Hi y'all! My name is Amy and I love to pee and poop! I'm about 5'9, blonde, green eyes, 115 pounds. People tell me I should model, but I don't know. I live in my sorority house and we were all staying up late one night talking, watching tv, etc. One of my sisters (she's actually my big sister) came in really, really drunk and I had to take her to the bathroom so she could throw up. I was holding her hair back and suddenly she asked if I could take off her pants so they wouldn't get messed up. I took them off, and suddenly I saw a stream of pee coming from her pussy. She peed on my feet! She's really cute, though. She's about 5'2, reddish-brown hair, and very busty! She has a really cute butt, too. She apologized over and over again in the morning, but I said it was okay. I didn't tell her, but I really liked it! I hope she gets tipsy again soon!


Silly Girl
One time in my apartment at my mom's I heard a loud fart that came from another apartment I could not stop laughing and my mom told me to settle down and I said "Somebody Farted!!!!" My mom told me she did not want to hear anymore about it. When I was at my dad's I brought up the subject between my dad and my sister. My dad told me that the neighbor might have had problems with his/her stomach on the toilet.
It is kind of hard that I only have one sister also known as my half sister on my dad's side, soon she is going into the air force and my dad would not want to laugh about it like my sister.

hey yall... this is my first time writing, and i would tell you about myself, but i cant because someone will find out who i am, and really..I am embarrassed about this.. but i am 13/f..heres the story:

Last summer i went to the beach with my friend Jordan and we stayed at a hotel with a bunch of hot guys that were around 16 their names were Caleb, Derrick, Justin(8ball)and Seth.. and they thought we were 15, so to look cool we went along with it. On Wednesday morning, Caleb told us to meet them at the pool downstairs and maybe we could all hang out all day. Well ofcourse, Caleb being the oldest, my friend jordan liked him. Personally, i thought he looked like a Baboon, but hey thats just me.. and I liked 8ball. 8ball knew that and he liked me too so me and him snuck upstairs to get something to "eat" alone so we could be byourselves. Well, i really really had to crap and i wasnt going to use his bathroom because there are always possibilities like it couldnt fluch ect. so i just walked 3 more flights up the stairs to my room so i could use the bathroom there and grab some doritos or something to make it look unobvious. Well i had walked up about two or three steps and i was about to bust i had to poop SO bad.. i didnt know what to do i ended up running up all the stairs and luckily.. i made it to the door of our room.. twisting the knob over and over i realized that it was locked and no spare key was outside under the mat or anything since it was a hotel. But i really had to go .. so i went on the stairs(which were enclosed not the open ones) and just crapped there. Well the funny part is.. is when me and 8ball had finished "eating" and me and jordan were ready to go home.. we walked up the same stairs,, finally she said what is that SMELL? it smelled dead by now and i thought i was going to pass out but when we got to the step, Jordan busted out laughing almost rolling in it on the floor. I don tknow why she thinks poop laying on the stairs is funny, but she was just amazed. I finally just told her that one of the dogs owners must have let their dog poop on the stairs so they wouldnt have to go all the way out.. but that was very embarrassing and to this day (a year later) i still have not told her and i dont intend on it!

Robin: I went to a boarding school for five years while I was in highschool and I had trouble pooping there too. There were a few toilet cubicles in the boarding house but I hated using them because they were too close together. I didn't have any trouble doing a pee in them but taking a dump was another matter. I hated going to the toilet when there was someone in the toilet next to me. I remember one night at the boarding house, I needed to take a dump and the toilets I chose to go to were all empty. I went into the toilet right at the end of the row, hoping nobody else would want to use the one next to me. I hadn't been for a dump for two days so I knew it was going to take me a while to push out my poop. It took me a good twenty minutes to push out three very long and thick, rock solid turds. My turds really smelt bad too. I wiped my arse (I think I only needed to wipe once) and went back to my room. About five minutes later, I heard a few other girls going into the same toilets and one of them commented on how bad the smell was. I was so glad that they didn't see me.

chick chick
Did anyone ever notice that when you really have to shit bad....I mean really bad...REALLY REALLY bad....and you hold it...that when you finally do get to sit and take a dump, that it is THE most unsatisfying and liquidy poop of all time? Or is my nasty hole the only one that's like that?

This morning I had a dream where I saw some girl take a dump (I forget what the circumstances were), but anyway, it woke me up with a pretty massive wet dream. Then I had to take a pretty big dump (I had a nasty stomachache right before). What is it about seeing or thinking about poop makes us have to do it?

hey whats up im mike im 5'11 brown hair about 175. Anyway i was bored the other day and i was on the computer and i got the urge to shit really bad. my grandma wasnt home so i decided to try something new. I went into the bathroom and pull py pants to my ankles and put my ass over the sink. I spreak my nice ass and My asshole just started poring out soft poop realy fast just kept going and i kept farting these really wet farts. All the poop was just in one big pile in the sink i then saw that there was enough in there so i sat down on the toilet and poop then rest of it out. I took some toilet paper and grabbed the big handfull out the sink and tossed it in the toilet. It smellt soooo bad.
I wiped my asshole and flushed then took a shower and peed all in the shower.
Another story was from last night at church. We had some panama music club come and i thought that was boring so i went outside at since it was night and wanted to take a shit in the parking lot i went by our car and dropped my pants and a big long fat turd came out and plooped on the ground. I had to push my dick in so i wouldnt pee all over my boxers and pants. I pulled my pants up and went back inside to wipe.

Well thats all i have did so far but tell me what ya think thanks guys

Today I took the wickedest shit of my life. I did not go all weekend and yesterday I was eating all evening at various Super Bowl parties going on on campus. Around 6:15 this morning I felt a dull ache in my lower stomach so I knew I would have to dump before too long. I took a shower and got dressed then headed across campus to the student union building for breakfast with a few of my friends. I had some cereal and coffee and suddenly I felt like I was going to explode. I excused myself and made a run for the bathroom and there was noone in there initially but a friend of mine came in shortly after. I took the far left stall and got naked in there to take this monster dump. I leaned way forward at first but only a few little pebbles came out so I shut my eyes and pushed with all my might and then it came. It came and came and came and it was getting bigger as it moved out of me. I could not even breathe and I felt my face getting red. It was massive. It came out non stop for fifteen or twenty seconds and finally I heaved a sigh of relief as it finally exited my poor exhausted asshole. I moaned at this point and then wiped the sweat off my forehead. It must have been the friggin pizza rolls and mozzerella sticks that caused this log of plenty. My friend was in the bathroom in another stall while I was going and he hollered out, "RELEASE THE CRACKON!" as it was coming out. I could not laugh until later but it was funny. I think that quote was from the movie Clash of the Titans. Well it sure was a Titanic shit. Wow. It did not flush either, I had to break it up with the backside of the plunger that was in the back of that stall. I feel better now.

Dan H
Anthea- i'm not sure, but i think that you can get DNA from stools, I rember one time that somebody took a shit on the floor in the boys bathroom and nobody knew who, and all the kids were wondering why they didn't get some DNA from it. don't know if they knew what they were talking about or if they were just talking though.

Today i was at work, i had eaten lunch...then after lunch i had to go to a class.I got there and i think i was getting a little nervous...and i soon had to poop. At first it felt like a gassy urge, i guess i got a little worried....then i felt it moving down and i had to clench my buttcheeks like i'll be ok....i held it the whole time. Then after the class i went back to my area and came home....i rushed out off there so fast cause i knew i was gonna have to poop soon. So i leave and get behind traffic, but i made it...i just came home and exploded all these farts and chunky stuff out of my ass...i might have to go again..not sorta feels like diahreah might be coming but not sure..well gotta go bye

Survey says ... I dribble in my pants more often than I'd like, maybe twice otr three times a month or so on average. I usually have decently good control but as a singer, I drink a lot of water, and my life is so crazy that sometimes I just don't go to the bathroom when I should. Usually I dribble at the last second before peeing. I can hold it and hold it and then when I finally find a toilet or get home or wherever else I'm going, just as I'm opening the door or even when I'm undressing, my bladder will jump the gun a little and I squirt a bit into my panties. I usually can stop it by crossing my legs and pee dancing or grabbing y crotch. Sometimes I'll squirt a bit out in public or in my car after holding it but get control and continue to hold it for an hour or two more. It isn't visible on the outside of my clothes and as I wear pantiliners almost every day (not the diaper ones, the regular ones for women) they absorb most of it, and I clean myself as soon as I've peed. Sometimes I bring fresh underwear in my purse or bag.

K, I liked your story about the locker room. That reminds me of me when I was a kid, except that I never would have told my uncle I had to go at that age and even if he saw me pee dancing and asked me, I would have denied it. I'm not sure what I would have done - either wet my pants or snuck off and peed outside somewhere or managed to hold it till I got home. I didn't wet my pants that often when I was a kid considering that I never told people I had to go - I guess I was lucky.

I have also had the sensation of being as full as a pitcher that then starts to pour when I pee or wet myself.

The person who asked about how I peed on horseback: believe me, it wasn't planned.
I was 15 and went on a trail ride with my friend Ashley (the one I wrote about last time who had to go really bad at the movies.) By this time, I had somewhat overcome my fear of telling people I had to go. It was an all day ride in a group. After a few hours, I became aware that I had to pee. Because the horse was bouncing, I got very uncomfortable really fast (this happened to me virtually every other time I rode a horse and I had wet my pants twice on horseback previously, once fully, once partially, and been agonizingly desperate another time and barely made it. But this ride was to be much longer than those.)
I decided to concentrate on holding it and not say anything, but the horse kept bouncing and I could feel my bladder straining painfully against the saddle. So I finally turned to Ash and told her I was urgent and asked her would we be stopping anywhere. She said probably not and that everyone either wore diapers or held it or peed their pants. I asked her if she had to go and she said not yet.
So, I kept holding by sheer willpower and muscle strength as we bounced along and after a while, Ashley told me she had to go too. I tried to shift positions and rock a bit in the saddle to relieve the building pressure on my bladder, but it was difficult to manoever. We both kept talking about how urgent we were. Every bounce was torture and I could literally feel the urine waiting to spill. I took one hand off the saddle to hold myself. Finally, a squirt of urine came out and I told Ashley I was desperate and starting to go in my pants. She said she had to go pretty bad too, so we decided to do something about it. We discussed it amongst ourselves and decided that if we stood up in the saddle and undid our pants, we could spray our pee out into the air, but I was nervous that it would end up all over us, or get on the horses and freak them out, or that we would fall. So Ashley said she'd go first. We had by now hung back so we were way behind everyone. Finally, Ashley stood up and undid her jeans and sure enough, the pee began dribbling down her leg as I had feared. She held herself quickly and managed to stop it, but having started to pee, she couldn't hold it much longer, and I had had a second squirt in my pants. So out of desperation, I had a brainwave. We had tupperware containers with trail mix and stuff in our saddlebags. We would pee into those. Ashley went first and was successful. When she was done, she poured it out onto the ground and threw the tupperware into the bushes. I was next. But when I stood up, I accidentally kicked the horse and he started to run just as I started to pee. I tried to slow the horse and keep the tupperware near my crotch and was frantic that the horse would catch up to the rest of the group while I had my pants down. Finally, the horse slowed down and I was still peeing and managed to get the rest into the tupperware, but my hand and arm were soaked and so was the saddle and my pants. Of course, Ashley was laughing hysterically, but I was too relieved to be mad at her.

Louise, the weird places I peed weren't all wetting myself. Short stories for each that could be expanded:
the dumpster - it was empty and I was playing hide and seek when I was 10 or 11. No-one could find me and I was desperate to pee and rocking on my heel so finally I pulled down my pants and squatted right there.

the elevator - I wet myself.

the dolls' bath - I was about 8 and I woke up in the morning extra bursting to pee, but someone was in the bathroom (we only had 1 for about 10 people then) and as I lay in bed holding myself and waiting for them to finish, I fell back asleep. When I woke again, I was still holding myself and literally burning to pee, but once again, someone was in the bathroom and I was too shy to knock. I ran back to my bedroom and sat on the bed to wait. It was of the extreme urgence that I pee right away, but the occupant wasn't leaving. I held myself and rocked on the bed, I sat on my heel, I danced around the room. I even grabbed a big stuffed animal, straddled it and rocked. I was still waiting and I could feel myself just about to wet my pants. I knew I had to do something. Then I had a brainwave. I dragged my dolls' bath out from under the bed and squatted. It was such a long pee that the bath almost overflowed - and this was one of those big baths for those huge baby-size dolls. I was very relieved but angry at myself for not being able to hold it. Later I snuck to the bathroom with the full bath and emptied it in the toilet. That was one of the most desperate morning pees I've ever had.

saucepan on car floor - I was coming from the beach with my boyfriend a few years ago (early 20's) and we got caught in a storm and had to pull over and I was desperate so my boyfriend got the saucepan from the back seat.

I gotta run, more later

em dubya
Hi again all! For those that like pee stories, here's one that just happend.

I'd been looking around online when I felt a growing need to pee. Being that I'd already stripped off my pants and underwear (I'm more comfortable that way) I took the safe cup as last time and let go into it. It felt great! The pee is dark yellow, like some apple juices, and there's a fair amount of it, more than last time.The cup is about 5 cms across and I filled it up about 8 cms. Anyway, I like this peeing in a cup thing. That's all for now!

I have my name anonymous because i dont usually post here.

But anyways if you want to refer to me call me a1.

I was just wondering if anyone here ever once peed in their underwear on purpose.I barely remember someone posting about having to do so because they were locked in their room,too.If that person can tell it again i'd appreciate it. Anyway post about any times you peed in your underwear on purpose.

em dubya
Hi everyone! Nice to see some new people and also some returning friends. I have some time, so here's some feedback on the most recent group of posts.

pee-pee girl:Ya, store bathrooms can b nasty sometimes. good post, please post again soon.

Louise (from France):I've peed in my underwear in a shower, without underwear in a shower (a lot), outside in the snow once or twice, and in the woods a few times. Please post some more.

East Coast Guy:Well, that'll show that guy! Good post, please post again.

Debbie:Gotta watch out for those aftershocks and 2nd waves. good post, please post some more.

shy pooper:I don't think i could poo in front of ppl very easily, either. please post again soon.

Big M:Sounds like a nice releaving poo. Great post, please keep them coming!

K.:I don't like to tell others i have to go, either (especially when i was younger.) good post, please post some more soon.

Ash D:Great post, as usual. It must b nice to have a pee/poo buddy. please post again soon!

JJ:I like ur posts about diff girls' pooing habits and stances. please post more!

CoolClark:Woah! that is a big turd! good post, please post again.

Linda:I don't like going anywhere other than my home toilet either, but I'm better at it than i was. i've never really stalled during a poo and had to keep some in, but that does sound unconfortable. please post again.

Darlene:good advice, don't take others pills. good post, though so at least something good came out of it. please post some more.

Anthea:that's weird, just leave a turd there. sorry u got ur stuff stolen. I dunno if u can get DNA from poop. please post again.

AJ:Good pee holding methods. sprry u r snowed in. please post again.
Upstate Dave:Great post! please post again soon! Sounds like yo got a good view!

Mel D:The feeling of letting out a good pee is great, isn't it? Great post, as usual. Please post again soon!

Mike:Nice long poos do feal good, and I also have been reading posts when i feel and urge to poo. good posts, please post again soon.

Bryian:I like to pee myself every so often, too. good post, please keep them coming.

Nate:good post, bummer ur friend lost it but o well, the relief must have been great. please post again.

Accidental Toursit:Great post, pleae post again soon.

Franco:good poo stories. Great poops like that leave u feleling good, don't they? please post again soon.

Well everyone, these have been some great posts recently. I still would like some diaper or nudist posts. Thanks everyone for posting and i hope to hear from u all again soon!

I'm so glad to find this board, as I have a story to tell, and I'm also wondering if anyone has ever heard of something like this before.

I work in a large automobile dealership as a salesman. We in sales are considered to be white collar, while the mechanics, etc. are blue. We hired a new mechanic last week (we have about 14 all together) named Mike. Anytime I've been in the men's room the same time as Mike, I've noticed that he goes out of his way, even if he's only taking a piss in a urinal, to go up to a metal wall of a stall, lifts and presses his ass against the metal, and lets out a rip snorter of a fart. Afterwards, he always lets out these very satisfied, "Oh, yeahs", or, "Oh, shit-yeah", or, "Ah, sweet f??k", etc. I mentioned this to one of the managers, and he said he's heard Mike do this, and that lots of guys do the same thing -- he actually said "it's kind of 'in' right now". Needless to say, I've never heard of this before.

Yesterday, I was at my desk finishing up the final details of a big sale. I'm behind my metal desk, signing papers, and a wealthy, very nice couple is sitting in front of my desk, also signing documents. Mike comes sauntering from the garage with the keys to the fabulous new Caddy this couple has just purchased, hands the keys to me and says, "Here you go, Tom -- everything's all set." I thanked him, and the wife of the couple said to him, "Wow, did anyone ever tell you you look just like..." And at this point, Mike chimed in with the same name at the same time the lady said it -- "Tom Sellek..." "Yeah, I hear that all the time," he said. With that, he momentarily set his ass on my desk and blew out a huge fart, his legs spread wide open facing me. I was speechless. As he walked off, he said, "There ya go -- and there's no extra charge for that". As he walked off with a smile, the three of us sat with our mouths open, staring at each other! Mike looked back at us with a smile and added, "Close your mouths -- you're gonna spoil me!" Nobody said another word about it. I was stunned and humiliated.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before? Am I nuts, or is this bizarre behavior? Thanks for letting me vent.

I woke up with a really sore back this morning. I either slept the wrong way, or lifted something heavy the wrong way yesterday. Whatever I did, it hurt so much that I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I needed to do a pee, so after I managed to get out of bed (my back hurt so much that it took me half an hour to get out of bed) I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down. Only when I sat down, my back hurt even more and I couldn't even do a pee. I got up and went back to bed again. I rolled around painfully for another half an hour, trying to find a position that didn't hurt my back. Then I got up and went back to the toilet. This time, I did a wee.

Later this morning, I did a really good poo. I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and pushed out a firm turd. There was more poop up there, so I pushed again (my back was really hurting by now and I leaned back against the toilet system) I did a few farts first, then my anus opened and it took about five minutes for the next turd to come out. It hurt a bit but when I wiped, there was hardly any poop on the tp.

Merry Meet, everyone! This will be my first post(hopefully not the last). I have a keen interest in this forum, and enjoy reading it very much. To be honest, I have a growing fascination for pooping. I love to lean back and read a good story of someone slowly pushing out a long, hard poop. It turns me on a great deal. Anyway, the reason I have decided to finally post was because I took advice from some of the posts, and decided to poop on the floor. It was very interesting, and i'd like to share it.
I was sitting at the computer speaking to a friend of mine, when I decided to take a break and go get something to eat. On my way to the kitchen, and after finding a snack I felt a soft gurgle inside my stomach. The urge to poop was not strong, but I could feel the huge head of a thick turd pushing up against the tight ring of my asshole. Standing where I was, I gave a firm push, and it confirmed I was ready to give birth to my huge poop.
I was not wearing any pants, or panties, so when I got to the bathroom I sat down on the toilet. I spread my knees apart, leaned myself forward so I could look at my bare pussy, and immediately gave a long hard push. "Oh god, here you come!" My push was intense, and I could feel the massive poop sliding out very slightly. Only the head was barely poking out of my asshole. I took a deep breath, and pushed one more time, "1 ..2 ..3 ..4 ..5" I counted slowly to myself as a nurse would to a pregnant woman inbetween pushes. Once I reached 10, I stopped pushing, and realized my poop was so huge that it was stuck. I knew it would come with some good strong pushes.
Out of no where, I remembered a couple stories I read where men and women would squat down and poop on the floor, and being I was already turned on at the time I decided it sounded like a good idea. I stood up, squatted down to my haunches infront of the toilet and held onto it, and pushed down with all my might. "Come on ...oh ...oh god! Here it comes!" I could feel it pushing hard against my ring. My pushes were quick and hard, so that my ring could stretch out to it's thickness. Unfortunately, it wouldn't budge. I stook up out of anger, because being as it was my first time pooping on the floor I wanted it to be great and done right. I stood next to the sink, and pushed with all my might as I stood. I could feel it moving down some, and almost right away I knew it was coming. "Oh, yes ...come for me baby, I know you want to come out, i'm going to use all the muscles I have and push you out" I chanted to myself, as I squatted down once more. I closed my eyes, and groaned loudly as I pushed. It started to move, "Oh god! Here it comes! Here it comes!" I screamed into the air, and the huge poop slowly made it's way into the world. The head was coming, about an inch was out. "Oh god, it's so big! Come on girl, push!" It was coming ...I kept pushing, a few more inches came out. "Oh, yes!" I reached my hand to my vagina, and felt as a few dribbles of warm piss fell down to the floor. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to get this monster out, it was sticking out of my ass. I inhaled a deep breath, and pushed down with all my might. I screamed "OHHHHHH GODDDD!" and finally, it fell down to the floor. I was so proud of myself, that after I caught my breath, I stared down at my creation. Pooping on the floor was such a huge thrill, I definitely know i'm going to be doing it often. I hope everyone enjoyed my story, and thank you for giving up your time to read it, it is greatly appreciated! :)

BUZZY -- By the way, you're my favorite author. :)

em dubya
Hi everyone! I have a story to tell that just happend.

I'd been sitting at my comp desk (where I am now) in the nude (as I am now) IMing a friend when i fellt the urge to pee rising. I went upstairs, got a disposable cup, and came back down. I then held the cup in front of my penis and let it go. It felt great to let the pee out. I peed for about 20 sec then went back to typing. I set the cup on my desk since i felt a slight urge to poo, but it wouldn't comeout yet. After about 15 min, my friend had singed off and i was playing a comp game when I finally felt like i could push out some poo. I paused my game, squated doen (since i was still naked) and held to above mentioned cup under my bum. I pushed and 2 small pieces plopped into the cup. It felt good! I think I'll try that again sometime. Well, please keep posting everyone, I'm done for now.

To Wet Briefs

In reply to your survey I mostly wear white underwear - usually boxers but do have some briefs. There are usually skid marks in them and nearly always yellow stains because I enjoy weting my pants. I have had several unexpected farts of the type you describe when you do an unexpected dump as well as a fart. Wearing boxers this is fightening as it does tend to run down your legs if you fail to catch it. Also follow throughs to farts - have had a few of those when you blast your pants with liquid poo. As fot damage to my shirt tail - wll does it matter where the skid marks go really - I usually tuck my shirt in my boxers - my older brother and several of my friends did so it seems quite usual to me! I hve a bit of a fetish about underpants and like to be able to see the outlines through trousers and really do enjoy a bit of elastic showing over the trouser tops!

I have had a few accidental shits but not too many I am glad to say but I have had lots of wet pants usually deliberate - I cannot resist holding on and then letting the squirts out - usually in the office or on the bus heading home. I wear dark trousers so have few roblems with stains showing - just getting up off wet bus seats or the occassional pool of pee under the seat. I wet my pants with my best mate once when we were out and when we got back to his place he did it as well to keep me company. This was once when i did a mess as well and we both went for a shower together after - it was really great - I had never been in a showere like that before and we helpped each other clean down and that was cool. We both got quite excited but we got rid of a load of stress.

On the subject of skid marks - I once caught my sister in the laundry basket snifing my brother and my pants - she was really into it - it was funny to watch her a 17 year old taking deep sniffs ant our stained undies! I noticed that she was prone to marks as well.

That is all for today but will probably post again one day


To pee-pee girl: Liked your story...did any one see you?
To East Coast Guy: Loved your story about your g/f pooping in the boot
To Debbie: Enjoyed your story
To shy pooper: Liked your story
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To K: Loved your stories...especialy the one about soccer..and thats cool about holding your pee all day
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The other night on the learning channel there was this show on and it was about Truth or Myth. This guy was at a pool party in the summer time and he kept drinking and eventully he had to relive him self(pee) and he gets up from his chair and went in to the house to find the bathroom, he found it but it was a long line(single bathroom). so he goes back to the back master bathroom and a girl was waiting, he couldn't hold much longer, then he ran outside and was gonna pee in a bush or tree but some boy was there and he couldn't pee there..then he got the idea to jump in the pool(it was crowded) and he peed there and hes like no one will hes in the pool and started peeing and every one started looking at him and he looks down and the water had turned red from him peeing in the was a myth that theres pool chemicals to dected pee..oh btw i thought he was gonna pee him he gets out of the pool and left the party..did any one see this? it was cool and now cause of this i'd be afraid to pee in a pool even though its a would be embarssing.

I believe, for some reason, I am cursed to run into men with shit problems. If I was gay, I'd probably find it exciting (not that ONLY gay men enjoy shit, I'm just sayin'), but being that I'm not, I've decided it's a curse.
With that said, allow me to relate another story.
I was in the Army Reserve for 6 years. The Army alone can surprisingly expose you to more experiences with human bowl movements that you ever thought you wanted to see. Robin, you'd never make it. The "latrines", as we call the bathrooms, have about 6 toilets, with no front doors, just 3' walls on either side. So everyone in there knows yer takin' a shit, can watch you take a shit, and can hear you taking a shit 24/7. Eventually you get over it and taking a shit with yer battle buddy at yer side and then later having lunch with the guy becomes no big deal. Shitting is a fact of life.
Anyway, one night when I was in Boot Camp back in '94, it was about 2am, everyone was asleep in their bunks, except me, cause I woke up an' had to piss. Well, I walked to the latrine and head to the urinals, whip it out and let loose, but as I'm shakin' off, I head a groan. I turned around to see this one guy from another platoon on his knees in front of one of the toilets, lookin' pale as hell. He was obviously sick, and as if to prove the point, he puked as I flushed the urinal. Now, had this been a civillian situation in some public bathroom, I would have left the guy to his own devices, but in the Army, they try to make it a point to take care of yer fellow soldier, so I reluctantly headed towards him and asked him if he was okay, which he obviously wasn't. He just shook his head, and I was about to ask him if he wanted me to go get the Drill Sergeant on duty that night, when he puked again, and at the same time, this sound comes out of his ass like "Bllaaaaaapt", and I saw this brown stain suddenly appear and spread out on the bottom of his grey shorts (grey shorts and T-shirts were the standard sleepwear back then). Then two trails of real nasty, lumpy lookin' liquid dribble down the inside of his legs. The dude simultaneously puked and shit his pants at the same time. Man, it was so sick I nearly threw up myself. Without asking any further questions, I left and went to get the Drill Sergeant. When the two of us went back, we found the kid laying on the floor, out cold in his own crap. The Drill Sergeant made me go wake up the kid's battle buddy (battle buddies are basically another person that you're assigned to, and the two of you have to go everywhere together and keep an eye on eachother during training), and the Drill S. called an ambulence, cause I guess the kid was dehydrated really bad. I went back to bed, though didn't get much sleep, and the kid was back in training by the afternoon the next day, but the Drill Sergeants always made him drink extra water from there on out. He never spoke to me again, course he was probably embaressed as hell, so I can't blame him.
So, that's another story. I have another revolving around Boot Camp, but it only involves more puking, no shit, so if anyone wants ta hear it, lemme know, I know this site is dedicated to shit only, heheh.

Some responses-TO MIKE-As far as the least favorite dumps are definetly the real loose,watery ones where you feel like you're peeing out your butt.Very messy-yucccch!.There's nothing like a good long turd coming out your butt!!
TO FRANCO-Cool story,but I think it would be a bit dangerous to force air into your butt,don't you think?seriously,you could do some damage if you're not careful,but I had to laugh at your story! I myself like to go into public bathrooms when I have to dump a good one and go with the other guys-this place you go sounds like a great place to hear and see other guys poop-always enjoy your stories-Be careful with that syringe!
I beginning to feel the fullness of my morning dump coming on and with all I ate yesterday while watching the super bowl(great game too and my team won!)with some of my friends that I'm sure it's going to be a sizable poop.I'm going to head over to the gym and dump my load there with all the other guys who probably ate a bunch while watching the game.Should be fun!If it's anything to talk about ,i'll tell you guys soon-well I better be heading out as I can feel things starting to fill up!! BYE

camp counselor
Nate - I enjoyed that story. Several years ago I had a similar experience on a bus. I live in the sticks, a half hour bus ride to anywhere. Their was a boy that i often sat with on the way home that gets on at a different school. He had already been on the bus about 15 minutes when I got on, and announced he had to pee. I did to, and just laughed and said me to. He was probably 7 or 8 at the time, and I was 11 or 12. He said he had to go worse. About 10 minutes into the ride, I realized he really did. All of his muscles were clenched, trying to hold on. It is a terribly bumpy ride, and even though i didn't have to go to badly, i was having a hard time holding it, I felt bad for him. He was sweating, and swinging his legs back and forth. We started telling stories about other times we were desperate to pee. He is wicked skinny, and he pulled his shirt up and you could see a little round spot where his full bladeer was. It was still a good 15 minutes until where we got off. There were a couple of older kids who liked to pick on the younger kids who had to pee (it happened fairly often) and they started making hissing sounds and shaking a bottle of water. Then they would reach over and try to tickle him. I could tell he was completely desperate, but he didn't want to grab himself. I knew from personal experience that the older bullies would make youre life a complete hell if you grabbed yourself. I always wished that someday, they would have the misfortune of having to pee on the bus. So anyway, DJ (the younger boy) was doing a sitting pee dance, and was half doubled over. He looked absolutely hilarious, although i felt bad for him, and knew the pain he was experiencing ao i didn't laugh. Between the older boy's making the water noises and talking to DJ about having to pee, I was becoming increasingly aware of my own need, although it was not nearly as bad as DJ. The older boys got off, so now it was pretty much just us in that part of the bus, and he was on the window seat. I told him it was ok if he needed to hold himself. He was trying everything else he knew to hold on. It was only about 5 minutes til we would get off. And he was literally writhing in pain. He was bent over, and told me he just new he would bust when he stood up. He said he just wanted to get off the bus without peeing. It was well known that if you had an accident on the bus, the driver would tell the principal, who would tell the school nurse. Who would then tell your parents and give you a lecture about the health issues of peeing, and going whenever you felt a need. When we got near our stop, he shifted around and half stood up to put his backpack on. The look on his face showed shear pain and panic. I wanted to cry for him, I couldn't even imagine what he was feeling anymore. Being 11, I asked him which side his wiener was on. He said the left. I told him to put his left hand in his pocket and just squeeze while we got off the bus. Seems how it was the sticks, he could go when we got off. He did what I said, and we got off the bus. As the bus pulled away, he said he had let a little out. He said if he let go pee was going to go everywhere. He was dancing and doubled over. My own need was getting urgent now, and i situated myself so i could squeeze my wiener with my thigh. He couldn't get his zipper undone with one hand, so I told him to stand still and stand straight and I would help him. I got his zipper udnone, and he yanked his wiener out real fast. And started peeing immediately. He was crying now cuz it hurt so bad. He peed for 98 seconds. (I timed it) I peed with him for what I thought was long time, but not nearly as long as him. I have 4 younger brothers, 16 younger male cousins, and as a camp counselor, i have yet to see even the most desperate 9 year olds pee for that long. Ever since then, he always always pees before we get on a bus. We worked together for a week at camp last year, and we took a field trip. It was only a 10 mintue bus ride and the whole trip was only a couple hours. But he made us wait on both ends of the trip so he could pee before getting on the bus.

hey guys, I've tried posting here a couple of times before, but I guess they never made it. well first off, I've been a lurker here quite awhile, I am 17 years old and I enjoy a lot of the stories here. I have a story of my own that happened a couple of weeks ago to me that I would like to share. Ok, I was at my house by myself when I suddenly got this sudden urge to poop, I knew it was going to be a large movement seeing as how I had not gone in several days. It was then that I had an idea to try something that I have never done, but read about on here before many times. I decided I was going to poop in my underwear. First, though I went and peed in the bathroom since I didn't want to get pee all over the floor. After I finished peeing I wrent and found an old pair of underwear that was one size to small but I knew it would do for the job. So I put those on and stripped off everything else, I then went and crouched over the bathroom floor and got ready for what I felt coming down. I waited until the urge felt its strongest and then I pushed it out, now something I forgot to say earlier is that having 12" poop can be very regular for me daily, and this is after not going for 3 days so one can imagine how much I had. The first push I was barely able to get any poop out and already I felt it stretching the underwear, that is when the real urge came and I just pushed it all out at once. It was kinda like soft-serve ice cream and it had completely filled the back of my underwear and up my crack. I stood up to see how it felt when I suddenly let some more out, I could not believe how much I had, and I turned to look at my back in a mirror and there was this huge brown stain on my underwear. The poop was very warm and although I felt weird about doing this I liked a whole lot and wish I oculd do it more often, I kept on my underwear for about 20 more minutes randomly releasing more poop every few min and at the end of this time my undies were bulging. Then I went into the shower and took them off and flushed them in the toilet and cleaned my self off which took a little while. And I have to say that although that was such an unusual experience I enjoyed it very much, sorry to be so long, I will post later on other stories until then , keep up the stories

First to Wet Briefs - some answers to your survey

I mostly now wear boxer briefs with lycra in the legs to give a snug fit and I like white though I do have a few in navy blue. On the few occasions when I have shit in my pants I favour tight pants as security!

I do leave skid marks and piss stains and mostly change my pants twice a week unless they are too bad to be seen in at football practice or the gym.

I have only rarely messed in my pants on purpose though I have often wet myself through the day - often doing squirts as the day goes by - just keeping my briefs moist! My shirt catches skid marks now and again but I do not as a matter of course tuck it into my pants.

Most of my accidents have been true accidents and take the form of wet farts and unexpected farts that deposit wet lumps in varying quantitities messily in my pants. I did it one day in a car park on the way home from school in uniform still - when I was helping mum unload a trolley of shopping into the car. I squatted to move something to make space for a bag, let out a violent fart and felt shit just spread accross the back of my briefs. Mum laughed and said she bet it came as a shock and then I had to grab myself to stop pissing. Mum made a joke of it and she always didd when I had dirty underpants.

Another time I was desperate to piss and I got to the toilet in school and began to piss like a river and as I pissed so I filled my underpants with a huge load of poo. I tried to see if I could clean up but it was quite sticky and made such a mess that I had to go home. This has happened several times - in a way I think its funny when it happens - being quite unable to do annything about it and the poo just filling up your pants.

I went on purpose once when I was out with two friends who had both been in their pants on a couple of occasions - i did need to go but could have got home - but mum and dad were out so I knew I would not be discovered - we were walking home together in summer - just in jeans and casual shirts - I had been holding myself and farting for some time and i got to the point of touching cotton and so I let go the piss and it gushed down my legs - spread over the front of my jeans and ran into my trainers - then i held my bum and filled my pants - they both laughed and we talked about our accidents for an hour or so before I got home and changed.

I HAVE A QUESTION NOW - how many posters have seen other people have what seem like genuine accidents.

When I was at college I was waiting for a friend of mine and was standing near some closed public toilets. A man pulled up - early 20's smart like a rep - he leapt out of his car and ran to the toilet - he was already holding himself at the front. He pushed the door which was locked shut and he said ' oh no I don't believe it', and then I saw the stain spreading over the front of his trousers down inside both legs and he stood helpless - hand ovver crutch until he moved his hands to the back of his trousers and started to pull at his underpants - after a while he slightly bent his legs and shook himself - I reckon he was helping the poo fall into his crutch and then hhe noticed me and gave me a ssickly smile and walkedd careffully back to his car where he sat vvery gently and spent some while sorting himself out!

A similar experience only this time a girl. I wwas parked up waiting for a friend when this group of schoolkids - 15 - 16 year olds came by and then stopped outside a house and began talking together. One girl was sstanding slightly apart and very near my open window. She farted and put her hand on her skirt. She farted several times and was quite unaware of me sat in the car. Then I saw the start of a bulge - her skirt was no more than a pelmet - and it stayed like that ffor a while until she farted again and thiis time it all slid in and the bulge was vary large and her skirt could not hide it - I imagine her panties were quite tight and try as she could she could not make the bulge go away so she waved goodbye to her friends and walked quickly away.

I hhave seen a few other accidents but this will do for now


Monday, February 02, 2004

pee-pee girl
hey guys the other day i was shopping at k-mart and i had to pee so i went into the bathrooms and i didnt want to go in the toliet cuz the toliet was really nasty and dirty so i pulled down my pants and peed in the trash can that was in the stall after i peed i relized that i needed to take a shit too so i pushed a big fat log that was dark felt so good.
Mel and Ash- i love your posts keep them coming.

Louise (from France)
Fluidity, thanks ofr your support...write some anecdotes if u have..
Diva, Thank for you reply, you really peed in many places...I hope you are talking about peeing (removing your under before going) and not wetting yourself, because I never did it and I don't like wetting..
I'm very courious about your pee in those places:
-in a dumpster , in an elevator, in a dolls' bath, in a saucepan on the floor of a car, in a bucket behind a blanket backstage, into a heating vent in the ground by a store, in a humidifier,
-in plush car, plane and movie seats, in the mens' room .
Please would you describe short stories about how, when, where did u pee at least in some of these palces, pleas tell me just about real peeing as I don't care about wetting!

-Adrian, There is one more argument to justify my friend's pee in the staircase (I wolud do the same in that situation), not only she was bursting, but in such a large Blockbuster shop they don't have a toilet for customers and the clerk didn't let her use the employers' bathroom.

Thanks to all.

Please write pee stories and tell me all the strange place where u pee (male and females), short anecdotes are welcome!


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