Hey Everyone!

Had a fun outdoor/buddy pee and poop today!

My cousin Jess and I went for a walk in the local flora and fauna park. We always enjoy pooping together, but neither of us planned to pee or poop on the walk.

We went in the morning, at about 9am. The paek is only about a 5 minute walk from my place. We just stuffed around there, followed some tracks until we got lost. We just wandered around looking at animals and stuff.It was about 10am. We spotted this little rabbit, we watched it bounce across the track, it stopped in the middle, poked its but in the air and started pooping out these little pebbles. For some reason this made me want to poop and obviously did the same to Jess. We looked at each other and said at the same time "I gotta poop!" The bush we were hiding behind to watch the rabbit seemed like a good place to go. We both stood up, pulled our pants and thongs right off and put them to the side. We squatted back down. Jess started peeing first it was a slow stream and only lasted 10 seconds, i started peeing as soon as she stopped. My steam was much stronger, it sprayed all over the ground, splashing my feet and Jess' she saud "Hey, you're spraying me with that!" we both laughed and my stream ended soon after. Jess farted loudly, which excited me. I tried to fart, but my poop started coming out. It was quite smooth and not too thick. I pushed it out quite easily, it hit the ground and Jess looked over and said "Oooh, thats a nice shiny one." she laughed, but then suddenly stopped and stared straight forward and groaned. I watched her ass from side on and saw a thick turd hanging out, it came out further and further, jess continued groaning, the turd kept coming out until it touched the ground and broke off and flopped on to the ground. She groaned again and a small piece landed on top of the first turd that was about 10" long. I felt some more movement in my ass and concentrated on pushing it out. It was like the first one, nice and smooth, it slipped out of my asshole easily and landed on the first one. I was done, i stood up without wiping, even though i knew my ass was dirty. I put my pants back on and looked down at Jess she strained hard and only managed to do two big farts. She stood up, looked at me and said "Tell me if my butt is dirty." She bent over spread her cheeks and her butt wasn't dirty. She put her pants back on and we continued our walk. We eventually found our way home.

The End

Love Ash.D

East Coast Guy
Hey I have been readin the site for some time now and I finally have a story to tell you. well I shouldnt say I since its actually my girlfriend who did the poo. We were at a campsite and stayed in a log cabin. There was this guy named mike that keep doing everything he could to bother my girlfriend so one night she woke me up and told me to get out of my one person bed and to join her behind her bed. I didnt think much about the whole thing so i joined her. she then told me that she was going to pay mike back for getting on her last nerve. my girlfriend name is Renee by the way. she told me to grab one of mike cowboy boots so i did. then Renee squated over it and peed all over the floor. I thought she was done and knew that she hadnt done anything to the boot so I asked her why she wanted the boot and just then i saw her butt hole open wider and wider. I then saw a light brown poo sticking its head out from her white butt. the poo slowly inched out going into the boot. The poo was still comming out though it continued until it was about 6inches long or longer she was making loud farting nosies I couldnt believie mike was still fast asleep but he was. Renee finshed her poo it was very smell and smelt worse then anything I had ever smeeled before it smelt worse then the skunks my friend bob used to catch in his rabbitt traps. anyways Renee was finshed with her poo so I went and put the boot back next to his bed while Renee went to the bathroom and cleaned up. We left before Mike woke up that morning so we dont know if he put his boot on with the poo still in his boot or not but I think that he probabblly did since he never once looked at his boots when he was putting them on before. mike probabblly got a nice surprised thanks to Renee and it will be awhile before he decides to overly bug someone again.

I used to not like to shit at school or in a public place and I would try to wait until I got home. One time I was taking laxatives to help me loose weight and to better time my poops but that caused me once to almost shit myself badly. I was riding the bus home and I had bad cramps that felt like gas. I thought I could just lift my butt and fart but when I did some diarhea came out. I was afraid when I got up I there would be a stain through my skirt or it would run down my leg. So I discretly moved my right hand up my short skirt and under my butt to and luckly my panties and hose were dry thanks to the fact that I was on my period and wearing a sanitary pad. As the ride progressed I had a greater and greater urge to poop. Finally I was clinching my butt together with all my might trying not to show it on my face. Finally my stop came and as I was leaving the bus I was sure people could tell my butt was tightened and I tryed to relax a little. As I walked away I got such a sudden spasm that I had cross my legs and bend over to regain control. Then I realized that my short skirt was probably riding up in the back so I straightened up and kept walking. After about 100 feet I got another spasm and pain in my abdomin so much that splinter opened up uncontrolably and this semiliquid shit came out into my panties, and into my pantyhose between my legs. No one was around except for cars so I don't think anyone knew. I stepped into the woods and as I was so stunned I just stood there. There was nothing I could do but walk home like that and take a shower. Luckily, my skirt was intact and I encountered no one. It is hard to walk normaly in such a state. So I learned my lesson about laxitives and stopped taking them. But my system was so used to them and I from holding myself rather than using the tiolet at school, I became constipated. I was afraid to tell my parents because I was afraid I would have to own up to using the laxitives and holding at school. Also they had a humilating prodedure for constipation they called an enema in which you had to lower your panties, lift your skirt and get a tube shoved up your butt and a bagful of warm water injected in you. It was kind of like being raped. I tryed to shit but I couldn't and my abdomin felt bigger and I was feeling more uncomfortable. Finally I decided to give myself an emema. I waited until my parents left for work to do the deed. At first I felt like I couldn't hold it but then I was OK and I waited for about 10 minutes for it to soften my poop and I gave myself sweet relief as it all came out like a rocket. I wiped my ass feeling my better and hurried off to the bus. There was only one hitch. I forgot about "second wave" which of course came while I was on the bus. (to be continued)

shy pooper
TO ROBERT: I am also real shy about takin a crap with anyone around. One time I was fishing with two friends and one was a girl. i needed to poop but didnt want to say anything, so i held it. Well after about an hour I started lettin those dry, airy, pre poop farts and was getting desperate. I was afraid of them knowing I had to poop, so i would walk away when I had to fart. Every 15 minutes I could feel it trying to come out, and I would hold it. Aftewr so long I could feel it was a really solid turd, but I realy needed to go. So I started to wonder off like I was looking for a fishing spot. But I took a really big crap in the woods. Wow, did it feel good, and I really had to go bad.

Big M
hey all
first off, need to tell y'all that i usually have really small messy poos. anyway i suddenly felt the urge to go. so i sat on the john and it just flowed out, it wasnt gassy or dieareahish...but it was really soft. after a few seconds i felt a harder one coming out, i pushed a little and it plopped out. then a couple pebbled sized poos fell out. i was finished so as usual i got up to take a look. there was just a soft pile of poo with one 6 in long turd lying on top. it was about 2 ins around. for me, thats pretty big, its the biggest one ive done in a long while...pretty sad i know. hope to post again soon cya!

Diva, your story reminded me of a time that I was pretty desperate (the whole thing about the layout of the bathrooms). I had gone to my cousin's soccer game with my (8 or 9 year old) cousin and my uncle. It was an indoor game (it was cold and rainy that day, so that may be why), played inside a huge gym with goals set up at either end. When we first entered the gym, I noticed two doors, one with the 'woman' sign on it and the other with the 'man' sign. Logically, I figured that they were the bathrooms. I kind of had to pee, but my uncle kept walking and we entered the court of the gym. My cousin warmed up with his teammates and they started the game. It wasn't a very serious game, and only a few people were in the bleachers, most people (including me and my uncle) were watching the game from the sidelines. I think they had those plastic mesh fences up around the "field", but I can't really remember. Anyway, I got really bored, because I'm not much of a sports kind of person, and I really just stood there, staring off into space. After a while, I realized that I really needed a bathroom, but I didn't say anything, because I was too shy to ask my uncle if I could go to the bathroom. I stayed there for who knows how long, trying to keep it all in. Keep in mind that I was pretty young at this time. Probably only about 9 or younger. I got really panicked because I was about to wet myself, but I just couldn't bring myself to ask my uncle about the bathrooms. I started doing a pee-pee dance right there on the gym floor in front of everyone, and finally decided to tap my uncle on the arm. He had been absorbed in the stupid game up until then, but he looked down at me. I asked him if I could go and use the restroom, and he said "Of course.. Do you need me to take you?" Since I had seen those doors on our way to the court, I thought I knew where they were, and so to avoid further embarrassment by being escorted to the loo by my uncle, I told him that I knew where they were and set off into the main hallway. I found my way back to what I had thought were the bathrooms, I found the women's and pushed the door open. When I stepped inside, all I saw was a long bench and a wall of lockers. I had stumbled into the locker room, but I had no idea what it was, so I turned around and staggered back into the court. I rejoined my uncle and he didn't even notice that I was back. I didn't want to attract his attention, because I knew that I would die of embarrassment if he found out that I hadn't found the bathrooms.. or worse, if I wet myself. I went back to doing my pee-pee dance, and my antics caught his attention. He looked down and said something about he hadn't even noticed that I was back. Then he asked if I had found the bathrooms, I was going to lie and tell him that I had found them, but "my tee-tee was already coming out" so I admitted that I hadn't been able to find them and he exclaimed that I should have told him sooner. He took me by the hand and led me back into the main hallway and back to the very same door that I had opened before. He asked if I needed him to wait, I said no, and he turned around and walked back into the gym court. I went back inside the locker room, feeling very confused (this is the part that Diva reminded me of), and noticed that there were two girls sitting on the bench (it had been empty before), putting on their shoes and getting ready for athletics of some sort. They gave me strange looks when I walked through and I thought that it was because I wasn't supposed to be in that room. In reality, they probably eye-balled me because I was holding onto my crotch for dear life and pee-pee dancing on every step. I finally noticed another door on the far side of the room. I walked over to it, managed to push it open and was rewarded with the sight of toilet stalls and sinks. The most beautiful sight. I rushed into a stall, got my pants and undies down, and after depositing quite a bit of "tee-tee" on the floor, I managed to climb onto the toilet. I had starting crying, so I blew my nose, finished my business, and used toilet paper to blot at the damp patch in my panties. It didn't really go through, but I tied my jacket around my waist just in case. I washed my hands and walked back into the locker room. The two girls were still in there and they gave me another long, hard look, then I left and rejoined my uncle once more. The day improved after that, and my cousin's team let me share some of their Gatorade and candy bars.

Another story that involves my cousins, uncle, and my aunt this time:
A couple of years ago, they had picked me up to spend the night at their house, and I had to pee before we left, but it's only about 45 minutes to their house, I knew that I could wait that long. Well, we were singing along to silly songs, and they decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights, so we wound up driving for almost 2 hours. During which, I was fighting back both tears and large amounts of pee. I was foolish in not going before we left, but I had thought that I could make it. By the time that we got to their neighborhood, I was barely holding it in. I would consider letting out just a little bit, but I was afraid that I would completely lose control if I did. Again, I was too shy to ask them to stop somewhere, especially since by that time, we were less than 10 minutes from their house. I finally decided that I probably wasn't going to make it, so I spread my coat over my legs so they wouldn't see me wet myself. Since I was staying the night, I had more clothes with me. I planned to rush into the house before they saw me and change into my pajamas before they noticed my wet clothes. Luckily, it never came down to that. I did make it to their house, although in my opinion, my uncle should have driven faster and he shouldn't have taken so long pulling down the driveway. As soon as they had the door unlocked, I bolted inside and rushed down the hallway to the upstairs bathroom, with minimally wet pants. That was quite possibly my closest call.

Okay, I'd say that's enough for now...

Hi PV:

You missed the paper...hahaha...LOL I would love to watch that. As well as shooting turds from a bend over standing position like my GF does. Did everything find itself into the bowl..? Speaking about getting empty, I noticed that my GF has some problem in that. After she's done, she always come for a second round and shoots some more nuggets..

As for the one that squats and leaves one food on the ground...she told that she has more balance then if she completely squats and puts her both feet on the seat. She told me that once she fell of the seat when she used to completely squat. It was a lose bold or something. Luckily she wasn't in the middle of the action, so there was no mess. Since then she adopted the semi-squat stance, one foot on the seat, one on the ground, she says that it feels more safe. It also opens her ass wider when she's pushing out her monsters...

I travel quite a lot for my work, and I've been everywhere including beautiful OZland..(Great place, great people...) I spent much time in the far east and japan. Had no problem to use any kind of toilet...

My GF control is something outstanding...I never saw such a thing in my life. She can have it hanging there, push it out, pull it in..Her BM are never too thick but they can be long. The problem is that she's breaking them to pieces..

As for lack of inhibition.. Most women are uninhibited and wild than we even imagin. They just don't do these things because they afraid to lose face. In my case, I always make the girl feel *very* comofortable, and don't do a big deal of anything. Then things just happen. It is not that i have a special fetish for it..Sometimes she comes while I'm taking shower, and sometimes i come to wash my hands while she's in the middle of action..and this is the only way she's doing be it. Not a big deal.

TO Dan:
As for the office girl that poops in her hand. I never saw her having a diherria..But I guess that if she does, she probably pads the toilet with layers and layers of TP, and reluctenly have to sit on it like all normal human beings...To her luck, all of her BM is very firm, i think also because she doesn't drink alot. She's a recepionist, and can't take pee breaks whenever she likes.

Sorry, in my story-telling frenzy, I forgot all about why I logged on in the first place! I've been working at being able to hold my urine all day at school and today I finally did it! Earlier this school year, I could manage to hold it all day almost comfortably, but then I got into the habit of regular schedule bathroom breaks, and it got harder and harder for me to hold. But today, I finally managed to make it an entire school day without once needing the restroom. I'm going to try to do it again tomorrow...

Keep you updated...

I would just like to say first that I am 17, 5'10 tall, and also very sweet guy. Anyway, a couple of days ago I was at school when I had to take a shit like no other. When i got to the bathroom I went into the stall in the mens restroom and shut the door, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled my jeans along with my boxers down past my knees. I sat on the toilet and within a minute only one turd came out, funny thing was I swear it was between one foot to one foot six inches long. Then I wiped, flushed the toilet, pulled up my boxers and pants, washed my hands and went back to class. Thats all for now, I usually don't post but I just had to let you people know my long turd.

Robin: I have trouble pooping in public places too. I also hate taking a dump in a toilet other than mine at home (or at my parent's house). I always have to wait until I get home before doing a poo, I have never even pooped at work before.

I also have trouble pooping when Im on holidays or camping. I hate having to squat to do a wee and its even harder for me to do a poo squatting. I have gone for two or three days without taking a dump while on holidays (or camping) because I try to hold on until I can do it in a decent toilet.

Do you have problems with completing your poop? If Im in a hurry to do something, or I have to go somewhere, sometimes I will only get about half or three quarters of my poo out and I won't be able to do the rest. It feels really uncomfortable to have an unfinised poop up my arse for a whole day, especially if its the end of a very firm turd.

this is my 2nd post. ihave a question. has anyone ever had their period while having an accident?

luv yall

em dubya
Hi everyone! I've been a little sick with a cold and it seems to be messing up my dumps. Yesterday I felt a big urge to poop so I went into my bathroom, pulled my jeans and underwear to my ankles, and pushed some. It didn't take much pushing before some semi-soft turd oozed out. It kept coming out until I finally had to push a little more to get the rest out. I still could feel a little more in me. I started wiping and it was a mess! I very seldom have poos that mushy. After I had taken about 3 wipes, I pushed a little more out. I then looked at my poo and flushed it so I wouldn't back up my toilet. The poo was proably about 8-10cm or so. It was pretty fat, though, and I think that's part of what made it so hard to clean. What I want to know is why we (or at least some of us including me) have hair on our butt crack area. It makes it a lot harder to clean up. If I can think of a safe way to cut them, I think I will. Anyway, it took proably 10-15 more wipes before I was done then I flushed again and washed my hands. Well, that's about it for now. I have a request, though. If any1 has anything to post about peeing/pooing at a nudist place or about going in diapers, please post about it. Thanks, and please keep posting everyone!

I havent posted in some time but heres what happened recently to me.
Im blonde, five ft 2 well built and in High School. Well one day I knew my period was going to start in a day or so, and I was like bloated like a balloon. That day I got up early in the morning and grabbed some milk and cereal and started off too school, had to catch the bus at the corner a block away. Just before I left home I thought
about my fat ???? and remembered my mom had some pills in the dresser she took for her bloated belly when she had her period. I dashed upstairs and got 2 pills and downed them with orange juice and ran.

The bus arrived on time at school and I headed for our home room and off to the first class as we changed classes in our school for each subject. On the way to the first class Mr. Fine our Math teacher stopped me in the hall and asked me a question about my homwork from a day ago. So off I ranoff to first class, not to be late, and forgot about the bathroom as I didnt need to go anyhow

The first class went fast, we changed again this time to History and that class was about an hour long. Bell rings and we go again this time to English. Again a friend stopped to gab a minute in the hall and I thought nothing of it, didnt need the toilet and went to class.

It was about an hour to lunch last class in the morning. and about half ways thru I begin to feel a need to pee. Nothing unusual I thought as about that time I need a poop too but that could wait. I was wrong this time. About 5 minutes later I feel my bladder filling real fast and I had a mild cramp that seemed like a fart I might slip out real quiet. I let it slip out and felt better, it stunk too, and some of my mates sorta looked around to see who done it.I looked straight ahead not paying attention listening to the teacher Mr. Walsh. I felt a slight twinge in my bladder as it was filling fast and needed a pee real soon. Mr. Walsh was not one to let anyone disturb his class and usually said no if you wanted to step out for a restroom, as its near lunch and being bored a lot of mates liked to take a slow pee walk. That day Im wearing dark blue slacks, blue sweater, white sox and loafers. Got on white cotton panties and a bra of course. Now I got to pee real soon, Im starting to really hold on, pushing my crotch against the seat and trying to ignore the urges until noon. My bladder filled so fast, I wondered why even though I didnt go pee between classes as usual. It was starting to throb, I could feel my urine wanting out now. Then it hit me, the pills!! It was my mothers water pills. They make you pee like mad to get rid of that bloat you get with your period. They were making me need to pee real bad right away once they took hold. I was sorta sorry but too late.

I raised my hand, waved it to get attention, I needed the toilet right away it was starting to hurt now down in there. Mr Walsh asked what the problem was, I said may I got to the girls room? The reply was the usual, wait till noon its only 20 minutes to lunch. I didnt have 20 minutes or I would pee my panties. I sat there and got a few more very big urges to pee, I waited until it went away and thought Id maybe just let a tinly spurt out into my panties to ease the pressure. I sat up and let a little squirt leak into my white panties and felt the wetness. Oh something else I forgot about, my bowels said, its time to poop too, soon. I had another fart and so I eased it out again. As I did, another squirt of pee escaped wetting my crotch more and down my butt crack. I had to shit too! Oh what can I do? I felt the rumbling in my belly and the turd wanting to work itself out. It was coming out slowly and I cant stop it. I got to pee so bad! Another squirt and this time it was longer and a lot of pee got out. It wet my crotch and panties up my ass crack and got them soaked. The head of the turd turtle was at the back door opening and starting to poke out.

I squeezed for all my life and my mate, Nancy next to me noticed and mouthed to me,, "whats wrong" I said, "I gotta peeee real bad" and number 2 as well" She turned sorta red and I sat tight in my seat as more pee escaped then a flood let go. Here I am, first time since first grade peeing in my pants in class in front of everyone. A little bit of pee drpped off my chair onto the floor and made this loud dripping sound like water going tap tap tap on water. I had a little puddle under my seat, I had that turtle poking out my ass. In about 5 minutes it was almost all over. I had pissed my pants, soaking them and made that classic puddle onthe floor for all to see. I had to shit and I knew if I got up, it would shoot out.

Finally the bell rang, lunch time. I jumped up and dashed out the door with the girls room being right next to the classroom. AS I got up the turtle had i5ts way and slipped out into my wet panties. One thing I could be thankful for was my dark pants, they didnt show being wet unless you looked hard or felt them, but they were soaking wet.
I made it to the girls room, took off my pants and panties. My panties that were white now were yellow stained.I tossed them in the trash. I sat on the toilet and boomed a few more farts and dropped a few more chunks. I had dropped that one turd in my panties that stayed put into the toilet first though. After wards I called my mom to come and get me and made an excuse I was sick. She came to get me and I had to pee again, this time getting out of the car at home I peed a gallon again right on the front porch. I told my mom I had taken her water pill before going to school and what happened. She scolded me for it and said, "I guess you learned your lesson"

Yep I did, dont take someone elses medicine..

The most repulsive bm I have ever seen - it haunts me to this day - was on the carpet of my parents' bedroom. I must have been about ten and my mom and I had been out shopping. When we got home, I bounded upstairs to do an urgent pee. The bedroom door was open and inside it was as if a hurricane had hit. Drawers pulled out, chairs overturned, clothes everywhere. In the middle of the room was an immense bm, a great mound of soft shit, and beside it a pair of my mom's stained panties which had been used as tp. I started to scream and you can imagine the aftermath, police everywhere. It turned out that someone had got away with my mom's jewellery.

We moved house soon after. But I remember being told that burglars often shit at the scene of the crime. Power, contempt but most of all I imagine nerves. I asked here idly the other day whether nowadays you can get d&a from stools. Does anyone know?

love and love Anthea.

AJ :o)
Haven't posted in awhile, but I've done a lot of reading here every few days, and it's all been interesting, to say the least.
I'd like to start this post by sharing with you what I came up with several weeks ago but just never got around to posting--and that is that I have a BOB.
Belly-Operated Bladder!
Which means that my big, fat belly puts pressure on my bladder--meaning that, if it's anywhere close to full, my belly will make it contract DESPERATELY!!!
This is for those of you who love good pee stories.
You know how women make these sounds to control their contractions when about to have a baby?
When I'm desperate like that, I often do, too. Sometimes, it helps. Sometimes, it doesn't.
If I wake up with this problem, another thing I might do is to try to stretch my body while I'm still seated and get my belly to raise itself higher. Then, I try to clamp my lower lips together to hold it all in until I get to the bathroom.
None of these methods are fool-proof. They simply work at least part of the time, so there's no harm in trying.
With that in mind. . .another method:
Lightly rub my belly with my hands--take note that I said "Lightly," or else you might defeat your purpose and squeeze your pee out--to create warmth, because warmth discourages the urge some. . .
. . .leading to one of my most successful methods yet:
When I'm out driving and feeling the need to pee with no place to do it, I'll turn the heater to its hottest setting and the blower on full-blast.
Another thing I do is to talk to myself in my head saying things like, "You really don't have to go at all. You won't have to go until you're seated on the toilet."
Gathering from how successful that is for me, I would say that I only have a slim chance of being hypnotized.
Ready for the sound-effects?
I manage to at least have most of the contents of my bladder still in me when I make it to the toilet in the morning, and I plop down on the seat--after which is instantly heard a very loud "SPLOOSH!" as the entire contents of my bladder are emptied as if they were a cannonball!!!
Although I don't always pee quite that all-at-once, I certainly do pee fast!!!
As for my BOB. . .I'm on a diet!!!
For those of you who don't already know, I'm 51 years young and a very queenly size.
At my perfect weight, I'm a kind of Sally Field, Karen Carpenter, & Kate Jackson mix.
At a fairly heavy weight, I'm a Kate Jackson & Monica Lewinsky mix.
At my omigosh weight--and with the gray hair I now have figured in--I look a little like Tyne Daly, except I don't look as good (She's a very beautiful queen-sized woman!), so I say that I look like Tyne Daly's driver's license picture!
My hair is shorter, though. It's something like Cindy William's hair when she was on Laverne & Shirley but with feathered bangs. At this time, I need to have it trimmed again.
However, I'm all snowed-in here, and nobody's going in or out!
Beautiful January-in-Indiana weather!
I've also not worn a stitch of clothing in days!!!
AJ :o)

Louise (from France)
I write again my survey, please reply:"not supposed to" places where u peed.
Two categhories
A-at home (bathroom, garden, and so on)
B-out of home.(outdoor, public places, etc..)

Anecdotes, reposrts and short stories are welcome, exepcially from females.
Male contributions, expecially about sighteens or experiences with women peeing where "not supposed" ARE WELCOME TOO.

Please reply



Upstate Dave
Hello and good morning to all. I have been real busy as late but have been reading the posts. Everyone has had great posts on peeing or pooping. There is a interesting Onstar ad running on the radio . Women calls the Onstar help ceneter saying that she is in Texas and had stoped at a resteruant to go to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom going her keys fell out of her pocket and fell in the toilet while she went. She did not realize it untill she had finished and started to flush saw them in the bowl and go down. She was upset but the person at Onstar said dont worry they could get a new set of keys to her very shortly and she would be ok. By the end of the ad she had stoped crying and started to laugh about it.

Here is a story that happened back in one of the summer outings at the lake when I was about 12 years old. It was one of those nice hot sunny days and I decided to go swimming down at the lake. I put on my swimsuit and walked down to the lake to the small swimming area behind the old hotel. When I got there I was glad to see a group of friends I knew were there already in swimming. Butch,Barbie H, Barbie S and her sister Jean. They said the waters great come on in! So I joined them.

We swam around had chicken fighs in the water for a couple of hours. I was talking to Barbie H and started to get out to dry off in the sun and she told me she had to go to the bathroom real bad. I told her to pee there in the water. She told me she had to poop and pee. She asked me could she go to my house since it was the closest to where we were. I said ok and I will walk you back to the house. I told Butch and he said ok.

We walked down the path along the shore and up the short dirt road to the highway. Barbie had to stop a couple of times and we would wait a moment then would start walking again. Well we had to walk up a path up a hill behind our barn so we went up and barbie made it to that point. She goes I dont think I'm going to make the house. We were standing right next to the back of the barn next to one of the doors in the back so I said here go in the barn. I slid the door open and she scrambled inside. I followed in behind her and slid the door shut.

Barbie was wearing a one piece black suit that when wet was hard to get off. She washaving some trouble getting it down so she told me to help her so witha hard tug on the straps ipulled it hard and it stuburnly slid down. A couple more hard tugs and with her pulling at the bottom it fell off down over her shoes and she steped out of it. The part of the barn was on the one end where there was left over hey so the floor was covered with it.

She squated down and with her legs spread open started to pee a hissing stream of pee. It was a good thing her swimsuit was off becuase she would have soaked it if she left it on. Still hissing away peeing she let out a louder phffting fart from her butt and a light brown poop poked out from her butthole. THe tip was quite large in diameter right from the start.She was pushing quite hard and it was moving slowly. She was still hissing away peeing as this poop was comming out. Seven inches of this knobby hard poop was out from her butt haning in the air her pee stream slowed down and was now running down off her poop and into the layer of hey below her.

She stoped pushing for a moment and relaxed to catch a breath. I said it looks like you have not gone in a while. She told me not in 3 days. She started pushing again which her poop started slowly moving again. A few more inches had come out. She stoped again and relaxed but lifted her butt up higher because she could see it by looking down between her open legs. She started pushing again. Several more inches of poop came out. With this push her pee started comming out and running down off the poop again. She kept pushing and grunting for several more minutes Her poop was starting to narrow down now so it started to pick up its outward pace.

She stoped for a moment again and looked down and started to giggle and made a comment about creating a monster. Yeah it is a monster I told her. With one more push she pooped out the last 3 or 4 inches and it fell to the floor with a thud on the hey. She lowered her butt down and her pee strted comming out with a hiss again. She peed like that for about 15 seconds more and stoped. She stood up and looked down and proudly said boy that was a good job and boy do I feel better! I replied I'm sure you do. She went; Oh one more thing how is my butt hole area? She turned around and spread her cheeks and it was clean with no poop residue. I told her it was fine. She picked up her swimsuit and I helped her get it back on. We covered up her poop with more hey and went back down to the lake and joined the others again.

Robin. You're not the only person to dislike going for a #2 in public toilets. I don't particularly like doing it because of the relative lack of real privacy and the fact that public toilets are often not so clean as they might be, so I can sympathise. Generally I try to plan my bowel motions so that I get to do them at home - or in the unisex loo at work which I know is clean because I help to keep it that way - than in public facilities. However, I will steel myself and take a poo in a public loo if it's an absolute emergency and I've really no choice in the matter.

Anne. Hi and welcome! I read your post with interest. Whilst I think we can all have wonderful 100% hindsight I think it would have helped if you'd realised the first few SBD's (silent but deadly farts) probably had something more substantial behind them and asked for a toilet stop before the situation got too bad and and you moved off a country lane on to one where the driver couldn't easily stop. However having said that, I'd also say that accidents happen and everyone's entitled to have one occasionally. They can be a bit messy and unpleasant at the time but they're not the end of the world and I think it's important to put them down to experience. In maybe 10, 20 or 30 years from now you'll be able to look back on the incident wistfully and find some humour in it. It may seem like a big deal at the time but with the passage of time you'll no doubt get to put it in persective. If Chris values your friendship at all he won't let what happened spoil his estimation of you and you may even go up in his opinion. The full account of it is posted in the archives here but I remember an incident some 35 years ago, back in 1969, when my Aunt Anne (who is held in great affection) nearly messed herself in a big way after around half an hour of noisy and smelly farting. Luckily for her she got to the toilet on time but her need was so desperate that things could easily have gone the other way and a 'close call' ending up as an accident instead. I still think the world of Aunt Anne though.

need advice woman. I think to be honest whilst saying it as kindly as possible, your daughter is unlikely to get on top of her farting problem if she refuses to make any changes to her diet or seek medical help. In particular diet is a major factor because what we eat combines with the bacteria and natural gases in our intestines to produce the farts we make. Because of the sugars in them, beans for example, tend to make most people fart more than they otherwise would. I think it's important to keep everything in perspective though. Farting is a natural bodily function which we all have to perform on a regular basis - if we didn't we'd be dead! However it's more appropriate in some situations than others and the important thing is to try and control where we do it - not because it's in any way bad (it isn't) but out of consideration for other people.

Best wishes



Sorry nothing too interesting has happened bathroom wise lately. I have been peeing a lot tho.

I went to the doctor's for a check up the other day. He told me that I wasn't drinking enough water, he advised me to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I've been drinking 8 glasses or more everyday for the last few days, i feel great, but there is a downside - I have to pee every ten minutes. After drinking 2 glasses of water I am busting to pee after about 30 miutes, when i go it comes out fully clear just like im peeing the water straight out. It's annoying, but kinda fun sometimes, the great feeling of relief after busting to pee is great. Just before I tried to hold it as long as i could, i lasted about 3 hours after having 3 glasses of water. I was dancing around holding my crotch when i gave up. I ran to the toilet, ripped my pants down and let rip, i moaned loudly, it was one of the best pee's I've ever had, it felt like peeing out thickened cream. I'm definetley going to be drinking lots of water from now on.

That's All

Love Mel.D


Hey guys.
I just got back from letting out a poo poo. Here is what happened.

I was reading posts here when I felt a poo poo coming. I decided to wait til I really had to go. I got through a few more posts when I decided it was time to sit on the toilet. So, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat. I farted like 5 times. They were short, but noticable farts sound wise. Then nothing for about 10 seconds. I farted again. This fart was longer, and a bit louder then the last 5. The fart was followed by 5 plops of poo poo. Each piece of poo was small, but firm. I wiped, flushed, and left.

To Bryian: The poo you refer to was a good poo. It was 3 small pices of poo poo, and one 6 inch piece. It was great.

To Buzzy: The long poops are definatly the best ones!

Well, that's it for today.

Keep pooping!

Take care guys.

To reflect: Enjoyed your story

To Zip: Loved your stories

To eli: Loved your story...did you peek at anyone shitting while you were waiting for a stall?

To Camp Counselor: Loved your story

To wet briefs: 1. Boxers 2.No..the boxers hide stains 3.kahki or blue jeans 4.wet farts..sometimes 5.yes along time ago 6. 3-4 9.once

I got a story now....a few nights ago i had come home from work late and i just put on some pjs since it was after dark and would soon be bed time. I got off here at 11 slightly needing to pee, i was gonna go in my bathroom and pee before bed...i was in my bathroom standing at the mirror looking at my self and i decided to let 2-3 squirts felt really good, i was either gonna pee in the toilet or go to bed with out peeing...but then i decided i'd keep going in my pjs. the pee slowly came out and i totaly soaked my pjs and was wet from my crotch down to my ankles...almost got my socks wet. I took my clothes off that were wet and sprayed it with this body spray and i let them dry.
thats it gotta go bye

Donnie C.
To Student (cross-country runner):

I'm sure you've heard of marathon runner Grete Waitz, who had diarrhea near the end of an event. She just let it fly into her shorts...on TV! By the way, she won the race.

Hey Guys.
No poo today, but this is a reply to Buzzy.

Buzzy, you asked if I agreed if the long poo poo felt the best coming out. I love sitting on the toilet and feeling a nice long poo come out. The anticipation, the farts, the feeling, the smell: it's all great.

This was some time ago, but I will tell about a long poo poo I did. I was reading something, and I felt a poo. I knew this was a good poo because of the urgency of it. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat. I farted out a loud fart. It was nice. Then a small plop, plop, plop as three small pices of poo came out. Then I felt my anus open up, which was followed by a crackling sound that lasted 15 seconds, which was how long it took to come out. The reason it took so long was because in mid poo, it stalled, so I decided to get up, and look in the mirror, and saw my poo sticking about 2 inches out of my butt: it was that firm that I could do that. I sat back down and finished. I then did a curtain call fart. I got up and looked. It was about 1 foot long. I wiped, and flushed.

Now, my next question to Buzzy, and to all. I have said the best poo poo is the long one, but what is the worst poo to everyone? I hate the diarreah that has the ring of fire with it.

Well, that's it for today.

Take care guys.

After what happened awhile ago that I posted earlier, I did some real thinking and found out why it was that I had to pee so badly when I woke up. Maybe it was 2 or 3 hours before I went to bed that I noticed that I had to pee, but I was so busy and doing a lot of moving around so much that it sliped out of my mind. When I did lay down in my bed I realized that I still to pee and a little bad, but I was so tired and fell asleep. That was why I had to pee so bad when I woke up.
I also have a story for you that I witnessed a few days ago.
When one of my classes was returning back to the school from a field trip, a guy named Josh that sat in the seat across from me on the bus announced that he had to pee, but we were just leaving. As time went by he started to look a little desperate and he was squirming and kept say that he REALLY had to pee, but he wasn't grabbing himself just yet. His friend that was sitting next to him just laughed. After him and his friend talked for awhile he started to look a little more desperate and uncomfortable and began to swing his legs in and out, "Oh, God, I've never had to pee so bad!" His friend only laughed and began to tease him, but Josh found it not funny. I could tell that he wanted to grab himself from desperation, but didn't want to be too embrasassed. When we were about 15 or 20 mintues awy from the school, Josh looked like he was in pain. He couldn't sit still. I asked him if he was alright and he looked over at him and said, "God, Nate, I really have to pee!" he looked so desperate. He was tensed and his legs were still swinging. His friend continued to tease him. He looked like he was in complete pain. He kept askign how far it was until we reached the school When we hit bumps I felt sorry for the guy, it's painful I know. When we were about 5 mintues away, Josh was clearly holding himself and sat at the edge of his seat trying everything to hold it in. "Jesus," he said, "I'm about to pee my pants!" I looked over and saw that he was tightly holding himself. When we did reached the school, I was behind him waiting for everyone to get slowly off the bus, he was doing the little pee dance. People were laughing at him. "Oh, God!" he kept saying. His hands still tightly nested on his crotch. We get were all off the bus he looked as if he was about to burst any moment. The teachers told us to saty where we were so they could do roll call. There was 2 buses worth of people. Josh was dying. When A teacher came by Josh and us, he asked if he could use the bathroom, but the teacher told him no and to quit grabbing himself, "But I have to pee!!" he said. Th teacer only looked at him and told him he would have to wait since the school doors were always locked and he didn't have the keys. He also told him to quit grabbing himself or he would get in trouble. Josh stop grabbing himself but kept his legs arcoss. I asked him again if he was alright, he looked like was about to cry. "Nate, I have to pee so bad I can taste it!" he said to me. He tried talkin to people to get his mind off of it, but they kept teasing him. When the teachers kept looking for who had the keys to unlock the door, that's when Josh decided something, "Oh god! I can't hold it!" a dark spot formed on his pants and kept gettign bigger. when he let it all out It was a HUGHE wet spot covering most of the front of his pants including a large puddle at his feet. When everyone laughed at him, he did as well saying "Oh god, that's the best relieve i've ever felt!" He was a good sport the rest of the day never getting angry at the people who teased him, and I think that people forgave him because of it, He also likes to expain how desperate he was and how good it felt to let it all out.
Thanks guys, Nate

Big M
hey guys, im back! i just took a huge crap. i hadnt had a good one in a few days...never more that one or two pieces. I was just sittin at my computer readin the new posts and i felt it drop into my lower intestine. I let out a couple reallly smelly farts and ran into the bathroom. i took off my shirt and pants (ive never been able to poop with my clothes on...dont ask) and plopped myself down on the seat. As soon as my round (yes, im a guy with a big round butt) butt hit the seat a huge flow of soft poo rushed outta me. i also took a pee while i pooed. after the initial rush, which only lasted about 5-6 seconds, i settled back and lwet the rest drip out at random intervals while i read. when i was finished, i got up and took a look. there was a big mound of soft green poo that was so big it was commin out the water. i gave a courtesy flush so i wouldnt clog the toilet and started wiping. there was so much poo that the water that came back up was tinted green and had little chunks of floating poo. i gave my butt a few wipes, which asnt easy, cuz i tore my butt a bit, an it was bleeding, ouch. then i was finished, so i redressed, flushed, and washed my hands...ahhhh thats better
ill keep the stories commin!
Big M

Accidental Tourist
Hey Diva, thanks for the wealth of wetting stories; those were really fantastic!

Your categorization of accidents is really interesting. From my own experience, when I was a little kid my accidents were of the "one big gush that isn't expected" type. One example was when I was on a school bus on a 1st grade field trip to the circus, and one of my classmates made me laugh. I don't even recall feeling the need to pee, but when I burst out laughing I was suddenly sitting in a huge warm puddle on the bus seat, and my friend was frantically moving out of the way so as not to get wet. I also remember an accident my younger sister had at about the same age -- I remember her running home from the neighbor's house, through our front door, into the bathroom at which point she collapsed on the floor and wet her pants dramatically: I could hear the hissing noise and see the large puddle growing around her.

I have had a couple of wetting accidents as an adult also (I say "accidents" but they were caused by my waiting too long). Most of these have been of the "release in a few small, slow squirts and then one big gush" variety, combined with "deliberate release because there's no point anymore". Actually what usually happens is that as I hold it, a few small leaks get out, and my pants get quite damp. In one case the wet spot on the front of my jeans was probably the size of a salad plate, so that anyone who saw me would have thought that I had already had an accident; but unfortunately my urge was as strong as ever and I was just as uncomfortable. (It was nighttime, I was walking home from the bus stop about a mile from my house; I'd had a beer or two and thought I could make it). I was nearly overcome by a couple of waves of urgency that literally made my kidneys sore, and then finally had the experience as I was walking of a pitcher being filled past the rim, so that the pee began, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, to simply spill out through my underwear and down the insides of the legs of my jeans. I was unable to stop the flow for probably 45 seconds or a minute. At that point I was so completely wet that my shoes were squelching and so I stopped and relaxed and just peed into my pants for another minute -- the relief was exquisite.

Another time I was driving long distance, had drunk a lot of coffee and water, and didn't want to stop because it was broad daylight and there was no good place. I kept thinking that I would find a stopping point, until a few small squirts had produced a softball-sized wet patch on my shorts. By the time I found a freeway exit and pulled off, I had the same experience of an overfilled pitcher at the top of the exit ramp, and I concentrated on keeping my legs tightly together, no longer with the objective of holding my bladder but rather in an attempt to keep the puddle on top of my lap rather than on the car seat. I finally got to a stopping place, gingerly swung my legs out of the car and let the puddle run off my lap onto the ground, and finished peeing in my pants -- then I went around to the trunk, got out a dry pair of underpants and shorts, and changed.
The unfortunate thing is that not more than a half hour later, back on the road, I got stuck in heavy traffic and wet my pants again! I think it was because of the weakened state of my bladder muscles from the first struggle. This time there were no small leaks, just a sudden gush of lots of pee, and it got all over my car seat and the floor of the car and was a real pain to get clean!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys these accounts; please reply with stories of your own!

-- AT


Its been a while since I've had any good crap stories as I've been away working. Now I'm back home I've had a few things happen. Yesterday I visited my favorite washroom where the reflective tile is great for watching guys take dumps. Yesterday was no exception. I sat down and farted loudly just as a guy entered the only other stall in the place. I watched him wiped off the seat and then let his pants fall as he planted his butt on the seat wityh a sigh of relief. I noticed that he left quite a large gap between the back of his ass and the seat so i could see. And then it started, the pushing, the grunting, the logs of shit that sailed out of this guys ass. I swear he shit for 5 minutes off and on, he panted and pushed and grunted and farted. I finished up and as I was leaving I said, "nothin like a good shit to clear out the system eh?" he didn't respond so i guess he was embarrassed or something.

Then today, with the afternoon to kill and only a few errands to do down near that same washroom, i decided to do an experiment-to see if other guys would talk during their dumps. I took with me an enema syringe that I use when I get stopped up. I went into the stall, sat down and waited. The first guy came in and rather quickly sat down uttering a very audible "ahhh" as he crapped out his massive load. I put the syringe up my butt and blew air into my ass then farted as loudly as I could to see if any recognition would be given to my sizable out put. The guy next to me just continued with his own shit. I commented "Noting like a big shit to make your gut feel better eh?" - nothing, the guy was silent.

I came back about an hour later and this time filled my ass with as much air as I could-I also had to take a small shit. I sat down and in comes a construction worker-dirty boots and overalls. He sits and makes no bones about how good his dump is feeling. I fill my ass with a little more air and then let the loudest, longest fart rip from my ass. The construction worker says audibly "whoa take it easy man", I let out a few more big ones, short trumpets of air and say to the guy "sorry 'bout the noise" he chuckled and then pushed out a really wet fart "Thats what the place is for". i checked the reflection and he was heavy with a huge ass which was lifted up on one cheek as he worked to finish up. I filled myself with more air and let it go in one long ripper. He laughed again "Man change your diet" he said. I chuckled "Guess its time"

He finished and left - my ass was empty and I left for home. On the subway I felt the urgent need to fart - next time I won't squeeze so much air up my butt to experiment.


your name (optionalTom
Wet Briefs

In answer to your survey.

I prefer white briefs - ck's best with good support but have a few pairs of boxers. I have some pale blue. I do leave skid marks and pee stains and certainly try to wear my undies for several days. i Have had a few wet fart accidents and taken by surprise accidents and these are probably the most of my true accidents.

I emjoy wetting myy pants and sometimes the urge to poo as well is just too much and I end up giving into the pleasure and just dumping in my pants. I have caught my shirt quite often - although I do not tuck it into my briefs usually sometimees if it gets untucked and comes out of my trousers I shove it back andd it goes inside my briefs and then catches the worst of the messs.

I often go to football matches with my mate and anyone who goes for a dump or even a piss there is a braver man than me and I usually end up pissing in my pants quite a lot of other blokes do as well - I always wear a long jumper and that often hides the worst of the damage. When I was about 16 I was travelling home from school with my mate - the football mate - he had mesed a couple of times to my knowlwdge and so I did a dump just before we got off the bus - it goes without saying he was ok about it and we have become rather messy buddies sometimes!

TIM -- Thanks for your hellos and that amazing story. I'm so sorry you're struggling with the dreaded heamo-whatsits, that's something I'm eternally grateful I'm not cursed with. If poops stopped being a pleasure the fun really would go out of life!

REFLECT -- Hi! Yes, I'm still active -- and you're most welcome! I'm so glad I was of help in your mastering the gentle art of the standing pee. Yes, it's WONDERFUL when you discover you can project your stream so very far! You're a very powerful girl, your stream is landing several feet further than my own. I do four feet easily, five is a bit of a strain, six -- I'm not sure I've reached six at all! Your adventure was great to read -- please post more of your standing experiences.

MALITA -- wonderful poop with you and Nu, I could almost smell the eau de Nu!

DIVA -- You peed on horseback? I'd love to hear about that!


em dubya
Hey, I just (and I mean just) finished a nice dump.

I was chatting with a friend online (and I still am right now) when I felt my need to poo grow and grow. Finally, I went and peed in the toilet (to avoid that mess) then came back and kept chatting for a little while. Slowl, I lifted up my butt of my seat and let it slip out. I let it slide for a while until I couldn't take it being so slow anymore, then I pushed. It's a fair sized, pretty hard but not too dry turd. right now, I'm in just my underwear (and old pair) and I'm standing at my comp so as not to squish the poo that's still in my underwear. I haven't looked at it yet, so i will now. It's medium brown with a few lighter brown flecks. Ok, back up with the undies. It's trying to get out a leg hole, but I'm not letting it. It's pretty heavy. I think I'm gonna go flush it now. That's all for now. Please keep the posts coming, especially ones about diapers! Happy "going"!

Hello does anybody Remember the name of the episodes od zena which refers to Gabrielle (Rene O Conner) dumping.
Thanks London calling
no interestig shits so far this wek sorry folks

Friday, January 30, 2004

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