Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in pooping or peeing. At first I had always thought it was just a faze that I could grow out of, but, obviosly, i could not. Before I fouynd this website, I thought I was the only persaonn who ever thought about this stuff, but obviously not. Unfortunatly, I've got no crazy, wacky experiences that I could share with you, but i have a couple......interesting ones. When I was younger, I had a couple peeing episodes, once at my babysitters(I was about 4 or so)and was reaching really far into the toybox to get a plastic barn, and (being that my urge to pee was very strong)yup, you guessed it. All over the toys. Another time was when I was at the same place, and what I thought was a fart, turnes out to be much.......more. And for my final story of the day.

Every year, we go up to my cousin's for an Ice fishing durby. I was inside alone one day, when My Grandfather (a slightly large man) came jogging into the house panting! Headed fot the washroom of corse.I was so excited! For once in my life I did'ne have to sneak-listen at the door! I was all alone, so he said with a look of panic on his face: bye bye! to me. Then he went it. I positioned myself at the doorway. I gould her grunt wfter grunt and lots of crackeling. It slowly plopped after coming out, into the toilet. Once I heard him wiping, I guickly positioned myself on the couch, looking like I was quite busy. After he went back out onto the Ice again, I looked into the toiletbowl, and saw some littly chunks of floating shit! It was quite a memorable experiance! I will post more soon!


any1 have any peeing stories???

hey ladies, i have a question. does females pee usually stink worse than guys pee? i ask because i went away with my aunt last weekend and we stayed in a hotel room. i went into the bathroom after she peed a couple times, and there was this horrible smell. it smelled like pee but about 100 times stronger. at least 100 times stronger than mine which hardly smells at all unless ive just gone all day without anything to drink, and her normal pees smelled way way worse than the stinkiest pee i ever did in my whole life. her pee smelled worse than most peoples poop. is this normal? i like watching girls poop but if their pee all stinks this bad then it would turn me off. dylan

I've been lurking around this forum for a year or two now, and I've finally decided to post something. First, a little bit about me. I'm male and I'm 22 years old. I'm married (my wife is 20), and we have two beautiful children. We have a 3 year old little boy, and a 10 month old baby girl. My wife is the starting goalie for her school's hockey team. This past weekend, she was in a tournament in a city that is a 5 1/2 hour drive away from where we live. The whole family went to the tournament, and of course there can't be a 5 1/2 hour drive without some toileting adventures.

Our son is completely toilet trained. He's uses the big toilet for his BM's, with an adaptor seat on it of course. He likes to pee standing up (he just learned how, and it's still a novelty), but he isn't tall enough to be able to reach over the rim yet. We got him a little step stool to try, but he usually just uses his training potty to pee in instead. Even though he is completely toilet trained, my wife and I decided to have him wear training pants for the long car rides to and from the tournament, just in case.

We had him use the bathroom before we left our apartment, and changed the baby's diaper and then we were on our way. about an hour and a half into the trip we made our first stop. My wife fed the baby, and I took our son into the restaurant. First thing we did was head for the bathroom. My son was whining that he didn't have to go, but I told him I wanted to try anyways because I didn't want to have to make any unneccessary stops. We entered the bathroom and went into a stall. Fortunately, the toilets in this particular bathroom were quite low to the ground, so my son would be able to reach over the rim without any assistance from me. I pulled down my sons pants, and he wandered up to the toilet. After about 30 seconds he started to pee, a weak stream that lasted for about 10 seconds. I asked him if he was finished and he replied that he was, so I helped him pull up his pants and then we went to get some food. We resumed the drive a couple of minutes later. Our son was drinking an awful lot of water on the drive, and I had the uneasy feeling that sooner or later I would have to make an emergency stop at the side of the road. It came about 2 hours later. I was driving along the highway, when all of a sudden I heard "Daddy, I gotta go pee pee." I asked him how badly he needed to go and he said "very badly" I knew that a rest stop was about 20 minutes away, so I asked him if he could wait for 20 minutes. He said no, so I pulled off the highway at the next exit and pulled over onto the soft shoulder at the side of the road. I got out of the car and opened the back door. My son hopped out, doing a little dance and holding his crotch. I looked around, and noticed a big pile of dirt about 20 feet away. I pointed to the dirt pile and told my son to go and pee on the dirt. He sprinted over to the base of the pile, pulled his pants down to his ankles, and started to pee a very hard and forceful stream into the dirt pile. He peed strong for a good 20 seconds, then in little spurts for another 30 or so, then he pulled up his pants and came back to me with a very relieved look on his face. We stopped at the rest stop 20 minutes later because both my wife and I had to use the bathroom, and the baby needed to be changed. The rest of the trip to the tournament was uneventful from a bathroom standpoint.

After the tournament, we faced another long car ride home. Our son was grumpy in the morning, and refused to use the toilet before we left. No matter how much we pleaded with him he would not go, so we were forced to leave for home, knowing full well that it wouldn't be long before our son's little bladder would be bursting. about 1/2 an hour into the trip, I heard the call from the back that it was time. I was on the major highway, and really didn't want to pull over on that particular shoulder. Unfortunately, the next exit was still a few minutes away. When we got to the exit, I pulled over to the shoulder, hopped out of the drivers seat and went to get my son from the back. When I opened the door, he asked me why I wanted him to get out of the car. I asked him "didn't you say you had to go pee pee?" He replied "yes...I DID have to go pee pee" He had wet his training pants. I went into the trunk of the car to get a fresh set and helped him get changed while my wife fed the baby. About an hour and a half later, we pulled off the main highway and stopped at a small picnic area by a river. It was unseasonably warm out, so we decided that we would eat lunch there. After we had finished eating, I ducked into a little wooded area for a quick pee, while my wife decided to take a chance in the run down outhouse. While my wife was putting our daughter in her car seat, I noticed our son shuffling uncomfortably. I asked if he had been to the bathroom, and he said no and that he didn't have to. I knew he had to go though, so I asked him if he would try going pee for dad. He agreed, so I took his hand and started leading him to the outhouse. When he saw that we were heading for it he started tugging at me and asked me if he could go in the bushes instead of the outhouse. I agreed, and turned towards the little wooded area. I took him up to a small bush, and pulled down his pants. He immediately started to pee, a pretty strong stream too, confirming my suspicions that he did have to go. He finished up, and I thanked him for trying to go. We got underway, and finished up the trip without any more troubles.

I hope you liked my story. We're going on a hike sometime in the near future, and I'll be sure to post some stories about that hike.

Does anybody else have similar stories, I'd love to hear them

em dubya
Hey everyone, I just had a weird dump! I went into my bathroom, pulled down my jeans and underwear, plopped down and started pushing. A fairly fat turd that felt semi-soft started coming out. It broke a few times before it came out all the way. What's weird is that when I wiped, it was green! I stood up and looked in the bowl to see that most of the turd was green but a little bit of it was my usual brown. I think all the colored holiday candies did it. It took 6 or 7 wipes to get my butt cleaned up because, as I suspected, it was pretty soft. I don't usually poop different colors so this surprised me. Well, that's it for now. I probably won't be posting as much since school is starting up again. Well, that's all for now. Keep posting everyone!

To wetguy: Loved your story
To Pants Shitter: Loved your story
To Caught Peeing: Liked your story
To dee: Enjoyed your story
To Jimmy: Enjoyed your story
The other day i went to wal-mart and i had to pee..i went into the bathroom and some young guy about 20-30 was in the first stall pooping he had his kahkis(w/ beeper on the side) pulled down....I went into the first stall and i saw poop and toilet paper in the bowl and there there was poop all over the toilet seat. Thats the dirtest bathroom i've seen
welll gotta run bye

JJ -- I read with great pleasure your account of the blond girl in your building who uses the stairwell bathroom. Yes indeed, she's urinating standing and facing the toilet, and I'm so pleased that so many women are doing it these days! However, it's a nifty technique she's got for her BMs! She seems to have completely divorced herself from needing to sit on the toilet -- she stands for her water, then squats naturally and avoids mess by defaecating into her hand, catching her faeces in a pad of paper and simply popping it into the toilet for disposal. It's pretty amazing and I'm almost tempted to give it a try myself!

NICOLE (NIKKI) -- As you see from the post above, lots of girls do "it" now, and I've been doing so for several years, ever since I was gently coached by a dear girl in the States who introduced me to the fine art of the female standing pee. I've used toilets for it of course, but I've also used urinals, lots and lots of times, and lots of different types, often at my college but also at shopping malls and cinemas. It takes finesse to use the men's room, but also opportunism -- I once used a men's room which had been taken over by a group of ladies because the other was out of order, a pipe blockage or something, and I used the urinal because the queue for the single stall was too long. Another lady did the same when she saw my example! Or was that at a city bar a few months after, I forget! Whichever, it was quite an experience!


Poo Lady
Hi everyone!
Last night I had an awful experience using the toilet plunger to plunge out by son's 12 inch turds. He hadn't had a bm in a while maybe 5 days. While I was pumping all his shit down the toilet I had a really strong urge to pee. I obviously wasn't going to be able to use this bathroom, the only one in our house, so I decieded to go outside around the back.
I first took off my shorts then my panties then I attempted to try squatting, I had never done this before. At first everything was all right when I heard a really loud fart coming from next door. I decieded to take a look. When I peeked through the fence I could see my next door neighbor pooing

I just read Sylvies post. I was absolutely hysterical the way you narrate and express yourself is priceless. You are a girl after my own heart!!! Keep posting. Anyhow its been boring here at home nothing really new to report. School begins for me next week so I will have good posts again then. As for now thank you all for keeping me entertained!

Louise (from France)
Happy new year to all and a special thanks to who replyed my poll-question (please more answer...

In these days I would like to hear some anecdotes about women and men who had to pee in a dirty, awfull, disgusting public Toilet, and their in my poll.
I really like to hear experience about who had to pee in the sink, in tha paper bin, in a drain or directly on the floor...

As exmple my last experience with a ugly public toilet...this happened just last sunday..
We were on the way back from a big winter holiday resort where we spent the christmas holidays and the new year eve ( big party in a friend house)
On the highway to toulouse there was a lot of traffic, so we left the autoroute and used a local public way (sort of small highwaY)...anyway many people did this so we went very slow on our way home...
About 3 in the aftoornoon , we had 2 priorities: the fuel for the car and a bathroom to pee for all of us (we stopped at 12,30 last time for lunch)..
On the local way there aren't big rest area like on the pay highway, and so we found a small gas station with a bar kiosk...
Before joining the short queque for the gas station, we parked the car in the crowded rest area to have something to drink in the bar and a needed pee in the bathroom...
I always prefer to pee carside than use a dirty public toilet, with a waiting line too, but there were too many cars and people around for and adult woman (me) and a 16 years old girl (my bigger daughter) to pee carside. Instead I let my younger daughter (of 13) pee on the tarmac squatting between the opened doors of our parked car, while my son (10) pissed smiling against the tire of our suv..I told them We envy them because we were too "old" ot pee there outside so we had to join the short queque for the toilet kiosk...
After over 10-15 min of waiting in line with a bursting bladder, while hubby went into the men's, It was finally the turn for me and my daughter to go into the only ladies stall..
It was a disgusting thing: it was smelling and dirty, and some stupid woman clogged it probably throwing a sanitary pad into the toilet..The disgusting toilet was filled almost to the rim with dirty water and pieces of tp..the floor was soaked, not only from the overflowing from the toilet, but probably because more than a girl peed directly on the floor before us (there was a soaked tissue in the corner too). Unfortunately there wasn't a sink inisde the stall (just outside in the main room), so we had only two alternatives to not use the clogged toilet: to pee into the paper basket (paper and female sanitary pads) or go directly on the floor. The paper bin, a large palstic one was quite high, so it wouldn't be easy to squat over it to pee. The only way to pee into the bin full of peper was to pratically stand above it to pee. As I was dressed with an heavvy skirt and stockings, while my daughter had jeans and pantyhose I suggest it was better I should try to use the bin, while she could squat on the floor, triyng to pee mostly into the small square drain in the middle of the floor.
While my daughter was flooding the small drain and the floor with her pee, i removed my panties (no thong this time) to allow my self to stand over the bin to pee. Then I put my feet part the wider i can, pulled my skirts up and with my bum just few inches above the bin I let my pee flow. I had a really gushing pee, firts it was really noisy because my gusher hit the plastic inside teh bin, than I aim properly on the papers inside and it got almos silent, only a light hissing.
Anyway my daughter peed longer than me, adding her large puddle around the drain to the yet soaked floor, when we were both done we wiped with my tisuues and throw them n the bin where i peed...We left the bathroom relieved, saying we would better stopped before on a small emergency area to pee carside, instaed of having to wait for such a disgusting toilet....

Please friends, more anecdotes


Sylvie: I'm not into pooping, but that was my all-time favorite story here (or at least in the top three) because of *how* you told it. I've got it downloaded. I greatly enjoyed reading that and hope you have more material.

Amy: Don't suppose you'll tell the Walgreen's story?

Andrew: I'm also an avid reader, and I'm mildly (or not so mildly. It fluctuates.) autistic, and I'm the kind of autistic person who has to be able to get up and move around. (A lot of my bathroom breaks in class aren't bathroom breaks, they're "I'm going to explode if I have to sit still any longer!" breaks. Boredom isn't just dull for me, it's excruciating and unendurable.) Unrelated, wiping takes me longer than most people. So I *must* have a book to go to the bathroom, as I simply cannot handle half an hour to forty-five minutes of sitting in one place without something with which to divert myself. It's worse than class, it's just me and the wall in front of me (and the wall next to me, which took a beating from my head the few times I've gone without a diversion and found it to not be a good idea.) So I'll look for a book no matter how desperate I am. When I *really* have to go, you know it because I'm frantically running around the room looking for a book, not being able to decide, and so grabbing up ten or so in a mad panic. I know what I'm risking, but I'd *much* rather have an accident than spend my usual bathroom time without a diversion. (Never happened before but if it ever does, I'll post it.) Grabbing ten or so books (not exaggerating) isn't always a desperation issue, I generally take several books so I don't risk getting bored with one and being stuck or having to go get another at the worst time. My usual choices: Comic books, (Spider-Man, X-Men, or X-anything else) Animorphs books, sci-fi, or one of whatever three books I may be reading at the time. Right now it's By The Light of the Moon, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and When Rabbit Howls (which is by a woman with multiple personality. Bad way of phrasing that, I know. Always fun to play the "he/she/they/whatever" game with them >_<. Anyway, it's very interesting.)

Wetguy: I'd be careful about the dressing room thing. Some places have video surveillance in dressing rooms and you could get in big trouble if you're caught. Say, have you ever posted about a truly accidental complete soaking? I remember saying you rarely had those, but that means they're there, right?

PV: Great to see you again. It's great to see so many alumni dropping in as they've been doing lately. (A while back, we even had Fluidity, who dates back to the pages that were in single or double digits.) Still waiting for Andrew or Kendal to show up, though. [Impatiently taps foot]

Nate: (Well, not as much *to* Nate as it is *about* Nate's experience) Going through the old posts, I see a lot of occasions like this, people waking up one night or morning having to go so badly it's excruciating and they dribble all the way to the bathroom (assuming they don't lose it totally before they get halfway there.) What do you think causes this, if the person's not had an abnormal amount of liquids or time since the last bathroom break the night before?

Also, has anyone who never or rarely wets their bed ever had a dream like Nate's, only instead of waking up *having* to pee, you wake up in the middle of peeing in bed (or soaked from already having done it?)

HJ Terakon
To all the people who replied to my post, thank you for helping me out with your wise words. And to Hermione, Sylvie, April, and all the other girls with the great pooping stories, you have convinced me that my interest can't be wrong, or else there's something wrong with the nature of the universe. Thanks for everything.

HJ Terakon

bryian the movie is called final destination..good movie

Alfreeda, you asked if someone curiosity of either poopling infront
of them or pooping on them. What I do sometimes is draw a face of someone on the toilet paper and put it in the toilet and and I let it go on them. It feels good, and I say this is for you. Have some crap. and I draw there face again to toilet paper and wipe my butt with the face out front so they can get a good smell of my butt.

Hey Guys.
Noithing much happenening now except I have to poo, and will do so after this post.

I was reading a post from Alfreeda, and she (just assuming femake, sorry if you are male) asked if anyone was interested about pooping infront of anyone. Well, I can't say I am for pooping on someone, but for sure, if the person is comfortable with it, I would poop infront of them, and would love to watch them poop.

Well, I have to poo, so I have to go.

Take care guys.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Oh, Hermione! You have no idea how much I enjoyed your account of the preliminaries (a fart of ‚equine' proportions - I just love it) and the final passing of your hard, knobbly ‚yuletide log'! Although your lazy colon provides excellent stories, wouldn't you prefer your logs to be softer, easier to pass, and more frequent? I dread to imagine what it would be like for my slim bottom and hole accustomed to daily soft turds, never needing to stretch much more than an inch, to have to deal with such a monster you described. I'd probably be hospitalized and have to suffer the efforts of a surgeon armed with a giant corkscrew…..Nah, just kidding.
I do hope Sarah invites you again! Cheers to you!

Hi Tim (and Sarah), I was touched by your lovely bathroom experience. You two have come a long way since the first time I read your posts, how wonderful that must be for you.
And I must say, you warmed the bath by re-using waste water heat at maximum efficiency; no heat pumps, no heat exchangers, with just a slight change in the chemistry of the bath water! It's supposed to make your skin softer, too. Love to both of you from Rizzo.

Hi PV, I'm delighted to find your post! Good to see that you are still well and able to pressure-wash the algae off the walls in that underpass; and your outdoor poo was of respectable proportions. Yes, I, too, miss Louise and Damsel. And I had hoped to be able to accompany Kendal's growing up a little longer. Vain hopes! I still have the little good-luck charm I made for her (silly me, would never have been able to send it to her for obvious reasons), the WSPC medal; remember? Hugs to you from the other side of the planet. Rizzo

Really LOVED your New Years Day post...Just to tell you I DO
have the same "interests" as you...all of them! Would love to hear
more about them, if you're in the mood! Thanks!

Enjoyed your post re: the Tiles...would like to hear the other
20 or so stories! Thank you!


I will gladly answer your questions:-

Your First Question: Seven days without a movement seems quite you often go that long when you are constipated?

Usually I go to the loo every 4 to 5 days and pass a firm turd - usually 2 inches in diameter at the start. This thick end, about 4 inches long, is normally full of compacted boluses. The remainder is mostly smooth and about 1.75 inches thick. It is usually up to 12-14 inches long in total i.e. if not broken. More usually a 6 inch one and two 4 inch ones if I pause and my anus cuts them off.

Occasionally I do not go for 5 - 8 days. Then problems can arise if the turd's head has compacted up to 2.5 inches or so in diameter and is full of hard dry boluses. This is difficult to pass and I may have to try several times over a day or two to expel it. Usually this heavy lump is usually about 6 inches long and makes a mighty splash -particularly if I raise myself up off the seat for that final push. It wets my bum and splashes the loo seat, and usually floats. Little wiping of my bottom is required. These turds generally refuse to flush and bob about on the surface to greet the next user. Seeing large turds in the ladies loos at the office is nothing unusual.

I believe that about 12 days without going is my record when I had flu, but a girlfriend once said she did not go for 16 days ! Perhaps she ate very little during that time.

Your second question: Do you ALWAYS wait for "nature to take it course", or do you sometimes have to intervene and if so what do you do?

I hate laxatives so always wait for nature to take its course. I will, however, occasionally resort to a finger full of KY or Vaseline up my bum, if I fail to get started and have to go at home. Care needs to be taken with a sharp fingernail !

Your third question: Though we are all English, your culture IS different than us Americans, which I am. I'm curious as to the use of enemas in your culture. Your about my age and enemas were quite the norm in my childhood...I was taught that one doesn't miss more than THREE days without a BM or an enema would surely be called forth.

I discovered my late mother had a very old looking enema kit that must have been pre WW2. She never used it in me nor was it ever mentioned. Once I had passed beyond the potty stage, the state of my bowels was seldom if ever queried until I was in hospital.

Your forth question: Your method of pushing whilst moving your bowels is also state "I strained harder and rocked too and fro on the loo seat grasping my ankles". My mother taught me to "rock" while getting rid of an enema...I've heard of that, but she also taught me to grasp my ankles and PULL...I thought that was unique as one hardly ever hears it mentioned. Is this something you learned on your own or did Mum have a hand in it? You also mention taking a deep breath...something else MY MOTHER taught me...which she claimed to have learned in childbirth.

My mother never taught me anything about emptying my bowels. Bowel talk was a taboo subject in the family. I just tried different poses and breath intakes when in difficulty trying to pass an obstinate turd.

My poo's are very hard and knobbly and are also very thick. They usually hurt my little bumhole when comming out of my body. I have tried putting vaseline on the hole, as well as trying to get some of it up the hole as well, but the problem is I often don't have time to do this as I need to suddenly poo, and then the poo is very close to the end of the hole so I can't get my finger in to put in the vaseline. Does anyone have any advice for me on this problem?

To Amy:
1.What brand of panties do you poop in?
2.Do you ever dunk your poopy panties in the toilet to get them clean?
3.Have you very flushed your poopy panties down the toilet?
4.Have you ever seen a guy poopy white briefs?
5.What brand of diapers do you poop in?
6.When you poop in your panties do you feel like a young naughty kid haveing an accident in your panties?
7.How long have you been pooping in your panties?
8.Have you ever been spanked after you pooped in your panties?
My name is Todd I'am 29 single male I like to poop in my white fruit of the loom briefs with the blue and gold stripes on them sometimes. I would really like to hear more stories about you pooping in your panties at the ballys thanks Amy

April and Cassidy*
Were new posting here but we have been reading the storyies for a really long time.!
We have a funny story that happened to use a couple of months ago.Me and cassidy where staying at a really rich guy's house. He is my mom best friend and sat we could stay there for a week or so. We hade just eaten that night some chillie. Well that didnt setle in our stomaches to well that night. We woke up with out ????'s rumbiling. Me April said i hade to go worse than cassidy so i took off in a sprint to the wash room. I hade the longest biggest poop of my life followed by long runny diearry. Aww it felt great. After that i Dident have have time to flush Cassidy really had to go. she ran to the washroom to and I could hear her moaning and grunting.(She was constipated. She finally produced something really big. When we tried to flush it woul'nt go dow, and it suddenly went up! There was poop all over the floor and it smelled AWFUL! Waking everyone up. They cleaned it up and that day we will never forget we left the next and to the day we are still mortifiyed and WILL NEVER go back There ! More posts yet to come!(excuse the spelling)

I pooped at the beach last summer. I think almost everyone pees in the beach water and thats normal. I found out how easy it was to poop in the beach water last summer. I was in water to my almost my neck and I had this strong urge to go to the bathroom. I wasnt about to walk all the way to the bathhouses, so I started to poop into the water. I pulled my bathing suit down a little and started to poop into the water. I finished pooping and swam away. There was a medium sized piece no more than 8 inches long and it was hard also. Later on I think the poop must have washed on the shore because I saw some kids poking it with a stick. Then a grownup who looked like their dad, used a paper towel to pick up the poop and put it in a garbage can. It funny to have pooped in public and no one knowing who it came from. There were about 3 other people in the area, so it could have come from anyone really.

Nicole (Nikki)
Question for the girls.

Have you ever attempted to pee standing up?
i.e. at a urinal ir standing in front of the toilet

Was it successful or was it a diaster?


I love hearing stories about folk peeing/pooping in sort of home made pottys like tupperwear that Roberta mentioned. Im totally intrested in hearing more about that. Please share more Roberta.

male desperation here
Yesterday i was taking a trip with my friends and they dont usually take stops so i told myself i would pee before i left....well.....i forgot to. we were sitting in a traffic jam and i realized how bad i had to pee i figured i could just get out and go before the traffic started moving again.....well just then the traffic starts moving and because i was off thinking it kinda startled me and i let some pee out into my didnt show so i stuck my hand in my pocket and moved my cock so i could pinch it. just then friend stopped the car and i was startled yet again and pissed even more. this time a small spot showed up and told jake to pull over he was actually nice enough to i ran into the woods and pissed a little along the way. i got to a tree and struggled with my belt......finally i got it undone and unzipped my pants and pissed like i have never pissed before. it felt so good....then i realized something i had never took my cock out and i was pissing in my pants i stopped mid stream and tried to get it out but i couldnt get it out before piss shot out and flowed like the mississippi river and it felt so good.....the guys made fun of me when they realized i pissed my pants but i dont care and i still get called piss boy.

Hey everyone, this is my second time posting, I usually just read over the stories, but Rockefella's post reminded me of something that happened to me during Thanksgiving break. And yes, it did happen.

I'm not sure what it was, but I think there was something wrong with the ambrosia that I had at this one get-together my friends and I were having, because my friend Carrie and I, who were driving home from the party, and who had both had some of the said ambrosia, got hit with some bad cramps. First me, then her. It felt like this hot, harsh pain, coming from the bottom of my stomach up to my chest. And the more I held it, the worse it got. It was so bad that Carrie was finding it harder to concentrate on the road. "Pull over at a gas station," I suggested, because there was NO way we could make it home.

She stopped at a gas station, and we hurried into the station to ask for the bathroom. Unfortunately, it was one of those gas stations where the bathroom is outside, and you get a key from one of the guys at the front. The guy who gave it to us was a nice-looking teenage guy, and I'm afraid that when he held out the key, I literally ripped it out of his hand. I didn't mean to, but times were getting tough. I said a hasty "Thanks" over my shoulder as we bustled out.

Since we were only given one bathroom key, we'd have to take turns, we realized. "How badly do you need to go?" Carrie asked me. "I don't know," I said, but at that moment, my stomach rumbled and a loud fart ripped out of me. I doubled over, shaking. It was obvious that that was my last safeguard, and the pocket of air that had protected me from certain accident was no longer going to stick around; even it was scared of the impending doom which resided in my bowels. Clearly, my stomach had a load of crap with my bright, untainted panties' name on it.

"You go first," Carrie said, pointing to the toilet, and I had no strength with which to argue. Fumbling with my zipper, and cursing myself silently for choosing pants which refused to unlock their vacuum seal around my rotund buttocks, I yanked on the pants. Finally, they were no longer in my way. Sweating profusely from the near-death experience my panties were having, I slapped my butt on the toilet, my cheeks making almost a ringing sound, like the funeral bells of this toilet which I was about to murder with my fierce weapons of mass destruction.

The feeling of letting go of that load was breathtaking. My anus relaxed its faithful grip (sweet anus, I cannot thank you enough!) to release the demons of that which was formerly called ambrosia (nectar of the gods, my foot). The pasty mess that plummeted from me should not even be called excrement; the foul, burning stew that I cooked that squirted in intervals from my screaming, raw hole did not deserve the title of a bowel movement. Slopping around, the pile of mud grew in proportion to the lessening pains in my abdomen. I knew that I could not savor the feeling for long, however; Carrie was still in the throes of agony, as no doubt her pains had grown to the extent that mine had once been at. Her grip on the handicap railing testified to this fact, as did her hold on her growling, rumbling and angry stomach.

It seemed as if bliss was in sight for me, at least, and then I could give up my porcelain throne, but it was too little, too late. I heard Carrie whimper slightly, and a booming, heinous, sickly fart flapped her cheeks, announcing the advent of something far more deadly. The smell that I began to notice wasn't far from noxious, either; my plight had closed my mind to anything else, but now that relief was coming, I could pick up on other things, and one of these was the odor.

"That's it, I'm going in the sink," Carrie said. And before I could stop her, she had yanked her own pants down and, flipping the back of her jacket up, sat in the sink, hunched forward slightly. Her own blast was much more like a volcano: she shuddered, her stomach rumbled, and then the wet fart heard round the world was fired. Sounds of toxic waste hitting bare sink made my heart sink, as there was no water to even partially mask the smell. And I was worried about the depth of the sink, and how much it could take. However, my fears were unfounded; Carrie had eaten considerably less than I, both ambrosia and otherwise. And the smell didn't get too noticably worse, probably because Carrie was as well endowed in behind as I, and so her butt had closed off much of the foul air that would have been wafting out from under her. Luckily, she has a small frame, so even though her big butt saved us from certain death by gas chamber, she wasn't heavy enough to bring the sink down.

We ended up finishing our respective quests at the same time, since Carrie had less in her than I had. I passed a lot of toilet paper to her, and we began our wiping jobs. We were going to try and flush my toilet first, but then when I stood up, we noticed the giant load that I had just laid. "It's hopeless," I said. "Just toss it in here and we'll have to leave it."

The cleaning task was difficult, because my butt wasn't just dirty, but rather covered in half a centimeter of gluteal glue. And Carrie had to run the sink for a while to wash all her crap down the drain, which meant that I had to sit there with poop, and some remnants of dry toilet paper, squished in my crack. It wasn't an altogether bad feeling, though, and I busied myself while waiting by sliming it around between my cheeks. It would make cleaning harder, but hey, it was fun. Finally, Carrie's load was washed away, after maybe twenty minutes, and she wet some wads of toilet paper. We cleaned up, and then tossed the toilet paper in the murkiness under me. "How do I look?" Carrie asked, mooning me for inspection. "All clean," I said. Then I kept wiping up, and then flashed my butt at her. "How about me?"

"Just a sec," Carrie said, getting another wet wad of toilet paper. "You've got a little right here...and here." She gently rubbed away the poop still clinging to my butt. "Okay, all done." I pulled my umblemished panties and pants up, and we left the bathroom. When we handed the key back to the guy, Carrie said, "Uh, hey, you might want to send a janitor in there soon." We left, and I was tickled imagining what the guy might think of what she said, or how he would react when he saw the burden I had put in the toilet. It gave me many chuckles for later.

That's all, and everyone have a happy New Year!



Hello Everyone!

Today I went shopping needing to poop. I purposely waited until i needed to go so i could take a nice public dump.

I didnt really do much shopping before i decided to go to the toilets. I wasnt even really desperate for a poop. I went in the 3rd stall of six.I pulled down my jeans and my thong and placed my ass on the seat.I relaxed and started peeing. The stream wasnt too strong so it just tinkled in the water and lasted for about 20 seconds.

I was sitting there holding my poop until i couldnt hold anymore. I was getting bored just sitting there, until someone came in and occupied the stall next to me. As soon as she locked the door, she farted, it was quite loud and instantly got me excited. She farted again as she pulled her jeans and thong to her ankles and put her ass on the seat. She started a loud, strong piss stream and moaned just before finishing. She tore off some paper and wiped, i was a little dissapointed she wasnt going to take a nice dump for me to listen to. I was wrong, after wiping she didnt move. I heard some faint groaning then a little fart. While i was waiting for some more action i looked down at her thong, it had a big brown skid mark on it. My attetion was soon taken off the skid mark when she started groaning again. The groaning got louder and then a really loud splash in the water and a big moan of relief. Straight away there was more groaning and another splash (I was really excited).But unforntunatley only one last fart, some wiping and a flush.

Well after all that it was time for me to get on with my dump. I leaned forward, put my elbows on my knees and got ready to unload. I farted and then relaxed. I could feel my asshole open up, as it did i got a shiver down my spine. I heard a crackling come from my butt as i squeezed out a nice firm log, it came out quite easily and splashed into the water loudly as it broke off, spraying my ass with water.
I moaned and then groaned as i strained for the next log. It was fat and dry and took a bit of straining, i groaned really loudly as it finally dropped out of me and hit the water, spraying me again. I farted twice and was done. I wiped, but the paper was clean. I had to flush twice to get done two 10" logs.

It was a fun dump and i might go back another time to see if i can hear some other girls having nice dumps.

The End.

Thanks for all your feedback keep the great stories coming.

Love Ash.D


Hey, I'm a lurker here, and I think I'll finally put a story up. It just happened recently, and I just felt like sharing it. I'm black, sort of light-skinned, and 14. This experience happened at my house. My sister brought her best friend over house for the night. We're all around the same age. Sister is a year older than me, but her friend was about my age. She looked real good too. Sort of light-skinned like me, nice body, and very cute face. Well that day, our parents said they needed to do some shopping at the grocery store. My sister asked to go because she wanted to do some food shopping. Her friend was taking a nap at the time, so they just left, and said they'd be back real soon, and that it wouldn't take them too long. Which is never true when you're shopping with my sister. Almost as soon as they left, her friend woke up, and asked where my sister went. I told her she went grocery shopping, and she just said oh, and we started watching some television. After a few minutes, she got up and said she had to go to the bathroom. She's visited our house before, so she knew where to go. There are three bathrooms in our house, but she chose the one closest in the hallway. But that door never shuts all the way. I guess she didn't care though, because she didn't come out and go to another. Well it was a few minutes, and I was wondering what could be taking her so long, and the thought came to my mind. Maybe she was doing more than peeing.

Well, my curiosity got the best of me, and I walked up the hallway. And I knew she was definately taking a dump, because of the stinky odor coming from the bathroom. The door was cracked open a litte but just enough to get a perfect view of the toilet. The bathroom isn't very big, and the toilet is right across from the door. And there she was, sitting on the toilet with her head on her hands leaning forward and letting out funny fart sounds. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I had a clear side view of her. And got an even better view, because she turned to look at the window that's in that bathroom. I got a nice view of her great looking ass, and was surprised as I heard tons of "plopploplopplop" noises. I peeked in as far as I could, and with the way she was sitting, I could see the turds poking out her butt and entering the bowl. Not the whole way, but I could see the beginning of the process. I was completely turned on. I stared as some medium light-brown turds just eased their way out one after the other, and then stopped. She pushed and grunted a bit, but just farted and farted. I couldn't believe my eyes, as I watched her butthole pushing to try and get any last turds out. I guess I came at the end, because she then got up, and gave me a PERFECT view of her ass. I watched as she tore some toiler paper, and wiped her pussy, and then spread her cheeks and wipe around her crack. She finally finished wiping her cute butt, and started to flush. I was just about to sneak away in success, when she called my name. It seemed like my heart stopped. I didn't say a word.

She then said don't try to run now. And that she thought she saw an eye through the door. I was wondering how she could even see me, but she did see me. She pulled up her panties and jeans, and said wait till my parents get home and hear about this. I gave up my hiding spot and walked in the bathroom and literally begged her not to say anything. I was scared of what my sister would do more than my parents. I didn't realize just how stinky it was till I walked in. The full stench just hit me and sort of dazed me. I asked her what I had to do for her not to tell, and she grinned, and simply said I have to repay the favor right now. I knew exactly what she meant as soon as she said it, but I'm shy even around my family, but I guess I did deserve it. I asked if there was anything else I could do, and she said nope and said she's waiting, or she could just let what I did be known. So I had been effectively blackmailed. I was blushing furiously. I pretty much had to go to the bathroom as well. She closed the door and watched closely, and giggled when I pulled my cock out to take a piss. I nearly jumped up when she grabbed me, and held on as I let out my stream. She made comments I don't care to repeat as I peed. The stream finally stopped, and I zipped up. I knew I had to take a dump as well, I had the urge all day, but I tried to leave real quick. She immediately asked what I was doing, and said that I got to watch her poop so she should get to do the same. I complained, but she started blackmailing me again. I was sure I was blushing bad as I pulled down my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Before I sat down she grabbed and squeezed my cheeks, saying "Nice, squishy butt". I said "lets just get it over with" and sat down. She said she wanted to see, so I scooted forward and leaned over a bit. She kneeled down to the back of me so I'm sure she could see everything. I almost jumped again when I felt her grab and hold on to a cheek and a finger poke my butthole a few times and move up my crack. She giggled insanely, and made a few comments about how my butthole feels. Needless to say, I was VERY uncomfortable right now. I started almost immediately so I could get it done quick. I was embarrased as I let loose some very loud and long farts. She only laughed and teased me a little. The smell obviously didn't bother her too much, and apparently she was enjoying herself. She still had her hands on my cheek and was gently squeezing it as I felt my turd poke out. Of course she had to announce it as she watched from behind. It eased out with no trouble. And some smooth and large turds eased out as well. She watched closely with her hand on my cheek as each turd made its way out. Thankfully it was a very small dump, and she went "Awwwww" when I said I was finally finished. Before I could do anything but stand up, she said she gets to wipe, and grabbed some toilet paper. I could only yell "Hey! Hold on!" before she grabbed my cheeks and playfully wiped up my crack. She continually squeezed and spread my cheeks, and wiped me about ten times, and took her sweet time too. I knew I had to be clean by the third wipe. My mood had switched from shy and embarrased to kind of turned on by the end though. She spread and squeezed my cheeks, and checked out my butthole, and poked it with some toilet paper. She finally said all clean, and smacked my butt and held on to one cheek. She squeezed and said now we're even. She giggled and said hope you give me a better show next time, smacked my butt again, and walked out winking at me and giggling. I was embarrased again, but I pretty much enjoyed the whole experience. She still teases me about it occasionally, when we're alone. I hope I can catch her again though. I say it was well worth it -_-* Even if I had to do the same and then some for her. I really didn't mind. Hope to be able to type about some more experiences soon.

Hi forum,

I must share with you something that I saw couple of weeks ago. I never saw anything like that in my life, and I'll be glad to hear your comments...

Men's and Ladies rooms are located in the stair well at in every other floor at the company that I work for. When you go up the stairs you have a good view into the ladies room if you stand in the middle of the stairs and the main door is open. There is also a large gap (1ft or something) between the cubicle doors and the floor.

I'm always using the stairs, and one day I meet a buddy of mine on the way back from a meeting and we stand in the middle of the stairs to chat.
I'm facing the ladies room door and he stands with his back to it. As we talk a hot blond rushes up the stairs to the restrooms. She's about 25yo, slim long legs and beautiful butt. The main door was open, so I saw her get into a cubicle. After she shut the door I could see her feet through and part of her legs through the gap under the cubicle's door.

I waited for her to turn around and back the bowl, but instead I heard ssss... sss... and torrent of hard pee hitting the water forcefully... The girl probably peed standing, or used the toilet facing it in some odd way.
I thought that she was don -- wrong! As was getting ready to go, I suddely saw her beautiful naked ass throght the gap. At first, I didn't realized what's going on, but then it striked me that she's getting ready to take a dump or something. I was right.

She wad her hand with tons of toilet paper positioned it under her butt. She pushed few times and released a firm 6inch turd into her hand. She broke it and then I saw her hand disappears. She probably threw it to the bowl or the trash bin. I saw her wadded hand under her butt again, and she released another 6inches..the same thing she threw it somewhere and came with a fresh pad of toilet paper. The last load was 4 inches and some pebbles. She wiped, flushed and went to her business...

I thought that this was a single incident...Wrong. This girl has very regualr BM. Each day at 1:30PM sharp when I get back from my meetings she's there pushing turds into her hand. It is always 3 firm piece of shiny smooth poop..quite amazing view I must say...

survey girl:

1)have you ever watched yourself poop in a mirror?
yes i like to poop in my panties and watch the bulge grow and turn brown.
2)do you ever take off all your clothes to take a poop?
yes i have, i do it sometimes at ballys where i work out. i love walking around naked in the locker room.
3)did you ever poop outside?
4)did you ever pee outside?
yes i have done both, but i have have always done it when wearing panites/diapers. never naked, well yet! well and to answer the next question it has always been for fun. i like to act like its a accident. but except for once at a walgreens ive always planned my poopys or pee pees!
bonus question: no ive never been in a contest, but i would love to be in a pants pooping contest sometime.
To Jeri_l dont you love the feelin of pooping your panties, i know i do! feels so taboo and soooo naughty! okies byez for now xoxo love Amy

To APRIL - Enjoyed reading your story. Congrats on your sixteen inch long poop!! I'd give anything to produce a single piece of poop that long but I don't think I've ever got over 10 or 12" inches long. Also, great details in your story. It made me wanna go and just sit on the toilet and poop lol. I loved the "exotic" vocabulary you used in both of your posts. That also makes the stories more "tastier" in my opinion. Hmm, one last thing, if you have any more incidents you'd like to share, it'd be great to hear them.

To AMELIA - Cool story - it seems that different things can turn your poop different colors nowadays lol.

To PISSYPANTS - Enjoyed your story!!

To LIZZ - Great storie - I've been in a few situations before where I've been tempted to pee [and poop] in a dressing room before. I've also toyed with the idea of peeing on the couch while I was watching t.v one night cause I was just too lazy to get up lol. And once in middle school, my family was driving down to North Carolina and my brother had to pee. He asked my dad if he could go in an empty water bottle but my dad said no. Just one question, have you ever peed anywhere interesting before?

Want to know what a true invention of Satan is if there ever was one? The low-flow toilet! I live in Southern California which is prone to droughts, so those abominations are mandatory in all houses. They're supposed to save water, but if you dare flush your shit and paper at the same time you're guaranteed to clog it, and so you end up using twice or thrice as much water as you would with a regular john! And I usually leave a pretty big load, so I often end up angering my family by rendering the commode useless for about an hour or so.
If any of you, like me, are avid viewers of Fox TV's animated shows, you may remember a King of the Hill episode that dealt with the troubles of these creations of hell. (It took Peggy seven flushes to get her load down with them.)

When he was younger, my ten-year-old brother often held his bm to the point that when he finally did release it, his anus was spread out too much and started to bleed. Now, whenever he does have a bm, he always, and I do in fact mean ALWAYS clogs/plugs our toilet. Even worse, he won't bother to unplug it himself. Our dad is currently working on getting his bachelors degree, and is often not home until very late, and of course, no one else in our house ever wants to clean up that mess (Not like he does either, but we give him that job), so the bathroom that me and my 2 brothers share upstairs often reeks of another persons bm for quite some time.

Heck, when we went to Niagara Falls over this past Thanksgiving break, he even plugged our hotel room toilet! And boy, did that ever make everyone in my family mad at him. And, sure enough, I felt sick most of the weekend, and was literally forced to go down 19 floors to the lobby, walk through the lobby, and use the bathrooms over by thr TGI Fridays in the hotel. On top of that, I was really constipated, and could only release one or two small, inch in diameter chunks of poop each time. God, the ladies at the front desk must have throught I had an overactive bladder or something! So, finally, the next day, the maids came, and unclogged our toilet (And it is probably a good thing that we left a sign on the lid of our toilet: "Please Unclog! :)"), and I could sit on the toilet and release some pressure from my bladder without knowing that the lady at the front desk thinking I was nuts.


Hey Guys!

Well, as you already know, I blocked up the toilet:P Here's the story.

The other day we had a late christmas gathering. My grand parents, Aunt and Uncle and our cousins came over for lunch. We had a big roast chicken, with roast ???? and all these other side dishes that Mom had made. As usual i pigged out, i ate way too much and knew i was going to pay for it.

As Ash mentioned Mom has suddenly opened up about toilet habits around us and she even commented after lunch that i was gunna have trouble on the toilet later, she was right.

The next morning i woke up with terrible cramps.I layed in bed, curled up in a ball, trying to ignore the pain. I pushed really hard to try and fart, but i couldnt. I knew i had to take a dump, but my cramps were so bad i could barely move. After about 10 mins, the cramps went away and i could move again; and fart. I let out a really loud fart under the covers, i put my head under to smell and it was pretty bad.

I got up and went to the toilet. I sat down on the cold seat and had a little tinkle and let out another fart. I got ready for a nice big dump. I lifted my ass off the seat, spread my cheeks and sat back down.

I started pushing and the cramps came back, i stopped for a second and they went away.I started straining again, it was hard work and i started groaning to get it out. My asshole opened up a little bit, but the turd was too big, hard and dry to get out. I knew i was either going to have a very sore hole or i was going to have to use some lubricant, i chose the latter option.

I got up and rummaged through the drawers and found some hand lotion. I put my feet up on the toilet seat and squatted down then i squirted some lotion on to my fingers and rubbed it on my asshole, i put some more lotion on my finger and inserted them into my butt, they didnt get very far in, the turd was still waiting at my hole.

I stayed squatting on the seat and started pushing again. This time i was much more succesful. My hole opened and this really thick turd started inching its way out. It was really hurting me even with the lotion. I closed my eyes and pushed really hard, the poop didnt come out any faster, it kept slowly moving out. It felt like i had been pushing for an eternity. I looke between my legs and i could see a massive long, fat turd dangling out of me. It finally made its way out and dropped into the water. It was huge! the end of it landed right in the hole and the rest stuck right up out of the water, leaning against the front of the bowl, it was at least a foot long, the biggest i had ever done by far. I still had more in me, it was a bit further up. I got some more lotion and put it on my fingers and touched my asshole, it was a bit sore and it was still open. I inserted my fingers, making sure it was fully lubricated.

I waited about 5 minutes and my next log was ready to come out. Thankfully it came out quite easy. It wasnt as thick as the first one. I pushed and it came out and thumped on to the first log. It was about 10" long. I felt soo much better after getting that out. I wiped my butt with was mainly just lotion, put the paper in the toilet, got done and without even thinking i flushed the toilet. I just walked off and went and had breakfast. Later that day Ash told me that there was a massive load in the toilet and it was broken. I was emabarrased and said sorry.

Our toilet finally got fixed the other day. Half of my giant log managed to get flushed down, we cleaned out the rest the day it happened. When the plumber retrieved the guilty turd, he said to me, right to my face "I've never seen a turd that fat!" i couldnt believe how rude he was, I went bright red.

Hope you liked the story.

Love Mel.D


New Years Day pooping:

I woke up about 8am and had to poop really bad. I was surprised that I did a poop that was about 8 inches long, and mostly smooth but had some nuggets and other things that were not that well digested. Then later in the afternoon, I was home on the computer and I had to go again! This time it was diarhea and came out in one long thin piece. Now that the holidays are over, I am back to my small piles of hard nuggets of 6 or so. I think this is because during the holidays, I had eaten so many pies, cakes and candies.

I have always had a curiousity of pooping either in front of someone or even pooping on them, but never knew anyone that was interested in this either. If anyone has these same interests tell me.


Do any of you people like to bring books or other reading material into the bathroom? If so, what?
I always like to find something to read if I have anything available. Usually a National Geographic or other magazine will do, but sometimes if I'm reading a book (I'm an avid reader), I'll bring that in. But for some reason I usually end up spending much more time in there with a magazine than with a book. Must be because magazines have pictures.

em dubya
Good to see a lot of new posts. Here's some feeback
Tim-Maybe if you could convince your nephew that your son goes outside, and u do to, maybe he wouldn't think it's so "weird." I think you should try to make him see that it's not "weird", but I wouldn't push it much past that. He just might not be ready for outdoor peeing.

Roberta-Great post! I'd love to hear mmore about you're cabin and your tupperware "bedpan."

a funny story-that'll show him! good post, have any more stories to share?

anthea-I'd liek to hear more about your adventures with your friends. good post, keep them coming.

Silly Girl-I hate it when to the toilet floods. good post, have any thing else you'd like to share?

pissypants-great post!I like to do that kinda thing too, but I'm a guy. I'd love to hear about similar experiences.

PAden-I think it'd be great to have a good friend for dumps like that. I would like to hear more stories, keep the coming!

Amelia-I've never done that but I do think weird colored poops are kinda cool. Please keep posting.

Steven-Good decription, I like to hold my pee in too. Please post more!

Sarah (California)-I've no idea what's in that herbal laxative but it sure seems to work. Please post more.

Janna-that sounds like a close call. Please keep posting.

Stan at-Dorms are a crazy place to take a dump. Please post some more.

CuriousD-I agree, it would really suck if you got caught using an opposite gender's restroom or if u got busted for going outside. I'd say just take it easy and don't do anything TOO wild.

Sporty_1-Maybe holding it does make it harder to get out. o well, it worked out fine in the end. Please keep posting.

Mark L.-dang, that sucks. I hate it when teachers won't let u go when u need to. At least you had some pants to change into. Do u having any more stories to share?

Q-T-great post! please share more outdorr experiences!

April-sounds like u had a good relaxing poop. good post, please keep them coming!

girlpoopingstory-sounds like u had a nice place to watch from. Please share some more stories,

rockefella-u had me going for a bit there. OK post, but I like true stories better

eli-sounds like u have a good build for watching others. please post some more

Garth-wo, sounds like u really lost it. good posts, please share some more.

Jeri_I-good post! I like panty pooping posts, please share some more!

that guy-I don't thik wanting to see someone else poop is weird, I know i want to. just try to take it easy and not scare ur g/f by going to fast, she might not be ready to let u c her poop.

Andy-no, u r not alone! they are plenty of people who like to watch others go, just some (like me) don't get the chance.

Hermione-great post! that does sound like a huge "yule log" please post more!

Lizz-ya, it's probably just as well that u didn't pee in the dressing room but that does soung like it'd b fun. please post some more.

pee pee girl-sorry u had to poop so much but that does sound like itd b fun to go in the sink. I wouldn't want tp though, too much clean up. please keep posting!

Wo, lots of new posts. keep them coming everyone! Maybe I'll answer some surveys later but I'm about out of time for now. Keep posting everyone!

Hermione- I loved your post-christmas pooping story, GREAT details! I was wondering if you'd care to answer a few questions. Seven days without a movement seems quite you often go that long when you are constipated? Do you ALWAYS wait for "nature to take it course", or do you sometimes have to intervene and if so what do you do? Though we are all English, your culture IS different than us Americans, which I am. I'm curious as to the use of enemas in your culture. Your about my age and enemas were quite the norm in my childhood...I was taught that one doesn't miss more than THREE days without a BM or an enema would surely be called forth.
Your method of pushing whilst moving your bowels is also state "I strained harder and rocked too and fro on the loo seat grasping my ankles". My mother taught me to "rock" while getting rid of an enema...I've heard of that, but she also tought me to grasp my ankles and PULL...I thought that was unique as one hardly ever hears it mentioned. Is this something you learned on your own or did Mum have a hand in it? You also mention taking a deep breath...something else MY MOTHER taught me...which she claimed to havelearned in childbirth.
All in all this was a wonderfull post as it brought back some memories for me-- JW

To; girl pooping story
I really liked your story. Very descriptive please tell more

i knew i shouldnt have done this but i was going shopping with my friends at the mall and i didnt poop before i left the house i just thought i could go when i got there. this was christmas and the mall was full we walked around and got to the games area and i really needed to go so i told my friends i had to go and i left to find the bathroom, they had some kind of thing going on and there was a stage setup and they were calling for all the kids to come up on stage and one lady grabbed my arm and said get up there son, i said no and tried to tell her but she pushed me and the guy on the microphone pointed at me and said come on up young man, so i walked up there, we were standing on the stage and my poop was coming out now, it was slowly pushing itself out in my undies, the guy turned out to be a magician and he told us to hold hands with the kid next to us, i did and the poop came all the way out, i had this big lump in my pants now and it stank pretty bad, the kid holding my hand said it stinks up here but didnt know i did it. the magic guy did a trip with each one of us one by one and he had us turn our back to the croud and i tried to stand sidways but he turned me and the whole place saw my big lump in my pants, one lady saw awe a couple people were laughing, i didnt know if it was me they were lasughing at or what but it looked like they were looking at my but when i looked around. when it was over i ran off the stage and to the bathroom, there was a big line, i stood there forever it seemed, the guy behind me had a kid with him and he was holding his crotch, he saw my but and aked if i had an accident and i said yes. when we got close to the door he peed his pants, his dad took him out of line and they walked away. i finally got in and waited for a stall, one guy came out and i was about to go in when a guy grabbed my arm and said this is for people that need to go, you already went so you can wait. i called him a a..hole and he went in, i kicked the door and waited till the next opened, i went in and emptied my pants. it was much better now, i found my friends who never even knew what i went through.

And Butt and Or
To Tevin: That was a funny story about you shitting in the sink? But was this a bathroom sink, or kitchen sink. And if it was a kitchen sink, was anyone watching you (i.e. parents, friends)

anonomus young male

To:another new girl(please help)

I've acculally posted 2 times, but anyway....

I know what you mean~sort of.I sometimes seek "challenge," too.the only good way I personally can stop this is good ol' fashoned willpower!It ougt to be hard, but if you can limit these "expiriments" to certain occasions, I feel you can more than stop....if you want.So dont feel bad.

(please print)

Dose any one have stories about Castor Oil if you please post them girls .thank u

MY first attempt to tell this story goofed up so here we go again--

I thought Id write this story about a trip I took with my mother to her brothers home for a vist that was about 90 or more miles away in coal county from our home.

We had to get a bus from home to the city, then walk to the train station. Then to get to a town near my uncles We had to take another bus to a little town closer, where he would pick us up in his car.

At 9:00 AM we got the bus to the city and arrived about an hour later. It was after 10 when we got to the train station, we had about 10 minutes to get onthe train. We made it, the train pulled out and at that time I felt a little need to pee as it had been almost 2 hours now since Id peed at home. The train took about 2 hours to get to the town where we had to catch another bus right away and by the time we got there I really hadda go now. My Mom said nothing at all, and me being so shy didnt say anything either, we had no time to hit the bathrooms on the way. There were no toilets on the buses and the one on the train I think was in the next car if I remember right, seeing a vague sign. I was really afraid to get up when on the train not being sure how to use the toilet and didnt ask.

By the time we got to that town I really hadda go bad but we had only time to jump on this bus that took us to the boondocks and coaltown where my uncle would pick us up. I remember I was wearing black dress shorts about knee length, the uniform of the times for a young boy.
Oh, I was sweating from holding on and didnt want to hold my self but was squeezing for all I was worth, it was starting to hurt.

We got to the little town, on the bus and headed to our Uncles town, the bus was old and bumpy and rough on the country roads up and down hills and little mountains. We finally made it, I had to pee so bad now I was just numb, felt a lump in my belly where my piss was.
Our Uncle was waiting for us and we got in his car and headed to his home. It was another half hour to his house, so totally I held my pee from nine, and it was now 3PM. I felt nothing actually, just this hard lump in my groin where my pee was. My Mom said nothing about taking a pee break, she musta had a huge cast iron bladder.
We got to Uncles home, finally,,, a toilet!!! Not so fast-
We got out of the car and had all the hugs and kisses and met my 11 year old cousin and Aunt. Mom said nothing, I though it must not he proper to ask for a toilet just as we hit the door and said hello.
So we sat down and made the small talk about how big I had gotten and how big my cousin Ronnie was ( the brat as I found out).
Finally after an hour at the house and sipping a coke and trying not to piss my pants, my mother suggested I hit the bathroom, she would wait till I was done and she would go..whooppeee.
I got in there and took out my willy. Oh damm! So my cousin decides he wants to make a buddy pee with me. Not the first time this ever happened in my life at someones home, two or three of us pissing in the pot together!. He took out his, I had mine out and tried not to look at his tool, and he pissed away. I coudnt get a drop out. I stood there like a dumb ass and could not pee. In fact I had a piss boner to boot, and that made it worse as he giggled when he saw it.
He left the bathroom with me standing there starting to put willy away for later but Id waited a bit. Finally a little stream started and ran and ran like for minutes. Oh, it felt good but I ached anyhow.

Ok so now that the toilet was out of the way, we played ball outside as my fat ass aunt suggested we get to know eachother. Ya, sure. Later in the day I had to pee again and went in the house. Now Ronnie is sitting in the closed bathroom taking a one hour shit. Oh well, thats life, I held on and went in the stinky bathroom afterwards.

Ok so now its dinner time, we eat and again go and play. Nine o'clock arrives and auntie announces its bed time after we wash up.
Again Im in the bathroom and have to wait till Ronnie does his wash up and pee tying not not look at his package. Finally its my turn to try and pee again and get on 'jammies for bed. Oh we have to sleep in the same bed together...dammm! with this little monster.

We go to bed and Im dead tired, Ronnie falls asleep fast first. Soon Im sleeping too and find myself waking up in the middle of the night with Ronnis pushing me out of bed with him sort of "spooning" me from the back. I tried to hold on and not fall off the edge of the bed.
I fall asleep now and finally its morning. Hmm, whats this? I feel wet.Oh my God, I pissed my pants, I pissed the bed?!!My shorts are soaked and the bed is wet by my butt and I have to pee bad besides.
Wait a minute,, I though,, I have to pee, I didnt pee the bed-Ronnie did. Sure enough he jumped out of bed fast and ran to the toilet and pissed a load. I lay there in wet undies and bed inthe meantime.
Finally I get up and said, "did you wet the bed?" and he said nothing. Iwent to my mother and said I needed clean undies as they were wet, and it wasnt me! She told my aunt who like fluffed it off, "oh Ronnie sometimes has a pee accident". Thanks, I need this.
The next night auntie makes sure Ronnie makes a last pee and reminds him not to piss the bed. We wake up again this time bout 6AM and he pissed the bed again! I told my Mom and she got me some clean undies and said, "just let it be, we are going home tomorrow anyhow". So another day went by and finally we went back to the bus station. This time I made sure I took a pee there and onthe train I found the rest room. By this time when we finally arrived at home I didnt have to pee at all. I know my Mom could hold a gallon, when I waited for her at the bathroom door for her she gushed gallons it seemed.
If there ever was any doubt in my mind about holding my pee, that trip told me that I really could hold it quite a long while. Of course we didnt have any drinks or food on the trip either.

We didnt make that trip again, never saw him again, I really didnt care as it was a real pain to get there.
So this is my true story about my pee holding experience on a trip.

If anyone has a similar story, it would be fun to see it.
I wonder as a kid if any other youngster held it or wet their pants?
I always wondered as I never though Id have to hold a pee that long.
I was a Shy Guy

Eric in Chicago
The Nature Boy: Yes, it's possible for someone to have to poop 15 times out of nervousness. When you're really nervous, it can cause spasms of the colon, which in turn causes the colon to allow only a small amount of poop to go into the rectum at a time. You have to poop, not much comes out, and then a few minutes later you have to go again. It's really a form of constipation ("spastic constipation") rather than diarrhea.

Sporty_1: Yes, holding your poop for a long time can make it so hard that it's very difficult to get out. When you get the urge to poop, it means that some poop has moved from your colon down into your rectum. If you resist the urge long enough and it goes away, that means that the poop has moved back into your colon (through a process of "reverse peristalsis"; though most people think of reverse peristalsis as something that happens when you're puking, it also happens a lot more frequently when you resist the urge to poop). Once the poop is back in the colon, the colon absorbs water from it, which makes it harder. If you do this several times, your poop can get so hard that it's very difficult to pass.

Sarah: Some of the strongest laxatives known are derived from herbal sources. "Natural" versus "chemical" is a meaningless distinction when it comes to laxatives. I'm guessing the herbal preparation you used was based on senna or cascara; both herbs contain strong stimulant laxatives. You really have to be careful with stimulant laxatives, using them occasionally if at all, because if you use them frequently you can find yourself unable to poop without them.

Bryian: I've heard some dudes speculating about whether they could shit nothing but corn. That's really not possible, because much of your shit is actually dead bacteria and sloughed-off intestinal lining, rather than remnants of what you've eaten, so there's always going to be some "mud." Nonetheless, I can't help thinking that the kid who wins the corn-eating contest at his county fair by eating 20 ears of corn in 15 minutes is going to be taking one awesome dump within 12 hours.

Amelia: When I was a fairly little kid I was playing a game with some friends that involved "taking medicine" that was just water with green food coloring. Afterwards, I shit green and I asked my mother "why I had a green BM" and she said it must have been because of the food coloring. Some years later (starting when I was about 10) I decided that shitting green was cool so I started putting a few drops of green food coloring in a glass of water and drinking it, but nothing would happen. Finally, when I was 13, I noticed that nobody in the family was using the blue food coloring from the dropper bottles, so I squeezed the whole bottle into a glass of water and drank it. The next day, I got back from riding my bike and I had to shit, so I went into the bathroom, grunted, and was rewarded with a couple blueish turds. Cool! A few weeks later I bought a bottle of green food coloring, drank it straight, and shit green afterwards. Since then I've shit green, blue, purple, maroon, and orange (green=blue or green food coloring, blue=*lots* of blue food coloring, purple=*lots* of red food coloring+ a little blue food coloring, maroon=lots of beets, orange=several bottles of orange food coloring). Oh yeah, I've shit black on the rare occasions when I've had to take Pepto-Bismol (well-known effect).

Tim: I think you just have to be firm (but not mean) with your nephew and tell him up front that when you go hiking, you're not willing to cut the trip short just because he has to take a dump. Make it clear to him that it's not fair to you and your son that you have to limit the length of your hikes when he comes with you just because he doesn't like to shit in the woods. Let him know that you can understand that he's a little shy about it, but that kids who like to hike manage to get over the shyness.

It might help to (surreptitiously) bring along some spare underwear and shorts/pants in his size along with you when you go hiking, so that if you refuse to go back, he refuses to go in the woods, and he winds up shitting his pants, he has something to change into. Make sure that if he does it, both you and your son (might be an effort for your son at his age) don't make fun of him and treat it as matter-of-factly as possible (even to the extent of implying, whether true or not, that the two of you used to do it yourselves before you got accustomed to shitting in the woods).

I've heard that some Boy Scout leaders managed to solve the problem on multi-day camps by arranging for the boys' food to contain so much fiber that they'd make more shit than they could possibly hold; their only choices were to go in the woods or go in their shorts.

Depending on your nephew's personality, it might help if your son would brag to him about the size, color, etc. of his loads when he shits in the woods and invite him to check them out. Some kids might be just disgusted, but others might not be able to resist if their buddoes brag about how all the corn they ate came out in their shit or how all the blue Slurpees they drank turned their shit green.

If your nephew is a real competitive type, your son might be able to engage him in a shitting contest. Or maybe the three of you can eat tons of beans before a hike and let everybody know that there's going to be farting contest afterwards (classic thing for guys to do when hiking or camping); that will give your nephew the choice of not competing at all (and feeling left out, as well as bloated), taking a dump in the woods before the contest, or cutting a real good one with a solid or muddy follow-up (again, make sure that if he does this, you and your son act like it's something to be proud of, even if it means your son shitting his pants as well just to show it can be done; might not work if you do it because the age difference probably makes you seem "too different" from your nephew).

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