well yesterday i felt so much better! i was so hungry from not eatting much over the last few days thay i really piged out!
so this morning i got up early and went and worked out real good at ballys after wards i felt great. since i was drinking water while working out i had to go and pee before i left, at the same time i felt the need to have a bm. but i thought i would wait and hold it till i got home or maybe not. by the time i got to my drive way and parked my car i really had to poop bad, so bad i was afraid that when i got up my poop would just start coming out. so as i got out of my car i put my hand over my butt to try and hepl keep it in, as soon as i got out and shut the door i took my hand away and just relaxed.
i was right my first turd just came right out and folded up in the seat of my panties. but i wasnt done by a long shot, since i had sweat pants on and there wasnt anyone around i just went ahead and pushed. i filled my panties with a fairly solid load and peed a little too. when i was done i reached back and felt the bulge though my sweat pants, it felt like a soft ball it was so huge. anyways i went in my house and got to my room and pulled my pants down to inspect the damage.
what i saw thrilled me, my poop was so firm and there was so much of it my panties had pulled away from butt. i could actually see my poop though the leg bands of my white cotton panties. i turned to to lookat my bulge in the back and it was now very brown. i turned and looked at the front (which by the way was pulling very taught against me) very light brown wettness was wicking up the front from the little bit of pee that had exspelled. so anyways i pulled my pants back up and went to my computer and checked my email and talked ti a couple of people while sitting in my mess. believe me it was great!
To Noreen, havent heard from you i just wondered how you and your daughter was getting along. okies byez for now xoxo love Amy

Sarah (California)
hi! i'm a long-time lurker and avid reader (24-girl blonde and small) with a small problem... i've been spending a few days up in San Francisco and i've gotten really constipated. So I went to Chinatown looking for a herbal remedy. In a herbal shop this cute girl recommended me to take something called "I Ching Shung (or Shui, i'm not sure)" laxative, it comes in pills and she told me, it'll be fast, just stay home after you have two pills!
well, i feel quite bunged up and desperate, but i'm a bit scared. Has any of you had this stuff and knows what i can expect. I don't mind a few hours of cramps and runny ????, but i'm worried about having diarrhoea for days!

Jane (& Gary)
Hi Robby & Annie. Robby, glad to see you up and about again. Just continue to get strong so you can fully recover. Yes, I've been regular but the pooping session I described the other day was definitely not my usual output lately. I must have done a week or two's worth that time.

Unfortunately, I had another "unusual" massive bowel movement the other day. Gary and I had a big breakfast at IHOP in the morning before work. Later Rachel, Carol and I went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. After work Gary and I went out and had dinner in an Italian place before getting some last-minute holiday shopping done at the mall. We were at Nordstroms when I had a sudden urge to poop and made a silent fart that made a "loud, deafeaning" poop smell. The poop was about to eject from my butt into my pants, and I had to hold the cheeks together to keep it from coming out. I said to Gary, "Honey, I need to go," then rushed to the ladies room. The poop was coming out again, and I had to hold it in as I got to the door.

I went into a stall and slammed the door shut. I yanked down my jeans and white panties, but the poop started coming out even before I sat down. A rapid succession of about 12 pieces of soft poop, ranging from globs to bananas, followed. I started to pee, but the poop smell was so strong that I flushed the toilet while seated before I was even finished peeing. I continued to push out long ropes of soft serve poop that broke apart as it fell into the toilet. This continued for several minutes without stopping, during which I flushed the toilet while seated three more times. I was finally finished, so I wiped several times and flushed a final time, leaving behind the usual poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Omg! I have no clue why I said that I'm 19 years old!! Maybe I *wish* I was again, but I'm really 26 years old. Sorry for the confusion, but I just read my post again and noticed the 19. Wow that was weird!! LoL.

To *Survey Girl - You said you wanted more replies to your survey, so I'll give it a shot......
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Sometimes, if I don't have to rush through it.

2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.? I always sit on the toilet to pee and poop. I have hovered over the toilet a few times - usually when it's dirty and if I'm in a hurry.

3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? On some occasions.

4. Do you make grunting noises while you're going? Not usually. Usually the only sound is my poop splashing into the water and me farting a few times.

5. About how many times a day do you poop? Hmmm.....I'd say once a day. If I'm sick maybe two times a day, but it's not unusual if I don't poop for a day or two either.

6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? *Yup*

7. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes I do.

8. Do you ever push on your stomach to get the poop out? No

9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? Well, I feel a fullness in my lower ???? and I'll sometimes do alot of little farts.

10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Not really

11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? Yes. I was really young and I aws with my mom at a restaurant. I had to go, so we went into the ladies room and I had a tough time pushing it all out. I had tears in my eyes afterwards and my mom hugged me and told me she loves me.

12. Do you like to take as long as neccessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible?
I take however long it takes until I feel empty. It usually only takes me 2 or 3 minutes to go, but sometimes it can take me up to 20-25 minutes.

13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company?
I don't mind my friends or my husband being in with me. Me and Shawn [my husband] have even kissed before while I was leaning over on the toilet.

14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realized as you walk away that you weren't done? Yeah, but I just go back and sit down and finish going.

Shawn and I are gonna watch a movie now, so I'll write here again later.......xoxo

What happen to alssya i thougt you stories where intersesrting. And evryone get we please post more pee accident stories, thanks.

Oh, man, what a horrible day. I woke up at 3:00 AM because I needed a snack. I ate all the ice cream in the house. Coupled with the nervousness I had about employment tests, I really had serous diarehha. I rushed to the toilet and made butt pee. It was yellowish green, and was nearly 100% liquid. I had to do that 3 times. Finally, when I returned home, I took an Immodium, and now I don't have that problem. Thank God that's over.

oh god i have had no time to write
thanks Gina (heh heh) and all of you for your --ahem-tails
i will write again oas soon as i can but i am enjoying all of you

Bob from NJ
I found this postcard from New Zealand.It shows the Kawakawa Public Toilets.The note printed on the back says"These unique facilities were designed by the famous Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser.They have become a local icon and a significant visitor attraction." The photo on the front shows urinals backed by handmade tile,the ornate,colorful front entrnce,pillars,and what look like stained glass or bottles set in a wall.
Has anyone seen this?
How about other artistict or ornate bathrooms?

And Butt and Or
To Billy and Kevin: I've been wondering something. I've been reading your posts for a while, and I was wondering, do you usually fart when you poop? And do you joke around with your friends about it.

To eli: That was a good story about your diarrhea. I sometimes wish I could make a stink like that, but my friend Tracey always outdoes me at dumping, even though I'm about twice his size.

To Short Skirt Girl

My 25th birthday cake, a train engine in Conrail blue, made me poop blue-green for two days. As a kid I was horrified to find "worms" in my poop half in half out hanging from my butt hole. They turned out to be been sprouts from chineese food I'd had recently. I've also seen black olive slices on my poop. Of course corn too. I beleave eating too fast and not properly chewing your v????s causes them to show up later.

fil and HL Terakon: Urination and defecation are in the Bible. It is in the Old Testament. See my recent post about purging thyself with a physic.

I went into the girls restroom to clean, and there was pee on the toilet seats. Now, these particular girls are not shy about sitting on the seats bare-bottomed. The don't hover. So, I can only figure that a little pee shoots out as they are getting off the toilet. The strain would seem to put pressure on the bladder upon arising (it happens to me sometimes). Now, I am finding wadded up toilet paper that is pee soaked, so either some of the girls are wiping the seats during the day or they are back to one of their old past times - holding wadded tissue against their vaginas and wetting it, then dumping it on the floor! (giggle, giggle). Does this happen to any of you girls on this site? Does a little pee drip or squirt as you are getting up? Do you wipe again or just forget about it? Do any of you deliberately wet a sanitary napkin and then dispose of it in the restroom?

Billy and Kevin
This kev. On Monday, after recess, I had to go both ways bad (I tried to go before recess, but there were two kids sitting ont he toilets and two kdis waiting to poo). After recess, we go and help little kids learn to read. So I went to that room. There is a bathroom in it. WHen I went in, there was a kid pooping. He said, he was done. He wiped and got up. I sat down. There was a little pile of poo and some toilet paper and another pile of one big log and about 3 more logs that the kid made (I guess another kid pooed before him) and some pee in the toilet. The kid I help read came in. He was holding is wiener and said he was starting to poo. I pushed my pants down to my ankles, move back and told him to sit down. He said thanks and sat down. There was a turd about 3 in. out when he sat down. Then the teacher came in a said what you doing. I said were pooping! He said, I can see that. He said why are both of you on the toilet at once. I said, when he came in, he said he was already pooping. i was already going, so i let him sit down so he did not poop his pants. The teacher said, ok and hurry up. About 1 minute later we were both done. I wiped first. I made one one big log and about 4 little logs. The kid made one big log and a pile of about30 little logs about 1/2 in. He wiped after I got up and flushed the toilet. The turds barely made it down. There was a bunchy of streak marks. we wnet and read.

Today, I had to poop again after school. There is an after school program. I was go fish iwth the kdi I read with. I said I am going to go to the bathroom. He said he had to poop too. I said let's go. When we got there, the teacher was sitting there with his two kids. One is about 4 and the other one was about 10. The little kid was on the handicapped toilet and he was on the regular toilet. The big kid said he couldn't wait any longer. Then the teacher did pushed his pants down and told his son to sit down with him. He did. When the little kid was done, he got up and said to his dad, wipe me. I said to the kdi I read with, let's go. He said, both of us? I said, yeah, MR. smith seems to think it is ok. There were two loads in there and some pee. We both made a big log and a pile of about 10 turds. He wiped while I was still pooping. Then I wiped. I looked at his poop and said, you seem to like corn. He siad, yeah, how did you know. I pointed at the toilet. He said, Oh. I flushed and we washed our hands. While we were washing our hands the teacher and his kids finished up. The teacher tried to flush the toilet, but it backed up. There was one long turd in the hole at the bottom and a pile on top of it. And about 10 floating turds. All of the turds had corn in them. I said, looks like you like corn too. Then Mr. Smith said to his kid, you backed up thte toilet. The kid said, no, you did. My turds are floating. About 1 hour later, I had to pee. The kid and I were done and were on our way home. We went in. Two kids were on the toilets. The first one got up and the kid I read to sat down. He said, Unfinished business. I guess I didn't empty out the first time. I said, ok. He was there only 30 second and peed and pooped. He dropped about 4 turds. There was about 3 or 4 other loads there. I peed and flushed. While we were washign our hands, the kid on the toilet got and came over to wash his hands. THen the janitor came in with the plunger. He looked in the toielt. He said, another kid blocked it up. I said, no, Mr. Smith did. I looked int hte toilet and said, there are about 4 more loads int here since Mr Smith was there. The janitor said, yeah, that happens. Either kids don't know any better or can't wait. I said, yeah.

I stopped at the park because I had to take a dump pretty badly. There were no doors on the stall (of course) and they faced the entrance. I picked the first one, wiped down the seat, and sat down. I had to push at first, but once the flow started, it all came out pretty easy. I started to wipe, front first and then from behind. Another guy walks,m goes past my stall, and I hear him tearing paper off and wiping the seat. He's kinda short, looks to be Asian, and probably early 20's. In the meantime, I pulled up my dark green briefs and jeans and was buckling my belt. I went to the sink and washed my hands. I turned towards the stall and saw that the guy in the stall had pulled his sweatpants and underwear down to about his thighs and had his feet firmly planted against both sides of the stall. He was standing, with his knees locked, his shirt pulled up, and his butt hanging over the bowl. He was bent over, so I was looking at the top of his head, and he had his right elbow on his right knee, with his left hand between his legs. He was either holding his balls or his pants out of the way. He may have also been aiming his pee into the bowl. By the sound and the smell I could tell he had diarrhea. I went back to the stall for paper to dry my hands and watched him for a couple of seconds. Then I left. I'd never seen anyone crap like that. Maybe I'll try it sometime.

Hello,poopers-some responses-
TO SHORT SKIRT GIRL-Yes,there are other things you can see in your poop besides corn-Sesame seeds you can spot easily along with romane lettuce and tomato skins too-I see that stuff in my poop all the time when I eat those foods-sometimes when i have a blueberry slurpie from 7-11,i have a bluish tint to my poop the next day!Also tex-mex food has a lot of stuff in it too after i eat that,i get seeds from the peppers and tomato skins too!
TO ASH D & MEL-interesting poop story,although,i'm not into pants pooing,i enjoyed your story,non the less-you guys sound like you really enjoy the feeling of pooping and that's what I enjoy about your stories!we would have a fun buddy poop together when we all have to go bad!!
speaking of having to go bad-i gotta poop right now-went out to dinner with some friends last nite and had a bunch of sushi and that stuff really makes me go-i'm getting cramps as I feel my rectum filling up
Uh-oh,Gotta go--enjoy everyone's stories later...BYE

I love this forum. I cannot believe that some women are so into this also. I for a long time believed that i was unique in the human race and that no one else on the planet was interested. The gym stories are fascinating, I read them with anticipation and enjoy the stories about the beautiful shapely young women and their experiences with large BMs. I find this intriguing. Keep those stories coming!!

There's nothing I enjoy more than shitting in a clean public toilet which is busy with other guys doing the same thing. If I go in and find a whole row of locked doors, I am delighted, providing that there is at least one stall free (and with TP). I know the next 15 min or so is going to be very enjoyable. If the place is fairly quiet, I seek out an occupied stall and enter the adjacent one. Toilets in shopping malls often have loud canned music, and that is a disaster. I want to be heard as well as to hear, so I don't care if I fart loudly or grunt with effort as I push. I hate rushing. If I spend less than 10 min doing my business, I know that I will get the mesage again later in the day, whereas if I stay till I have done two or three installments, I don't usually need to go again that day. And if it takes half an hour, who cares? It's quality time, often the most enjoyable event of the day. I admit that sometimes an adjacent stall at busy times of day like first thing in the morning can be occupied by three different guys in the time that it takes me to finish my dump, but apart from listening, I can bend down and see what kind of shoes they're wearing. Most men are disappointingly quiet on the toilet, just the odd fart and plop and rustle of TP. It's much more enjoyable if the guy next door is a noisy shitter.

Louise (from France). I enjoyed your account of the old fashioned street urinal in Paris. Are they very commonplace or quite rare nowadays?
Hermione. Hi! Glad to see you back after what seems like a long time.
hippie. It's been my experience of life so far that whatever we chaps can do the ladies seem to be able to do bigger and better. That's been as true on the toilet front as any other!
Robby and Annie. Hi! Enjoyed your latest post enormously. You obviously both had to go badly in your own way at the same time! I hope Robby's soon fully recovered and feeling much better. Take care.
I had a huge dump when I got home this afternoon, having held back since just after lunch. Wow, was it good! I was well ready for it I can tell you.

To ShortSkirt Girl: Peas..... is something that shows up in poop
To ALEXIS: Thats cool about that show
To eli: Loved your story
To hippie: Liked your story
To Ash.D: Loved your story
To Donny: Liked your story
To Samantha C: Enjoyed your story
To lachlan: Loved your stories
To Robby(and Annie: Saying hi back
Story time...
The other day i ate alot at work then yesterday i went shopping and ate at the mall. I come home and decided i was gonna have this berry capn crucnch for dinner...i thought it might be able to turn my poop green with all the colors in it. I ate around 7pm then i was tired around 10:30/11pm and went to bed watched the news and turned the tv off and went to bed...About 30-45 more minutes i woke up with a bit of heartburn and cramping in my stomach...i had to go to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and peed then i slowly pushed out hard poop i had 2 little logs with corn in it from sunday night(i hadn't pooped since sunday morning) then i pooped out smaller softer logs....Then i was having pure diahreha. I sat on the can for like 30 minutes then i went back in my room and watched tv cause i figured it wouldn't make since to go to sleep casue i knew i'd be back on the toilet soon. About 20 more minutes i had to go more it was like chunky wet loose diahreaha. That was the last time i went. Both times i flushed and my toilet deicded to run at 12 in the morning. I got up this morning thinking i might have to go again. I peed and sat and pushed and nothing happened now im feeling gassy and im gonna try and poop before i go out.

Have I got a story for everybody today!!! This morning I walked into the student union building to have breakfast before my history final. I had my pancakes and bacon then coffee and had to go the bathroom. I walked in to the first floor bathroom, its approx 7:30 AM. There are two rows of three stalls in each s.u.b. bathroom. Five of six stalls were full so I got the last one. It was quiet when I walked in with only the sound of an intermittant groan from the last left stall. Suddenly I had to explode and let loose with an enormous log and a wicked loud fart. Well, my ass must have acted like the gun at a horserace because suddenly they were off!!! It got so loud in there with the farts and the plops and grunts and moans I thought I was in a diarea ward in General Hospital. Unreal, and did it wreack! I now felt better and wanted to see who I was dumping with so I wiped and peaked over the left stall to see my buddy Art from the football team with a grimace on his face that made him look like a red Iriquois Indian mask. His face was unrecognizable almost and I could see that his toilet was almost full as the cracklin continued. This stuff kind of amazes and intrigues me. In the right stall was another friend of mine, a wrestler named Steven who is about my age but looks older because he shaves his head and wears a beard like the dude in Limp Bizkit. He was in a very strange position. He had his body curved up like a question mark so that his ass appeared huge and his face was staring up at the ceiling behind me. If he saw me he did not care because he just kept pooping and pooping and then his eyes closed very tight and he let a fart rip that sounded like a Howitzer just went off. It was so loud that it scared me. Then he leaned way forward and i saw his butthole opened a couple of inches in diameter. I thought he was gonna have a baby!!!! Then a moan so loud you could have heard it clear across the campus. I sat back down in amazement and now felt the urge to let go of a rip roaring fart myself. I let loose again and rolled my eyes back in my head with relief as I felt soooo much better. I wiped and went to the library to await my final later that morning. I saw both Art and Steve later and wished that I could talk to them about their dumps earlier, unfortunately that is something that I do not think is socially acceptable in this time period. Well most likely I will have more stories later this week. What a semester its been, I cant wait till next semester. It begins in mid January and there is a Cluck U eating contest scheduled for Jan. 16th at night. I will have many many stories as I will probably be on the bowl on Jan 17Th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave form Upstate NY
To: Eli, Great story from the Library bathroom, I would have like to have had a seat wit you guys.

Louise (from France)
Please reply more and more, I'd appreciate it a lot.
Like it's obvious men are more used in peeing outdoor or in other places (shower, sinks) than girls, but I'm really interested in girls behaviour, expecially in public toilets. In fact I often find them rather dirty (probably worse then male's ones) so I suppose that a number of girls don't care much about aiming when hovering over the toilet, ot just go on the floor, as Toilet's are always spalshed and floor are frequently wet (more than form just few drops).

Ashley u don't know wath a bidet is?
It is not a sort of toilet but it's created purposely to wash intimate parts: mostly the bottom for both sexes after pooping, and expecialy for women the genitalia. In the first case u sit on the bidet like on the toilet (the shape is really similar) backwards, in the second case u seat facing it with leg opened.
It's not designed purposely to pee in it,but it has a drain similar to a sink and it washes very quickly, and having a similar shape to a toilet it is an easy thing to pee in it. Peeing in bidet is a common thing for children (it's lower than a toilet usually) and from ladies, espescially if tehy are washing their pussy and feel teh urge to pee with the running water (typical). I pee sititng on it both ways.
Anyway the bidet is a very useful thing, as u can wash your intimate parts more times a day without a shower, u can clean ur bum every time u poop, end can use it to wash feet too. It's a very higenic habit to have it, and in add very useful if someone need to pee whil smomeother is sitting on the toilet...
I post a pair fo links for images:


Today I was on the motorway and had a flat - you can probably guess the rest - I had to phone for help because the nuts were too tight and helpwas a long time coming. I had to go from both ends and began with a prayer. The repair guy came after about an hour when I was cross legged and had already shot a ten second burst in my briefs in the hpe that that would ease things.

I was wearing briefs - I have mostly boxers and today was a real plus - briefs with quite tight leg support. The guy needed some help and I was squatting holding the wheel while he guided it onto the nuts and whilst squatting i gave in and pissed and it dripped through my trousers and formed a pool around my feet. I cursed and he laughed and told me that his previous had already wet himself before he had arrived. he sais it wa s afrequent thing here. Well, I farted and shat myself. It wa sfirm but sticky and bulged my trousers and the bloke said that was not such a frequent occurence. I still had two hours drive and I put a plastic bag under my but and enjoyed the rest of the rest of the trip sat on a cushion of poo. I have to say I enjoyed it and it will not be quite so long before I do it again.

Will let you know when!


Thursday, December 18, 2003

To HL Terakon: Christians pee and empty their bowels like everyone else. Listening to others pee or seeing them pee, if they allow it, is not wrong. It is natural. Little kids do it, so do adolescents and adults.
The Lord gave us bladders and bowels to empty. What do you think Jesus and the disciples when they walked long distances. In the countryside there were no toilets, just the open ground and few trees to hide behind. We can hold our pee until the bladder is so full it just empties. But that isn't necessary. If you have to go, just ask or find a place and just go. Also remember that most people in the Bible were Jewish, including Jesus, Peter, Paul. They all had public circumcisions. Nothing was private and everyone accepted it openly. Only in recent centuries did public things like peeing became very, very private mainly in English speaking countries. Everyone walked around with very full and painful bladders. That is really silly. But
just try to find a restroom in London or in New York.

ShortSkirt Girl
To EVERYONE who was kind enough to respond to my questions about how long it takes to digest food, THANK YOU! :)

It was very interesting to read your replies - especially Eric of Chicago (very detailed and informative, thank you), so I appreciate all your time and expertise on the topic.

One more questions though, apart from Corn, are there other foods or drinks that would appear recognizable in your poop?

(16 Dec 2003) On 11-03-2003, I watched an episode of "The Parkers." On that episode, I watched Nikki Parker come out of the bathroom holding her stomach, and her daughter, Kim, and their friends, Andell and Stevie, all held their noses because I assumed that they were holding their noses (the bathroom was stinking). Nikki was complaining of diarrhea and said that she didn't feel well enough to go on a certain talk show (she said she had eaten pork rinds and chocolates together). What was even worse was that she had another attack of diarrhea and ran to the bathroom a second time. Then, somewhere between the middle and end of the episode, she was still holding her stomach while sitiing on the couch alongside Stevie, and Stevie "reluctantly and sternly" allowed her to "go potty one last time before we go." That was an episode I will never forget, and I would also like to see even more stories written by women who either have the same problem now or have had this problem. Thank you!!!

Billy and Kevin
Short Ckirt Girl, it takes at least 4 or 5 hours for food you eat to get out of you, unless you are sick. We asked our dad, who is a pediatrician. A lot of times, when we can feel we have to poop and eat, we have to poop right after we eat. Our dad said this is just a reflex. It is the digestive system's way of getting ready to digest more food.

Thanksgiving morning, we went to our grandparents. Both of us got out of bed late. Our older brother was on the toilet, so we didn't have get to pee. We had only about 5 minutes to get ready, so we brushed our teeth and got in the van. About 15 minutes after starting out, we stopped at McDonalds. I had felt the urge to poop coming, but neither of us had to pee too bad. So we ate breakfast. After breakfast, I had to take a big dump. OUr little brother Jeremy had to go too. ANd kev had to pee. So we went into the bathroom. When we got in, there 3 or 4 kids waiting in line to pee. Both stalls were being used. One guy in the stall came out and left without washing his hands. All three of us went in. In the toilet was had one big log and about 4 more littles ones, all dark brown. He didn't use toilet paper. WE all peed. Jeremy sat down and made his poop. He dropped about 4 logs and wipes. The guy in the next toilet got, without flushing. Jeremy got up and I sat down. Just as I sat down, a little dude sat went into the other stall. When he closed the door, he must have hit his hand or something and yelled ouch. When he sat down, I facing forward. It was weird, because I was looking at the side of the other kids' toilet (you can just see the bottom and the kid's feet hanging down). (Usually, when you sit in stalls, you sit side-by-side, rather than facing the side of the next toilet). The kid peed and dropped about 4 logs. Then he had trouble flushing the toilet. I was done pooping (i dropped about 4 logs too) and wiped. Kev opened the door and told him to pull the handle on our toilet back. He did and flushed the toilet, then he flushed his own. THere was about 5 huge logs (probably from the first guy) and his 4 logs.

We ate around 1, then we went outside. Usually we ahve a football game and bunfire and stuff with all of my cousins and the neighbors. About 6:30, we had to poop again. Josh, our other little broher had to poop too. We were about 10 minutes from home. I told Josh we should go in the woods, otherwise, mom won't let us back out. He said ok. The three of us, and about 4 other boys went in the woods. We all peed in a circle. We always pee before we poop in the woods, so we don't pee on our clothes. Then I said we have to poop. I just dropped my pants and started to go. So did Kev and Josh and one other kid. I dropped two logs. Kev dropped one huge one and about 3 little ones. The other kid dropped two logs. And Josh was dropping about 10 little logs, real thing, almost like those big pensils they use in 1st grade. WE all had corn in our poop, from lunch (about 5 hours after dinner), except kev (it was dark out, but we had flash lights). We were all done except Josh who had about 3 more turds to go. Just then, 3 girls about our age (12 or 13) came and stopped about 10 feet to our right. They dropped their pants and started to pee. The girl in the middle gave the other two girls a tissue to dry themselves. Josh finished up and wiped himself. One of the girls said, are you too done peeing? The girl on the left, yeah, but I will be another minute. Another girl said what do you mean? Just hten, a huge log came out of the girl (we could see, becaue there were houses with lights on about 200 feet from us). The girl said, we are out of tissue. Then the girl pooping said, ask those boys behind us. I gave her some tissues and watched her wipe. The girl said she saw our flashlights.

After we got home around 9:00, we all had to poop again. Funny, whenever we poop in the woods, it seems like we don't get it all out, but leave one or tow logs behind. This time, all three of us had corn in it. Of course, it is hard to tell, because we poop 2 or 3 or 4 times a day.

I'm a Christian and I see nothing wrong with it.

Louise (from France)
I read that someone is asking for pee stories, I've many anecodte about my peeing experiences.
This is a funny episode that happened to me and my sister few months ago, it's about peeing in old street urinals:

I was with my sister visiting an old quarter of Paris, like 2 tourist...
After a quick lunch and a drink at a small kiosk we both needed the toilet, but there wassn't any around.
We hoped to find a bathroom near the entrance building of a touristic area, but there wasn't any on the outside side, anyway there was a old double street urinal near a conrer on the pavement.
It was an old type, one of those with a circular form, two urinals side by side with opposite entrance, a metal round "wall" with an old metal wall urinal with a small drain beneath inside.
It was smelly and unclean, but I suggest that it was better than having to squat somwhere in full daylight in town..
We took turn to pee inside the urinal while the other stood on the small entrance for better cover.
We knew we didn't have to squat too low to avoid exposing ourvelves to the passing peolple outside, because there was a gap of few inches from the metal walls and the floor.
My sister went first, she stood high squattitng facing the urinal, as she has a bit forward aiming stream she managed to pee mostly in the drain with only the first and last spurts on the floor. She wiped and trown her tissue over the drain.
It was my turn, as I have the problem of a bit rearward aim, it was useless for me to face the urinal, so I hovered with my back to it in a high squat position. I didn't get too close to avoid touching the smelling and disgusting urinal with my bum. I opened the flood gates and had a long pee of over 30 seconds, with my sister laughing at me, I managed to aim the most powerful streams against the lower part of the urinal, but my pee went mostly half in the urinal and half on the pavement floor.
I made quite a mess with few spurts on my shoes too. Thre was a large puddle on the floor after my pee (my sister pissed on the floor just few spurts), fortunately the puddle was slowly going into the drain instead of leaving a rivulet on the floor across the walking pavement outside..
When I was wiped and dressed we walked away, i noticed that some spurts of pee (surely mine) went in the gap between the urinal wall and the drain benath it, forming a small puddle on the pavemente outside, fortunately not too noticeable...
I'm courious if any other woman here happend to have an emergency pee in a strett urinal.


Please read my poll and answer, thanks

It snowed here this Sunday and I was alone most of the day in my dorm room. I ate an entire DiGiorno pizza had a pot of coffee and some doritos while I watched the Jets play Sunday afternoon. The snow changed to rain early in the afternoon so by 6PM everything on campus was moving once again. I figured I would head on over to the library and study till 11 or so since I have all my finals this week. On my way in I stopped in the bathroom and nobody was there. i thought ok a boring night. I went up to the third floor and found a study room and spent the next two hours on my calculus. Suddenly around 8:30 I could feel slight gas pains building in my stomach then a wave of pain deep inside my intestines. I decided to go into the third floor bathroom because I did not think I could make it downstairs without having an accident. The third floor bathroom has three stalls, two normal ones and a handicapped one. When I went in the handicapped one was locked and so was the one on the far right leaving me with the one in the middle. By now I was hurting real bad and knew this poop was gonna be a lollapalloza! I took my shirt off and got comfy on the toilet, leaned forward and exploded for about five minutes in a wave of diarhea. Its not delivery, its DiGiorno! I felt so good after that first wave that I let a real loud moan of relief out. The dudes in the other stalls were both laughing I think. After a moment or two I heard the dude in the hanicapped stall whisper under his breath " Oh My God" and commenced a series of farts then a crackling log and his own sigh of relief. The guy in the far right stall wiped and left so it was now only a chorus of two dumpers up there on floor # 3. I felt a pain again and began pushing out another log which exploded into another torrent of painful diarhea. I was sweating and red and had just decided no more pizza for a while. It just kept coming out, so much so that I had to flush the toilet a few times. While this was occuring the guy in the other stall began groaning with a lot of feeling and suddenly the room smelled HORRIBLE! His poop smelled like rotten pistachio nuts as I could hear the slow crackling of an enormous log eeking out of his butt. I was curious to see who this guy was by now so I wiped my butt off and stood up to peak over the stall wall. I could not tell who he was because he was leaning extremely far forward, the back of his neck was beet red and he had his shirt hiked up so you could see his back and butt totally. It was a football jersey he had on so I knew it must have been somebody I knew. I sat back down and finsihed up. It took about 20 minutes. When I left the dude was still in the handicapped stall stinking the place up real bad. I could barely breathe by the time I left. I went back to studying but about 15 minutes later I saw the dude walk past me while I was reading, I knew it was him by his number. His face was red and he looked exhausted. I wonder what he had eaten that day!

Hello, long time since I have posted. Did anyone see the Battle Star Galactica science fiction series here in the States last week? This was shown on prime time television and I could not believe what I saw. To make the story short, a gentelman from the press was visiting the battlestar (basically an aircraft carrier in space, about 2x2 miles in demension), and he happened to get lost. He opened a door in which he thaught was a way back, and instead ended up in the bathroom. Oh, this was not just any bathroom, it was a unisex bathroom. That's right when he walked in, there were half naked men and women at the sinks washing up together, and a naked man with a towel emerged from the shower. One black lady at the sink tells him to either come in or close the door. They did not show a clear shot of the toilets but we can assume from this the toilets were just like the ones on any navy ship today. Keep in mind that the crew of this ship was almost half female. Also, the number of females in the U.S. military is growing each year. One interesting point to note is that the story takes place in a galaxy lightyears from ours but it parallels our time. In otherwords, while it is 2003 on our planet, it is year 3000x or 4000x their time. I think a lot of the differences between our society and this make believe one is the history early on. That is, let's say women were accepted early on as equals to men, hence, no civil rights movement or women's liberation movements to cause hostilities and biases between the sexes. This 1960's type openess between the sexes would then almost eliminate this male preversion that exist in our society. Men and women learn early on to cohabitate and work together rather that against each other, Just a thought. I think this opens up the question, will our society move toward unisex bathrooms in the future? Maybe we will, but none of us will ever see that happen, shucks.

By Hippie, I mean I am male, just to clear that up. So I am driving around with some friends, just hanging out and stuff, and one of my friends has some friends visiting from Georgia. Both of the visiting friends are female. Anyways, we are driving around, and one of them just proclaims to the entire vehicle "I have to take a crap really bad." So we drive around some more and then go back to my friend's house. We are sitting in the tv room, eating munchies and stuff. I'm wondering when this girl is gonna go to the bathroom. Finally she gets up and asks where the bathroom is. It was right near to the door of the tv room. And she was in there for like 10 minutes, so I'm just assuming she had to go bad. The day before we were driving around, and both of the visiting girls started talking about taking dumps, and one other girl in the car was all like "ooo, girl's don't fart or shit" but the 2 visiting girls were like "no way, girls fart and shit way worse than guys do" and one of them was like "i took a huge dump at my grandma's today, it felt so good." That girl is pretty hot too, so I've been trying to hook up with her while she is in town. Hopefully I'll get some more cool stories.


DeepCloudNine, well im 24 years old and im 5ft 2in tall i have dark long hair and dark eyes. i weigh 105 lbs.
Louise(from France) welcome great to hear your stories!
JB, thanks for the comment. i do like to wear diapers some times. sorry i havent got back here sooner, one reason is that my computer has been down and the other is because ive been sick with the flu for a few days. so ive been back in diapers and plastic pants while resting in bed in bed. that way i dont have to get up and run to the bathroom because i was having explosive diarrrhea and because i was drinking a lot of fluids and wetting a lot. but it has been nice having my mom here to take care of me. the first day i was filling my diapers with loose messy poop!! that soon stopped because i wasnt eatting much of anything. but now im almost over it and eatting again. my pooping has almost got back to normal and i feel so much better. okies byez for nowxoxoxox
love, Amy

To Survey Girl

You requested more answers to your Survey so here are mine(I am 48, divorced, a big girl, and live in London):-

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes,especially when my turds are large in diameter and firm.

2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.? Sitting, but sometimes I raise myself up slightly when straining.

3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? Rectal aches

4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going? Mostly - if the first one is a difficult beast to expel

5. About how many times a day do you poop? Once every 4 to 5 days

6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? Yes

7. Do you find pooping relaxing? Sometimes

8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? No

9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? Sometimes loud smelly farts, or other times - SBD's.

10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Yes

11. Have you ever had such a difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? No

12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible? Depends on whether I am in a hurry.

13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company? Do not mind if I know them

14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Yes sometimes

Bye for now

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