Hey Everyone!

It made me smile to see that I recieved kind ackgnowledgement after posting for the first time. Thank you, Megan:) How old are you, if you don't mind, for I don't remember seeing an age? Anyway, I just have to tell you all about the poo I encountered about an hour ago. I'd been building up an intestinefull since Christmas day itself; the extreme relaxation my body has been plunged into upon taking a rest from school activity has made my bowels sluggish, and the large amount of christmas food I ate is a serious deviation from my usually natural-foods diet. Even when I am eating whole grains, peanuts, and fruit all the time I only on average feel the "I'm full" feeling every third day. You all know that feeling. The pleasant one, where you are sitting in class etc... and you feel a sensation where it is as if somone is trying to push their finger out of your anus from inside, except they aren't pushing very hard, where you have no fear of losing it in your pants, yet there is a tingle of pleasant pooping to come. I just adore that feeling; I look forward to it's return as I do the return of the sun every morning. If only it appeared every morning though@*#!

Well, this morning, halfway into green tea pot #1 and the first thirty pages of an xmaspresent book, the little man with the finger crawled his way up my intestines and was pushing the "out" button. I knew it wasn't "time" yet, still, my mind began to wander from the book to the feeling in my admittedly petite bottom. I sympathize with the other petite girls who post here on many accounts (I myself am 5'1 and rarely have I been over 100lbs); it seems I am always reading some story about one of us having a serious battle with a monster poo, like Amy L's story of a few days ago, which I can TOTALLY relate to because I just had an similar experience, and have had many experiences along those lines. I swear sometimes I almost believe that when they were handing out colons, mine was mixed up en route with that of an elephant. Well I guess that explains my largish ears too:). This time, for me though, I only held for four full days; constipated technically but not a painful condition.

By two in the afternoon, I was ready to exercise, and I went downstairs to use the elliptical trainer I insisted be bought for me. After about five minutes in, I began to have to squeeze my butt muscles tight to keep from getting a crayon marking in my tight but comfortable clingy exercise shorts. By the end of the fifteen-minute "warm up" program I was doing, I knew I could not wait any longer for the tip of Mr. Poo was causing my anus to begin to open outward. I ran upstairs to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and just relaxed every muscle below my breasts. I emmitted a yelping sound as the poo began to move out without my having to do anything but sit and relax, as it was about as wide as anything I've done before. I would say the poo moved about every minute or so; I sat there for almost exactly ten minutes as it came out. Also, I peed during this poo. As I had totally relaxed my muscles in the waist area, pee just dribbled out as it pleased, not really ever forming a stream but instead trickling down the slope of my vaginal area and wetting my stretched-open anus. I have to admit this tickled quite a bit, especially since it was happening so slowly, seemingly drip by drip. This is something that I am quite accostomed to as it happens with almost every poo, I usually do not notice it as much. But today my mind was on my poo, and I felt every bit of it. My hole felt quite tingly as it closed on the tail end of my 100% firm poo, and I stood to look at it. It was a creation to behold. At least sixteen inches long, of medium brown cobblestone texture, and an almost uniform thickness of about 2 to 2.5 inches. And it felt SOOOO good to just sit there and let go of it without a care in the world. Moments like this are why I enjoy the sport of pooping so much. Then, I sat back down and sprayed my creation with the rest of the contents of my bladder. This time, I remembered to wipe (hehehe it's soooo embarrasing that I forget so often!) and after several pads of paper and some manual labor, I was clean and heading back to my exercise! Well, I hope you all enjoyed my story:) and please keep up with the great stories, everyone!

girl pooping story
i worked at a grocery store for some time and the girls bathroom was beside the boys bathroom i would go into the boys and then boost myself up to the ceiling and open the tiles while up there i would open the girls side and watch many different girls do different things. some poop some pee some just look into the mirror. i kind of found it to be like a documentary. one girl in particular used to go into the bathroom. she was 5 10, 110 pounds, black hair, and a very tan body. she took a big dump one day. when she sat down the farts just rolled out of her innocent body. she ploped three chunks in the toilet and soon sprung up because it splashed her. this is a very good look into the intimate life of a girl, and probably one of her best kept secrets. if you like the story i can tell ALOT more ( i remember about 20 or so.) just tell me what ya think.

one day, i had a major diarrhea! i had to go so bad that i couldnt controll it. And when i reached the damn bathroom, it was too late. i went everywhere in the stall. when i cleaned my self up, i took a look back just to see how it looked like. Let me tell you, it was a mess! The crap was all over the toilet, on the floor and on the ceilings.
~not like it really happend, FOOLED YA!

To Noreen: please keep us informed on how you and your daughter are doing. i think it is soooo cool that you are open minded enough to even try what she is into. i would even like to hear about your daughters last pants pooping. one thing ive never done is poop in my panties/pants in front of my mom. i have pooped in my diapers in front of her but then she expected that. i think i will try it some time soon though. okies xoxo love Amy

Well Christmas has come and gone once again. I have been reading some of your responses and am glad to contribute to your all's enjoyment. To answer some questions now that you have asked, How come I peak over the stalls without getting dudes pissed off at me? Well I am very tall. I am officially 6 feet 4 inches on all my papers but I think I have grown a bit since then. I may be 6'5 or even a little more now. I am 21 so it is still possible for me to grow a little bit. If I stand up I can see over almost any bathroom stall. I usually do not even get seen by the dudes in the stalls and when I have been it seems the dudes just dont care. It may also help that I am very good looking by most peoples standards ( I have been told that I look like a cross between Ben Affleck and Justin Long), I dont know if that has any bearing on this situation however. I am sure a fat old man would have gotten the crap kicked out of him by now for what I do. I cant help it though, I am naturally curious. If I see a closed door my instinct is to see whats behind it, I have always been like that and I never minded being observed. I have no modesty if I see somebody watching me I just act natural and let them enjoy themselves I mean I have to do it anyway, an audience simply enhances the experience. Well thats it for today no poop stories now cause I am home for the holidays. I worked out at my gym and used their facilities but I had no neighbors that time. Will write again soon.

*Survey Girl
Happy New Year everybody!!!

Thank you Hermione, Ashley, James, Em Dubya, Chelcie, Short Skirt Girl, Jenna, and Jane for taking my survey! I'm glad I got more responses. Here's a different survey that I hope all of you will take.......

1. Have you ever watched yourself poop with a mirror?
2. For the women, do you ever take off all your clothes to poop?
3. Did you ever poop outside? If so, did you stand up to do it or did you squat?
4. Did you ever pee outside?
6. If you ever pooped or peed outside, was it just for fun or were you really desperate to go?
*Bonus Question - Have you ever had a pooping or peeing or farting contest with a bunch of your friends? If you did, what was it like?

I hope to see some responses soon....thanks!!

Boyhood accident

Here's what happened to me a loooong time ago...I was fourteen and out playing with some of my buds one cold spring day. We were quite a distance from my home, and suddenly I had to poop....Real bad! I told the others I had to go...and hopped on my bike and began peddling with all my might. I went as fast as I dared but I knew I was in trouble as the pressure in my lower abdomen was almost unbearable. I had to slow down because I was afraid I'd wreck, and there might be two accidents at once! Finally I arrived at our house, and jumped from the bike....the jolting made me almost lose it. My butt cheeks were jammed together as tight as I could jam them... trying to keep from messing my pants. I ran stiff legged to the porch, which was several steps hugh. As I ascended the porch my butt cheeks necessarily spread to make the steps... I began to mess my pants uncontrollably as I went up the stairs, the seat of my pants swelling way up. I remember that it just didn't stop, and as I stood at the door I felt it squish up the back, then out the legs of my shorts and down the back of both of my legs. My pants were so full they were tight everywhere. I finally went into the house still messing my pants and made a beeline for the bathroom. The trouble was that the neighbor girl, Beth Ann, was sitting in our living room with my sister watching TV. I had to walk between them and the TV to get to the bathroom. When I got in there I didn't know what to do, my pants were so full that I just didn't know where to start. I used up about a year's supply of TP but finally got myself cleaned up enough to come out but my shorts and jeans were totalled. I put a towel around me and went for my room for some fresh clothes. It was a traumatic/embarrassing/humiliating but somehow intriguing experience. There have been a couple of other such incidents a time or two since. It sure is nice to see that I am not the only one that ever accidentally messed their pants!

To Ash. D.: Your last post was absolutely amazing. You, Mel, and your mom must have eaten a ton of food to produce poos large enough to clog your toilets. I also like your descriptiveness of your mom struggling to push out her huge log. I only wish I could have been there to see just how big everyone's poos were. I hope Mel posts about her clogging the toilet. I would love to hear about that experience. Well, keep up the "good work" and the wonderful posts coming!

New years morning
I was up early (even after all the eating and drinking) and felt pretty darn good.
I am dressed in panties and a big sleep tee as I turned on the coffee at 7:00 AM. I feel my BM moving inside me as i watch the coffee pot filling and i allow it to move all the way down. I am teasing myself letting my hole open letting the tip out and then NO,NO, go back in.
do i dare do this??.
(reality is that hubby wont get up for a couple hours)
I let the coffee brew and pour a cup-it puts more pressure on my poor anus.I decide to let it go in my panties -OH Gawd it feels soooo hot!!
It is firm and breaks as it comes out of me, it curls and occupies the spaces in my lower cleavage it feels wonderful!!(its plenty stinky as well)i simply relax and fill my panties to their limit.I sip black coffee as i relish the naughtiness of what i just did (and will do)and how good it feels.
I stand with one hand on the counter the other between my legs. i come! i go to the bathroom on the pool deck to clean up and shower and return to bed looking for something exciting-
It was a wonderful new years morning!!

To Louise from France below are my answers to your survey
1. D 2. B 3. A 4. C-D. 5. Never 6. Bus Restroom 7. 1 8. 3 8A. A

I have been reading for a while and i have a story that i would like to tell you guys.

A few months ago my beloved Mike and I went on a road trip and mike drinks water like a horse so he drank alot of water. He usually has to pee almost right away. I could tell that he really had to urinate and bad but he did not say any thing then all of sudden he says that he had to urinate now and bad.I look over and he is holding his wee wee (that is what he calls his penis) he pulls the car over. Lucky for us it was real late and no one was on the highway. He grabs all the water bottles and begins to urinate into them all and there were no left he was in agony cause once he starts he can not stop it mid flow so he just opens the door and finishes urinating there. needless to say we stopped alot of times on road trip cause he had to urinate alot and so did i it was fun.

that guy
hey im new to this, i have always been interested im going #2, i dont know why though. one thing i thnk is weird is that i have always wanted to get involved with my girlfrieds using the bathroom, is that normal at all... leave me feedback thanks

Sport Dude
is there anyone out there who has good sport poop or pee accident stories? if so, please post

is there anyone out there who has stories about a dream were they are shearching for a bathroom but there are many road block and you wake up pee or just bearling making it to the bathroom please post

Im a bit like new girl. I hope this doesn't sound perverted or wierd but I am starting to find it a real turn on when my girl has a poop while I am there (I'm usually in the bath). I never used to be this way but now I'm getting paranoid in case she finds me some sort of wierdo. I'm not into scat or anything like that but the sight and sounds of her (or any female) doing what they gotta do are starting 2 drive me crazy...... and its getting worse. Am I the only one??????

Hello-there, happy New Year to you all especially Moira !
I am a 48-year-old divorcee living and working in London.
Christmas is an enjoyable time of year for me, but also usually a constipating one - with all the surfeit of heavy rich food and lack of exercise.
By evening on Christmas Day I realised I had not emptied my bowels for some 5 days, despite eating heartily including lots of vegetables and fruit. However, I was not uncomfortable, but felt a fullness around the waist.
On Boxing Day after breakfast I drove 60 miles from London into the country to stay a few days with my sister in law - Sarah, and her 3 children.
At midday we were all in her drawing room waiting for a friend to arrive. I was wearing a pair of tight red trousers and was kneeling on a chair looking-out of the window for the friend, with my large, but shapely bottom, in the air.
My rectum had felt empty, although I had not now been for 6 days. The breakfast I had before leaving home must have caused a movement high up in my large bowel as I suddenly felt my rectum inflate with a large volume of wind - which I could not retain.
In an instant my buttocks and anus flexed and I involuntary let out a loud double-barrelled fart of equine proportions into the room.
I immediately clenched my buttocks and tightened my anal muscles, but the faux pas had been committed.
Sarah gasped slightly and a stunned silence followed from her and her 3 children aged 6, 8 and 10, who were all present in the room. They must have seen my shapely buttocks twitch before I let go the mother of all farts, but did not say anything. I did not say anything either, I could not bring myself to look at them, and carried on looking-out of the window. One of the children now started to suppress a giggle. At that moment Sarah's friend came up the path to the house and I said loudly "Here she comes" and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened. Sarah sent the children to open the front door, and I turned around to see her clearly shocked by my unexpected performance.
I told Sarah in an embarrassed whisper that I was so sorry and that I was quite unable to hold it in - being constipated for nearly a week. She looked horrified, went red in the face, and muttered "How uncomfortable for you".
No more could be said as her friend entered the room and a large lunch for all followed. After lunch we all went for a traditional Boxing Day walk when I was able to release more wind. I am sure Sarah heard me on at least two occasions but did not say anything. After dinner that evening I still had not been, although my rectum was now becoming uncomfortably full. I tried twice when peeing but just made squeaky high-pitched farts.
The following morning I still had not been and told Sarah after breakfast I was still constipated. Sarah was astounded that I had not been for 7 days and became quite concerned. "I go every day," she said. I told her it was not unusual for me to become very constipated at times and that nature would take its course.
My rectum ached whilst sitting on a hard chair during lunch, so I decided to try again when the meal was over.
I quietly told Sarah after pudding that I was going to retired upstairs to the en-suite guestroom and try and make myself comfortable.
I sat down on the loo, and started to strain. I knew this would be difficult, and I just sat there for a long time with no movement flexing my anus open and closed.
I strained harder and rocked too and fro on the loo seat grasping my ankles. My anus was stretched to the limit, and at last I felt a hard bulbous turd start to pass slowly out of my back passage. It really hurt. I took another large deep breath and steadily pushed. There was no splash. I got up and saw my large turd - almost 3 inches in diameter, hard and impacted with large boluses, lodged in the loo outlet. It was about 15 inches long tapering to about 2.5 inches in diameter at the finish, with the final 7 inches sticking out of the water. It was a fine specimen - my "yuletide log" - I felt like sticking a sprig of holly in it !
My anus was clean and dry, but there were small spots of blood on the loo paper.
Needless to say only the paper flushed away.
I heard Sarah come into the guest bedroom. She knocked on the en-suite bathroom door, which was not locked, and asked if I was all right as I had been some time.
Come in if you like I said. Sarah paused and then gingerly opened the door. "Success!" I said, starting to pull up my panties, "I feel much more comfortable now".
Sarah diverted her eyes away from my bushy pubis and glanced into the bowl and did a double take. She was clearly taken aback by the size of my turd. "Oh Hermione" she said "How could you, how could you ?" and she kept on looking at it. "How did you pass that - you must have injured yourself". I told her there were some blood spots on the loo paper and that my bottom felt sore.
"Is it bleeding now?" Sarah said. "I am not sure" I said, "please have a look for me".
Before Sarah could answer, I dropped my panties and bent over, parting my buttocks with my hands. Sarah had not seen me semi-naked before, let alone my exposed hairy bottom crack and anus. "It looks a bit enflamed and swollen," said Sarah, "but I cannot see any bleeding".
"Let me deal with my stool" I said. "No don't worry I will clear the loo later" Sarah said, now bright red. I am sure she was turned-on by my fat turd and my curvaceous bottom as she kept on looking at both.
No doubt I will find out in due course if I am ever invited back to stay again !

A survey for the guys regarding Male sports figures is there any MALE sports figure that you (SECRETLEY) 1) Wanted to watch shit 2) smell thier ass after a shit or fart 3) smell thier ass AFTER fart or shit 4) Wipe thier ass is so which sports figure sport and sports team is it

To all you girls out there, I'd like to read about stories of you pooping your pants while wearing a thong and skirt or while driving(or in a situation where you had to sit in it). What style of panties would you rather poop in? How do you clean yourselves up? Do you throw away your panties or wash them? Do you have to worry about vaginal infection? What is the cause of your accidents? Is it because of poor judgement or because your sick? Is it an accident or on purpose?

I just came back from Texas. For some reason, the jet lag and the water cause me to drop huge shits. I mean usually, they are 10 inches long, and 1- 1 1/2 inches wide, and I do it 2x a day. Everything went back to normal size when I came home.

em dubya
Hey all, and Happy New Year! It's New Year's Eve and I need something to do to pass the night, so I'm gonna leave some feedback.

another new girl-hey, everyone poops. I don't see what the big deal is that people have. it's wasn't until more recently that people cared about bathroom privacy, anyway. look at the bathrooms in ancient Rome. even some European countries still have fairly public/privacy-less toilets. I don't think u r weird. sorry, but I think that if u feel pain, u should talk to maybe one other person then probably see a doctor. well, glad to have u with us. look forward to seeing more posts
Gina-ya, I kinda like to just let my poop slide out without pushing if I have the time. pooping standing up is hard but it can be kinda fun. hope to see more posts.
Tevin-good story about pooping in a sink but I agree, it's not the easiest way to go. have any more stories you could share? I'd like to hear them
Bryian-wo, that is a lot of corn. it's weird how we can't digest the corn kernel. keep posting.
just curious-I think u might be right, maybe sitting to pee does make u go more. hm...let me kow what u find out
jere-that sucks, they didn't even pay u for pooping ur pants. some poeple...anyway, do u have anything else u'd like to post?
Ash D.-great story about u and ur Mom pooping. in answer to ur question (What is your family's policy on toilet flushing after peeing?) we usually leave the pee in our own bathrooms but we flush when we use the guest bathroom or something like that. each of our rooms has a bathroom next to it then there is 1 extra one near the living room. u and ur sis have great posts, keep them coming!
Adriana-that is a good talent to develop (to pee standing). good thing u had someone who could teach u, but I wonder how he found out..anyway, I'd like to hear more stories aobut it so please keep posting.
well, gotta go, great posts all


Hi Louise (from France)!
I really enjoyed your story of your and your sister's emergency pee in an old Paris street urinal. I wonder what you were wearing. Trousers? Skirts? Have you ever wondered why Female Urinals have not been a success so far? There is an informative article you can find under that title. I see that you have experience in peeing in small sail boats. I once peed into the dagger board casing of a Vaurien, in the middle of a race and on the down wind leg when the board was up.

I found your story, that poo at the mall, so funny to read, I laughed loudly! I hope you post again!

Jane (&Gary)
Good to read that you are still about. That was quite a large load you dumped without a second to spare, wow!

Robby, hi, don't get bunged up! Try some dried apricots, about five or six spread over the day. My wife eats them when constipated. I tried some the other day, and, because I normally have no difficulties whatsoever, the morning after I had to rush to get my bum on to the toilet in time………….and boom! It felt as if as was being lifted by the recoil. Wiping would have been a major problem, had I not had a bidet to next to the toilet. I think I overdid it, with the apricots, I mean.
Give Annie a cheer from me for being such a help to you in your condition.

Love, and a Happy New Year to all of you,

Hello. Just thought I'd share this with you all..

I was in a Goody's store (clothing store) last Friday with my mom, one of her friends, and my sisters. I really had to pee but I had found a pair of jeans that I wanted to try on and I told everyone that I'd meet them in the Kids' section cause I was going to go try on the pants. The store wasn't very crowded, and the Dressing Rooms were nearly empty. Plus, there were a whole bunch of dressing stalls. Two sections in the Womens' Dept., each with 2 rows and each row had about 10 stalls. Like aisles in a grocery store. I went to the furthest row and went into a stall in the middle. There was a lady and her daughter in the row opposite me and a few stalls down and I could hear them talking. Other than that, there may have been only one or two other people around. Anyway, enough with the details... I pulled off my shoes and the pants I had been wearing and when I did, my panties slid down as well, when I started to pull them up, I realized that I still had to pee. And standing there in the cold stall half-naked didn't help. I suppressed the urge and pulled on the jeans that I was trying on. Zipped them and buttoned them and modeled in front of the mirror for a little bit. Then, as I was pulling them back off, I got a crazy idea to pee in the dressing stall. I thought about it for a while. I wasn't sure if I should. The lady and little girl were still in there and they might hear me. There was a little bench in there and I thought about pulling of my panties and sitting on it to pee. I really had to go and I thought it might be better to go ahead and go there so I wouldn't be in distress later. So, I pulled off my panties and even pulled off my socks. I was about to sit on the bench and go, but I didn't want my naked butt to touch the dusty, icky bench. So, I leaned with my back against a corner of the stall, so that the tinkle would be pointed at the carpet, away from my feet. I tensed up and tried to go, but as bad as I had to pee, I couldn't. I knew that I would feel guilty if I did. So, after a few more seconds of straining, I gave up. I pulled my panties and pants back on, put my socks and shoes back on, ignored my throbbing bladder, picked up the jeans and met back up with everyone else. We stayed in the store a while longer but it didn't get really bad until I was standing in line to pay for the stuff. The woman in front of me was making an exchange and it took forever. I seriously thought that I was going to burst. We finally made it out of the store. Sitting down in the car made a hot wave of pressure in my bladder, but I made it to our next stop, Wal-Mart. As soon as we found a buggy, I made a bee-line for the restrooms. I opened the door to go in just as another woman opened it to go out and it startled me so much that I almost went right then and there. I made it to the first stall, yanked down my pants and panties and hovered over the seat. In my hurry, I didn't aim properly and when I finished and raised up, I realized that my pee had gone all over the seat and some even onto the floor. Ew. I feel sorry for the next person that used that stall.

I'm glad that I didn't go on the floor in the dressing rooms, mainly because I remember seeing a sign hanging on the door of a JC Penney's dressing room that said "This is a dressing room, NOT a restroom." And I don't know, it just felt a little wrong that day. Maybe though, if I'm ever even a little desperate in a dressing room then I might do it. We'll just have to wait and see.

pee pee girl
im an 18 year old female. i am gonna answer the survey.
C- OFTEN AT HOME -its more conveniet .
2-Have You ever peed in a sink?

b- yes at home- i like to watch myslef pee in the mirror
3 Do you ever peed in the bidet?

c- sometimes
4.How often did you happen to have to pee outdoor?

d often- i like going outdoors than using the toliet.
5. In urban area have you ever happen to pee in one of this palces?
a- between or behind parked car on the street a parking lot
c-in a parking garage

e. behind-beside a dumpster
f-in a secluted corner of a street

please write a short sentence about the last tiem u rember about having to pee in one of these palces-
6- Tell one or more unusual places where u peed:
in a popcorn tin on the side of my house.
6a. only for the ladies:
1-have u ever peed in a urinal at the men's? no
2-have u haver peed in a street urinal? no
1-yes, many times, 2 what is a street urinal?
7-what do u do if you find a toilet closed (both sexes) when u are bursting?

3-pee near the closed toilet because your bladder is too full

8-Expecially for the ladies (man opinions are welcome too, anyaway):
What do you do if needing to go badly u go into a public toilet or portaloo and find it awfully dirty, unclean smelly or even with a clogged toilet.

2-like number 1, but needing to pee badly you find a suitable palce to pee quickly (not a toilet) i dont like to use porta potties i often just go where there is nobody like in the bushes or something and go pee or take a shit.
like in the previous case, after waiting in queque for public toilet (or portaloo) in a crowded place, u find that the toilet is in tremendous dirty conditions, really disgusting, but you have to pee too badly to go away and wait longer, what do u do?
a-plugging the nose u decide to try to pee in the toilet anyway (even if clogged), assuming a technique like in 8.4
b-You have to pee somwhere inside to avoid using the disgusting toilet:(if possible give this otpion a priority or a frequence):

4-go directly on the floor

I got a story
On christmas eve we had clam chouder and it made me really sick and i was up all night shitting my guts out.and i was on this site too wehn i got an idea. i filled the sink with alot of napkins got up on the sink pulled my pants and thong off and started shitting i was wathcing it come out in the mirror.I liked it after that i peed too. it was a big mess to clean up but it was worth it.
does anybody have any stories about taking shits on the beach?????

love ya guys,pee pee girl

David: I squatted on the bowl, if it was dirty. I did it when I was little. I see many Mexicans do so at the park. My camp girl friends used to do it. See my earlier posts.

Megan and April: I have forgotten to wipe when I was younger in and I wondered why my ass was itching. I then remembered, "Did you wipe, Althea? No."

Will's Girl: You sound like a sister. Were you at Great Adventure? It seems that if you want a case of diarreah, just go to a Six Flags and you will get it. I took a bunch of junior high school girls there in 1982 and some of them spent more time on the toilet than on the rides. I do not know what it was.

Tevin: It is better to use the toilet than the sink.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

another new girl (help me please)
Dont plan on staying on this forum. i'll be quick because im embarased (public computer)
I'm a girl that has lurked on here and want some advise from anyone guys girls whatever. I have this... preocupation. im only 18 by the way. anyway, its with bathroom related stuff. I enjoy pooping and all that but thill seek with it. I enjoy peeing and pooping in places I shouldn't, floor in crouded bathroom, yes its embarassing, outdoors at night, even in... mens rooms. It started with just using them then... hiding in them. someone help me. is this at all normal or not normal but... you know what i mean. I like the sight / sound of a guy (or girl but dont swing that way) peing/pooping. I know I could get in trouble if caught, but how do I... stop? oh here come... I gotta clear all traces of this now. please respond anyone

To Amy L. sweetie first of all glad to have you post your story, nice that you have a friend like Jess. you really might try more fiber in your diet, like eatting high fiber cereals and or eatting a bran muffin. you do that once a day and you wont have any trouble going poopy. what ever you do dont over do the fiber or you may go poo poo in your panties. okies xoxo love from me Amy

me again (shy girl... yeah)
(please email why not if rejected so I can edit)
OK I have a story to add. In light of what I've read past couple pages, I think this will be alright. Just found this today by the way (someone in my house left it... hmm) anyway im 18 female slender and I have my thing (see other post my name was like Another new girl please help) anyway I got more time now. I too passed something... large. god whats wrong ith me I cant even type like I do on IMs. OK my thinking is getting clearer... I have long straight blond hair and a decent figure, if I do says so myself, lol. I LOVE to yeah so I decided to hold both of it for a long time I started to feel queezy, but ya know. anyway I just went between posts. first of all peeing actualy hurt. no BS it hurt so much I was like stopping and starting andI was like "oww" but the other was REAL bad. I'd estimate No I have no pic but I wish i did... not anymore anyway. so im alone, right, now at least i had to wait which was excuriating but I kicked everyone out, lol. anyway, sorry for the valley girl impersonation, its my thing. so, I sit down and wait. i wait and wait and wait and NOTHING happens I mean I was getting bored, yeah me bored on the toilet (wanted to get back here and read, lol) so I start, ya know, hoping it will losen things up. I make only make that connection because I have some "experience" if ya know what i mean in that department (and I know the GOOD way) so (by the way sorry to all the weak stomached, its another thing about me I ramble). so I ya know and still nothing. I'm like WTF I know I have to why am I not "opening up" like other people do (on here). so I do the whole index finger thing yeah i washed my hands well, it was gross, so what. now im a little open remember that experience that i have? but not "enough" so I start pushing and I'm like whatever im gonna give it all heck. i start pushing and pushing and im starting to get TIRED im like come on. it finaly "plop"s or rather silently and I'm like so friggin releaved its out but I'm not so relieved. I mean it hurt too much, totaly not worth the thrill of "gotta go gotta go..." with company around and im not gonna "disappear" for that long (thank god I didn't). now im like in some serious pain and theres still some flowin of loose stuff. then I look: about 4.5 inches WIDE. holy cow (no pun intended) too much? alright i'll rap it up. the length was not measureable cause it was ya know part way down the hole at the bottom, lol double pun. anyway I sit there trying to regain myself and all of a sudden I hear a faint drip... drip... drip. and I wonder "am I just not done?" and I push a little on both... nothing... except PAIN. so I check with some paper and sure enough... lets just say they don't call it piles for nothin... or so I hear, didn't wip out the mirror yet. so i jump in the shower and clean myself all over but down there real good and I lightly check with my finger and... red. so I'm thinking bloody heck all this pain now what do I do. I'm trying to imagine if a bad... ya know would be worse... or no way not after this part: I start drying myself carfuly if ya know what i mean and all of a sudden I notice the smell for some reason so i flush. bad idea. I imeadiatly get OUT and shut the door (open the window, hehe) and as im getting dressed here I get a pad for my panties and here I am. if anyone is out there before I get an infection is there any way I can avoid the... inevitable doctor visit? please quickly... lots of pain... alright I guess i'll go now, laters

a new shy girl (aww what a great name)

Anthea, I hope you meet her again. How about synchronised BMs as the next olympic discipline?

Jenny, good to here from your articulate self as always.

Jeri_l, you and your girlfriend are so lucky to have found each other.

Does anyone else like doing little pushes; sort of playing with it? I love the feeling of nudging it out. The other day, I stood up over the toilet to do that. It felt so nice as I gave little pushes, and then let it go back up again. Then I did the big push, and it crackled out of me, and hit the target with a satisfying splash.

I bet there are some great stories coming up after all that lovely eating we've all been doing.


I went to a chinese food buffet one time and they had this make-your-own-stir-fry thing. I put in lots of onions because i like onions a lot! The next day i had poop with onion chunks in it. Lol! However, when i went to wipe, it was totally clean! Maybe i'm on to something here...

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