Hi guys, I have one reply to do for today......

To Alfreeda - whenever I eat chinese food, I also tend to have big poops the next day. My family eats chinese food maybe once every two weeks, and I always have a tough time pooping afterwards. After I'm finished though, the amount that I released is nothing to complain about. Sometimes my poop might even be a bit softer than regular after eating different variaties of "exotic" foods, but it doesn't bother me too much as long as it's not like reallyyyy mushy - ugh, hate that so much! Cool story nonetheless!!

The cold weather continues here, and we even had some snow yesterday [Sunday] afternoon. I woke up at like 8:30am yesterday morning I think, with a strong urge to pee. My little sister was already awake and I heard her going into the upstairs bathroom, so I waited and listened until she came out. I could have snuck into my parents' bathroom, but I didn't wanna wake them up so I layed in my bed for about 10 minutes later, until I was really desperate to pee. I got up and put some slippers on and knocked on the door of the bathroom. I heard the shower water running, but the door wasn't locked so I just invited myself in. I went over to the toilet and as soon as my naked butt collapsed onto the toilet seat, I felt my pee begin to flow out in a nice slow steady stream. It splashed in the water kinda noisily and my sister probably saw my reflection thru the glass and shouted, "Ariana what are you doing???" "I'm just peeing," I replied and once I was finished I wiped myself from where I had peed and flushed the toilet without thinking that the water would turn cold in the shower. Hahaha, my sister started screaming and I ran out of the bathroom laughing.

Later that morning she said that she'd "get me back" later, so I guess I'll have to wait to see what's in store for me.

Sorry if this isn't as exciting as most of the other posts here. Hope yOu all enjoy reading it anyways.........

there is this new video by some country singer...i dont like country but i was flipping channels and this video came on so i watched it. Its about this guy singing in a bar, and at one point some guy goes to take a piss and there is a girl standing at a urinal...supposedly pissisg....the words "I love this bar" were repeated a lot so that might be the name of the song. Dont know the singer...i think he had blond hair...and a cow boy hat..LOL

Hi, I've never posted before, but have been a long time reader, and finally decided to share some storeis of my own.
When I was in first grade, we had only one boys bathroom and one girls bathroom that were just small additions to the main room we did our every day activities in. Well, one day, I had the urge to take a major dump after lunch, so I headed to the baoys room. I tried the door, but just as I opened it an inch, another kid from inside it yelled for me to shut it cause he was in there. I shut the door but told him to hurry up cause I had to go bad. Well, he was taking his sweet ass time, and meanwhile I'm about to explode, so after what felt like forever I pounded on the door again, but just as I did that I felt a huge turd push its way out into my pants. Now I was pissed at the kid for making me crap my pants, so I just opened the door and went in with the intent to beat him to a pulp, but as I stepped in, I see the kid's pants on the floor with some nasty liquid shit in them. There was a few splats of it on the floor too, and smears of it all over the toilet seat. I looked to the kid and he was crying and told me to shut the door, so I did. I told him to stop crying, cause I'd had an accident too, and I pulled my pants down and showed him. He said what should we do, and I said try to clean up, so we both got toilet paper and tried to wipe ourselves. As I'm doing this and trying to figure out what to do with the turd in my pants, I got the urge to go again. There was no way in hell I was gonna sit on the toilet seat with all that crap on it, so I just squatted down where I was and pushed. A big rush of diarreha came out and spread all over the floor (I don't know, it might have looked really big cause I was just little). I looked up at the kid and he was watching me, and he said not to do that anymore cause it was making him have to go again. Then HE squats down, right in front of me, and I could see his anus open and a long rope of semi-soft poop started pumping out really fast. It coiled all over itself on the tiled floor, then the kid must have stopped pushing cause his anus pinched it off. All I could think now was how screwed me and this kid were for shitting on the floor. I felt another rumble going on down below, and then another wave of runny crap came out of me, but I was sure I was done so I stood up and went back to trying to clean up. The kid was still squatting, and he made a grunting noise, then more poop came out, but this time it was more goopey cause when it fell on the pile it sort of melted over it. A teacher finally showed up (maybe they'd noticed the smell?) and she screamed her head off at us, but helped us clean up and got the janitor to clean up the rest of the mess we'd made. At the school I was in, you always had a change of clothes, so we put those on afterwards. I never did remember the kid's name, and he left the school a few weeks later anyway cause his parents were moving.
Anyway, that's one of a few, I'll post another some other time.

To Dude:
Disney definitely did the needed work to those toilets. We've been there again since that story happened (we are annual passholders at Disney) and I don't even think the mightiest crap Bill or I might take would be a match for that pressure assisted toilet they have now. Instead of the toilet tank just filling up with water and gravity making it flow into the bowl, the new toilets have a black pressure tank inside of the main tank. When you flush it, the water goes rocketing into the bowl and practically liquefies even the solidest of turds. I call the new toilets Turdshredder toilets.



As you know, our family went away to the lake for a weekend, and it was quite eventful toilet wise. I've got a story for all of you, hope you enjoy it!

After having a big dinner on friday night, i went to bed with a full, bloated stomach. I woke up several times during the night with terrible cramps.Also i have this thing at night, if i have a tiny little amount of pee in me, i have to get it out otherwise i cant sleep, so everytime i woke up, i had to get up and squeeze a few dribbles into the toilet - very annoying.I finally got a few hours of sleep without waking up and when i did Dad was up having breakfast so i got up too. I tryed to eat breakfast, but i was still too bloated to eat. I needed to pee pretty bad so i went to the toilet. I opened the door and nearly got blown away by the smell - Dad had obviously been for his morning dump, it was horrible, i couldnt stand and couldnt hold my breath for the lenght of my pee so i just held it.

I could only wait ten miutes until i was busting for a pee. The toilet was still terrible, I only had one option left...Outdoor peeing! Sounded fun and i was busting, so i told dad i was going for a walk. I walked up the track we did on out hike the day before looking for a good spot to relieve my aching bladder and by this stage my throbbing bowels too. The best and first spot i could find was behind a huge rock with bushes around it. I was stil in pajama boxers, i took them right off and dropped them on the ground as i squatted with my hands resting on my knees and letting a forcful stream of clear pee. It splashed loudly and some got on my feet. I pee'd for about a minute and a half non stop. My endless stream finally stopped and i sighed in relief.

I didnt hav much time to enjoy the feeling, because straight away my asshole was begging for release. I tired to relax, but nothing was happening. I usually like to let it come out naturally but i had to strain to get things moving. I pushed hard and felt my hole open up a bit, i pushed harder but my hole only stretched more, nothing was coming out. I put my hand through my legs to feel my asshole. I touched it and felt a hard, warm turd waiting. I touched the edge of my asshole, it was stretched tight. I poked right next to my hole to move the turd a bit, nothing. In a normal situation like this, i would get some lubricant, but unfortunatley there wasn't any out there. I remembered seeing Mom with her hands pressing on her stomach and holding her breath while straining, i decided to try it. I put my back up against the rock, pressed against the lower part of my stomach, took a deep breath and pushed as hard as i could. It was actually working, i could feel it moving out of my stretched ass. I took one hand off my stomach and used it to spread one cheek open wide. I kept groaning and straining and the turd started to come out easier. At the end of the log it got some and oozed out, splashing in to the puddle of pee. I easily pushed out some softer, smaller logs that landed on top of the first giant one. I was done. I lightyly touched my asshole to see if it was dirty, it was, there was sticky poop on my finger, i wiped it on the rock. I had nothing to wipe my ass with so i just put my boxers back on and waited till i got back to the cabin.

The End

Love Mel.D


Mark L,
Awhile back I and my family traveled to a destination to attend a wedding. My wifes brother was getting married near where the bride lived so we made the trip, my own young 6 year old was the ring bearer. We finally get there after driving all day, about 7 hours, and even though we stopped, we all had go pee again when we arrived.
The directions to the church were poor and we had to so some searching and ask a few questions of the townfolk, but got there just in time.
No one had the chance to take a pee, we went in and and sat down, no one really having to go that bad in our party,

We got to get seated near the front with the other family across the way of the brides. Her one younger brother was sitting there in a nice gray suit and red tie with the parents. As the bride came down the asile and was given by her father I noticed then the boy about 11 was figiting in his pew and holding and grabbing his crotch off and on.As dad gives the bride away and gives a goodby kiss standing off to the side I see the boy again grabbing his crotch and squeezing hard. He was almost dancing in his pew, could not sit still.
The wedding continues, the vows exchanged and finally here comes the new married couple walking out down up the asile. Soon we get up to follow also, and we notice the boy as he gets up. He was wet in his crotch with wet streaks down is pantleg, he turned and his seat was soaked thru so wet even his underpants showed thru. He must have really had to pee, as this was a flood. Then the girl next to him followed him out the pew, she turned and her dress was wet in back.I though, hey did she wet her panties too? No it seems that Carl having to pee so bad let a flood loose that flooded the pew and his pee traveled in the recess in the seat under the party next to him soaking that girls pants too.
Finally the crowd cleared and the boy rushed into the toilet. I didnt see what happnened next, but the girl did get into a car to leave.
Here we all are with a party of 7 including a young lad all needing to pee when we arrived and we had held on ok. Apparently the boy was in greater need and could not hold it and wet his pants

This was not the only church wetting Ive ever seen, how about all you readers out there you have any stories of wettings in the church?

I know that many times during confirmation which took forever that you would expect to have one or more kids or older teens with accidents The pastorwould bring in the group well after srvices started so they wouldnt have to sit there so long..........

PV -- I gave it a second thought, and I agree with you and Rizzo. We all wipe our butts one way or the other, and hopefully wash our hands afterwards. Laws of cleaning after your pet exist in most socialized countries, yet it doesn't say that picking up turds is something that i love doing in my free time..LMAO.
Left hand BTW, is used in the 3rd world because THEY DON'T WIPE -- THEY WASH. In rural areas there is no toilet paper in the stall, but instead they have a faucet and small bucket which you use to wash your bottom with your bare hand! Soap in public restrooms in these areas is quite rare also...

I think that the "office blond" didn't have any health problem that led her using this odd technique. It is either what her mom showed her, (like my GF) or something she developed herself. She's an untimate germophobic, I noticed that she's even using a tissue to open the cubicle's door. I think that her method is an improvement over your method of putting TP on the floor and dumping on it. Somtimes your load can be bigger than the TP you laid on the floor which can cause a mess. In her way she splits her load into portions that she can handle with her hand and get rid of them one-by-one..No mess at all. To the bystander it looks like a chocolate bars production line..

Some girls do develop odd ways to avoid contact with the toilet for BM. One GF of mine used to stand on the toilet seat then squat. Another one, used to put just one foot of her on the toilet seat and leave the other on the floor. This one used to push the hugest and stinkiest turds I've ever seen in my life...When she semi-squats like that, her butt is about 1.5 ft above the bowel. One day I saw her pushing a rope that its tip was way below the toilet rim while it was still coming out of her ass. I found out about her ways when one day she used toilet at my house. I heard her crying and moaning so loud that I opened the door to see what happend.

I think that Kirkland will get out of business when my GF passes Everytime she uses the toilet, you can say goodbye to a rain forest.. This is why she flushes in between her loads because any toilet will be clogged by the amounts of tp she's using.
She does have excellent control because she can talk to me while hovering and adjusting her stream, while pulling TP and rolling it on her hand...One day she called me because she ran out of TP. She was standing there with her turd half way out, and she needed the TP to throw to the toilet to avoid backsplash. I went to the other bathroom to bring her some rolls. When I came back she was still standing there, turd half way out.. She got the TP, gave a push to get it moving and snap her butt like she always does.

JJ -- I'd have to agree with Rizzo in that the lady in your building is in fact being very clean, she catches her turds in paper and presumeably washes her hands thoroughly afterward also. Here in Australia we have local council laws that require dog owners to clean up after their pets in public, an that's done by picking up the turds in a sealable plastic bag, which is pretty similar when you think about it. And everyone who has a dog is obliged to! Oh, and Rizzo, the LEFT hand is traditionally used in parts of the Third World to wipe one's rear -- the right hand is for eating with!

Your "office blond" certainly has a complicated technique -- I wonder how it evolved? Just for fun or if she has a practical reason? I mean, maybe a dislocated hip at some time that left her with a joint that hurt like hell if it was pressed to a hard toilet seat, and to get around it she started doing it a whole different way and just never stopped? Her wiping technique is exactly the same as mine, I always clean inside first, moist then dry off. Your GF's technique is just about the most unusual I've ever heard of, though! She must have amazing control too! I'm tempted to try it, just for fun. Personally, though, I'm frugal with paper and pride myself on a thousand-sheet roll lasting for weeks and weeks. A normal poop with firm texture calls for only a few sheets, so your GF's massive wads are bemusing!

hey Zip, have you ever tried a stall with a door? Marie

Hey Everyone. If you've read Mattpee's posts lately, I'm his girlfriend that he talks about. Sadly Matt's gone over to Iraq so I'll be keeping you informed about our little circle of friends while he's gone. Now onto the story.
I was walking around Target with Julie shopping a couple of days ago when she got a mortified look on her face. I asked if she was ok. "I'm fixing to crap" she said. "so just go in your pants" i suggested. She said she couldn't because she was wearing new red silk thong she had just bought. I rushed her to the bathroom. Once we got there and she went she said she was okay and didn't have to go anymore. On the way home all of a sudden I had to pee very bad. Normally I would have just peed right there but this was Matt's Sebring that he had a fit over if one drop of pee hit the floor. By the time we pulled into the drive way iwas fixing to explode. When reached the front door my bladder couldn't take it anymore. I let loose ont he front porch. I totally soaked my leopard print panties. After I stepped in side I realized I had to poop. Julie came in to see a buldge apperaring in the bback of my pants. From now on if it ake the sebring I'm wearing a diaper. Love Hannah

Hey, my name's Christine. I don't usually say anything in these things, I just read them, but something happened that I wanna tell and think I have the duty to. Alright. Last season. We were at a track meet, getting warmed up, and someone (i didn't know this at the time), put eye drops in my water. If you've ever experienced or heard about this, it creates extreme cramping and horrible diarrhea. Well anyway, we killed about 2 hours, then we had to go to do warm ups. It was about 70 or 80 degress out, I was pretty hot but it wasn't horrible. I was in my track uniform, it was like a spandex bathing suit with holes for your legs. Anyway, we were running, and I started to get some stomach cramps. If you wanna picture me, I've got dark eyes, dark hair, pretty tan, about 110, 5-9. I got some cramps, but I just figured they would pass. We were running a 1000 yard dash through hills for the meet. Well anyway, we got done practicing, so we were getting ready to race. Well we started off strong, and about 100 yards into I had to fart. I farted but slimmy slippery shit oozed out into my crack in my suit. I started to panic thinking someone would see me. That was the least of my worries. About another 50 yards and a wave of stomach cramps hit me so hard I had to walk! They were almost making me double over. My teammates were running past me yelling "whats the matter christine!" I was in agony. Suddenly I had to shit. And shit bad!! I started running again, but another wave of cramps hit me, and the running made it even worse. I had an explosion of diarrhea right into my crack and it ran down the back of my shorts! It was god awful! Everyone would see me! I was hot, my suit full of shit, shit dripping down my legs into my socks! it was horrible. I made it back to the finish line without further incident, but everyone was staring at me. I was still cramping horribly, and it took every muscle in my ass to keep more shit from flying out. My coach was yelling at me while I was walking to the porto-potties. I got in, had to take off part of my suit which was disgusting. I had to sit on the toilet and shit my brains out some more. After about 20 minutes of pure primal diarrhea, I got my shitty suit back on, started driving home. Suddenly in the middle of the way(It was a long drive), I knew it was coming again. There was a big cramp, and a little shit started slidding out. Then I said what the hell, why not let it go. I let it go. That was my mistake. I didn't just let a little go like I thought, I let a torrent of shitty, wattery, chunky, stinky smelling mass into my track uniform, which already was way past it's loading capacity. It started leaking out in my seat, it was horrible. I went home, shit again in the toilet this time(thank god) before I changed. Went to bed, shit some more, went to bed, listened to the gossip monday at school. It sucked horribly.

Hi Ppl,

I have a question.... Can any1 giva a list of movies that been released last year (2003) which have scenes of girls/woman having a dump, diarrhea, stomachache(after bad food) ?

Hey Guys!

Havent posted for a while. Our Family went away for the weekend. We went to a lake a few hours away and stayed in our friends cabin, with the lake all to ourselves. There were several bathroom related incidents through out the trip.

The lake is pretty much surrounded by bush land, so we decided to go on a hike. Dad, being the lazy fathere he is, stayed at the cabin to watch the cricket. So, just a girl's hike then. We went just after lunch. But that morning, since we were on holiday we spoiled ourselves to a huge cooked breakfast with heaps of OJ and stuff. None of us even thought about going to the toilet before we left, which was quite fortunate actually, otherwise we wouldnt of had so much fun...

We set off on our trip, about 30 mins in to it i was the first to break.
The juice had made its way to my bladder and started filling it. I told Mom and Mel i had to pee and they agreed it was time for a pee stop too. We found a little cleared out area, good for peeing. I was busting, so i just ripped my pants down, squatted and let it rip. It was really yellow and really strong and fast.It splashed into the dusty ground below and sprayed my shoes with pee mud. I was so distracted by my relief i didnt even notice Mom and Mel and finished peeing and were drip drying. They pulled there pants up and watched me finish peeing. I didnt worry about drying, just pulled thong and pants up and started walking again.

We managed to walk for about another 45 mins before Mom suggested we stop again. I quickly said "Good Idea!" because i had the biggest urge to poop. I had stuggled to walk the last few minutes, i had a big pain in my stomach. Mom had her hand on her ass and wandered around looking for a good spot. She had that really desperate whininh voice saying "I gotta poop, I gotta poop!". I soon had my hand on my ass too as i felt a hard turd press againt my asshole. Mel stood there watching us. I found a nice spot behind a tree to go, Mom took a tree next to me. Mom squatted down before i did. she moaned instantly and i looked below her as a big, dark, dry turd dangled out of her. It dropped and she moaned. I tried to keep watching, but i had to get my pants down and do my own poop. I pulled my pants and thong right off and squatted. I dribbled a bit of pee, before a slight crackling sound came from my ass and a thick, hard turd squeezed out, it stretched my hole past comfort zone and i groaned as it got thicker. I finally got past the thickest bit, the turd touched the ground as it was still coming out, it broke in hald and rustled on to the leaves. I pushed hard and did some little farts, but nothing else came out. I picked up a leaf to wipe my ass, i wiped, nothing on it, so i pulled my pants back up. I looked down at Mom, she hadn't dropped anymore logs. She was groaning and had her hands pressing against her stomach. She groaned really loud, then held her breath and pushed really hard. A huge dry turd moved slowly out her ass, her face was red and she was still holding her breath. the turd was really fat, but quite short, it exploded out of her ass with a fart and she moaned and panted loudly. She stood up and looked at her load and said "Wow! I feel better!" It was a huge dump. Without notice she bent over and spread her cheeks and asked if she has a dirty hole, there was a little bit of hair, but it was clean.

We continued our hike and stopped once more to pee. When we got home (about 6:00pm) Mel raced to the toilet. I followed and listened. She exploded with farting and huge fast splashes and lots of moaning. I was gettin very into it, when Dad came up behind me and scared me, he yelled "ASH!" I jumped around and felt really embarassed that he knew what i was doing, but he didnt, he just said "How was ur hike? You guys were out for ages, bet u really gotta pee now, huh?" I smiled and said "Yeah, I'm busting." He walked off and so did i, i went to My room. Later that night Mel came in and sat down. She asked me if i was listening to her when she went to the toilet. I nodded and thought i was gunna cop it, but she laughed and said "Cool, i almost shit my pants on the hike." We talked for a while then had dinner.

The End

More stuff happened the next day, Mel Might post later about it.

Love Ash.D


Thanks to everyone who comments on Our posts, much appreciated, keep the feedback comin.

JW in reference to a stubburn turd, I find rocking in a circular motion helps release it.

You would not believe it. I finished third in the chicken wing eating contest Friday night!!! Oh my GOD. I will never do that again. Saturday was spent exploding into the toilet. Its amazing how awful I felt. I did not know whether to stand up or sit down. I could not really puke but after a few hours I was crapping like a buzzsaw. I did not care who was next to me, who was around me or who was watching me. All I wanted to do was pump this shit out of my butt! Never again!

new girl
To Barrington--you say calfornia motorists are the rudest in the country. Perhaps you don't realize that you fall into this category. who do you think you are, deciding who needs to pee or poop in what order? your triage system was nothing more than an excuse to pee before anyone alse. You are one of the most pompous people i havve heard, and i'm sure everyone on this site feels the same way. It was most definitely not "benevolent" of you "to offer the other patrons a solution to the problem." Congratulations to the woman who refused to tell you that "You have no right to tell these people what to do"--she is quite right. and if you "think that all of the patrons were genuinely appreciative" of your system, you have another think coming. Here's a tip--next time, mind your own business.

TO EVERYONE ELSE: great stories! keep them coming. But can we post more pee stories? Tim and Sarah, i especially like yours.

if anyone could come up with a list of movies with good female bathroom scenes that would be so cool. i donno what it is about girls pooping but its so hot, if any guys need tips on how to get thier girlfreinds to let them watch i have a few good ideas, my last 3 girlfreinds have let me watch if that means anything. thanks everyone

Hi Ppl,

I have a question.... Can any1 giva a list of movies that been released last year (2003) which have scenes of girls/woman having a dump, diarrhea, stomachache(after bad food) ?

at school today we went out for recess and i sat down on the slide and it was wet, my whole but was soaked. everyone laughed and said i peed my pants. i had to sit in class the whole day with a wet but. it was almost the end of class for the day and i really had to pee since my but was still soaked i decided to just let it go. except it ran off my seat and on the floor, the kid behind me saw it an laughed then the whole class saw i was dripping all over the floor and laughed, the techer said what are you doing and i said i had an accident, she told me to go to the nurse. i just went home insted since class was almost over. mom was mad and tried to spank my but but it ws wet so she stopped and sent me to my room. i wont try that again.

Back in business. I walked into the student center bathroom after my am coffee this morning to a symphany of moaning and groaning along with an orchestra of farts and crackles. I sat down in the far left stall since that was the only one that was not occupied and let loose with my own addition to the Delaware Harmonic!!! It felt good. On to class and did not have to go anymore, halleluya!

em dubya
Hi everyone! Yesterday I had a nice poop. Here's what happend.

I'd been holding it for a while but I finally decided I had to go. I went into my bathroom, pulled my jeans and underwear to my ankles, and sat down. With very little pushing, a big turd just slid out. I pushed another small piece out and felt empty so I stood to take a look. The main turd was big enough that it touched the bottom and about 2 or 3 cms of it stuck out of the water. I wiped only once since it came out so easily, then flushed. Sadly, it didn't flush, just filled the bowl fith water then slowly drained. After flushing several more times, I got part of the turd to break off and spin in the water. I poored some more water in from a cup and tryed again. That made it go all the way down so that only a little water is in the bottom. I'm gonna keep working on it today, and I hope it clears. I really should look into gettinga nother toilet for the bathroom I often use, or maybe I shold just go upstairs to another bathroom. O well, the dump felt good. That's all for now. Keep posting everyone!

To Smelly: Liked your story...that was kinda of funny...was that lady in your party or another? I liked your dream too
To em dubya: Loved your story
To Alfreeda: Liked your story....was it loose? i hate chinese poops, so i don't eat chinese food
To Steven: Loved your mentioned an itchy butt, i sometimes get that especialy if i been at work pooping and i use that cheap paper...i think its cheap paper in general that makes us itchy.
To kelly: Loved your story
To Ariana: Welcome...i liked your story
To Carmalita: Liked your big was that dump?
To Silly Girl: Liked your stories
To ShortSkirt Girl: Liked hearing about your bet you had w/ your husband.
To JW: I guess i could say the best way for me is to keep moving my legs around till its out.
To A.J Black: Liked your story from school
To Brammer: Liked your story
To Rex: Liked your outdoor pooping story
To PV: Sounds like a cool movie you saw.
To Linda: liked your story
To coyote: Liked your story
To Robby and Annie: Sounds like a big log...i my self had an 18 incher the other day
I got a few survey questions i have been wondering about, if you could answer please...
Since i had a big dump the other day and i heard more about others having some big dumps...i was wondering......
1. What is your biggest dump you have had(size in Inches/feet)?
2. I got a ? about airplane toilets, i was wondering what happenes if someone has to use the toilet before/during take off and they use it or do people just hold till you can be free to walk around the cabin
thanks Bryian

Firstly, a big 'thank you' to everyone who has taken part in the survey to date. The sheer variety of the different answers is fascinating.

Smelly. I enjoyed the story about your experience at the wedding. These things happen and they're part of life! Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the bed wetting incident. It sounds as though your hisband was very understanding. Accidents are part of life and they can happen to anyone.

Carmalita. It sounds as though you had a very gassy time of it the other day by all accounts - and some good fun into the bargain.

Annie & Robby. Hi! Wow, that 21 incher that Annie passed must have been a sight! Taking ten minutes to get out it must have left her feeling rather tender for the rest of the day although I expect she felt better for it. Had she been rather constipated for a day or two or was it just one of those unexpected happenings? Thanks for your help with the survey by the way.

Best wishes to all


I have lurked in the shadows of this site for the better part of 2 years. I really had nothing to say until reading Barrington's posts. My thoughts on the matter as an average person are: It is not anyones business but my own as to what I am going to use the restroom for. Second You wait your turn in line, you don't cut in front of people. Third watching ER and having a son who is a doctor does not make you a triage expert, also on a related note triage was not deigned to be applied to situations like that.
It does not matter what you were drinking that does not change anything, and since you mention it was a visit there was no reason why you could not have waited your turn. The only thing at work here is the fact that since you drive a rolls royce you somehow consider yourself superior to other people. If a situation like that arose where I am from people would not be so forgiving.

P.s as for Barrington's first post, I dont know about other people but when I am in the mens room I dont need or want to hear about what others are doing/going to do; nor would I appreciate someone banging on my stall door to announce it.

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