To Rizzo, Student and HJ:
Lucky or not, I have to be very careful because this girl is an indirect report of mine. I hold a high management position for some big hi-tech company, so any move in the wrong direction can result in a very shameful dismissal. Yes I had the chance to shake the hand of this chick few times before I knew what she's doing. There no way in the world that I'll shake her hand again because she's using her right hand to catch her shit. In her left hand she always holds another toilet paper pad that she uses to spread her ass, catch pee drips, and finally move it to the right hand to catch her 2nd load after she gets rid of the first one.

I am a 13 year old boy, and I have pooped and pissed myself alot. I will tell a few stories, and then I am curious about hearing about other accidents from boy's on this forum.

About 8, I was going to the beach, and when we finally arrived at the beach, I put on a red colored speedo, and ran down to the water. I got into the water, and played for about 5 minutes, until I felt a sick stomach. I got out of the water, and started walking to the camp, holding onto my stomach. I suddenly felt a log in my butt, pushing out into my speedo. I quickly ran to a adult on the beach, and whimpering, asked for a bathroom. They did not know where a bathroom was. I felt the poop coming out, until it slid out, and kept plopping into my speedo. I had diaherra, and I couldn't get to a toilet in time. I ended up going back to camp, and had to go get a shower, as the diaherra was all over my back end.

Another time, I was at a waterpark about 7-8 months ago, and had on a pair of swim trunks (the kind with the mesh in them) I had just gotten into the pool, and started walking down the steps, when I felt a big turd in my pants. I quickly turned around, and started walking out of the pool, but as I got to the end of it, the turds started slipping out past my legs, and plopping into the pool. I quickly bolted out of the pool, and ran to the bathroom, the poop filling up my swim trunks, and falling out the ends of my trunks pretty fast also.

About 11, I was on a road trip to my grandmas, and had on a pair of lyrca shorts, when I felt like I had to take a major pee. I tried asking if we could pull over, but we couldn't. About 20 minutes went by, and I started feeling a urgent feeling to piss. A dark splotch appeared on my blue lyrca shorts, and got bigger and bigger. I ended up emptying my whole bladder into my shorts, and totally soaked the seat. About 10 minutes or so later, we pulled over for the night to stay at a motel, and my parents found out I messed the seat. I was pretty embarrased, having to walk into the lobby, with my shorts all soaked with urine.

Am I the only boy on here? Does anyone have any kid accidents they had happen to them, or witnessed?



Barrington from orange County,
When using the restroom, 'do as the Romans do', meaning, do not announce any actions of yours, just get on with your business. You may blow gas with the noise of an accelerating Harley Davidson, who cares, others do the same; for your own sake, just do not give any comments beforehand, it is better to keep a low profile if you tend to be noisy. It is not impolite.

I just had an explosive bm, i'd been farting really stinky farts for a while, then iwent into the bathroom and sat down and it exploded out of me.
sry all 4 now

Hi this is my first post Ive been reading for 6 months now im 5'6 120lb. blonde hair green eyes. I have normal bowel movments but for the last week i've been constipated and I was wondering if i should try sticking my finger up my butt or I should try putting a piece of soap in there? I dont want to use any laxtives becuase last time I did I was sick for like 4 days please resond to my post thanks

Hey Guys!

I came very close to having an accident just before.

I was on here reading some old posts. I was reading a really long and interesting post.About half way thorough reading i felt a terrible urge to poop, i ignored it so i could keep reading. I was finding some really good posts and once i get started reading at this site, I can't stop. My urge didn't go away, i was desperate to poop, but couldnt tear myself away from the computer.

Eventually i got up and briskly walked to the bathroom. Much to my horror, the door was locked, someone was in their. I knocked and asked who was in there. "It's me!" my Mom called out. In my most desperate voice i begged her to let me in, but she said she had just got started and told me to go to the downstairs bathroom. I decided to use my angry voice, i said "Mom! I'm about to shit myself, can you please let me in!" she said "Oh, alright then" and opened the door, with her pants around her ankles. She pulled her pants back up and walked out. I was in a rush to get my pants down, so i left the door open.

I plonked my ass on the nice warm seat and started a stong piss stream. My piss made a pitter patter sound and it splashed on mom's poop. I looked between my legs to see what she left for me, a big, fat floater, part of it was under water, it was bent and about 12" long. I thought of it as a challenge and got ready to push out a bigger log.

I let rip the customary pre-dump fart(and two post-roast beef farts aswell) Then got to the anal realaxing part. I let my asshole open up and a nice firm turd start making its way out. At first it was easy but towards the middle it started getting a bit thicker and started stretching my hole to capacity. I groaned in pain as i strained out this fat log, it finally dropped out and hit mom's log with a thud. My asshole was really sore. I tried to strain some more poop out but had none left. I was surprised that i was so desperate to go, but obly had one log. I wiped my sore hole, which was clean, wiped my pussy and almost flushed, when i remembered mom wasn't finished. I called out to her and told her i was done.

Mom came rushing out of her room( right next to toilet) and ripped her pants down and let out and explosion of farts and dropped a huge log that thudded into the porcelain and moaned in relief, right in front of me. I couldnt believe my eyes, for the first time in my life i saw my mom poop and i was strangely aroused by it, which is scary and wierd. I decided not to say anything and came right back here and started writing, i dont know how i will look at my mom again.

Thanks for reading.

Love Mel.D


I've been reading the stories here and finally decided to contribute too,when I'am at work is where I have my morning poop, my coworker usually comes in about a few minutes behind me and I get the impression she listens because she nevers does anything while I'm there.I had just pulled my pants to my new pantsuit down and sat my chubby buttcheeks, when the door to the womens room open and someone maybe she, came into the next stall. I tried to at first to quietly-smother my poopfarts but that wasn't going to work because I had to really poop, it felt very good to release the firm and very long poop as i pushed it out my butthole, I just sat there expecting to hear something other than just breathing and spoke up, Shelia is that you? after about a eternity she said yes. are you having trouble? Yes she said "my shit is stuck". The way she said t almost made me laugh but that would have been cruel to her.Will you talk to me it might help, sure I agreed but I had to wipe because my own was feeling very sticky. Then I heard oohh! that turd was huge. We finished up and as we were leaving she asked me to have lunch with her.


Since you all seemed to of enjoyed my experience in the public toilets and because i enjoyed it too, i went out and did it again.

I had to wait until i needed to take a dump, which was a long 2 days. I woke up yesterday with the need to poop, but i waited until about 1:00pm, a lot of people go for a dump straight after lunch.

I went to the food court toilets at the shopping centre, usually the best place to find people pooping, I was right! When i got there there were no free stalls, so i just stood around, waiting...and listening. I heard lots of tinkling. One girl was peein really hard, right into the water. I heard a few people tearing paper, then about 3 or 4 girls came out of their stalls. One girl came out of a stall that had two occupied ones next to it and no tinkling, so i took that 1.

I put my ass on the seat and tried to pee, but only a few dribbles. I was not relaxed enough to poop yet, so i just sat there. The Girl in the stall to my right started straining and groaning. I stopped moving and listened carefully. She inhaled and groaned, i could hear some crackling, she continued to grown, a tight sound fart and huge splash then a big moan of relief, it gave me butterflies to hear that, it was great. The same girl let out a flappy fart and moaned again. Then some rolling of paper, a tear and a wipe, then a flush. She left. The girl on the left had not made a sound. I looked down at her ankles where her jeans were, but no panties. I waited for some sound from her, but nothing.

It was time for me to start my dump. I lifted my self off the seat, spread my cheeks and sat back down. I started to moan as i felt my poop press against my butthole. I pushed harder and the poop started making it's way out. It was a rather moist and smooth log and came out nicely, it plonked into the water loudly and splashed my butt with water. Soon after another log eased it's way out of me and plonked into the water and splashed me again, i moaned and felt i was done, i didn't wipe though.

I sat waiting for some sound or movement from my neighbour. She started shuffling her feet, she took off her jeans and left them sitting on the floor. Her feet disapeared, she was squatting on the seat. I was quite intrigued by this stage. I listened and i heard a nice stream of pee, which sounded really loud because of the height it was falling. The pee stopped after about 20 seconds. Then a tiny little fart and some muffled straining. She was trying hard for her moaning not be heard, but she was forcing so hard, she stopped for a breath she was panting loudly, more straining, then another panting session. I asked if she was alright, she stammered back "Uh, yeh...I'm a little constipated, that's all." Then she went back to moaning again, this time more loudly. Finally a giant thumping splash and a big sigh of relief. Her feet came back to the floor and her ass slammed on the seat. She panted, then wiped. I wiped aswell and we both left our stalls at the same time. She was young, about my age and quite attractive. She looked at me and said "Man, i feel so much better!" I smiled politley and asked how long she'd been constipated she told me two days, i said to her "That's not very long." she told me she normally goes twice a day.
We washed our hands and walked out. We continued talking after we came out of the toilets, she wasn't so shy after all, she was very open about her toilet habits, we talked for ages and we are going to keep in touch, hopefully we'll have some more experiences.

The end

Hope you all liked my story.

Love Ash.D


i have two stories. last week i was over at my aunt's friend connie's place. connies grandson always clogs up the toilet and he had been there earlier that day. the toilet was clogged and there were several turds floating in the toilet. later i was watching tv and my aunt and connies daughter went shopping and connie went into the bathroom. the door is made of slats and when the light is on in the bathroom and off in the living room if you look at the right angle you can see through the slats without the person inside knowing. i saw connie try to flush the toilet but the water only came up to the top with the turds floating in it. she muttered something under her breath, then took her pants and pink panties off. she took a plastic grocery bag out of the trash can and laid it on the ground so that it was open to catch the poop then squatted over it with her butt facing toward me. she also peed in a cup and dumped it in the toilet. she didn't make much noise but I could see her butthole puckering up but nothing was coming out. soon the tip of a turd poked out of her hole and it inched out until there was a big ball of poop about 2 inches around hanging from her butt. she squatted for about 5 minutes with the poop dangling from her butt. i could see her trying to push the poop out but it would only move a little then move back in when she stopped pushing. finally she strained real good and the ball of poop began to move. the Turd got wider for about an inch then it fell off. she made a sighing noise and some softer poop quickly came out. it was about an inch and a quarter across and curled up as it came out, then it fell into the bag. that turd was about 4 inches long. about a minute later another small turd came out, then a thin rope of poop about 2 feet long came out. she wiped her butt 4 times. the first time the toilet paper was really messy but by the 4th time there was only a small streak on it. she put the toilet paper in the bag, tied it up, and opened the window and threw it out. i went back to watching tv so she would think i was the whole time.

the other story is last night i had to take a big poop. i never pooped my pants before but hearing other people on here talk about it i wanted to try so i took an old pair of worn out underwear and put it on, then stood in front of the mirror and watched as i pushed the Turd out. it poked into my pants and made a big bulge. then after it came out i closed the lid on the toilet and sat down on it and squooshed the poop against my butt. it felt weird. then i went in the shower and took my pants off and the big turd landed with a thudding sound. i used toilet paper to pick it up and put it in the toilet. it felt like it weighed 5 pounds but im not sure. i washed up in the shower and threw the underwear away.

Hola amigos,

Rizzo: It's so good to see you again, you are definitely the net's biggest sweetheart. It's weird, with all the problems that this site was having, I just figured it was gone forever. Maybe some of the others will find it again too. Little Malita Jean is growing so fast it's unbelievable. She's into everything too! Shortly after she was born, we were all calling her "baby Emmy" because of the letter M in Malita, so Renee switched her name to Emma which I like so much better. Now we call her Emalita.

HJ Tekaron: Hi hon, I'm only guessing 3 feet. That's what it felt and looked like. I'm sure it wasn't even close to that, but then again, you never know for sure. My roomate Patsy has called me a "butt factory" on many occasions because of the rather large shits I usually take.

Rick: I saw that movie Cooley High and remember that scene. You're right, it's a good one. I thought the girl was cute, especially with her glasses and outfit. If I remember correctly, she was also hitting him with a plunger telling him to "get out!" Then when she pulls up her panties he turns quickly and looks at her you-know-what. She looked like she'd been spending some time in there. I think she was supposed to be taking a big dump.

Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom when Nu pooped a bad one. At first she was just doing these slow zipper farts that kept echoing in the bowl and we were both laughing and giggling. The farts were smelling and I was putting on makeup when I said "do you gotta take a dump or what?" Finally, she started grunting and about six heavy plops came out one after another. It stunk too! Afterwards, she just tilted her cute butt and wiped a few times. She had a bunch of blackish turds floating. (we generally look at each other's poo unless it reeks really bad and one of us needs to escape to safe territory.)
After awhile, it was my turn, and I headed for the bathroom for my nooner. Nu's poo a bit stinky, but when mine came out, peeeeewwwwwy!!! I did a huge, long crackler that fell in 2 thick chunks. My biggest one looked like a half moon chunk of sausage. Today I'll do mine at school. I usually have to take a giant shit at school around lunch time.


I had a bad experience this weekend that I had to report in on!!! Friday night I met up with some buddies from school and we decided to hit the Outback for dinner. We had a great time and ordered two bloomin onions while we drank some Fosters beer. It was great had a lot of fun ... that is of course until I woke up Saturday morning with bloomin' cramps! OH MY GOD! I made a mad dash for the bathroom and sat down on the bowl in agony but nothing came out at first. My stomach was like an atom bomb ready to explode but my ass was shut down for the season. It was miserable. Finally after two or three minutes of pushing and moaning a small dribble began to eek out then with a huge fart my butt opened like a volcano and it just would not stop. I was in there for what seemed like an eternity ( 40 minutes actually )with one of the most disgusting smelling dumps I have taken in months. I had another attack later that morning after coffee and again at night after dinner. My parents noticed that I did not look so good all day either, a little green around the gills they said. I do not know what the hell Outback cooks that bloomin onion in but boy did it clean me out!! G'Day mates!!!!

Hey Guys.
I came across your survey Kelly, and I thought I would answer.

Like you, I like all parts of a good big poo, but the best is the feeling of having to go bad, and the anticipation. After that, the others all rank in at a close second.

Well, haven't gone poo recently, so no poo to tell you about today.

Take care guys.

I was wondering if any one was similar to me. The Toilets in my school are in poor condition and rather disgusting. As a result I really don't like using them. I try to hold it untill I get home every day. Unfortunitly I often end up with atleast a partial load in my panties(my sister is similar to me, she also often has accidents comming home). My mom knows and understands. Once or twice she has even come home after having messed herself driving home. Other then this we are normally very good(no other control problems. On occasion though we will opt to have a accident if it is more convient. Like one day we were shopping in the mall for this that and the other thing. I needed a large shit. I didn't feel like finding a bothroom and I just pooped my panties. There was little odor(as there is normally) although you could see the bulge. This happens very rarly(2-3 times a year) though, mostly I have accidents on the way home from school. I have on occasion(even rarier then pooping my pants) been guilty of pooping somewhere other then my panties or a toilet. For example one day I was in the kitchen tolding to my mom and my sister and got a really bad urge to go both pee and poop. I told them I had to go and I'd be right back. My mom didn't want me leaving the discussion and told me if I had to go that bad go on the floor( It was laminate). I asked if she was serious she said yes. SO I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted. I started peeing while talking creating a puddle, I then started pushing and a large piece started coming out. It was a small load, after we were done talking my mom told me to leave it there and she would take care of it. Now I have a VERY large kitchen. She left the mess on the floor and went to another section of it and started cooking dinner. About 15 minutes later my sister walks into the kitchen and sees the mess still on the floor. She says "Oh good you didn't clean up the mess. I know this is a unusual request but would you mind if I go on the floor also? I get to do it so rarely and it looked like fun." My mom said sure. So my sister, Jenny, went over and peed and pooped on top of the mess. I didn't see it but my mom said before she cleaned it up she even added to it. It was quite a experince.

I guess since my main question is if any one else poops there pants coming home from school/work I should give a story on that too. The last time it happened was this past friday. I left school with a pretty big feeling. I am the fourth stop on my bus. My motion started at the second. By my stop on had the first piece out and was walking out withta about a inch out of my second piece. I was walking with my sister who was acturally clean. Although about 3/4 of the way home her jeans turned much darker :-). I got to the door about halfway through my third piece. I walked up to the toilet pulled down my pants(the third piece had finished on my walk up) and sat down. I finished pooping, peed, emptied my panties and went on my mary way. My sister kept her jeans on, untill she went out later that night.

So does anyone do anything like this? Am I just wierd? Anyone have any stories?

Hi everyone:
I have some questions just for the women now.

1. Does your anus have any hair on and do you keep it shaved
or waxed clean?
2.When you fart,do you tend to push it out or let it come
out on it's own?
3. When having to do a #2, do you sit forward on the toliet
so you can just reach back and wipe when you're done,or do move
frward on sit after you're done?
4. When sitting on the toliet do you put your panties on
the top of your thighs so if anyone accidently came in they couldn't
see your pussy?
5. I have hemmorrhoids now wheather I have a solf BM or not.
Other than creams what is the best way to take care of it? And is
there anyway that I can my anus muscle tigher to prevent hemorroids?

I love and read all the stories so keep them coming.

Ken/Trekkie: I don't remember ever wetting the bed when I was little, but there was one night not quite a year ago, when I was having a strange dream about this room full of sick people. Anyway, I felt something warm that seemed to be leaking out of me and down onto my back. I leapt up when I realized what I was doing and I ran to the bathroom. When I got back and surveyed the damage, it wasn't all that bad. Anyway, that kind of brings me to a strange question...
That was the only time I ever remember wetting the bed and I was probably about 14 when it happened. I have read that girls can have 'wet dreams' like guys, and I was wondering if it is true...? On one level, it makes sense, but then again, girls wouldn't be having accidents in bed for quite the same reason would they? My dream wasn't sexually oriented, but it was very vivid. Hmmmmmm...

I was out of work for a few weeks and a friend asked if I would tidy up her garden, i went round to her house\and she kept holding her stomack while she was telling me what to do
she grabbed\ her \stomach and ran as far as the patio but then stopped and let go a lonng stream of poo, after about 5 minutes\ she turned to me and said "be a dear and clean that up , I was only too hsappy to pick it up and add it to the\compost

I love to make
I make in the morning I make in the afternoon i make in the evening

To Billy and Kev: Loved your story
To Linda: Loved your story about your b/f pooping
To pissypants: Liked your story
To Undin the Greek: Enjoyed your story
To Pee-er!!!: Wow sounds like a huge turd
To unamed poster: who went to the movies on a field trip...liked your story
To Eric in Chicago: Liked your beach stories
To Rick: Sounds like a cool movie you saw.
To Ken: liked your dream
Got a quick story.....last night i went to dinner...i really pigged out..i came home went to bed and i got up in the morning for work...i think i was awoken up early by cramps and i didn't get up to go to the bathroom. I get up for work later and i feel ok. I go to work and i start feeling gassy then i feel like i gotta poop..Im like i gotta hold on till i get to work. I get to work and the urge is gone, then i start work and it comes back and i had to go to the bathroom before i continue on working i sat a few minutes and pushed out some soft mushy stuff. I wiped alot then flushed and went back to work. Then about 45 minutes later i had to poop again still very soft and i was really gassy(farting alot). Then 2 hours later i pooped one last time still really soft, guess i had the runs. There was onions in the bowl from dinner last night

First of all, I thought since you ladies have all posted countless times about your poos it's only fair that I post at least one about myself. Even though mine can't compare to the size of the majority of girls' poos, I do end up with rather large ones occassionally that are mainly thick and not super long.
The other day I had some polish sausage along with stuffing and some raw v????s. The day before that I had some chalupas and a quesadilla from Taco Bell. It had been 3 days since I last took a dump so I knew it was going to be a bit large. Sure enough, the next morning after I got up, my body finally wanted to get rid of its 3-day stockpile so Iwent to the bathroom and produced a 2 inch wide, foot-long "sausage" (which is pretty big for me). It was really hard to push out since it was all knobby and dry, but I survived. Anyways, I thought that nature had gotten rid of all the poo that was inside of me but I was wrong. A few hours later I had another strong urge to take a dump and I ended up producing another foot long, but this one was quite a bit softer and smoother and only about 1 1/2 inches wide. I never thought I could produce that much over a 3 day period. But it was then that I thought about how mine was actually so small in comparison to a lot of the girls I had read about on this site who produce foot-longs poos(and even longer) practically every day. It just amazes me how so many girs can produce and such large sized poos and so often. How do you all do it? Whatever the answer, I absolutely love it since I get to read about in your posts.
I absolutely love reading about girls taking monster-sized dumps. I also wish so bad I could see a cute girl taking a dump just for me. It would be such a turn on. I'm not 100% sure why I'm so fascinated in this whole matter, but I think it may have something to do with girls looking so "innocent" and the fact that it's something I didn't used to often consider- all girls have to poop just like guys do, including the cutest and sexiest ones! I just love picturing a cutie sitting the toilet with her pants and panties (or thong) pulled down, her beautiful legs exposed, straining and grunting trying to push out a large, smelly load of poop out of her butthole. The girls who post on this site really do a great job of describing their dumps. That in itself helps me create a great image in my mind of it. I wish so badly I could acutally be there to witness some of these marvelous events, but maybe one day a girl will be open enough to let me watch her take a nice big poo.

To Carmalita: You are truly the queen or goddess of pooping the way you make such large poos. I wish so bad that I could see you poop or even just get to see your magnificent mammoth-sized poos up close. To behold such a beautiful sight would be just heavenly.It's so fascinating that you have a petite body and yet you produce such long, fat logs and coils of poop almost every single day, and sometimes even more than once in a day. I can only imagine your hole must feel from stretching to let out all those firm, dry, fat poos. Also from what I read about your friends Nu and Jo, they produce some pretty nice ones too. I hope you continue to keep posting and eating those tasty enchilladas and whatever other foods you eat that produce your terriffic turds.
I also had some questions for you too:

1)When you push out a really wide poo that hurts as it slides out of your hole, do you still get enjoyment out of it?

2)Would you ever be willing to post a minute-by-minute account of yourself taking a poop?

3)Have you ever used a mirror (any kind) to watch yourself take a poop?

To Barrington
It was considerate of you to warn the other patrons of the mens room that day that you were a bit gassy, so they could prepare yourself. However, it was not necessary, and did not provide comfort to the other patrons.

Guys in the mens room are prepared for having to endure terrible smells. Since leaving the room is not generally an option (they are there for a purpose which cannot be avoided), most would prefer not to hear from another patron at all. Also, your making your statements might have made some others somewhat ashamed, and wondering if they should have done likewise.

To put it simply, it just isn't on.

Louise (from France)
Usually I'm really carefull to pee without getting caught by strangers. In other occasions, like at the beach It cauld be happen that I'm seen peeing, but not really caught. It happens that someone can see that I'm peeing, but only from a distnace and without seeing anything of my intamate part.

Last evening I was caught completelly in the act for the first time in my life, very embarassing.
After a afternoon out shopping with a friend, we reach with a quick walk (almost running) the underground parking where we left our car. We hurried because we were caught suddenly by a pouring rain...
When we reached my friend's car in the parking, I told her I needed to pee because of the cold, the rain and the speed walking that increased my sensation of full bladder. There were nobody around, and the car was parked in safe corner besides a big japaneese SUV with dark windows (rember this thing).
I told my friend that being in a good secluted place I would have pissed there from her car, if she didn't mind. SHe said to go on, and that she needed a wee too, but instead of joining me she could resist easily till home, and smiled.
I pee as usual sitting on the lower rail inside the passanger door, keeping both doors opened.
When I finished, leaving a big puddle on the tarmac, I whiped with a tissues my friend passed me. I put my thong in palce and when I noticed a sort of small red light inside tha car besides, behind the dark glasses.
With the help of the neon lamp abovee I saw that the small red light was tha light of a cigaret someone was smoking, i look better nad i saw a ouple, a boy and a girl, maybe of 20 looking at me, staring...
I got so red like never in my life, In fact i understood that porbably thay were having sex or simply talking into the closed car, when i I interrupted them, and then they had a perfect view of my pee show. In fact, in that confortable position i pissed keepping my leg wide apart and pulling my thong aside between my elegant suspenders they had a complete view, what a shame!!...
I told my friend to hurry up and leave quickly!!
When she understood what happend she started laughing like crazy!!!
I felt very embarassed, it was the first time I was caught pee so nealrly and in such an explicit way too...


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

This is a little survey about peeing habits which is open to both men and women. Anyone who would like to take part is welcome.

Q1) Are you?
A) Male
B) Female

Q2) Do you go to pee immediately before retiring to bed?
A) Always
B) Sometimes - if I need to
C) Never

Q3) Do you get up to go and pee during the night?
A) Always
B) Sometimes - if I need to
C) Never

Q4) Do you wet the bed at night?
A) Always
B) Sometimes

Q5) Do you pee in the toilet or shower upon getting up?
A) Always
B) Sometimes
C) Never

Q6) How long can you usually last during the day without needing to pee - under normal weather conditions?
A) Less than an hour
B) 1-2 hours
C) 2-4 hours
D) 4-8 hours
E) 8-12 hours
F) 12 hours or longer

Q7) Are you prone to daytime accidents?
A) Regularly
B) Sometimes but not often
C) Never



A few years ago, I was travelling up north on the bus to visit my family for the week. The bus trip took about 12 hours and we stopped at a roadhouse for dinner (I'm not sure what they are called in the US, diners maybe?) Anyway, I needed to do a wee, so I went into the toilets first before ordering any dinner. I went into the first toilet cubicle and as I was pulling down my pants, I heard someone else go into the toilet next to me (I think it was a woman because I saw an older lady walking behind me) This person undid their pants (I heard the zip) sat down and let out an almightly fart. Then they sighed a sigh of relief and did another smaller fart. It didn't sound like any poop came out (both times) just gas. Then they did a really long wee.

Its interesting to hear other people on the toilet (especially in public toilets).
I grew up on a banana plantation in Western Australia and I have some memorable experiences about pooping 'in the banana trees'. I remember one time when my Dad and I were walking through a patch of banana trees and he told me he needed to go to the toilet. He went behind one of the trees, pulled down his pants and squatted. He strained a bit and then pushed out a turd. He grabbed some dried up banana leaves and wiped his butt. I also pooped in the banana trees a few times, if I was walking through them and I really needed to go but wiping my butt with dried banana leaves was a bit uncomfortable.
I was just wondering if anyone has ever pooped in the shower?? I don't mean diarrhoea that you can't control but has anyone ever done a really good BM, standing up in the shower? I never have, although I have often thought about doing it, especially when I have been busting to do a poo. I have peed in the shower on several occassions though.

I really hate squatting to do a poop, like when I have been camping. I find it difficult to push a turd out in this position so I tend to hold it until I can get to a toilet. I remember once when I was camping, I held a poop in for two days because I couldn't get a spare few minutes to get away from everyone to do the deed (I went camping with some friends and a few other families). I decided that I had to get the turds out, so early one morning, before everyone was awake, I walked a fair way so I was out of site of the camping area. I took heaps of TP with me too. I squatted, strained and pushed out several pieces of sticky, skinny turds. It took about 15 minutes to squeeze all of the poops out but I felt so much better. When I wiped, it took five or six times to wipe all of the poo away.
Last night, I could feel the urge to do a poo just after I had finished dinner. I went into the toilet and sat down. First of all, I did a wee, then I pushed out an explosive poo. It wasn't diarrhoea but tiny pieces of poo that came out very easily - I hardly even had to push. Then I pushed again because I could feel another turd up there and a long, skinny log came out. It was pointy at the top. After that I did another wee and wiped - there was no poo on the toilet paper.

Tonight I have had three bowel movements in the last three or four hours. The first two were loose and easy to push out and the third one was a bit more solid but it came out easily.


I liked your post where you say that you
stand and hover so that the drop is louder.

I do that myself sometimes. I like listening and being listened
to as long as the person doesn't know me.

What sort of sound do you get when it drops - it is a loud PLOP
or a KERSPULOONK type sound.

Do you splash your bum - I spash mine sometimes - sometimes on my cheeks, sometimes on the bumhole and occasionally round
the back of my balls.

Hi all,

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Well hello my old friends! Yes, it's great to be back, and I'd love to have some WSPC fun again! Whatever was Robby's operation -- sorry, I've not delved far enough into old posts to find a mention yet! Your bathtub wee sounded great, Annie, I well remember my experiments in the tub, and finding to my bemusement I could hit one end from the other!

SYLVIE -- You tell an amazing story, your form of expression is wonderful. "Warm, comfortable filth" -- that's the first time I've heard such an expression, and it's remarkable as it reflects the love-hate relationship human beings have with their faeces. Warm and comfortable, an enjoyable motion, but the moment our product has left our bodies it becomes filth... Surely one of the paradoxes of our existence.

JJ -- I was delighted to read some more of your observations of the delightful toilet habits of that young lady at your place of work. I can surely visualize her moving that compacted mass after the holidays, as I too have spread my cheeks with my hands when a difficult motion was under way. Please keep reporting your observations! And your new girlfriend certainly has the techniques worked out to use hovering for all functions. I sometimes think I'm lazy as it's easier to just plonk my bottom down on the seat, but I've hovered to poo a few times and enjoyed it. I hover to wee a fair bit these days, pretty much as the fancy strikes me.

SHORTSKIRTGIRL -- That would have been a very embarressing accident! I can so relate to the rollercoaster effect -- you're on the high, looking divine in the most gorgeous outfit, the dress you've lusted after, and then you miss-time the whole bladder thing and before you know it you're considering having a wee out in the garden as the preferable alternative to what ended up happening anyway, the low... Mental note, the mobile phone has additional uses to that of modern fashion accessory!

STUDENT -- I assure you, your girlriend is telling you stories. Everyone, from the highest to the lowest, poops exactly the same. But some are embarressed to talk about it...

PISSYPANTS -- Can't say I've ever been in a situation of confessing my love of elimination to anyone who is not already clued-in, but your story is a caution. Still it's a bit puzzling, the guy you were with clearly enjoyed exhibiting his own performance, and enjoyed yours too, so why he should have been repulsed by mention of the term "watersports" is a bit perplexing. Maybe it had bad connotations for him, based on previous experiences...?

LOUISE (FRANCE) -- I've been peeing standing for something like four or five years now, and it's not the easiest thing to do, is it?! I made a few messes in the early days, and yes, it's easier to do it naked. Some of my early successes in using public urinals were done while wearing a minidress (I used to call it my "lucky dress" because I got away with using urinals every time I wore it!). It's very short and all I need do is lift up the hem, ease my panties over, open my legs and start.

I have no idea about Asian girls' anatomy, though I have heard they have a more forward angle of exit at the urethra. I heard once of a Japanese girl who *had* to stand, facing the (Western-style) toilet to wee, because her angle was so far forward she would urinate right over the front of the seat onto the floor if she sat normally!

TANIA -- sounds like you're trying to run before you can walk! The first place to practice is in the shower, where the mess doesn't matter, and we all make a mess until we can control our angle and flow. Once it comes naturally to "lift and separate" as it were, and you can start your flow comfortably in a standing position, you'll find you can control it pretty much as well as a guy can. Of course, about a third of women are so "constructed" down there that no amount of manipulation will get your stream to go where it's intended, and it's just unfortunate if you're part of this group. You can still use the "directing device" made for hikers, though, to great effect. I hope you practice dilligently and discover the tremendous fun that comes from being able to do this!

CARMALITA -- Kisses for my favorite Latina! Glad to be on the same board again!!! That was some murderous dump you took -- 19" is my own record still! Echoing Rizzo -- my best to the whole gang!

UNDINE -- What a terrific poop your Moldovian girlfriend had out on the ocean! Unlucky to be under it, guy! But magnificent production!

Best to all,


Wet Briefs
Hi folks

Wet guy - I like your posts - someone who owns up to enjoying wet pants. I hd read your last mailing and last night I was working late at my office when I realized how I needed to go and then thought about you letting go. Well I did the same - I was on my own so why not. The chair I use is plastic with a slight slope backwards. The pee burst in - warm gushing and great. It burst through my fingers and then the rush subsided and it slowly spread all the upper part of my trousers - soaking a bit up my back abobe my trousers. When I stood up trickles ran down my legs and stained my trouser legs.

Now I also wanted to poo. I could have gone to the toilet but thought what the hell - its a long time since I did and standing up I released it and a good firm load eased in and fell between my legs - firm but a little gooey and it stuck to all it touched. My white ck's good and strong held the weight and then I had to wa;lk about two miles home. I concentrated on walking normally and the poo squeezed between my legs and trousers stuck to my bum. My coat hid the stain from the world at large.

At home cleaning up I realized that I had tucked my shirt tail in my briefs earlier in the day and that had caught a lot of damage - not just my briefs. I enjoyed the clean up in the shower.

I never wet myself until I was 16 and no one else has ever caught me with wet underpants though I had several poo accidents between 13 and 16. Like you I prefer wet pants but just now and again if I feel safe and think it will be firm I give in and do a dump in my pants.

It is quite nice having my own office because when I get rid of the staff I can enjoy myself - will post again soon with new stories.

Wet Briefs.

The awnser to Kelly's survey for me personaly is 1,2,and 3 mostly.
I have a question for mostly girls,
My crap usually comes out fast, within a minute. witch is really dumb considering the awnsers to the survey! i love the feeling of the poo barley comming through. but since mine zoom through i only get a moments of enjoyment! Does anyone have advice on how to throually enjoy my crap?
please post!

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