Sorry to bother you all...but my last post didn't show up...i had something on there im gonna repost...

the other night on usa there was a movie on there, im not sure what it was called but it was with Devon Swava(SP?) and he was seen sitting on a toilet in an airport bathroom...i think he was pooping..Any one see this? and know what its called?

Last night i had a dream i was in this mall bathroom, i don't think i had to poop but i wanted to check out the mens room, i wanted to find a stall near by where some hot guy was pooping. I walk in the bathroom and i see these teenage boys 13-15 y.o and they are at the urinal and the one boy had to have his dad unzip him for some reason. Then im trying to find a stall where some guy is and im looking..then i ended up waking up.

To *Survey Girl: To answer your survey...
1. Yes i havw
2. N/A
3.Yes, i squated
6. Just for fun..i wanted to try it
Bounus: Never done that

To Survey Girl Her is my answers to your survey
1. no 2. n/a 3. no 4. yes 6. desperate to go Bonus. no

I've obviously not been posting on here much over the past few months, as I've been busy with various things, such as school. Some of the newer posters might not remember me. I'm 18, male, good-looking and am into pissing my pants and hearing about other people doing the same. I'm not as much into crapping my pants, but I guess it depends on the situation.

A couple nights ago, it was late and I was surfing the web and talking to people online when I had to pee real bad. I was wearing loose-fitting jeans and boxers. When it got to be unbearable, I started leaking in my pants on purpose. I could feel the piss start gathering down my legs and around my butt. I think I did like 3 or 4 short squirts of pee to lessen the urge, but it kept coming back. Finally, though I was already quite wet, I decided to let loose and totally piss my pants while sitting down here. It went all down my right leg and started dripping onto the carpet (not good), and I just kept going and going. It was probably the most pee I've released in a long time. When I finally stood up, all of my butt and both legs were drenched in piss (the right one more than the left). Just for good measure, I peed a little more while standing up to create a little wet spot on the front of my pants as well. This is something I love to do - pissing my pants in private, on purpose. Now some comments...

To TIM - I wouldn't have any problem pissin in the woods, but I probably would be hesitant to crap in the woods, too. And he's only 13 - I dont know if that makes any difference (I'm 5 years older). Maybe he's just shy about doing it in front of you two. Personally, I cant remember the last time I crapped outside.

To ROBERTA - You're right, it's fun. I always pee in the ocean, like most people. But I think it's even more fun to just pee in my dry bathing suit while sitting on the beach. It's so naughty, but it's also so easy to fix by simply going into the water when finished.

To PISSYPANTS - Loved your story! Judging from my above story, we have this in common.

To MARK L. - Loved your story about the test! I've been desperate during tests and such before, but luckily have never actually pissed my pants during one. That must have been real embarrasing.

To GARTH - Liked your story. That's the type of crapping story that I dont mind hearing!

To LIZZ - Liked your story! One time when I was 15 I had to pee sooooooo bad while trying on some pants in a dressing room. I was doing an all-out guy pee dance in the room there - you can probably guess everything. Somehow I managed to get in and out of the pants without peeing in them, but my incumbent pants were no so lucky. I leaked about a baseball sized wet spot on them before finally making it to the bathroom. Now, I occasionally whip out and piss a drop or two in dressing rooms just for fun, even if I dont really have to go - not so much that it's noticable, but enough to have a little fun. Looking forward to more stories.


that guy
hey hope, i wanna hear more about the blonde... that was hot...

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Pants Shitter
Hi Ya'll! I have been lurking around here for about 2 weeks. Im 19 year old male. I enjoy the feeling of shitting my pants.
Here are my answers to survey girls questions
1. Have you ever watched yourself poop with a mirror? Yes though its very hard to do. I usually do it above the sink so i have the hand held mirror and a the big one.
2. For the women, do you ever take off all your clothes to poop?
3. Did you ever poop outside? If so, did you stand up to do it or did you squat? Yes I do shit outside. I do it in what ever position is most comfortable for me. If im really constipated ill sit down, if ive got dirreha i go standing up!
4. Did you ever pee outside? yes
6. If you ever pooped or peed outside, was it just for fun or were you really desperate to go? I go outside for fun and pleasure. I love to hold my pee till i get outside because if i havent gone in a while everyone can admire my stream and boner!
*Bonus Question - Have you ever had a pooping or peeing or farting contest with a bunch of your friends? If you did, what was it like? I've had all 3. My favorite was probably the pooping contest. it was so enjoyable!


These past weeks, i was very constipated. I hadnt pooped since December 21st which was a rather big dissapointment. So today me and my boyfriend (yes i am gay), desided that he would shit his pants for the 1st time. So i helped him get going. He wasnt very keen on going, but i told him how much i loved him and he could do it!!! about 15 minutes l8er he let out this huge fart that echoed through out the apartment. He told me he thought he was constipated. so i ran to wal*mart and grabbed some mineral oil. I ran back to the apartment. I gave him some. we sat for a while longer and he started to cramp up. He yelped and said here it comes. he farted and giagantic mass of shit came out and bulged in his tight pants. He was wearing a thong so the next load came and went down his leg and onto the bathroom floor. He said he was empty. It was then my turn. I surprisingly had no problems getting my shit out. I felt this warm tingaling sensation in my anus so i shit somemore. this turned into a 20 min nonstop shitting fest. Shit after shit. all firm! I had one more togo. I knew it wasnt going to be easy. Drew (my bf) saw i was struggling and offered to help. I said he really couldnt. so i squatted down, nothing. sat down, nothing. Stood up, nothing. I laid down i rolled onto my side and my shit finally desided to exit my anus. It felt very good. I then yanked down my pants and thong to admire my work. It was awesome. The last log was solid. it was like 15 inches long and 3-4 inches thick and the rest were like 2-6 inches long and 1-2 inches thick. Drew's was like mush. so he really didnt have anything but lava flow. Thats all for now!!!

Pants Shitter

Caught Peeing
I'm a 20 year old guy and I have an embarassing story that happened last summer. My buddy Mike and I were at an outdoor concert that lasted all afternoon and I had to go wee wee. Unfortunately, there were no public restrooms on the premises so I had no choice but to hold it and try to enjoy the concert. After about an hour I was really getting desperate and needed relief in the worst way. I was squeezing myself as hard as I possibly could and told Mike. "I gotta piss really bad!!" Needless to say, he didn't have a solution so I just sat there in sheer agony. After awhile, I started squirting in my jeans and then noticed a wet spot about the size of a tennis ball. I knew I'd have to do something fast before I had a full blown accident so I told Mike, "I gonna have to go. I can't hold it anymore!" I raced for the crowded parking lot. It was well lit but I figured the huge number of cars would serve as a shield. I had to go so bad at this point that I didn't take the time to be as careful as I should have and check to see if anybody was nearby. I just positioned myself between two cars and without even glancing around, hastily unzipped my jeans, took out my "wee wee" and let go. Too late, I realized there were two girls about 15 years old sitting in the car parked right next to where I was standing and they were getting quite a show! There wasn't a thing I could do at that point but I was totally embarrassed to say the leat

Voidster (male)

I dont think you have anything wrong with how handle your fetishes... they are fetishes and they usually cannot be eliminated, they can usually be controlled if you want them to be. I think personally you have kind of an exhibitionist attitude and i think that is very sexy in a woman. I say have fun with your fetishes, just dont be stupid... think ahead a little, that's all. I enjoy watching females poop and i cant seem to get enough of it so i know where youre coming from.

Theres nothing wrong with what you like, you cant help how you feel about something it's just the way it is, so dont bother trying to STOP your urges, use them to your advantage if u can. :) Let me know how you make out.


another new girl (help me please). Reading your post I wasn't 100% sure what the source of your anxiety was. However, I'll do my best to try and help. Enjoying bodily functions, ie peeing, pooping, farting etc isn't wrong in istelf. In fact it's perfectly natural. However, some people are naturally shy or coy about such matters, sometimes due to a prudish upbringing though not always, and for that reason it's important to be discreet about your enjoyment - it may not be universally appreciated. As regards answering the call of nature in public, ie otherwise than in a loo, I would advise doing so only in absolute emergencies when there is no alternative. Even then, it's important to be discreet for a whole variety of reasons. I hope this helps.

Hermione. Hi! I enjoyed your latest post about your Boxing Day poop. It must have been a real struggle if you'd not done anything for 7 days. I was once very constipated for a week after an operation and I had to eat loads of fruit in order to get my bowels working properly again. You must have felt mightily relieved. If you have any further bleeding as a result of a bowel movement though I think it would be worth having a check up with your doctor just to make sure everything's okay. Like you I find the festive food at Christmas rather constipating and this year I had too much turkey and plum pudding which didn't help. Also, much though I love them, I found the brussels sprouts gave me a lot of wind - a fact not helped by eating too much dried fruit as well.

Noreen. Interesting post. Let us know how you get on.

On Wednesday I bought a book called "Tailwinds" and it is a humorous encyclopedia type thing all about farting and the different expressions related to the subject. It's really funny!

Happy New Year to Everyone, especially Louise (France), Hermione, Robby & Annie, Tim & Sarah, Anthea and Punk Rock Girl.

im partially new to this fourm but ive written once. its yet to be posted. as i am here all alone in my small home with my small puppy (who watches tv!) i can feel my bm moving. I havent had a bm sinve 4 days and + or - some. so im exited!
excuse me......
shoot! nuthing but bitty balls! ok choclate exlax! through the theeth and past the gums look out stomach here she comes (chew chew chew)
blah! nasty stuff! i tried 1 this morning but no luck it says to take 2 2 times daily so i took 2! Any advce? 1 sec... ahhh never mind!
Anyways thank you for listening to my wails. I hoped to find a common ground here to talk about things my fam dosent like to rave about.
I absolutely love reading new posts here! I also enjoy reading past posts! thanks a bushel!
Dee *

To Survey Girl

Happy New Year to you to !

In answer to your new survey:-

1. Have you ever watched yourself poop with a mirror?
Yes, but not very often, and only then when constipated. It's
amazing how the anus
pouts outwards and enlarges considerably with the veins going a
dark claret colour.
2. For the women, do you ever take off all your clothes to poop?
Only before having a bath or shower.
3. Did you ever poop outside? If so, did you stand up to do it or did
you squat?
Yes, squatting down.
4. Did you ever pee outside?
6. If you ever pooped or peed outside, was it just for fun or were
you really desperate to go?
Mostly because I needed to go and it was convenient.
*Bonus Question - Have you ever had a pooping or peeing or farting contest with a
bunch of your friends? If you did, what was it like?
A farting contest with other girls in the dormitory whilst at
boarding school(aged 13-18). Just after lights out, and on waking
up. The loudest longest fart naturally brought forth the greatest
laughter. Oh how unladylike ! The headmistress would have been
outraged at such behaviour by her gels !
Pooping contest: -Female nurses at the Nurses Home at the local
hospital in the mid 1970's had a contest to see who could last the
longest without emptying their bowels. One of my friends was one
of the nurses. Some lasted a week or so without going, and I
recall much mirth in the Home at the time at the large turd
sizes on display in the loos. I did not take part - not being a
nurse - but some of the sizes I saw were impressive.
The NHS at its best !

Greetings all,

I've been off the message boards for a long time but would love to rejoin and pass along some bathroom fun!

It's Sunday morning in Australia and a reality show called JetSet is doing a survey of the world's best bathrooms. I've not been able to see all the show, but a few standouts are:

The "bar" (yes!) in the ladies' room at Pasha's restaurant, Chicago, where a permanent girls' party goes on, and there is no corresponding bar in the guys'! Imagine it -- champaign in the loo! Yes, there are times it's decidedly fun being a girl!

Sugar's nightclub, Santa Monica, where the bathrooms are glass-fronted, unmarked and adjacent, with a through-fishtank line-of-sight between the two! Nothing actually on display, though hes and shes tend to mingle by accident...

China Grill restaurant, Las Vegas, where the bathroom is unisex and constructed of frosted glass, accessible through a metal curtain -- though still not true unisex as folks here would define the term.

The show mentioned that a working flush toilet has been found in a Chinese tomb, 1800 years old... Presumably for the convenience of the deceased in the next life! And in a jewellery megastore in Hong Kong there is a SOLID GOLD bathroom, accessible to clients buying over $200 worth of goods.

It strikes me a lot of progress has been made in bathroom etiquette in recent years! A day may come whe true unisex appears, and I think it would already be possible for a private establishment to operate the "Women's Standing Pee Club" that we used to have fun discussing here -- it was named by Louise, whom I haven't seen on the boards for a long time -- I hope you're still around, my friend!

This is all amazing stuff, and a lot more spectacular than life has been in the far south. I delivered a nice 11" motion half an hour ago, nothing compared to my 1.25" x 16" production of yesterday, my biggest, healthiest turn in a long time.

Last night I had a fun experience (Roberta, you'll love this!). It's high summer in Aus and the night was hot and sticky. I like to relieve myself outdoors in warm weather, and around 3.30 I felt the call of nature. It's an experience I can highly recommend to step into your back garden in your birthday suit, spread your legs and relax to let your bladder run in a warm stream, pattering into grass with only a hint of splash hitting your feet... Nothing down my legs at all, just a clean stream as I stood there feeling the movement of night air on my body and looking up at blazing stars in a blue-black sky. Ahhhhhhh, very little compares to the elemental pleasure of that!

I never posted my nude beach adventure from last year, and I'm sorry about that, I know many folks were waiting for it. I didn't break my previous record (17 discrete pees) but I did manage 14. It was a balmy day, not too hot, clear and beautiful with vibrant colors all around, and the moon sinking over the calm sea. I can't remember the breakdown of exactly where and when I peed, but I did the whole repertoir, including my first fairly desperate stream out the leg of my shorts at the picnic area on the cliffs before I ever reached the beach. I used the gulley to good effect last year, passing a fairly large volume of urine from a standing position after having squatted to have my first almost-proper turnout in the great outdoors. I was nervous and my poo was soft as a result, but I moved several pieces, then wiped with paper from under my hat (which paper I had to thieve from the public bathroom on the way in as I'd forgotten to bring tissues).

The most significant event of the day however was while I was on my way home. I had thought that pish in the gulley would have emptied the reserve but I actually had my last wee on the open beach as I was getting dressed to leave. A little over an hour later I had reached my local station and the connecting bus was broken down. I knew then that I needed another wee, seriously (having drunk lots of water in the afternoon), and with the bus broken down I would be walking home. The bathrooms at the station are rarely ever open to the public (too much vandalism) and I knew there were no others on my way. So...

I've relieved myself in the railway underpass before, several years ago when out for a long walk, and I realised I had no choice. In broad daylight, and with a breakdown crew working on the bus thirty yards away, I went down into the tunnel, checked all around, then drew my shorts over, fronted up to the wall, eased my lips and hips to the familiar angle and let my bladder erupt.

I really needed it! I was urinating with such force I was washing green algae from the wall (the tunnel is used as a toilet every day, it's against the law but it's a fact of life), and I remember my heart beating like a drum, I was so afraid I'd be caught. I pushed hard, firing my stream at the wall for all I was worth, meanwhile cranking my head back and forth to look at the steps at each end of the tunnel so that if a moving shadow betrayed a passer-by I could pinch off my stream and be on my way with no more than a smoothing of my shorts. My panties would get a bit wet but that didn't matter. As it happens, I finished my wee undisturbed, had time to dab my lips with a last piece of paper from under my hat, and walked away looking all innocent!

I hope everyone enjoyed my stories, and I hope some of my old friends are here, especially Carmalita and her wonderful extended family whom I still think of often and with affection.

Kisses from Australia,


TIM (AND SARAH) -- I read your account a couple of pages back of your lovely evening bathroom experience, in which Sarah used the potty and then joined you in the bath. I was enchanted, it was just so intimate and beautiful. You folks share something wonderful and I envy the depth of feeling you share!

ADRIANA -- you wouldn't believe how many women "discover" that they can pee standing up when necessity overtakes them! A great many women have learned the skill, I've earnestly "championed the cause" for this skill becoing common female knowledge. I hope you refine your skill and have many amazing experiences in the years to come!
ASH.D -- re flushing after peeing, for myself I usually don't waste cistern water but let my pee and paper accumulate until the next time it's actually necessary to flush solid matter.


My girlfriend told me when she went to Fright Feast at Six Flags she was extremely scared. She almost peed her pants because this guy kept fallowing her. She said he was really creepy and some how once in awhile he'd pop out of no where. So me being devious and liking to prank and scare people and that where going camping, I got an idea. My idea was to try and scare the piss out of her. This wasn't going to be easy but I knew exactly how to do it. Id pay some local people by our campsite to play along with me. Id have a cop come up to us and tell us to beware because someone was killed and the killer is in the area where are camp is. This would get her nervous I know. She can get very gullible sometimes. Id make sure the cop makes up a good story and puts all the de-tails he can into it. Like why he killed the girl and how he use a chain saw. Then id go to town and ask some hick if he'd want to make a couple bucks by doing this. Id get a chainsaw (making sure the blade is out). Id tell him when and where to met me. Then id have one of her friends come along and play along. Her friend get her to go for walk (probably for a bathroom) and when the come pops out shed split away and leave her in the dark.
It was perfect; I knew this was going to work. So sure enough the week passed we got ready and we drove to camp. I went to town found some people and the plan was in effect. The cop came and told us about the killing and all. I knew right away she was worried just by looking at her. After the cop left she kept saying things like" Hunny im scared please can we go" and " I'm going to leave on my own im not staying here tonight". Her friend managed to calm her down (another reason I wanted her) and the day went on. We went hiking and everything. It started to get dark around 5 or 6 so we went back to camp I got the fire started and we all sat around the fire talking and joking around. Then I started talking about what the cop said and teasing my girlfriend about it. She kept telling me to stop because she's getting really scared, but I just kept going. I knew that she was getting scared, her face truly showed it. I went into the tent called the guy tell him to be on his way and I knew this was going to work
Then around 9 or so it was dark out, like pitch black. I signaled to her friend its time by giving her a nudge. Her friend said "Jenn (my g/f) I need to use to go to the bathroom bad will you come with me im nervous now." My girlfriend replied "alright" in a nervous voice. So as they went of on the hike to the outhouse literally a hike it was pretty far from are site) I called the guy again and asked him where he was. He said he was waiting outside are site and ready to go. So I told him well come here and he did. When he showed up I was even a little freaked out. He really did look like a mad man. His face was dirty, his shirt and pants where torn dirty and had blood on them, and the chainsaw was in his hand there was blood on some parts. I told him where they went. He knew exactly how to get their. He said he goes hunting or something in this area and knows it well. I asked him how he looked so good. He told me the town has a Haunted House around Halloween time so he knew his part.
So we snuck up and caught up to them they where almost their. This guy was amazing one minute he was their, the next gone. I just sat their crotched in the bushes and watch. They where not to far away when the guy turns on the chainsaw. Immediately my girlfriend jumped and was like what was that her friend started to act nervous and everything so he started to get more scared. As they started to run for the outhouse he jumped right out of nowhere in the path of them. My girlfriend screamed the loudest I've ever heard her and they ran the other way. Just like plan he chased them with the saw up in the air and her friend split up. She was now alone and deathly sacred and he was till chasing. She fell managed to get up but he caught up with her she back into a tree. He stood in front of her with the chain saw going. She was screaming "no please don't leave me alone god please please just leave me alone help somebody jimmy help (meaning me)." She was terrified.
Then he put the blade of the chainsaw up to her neck. She screaming in horror and cried hysterically. That's when it happened. She was wearing a nice pair tight of light blue demin jeans. A wet spot began to appear on her front as she cried and begged. It started to run down her legs and drip from her crotch. He began to walk away she was in total shock screaming her pants where lightly soaked. He walked about ten steps then he turned around fast and ran out her with the chainsaw up in the air. She's still pinned up against the tree as he stops and a couple stops away and swings the saw at her she begins going again and a puddle starts to form and pee is not dripping from her crotch it's not pouring and her pants r soaked from front to back and she's crying hysterically now. That's when I pop out minutes later her friend too. She screams at us as we walk back to camp teasing and laughing at her. When we got back she changed and went right to bed. She wouldn't talk to us. The next day I to her to talk again though why'll on the ride home when she had to pee……..HAHAHAHAHA!

To unknown poster... Not too long ago I remember having a dream where i was in some cage and had to piss mad bad but wasn't allowed to go. Well further in my dream I somehow escaped and tried to search for a bathroom, but the doors would always be locked or some enemy guy would be guarding it. More things happened that I can't remember but I did end up at the end of my dream peeing in a box hole in the floor of a shack place I was was weird as hell. anyway I woke up and discoverd that I had to pee very very badly. My legs automatically closed and crossed together and I placed my hand in between them to squeeze my dick. I had to go soo bad that when I tried to get up my pain was tremendous that I felt a small warm stream squirt out of me. I had to stop for a second to regain my control. I knew I was going to pee myself for I had to climb down a few stairs before I would be able to reach a bathroom. The first few steps I got through okay, but as on my pain was tremendous and I could feel pee trying to peeked out and let go. When I got down the stairs i leaked some more. Now i'm the kind of person where if i have to go bad and then let some out..I have to go worst. I tried to stop the flow by squeezing tighter. I then tried to run, but my bladder couldn't hold it in any longer and I started to pee myself. I finally got the bathroom and started to let the rest out. There was still so much that wanted out that I was still in pain. But soon it start to feel good and I felt a tremendous relief I swear I peed a good solid mintue. It was really weird too because that was the first time that had ever happened to me and i don't remember drinking soo much, but i didn't pee before bed sooo who knows..

Hello all Happy New Year. I am a returnie after too long since last. posting several months ago.Too remind or inform (newbies) im 32 about 5ft 7 or 8 inches 180lbs or so, white from London and a staunch clash fan by the way speaking of which hi PRG hope your still here and well assuming you remeber me lol. Yesterday i was playing games on my pc with ffriends when i suddenly got a big urge for what felt like a huge dump and I was right as i got too the toilet i dropped a torpedo must of been a good 10 if not 12 inches long about 4 inches thick I wiped 3 times whilst worrying that it wont flush but too my surprise it did first time.The whole process took about 3 mins leaving a pungent but not too bad smell.
Silly girl wow sounds awsom can i ask what the dump consisted off how many logs and how big? do you usually dump very big?
Can I ask how old you are and wear your from too? if you dont mind answering of course.
Jenna your dumps sounds rtruly awsom can i ask exactely how big you dump too sit for 25 - 30 mins logs sizes and amount if you dont ind please and is this a average dump for you?
Well thats all for my return for now i hope too get back too regular posting.
Bye for now and best regards london Calling

Paden yea your stories sound great how respectable are we talking here sized logs amount of logs or both lol more details please if you dont mind i look forward to these stories.

Andy your not alone i love too watch and hear women dump and were not alone - if you dont mind advise dont be ashamed of what floats your boat wether you do anything about it or nots up too you but your definately not alone.

well it has been a while since I posted here. and yeah , I still am very fascinated with how a woman pees and often try it sitting myself , especially at home. and so, I was talking with this girl younger than me online from UK and having to pee I went to the bathroom[ or is that " loo" ]and sat down like a girl would, positioning my penis between my legs just right as to actually simulate that " hissing sound" . anyway, I pulled down my sweat pants and underwear, sat down and began to pee and peed for about one full minute almost, the first 10 secs in a dribble, then 40 secs in a forceful spraying stream which I could hear " hissing" into the toilet's water and piddling with that splunking sound of urine splashing into the water. then it stopped for like 3 secs and resumed in a dribbly "piddle", off and on for like 25 more secs till finished. I wiped, then looked and the toilet's water was bright yellow with long streaks of foam covering about 1/3 of the water's surface and several stray yellow drops of pee had sprayed against the dry 2" part in front. I got the idea from watching a new pee video that I just bought and this girl who I talk to? well I often think about her peeing but still have not told her about it yet.

My son (he's 12, I'm 35 if it matters) and I often go hiking in some woods close to our home. Seeing as there is no restroom nearby if nature calls I just go there in the woods and my son has followed my lead. The problem is that my nephew who is 13 has come to stay with us for awhile and naturally goes with us on our hikes. About an hour into the first hike he told me that he had to go to the bathroom and asked me where he could go. I told him that since there wasn't a restroom close by that we just go in the woods. He didn't look too suprised but said that he would just wait. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. Another hour later he was looking like he really had to go so we turned back. How can I show him that it's not a big deal. Should I even press the issue. It's pretty inconvenient to have to turn back if he has to go. Peeing is not really a problem but he doesn't seem to like the idea of taking a dump in the woods. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

I have peed underwater about 50 times in the lake where we camp in a cabin. If you're swimming, peeing where you are is just so much easier than getting out and peeing. I just pull the crotch of my suit aside if I have to poop or pee through my suit if that's all I have to do. It's kinof cool just peeing where you are. you can be talking to someone, be peeing, and they don't even know it!!! If oyu haven't peed in an open body of water(ie lake, ocean) while swimming, then you haven't had fun. I also have an intersting way of peeing with my friends. We have full permission from my parents for this(I am 13.) We have a Tupperware bin(about 2x3x1 feet.) Two of us can pee or poop inside without having to go into the bathroom or on the floor! when it is full, we just empty it into the toilet. With this we do not have to stop what we are doing. Me and my friends are very open about peeing and pooping. We will use the box with two of us on it back-to-back. I keep the bin in my room under the bed. It aslo serves as a sort or chamber pot when I have to pee at night. I also pee standing up. Ladies: if you haven't done it, try it it is fun!!! If there are any girls out there like me, tell of your outdoor peeing stories. I love 'em!! I'll check back soon.


a funny story
One day, my husband and I went out to eat Chineese food. When we got home, we started wrestling. My stomach started to feel bad and I told him I had to go to the bathroom. He thought I was just saying that to get out of the hold he had me in. He stuck his hand down the back side of my panties. I thought, "I'll show him". That's when I let out an explosion of diarrhea. His hand was covered with MY poop. I told him, "now you have to clean my butt, pussy, legs, feet, panties, jeans, and socks!" We went to the tub and after he pulled down my pants, I turned around, bent over and pooped some more in my panties right in front of his face. He never doubts me now.

Christmas with my uncle and aunt on the Coast. Also staying were two newly-weds Geoff and Karen. His mom is a friend of my aunt. They're mid-20s I guess, a beautiful couple blonde and glowing. It's an old farmhouse which has been renovated a lot. The two upstairs rooms that we stayed in have a communal bathroom between formed out of two walk-in closets. The idea is that when you use the bathroom you lock the door to the other room and unlock it when you're through. We all went to bed about midnight. I was quiet as a mouse and am not certain that they realised we shared a bathroom. You can hear every sound. At around 3am I hear the door and saw the light under the door. A long pee punctuated by a massive dump and a fart, a series of smaller plops with long pauses. Then a male voice saying 'are you all right, hon?'.
The door opened and they were both in the bathroom. 'Look at this,' she said. 'Wow, that's awesome,' said Geoff. 'Let me have a try.' A grunt followed by a plop and then some loose stuff. Must have lasted three or four minutes. 'Isn't that something. I think we need to get straight back to bed.' 'Mmm, hurry,' from Karen.I heard the door close and from the sounds it was clear they were going to be busy for a time. I tiptoed into the bathroom and locked their communicating door. The light was still on. I looked into the bowl and an elephant would have been proud. Two distinct bms in color and texture. I sat on the seat and forced out a nice snake about five inches long. In my imagination (I guess!) I could feel my butt warmed by the steam. I washed up, unlocked their door, flushed and went back to bed. Pause for reflection ! Then I slept like a log (er?).

Some constraint at breakfast where there just the three of us. Geoff didn't stay long. Karen went very pink and said, 'Hey, Anth. I'm so sorry. I think we, I mean I, forgot to flush the john in the night. I hope it wasn't too gross. 'It doesn't matter at all. It happens to everyone. Everything's cool. Let me tell you what happened to me."

I recounted an experience when I was 12. My mom and I were in Florida looking for a house to rent. We were with this female realtor at a pretty fancy place. She and my mom were discussing measurements or whatever and I wandered down to the swimming-pool. I went into the changing-rooms and there was a toilet. I'd needed a bm all morning, slipped in and off with my suit. Two nice logs and a few balls with a pee. Then, horrors, no tp. Not too crappy between the buns so still ok. Tried to flush. No water !! Talk about mortification and fear. On my way back to the house, brainwave to divert suspicion. 'Mom, I need to go to the bathroom before we go. 'Fine, sweetie,' said the realtor pointing me to the john. 'Good thing you didn't try and go by the pool. All the water's turned off. You noticed the pool is dry.' We left soon after and I told mom I hated the house. But every time the phone rang I thought it would be her. They didn't have d&a then but I thought they'd trace me somehow. Can you get d&a from a stool?

Karen loved this story and plied me with questions. I loved her interest but thought we had had enough. What I really really want to do is have them visit with me in my small apartment and I think I will.

love to all of you and a Happy New Year.


Silly Girl
One time I was at my grandma's, my dad's mom. At her house I took a dump in the toilet so big that I had to flush three times. It also took a few minutes each time for the toilet to refill. I kept shouting things like "The toilet did not swallow my dump!" My grandma threatened to spank me for such childish talk. The third time I flushed I left the room for a few minutes again, and when I came back, thank god the bathroom floor was covered with nanolium, water covered the entire bathroom floor about .5 cm deep and some came out of the door. Luckily my dump did not end up out of the toilet and it was flushed other wise this would have been groose. My half sister was taking a nap and sadly she missed out. At first the adults told me to scram so I was very mad at dad for telling me to help.

On a long drive on December 28th my mom almost had me go on the side of the road because she has psychic powers and can tell when I am really feeling bloated. One thing I hate is having to poop and pee both really badly at the same time. Which I had to do on that drive luckily their was a rest stop.

At my mom's she only has me flush the toilet occassionally or after a dump. But dad wants it flushed each time. One time dad and a few other friends and I were at a friends house and one talked about flushing the toilet as little as possible and I humiliated myself by mentioning it and dad told me from now on he wants the toilet flushed after each use in front of friends to ooops!!!!!!

My mom has been gone almost all day today, so I decided to be naughty for the first time in a while. (Yea for Christmas break at home! I don't do these antics when I'm in the dorm.) I had my first morning's pee not in the toilet but in a pair of fairly tight jeans. I stood on the edge of the bathtub in a position that I have practiced and perfected many times! The mirror above the sink offered me a nice view of my crotch to knee area. I released a small controlled spurt which left a wet spot about as big around as my fist. I like to think of this as the point of no return because once my pants become that damp I like to wash them anyhow, so it's like giving myself permission to go ahead and let it all go. I moaned softly as I let loose the torrent in its full glory. A wet spot spread rapidly both down and across. The pee soaked my jeans all the way across my thighs to the side seams. It flowed down to my ankles and dripped off the hem of my pants to make a cute little puddle in the tub. As usual, I just stood there for a minute enjoying the warmth and the adrenaline rush. When I peeled off my jeans (and I mean literally peeled!) my legs and crotch were slightly damp but as usual I opted to enjoy my wetness as long as possible, so I let myself air dry by staying nude from the waist down for a while. Being bad feels SO good!


Several hours later, I felt the urge to take a hearty dump coming on and was suprised to realize that I hadn't pooped in a day and a half. (I usually have 2 or 3 shits a day.) I put on panties and an old pair of jean shorts. I grabbed my mom's small handheld mirror and tried to figure out a way I could position myself in the bathtub to get a good view, without much success. I decided to just let it go anyway. I laid on my back in the bathtub and extended my legs up so my feet were pressing against the wall. I immediately unleashed a flood of pee which almost rivaled my lenghty first morning gusher. I then sat back up and tried to find a comfortable position in which to let out the shit which was making my ???? bulge. I tried squatting and various things but as I do not shit myself nearly as frequently as I piss myself, I found it impossible to get started. I did let out several farts, but my poop was no nearer to coming out. I decided to try taking off my shorts so that I was wearing only my wet panties. I sat on the toilet in my usual position and waited. While I do tend to take 10 minutes or so to complete a bowel movement, I usually don't need much time to get started. The panties were throwing me off, though, so I wasn't able to get going for a good 15 minutes. I knew that it was a psychological block. No matter how hard I pushed with my body, there was something holding me back. (I guess I just need more practice ... note to self!) I bided my time. I just sat back and tried to relax. I actually got bored and read the labels of every shampoo bottle and toothpaste tube within reach, lol! Finally, I let out a really long booming fart and I knew immediately that I was set. Not more than a few seconds later I pushed out a clump of loose shit that landed in my panties. I shat on and off for about 10 minutes more, all really loose medium brown stuff. I released an immense load and my panties were seriously sagging. I'd say the pile of shit I saw upon taking off my soiled undies was about the size of four fists. It took me about 6 or 7 wipes to get my rear clean. I then shook all the loose poo into the toilet and flushed it. After the bathroom was all cleaned up, I did a load of laundry. The pants I'd done my morning piss in as well as the panties and jean shorts I'd soiled all came out looking and smelling fresh. Amazingly, there was no trace of a poop stain in my panties despite the wetness of the shit. Well, when my mom comes home (which should be any minute!), I know she will be none the wiser!


Gotta sign off now, but I've been enjoying the recent posts. Hope this new year brings everyone lotsa bathroom fun!

- pp

Hi my name is Paden and I'm 16 and a guy if anyone is wondering. I found this site a short time ago and have read some of the stories. It's kind of silly but I have always liked seein someone take a nice big dump. It all started with my neighbor when I was about six. Her and I used to play outside all day long in the summer and run all about the neighborhood. One of the best things was that she would not usually bother going home to have a number 2. She would just announce "I have to go poop" and pull her pants down and squat. She really didn't care where. I remeber her doing it in one of our neighbors yards, and anothers garden. I would usually stand behind her and watch her butt-hole open up and the dump begin to move its way out. Sometime she was a little plugged up as her hole would wink open and closed several times before the turd would move, and she would have to push and grunt a little. For a little 7 year old girl she did some pretty respectable size piles. I never joined her in pooping outside though. I still myself don't get any thrill out of having a crap, but I like to see other people mostly only young people but both boys and girls. I have lots of stories from when I was a little older too, if anyone wants to read them.

One time, I was at a sleep over and we were playing truth or dare. Everyone was giving out normal dares when all of a sudden, this new girl dared me to drink a bottle of blue food coloring to see if my poo poo turned blue. I said," bring it on!" and a minute later, i was drinking food coloring. All of the girls said they just had to see the poop so the next day, i went poop and it was normal. Don't give up hope they said and told me to take a poop the next day at school. I did and sure enough, there were blue streaks in me poo.

Has anyone else ever had weird colored poop? Write back

For the record, I am 21.

Mel D. and Ash D.: Great stories as usual, how bout some stories of peeing on the floor or in other interesting places?

Roberta: I loved your survey answers. They turned me on incredibly.

I hold in my poop on a regular basis and enjoy the pressure of the turd massaging my rectum as I alternately pull it in and push it out a little. Most of the time the pressure to shit eventually goes away as my poop decides to rest up in my rectum. When i do decide to let out my lovely load, it tends to be large and hard and strains against my tight asshole. The pressure of my big fat brown turds stretching my tight butthole is quite pleasurable, and then the feeling of relief that flows through my ass as the last of my poop exits my anus is practically orgasmic.

I drink a lot of liquids and consequently have to pee all the time. However, like my shit, I often hold my piss. I love the pressure of a bulging bladder after many drinks and hours of holding. The feeling of relief when I finally piss as my golden liquid empties my bladder and shoots out of my cock in torrents is wonderful. I love to amaze watching girls who are always impressed by the force and duration of my pees.

I hope everyone enjoyed my descriptions. I have some interesting stories to share as well.

Love you all. Keep reading, peeing, pooping, and posting.

Ash.D-- I really enjoyed your story about your hearing Mom's BM. It might be interesting to pursue that with her and see if you can get her to talk more about her pooping. The best way I've found to get a conversation abou pooping going is to ask for some kind of advise. Like, tell her sometimes your poop is hard to get going...what should you do? That's sure to get the "mothering" juices flowing and she may open up and talk about her own experiences with hard poops.-- JW

Sarah (California)
well, guys, I did take the "I-Ching Shung" pills and now i'm like 8 pounds emptier!!!!!
just a couple notes on it: they were brutal: effective and brutal. but the herbalist girl who told me to "stay home because they worked in an hour made a big mistake"... i went home, had the dose and waited for like 4 hours, then i got a small cramp and, with quite a lot of urgency, produced a big long solid turd. then the rest of the day went ok, as well as the following morning. but wow, that next day, at about 5 pm, i got the biggest cramp of my life as i was walking back home!!! i tried to fart and almost soiled my panties. I had to RUN like hell and at home i darted for the wc and as soon as i put down my underwear i produced a cascade of liquid shits and farts!!! that continued for like 6 hours...
so, that was odd, first day, nice movement, 2nd day awful shit and cramps, and the herbalist girl said it would hurt "only a little bit"...

i'm still curious if anybody can think what that stuff's made of, the girl said it was "just herbs".

happy new year to everyone!!!

To TIM (AND SARAH) - Excellent story!! I would be so happy if I was ever able to poop like that in front of my boyfriend (Ryan). It's not that I'm really shy about it, it's just that whenever we're together hanging out or something I never get the urge to go. He has seen me pee before - not a lot, but at least he has. I've also seen him pee before but not poop. Once when we had just started dating, we were on the phone and I had to pee. I just brought the phone with me to the bathroom and told him I had to pee and just went. He probably heard me, but I was comfortable with it. Back to letting my boyfriend watch me poop, I would let him for sure. Maybe tonight's his lucky night LoL. I'll just add a quick thing about me that most of my friends laugh at me for - I love cars....sports cars, classic cars, you name it - they just fascinate me I guess.

Here's a little story for you, Tim, and everyone else..... A few weeks ago I got caught in a horrible traffic jam. I don't remember ever being in sucha "slow" one before, and we hardly moved an inch in 45 minutes. I was by myself and I had to pee badly so I put in a CD to try and take my mind off it. It helped for a few seconds, but once the first song finished I remembered that I still had to pee. I even thought of going in my panties but then I "snapped" myself out of it LoL and thought that I was more mature than that. I'm not saying it's immature to go in your panties, but for me it's something I would never do. Anyways, to make a long story short, I ended up barely making it to the toilet in time. I almost forgot to lift the lid up haha. I peed on and on for what felt like a few minutes but it was only for just under a minute. Nothin' to complain about.......happy New Year to everyone!!!

Mr Pee pee
To Another new girl Its ok Its cool. There are many like you so do not be embarrassed. Im a Guy but I like what you like too..

Stan at
David: I have a Vietnamese friend, a guy. When we were in grammar school, he would take off his uniform jacket, loosen his pants and squat on the bowl. I was blown away by this. I made friends with him and showed him around school. He asked me to show him the bathroom after lunch. I took a piss. As we were talking, he took off his uniform jacket, climbed on the bowl, pulled down his gray pants and light blue briefs to his ankles. While he squatted, he let out five large brown logs. He farted and then two more pieces dropped and he pissed, holding his dick with his right hand. He then wiped himself through the front, shoved his boyhood in his pants and flushed. He was very meticulous. He even put paper on the seat before he sqat and then used wet paper towels to clean the seat when he finished.

Last summer we were in a summer tennis camp at a college. We shared the place with college students. We are juniors in high school. In the morning, the athletic department toilets were filled with guys taking their shits before breakfast and morning workouts. I heard everything from constipation, normal evacuations to diarreah and farts. We were sitting with our tennis shorts and white FOL's whipped around our ankles. I was in the next stall shitting my rectum out. Chunks were falling. My friend asked me if I was hurting. I told him no. I asked him how he was doing; he said that he had made a long log. Then, he farted loud. The college boys were cool with us. They were grunting and straining. Then, there was the smell.

To another new girl:
First, I'll give advice in the next paragraph, but I dream of meeting an 18 year old beauty in a Men's room taking a crap! Or to see you in public shitting or pissing, and checking it out when the coast is clear!!
If you're really afraid of getting caught, consider WHAT IF a guy in the neighboring stall starts a conversation, you could hardly keep silent, as he'd know someones next door by looking at the feet!! I've thought about sneaking into a womens room to listen, but it's likely the woman next door will say something to me, then it could be the end!!! As for public peeing or shitting, consider a cop(if outside) could be keeping watch at a long distance away, or a camera where you would never suspect??

Friday I had to go to the bathrrom, but I held it until Saturday and then I couldn't go, the Saturday night i took a fiber pills but they didn't work. On Sunday my dad took me to the store for laxitives and by 4:45 am i had the worst stomach ache and i hated it. But i finally couls hit and then i kep shitting all day. If i ate just one chip it would come back out doubly, ya know what I mean? Was the problem of not going a reslut of holding it for too long?

Mark L.
I had the most embarrassing thing happen to me in my life in school before christmas. I was in math class and we had a long test that the teacher gave before the holiday break It lasted almost the whole hour of the class from start to end. Normally when I have to do a test like that I sometimes have to crap or take a pee when working, I guess its a case of the nerves or something.

I made sure I hit the boys room first before the test that started at 10:00 that morning. The teacher in class handed out the tests that were ten pages long with a lot of equations and reading problems. We had started work, and no one was allowed to leave the room during the test, the teacher was a real strict about things like that due to some cheating one time in one of his classes.

About 20 minutes into the test I could feel the need to pee start to build up, a signal that my bladder was filling quickly. That was exactly what I did not want to happen, but anyway it had a mind of its own. A large clock on the wall showed the time and we had 40 solid minutes yet to go, that didnt help any. I had done 4 pages of the test when I started on the fifth page my bladder was telling me it had to empty real soon. I held on, pinched my penis and crotch and tried to igore the feeling. Before I could get the 5th page done, I was getting more desperate to have to piss. In, fact this was one of the most wicked pisses Ive ever felt I had to do real bad. It was hard to keep working now and Im holding my crotch and penis and thinking of nothing but holding on and trying to finish the work with a passing grade.
My bladder and penis got numb and sitting in the wooden chair at my desk made me more away I felt nothing except the full feeling and pain in my bladder. Then I got a spasm that my bladder wanted emptied and I had to squeeze my legs and thighs tight and hang on. As soon as I let up I could feel a little pee leak out into my briefs. Again I had another longer spasm and as I squeezed and held on I felt another squirt leak out, wetting my briefs in the front and dripping down my crotch. I got this big urge now that I had to crap too, not unusual for me when I hadda piss real bad, they went together. Another hard urge hit me and I squeezed, this time my friend next to me noticed and saw me holding my crotch. I mouthed to him, "I gotta piss bad, now!"
He just shook his head as he hadda go to by now. Then a small leak started and would not stop as my shorts got wetter and wetter and I could feel the wetness reach my butt and up my crack, my shorts soaking up most of my piss. I was holding on for my life and thinking of trying to ask the teacher to go to the boys room, but he would have none of that from past experiences. I could feel a little tiny stream leaking steady now as I squeezed tigher,big mistake. As soon as I let up because of the pain a long hard squirt shot out into my shorts soaking the crotch of my jeans and down one leg. My friend just shook his head, looked down and turned red faced for me embarrassed as well. I was holding off my urine so hard my penis got a boner that poked up in my jeans while leaking, One shot went so hard it boiled out thru my jeans and ran down my leg. Piss started to puddle under my desk, some running into my shoe and socks. Worst part of it all was I still had to piss like a racehorse, no relief in sight even pissing my pants. My piss ran and ran until there was a huge puddle under my desk where my shoes got wet and started to run under my chair to the girls desk behind me.

I continued working the test now and ignored my pissy pants and puddle, I couldnt do anything anyhow now, just let it all out. Finally the hour was up and we handed up our papers to the front of the room. Then the bell rang for lunch, I bolted up and dashed outhe door hopefully before anyone could get a good look at my wet ass and crotch and legs.
During lunch break I went down to the boys gym locker room and got a pair of dark blue sweats that were in my locker and put them on I went and trashed my wet piss stained shorts and went free ballin all afternoon. After school we all went home and started the break and we dont be back until Jan 2nd. I dont know if the teacher knew if there was a puddle at a desk or not or if the janitor had to mop up the pee.
I guess I will find out after New Years.
That was the first time I had pissed my pants in school since the rirst grade when I was afraid to ask and go and just went in my pants.
Maybe I can let all you know what happens later.

Hey everyone. I'm from the netherlands. I'm 22 years old and i like peeing/pooping outdoors ever since i remember. I don't know what i like about it exactly. It makes me feel free or something...
I will tell you as many times as possible about my experiences.

Yesterday i went for a ride with my car. It was already a little bit dark. I drove into a light-industrial zone a searched for a spot. My girlfriend was with me. After a while we found a good spot for a nice break. I parked the car and we walked towards the place. It was some sort of lighted parkinglot for big trucks. In the corner, between the trucks and a building, i squated first. I realy was in a big need so a huge stream of pee splashed out. Not much later a thick, soft log began coming out realy fast. Within 30 seconds a huge pile was laying on the ground. Meanwhile pee keeps streaming out. After i was done wiping myself, leaving a huge pile of shit with a giant pool of pee on the grond, my girlfriend also wanted to pee. She peed a meter from mile mess and wiped herself also with a tissue.
That's it for today...

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