To Silent Spice. Yes, Moira and I accompany one and other to the toilet together when ever we can, certainly when at home. Obviously, if either of us needs a motion when out alone or at work we dont try to hold it in , after all we wouldn't want a big accident in our panties, but go to the toilet wherever we are and then tell the other partner about it when we get home with a full description of all the sound effects and the size, shape and appearance of the jobbies passed. If we are visiting friends we again go it alone as above although some of our close friends also enjoy such matters and then we have often performed to an audience of 4 or more! If people visit our home its not so difficult as we have two toilets, a small cloakroom downstairs and the large bathroom / toilet uostairs which we tend to use for our own personal functions. The only time we deliberately would NOT go into the toilet together would be if one or other had the hated "runs". Luckily both Moira and I have cast iron constitutions and our natural tendency is to be slightly constipated so its very unusual for either of us to suffer from diarrhea. The last time I had such an attack was well over 18 months ago when I drank a bad pint at a strange pub and a couple of doses of Immodium soon stopped that! Moira likewise hasn't suffered diarrhea for about 2 years when she got food poisoning from a take away . In her case she took Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) to clear her guts out and after a couple of unpleasant visits to the toilet (alone!) she was okey and indeed didn't then go for a couple of days and passed a couple of nice big solid torpedos to show that all was back to her normal bog clogging self.

Finally, to BASE 727. Apology accepted and no ill feelings. As I understand it the people who post here simply like to show that they are NOT inhibited about defecation and indeed some enjoy it both by themselves and by others as do Moira and I and also like to exchange details about such matters. Its an natural function after all as is eating and that activity leads in time to the other. At least that's where Moira and I are coming from on this matter.

I am one of those guys who never took a dump at school because there were no doors on the stalls, so much to my dismay, when I was a freshman at college there were no doors on the stalls at our dorm. I was the only dummy with 8:oo classes so I had the bathroom to myself. One morning I got up extra early to study, after a night of beer, I had to dump and pee badly. I was on the toilet no more then 30 seconds when the maid came in to clean, I froze, hoping she wouldn't hear me. but who was I fooling she was cleaning the stall next to me. The maid was a women in her early to mid thirties, and actually somewhat attractive.Suddenly she asked me if I had enough toilet paper, which I replied yes, then she said don't be embarassed your not the first man I've seen taking a crap. In the mean time I've been holding my BM hoping too slide it easily into the toilet,then my butt-hole started quivering and the time had come to unload.I let go to a pile of beer induced crap and it was foul smelling. Then the maid started to have a casual conversation with me, for which I sat there for 5 minites and talked to her. Actually I found it highly erotic, thank- god I had a long sweatshirt on to hide my excitement.When it was time to wipe my rear I could see her looking in the mirror. After washing my hands and leaving I really had quite a buzz. I only stayed at that college for one semester, but I made a few more early trips to the bathroom to talk with my new friend. After that expierence I never was concerned about taking BMs in front of women, but I still will not go in an open stalled mens-room. - My wife and I are going to Europe this summer, are there unisex bathrooms there? if so, please let me know what countries.
Talk to you later,
Kevin L

Some Guy
To Silent Spice: Sorry to hear about your mother. People can be so mean sometimes. To Jodi: Have you tried Dairy Ease or other lactase products. They help the lactose intolerant a lot.

A few days ago I went shopping at a nearby city and felt the need to poop. I went into the nereby public toilets and there was 3 stalls.I opened the door of the first one and a man was sitting on the toilet, so I then opened the door of the second stall and that was occupied also. The third stall was empty so I went in, closed the door and got seated. I heard somebody walk in to the building and open the other doors (there were no locks on any of the doors), and say sorry twice and was expecting him to open my door next. It didn't open and wondered how he knew it was taken, the door height was very low but I didn't realise they were so low. He was standing right outside waiting for a stall to become vacant, if I sat halfway up I could see his head so he must have had a clear view of the toilet seat. I remained sitting forward so I couldn't see his face, but it did feel too uncomfortable knowing he was probably glancing at any opportunity. I tried to pretend I wasn't aware he could see much and I didn't look at him, but when I wiped my bum I had to do it without looking at the paper because I knew he could see ! me. I flushed the toilet, pulled up my clothes and had to walk right past him red faced. That was a bit too much being watched the whole time, it's not too bad somebody just walking in and getting a brief glimpse.

Silent Spice
Graham: Thanks for what you said! You are so nice! Lurk(Andrew): I am glad that Im not the only 17(almost 18)year old that didnt have a romantic relationship before. But I always see people kissing in the hallway and in classrooms(people in Jr. High did too)and it makes me jealous(VEEEEERY jealous). But as long as I know Im not the only one that didnt have a romantic relationship before it shouldnt matter right? And your right about my mom. I mean COME ON shes my MOTHER. Mothers are suppose to be there for their kids birthdays(unless the kids ask her to leave), grads,christmas concerts(elementary school)and everything else thats important. DAM HER TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her "New Boyfriend" even admitted to moms friends from work that they had sex! Mom didnt even give my dad any Valentines Day stuff for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yesterday she told him that she only LIKED him not LOVE. And do you know why? That THING that shes been sleeping with!!!!!!! God I HATE ! HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad is sooooooooooooo depressed right now and my mom doesnt even seem to care! Moira: Thanks for the sympathy about my bitchy mom. Im sure that Georges mom loves him alot more than my mom loves me. Did she go to Georges grad(if hes graduates)? I bet she did! Im sure my mom loves my two olders sisters more than me because she was there for one of the most important once in a lifetime days of their lives(GRAD)but I doubt she will come to mine. :-( Oh yeah. Just so I will talk about more than my problems I will just say that I heard my sister fart on the toilet soooooooooooooo loud last night and it was the loudest thing Ive ever heard.

Does your new boy friend into pornography? If he is, you won't be able to compete with babes; no one can. I have not met a lady that can be both a brunette and a blond at the save time. He will become disalutioned with your body. In the porn magazines, women often poop, so I hear.

Does your ex-boyfriend have a poop fetish, did you ever see you shit? Were you called Susan-Kitten or Susan-Puppy by your ex? It is good hearing from you again. Give us more good pooping stories.

Some Guy
To Jill: I don't mean to make you seem wierd or anything but taking a dump after every meal is odd. I go about every other day

In answer to Jill's question, I think it depends on the kind of society you live in, your personal temperament and family habits. I understand that Australian aborigines (native Australians?) shit after every meal, as if something has to come out to replace what goes in! I used always to go once per day, after breakfast, but now that only happens about twice per week, and I get the message first thing in the morning. But however much I do then, I always want to go again after breakfast, so at least 4 days a week I have two BMs.

I was using my boyfriends computor when I came across a bookmark to this site. After logging on to see what it was, I went mad at him afterwards and shouting had he turned pervert. He told me it was innocent and said I should read through old posts carefully and then make judgement. We eventually talked and he said he was turned on by girls goint to the toilet. We have been going out for about a year and he has never mentioned anything about this subject before. I asked him if he had fantasy's about me going to the toilet and he said yes, and would like to watch me. This would create a problem as my BM schedule is usually after lunch when we are both at work and don't see each other. I said I would think about it and couldn't always plan my timing. The next day at work I did want to go, but held it through the day with much discomfort as I sit at my desk typing. That evening he came round as usual to my appartment, after a coffee I stood up and held his hand, and said "come on! then" and walked him into the toilet. I have a seperate toilet and bathroom, and the toilet is very small and you can hardly turn a cat round. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my tights and panties and sat down. I was several hours late and could have finished in about 20 seconds but thought this would then cut his pleasure very short, so I sit there and held it for about ten minutes. When I did try and go I struggled a little from holding it back, and it was really painfull. After it plopped I pulled off some toilet roll, wiped my bottom, and flushed before I got up as I am not into anything vulgar. I stood up and pulled up my tights and panties, when he said wait there. He pulled down his trousers and undies and sat down himself, while teasing him I told him I thought mens doo dah's she go under the front of the seat when I knew he couldn't. I kep patting him on the head and saying "who's a prety boy then". When he finished doing his business we ended up in bed and experienc!ed 100% improvement in lovemaking. I am putting this on here as a suprise so he can see it in the morning and let him guess who it is. In case your wondering how I choose my name, he was a fan of her.

Geez, I haven't posted here in so long! Like some others, I have been so damn busy with school, I have time to only read once in awhile. For those of you who don't remember me, I am a 20 year old college student. I am 5'9 with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am kinda built and have a voracious apetite, which produces some pretty good dumps to share. Anyhow... for as long as I can remember I have always taken a dump in the afternoon when I got home from school. When I got to college the food in our food court threw my schedule off and usually took my dumps after lunch and then again after dinner. It had a laxitive affect on everyone... its actually kinda hilarious. Anyhow, now I find myself crapping in the morning.. I have been pretty regular lately too! All my classes but one are Tues and Thurrs and I go from 9am to 3pm straight through. ON Su, Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat my shitting schedule is like clockwork... most wonderful. I wake up, have my big cup of coffee and breakfast and usually by the time I am done with everything, the urge to go is calling. So, I grab a magazine or book or whatever, and head into the bathroom and take off my boxers or sweats so I can sit comfortably and let nature take its course. I feel so relieved after I drop my huge load. We have a weird toilet that has a ton of water in it so my shits never produce skid marks anymore. Usually, I leave a huge mosaic of skid marks to enjoy. On days when I have classes I usually go after lunch or when I get home from school. Yesterdy was disapointing. I skipped my first class and had breakfast and coffee and like clockwork hd to shit. I went in and produced only a 4 inch log. That's it. I ate a ton the day before! I was so mad. But then about 5pm I was in the library reading and the urge came again. I went in and both stalls (with doors) were occupied. I waited a little while and went back in to find some guy just leaving the stall. I went in and noticed that he must have taken a big dump, because he left marks in the toilet that almost beat mine! I managed to strain out a few little chunks and thats about it. What made me have to take the time to post this mornnig was my dump today. I had my coffee and my oatmeal and cleaned the kitchen and my the time I was done, I had to unload. I grabbed my book I am studying out of and went in. I don't turn the fan on when my roommate is not here so I can listen to everything. I let out a fart and the shit started moving out of my ass. It came out rather fast and when I looked to see what I produced, I was impressed! It must have been about 1.5 feet long and about an inch wide. I hardly ever drop logs this long! Then I pushed out another baby log about 5 inches long and a few tiny chunks. I wiped and flushed the toileet clean. Man, I felt about 10 pounds lighter. I proceeded with my "3 S routine" (shit, shave, shower... in that order) and ran my errands. I live with a girl who produces some large dumps! She is ingaged too. I thught I would have a hard time shitting while she was in the apt but she's like one of the guys! She burps like a truck driver, and shits like one too! I was in my room yesterday and she got home from classes and went into the bathroom, which is next to my room. I heard hear big logs drop into the toilet! Too bad I wasn't attracted to her... I'd have loved to witness that!!! About the Penny's issue. I have produced some of my best loads in Penny's!! There are 2 within decent driving distances at home and one has 1 stall and the other has 3. All have doors and are clean. I remember once this past summer I had the urge to take a really big dump but I couldn't because I was at the doctors. He was feeling my pelvis and pushing on my stomach he must have worked things through for me. I was on my way to the mall to pick up something for my mom and dads anniversary. ON the way I got a starbucks cafe mocha, on an empty stomach I think it acts like a laxitive! I got to the mall and had to ump bad! I went into the stall and just unloaaded until I couldn't unload anymore! I checked my work and I filled the bowl with so many logs about 4-7 inches in length I couldn't see the bottom of the bowl anymore. I was soooo relieved. Whew...

Anyhow... I think this is way freaking long so I'l go now. George and Moira ,you guys are so cool! I enjoy reading your stories, as well as Red Necks, Dougs, Drews and of course the girls that always poop!!

Later... Keith

To Moira: Thanks for your rather detailed and scientific explanation of why I get the urge after a meal. I must point out that my movements are not usually soft. I would describe them as firm rather than hard - they only get hard if I hold on for a while, and then it needs a bit of pushing to get started; otherwise I can push out my poos without too much effort. To Doug: Yes I am very regular and go twice a day - after lunch, and again after dinner in the evening. I must take issue with you over your rather sexist comment that "Men do eat more than women." You might like to think that, but it is certainly not always the case by any means. I eat a lot more than my husband - and I produce a lot more poo, he can vouch for that! I suggest that you check your facts before making sweeping generalisations. I had an interesting experience at work today. I was in an office, where the ladies had only two cubicles. One was occupied when I went in for my after lunch poo, and the other was blocked. So I had no choice but to use the blocked loo, which I did. By the time I had finished, I was on my own and things were rather smelly because my poos were high and dry above the small amount of water in the pan. As I left, a maintenance man entered - someone must have called him to deal with the problem. He asked me if there was anyone in there as I left, and I said no. I was chuckling to myself as I walked away because of what he had to deal with. I guess it is all in a day's work for these guys!

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

The guy I'm now dating is scheduled to watch me poop tonight. I am saving it. Kinda neat feeling that I have to go and have to wait until he gets here. We are going to have fun!!

Silent Spice
George: I am a girl. Do you and Moira go into the bathroom together all the time? I dont know why I hate the sound so much its just so annoying to me!! No problem about giving you the tip on watching other peoples "jobbies" come out. Now you and Moira can have an awesome time in the bathroom watching each others poop!! Bye!

Hi everyone. I haven't posted since the holidays; Alex was right about me having trouble getting on to the new address, but that wasn't the only reason. Hi Susan, your comment about seeing a guy is a perfect leader into the other reason I haven't been posting. I now have a boyfriend, Mark, who is on my college's track team. We jog a lot during non-class hours, among other things :-) I guess I could say he's the other reason I haven't spent as much time on the computer; I told him up front that I'm LI, and have some "bathroom problems." He's very understanding, important in a friend! The only bathroom experience we've had was when we were out practicing one ccc-cc-oold morning- we were jogging out on some snowy trails near school when Mark told me he'd be right back. He jogged into the woods and returned about two minutes later. Mark told me he really had to pee and couldn't hold it any longer; I suppose it really isn't that big of a deal for a guy to pee in the woods. My most recent story of note: I was being a naughty girl, eating pizza and sipping milk shakes (a no-no for someone who's lactose intolerant, but hey, you gotta live..). I went to bed that evening feeling a little queazy, but I was just getting over the flu, so I didn't think much of it. I woke up around 3 in the morning and heard rumbling in my stomach. I knew what that meant, so I ran down the hall (I've been back at school for just over 3 weeks) to the toilet. As soon as I sat down, there was more rumbling- I then immediately let out several violent waves of diahrrea. To make a long story short, I let out nine waves over a 30 minute period, flushing the toilet between each release (didn't want to clog anything up). My butt was so sore I didn't even bother wiping after I was done. Blake, we're so much alike, I would like to hear more of your stories. Thanks. Jodi

When I was 18 I had been going out with a girl for about 2 weeks when we decided to go for a picnic. We parked the car and walked for about an hour through the countryside before stopping for the picnic. I felt a strong stomach cramp coming on and a feeling of wanting to poop, and there was no way I was going to tell her and thought I would hold it till that night. I got very uncomfortable and thought I would palm this off somehow by saying I had stomachache. She asked when I last went to the toilet, paused and said "sit down I mean". I hesitated and replied quietly "I don't remember", and I think it clicked what I needed but was too shy to say. She changed the subject cleared up the things and said "lets walk a bit further", there was obviously no toilets nereby or for some distance. We were walking through country pathways talking when she held my arm steered me behind some bushes and said "go to the toilet here" and gave me a hankerchief from her pocket and said "use this untill we find a toilet and throw it away afterwards", them she walked away. I could see her through the bushes and she was not looking my way at all, so she was not after a free slide show. After I finished and wiped the best I could, I walked back to her and she changed the subject and and just walked on. It was very awkward trying to walk without having wiped my bum properly, I kept pulling my trouses and underwear away from my bum. When we eventually come to some toilets, she said "go in there and see if you are alright", and she sat on a wall outside. I used half a toilet roll and wet some to scrub the back of my underpants. When I went back outside my bum felt damp but eventually dried through the sun.

Hi Susan! Great to see you back; I can't wait to hear more of your stories! Moira, I'm an American who was speaking on behalf of my Canadian friends- apology accepted. I agree with you on everything else; if they don't like it, don't post. Peace, Steph

From Graham To; Silent Spice: Enjoy your graduation anyway and don't worry about flowers, as I'm sure you will plenty when you get older and people will be jealous of you.

BASE727(mad cow patrol)
Sorry if i took your web site the wrong way i guess i must be behind the times a little bit. Well i guess wer'e all human and we make mistakes.
Take care everybody James BASE727(m.c.p.)

pooping girl
I had a very large volume trip to the toilet yesterday,was wearing only a tee shirt and white underpants (sorry boring color} with my coffee and newspaper. I set everything down on the sink and pulled my underpants down which fell to the top of my feet and sat down letting go with some loud and not to pleasant gas. I took a deep breath and gave a push and my jobbies started out of my fanny. I didnt need to much grunting as a little grunt got the next jobbie going. I had 4 waves of gas and jobbies with two tinkles between. I spent 15 minutes pooping farting tinkling and reading my paper and drinking my coffee between waves before I wiped my fanny. I used 2 wet wipes and 5 regular toilet paper wipes before I pulled up my underpants and flushed. Jill: I frequently go to the toilet more than once a day,not always right after a meal but usually in the morning and sometime late afternoon or evening.

Lurk (Andrew)
Silent Spice--
Don't worry - you're not alone. There are some caring, loving people out there who haven't ever had significant other's or romantic relationships either. I'm also 18, and I was recently treated to the privilege of spending all of this past Valentine's Day with Rene Descartes and his Meditations on First Philosophy. But I wouldn't worry - it will happen, someday, and some way

But the situation with your mom - that sounds like it really sucks. A lot. A real lot. My parents were there for my graduation, but they missed quite a few other "events" in my high school days. I tried to pretend it didn't bother me, but it really did. Fortunately, I'm very close to my mother now, and am on pretty good terms with my dad. But it sounds like your mom is really screwing up here. I'm sure she's a wonderful person - everyone is, at heart, no matter what issues they have. But she's not be showing you the love you deserve, and that's one of the worst things a parent can do.

And, just to keep things on-topic, a few ramblings...

In recent weeks, I've come to a realization about the reasons for my attraction for women using the restroom. There are quite a few things there that I still don't quite get, but it seems to me that I'm much more attracted to the aspect of release about it - it's a release of tension, of something (almost literally) bottled-up. For me, it seems to be a symbol of more - release of frustrations, of stresses, of things that have little to do with the act itself. Since I tend to stress easily, the idea of that release attracts me. And this combines with the classic attractions of voyeurism and natural sexual desire into something rather powerful.

I'm just wondering - has anyone else noticed the same sort of thing in him/herself?

To Jill. yes it very common to need a motion after eating, indeed this is a natural bodily procedure, its called the Gastro Colic Reflex and sometimes can be a bloody nuisance, especially if you eat breakfast and are in a hurry to go to work or school afterwards then "Oh! OH!" you feel the urgent need to do a jobbie which you know is likely to be soft and you wont be able to hold in till you get to work or school or on the train or whatever. Neither George nor I eat weekdays until we get to work for this reason although both of us tend to pass good solid turds even early in the morning. This reflex causes a Peristaltic Shunt so that the bowel content, instead of slowly moving along the colon is moved along in a wave to accomodate the extra food being taken in further up the GI tract.As a result water is not as well absorbed and the stool will be softer than one would like or even , worst luck, watery! Perhaps this accounts for the Fast Food Runs that many readers complain of after eating at MacDonalds or Burgerking or Wendys, as these places are designed to make one eat fast and get out. If myself or George have a burger from them we take it and eat it slowly outside in the car or a park or a bench in the town or whatever and have not had this problem our motions being good and solid afterwards.

Sorry "Silent Spice" has had such troubles with her home life, its dreadful being rejected by one's mother, as effectively happened to George although he was lovingly brought up by his Aunt Helen and had a very happy childhood with her and his two cousins, Nicky and Debbie as he has often related in his posts here. We now realise that "Spice" is a girl as her first post recently didnt make this clear. To Jay and Paige. Your method of clearing out any bad food from your GI tract is medically sound. When I was a kid my brother had a bout of food poisoning with thr runs and the doctor told my mother to dose him with Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate). She ws greatly puzzled as this is a powerful saline laxative but he explained that this would quickly wash all the bad food residues out of his bowels. It certainly did clear him out indeed he was hardly off the pan painting it brown so to speak but it soon brought him back to normal. Finally, you are right, there is nothing to beat the satisfaction of feeling a good, big solid jobbie slowly slide out of one's back passage for the first time after the horrible squittering sensations of the runs!

I forgot to mention. Poop in out houses is often called night soil. Possibly because because people often poop, first thing in the morning. So those people get rid of soil accumulated during the night. On another story. I was at a family reunion about 4 years ago. One of my distant relatives talked about climbing Mt. Mc Kinley in Alasks. A few things were interesting. One of them was sun burn on the roof of their mouths; due to panting from the difficult labor. The other is about using a bag for their morning BM. When the hikers got up they would move their bowels into a plastic bag. The guy said it was good to be the first one up in the morning to do his poo. The bag got pretty raunchy when several people did their BM's in the bag. When everyone was done the bag was tossed in a cravass. Hence it is good to avoid falling into a cravass! A short time later I heard of an attractive lady on a mountain climbing expedition. A few people died because she could not pull her weight. I wonder if the guys allowed her to be the first one to poop in the bag in the morning. If that was the case they would know how big of a pile she droped.
Jill, as I said along time before. I often poop twice a day. Once in the morning after breakfast and in the evening , a bit after dinner. I very rerely poop first thing in the morning. A long time ago I remember pooping first thing in the morning, it was great, I did not have to shit at all for the rest of the day. I was a janitor in a church. The female pastor wanted th me to leave. For 3 Tuesdays in a row there was a big smelly turd in the toilet. The water had no urine and the turn was not broken up. So the deed was not done on Sunday morning. After I lost my job I remembered the deeds and figured that Mary-Lee woke up, peed at home, sat on her shit, went to the woman's wqueezed out a big smelly log, went into a neighboring stall, pushed out her last pieces wiped then flushed. She was and probably still is a very underhanded bitch. I wonder is pooping time sex related? Men do eat more than women.

>Have other readers had similar experiences on train, plane or boat toilets?
Moira & George:
I have never been on a train, so I have no experience with these toilets. I have found the most satisfying place to take a dump though, and that is in an airplane. The newer airplane toilets are great, because instead of using the blue liquid, the bowls are totally dry. They are supposed to flush without water by using vacuum. Well, this works fine for piss, but you've never seen great shit streaks until you try to flush a soft turd deposited into one of these toilets, looks really neat on a black toilet bowl too! Of course other passengers leave their share and usually there are strips of toilet paper stuck to the shit-skids in the bowl. My greatest achievement sitting on a toilet while in flight was a super-turd that was somewhere between 12 and 14 inches long and about 2 inches wide. It started at the bottom of the bowl and went up the back almost to the rim. Surprisingly, it was a clean wipe. I flushed the toilet and only the paper and the bottom three inches or so that was over the hole were sucked away. Two more flushes and nothing changed. I was proud! My six-slice pizza turd was the winner, Delta's 767 the loser. I hope the next passenger enjoyed it as much as I did!
To answer about boats, I have never used a boat toilet that flushes properly at all. The water pressure is way too low and the hole in the toilet bowl is too small for solid waste. Really, I don't believe most boat toilets were designed to be shit into. Leave a 6 inch turd and you'll leave a 6 inch turd. Boat toilets clog so easily that they are no fun at all. Also, boat toilets tend to back up and slosh onto the floor as the boat bounces over waves. This usually makes the inside cabin of the boat stink like shit, literally!

Monday, February 16, 1998

Hi Everybody!! Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time. I was a regular here with Steph, Alex, etc. The biggest reason I haven't been posting is that I met guy a a little while ago. We just seemed to be spending all of our time togeather, and everything else, ( including my posting here) seemed to get pushed to the back bunner. Anyways, to make a long story short, we are no longer seeing each other. It just wasn't going to work out. This is just a quick post to say Hi and that I'm back. I'll be posting some new stories soon.

Take Care,

Hi guys, Happy Valentines Day. LOL to all :) To Mike(USA): Steph is right about she and I not having as much time to post; we go to different schools about 50 miles apart, but we e-mail each other almost daily. Everything is so hectic- many classes and lots of studying. Sorry I haven't been able to post as often. Friday, after a long class, Kristi (a friend and classmate) and I went together down to the bathroom. I had to pee, so I went into a stall, did my business, and after wiping my vagina, flushing, and then washing my hands, I was ready to leave. As for Kristi, with whom I planned to walk across the common to the library, she was still in her stall after I washed my hands, so I figured she had to shit. I told Kristi I'd be outside; she told me she'd meet me at the library since she'd "be in here for a while." I said OK, but decided to wait outside in the corridor. Kristi came out of the bathroom about ten minutes later and was surprised to see me waiting (I was reading the campus newspaper). I would have liked to have hung out in the bathroom and listened to what she did, but it didn't seem proper, since I only had to take a "one-minute tinkle." My shits have been pretty normal over the last week. Remember (my friend) Jodi? She's been trying to post, but wasn't aware of the new address. I set her straight, so hopefully she'll be posting again. Love always, Alex :)

Moira & George
Moira to Steph. Sorry for tarring all Canadians with the same brush as "727" (by the way I am sorry he or she has colitis and hope it responds to whatever medication they are taking). I just cant stand censorious people who are like our Mary Whitehouse or some of the bible thumping evangelical types in the USA , I think they call them WOWSERS in Australia. If they dont like, dont read but dont tell me what I should read or post. I dont like sites about guns and ammmo and hunting but certainly do not post anti firearms messages to them, I simply ignore them.

Like George I too had a friend at School who like me was turned on by jobbies and all associated matters. She was called Theresa and she and I were friends through both Primary and Secondary (High) School. We discovered our mutual coprophiliac interests when I found her looking down the pan in the Girl's Toilets at school when I had just done a big jobbie which wouldn't flush away, we would have been about 11 at the time. She was obviously admiring my turd and I was quite happy to talk to her about it. Like George and Gerry we watched each other doing our motions and also enjoyed hearing others doing theirs and seeing what they had done. Unfortunately I lost touch with her when she went to Oxford University, (she was smarter than me)when we were both 18 and she then got married.

George to "Silent Spice" you dont say what gender you are, but your experiences are very similar to mine with my two cousins EXCEPT YOU DIDNT LIKE IT AND I MOST CERTAINLY DID! Nicky and Debbie certainly NEVER had to force me to go into the toilet with them. The things you dont like, the grunting, the crackling sounds as the jobbies comes out, the "ker-plonk! as it dropped into the pan, I really enjoyed and still do with my lovely ???? wife Moira. The only difference is that neither of my two cousins nor Moira ever forced my face into their laps between their legs. Moira and I tried that today when she did a big jobbie and it actually enhanced the pleasure so thanks for the tip!

Another point of interest to Jill. We have found that toilets on trains tend to be far more difficult to flush clear than ordinary ones while she has found the opposite to be true. When either or both of us go on a long train journey we watch out for someone using the toilet . If they seem to have been away long enough we will wait till they return to their seat then go to that toilet ouselves. Quite often their turd has stayed behind either because the cistern hasnt filled up or it is big enough to get stuck and we have seen some really worthy specimens and of course left our own whoppers behind. We have called these trains "Inter Shittys" because of this . Have other readers had similar experiences on train, plane or boat toilets?

Silent Spice
Young:I am so jealous of you. You get a boyfriend. A SWEET boyfriend that is! He leaves you flowers and stuff everyday and when you have to poop you will go to the bathroom and there they will be. I never had a boyfriend and i never got flowers from anyone before. How long were you and BMG together? How was your Valentines Day with him? My mom isnt even coming to my graduation OR 18th birthday(both this year)let alone getting flowers from a guy. DO you know why? Because of some DRUNK asshole that she is sleeping with without my dad knowing!!!! She would rather spend time with him then go to my grad. She even said that. "Everyone else will be there"was what she said "What do you need me for?" And she said she wouldnt miss my other two sisters grads for the world!!!!!! She said NOTHING will keep her from going to their grad even if Dad died or something. Nice mom huh? NOT. Sorry for blabbing about something not even related to the toilet. I just had to tell someone.

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
I see there's another Jay posting here so I decided to distinguish myself from him by reminding readers that Paige and I live together and share the interests of this forum.

Here are two good stories from yesterday. It's just like a newspaper columnist...just when you think you've read or heard everything about a particular subject and have run out of material, something happens and fuels your imagination and a new tale is spawned.

Yesterday we were at a luncheon...very nice place...and very much NOT on our traditional diarrhea list...the one that has TGI Fridays, Denny's and lots of other slop houses you can end up in here in the US...then barely make it home for a resounding porcelain brownout because of some previously unidentified component of the food you just ingested, trusting that it was OK.

I'll also preface this by saying there is hardly anything better than the affirmation of the very first reconstituted NORMAL shit after a bout of gastrointestinal distress that manifests itself by explosive liquid shit diarrhea. That's what happened yesterday to both Paige and me. We must have spend the better part of late yesterday afternoon purging out whatever it was that got into our systems...but fortunately...after rehydrating and a bit of a rest...we managed to be reconstituted by just before dinnertime...a strong signal that this was most definitely NOT the concidental onset of a GI virus...thank heavens! And all of the above was accomplished without the jolt to the system and body clock that Immodium can cause...though Immodium is excellent, I find it to be far preferable to wait it out by forcing fluids if possible.

Later that evening, after a very nice dinner party...with Immodium along in my pocket just in case (I always preferred Paregorec--or camphorated tincture of opium, but it's a little hard to come by today)...after we got home Paige was in her dress but had peeled off her pantyhose and was naked under her outfit. As I rounded a corner, she bent her knees and thrust her butt out at which time I did what any red blooded guy would do--I gave her a good smacking that was vertically placed and forceful enough to find the very depths of her bottom crack...right at the level of her bottom hole. But the joke was on me because she had just finished taking a shit, didn't use wet wipes, and when I smelled my hand (which you'd imagine I'd do anyway regardless), it was quite obvious that her hygiene could have been accomplished more thoroughly! Sooo...I dragged her into the bathroom, bent her butt over the vanity, lifted her dress, and gave her a comprehensive wiping of her bottom crack, hole and "sidewalls" until the wetwipe was white..then I gave her a very good smacking for her carelessness...she was quite turned on by the whole thing but what followed is not within the purview of this forum...though it IS in the purview of most readers' imaginations at this point!

To Drew: I was in a J.C. Penny's dept. store yesterday afternoon, and i went to the bathroom to squirt, and there were no doors on any of the stalls. Maybe it is policy? One dude was blowing logs out,but my wife was waiting for me so i had to run.

An actual incident that happened to me today. I called at a garage today which had an outside unisex toilet. The lock was out of adjustment so after it had clicked locked only the smallest push would still open it. The door opened outwards so the occupier could not simply push the door shut if anybody walked in. I went in pulled my trousers down to my thighs and sat down with my underwear just to edge of the toilet seat. I rolled my shirt up to my waist and left it down at the front. I heard footsteps walking towards the door and started gently straining, the door opened and in run a little girl followed by her mother, who was probably early thirties. The lady said sorry, but had to come just inside to call the little girl to get out. At the time they walked in was the point of the plopping sounds.
I went back to that garage later in the day and sat in the car park waiting to see who went in the toilet. A girl about 20 with long blonde hair carrying a briefcase went inside the toilet, I waited about 1 minute before walking in to catch her on the toilet whatever number she was going to do. When I opened the door she was sitting on the toilet with her black tights and white knickers down to her knees, grey bodysuit unfastened and black skirt rolled up. She had her briefcase next to the toilet and a diary on her lap which she was flicking through reading. When she see me she seemed only concerned about covering her pubic hair with her skirt, or she was part way and couldn't up. I sit in my car and timed her at 35 mins so she could't have been desperate in the first place.

I guess this happens to other people here as well. Just occasionally, the conversation turns to toilet matters. This happened to me last night. I had been out with my husband and some friends to a restaurant, and then on to our "local" pub where we met up with some other friends. After a while, and a few drinks, we got talking about "accidents", and various people related how they had peed themselves when drunk. I recalled the time at Uni, when I had a little too much at a party, and wet myself; and my husband told of how several times he has had to stop off for a pee on the way home from the pub - once in someone's garden. Another guy told of how he was so drunk one night, that he got out of his bed for a pee, couldn't find the bedroom door - or even the light switch, and ended up peeing in the corner of the room! Then someone else said how it was funny how you never need a dump in the night, and the conversation moved on to what time of day people take a dump. It surp! rised me that the overwhelming majority say they did it first thing in the morning. When I pointed out that I go twice a day, after meals, I found not only that I was almost alone - only one other admitted to that - but I was the subject of intense interest for a while, and my husband had to confirm my movements! To my embarrasment, one of the other girls also confirmed that I had done a poo at the restaurant earlier in the evening. Who needs enemies?!!! So anyway, you experts. Is it that unusual to need a dump after meals?

Hi everyone I've really enjoyed reading the posts so far. I have only found the site in last few days.I love watching girls do a poo. My wife has let me watch her before but not so much lately. Keep posting and I'll write soon as its very late tonight.

Sunday, February 15, 1998

Hi guys! Moira, although I'm generally a *free speech* advocate, I agree with you about telling "Base 727 Mad Cow Patrol" not to read this web site if he/she doesn't like it. There are several Canadians who regularly post on here, so I don't agree with you that Canada is a "repressed" country. Mike (USA), Alex and I still do post on here, though not as often. We're too busy with school. As for Susan, I've also been wondering what's happened to her. I hadn't taken a dump for a couple of days; for those who are new to this forum, that is not unusual for me. I finally got the urge on Thursday afternoon. I sat down and let out some pee. I started pushing but there was some resistance. I pushed into my abdomen a couple of times and the shit finally began to come out. There were three large "tubes" in the toilet after I was done (with not much of a smell). I flushed the toilet before wiping- I then wiped my butt six times; there was a lot of shit on the paper and to tell you the truth, some got on my hands. Yuck! Of course I washed my hands afterwards (I always do). Happy Valentine's Day to all! :) Love, Steph xoxo

to : every body who has ever read my posting here before, you know that BMG always leave something in the toilet seat cover for me, cause he know it's the first place I visited when I got home. Well, this morning I have to go so early in the morning, because of that he didn't even woke up. It's before my regular schedule BM. By the time I got home again he already gone. I feel my urge to doing my BM, and he did it again! He left me bundles of white roses on the toilaet seat cover. I pick the card that came with it. I put the roses away, lower my jeans and undies, seat down and push. I push a good couple of turds. Then I begin to read the card. The Envelope was Pink and with my name on it. I opened it and it's a Valentine card from my boy friend. God! how romantic he is. As I pushed out more turds, my cellphone rings. "I know You must be in the throne" said the voice. "how could you know? It's out my regular sechedule". I asked. "I can hear your things sliding out" he answered. It's from my boyfriend. "Happy Valentine's day Young" said my boy friend. "Happy Valentine's day to you too." I answered. "How about dinner tonight?" he asked. I answered yes and we talking about half hour before he suddenly showed in front of me. Then he give me a big kiss, before hang up. "How many did you pass?" he asked. "Why?" I asked. "Well, you just have to clean up right now, get dress and go with me." he answered. I clean up my self, flush away and go. Then he give me a big kiss again, before I even pull up my jeans. We make great lovemaking afterwards. God I love him too much.


to Every forum reader: Happy Valentine's day from Me and BMG to George and Moira : Do you have story like mine? to Meagan : I guess my story beat yours

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