieces..She stood up again, then pushed a pencil wide turd.. Shook her butt reached her purse..wiped and went away.. After she left, I went to see the results. Her first turd was 1footer firm and hard like a rock. No wonder it moved out sooo slow...I couldn't believe that this girl was standing there for 5 minutes with a brown tail sticking out of her ass.

The second incident was on the Highway's shoulders.

I was driving and the traffic was quite heavy. Suddenly, about 200 yards in front of me a car pulls out to the shoulder and stops. The rear door opens and a woman gets out of the car.. She left her door open but she didn't stand in between the doors.
She bends over, really bends over I mean in a way that her hair is touching her shoes..At this point I decided to pull out to the shoulder as well, because I thought that she doesn't feel well and about to get sick, so I should help her. (I'm a certified paramedic). Just before I open my car's door this lady hikes her dress up, pulls her panties aside and let go... She was bending in this head down position, legs closed together, hair touching the ground. It didn't look like anything I saw before..It didn't look like a stream, she was spraying and gushing all over the place...It look like you take your garden hose and put your hand over the stream..spraying to all possible directions. She wend like that a minute or so..and I could see her butt hole kind of winks as she strained to push her pee out as fast as possible...Then it turned into dribble.. she was done, released her panties and jumped into the car.. quite an amazing show


Hi guys! It's the first time I've submitted an entry, but I've been a reader of this site for some time. Obviously, I'm not the only one with an interest in going to the john!

To Em dubya: I've trimmed and shaved the hair in my ass crack before, don't do it! It itches and prickles like a bunch of ants dancing around your anus. I know hair makes wiping difficult, but trust me, most people won't know if you're not spotless there. But, everyone will want to know why you keep digging in your ass or why you walk so funny when you're itching like a madman!

To Mike: Best poos - long firm ones with minimal wiping. My favorite. Worst poos - Lots of cramping or really, really messy wipe ups.

To Big M: You're definitely not the only guy I know who takes all their clothes off to dump. I know lots of dudes that do that. Somehow they feel restricted, like they can't relax. I like that they even dump like that in public restrooms.

To Franco: You're a f*cking riot! That story about pumpin air in your ass at your favorite washroom. Trust me, I would have no problem talking to you while I was shitting in the next stall. I think it takes the edge off of it a bit.

That's it for now.


Hey Everyone
I have a great story. Since we find it relaxing, me and Jessica like to sit with our pants off in the beanbag chairs in the living room. So we pulled out he beanbag chairs and took of our pants. I sat there in my turquiose panties and jessica in her white panties. This was so relaxing. Maybe a little to relaxing for jessica. I heard her say uh oh and I looked over to see her completely soaking her panties. When she was done i rushed her upstairs to change. She got to the bathroom and said she had to pee again. She sat down on the toilet and began to pee. As i watched the pee coming from her pussy a realized i had to poop. As jess sat there pooping i felt the tip of the poop coming out. I went and pulled a diaper out from under the cabinent.. I tore off my turquiose panties and slid on the diaper. I realxed and a log started coming out. it just kept coming and filling my diaper. finally i was finished. I looked to se what jessica did and there was a foot long log with some pee in the toilet. I showed her mine and she said wow. it must have been close to two foot long. Post later Hannah

I've noticed a list of levels of needing to pee and here they are;
1) don't have to go at all - don't feel anything in my bladder
2) realize I have to go - maybe on average (varies) 2-3 hours after my last pee, barring excessive liquids, anxiety, menstruation, special circumstances, etc.
I feel a slight twinge in my bladder at this point. I don't need to do anything to hold it and I probably wouldn't go to the bathroom yet unless I know I won't be able to for a while
I would say "I kind of have to pee" or "I think I have to pee, but I can wait"
3) I definitely have to go - about 1 hour after feeling the initial urge. I still don't have to do anything to hold it and I might or might not go to use the bathroom - if there's an opportunity to, I probably will. I try to ignore the urge and still can.
I would say "I have to pee"
4) The urge intensifies maybe 2 hours after it began
My bladder is starting to feel full. I know I can still hold it a while but I am a little uncomfortable and can't hold it just by ignoring it. I need to use slight position shifts that still maintain decorum, like crossing my legs lightly (if sitting) or squeezing them together or bending slightly forward while sitting, standing or walking. Or I shift my weight a little from foot to foot or move positions in my chair pressing down slightly to ease the feeling of my bladder. I probably would go if I could.
I would say "I have to pee pretty bad."
5) The urge goes to the next level perhaps 3 hours from feeling it.
My bladder feels very full. I wouldn't voluntarily hold it this long as I am very uncomfortable now. I am starting to panic and look for a place to go if possible. My need begins to look more obvious as in order to hold it I need to use more extreme position shifts, like crossing my legs tightly so they are wrapped around each other if sitting, making scissors opening and closing my legs (mostly while sitting, but sometimes standing too) shifting my weight more often, light rocking back and forth, moving to the very each of my seat and kind of arching my back to press my bladder into it or slightly straddling my seat.
I sometimes stay at this level for a while if I don't pee.
I would say "I really have to pee" or "I'm starting to get desperate/urgent."
6) The urge is now intense if I still haven't gone, 4-6 hours after feeling it. I wouldn't normally be holding it voluntarily at this point. My bladder feels overly full, my stomach may be starting to hurt, I'm starting to feel that I could wet my pants. This is where I begin using a lot of movement in order to hold it - pacing, a lot of rocking, bouncing up and down, wriggling and squirming, crossing and uncrossing my legs, changing positions a lot, pulling on my clothing to help hold my bladder, dancing and jumping, sliding in my seat, squatting down so my clothing will pull on my bladder. It's probably obvious that I have to go. I sometimes stay here for a while too if I don't pee.
I would say "I'm desperate/urgent/bursting."
7) The next level, 5 - 7 hours after feeling it.
My bladder feels that it wants to empty and that area hurts. In order to hold it, in conjunction with the techniques mentioned above, I have to cross my legs and kind of squiggle down periodically (if standing), sit on my heel Indian-style and rock, straddle something or my seat and rock, walk crossing my legs over each other and bending with every step, press on my stomach, grab something that I can sit on to press into my bladder like a balled-up sweater, stuffed animal, cushion etc.
I would say "I'm really/extremely desperate/urgent/bursting" or "I'm dying to pee."
8) After that comes another level, 51/2 - 71/2 hours after feeling it. By now, my bladder feels like a full cup that one more drop will overflow and it is so heavy it's hard to move or walk or stand upright. I am in tears or close to it. Sometimes I leak a little here. Here is where in order to hold it, in conjunction with the other methods, I no longer care if anyone can see and I start holding my crotch.
I would say "I'm in agony" or "I am absolutely/completely/really, really, really, reallyu desperate/urgent/bursting" or "This is an emergency."
9) The final level, 6-8 hours after feeling it (I have gone much longer- these are averages)
I am probably starting to out and out wet myself or know I am about to - I won't be able to hold it much longer. I am so bloated my clothes don't fit and I'm shaking and don't feel well. If at all possible I would go wherever I need to go - a bottle, outside, whatever, at this point. I am moving constantly. I have to hold myself with two hand and really push, or undo my pants and hold myself right on my skin, or hold myself with an object (sweater or whatever) between my hand and bladder, or someone else is helping to hold me, or I have my legs crossed around my hand to really push. I'm probably bent over and dancing. If I move, I'll pee my pants. After 1/2 an hour or less of this, I'll give up and be wet.
I would say "I'm on the verge of wetting myself/about to have an accident/ ready to burst."

When I was younger, these levels often happened quicker, maybe within 3-5 hours. When I was in elementary school, I had four rules:

1) never, ever ask to leave the room or use a toilet. This applied to school, music and dance lessons, sports, outings with family, church, friends, everything. (The only solitary time I ever did, I was 7 and had to poo so badly in school I had no choice and I am amazed I actually asked.) I was afraid of being denied or humiliated as often happened in our school, and I was also too proud to want other kids to know I couldn't hold it. I think I broke the rule once or twice at 10, 11, 12 with friends and finally when I got to be about 14 or 15 it began to fade. The next time I asked to leave the room in school, I was 16 and also had to poo - after that, I had no problem asking.

2) do anything I want to hold a desperate pee except hold my crotch without shielding myself and no-one would know I had to go. Of course, I am sure I was mistaken and everyone noticed me squirming, dancing and crossing my legs.

3) never pee out of doors even if offered (ie. on a hike or something) because that was only for babies who couldn't hold it till they got back. I broke this rule at the age of 11 finally at camp when I couldn't find the outhouse and started wetting my pants so had to duck behind a bush.

4) never, ever tell or admit to anyone that you have to go, even if they say they have to, even if they ask you if you have to. I remember one school field trip when I was 9 or 10 and had been absolutely bursting for a while and the teacher asked for everyone who had to go to put their hand up and go with a chaperone, and I wouldn't because there were some other people that didn't have to, One parent who I think must have seen me walking around crossing my legs and scrunching down and sitting on my heel on the floor actually suggested I go, but I refused, and half an hour later after sheer agony was able to lag behind the group, duck in a restroom and go on my own
5) when you do go, say you have to wash your hands or get something out of your eye or adjust your clothes or anything rather than pee if you get caught entering or leaving the bathroom - I would actually go in, wash my hands and leave rather than pee in front of certain people

I have so many memories of being in school and because of my pride and shyness, I wouldn't always even go to pee at breaks but believed I should be old enough to hold it all day, only going when I reached level 7, or I wouldn't go if I thought anyone could see, so I'd have to sneak to the girls' room. I lived in a house with 1 bathroom to 10 people, many of whom sat in there reading and taking long poos. There was a policy that if someone desperate banged on the door, you came out as quickly as you could, and we also had a pot in another room that could be used. I would never bang or use the pot, but would wait until they were done.
Surprisingly, I didn't have that many accidents and generally didn't worry about the possibility - maybe 1 every month or 2 - and maybe leaked a little once every week or two. No-one gave any signs of being aware of the accidents I did have, and I did manage to hold it quite well most of the time.

My outstanding memory of elementary school is of being desperate to pee almost every day. I would be sitting at the edge of my seat rocking, or slightly straddling the seat and pressing my bladder in, or hanging off the edge with my legs crossed, watching the clock count the minutes to the next break. If we had carpet time or watched something on TV, I'd sit on my heel and rock. Sometimes if I had to go on the way home I'd sit at the back of the bus and rock and rock in my seat.
I also had many after school lessons when I'd be shifting on the piano bench or doing my own little dance in dance class or whatever.

i know i'm not a regular poster but i was wondering if any girls answer some questions?
i was wondering if any of the girls here have ever had diarrhea from food poiosning or something they ate in general?
that's all i guess. hope someone has some good stories and all. bye for now.

new girl: don't wory. go with it. enjoy observing guys pooping, I myself o do it a lot. No one will suspect even if you are caught. Tell that it was a mistake and believe it yourself.
Have you ever had the weired thought that the toilet is alive suffer and really helpless and tortured by cruel merciless guys who brutally sit on his "mouth". yes , crazy but this gives me the kick

when I was a kid in new york, I used to think that alligators were living in the sewers and that they could come up the drain and get me if they knew that the really big poos were from me. later I figured ou it was an urban legend but it scared the heck out of me back then.

Diva tell us all your stories that you have

I've got some spare time now, so I guess I'll post something. I tried something fun last night. I had to pee and I went to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. As I lifted up the toilet seat cover, I thought about this website and some of the stories. I don't know if anyone has tried this - I'm sure someone has, but here's what I did. Instead of sitting on the toilet to pee, I was in the "mood" to do something better. I took off all my clothes and I stood up facing the toilet. I carefully walked forward, spreading my legs so that the toilet was in between my legs. I guess you had to have been there to get a good picture. Anyway, I slight squatted, but not in a full squat. I started peeing once I got into my position. It was a nice steady pee, lasting not for too long though.

Then, tonight, maybe like 2 hours ago, I got my "payback from my sister" as I mentioned in my old post. We went around in town. We got some fancy coffee drinks at starbucks, and just walked around talked. My sister asked for a little bottle of water along with her hot chocolate, and I soon realized what it was for. I was wearing a jacket that barely went down to my mid-thigh level. Well, my evil little sister poured her water down my right leg, darkening my demin blue pants. Ugh, so many people looked at it as we walked back to my car.....I know they probably thought I had an accident.

Got some major tests tomorrow for school. I live right near the college I go to, it's only about a 35 minute drive away so I live right at home. Wish me luck on studying for them......I'll write here again once I have more free time.

Hey guys.
I just got back from going poo for the thrid time in three days(once each day: rare for me). I posted about my first poo already, so here are yesterday's and today's poo poos.

Yesterday's poo poo was the noisiest. I sat down, and farted 4 times. I started to pee, which lasted maybe 10 seconds. I waited another few seconds, then my butt opened up, and 6 pieces of poo poo plooped into the toilet. There was a good fart in amongst those pices too. I wiped, then flushed.

Today's poo was better. No farts or pee, but the smell and size were better. I was reading stories about poo on here when I had to go sit on the toilet. I pulled down my pants, and sat. Then soon after I heard the crackling of my butt, and some poo came out. 3 pieces. But I wasn't done. I was joyed to hear more crackling, and felt a nice long smooth poo come out. I was then done. I looked and there was 3 good sized pices of poo, and one longer 4-5 inch piece. There was a smell as I mentioned earlier. I wiped, flushed, then left.

Well, that's it for today.

Take care guys.

BUZZY: Thanks for the feedback regarding the syringe-maybe not a good idea.

Of course yesterday I didn't need a syringe i was so full of nasty shit and gas-too much partying Sunday. So I haul myself over to my favorite dumping grounds and take a seat. I start dumping away by myself-unable to hold back any further. I start wiping when I'm done and realize that I am indeed at the end of the 2nd roll of paper. Of course with more to dump I decide to use the opportunity to engage the next person who comes in in conversation. Luck would have it this big construction worker comes in a takes a seat-a true shameless shitter he lets go with a heave and just as he's pushing out some mean farts I knock on the wall and say "Hey bud can you spare some paper over here" so me replies "sure" and starts rolling some off and hands it to me under the stall wall. I start wiping then feeel another wave come on so now I have to ask for more so I say "Sorry to bug you again-I'm gonna need some more-I've got the dump that won't end" he laughs and rolls some paper off then finishes up a nd leaves. Next guy comes in-stocky businessman who is out to enjoy his big dump. After a series of superbowl junk food farts I ask him if he can spare some paper. He ssaid yes and rolled some off, I asked 3 times for more and he just whisteled thru his teeth and said "Thats one hell of a mess you got over there"

I employed this tactic a few more times until this older sounding guy with a thick Eastern European accent said "There are 2 rolls you should have another roll there somewhere" he too was in mid dump, grunting and pushing out farts and logs, while trying to explain to me that there must be extra paper. I assured him that I had none and he ignored me, so I tried to explain my situation-no paper and the end of a messy long dump. He fisnhed up and walked out leaving me high and dry. Of course the next guy who came in wasmore than obliging, understanding my plight and chatting with me about the need for lots of paper after a superbowl dump.

I am fascinated by men's bathroom behaviour. Having grown up in an environment where guys left the door open while they took dumps, or moaned loudly as they did it...I am fascinated to see how mature men behave while in mid-dump- do they talk back if spoken to? So far-yes.

Any thoughts on this?

The experiment continues


I had a accident one time also. I was at my junior high school last year, about july or so, and I was in the main hall ways (outside) where it was pretty hot. As I was walking to the cafeteria, I felt a little pain in my stomach, and it started getting worse. I then felt more ill, and decided to go to a bathroom. I went into a building, and then started walking down the hallway. I was wearing a blue shirt, and a pair of tight, but loose fitting boxers (you wouldn't have known they were boxers) and as I walked more, I suddenly felt a rush of poop wanting to fill my boxers up. I started walking faster, hurrying to get to the bathroom, and as I rounded the corner, it started pouring out. First, chunks plopped into my boxers, and then fell out the sides of my shorts, bouncing all over the hallway, and the poop just kept flowing, running down my leg, and kept filling up my shorts. I was laughed at, and quickly ran to the bathroom, where it finally stopped, and I spent a while cleaning the boxers. It also ran down my legs into my sandals, so that took a while to clean. Luckily, I washed it off in the sink, and it was so hot out, the boxers dried 5 minutes later.

anyone else have any accident stories like this? What about accidents in Baseball Uniforms, Soccer Shorts, or Bike Shorts?

Good morning, all! Who out there has had some experiences with reactions to medicines, especially antibiotics or similar prescriptions? The literature I received on my tablets warned of side effects possibly including nausea and diarrhea. In the past I have had some rough experiences with antibiotics, which can kill all the "good" bacteria in the intestines. On one occasion, years ago, I started the antibiotic treatment, and within hours I had my first loose b.m. From there it got worse, until I was simply squirting liquid at least once an hour, and getting weaker and weaker. I had to go back to the doctor, who immediately prescribed something else; but it took a couple of weeks to feel normal again and have decent bowel movements. A couple of weeks ago I went to my doctor about a problem which he tentatively diagnosed as prostatitis; it was then that he prescribed the tablets. This time I had one loose movement, and thought "Uh oh! Here we go!" However, my b.m.'s returned to fairly normal, and I thought I was home free. Later in the week, though, I began to feel very tired, short of breath, and weak; my appetite decreased, and my "transit time" (time from eating something till it appeared in my poop) increased from one day to two. Sunday, as I was playing the organ for church, my skin suddenly began to itch and become very hot. By the time church was over, my visible skin was red. I went home and found a rash over almost my whole body. It was obviously a reaction to the medicine, which I quit taking immediately. The stuff was still in my system, so symptoms continued. Each day has seen improvement, though, and yesterday I was able to eat normally. Today, for the first time in several days, I had my normal sequence of morning b.m.'s: one before breakfast and another afterwards. The first was extremely urgent. I had gotten up about 5:25 and sat at the computer; felt nothing. By 5:35 I started feeling a fullness in my rectum; I finished what I was writing, and by 5:40 it felt as though my turd was about to leave without permission. I got to the toilet, got my mirror, and watched as my movement exited swiftly and smoothly--disappointingly thin, but quite long, breaking into maybe half a dozen slender lengths. Just the one long impulse; then I wiped, using Noxzema on the last piece of paper to cleanse my anus. After breakfast I was outside scraping ice from my wife's car as I felt the urge again. After she left, I came back inside and once again sat, mirror in hand; again, long, smooth, fairly thin, but again a substantial amount of poop. This time I was able to see a piece of a kidney bean from yesterday's chili supper, so my transit time is back down to a day. Again I wiped, finishing up with the Noxzema; this is use number 482 from the jar I started on last March. Please recount any encounters you may have had from medicines. Also, if you do have diarrhea from them, don't let it go on too long, or it can be very hard to stop and can drain nutrients and strength from your body. Happy pooping!

Today was a very wierd day. Me and my mom both peed and pooped our pants. We very rarly have accidents but this is the first time ever I remember both of us having accidents. To describe my self I am 14 female, white, 5'3", 115 lbs. My mom is 35 female(obviously), 5'1", and Im not sure of her weight but she is not that fat. I was wearing tight dark blue jeans, and a white shirt. My mom was wearing loose (not baggy but not tight like mine) light blue jeans amd flower blouse like shirt on. Anyways we were in a mall, which is farther then the closest one to me so I knew I wouldn't see anyone I knew, in the food court eating a early dinner(before we went shopping). My mom excused herself to the bathroom and i waited for like 10 minutes. I see her comming out not really upset but not in her normal super happy way. I then see the crotch of her jeans, there is a small dark patch about the size of one of those small cds. I figured she had to pee, dribbled a bit but got to the toilet for the rest, then she got close to me. I immediatly smelt her, she shit her panties. We had both finished dinner and I asked if she wanted to go home. "No, we drove all the way here and we haven't done any shopping. As long as you can stand the smell I'll stay." I LOVE shopping so I said I would stay(although she definitly did smell, it wasn't that bad). So we stayed and shopped. About a half hour later she said she had to pee. So I went to walk back to the foodcourt(the only bathroom I know in that mall) when she stops me. "My panties and jeans are already messed up, why walk all the way back to the food court?" And starts walking in the other direction. I follow her and I look down and the dark patch is expanding. I then mention that we should still walk there as I had to go. "If you want you can go in your panties. I can't really punish you since I did the same thing." I thought about it, "Well, I'll pee my self and then hopefully I can wait to poop till we get home" So I spread my legs and pee, a puddle forms at my feet. We walk around for another hour or two and Im now really starting to feel the need to poop. I tell my mom and she says it up to me poop my panties, go to the bathroom(she said they were full and filthy) or try holding it. I felt my sphincter start to open and I let alittle into my panties. I said I would poop my panties but try to keep most of it for the toilet at home. What my mom didn't know at this point was it was gonna be a HUGE load, I was constipated and hadn't gone in 4 days. Well by the time we left I had about 1/2 my normal load in my panties. I finished a "normal" load for me on the ride home. Then we got home, no one else was home. She asked if she could clean up first as we only had one bathroom. I said sure but I still need to poop more. She said either finish in my panties, find something to poop in or poop on one of the hard wood floors. She also said since I let her clean up first she would clean up if I decided one of the two last ones. I agreed and looked for someplace to poop. I decided kitchen floor. I removed my panties and panties and while microwaving a lean pocket(it was like 3 1/2 hours after dinner) I started dropping turds on the floor. Slowly like in my panties but not really holding back. About 15 minutes latter Im finishing up eating the lean pocket, still pooping, when my mom walks in. Surprised to see my half naked(although she was only in a towel) she asked if I was done. I gave a finale push and a small piece came out. I told her yes, she said "Ok, I forgot to pee in the shower and since I have to mop here anyways." A stream comes from the towel "The bathroom is open if you want to go clean up. Go empty your panties and bring the back here. Did you get any on you shirt?" I look and see where the poop made contact. I said yes and she told me to take it off and leave it in the pile. I do as told and take a shower. I just got out and the kitchen is clean. It was kinda fun wetting and messing with mom's permission, not to mention her perticipation. Maybe I'll have to have accidents more often with her :-).


PS. She told me on the car ride home that she didn't really have a "accident", the bathrooms were too dirty to use and it was either pantie or floor and she always liked the feel of messy panties so she did that. That is one of the reasons I am confident I could convince her to allow me more "accidents" :-D

Had a pretty good dump at the gym monday a.m.As soon as i got to the gym,i really had to go pretty badly,so I went down to the stalls and they were pretty busy and you could hear all the guys farting and shitting like crazy and I had to wait for a stall to open up and i run into this guy Joe who i talk to a few times while I'm on the treadmill and this guy can really blab!so he's in front of me on the stall line and blabbing away(he's about 55 or so) and a stall ,opens up and he says"Well let me grab this,i gotta go" and heads into the stall and about 5 secs later another stall opens up and it's right next to the one he's in,so i go in and he's cleaning off the seat getting ready to sit down and he must have recognized my feet and says"Buzzy,is that you?" and I say "Yup' and then he preceeds to continue blabbing to me about how much money he could have won in a super bowl pool and he goes to sit down on the bowl as I'm cleaning off the seat getting ready to sit on the bowl myself and as he is stall talking,i hear him let out a long fart and he starts to grunt out a bunch of soft stuff and he's still blabbing and I hear him grunting out his words to me as he pushes out his morning dump and in the middle of it he says"ohhh yeah,that feels good"as he lets out another fart.Now at this point I really had to unload myself as I sat on the bowl and let out 2 tight farts that were pretty loud and as my anus is doming out,he asks me something about how much money I bet and at this point,I'm pushing out some long turds that come out pretty quickly and plop,plop,plop into the bowl and I respond to him by grunting a "no,I didn't bet at all on the game" and he says"wow,you sound like you really had to go "and laughs a bit.I just say"yeah"Then I looked between my legs and saw 2 long turd wrapped partially around the bowl and the 2nd one was pretty soft at one end.I knew i wasn't done as i sat there with my anus still domed and Joe was stiil sitting on the bowl and I could hear him pissing and toward the end of the peeing ,he let out another wet fart and let out this grunt and a lot of loose stuff came out as he grunted in relief.At this point I felt i could contribute to his dump and let out a fart and pushed out a lot of stuff that got softer and softer and ended up a wet explosion as I could feel splashback on my butt-i hate that! So we were both really doin'some good pooin' and he's still blabbing away stopping once in awhile to grunt out his load.At this point I felt done ,but i still sat there pushing out some squgglies and a few wet farts and then I peed for a bit.he was still sitting in his stall,but at this point he sounded like he was done,but it seemed to me he was sitting there listening to me cause every time i let out some poo,he would stop talking and just listen to me poop-hey,if he was enjoying my dump ,fine.Hey i enjoyed hearing him too.Then I heard him start to wipe and then I started to wipe too and he got back on the blabmobile.Then we both came out of the stalls at the same time and he says"man that felt great huh?"I said"yeah,I had to go pretty bad with all that super bowl food" he said"Yeah me too,I ate like a horse.I thought I'd never stop shitting" we both laughed.he's a nice guy,but a bit quirky and as i'm stepping into the shower,i see him looking at my butt---I don't know what that was about,but still,i enjoyed dumping along with him and we were doing some real pooing and it was fun,but that's as far as that goes!to each his own!It was good to get into the shower cause i had a messy butt as this was a pretty loose load,but it was fun to do a duet with this guy-I really enjoy dumping at the gym cause the last few times have been fun!!
TO QUINTESSENCE-sounded like you had a pretty hard time pooing--more fiber!!Glad you enjoy my stories-thank you! TO CHICK CHICK-Well,for me when I really have to dump bad,it feels so good to finally go and at times it's almost orgasmic!,but yeah when it's diarreah,i pretty much hate it too!
TO MIKE-sounded like you did a pretty good load in the sink,but wasn't it a drag to clean all that stuff up?Great stuff,all BYE

I was pulled over by the police one time and I had to pee so bad that I couldn't hold it. I wet my pants and the officer thought I was drinking. After passing the breathalizer and the sobriety test he felt bad for me and let me go with a warning. Talk about embarrasing

Louise (from France)
I keep on posting shorts anecdotes about peeing in unusual places, hoping someone would appreciate tehm and even post their experiences.

The first reguards peeing in small dirty toilets and men peeing in the sink, it's something I rembered from many years ago:
When I eas much younger I rember that in big party in a small pub-night club there was a long queque for the 2 only unisex toilet available. A good number of boys peed in the row of sinks in the waiting room for the toilet stalls. I enjoyned many glimpses of peeing willys that night, 'cause there was a big mirror above the sink to reflect the peeing men...More than a girl(included me) complained that if it wasn't a unisex bathroom with so many men around they would have used the sink too. It was funny, anyway as girls always went in paird into the toilet cubicile, I'm sure than more than one peed directly on the floor drain while her friend used the toilet. I did it too when I went to pee with a friend, and from teh soaked floor (with some used tisuue on it , too)and the pee smell I'm sure that a good number peed in the floor drain that night..
Did some man here peed ou of the toilet in public bahtrooms(sink,floor, bins, etc,)? Wiaitng for replies, women are welcome too.

the second is a more recent and very funny episode form this summer:
On the way back form the sea house I had a wonderful sight of hubby and brother in love peeing in a carwasher, i tell you how did it happen:
At evening, stucked in the summer traffic we all needed to relieve soon. As we reach the rest area on the local road it was late, after closing time. There were some car parked in the area (probably many of them were looking for a toilet too) but the main building with the bar and toilets was closed and the fuel area worked as selfservice pre -paid only.
Hubby suggested to go and check the toilet on the back of the building. they were closed and many peeople peed in the small corner beside them.
It was lighted and many people around so I told my sister we better found a safer place to go, if we want to relieve ourselves.
In a more empty area of the parking there was the car washing machine, hubby pointed it saying he found our "toilet", than he and my borther-in-law run there. We followed them slower. When Me and sister arrived at the washing tunnel I had a wonderful side view of my sister hubby and my hubby next to him both peeing forcefully against the plastic shield inside the washing tunnel.It was well lighted so I saw their willyes and streams clearly. Sister stood close to me, so I suppose she was watching them too. We stood on the entrance waiting for our turn to pee, pretending ot be just waiting but watching them all the time till they finished and zipped up their "hoses". Than they left free space for us and me and my ssister took turn in peeing discretely into the big floor drain of the washing machine, well sheltered and without leaving any puddle. We wiped and got back to the car, nice episode.

Sooner I'll post some more anecdotes reguarding oen or my faovurite kind of anecdotes: catching and watching men peeing outdoor, or in place where they "are not supposed to"..


Let me know if you appreciate my post, and give me some replies fo rmy survey...

Louise Diva,

Thank you for your reply, some anecdotes are very funny, now I'm gettin gmore and more courious about how and where you peed: in a bucket behind a blanket backstage, into a heating vent in the ground by a store, in a humidifier,-in plush car, plane and movie seats, in the mens' room .
Rember that I'm interested just about real peeing as I don't care about wetting.
Thank to all the people who replyed to my poll...
Please write more and more about the strangest places you peed (on desperation, pourposely)both indoor an doutdoor!!

For the girls and the man who like pee-stories, here's a funny episode happened last year:

We were at good country cheap restauranr for dinner with my sister's family and another couple of friends' families.
Because of the large consumption of wine I had to visit the bathroom at half dinner, my sister came with me 'cause she needed too and hubby followed us saing he had to "change waters" too.
There was only a unisex bathroom with a sink and a small toilet cubicile with separate door. I was the first to have a plain and common pee in the toilet. The cubicile was too small for going in 2 togheter so my sister waited outside. I peed hovering with my bum on teh toilet without seat, no mess at all.
My hubby entered the bathrrom main room when I got out of the cubicile and my sister immediately took her turn to use the toilet.
Hubby was a bit tipsy for teh wine and, while I was washing my hands, he told me he really had to pee that moment and if I minded if he used the sink to do it. I replied him that of course he could go and pee, but it was better if he locked the main door of the bathroom before pulling out is willy. He did it, then unzipped and started peeing in the sink where I left the water running.
I was besides him drying my hands with an awful hand dryer and watching his dick and his clear pale stream of pee (typical of drinking a lot of white wine or beer). In the mainwhile my sister was done and got out of the cubicile, but none of us saw her. At first she didn't guess that hubby was peeing in the sink while I was drying my hands besides him, so she went on the other side of him to wash her hands too. Than she saw wath hubby was doing because she got closer to him, and even because she could see clearly his peeing dick reflected in the mirror. First she said "sorry" because she didn't saw what he was doing. Then she started laughing at hm and said "Oh my god....., my brother-in-law is weein' gin the sink in fornt of me..!!!" and laughed histericaly, i started laughing too. She didn't pretend to turn and NOT watch, instead she said laughing that he really had to go. in fact my hubby kept aiming his stream in the sink for many seconds after my sister got out of the toilet, so he did one of his typical long pee (expecially when he drinks).
When hubby finished and zipped up, sister said that finally she could wash her hands at last. We got hout of thE bathromm all laughing.
Hubby wasn't really embarassed, because we have a good intimacy with my sister, they peed in presence of eachother on different occasions before. Mostly when she came with us (alone or with her hubby or family) on our boat, wher u're obliged to pee from the side in presence of the other people because there's no toilat aboard.
Nothing expecial but a funny episode for me

Please people write more pee anecdotes. amd replies to my survey about peeing where you're not supposed to...

Thanks to all



your post was great! please include the other sightings you have seen in your next post!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

yesterday , while at my unitarian church in woodbury, connecticut I had to pee really bad, and being that I'm fascinated with how a woman pees, i went upstairs to use the unisex restroom, after holding it as long as I possibly could. anyway , I walked in and shut/locked the door and the toilet seat was allready down. this toilet is elongated and one of those newer types of water savers in which the entire toilet bowl is completely filled with water. I unbuckled my belt first, then pulled down first my jeans, then my underwear. then I sat down on the seat, placing my penis straight down simulating a woman's vulva with my legs just slightly apart and began to urinate; making sort of a hissing sound and a moderate " tinkle" as my urine splashed into the toilet's water about 6" behind the front of the seat. I continued to urinate for at least 1 minute and 30 secs, in a moderate splashing stream which varied between coming out faster and slower, and I could see the yellow urine bubble and change the water's color yellow. I then stopped, but soon resumed to urinate in an off and on splashing stream and I could see a few stray drops sort of spray a bit toward the front and make little ripples like raindrops in a puddle would; this continued for about another 30-45 seconds, then stopped. finally,I gave it one last push and sprayed another 20-30 secs of urine both straight down in the middle and just a bit toward the bowl's front, which also splattered all over my crotch and legs a bit, then I finally finished. naturally, I had to wipe good ,much like any woman does and so, I grabbed a huge wad of toilet paper and wiped real well, then I got up. in total I must have peed for like 3 minutes almost and when I looked into the toilet, the water's color had turned from clear to a deep, somewhat darkish yellow and had swirls and streaks of " urine scum" in it, but just one small spot of foam in the middle about 1/2 inch wide. then I flushed and watched as both the toilet paper wad and the yellow, urine filled water got sucked down the drain and the bowl refilled with clean , fresh water. I loved hearing the splashing, splunking, tinkling sound of my urine spraying into the toilet's water, which was just loud enough to be able to hear over the sound of the fan. and I loved seeing those ripples it made as I urinated into the toilet water and tried to imagine how it would feel to be a woman who was urinating from her vulva and changing the color of the fresh,clean and clear toilet's water with her powerful spraying off and on urine stream and " polluting" it with her yellow delight.

Have any of the UK posters seen "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" on ITV during the past week? There have been a couple of occasions when bodily functions have certainly been mentioned. On Sunday night, two of the contestants, Jordan and Kerry had to perform a bushtucker trial, an exercise in which they had to win meals for themselves and others in the camp. What they had to do on this occasion was eat various sorts of insects and worms (I think most of them were perhaps fairly harmless, just unpleasant). In order to get these things down, Jordan and Kerry had to drink a fair amount of water and at one stage Jordan said that she needed a wee although there were no signs to indicate that it was a desperate need. Nothing further was said about it, so imagine Jordan either made it back to the camp toilet okay or got Kerry to stand guard whilst she obtained relief in a clearing on route back. Last night (Tuesday) Jordan was talking about some liposuction she'd had done on her thighs and told everyone about how going to the toilet had been difficult for some time after the operation.

Diva. I think the dribbling to which you refer is quite normal and I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Quintessence. Hi and welcome! I enjoyed your post. However it sounds as though you really had a struggle trying to pass that log and I suspect you were very constipated. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg helps to prevent that.

Best wishes

Hey Everyone
Adrian- Thanks for replying
em dubya- I use diapers because I'm prone to having accidents in public. If I have a good story I'll let you know.
Yesterday i went to see the lord of the rings movie. Since its about three hours long me and Jessica went into the bathroom and Gabi said she'd stay out. I pulled down my skirt and green panties peed for about 30 seconds and was done. I looked over and jessica had her jens and blue thong pulled down. The i heard a massive log hit he water. We both met gabi at the food stand. We bought drinks and popcorn and took our seats. About half way through the movie inoticed gabi was squirming a lot and noticed her medium size cola had been drank. She wouldn't go to the restroom because she thought that would be rude to the people behind us if she stood up. By the end of the movie she was dying. But the bathroomhad a huge line. I asked her if she could wait till we got to my apartment. We all hopped in the old Buick Regal and statred home. We were stuck at a stoplight and Gabi said I won't make it i'm going to wet my pants. Jessica took out some towls folded them for better absorbancy and put them under gabi. She spread her legs and the crotch of her jeans got dark and went down her leg. When we got home I went with gabi to the restroom. She took og her wet panties to exposeher soaked white cotton panties. iran up stairs and got her some old jeans and white panties for home. Post later Love Hannah

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