Hi, I am new to this site and I have always had trouble going #2 in public places. First of all I will descrive my self I'm female, 5'8", average body a tad on the thick side but not fat, long black curly hair, brown eyes, half-black half-white, and people say that I am cute. I am 18 and I have only pooped in public places twice in my life but they were really emergenices, I don't like pooping in public restrooms because its embarrasing to me and dirty. Well I just started my first semester in college and moved into the dorms, in another town. So there is no way that I could drive home to poop, so I was just going to have to get use to pooping in public places. Well today I felt my first dump and I knew that I was going to have to go in a public restroom, but there was no way I could do it on my own floor in the dorm restrooms, plus it was icy today so I didn't want to leave to go to an empty hall building, so I walked around the hall and in the basement area there were these restrooms that were kind of secluded so I decided to go in there. Even though I was by myself I was still mortified that I was actually getting ready to poop. I also have a fear of dirty toilet seats so I spent a few minutes covering up the seat with toilet paper so I could actally sit on it. Then I noticed that there was a crack in the stalls where the door opened and closed like always so I covered that up with my coat, so no one could see me through the crack and my coat was on the inside of the stall so if someone I knew came in they wouldn't recognize my coat, by the time I got all this ready I really had to go, I pulled down my jeans and panties and blocked the view of my shoes with my bookbag so nobody would notice me. And started to poop, for a few minutes I couldn't go because I just wasn't use to pooping where someone could walk in, even if I was in a stall. Finally I got the courage and pushed out a little piece and then started to strain again, I really had to focus, I could smell it a little after the first piece but wasn't too worried about this because my poop usually doesn't smell that much. While I was pooping I kept hearing noises outside the bathroom like someone walking by and I would just freeze and couldn't go and just wait untill it was silent, I was having trouble pooping and hadn't done much, then to my horror I heard the door open and another girl came in, this was a small bathroom and only two stalls, the girl saw that my stall was occupied and left after that, my guess is that she was looking for a place to poop too and couldn't go with me in there. Finnally I just swallowed up my pride, covered up my face in my hands and let loose, just to my luck it was a soft runny poop too, not to bad of a smell but it just kept oozing out, after I was finished I looked in the bowl and there was a big mound of really tiny soft turds, the mound was so big it came out of the water, I wiped which was really messy and I made sure not to get any on me. And then I was finnally done. I put all the T.P from the seat in the toilet, flushed and bolted out of there hoping no one came in as I was leaving or hoping no one was outside. I washed my hands upstairs on my dorm floor. Does anyone else have trouble pooping in public like I do, I will have to get use to this? Because I have 4 more years of public pooping to go.

I just happened upon this site and I think I have a story. It happened about a month ago. I am a freshman in college and I was going home for winter break. I was getting a ride home from my sister's boyfriend, Chris, with my sister riding shotgun, (they are both seniors) I was in the back seat. It's like a two hour drive between home and school and the majority of the trip is farmland with nothing around. No gas stations, no rest stops, nothing except farmland. And this time of year it's all a frozen tundra. My sister and I are best friends and I am good friends with her boyfriend too. But my sister always jokes with me about me and Chris because I guess he likes big boobs and I have huge ones and my sister really doesn't have any.. I know it's all a joke but I still try to act cool around Chris. Anyway, about 1 hour into the drive I decided to have a cigarette in the car. My sister doesn't smoke but Chris does. So we each smoked our cigarettes. I lit it and took a drag and then another. And then, without any warning I let a gross silent fart slip out. But because the windows were rolled down, I only smelled it for a second. I was so embarrassed but neither of them even noticed. But as I smoked I farted again and again but they still didn't notice. At this point I realized that I had to take a dump but I figured I could hold it until we got home. But then, like a scene from a movie or something the lonely highway we were on was backed up with traffic! We eventually found out a semi had rolled and stopped cars for miles. We were sitting in traffic and it was like 9:00 pm, dark, and freezing. As I sat in the back I could feel my stomach rumbling and I tried to ignore it. But before long another fart slipped out. I barely felt it but the windows were rolled back up and it STUNK! My sister blamed Chris and he denied it, while I sat in the back in shame. Over the next ten minutes I farted again, and this time it made noise. They knew it was me. I seriously wanted to die! Then my sister asked if I was ok. I said yes but the smell in the car told a different story. For the next half an hour we didn't move much at all and I worked hard not to fart again. But it was no use. We were in the middle of a traffic mess with state troopers and police all over the place and I had to go so bad it hurt. I felt a turd poke out of my butt and I lifted my leg so it wouldn't get smashed. I could feel an inch or two of a hard poop hanging out and it smelled bad. Finally I gave in and said, "I have to go to the bathroom!" They both knew what I was talking about but there was no where for me to go. I was stinking up the car and I started to cry. My sister finally told me to just go and we'd clean it up later. So I let go. It was the most embarrassing thing ever! The sound of my poop coming out was super loud and gross. By the time I was done I had a big dump in my panties. I had to sit on it and stuff, it was so disgusting. We drove with the windows down for the next 25 minutes or so until we got to a rest stop. I changed my panties and pants and left the old ones in the bathroom stall. It was the most horrible thing I have every experienced. Needless to say I don't take much pride in sticking my boobs out in front of Chris anymore.

to JJ- what would happen if the girl from your office had dierrea?

About me, I work seated in a courtroom typing and my restroom breaks are conditioned upon the courts discretion. All morning I 've felt so full and in need, I hurried to the ladies room which was filling up and managed to get a stall that someone freed up, the seat had a drop of pee on it and I have to spread paper. I pull my pants and panties down and my butt crack spreads so I can find relief the pressure from the large warm poop. First comes an abrupt fart that is very satisfying but I have to strain because its much larger than my butthole and there is a lot of poop, for a moment I stay open until I can relax again then I'm peeing… Somebody once described peeing like a racehorse and the feeling of relief in my urethra is wonderful and like that too.
A big thank you to JB and Buzzy, did I get that right, you both are sweet? Stories of Smelly, Carmelite's, are so wickedly funny don't you think? Shelia is a Bailiff and is armed and I think she's gay.

What are some great places to pee? I just snuck outside and peed in the snow! It was so fun.

further to Louise's questions about weird places we've peed or wet ourselves due to necessity (I would never do this stuff on purpose!)

-in a dumpster
-in an elevator
-in a parkade
-in a bottle
-in a dolls' bath
-in a pile of firewood
-in a saucepan on the floor of a car
-in a bucket behind a blanket backstage
-behind a car
-into a heating vent in the ground by a store
-in a baby's potty when I wasn't a baby
-in a garbage bag
-in a hole in the ground meant to store stuff while camping
-in a river
-in the ocean
-in the woods
-behind trees
-at the side of the road
-in a parking lot
-in a humidifier
-in plush car, plane and movie seats
-on horseback
-in the mens' room

BRYIAN: I guess it was one of my average ones hon. Nice n' big.
ADRIAN: Thanks bud. It was a very gassy time!
HJ TEKARON: I didn't mention it, but Nu preferred to be alone. When I get it bad like that, I too feel like being alone. Stomach cramps aren't fun. It's nice to know that you would help though, and I usually enjoy company. You never know!...

I was taking a bath, soaking my sore muscles when Nu came in. She goes "Oh. I didn't know you were in here. I'll use the other bathroom", then turned and left. "Get back here," I yelled at her, "I need some company."
"It's gonna stink bad, are you sure?" I told her to go for it, so she loosened her belt, and slid her jeans and purple Jockeys down past her knees till they bunched up around her brown hikers. She was wearing a really heavy, baggy green sweater with a white T-shirt underneath. Her thick black forest of pussy was a nice contrast, but only a short glimpse as she set her round ass down on the seat. I heard her pee, and she turned herself at an angle on the toilet so she could face me. I was finger splashing my bath water as Nu leaned really far forward and smiled. Then, she tried to belch a sentence, but her burp wasn't long enough to finish. She's been trying to perfect her belching.( I'm so proud.) Then, a nice loud, but sloppy series of farts echoed loud. SPPLLTTTT--FRRAAAAPPPPPP-SSPLLTTTT!
"Poop's coming," she said, grinning at me.
They sounded heavy duty. Nu was right too, it was a stinker! Really bad. She reached around to flush, but I said no. I wanted to see how big they were. Our conversation was then like this:
"Nu, what did you eat, anyway?"
"Turds," she snickers.
"I believe it. Are you finished yet?"
"Gotta pee."
"Then do it."
"I will. I just gotta wait for it to come."
I sat soaking in hot water, staring at Nu who was staring blankly at her feet. There she was, this absolutely gorgeous Vietnamese underwear model sitting on our toilet taking one of the rauchiest shits of all time. I've seen her pictures wearing her Bali's and looking so 'teenage cute'. It's hard to imagine her like this, wearing grungy clothes, belching, and dropping smelly, poison logs. She grunted softly and--
"Ooops. An extra one," she smiled. Then I heard piss finally spraying the inside of the bowl and splashing the water. She tilted a hip and wiped her ass 4 times. After the wipe, she stood up, extending both hands to her side as if she were a game show hostess modeling her poo and goes "Ta-daaaa!". I stood up long enough to check out her turds. They were healthy all right. Nice fat ones. Mine are bigger though, (nya-nya-naya!!!!)
She sprayed air freshener and the room was somewhat habitable again. I could hear the fridge opening in the kitchen and alas, another belch followed by singing.

When I got out of the tub and dried off, I could see that the toilet was all streaked up wth brown stains.
Que poo-poo!


I have a story for you. Back in August 1977 when I was a kid I witnessed something I have not witnessed since then. My dad was then a
professor at a small bible college in North Chili New York not far from Rochester. I went with him to one of the main buildings so he could pick up his August paycheck and get himself ready for that coming new school year. He went into an office to talk with his boss and I was left to sit in the hallway to wait for him. I could not sit still so I decided to walk around. I was halfway up the small staircase between the first and second floor when I began hearing noises. I heard them coming from the heat vent in the wall which apparently was linked up to the one in the mens room! I heard a loud fart and an insane straining noise. I mean this person was like strain screaming, it was like "EEEEHHHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAHHHHH" I could not believe it. I could also tell by the tone of the voice that it was a young guy. I stood there in amazement listening for ten minutes to this kids loud noises and then to hear canonball like plops in the toilet and finally a mind boggling aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as i think the person finished wiped himself and flushed. I never heard anyone that loud before. To my amazement a few minutes later this kid who looked like he was in grade school walked down the stairs. I looked at him, he looked straight ahead and paid me no nevermind but I could see that his face was all red so I knew it was him who took that incredible dump. I never forgot that and still to this day never heard anyone else crap with such intensity or loudly. Anyone else ever have an experience like this?

Hi all this is the first time i' ve posted i just found this site the other day and really wanted to get out and post so here goes.
First off i'm a high school student from Tennessee who has had an interest in poop for a long time. Especially female poop desperation. I guess that's why my first post is going to be about poop desperation.
When i was 10 yrs old my cousin Becky(also 10) from England came to visit with my Uncle. She was with us for 8 days and being the person i am i tried to listen in on her bathroom habits since the bathroom was next to my room. I had heard her pee many times over the first 5 days but no pooping. On the sixth day we were in the woods playing when she suddenly jumped up i started quickly walking to the house. I asked what the problem was and she said "i have to go to the loo to wee" I said "So do i can't you hold it till supper" she agreed and got back on the tire swing. But then quickly said i can't hol tht though, and again headed to the house. I immediately caught on and chased her down. She stopped holding her butt and turned red faced squeezing really hard. i asked if she was ok and she said no she had to go right now. Then i heard i dry fart and she said "i can't wait anymore." With that she began pushing hard. i walked behind her and watched her butt. First i heard hissing as her pee poured out through her pants. As it trickled to a stopped she pushed again. This time there was a crackling sound and her pants tented out big time. After about 30 minutes of that she was done her pants full to capacity hang from her hips. they were so full even her crotch was bulged out. That was really what started my fascination. After this she told me a story i will tell later if you all want to her it.
Also i'm wondering if anyone else holds their poop during school until they get home. I do as well as some of my friends and this ocassionally causes a problem. Any one else who has a story about this i would love to hear them.

I'm a 7th grader and 13/f.

On Friday, my poop was big that I clogged the toilet. I was in science class when I had to poop. My teacher excused me and I walked to the bathroom clenching my buttcheeks together.

I pulled down my jeans and panties and relaxed on the toilet. It didn't take too long for the large poop to emerge. My butthole felt like it was being ripped open. The turd kept inching out until finally there was no more. A few hissing farts came out to finish the job.

I looked into the toilet and saw a very long turd. Maybe 1 ruler and a half. It was very thick. Imagine the size of a 2 year old's fist. I wiped but very little was on the toilet paper. That's when I flushed and immediately realized it wasn't going to down. Only 5 inches dissapeared into the hole but the rest was sticking out.

I told my friends when I got back to class and they wanted to see it. I showed it to them before lunch and they thought it was amazing.

It felt so good letting that out because I didn't use the toilet for 3 days and my ???? was so full.

I hope my story was good.

Bye bye.

(I'll try and post more stories when I have time.)


Tevin: See my earlier posts. I was your age and I had to make #2 at the old Alexander's in NYC where I live. I told my mom that I had to go and I could not wait. That was a rarity. I could hold my bowels for hours. We found the women's room and in I went. I pulled down my jeans and white panties to my ankles and sat on the bowl. My bowels released 6 large pieces.They sounded like rocks thrown in a lake. Then, I peed for 10 seconds. I sat quietly while other women and girls came and went. They all urinated. I then wiped myself and flushed and met my mother.

As for that other time with my dad, when I got home I from shopping, I decided to go. I took my comics into the bathroom. I lifted my corduroy skirt and my white slip, pulled down my navy pantyhose and white panties to my knees. I evacuated 6 large pieces. They were long and wide, but they were easy. I sat there for 25 minutes reading and at some point, I farted and urinated. Then, my father had to use the bathroom. So, I wiped myself good, fixed my underwear and let down my skirt and flushed. When my dad entered after I left, he said, "That is what happens when you hold your bowels for so long, girl."

Amy: I like band-leg panties. I had them in junior high and high school, but I did not mess in them. I liked them because I could pull the leg openings thru my camp shorts and take a piss on the camp trail. My older cousin and some older girls taught me. Plus, my mom bought me large oversize shorls and panties for camp. In day camp, my counselor, Linda and I were in a state park preserve, away from a toilet and we had to pee. So, Linda showed the other girls how to pee through their short pants leg opening. Linda leaned her back against a tree, put her fingers in her blue short pants leg openings, stretched back her pink band leg panties and let her urine flow straight down to the ground. We had to use our own paper tissues or not. She then let her panties snap back in place and let her short pants leg normal. A little girl in our den squatted and opened her short pants leg opening and the opening on her white panties and let out her urine. Only thing, the urine wet her shorts and there was a wet patch all day long. But, we did not care. See my earlier posts about my cousin, Camille.

Ash.D: I live alone. I do not flush after a pee. It wastes water. In a public toilet, I do flush as a matter of courtesy. I pee so much that I flush at the end of the day. Also, I reduce spread of germs by closing the lid of the bowl when I flush. In grammar school, lots of girls would pee and not flush. Some did not wipe because they were either lazy or just forgot. You saw no paper in the bowl. I always did unless there was no paper. But, I always looked for a stall with paper.

another new girl (help me please): You could be arrested for a creating a public nuisance and/or trespassing.

Hope: My cousin, Wendy is a morning pooper. Her first morning at my house, she woke up. We were 18 y/o. She stirred around in my bed, then went to the bathroom. She closed the door and I heard her say, "OHH!", the toilet seat slammed down, her black panties yanked down. I heard a loud intestinal explosion and two loud splashes and a long pee. I called down the hall to her and went to the bathroom. She opened the door, on the bowl clad in a tee shirt and white panties to her knees. She told me that this happens every morning. Then, she said, "Oh my stomach, more!" Then, she let out a long fart and some soft doo-doo. We then started talking about how we enjoyed taking a shit and how good it was to get rid of it. She then reached for the toilet paper to wipe her behind and her pussy, Then, she flushed.

Once in science class we were looking at cross sections of intestines and my frend who has IBS was so freaked out that he shit his pants right there.

need advice woman
I need a bit of advice my daughter has a probalem with farting she get quite embarrassed when she lets rip because she hold it in and the pressure builds up on her and it just pops out!She says she holds it because when the urges come she with her friends or crowded area and when the pain get too much she goes to the toilets or some wbhere shes sure no1 will hear. She came in last week and her stomach was really rumbling and she was suffiling around i pretended not to notice so I went out and into the cupboard I saw her get up with 1 hand on her stomach the other on her bum and look down the hall and shouted for me I didnt answer and she bent she was screwing her face up and she turn rond ad she was really squeezing her cheeks together she called again and when I sdidn't answer she saw thank god and relax her bum and a big long fart burst out from btween her cheeks can any one tell me how to help her release it quitly (she wont take medication or change her deit) and come any one share there stories about farting oh she 15 and in high school thx

i remember this one time my friend and his dad took me camping and i really had to pee one night and my friends dad took me to the woods then he stopped and said wait, it was real quiet and there were cracking sticks in the woods, i was looking around then his dad was gone, i yelled for him and he didnt answer, i was so scared i started peeing my pants, then his dad came out and said ok i went did you go. i shined my light on my pants and said yeah sorta. he said thats ok you can change when we get back. i thought somone grabbed him and killed him and that i was going to die. but i was only 8 then so i didnt know any better.

I love to see notes from "Louise (from France)" - yes, pee stories are not as frequent as poop stories, but those of us who love pee stories still look forward to them.
Please keep up your own...
Thanks so much,

shy pooper
TO SARAH: My butt does the same thing, and I have wondered why...

i was walking down the hall the other day, and suddenly, out of nowhere, I had to poop and pee really bad! Luckily, the bathroom was right there, so I took a seat and let 'er rip! Weird, huh?

David: I am Chinese and I sit, not squat on the bowl. I do know some Asians who squat out of habit. I was taught to sit on the toilet.

Man ever since I've been on The Atkins diet ( started on the 3rd of Jan)I have been taking some really bad dumps. I just took a really nasty one. My butthole is still burning. Earlier today I took one which was a couple of big logs,kinda like the fire wood logs you buy at the grocery store. I may have a case of pinworms cause my asshole really itches sometimes,especially at night.

Big M
hey, ima 14 yr old male, about 5'8 black. i just got intrested in this sorta stuff, an im not really sure how, but its kinda cool. just wanna give a shoutout to Carmalita, keep the great stories commin!

Thank You, Old Poop!!

To Bryan: Here are my answers to your survey
1. 1' 1"
2. Yes they make you wait

Here's a story about someone else other than me who was desperate. When I was 12 I went to the movies with my best friend, Ashley, her next door neighbour Jamie who was 15 and really cool and we looked up to her, and her equally cool friend Sara (they won tix and decided to take us.) My parents were strict and didn't let me out much so it was a big deal for us. Jamie's mom drove us there. Before the movie, Ashley ordered one of those huge gulp drinks that come in a bucket and popcorn. I don't think I had a drink, I just shared her popcorn. Sara and Jamie got small drinks and popcorn. About halfway through the movie, I felt Ashley next to me fidgeting in her seat. I just thought she was restless in the seat at first, but then about 15 mins later, she pulled one leg up into the seat and put her heel into her crotch and I realized the Big Gulp must have hit her bladder and she must really have to pee. She didn't say anything to me about having to pee and I knew that, as I was always shy about having to go and still hardly ever told anyone I had to until high school, I wouldn't want her to notice, so I pretended not to notice and didn't say anything. By the end of the movie, Ashley was subtly rocking back and forth on her heel. I was shocked - I would not have done that so openly at that age, only if I thought people couldn't see. I would probably have held myself with my hand hidden by a jacket or something and even then only if I absolutely couldn't manage by crossing my legs or something I considered less 'babyish.'. Maybe she didn't realize it was obvious - I realize now that a lot of times when I thought no-one knew I was desperate, everyone could probably tell. This time, I didn't have to pee at all and was perfectly fine, but her discomfort was making me anxious.
I remember being curious as to whether Ashley would tell us she had to pee after the movie. She never got the chance. As soon as we came out, Sara said, "Look, the restroom's closed for cleaning." I don't know if she said that because she or Jamie had to go - you couldn't tell by looking at them. We turned and saw a sign. "You mean no-one can go?" Ashley asked, trying to sound casual but I heard the frantic undertones. Now, if she was more mature and self-confident and less shy, I'm sure she would have asked if we could go upstairs and find another bathroom that was open. (By the way it seems really stupid to clean a bathroom when the movies are ending!!!) So, Ashley made the decision to tough it out and I sympathized with her.
We were going to go to a coffee shop (a really mature, cool thing to do)and then call Jamie's mom when we were ready to leave. I figured Ashley would find a way to get to the coffeeshop restroom, but we ended up at one of those snack bar places in the mall with no bathroom. Again, a mature person could have excused herself and run to the mall bathroom, but she didn't. Everyone ordered a drink but Ashley - I figured she knew she'd had enough liquids. I snuck a couple of peeks at her and noticed that she had her legs wide open on the coffee shop stool and her back arched so that her bladder would press into the wood - I've done that many times. The stool was too small for her to use the heel trick she'd done in the movies. She was also moving back and forth quite a bit in her seat. The other girls didn't say anything. After a while, Ashley started saying that maybe we should call Jamie's mom and go home. I knew that was an uncool thing to do and she must be really desperate to say it. But Jamie shrugged and called her mom. I was wishing inside that one of the older girls would have to pee and find somewhere to go so Ashley could tag along, but they seemed OK still. We waited for Jamie's mom on the street and by now I knew Ashley was absolutely urgent. She was pretending to do dance imitations of celebrities and athletes just to have an excuse to do pee dances. The girls were laughing - I don't know if they knew or not. After a while she went and sat down on some stone steps and spread her legs again as she'd done in the coffee shop. Jamie said, "Gross, those steps are dirty" and Ashley made some excuse about how she was tired. I knew the wait for Jamie's mom must have seemed like forever to her. I started talking to her a bit trying to distract her, and she seemed grateful. She got up again and paced up and down acting all impatient. Finally, Jamie's mom arrived all full of excuses. Ashley was sitting on the step again and seemed reluctant to get up. After Jamie and Sara were in the van, she did, and I saw a small wet spot on the step. I looked at her butt and there was a tiny wet spot on her jeans- both maybe the size of a penny - so I knew she'd leaked a bit but was still holding on. However, we had another 1/2 hour or so to go to get home. I calculated that the movie had been probably about 2 1/2 hours, she'd probably had to go for at least an hour and a half of that, and we'd been at the coffee place for an hour and outside for half an hour, so she'd been desperate for 3 hours with a huge amount of liquids in her.
We got in the van. It had 3 levels of seats - Jamie and her mom up front, Sara in the middle and me and Ashley in the back. She was probably hoping I'd sit with Sara so no-one could see if she tried to hold herself or something or if the worst came to the worst and she wet her pants, but I didn't think of that at the time.
When we got in the car, Jamie said to her mom "I'm glad you came. I really have to pee." I was shocked - both at this open non self-conscious admission and because I had not seen Jamie squirm or dance or anything like that at any point in the night. Her mom said "Why didn't you go then?" and Jamie said that the movie washroom was closed and she didn't feel like going to find another one and the coffee shop had no restroom so she'd decided to just hold it. Her mom said "Are you OK? I could stop at McDonald's." My heart leapt for Ashley but Jamie said "No, I'm fine, but I've had my legs crossed all night." I had noticed them crossed in the coffee shop, but it had looked natural. Sara said, "Jamie can hold it for a long time" and Jamie said "So can you." I was fascinated. Was that because they were 15?
Once again, Ashley had her heel up on the seat and was looking determinedly out of the window. I was really anxious for her - would she make it? After a while, she crossed her legs and kind of bent over. I knew she had to be bursting. My curiosity got the better of me, and I whispered, "Do you have to pee?" I thought she would deny it as I would have, but she nodded. I said "Why didn't you say anything?" and she said "I don't know but I have to go so bad I'm going to pee my pants." I said "No you're not, we're almost home" but we were only about halfway. She whispered "Some of it keeps coming out." I was surprised that she'd gone from being shy to this open. I think she thought she was going to wet right there and wanted to prepare me to cover for her. I whispered "Get Jamie's mom to stop at McDonald's", but she shook her head. Now that she'd told me, she finally started to hold herself and rock. Then Jamie's mom asked me who she should drop off first, me or Ashley, and I said Ashley. Jamie said, "Hurry up then because you're going to have to double back and now I really have to pee." I looked at her back but she wasn't rocking like Ashley. We stopped at Ashley's house and she jumped out of the van and ran to her doorstep. I noticed the wet spot on her jeans had grown to about the size of a golf ball. When she got to her door she remembered she had to get her key out of her bag. As she looked for it, she wriggled and squirmed and pee danced even though we could all see her. I think she had started to wet her pants by then. Jamie's mom said "Looks like Ashley has to go pretty bad, too," and Sara said "She did for a while I think. She drank a Super Gulp", so I realized they had noticed after all. Jamie said "She should have just gone if she had to go that bad," and her mom said "Sometimes you think you can make it and then you realize you can't. I hope she makes it in time." I pretended not to hear them. Finally Ashley got the door open and shot inside, no doubt running for the toilet. Jamie's mom dropped me off. The next day I was at Ashley's and Jamie came over, and in talking about the night before said "I had a long pee when I got home. I really had to go. Man, that was good relief! How about you, Ashley?" Ashley ignored her. Jamie pressed, "Didn't you have to pee like, super bad?" Ashley said "No" and looked embarassed. I sensed it was a test and so I said "Yeah you did, remember?" She gave me a dirty look then seemed to realize my point and said "Yeah I did." Jamie said "Did you make it to the toilet?" Ashley blushed and said "Of course." I wondered if she really did. Jamie said "Good. One time I was so bursting in a math exam I had to ask permission to leave or I would have peed all over the floor, so I know how you felt" and then she dropped the subject.

Inspired by all of your stories, I decided to try to make my BM more interesting. I had been putting off the urges for quite some time (since yesterday or before) and when the urge hit me about 10 minutes ago, I wasn't sure that I could ignore it anymore... So, I went into the bathroom and decided to stand while pooping and catch it in toilet paper in my hand. As the first piece began sliding out, I started peeing too. I tried to move the toilet paper, but it still got wet and fell apart. So, I resorted to squatting over the toilet (that is, I would stand on the toilet seat, then squat down with my feet on the seat, my knees bent and my chin resting on my knees). I finished in that way. Not a very exciting BM as far as BMs go. First piece, 5-6 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, followed by 4 or 5 more little pieces, each and inch long or less. Since I always have to pee after I get up off of the toilet from a BM, I tried very hard to squeeze out a few more drops, so I wouldn't have to make another trip in 2 minutes. But no more came out. So, I came back in here. Right before I logged on, I suddenly had to pee. Arg. That always happens. Since I just peed and pooped only about 5 minutes ago, I squeezed a little to see how bad I really had to pee and it suddenly squirted out into my panties. Not much, just a little dribble--a few drops. But still... Anyway, that's about it for tonight.

survey says:
how often to girls "squirt" or "dribble" in their panties, how visible is it?

ShortSkirt Girl. Interesting post about pooping in the office. Most of us can tell most of the time whether what's due to come out is solid, liquid or gas but occassionally we can be fooled. I've thought on a couple of occasions in the past that I could fart quite safely only to discover that I needed to pass more than wind and ended up following through.

dan. I agree. To parody G&S, 'the toilet's lot is not a happy one.'

Louise (from France). Peeing in a stairwell is not a course of action I would recommend but desperate situations call for desperate measures. Under the circumstances I think your friend did the right thing.

Hannah. Hi! I enjoyed your account of the accident in the porch after a long journey. I guess that sort of thing has happened to all sorts of people.

I don't know whether anyone else here saw it but there was an episode of 'Neighbours' earlier this week where one of the female characters was desperate for a pee and was doing a pee dance. In the event she made it to the bathroom though.

Best wishes to eveyone

No Name
I need help! I often poop about once a week and my poos are often quite hard and they always hurt! I am visting a friend for a week and if she finds out about my uniquness I am dead! What should I do??????

when i was in second grade we were out at recess this friend of mine(girl) said that she had to pee. not long after that her pants slowly started to soak. soon it was most of the way down her leg. i helped her hide it from the teacher because the teacher would get mad because she said that she should use the bathroom because it was cold outside.
has anyone ever had an accident on the elevator or while cheerleading.

Has anyone else noticed that when they pee their pants it happens in different ways? Here are a few ways I've experienced: 1. the slow release - losing little squirts over several minutes so that you end up eventually emptying your bladder
example - I was 7 or 8 years old and my dad, a jazz musician, took me by myself to watch a gig of his for the first time. I was all dressed up and trying to be really mature. By the time I'd been there for a couple of hours, I had to pee badly, but I was too shy to ask anyone where the bathrooms were. I snuck out and walked around for a bit and finally saw the door with the lady on it, but when I went in, it was one of those bathrooms with an outer powder room and the toilets past another door, and I didn't realize this and thought I would have no choice but to hold it until I got home. By the end of the show, my need was extremely urgent and I was rocking and squirming in my chair while trying to maintain my decorum. The ride home was about an hour and my dad sat in the front and me in the back. I still couldn't bring myself to tell him how much I needed to pee, so I sat there holding myself tightly knowing he couldn't see. However, a few minutes into the ride, a squirt of urine escaped into my panties. I frantically held myself and rocked until it stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief, but a couple of minutes later, the same thing happened. I kept stopping the flow with my hand but I kept squirting. By the time we got home, my hand was wet, I had finished peeing and I realized I didn't have to go any more. I was worried about being caught, but a lot of the pee had soaked into the seat and no-one seemed to notice I had wet my pants, so I just threw my clothes in the laundry and didn't do anything about the car seat.
2. release in a few big gushes
example - I was 16 and flying to Brasil with my family (where my parents are from.) The plane was delayed in taking off and by the time we got in the air, I had drunk tea which always makes me really have to pee, but we couldn't take off our seatbelts. Before the seatbelt sign went off, I fell asleep. I woke two or three hours later absolutely bursting, but they were serving dinner and the aisles were blocked by flight attendants and their carts. I accepted my meal and drink although I had to pee so urgently I couldn't think about anything else. I had a blanket on my lap and so I held myself under it and tried not to wriggle around too much as I didn't want my family to know what was going on. Halfway through dinner, I couldn't hold it anymore and I felt my labia open and a big rush of urine come out. I managed to stop it but a minute or so later there was another stream. Being quick thinking, I deliberately spilled my tray and drink into my lap and acted surprised as the third and last gush ran out of me. The flight attendants came to help me clean up and I was able to go to the restroom, clean up, rinse my clothes and change into the extra outfit in my carry on luggage, and wipe the seat without anyone being any the wiser (I hope). I was shocked that I had peed my pants at 16 years old as that hadn't happened to me in a while.
3. release in one big gush that isn't expected
example - I was about 8 or 9 and my uncle took me, my siblings and my cousins to the park. After a while I was aware that I had to pee but I didn't feel that desperate so I thought I'd be OK until I got home. I was running across the grass when all of a sudden, all my urine shot out of me in a tide that so surprised me I didn't even try to stop it. Although I hadn't felt that I was bursting, there was a lot of it and the volume of it felt hard against my panties. Again, no-one seemed to notice. As I was wearing a skirt, most of it ran down my legs and into the grass.
4. release in one big gush that is expected
example - I was 24 and singing one of my first professional gigs in a strange city. After drinking a lot of water, I ran out to find a drug store and somehow got completely and inexplicably lost. I was wandering around this city absolutely desperate to pee. It was one of the most desperate urges I've ever felt in my life. After a while I gave up on finding my hotel and decided to find a ladies' room first, but as it was late, most places were locked and others wouldn't let in non-customers. After an hour or so of futility, I ended up in a walkway seriously contemplating peeing on the ground in a corner because I was bursting so badly I kept crossing my legs and scrunching down, and was really embarassed that people might see me. I finally decided to take the elevator and see if I could find somewhere better to go. In the elevator, I danced while holding myself with both hands, but I could feel that I was going to lose it soon. Finally the dam broke and a blast of urine escaped and just kept coming no matter how much I held myself and danced and crossed my legs. Just then the elevator doors opened and I saw a ladies' room down the hall but it was too late - I was soaked. I went in there, cleaned up as much as I could and eventually found my way back to my hotel totally embarassed.
5. release in a few small, slow squirts and then one or two big gushes
My first freshman semester in college, when I was 17, I went to a dance party thing at a nightclub with my 21 year old new boyfriend, where minors could go but weren't supposed to be served alcohol. Halfway through the night, I had to pee but was having fun so I didn't go immediately. When it got bad enough to necessitate going, there was a long line. While standing fidgeting in it, some cops burst in the door looking for minors drinking and made everyone go upstairs while they checked ID. Luckily I hadn't been drinking, but it took them at least an hour to check and I was dying to pee the whole time. I was sitting on the very edge of my bar stool with crossed legs shifting around, and so my boyfriend could tell I urgently had to pee so I had to tell him. He was very considerate. A lot of other people had to go too and he asked the cops to let us, but they wouldn't because they were scared of us sneaking out. Finally they let us go and we called a taxi but it took a long time to come. I was trying to maintain my dignity in front of my boyfriend but I was so desperate that I started first pacing up and down, then crossing my legs and scrunching down and finally doing a little pee dance in order to prevent wet pants. My boyfriend tried to distract me by kissing me, but while he was doing that, I took advantage of him not noticing and started holding myself. After a while, he did notice and he helped me to hold myself tightly with his hand while continuing to kiss me. That helped a little but I was still uncomfortable. When he asked me if he could do anything else, I blurted out that it would help if I could sit down, so he leaned against the wall and offered me his lap. I was so desperate that I actually straddled his knee and rocked and bounced up and down like a baby, too grateful for the relief of the pressure on my bladder to be embarassed. I think he was getting a kick out of all of this as he didn't seem to mind or be embarassed. Finally the cab came and I could sit down and hold myself and squirm around all I wanted. When we were almost back to my dorm, some small squirts started coming out in one or two minute intervals. I didn't say anything, just held myself tighter using two hands. My boyfriend was talking to me trying to distract me. By the time I got out of the cab, I could already feel that my pants had a wet spot from the squirts. My boyfriend walked me to the door and left quickly so I could run up the stairs to my room and the bathroom. Halfway up the stairs, another squirt started but this time it didn't stop and I stood there and peed myself leaving a huge puddle on the stairs. I tried to sneak past my roommate, but she saw my wet clothes and I had to swear her to secrecy. I told my boyfriend later that I had made it. That time I had held it for a long time - I peed before leaving home around 8.30 and by the time I wet my pants it was after 3.30, and I had been drinking a lot of water as the club was hot.
6. release that you partially allow because you're tired of holding it
This hasn't happened much - I usually fight to the bitter end - but once or twice I let go and peed myself because I had to go so bad it hurt and I was tired of holding on. Once I was driving to a gig, it was a couple of years ago so I was 25, 26. It was a holiday and no gas stations were open, plus I really didn't want to stop, and after driving most of the day and drinking water as it was hot, I was really, really bursting. Finally after hours of holding it - it had got so bad I was shifting constantly back and forth in the seat holding myself with one hand down my unbuttoned pants and the other was on the wheel - I saw a gas station with an open sign. I got out of the car with my pants still open and sprinted for the restrooms for dear life, and was horrified to see a long line of women from a bus dancing and fidgeting discreetly in line. I decided to get back in my car and wait till they had left, where I could hold myself openly rather than try to be decent in line. I held myself and rocked and rocked like a madwoman, but the line was moving so slowly and I was just too desperate. I had been holding my pee since the early morning and it was now late evening. I was in a lot of pain from holding it so long. No-one could see me so I decided to pee in one of my empty water bottles, but when I tried it, the neck was too small and the pee too big and it began to run everywhere. I used my hand to stop the flow, but then I thought, why? I was alone and I had a suitcase of clothes and toiletries in my trunk, so finally I grabbed some newspapers and plastic bags that were in my back seat, sat on them and took my hand off my crotch and stopped moving. After a few seconds, the flow began again and I made no attempt to stop it as I was so relieved. I waited until the bus left and then I went into the restroom and cleaned up.
7. release under pressure
example - I was 8 years old or so and I took a 3-hour dance class. One day the teacher was in a bad mood and wouldn't let anyone out to use the restroom - not that I would have asked anyway as I was so shy about having to go. As a result, there were long lines in the one break, and I hung back and didn't get a chance to go. By the end of the class, I was extremely desperate and was squirming around pulling on my leotard so that its tightness would hold my crotch, crossing my legs, continuing to move after the teacher said stop. The last thing we did was a free interpretative dance of 5-10 mins, and mine was made up of me jumping and walking around crossing one leg over the other or scrunching down and bending over with crossed legs and sitting on the floor with my heel in my crotch waving my arms. By the time class got out, all I could think of was running to the restroom. My discomfort was so obvious that a couple of girls commented that they knew I had to go and I instinctively denied it, so now I couldn't go and had to sit in the changing room straddling the bench and trying not to rock and waiting for them to leave so I could go. Suddenly, my mother came running in to pick me up and said we had to go right away, so, helplessly, I left. To my horror, we weren't going straight home but shopping. First, we went to buy me some clothes. In the changing room by myself, I squeezed and scrunched and held so that I could stand still for a few seconds when I came out to show her the clothes. Finally, we left, but then my mother wanted to get groceries. I would rather have died than tell her I was desperate, so I moaned and groaned about wanting to go home but she said no. In the grocery store, I kept squatting down to sit on my heel while pretending to get cans for my mother. Then she had one more stop to make. I was holding myself in the back seat and felt that I would pee if I let go, so I asked her to let me wait in the car. She did and I held myself, rocked, sat on my heel, went back to holding myself with my legs crossed over my hand. Finally my mother came and we went home and I was still miraculously dry. However, back then we only had one bathroom between all the people in the house, and my brother was in it having a long poop. I ran to my bedroom and sat on the bed on my heel rocking. After a while, I jumped up and stood in front of my door holding myself with both hands and jumping up and down. All of a sudden, all my urine shot out of me. It was under so much pressure that it shot out horizontally and sprayed the door in fine droplets like a hose, spraying the door from top to bottom with a hissing sound for well over a minute. I kept jumping and holding but it kept spraying. I watched it fascinated, too amazed to be scared or embarassed. When I had finished, neither my hand nor my clothes or the carpet were the least bit wet - the urine was under so much pressure from having to go so badly and my leotard and tights so tight that it had bypassed them completely and all I had to do was wipe the door.
8. partial release in a few squirts, then the rest gets down deliberately in a toilet or toilet substitute
the vast majority of my accidents are of this type, from childhood to this day. Sometimes if I'm really desperate and have been holding it for a while, spurts of pee will start leaking into my pants but I'll get control of myself by holding myself, pacing, crossing my legs, bending over etc. and manage to hold most of it until I can find a place to go, but my pants will be pretty wet.
Times this happened-
8 years old riding a horse - as the horse bounced squirts of pee came out into my shorts but I held some of it until I got off and ran to a restroom
8 years old on a church picnic when I refused to use the bathroom when told and then had something to prove - I was losing squirts but stopped them by sitting on my heel at the picnic and holding myself in the car on the way home and there was some left for the toilet
a few times in school between the ages of 6 and 11 or so - I would start peeing myself waiting for a break but would spread my legs and prss into the chair or cross my legs and balance on the end of the chair until it stopped, then finish at break
in school at 13 years during an exam - I was really desperate but too shy to ask the proctor to let me out so I squirted quite a bit during the test
on family vacation in Brasil at 14 when we were driving in a bad area and had nowhere to stop - I wet the seat quite a bit but finished in a toilet when we finally stopped
in college at 18 while skiing - it took a while to get back to the chalet
in college at 21 on the bus with my friend when we both really had to go on the way home
in a performance at 24 when I was desperate to leave the stage but obviously couldn't - by the time I made it to the dressing room there was a wet spot on my gown (I've had a few other close calls in performance)
on a plane at 10 or 11 when I started peeing into the seat but cut myself off and went to the restroom
in my car last summer at 27 when there was nowhere to stop
in Europe during college at 21 when there was nowhere to go and I was walking along bursting so badly I started to lose little drops - luckily we found a McDonald's before it all came out
There are plenty more times like this! Often I'll hold it for a really, really long time and finally get a chance to go and just as I'm walking into the bathroom or am in the stall undressing, my body will pre-empt me and start to go - I have to stop it with my hand and finish in the toilet.
Anyone else have experiences like this? Diva

JJ -- Oh yes, I've missed the paper once or twice when squatting! I did a bend-over standing poop today, nothing special, just a bit of fun. I sat to wipe and to ensure I was properly emptied. Your GF's 'half-squat' sounds interesting, more control than trying to squat on the seat. I could never do that, I have nothing like the sense of balance it would take!

Speaking of squatting on the seat, there's a movie scene with this -- the 1972 Bruce Lee fight-film Way of the Dragon. Bruce plays a Chinese country boy who has come to Rome to help relatives who run a restaurant and are being menaced by the mob. He goes to the loo and doesn't close the door -- you see he's squatting on the seat, i.e., the character has never seen a western-style toilet before! (He really needs to go -- not speaking English or Italian, he accidentally ordered five bowls of soup at the airport restaurant, and manfully ate them all!)

Re your girlfriend's control -- I remember once as a young girl being interested to see what my turd looked like as it came out, so I half-expelled, got up and walked into my bedroom, then turned to a mirror and admired myself "brown-tailed" for a while. Then I pushed it out a bit more just for fun, then pulled it partially back inside -- I can still hardly believe I had the ability to do that! Then I walked back, sat down and finished off. I was about six at the time.

Even more amazing is her total lack of inhibition -- you're lucky to have a partner who is so open!

CARMALITA -- hugs, mi amiga. I'm so sorry to hear Jake has finally stepped out of your life, but if it was inevitable then ... Have a hug, dear. Ah, but what self-entertainment you do stage-manage! Your morning dump with Nu was sheer art! Your ability to expell product dwarfs my own -- sure I've done a few lengthy bits in my time, and filled the bowl more than few times, but I'm usually done in a minute or so! You'd probably laugh if you saw my product (though I'd hope you'd be charitable and merely encourage me to more gallant efforts!)

Yup, saliva -- it's a great lubricant, body-temp, slippery. I started using it when I had my chronic constipation episode about when I was coming onto puberty (I've often wondered if hormonal changes helped block me up so bad) and never stopped. It's saved many a sore bottom since then. I used to get so sore at that time that my Mom used to put soothing ointment onto my anus for me, and I realised it was the roughness of the paper on already enflamed tissues that was at least partially to blame. Saliva also has a natural antiseptic property, so that helps too. Of course, if I have diarhoea after about the fourth opening I'm sore no matter what, and use ointment as well, but at least lubricated paper is less painful to wipe with.

Wishing I could poop with you,

PV in Aus

Thus site is hilarious! I cannot believe so many people have so much to say about taking a shit!!!!

To Lurker : I do not think you would like me very much !!! But thats too bad!!! I have a natural curiosity about seeing people on the pot. I do not know why, I just do. I try to be discreet so nobody sees me so usually I look for bathrooms with mirrors or reflective tiles or stalls with holes in them. If all else fails I stand up since I am 6 feet 5 or so. Lots of dudes have seen me but never got angry some even have laughed and started conversations with me. I even made a few friends that way. Dont be such a prude, life is kinky, as Dieter would say!

To K: Enjoyed your story

To HJ Terakon: I'd use the dry paper and wait till i got home and rewipe with better paper
To Linda: Liked your camping story
To Ben: Welcome..that sounds cool...i sometimes go on cam for others
To Mike: sounds like a big poop
On tuesday and wed. i had been farting a lot...after work on wed night later on i was here and i started having to poop. I got off and went to was a nice firm log, i was taking my time, i hardly pushed, i just tried to let it slide out. I had a 8 inch log come out.then after that i wiped and i didn't feel then i pooped a little more and wiped again. Then in the morning(next day) i pooped again but it was much softer and chunkier..then it was the same thing last night when i pooped for the 2nd time yesterday.
well i gotta run bye

Morning,poopers-had a great feeling dump this home,as soon as i got up this morning i had some serious cramps,in fact,the cramps woke me up and I knew it was time to go to the bowl,so i walked briskly to the bathroom in just my Pj bottoms and took them off as i sat on the bowl.The 1st thing i did was pee like a racehorse-I pee a lot when i first get up and this was no different as i peed for a good minute or 2 and as i'm peeing,the cramps are really uncomfortable,but i feel no pressure in my rectum,but i wanted to push anyway and as i'm nearing the end of my peeing I started letting out a tremendous amount of gas with these long,dry farts that echoed in the bathroom-it was pretty amazing how much gas came out of my butt.I must have did about 10 of these long farts and man did it feel great as the cramps started to let up a bit but then i could start to feel my intestines start to got into overdrive as i could feel my anus start to dome out more and more with each fart that came out and then the farts got shorter and then i got a big cramp and let out a Pffffffffft soft fart as i could feel my asshole dome out and open up as a few balls of hard poop ploped into the bowl and then it quickly got softer as I started letting out ropes of soft excrement that just ploped,ploped ploped into the bowl with a lot of crackling and it sped up ending with a lot of loose poop that exploded into the toilet as i let out a big moan of relief-man did that feel super!!I think it was one of those system purge dumps that I get once in awhile.Then i just sat on the bowl with my anus still open and domed as i felt more working it's way down as i pushed a bit and i let out a small hisssing fart and then pt 2 that just came out pretty fast with a lot of wet farts as i just sat there with my eyes closed totally focused on my exploding asshole-god it felt great as i just let it all out.Then after a few spasms,i finally felt done as i peed a bit more and at the same time i let out some more loose stuff and ended it all with a long- wet fart.It felt soooo good of couse i had to have some fun and then ,feeling totally relieved,got some wet wipes and it was quite a messy wipe too,so i decided to just jump into the shower and jusy before i flushed i looked in the bowl just to see a lot of brown water with a few long skinny turds wrapped around the was the full gamut of poop in that bowl-had to flush twice to get it all down.I think i really needed that dump cause i felt so energetic.Man the best things in life are truelly free and That felt sooo great to dump like that!!
Some responses--TO BEN-No there's nothing wrong with you-we're just different than most people!Hey enjoy yourself-some years ago I videotaped both me and this nurse friend dumping both on the bowl and out in the woods.It's over an hour of us doing all kind of pooping and peeing! Every once in awhile I pull this tape out and watch it.Of course I love watching this nurse dump her great loads,but i also enjoy watching myself poop on the tape too-there's something cool about watching my butthole open up and pooping-that's why sometimes i watch myself poop with a mirror-I don't know why i enjoy it,but I do so don't worry-be a steven spielberg-,just enjoy!
TO MEL &ASH-love your stuff!keep it up!
TO MIKE-To answer your question about the longest poop i did,I guess i've done a few that approached 2 feet-i love doing those long ones out in the woods where i can enjoy looking at my work!To me the long ones feel the best coming out,don't you think?
Great stories,all --stay warm!! BYE

Dan H
to unnamed poster who posted about the country song- the song is called "I Love This Bar" and Toby Keith sings it, i posted on it back when it first came out.

em dubya
Hi everyone! I have some time, so here's some feedback

Sarah**-Ya, sometimes my crack sweats. I've also noticed that right where my tailbone sticks out usually gets sweats 2.

ShortSkirt Girl-Great post! Sure, blame it on theaccounting guy ;) I dodn' think i could get the courage to poop like that. Keep the posts coming!

Carmilita-Great post! Sounds like that was a long poo session. Please keep posting!

Louise-that would b a relieving experience. i'd probably b nervice to if i was peeing in an even semi-public place like a stairwell. Keep posting please!

Ariana-hehe bummer for your sister. good post. Please post some more.

Andy-woah, major poop mess. sucks to b the janitor. Good post, though. please post more!

Mel D.-Your post was great, as usuall. Sounds like a vacation. Please post again soon!

Mark L.-O bummer for that kid and even more so for the girl that got soaekd for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Good post, please post more.

JJ-It is interesting to learn about different people's pooing habits. Please post more.

Hannah-Great post! Sounds like that pair of panties got shot up. You said something about diapers...could u please post more about that?

Christine-that was so lame of that person! good post, though. Please post some more!

Ash D.-u and ur sis have some of the bests posts! Great story about ur hike. Please post again soon!

eli-O man, bummer about the eating contest. I'd never want to do that and by the sounds of it, u don't want to again either. Good post, please keep them coming!

Also, a lot of people have been posting about Barrington. I personally find it hard to believe that this person seriously did that. If he did, I admire his intentions but it does seem a bit much.

And in closing, here's a short story.

This weekend I was up where it's snowy staying in a big cabin with some people I know (and some I didn't.) There are outdorr bathrooms that are not too far away but in the snow, it is a hassel. There's one bathroom inside this big lodge, and I felt bad for it since it had to handle so many people. I also heard one little girl telling a man (that i assume to be her Dad) the her brother had pooped his pants. I didn't see it, though. I ate a lot over the weekend and I've only pooped a little bit so I think a big turd must be coming. I'll try to let u know what happens.

Well, that's it for now. Keep posting everyone!

Donnie C.
The country song "I Love This Bar" is by Toby Keith...who happens to be a major league a-hole. One of his other "hits" was something called "Beer For My Horse" -- what's next, flowers for his sheep? I'm not surprised he would show something like that in a video!

Country Video ( urinal scene ) To the Person Who wanted to know which Country Singer,had the new Video entitled " I Love This Bar" with the scene of th Woman standing at the urinal in the Mens Room? It is Country Singer Toby Keith. T.S. Michigan.

Liz- I liked your descriptive story

Christine- I feel sorry for you that had to be embarrasing, but you run track? I use to run cross country and track, and I do think that runners have the most shit stories of anyone else, I have heard of a few people that have Sh*t their pants running men and women. I have never heard of a 1000 yard race over hills before? So if you put eye drops in someones drink it gives them diarreah, I should do that to everyone I work with.

I use to have a really bad habbit of watching other women go to the bathroom. I remember one time my freshman year in highschool during the offseason, I would walk over to where my mom worked and do my homework in the library untill she came and picked me up, well this is where my watching habbit began, because there were a lot of public bathrooms all over the building in secluded places. There was this librarian that worked there female, about mid 30's, short brown hair, glasses, average build, I would see her and she would say hi to me and I would say hi back. Well one time I was hanging out with some people after school and I told them that I will walk in the womens bathroom, I did that and just acted like I didn't know and they couldn't believe that I did it. When I wen't in there I could see feet and I could see that it was the librarain in there, the bad thing is that she saw me and did kind of a "kamikaze" cough. My friends had to leave and a few minutes I went back in there, and she was still in there, and it didn't smell the first time but the second time it smelled really bad, she saw me through the crack and I saw her and she coughed again. I realized that I had screwed up because she saw me and knew that I was a peeping tom, I saw her leave after that, but after than incident I did my homework elsewhere and not in the library.

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