I just had the worst day of my life. I was swimming in my favorite lake on a camping trip, and had this sudden urge to poop and pee. So I pull the crotch of my swim suit(its one piece) aside and piss. My poop, however, gets stuck on my bottoms, and while I'm struggling to get it out, some boys wonder what I'm doing and come over. They see my pussy and start staring. I finally get the poop out, but they grabbed me and dragged me into the woods, where they forced me to pee for them on the ground. (I am 13, not very strong, and they were about 14.) I love to pee in public places, but this was too much. I screamed for my mom, and when she started coming toward me, the boys scattered. My mom was understanding, and was with me the rest of the trip, because I didn't want to go through the humiliation again.

Silly Girl
One time I was in a Sporting Goods shop while my dad was getting skies. I tried not to fart but it slipped out and was stinky. I was laughing and my dad told me to try to control it. I think I over heard someone ask their coworker if they farted.
Also I ride a bus to school and their is a rude boy on it. I often fart in the mornings before I have a bowel movement and the rude boy smirks and says PU. And one time another student told him that he smelt it he dealt it.
About peeing. I have a very big bladder. Although I do, on long drives if I have been holding it for over an hour and it will be a while till their is another toilet she pulls over on the side of the road because she thinks it is unhealthy to hold it in to long.
My half sister told me that one time she was in the jungle with her friends and because there was no bathroom she held it in for at least twelve hours until she wet her panse. She also drinks a lot of water so that was very unhealthy, I wonder why she did not just go in the bushes.

Big Bry
I had a pooping experience I won't soon forget. At my office, the men's and ladies rooms are back-to-back, and there's no sound insulation in the walls, so you can hear a lot of what's going on in the ladies room. Today I was having a poop when I heard the clack of the receptionist's shoes walk in to the ladies room. Needless to say, I got really still so I could hear the show. I heard her close the stall door, then she backed-up to the toilet. Almost instantly, I heard a series of loud plops, and then a huge fart! Mr. Poo-poo must have been BANGING at her back door! Another short pause, and then another loud fart and smaller plops. I was pretty turned-on at that point! I then heard her roll off some TP(you can actually hear that, too!) Then she flushed, then I could hear her pee, and then another flush. She then washed her hands and walked out. She's cute little Mexican girl, about 23, with a really friendly personality. If she weren't married, and I wasn't engaged to be married, I'd try to hook-up with her.(I'm totally devoted to my fiance, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Just thought I'd share this experience, I'm a daily visitor to this great site. There's other women at work who I'd love to hear pooping. I'm going to spend more time at my "listening post" in the future! Take care!!

Jeri_l, I loved your posts as usual. Plenty to think about there. Jenny, it's good to read a shared enthusiasm rendered with a real flare for language. Thanks all for some great posts.

I've got to go now. You've got my pressure building.

Gina XX

To PISSYPANTS - I really enjoyed reading your story. I would never go without a poopy butt, cause I just think its very uncomfortable and I don't like the smell either. Whenever I'm in school and I have to pee and there is no toilet paper, that doesn't bother me as much so I just won't wipe my front afterwards. I can't wait to read more stories from you.......later!!

To ERIN - Hello, welcome to this site. Your first story was really cool, and I really really have to pee right now so i'll sign off. And I can't wait to read any more stories from you if you decide to share any.........goodnight......

Sorry everyone, but I hafta go pee right now so goodnight to all.......!!!!!!

I need some advice....I want to be "bathroom open" with my boyfriend of alittle over a year. I mean he'll leave the door open most of the time, but he wont let me actually come in with him when he goes. Will this EVER change? In the begining he used to pee with me in the room, but now he wont even go if im in the shower. I think I might have scared him when I opened up and finally told him that I'm in to this kind of stuff. What should i do? (if anything)

Hey Guys.
Has been a while since I have read posts on this site, also been a while since I have posted on this site.

Anyways, last Thursday (December 4th I believe), I had to poo so badly. I was on my way to an excerize room to workout. I was in a hurry to for obvious reasons. Anyways, when I got there, no one was in there, which was cool. I ran into the bathroom, and went into the first stall. I ssat on the toilet, let a good loud fart go, then let my poo go. I got up after done, and it was about 6 inches long. It was really stinky too. I wiped, and flushed.

I have a question. I am kind of intreged at taking a lot of laxatives once and seeing how much poo I can poop out. Is there anyone that has done this?

Well, that's all for now.

Take Care guys.

Billy Bob
Man, what a day! I was driving through western P.A. this afternoon and had to pinch off a loaf SOOOO bad, but I was out in the middle of nowhere, driving the back roads. It was snowing like crazy, and I didn't want to pull over cause I drive an '87 Toyota Supra, and they dont do so well in the snow. Anyway, I finally found a driveway and pulled in. I was pushing cotton so bad by now that I just didn't cared anymore. The house was about 100 yards from the road, so I thought I would be okay. I looked around but there wasn't any cover between me and the house. No time to lose by now, so I dropped trou, leaned back against the mailbox and let go... BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!!! The first part of the log was solid as a rock, but the remains sprayed all over the place! About this time I look up and see that the whole family is standing at the window looking on in horror as I launched a poo assault on their front lawn. I yanked up my drawers as the front door was opening and jumped back in the car and floored it in reverse! I almost got stuck, damn that would have sucked to have to ask them for a push!

I was at school the other day. I had to take a dump, so i went into the bathrooms which consisted of three stalls none of which were in use. i closec, and locked the door, pulled my pants down to my knees, held my penis down, and let out some nasty pee/poop. I wiped around my croch, and was done.

ShortSkirt Girl: From my days in grammar school science, it takes up to 24 hours to digest a meal properly. There is such a thing called "bowel transit time." If your bowel transit time is too short, then your food is not digesting properly. The answer to your question is yes.


Hey, what's up? I'm 20 years old and from Northwest Houston. I don't know why this is, but the restrooms at college campuses are always so much more clean and inviting then the ones anywhere else and they're always stocked w/ seat covers. Do you use these every time you sit on the toilet or only when you have to take a dump, etc?


i read that one story about peeing in the cat's litter box. i've done that before too! does anyone else have any stories about doing something like that?!?!

p.s.- i pissed my pants today,(sorry, but no litter box around....)


I haven't had a bowel movement in several days... It's been close to a week. It's not that I'm constipated.. I just don't have to go. I mean, I don't have bms very often, but even this is a long time for me. Not a single shiver, urge, or anything!

By the way, I never had another of those weird little tinkle accidents. Unless you count the other day when I started coughing. I guess it caught me by surprise because a little squirt escaped. But that's been about it. Even though I generally dislike having bms (not exactly dislike the bms themselves, but I don't like the fact that they sometimes make me uncomfortable), I've been hoping for my next one... just to make sure that my lower intestines are indeed still working.

Let you know how it goes.

Eli, I have been enjoying your recent posts. You related an incident when someone reached across and grabbed some toilet paper while you were sitting on the can. A similar incident occurred to me earlier this year. I walked into a public toilet in a park. It had a urinal and two doorless stalls. I took a seat in the furthest one, my shorts down to just below my knees, and commenced shitting. On the way in, I had walked past a tall man in his fifties or sixties standing at the urinal (which was not visible from the stalls). A couple of minutes later, the man appeared in front of the stall, looking at me. He said 'excuse me', reached across to grab some toilet paper to dry his hands, and walked out. It happened so fast, and I was so surprised, that I didn't say a word. I am sure he just wanted to have a perve and to inflict a little humiliation on me. He could have taken toilet paper from the other stall that was unoccupied. I found it humiliating, but felt I was partly to blame for it because I chose to defecate in a doorless stall, rather than to hold on and look for a toilet with a door.

Louise (from France)
Hi all,
I'm happy to see my post published here, as I'm a big fan of peeing I'll post a Poll, oping many of you will be so nice to answer it.

BOth for Girls (ladies) and Boys (man)

my answer is E.

2-Have You ever peed in a sink?
b- yes at home
c- yes in a public bathroom
d. in both
my answer is C, porbably i did it at home when younger but i didn't rember.
Anyway when I was a student a share a college room with a friend, the bathroom was out of the room on the corridor (typical). We had a sink inside the room and we both used it often to pee, expecially before going to sleep (didn't want to go outside) or in the morning when we woke up. Does some of you have similar experiences? (room with just asink ar typical of college rooms)

3 Do you ever peed in the bidet?
a- no
b- rarely
c- sometimes
d- often
e- always
Mi naswer is oblvously E

4.How often did you happen to have to pee outdoor?
d often
My answer is c-d (often in summer, just sometimes in winter)

5. In urban area have you ever happen to pee in one of this palces?
a- between or behind parked car on the street a parking lot
c-in a parking garage a stairwell
e. behind-beside a dumpster
f-in a secluted corner of a street
g- in a doorway
My answer is: all!
please write a short sentence about the last tiem u rember about having to pee in one of these palces-
Exmple: last week i had to take a really needed pee over a drain in the parking garage (no bathroom) before going to work (5-10 min walk)

6- Tell one or more unusual places where u peed:
-In my life i peed in some strange places when i was caught short:
a phone box in Rome (i used phone kiosk in emergency to pee 3 times in my life), in one of those very old street urinal in Paris with my sister, into a empty train wagon with a friend, in a waiting room of a small station, in a bus stop sheltere in scotland or ireland with my hubby (didn't rember well)-Anecdotes are welcome

6a. only for the ladies:
1-have u ever peed in a urinal at the men's?
2-have u haver peed in a street urinal?
please tell a short anecdotes about it.
My answer are 1-yes, once; 2-yes once.
(I tried to pee in male urinal togheter with 2 friends, it was a pre wedding party for a friend, we were all quite tipsy (some very drunk). When the night club was closing we decided to visiti the loo togheter before going. The girl who was going to marry defied and inveited us to stand and pee in the urinal like in the famous movie "the full monty". We ended doing quite a mess on the floor, but we laughed like crazy trying to aim our pee like a man...
I have a funny stroy about me and my sister having to pee in a old street urinal, but I'll post it later.

7-what do u do if you find a toilet closed (both sexes) when u are bursting?
1-hold it anyway hoping to find an opened one soon
2-try to find a secluted place to pee
3-pee near the closed toilet because your bladder is too full
My answer is mostly 2, even if i did number 3 few times

8-Expecially for the ladies (man opinions are welcome too, anyaway):
What do you do if needing to go badly u go into a public toilet or portaloo and find it awfully dirty, unclean smelly or even with a clogged toilet.
1-even if u are bursting u are disgusted and go away trying to find a better one (if you can hold it so long)
2-like number 1, but needing to pee badly you find a suitable palce to pee quickly (not a toilet)
3-you don't care anyway, plug your nose with a hand and use the disgusting toilet, at maximum you hover with your bum over teh rim to not get dirty
4-You try to use the toilet anyway, hoveing higher and further form the disgusting toilet . As conseguence your pee often hit the toilet's rim or seat, or even splashes on the floor. You don't care too much as it is disgusting and soaked anyway
5- You pee somwhere else into the loo or stall, like in the sink (if possible), into the waste bin, over a drain or squat directly on the floor. See 8a
My answers are mostly 2, than 4 and if it is too disgusting 5

like in teh previous case, after waiting in queque for public toilet (or portaloo) in a crowded place, u find that the toilet is in tremendous dirty conditions, really disgusting, but you have to pee too badly to go away and wait longer, what do u do?
a-plugging the nose u decide to try to pee in the toilet anyway (even if clogged), assuming a technique like in 8.4
b-You have to pee somwhere inside to avoid using the disgusting toilet:(if possible give this otpion a priority or a frequence):
1-the sink (if possible)
2-the waste bin
3-a drain on the floor
4-go directly on the floor
Please indicate more than one option an tell a short sentence about an experience.
My anwer is both a, and b: 1- rarely, 2 and 3 really rarely, 4 few time s in my life.
My sentences:
This summer in a croweded fish market bathroom (orrible) I first made my daughter pee into a sink outsidede the only toilet stall (disgusting) with other women watching, then i got in the stall and squat over a drain in the floor.

Please answer my poll,
I'm really courious about this...

Thanks in advance

Kisses to all

To ShortSkirt Girl: I guess thats possible
To unamed poster: who went to the bathroom in the litter box..liked your story
To pissypants: Enjoyed your story
To Tris: Thats cool about the bathroom sceens on tv
To Alfreeda: Liked your story
To 14 year old boy who had diahreaha...liked your story
To Jeri_l: Enjoyed your story
To Erin: Nice story
To DeepCloudNine: Thats happened a few times..but it wasn't noticeable....have you tried drying it off?
To eli: Loved your you think that dude maybe did it on purpose? don't you peek over the stalls...maybe hes getting you back?
To loadlogger: Sounds like a nice dump
The other day i pooped for the first time in a few days.....then i went again the next afternoon then again last night and this afternoon again...i been pooping alot..don;'t know what it is

desperate to poop
Hi all,

I had a nice long poop at work the other day and was joined by someone else with the runs.

It was just after lunch and I wasn't too busy so I picked up my magazine as I knew it would be a long one. There is three stalls in the ladies and I chose the middle one. I pulled my trousers downs and panties and sat down. I immediately blew a trumpet fart. I was just beginning to push my first big log when the door flew open and I heard the very quick click clack of stilleto's. The door nearest to the exit suddenly slammed shut and I heard urgent rustling of panties coming down and then an almighty brrrrrrrrrrp, a loud 'oh god' and a rush of wet mush came flowing out of the ladies but. I was pushing a large log whilst the ladie continued to have wet waves of poop. She was groaning and the smell was pretty rank. I was grunting quite a lot too. By know I wasn't really reading my magazine but listening to other lady. I asked if she was ok and she said fine and she just had the runs due to her period. I comforted her and carried on with my poop which took 20 mins. once I had finished I said I hope she felt better soon. I couldn't stay as I had a meeting to go to. I washed my hands and left.
She was still shitting away when I left.

First time coming, long time reading, to Shortskirt girl, i believe it takes about two hours to fully digest a meal, that's what i heard, and i've xpiremented with the time it takes.

I now have peed in the sink for several months. The interesting thing last night; I cleaned out the shower and while at it I cleaned oht the toilet. When I put my head in the pot I could only smell a very faint smell. Peeing while standing dirties the toilet more than snything else. Pooping and peeing while sitting at night dirty it not as much.

The sink when washed still has no odor.

On an other note I like the name Patricia or Patrisha for a lady. The name reminds me of a hard minute long, sexy feminine pee. A pee that can be heard forty feet away as in some restrooms.

Eric in Chicago
ShortSkirtGirl: The first thing you have to understand is that, contrary to popular myth, most of what you eat *never* winds up in your poop. The biggest component of the food we eat is, believe it or not, water, which all gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Then there are macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, and protein) which, under normal circumstances, all get broken down into their constituents (monosaccharides, fatty acids, and amino acids) which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and subsequently burned for energy or incorporated into tissues, and micronutrients (stuff like vitamins and minerals) which are also absorbed into the bloodstream.

After everything that can be absorbed has been, all that's left is the undigestible components of food (mostly fiber) and a small amount of the water. Add to that some of the bacteria that help out with digestion, the sloughed-off lining of the intestines (the lining gets completely replaced every three days) and some components of bile, and then you've got poop.

How long the indigestible components of what you eat take to come out the other end is called your "intestinal transit time." It's influenced by a lot of factors, but unless you've really got the shits, it's usually at least 8 hours. In general, the better physical shape you're in and the younger you are, the shorter it is. Thus a teenage athlete who eats a big pile of corn will probably make some of it if he squats and grunts more than 8 hours or so after eating it. Narcotic painkillers seriously slow down transit time; this can result in severe constipation because the body is constantly absorbing water from the intestinal contents. Imodium or its generic equivalent is actually a narcotic (a derivative of fentanyl) that can't get into the brain, so its only effect is to slow down transit time, allowing more water to be absorbed and therefore making your shit less runny.

The need to poop after eating is the result of a reflex, which people generally call the "gastrocolic reflex"; that's actually an incorrect term and its proper name is something else, though I forget what it is. Filling up the front end makes the rear end want to empty. But again, unless you've really got severe diarrhea, what's coming out is (part of) what went in quite a while ago.

In medical studies, transit time is usually measured using water-insoluble dyes like carmine and activated charcoal (it can also be done by x-ray studies involving radio-opaque materials like barium, but this is seldom done because the radiation exposure is unwarranted). Corn works for do-it-yourself transit time studies. Using water-soluble dyes for DIY transit time measurements gives unrealistically low values because the dyes simply diffuse through the intestinal contents and arrive ahead of everything else; the kid who washes down his corn with lots of grape Gatorade is going to shit green before he shits corn.

Some alternative/"natural"/holistic belief systems claim that if you don't poop as much as you eat, the difference gets stuck to the lining of your colon. This is simply a superstition; if undigested food did stick to the lining of your colon, you'd very quickly die of dehydration, since the lining of the colon is where most of the water you consume is absorbed. It's not true, for example, that John Wayne was found to have 40 pounds of undigested matter in his colon when he was autopsied (in fact, he was never autopsied). It *is* true that Elvis Presley had quite a bit of hardened poop in his colon when he died; he was addicted to painkillers, and fecal impaction can result from that, due to the mechanisms mentioned above. Impaction can also be the result of a congenital disorder in which the nerve endings in the rectum don't develop properly and as a result, the sufferer doesn't feel the urge to poop.

Mr. Sir
To ShortSkirt Girl
It takes way longer than an hour to digest food. When you eat, this generally gets your bowels working. But you're not pooping out the hamburger you had 45 mins ago.

1. Have you ever had a BM that smell like food?
2. How often do you leave skid marks?
3. How often do you have to flush more than once to get all the poo down?
4. Did you ever poo outdoors in a public place? If so, describe it a little.
5. When you're constipated, what's the most noticeable difference in your poo? For example, color, texture, length, smell, amount etc.
6. Do you generally have bigger loads in the morning or in the evening?

The last few days I have been having good solid poops, often a single long log, after which I had to use only one 4-square folded length of toilet paper. Most satisfying. Once, the log was quite long, and as I flushed, it folded in half and caught on the edges of the hole, refusing to go down. I left it, came back later and found it still there, and flushed again; that time it went down. This morning I had another satisfying movement, this time in several medium pieces. Then I went to church; many people were there, and there was a reception afterward. I went in to pee, but also checked the single toilet. In it was a magnificent b.m.: one huge log, going well down into the hole and up out of the water; maybe a foot long, at least 1.5 inches thick; in addition there were two or three shorter turds (hard to tell with the toilet paper there), about the same thickness; all were deep brown, very healthy looking. Since many people were still in the church I did not wish to make the kind of excitement that would follow a clogged toilet, so I left it. (I didn't know that it would clog; but I expect that the donor of those fine turds thought it would, which is why he didn't flush in the first place.) Later this afternoon, my wife and I went to a historical museum. As we were leaving I noted an urge to defecate. The trip home was about half an hour, by which time the urge was very strong. I knew it would not be diarrhea, but I also knew I needed to get it taken care of soon. My wife needed to go to another event this afternoon, and she needed a little help getting ready (moving cars, gathering stuff, etc.), so I waited until she had left. Once inside, I whipped off my overcoat, flipped my hat into the closet. Then I moved swiftly to the bedroom, took everything out of my pockets (still had church clothes on), took off my sportcoat, belt, shoes, pants, shirt, socks, underpants, and undershirt. Now naked (and about to burst at the anus), I walked to the big bathroom, picked up a large hand mirror, walked to the small bathroom, put up the toilet seat, turned around, got up on the edge of the bowl, and squatted. Placing the mirror down in front of me, I could see my anus between my widespread buttocks. Now I could let go; and I did--two nice long hard logs, followed by six or seven shorter, softer ones, lighter colored than the first. What a relief! The movement completed, I now lowered the seat and sat on it to wipe. As usual, it took three sets of toilet paper: the first, 4 sheets, folded, got the gross soft poop, then (refolded) most of the rest; the second, 3 sheets, folded, had a slight brown stain; I refolded it and wet it slightly from the tap, then wiped again; not much. The third set, 3 sheets, folded, I used and got only a tiny light brown stain; then I refolded it and spread a small amount of Noxzema on it, then wiped with that, rubbing it in thoroughly; then, using my middle finger, I pushed the paper up into my anus as far as I could and cleaned it. There was a light brown cast to the paper. Some of you may remember that I am keeping count of how many times I have wiped using that same jar of Noxzema; the count is now 410, and the jar is still close to half full. I'll try to let you know the final count.

TO pissypants- Regina and I keep a poop log, so you should join us in the coolness. :)
The other day we were at her mom's house and she had to poop. She came out of the bathroom afterwards and told me that she had pooped, and noted that we would have to add it to the log. Her mom, who was standing right there when she told me, said "Are you still doing that?" and she responded "Yeah, we are.", to which her mom said "We? Don't tell me Rex is in on this too." I was so embarassed because I somehow prefer it that her mom not think I'm some kind of wierdo. It turns out that over Thanksgiving when they were away and staying in a hotel, her mom saw the paper that she was using to record her poops until they could be entered into the official log. She picked it up and read it, and the secret of the poop log is out. Oh well. She still seems to like me.
To deepcloudnine- I always pull my foreskin back when I pee so there's nothing for the pee to get caught in. Once in a blue moon, though, I feel a drop come out after I've zipped up.

To ShortSkirt Girl: From what I recall, it is actually supposed to take between 12-48 for our food to be digested and work its way to the end. I'm not so sure about food being digested within an hour of eating- that's new to me. However, there are times when certain foods can stimulate peristalsis (what forces our food through our digestive system) and can cause you to get the urge to poop shortly after eating. Unless she took a laxative or had a really upset stomach or something, I'm not sure how corn could work it's way through her that quickly. Well, I hope that answers your question.


Good morning,fellow poopers--well,it's really rainy here in N.Y.and i figure i'll post some responses as I wait for my morning BM (feels like a good one)
TO MEL D-Loved your shower dump story!boy I would have like to have been there to see that!!Keep those stories coming,i totally enjoy them-you sound like you really enjoy doing a good poop-we should buddy dump with you in the shower and me on the bowl! LOL-good stuff!
TO JJ-You hit the nail right on the head-I too have been with quite a few women who really enjoyed pooing for me -liked you said,you have to get past the "taboo" barrier and with most women I met,it was pretty easy once you let them know how much you would enjoy it and how much they would enjoy it too and it sometimes was surprising how many of them really got into it and then they wanted to watch you poop too and then you could poop along with them!To me these were special ladies that I really enjoyed being around and were great company to be with!Good point JJ!
excuse ,me for awhile,my rectum is full-I gotta go-----------
Ahhhhhh---just had a nice dump.Went to the bowl,got undressed and sat down and leaned back against the tank and spread my legs and relaxed my anus and let out 2 long farts and then I felt my asshole open up with a long rope of poop and with the way I was sitting I looked down and I could see this rope coming down towards the front of the bowl and start to curl around-it looked cool-sometimes I really enjoy seeing the poop come out-i wanted to get the mirror,but I had to go so bad I didn't have time to find it.Then the last part of this rope fell out my butt and I looked and saw this "sausage' about a foot long and smooth coiled up in the front of the bowl-man that felt good to get out!Then I started to pee and I really peed up a storm( had a lot of OJ)and towards the end of my peeing as I'm pushing,i feel a cramp and I let out a hissing fart as part 2 of my BM started with a bunch of soft stuff coming out as I started to finish up my peeing-I really enjoy when I can poop and pee at the same time-it;'s rare for me to do that and it feels great!I looked in the bowl and saw a pile of soft stuff in back of the coiled turd.I felt just about done as I sat there pushing out my anus and letting out some wet farts and some squgglies and then relieved myself -(enough said)Then got some wet wipes and cleaned up-it was a bit of a messy wipe too.this was the 1st good dump i've had in a few days-the last few have been pretty uneventful,but this one was a good one and I thought I'd share it with you guys!Sometimes I print some of the stories on this forum and take them to the bowl and read them as i'm pooing and it really cool to do cause I feel like i'm pooing along with you guys!Maybe some of you will take my poop stories to read as you unload and I hope I can inspire you! say hey to MEL D, JANE,PUNK ROCK GIRL,MALITA,and FRANCO and the rest of the gang--Hey F,hope you enjoyed my morning dump! Great stories.all-well,its'off to the shower-I love to shower after a dump like that! hey- let's hear some more post-turkey dump stories from the ladies!! BYE!

Noel if your still on this list and have more stories to tell I for one would like to hear them, Todd I once took a huge dump andd because I could not make it to the toilet in timer it ended up in my briefs. I did take them off and dropped the dump into the toilet and washed most of the dumpp out of the briefs and then flushed the toilet. I looked around for the briefs so i could throw them away, but could not find them. Then i realized the toilet was not going down but rising. Just as it reached the top it stopped. I tried to plunge it, but nothing worked and I called the town to get the line to the street unblocked. The town workers worked on the block for about 30 mins and came to my dorr with those missing shorts and said here is what was blocking the sewer. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed, bit said I wonder how those got there?

HJ Terakon
To the guys here, do any of you have girlfriends who let you go in the bathroom with them no matter what they're there to do? Like if they're taking a massive dump, so bad that they're sweating, face all red, teeth gritted together so tightly nothing can pass between, and eyes screwed shut in the ultimate expression of straining, would they let you come in?

Also, this is a question to anyone who's a Christian. Please only answer if you fall in this category, because I looked through the old posts and saw a lot of stuff like how "a lot of Christians or Catholics are repressive" (not an exact quote) and someone even cited the Simpsons episode where Reverend Lovejoy says that the Bible says you're not allowed to go to the bathroom. I don't want an answer like that. I want an answer, from someone from the Christian religion, to the question of if such an interest is wrong. I know I've been interested in seeing people (women specifically) using the toilet, but I don't know anyone else like this. My g/f is not into it, I don't think; I'd be scared to ask. And since no one I know is into this, and I really think that no one I've ever known has been into it, I have to ask: is this wrong? Again, please only answer if you're a Christian. I apologize to the moderator if this is considered offensive, but I don't want an answer that involves me turning my back on my religion.

Thank you.

*Survey Girl
Thank you Shawn, Cassie, Althea, Mike, Bryian, and Mike for taking my survey. I wanna get more answers though, so I'll post my survey again and if anyone ever has any free time on their hands, please respond to it......Thanks a bunches.

1. Do you enjoy pooping?
2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.?
3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop?
4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going?
5. About how many times a day do you poop?
6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going?
7. Do you find pooping relaxing?
8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?
9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)?
10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping?
11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards?
12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible?
13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company?
14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done?

Greetings to Louise (from France); I look forward to more anecdotes from you.
I don't get any pleasure from peeing myself, but I have had some awkward experiences which you may enjoy reading. Most recently and disastrously was several years ago when I was driving into New York City from work. This time I had to come down to the East side of Manhattan and drop off a woman near her child's school. This took extra time and after dropping her off I had to drive cross-town (to the West side of Manhattan) and to my apartment building.
This was the wrong time to have taken that extra time, since my bladder was filled to its limit. As I tried to hold back and drive cross-town in heavy, typical New York City traffic I furiously wondered what my options were. One was to illegally park somewhere and rush into a bar and whiz in the loo. For whatever reasons I could not bring myself to do that. My aching bladder, urgently needing relief, could not be held. Not squeezing my "little friend" or rubbing it or anything else could keep it from leaking. Finally I tried to let out a squirt and that was the end... I could not cut off that squirt; it turned into a gush where my entire bladder emptied itself into my jeans and the seat of my car.
It allowed me to get to my apartment and find a parking place. When I went into my building and the elevator, the elevator operator must have noticed that I had taken my jacket and tied it around my waist to hide the large wetness in my jeans. To this day I think that he will ask me about that day but it is unlikely.
Hope to hear more from you.

Jane (& Gary)
Robby & Annie: Welcome back! Robby, sorry to hear about your health problems. I'm sure you are on your way to a full recovery.

Sarah S. & Meghan: So good to hear from you guys again.

Quick hellos to Rizzo, John, Althea, Buzzy and all of the old-times who may still remember me. Waiting to hear again from Ephermal, Jeff A., and Carmalita and the gang.

Students: Good luck on finals.

I've been very regular in my pooping in recent months, going daily or twice daily with small to medium loads. Yesterday afternoon at work I had an urge to poop and went to do what seemed to be another regular dump. I went to the ladies room, into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pushed down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I pushed out a firm but thin rope of poop that broke into pieces as it hit the water. I counted about six plops. I peed for a bit, then pushed out a longer, thicker and softer rope of poop that again broke into pieces before hitting the water. This time it was nine plops. At this time a strong poop smell began to emerge. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I pushed out another series of soft, thick poop. This time it was a dozen pieces, ranging from long thick pieces to some globs. I flushed the toilet while seated again. There was still a persistent urge to poop, though my stomach did not ache. I continued to push out more poop, this time a little softer and more rapidly. After another dozen plops, I flushed the toilet again. I pushed out a couple more pieces before I was done. I wiped, flushed a final time and left behind the usual poop smell. I was able to relieve my urge to poop.

Hey,fellow poopers-I'm on a roll and on a poop hot streak-had a great dump at the gym this morning.I was on 1 one the cardio machines for about 20 mins and all of a sudden,I really had to poop bad and just about ran down the stairs to the bowls and quickly went into a stall and there were 2 stalls in the bathroom that were full and both these guys were doing some good morning pooing with some farts and grunts which made me have to go worse as I undressed and as i was sitting on the bowl, i let out a long hissing fart and when i was seated,i was already unleashing a long rope of soft dung as I could feel my anus doming out from the force of this poop coming out and as i grunted this stuff out in relief i heard the guy in the next stall let out what sounded like a long,crackling rope of poop himself and it sounded like between the 2 of us we were doing about 4 feet of poop!I really enjoy letting out my load as i hear other guys doing the same and I think some of these guys enjoy it too.Then I looked in the bowl and saw a nice size sausage wrapped partially around the bowl as i heard the guy in the next stall let out a long fart followed by a lot of loose sounding poop.I was just sitting there enjoying the sounds and waiting for more stuff to fill up my rectum and after a few mins,i had to go more and as this guy in the next stall is starting to wipe,i let out a wet fart and let out the innermost part of my BM which was very soft and came out pretty fast with a lot of gas along with it-It was a pretty loud dump,but,man,it felt super.i used to go to the gym and if I had to poo,i used to be real paranoid about pooing there,but after the first few times i went and i heard all these guys just letting it rip and sounding like they were really enjying it,now when i dump there,i just let it all hang out-it's great-anyway,after this poop explosion,i felt really cleaned out as i leaned foreward and started to wipe and it was a bit of a messy wipe as i had some splashback when my asshole exploded with the last part of my poop and i just got my butt clean enough to go take a shower.i felt great as i flushed the bowl 2 times to get it all down and ran to the shower-just thought I'd share that gym poop with you guys.I guess i'm in a good poop "cycle"cause for quite awhile,i was just doing real uneventful poops and felt a bit binded up,but now my butts' on fire!Great stories,all! hope you all are enjoying the holiday season-it's my favorite time of year! BYE

ShortSkirt Girl. The length of time it takes to digest a meal varies a great deal depending on the person and what they've eaten. As a general rule of thumb anything from 4 to 8 hours is fairly normal but there are always exceptions. Six hours would be about average.

K. It's fairly normal to go several days without needing a motion and not being constipated either. I wouldn't recommend it but some people only go for a poo about once a week and make a big job of it. However the person who dumps 2 or 3 times a week is just as normal as the person who dumps 3 times a day. Unless you're actually feeling unwell as a result of not doing anything I wouldn't worry too much. You'll need to go eventually.

Louise (from France). Hi and welcome! It sounds as though you may have some interesting stories to tell. I was intrigued by what you said about your husband weeing in the sink sometimes on account of the 'early morning difficulty' which I know about all too well and have experienced for myself. However I'd have thought taking a wee in the shower would have been much easier and more natural for him as a means of overcoming the problem.

Best wishes to all, especially Jenny, Julie, Punk Rock Girl and Robby & Annie.

Curious Dude
ShortSkirt Girl: Corn can pass through much faster than anything else. As for the rest, when you eat, you are adding pressure from your gut and making less room to hold poop and that is why you sometimes have to go immediatly after you eat. So, it is stuff that was digested earlier, but pressure built up from eating. I hope this answers your question.

Erin: That was a really great post! Every time a girl says that her story is nothing special, it turns out to be a really good post. Your's w!as no exception! I love to hear about cute girls pooping and so do a lot of guys here, so please post post again! XOXOXO

jj: Your post really sums up exactly how I feel. I don't think I could ever be with a girl that wouldn't share pooping experiences with me. I am single and hope that when I date a girl, she will be cool about it. Of course, I know I just need to give it a little time, but not too much time because I don't want to get too attached to a girl and then find out she won't crap in front of me and get my heart broken. When we start getting intimate, I will ask her. It will be quite embarassing, but keeping it to myself is just something I could never do. Let me tell you this... it sounds like you have a real sweatheart. She sounds like she understands so well. I bet she gets a lot of loving from you! Someone like that just deserves to be loved so tenderly. I love the fact that she wakes you up or waits for you to get home from work when she has to take a dump. By the way, do you wipe her butt for her? That is an important part of the intimate experience for me. Take care.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

To SHORTSKIRT GIRL - aww, I felt bad for you as I read your story. I would absolutely be mad at myself if I couldn't hold my poop in, in a situation like that. But at least you had your husband help clean you up right? I mean it's better than doing it yourself, at least in my opinion. Anyways, I loved reading your story, and if you have any more stories, it'd be cool if you shared them. You don't hafta, I'm just wonderin as I always do. It could even be a story about a regular poop that you took like yesterday or sometime, doesn't matter. Hope to read more......bye.

Don't have a lot of time tonight, sorry. I'll post sometime later......later!

ShortSkirt Girl
Could anyone, once and for all, help me with how long it takes to fully digest a meal? I thought it was a minimum of 6 hours, but a girlfriend of mine told me she could see corn in her poop from the meal she had eaten less than an hour ago. I believe her to an extent and sometimes I have to take a dump immediately after eating a big meal. Could the stuff I shit out really be a result of what I've only just eaten?

okay, so i was cat siting for my neighbor one day and i really had to pee. I had absolutely no idea where the toilet was so i went over to the litter box and pulled down my pants. my bladder was ready to burst but i couldn't just let it go or there would be pee all over the floor. i had to slowly let it out. about five minutes later i pooped a huge log. this was very hard to clean up since the pee was thouroughly soaked through the cat litter. i didnt care. i felt TONS better!

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