Billy and Kev
Last weekend, we went to our grandparents for the long weekend. We left on Sunday and went to lunch with our grandparents before going home. Our older brothers said they would give us $5 each if we drank two cans of prune juice just before we left. So we did. We went to country buffet. Our grandfaster was on the toilet before we left and left a stink. So we waited until we got to buffet place. We went into the bathroom with our little brothers, but the stall was being used and there were about 5 people waiting to go. So we decided to wait until after we ate. After we ate, there were about 3 people waiting to pee and a kid about 13 waiting to poop. When the guy came out of the stall, the kid ran in and sat right down. It sounded like he was peeing in spurts, but he was pooping. Bad diarrhea. Then all of sudden he starts to put. He puked all over the toilet paper. Both of us and our little brother had to poop. Our other little brother just needed to pee, but there was a line, so he didn't get a chance. As soon as the kid started to puke, we left.

When we got into our truck, we used the bed pan (we keep a bed pan for such emergencies). Josh went first. He was holding his dingy and hopping around. He peed and pooped out about 4 turds. Jeremy, our other little brother peed. Then Billy peed. The rest of the family came out. OUr older brothers peed just before we went into the bathroom. Kev was sitting on the bed pan and our old brohters looked him and smiled. But it was the first time Kev went that day. He let out a big turd and 3 little turds. About 1/2 hour, Billy let out 5 or so medium logs. We were supposed to stop at a rest stop, but there was a car crash and some snow, so we were going to have to use the bed pan. By this time the two of were feeling the prune juice working, but it was not time yet, but we both needed to pee. Jeremy said he had to go again. He sat on the bedpan (we have a no standign rule for the bedpan, so we don't splash the seats). He peed up a storm. Josh was holding his dingy and said hurry up. Jeremy said he was done going, but he need toilet paper. He made a huge turd. He is only 5 (we are 11 and 12) and his turd was almost as big as our turds together. Then Josh went. He peed up a storm. He took another poop, too. He pooped out like 5 turds. He only wiped once. Then our old brothers and we peed. They said nothing came out yet? We said not yet. About 5 minutes later, we pulled off the road and emptied the bed pan; it was really starting to stink. Both of them dosed off. ABout 1/2 later, both of us had to poop. We both had corn for lunch (abour 3 hours earlier) and we both pushed out bunch of mushy poo. Our brothers were sleeping, so they did not see us. When they woke up about 1 hour later, Mike had to poop. He didn't look in before he sat down. He pushed out about 10 medium size logs. After he wiped, he looked at what we did. He said, that really cleaned you out. There's the corn from lunch. The rule is the last person to use the bedpan empties it (usually we dump it in the woods next to our house, then hose it out in the sink. Mom cleans it.

That prune juice really did clean us out. We didn't have to go until tuesday (usually we 2 or 3 times a day). Kev had to go right after recess (he made 1 1/2 ft log and about 3 little ones), and both of us had to after school at our after school program. Kev made about 5 or 6 little logs and Billy made a 2 ft log and 3 little ones too. In addition, we had corn from lunch in it. We both had to go again just before bed (Kev made two little logs with corn and Billy one medium log with corn) and the next day at school, so we returned to normal (we've been pooping 2 or 3 times a day since then).

hey guys, been a lurker here a couple of months, great stories all of you, keep them coming!

Student- Of course your girlfriend poops. If she didn't, she wouldn't be human. I don't generally like girls who act that way. They think it's "forbidden" or something to share such a "secret". They should realize that a lot of guys are turned on by girls dumping, and that it would greatly enhance the relationship.

Does anyone know of any cartoons or anime shows/movies with girls taking dumps? It would be greatly appreciative if you know any. (=


I have posted on this site once or twice, although I can only find one of my posts. When I first found this site, it wasn't working properly as each time I tried to scoll down to read the posts, the page would go back to the top again. I haven't been here for a while but now its working fine so I will be visiting regularly.

I have a poop story that happened to my boyfriend (at the time) a few years ago:

My boyfriend and I were on holidays in Perth, Western Australia (I live in Australia). We had been in Perth for about a week and on one particular night, we decided to go to the movies. The movie started at 9pm and we got there about ten minutes before. My boyfriend, Christian, told me he needed to go for a dump. I asked him if he wanted to go before the movie started and he told me he would wait until later (we were staying at my sister's house that night). Anyway, we went into watch 'The Blair Witch Project' and a few times during the movie, Christian told me he really had to do a shit but he could hold on for a while. I don't think he had been able to do a poo for a few days.

The movie ended and Christian almost ran out of the cinema. I asked him if he wanted to use the toilet there but he said he would wait until we got home. Luckily, it was only a five minute drive back to my sister's house. On the way home, he kept saying he was busting for a shit and that it felt like massive turd. We got to my sister's house, fumbled around for the keys in the dark, unlocked the front door and went inside. Christian hightailed it to the toilet, pulled down his pants and sat down on the seat. I needed to do a wee too but I knew he was going to take a while so I would have to hold on. I watched Christian sitting on the toilet, I could see his sexy arse and thighs and his pants were down near his ankles. He had to push really hard for about twenty minutes and I could see beads of sweat running down his face. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was pushing out a gigantic log. After half an hour, he had done the deed and he said he felt much better. He told me he had a look at the turd before he flushed and it was the biggest log he had ever done. I don't think he had been constipated but he said he hadn't been able to take a dump in about three days. It was great to watch my boyfriend taking a dump that night because he never usually did turds that required lots of straining and pushing.

STUDENT - Yes, she is lying. Read the blurb above the post submission window. No one says it more eloquently than the folks who started this forum; everybody poops! I think it's just that girls (excluding us ladies who post here!) are generally embarrassed by their bowel movements for some reason.


Well, I moved back into the dorms yesterday and I've already had two dumps in less than 24 hours. Sadly, neither was especially notable, just a typical kind of affair for me. The first dump involved one small more solid log and then lots of loose (but not really runny) stuff. The second dump was much looser from start to end. Both took about 10 minutes (I never like to be rushed!) And as usual, I farted a few times before, during, and afterwards. Sorry I don't have something more interesting to post. Maybe I will soon and I do have lots of stories from when I was younger that I will post when I have more time.


Great stories, all! Take care.

Undin the Greek
Hello I have not post for ages but I read the stories quite regularly. I like bathroom
habbits except diarrhea. This is an accident that happened to my gf & me in summer of 2001.
I was dating with a cute girl of 23 (immigrant from Moldova-ex USSR) a red-blondie of
about 5 2 and a nice round bottom. After she managed to get the permit to stay we decided
to spend a couple of weeks in my cottage. I had seen her a couple of times using my
bathroom just for a wee and she didn't seem to mind. I took her out to nice restaurants
to feed her a lot. for next 2 days she only used the toilet for a wee and 3rd day she
said she felt constipated and I gave her some laxatives but they didn't seem to work.
She had a big breakfast and two sandwiches for lunch and we went in the evening having 3-4
kebabs. In 4th day morning she felt something but it was only wee.
I have a pedal boat and we were going almost every day to the deep sea far from coast
having romance & fun. In general I
like snorkelling in the deep water. This boat is flat rectangular shaped seen from above
and has two seats; behind the seats it is slightly elevated and there is a covered hole
(used for fishing) of 1 foot diamenter and about two feet above water level. In the morning
after breakfast we went to the sea she did a wee there and then we went in the deep sea.
After some romance she decided to have a cigarette while I jumped to the sea for deep
snorkelling. I had an idea to scare her. I thought of going under the fishing hole of the
boat and silently open the cover and touch herfrom behind!!! After a couple of minutes
under water I went straight under this hole and to my bad bad surprise .... she was already
sitting there!! Her bum was exploding pounds of massive diarhea. Within two seconds all of
my head and face were gross. I got a bit in panic and even asked for help and touched her
and she looked at me scared and then laughing saying it's impossible for her to stop. I
managed to get to open sea and cleaned myself and when she saw me she was laughing even
more saying that a "misplaced horn" is still on my head. I washed myself again harder and
I noticed a carot shaped jobbie of about 8 inches long. She was still exploding for two
more minutes and then I asked If she was done and she said "not really" and grunted a bit;
After half a minute I heard a loud splash and it was a turd of about a foot long. I drove
the boat a bit and I could see about 2-3 square metres covered with diarhea, lots of small pieces
like meat balls and the two jobbies of 8 and 12 inches. Meanwhile when I had climbed back on
the boat lots of small fishes appeared to "take a bite" and at least I wish I had with me
the net; It would be a good catch. By looking at her production she gave me a good passionate
kiss (although I still stunk). She confessed that got some more laxatives and said she felt
sorry for this but it was so sudden and
instead of exposing herself on the edge of the boat she thought it was better sitting over
the hole. I hoped you like my story.

Tania- Try the shower first....keep practicing :D

Couple of replies due--
Hermione- Thank you so much for you indepth reply. I hope you'll right more about your large diffult bowel movement... you descriptions are Great.

Lacey- Thanks for answering. If your little sister only ever had one enema she got of lightly. My Mom was a firm believer in them and I got more than I care to count. I've also had my share of laxitives and I really have to say that I think enemas can be the lesser eval. Over the years my constipation has made my bowels movements bigger and bigger, I'm told this is from stretching out the rectal walls. In general do you think that's the case with your sister? Are her poops bigger than yours? What's the longest your Mom ever let her go without a BM and what was it like when she finally went?

Sylvie-- You are an EXCELLENT writer I would love to read one of your stories about a time when you and/or Carrie were constipated!!- JW

I just had a gigantic turd. One of the biggest in my life probobly altogether 16" and 1.5" wide!!!!!!!!!

yesterday we went to the movies for a field trip. we all abought sodas but they only came in the supersize. no one wanted to leave to pee in the middle, so by the end, two of my friends were practically peeing themselves. one friend walked quickly out and as we tried to talk to her she said "dont talk to me, i need a bathroom". she got to the bathroom ok. my other friend had stayed in the theater because she didn't think she could get up without pissing her pants. i was in the bathroom waiting and suddenly she runs in and practically cries when all stalls are full. but we let her go next. later she said she almost peed. she didnt say if she dribbled or squirted in her panties tho. she probably did.

Tania and Louise (from France),
There is information out there that can teach girls how to pee standing up without making a mess. One site even has some diagrams showing exactly how to hold your lips open and what to do to raise or lower the stream from your pee hole. There is also a device on the market that if you first unzip your pants and slide any undies aside, can be placed inside your lips directly over your pee hole. Its like a tube about 6 inches long, also open at the other end so it mimicks a penis and serves one of its purposes. My GF got one and uses it almost all of the time. One time we had a distance contest and she actually out pissed me using it; of course I had to tell her she was disquallified for using a non natural device.

Eric in Chicago
Truckster: It's quite possible that the blood on the toilet paper was the result of abrasion from frequent wiping. In general, blood that appears only after you've wiped several times isn't a sign of anything serious. How old are you? The older you get, the more worrisome bleeding is.

Somebody: The usual explanation for why cold weather (or swimming in cold water) makes you pee more is that in order to avoid heat loss, your body reduces the amount of blood flowing through your skin (by constricting peripheral blood vessels) and this increases blood flow through your kidneys, leading to an increased rate of glomerular filtration, in turn result in more urine production. I'm not sure if I believe this (why wouldn't the increase in glomerular filtration be matched by an increase in tubular resorption?) and it's possible that it's a purely perceptual effect in which the urge to pee just strikes you harder as a result of the cold (sort of like the way listening to running water makes your bladder feel fuller). I've never heard of sex differences in this effect; it's possible that in the swimming case, guys are more likely than girls to just go in the water and not say anything, giving a misleading impression.

Speaking of peeing in the water, about 10 years ago I was at the beach (Lake Michigan) and I wandered out to where the water was about up to my chest and relieved myself. Another guy who was standing in the water "warned" me that he had left a warm spot where I had been, and I told him that now there were two (it's physically impossible to actually make a "warm spot" in a large body of water; both of us had merely warmed up our shorts for a few seconds). Another time at the beach I saw about four or five boys who were about 13 or 14 playing some sort of game in the water (I knew a couple of them), and I heard one of them say to another "that's because you pissed in the water. How much water did you drink, dude?"

Pissypants: A lot of people are turned off by the idea of bodily functions in members of the gender they're attracted to (for some reason this seems to be worst in straight men; it may have to do with cultural conditioning that women are supposed to be angelic). Thus a straight man may be perfectly happy buddy-dumping with another guy, but grossed out by the thought of his girlfriend pooping, and a gay man might be quite squeamish about being around another guy going to the bathroom. Your boyfriend might have been put off because you had brought up the subject in a situation that was a bit sexually charged. Or maybe not. One can only guess.

HJ Terakon
To Sylvie, I'd have to say that your relaying of your regular poop session was just as good, just as poetic as the other one. Thank you, and I might give one in return, if I have one that's good enough.

To Carmalita, that's a really hot image of you sitting there in your robe, "laying cable," as a lot of my buddies say. Three feet? That's simply amazing. After reading that, I'm going to have to go back and look for more posts by you.

To ShortSkirtGirl, in answer to your question, I think it's a combo of diet and gas, as well as possibly how badly you need to go. I remember when I had come back from a five-day trip and hadn't gone to the bathroom (#2) the whole time. When I got home, I sat on the toilet, and in the space of time it would take to blink, I pooped one about as big as the can of Lysol that I ended up using half of.

To're a very lucky guy. *cue jealousy*

To Student, people like your girlfriend is part of the reason I'm usually afraid to be open about my interest. Obviously she poops, but she's kinda uptight about it. Oh well, can't win them all...

Hi Guys
I've been coming to this site for a long time, but this is my first post in a while. I have a small survey, especially for the girls. What is your favorite part of doing a really good BM?
1 That first heavy feeling
2 The feeling of having to go real bad, and the anticipation
3 The first second or two as your anus begins to open
4 The widest point of a very big BM
5 The very end as the last of a large log comes out
6 Or the afterglow of a major BM

I know for me, I love all of the above so it's hard to decide what the best part is. But I think it's the first few seconds as a big log starts to come out.

A lot of people wanted to know about movies of women sitting on the toilet. Today, I was watching the movie "Cooley High", a movie set in the early 1960 Chicago, IL., and here is what happened. One young teenager went into a malt shop met a female friend of his, sat down with her and started up a conversation. About 2 minutes later, 2 toughs walk in, these guys were pissed off at him and were looking for him. He tells the girl he's gotta go, gets up from the table and works his way to the back of the room. The two guys see him and start to chase him, he runs all the way to be rear of the joint where a bunch of yopung people are dancing to juke box music. Cornered, he opens the dooe and runs into the women's bathroom. Low and behold, he runs in there, closes the door and locks it, turns to the toilet, and there is a very pretty teenaged black girl sitting on the toilet. it looked like she was wearing a cheerleader dress, and her underware were pulled down to her knees. She immediately started screaming for him to get out. At that point he tried to open the window that was behind the girl sitting on the toilet but it would not budge, the whole time, she is yelling at him. Now the two thugs were outside of the bathroom door trying to get in, and he is in the bathroom with this young girl. after about 2 minutes, one of the very large malt shop waitresses comes over with a meat cleaver and the 2 thugs run off. Obviously, this waitress haited her job, and just casually walked away from the bathroom door, ignoring the girl and guy inside. Now still sitting on the toilet, the guy gets ready to peep out of the bathroom door to see if the thugs are really gone and at the same time, the girl is getting ready to wipe her self. She yells, "wait, don't open that door yet, I am not done". he turns to her and she yells at him again, "turn aroiund until I finish. Another 30 seconds passed and he peeped out of the bathroom and bolted out of the joint. They never showed what happened to the girl on the toilet, she was never on of the main chararcters in the film, just a side show of sorts. I must admit, the bathroom scene in this movie was very long, and they showed this young girl sitting on the toilet for about 2 and a half minutes. Eventhough her dress was hiked up and undies down to her knees, I could not see any genitals, and there was no sound of urin or poop. What I suspect is that this guy ran into that bathroom after she dropped her load and finished tickling. This was a movie that originally came out in 1975. I know because I saw it when it came out in theaters in NYC and interestingly enough, the bathroom scene seemed much shorter and not as graphic. You know, with a lot of these movies, they cut a lot of stuff out befor it hits the big screen and put that same stuff back in when it comes out on DVD and stuff. Great toilet scene, you will enjoy it!

Trekkie asked: "Also, has anyone who never or rarely wets their bed ever had a dream like Nate's, only instead of waking up *having* to pee, you wake up in the middle of peeing in bed (or soaked from already having done it?)"

Something like this happened to me one time years ago. In my dream I was wondering who was wetting the bed, then I woke up and discovered that I was!

Hi Carmalita! So you have found us again! And with a story which shows that you and Jake are together again, that he is prepared to suffer the onslaught of your performances on his olfactory senses. Give my love to all the others, Malita-Jean included.

I think you went waaaay too far with your prank. To me it is beyond being funny. Considering all the effort you put into it, you could just as well have achieved a similar result not by scaring, but by making the girl laugh until she wets herself. Everyone involved would have been the happier.

You are right. What you had does not deserve to be named ‚Ambrosia'.
I find ‚Instant Dysintery', although technically incorrect, more appropriate. Excellently told story though! And as to your last one, what can I say but that there's nothing like a really good crap!

Urine, be it of male or female origin smells roughly the same, but can vary from person to person. It depends on how much liquid a person drinks. It depends on the person's health. It depends on what you have drunk, what you have eaten and it also depends on age and on medication. Doctors in past times used to sniff a patient's urine to help diagnose the person's condition. Yes, they even tasted a sample when they suspected diabetes mellitus, a condition where the body cannot convert and store sugar, which is excreted through the kidneys and makes pee contain sugar, hence mellitus = sweet.
So, do not be put off just because your aunt happens to have had smelly pee on one occasion.

ShortSkirt Girl,
Great story! Yes, on occasions which call for formal clothing, champagne is often served. It has a wicked effect on the bladder; filling it up at a fast rate and triggering bad urges to pee. I'd say that it competes with Bavarian beer in this respect. So beware!
You describe your bms as explosive moments. Don't worry, it is the same with me. It takes me about two to three seconds to squeeze out a foot long snake if it is not too soft. Often soft stuff shoots out with an explosive bowl-speckling fart in one second flat. I wouldn't want to swap with someone prone to constipation.

Interesting story of the girl who has found her solution on how to go without having to sit on the toilet. She avoids making a mess, too! But it must be amazing to witness such a procedure. I envy you!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Whoaaa! what's up everybody?

I thought this site was gone forever! I used to check in and all I'd get is a 'page not found' error. By chance I just tried it one more time. Gee all sorts of new people too, cool!

I guess I'll tell you about my morning dump. It was the biggest poop I've had in quite awhile. It came on me all of a sudden when me and Jake were watching a movie. I jumped up, ran to the bathroom, then hurriedly lifted my robe and yanked my panties down. The minute my brown ass hit that seat, a seriously hard log came rolling out slow! It was so fat it hurt, and I was sitting there with my teeth clenched grunting.
Jake stopped the movie and yelled in at me because I hadn't even closed the door all the way. That's how much of a hurry I was in!
I grunted and strained more, leaning way forward with my elbows on my knees. I squeezed out one incredibly long yellowish-greenish turd that coiled into a huge pile in the toilet. I could tell by the way it hurt that there was some poundage to it. The smell was gross, but not too horrible. I sprayed air freshener right down into the toilet between my legs then all around the room.

Jake came over to close the door, and I was standing there, holding my robe up with one hand, wiping my ass with the other. I told him to check out my "popo grande". He peered down into the toilet and went "Geeeez!!" making a frown. Though he did stare at the giant mound. I am so serious. It had to have been 3 feet long or more of coiled fat crap! Then it began stinking when I tried to flush it. It was sooooo bad in there. We both watched as it swirled slowly, then gradually sucked under with much difficulty. It was a ton! I was so afraid of it clogging. I definitely filled our toilet with used tamales and enchiladas. I feel like I won't have to poop again for a year!

Jake, the wussy, plugged his nose when I flushed.
Oh well, besos a todos! (kisses to everyone) I missed you all. People here send their love: Patsy, Renee, and Nu.

ShortSkirt Girl
Hey All, can anyone help with the reason why some BM's are so violent? Usually when I poop, it's a fairly controlled experience. I like to think that I can feel the muscles in my bowels and anus expell the poop in a smooth and easy motion. Sometimes, however, I can complete my whole BM in just a second or two of really violent 'explosions' where the poop is literally forced out of me in one huge fart. Can anyone explain why that is - is it a feature of diet, gas or frequency in using the toilet?

Hi again everyone.

I told Lily about this place and she thinks it's really neat.

JW - Hi! My parents have dealt with her constipation a few different ways. Suppositories, laxatives, prune juice, etc. She's only had one enema in her life. She was 7 (I was 10). I had the unfortunate luck of witnessing the whole deal. She was in the hospital for some reason (don't remember), and as you may know, they have strict rules on how often you have to poop and such. Well Lily was a bit backed up because of hospital food among other things, and wasn't able to go quick enough to keep the doctor happy, so he told the nurse to give her an enema. I felt really sorry for her while watching them actually do the enema. After they were done they told her to hold it for a while and that they would be back with a bedpan. Well, she was only a little girl at the time, so she could only hold it a few minutes. She told our mom to get the nurse because she couldn't hold it much longer. Mom told me to say and watch Lily. Mom was only out of the room for a minute or two when Lily started panicking and holding her stomach. Maybe 15 seconds before mom got back with the nurse Lily couldn't hold it anymore. She was just beginning to have an accident when mom and the nurse came in. The nurse wanted to make her stop and finish in the bedpan but mom told the nurse to let Lily finish what she'd started since her panties were probably already ruined. Lily pooped in the bedpan twice more after her accident. Mom suggested an enema to Lily a few times after that but Lily always threw a fit and said "Remember last time?!" so mom never made her have another.
Thankfully our mother never really pressured Lily much about the toilet, but I think over the last couple of years she has gotten to where she would much rather have big sister help her in the bathroom than mom. Sometimes i think maybe she's a little too comfortable with it, she has a habit of getting into "girl talk" rather than concentrating on doing her thing, but I don't mind.

Lizz - Hi. I really enjoyed your story. You so should've peed in the dressing room. Most likely you wouldn't get caught and it would've made for such an exciting adventure. Although, your "Should I or Shouldn't I?" story was very exciting even though you didn't go through with it. Since I promised Lily I'd tell some stories about myself too I'll share my dressing room story.
A few years ago our mom took Lily and I shopping around Christmas time. We weren't allowed to buy anything since it was close to Christmas ("Ask Santa." hehe.) But we got to look around and get ideas for what we wanted. Anyway, about an hour into our shopping trip I felt the need to pee. I headed for the bathrooms only to find a REALLY long line. I decided to continue shopping and try again later. About 30 minutes later I was trying on some clothes in a large family/handicap accesible dressing room, I used the bigger one so I could take Lily in with me and she wouldn't have to sit outside the room being bored. I was in between outfits wearing a training bra and panties when all of a sudden I felt like someone was pressing on my bladder really hard. I had to go pee sooo badly! The kind of emergency where even the most modest person has to at least cross their legs. The store I was in didn't have a bathroom and the closest one I knew of was quite a ways away.
When Lily saw my reaction to the sudden emergency she asked what was wrong. I told her my problem and she suggested we try to make it to the bathroom. I told her that by the time I got re-dressed I'd never make it. She insisted that we try anyway. I told her that I'd never make it and I didn't want to spend the rest of our shopping trip in wet pants. She asked if I had a better idea. I thought about it for a breif moment before getting an idea. I quickly walked over to an empty corner, pulled my panties down and squatted. I peed for about 30 seconds and left a medium sized puddle/wet spot on the carpet. Lily giggled the whole time. When I was finished I quickly re-dressed and we left that store. Lily is shy about public restrooms and thought she could hold it until we got home. She almost made it. About 2 minutes from home she flooded, and I do mean flooded, her pants. I don't know if any of you have ever witnessed someone peeing when they've held it to the bursting point, but the look of relief on her face while she was going and afterwords made me wish it was happening to me so I could feel what she felt.

I had planned to write another story but it's getting late so I'll have to do that tomorrow. I promise it won't take so long for me to write again.


I tried to wee standing up, and it was a HUGE mess with wee EVERYWHERE, all over the bathroom, all over me, all over the toilet. I think its VERY difficult for us girls compared to boys who have the right sticky out things to make the wee go MOSTLY where its suppost to go.

Louise (from France)
For Nikki (nicole).
The only place where I pee easily standing is in the shower (home, gym, pool),as I am naked and I don't have to worry about aiming or solashing myself. Sometimes i pissed form an almost standing position at the beach (behind dunes, bushes, parked vans, I could do it keeping my leg well apart to not splash myself and pulling my biking bottom aside or removing it completely before peeing..
I tried to pee standing in public toilet and once in a male urinal, but it was a disaster...When I tried to pee like thid in a toilet i ended peeing a bit into the toilet, some on the toilet rim and mostly on the floor..I only tried to piss in a male urinale with a group of friend at a wedding party. We were all drunk and we tried to do a group "Full Monthy' Style" pee in te emptyl male bathroom using teh urinal, I made I mess..Another time i pissed on emergency on a treet urinal, but i squatted high giving my back to the urinal and peed mostly on the ground than in the urinal.
I can't pee standing into a object (toilet or urinal)facing it. I think it depends on my urethra position, in fact when i pee my stream tends to aim a bit rearward from me. So when I have to pee without sitting I always assume a backward high squatting position to be sure to not get wet from my own stream, that's how I pee in public toilets and outdoor (when I'm not obliged to squat lower for a better cover, like carside).
Instead I notice that my sister and few friends have a more forward aiming that allow them to pee in front of them when standing, so they have the opportunity to urinate standing if they need, not me.
I suppose oriental women have a much more forward aiming, so that their pee tend to go well in front of them. I think tahy have a more forward placed vagina or a different ngke of the urethra...
I suppose this because when i visited Japan and some oriental countries I notice a large diffusion of squatitng toilet that have a peculiar shape, a bit different from the simple "turkish" squatting toilet that we still have somwhere in france, in fact there is a sort of half couple shape protection at teh end. I know japanese women squat on this "Hole in the ground" toilet facing it so i tihnk the "Procetcion" is designed to avoid their pee stream to go over the "squatting toilet" and hit the floor in front of it, so they should have a really forward aiming pee stream.
Another consideration is that a couple of years ago I notice a young oriental girl (a friend of my younger daughter) peeing, and she had a real forwrd stream. In fact i was accompanying some girls of my daughter classroom to the beach on a spring holiday day. Out of season the services were closed of course, so when some of the girls start asking me for the bathroom I told them to follow me behind some bushes and dunes for a potty break. I told tehm to squat behind the bushes, and the 5 of them did it togheter, I was astonished to notice that this oriental girl of 10-11 years have a very different way of peein, in fact instead of squating giving her back to the bushes like her friend she faced them, and I saw that her pee stram sprayed 2-3 feet in front of her bettween her feet from a very low squatting position.
I have a dear friend who has tai-origin (mother), I saw her peeing in the shower at gym sometimes, she has a bit forward aiming stream, but nothing expecial, just a bit forward like my sister and other friends.
Please girls, write your experience about peeing standing and if u can give me indications about oriental girls forward aiming pee..

Thanks to all


Hi i was traveling and i stoped at this gas station. I ran inside to use the bathoom and the door showed a pic of a man and lady and said restroom. Well I thought that it was just a one person thing but I opened the door and there was 1 stall and a sink next to it. I could tell when i opened the door that there was someone in there from the smell. When I got fully in i realized that the shoes of the person on the toilet were pink sketcher things. So i was like wow. This girl was just farting up a storm and letting out wave after wave of diareah. Inbetween grunts you were hear her let out a sigh of relief. Well I just stood their listing, leaning up against the wall. She was in there for about 7 min just since I stood there, who knows how long before that but it had to be a little while cuz she had the place stunk up pretty good. Well when she wiped she used a hell of a lot of tp, I could see he unroll it cuz the dispenser thingy was like on the bottom of the stall wall. She wiped 7 times and flushed twice while seated. Then she just sat there for a min and did nothing, then she wiped 2 more times and flushed pulled up here panties and jeans and walked out, saying excuse me for the smell and taking so long on her way out the door. Wow when i got into the stall it smelled even worse and there was about 3 big think skid marks on the bowel and the water was very discolored. There was quite a lot of floaties too. I could see a wad of tp in the hole at the bottom so I think the toilet was clogged, which wouldn't be surprising from the amount of tp she used to wipe. Well I pissed and walked out, didn't even want to try flushing. When I went to walk out the door the door slamed be right in the face, the chick that was in there right before me had slammed it open from the outside, she appologized for hitting me with the door and said omg i didn't finish! She looked very desperate. As I was walking out i heard a booming fart but I couldn't stay and listen cuz I had to get to my destination for a meeting that started very soon. I wish i had the time to stay and listen though i bet it was grousom!

This was one of my most embarrassing moments:
I have this weird problem where whenever I laugh really hard I start to pee. This happened to me a few days ago. I was in my math class when one of my best friends cracked this hilarious joke and I started laughing at first I managed to hold it then the whole class started laughing, this made me laugh even more and then it started leaking I tried to bend over and it kind of stalled it for 10secs then it just started pouring out. I took it off and wrapped it around my waist! That was embarrassing

And Butt and Or
Last weekend, I was almost the victim of a practical joke gone wrong. I invited my friend Tracey to sleep over on Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning to see Tracey's bare ass in my face (Tracey only slept in a t-shirt and briefs) My nose was lined up with his hole! And he let out a big, wet fart. I saw some clear liquid about to come out of his hole. Then Tracey said, "Uh oh!", and I knew that he was about to lose control of his bowels, so I pushed him off of me. Tracey quickly grabbed a bucket out of the corner, squatted over it, and let out a wave of liquid crap that filled up three-fourths of the bucket. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Good thing that wasn't your face." I laughed. Then I had to take a dump and started to head for the bathroom, but Tracey stopped me and said, "Why shit in the toilet, when you can shit in the bucket, like me?" So I dropped my pants and dropped five big logs into the bucket. When I was through, my crap was floating in Tracey's crap, and we took it to the bathroom, poured it down the toilet, and flushed it.

Hey guys.
I just went poo, and thought I wouls share it with everyone.

Well, I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. I started to pee, which lasted like 6 seconds. I then farted a few times, as my anus started to crackle open as my first 4 pieces of poo splahed into the toilet. There was a lot more poo to come though. The next piece of poo needed some pushing, so I pushed a bit. What I thought was going to be one big piece of poo was a fart, followed by about 7 more pices of poo. In short: fart, crackle, plop, plop, plop, plop, fart, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop. After that, I felt another piece of poo. Fart, plop. Then I was done. I stayed sitting on the toilet for a short bit after, got up, looked at my poo, wiped (I am a stander), flushed, and left.

That was today's poo poo. I like posting here. Maybe I will start posting in detail my poops more.

Take care guys.

To Ash D.: I really liked your post the other day when you listened to that other girl taking a poo in the bathroom stall next to you. Feel free to share any more stories you have like that.

To Mel D.: I'm sorry to hear you ended up clogging the toilet the other day, but wow, what an amazing poo that must have been! I only wish I could have seen the size of that huge turd you made that plugged it up. It must have felt really good to finally get that one out. Keep the good posts coming.

Hermione: Nice post about pooing at Sarah's the other day. I was also surprised to find out how big your poos are from your responses to JW's survey. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Convenience Guy
To Dylan---

Regarding your perception that women's urine has a stronger smell due to heavier concentration--this would be probably attributed to the person's individual habits rather than due to gender or natural physiology.

Many women tend to postpone urination rather than 'go' often because of physical or environmental constraints and/or social conventions, which in turn may have an effect on the concentration of their urine when voided. In other words, it isn't as convenient for women to urinate in public compared with men---the clothing factor, lack of facilities, lack of privacy, having to queue up longer for the toilet, etc. Also, some women find it embarassing to excuse themselves to go to the loo frequently, so they hold it.

For these reasons, when there is a perception that they may be in an area where clean toilet facilities are lacking (e.g. a sports stadium) some women will also cut back on their water or beverage intake accordingly. Some women also just don't drink a lot of water as a matter of habit (like my wife). This will affect their urine concentration and color accordingly.

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