WETGUY - Yes, it seems we sure do have something in common! Thanks to you and everyone else who has given me positive feedback. It's refreshing to find a crowd that finds my antics interesting rather than bizarre or disgusting.


That brings me to the topic I wanted to post about: has anyone ever received an adverse reaction from someone you told about your penchant for piss and poop? Though I am very open about this topic when using the Internet, I've only ever told one person face to face, and he pretty
much freaked out on me.

It was the summer of 2001 and I had just graduated high school. I'd been seeing a guy from school and one evening we parked my mother's car at a very secluded fishing spot. The spot was really beautiful and peaceful, being right at the water's edge. Lots of dense trees provided a buffer, but really there were no houses for a mile or so anyhow. We were talking and cuddling for a bit but then he wanted to start getting intimate but I wasn't sure. He backed off willingly but then we were a little silent and things started to get awkward. After a few minutes, we were both hungry and decided we would get a bite to eat. "Besides," he said, "I really have to pee." I confessed that I did as well, which was no lie. I then suggested that instead of leaving we just go in the woods and to my suprise he agreed instantly. I fished through the glove compartment for a pack of tisses and handed one to him. Now I was getting kind of turned on. He stepped out of the car and walked toward the trees and shrubbery. I'm not sure whether he was too desperate to wait long, wanted me to watch or just didn't care, but he didn't walk far enough into the greenery to be adequately shaded from my view and even in the dark, by the light of the moon, I could see him unzip his pants and pull his penis out. He pissed a short but fierce stream that made a pleasant hissing sound and a splash as it watered the grasses. I was in disbelief: this was the first (and actually only time) I'd had the opportunity to watch a guy piss in front of me with full knowledge that I was watching. He came back into the car and I then got out to take my turn. I made sure to accidently (heh heh) stay within his view too. I took off my shorts and
panties completely to ensure that I wouldn't wet them. I squatted and let out a hissy ribbon that about doubled the output of his stream. The freeing feeling of peeing outside coupled with the knowledge that I was being watched made me feel really excited and bold so when I was done I didn't put my panties or shorts back on but rather jogged back to the car with them still clutched in my hand. In one motion, I slid my bare backside onto the seat and slammed the door shut. We both laughed. Finally, the ice was broken! We were a couple of curious teens with raging hormones so I'm not going to elaborate on what happened next ...

A bit later we did decide to go get something to eat so we went through a drive-through and as we were heading home the topic of fetishes somehow came up. He asked me truth or dare and I chose truth. "Do you have any fetishes?" Now, I am honestly usually a pretty shy girl in person, so I hesitated for a minute, debating whether to tell him about my insatiable love of pissing. I figured what the hell; he was going to a different college and I might not see him again after this summer. So I took a deep breath and mustered, "Have you ever heard of watersports?" "Oh,God!" He was repulsed. Whoopsie! Awkward silence number two of the evening commenced. A few minutes later I asked him to hand me my drink. "Is it the lemonade?" "Yep." I looked over at him as I took a sip and just as he took a bite of his hamburger I remarked, "I love the way it the looks the same going in as it does coming out." I thought he was gonna choke! I started cracking up. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the horrified look on his face at that instant. It was classic!

Since then, I've vowed to be much more careful who I reveal my secrets to, and I actually haven't ever told anyone else in person. Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation? I'd love to hear about it.

Until next time, here's wishing you all happy bathrooming!

<> pp <>

Really LOVED your New Years Day post...Just to tell you I DO
have the same "interests" as you...all of them! Would love to hear
more about them, if you're in the mood! Thanks!

Enjoyed your post re: the Tiles...would like to hear the other
20 or so stories! Thank you!

em dubya
Hey everyone, I just had a weird dump! I went into my bathroom, pulled down my jeans and underwear, plopped down and started pushing. A fairly fat turd that felt semi-soft started coming out. It broke a few times before it came out all the way. What's weird is that when I wiped, it was green! I stood up and looked in the bowl to see that most of the turd was green but a little bit of it was my usual brown. I think all the colored holiday candies did it. It took 6 or 7 wipes to get my butt cleaned up because, as I suspected, it was pretty soft. I don't usually poop different colors so this surprised me. Well, that's it for now. I probably won't be posting as much since school is starting up again. Well, that's all for now. Keep posting everyone!


$#!T F@CE
Havent posted in a while
I just wanna know if anyone else besides me has constipation all the time?

To Samantha C. -
I've never tried that before. I never really try any "fancy" ways of pushing my poop out b/c I never have trouble going. I'd love to hear your story though - it sounds exciting!!

To April -
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I have to agree with Janna on this one. Your story had excellent details and it made it so fun to read!! I would love to hear some more stories from you, but that's up to you if you wanna share any.

Not too much happening here, I've been pooping and peeing normally for the most part. Been pooping a little more often lately but that's not a bad thing.

Man its been a while since I last posted. What with travelling and Christmas I haven't had time. Still enjoying the forum however.

Bryian- I have had the mall dream recently as well...trying to find a place to dump with someone else in a public place and actually sitting down in a doorless stall to let one go. How often do you have this dream?

I had a good time last week just before New Years. I was up in Toronto and was downtown doing some things before years end and found myself needing to dump so I went to my favorite can where the stall wall is set back from the wall enough to allow a great view of the ass sitting on the seat next to yours. Occassionally you even see the shit pile out as you listen to the groans.

This particular day I really had to dump a wet one (too much turkey and crap during the holidays) so I head in and take the vacant stall. The guy next to me is suspiciously quiet and after letting out a fart of my own I hear a stream of what sounds like piss surge into the bowl. I check back at the reflection and I see the guys ass lifted up on one cheek and a stream of liquid brown watery shit spraying into the bowl. Of course this made me want to poop so i hauled back and let er rip, farting louding as a gusher of crap blew into the bowl at full force. I groaned and then took a deep breath and pushed again. All I hear from next store is the same. All of a sudden he is letting go with liquid shits and farts and grunting and groaning. So we go on like this and after a while I can hear him reach for the paper. He fiddles with the roll and starts talking to himself..."Come on...." he is saying just loud enough for me to hear him. He continues this for a while and I can tell he is having real trouble getting any paper off of the roll. Now he is getting madder and starts swearing, then laughing as this is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to him. I listen for a while longer and then when I hear that he is starting to panic at the thought of not wiping at all I call over..."Do you need some paper in there?" he laughed and said "This stupid thing, I can't get any paper off of the roll, it just keeps shredding so I can't get evena square off without it ripping" He kept trying and finally says..."I would much appreciate some paper over here-thanks" so I start rolling some off and hear him curse again in frustration. I handed the paper under the stall and we start talking. "Let me know if you need more" I say, watching his reflection as he starts to wipe his ass..."Sounds like you had a messy go of it" he laughed a bit as he continued wiping..."I was trying to keep it down but I've got the runs something awful" I replied that I too had the shits and you never knew when they would come to end. He stopped wiping and just sat so I called over "Do need more paper?" he replied.."I"m going to in a minute" and then he let out a torrent and gave a sigh..."Damn it it just doesn't stop". I pushed out a fart and replied..."I know what you mean" We sat there for a while then I got him more paper and he finished wiping and I wiped and we left the stall together. He was a middle-aged business man who had a big butt from what I could tell, and who was portly. He thanked me as we washed up and rubbed his gut saying "Lets hope thats the last of it-thanks again"

Now I am down in Tucson enjoying the sun-anybody know of any door-less stalls in the area. I could use a shameless shit with another heavy hitter.


Truckster, the blood could be anything from a bleeding heammorhoid to a sign of bowel cancer. Don't wait for replies from this list - get to a doctor fast. Don't even think about the embarrassment - just do it, man.

ShortSkirt Girl
For New Year, my husband took me to a very formal fundraising party for his firm where I had probably my most embarrassing 'accident' ever. I had gone out and purchased a beautiful formal gown especially for the event, and it fit me like a glove - so much so that I needed to wear a bodyshaper under it to do my figuire justice. Anyway, before I dressed for the party, I deliberately used the toilet knowing that between the fit of the gown and all that spandex underneath, I'd need half an hour to undress sufficiently to pee. The evening was great, and everyone complimented me on how I looked, but with all the champagne by the time it got past midnight I was really ready to go. I was talking with my husband's boss and his wife and it became more and more difficult to excuse myself, and with my thighs clamped firmly together I knew I'd have to go - but quickly! While I was smiling and chatting with them, I was more and more aware of the pressure building, and finally felt the first jet of pee escape, dampening my underwear and bathing my lower stomach in hot pee. I can't truthfully describe what I felt - dreadful embarrassment and humiliation sure, but also a furtive feeling of excitment. I knew the tight spandex of my corset would hold the first little spurt of pee for a short time, but as I wasn't wearing a slip and the dress was so thin, I also knew that if I totally peed myself the results would be very dramatic. I hastily excused myself during a lull in the conversation and made my way to the bathroom, but the line was long and I knew I couldn't last that long. Instead I headed out to the garden, in the hope of some privacy. As I made my way through the party, people stopped and chatted with me, and before I reached the door I felt my muscles totally relax and what felt like an ocean of warm pee spurt into my clothes. Clearly in distress, I made it to the door to the garden but not before a large wet patch had formed around the crotch of my dress, and when I felt the back, there was a similar area of wet silk around my butt. Finally alone, I fully emptied myself into my dress standing on the patio, the pee pee running out of my underwear and down my stockings and into my shoes. Fortunately, I had my cellphone in my purse, and called him indoors to rescue me. In a few minutes he came out and put his jacket around me and said I really did look quite a sight! I felt terrible about embarrassing him like that, but he said it was worth it and when we got home, we both had fun stripping the pee soaked dress, stockings and underwear off of me!

hey it's me again. I'm Paden and I'm a 16 year old boy. more about me i'm 5'10" tall and about 155lbs. uhh dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. i play football at school and baseball and hockey so I'm in good shape. I have a pretty funny story to tell about a new years eve party I went to at my friends house. we had gotten into his parents liquor supply (they were away) and i was fairly buzzed, and we were playing truth or dare. there was about 8 guys and 5 girls playing. anyway i had said i needed to go to the shi**er a few minutes before my turn. well i picked dare cuz i know what they would have asked if i picked truth and i did not want to talk about that. anyway my boy tommy dares me to take my dump in one of those big plastic party cups. i was laughing and said i'd do it. it was actually bangin on the back door so i squatted over the cup and pinched my dick so i wouldn't piss on anyone and i ended up doing a pretty nice dump like 8" long and not too fat. a couple girls gave the "eww gross" and "pee-yew" but we were mostly laughin our butts off. then my friend stephen from football asked if there was room in the cup cuz he said he could use some relief and was too drunk to go to the shi**er. he actually tried to do the same thing i did but was way too drunk and peed on the floor a little it wasn't a carpet tho so it wasnt too bad. whereas my dump was one solid log his didnt come out so well. he squatted and there was some crackling and i saw some squishy looking light brown turds slide into the cup. he did a good amount of this then he grunted in pain and his butt spluttered and some nasty goopy stuff came out. the girls and most of the guys scattered but me and 2 other kids were there for moral support lol. as i said before i enjoy seeing someone go anyway, but its better when they do a nice solid log so you really see their hole stretch. anyway stephen aked for another cup cuz the one he had that i also used was pretty much full. we got him another cup and he relaxed his butt and more slimy stuff came out seperated by solid chunks you could actually see his hole open up for the more solid parts. it was pretty interesting but after that no one thought it was cool anymore....oh well.

girl pooping story- yeah, tell more stories especially about the girls pooping. Could you smell the dumps

Mark L- I think if I would have been in your situation I would have told the teacher to f*** off and then I would have taken a piss. That rule is ridiculous when you gotta go you gotta go.

Em dubya- You respond to everyone too, I though Bryian did that. (lol).

J.J- Do you know why this chick pooped like that and have you ever had to shake her hand.

Ash D- tell more public pooping stories, please.

I just decided to come out and ask me girlfriend how come I have never seen her poop and she told me that she doesn't ever poop. Do you guys think that she might be lying or is it really true.

You are more than welcome sweet :). I'm sure that nobody else but me had noticed this girl and her BM habit, and I have no intensions to share this discovery with anyone. Most of the people use the elevators and very few of them ever stop to chat in the stair well. Most people don't bother to look. It was all about being in the right place and the right time. She's absolutlely unaware that she can be seen, because she's with her back to the door. She's a shy type of person, hardly talks and say hello, and blushes when someone talks to her -- kind of inconfident/unaware of her beauty. She always well dressed in busines attire, and she always takes care to undress her pants b4 the action. She would probably die if she finds that somebody else knows.
I love watching her going up the stairs. She always pulls her shirt's sleeves up in the middle of the way, as if she was getting ready for the "hard job".

Last time she gave me "a double feature" show. She peed first, then squatted to dump like she always does. She released one turd into her hand, got rid of it and wiped twice. Then she stood up, peed again and I thought that it was the end of the show. As I was getting ready to go, I saw her butt & hand below the door again. She released 2 more turds in the same fashion but dribbled some pee drops on the floor. She cleaned everything shine, flushed and finished her business.
She was badly constipated after we all came back from the holidays. She had to squat quite a long time, rocked her butt up and down and spread her butt cheeks with her hands. Finally she got started. The head of a huge turd showed up and got stuck there, about 2 inch wide. She pushed and pressed on her perineum to help it out, and finally it started to move. Well, sigh I was expecting a monster turd. To my disappointment, it was an "icecream cone" shaped. It was short 4inch, the top was all wide and packed with hard poo balls, the rest was cone shaped with a sharp

It seems that you are right. This girl had completely divorced herself from having to sit on the toilet.
It is not my first encounter with such a girl. The one that I'm dating now is the "ultimate hoverer". She hovers everywhere, for everything including BM -- even at her own private toilet at home. She masters hovering so good that she never drips or spay, and she developed quite amazing techniques to hover BM and avoid backsplash..

peace and love. JJ

Andrew: I'm an avid reader also. I used to subscribe to magazines like Seventeen and the like and occassionally I would read them in the bathroom. Most of the time, however, I carry a book into the bathroom. Whatever book I happen to be reading (usually Sci-Fi or Fantasy or some other fictional novel) goes in there with me. If I don't happen to be in the middle of some book and an un-ignorable urge hits, then I just grab whatever book is the closest. If I forget or can't find a book, then while I'm sitting on the toilet, I grab a bottle of shampoo or lotion and read the directions and ingredients printed on the back.

Dylan: I must say that I have never really smelled fresh pee (of a guy). But, I have been in my cousin's bathroom and the smell was horrible, even though the bathroom was clean and the toilet flushed. In my experience, guys' pee smells worse, but it could be only certain guys' pee. Like I said, I haven't smelled much guy pee. I wouldn't say that my own pee has a very strong odor, but then again, it might. I could just be 'immune' to the smell. My mother sometimes informs me that my bathroom stinks (even though it has just been cleaned), so maybe my pee smells worse that I think.

Truckster: If I were you, I would definitely consult a doctor. Of course, I'm no expert but I still think that you should get some sort of medical attention. Especially since you say that it was 'a lot' of blood. Maybe it was just an effect of not taking your meds, but either way, it's probably best to speak to your Dr.

Sorry.. I don't have enough time to finish all of my other little replies... I'll get back to everyone later!

Long time lurker first time poster.

A few years back my friend who was then 16 had been over at my place for the day. He was going back home on the train and I went with him. He had totally overdosed on Coke before he left and I took along a few extra cans for the road.

I knew what would soon be happening - considering the train trip would take 2 hours on two trains and no opportunity to use a bathroom in between.

We waited for 30 minutes for the train and then set off on the first 50 minute leg. As we approached Main my friend asks "There are bathrooms at Main right?".

I told him the bad news: "No there aren't any. Do you need to go?"

He says: "Yeah... a little bit."

We get off at Main and surely there are no open bathrooms. My friend is getting a bit agitated now and in a pleading voice says: "You're sure there are no bathrooms anywhere?"

"No... there's no bathrooms here".

We get into the connecting train and my friend asks hopefully "Are the bathrooms on the train?"

"No... no bathrooms on these trains."

My friend is now sitting in a very uncomfortable looking position all crouched up on his seat with legs tigtly together obviously with a very full bladder. He announces (as if he needed to): "I need to use bathroom!". 5 minutes pass and he is looking very uncomfortable: "I really need to do a pee!" He stands up and beging to jump up and down on the spot. Next he says he's going to walk around and begins to walk from one end of the carriage to the other -- back and forward back and forward while everyone realises what the problem is.

He pleadingly asks if any stations on the way will have an open bathroom as he's going to have to get off. I tell him the truth - no open bathrooms in the evening. By now he's looking really distressed. I'm expecting to see a wet spot on his pants any moment. His next move was surprising - he suddenly runs up to the emergency help point on the train and goes to press it. I talk him out of that as he'll only get into trouble for not using it in a real emergency. He claims it IS an emergency! He starts pacing up and down the carriage again and bouncing up and down. He's no longer talking to anyone and he's face is going red. A passenger noticing the problem suggests he just goes in the carriage. He toys with the idea but decides against it. He's now holding himself from time to time.

I suggest he sit down as people are begining to giggle and point. He says the moment he sits down his pee will start coming out. He now starts saying this is the worst he's ever had to go and for some reason he starts telling of other times he's been desperate to go (couldn't help his present predicament!)

We get to our destination station and I'm amazed his been able to hold on for so long. I'm also surprised he's walking and not running to the bathrooms about 5 mins walk down the road. He says: "If I run I'll pee my pants for sure... But I don't know if I'm going to make it! I can't hold it anylonger!"

But to both of our surprise he made it... and used the urinal for what seemed like hours! And he was totally dry!

A while ago i had a kidney infection and took strong antibiotics that made me constipated (i usually go 1-3 times a day). I resorted to sticking my finger up my bum to move things along, and it worked pretty well. But i now find that ever since then, my bm's haven't been like they used to be, and i usually have to stick my finger up there about 2 times or so a week. I would really appreciate any opinions about whether i have made the problem worse by using manual stimulation so often, or if the problem the antibiotics caused is long-lasting.


When I was a teenage boy, one afternoon at the local pool I decided to stay in my lounge chair and take a pee. A couple of cute older girls were lounging nearby (on their stomachs), to my left at about 3 o'clock. We had been exchanging furtive glances. No other people were close enough to us. Lying on my stomach, I could sneak frequent looks. So, I was feeling adventurous when the large ice-cold Coke hit my bladder. I turned over onto my back splaying my legs slightly. Struggling to hold back the flood, I noticed too that the bulge in my speedos was rising! A quick glance to ascertain that the girls were watching, and I let go a steady stream that shot out of my suit about 3 to 4 inches. For at least a minute! The girls eyes squinted slightly, and their mouths opened. Then, their faces flushed almost simultaneously. I still chuckle when I visualize the expressions on their faces. The plastic lounge chair and a well-placed drain nearby took care of my flood that bright summer afternoon...

Hi people, thanks to those who replied. Unfortunately, I don't have too many episodes in which the product was so spectacular that I can relay them to anyone who cares to read them as vividly, but I could try. And at the end of the week I'm going back to school, so there will probably be some good stories to tell. First, however, I've got a few of my own things to say to people.

Alfreeda - Hi, you asked if anyone is into pooping in front of others, or on others. I'd have to say that while the latter is not exactly an activity I frequent, the former is and always will be one of my favorite things to do. It's probably the reason why I could go so freely in front of Carrie despite the major diarrhea, because we have done so before (when we're regular/constipated).

Ash D., Samantha C - Funny that you should say how interested you are in listening to girls in the bathroom. I'm the other side of the coin, I suppose, as I get a kick out of letting others hear me. I'll usually go when one other person is in there, and take the stall right next to them. I love them to hear my crackling, and sometimes I'll stand and hover so that the drop is louder. Maybe you'll run into me sometime. If you do, you'll know it's me.

HJ Terakon - Glad to see that I helped you cement your position on the nature of the universe. It sounded, though, as if you were leaving. Are you going to never post again? Please tell us some of your own stories, if you want to.

Now for my sub-par, not-quite-that-interesting story...

Over the last few days, I'd not really felt the urge to go to the bathroom to defecate. I'd just go in, pee for a little while, wipe, then leave. It was weird, because I was still eating, but not seeing the aftereffects of it at all. Then today, I woke up and, while laying curled among the sheets as the late morning sunlight peeked in through my curtains, felt a pressure in my stomach.

Ah, but the telltale signs of an approaching bowel movement would not be complete without a couple of fart vibrations, rippling the flesh of my honey buns. Presently, I felt another fart tickling the edges of my anus. Not wanting to hinder its course, I lay on my stomach and slid my pajamas and panties just beneath my mounds of posterior meat. My fart had been waiting patiently for its freedom, and so I let it go with a sigh. It relieved some of the pressure as it rumbled past, but then the load inside my stomach shifted, and I knew that lazing around here farting wouldn't exactly cut it, and so it was time for my date with John. Pulling back up my pants, I tiptoed into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

Sliding my pants and panties back down to about mid-thigh level, I sank into the soft seat with a relaxed feeling and leaned forward just a little, so my bosom was resting on my forearms. My stream began, flowing directly into the water. I kept conscious of my anus, however, because I didn't want to go both ways at the same time. My stream of pee stopped, which was a cue that I could go on with my job. The task at hand: unburdening my bowels. Then, with my best about-to-poop face (which, I've been informed, is a pouty lip pucker with my eyes half-closed), I started in.

This was to be one of my typical bowel movements, I could tell. I made a soft "mmmm" as my movement started, pressing outward and extruding about an inch. There, it rested until prompted to move forward again from my next push. I held off on this for a while, though, because the poop sticking out of me was just firm enough to keep in place and savor for a while. I breathed deeply and let my hair fall over my face a little.

However, the suspense began to kill me as to what was going to happen next, and so I pushed once again, pouting more and leaning more as well. My anus was massaged gently by the soundless giant as I freed it, much like a symbiotic relationship. The thick piece was moving along well enough, and when it approached ten inches, the lumpiness began to smooth a bit. I heard it touch the water, and as it did, my anus softly snipped the poop off and it beached on the porcelain with a surprising lack of sound. I don't know, it must have been sleeping. In comparison to the ambrosia experience, this was more celestial and dream-like, and so much more enjoyable.

I could still feel yet more of the angelic dump inside me. Sliding back a little, I looked between my legs to see the dormant snake as it lay partially in the water and mused about how a friend can keep one warm when lying together. Smiling, I slid back up and resumed my former position. Rubbing my stomach to congratulate it on a job well done and encourage it to keep up the good work, I puckered both sets of lips and started in again. After all, I couldn't wait too long, as the yin of my eating for the four days before was being balanced by the yang of my movement, and I'm not one to upset the balance of eternity.

Immediately, the nerves in my anus sent my brain the message that the consistency of the movement had changed. This next fecal cherub was much softer than the first, like thick peanut butter. Nestling against my cheeks as it oozed out like molten rays of light, the second log landed softly on the first, and oh, the warm feeling that traveled up from my anal flower to my cheeks and to my facial cheeks left me breathless for a couple of seconds. And what a sight I must have been, with my hair flowing down my shoulders, bosom out to my knees, lips pushed out in an almost seductive, kissing manner, cheeks flushed with pleasure, pants pulled down just enough to expose my big, round butt which released the warm, comfortable filth to collect below.

The last bit was the squishiest of the lot, sliming out and coating the first two bars with mush softly. Slightly pasty but not at all uncomfortable, just warm and ooze-like. The smell that rose was not all that bad, just a comfortable aroma that seemed to whisper, "Yes, I am the result of a bowel movement, but does that matter all that much?"

Having emptied my bowels in such a dreamlike fashion, I decided to sit for a while and reminisce upon what I had just produced, and the feeling it gave me. And as I wiped, I did just that, stopping once to tickle my anus lightly and giggle. Call me crazy, as I was alone, but I _was_ alone, so it didn't really matter. Then, as I tossed the paper in, I stood and flushed the toilet while pulling everything back up, and the paper, urine and poop all swirled together in an excremental symphony before being sucked downward into the mysterious depths beyond.

Sorry if it wasn't quite as spectacular as the last, but I thought I'd like to share with you the harmony that my bowels, buns, anus and spirit all had this morning. I hope you enjoyed it in the reading close to as much as I did in the telling.


My wife and I enjoy crapping in the sea together. We take 2 or 3 naturist holidays in Lanzarote or Fuerteventura a year and at the naturist beaches we are able to swim out and enjoy our private moments together. We do it when the tide is going out. It is a very intimate and private thing and I thoroughly advise people to try it. Much more enjoyable than watching one another crap at home.

My last post didn't make it, so i'll try again.

A few responses:

New Shy Girl: Please don't stop. Please share with us some of your experiences of peeing and pooping on floors, outside, and hiding in men's rooms. I too love all the activities you do. i wish i could find a girl into the same. I'm sure there are many of us here that share your obsessions.

Gina: I love pushing the shit in and out, feeling the turd massage my asshole. The pressure of the load in my butt is great, as is the relief once it finally comes out for the last time.

Pee Pee Girl: I agree, yes, someone please post about shitting on the beach. I would love to one day have the oppurtunity to piss and shit on a nude beach.
If I'm on the computer and enjoying myself and don't want to have to go out through the hall to the bathroom, I'll often pee in soda cans or cups. I'll also do it if I think someone is already in the bathroom.

Ash D.: Unfortunately, I think my family usually flushes after peeing. If I ever have a family of my own, I'll have a rule not to flush until someone has taken a shit at least, which will save money and create a communal pee pool. I enjoy the thought of peeing into others' pee, mixing it with theirs, as well as dropping my turds on top of someone else's. Do you think that's cool too?

Roberta: I always love to pee in any body of water I'm in. The feeling is great and I like to think that I'm peeing so close to other people and they're swimming in my pee and I in theirs. It would be interesting to have a study to find what percentage of people pee in the pool. Some information: I used to have a girlfriend who was a lifeguard and swimming instructor. She would always get into the pool to pee. She never reported any smells, but her swimsuits tended to degrade and fall apart about every 6 weeks. She is an extreme example though, because she was peeing through her suit almost every day perhaps a dozen times a day.


RIZZO -- Hi there ol' friend! Yes, it's nice to see old names popping up, I too hope more of the old crew will get together again to relate our/their adventures. Yes, I remember the WSPC badge you made for Kendal!

TREKKIE -- many thanks for the welcome back!

LOUISE (FRANCE) -- That was quite a situation you described, and I'm glad to say such a thing hasn't happened to me, I've always either had the choice of a clean stall if the first I entered was too awful to use, or was able to hold until somewhere better was found. I don't use out-of-the-way public restrooms very often, and while the ones I have used were quite "rustic," (primitive) they were usually properly maintained and clean.

DYLAN -- The answer to your query is no! Your Aunt's pee was hyper-concentrated possibly due to time since she last went, or something in her diet producing a very punget chemicle blend. Everyone is different of course, but my own experience with female pee is that it's odour is subtly different from the male variety and often less-pungent. My experience is limited, of course -- anyone like to expand on this???

SAMANTHA C -- Interesting point you raise! I can't say that I've ever done that myself but it stands to reason in a way. The wall of tissue between the vaginal and rectal tracts is comparitively thin, and I've heard of a plastic surgery technique in which reconstruction/repair of the genitalia sometimes requires the tissues bracing or steadying, which is done by the surgeon inserting his fingers or an instrument into the patient's rectum. So in the sense of the rectal muscles being braced for their "great push," putting your fingers into your vagina is probably not as odd as it might otherwise seem.

SHORTSKIRTGIRL -- Yes, I've had similar experiences, I think of them as "perfect poos," because an often enormous turd launches itself seemingly without any effort on my part and is in the toilet in just a couple of seconds. I think it's a mixture of smooth, moist turd, well-moist rectal walls and a firm load under pressure which, as soon as it's more than six inches out, adds gravity to its express-plunge! For regular motions, the sensations you describe are mine to a T.


I'm the JJ that posted about the 5 1/2 hour drives with my 3 year old. I just noticed that there was another poster going by the name of JJ so I will post as JJ2 from now on.

Our hike is coming up, and I'm looking forward to some fun and interesting toileting stories to tell.

Barrington of Orange County
Good evening. My name is Barrington, and my wife and I have resided together in Orange County in California for nearly forty years. Now, I would like to preface my post by commenting that I have enjoyed reading this forum for several years, ever since there were only a handful of writers. However, I myself have never posted, and I wanted to take this chance to give back to the community by writing about something that happened at brunch on Sunday. You see, my wife Lilian and I enjoy going to Sunday brunch twice a month at the Ritz-Carlton. We have tried the Four Seasons, but we feel that the Ritz-Carlton attains a level of service that we just cannot find at other establishments. But this Sunday, my wife Lilian and I were seated next to some unthinkably rude patrons, who nearly spoiled our otherwise pleasurable dining experience, and that's what I have chosen to write about this evening. After enjoying a delicious three bean salad and a mimosa (I love the restaurant's beautiful champagne flutes), I began to feel somewhat bloated. I excused myself to the washroom, leaving Lilian to enjoy the espresso in my absence. Upon entering the gentlemen's washroom, I decided that it would be very courteous and considerate of me to inform the other patrons of my situation so that they could prepare themselves. I asked the washroom attendant to help me get the attention of the other gentlemen using the facilities so that I could make my announcement. Once I had their attention, I loudly said, "Pardon me. I have eaten the three bean salad. I am feeling bloated, and am now going to noisily produce feces into the toilet. I may also produce urine. Please prepare yourself, and excuse my noisiness in advance. Thank you and have a pleasant morning." Everybody seemed to be very appreciative of my considerate announcement. Before entering an empty stall, I politely knocked on each of the occupied stalls and asked each occupant, "Pardon me, sir. I just wanted to make sure you heard my announcement. I had the three bean salad, and I am gassy. I wanted to make sure this is alright with you, seeing as you were here before me." I repeated myself until each occupant had at least mumbled "ok", then I locked myself in a stall and began producing feces into the toilet as planned. While I was doing this, another gentleman walked into the washroom and the attendant greeted him. For the sake of politeness, I immediately stopped, stood up to peer over the stall door, and shouted across the room to him, "Pardon me sir, good morning. I had the three bean salad and I am very gassy. I am about to continue producing a large, noisy bowel movement. Please prepare yourself accordingly." After I had finished, washed up, and generously tipped the attendant, I returned to my wife Lilian at our table. As we finished our espresso, I recognized the gentleman I had just addressed in the washroom joining the party at the table next to ours. I heard him quietly telling his acquaintances a story while making gestures toward our table. His entire table burst out laughing uncontrollably, causing a horrific scene. I was embarassed to be sitting so close to this spectacle. I quickly whispered to my wife Lilian what had happened in the washroom, and that he was probably zealously relating to his friends how appreciative he was of my politeness and goodwill. But then I heard - and this is the shocking part - one of his party say in a subdued tone, "I guess that gives a new meaning to the term 'old fart'." The table again roared with laughter, and I was stunned. I looked at my wife Lilian, who like myself, had turned beet red. I told her, "come on then Lilian, let us go somewhere more civilized, where good manners such as ours are appreciated." I lodged a complaint with the management at the Ritz-Carlton, but I still feel angered by the vulgarity of our neighboring patrons at the brunch. So that is why I have chosen to share this humiliating experience with the community here. I dearly hope that none of you ever encounter such rude, unsophisticated people when you dine out.

Please post more pee stories, i love them, but i find a grat prevalence of pooin themes...

I noticed that for us women the cold has a terrible effect for our bladder, we need to pee more often than usual and on my experience the need to relieve became quickly a desperation...
does any girl here experience the same?

Related to this topic there is a recent episode for pee desperation lovers:

I rember that in my recent christmas olidays in the mountain needing to pee often was always a problem, expecially when dressed in skiing or alpine wear...
On saturday I decided to visit a near village for some shopping with my sister and a friend in the afternoon after skiing..
It was a bad decision, because just few meter away from our ski station we got stuck in a terrible queque of cars of people coming hom from the resort..
The traffic moved so slow that we could go faster by feet than by car, and some ice around, a freezing weather with a light snowfall made the situation worse.
After less than 15 minute my friends started complaining that she was going to need the bathroom, I told her that I was going to need a pee quickly too, while my sister told us she pissed in hotel hall toilet while waiting for us, so she was ok.
I thought I could resist longer , bust just a 10-15 minutes lately I confessed I needed a pee badly..
We were almst no moving in the traffic inside my hubby's Suv, cause the traffic was very slow. With a less than -10 c outside temp. there was no way we could imagine to stop the car to pee. It wasn't reasonable to get half naked (because of the winter dressing) to squat outdoor on such a freezing weater.
We hoped we could find a place with a bathroom quickly, like a bar or a gas station, but unfortunately we knew that for about 10km we weren't going to find anything..
A bit later my frienn told me that she now was really bursting and need quickly somewhere to piss.
I supposed I could resist longer, but because of the cold my bladder was almost exploding too...
My sister was a bit kidding about us and said as a Joke she would look in the back of the car for some container for us to pee in.. She said this as a joke but i replyed it wouldn't be so bad to have something to pee in while staying in the warm car, but I was almost sure we didn't have anything adeguate....
In fact my sister found nothing except a small 33cl empty tin of sprite.. I immediately said that the can was useless for our necessity, the hole in the tin was really too narrow for a woman to aim her pee in it, and I didn't want to mess the nice leather seats of the car, then the tin was even too small (33cl) for how much we needed to pee, and I can't stop my piss in midflow when it could have been full.
The situation was getting worse for both of us while my sister was joking about it..
I told that If we had some big rag or old towel in the car we could have pissed on them iside the back of th e car which is of raw metal, so no risk of messing the nice interiors, but we didn't have anything useful.
We were almost preparade to undress and pee carside in the freezing weather with the snowfalling getting heavier.
While serching a nearby spot to pull our car on the side to pee, my friend fortunately noticed a small "work in progress" Area about 100 metres ahead. In a pair of minutes we pulled in the small area with the suv, there was a very small kiosk and a container in add to some working veichles parked in the area. At least the container or the barrack would have offered a better shield from the passing cars than our car to squat and pee, and even a partial cover from the growing storm..But we hope to find a portaloo or some covered place to undress and pee...
The barrack was closed, but my friend found that the metal container had an opening on the opposite side, i took the light torch from the car to look inside, anyway the pwerful lights outside the working area offered a good view themselves..
The container had a small metal door without locks, i stepped in in and found it was almost full of those coloured poles used to mark winter road and to indicate snow level.
It was really cold inside, but anyway better than the freezing outside. We both decided to got in to pee, even if there wasn't much space available, in fact at least we had a good repair from wind and snow and bit more confortable palce than the outdoor to lower our pants, heavy pantyhose and panties to pee.
My sister stood on the entrance lighting the inside with the torch, while my friend squatted on the only empty part of the floor near teh entrance, I assumed an high squatting position few feet beside her, watering the poles beneath and behind me, being carefull to not fall over teh poles and to not wet myself.
It seems like we pissed for ages, but it lasted baout 30 sec I suppose. We wiped with tissues and got dressed again before the short walk to the car in the freezin weather. I hat to walk over the puddle of pee that my friend made to go out, but I didn't worry much about it because I had a pair of heavvy booties, not elegant light shoes..
We re-joined the queque much more releivered. It took about anour to reach the village for the shopping, so as soon we got there the 3 of us ahd ot visit the toilet (quite dirty) of the shopping centre as soon as we arrived...


Eric in Chicago
em dubya: Yeah, it was probably the coloring in the candies that made you poop green. Green, blue, or purple color will do it (why do you think "blue raspberry" is so popular with kids?).

JJ, Louise: A big part of being a boy is liking to pee outdoors instead of indoors, as your kids both demonstrated. I can imagine why Louise's son was smiling as he splashed all over the tire. JJ, if you've got snow where you live, has your son tried to write his name in it yet?

All: My first poll!

1) Did you ever deliberately drink lots of water or other liquids before bedtime to see if it would make you wet your bed?

2) If so, how old were you?

3) Did it work?

My answers:

1) Yes
2) Every couple of years starting when I was nine or ten until my early twenties
3) It never worked, I'd just have to piss real bad when I woke up.

Dear All!!
Some replies:
PV: My dear Aussie girl, it is so good to see you are back!! Just before the holidays I had my first standup wee in a long while. Robby was on the toilet and I was assisting him since after his surgery he can't turn around and wipe. Well, I just got in the tub and let it go. It was a mighty arc!! Your wee and poo story was great!! As Rizzo said, we also miss Louise, Damsel, and Steve! Kendal and Andrew are still our thoughts. There are not many of us "olders" around. Keep it up and we can start up the WSPC again!! Love from Annie and Robby
RIZZO: Robby is doing better about having regular movements. I am giving him gran flakes in the morning and that takes care of his regularity. He usually has two to three movements a day now. That is good. Keep coming with the stories!! Lots of Love from Annie and Robby
HERMIONE: That was a wonderful story!! The prelims and the explanation of the pooing was smashing. We hope you can invite Sarah over again,too!! Love from Annie and Robby
TIM AND SARAH: We were also touched by your last story. Loewie is getting older and wants to go himself. You both take care.Hugs and love from Annie and Robby.


Friday, January 09, 2004

The girl who shit herself
I was with this girl at a party. She was drunk, I was drunk. She was a little on the portly side, and she was pretty incoherent. We were walking downstairs in the basement, and she just layed on the ground. I tried to get her up, but it was a real struggle. She goes "i have to shit bad" and started laughing. So me and my friend looked at each other, and we picked her up and tried to get her up the stairs. About 1/3 of the way up there, we hear some low, deep farting sounds. Then the smell hits us. Then we see a big, messy blotch all the way down the back of her blue jeans and some in the front. She was just trashed, and shit started dripping on the stairs out from her pants legs. We get her upstairs, but there is a line to the bathroom and she falls on the ground, just making a total ass of herself. I could see that she was wearing a thong too, it was red. I guess the shit just couldn't be contained. It was all over her pants, and she didn't even know what was going on. She smelled f????g awful. The bathroom door finally opened, there was no telling how much she shit. It wasn't a log or anything, it was clearly diarrhea. We get in the bathroom, and since no one wanted to mess with her, we just layed her in the bathtub. We didn't clean her up or anything, we didn't wanna touch her anymore than we had to. She just layed there and kept shitting I guess, cause I remember looking at her hours later when I would be pissing and the drain was just full of watery shit and she was practically wollowing in it like a pig. Someone later said they put laxatives in her food yesterday, but I guess they just kicked in that night. Too bad. It was funny tho. I've never seen anyone shit themselves silly like that b4.

ShortSkirt Girl
Hey All, can anyone help with the reason why some BM's are so violent? Usually when I poop, it's a fairly controlled experience. I like to think that I can feel the muscles in my bowels and anus expell the poop in a smooth and easy motion. Sometimes, however, I can complete my whole BM in just a second or two of really violent 'explosions' where the poop is literally forced out of me in one huge fart. Can anyone explain why that is - is it a feature of diet, gas or frequency in using the toilet?

This is my second time posting on this web site. I posted a story on page 1212 but i didn't have a name.
Ok, heres my story i hope yall like it. On Satuday (1-3-04) I went bike riding around the city, it was in the evening time. When i was riding my bicycle i felt to have a urge to have a bm. So when this was all going on i was riding my bike in a park area. When i riding the urge was getting kind of worse and then i saw two porta poties and the restrooms (mens and women), But i past it up and kept on riding my bike. Now at this point it was getting darker the street lights was coming on. Now i was thinking were should i go boo boo at, at first i was thinking about going outside in a wooded area but there were alot people riding there bikes and walking around. So i went to use the park restroom, when i walked in with my bike. When got in the rest room I was surprised, there was a sink, a urinal and a toilet with no real stall wall or door (doorless stall) they were on the same wall. Also there wasn't any t.p in there and it smelled like piss in there. So i left the restroom and i spotted the porta poties. So i lock up my bike took off the headlight and put it in my back pack so no one won't take it and i headed to one of the porta potties.
Now when i open the door i thought was going to be smelly and nasty in there but it wasn't because they had that deodorizing stuff in there so it smell better then the restroom, also they had toilet paper in there. So at this point i locked the door and pulled down my pants and boxer shorts, i hovered my buttt over the seat, i had push alittle to get things going, my fisrt of piece boo boo was kind of big (6inches) but i manage to push it out, after that there was plop, plop, plop, plop as it landed in the stuff on the bottom of the porta potty. When i was done with my bm i started to wipe my butt (3 wipes). After that i couldn't see my boo boo because it was dark in there so i pulled out my headlight that i use on my bike, so i shined the light in the hole, i was shocked i couldn't see my boo boo because there was that blue liquid stuff in there. That was my first time using a porta potty.
I hope yall enjoy!

I hope that someone here can respond and help me. I had a problem last night. Let me start by saying that I take medicine for acid reflux (believed to be caused by ulcers) and medicine for blood pressure. I had forgotten to take the medicine two days in a row. Now, I was out with my friends and we were going to a bar. About a block away, I got a horrible cramp in my stomach - the worst I've ever felt. I grabbed my stomach and bent over in pain moaning. It flet like a knifing pain, and I could feel liquid moving in my lower stomach. As soon as I got to the place I made my way to the men's room and thankfully the only stall which has a short lockless door was open. I went in and immediately had severe diarrhea and my stomach hurt. Then later when we were sitting at a table, I actually let out a little bit of liquidy diarrhea in my pants by accident. That is something that never happens to me. Well by the time I got home, I ran to the bathroom and had more diarrhea. This time, when I wiped, there was alot of blood on the toilet paper over and over again. It scared me. What could be wrong. Any ideas please post to let me know. Thanks.

Samantha C
To Ash.D -- Wow, I love listening to other girls in the public restrooms, too, so I really had fun reading (and re-reading) your story!

To JJ -- I don't know if you've seen an older post of mine, but I've had an adventure or two that were related to my office building's restrooms. I gotta say, I'm surprised the people in your building aren't talking about that girl if that's how she always does it, and a casual bystander like you managed to find out about it. She must not care, right? Maybe that's what she wants? My imagination just goes crazy over a girl who's uninhibited like that.... Thank you for a nice new "happy place" to daydream about when I'm stuck on the freeway this week!

To ANY WOMEN out there -- who has ever had to stick a finger up inside her vagina in order to help push out a poop? I've got to do that sometimes, and I have a story I could tell about it... but first I sorta would like to know if I'm a freak or something. Am I the only girl who has to do this sometimes?

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