Hi All, I'm Amanda. I'm a 34 year old female. I'm 5' 8" tall with dark blonde hair and glasses. I'd say I'm a little overweight but when I call myself fat people tell me I'm not.

Back in 2001, I stayed at the most popular theme park resort in Orlando Florida in a log cabin for ten days. I shared the cabin with a friend of mine, Bill. At the beginning of the stay, I was pretty shy about using the bathroom because I was afraid if I took a stinky dump that Bill would come in and smell it, and be grossed out. He must have been able to tell I was nervous about it, because he told me not to worry. He always left the door unlocked when he was in the bathroom and didn't mind if I came in while he was in there. One time he was in the shower and I had to take a dump that couldn't wait. I knocked on the door and he said go ahead and come in. So as the vacation went on I became less shy about the bathroom. I even came in and brushed my teeth in the morning when he was on the toilet taking a dump a couple times, after he said it was ok.

The thing with that cabin was that the toilet didn't flush very well and twice when Bill took a dump he clogged the toilet. The first time he got it fixed right away by housekeeping because there was no plunger in there, but the second time he thought if he let it sit for a while that it would flush later, then he forgot about it and we went out to dinner. After dinner my stomach started to gurgle as if to warn me that a big dump was imminent. As we were leaving the restaurant I told him, "let's go back to the room because I'm really going to have to go to the bathroom." He said, "Shit, I hope the toilet works, I forgot to see if it would flush." Well, we got there and guess what. It was still plugged solid. He called housekeeping again but it was later in the evening and there was only one janitor available, and they said it was going to be an hour or an hour and a half before anyone got there to fix the toilet situation. I felt like I was going to crap my pants and knew I couldn't wait an hour and a half, and I didn't want to leave my dump in the toilet for the janitor to see! I was standing in the kitchen dancing around on my tiptoes trying to hold the crap back, and I almost started crying between how much it hurt and the fact that I didn't know what I was going to do. So Bill said he would hold a trash bag under my backside while I went. I was mortified at that idea at first, but then a little fart worked its way out and could feel the tip of the crap poking out, so I told him, "ok but hurry up!" and started taking my pants down. The tip of the turd was sticking out and had left a small brown dot on my panties. As soon as I got my clothes off, Bill reappeared into the kitchen with a clear plastic trash bag. I was blushing because even though he'd seen me half naked in the bathroom I was covering my private parts and my backside was mostly obscured by the toilet, and this time I was stark naked, but the building pressure in my intestines soon made me forget about such trivial things. I moaned, then squatted down and Bill held the bag under my rear end. I was still totally embarrassed by he said "it's ok Mandy, just relax" and rubbed his hand on my shoulder. I suddenly felt very safe with him there so I relaxed a little and the crap started to work its way out of my anus. It was hard and streched my anus to the limit at first, but I didn't have to push, it was coming out all by itself as soon as I stopped trying to hold it in. After the first hard piece swished into the plastic bag, the next piece of crap shot out quickly. It was about an inch and a half around and fairly soft, but still solid enough to stay in one piece. I relaxed for about two minutes to let things work their way down toward the exit, then took a few deep breaths and pushed, and another piece of soft poop about the same size as the other one came out. I couple more pushes and only two tiny pieces which tried to stick to my butt came out, and then I was done. I took a look in the bag. The first piece of poop was about 2 an a half inches around and six inches long, and the two other pieces were about 10 inches long and an inch and a half around. I wiped and got cleaned up and Bill disposed of the bag and toilet paper in a trash can outside. I must have been bright red and I told Bill, "I'm sooo sorry, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to travel with me any more" but he gave me a big bear hug and told me that he was just glad that I felt better. He was such a gentleman and didn't even try anything perverted. I felt special.

We've started dating and taken several more vacations together since then, and while I haven't had another bathroom emergency like that one, we are not shy at all about going in front of each other. I hope nobody I know ever asks me "when did you fall in love with Bill" because I'd have to say, "when he helped me take a dump." That's when I knew he was special since he was such a complete gentleman and cared about me enough to not be grossed out.

Oh, by the way, we stayed at the cabins once since then and now they have jet flush toilets that would just about suck your hiney in if you were still sitting down when you flushed. I guess more people than just Bill had to call housekeeping about clogged toilets.

We are supposed to stay there again in March, so stay tuned. I am planning on having another bathroom emergency this time for old time's sake. I'll definitely post about it if anybody wants to hear.


I could not believe what happened to me this morning. I consider this a very good day and one of the best so far in my life. I have been dating a girl since last July. She is 5'5, 110 lbs, shoulder length blond hair, very tanned. Our relationship has been a good one, but anything beyond kissing and hugging has been a no no thus far (we are both 20). She has told me that we are still "getting to know each other basically". Anyhow, the last week or so she has been very constipated. I was totally surprised when she told me, as I have always thought her a healthy eater. She confessed that she is a victim of late night snacking on junk foods and sweets. She calls me this morning and asks if I would take her to the ER. She was up all night and her stomach was burning, as she described it. Drinking lots of water didnt seem to be doing anything. I took her to the ER and they referred her to a doctors office in the hospital. I was out in the waiting room for probably fifteen minutes and the nurse came to the door and asked to speak with me. Upon my GF's reqeust, the nurse told me that they were about to perform an enema (is that how its spelled?)and she was frightened and asked if I could come back and be with her. I couldnt be in the room during the procedure, but could assist her in the bathroom if I wanted. I waited out in the hall and suddenly heard quick commotion inside the room. The door opened and the nurse said I could go in. She was already on the toilet, hunched over, with her arms wrapped around her knees and the business was at full force. Her arms were tense and her eyes were squeezed shut as diarreah and farts exploded into the toilet. The nurse kept telling her to sit back and to put her feet on a stool in front of the toilet. I told the nurse I would take care of it and she shut the door. My GF moaned of how uncomfortable it was. Remembering what the nurse said about the stool, I grabbed her feet and gently pushed her head back (also, she was wearing a full covered gown, with an opening in the back. I didnt see anything)I thought the diarreah was quick before, it seemed to speed up even faster. I looked at her face. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was open in relief. It was then I noticed how much she was sweating also. I stood there supporting her legs for what seemed like a good ten minutes. She jerked her whole body everytime a rapid fart exploded and kept moaning "awww". The diarreah finally slowed and it turned mostly to farts, with an occasional drop. The smell was hideous, but I didnt let it bother me. She finally pulled her legs away from my grip and whiped her forehead. She had the best relief look I had ever seen. She asked me to wait outside while she cleaned up. I went outside and told the nurse she was finished. The nurse went in to do the finalizations, or whatever you must call it. I waited back out in the waiting room for a good amount of time before she came out. She smiled and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. The whole drive back to her house, she rested her head on my shoulder, somthing she had never done before. I think this enema thing might have brought us closer together. She also promised me I would be "properly rewarded" very soon :)

does any one here like grape soda I do I can drink a 2 litter bottle in less then a day i once drank 4 2litter bottlesin less then 2 days after that i had poop and it made the water purple this would have been better if it was in a public bathroom but it wasn't so alwell would love to see some ones face when they open the stall door and a purple floater stares right back at them

can people write about accidents that they have had as a child or have seen a child have

Peeping Tom

When I was in the first grade I had to pee but didn't want to ask,to go so I let a little out, then more, then more. I kept looking at my pants to see if it show but it didn't until I stood up to go to P.E. everybody could see.

When I was 10 it was the 4 of july and I drank alot of soda at the park.
Then we went to a fire works show but we didn't want to pay to get in, so we sat outside the football field. Howeverthe bathroom was inside.
I hold and hold then my sister ask people were a bathroom was and they said far way. so we started to walk home but she said if I can't hold it go in a bush.after 20 min I told my sister i wanted to go in bush
she said "run hurry" and grabed my hand this made me lagh and lose control. I peed my pants then. I should have gone in the bush 30 min earler.

At the Waterpark did you have time to close you stall door in the bathroom? Did you make a mess on the floor?

PV: Kisses back atcha amiga. 19" is awesome! It's amazing what us women can do huh?

JB: Wow, thanks! That was a nice note. I wouldn't mind at all if you watched me poop as long as your nose can stand it LOL! Even some of my friends have to turn and leave when I drop my panties and go to work! It's so wonderful of you to remember my friends too. Nu has taken polaroids of me when I was taking my big ones that didn't flush! However, often in the mornings, with my hair sticking out and no makeup, I'm sure I'm not such a pretty sight to behold! Yes, it's my own cooking that usually causes those monsters. As for your questions:

1)When you push out a really wide poo that hurts as it slides out of your hole, do you still get enjoyment out of it?
Not always. Sometimes they hurt too bad to enjoy. If if hurts a little then it's ok, but not when it hurts a lot.

2)Would you ever be willing to post a minute-by-minute account of yourself taking a poop?
I've done that a few times before with my laptop. Too bad I can't upload the stink! It would probably be an "SML" file LOL!!!

3)Have you ever used a mirror (any kind) to watch yourself take a poop?
Yes. We actually used to have a full length mirror on the back of the door.

Yesterday's poop was a wicked one. I hate those kind of shits, the ones where you keep plopping turds and feel like you're never going to be empty. I guess I'd been on the toilet for about 10 minutes. I was at school and went to the restroom. I took a stall at the end, lowered my jeans and sat leaning forward. I was so far forward that my long and black curly hair was obscuring my face as I stared at the floor. I'm a shortie (5'1"), so my ass was lifted a little off the seat. That only adds volume to my plops. The very instant I got situated on the toilet, a hiss of "pfffffffttttttttttttttt" air came out, and then I started squeezin'! K-fluuuuump-flummmp-fluuump-ploooop!!! The aroma was not for the weak and my ass was burning a little. After those fat poops came out, my stomach began to hurt a little. I remember sitting there breathing deadly fumes and my stomach aching. After a hard grunt, more came out. It was softer, smellier. Of course more people came in. That would be my luck. Fortunately, whoever took the stall next to mine did more than piss, and she was stinking pretty good too. Anyway, I strained silently to myself, then pushed and pushed and finally one last snake slithered out of my burning ass. My friends are always telling me that I'm full of shit, so maybe they're right! I filled that toilet big time! There was nothing but greenish and brown turds with little chunks of old peppers in them. There were so many turds that they completely filled the bowl. It looked like two people took a dump--Yuuuuuuuckkkk! My brown ass was stinging so I had to wipe carefully. I then pulled up my panties and jeans and exited. Nobody was in there except for the girl shitting in the stall next to me. I think she had diarhea because she was grunting and moaning. I left quickly so nobody would see me, then went to another bathroom to wash my hands.
As for just about 2 minutes ago, I pinched off another monster rope of a turd that was really fat and hard. Renee's in there right now whining about the smell.

Oh well, I love you all amigos!

Earlier this year I was at an away game for our local high school football team (They won the state championship this year). As I've gotten older, I have had a few bladder problems. This has caused a couple of accidents if I didn't go to the toilet when I first felt I had to go. Sure enough, I had to pee pretty badly as the third quarter ended, so I decided to leave, since oyr team was leadinf 42 to nothing and the reserves were now playing. I managed to make it to the home side of the field, whwere the main toilets were located. I planned to stop and pee on the way out. But as I neared the toilets, ai noticed a large disturbance. A big fight had broken out, and the cops were overwhelmed, trying to stop it. I didn't want to get caught uo in the fight, so I went around it and slipped out the gate, planning to pee in the parking lot. To my horrow, there were people all around. I walked to my truck and got in. There were still people walking past, but I figured I could pee in a coke bottle I had left in the truck, and throw it out. By this time I was bursting to pee so badly that I had leaked enough to dampen my underpants slightly. I got the coke blttle, unscrewed the cap, and unzipped the fly on my jeans. As often happens when I have to pee that badly, I was starting to pee as soon as "relief was near. I managed to pinch it off as I tried to get the tip of my penis aligned with the bottle. I let go, and after just a miniscule amount went into the bottle, it slipped and pee went everywhere. I tried to get it back to the bottle opening, but at that point that irrelivant because the outside of my jeans was soaked. I just gave up and pushed it back into my pants and finished peeing on the inside of my pants. I don't mind wetting myself, and even induldge in it deliberately in private sometimes, but I was embarrassed at having done it accidently, and nearly publically like a little kid who held it too long and had an accident. Fortunately I had a cheap truck with plastic seats. The last challange was getting inside without the neighbors noticing I had wet my pants. Fortunately it was quite dark, and although a few people were out and about still, I don't think anyone noticed.

shy pooper
I am scared to death for some reason about someone seeing me takin a crap. I have been in agony needing to go, but want say anything around friends. Its like I try and hide the fact that I need to poop. But its weird, the thought of a female like that, real discreet, turns me on in a way.

My poop was late this morning; at first I thought I might not go at all, but as I was outside scraping ice from the car, I felt the urge begin and grow. I went back in. The b.m. was fairly hard, falling in two large turds maybe 5"-6" long each and maybe 1.25" thick; very satisfying. The poop is medium to light brown, rather rough-textured. I haven't flushed it yet; perhaps I'll do more before going to work.
The other day I ran across a site where I could hear farts; rather entertaining, but it made me wish I could hear the real thing--poop falling into the water.
No major new experiences; my poop has been normal and of normal frequency (two or three a day), and things have been quiet at work. A few weeks ago I did hear a fellow worker drop a single huge turd; he even apologized for it, saying, "Sorry--I really needed that." I said nothing, but stored away the memory.

Both the office blond and my GF demonstrate quite amazing multi-tasking abilities in their toilet using habits. It is something to admire considering the fact that I can barely walk and chew a chewing gum in the same time...LMAO.
The office blond is acting like a fully automated production line. If I had to do all of these things she does in parallel it would be a great mess. She squats and start pushing. In the meant time she rolls her TP pads. When her turd sticks out the right size, she comes with a pad to catch it. Sometimes she holds it half way in half way out when's she's taking care of of other things. In this case you can see it sort moving in and out of her anus. Yesterday, she had small accident. She had quite a knobby BM, and one of her "nuggets" fell on the floor when she was rolling her second pad. It made her take an emergency action, used the pad that she held to pick up the piece from the floor and immediately roll another once to catch the main load. In the mean time she held her poo half way out -- it takes quite a bit of control. She also has a nice technique to wipe. In her first wipe she opens her ass wide and actually digs in with the TP. Then she wipes in a regular fasion. She wipes with a wet pad and finishes with dry.

My GF is using tons of TP in her action.
She hovers very high and stands as far as she can from the bowel (maybe 8inches) so no part of her body/clothing is touching it. Her knees are slightly bent almost straight and she stoops forwards from her waist level while sticking her ass up in her air as much as she can. I mean that her ass is not above the bowl at all and her hands are not on her thighs like most women do. She pees really hard and her stream arches backwards from her behind and hits in the center of the bowl. She takes care to adjust her stream all time so it doesn't miss the bowel either by moving her body or spreading her butt. She cuts it when it dribbles and pee the rest into a thick TP pad so it doesn't drip on the floor.
When she dumps she still stands far away from the bowl. She starts pushing while slightly bet forward. When she has a nice piece sticking out, she throws a piece of TP to avoid spashing and snap her butt so the piece breaks and flies into the toilet. It looks like she's shooting out pieces of poo out of her ass... Sometimes when she has a stubborn poo, she breaks it with a pad of TP and let both of then fly in. The TP prevents the splashing. She repeats it until she's done and flushs the toilet after each piece. When she has a soft poo she holds a huge pad against her vagina, and most of it sticks out backwards. First it protects her vagina from getting diry, second it collects her load. She poos into the pad, then extends her hand in between her legs and throws it in. Flushes the toilet, and repeats until empty..

Hi im new. i am a 17 yr. old female blonde hair and a nice ass. Any ways I have a great poo story to tell.

I am a senior in high school, and up to now I have never shit in school. We got back from our finals, and we had a couple days off, and up to then I hadn't shit for about 4 days. While I was at home ready to leave I felt the strong urge to poo, but nutten came out, so i went to school feeling ok.

During my second period class I really had to go, my stomach was makin noises, and i was in pain, but i still didn't go, but my next period I had no choice I just had to go in school (the reason i never have is because i like my privacy) so I forgot evrything about holding it in school and i finally asked to be excused.

As i practicly ran down the hall to the bathroom, i could feel it poke out so i jsut kept goin. when i finally got in their i took the closest stall pulled my pants, and thong to my knees and let er rip. a major rush of diareah exploded out of me, and thankfully no one was around. after about ten minutes I wiped and went back to class.

hi people. I can't talk 4 long. I just wanna say eli, I LUUUUV your posts and i love carmalita's posts too. Oh and I LOVE LOVE Fat woman's posts. Keep em comin!!!!

hey i've been a lurker here for some time and i have a burning question to ask you... i loved rachel's post of how her parents let her go to the bathroom whenever... do any of you have/had parents that let you go to the bathroom right then and there? i'll be sure to post some stories soon :-)

Message to Missy. Have you ever had an enema. If not, please get your mom or very dear friend to give you one. Dont fool with soap up your butt. Just a good warm soapy enema.

to K.-
apparantly girls CAN have sexual wet dreams. its a bit odd when you hear it at first, but it does make sense, because women can ejaculate too

Last weekend, I was sitting in the car with my sister while my mom had run into the grocery store. I had been supressing gas all day, and I guess it finally got the better of me. One slipped out and it was horrible. It was probably my worst one ever. It smelled so bad. The smell just wouldn't go away, not until we opened one of the doors. I've never had one like that before. Anyway, I was feeling kind of bad, like you do right before you get diarhea. So, I was careful not to let anymore slip. I wasn't sure what else would happen. I could feel the gas trying to escape and it was very hot and heavy feeling. I waited until we got home, and I had to clean up after the dogs. I thought that I was going to poop on myself, but I didn't want to get in trouble, so I just did my chores anyway. When I finished (only a couple of minutes later), I ran back upstairs to my bathroom and sat there for a long time, just squeezing it all out. I had major gas, but not really diarrhea. It was softer and heavier and stinkier than normal though. And my stomach was cramping horribly. I just kept squeezing out soft pieces about half the size of my pinky finger. Before I wiped, I looked down to see my creations and all of those little pieces had piled up and filled about half of the bowl. Of course, it probably wasn't as much as it looked, since it was smaller pieces that weren't compressed, but it still looked pretty impressive. I wiped a lot (don't remember how many times, this was several days ago) and flushed. It all went down. After I got all of that out of me, I felt a lot better. I still steered clear of greasy foods and dairy products though... just in case.

To answer Adrian's survey, I'm female, I always pee before bed, I almost always wake up at night to pee, I have wet the bed on rare occassions, I always pee first thing in the morning, in the toilet and never the shower. I usually will hold my pee 4-8 hours but have held it up to 12 or more in an emergency.

Hi all!

Carmalita dear! Thanks for your kind words. I just love your descriptions of your and Nu's poop!

Louise, so you saw that a young couple had been watching you from close up. If it is of any consolation to you, they probably do not know who you are; and furthermore, you may have given them an arousing experience…. But I certainly enjoy your stories for sure!
You seem to me a sportive, adventurous and elegant person and therefore I think that the good advice my dear friend PV has given you may result in some exciting experiments. If you have looked up the title I gave you in my last message you will find links to lead you to more detail on the subject

Adrian, here goes:

Answer 1) A, male

A2) A, always

A3) B, sometimes - if I need to

A4) C, never

A5) A, always

A6) D, 4 -8 hours. There have been exceptions. Once I didn't go for 13 hours without being desperate, just full. It sometimes also happens that I feel an overwhelming need to pee after only an hour after a strong coffee - or after Bavarian beer. Chuckle.

A7) B, sometimes, but not often

Undine, wow! To get shat upon the top of your head! It may have been a mishap, but man, you have certainly told an unusual story. Great!

Carmalita: I really liked your stroy, about your morning dump.

Today i made a big bm. I was at home in my bedroom listening to my stereo when I started to the urge to make bm, so decided to wait for the urge to get worser.
About 15 minutes later i can really feel the discomfort in my lower part of my stomach. So i went to the bathroom and locked the door and turned on the fan, undid my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet.
First i peed for 30 seconds and then this really thick long piece of doo doo start to come out my butt it was so long that it touched the water before it came out of my butt (14inches long). Then i pooped out three 5 inch long pieces of doo doo, after that i was done. Before i wiped i flushed the toilet. When i flushed the toilet,it got cloged. So i had to use the plunger to unclog the toilet, after i was done with that i wiped my butt 4 times and flushed the tp down the drain.
Take care!

Sentinel Chicken

Thanks for posting. I would love to hear more stories about accidents you have had, and your sister. Girls having accidents at school or from school are my personal favorites. In the story about last Friday, was it that your sister had peed her jeans? I couldn't tell if she had peed or pooped. Also, what were you wearing? Do you mind giving us an idea what grades you are in?


Pepsi- I like your story of the girl, she didn't seem to caare at all that you were there though? What did she look like?

Carmalita- I always like your stories, how do you take suck bi dumps? How often do you poop in public places?

Pete- What?!?! Are you serious, she really told you to clean it up.

I wonder how big the worlds biggest turd is. Oh yeah guys, I knew my girlfriend was lying, but she sounded so serious when she said it. I wonder where she poops and when she does it.

To Rachel: well i like to poop in my panties. just the other day i got up around noon and had to poop and pee. i went to the toilet and peed as much as i could with out pooping. i got up pulled my panties and jammmie bottoms up and went to my mirror. i pushed out a nice load, when i finished i had a nice softball sized bulge going in my jammie bottoms. i went to my computer and sat down and smashed the poop all over myself and sat in it while chatting on line. when i got up and looked at myself in the mirror again. my jammie bottoms were all brown down to the tops of my legs and all stuck to me, it was great!
To Trekkie: about 1197 page i told how i pooped my pants at a walmart, the walgreens story is on here but much father back. cant find it i could repost it again.
To the guy who wanted me to answer a suvery he posted just for me: well i did but i must have got to graphic, they didnt post it. so if you want me to answer it again you will have to repost it, okies. byez for now xoxo loves! Amy

Linda RS
I loved your post and trust me I have been there many times. But silly Jake. Doesn't he know it's an honor to see a latina on the toidy?!?! hee hee. well I'll post some stuff later..right now I'm swamped with homework.

1. Does your anus have any hair on and do you keep it shaved
2.When you fart,do you tend to push it out or let it come
3. When having to do a #2, do you sit forward on the toliet
so you can just reach back and wipe when you're done,or do move
4. When sitting on the toliet do you put your panties on
the top of your thighs so if anyone accidently came in they couldn't
5. I have hemmorrhoids now wheather I have a solf BM or not.
Other than creams what is the best way to take care of it? And is
there anyway that I can my anus muscle tigher to prevent hemorroids? SORRY CANT HELP ON THAT ONE.


Q1) Are you?

B) Female

Q2) Do you go to pee immediately before retiring to bed?
A) Always

Q3) Do you get up to go and pee during the night?
C) Never

Q4) Do you wet the bed at night?

Q5) Do you pee in the toilet or shower upon getting up?
A) Always

Q6) How long can you usually last during the day without needing to pee - under normal weather conditions?
D) 4-8 hours

Q7) Are you prone to daytime accidents?
C) Never

To Ash:

Loved your public restroom story. Apparently, you have many more....keep them coming please.

JJ, if you think about it, there must be many - probably millions - who use their right hand to wipe their smutty bottoms, and some do not even wash their hands afterwards! And who knows what else they use their right hand for. If I were you, I'd continue to shake the woman's hand, even if you happen to know what she does with it.

Louise (from France)
pee survey reply:
This is a little survey about peeing habits which is open to both men and women. Anyone who would like to take part is welcome.

Q1) Are you? B
A) Male
B) Female

Q2) Do you go to pee immediately before retiring to bed? A
A) Always
B) Sometimes - if I need to
C) Never

Q3) Do you get up to go and pee during the night? B
A) Always
B) Sometimes - if I need to
C) Never

Q4) Do you wet the bed at night? C
A) Always
B) Sometimes

Q5) Do you pee in the toilet or shower upon getting up? A (in the shower if i have a shower first, or more often in the bidet)
A) Always
B) Sometimes
C) Never

Q6) How long can you usually last during the day without needing to pee - under normal weather conditions? a-b, it depens from the amount of water I drink (usually 3lt a day)
A) Less than an hour
B) 1-2 hours
C) 2-4 hours
D) 4-8 hours
E) 8-12 hours
F) 12 hours or longer

Q7) Are you prone to daytime accidents? c
A) Regularly
B) Sometimes but not often
C) Never



I have a survey question for you. I am just curious to know just how large a log can get. What is the largest log that you ever passed and how long did it take to come out?

I just read Bryians post on pg 1217. I saw that movie recently myself with Devon Sawa. I think it was called Final Destination. The dude from Roswell was in it also but he was not in the bathroom scene. I saw Devon on the bowl. I wonder how much they had to pay him to do that scene! I see lots of dudes who look like that at my college. Definately interesting. By the way I just got back to school today but no classes till next Tuesday. Tomorrow night as promised the great chicken wing eating contest at the Cluck U will be held and I am anxiously awaiting Saturday morning & afternoon in the dorm bathroom and the gym bathroom. It should be a real gas!!!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the pun. All my buddies from the football team are participating and some dudes from wrestling & basketball too. The jalapeno sauce will get them all in the end!!!!!!!!!!Pardon that pun! This is why I came back to school a bit early because even though classes begin on Tuesday I believe asses begin on Saturday!!! Talk to you all later!

To Missy:
I'd buy a jar of Glycerin Suppositories if I was you! Instead of soap, just take one(or 2) and stick it in your butt as far as possible, and it should 'loosen things up'?
it takes about 15 minutes only!! I'd like to come over and show you, but ofcourse I can't! oh-well!

Ryan: No, you aren't the only boy here at all. I'm 14 and male, and have been lurking here for a little while. Unfortunately, never once have I been caught short and had an accident/had to go somewhere other than a toilet, and I'm not really one to do "adventurous" things.

the Kabosh
Drug smuggler rumbled by call of nature

BERLIN (Reuters) - The untimely bowel movements of a man arrested with marijuana at an airport yielded German crime fighters an unexpected haul of 54 condoms containing cocaine, authorities say.
"It's pretty silly to get caught carrying hard drugs because you've got a tiny amount of marijuana on you," said a spokeswoman for prison authorities in Berlin.
After police discovered the two grams of marijuana, a check revealed an outstanding international arrest warrant for the 51-year-old man for drug-related offences.
But they were unaware he was carrying a kilogram of cocaine, estimated at 120,000 euros.
"The man had the condoms in his stomach and after a certain period of time his bowels passed them out again. I don't know why he didn't flush them down the toilet, perhaps he needed to keep them," the spokeswoman said.
The man hid the excreted condoms in his clothes, where prison authorities later found them.

At my favorite doorless stalls, I was dumping and this guy comes in and takes the stall across from me. He looks to be in his early 20's, with brown hair and dark circles under his eyes. He pulls his white briefs and jeans to about mid-thigh, sits down, and starts farting like crazy. He starts rocking back and forth while unloading some squishy-sounding poop. He keeps farting and crapping quite loudly. He keeps looking up at me. We both start to wipe at the same time. He pulls up his shirt and we both wipe from the front, which I think is unusual. He wipes 4 times, holding his "stuff" out of the way. He stand up and flushes. When it looks like everything has went down the drain, he pulls up his underwear and jeans.

I was downtown yesterday and went into the public restroom to take a dump. It has an attendant outside who has to buzz you in. I went in behind this guy and quickly went to the toilet and sast down. He went to the urinal. There is a partition between the toilet and the urinal, but no door, and the sink is right in front of the toilet. I sat on the toilet about 5 minutes, crapping away, while about 6 other guys came and went, all washing their hands about 3 feet away from me on the can. It was pretty cool.

I had also gone into another building downtown earlier this week and crapped in the large handicapped stall. Whta was unusual about the stall was that there is a full-length mirror in front of the toilet. You can watch yourself take a dump. I don't know why it was installed, but it's pretty neat to be able to see myself dump!

yesterday after i wrote i stumbled apon a neat page!
It talked about how to make the perfect poop and how to get the most out of it. what i found intresting was the advice a dr. gave to the group if you want to poop before you leave or if you want to poop sooner. He said "Firmly massage your lower right abdomen. that will speed up the process."
Just thought you might enjoy this info!

To Adrian:
1. A. Male 2. A. Amost always 3.B. Sometimes if i need to go 4. c. Never 5. A. always 6.D. 4-8 hours 7.C. Never

Barrington of Orange County
Good evening once again. My name is Barrington, and my wife and I have resided together in Orange County in California for nearly forty years. After my first posting, I thought it would be nice to share a story about my trip up north with my wife Lilian this past August. We took a lovely road trip to stay with our son Galileo and his wife June at their lovely three-acre ranch-style home in Walnut Creek. While we were driving up Interstate 5, about an hour or so before reaching Walnut Creek, I felt the need to urinate. This was not surprising, as Lilian had brought along some of the finest British tea for us to enjoy during our drive. I pulled our stately charcoal-gray Rolls Royce into a service station at the next exit. Lilian waited in the motorcar as I stepped to the rear of the station to visit the washroom. I was dismayed to discover that the ladies washroom was out of service, and a long queue of men and women had formed for the single-occupant gentlemens washroom. After waiting a full five minutes in the queue, I decided that it would be benevolent of me to offer the other patrons a solution to the problem. You see, Lilian and I love to watch the show E.R. on television, as our son Galileo happens to be a doctor. We often see the doctors and nurses on the program use a system called "triage" to ensure that the sickest patients are treated first. I concluded that it would be helpful to apply the triage strategy to the service station washroom situation. I walked to the front of the queue and loudly announced to everyone, "My name is Barrington and I am implementing a triage system for this washroom. I will speak with each of you, and you should be prepared to tell me if you need to urinate or have a bowel movement, and how badly you need to go." Many of the patrons were quite reluctant to provide this information, but I eventually coerced them to disclose the information so that I could determine who should use the washroom first. One woman, however, was extremeley ungrateful for my planning efforts. She said to me, "It's none of your **** business what I have to use the restroom for. How dare you ask people about their private business. You have no right to tell these people what to do." I explained to her that because my son Galileo is a doctor, I am quite well-qualified to institute the medical practice of triage in urgent situations such as this. Still she refused to cooperate, so I decided that she was low-priority and would use the washroom last. I then announced to the group that I should use the washroom first, even though I was the last to arrive, because I had drunk a lot of fine British tea and still had to drive a full hour (a long trip) to get to my destination. Others pleaded that they would be driving all the way to Oregon or Washington before stopping, but I reiterated that I had been drinking very fine British tea, and there was no way I could face the hour-long drive to Walnut Creek without urinating. I entered the washroom and proceeded to urinate. Once I had finished , I emerged from the washroom and returned to Lilian in the motorcar. I think that all of the patrons were genuinely appreciative of my triage planning. It gives me great joy to do good deeds for others. However, that one obstinate woman in the queue was infuriating. As Lilian and I pulled back on to the interstate, I recalled that many people believe that California motorists are among the rudest and the most impatient in the country. After speaking with the woman in the queue, I wholeheartedly agreed.

My name is Jose from Mexico . I walk for miles from my town and go for a walk for miles away to my favourite beach . i eat and drink lots to stay good strong man i am twenty one years old

i eat lots of tomatoes that day and i feel i have to go spray and dump.
i go to use bushes and dump and it was very messy lots of soft poo but it felts very good. I thank God and then wipe with napkin from last night at the restaurant. then two days later, my date i took out and i were walking to the beach ,when she decide to be playful and go run in bushes by sand so i follow
she then tripped and fell, and her hands land in my crap from days ago. I was so ashamed and she screamed so we wash her off at water and i run to store to get soap and wash her off

never told her whos poo that was, but i forgot about it!

Hey guys.

Do any of you have trendy poo poo? LIke one week, you have poo poo that are really long, and then the next week have little nuggets? I have that sometimes. I have had poo poo like nuggets recently. Those to me are boring because all they have going for them is the nice 6 or 7 splashes they make when the hit the toilet water. They don't stink either. But I think a transaction is coming for me to longer firmer poo poo if today's sit on the toilet was any indication.

I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants to my ankles, sat my butt down, and waited. I started to pee, which lasted about 10 seconds. Then I felt my poo coming. I heard a crackle as my butt opened up, and about 5 nuggest came splashing into the water. I then thought that it was going to be the same thing. But, I felt more poo poo. After about 5 seconds, I heard more crackling as my butt opened again, but this was no nugget. I felt a long, slow moving poo poo made its way out. It stunk a bit too. No big stink, but at least it was noticable. Anyways, it splashed into the water with a nice sound like you get with long pices of poo poo. I got up to wipe, and was happy to notice my 5 small pices of poo poo were joined by a nice firm 7 inch piece. I wiped up, flushed, and left.

Well, that's it for today.

Take care guys.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Stoolsmith
Hey folks. I've been lurking here since this sight was conceived. I usually don't post, however, because I have trouble being concise and previous attempts have been too long to make the cut. This time I'll be quick. GIRLPOOPING STORY: I read your post from several weeks ago. It would be torture NOT to hear more stories from you. What kinds of grunting noises did you hear from your pearch above the tiles? Were you ever able to catch a whiff of the smells from the ladies room? Did you often get a view of the turds themselves (size, texture, etc.)? Detailed descriptions would be great.
JJ: Thanks for the "regular" updates on your "friend" at work - Please keep them coming. I'm still trying to envision the whole configuration. It seems that if this woman was as shy as you describe her, she would be more self-conscious about the main door to the bathroom being open. Wouldn't your friend that you were speaking to have noticed that your attention was diverted? Furthermore, if you were close enough to see these kind of details, it would seem as though she could have heard you and your friend and would again, be self conscious about the door being open. I hope you don't think that I'm being rude in giving you the third degree - I'm just able to get more "mileage" out of these stories when I can envision every last detail? What does her pushing sound like? Thanks so much, happy movements to all! PS - JJ: Perhaps standing in the stairwell during a free moment in the early am might yield some new adventures!

Curious Dude

I understand completely where you are comming from. I'm the exact same way with seeing girls poop, exept I'm 21 and a guy. It is my fantasy to meet a girl your age into pooping. My advice is to be very cautious about going into mens' bathrooms. Do you have a boyfriend? My advice may be a little extreme, but you should ask a guy that you are dating. I plan to ask the next girl I date to crap in front of me. At first, I never thought I could do it and my friends critisize me, saying that I'm setting up for disaster. I think if someone is worth dating, they will be cool about it. Just take it slow and ask him first if you can listen to him outside the door and work it from there. I hope you get things worked out. XOXOXO

EVERYONE: Good to be back! I'm catching up on everyone's posts. I just got off the toilet after having a nice relaxing dump in the restroom I usually use at school here. Bye for now!

I'd like to make a distiction. I'm not Curious D, so I hope no one gets confused. Take care everyone and happy pooping!

To Adrian Below are my answers to your survey
1. A 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. B
Ladies have you ever pooped in a treefort and couldn't get down from it to use the toliet

To Curious Dude: I read your post from the other day (which happened to be right above mine) and it appears we're both on the same page as far as wanting to meet a girl who likes pooping and is comfortable with a guy watching or listening. I had a problem in high school where some girls found out about my little desire and fascination over wanting to see a girl poop in a note I had written to one girl who was actually into talking about pooping in general. Unfortunately, one of her firends must have been around when she read the note and word got spread all over the school about it and I nearly got in serious trouble with my principal for being too open and graphic. They wanted to suspend me for sexual harassment and have a conference with my parents about what had happened. Thankfully, it didn't come to that and I got off with a warning. But the whole problem I had wasn't with the girl that I gave the note to (she was a good friend of mine so I trusted her).
I was mainly baffled by how disgusting and perverted other people (including some of my other good friends) claimed I was for my little desire. It's not like I was forcing the girl into doing it or something, or having her do it on school property. But I guess people have their own definitions of what they feel is legitimate for a guy to be attracted to or be interested in. That is so messed up. I wish those same people that were making fun of me or frowned upon me took a look at this site to see just how open a lot of people are open about their fascinations with pooping and talking about it, especially a lot of the girls that post on this site. Oh well, anyways, since then most of my friends have gotten over the incident and saw that it didn't really affect who I was or anything. It's just something that I'm interested in that doesn't happen to be your typical pornography or sexual fantasy. After all, we all take a poop, and it's perfectly legal and it isn't even hard-core. If anything, I think people should be glad I was into that and not something serious like child porno or something like that.

I salute you girls who are open about your pooping habits and experiences. And for those of you who like others to watch them or don't mind a guy being around while they poop, I especially admire you for that. I really wish there were more girls like you in this world. Hopefully, one day, I'll find a girl or have a girlfriend that's willing to be open about the subject and possibly even fulfill my desire to watch a cute girl take a dump. As a matter of fact, I'd even go so far as to take a dump in front of her if she would do it for me.

To Carmalita, Ash D., Mel D., and all you others that I read and admire posts from, I love you girls, you are all truly awesome. Your posts really help me out a lot with at least getting insight into what it would be like to listen to or watch a girl taking a dump.

Take care everyone, and keep those great posts coming!


johnny half-pint
Although I'm normally more of a peeing person, lately (and inspired by reading this very forum) I have been trying a bit of an experiment with "big business". I place a paper towel on a rubber mat, squat down, take a crap on the paper towel, then deposit it in the toilet. {I live in a terraced houce in a city, so unfortunately the backyard is not really an option}.

It seems that my arsehole wipes cleaner when I do this, probably due to my cheeks not being pressed against the toilet seat. On the downside, the smell seems to be worse, probably because it isn't going straight underwater. Anyway, I will keep the experiment up a bit longer and report any interesting findings!


To Carmalita: I've really missed your posts a lot. I really liked your last post about your huge pile of "used tamalies and enchiladas". I'd love to read more of your wonderful posts describing your mega-sized dumps. Keep up the good work!

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