Hi guys, I haven't had a chance to post in a while, but now that I'm on Christmas break I thought that I'd post. So heres a story that happened to me recently.

I was walking through a park when I felt the need to have a bm. since I hadn't gone in a few days I knew that it would be a big one. I walked off into a wooded area and looked around to make sure that no one was around. As I was lookinh around, I saw this monster pile of poop, it was about 3 feet in diameter and 1 foot high!! while I've produced some pretty big piles mine were noting compared to that. So I decided to poop on top of the pile. I walked over there and squatted, then started to push a little to get started, after about five min of pushing a log was on its way, after 30 min that same log was about 99% of the way out, after the log fell, I had about 10 waves of almost 100% liquid diearra that lasted about 5 min each.After all that I felt empty of I took out a pack of tissues from my pocket and wipped myself, after I used the entire packet i felt clean. Then I looked back down at the pile the was big to start with, was now almost tuching my butt.and I was squatting about 3 feet off the ground! needless to say I felt a whole lot better after that.

a gal
i`m a girl and i ALWAYS piss standing up i hate sitting down.. wut do u gusy think

I,m a 45 year old divorcee. I often had accidents as a girl(sometimes on purpose). This one night, I was 17 and had been on a date with my boyfriend. I was susposed to be home by midnight, but we were stuck in traffic on the interstate. To make matters worse, I really had to poo. Itold my boyfriend that I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. He said I could just sit on the edge of the door frame and pee. I told him that that wasn't the problem, and if we didn't find a bathroom soon, I was going to poo in my panties/ He said, just go ahead and do it. I didn't say anything else, and then he said I'll bet you $20 that you won't poo in your pants. Traffic started moving and he had to keep his attention on the road. I eased up a little and gave a soft push. It didn't take much effort and I filled my panties with poo... I sat back down. In a few moments he asked, "what is that smell" . I said give me my $20. He got an immediate buldge in the front of his pants.

Hi, I'm April, long time reader, first time poster. I'm 19, 5'1", 90 lbs, brown hair/eyes. I'd just like to introduce myself, and comment on something. I read recently a comment asking why Mel.D didn't wipe herself frequently, and I would like to share because I do the same thing. For me, it's an unconcious or at least subconcious thing, because I'm quite the daydreamer while sitting on the toilet. I take usually a fairly long time letting out my poops, and while I relax my muscles I like to think deeply about whatever is most on my mind, or listen to music coming from the stereo in the other room. Usually, I loose track of time in my thought reverie, and then snap out of it, and without thinking just get up off the toilet and tug up my panties, having not wiped anything, and not even having the concept of wiping on the brain because I was thinking so hard. Wether I tug up just my panties, or pants with them, depends, as I typically wear a skirt at least three days out of a seven day week. Usually I won't notice I forgot to wipe until at least half a day later, when I visit the bathroom again to pee oncemore, and notice a sticky feeling when the room temperature air hits my exposed bumhole. (In case you wondered, I do on occasion do homework on the toilet; I am in college.) Also, my poos typically arrive about every two to three days, but if I'm exercising copiously for a sports season, then I'll poop almost every day. Anyway, I hope to be recieved warmly; I'm quite shy usually and this is a big leap for me to post something so personal.

With Kindly Affection,

Sailing Instructor
Wow what a great site been reading for a while but this is my first post.
A few years ago I was on a siling cousre and we all had to wear wetsuits and life jackets. This means that if you can't reach behind your back very easily to get the jip then your in trouble when you get the call of nature especially if your in open water(never had the problem personaly) But I remembered this one girl telling another who needed to pee in the next boat about how when sailing up a river she needed to take a dump but couldn't be bothered to go to shore so she just jumped over the side and did it in her wetsuit! which she couldn't empty for the rest of the day! Shortly after the other girl jumped over the side of their boat with a growing dark circle in her crotch( no guesses needed their) then got back in saying she felt a lot better. Then I remembered another sail I'd been on when after the lunch the break one of the instructors told everybody to go to toilet as it was their last chance. One of the girls went up to the female instructor and asked what happened if she needed to go while on the water. The instructor just said be thankful that wetsuits let it drain out and when ever she peed in her dry suit it was in her boots for the rest of the day! I was wondering if if any other people, either sex, had been in either of these situations or sometning similar?

Silly Girl
I am one of those people that does not care about farting loudly in a public restroom or making it stinky. In school, I think that it is good that the bathroom is stinky once in a while, because a lot of girls stay in it and talk instead of getting to class, when it is stinky, that discourages the lingering behavior so that they do get to class. Of course I am not a exhibitionist, because I get nervouse and have a hard time going if someone else can see me even if it is my mom.

This evening I was watching an excerpt of a Jay Mohr comedy special on tv. I don't find him particularly funny but even I had to laugh when he was talking about an experience he had in a Scottish bar: an old man talked him into trying what looked to be a very disgusting house beer. Jay said that the second he swallowed he crapped his pants. I doubt he was telling the truth because he didn't elaborate at all but the audience seemed to get a big kick out of it. Come to think of it, I hear people a lot talking about "shitting a brick" or saying that under extreme circumstances they or someone else would "shit themselves." I think bodily functions are of interest to most people to some degree, but most would just be too shy to admit it.


I recently saw a commercial for Dockers pants that highlighted the new stain-resistant fabric they've developed. The ad depicted the actor being squirted with a hose, spilling things on himself, etc. Naturally, his pants showed absolutely no moisture or discoloration. I found this thought fascinating. I began to wonder if these type of pants could resist a bit of moisture attacking the fabric from the underside, if you get what I mean! If I weren't a cheap college student on a budget, I'd be tempted to buy a pair just to experiment in them, even if they are supposed to be men's pants. I know that whenever I buy a new pair of jeans, I like to christen them in my own special way, which you probably could have figured out from the name I post by! The last time I did this was about a month ago. I was visiting home for Thanksgiving break and my mom and I went shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans and I wanted to break them in. After she went to sleep, I went downstairs to the slightly more secluded bathroom in the basement, stood on the toilet seat with my thighs squeezed together and let loose a FLOOD. It felt as warm, tingly, sensual, and exciting as it always does and I assumed it was like any other pair of pants so I was suprised when I looked in the mirror afterward and saw that there was almost no visible wetness or discoloration on the pants; it was as if the piss had just run down straight into the toilet. You almost wouldn't know I'd pissed in them. I then assumed that these jeans must have had some kind of coating similar to that on the pants I saw advertised. I haven't had a chance to try them out again since then because I moved back to the dorm for the final few weeks of the semester and there is not enough privacy to get away with my pants-pissing antics here. Maybe when I go home for Christmas, I'll have to try them again to see if there is any effect on the character of the fabric after 2 or 3 washes. If you guys are interested, I'd love to report back on my findings! Anyone else had an experience with pissing/shitting in this kind of stain resistant fabric?


This evening I had my last final exam and I had made plans to go out with a group of friends afterward to celebrate the end of classes. I was kind of dreading the exam all day and I didn't want to eat anything because I thought it might upset my ????. I did poop a small bit around 2PM and I didn't feel any further urges prior to the exam, so I thought I would be ok. The exam began at 4:40 and lasted around an hour and a half. Afterward, we all walked off campus to a chain restaraunt. I had been feeling just fine during the exam but by the time we got to the resteraunt and were seated, I started getting vague urges. I was nonetheless hungry from not eating anything all day so I ordered and downed a decent-sized portion of pasta. After the meal we sat around for an hour or two joking, talking about the holidays, taking pictures, reminiscing about the semester and such. By now my urge to crap was growing stronger but I was having such a nice time that I didn't want to leave the conversation. Plus, I had scooted into the booth first and didn't want to have to ask my two friends to get up to let me out. Also, I tend to take a good 10 minutes or so when I shit and I don't like to be rushed or feel awkward about moving my bowels in public. So I decided to try and just hold it. Finally we left and started walking back toward campus. To my horror, I let out a long fart as we crossed the campus's busiest street. It was silent but fairly stinky; luckily nobody said anything and no one seemed to suspect it was me. My belly felt REALLY full and bloated. We reached my dorm and had a kind of drawn out, long, sentimental goodbye and then the two girls I was with headed upstairs to their rooms. The two guys left to walk to their dorm. By the time we all said farewell, I was clenching my butt cheeks together. I was off like a flash and as I was jogging down the hall to the bathroom, I let out another fart, just as stinky and this time much more audible. When I hit the stall and plopped my butt down on the toilet, I let out several more farts (normal for me) and two fairly solid logs followed by a lot of loose stuff. It felt SO GREAT to relieve my bloated belly! I sighed contentedly and thanked my lucky stars for the impeccable control I pride myself on.


Well, sorry it was such a long post, but I don't know when I'll be able to post again. Thanks for listening to my stories and random rants. I've been reading both the most recent and some of the old archived posts and I've really been enjoying them so thanks for the good stories everyone. Well, enjoy your holiday, guys! Happy bathrooming!

- pp

To Ash D.: You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful posts. Your most recent post got me really excited;). You all must have eaten a ton to produce that load. What all did you two eat over that 2 days? I just love how you and Mel are so fascinated with pooping and trying out new fun ways to let it out. I also like the fact that you eat a lot. The eager anticipation is a real turn on, as well as your vivid descriptions of what happens as your poo comes out and how big they turn out to be. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your next post.

To Jane: I'm fascinated by how big your loads are. What do you eat to produce such large amounts of poop?

To those who chose to answer my survey, thanks very much. Your info is very helpful.

em dubya
Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been kinda busy. Great posts everyone! I was reading through some posts when I rmembered a story I thought I should share. Over the summer a few years ago I was helping my Dad outside. I was wearing a pair of running shorts with no underwear since it was pretty hot out (I was also wearing a shirt.) While I was holding some tools I felt the need to pee. The longer I stood, the more I had to go. Finally I just let a spurt out but the shorts didn't absorb any of it and it went on the ground. I leaked out some more and I don't think my Dad noticed. I should try that again some time when the weather gets warm again. Well, I'll probably post again soon. Keep the posts coming everyone!

em dubya
Hi everyone! I just went so I figured I should write about it. I'd had to go pee since about 3PM. By 4:30 or so I had to poop, too. I went and drank some water about then so I'd really have to go. Finally, at about 5:20 I decided to just go ahead and go. I went into my bathroom, pulled my jeans and underwear down and started peeing before my butt touched to toilet. I peed for about 20 sec. solid then had a few squirt. Then I started pushing out the poop. It took a fair bit to get it started then it wooshed out and stopped. about half broke off so I pushed some more. When that piece came out there was a little left so I shook myself a little and pushed hard to get it out. Finally, I wiped twice while seated then stood to take a look. the first poop out was thick but the other part was kinda carrot shaped. The final piece was real small and kidna long and skinny. They were all light brown. I wiped twice more, then flushed. It went down fine. Well, that's all for now. Keep posting!

As for toilet scenes in movies, I recently watched Bad Boys 1 on DVD. There's a scene where they search for the villains at the nightclub, when Martin Lawrence takes a piss at the urinal. you only see him from chest and above, but he says he had too many beers and shows relief on his face. Then he notices a crook sneaking up on him, so he spins around, draws his gun and says "wassup motherf****r?" then another dude from behind puts a plastic bag around his head. he eventually frees himself and knocks out about 2 or 3 guys and shoves their heads into the piss filled urinals.

Eric in Chicago
ShortSkirt Girl: Blue, purple, or green drinks will turn your crap green, or even blue, though you have to consume a *lot* of the blue food coloring (green and purple are made from blue coloring along with yellow or red) in order to overpower all the yellow pigment that's in your crap due to the breakdown of bile and get blue. Heavily-colored cake frosting also works.

I crapped orange once, but I had to drink several bottles of straight orange food coloring to do so. Large amounts of lycopene (the red pigment in tomatoes) can turn your crap orange as well.

Crayons aren't a food, but many kids will eat them in order to get cool-looking crap.

Beets will turn just about everybody's crap red, maroon, or purple, and in some people (it's a genetically determined thing) will also turn their pee pink or red. One day I've got to eat a ton of beets and corn and then crap my old junior high school colors (maroon and gold).

Spelt (a wheat-like grain) comes out in my crap when I eat it, as do chana dals (a type of yellow lentil). And, of course, there's peanuts; I was crapping peanuts last week after eating lots of them. I also sometimes see pieces of green or red peppers in my crap. I've also seen Chinese black mushrooms in my crap, but not other types of mushrooms.

If I eat a lot of dark chocolate or drink a lot of strong coffee, it turns my crap dark brown.

By the way, with the exception of peanuts, most foods that come out in your crap are made up mostly of cellulose, an insoluble fiber that you can't digest. Therefore, it's not really accurate to say that you aren't chewing enough if you see them in your crap, because all that more thorough chewing will do is break up the cellulose into pieces so tiny that you can't recognize them when they come out The extra chewing won't make any nutrients more available. The only reason to chew corn extra-thoroughly is if you're prissy about the appearance of your crap; your digestive system will pull all the available nutrients out of it with only minimal chewing.


I started to get a bit of rumbling in the bowels. I broke wind several times, but the gastrointestinal rumbling was getting so unbearable along with the stench, that I had to pull over at a truck stop. It was so bad, that I was barely able to hold the struggling turd inside, until I could take down my tighty-whiteys and let loose. The first wave of semi-solid feces was forced out by a pulsing jet of pea-sized turds and watery shit, and I screamed in ecstacy... butthole still quivering from the assaulting breach of a shit held well past it's maturity, and the shock of the indigenous toilet water that was splashing back up onto my ass.

I recovered after several minutes of dabbing at my exhausted asshole with that prison style non-quilted toilet paper that is commonplace for that type of establishment to provide for their transient clientel. I left the commode battle-scarred and defeated, so as to make the life of whatever minimum wage loser that has to clean it up that much worse. This was such a special and most memorable occasion.


After enjoying a double chilli cheeseburger (at the Del-Bay Yacht Club), I started to get a bit of rumbling in the bowels. I broke wind several times, but the gastrointestinal rumbling was getting so unbearable along with the stench, that I had to pull over at a truck stop. It was so bad, that I was barely able to hold the struggling turd inside, until I could take down my tighty-whiteys and let loose. The first wave of semi-solid feces was forced out by a pulsing jet of pea-sized turds and watery shit, and I screamed in ecstacy... butthole still quivering from the assaulting breach of a shit held well past it's maturity, and the shock of the indigenous toilet water that was splashing back up onto my ass.

I recovered after several minutes of dabbing at my exhausted asshole with that prison style non-quilted toilet paper that is commonplace for that type of establishment to provide for their transient clientel. I left the commode battle-scarred and defeated, so as to make the life of whatever minimum wage loser that has to clean it up that much worse. This was such a special and most memorable occasion.


Has anybody hyere played ps2,gamecube,or Xbox and had to pee so bad that right after putting it on pause u go in ur pants?

hi,I'm 23 year old black male. I live in houston texas all my life. I have been reading all of stories for a while. I really like the stories. This is my first time posting on this stite.
Today i went out to ride my bike around town for while. When i was heading back home i started passing gas (it wasn't loud) so i keeped on biking and then i got slite urge to have a bm but it went away. So i stop at a store to pick up a few things as i was walking around the store the urge came back but i continued to look around. Then the urge gotten worser so i was walking around looking for a bathroom,and then i spotted a stock girl putting up stuff in the store. So i went up and asked her, "where are the restroooms". Then she replied, "it in the back" So i walk put my stuff down and headed to the mens room it is a single toilet room it was small in there, anyways i closed the door and tryed to lock it but the lock didn't work. Now i had to make bm very bad at this point. So I just closed the door and hoped that nobody would come back here and see me making bm.i went in undid my pants pulled down my boxers and hovered over the toilet because the toilet seat was dirty and there was not alot of toilet paper on the roll so i counln't cover the toilet seat with toilet paper.As soon as i got my butt the over toilet a small turd fell out of my butt a few seconds later my first turd came out it was 2inches wide and 6 inches long. (i didn't even push i just relaxed ) After that it just started coming out of butt plop-plop-plop-plop-plop (smaller turds about 4or 5 inches long) in the toilet water. After i was done i looked in the toilet, there was 6 or 7 turds in the toilet. It covered the hole in botton of the toilet. By now i pulled some toilet paper off and start to wipe my butt, i wiped about 3or 4 times. Then i pulled up my pants and boxers and zipped up my pants. I flushed the toilet when i did flushed i thought it was broken, so i gave it another flush and all the turds and toilet paper went down the toilet.I washed my hands and left the small restrooom, I got my stuff, took it up to the front of the store, paid for it and left the store.After i did that i hoped on bike and headed home.
I hope yall liked my story.

Erin: You shitted a lot like me when I was in high school and college.

DeepCloudNine: You should be so lucky in Houston. Some of our college restrooms in New York are disgraceful when they are not clean. There are strict health laws governing their cleanliness. I use seat covers most of the time. I used to use toilet paper.

Silly Girl: I was in 8th grade. I went shopping with my father and I was letting off silent ones and one loud buzz. My dad found me out and looked at me as if I came out of another world. He asked me if I had to go. I told him that I could wait until later.
In high school, I used fart before I had a bowel movement, usually in the morning after breakfast.

Jane (& Gary): Good to hear from you. I see things haven't changed with you. You had a close call in Nordstrom's.

Amy: I would have not wasted a good shit and piss in my good white panties. I would have savored sitting on the bowl at the gym.

Sarah (California): Take the Oriental physic. You will be better for it.

After dinner tonight I was listening to a CD and I felt the urge to poop. I sat on the toilet and let out some loud, strong smelling farts before a thick brown log crept out of my anus which turned out to be about 15cm long. then 3 smaller turds crept out, followed by 2 more thick turds. I wiped 9 times and flushed. I brushed the skidmarks off the porcelein and turned the fan on to get rid of the fumes. We were having pre-christmas celebrations with friends, so I was eating lots of shortbreads, fruitcake and scones, then spaghetti for dinner which probably caused me to have such a big dump.

WEELEAK: I liked your post. I've even seen pine nuts and lentils in my poo before.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I am a 17 year old guy with an athletic build.

SURVEY GIRL: here are my answers from the survey.
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, I love it.

2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.? Sitting with a straight posture.

3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? sometimes.

4. Do you make grunting noises while you're going? no.

5. About how many times a day do you poop? 2 times. once in the morning and once at night.

6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? yes, because it feels like a pleasent sensation.

7. Do you find pooping relaxing? yes.

8. Do you ever push on your stomach to get the poop out? only if i'm constipated.

9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? farting and curling up my legs.

10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? yes, if I do a big load.

11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? no.

12. Do you like to take as long as neccessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible? as fast as possible, but if i'm home alone I sit there for ages and read a magazine.

13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company? I only feel comfortable with my best friends and my cousins watching me poop.

14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realized as you walk away that you weren't done? no.

It's been a difficult couple of weeks as I have been confidante to one of the girls at school (12-year-old not in my class)whom I caught defecating on the floor of a toilet as a sort of revenge on the school which she hates. Really got me down.

Then on Friday something really nice happened. I sometimes go to a coffee shop in the city for breakfast. The ladies room has two stalls and I like to use it for my first poop of the day. This day I went in at exactly the same time as another lady, bit older than me about 40 I guess but really start. Actually she held the door for me. Then we both moved to the stalls. We pissed in unison and farted at virtually the same time and duration. Just coincidence! Three small plops more or less identical. Then a pause. I heard her straining and did the same. A loud splash. Then we both wiped five times. I hadn't finished and thought 'oh well that's the end of the performance'. I bent well forward, grunted audibly and released a small log. Seconds later I heard her grunt and there was an identical splash. Two more wipes and we went out together.

As we washed our hands she looked at me quite inscrutably and said 'were you trying to synchronise your movement with mine?". Oh well, she could only whack me with her umbrella. "Yes," I said. "Do you often do that with people?". "Always if I can." "So do I," she said. "It's really friendly, isn't it." She put her hand on my arm. "I do hope we meet again. Perhaps here." Then she was gone. I was really shaken in the nicest possible way. Went home, took off my shoes and skirt, lay on the bed and skipped my Christmas shopping. What a lovely unexpected present.

Happy Christmas and love to you all. Anthea

Gina - thank you, I look forward to reading more of your posts

Busy times for all at the moment I'm sure, but I wish everyone a joyous time for Christmas and hope you all enjoy the 'passing' of the year (especially Adrian).

Our department's party was a gas last week, literally! Everyone making the usual fools of themselves staggering around half-pissed at this great restaurant with downstairs disco.

We were there straight from work and M (that's Emma) and I were the first of us girls to head off for the loos. As M opened the inner door, a welcoming waft hit us both smack in the nose. I'm sure you know the kind of smell but this was in a class of it's own, the sort of thing that would have even Chemical Ali in tears. I grabbed the air freshener spray by the basins and squirted liberally. That was a bad move.

When we released our noses the refined smell was of the sort that would turn more heads than Wimbledon so, being high from afternoon drinkies at work and desperate to go, we laughed and clattered our way into two cubicles.

I'd barely turned before I heard M screech and more laughter.

The relief was divine as I released quite a volume of processed alcohol, finished wiped and flushed. The feeling was so good my breathing had returned to normal as I checked my make-up to make certain the 'acid drain' smell hadn't made my face start bubbling.

There was a flush and M appeared over my right shoulder giggling. "Take a look at this" she enthused, and dragged me back to my neighbouring cubicle.

What lay within was a monstrous cocktail of poo and paper the like of which could have won first prize in sausage crochet circle. We looked back at each other then simultaneously back and burst out laughing. M giggled "I'm going to put it out of its misery" and, despite my protests fearing a flood, put paper on the handle and flushed.
I got ready to run but, even though the water rose a bit, it didn't flood.

A part of this huge turd had unwound to the extent it would probably be relegated to fourth prize and, although M was keen to finish it off, I managed to drag her back to the melee under the premise she'd get the chance later.

We escaped the ladies gas chamber and continued wondering which waitress looked most likely to have lost weight quicker than the Atkins diet could ever boast. An entertaining evening ended abruptly with me dancing to the smoochy music attached to the over-ambitious Kev's armpit thinking 'can't wait to get to the loo for a breath of fresh air!'

Best wishes to all


Jane (& Gary)
HJ Therakon: Regarding your hang-up over whether Christians think having an interest in toilet matters is wrong, I think you're taking it too seriously. If it is truly wrong for Christians to visit this site, you wouldn't have 1200 pages of material here. I'm sure there are many devout Christians who read these pages and post here. I can't speak for anyone else but myself but I don't think I would turn my back on my Catholicism just for this. It is up to you, HJ, but I think you can continue to have your strongly-held religious beliefs if you want to continue to post here. You just need to relax. Remember, everyone has to do it.

Here are my answers to Survey Girl's survey:

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes
2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.? sitting upright
3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? sometimes, particularly if it's going to be a major one
4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going? not unless I'm passing very hard pieces
5. About how many times a day do you poop? once or twice a day
6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? yes, especially if it will give me relief
7. Do you find pooping relaxing? usually, unless the stools are hard or I experience severe cramps
8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? not usually
9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? lots of gas, grumbling in the stomach
10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? sometimes, if I pass hard pieces or an unusually massive wave
11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? sometimes I've cried if I'm having a hard time during pooping, but not afterwards
12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible? at home, I like to relax, but in the office or public restroom I like to finish as fast as I can
13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company? I don't mind having my husband around at home. Sometimes it's OK to have a friend around in a public restroom, but only if she also needs to go.
14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? it has happened to me sometimes

Quick hellos to Robby & Annie, Sarah S & Meghan, John, Rizzo, Buzzy, Althea and the others.

Louise (from France)
no this kind of urinal (very old) are very rare here in France. I think the one where I peed in Paris, is probably one of the last remaining in town.
Some of them have been replaced by modern "robotic" (self-cleaniong)box, with a coin to open teh door, but many have been simply removed..
So now you simply have less ppublic toilet available if u need to pee in town, first if yoou don't have a coin u have to find somwhere else to pee, second without urinals teh only alternative is peeing somwhere outdoor.
For men it isn't a big problem, as it is an accepted thing to see a man peeing in a corner or carside in a street, for us ladies it is worse, because we often don't have a suitable secluted palce to pee, expecialy in daylight...When I'm caught short in urban area, without public loo around, I mostly i sneak into a parking garage (very common) where I can squat between cars with much more privacy than ouside or in a open parking.....

Please replay my survey, to make it easyer I post it again:

BOth for Girls (ladies) and Boys (man)

my answer is E.

2-Have You ever peed in a sink?
b- yes at home
c- yes in a public bathroom
d. in both
my answer is C, but even b rarely
Wen I was a student a share a college room with a friend, We had a sink inside the room, while the toilet was outside in the corridor, and we both used it often to pee, expecially before going to sleep or in the morning when we woke up. Does some of you have similar experiences?

3 Do you ever peed in the bidet?
a- no
b- rarely
c- sometimes
d- often
e- always
Mi naswer is oblvously E

4.How often did you happen to have to pee outdoor?
d often
My answer is c-d (often in summer, just sometimes in winter)

5. In urban area have you ever happen to pee in one of this palces?
a- between or behind parked car on the street a parking lot
c-in a parking garage a stairwell
e. behind-beside a dumpster
f-in a secluted corner of a street
g- in a doorway
My answer is: all!
please write a short sentence about the last tiem u rember about having to pee in one of these palces-
Exmple: last week i had to take a really needed pee over a drain in the parking garage (no bathroom) before going to work (5-10 min walk)

6- Tell one or more unusual places where u peed:
a phone box in Rome (i used phone kiosk in emergency to pee 3 times in my life), in one of those very old street urinal in Paris with my sister, into a empty train wagon with a friend, in a waiting room of a small station, in a bus stop sheltere in scotland or ireland with my hubby (didn't rember well)-
Anecdotes are welcome

6a. only for the ladies:
1-have u ever peed in a urinal at the men's?
2-have u haver peed in a street urinal?
please tell a short anecdotes about it.
My answer are 1-yes once, once; 2-yes once.

7-what do u do if you find a toilet closed (both sexes) when u are bursting?
1-hold it anyway hoping to find an opened one soon
2-try to find a secluted place to pee
3-pee near the closed toilet because your bladder is too full
My answer is mostly 2, even if i did number 3 few times

8-Expecially for the ladies (man opinions are welcome too, anyaway):
What do you do if needing to go badly u go into a public toilet or portaloo and find it awfully dirty, unclean smelly or even with a clogged toilet.
1-even if u are bursting u are disgusted and go away trying to find a better one (if you can hold it so long)
2-like number 1, but needing to pee badly you find a suitable palce to pee quickly (not a toilet)
3-you don't care anyway, plug your nose with a hand and use the disgusting toilet, at maximum you hover with your bum over teh rim to not get dirty
4-You try to use the toilet anyway, hoveing higher and further form the disgusting toilet . As conseguence your pee often hit the toilet's rim or seat, or even splashes on the floor. You don't care too much as it is disgusting and soaked anyway
5- You pee somwhere else into the loo or stall, like in the sink (if possible), into the waste bin, over a drain or squat directly on the floor. See 8a
My answers are mostly 2, than 4 and if it is too disgusting 5

like in teh previous case, after waiting in queque for public toilet (or portaloo) in a crowded place, u find that the toilet is in tremendous dirty conditions, really disgusting, but you have to pee too badly to go away and wait longer, what do u do?
a-plugging the nose u decide to try to pee in the toilet anyway (even if clogged), assuming a technique like in 8.4
b-You have to pee somwhere inside to avoid using the disgusting toilet:(if possible give this otpion a priority or a frequence):
1-the sink (if possible)
2-the waste bin
3-a drain on the floor
4-go directly on the floor
Please indicate more than one option an tell a short sentence about an experience.
My anwer is both a, and b: 1- rarely, 2 and 3 really rarely, 4 few time s in my life.

My sentences:
This summer in a croweded fish market bathroom (orrible) I first made my daughter pee into a sink outsidede the only toilet stall (disgusting) with other women watching, then i got in the stall and squat over a drain in the floor

Please anwer the poll!!!
tahnks in advance
Kisses and marry christmas to all!


Tim (and Sarah)
Hi Dears! Good to hear, Robbie is slowly getting better. Please, be careful with the straining, dear friend. Sounds like you had a good poo, though, with Annie peeing in the bath, grin!
You bet, Sarah had a sore bum after her big poo this summer. We had to go for a swim after that to cool off various body parts ;-).
Hopefully you will have some restful holidays with the girls. I am so busy at the moment, I just want to lie around and do absolutely nothing...I guess, the kids will teach me better....
LOVE to you two and SARAH AND MEGHAN!

RIZZO: Thanks for your little story. I am afraid, you put Sarah off boats for the rest of her life, lol...But we were glad you are using the latrine, when it gets too dangerous. We saw a thing on telly, where they warned men about peeing from the boats, cause several had been killed going overboard...(they did not mention women though). Sarah told me to warn you, so we are glad you are watching it.
Sarah would be curious, by the way, if your wife ever tried her present, if it's not rude to ask...We do understand though, if it's none of our buisness.
Sounds like you were a little revolutionary as a kid...I don't think I would have dared to pee onto an adult on purpose, but I can understand you had a lot of pressure there. I only remember when my sister was mad at our dog for peeing onto her bycicle. She paid me with some sweets to pee into his kennel, lol. I was very scared that the dog, a full grown German shepard, would catch me, but afterwards it was a good laugh.
Have some lovely holidays and love from Sarah and me!

JANNA: Hi there! Thank you for your nice words! Yes, my wife and my kids are definately my sunshine! It's nice to hear you liked our stories, although I suspect some of those letters were quite tirering to read. I remember sometimes writing for hours to keep my mind off other things or thinking about certain stuff that way. Anyway, I am honoured they kept you interested.
You sensed very well, that I am trying not to write too often about my wife. I know, she does not mind and gave me permission, but it's easier to write my own experiences as I know then, that the level of privacy, I am sharing, is definately alright.
I wrote another story a few weeks ago, about my dear Sarah having a big poo in the summer. I don't know if you saw it. I would be very interested into your stories and hear a bit about yourself, in case you would like to share something...!
So here is just a little one about us: On Friday we had a big company dinner and both Sarah and me had to poo badly on the way home. We both had to fart in the car and raced to the toilet when we arrived at home. Sarah beat me to it, but I was allowed in the bathroom as well. I sat on the edge of the bathtub, clenching my cheeks together while I watched my wife taking a royal dump. It was great to watch her, but I also suffered cause I felt mine also wanting to come out badly. Sarah teased me a bit, moaning with extra pleasure, telling me how good it felt. We laughed and gossiped a bit about a few at the party. She finally was done and I ripped my pants down and planted my bum onto the bowl. Phew! Heavenly relief while I peed a storm and my bum opened to release a big, long one. It also did hurt a bit though as I am suffering from some haemorrhoids at the moment, which were caused by a rectal examination. I had to clench my teeth and Sarah came over to stroke my hair and neck. I leaned my head against her and it felt good to have support. Suddenly the door opened and our little son came in. He looked at us sleepy and asked what was going on. I am helping daddy, cause his poopoo hurts..." Our little one looked at me in pitty, came over and stroke my knee. He said: Oh, I am so sorry...but could you hurry, cause I really need to peepee..." We laughed and I hurried in order to save his pyjamas...Hope to hear from you then. Best wishes, Tim (and a nice hello from Sarah)

This morning I was awake a little bit before the alarm went off. Sarah and me cuddled a bit longer. Suddenly she apologized and let out three little farts: brrt, brrt, brrt...I said that those weren't proper farts like the one I was about to do. She told me to show her then...I took a big breath and BRRRAAAAPPP!!!, it echoed through our bed room. At this moment the alarm clock started to ring... It was hilarious. After we stopped laughing, Sarah told me I definately won!


Could you please give full details of some of the "good
performances" that you have given, complete with the sound
of the plop.

What sort of noise does it make at work when it drops. Is it just
a plop sound, of more of a "Kerspuloonk" ?

Do you splash your bum sometimes ?

Could you give details of some of the other women you have heard.

Do you know the ladies that you are listening to ?

To Amy: Loved your story

To Sarah (California): Good luck with your constipation

To unamed poster who woke up at 3am and had diahreaha...liked your story

To Bob from NJ: Sounds like a cool post card

To WeeLeak: Thats cool about pooping blue/green

To Donny: Enjoyed your story

To Billy and Kevin: Loved your stories

To Zip: Loved your story

To eli: Loved your always have some cool expriences in the university bathrooms

To Bill: Liked your story

I rented some movies that had some bathroom sceenes in them...The first one i watched was Called BoardHeads(about surfing) There was this one part when this young dude 20-30 y.o got up one morning and had to pee he went into the shower(i think it was more like a public shower) and he goes in there and starts peeing in the shower drain you could actully see his pee landing in the drain...hes standing there empying his bladder when you start to hear bang bang bang...then the wall of the shower comes crashing down and it was his landlord on a bulldozer tearing the place down. She said to him, are you out...then shes like i see your out(she ment out peeing). It was cool

Then i watched Dumb And Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd. There was a part when this one guy with the blonde hair went to this girls house an he thought she wanted to make out with him but it turned out she just wanted to get some info out of him about this special class he is in at school. He brought a chocolate candy bar with him and put it in his pocket, then He sat down on the heater and his butt started getting really warm and he got up asking for the bathroom. He went in there and put his hand in his pocket and had melted chocolate in his pants and some how he took it out of his pants he had it all over the bathroom, mirrors, walls etc. Then he changed his clothes and stayed for dinner and this girls father went up to the bathroom and he said Theres Shit every where, shit every where(it was really chocolate) Then towards the end this same guy got alot of mud splashed on him and he got hit by this girls father and he said you got shit on my car..Intresting movie..hope i didn't miss any thing..gotta run bye

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