Right after I made a post about leaks occuring when I'm sitting still, my body contradicts me. Since yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we didn't have school. Maybe the 3-day weekend just got my bladder schedule messed up.. I don't know. Anyway, I had to pee as usual at around 10:00. That was during break. I was busy running around to my locker, and my friend's locker, and chatting with people, so before I had a chance to run to the bathroom, break was over. After break was 3rd period, and I was going to run to the bathroom before I went to class, but the only bathroom that was near that part of the school looked like it was closed. I figured that I could wait until after 3rd period, and I made it just fine. No problems whatsoever. Not even my little urges that come and go. So, since my need had pretty much vanished, I didn't go after 3rd period. I wound up just waiting until after 4th period. We have lunch after 4th period, so I figured that I could go to the bathroom before I went to lunch. Well, I was walking with some of my buddies and they were in a hurry to get to the cafeteria so no one would steal our seats. I didn't want to go to the bathroom by myself and get separated from them, so I went on to lunch with them. On our way downstairs, I suddenly really had to go. Maybe it was just the motion of walking downstairs (in heels too... yikes), but I felt myself leaking a little. I quickly squeezed my muscles together, so that I wouldn't lose complete control. We got into the cafeteria and I was going to just throw my stuff down and go to the bathroom and then come back and eat lunch, but I didn't have to go so bad by then and I didn't want to look stupid, so I just waited. Even though I was sitting still, just quietly eating my lunch, I didn't anymore major urges. I still had to go kind of bad, but no more leaking. After lunch, we walked back across campus to go to 5th period, and the walking and coldness didn't help my bladder at all. I suddenly had to go really badly again. So, I finally got to the bathroom and peed. I wish I could say that it was an impressive amount, but it wasn't. It wasn't much at all. Neither a strong or a long stream. I went on to class after that with no more problems.

Does anything similar happen to anyone else? I often get those urges like that. My urges come and go. When they're gone, I can completely my bladder predicament, but whenever a urge strikes, I suddenly have to go right then. At least it feels that way. And like I said before, I sometimes even leak a little bit. Just a little dribble though, not as much as one would if they were honestly desperate.

And here's another thing that happened today.. Luckily it was during 5th period... after I had already peed or this story itself may have cause me a little embarrassment...

This girl in my 5th period class is really sweet, funny, and witty. She's modest, but not at all inhibited. When she walked into the classroom she asked our teacher if she could go to the bathroom before class started. Our teacher said that she could. But, before she left the classroom she told us a story about what happened to her last night. It went something like this: "Whew. I really gotta pee! Man, you guys.. Last night, like... I really *really* had to pee... I got out of the car and I was walking like this (she stood up, crossed her legs, and sort of leaned over), and I was tryin' to make it into the house (she took a few steps with her legs crossed for comic effect).... But I couldn't.............. So, I had to pull down my pants and pee in my yard. Yep." Then a guy behind her cleared his throat and she said: "Oh, yeah..." and left to go to the bathroom. (if only you could have been there to hear her tell it.. it was amusing)

Wish I had another story for ya...

HJ Terakon
Carmalita, I have to say I loved your post. I went back to the old posts, and have to say that there is not one there that I did not enjoy reading. Regarding your most recent post, I'd have to say that maybe it's a lot different reading about someone clogging a toilet than being the one to unclog it, and that may have been what prompted Jake's displeasure. Not necessarily a lost thrill. But if that is the case, well, take solace in the fact that certain other people are dying to hear what's going to happen next with regards to your toilet.

However, your second part of the story made me think about something seriously. I have to say that in a situation like your friend Nu's, I'd be torn between wanting to help (encouraging words, light stomach caresses, heating pads, and the like) and being so excited my mouth would be hanging open. I'm not turned on by the really runny stuff, but the really thick, gloppy diarrhea stories, where the person is both experiencing unspeakable relief and moaning at the fact that they're having the worst diarrhea ever get me in more of a state than I'd care to admit in person.

To bring it all together, the thrill is there for me, and if I ever got the chance to be there for one of you in the bathroom, I'd jump all over it (like white on rice). I'd even clean you off afterward.

Sylvie, hey, are you still around? If you are, then if you please ma'am, we want some more. Definitely enjoyed your posts, and I want to see some more, if you don't mind.

Question (to anyone): When you're in a public bathroom and need to wipe your butt, and it's really sticky, would you rather just work with the dry toilet paper, pull up halfway and run for the sinks and back, pull up all the way and walk to the sinks, or spit on the paper in the hopes that this would be enough? Or would you do something else?

HJ Terakon

Does anyone have any memorable toilet experiences while camping?? When I was younger, I used to go camping with my grandfather about twice a year. My older sister often came with us. I remember on one camping trip, it was just me and my grandfather and we set up camp near a beach (we always camped near the beach, as it was part of a large sheep property and the owners allowed people to camp there). One morning, I felt the urge to do a poo. I decided to hold on for a while and I went fishing with my grandfather. After a few hours, we went back to the camp and I really needed to take a dump. I grabbed some toilet paper from the vehicle, pulled down my pants and squatted next to the remains of the camp fire (I can't remember where my grandfather was, he might have been on the beach cleaning the fish). I pushed out a HUGE pile of shit - my poo came out really soft and squishy and it looked like a massive round heap of shit. I did a wee and wiped my butt. I only had to wipe once.

Shortly after I had done my big job, my grandfather came back to the camp and saw my huge pile of shit on the ground next to the remains of the camp fire. There were already some flies hanging around my shit heap. He was really angry with me because I had done my poo right next to the camp and I hadn't covered my poo with sand. He told me to dig a hole and bury my poo (he wouldn't let me just cover it up with sand) before we went fishing again. I had to dig a hole and push my poo into it with my hands and then fill it in. He told me never to poop next to the camp again.

I found this site last week and am glad. I am 22 and have liked watching poop come out since i was a kid. I have hated myself for years for liking it because it isn't the norm. I cant help it and i am glad there are others who like poop. Ever since i got laptop and web cam i have been recording my poor coming out so i can watch again. Does anyone else do this? I would like to share with a girl one day. Keep it real friends love ben x

Hey guys.
How is everyone?

First off, F.Y.I. when you see me post, over 90% of the time can assume that I have just let out a poo. Not today though, though I feel a poo coming.

Buzzy, good to hear I am not alone in that matter. I have a question for you and everyone else. My bowels keep me guessing, meaning that I sometimes go every other day, sometimes not for a week, and sometimes everyday for a week straight. I prefer that to consistantly going poo everyday. Even though one really has no control on the matter, what does everyone else prefer? Consistancy with going poo everyday, or, like me, inconsistancy and going from every day, to once a week, and having that change often?

I forget who asked, but recently it was asked how long people's longest poo has been. I have personally had a poo that was like 1-2 feet long. I have to lift my butt off the toilet to let it completely slide out.

Well, I can feel my poo knocking, so I have to sit on the toilet and let out a big, brown one.

Take care guys.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I have to tell my embarrassing "poop story" .... Years and years ago, (about 10 now?) my best friend was getting married for the second time.. she asked me to be in the wedding, but I would rather watch it and be there, and not have to be in the wedding party. Anyways, at the reception, I REALLY had to poop. I was holding it in during the ceramony and couldnt wait until we got to the reception. I went into the stall, and sat down, and the soft skinny rope of shit began to slip out of my asshole. As I was going, another woman came in and visited the stall next to mine, as I was finishing up, she began to pee. I wrapped the toilet paper around my hand (to make it square and thick - I dont ball up my toilet paper like a powder puff), and then pulled it off my hand and began to wipe my ass. I sort of did a "flicking motion" of the toilet paper, to wipe the slimey shit off the outside of my hole and to look at the toilet paper to see how much poop was on there, when I noticed I flung a small piece (about a half inch or longer, the thickness of a pencil) of shit off of my ass, and I watched it fly over and not only hit, but STUCK on to the side of the womean's white shoe next to me. I dont think she noticed, I didnt hear her swearing or gasping, or anything... I just quickly pulled in my feet (away from the sides of the stall), finished wiping and left (after quickly wasing my hands) the bathroom as fast as I could. I never looked for the woman who the shoe belong to... I was too embarrassed.

em dubya
Hi everyone! I just had a great dump, here's what happend.

I'd felt an urge to poop shortly after I got up but I held it because I wanted to do something different. After checking my e-mails, reading some posts, etc. I finally decided that it was time to go, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. I finally decided to poop standing straight up (over a towel.) I stripped down to my birthday suit, stood over the mentioned towel, and pushed a little to get things going. As soon as some started to come out, I stopped pushing and let it slide out on its own. I'd already peed this morning, so I was just pooping. The turd slid out slowly and I could feel that it was pretty soft but it still held its shape as a log. It kept coming out until the weight was too much for it and it floped to the towel with a nice splat/plop. There was still more so I waited and more came out. It felt weird to have it shoving my cheeks out of the way so it could get out(since i usually squat or bend over somewhat when I poo my underwear, etc.) Finally, that piece floped to the towel, too. I looked down at the and they were both light/medium brown and about the same length. I got a ruler and measured them (after I wiped and washed my hands.) The first one was 9cm long and 4cm wide (roughly, since it was a slightly odd shape because of my cheeks) and the 2nd smaller one was also 9cm long but it was only 3cm wide (again, this is of course a rough measurement. I then put the turds into the toilet and they flushed just fine. I washed my hands again then came to type this. I'm now naked and just getting ready to go into the shower. O, for what it's worth my penis is now 13cm long. It's nice to have that ruler to measure things :)Well, that's it for now. Keep posting everyone! If you have posted befor, I encourage you to post. You never know, you might have a gift for posts. ;) well, bye for now!

Chinese Food Poops:

Last night I went to a Tai place for dinner and had a cup of hot and sour soup with tofu and then I had jasmine rice and spring rolls. Well last night I had some really smelly gas that smelled like rotten tomatoes. This morning I got dressed and sat in front of the computer, when I had this really strong urge to poop. I walked quickly to the bathroom, closed the door and pulled my jeans down, but just above my knees. My sweatshirt was covering most of my torso and then I went to the bathroom. There were a couple of ploops and one big splash! The bathroom smelled like what I had eaten the night before. It was so gross, but I flushed and sprayed and went back onlin. Then I had eaten a big breakfast of french toast and bacon and now I am stuffed and going to take a nap. If I do more pooping later, I will write.


I had two glorious poops today.

First I was at my my gf's apartment this morning and felt a thickness in my bowels and began to have nice little farts. After a few minutes of feeling the small farts and the thickness in my ass, I decided it was time to go enjoy a nice poo. My gf has a plate she had just eaten breakfast off of laying in the living room floor. I dropped my pants, bent over it with my ass facing her, and offered to deposit my poopy present on the plate. She repsonded that the idea was really gross. I then pulled up my pants and went to the bathroom. I took down my pants, sat on the toilet and picked up a magazine laying near by. Reading leisurely, a medium size turd slipped out. Alas, it was to be the last genuine turd of this session, as all I had left were pebbles. But what pebbles they were! I pushed each of fifteen poo poo pebbles out of my butthole, and they felt very nice. I then sat back and enjoyed the feeling. About 20 minutes later, I began to wipe my butt. The shit had been quite squishy. I wiped a few times and then said the hell with it, pulled up my pants, and flushed.

Later this afternoon at school, I was releasing some farts and felt a thickness in my ass. I realized I needed to doodoo again. I went to a bathroom, opened a stall, and dropped my pants and plopped my ass on the seat. I strained and eventually forced out 2 large and one medium sized shit-logs. I wiped my asshole a few times with the sub-stasndard school toilet paper before giving up out of frustration and boredom. I pulled up my pants, and turned around and admired my beautiful creations. It's too bad we can't have an exhibition of our poo art. I walked out, basking in the feeling of an empty poopchute.

In case anyone wonders, my poor wiping does lead to an itchy asshole sometimes,but it's usually a good feeling, Sometimes I squirm in my chair because of it if I'm in class, or otherwise, it provides a good excuse to go to the bathroom. Once there, I grab a sheet of paper, and wipe once or twice, always examining and sniffing the yellow or brown (rarely black) stain. I like to think I'm conducting experiments on the effects of poo.

2 Memorable times I went peepee today:

After sitting on my car and reading while downing 2 sodas and enjopying the bladder pressure, the pain became intense. I went into the building and the bathroom. Taking a urinal, I unbottoned and unzipped my pants and reached in for my penis. I pissed, literally blasting golden liquid from my cock like a firehose so hard that it was loud and blasted an inch to the sides the other guys' urine that was already in the bottom of the urinal. Finally after a couple minutes, I finished, shook my stick and put it away.

Tonight I had a 3 hour class, with no bathroom break. The teacher was 80 yrs old, so maybe he was wearing diapers. I made a break for the bathroom when it was over and soon felt sweet relief.

Love you all,

hey im kelly and im a 13 year old female in colorado. any way we hace great mountains over here so me and my boyfriend decided to go hiking. the particular route we took would take us 6 miles up then we could turn around and come back down. we had been drinking water all the way up and i had to pee REALLY bad, like you have no idea! we were walking and every other step i'd take some pee would come out and i would have to press my thighs closer together just to keep it from coming out. finally the urge got SO bad that i stopped right there in the middle of the path and did a little pee dance looking for someplace private to let my pee out. scott noticed and he pointed at a big rock about 20 ft away and told me i could go there and he would wait. I took about 3 steps and realized that i couldnt make it that far and he knew cuz he started laughing at me standing that with my legs crossed and some pee visibly running down my legs. then as he was laughing he sudenly reached for his dick and sprinted for the rock he didn't even wait to make it there all the way, he had it out and he was peeing as he was running towards the rock until he reached it- he went for at least 2 minutes with the biggest look of relief i had ever seen on his face. i had already pulled down my shorts and was sitting there almost done as he came back. i pulled up my shorts and we went on our way. on the way down i had to go pee pretty bad again so i went into the woods and peed for about a minute and a half, i needed to poop real bad too but i was too shy- when i came back out he was there peeing onto a tree making releived noises. when i got home i peed some more then took a HUGE runny dump behind my house (i lost my key and i couldnt make it inside through the window)...kel

First time name is Ariana and I'm 21 years old. I thought I'd have more time to share a story, but I got caught up in all the exciting posts so I only have a quick one for today. The temperatures are extremely cold where I live, and one morning last week (I think it was Sunday morning), I woke up at around 7am freezing my butt off. I had to pull the blankets and sheets over me to keep me warm. I had a slight urge to pee because I didn't go before I went to bed the night before. I figured I could pee later so I rolled over and fell asleep. This time, I only slept for about another hour and when I woke up, I was even colder than before. I felt a strong pressure near my vagina, but I was just toooo cold to get up and drag myself to the bathroom. So, I layed in my bed staring at the walls and the posters in my room, hoping that the heat would come on and I'd get warm. It finally did, and I sprinted up and quickly walked to the bathroom. I pulled my red pajama bottoms along with my black panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I started peeing straight away, and it felt so relieving. My stream lasted for just over 40 seconds maybe and I after I had finished I didn't get up. I continued sitting there, staring at the tiled floor in my bathroom, and I gave a slight push to see if anything else wanted to come out. Only a small fart escaped, and I knew nothing else would follow, so I wiped my vagina and went downstairs to fix myself some hot cocoa.

It seems that every morning I'm always too lazy to get up and pee because it's just too damn cold outside lol. One of the mornings I came so close to peeing in my panties but fortunately I was able to control it. Sorry if this isn't anything too exciting.......g'night everyone!!!!

Hola amigos,

Sarah: I'll try to keep my stories coming.

Student: I don't why I make such big turds. Yes, I poop at school a lot, and love pooping outdoors during the sunnier weather when it's warmer.

Linda: Thanks for the awesome compliment to this Latina lady on the toidy!! But you'll see in today's post that the thrill is pretty much gone for Jake.

Boy did I ever do a poo-poo yesterday! Huuuuuuge!!!! First, me and Nu were kidding around, and she started trying to karate kick me in the butt, then Jake joined in and grabbed me around my waist and lifted me off the floor. He's so damn strong that I couldn't out-wrestle him. All of a sudden I was laughing, and then I knew I had to shit. I farted a silent one. Nu sniffed the air, then made a face and said to Jake "She's gotta empty her trunk!" So, they let me go and I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. I pulled down my pants and undies, then sat when Nu came in, still laughing and teasing. I let loose a powerful grunt of pure hot and painful gas that was followed by a noisy fart. RRNNHH-SSSPPPLLLLTTTTTTTT! Then the turds started coming out. The first one was museum quality! It was a log that stretched me open hard. Gas pushed it out as I kept puffing and grunting. It was sooooo long and hard! Ouch! Nu laughed out loud when she saw it come out of my butt "Holy F---!" she said. My stomach flexed harder than when I do my ab-aerobics, and I pushed and pushed and squeezed until it tapered into a normal turd, then flip-flopped to the toilet. Nu kept poking at my boobs and ribs, trying to make me squirm while I was pooping. Then she pointed to my rounded butt that was crackling poo, and started laughing all over again. After I laid my latina loaf, a few typical softies dripped out and added to the natural scents of a nice and fresh Carmalita dump.
And yes. I clogged up our toilet big time. After scrub-wiping my butt 4 times, I had to call Jake and say "gueeesssss what, honey?...." He was cussing and saying "You better not have clogged up that F------toilet again!" He was so mad too.
However, I was a responsible person, and plunged for about a half hour until I could get the toilet to flush correctly again. I was embarrassed!

Then later, Nu had the shits. She is the most diarhetic person I've ever known. It was so disgusting too. We could all hear a regular symphony of wet poopy sounds and farts from outside the bathroom door like: "Nnnnuuuhhh--sssppplllluuuckklll-slup-slup-slup-slup-slup-grunnnnnnt-nnooohhh--sssppplllluuuckklll-slup-slup-slup-slup..." and so on. Renee felt sorry for her and turned up the volume on the TV while poor Nu sat and squirted in misery.

Oh, by the way, this was all because we both ate too much macaroni and cheese. You know that kind that comes in a box? I love mac and cheese, but it doesn't love me! Nu put in fresh tomatoes which greased her guts, and turned my ???? into a turd compacter! Oh well.

Love you all,
Sore butt Carmalita--aka: plunger girl

Silly Girl
One time dad and I were on a hike, he said he needed to go to the bathroom but my sister used all the toilet paper. We walked back to the truck, as dad was gone I needed to go also. Right when he got back and got into the truck to start driving somewhere else I made a loud fart and dad said "What do you have to go potty to?" I was laughing and then dad said "We better get away from this smell" My fart was loud and stinky luckily it was summer and the windows were down. I decided to hold it until we got back to camp and annoy dad about it. We picked huckleberrys for a few hours so by the time we got back to camp dad was really tired of it.
Here is another story that took place a few weeks later. I had to take a dump so on the way to our destination (A creek for dad to go fishing and for me to collect mint leaves to make mint jelly) I made a lot of stinky farts. While dad was fishing and I was done collecting mint I took a dump outside. When dad got back to the truck from fishing I told him that I am not going to fart anymore and he said how come and I said I took care of it. My dad was glad that he did not have to put up with it anymore.

Last Summer, I had this dream that I really had to piss, and all the toilets in my dream (when I found them) were either full of shit and piss and toiletpaper, up over the rim with piles of waste, or there were no doors on the stalls and I didnt want to go infront of other women... (My bathroom dreams ALWAYS

Last Summer, I had this dream that I really had to piss, and all the toilets in my dream (when I found them) were either full of shit and piss and toiletpaper, up over the rim with piles of waste, or there were no doors on the stalls and I didnt want to go infront of other women... (My bathroom dreams ALWAYS consist of shit-filled/clogged toilets) When I finally found a toilet clean enough, I relieved myself, to wake up and found myself pissing my bed. At 42 years old, I was SHOCKED... I got up and showered, and laid down some heavy towels on the matress and laid back down to sleep. In the morning, I told my husband that I peed the bed (and explained the dream) and he said "yeah I thought you pissed the bed... I could hear it streaming out of you while we were sleeping." I asked him why he never woke me up, he said he wasnt sure if HE WAS dreaming OR NOT....Anyways, I was really upset that I peed the bed!

ShortSkirt Girl
I'm not sure that I'd exactly recommend this to anyone, but for some goofy reason my husband and I made a bet on which of us could hold our poop the longest. I already knew I'd be at a disadvantage because I take a dump twice a day, whereas my husband only needs to dump once, but inspired by some of the postings here at the, I thought if I could hold it a day or two, then at the very least I might get to squeeze out one of those massive turds that often get talked about!The next morning after starting our bet, I was sure I was going to loose my bet right there and then. As I was preparing for work, I felt that familiar heavyness in my bowels, and I was aching to go. Banishing that thought as much as I could, I got to work and soon lost myself in the day and strangely enough, by mid-morning, the sensation had completely gone away. It was the same that evening, although I felt a bit 'fuller' than usual. The next day went even easier, I had no desire to go although I let off a few farts in the evening. The next day was Friday, and as before, I felt I could control my bowel movements pretty well, but that night, my husband told me he'd barely prevented himself from shitting in his pants, and after dinner, he rushed to the bathroom where he let me watch him squeeze out the tip of a very large, dark colored turd. He strained trying to push the rest of it out, but the diameter obviously was a little wide for him and I could see his asshole really stretch widely to accomodate it. After about ten whole minutes of further grunting and pushing, the rest of it slid out noisily into the toilet bowl. It was followed by another smaller turd and a little bit of mess. He said he felt MUCH better having got that out of his system, and seeing as I had won the bet, I took my place on the toilet seat to empty myself too. But nothing came out - just a few dry sounding farts. By the next morning I was really worried, and thought I had done myself some kind of injury with our stupid bet. My morning dump consisted of me straining and pushing for over half an hour with nothing coming out. Eventually, I asked my husband to go to the store to get me an enema. He came back fifteen minutes later with one of those small Fleet enema bottles. I applied it and waited.....and waited. Finally, by lunchtime I had the urge to go, and after ten or twenty more minutes of straining, my husband said he could see a nubby, dark colored turd pushing out. Tne minutes later it still wouldn't budge, and eventually I fingered my asshole a little to stimulate it some more. Eventually, with a big heave, it crakled out of ass -- only three or four inches long and very dark in color. I was really dismayed that after three and a half days, this hardened little turd was all I had to show for my discomfort, but I think it was working like a plug in my ass, because I had barely wiped and pulled my panties up, before I had the urge to go, and I mean GO! For the next 30 minutes, I just felt my ass open up as a sucession of messy shits exploded out of me. My husband stayed for moral support, (I was really exhausted after all that earlier straining,) but the smell was just evil. Now, I'm back to my usual twice a day ritual, and I'm in no hurry, to try holding my shit for days anytime in the near future!

Anyone else have similar stories about holding their shit in?


The configuration is pretty simple, and the girl is shy...
Imagine a typical stairwell configuration. You have the stairs, then platform, then the stairs fold up to the next floor. The batroom is located at the right hand side of the platform. When you are standing at the middle of the stairs and the main door is open you have a perfect line of sight to the lower parts of the cubicles row. If you climb up the stairs more, you will have to bend and look down in order to look under the door. The arial distance from this position to the cubicle is about 12-15ft more or less.
The bathroom's main door is automaically closed, except when it is intentionally left open by the cleaners so the floor can get dry. They use their cart as a door stop. This is exactly when our lady is using the bathroom. Her job requires her to be at her desk all day except for 1 hour break, when another girl is sent to take her place. This is the only time where she can take care of all of her personal needs including lunch & restrooms. This is probably why her BM comes so regular..Otherwise she'll have to hold it for the rest of the day or ask another girl to take her place.
She's not aware that she can be seen. I'm sure about it. She's with her back to the door and doesn't have any eye contact with the rest of the world. She feels safe and isolated in her cubical.. Many people fail on this mistake. If you work in an open space environment you can see that people that sit with their face to the cubicle wall tend to do things like poking their nose, or talking personal things over phone that they wouldn't do it they knew that they can be watched. The same for cars. It is pretty funny to watch.

Adrian survey;
1)are you? female
2)do you pee immediately before going to bed?
sometimes if i need to.
3)do you get up and pee during the night?
4)do you wet the bed at night?
sometimes i do in the mornings if i have a diaper on.
5)do you pee in the toilet or the shower upon getting up?
either or, i aways pee in the shower.
6)how long can you usually last during the day without needing to pee?
1-2 hours i drink a lot of water.
7)are you prone to daytime accidents?
no not at all. i have control. but some times i pee my pants on purpose!
okies xoxo loves!

Suzie thanks for teh advice I would be to emabarse to ask my mom to give me an enema. Im still consiptated one I try to poop only thing I do is fart its getting painful.

Mel.D what are excatly supostories?(spelling) I think I have an idea but im not sure I would be intrested in trying. Thank you for all your help I hope I dont have an accident altough right now it would feel good to get it out.

I'd like to ask everyone a question. What your most productive straining technique? Let's say your struggling with a really stubborn turd, wht do you do to get it moving. I've found, over the years that grabbing my my left ankle with me left and and pushing down on the floor with my right foot is the best way to get things going.

Hey,there poopers-Been pretty busy and really haven 't had enought time to post lately,but have been reading all your stories-there have been some wonderful ones the last few pages.Some responses--
TO CARMALITA-olla ,senorita-good to see you came back and with some good dumps to talk about too with Nu and the gang-boy i'd love to buddy poop with you some morning -we would do probably 5 feet of poop between us!-it sure would be fun!!You're my kind of pooing lady-you probably would out-poop me! more stuff!
TO SYLVIE-That last story of you pooing alone was sheer poetry!It was so enjoyable to read that I printed it and took it to the toilet when I had to poop.It was great to read as I pushed out my morning loads-very inspiring!!really liked that one!
TO FRANCO-You and I seem to have the same M.O. I enjoyed your poop story in the public toilet with that guy you could see him pooping-I just love to poop with another guy dumping away next to me!There was an Italian restrauant about 10 -12 miles away from me that I would once in a great while,bike to and they had the kind of toilets where you could see into the next stall cause they had black marble walls and they were like mirrors and you could see pretty clearly the guys poop coming out ther was pretty cool-haven't been ther in some time-maybe when the weather gets better(or warmer-god it's cold here in the N.E.!)I'll take a bike ride there-trouble is I usually can'y hold my dump that long!!
TO ELI-I can't eat those "bloomin'onion" thing either-I get pretty wicked diarrhea and gas from that!! stay away!! In answer to your question about the largest long one has ever done.I really don't do logs-i poop in coils or snakes,but i have done a few almost 2 feet long when I had to go bad enough and to me the key to doing long poops is to totally relax your anus when you feel it start to come out and just push enough to get it moving out your anus and just let it come out and grow on it's own and don't tense up and breath deep and just let it out when you exhale-it works for me-an old trick this nurse friend taught me years ago-she was the master-she would do these giant long poop coils ad hardly push at all-bot did we have some fun!anyway,as far as how long it takes to let these babies out,i usually take my time and sometime when the turd is halfway out my anus,let it hang there for a bit cause it feels so good to do that and wait far another cramp and just let the rest out -sometime I can let one come out for 5mins or so,but then i have to poop more-i guess it take me about 15-25 mins to do my dump which is usually in 3 parts-hope i answered your survey--
To ashD and Mel D-keep up the great stories-you guys realy know how to enjoy taking a good dump!!
TO MIKE-yes,i sometimes have "trendy poo"some days it's just a small amount of 2-4 inch poops that are a bit hard and other days i do big,long coils of soft poop-i guess that happens to all of us one time or another-with me, i really depends on when i eat esp if it ;s high fiber-then i do some great dumps-somtimes if a few days go by with those hard,small dumps,i take some fiber to clean me out and it really does the trick!
As far as my poop stories, there hasn't been to much to report-I took a few dumps at the gym,but it's been pretty uneventful-i think this cold weather had binded me up a bit-i usually go every morning,but the last week or so i've been going every other day and it's a bit hard and small amounts and i feel a bit bloated-i may take some metameucil fiber supplement to clean myself out-that stuff really makes me go,so if it's anything to report,i'll tell you guys-I want to try and do those dumps at the gym-it's so much fun to exercise and let the urge build up and go do those kind of loads along with the other guys ! great stuff all- stay warm!! BYE

A.J Black
Hello people. My mane is A.J. I'm 14 years old, 6foot3 and 215 pounds.I'm african-american.I live in Farmington Hills,MI.Although I'm from Carson city, Nevada.I go to high school and on the wresling team. So far the only story I have is in a pratice match. I faced a kid by the name of Pavel. In the match, I put him in a full nelson. About 5 seconds later, diarreah shot out him as he ran to the bathroom. Some of his crap got on my suit and the meet was nearly canceled. Thats all I can think of right now. Keep posting and I'll see you later. Goodbye!

Thanks to whoever it was that answered my 'wet dreams' question. You're right... it does make sense. It's just not commonly talked about, is it?

I have another question. I'm not sure if I've asked this before or not.... Most of the time, I don't notice that I have to pee until I'm sitting still and not doing anything. It's like, I could be busy for several hours and never notice the need to pee, but as soon as I sit down and get still, then suddenly I have to go really badly. Most of my little leaks happen this way. I could stay busy for several hours and probably not notice that I have to pee at all, but as soon as I stop, suddenly I'll get a very strong urge. Usually followed by a little leaking. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Jere, liked your story. Godd decision to just piss your pants since they were already wet.

I am amused at how some travlers that need a restroom act when they find one on their trip. I myself was recently in Calif and needed
to pee badly along highway 1 when we came up on a K Mart. And you would not beleive there was a line for the toilets! There seems to be a lack of rest stops along the highways especially in California as at times one had to actually go in and buy something even at a fast food resturant to use their toilet. As for a gentleman lining up people standing by a toilet room waiting to go in priority of their needs, it appears that something like that the person thinks they are more important than the next person, affulent if you will and strange.
My reaction would be to put my foot up his butt saving him the need to shit for a few days and tell lhim to mind his own business now matter how important and snobbish he would be.

Its like first come, first serve, wait your turn in my part of the USA and when it comes to using a restroom in a store or otherplace , you are no better than the party in front of you dancing around.

Some people need to get real and wake up .

Amanda... I stayed at that same resort thing at Disney World about 2 years back, and our room the toilet didn't flush very well at all. We were there for 10 days and I think 4 of those days housekeeping had to come out at unclogg the toilet. I think they need to do some serious work on their plumbing, i though it was just our room. Also the damn air conditioner in that room froze up so it was hotter then hell in our room still they fixed that. Anyway take care

I swear i took the hugest dump ever this morning. Last night before bed i was feeling a mild crampy urge. I went to bed holding it, i got up i was ok, i go to work then on break i ate breakfast then went back to work and i starting feeling the urge increase. I was doing something where i needed assistance and i really had to go i was like hurry up and finish then we finished and i had to rush to the bathroom but before that i was trying to get there but silent farts kept escaping from my butt. it sort felt like i was pooping my pants a little. Then i make my way for the bathroom and i sat down and i hardly had to push. After that it felt better, i stood up i saw a 10 inch log atleast. i put my hand in the bowl and reached down and pulled the log up so i could see all of it...I SWEAR IT WAS 18 INCHES LONG(A FOOT 1/2 LOG) my biggest dump yet. My old record was like 15 inches. It felt good. i hope i have more like that. I wiped 10x really dry. and flushed 2x. Oh btw when i pulled the log out of the water it broke into 3 pieces. I hope i have more dumps like that

pissypants girl: I have told several girls I've dated about the fetish, but unfortunately, none were really interested.
Amy: Nice story about smashing the poop in your pajamas. I wish I had someone to share poop experiences with.
Missy: I do recommend you stick your finger up your butt, even better if you use vaseline. That's a technqiue I learned off here that's worked for me.
Rachel: Great stories, especially the one about shitting in the kitchen!

Traveling Guy
Hey, everyone! - Long time, no post. So long, in fact, that many of you here don't even know me. Carmalita! You're back again!! I knew there was some reason for the awful stink when I opened up this site ;)

To the KABOSH - Low-level drug runners who are in the life-risking business of swallowing cocaine-filled condoms are known as "mules." I once read about this strange aspect of the dark underworld of drugs. The mules must purge their bowels and also fast for a certain period of time before their trip. In a "loading" session, the drug-laden condoms are coated with olive oil or some other slippery, edible substance and then the mule begins the difficult process of swallowing them one by one. The 54 reported in the story you posted is not an uncommon number to carry, apparently. Had he not been intercepted by police after prematurely "passing the goods," that mule would have been met at the airport and escorted to a drug operative's house. There he would have had to stay until he passed all the condoms, which are carefully counted on both ends of the operation. Only then is he paid, usually a paltry (for international drug running) $1,000. One lousy grand for crazily risking his life, because should one or more condoms burst in his stomach or intestines, the result would be death, almost certainly.

The story I read showed a picture of the drug inspection toilet device at London's Heathrow Airport. A policeman from the drug enforcement unit stood before a stainless steel box with a glass viewing port and handles attached to nozzles, which could be aimed to clean feces off the discovered contraband. Just above him and beyond a glass wall was a stainless steel, prison-style toilet in another guarded room where the suspect passed his "load," which then came down a tube and into the viewing device I described. One wonders whether there was a curtain that could be pulled round the loo to give the bloke his privacy while taking a million-pound poop!

I really liked those warm and somehow related, yet different, stories from AMANDA and KOLLO. See? One of life's most intimate moments can be shared with happy results! Good luck to you both in your relationships.

Take care, all. I'll check in next time I'm in the neighborhood. -TG

The other day I walked in on my girlfriend having a shit. I opened the door and she was sitting on the toilet, she looked at me in shock. I wanted to stay but I went back out and closed the door. The only thing that meant me new she was taking a dump was the awful smell in the room. It still lingered there when I went back after she came out, it smelled of rotten eggs. I thought it would be nice to smell the aroma she left, but it was so strong it was unbearable, I had to get out of the bathroom as quickly as I can. She really is one stinky girl.

Barrington: You sound a difficult person to deal with, to put it lightly.


Louise (from France)
I see that here there are more people intersted about the pooping aspects than the peeing.
Anyway, I'm always very courious and fascianted about peeing, bot sexes. I'm etero and like to watch man peeing, but I like to hear and share females experiences too.
I've an idea for the pee-interested people: a short summary-list of the "not supposed to" places where u peed.
Two categhories
at home
out of home.

Anecdotes, reposrts and short stories are welcome, exepcially from females.
Male contributions, expecially about sighteens or experiences with women peeing where "not supposed" ARE WELCOME TOO.

MY own answer:
1-At home
Bathroom: bidet and shower(always), bathtub (even togheter with a friend at university parties many years ago), sink (rarely).
Not in the bathroom: garage laundry sink, garage floor drain,few tiem into a bucket (toilet occupied), kitchen sink (only once on great emergency) many time in the garden.
2- Not at home
phone box (twice), train without toilet wagon (once), Stations (train, undergroond, rarely), a bus shelter (once), over a bench (once), parking garage (many times), carside (amny times), parkings (many times), behind dumpster-in alleys-doorways (sometimes), in a shopping mall (once), in outdoor staircase (few), indoor or garage starcase (rarely), in a changing room (once when 16, with a friend on porpouse as a "revenge" against the shopper), in gym and pools showers (always), in a mantience room, in a street urinal in paris, in a abandoned broken van.
inside public toilets: in the sink (sometimes), in the bin (rarely), on a floor drain (few times), directly on the floor (very rrely).
I'm sure I forgot soem places, and obviously I didn't mention "common" places to pee, like in the bushes, and every great outdoor location,camping,by teh boat or behind dunes at the beaches, in fact those places are places where people are "supposed" to pee, because there aren't toilet in those circumstances.

Hope you'll enjoy and post too


I have a good friend who lives in Orange County and drives a Rolls Royce. Fortunately he is not as pompous as Barrington. Fancy taking it upon yourself to determine other people's toilet priorities. It was just an excuse to get in first. I admire the lady who told Barrington that her toilet needs were none of his business. And boasting about his medically qualified son as if having a doctor in the family qualified his father to push other people around.

Hi again, everyone. I wrote a long post about my experiences over the Christmas holiday, but it got lost somewhere, so I'll recreate it bit by bit.
I went to visit relatives in Europe, and while I was there, saw some interestingly shaped old toilets. One that is in the attic area of my grandmother's apartment building is neat because the bowl is pretty flat, and the hole where the water is is at the very back. It is narrow and deep, and angles forwards so you can't really look down it. To flush it, you turn on a regular faucet and run the water until it's clean. I only pooped in it once because that bathroom is unheated and it was rather cold. I tried to sit at the very front of the seat so my poop would pile up in the top part, but it ended up sliding down into the invisible part anyway. Oh well.
Another toilet I saw but didn't get a chance to poop in had a completely flat bowl, and a deep narrow hole at the very front. On this one, you could easily pile up your poop if you sat back a bit. It's nice to see something out of the ordinary every once and a while.

I took one memorable poop in the woods while I was hiking. I like to poop outdoors, so at one point when I was walking, I saw a small path lead off the main path, so I ventured down it a ways. There was an area that the foresters had cleared a few years back, so the new trees were still small and bushy. I needed to pee, but decided it would be cool to poop too. I found an area with a clump of conifers, and went into it and dropped my pants and boxers and squatted. It was quite cold, and there was a bit of snow on the ground, so when I peed, I melted a hole into it. I dropped three poops on the same spot, and wiped with some leaves and a bit of toilet paper that I had brought with me. I was planning ahead since I like to poop outdoors. My bum was getting cold, so I didn't linger too long.

On the day I got back, Regina was out of town too, so I came home to an empty apartment. She had left a few "surprises" for me. One was that at some point, she had put on a pair of my old torn-up jeans and some boxers and she peed in them. I was feeling a bit silly at the time (and a bit tired with the jet lag too) so I decided to retaliate by pooping in a pair of her panties. I found a pair that was pretty stretchy that I could put on, and pushed out a part of my load. (Now I know what it feels like for those of you that are fans of the feeling- Amy, jere_l, pissypants, et al.) I took them off carefully, and put them out on the balcony to await her return. I wondered for a bit if she would find my escalation funny, but she did. :)

In my other post, I answered some surveys and commented on some of the posts, but I don't remember that part of my post, so I'll have to redo that. I'll post again soon with that! It's good to be back here again. :)

Haven't posted for a bit, but I've been thinking about story from the girl who had a passionate experience with a guy after a joint bm or something. Then when he asked if she had any unusual tastes she mentioned the kind of thing we all love. Whereupon he grossed out and treated her like a pervert. Something like that. I've tried to recover the posting without success. Wherever you are sweetheart my heart goes out to you.

I'm terrified of ridicule amd have never confided in anyone before I found this site. As a teacher in school they really go for weak points.
We have a teacher in school called Farrah about my age whose mom was a childhood friend of Farrah Fawcett in Texas. But that's not what the students call her. It's "farter". Why? Because, one of the girls told me, shoe ONCE broke wind noisily in class.

There's plenty of opportunity for tuning in and matching poops in the teachers' bathroom but I do that almost never for fear of accusations of "grossness". I've mentioned Joy the beautiful sports psychologist who tends to give running commentaries in the john. She's so lovely and self-confident as to be unfazable. I'm not !

My faves are the ladies rooms in coffee shops around breakfast time. I like to hold myself in and go out for breakfast, with an eye on the restroom. I just love the intimacy of it.

The last few weeks have been thwarting as I've had to poop on getting up and then once or twice more before leaving the house. Great blobs of peanut butter which are horrible to wipe and easy to smear. Like a lot of us I've taken to going in the shower where that sort of shit goes down easily and the wiping's a breeze!

Hope to have something more interesting to tell you soon. Love and kisses. Anthea

Hi all,

Here's a mighty good toilet scene in a movie, graphic without being actually representational. It's the SF movie "Species," in which the delectable Natasha Henstridge plays "Sil," an alien masquerading in human form. In her quest for compatible genetic material (um, a mate!) she goes to a nightclub. She spots a guy who fits the bill but he already has a girlfriend. The girlfriend is a competitor so when said GF heads for the bathroom, Sil follows.

The GF uses the bathroom pretty much on camera. It's not clear whether she shut the stall door, I don't think she did. She lifts her minidress, sits down and makes some excellent expressions and sounds as she rolls about a bit, as if really enjoying what she's doing. There are no sound effects that I remember, so it's unclear whether she's peeing or pooping, but a few seconds later she tears off a great length of paper and wads it up, so she was probably pooping.

Unfortunately that's all we see, as a moment later Sil's fist smashes through the back wall and rips her spine out...

And some replies:

RACHEL -- That's a pretty unusual situation you describe! It sounds almost as if your Mom had an interest in such matters of her own and had been seeking a way to bring it into the open. Did anything like that ever happen again? If so, please do tell us! The only thing I can recall that's even faintly comparable from my own younger days is a time when I was around twelve. We were living in the UK at the time and it was winter. We had an older house with a toilet in the yard, and it was snowing out. I was badly constipated and rather than having me sit out there in the freezing cold, my Mother encouraged me to defaecate in the lounge where we had a traditional open hearth.

Without indoor plumbing, we naturally used potties after dark or at least after bedtime, and I'd used one all my life in my bedroom. So there I was in the afternoon, a girl starting to move toward young woman, sitting on my large blue plastic potty by the hearth, keeping warm while I tried with everything I had to open my bowels. I sat with my legs stretched out in front of me and a blanket over them. Looking back, I might have had an easier time if I had squatted over the bowl. From time to time Mother would look in as she went about her tasks to see if I'd acheived anything. It took me most of an hour, I seem to remember, but eventually I filled the potty with a big, knobbly thing. That was the only time I pooped indoors for many years, and certainly the only time like that, though there could be other instances from younger days I'm not remembering. But directly onto the floor -- never.

J1/2P -- Your experimental technique for squat-pooping is pretty much the way I've done it at times over the years. I think I was in my teens the first time I put TP down on the floor and pooped on it, so I could gather it up and drop it in the bowl without ever touching the product. Yes, the smell is stronger!

ELI -- Re your question, my largest is 19 inches long, and it took probably about five seconds to launch itself! True!

JJ -- I'd have to agree with Rizzo in that the lady in your building is in fact being very clean, she catches her turds in paper and presumeably washes her hands thoroughly afterward also. Here in Australia we have local council laws that require dog owners to clean up after their pets in public, an that's done by picking up the turds in a sealable plastic bag, which is pretty similar when you think about it. And everyone who has a dog is obliged to! Oh, and Rizzo, the LEFT hand is traditionally used in parts of the Third World to wipe one's rear -- the right hand is for eating with!

Your "office blond" certainly has a complicated technique -- I wonder how it evolved? Just for fun or if she has a practical reason? I mean, maybe a dislocated hip at some time that left her with a joint that hurt like hell if it was pressed to a hard toilet seat, and to get around it she started doing it a whole different way and just never stopped? Her wiping technique is exactly the same as mine, I always clean inside first, moist then dry off. Your GF's technique is just about the most unusual I've ever heard of, though! She must have amazing control too! I'm tempted to try it, just for fun. Personally, though, I'm frugal with paper and pride myself on a thousand-sheet roll lasting for weeks and weeks. A normal poop with firm texture calls for only a few sheets, so your GF's massive wads are bemusing!

LOUISE (from France) -- re your survey:

1) Female; 2) Always; 3) If I need to; 4) Never; 5) Sometimes; 6) 2-4 hours (my personal best is 9 hours, and I never want to do that again!); 7) Never

CARMALITA -- Hi amiga! What a graphic image of that monster dump at school -- I can really empathise as I've done a few dumps on rare occasions that sound similar, ones that go on for a long time and fill the bowl so the pile of soft stuff is actually built up right out of the water. I try to hold off on the paper so as not to obscure the scultpure going on below, but sometimes my hole is stinging too much and I need to moisten it with saliva on the paper to ease it.

Yes, we girls seem to be able to produce the most amazing things from our churning innards! I did a 15-incher a few weeks ago, and hope that one day I'll pass twenty inches!

All my best to your amazing family, all of whom I think of often.

AMANDA -- Yes please, do post your next adventure in March. Your trash-bag event was really something and, yes, Bill is a prince!



I had two really great poops today. I got up at about 7.30am, went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I did a wee that lasted about ten seconds and I felt the urge to take a dump but I only farted. I decided to wait until later to do a poo. I went back to bed and farted a few times, then I went back to sleep. I woke up at about 9am and went into the toilet again. I pulled down my pants, sat down and did another wee. This time, it lasted for about 20 seconds. I could feel a stiff turd just above my ring so I started to push. I managed to push out a thick log, although it didn't feel like a long one. It hurt a bit too. Then I pushed out five or six more smaller logs and did another wee. I had a look at my job when I was finished and the turds were almost black. When I wiped, hardly any poo was on the toilet paper.

For a few hours after that, I could feel another turd sitting in my anus. It felt like a left over log from the poop I had earlier in the morning. I ate lunch and a little while later, I went into the toilet and pushed a thick, short log out. I had a look at my turd when I had finished and it was a lighter brown this time.

Sunday, January 18 2004

again, in my quest to see what it feels like to sit down and pee like girls do; I have this story from home yesterday. I had to pee and this was my first pee of the day; which came about 2 hours after drinking some coffee. anyway, I walked into the bathroom, closed the door,pulled down both my sweat pants and underwear, and simulating how a girl would pee, sat down on the seat. I began peeing and at first, it made this steady hissing tinkle,along with a " splunking" sound as I peed into front-center of the toilet bowl's water for about 35 seconds, then slowed to a dribble at the end almost and paused. I continued to pee a few more dribbles with made this cool sounding dripping noise then finally stopped after 10 secs. [ 45 secs total] the pee was a light yellow color with spotty foam streaks and patches lengthwise from front to back, covering only about 25% of the toilet water's surface. it actually felt so awesome and I loved hearing that hissy sound of the urine tinkling and making a " splunking" dripping noise about every 3-4 seconds. " girl pissing" is totally cool and I often wish that I had a girlfriend to watch doing this. LOL

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers,
I am up and around! This morning Annie went into the toilet and pushed out at least a 21" log! It was astounding. She sat on the pot and started grunting. I was in my office and heard these animal sounds emiting from the loo! I got up and walked to the door and inquired if I may be of any assistance. She grunted out; "NO"! Well, I went back to my chair and after about 10 minutes of groaning and grunting she finally pushed the thing out. There was a great sigh of relief. She called for me to come in and there it was! What a sight! I could have produced something like that! Well, she is surely the champion around our house!!

CARMALITA: HOLA SWEETHEART!! We have missed you!! It is so wonderful having you around again! Your dumps are of the same wonderful events as in the past! I had open heart surgery in early December so I am creeping around and having small poos unlike our champion! Nu's dump was an event in itself. Take care!! Lots of Love and a hug from Robby and Annie
PV: Hi gal! As I stated above I had my plumbing re-wired. I am doing ok. You women sure push out the biggest logs. Males don't seem to have the prowess to have such huge productions! Have a standup wee for us!Take care, dear Aussie!! Lots of Love from Robby and Annie
RIZZO: Hi dear friend! I agree that women have the prowess to push out whoppers!! I can only sit on the bowl and hope,LOL! Hope you and your wife are tip top! Lot of Love from Robby and Annie
ADRIAN: Here are the answers to the survey!
1.B 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.C Take care! Robby and Annie
Hellos to: Tim and Sarah-hope you are ok!, Bryian, Sarah, LindaRS-hi in South Texas!, Ephermal, JJ, Amy, and all of the other posters here!


pee pee girl
i took a shit in the shower before, i was taking a shower and i really had the urge to go and i didnt feel like getting out because it was cold so i just squatted and shit out three big logs it felt so good, then i just washed it away with water. i love to shit and pee in other places than the toilet. i wannna pee in a dressing room. that sounds like great fun.anyways, thanx for all your stories everyone. keep the stories coming about shitting outside.
love, pee-pee girl

DJ Dan
Has anyone ever heard of a movie called American Gyration? I heard it had a really good poop scene but just cant seem to find it. I was told it was shown at the Sundance film festival, but that doesnt seem to help my search.

Just got back from the hike with the family. Nothing really spectacular happened bathroom-wise. The park that we went to is about an hour and a half away from where we live, so fortunately there was no need for an emergency stop on the side of the road like there was a couple of weeks ago. The little guy was a bit squirmy when we got to the park however, so the first thing I did when we got there was take him to the bathroom. We went into the disabled persons stall, and I started the heinous task of trying to get him out of his snowsuit (we're back to seasonal temperatures now). This task was made more difficult by him squirming. I finally got him out of his suit, and he ran up to the toilet, pulled down his pants, and started to pee. He stood there, draining his little bladder for a good 30 seconds before he tapered off. He pulled up his pants and walked back over to me. I got him back into his snowsuit and we were on our way. We only had one pee break during the hike. The little guy was so thrilled watching the snow at his feet turning yellow as he was standing there, so excited that we didn't hear the end of it for the entire trip home.

Like I said, nothing spectacular. I'll post some more stories later on

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