Hi, I've been reading these stories for a looong time. I really enjoy them, so today is my first day posting. My name is Ashley and I'm 19 years old.

To Louise (from France) - Liked your survey, I tried to answer it as best as I could........
1. Do you pee in the shower?
A - Never
B - Rarely
C - Often at home
D - Often both at home and in other places [changing rooms, pool, beaches etc.]
E - Like D, but also in presence of other women [or men] showering

My answer is B. I have done it before, but only like two or three times b/c I was in a hurry and didn't feel like sitting on the toilet.

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?
A - No
B - Yes at home
C - Yes in a public bathroom
D - In both

Sorry, never peed in a sink before....I guess I just never thought about it too much.

3. Did you ever pee in the bidet?
A - No
B - Rarely
C - Sometimes
D - Often
E - Always

Gosh, I feel embarrassed saying this, but I dunno what a bidet is. Sorry!!!! Is it like a toilet????

4. How often do you happen to pee outdoors?
A - Never
B - Rarely
C - Sometimes
D - Often

I'd say C. I peed in the woods when I went camping after I graduated my Senior year with my friends. I also went outdoors when I went with my friend to visit her grandparents who live near the woods/a lake. And I've gone while I've been in the lake before [I dunno if that counts].

5. In an urban area have you ever happened to pee in one of these places?
A - Between or behind parked cars on the street
B - In a parking lot
C - In a parking garage
D - In a stair-well
E - Behind or beside a dumpster
F - In a secluded corner of a street
G - In a doorway

Hmm, my answer is B. Last year [I still remember to this day], I was driving with my friend in her car and we passed by this park and of course I had to pee. I told her to pull over for a second, and since the park was empty we both peed on the little parking lot beside it. It was cool and fun to look at our puddles afterwards.

6. Tell one or more unusual places where you've peed.
I've held a cup over the toilet and peed in that before. Actually I've done that a few times, and my pee splashes loudly once it hits the cup. I peed in my panties once [I was giggling *so* much and it just came out LoL].

6a. Only for the ladies:
1 - Have you ever peed in a urinal in the men's room?
2 - Have you ever peed in a street urinal?

Nope and Nope, sorry!!!

7. What do you do if you find a toilet closed when you are bursting to go?
1 - Hold it in anyway hoping to find an open one soon
2 - Try to find a secluded place to pee
3 - Pee near the closed toilet b/c your bladder is too full

My answer is 2. I will hold it sometimes, but if I find that I can't hold it I'll just find a secluded place to go.

8. Especially for the ladies [man opinions are welcomed too, anyway], what do you do if you need to go badly and you go into a public toilet or a portaloo and you find it awfully dirty, unclean, smelly, or even with a clogged toilet?

My answer is 4, I'll just hover over it and try to pee in the toilet. I wouldn't care too much if it hit the toilet seat since I wouldn't sit on it anyway. I would be a little mad if it splashed up on my clothes though b/c I just hate wearing wet or messy clothes.

8a. Like in the previous case, after waiting in queque for the public toilet in a crowded place, you find that the toilet is in tremendous dirty conditions, really disgusting, but you have to pee too badly to go away and wait longer, so what do you do?

This is a tough one, I guess I'd go on the floor.....maybe in the sink I mean I never tried it before so who knows LoL.

Hope I helped........xoxo

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while, computer has been playing up. But I've got a fun story for you today.

Mel and I were talkin the otherday and as usual ,whenever we have a good conversation, the topic got on to bodily functions. Mel said that she had to fart and I said that I did too, so we both farted at the same time and rolled on the floor laughing. Then Mel suddenly stopped and said "We have had a poop together for a while." We both decided we would hold in our poop until we both had to go at the same time.

We ate heaps, in fact we pigged out for 2 days straight, until our bowels could not hold anymore.

On Thursday we got out of bed, holding our stomachs and moaning in pain, we both had terrible stomach cramps and neither of us could stop farting. It was early in the morning and Mom hadn't left yet, so we were sitting around farting our guts out until Mom finally left for work. As soon as she left I moaned and pushed out a huge, booming fart.

Mel said to me "I really have to shit right now, I'm going first." I also had to go right then. Problem is we couldnt find a good place to do it in time. We both looked at each other and said "Let's do it!"

We both had old panties on and thought pooping them would be OK. At the same time we both squatted, in the hallway, right outside our bedroom. We both moaned as we relaxed our assholes.

A nice, long, firm, moist, smooth turd opened up my asshole and slowly inched its way out and pressed against my panties, I gave an extra push to get it out of me. It came out and stayed as a full log. It was heavy and weighed my panties down. I put my hand on my ass to feel it. It was sitting vertically, it was quite long, like from the top of my butt crack to the back of my pussy. It was really firm and warm. I had more poop in me, but ran out of room in my panties.I had released most of the pressure and could wait to dump the rest in the toilet.

I looked over at Mel after I had finished and she hadn't even started.
She had her hand on her ass and was grimacing in pain. I asked what was wrong and she told me that whenever she tried to push it sent a sharp crampy pain through her stomach on asshole and that the turd was too big to push out. I went to get some moisturising cream for lubricant.I asked if she wanted me to do it for her and she nodded. I pulled down her panties and she spread her cheeks. I rubbed crea over my fingers, then rubbed it on her hole. I put one finger in, to lubricate it even more. I pulled her panties back up and said try now. She groaned as she strained really hard and i could see a big bulge appearing. She kept groaning and the bulge kept getting bigger. Her panties were really full, there was a huge log in them. I told her she would have to stop now because her panties were too full. She said "I cant stop now, it has to come out!" She pulled her panties down letting the log hit the tiled floor and then started pushing. Her dirty asshole opened up and firm log started sliding out of her hole, it was really long. It touched the floor, without breaking and she kept pushing, it bent in half and snapped and the rest dropped out of her hole and on to the floor. She said "OK, now I'm done."

There was a huge pile of shit there. I remembered I still had a log in my panties and still had to do more. So I stood up took my panties off and dropped my log on top of Mel's pile. I bent my knees and started pushing, immediatley and big fat log stretched my butthole open, it came out quickly, hit the pile and I was done.

Later we cleaned up the pile. That day we both pooped again, but only in the toilet.

STEVEN: Sorry, we don't really have any interesting pee stories, but I'm sure we can make some for you ;)
When we clean up our poop we usually use bare hands.Our poop is usually firm and dry, so it doesn't get too messy. We always wash out hands after touching it. Thanks for the feedback :D

Love You All.



I took a shit the other day that smell of deli. I had a large pastrami on rye, with cheese, mustard and a pickle, washed down with beer. The bathroom smelled just like I was at the deli counter at the store, although a bit riper.

To JB - here are my answers to your Survey:-

1)If possible, could you give a physical description of yourself? (age, height, hair color, etc.) Age 48, 5'10", brunette, medium to large build - but shapely with it !

2)What types of foods do you generally eat? All sorts

3)What foods usually make you produce large poos or big loads? Those with much fibre e.g. cabbage, other vege and fruit. Onions, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and artichokes produce much farting.

4)How often do you poop? Every 4-5 days, sometimes longer. Occasionally once in 10 days. Longest time about 13 days (perhaps once or twice a year). Over Christmas can be a particularly constipating time with large heavy meals and little exercise. A period compounds matters.

5)About how large are your poos on average? (length, width) up to 12 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.Can reach nearly 3 inches in diameter at the start if I am constipated i.e. have not been for over 5 days.

6)What texture are your poos usually? (mushy, hard,). Hard and knobbly at the start, firm in texture at the end

7)How much do you enjoy taking a poop? Very much

8)Are you comfortable with another person watching/listening to you poop? Don't mind who listens, but only my friends can watch - I try and give a good performance

9)Where do you like to poop? (home, public places, outdoors, etc.)
At the office where other cubicles adjoin. I get a buzz out of hearing other women in the adjacent cubicles.

10)When do you usually poop?(first opportunity, hold it till convenient, etc.) When convenient or if my overloaded rectum aches so much that I cannot sit down comfortably on a chair.

11)About how long does it take you to take a poop on average? 15 minutes, with sometimes 10 minutes to expel the first log - particularly if it is large in diameter and hard.

12) What types of poos do you usually make? (logs, snakes, chunks, etc.) Logs, sometimes hard lumps with rabbit droppings.

Hope this is of help to JB and others.

Big Bry. It sounds like you are one lucky guy.

Louise (from France). I'm a guy whose willing to answer the questions in your survey:
1- A Never. I have thought about it though.
2- A No.
3 - A No.
4 - C Sometimes

5. Fortunately I've managed so far to avoid doing any of the things listed under 5.
6- Sorry, I've not been any really unusual places.
7-what do u do if you find a toilet closed (both sexes) when u are bursting?
1 or 2 depending on the urgency of the situation.
8- I would use a toilet as dire as the one you describe but only if there was absolutely no alternative.
8a - certainly A. I wouldn't give up after waiting that long!

Samantha C
I thought I was going to die today from having to pee so bad!

After work, waiting in traffic. It was typical gridlock insanity, and my radio can't bring in NPR when I'm on that part of the loop, so I pop in my Margaret Cho CD, just trying to chill out while I sit there in my car not moving at all.... and suddenly it's like a faucet getting turned on. I've got this pressure that starts killing me! My bladder is this heavy, full bag of hot slippery stuff that's pushing to get out any weak crack that it can.

Gas is what did it. I was leaning over to get out my cigarettes and lighter, and suddenly "pfffttt", out slips this little mousy fart. And as soon as it's done, my bladder just rolls or blows up bigger or something, since the pressure inside me got changed. We all know how that goes, I'm sure!

Then, of course, as soon as that "too full, too heavy" sensation in my bladder hits me, I start to shiver. Any girl will tell you, guys, that when a girl really gets the big pee-shivers, she usually pees a little, too. And I did -- just this one good thick-feeling spurt of piss that simply flooded the crotch of my panties and jeans. It was one good squirt and suddenly I'm sitting in this squishy, smelly leather seat, my ass slowly getting soaked through my jeans. And still my car was not moving!

So I hit my turn signal and started sort of rudely moving into the lane next to me, honking, forcing my car in there. People are honking back and cursing at me and all that, but eventually I get across three lanes to this exit ramp I don't normally take, and I went on down to this gas station right at the bottom, on the corner at the light. I pull in at the back and jump out. It's one of those places where the man inside behind the counter has to give you the key, but there's this guy coming out of the men's room with the key in his hand as I pull up. So I jumped out and went right up to him, wet crotch and ass and all, and I could feel the little leaky drippy feeling of the pee running down my legs from the over-soaked parts of my jeans. It was so wild, I had to go so bad! I just like held out my hand for the key, doubling over to keep the rest of my piss in, and I said something like "Please, I gotta GO!!!"

He gave me the key like a hot potato and said "sorry" or something. I got in the men's room and it stank! Oh my GOD! But I didn't care, I was just trying to peel down wet jeans and panties, right? Ever tried that?! I don't recommend it if you're ever in a hurry to void the old piss bag. Anyway. The toilet looked OK -- not too filthy or anything. The water had a few "leftovers" as the bowl refilled, but the seat was clean-looking. But let's get serious. What girl ever sits on those things in public? Rarely, for me at least. Even when I take the time to lay out toilet paper I still tend to hover just above the seat when I go.

So that's what I did. I turned and backed up while I tried to get my stupid wet junk pulled down, and at about mid-thigh I had stuck my ass like an inch above that seat, and --- whooooooosssshhh! --- out floods the pee! Gushing and gushing like crazy. Of course it's splattering, too, since I didn't take any time to reach down and arrange myself, if you know what I mean. You could say I didn't get the doors all the way open, right? And the shivers that came on me then were pretty much this pure religious ecstasy. Wow! It was like the best back scratch, bubble bath, and cat nap I've ever had, all rolled into one incredible pee-shiver.

Then I was like -- spurt -- fart -- spurt -- drizzle -- fart -- spurt -- drizzle -- and I was done. I turned to look, and the seat was all beaded over with splashes of my piss. There was urine that ran down the sides of the bowl and pooled in tiny puddles around the base. Totally sloppy and smelly. I was kind of privately embarrassed, right? A part of me was pretty ashamed. But it was kind of cool at the same time! I mean, it felt sooooooo good to get that relief. And it was in a stupid old men's room, too! Meanwhile, in my head I was already thinking, "I gotta write this for the forum tonight!"

No poop was coming, I'm sad to say. The pressure was there, but not the urge, if you know what I mean. It was pretty obvious there was still some more composting yet to go, right? I came home and got rid of that with no drama about two hours ago. But it sure felt good to void some more of that gas I had while the piss was draining from me in that men's room!

The funniest part of all was at the end, though.

I don't even bother wiping. I'm like, why? I'm getting ready to put on wet panties, right?! So eventually I get my panties and jeans pulled back up (just as hard to do when wet, let me tell you), and they're all cold and hard-feeling with the denim being soaked like it was. Not comfortable at all. I still have the key in my hand and I head on out, wondering what my poor driver's seat is going to look like when I get back to it --- and that nice man is still outside, waiting on me, worrying about whether or not I'm all right!

That whole time I was in there gushing like a busted fire hydrant, this kindly middle-aged guy was pacing outside the door like a gentleman taking care of his lady! How cool is that? A part of me wonders if he was listening at the door like a perv, but he didn't seem like the type. I think he honestly was being nice and was truly worried that I'd need more help or something. He took the key back from me and said he'd return it, and he made sure not to stare at my wet clothes. But I'm sure he'd noticed, since that much wetness was pretty much impossible to hide. He just said something like "Are you going to be OK?" and I said "Yeah" and went back and got in my car. He actually waited to see me fire up the engine and back away before he waved and went on around to the front of the store to return the key.

Then I had another problem, of course --- sitting in wet pants and a wet seat in the middle of gridlock for another hour. But I just rolled down the windows to let out some of that strong smell, and I pretty much chain smoked and laughed along with my girl Margaret until my exit came up.

Like the old saying goes, right? --- "What a way to end the day!"

Marak-Yeah, it is strange that the guy decided to grab paper from your stall, rather than the unoccupied one. A couple of times I've had guys grab paper off the roll while I'm on the can, but the other stall is always occupied and they have always asked first. One guy asked me for some so I just pulled off a bunch and handed it to him. The other guy asked if he could get some, so I told him to hepl himself. It is a bit weird having a stranger stand about a foot away from your half-naked body, reaching over you.

Aside: The error sign is showing up again, and doesn't let me get to the bottom of the page, or go to previous posts.

Survey time...time to answer them

To Louise from France:
1. C. often at home 2.B. Yes at home 3. A. No i don't cause i don't have one 4.B. Rarely 5. None of those places 6. Behind a tree. 7.1- Hold it till i find somewhere else to pee 8.pee any way...only standing up

To Mr. Sir: 1. Yes 2. Sometimes 3. few times 4. was in the woods by this lake. 5. Texture and lenth 6.Morning

This site rocks! I'm a 35 year old male. Ever since high school, I've taken dumps in doorless stalls and don't have a problem with it. When I worked as a lifeguard in Chicago, the men's room had a line of 7 or 8 stalls, all doorless.

Every afternoon, me and my buds would head in there to take our afternoon dumps. Sometimes all the stalls would be occupied, with guys lining up and waiting their turn. Sometimes, I'd be sitting on the toilet, doing my business, and one or two guys waiting would strike up a conversation with me. Over three summers, I buddy dumped with guys as young as me at the time (17 and 18) and older guys as well. At first I was a little nervous, but then I figured, I was the lifeguard, it was my beach.. and where else was I going to shit?

A few months ago I was in LA at one of the malls and desperately had to take a dump, and all the stalls were doorless. I took the furthest one, and unleashed! This young guy walked right in my stall and pretended that he didn't know I was there and backed out quickly.

I guess I have no shame, and taking a dump with a friend watching, or sitting in the next stall is cool. At college, we had a line of doorless stalls that faced one another. I've got stories!


To answer Louise's questionaire.

1) c
2) d
3) b - but only because I do not encounter bidets very often.
4) c
5) e,f
7) 2

I remember the only time I have seen a woman using a French street 'pissoir'. A young lady and her male companion approached the urinal, he checked to make sure that it was not in use and stood guard at the entrance while his female companion went inside. At the time, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. As I also needed to pee, and I was curious, when she came out I went into the urinal. There was still a little pee visible running along the gutter into the drain. When I later told my girlfriend of this incident, she said that the woman must have been doing something else like fixing a 'wedgy' in her knicker or adjusting her bra. That she could not have been peeing as if a woman tried to use a urinal like that she would just end up peeing down her legs.

Robby(and Annie)
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
I am well enough to write so while Annie is out I will post. I have been quite constipated of late. Annie gets worried for fear I will bust a gut or break a stitch. This morning I went in and pissed a bucket full. I sat down on the toilet and started straining to beat the band. Annie heard me and came in to assist. She got into the tub and let fly with a stand-up wee!!(hear that PV?). She held my hand while I grunted and stained. Finally a long, thin log exited my bum and the relief was well the wait. She helped me wipe because I can't reach around yet. I had two more loo trips during the day. Those were little balls falling out. My daughter, Sarah S came over to see about me and stayed. She has just left. No potty breaks for her.
**JANE AND GARY: How wonderful to hear from you!! Jane, I am glad you have been regular and those poos plentiful. Eveyone should have 1-2 poos a day. I hope I get back in the groove. Love and hugs from Robby and Annie
**ADRIAN- thanks for the hellos and the best wishes!! Love the stories. Take care!! Robby and Annie
**RIZZO: Hello my dear friend! Yes, the policeman was a bit put off by the watering of his shoes,LOL! You can never stop a desperate man!! Glad you and your wife are doing fine!! Stay with us!! Lots of Love and hugs from Robby and Annie.
**AMANDA: Burritos will do it eveytime to get a healthy dump. My girls always have a quick exit after eating Mexican food. Take care! Robby and Annie
**LINDARS OR GS: Hi gal! I remember you. Are you still in Corpus? As we grow older we might grow out of the "watch in the potty". I hope you will do this for a lark occasionally. I miss Kendal and Andrew, too! Love, Robby and Annie
**HELLOS TO Bryan, Anon, Amber, Upstate Dave, "Louise, Steve, PV., Ephermal, Damsel, Carmalita(hi babe), Kendal and Andrew,+ WE MISS YOU ALL!!!


wanting more

LUVED IT any more storys to share?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Mel D. and Ash D.:

Your stories are great. Please keep them coming. Do you have any pee stories?

Question: When you pick your poop up off the floor, do you do it with your bare hands? And do you always wash your hands afterwards?

Mel: Ash said you often don't wipe your dirty asshole after shitting. Why? Is it because you enjoy the feeling of leaving it dirty?

I think it's great the way you two rebel against society's silly rules by pooping on the floor and things like that..

Keep up the good work.

Ive had the best poops this week! Ive been drinking some very strong coffee in the mornings. after a couple cups, im running for the toilet! first its a loud fart and gas, then a explostion of soft , verydark turds. there float a bit, then sink. i fell so good after this!

Hi every one,
It has been a long time.I moved about 10 months ago,waiting for my new home to be built and I was without a computer.Now that I am back I have a story to tell.I recently rented an appartment and was given an appartment on the first floor.Above me on the second floor was rented by what I believe to be two working girls.They both would get up about 7:30 every morning and come home about 5:00 in the evening.Me, being an early bird,would be up when they got up.The walls and ceiling in this appartment was papper thin,as you could hear everything.Well they would get up in the morning,take a long pee and let out some long loud farts.I could her them laughing.As time went on it got more interesting,they started having contests, who could fart the longest and loudest.They also had pooping contests.I could hear the turds hit the water very clearly.It sounded like they where having a great time.Would have liked to have been the score keeper.Tell me have any of you gals out there ever do anything like that?

Amanda: The other day at achool, I ate a couple of burritos,french fries,hamburger,and pizza,and Milk. I'm in highschool and 15 years old by the way. After lunch I went to my locker and got my books. My stomach started to make a funny noise,I ignored it. I went to class and half way through class I heard the noises again. It started its way into the anus and I had to get to the toilet quick or I would have had a massive accident. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she said I could. I ran to the bathroom holding my ass. I got into the bathroom and all the stalls were taken except for one doorless one. I couldn't wait any longer,so I ran into the doorless stall. I got my belt undone,unbuttoned my jeans,and pulled my panties down to my knees. When I sat down,I had the biggest shit I ever had. I pushed once,and I literally filled up the toilet with explosive diarrehea.I had explosive diarrehea bad so I had to hold the toilet with my hands. I had more of it in my intestines so I put my hands on my knees,and stomped my feet on the ground. A lot more came out when I did that. I farted a couple of times after that and more explosive diarrehea came out. The smell was unbearable ,I held my noise. The people in the other stalls were laughing. I went to get the toilet paper and there wasn't any left. I asked the other girls if they could give me some and they wouldn't. When they left, i walked out of my stall with my pants around my kness and went to the other stall. I wiped there and was very relieved. I didn't even make an attempt to flush. When I'm telling you the toilet was filled to the top i mean it. I walked back to class and my teacher asked me why I was gone so long. I told I had to go the bathroom. Everyone started to laugh,because there was toilet paper around my feet and my panties were sticking out.

Billy and Kevin
Short Ckirt Girl, it takes at least 4 or 5 hours for food you eat to get out of you, unless you are sick. We asked our dad, who is a pediatrician. A lot of times, when we can feel we have to poop and eat, we have to poop right after we eat. Our dad said this is just a reflex. It is the digestive system's way of getting ready to digest more food.

Thanksgiving morning, we went to our grandparents. Both of us got out of bed late. Our older brother was on the toilet, so we didn't have get to pee. We had only about 5 minutes to get ready, so we brushed our teeth and got in the van. About 15 minutes after starting out, we stopped at McDonalds. I had felt the urge to poop coming, but neither of us had to pee too bad. So we ate breakfast. After breakfast, I had to take a big dump. OUr little brother Jeremy had to go too. ANd kev had to pee. So we went into the bathroom. When we got in, there 3 or 4 kids waiting in line to pee. Both stalls were being used. One guy in the stall came out and left without washing his hands. All three of us went in. In the toilet was had one big log and about 4 more littles ones, all dark brown. He didn't use toilet paper. WE all peed. Jeremy sat down and made his poop. He dropped about 4 logs and wipes. The guy in the next toilet got, without flushing. Jeremy got up and I sat down. Just as I sat down, a little dude sat went into the other stall. When he closed the door, he must have hit his hand or something and yelled ouch. When he sat down, I facing forward. It was weird, because I was looking at the side of the other kids' toilet (you can just see the bottom and the kid's feet hanging down). (Usually, when you sit in stalls, you sit side-by-side, rather than facing the side of the next toilet). The kid peed and dropped about 4 logs. Then he had trouble flushing the toilet. I was done pooping (i dropped about 4 logs too) and wiped. Kev opened the door and told him to pull the handle on our toilet back. He did and flushed the toilet, then he flushed his own. THere was about 5 huge logs (probably from the first guy) and his 4 logs.

We ate around 1, then we went outside. Usually we ahve a football game and bunfire and stuff with all of my cousins and the neighbors. About 6:30, we had to poop again. Josh, our other little broher had to poop too. We were about 10 minutes from home. I told Josh we should go in the woods, otherwise, mom won't let us back out. He said ok. The three of us, and about 4 other boys went in the woods. We all peed in a circle. We always pee before we poop in the woods, so we don't pee on our clothes. Then I said we have to poop. I just dropped my pants and started to go. So did Kev and Josh and one other kid. I dropped two logs. Kev dropped one huge one and about 3 little ones. The other kid dropped two logs. And Josh was dropping about 10 little logs, real thing, almost like those big pensils they use in 1st grade. WE all had corn in our poop, from lunch (about 5 hours after dinner), except kev (it was dark out, but we had flash lights). We were all done except Josh who had about 3 more turds to go. Just then, 3 girls about our age (12 or 13) came and stopped about 10 feet to our right. They dropped their pants and started to pee. The girl in the middle gave the other two girls a tissue to dry themselves. Josh finished up and wiped himself. One of the girls said, are you too done peeing? The girl on the left, yeah, but I will be another minute. Another girl said what do you mean? Just hten, a huge log came out of the girl (we could see, becaue there were houses with lights on about 200 feet from us). The girl said, we are out of tissue. Then the girl pooping said, ask those boys behind us. I gave her some tissues and watched her wipe. The girl said she saw our flashlights.

After we got home around 9:00, we all had to poop again. Funny, whenever we poop in the woods, it seems like we don't get it all out, but leave one or tow logs behind. This time, all three of us had corn in it. Of course, it is hard to tell, because we poop 2 or 3 or 4 times a day.

Not very interesting but I thought I might share. Even though today is Saturday, I had to go to school(I'm 14, female, grade 9) because I had to make up for absences if I was to pass my courses. Anyway, as soon as they dismissed us they locked the library. I went and sat on a bench, expecting my ride to get there any second - but then I looked at my watch and noticed that they let us out 30 minutes early. I had a slight need to use the bathroom - but I ignored it. I walked behind the school to watch the ducks in our lake and take some pictures(I always carry my camera wherever I go). After a while the need to go got worse and worse - and I also needed to pee. I decided to trudge back up the hill to the school to find a bathroom - I thought that someone must still be in one of the buildings and had left them unlocked. I went to the door to the building I had gone to for Saturday school, only to find it was locked. I tried the other three doors to the building..all locked. I went to all of the buildings (6 in total) and tried all the doors, still to find all of them locked. Then, I tried the second level(You can get to the second floor halls from the outside) to no avail. I gave up. I knew there would be no one behind the school so maybe I could use the bathroom back there. The poop started to feel like diarrhea - oh no. But, as I was walking around the buildings to the back of the building, I saw something lovely. The door to the staircase leading to the auditorium had been propped open by a book, probably for chorus practice. I rushed to the door and and quickly but gingerly went down the stairs, ducked under the upper half glass of the auditorium doors where the chorus was, and down the hall to the girls' bathroom. I remembered that the last time I tried to get into the auditorium bathroom it was locked. I assumed it was only to be used during concerts and plays and such. I rushed up to the door and pushed, and lo and behold, it wasn't locked(thank you, chorus concerts!). In anticipation of being able to let loose, my sphincter loosened a bit. as I stepped toward the stalls I let out a giant spurt of diarrhea and a bit of pee - but not enough to seep through. I rushed into the stall, tugged down my pants, sat down and let loose. giant waves of green, lumpy diarrhea came gushing out for maybe 30 minutes. I was so relieved and it felt so good to let go. I was so preoccupied that i didn't notice the stall i was in didn't have toilet paper. A few people had walked into the bathroom by that time and some of them were standing around. I didn't want to take the risk of being caught or something, so i pulled up my pants, flushed, walked out of the bathroom, exchanging a few short "hi"s and hurried to get to my ride.

On Friday I pooped about 4 seperate times during the course of the day. It must be all the Christmas shopping. I usually go once a day, but this is alot. On Saturday I pooped 2 times and both were pretty big, although I found out why my poops on Thursday smelled like Tuna Fish and it is because I had eaten Tuna Fish the night before. I'm Italian and I eat alot of pasta, and I do go to the bathroom pretty much also. When I have a BM it is usually alot for a woman. Are there any other women out there that also have smelly BM's where you are too embarressed to go in public?

JB:1)If possible, could you give a physical description of yourself? (age, height, hair color, etc.) 12y/o, 5 feet tall, black short hair, slim build, Chinese.

2)What types of foods do you generally eat? Rice, fish, pork, beef, vegetables.

3)What foods usually make you produce large poos or big loads? Rice and vegetables or huge amounts of anything good.

4)How often do you poop? Once a day. anytime from morning or night.

5)About how large are your poos on average? (length, width) 12-18 inches. But, it breaks off when it comes out.

6)What texture are your poos usually?
hard, sometimes mushy.

7)How much do you enjoy taking a poop? I like it. I get away from everything and be alone. I can read or think. I do like the sensation of my anus opening.

8)Are you comfortable with another person watching/listening to you poop? It does not bother me. My older brother hears me and sometimes I open the door to talk to him. I have opened the bathroom door to my mom and dad. At school, I was shy and self-conscious until recently. I do not fart because make logs, mostly.

9)Where do you like to poop? (home, public places, outdoors, etc.) home, school, church, movies, department stores and public parks.

10)When do you usually poop?(first opportunity, hold it till convenient, etc.) first opportunity, if desparate or if I see a toilet or hold it till convenient, if not.

11)About how long does it take you to take a poop on average? 10 minutes.

12) What types of poos do you usually make? (logs, snakes, chunks, etc.) logs and chunks, sometimes muddy and mushy.

raz:1) How often do you get stomach aches and how bad are they/what are they like. If I am sick or I have not eaten anything. They can be bad.

2)What kind of poop do you have when you have these stomah aches? If I am sick, I have diarreah. It is thick and muddy or watery and loose.

3)Do you grunt and groan, massage or hold your stomach? Groan and moan.

4)How do you sit on the toilet when you have a stomach ache? I sit either scrunched up with my legs tight togther and my arms wrapped around my stomach or relaxed with my legs opened.

5)Do you get cramps during your period and do cramps feel the same as stomachaches? I get them often and they are stomach cramps.

Mike of Maryland USA:
1. Do you like peeing outside if no portapotty is not available? no.
2. Have you ever pissed or shitted in a portapotty? yes, at a street fair
3. Do you wipe after pissing or pooping? yes
4. What the longest time you didnot poop? a week
5. Are scared of using a bedpan to pooping at a hospital? YES!
6. Have you ever used a urinal for men in hospital? NO!
7. Was you ever spyed on by a person in the next stall while pooping or pissing? no.
8. How long do you go without pissing? 2-3 hours.
9. Men have you ever used a ladies restroom to poop in when you was young? I am not a guy.
10. Ladies have you ever used a mens restroom to poop in when you was young? My dad took me to a few when I was little.

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