Hi. I'm 12 years old.
One summer day I had eaten a big breakfast that required pancakes, eggs, grits, sauasges, and whole milk. Once I had finished eating, I really had to shit. So I started to head for the toilet when I wondered what it would be like if I took a shit in the sink. So I took off all of my clothes and climbed up on the edge of the sink and then easily sat in the drainage of the sink and counted down five, four, three, two, one blast off which I did in a big way. I watched the shit come out of my ass and stanked up the sink. I had to have been on the sink for about ten minutes when I was finished. About five pounds came out of me. At the time I was 5'6" and weighed 110 pounds so I was very surprised to see so much shit coming out of me. So I finally came out of the sink, wiped my ass with paper towel about five to ten times and slipped on my clothes and washed away the shit with the garbage disposal running. It took about an hour to rinse and clean the sticky and smelly sink. I was happy to get all of that shit out of my body.

Whatever you do unless it's a dare, do not take a shit in the sink unless it's diarrhea.


I had this really weird dump last night....I had been home all day and i pooped once in the moring it was 2 soild logs about 6 inches each...with a little wiping...Then late in the afternoon i started really feeling bloated and gassy i started farting...It lasted a few hours i ate dinner even though i wasn't that hungry from snacking all day. After dinner i was still farting and feeling this way. I then had a sudden urge to poop for the 2nd time yesterday. I went to my bathroom i sat down and pushed some farts came out then i started pooping. It just flew out of my butt thats how bad i had to go...Then i was done and i wiped and stood up and looked in the bowl it was soft and there was alot of corn in there...I had eatten a whole can of corn the night before by my self. I put my hand in the toilet and i swear it was 90% corn and 10% poop. More corn then poop, put it that way... Has any one had a dump like this? Usally i eat a serving of corn or two and i see it in my logs, but not like this

Then today i was still feeling bloated and gassy i was farting a bit at work. Then i ate lunch and finished working..i was still feeling bloated then i kept feeling an urge to poop coming and going. Then i had to go to the bathroom and poop it all out. It looked more soild today but i still did see a kernal or two of corn...i wiped about 5 times. Then it was about time to go home.

silly girl you are not silly (couple pages ago like 2) thats all im gonna say its not silly to like this and also NOT be an "exhibitionist"

Hi, Survey Girl, here are my answers to your questions. I'm female, 30 and single.

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, I love it.

2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Usually I sit with my thighs fairly wide apart.Sometimes if I think I'm going to take a very long time, I'll rest back against the cistern for comfort, or rest forward with my elbows on my thighs.

3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? Not usually unless I'm very gassy. The gas hurts my stomach.

4. Do you make grunting noises while you're going? Yes I do, usually as I push I make a short sharp "Hnnnn" noise. Sometimes I groan and sigh too, if I've just released a particularly large load and the relief takes over.

5. About how many times a day do you poop? Usually four, sometimes five. I go in the morning when I get up, after lunch, when I get home from work, and before bed. Sometimes I need to go at work a couple of times too. It depends on how much I've eaten.

6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? Yes I do - some times more than others. I particularly enjoy the anticipation if I'm out shopping and I have to find a public restroom. The "Will I make it on time?" scenario is always appealing. I also look forward to knowing that other people are going to hear me going.

7. Do you find pooping relaxing? Sometimes. It depends how much of a hurry I'm in to get other things done.

8. Do you ever push on your stomach to get the poop out? No, I never have to do this. It comes out very nicely of it's own accord.

9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? A heavy feeling in my bowels and I start to fart more.

10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Yes, sometimes with relief as I mentioned above.

11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? No, not that I can remember.

12. Do you like to take as long as neccessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible? It depends where I am. If I'm at home, I'll sit as long as necessary, and sometimes longer. If I'm in a public toilet, I like to make it last as long as possible. It's fun when you've been in there a long time and people know you're taking a massive dump that's taking you ages. If I let nature take its course I'm usually on the toilet for about 25-30 minutes, but I've been known to sit for over an hour before. If I hurry, I can push it out in 10-15 minutes. I sometimes have to hurry if I need to take a dump at work on company time, but that's the only place I really ever hurry it.

13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company? I've not had that experience, but I have no problem with going in a public toilet at a mall, railway station and the like, in fact I find it quite enjoyable.

14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realized as you walk away that you weren't done? Yes, I have. I was out shopping in my local mall, and suddenly felt the urge to take a huge dump. I found the mall toilets, took an empty stall in the middle of the row and sat for about 15 minutes, thought I was done and wiped up. I washed my hands and was drying up when a huge stomach cramp hit me, and I realised that I hadn't finished, and had to turn round and literally RUN back to the stall for fear I wouldn't make it on time, where I sat pooping for another 25 minutes until I was finished. Several people also standing at the sink had seen me come out and wash up already, so they knew that I had to go twice.

Lacey-- Sorry my last message got interrupted. I wanted to ask more about your sister. What do your parents do for her constipation? When I was growing up I was given a lot of Milk of Magneasia. If that didn't work I got an enema after 3 days without a BM. Have you ever seen your sister get an enema? The worst part of an enema was my mother watching me go...she always sat with me and told me to "bear down" with the enema.-- JW

I am watching "Cold Case". In this episode, is a flashback to 1970's Philadelphia. A then, little girl named, Sammie is with a drug dealing cop-killer. She tells him in a moment of panic, "I have to pee." It did not happen.

just curious
just curious is now my name. did I spell that right by the way? will also be doing "entries" as i read rather than just typing and typing...

Will's Girl - great story. you poor thing didn't like... that not healthy as far as physically... eew im so sorry I just got that image in my mind... eew

Lacey - great story as well, but more interest from me because of my disorder. you see lately i've been "excersicing" that muscle that you use to hold your pee (long story, but I thought I'd "try") and I have a very mild disorder, not wheelchair bound, but i dont know for sure if excercise helps me. now all of a sudden (im also the guy that is experimenting with always sitting never standing or "hovering", in case that wasn't posted) i notice the problem that girls always tell me (or at least i've heard) that their panties are a little damp (and no not from any other excrement in case you were wondering). when I anticipate needing to go (and now I need to go more often, maybe the muscle is getting weeker god I hope not) I dripple a little, and I never have before. maybe girls just "go" more often (not all, but some) because my friends that are girls tend to go a lot more than me (i've also excercised the muscle out of necesity in the past... used to also be a week bladder) That would also explain my other thing about pooping when I don't feel a need. this sitting every time is interesting... im not a trans gender though, lol. I'm 17 by the way and really shy about my... interest, because well that another story. anyway I felt bad for your sister... unless shes reading too. if she is I wanna say that you shouldn't take pity from anyone. I did (kinda as a joke) and I now know that it hurts much more in the end. please dont ever take pity, if you are reading this, please hate me. we'll talk some more if this is posted.

that was more than I expected.
just curious (lol)

Roberta - im a guy actualy. but I have... in the past on accident. and I didn't notice a smell. but then again i've been told that I have a bad sense of smell. but never a stain. male suits are very loose fitting if ya know what I mean. so in the pool, no stain not much smell. glad to be of service
just curi

eli - I remember your post and was reminded by althea. at my school the guys bathrooms have one stall and are apropriate heights. but I've heard girls complain that the stalls (like just the doors I guess and that there is brick between the stalls) are REAL short... I dont know how short but shorter than me (im a guy, 5'5") is my best guess. very strange architechture...
just curious again

When I was 13, I was playing at a friends house with him and some other guys, when his little sister(about 5) had a poop accident. The other guys teased her and she started crying. I tried to defend her, and said that pooping your panys was no big deal. That was the wrong thing to say. Things esculated, and they dared me to poop in my pants if it was no big deal, then they bet me $5.00 that I wouldn't do it. I hadn't been yet that morning and I did kind of have to go, so I said okay, because I needed some money to buy a new baseball. We all went into the garage, and I spread my legs and pushed. It wasn't easy at first, but then it started coming out, then I couldn't stop pooping. I had a big buldge in the seat of my pants when I finished. The others all laughed at me, and refused to give me the money. On top of it all, my mom spanked me when I went home with my pants full of poop. I was teased and called poopants, among other things after that.

pee pee girl
im an 18 year old female. i am gonna answer the survey.

C- OFTEN AT HOME -its more conveniet .
2-Have You ever peed in a sink?

b- yes at home- i like to watch myslef pee in the mirror
3 Do you ever peed in the bidet?

c- sometimes
4.How often did you happen to have to pee outdoor?

d often- i like going outdoors than using the toliet.
5. In urban area have you ever happen to pee in one of this palces?
a- between or behind parked car on the street a parking lot
c-in a parking garage

e. behind-beside a dumpster
f-in a secluted corner of a street

please write a short sentence about the last tiem u rember about having to pee in one of these palces-
6- Tell one or more unusual places where u peed:
in a popcorn tin on the side of my house.
6a. only for the ladies:
1-have u ever peed in a urinal at the men's? no
2-have u haver peed in a street urinal? no
1-yes, many times, 2 what is a street urinal?
7-what do u do if you find a toilet closed (both sexes) when u are bursting?

3-pee near the closed toilet because your bladder is too full

8-Expecially for the ladies (man opinions are welcome too, anyaway):
What do you do if needing to go badly u go into a public toilet or portaloo and find it awfully dirty, unclean smelly or even with a clogged toilet.

2-like number 1, but needing to pee badly you find a suitable palce to pee quickly (not a toilet) i dont like to use porta potties i often just go where there is nobody like in the bushes or something and go pee or take a shit.

like in the previous case, after waiting in queque for public toilet (or portaloo) in a crowded place, u find that the toilet is in tremendous dirty conditions, really disgusting, but you have to pee too badly to go away and wait longer, what do u do?
a-plugging the nose u decide to try to pee in the toilet anyway (even if clogged), assuming a technique like in 8.4
b-You have to pee somwhere inside to avoid using the disgusting toilet:(if possible give this otpion a priority or a frequence):

4-go directly on the floor

I got a story
On christmas eve we had clam chouder and it made me really sick and i was up all night shitting my guts out.and i was on this site too wehn i got an idea. i filled the sink with alot of napkins got up on the sink pulled my pants and thong off and started shitting i was wathcing it come out in the mirror.I liked it after that i peed too. it was a big mess to clean up but it was worth it.
does anybody have any stories about taking shits on the beach?????

love ya guys,pee pee girl

chen love your stories jett from chom china

The Nature Boy
Ok, there's a ton of poop references/scenes in TV and movies - but how about comics??? I've seen one trade paperback (a collection of several issues of a comic in one book) with TWO!

New X-Men Volume 2: Imperial. In one part, the hot, redheaded (and telepathic and telekinetic!) Headmistress of a school for mutants is defending her students against a band of mercenaries. After a one-sided battle, she polishes them off by getting hold of their digestive systems with her mind and makes part of them hurl, and the rest crap their pants!

Then toward the end, she must do a large press conference, and implies she gets a bad case of diarrhea from her nerves ("Can you beleive I've been to the bathroom fifteen times this morning?!")

A great read all around, and not just for those scenes! Still....15 times? Is that possible?

I had this really weird dump last night....I had been home all day and i pooped once in the moring it was 2 soild logs about 6 inches each...with a little wiping...Then late in the afternoon i started really feeling bloated and gassy i started farting...It lasted a few hours i ate dinner even though i wasn't that hungry from snacking all day. After dinner i was still farting and feeling this way. I then had a sudden urge to poop for the 2nd time yesterday. I went to my bathroom i sat down and pushed some farts came out then i started pooping. It just flew out of my butt thats how bad i had to go...Then i was done and i wiped and stood up and looked in the bowl it was soft and there was alot of corn in there...I had eatten a whole can of corn the night before by my self. I put my hand in the toilet and i swear it was 90% corn and 10% poop. More corn then poop, put it that way... Has any one had a dump like this? Usally i eat a serving of corn or two and i see it in my logs, but not like this

Then today i was still feeling bloated and gassy i was farting a bit at work. Then i ate lunch and finished working..i was still feeling bloated then i kept feeling an urge to poop coming and going. Then i had to go to the bathroom and poop it all out. It looked more soild today but i still did see a kernal or two of corn...i wiped about 5 times. Then it was about time to go home.

After Christmas pooping:

For the past couple of days I have been pooping and only doing small piles of small hard nuggets. Maybe 6 at a time. Before Christmas I was doing big poops and now I am doing little ploops. Its strange though, because when I was child of about 11 or 12, I used to do foot long poops, and now as an adult they are really small.


Hey Guys!

This morning i woke up and layed in bed for a while. I couldnt stop farting, i just layed there and kept farting for about 10 minutes.When i stopped i decided it was time for a poop.

Unfourtunatley, Mel backed up our toilet,(she might post later on that) so i had to go and use Mom and Dad's toilet.I walked up stairs to the toilet and i could see someone was in it, because the light was on. Mum was the only other person home, so i thought it would be fun to have a little listen to see what she was doing in there.

I crept up close to the door and listened quietly. I could hear some tinkling, the tinkling got quieter and quieter, then all of a sudden i hear this massive, distinct sound of a fart echoing in the toilet bowl, then another and then a groan.At this point i was really excited and couldnt wait to hear what was next.But dissapointment, silence for about 2 minutes, i was getting sick of waiting and almost walked away, but right then i heard a really long, tight fart and some groaning, straining sounds and decided to stay for the rest of the show.

She inhaled and groaned and strained for about a minute until finally a big, deep, loud splash in the bowl and a moan of relief. She waited a while to catch her breath, then started pushing again, but all she could get out were little farts. I could hear toilet paper unrolling, so i tip toed back down stairs. I heard the flush and Mom came down stairs. I said "Good Morning Mom!" then asked if i could use her toilet because ours wasn't fixed yet, she said "Sure, go ahead, might be a bit smelly though, I just dropped a big one." I was shocked that she said that, I've never heard her talk like that, it was great.

I tried to jog up the stairs, but i forgot i had to poop so bad, it started coming out. I tightened my asshole and walked slowly up the stairs to the toilet. Mom was right it was smelly, but i could live with it. I pulled my shorts down and sat on the warm seat. Straight away my hole opened and started releasing a nice firm log. It slid out quite easily and dropped, i was ready for a splash of water on the ass, but nothing. I looked between my legs and there was Mom's giant log sitting there, it was too big the flush. I forgot about it and kept pooping. I easily pushed out two more firm, decent sized logs, that also thudded on to the giant log. I got up without wiping and looked in the bowl, there wasn't much chance of this load flushing, we couldnt have two broken toilets in the house. I went down stairs and told Mom her log didnt flush and my load was to big to get down there. She blused and said "Sorry, it was a big turd wasnt it." I agreed.

Mom went up stairs, i followed. She got the plunger out and smashed up our loads of shit, while she was doing it she said to me "Gee, you managed a big load, just like your Mom used to!" I can't believe Mom has started talking like this out of no where, but i like it. It was a good bonding experience today.

The End.

Just a question for everyone.

What is your family's policy on toilet flushing after peeing?

In our family we dont really flush after peeing, we usually leave pee and paper in the toilet, until it gets kinda full then flush it later. Would love feedback on that.

Love Ash.D


Whats up. I have another story to write.
On the 22nd of December, my mom and I went shopping at the mall for Christmas. But on the way, we ordered and ate two double cheeseburgers and fries. I thought I wouldn't have to take a shit until I ate lunch. So while we were at Marshall Fields, my mom told me she had to go to the bathroom. So I let her go and I continued to shop for clothes. While she was gone for about ten minutes, my stomach started turning over like I was preparing to shit on myself. Luckily, while this was happening, my mom came back from the bathroom and I quickly went to the restroom with the turd ready to eject from my body. By the time I got in the bathroom, someone was washing their hands but luckily all of the stalls were open. So I went into the farthest stall, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. It didn't take but five seconds for my first log came out about eight inches long and about as wide as two fingers. Then it just hung there and as it splashed into the water, a man came in and took a nice long piss while I let out about ten small chunks one by one into the toilet. Then the man quickly washed up and left the restroom because at that time, the restroom was smelling like rotten eggs. So I wiped my ass one since it was pretty dry and flushed about three times and looked at my stomach to see if I had lost any body fat, washed up and left. Then my mom said you were in there for about fifteen minutes. I guess all of that food got to you. I said yes and now I feel much better.

Eli-That is a great scene in Van Wilder. Make sure you check out the other takes they filmed for that scene in the bonus stuff on the DVD. There's about 5 minutes of the actor re-shooting the scene. Most of the times the take has to be reshot because he's cracking up.

David-I have seen a guy take a dump while squatting on the seat. It does look a bit strange. A few times I've been at home depot and I'll see a guy enter the stall next to mine and then his feet disappear. One of the guys I knew was Asian because his cell phone rang and I could hear him talking in an Asian language on it. I also saw a "hidden camera" film of a guy squatting on a toilet seat. I've tried it a couple of times, but I'm just not comfortable doing it.

To Lacey-- I was interested in your stories about your little sister...I too have Cerebral Palsy. I definately think it contribues to constipation. Trying to push out at the ame time your trying to relax your anal area can be hard for people with CP. If you want to help your sister go, get her to sit on the toilet with her feet on a stool so she's in a squatt position.-- gotta go, more later-- JW

This Christmas eve I had a very interesting experience. I wanted to see my grandparents who lived in California and while I was in Texas. My Cousin Paul offered to drive. Everyone else could not get off work during the Holidays, Paul and I agreed we would drive to California and back taking turns. I have known Paul since we were little. He was the first time I saw a boy pee. Well as it goes we were driving all day and into the night, We had brought a large thermos of coffee to keep up during the night because we wanted to make a straight run. Some where around 11pm I felt the need to pee, I told Paul and he said he has been searching for an open gas station for the last 20 minutes. I told him damn it Paul its Christmas Eve and there is nothing open. It go to the point where it was going to be inevitable we pull over and have a tinkle, but it was very cold and windy outside, the last thing I wanted was freezing rain pelting my bare ass. As Paul was about to pull over we spotted a gas station up ahead we decided to pull in . There was a single bathroom about 100 feet away from the station Paul got out and it was locked. He ran over to the building and retrieved a key. Paul came and opened the door and I jumped out of the car and went in. I couldn't wait any longer, when I opened the door I think I stunned Paul, we both had to go bad. This was one of those family restroom with both a toilet and a urinal. They were right next to each other Paul unzipped and let it fly I was a bit embarrassed but hey everybody pees so I needed to get over it. The toilet was disgusting I told Paul it must be so nice to just whip it out and go as I hiked my dress and lowered my panties I tried the best I could to balance and hover, trying not pee on myself giving Paul one hell of a view. Paul said he was very empathetic but he dated a girl that could pee standing up. I laughed and just smiled thinking in the back of my mind that we just don't have the plumbing to stand and pee. I remember as a little girl when I first saw Paul pee, I went home pulled down my pants and undies standing in front of the pot. Much to my disappointment the pee went right down my legs in my shoes all over my pants every where but the bowl. I never told anyone I just told my mom I didn't make it to the toilet on time. Paul finished first and was waiting on me I had to drip dry. I shook as much as I could fixed my dress and back to the car. Paul had told me I have grown up a lot and he was surprised I pee in front of him, I just said "hey, when a girl's got to go she goes" We got a refill on the coffee and we were off. We drove for a few more hours when that indicator went off hinting it was time to pee. Fortunately we found another gas station. I went n to the ladies room and it was disgusting, the toilets were to the top and overflowing. Remembering out conversation earlier I went into the Men's room and again shocked the hell out of Paul. The Men's toilet was in the same condition all clogged up. Paul was using the urinal and I explained my dilemma. There was shit right to the top of the bowls and all around gross!!!. I told Paul I would try pee in the urinal. Paul finished up and I walked over I was so nervous. I pulled up my dress and pulled my panties to my knees, I know Paul was getting a great show. I relaxed and let go and sure enough I shot a spurt right down leg. I panicked and turned around to try to finish backed into the urinal but gravity took another spurt straight down. Paul said no,no, no try to stop your pee, you going to make a mess. I squeezed and concentrated to hold back the stream, gosh it burned and hurt, I said hurry Paul what can I do not to pee all over myself. I said I tried this as a little girl and the same thing happened. Paul said for girl to pee standing took a little work…. I told him explain fast because the pee was coming standing, sitting or however I was holding as hard as I could. He told me slip out of my underwear just in case it didn't work I wouldn't soak them. so I stepped out of my panties and handed them to Paul. He also told me I needed clear a path for the stream and to open the lips that deflects the stream. So I spread my legs opened up my lips took aim and let it rip. I stream hit right dead center of the urinal. I could not believe there I was peeing standing up and with a boy right there, damn that felt so weird. My pee was finishing up it slowed down, the pee dripped straight down on the floor between my feet. Thank god I took off my panties. This time there was toilet paper so I wiped and stepped back into my panties. Paul kind of stood there in shock. We got back into the car and off we went. We drive home this weekend, I am going to try my new found talent on the way back.

I am trying to determine what was the earliest movie to show a female poop scene. I read somewhere that the 1930 movie L'Age D'Or has a scene which shows a woman having a bowel movement. Can anyone confirm that this movie has such a scene? If so, I'm sure this is the earliest well-known movie to have such a female poop scene.

If not, does anyone have a good idea of the first mainstream movie with a female poop scene?


Hi everybody, I'm new, a first-timeposter. Sorry about my bad English, hope you can understand everything. I've been reading this for over 6 months now and finally I thought I should post something, too. I am a morning pooper, I wake up in the morning, get out of bed and less than five minutes later I can't hold it anymore, if I don't have a bathroom around I would deffinitely do it in my pants. I live in halls and share two bathrooms (which are next to each other) with 5 girls and one guy. The other morning I woke up and as usual had to go to the toilet very bad. I went out there, one stall was locked, the other one was free. I brought enough to read as usual, I can't do it without reading or doing at least something. The moment I had locked the door, I could hear the person next to me, it must have been the blonde, very attractive girl from my flat, I could recognize her voice because she let out two or three huge farts and then her poo started coming out, lots of small ones hit the water very fast, it all ended up in a huge explosion which must have been pretty messy, then she groaned and I knew who it was. Meanwhile I had sat down, opened my book and as usual I farted a lot and then pushed out several medium sized pieces followed by 7 or 8 soft small ones, it felt really good. My BM's are always quite big and mostly soft, whenever somebody hears me poop they think I have bad diarrhoea, but for me it is just normal and I like it. I don't really like the hard ones, it feels unsatisfying. I waited a bit, then some more came out together with some farts. The girl next to me was still sitting there quietly, I couldn't hear anymore from her, so I started reading for about 5 minutes occasionally letting out a few little plops and some farts. Then suddenly I could hear my flatmate pushing out another load of "gunpowder", again a massive explosion and again relieved groaning. Then she was done, wiped and left. I really hope I will meet her again in there.
I sat for another 10 minutes, but except for some liquid farts I didn't do more. After almost 20 minutes, which was actually short for me, I was done, got up and left. When I met my flatmate later that day, I had this weird feeling that she knew it was me in there in the morning and somehow I knew she had enjoyed it as much as me.
Ok, that's it, I will post some more very soon.
Merry christmas everyone and have fun getting rid of your christmas food!

I haven't posted in a long time and have been very busy. I enjoyed reading the college postings from David and Eli. I enjoyed my college days (undergrad & graduate) especially when taking a dump. I finished my Master's a year ago. I still go over to school but not so much anymore except for weekends and one nite during the week to watch Anime which gives me little opportunity to take a dump there.

Questions for the "audience". Who watches Japanese Anime and which anime has scenes of people taking a dump. One I know is GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). Are there others ?

Last, I saw some postings about people being Christians and the controversy of going to the can. I am one. Going to the bathroom is one of our bodily functions.There is one part that show's God's sense of humor. 1 Kings 18:27 when Elijah makes fun of the Baal worshippers. The Living Bible mentiones that Elijah comments that Baal can't hear you, he is busy sitting on the toilet. Also there are parts in Leviticous (sp?) about cleaniness when the Israelites settled in the land including going to the bathroom.

I've been having two or three nice normal b.m.'s per day lately; this morning I got up, went out for the newspaper, and came back in to poop. It came out as a continuous movement but broke into three turds as it dropped, lengths about 4", 6", and 3", and fairly thick. Needed only one wipe; nice. Just a few minutes ago, I went again. This time I took a large hand mirror and held it in front of me so I could watch as I squatted on top of the bowl; the poop was again continuous, but a little softer than this morning, so that it lengthened perceptibly as it was hanging out of me. It was about the same size as this morning, but it took three sets of toilet paper, used once full size, then folded in half.
A couple of days ago I played LaserQuest with some people about a third my age (and some younger yet). It was fun; between games I went to the men's room, which has a single urinal and a single stall. In the stall was someone's b.m.--two 4-inch very dark brown turds, partly covered with toilet paper. My guess is that a youngster did it. I flushed it; it left huge tarry streaks on the porcelain.
As I was watching myself poop one day, I tried to figure out the approximate pace at which my turd descended out of my anus toward its fate in the water. As near as I could tell, that time it was about an inch per second. At that rate, it would descend 5 feet in a minute, 300 feet in an hour, 7200 feet (about a mile and a third) per day. Does anyone out there know what is the normal or average speed of final peristalsis? I know it varies--sometimes it's quite fast, and a 6-inch turd seemes to pop out; other times it's agonizingly slow. But what's the average?
I was remembering a time when I did one of the largest movements I can recall. I had been to an Education Dept. meeting which lasted all day; a totally boring experience. Toward the end of it, I felt a slight urge; it would have been a potential opportunity to hear others poop (the meeting was at a local hotel), but I really wanted to get home, so I ignored the urge. While in the car, I felt the urge get stronger. This was early evening, so it was not my usual time to poop; nonetheless, I could tell this was not a discretionary matter, but a mandatory one. I got home, walked quickly (!) into the house, gave my wife a quick kiss, excused myself, and walked swiftly into the bathroom. Whipping down my pants and underpants, I sat down, feeling my anus opening up as I did. The turd felt huge, and it powered its way out without any pushing from me. It felt thick and long; finally it plopped into the water. That's all there was, just the one; I wiped (once) and stood up to look. It was dark brown, knobby, and a single piece; I measured it at 14 inches, and just over 1.5 inches thick. That experience was maybe 7 years ago, and I still remember it vividly.

After the Motorway poo I decided that i would enjoy another accident as soon as posible si I waited until I was out shopping on New Years Eve.

I saved it through the morning and then at the supermarket I wandered around filling the trolley until I ws touching cotton. I had my same briefs on again so I knew I would be safe - what was there and staining the cotton was firm. As\ I began to pack the bags at the checkut I began to bulge and I put a hand on my bum and felt the lump growing and then the first part fell into the crutch of my briefs and the next began to coil on top of iit and the final push as I signed the bill was quite moist and spread all over the back and my pants stuck to my bottom. As I wlked out to the car the poo bounced between my legs and I was so excited it was difficult to walk straight. I let my bladder go as I walked amd piss ran down the legs of my jeans and at the car I put a bag on the seat to save the material.

At my house I sat in the car on the drive and discreetly my excitment left me and I could walk without being bent over!

My underpants, shirt and trousers were all well dirty but it had been worth it.

Tim (and Sarah)
Dear Janna
Thanks for your reply and your nice little story. You are very right. It's a good thing to properly wash your bum after a bm. I have to really do that as well in order to prevent getting haemorrhoids, cause thay are so ...outsch. When I have to go away from home, I always try to clean with a wet tissue at least..
So do you sometimes let you boyfriend/ husband ( I am confused, lol) watch you? Does he enjoy it? My Sarah is not bothered at all anymore about me seeing her on the toilet. I am really happy about it.
On Monday I was having a bath after I put the kids to bed. Sarah came home late and stormed into the bathroom. She kissed me and wiggled her bum. She told me she was really desperate for the loo and if I would mind if she would stink me out. I said it was fine with me. She rushed to the toilet and impationately fondled with her zip. I finally was open and the trousers and panties were ripped down. With a big "AAAHHH" she started to let loose a waterfall of pee. At the same time I could see some efford of pushing mixing into the relief of her face, which was followed by a an ever bigger "AAAAAAHHHH" , a subtle, but audible crackling and some soft "flomps" , while a quick row of turds landed on the tray in the toilet. A mild smell of poo started to reach my nose, but I could not care less. I was enchanted by the sweet look of happiness in my wife's face. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and told me it would feel incredible. She told me that she got all the last christmas shopping, but had to poo all the time cause she had a big lunch at work. She said, she did not want to go at the shop cause it's so much better and cosier to go at home..."I did not know I would have to stink your bath up, sorry." I grinned and said, she'd know, I would't mind. She grinned back and then concentrated a bit and told me to watch her: She lifted her bum of the toilet and tried to push out another one. I took a while and then all that came was a fart. We laughed and she told me to wait...She still giggled while standing like a flying skier in a stance with her bum in the air over the toilet. She giggled and went: "Wait, wait..." After some more concentration another turd finally grew from her bum and hung there like a little tail. Sarah still giggled while she had to shake her bum in order for it to fall into the loo. I applauded...She thanked me with another fart encoure...Then she had finished and whiped and flushed . She game over to the tub and got a kiss as a thank you . She washed her hands in my bath water and checked the temperature. She asked if she could come in. I said I 'd love it, if she would not mind I just had a bit of warm water added. She did not get it, so I had to admit I had peed into the bath while I heard her waterfall splashing as it really made me want to go. She laughed and told me I was a little piggy but still got undressed. Sarah got into the water. I was feeling really loved. It sounds strange, but I guess it's really a proof of intimacy when someone does not mind to join in your bath, you admitably just weed into. I told her that and she grinned and said: "I hope you don't mind then I came in to wash my bum..." I gently reached between her cheeks and cleaned it for her, which I guess was an answer...We soaked together and it was really lovely. Later I massaged her neck. Sarah said it was so nice that she also had added to our bath water. It was very you liked our little story.
I would like to hear more of your stories and about yourself, whatever you would like to share. I also hope that your relationship will be a longlasting and happy one. It always interests me how open couples like to be in front of each other regarding toilet issues. Do you like to watch your partner on the toilet? Would he like you to watch?
As I said, whatever you would like to share?
Have some nice holidays!
Tim (and Sarah)

Dear ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Thanks for your hello and your little story! I am gald, Sarah felt much better after the 'Beach boys poo", lol. I hope, all is well. How are the girls? Getting married soon? How is work and college? I especially wish you a happy and healthy new year and lots of love to all of you! LOVE from TIM AND SARAHxxx
Here is just a quick, little story from our Loewie: We went to a kids theatre play and he was so fascinated that he forgot to go to the toilet and peed his pants. I was a bit cross with him (not really, but a bit unnerved at the moment) and told him that he should tell me when he needed the loo. I said: "You aren't a baby anymore, are you?" The prompt answer was: " Maybe I am still young at heart..."

Sunday, December 28, 2003

I went Christmas shopping with my mom, dad and big brother today. During the time in the afternoon, I felt an urge in my rectum to go sit on the toilet. I told my folks that I needed to go. They waited outside a department store restroom. I gave my brother my coat and ran inside. I took a stall, pulled up my navy-gray plaid wool skirt and pulled down my panty hose and white panties to my knees. I let out a long piece of doo-doo. It was 12 inches long, 2 inches hard and solid. It came out ever so slowly. I then peed for 30 seconds. It suprised me. I sat for 15 minutes. I timed myself on my wristwatch. I wiped my pussy and underside good, pulled up my underwear and let down my skirt. When I looked in the bowl, my piece of #2 was standing up straight in the water. I did not even flush it. I came out and washed my hands and rejoined my folks.

To TIM (AND SARAH) - Thanks for replying!! I know what you mean by saying that it's easier to write about yourself more - you got all the details and stuff like that. But thanks for the story about your Friday night. It was really cute. For a little info about myself - I'm 24 years old and happily dating Ryan (my boyfriend). We have sucha good relationship and I would hate for it to end. I don't know if he feels the same, but I hope he does. I'm 5'6" and I weigh about 125 lbs. Now for some info about the reason that this site is here for LoL - pooping!!! I love to have my poop right before my nightly shower b/c then while I'm shower I can scrub my butt and get it really clean - makes life easier. Normally I'm able to go before my shower, but not always. Last night for example, I was watching the end of a football game with my husband and I had to poop. I didn't even think about asking Ryan if he wanted to join me cause the urge crept up on me so fast. I went over to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Immediately a soft long piece slid out of me, it only took like 10 seconds for it to come out. There was no splash and I pushed to see if I could get anything more out but I guess it was only that one piece. I only wiped once - it was a little messy, but I planned to take a shower afterwards so I didn't bother cleaning up any more.

I gotta go now......I'll post again soon. Again, thanks for the reply, and I enjoyed reading all the new stories today.

Oh man. I had the worst dioreea last night. I had had some really cheesey pasta for dinner. at about 1 this morging I got some really tight cramps and felt really unwell. I got out of bed and slipped some panties on. I wandered down the hall and into the bathroom. by then I had to vomit and vomited up for a few seconds and just as the pain got worse I tried to stand up to take off my panties when I lost control and an massive blast of poop sprayed into my pants. It was so hot and slimey. It took 40 minutes to clean up my butt,pussy, the toilet itself, and the floor.

Sorry.. I'm a little late getting back to everyone.. For those of you that read my post about not having to go poop for over a week, I'd just like to let you know that I finally did loosen up. That was last Monday. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I had similar 'movemoents'. I really couldn't believe it. I normally go several days without pooping and I had four normal-sized (for me) poops 4 days in a row. I wonder if it built up or something. Anyway, they were all basically the same. First, straining and pushing brings forth a wide, maybe 6-8 inch long piece, medium brown in color and smooth in texture. Then come the pebbles and boulders. These are almost round pieces that drop with splashes into the water. Same color and texture. After the pebbles are expelled, then it's on to wiping. And that's it for last week.

On Sunday (2 days ago), I had another BM. Same as above except for one (not-so) small difference... The 'boulders' were wider than they were long. It hurt to get them out. Those horrible pieces... Ugh, exactly what was responsible for me becoming afraid to poop when I was younger. Sigh.

Anyway, that's all.
Hope you all have happy holidays!

Chelcie - just wanted to say wow. how were you able to hold so much diareha? or were you constipated before hand? just curious

To Althea: not to worry, these panties that i poop in are fairly cheap ones. i like them because the legs bands fit kinda tight, i like white because it shows the brown mess better. so to make the leg bands pull away like they did, the poop has to be very firm and solid. plus they wash up pretty good too! so i most of the time wear these to the gym, because if i need and want to poop my pants/shorts whatever on the way home... well i can without any problems. okies xoxo love from Amy

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