Last night I was in a campus classroom building working late on a project. I felt the urge to take a dump. I am kind of shy about pooping in a public bathroom sometimes, but as this is my third year here, I know the places on campus with secluded bathrooms. So I knew exactly where I could get some privacy. To my relief, this ladies room was empty as usual and I went into my favorite stall and did my thing. It was quite a typical poop for me: a few short small logs followed by lots of loose stuff. I could tell my asshole was a little messy. As I had just finished up, I reached over instinctively for the toilet paper but discovered to my dismay that the roll was empty. My purse was in another room; otherwise I could have just used a tissue or piece of random paper. I tried reaching up under the stall partitions on either side (has worked for me in similar past situations) but could not reach any adjacent paper dispensers. Now, I do enjoy wetting or soiling myself on purpose at times, but this was a different story. I knew I still had a few hours of work ahead of me and I really didn't want to deal with the smell, itching, or possible visible stainage of sitting around with shitty pants. As I was considering a tight-cheeked slow waddle into another stall with my pants around my ankles (has also worked for me in the past in a pinch), another lady entered the bathroom. Only then did I notice that I had produced a bit of an odor. Ooops! Anyhow, she chose the stall next to me and I peeked under the partition. Oddly enough, I recognized her from her distinctive shoes as a girl from my section. I was kind of embarrased about asking her to pass me some paper, but as I heard her bladder empty I thought that she was probably only peeing so my window of opportunity was small. I knocked on the stall partition between us and asked quiety, "Kaitlyn? Would you mind passing me some paper?" She giggled a bit and said something about me being in a sticky situation as she passed me a small wad of paper. My asshole was indeed fairly messy and I knew I'd have to be conservative with the paper because I was too embarrassed to ask her for more. I wiped until the paper was unuseable but still I could tell that wouldn't be sufficient to mop up the residue from my yellowy brown poop. By now she had flushed the toilet and was washing her hands. I reckoned that I had gotten my bum clean enough to pull up my pants so I flushed and zipped my jeans back up. I exited the stall and she gave me a weird look and a kind of awkward laugh as she left the bathroom. As soon as the door shut I went into the stall she'd been in and wiped more thoroughly. There were skid marks on my panties for the rest of the night, but I dind't mind; I was just glad for the relief.

More pooping adventures to come. I have many stories I'll type sometime and also would love to start keeping a daily poop log (no pun intened!) if I have the time between my busy homework/class/work schedule. Meanwhile I am really enjoying everyone else's posts. Thanks for giving me something to think about when I'm daydreaming in class. :)

I haven't had a bowel movement in several days... It's been close to a week. It's not that I'm constipated.. I just don't have to go. I mean, I don't have bms very often, but even this is a long time for me. Not a single shiver, urge, or anything!

By the way, I never had another of those weird little tinkle accidents. Unless you count the other day when I started coughing. I guess it caught me by surprise because a little squirt escaped. But that's been about it. Even though I generally dislike having bms (not exactly dislike the bms themselves, but I don't like the fact that they sometimes make me uncomfortable), I've been hoping for my next one... just to make sure that my lower intestines are indeed still working.

Let you know how it goes.

A lot of people post here about female poop scenes in movies. There aren't that many good ones, but I think they have all been posted here at one time or another.

What about female poop scenes in American TV shows? Anyone know of any good ones? I can think of a few:

A scene on "Yes Dear" a couple of years ago where the mom tells her child that "mommy has to go poo poo really bad", not knowing that the plumber is still working in the bathroom and can hear what she is saying. A scene in "Hype" where someone plays the part of Brittney Spears with diarrhea. A scene on "MAD TV" a few years ago where a mom poops in front of her daughter. A scene on Jenny McCarthy's old show where she plays "Super Jenny" and she has to take a dump urgently in the ladies room. Any one know of any other good female poop scenes in US TV shows?

Tonight I was driving home and realized that I had to really go to the bathroom. I was in my car looking at other people almost with a frown on my face. They probably didnt know I had to poop really bad. When I got home, I parked my car in the driveway and I ran into the house and the bathroom, because I am afraid to go in public places. I did a pretty big poop, and it was about 6 inches long and the bathroom smelled like tuna fish when I was done. I never like to go in public places because I am embarresed from the smell. I have extra smelly poops and alot of times it is very soft and messy. When I am home I can wet some toilet paper under the sink faucet to wipe myself better, as I often do. I sprayed some floral bathroom spray and went online feeling good from going to the bathroom.

I am a 14 year old male and the other night I was at my dads house doing my homework when i heard my stomach make funny noises. I ignored it and ate my dinner of cheese sticks and tater tots. After dinner i heard the noises again and knew I had to take a major dump.I went to the bathroom and closed the door and put on the sink so no one would hear me. I picked up the lid positioned myself in front of the toilet, pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees and when my ass touched the seat i literally exploded with a load of force. With one push I filled up the entire toilet with watery explosive diarrehea. I farted a couple of times and let out some more explosive diarrehea. I felt so relieved . The smell was unbearable so i sprayed and waved a towel in the air.

Oh god i lost the bet!!
My punishment is that i have to do my morning toilet in my pants -with my girlfriend watching!!
So here i am on monday morning dressed as to go out for the day in hi cut panties (shows the panty line) nice close fitting guess jeans a scoop neck white top low heels and fully made up, shit -here i am a grown woman (grandmom yet) and i'm about to mess myself end to end to satisfy a bet !!
I see her walking over as i stand with my coffee and a smoke just about to burst from both ends!
she says "good morning ,don't we look slinky hon!! I say up yours hon!!
she touches me between my legs as we stand outside, i'm doing the IGOTTA GO NOW!! dance as my bladder releases and pee soaks me and darkens my jeans running down my legs i step out of my heels, pee pours through the fabric(i couldn't wait anymore).
my knees are togeter and im bent over ,I tell her i have to shit NOW! as my anus opens and my shit starts coming out of me. the jeans are tight and it stops. She sees the bulge and tells me c'mon hon push baby!!
I push and the hard part breaks off and i force a mass of soft shit into my jeans, I know my panties couldn't contain it as i feel it up my butt cleavage and down one leg
-oh shit this is gonna be messy. She says the stain is soooo sexy i said just wait b???h!! and i pushed again to finish my movement.
good grief it felt sooo good but oh my what a mess.
she walked in and poured herself a coffee, I waddled in and did the same.
i wont indulge in what happened after just let it be known that i had help cleaning up.

Louise (from France)
Hi all,
My name is Louise I'm a married woman (mother of 2 daughter and 1 son)who enjoyned reading this forum from months.
Finally I decided to write here myself. I'm interested in the pee related topics, instead I don't care about pooping things.
I like anecdotes about outdoor peeing, peeing in unusual places, bathroom habits. I love to see men in the act of peeing somwhere, Anyway it's funny for me to share anecdotes about peeing from females too, as I like to pee outdoot and are always interested in other female peeing habits.
I'm interested in bathroom peeing attitudes of both gender, for exmple if ladies do wee in the shower (I always do it, at home and out) and if people pees in other place than the toilet.
For example My hubby often use the sink for his morning pee because of the frequent "hardon" on wakeup (it's cleaner, because he would mess around the toilet trying to aim in it).
I like to pee in the bidet instead of using the toilet at home. I found it pratical and quick and i can wash myself as soon as i'm done.
I used to do it since I was a child, because we had only one bathroom at home in my family of 5 people: parents, me, sister and brother (the same for our first house in 5 of us: me, hubby, 2 daughters and 1 son; now we have a bigger home with 2 bathrooms).
Being 5 with only a bathroom made sharing the bathroom was a necessity for us. In my fmaily we were very easy about sharing the bathroom, expecially for peeing inpresence of eachother. SO it often happened that if someonether was using the toilet and I have to pee, i simply did it in the bidet. I get used to use it even when sharing the bathroom with my sister (somethimes brother) and friends, When we go to the bathroom togheter(typical for girls and women) I leave them the toilet and i go in the bidet at the same time, instead of waiting for eachother to use the toilet. I did this even at friends house (with their permission when we went togheter) and at my sister house.
I've always done this till today, if I have to share the bathroom with hubby, or my daughters, or a friend.
I often prefer to use the bidet to pee even if i'm alone, I use the toilet only if I need to do "something else", I think it's less water wasting too.
I grown up with a easy inclinantion about peeing outdoor (carside in bushes, etc.). My mother tought me to never hold it too long if I need it and to pee somwhere instead of riskying to wet myself (never done), if there arent available toilets.
As I drink 2-3 litres of mineral water a day to keep in good shape, It's not an incommon thing that i have to pee when and where there isn't a toilet nearby (I haven't a big bladder, so I don't hold it much): I often happen to have to pee carside, or in parking garage, in my everyday life.
I hate ugly, dirty and smelly public toilet and often prefer to go outdoor instead using one of them. I'm a bit obsessed with the risk of infection in unclean public loos, expecially for my daughters (and expecially when thy were younger).
In situations where there are filty public toilet used by many people, in crowded common palce, I prefer to make them pee outdoor (ant teach them to this themselves). FOr exemple in many rest area on highway, which are usually one of the place with dirtier toilets (few and much used) I almost always made tehm pee carside instead of using the toilet, adn sometimes I do it too.
I learnt them to hover above the toilet When they have to use a public bathroom. I myself the the dirtyer is the toilet the higher and further from the toilet I hover ot pee (with a bad control of my stream in some situation).
If the toilet are really dirty, and there is no-way I can made them peeing outdoor (like in public places) I sometimes let my daughters pee in the sink when possible, or rarely pee into the waste bin or squat over adrain in the floor. In the worst conditions, with disgusting toilets or clogged ones, I let them pee directly on the already wet floor. I tought them to do one of this "techniques" themselves if they find an extremely dirty toilet when alone.
I usually simply hover squatting high, but rarely I myself pissed in the sink or in the wastebasket. Very few times I squatted over a drain or went directly on the floor.
I don't like the habit of people who piss into public pool. I always teach my daughthers and son and their friend to pee before and after the pool. If the bathroom isn't to clean od too near they can pee under the shower anyway (i often do this myself).
I'm really interessed in male peeing story and in anecdotes of women about their peeing habits (if they pee outdoor, bathroom habit, strangest place u peed)

A great kiss to all

Hi everyone!!! I love this site, been a fan for a long time but this is my first posting. I am a 19 yr old college freshman from Houston, Texas. I have blonde hair (w/ red hi-lites), blue eyes, 5'7" 135 lbs and a cute butt :-) I am a big flirt, love to be open about life! I proudly claim as a hobby all that goes with taking a dump!! I usually poop every day - but it's not uncommon for me to go every other day. I typically only take dumps in public restrooms, (it adds so much to the experience!) I hate going at home and using "one-holers", seems like such a waste. Being in college, pooping in public restrooms is a fact of life so I have no complaints! I live in an apartment near school with my roommate Carey (she also goes in public moreso than at home). The semester is practically over but I have a job at a local mall - so I will continue to enjoy the public restroom scene!!!

Now that you know more about me, I suppose I can share my latest dump experience with you - its nothing special but it was good for me anyway! It's now 230pm on Wednesday - I used the restroom about 2 hours ago. I'm still at school and had lunch at the student center with my friend, Amber. After we finished eating Amber advised she had to pee and get to class to take her last final, I told her I needed to poop and would go to the restroom with her. I had been holding it for about 2 hours - finally had time to go without rushing. The restroom in the student center near the lunch area has 4 stalls (3 regular, 1 handicap) - when we went in one of the regular stalls was occupied. Amber went into one of the remaining regular stalls and me the other. Since I was going to be a while I took my jacket off and placed it on the hook. I lowered my jeans and panties and sat down on the toilet, my butt cheeks were pulled open in the process (one of my favorite feelings!). Unlike most girls I lower jeans/panties to my ankles and always poop with my legs spread open. Amber soon finished peeing and washed up and told me bye as she went off to class. The other girl was not being audible up to this point so I assumed she was pooping too rather than peeing - she was also reading something - I soon discovered she was pooping because of about 15 plops she let loose! As usual, I farted several times before anything else. All day long I could tell that I had a big turd that wanted out. Soon enough it began pushing out. My butthole crackled and expanded very wide. Slowly (without pushing) it slid out. I was surprised how wide open my hole felt. I pooped for about 15 minutes and ended up with 6 floaters - each was broken off from the other. The longest was 7 or 8 inches and nearly 2 inches thick. The others were 4-5 inches and about the same thickness. I farted alot too and it really really stunk (I don't believe in courtesy flushes)! The other girl did not leave her stall until I was done wiping and washing afterward. She was a tiny sorority girl - also had a cute butt! Hope everyone has a good week - I promise to post again soon!!!!!!!! Love Erin.

A few years back I was in a cafe in London, England with my girlfriend. We had ordered and were eating. When she said she needed the toilet, so she got up and went. She was gone about 10 mins so I knew she had a poo!

We where talking when she got back and drinking coffee when she had a suprised look on her face and said oh god. She was trying to wisper something to me but I couldnt hear. We were sat at the back of the cafe and she had her back to the wall. After a few seconds of asking her what she was talking about,it turns out she forgot to wipe her bum! How she managed it I don't know. But not wanting to go back to the loo and have every see, she ensures her back is to the wall and in the corner, she takes some paper napkins off the table and discretley puts her hand down the back of her skirt to wipe her bum. We got ready together so I know she didn't have knickers on.

She repeated this a few times, putting the napkins in her hand bag when she was finished.

I was quite shocked but it was quite nice watching, I think she did it for my benefit. And when we got back to the NCP car park in Knightsbridge we had some fun in the car!

To Chelcie: Thanks for answering my survey. I really liked your responses. I also admire the fact that you're comfortable with guys watching you take a poop.

To Mel. D.: That must have been some dump you took the other day after holding it in for that long. About how big were the logs you made? Keep those wonderful posts coming. I just love reading them.

To Amy: It sounds like you had quite a load after eating all that wonderful Thanksgiving food. I get really fascinated by the idea of eager anticipation- hearing that a girl ate a lot of food and knowing that she'll have to take a really big dump in the near future because of it. I thought your diaper idea was great too. I look forward to your future posts!

I wish so much that more girls were open to the topic of pooping and comfortable with guys like me having a non-harmful "fascination" about seeing, hearing, or talking about a girl taking a poop like on this site. After all, everyone does it, right? Since I was in my early teens, I've always had this desire to see a really cute girl take a big dump, especially after finding this site and hearing about all these girls producing massive loads. Up until that point, I had never really thought about the fact that all girls poop too, even the cute and drop-dead gorgeous ones. After all- girls eat too, so all that wholesome food has to end up somewhere;)Just the thought of a girl sitting on a toilet with a large, smelly load of poop coming out from between her beautiful butt-cheeks is so exciting to me. I hope one day I actaully get to see this wonderful event take place.


Awesome story, how old are you? I like stories about teenagers wearing diapers and using them, fortunately its easier for girls to pee in a diaper without it overflowing. I'm 20 and if I had my own place I'd do the same, for now I keep two 'little john' brand plastic urinals under my bed to pee into during the night. Donny, are you the custodian, of old? If so, I miss reading your posts. Okay, now to the important stuff. I've got a quesetion for the guys. I have a problem with taking a leak, and no matter how hard I shake it, when I put it back in my pants 1/2 the time, a few drops come out and soak my underwear or go down my leg if I'm wearing only shorts. This is annoying. Do any other guys have that problem? If so, how do you prevent that from happening? Thanks..


My answers to Julie's latest survey are:
1) B
2) D for all
3) A for all
4) Where is the most unusual place that you have ever wee'd? Sorry, can't think of anywhere unusual.
5) What is the biggest group of people that you have ever been in that you all wee'd at the same together, and what happened? I;ve been in some crowded loos occasionally but that's all.
6) have you ever thought about puttingan elastic band oor something like that in place to help you not to wee if you have ever had to go for a long time without weeing? Do you think this could work? No,I don't think it would work. The need to go comes from the bladder - the penis is only an outlet. What's more as well as painful I think using a rubber band would be highly dangerous.
Pee Fan. Interesting story. I think holding for longer than she would normally may well have made passing water temprarily more difficult for your wife than would normally be the case.
ShortSkirt Girl. Interesting post. I'm surprised your husband didn't pick up on the fact that you needed a #2 before you left for work and urged you to use to the bathroom before leaving. Also I'm surprised you didn't need to go anyway to pee first thing. I always do and I tend to assume most people need to.
Jenny. I agree. When you've gotta go you've really gotta go and there's no point in holding back.
Best wishes

Does anyone know of any cartoon/anime shows/movies with girls taking dumps?

moon shadow
i used to feel very awkward and ashamed about discussing my interest in watching women poop, but as i grew older and got into more mature relationships with more intimacy i overcame my anxiety. i have seen several very good looking women poop before. it was embarassing to ask, but it was the only way to find out. women are very sensual creatures. if you compliment them and treat them nice they will try to please you. i live with a women now who will wake me up when i am sleeping if she has to go and will even wait for me to get home from work if i ask her to. it is a good thing she is so understanding because i really love her a lot. i have went out with women that other men would do anything to be with, but if they are uptight about pooping or say they would never do that in front of a guy then they have to hit the road. the ones that say they would do anything for someone they love are the ones that i show what kind of magic can happen when two people share their desires with eachother. it's a beautiful thing. life is to short to spend it sucking up to someone who will not indulge your fantasies. most people would have far fewer regrets if they could overcome their own insecurities. to anyone who is interested in having a women do anything for them i have two things to say. communicate. reciprocate. love share live happy.

Back to school studying for finals. Today something really happened in the library bathroom that made me incredibly angry. I had to take a wicked shit about 6:30 pm after having a big dinner. It was hurting so bad I was sweating and walked probably ran through the library to get in. When I entered the main bathroom there was no one in the stall so I said to myself, Thank God and locked myself in ready to take a half hour dump and really enjoy it!! I began by leaning way far forward, I think my hair was touching the floor and let go of a crackling log of immense proportion. At the same time ( of course I was oblivious to this ) some dude walked into the bathroom and began washing his hands. I am in the throws of a huge dump and this dude opens my stall door. He looks at me while I am staring up at the ceiling with my eyes clenched shut so I can pump out this jumbo turd. I let go of the turd and tried to talk but could not, he said sorry dude but as long as I am in here I need some toilet paper to dry my hands and proceeded to grab some tp right over me as i am in between an outraged groan and a deep breath. All I could say coherently was "OUT PLEASE!" . He laughed and closed the stall door. That kind of ruined my dump and i could not make anymore. Later at night back in the dorm I took another one that totally cleaned me out and exhausted me. But I was amazed at the nerve of that dude. If I see him around campus I wonder if I should say anything to him about it. It was kind of embarassing.


my post Thanksgiving dump was a disappointing 280 grams. I did break the Pound Barrier (454 g) about a month ago, coming in at 460 g, but it took a special effort, had to eat a whole package of figs and a big can of soybean chili in addition to the usual fruit, oat bran and a big pasta dinner. Two, three years ago i could routinely dump in the mid-500's gram range, sometimes even over 600. Now my average is only about 250. Don't know what's wrong, maybe i'm over the hill. :( :( Others please weigh their loads so i have smthg to compare with. Peace LL

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Hi everybody, i hope thanksgiving was great for everyone! i had a great one myself which meant a lot of eatting!!! i dont know where i put all the food i ate, but i do know where most of it ended up at...LOL!!

i was sooo sleepy when i got home that evening all i wanted to do was go to bed. but before i did i put on a attends diaper and a soaker in the crotch so i wouldnt have to get up for a pee. i woke a couple of times and felt the need to pee so i just wet my diaper and turned over and went back to sleep it was great!

thew next morning about 11 am i woke up, i had to poop sooo bad it almost hurt!! i turned over on my ???? and just let go, the poop started out without any problem forcing me to spread my legs apart so my poop could enter my diaper. soon i was peeing a little more as i pooped. soon i was pushing and filling my diaper this was a big load!!

i couldnt remember having this much of a load in a while, then after a few farts and a lot of very loose poopfilled in all around my firmer poop i was done. i turned over and sat up smashing my poop all over my butt and well my whole diaper area. i got up and went out to my computer and sat there in my mess and read some email and talked to a few people. i wiggled around in my chair and made my poop go every where soon it was all up the back of my diaper almost to the waist bands and my coming almost out my leg holes, it was great! i had a great thanksgiving and the morning after was even better.. LOL well byez for now xoxoxoxoxox love Amy.

Today I had a nice poop early in the morning. After I woke up, I felt the urge to go so i went into the bathroom and did my business. The weird thing is that i only managed to push out a 6 or 7" inch long piece of poop, and as i began wiping my butt, I couldn't believe how messy was it. Poop covered the toilet paper for the first wipe, and as I wiped again the same thing occured. I hate having to wipe alot, but if I need to I won't argue and I'll do it. So, I just kept wiping and wiping and after the eight wipe it was still dirty. I then carefully stood up, found a washcloth, soaked it under the sink, and began wiping more. Well finally after about sixteen or seventeen wipes, my butt was clean. I NEVER remember wiping my bottom that much, but oh well......what can ya do? lol. i know this story isn't too exciting, but please read it anyways......

Silly Girl
When I was a little kid I was afraid of going to the bathroom, because sometimes when I was using it my parents came in and praised me and for some reason that made me get embarresed. I often hid in my bedroom and pooped my pansed and peed in a empty puzzle box and emptied it in my straw garbage can in my bedroom, which of course got all over the floor. I remember one time I held my pee for ten hours. I also had a lot of peeing accidents from holding it to long. When I was about nine I discovered that it feels much better to go frequintly. I was then afraid to even be away from bathrooms. Also when I have to poop I have really bad stinky and loud farts. My farts are so bad that if I was on a long drive and their were no rest stops for over half a hour my mom would pull over and have me go on the side of the road, my dad would do the same.

I guess you all probably have seen Regina's post about her peeing on my kitchen floor. She really needed to pee, because it was a big bright yellow puddle! The floor needed mopping anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. We both laughed a lot. But that wasn't her only funny thing for the day. When I came home that afternoon, she IMed me to look at our big marker board where we write all kinds of things. There was a haiku:

Poop on a cactus
Sitting outside in the cold
Brr. Brr. Let me in.

I happen to have a potted cactus on my balcony, so I looked outside, and there was a lump of poop sitting in the pot right next to the stem! I wonder how that got there!

I think since then, we've pooped only in the toilet, although we did just have a very pleasant poop together. Mine was floating and about two feet long and skinny, and hers was thick and blocky and sank down into the hole. I think Regina will have a story to tell about a pee she took last night soon. I'll let her post it.

Ash and Mel- Now I know what it's like to be like you guys and have someone else that finds poop as fascinating.

Talk to you all later

Hi, Does anybody here know, or has heard about, which country's people tend to produce the longest and fattest turds?? Since different countries have different 'dishs' for their main meals, I'm sure one of the hundreds of countries around the world must be heaven for seeing a hot woman crap? So, if anybody knows, please write soon?

Q: do any of you like tho have a bm in a public toilet???

I'm just curious, but is there anyone who's NOT gone to the bathroom outside before?

Hey Everyone!
Got a fun story for ya!

In the last couple of days I've been eating heaps and holding my shit, so I could make one huge satisfying dump. Well it worked, this morning I woke up and felt the urge to take a mega dump, but fought it off. I was going to be home alone tomorrow and wanted to have a big dump wherever I wanted and have some fun.

It was about 9:45am when Mom reminds me I have netball training; I completely forgot and had to rush to get ready. We got there just in time. All that rushing around gave me a cramp in the stomach. My urge to take a shit came back, but I ignored it and started training.

We were doing fitness, so we did a lot of running. All the running brought back my urge to shit, it was pretty bad this time, actually pressing against my hole, which was sweaty from running, so it was all lubed up and ready to drop a load. I really didn't want to shit, but my stomach was cramped up and my asshole was aching from holding it in. The last 10 minutes of training seemed to go for an eternity. I kept discretely putting my hand on my ass to keep it in. Finally it ended and mom picked me up. As soon as I got in the car I let out a ripper to relieve the pressure on my butthole a bit.

I was determined not to shit. When I got home I needed a shower. I walked right passed the toilet, which seemed to be begging me to empty my ass in to it. I got undressed and hopped in the shower. I had to pee so I squatted down and spread my lips pissing a forceful stream on to the shower floor. I farted while squatting, my asshole was so sore from staying shut, but I kept ignoring it.

I stayed squatting down and started washing my self. I rubbed some body wash on my crotch and my asshole, big mistake! The soap lubed up my asshole and a big turd started inching its way out of my weakened hole. I managed to pull it back in, but it was hurting me so much I just said "Stuff It!" and relaxed.

My asshole opened and stretched (which is unusual for me) the big turd coming out hurt, but felt good at the same time. It was really hard, thick and smooth. I was forcing it out, but had to rest halfway through, partly to rest, partly to enjoy the great feeling I was having. I started pushing and groaning again and eventually it popped out and hit the floor. I felt great; I was relieved and really excited;)

There was definitely more poop inside me and I couldn't wait to push it out. It started moving towards my wide-open asshole. I didn't have much trouble getting this log out, it moved slowly out of my sore asshole, it again was really firm and really smooth, it fell out on top of my first log. I could feel that I had more poop in me, but it wasn't ready to come out, so I'm saving it for tomorrow :).

Hope ya liked my story!

JB: Thank for the awesome feedback!

Love Mel.D

I am a 30 year old male and my wife is 26, we went to see a movie last nite and were drinking a lot of soda we had to pee badly so kate said she can't make it to the bathroom in time so she took a empty cup and put her jacket over her legs and I heard her unzip her jeans and pull her panties down then I heard her peeing in the cup Oh no she says Im filling it up give me another cup I did so and she finally finished there was a older couple in front of us who could not figure out what the noise was by this point I was bursting she said just go and handing me the empty popcorn bucket I had no choice but to put my jacket over my legs and take my penis out and put in the bucket and I started peeing so much I have never been so afraid that people would hear me peeing but the movie ended and we did not get caught

hi all
when i was in my pre teen and early teen years my appetite easily matched the boys, I was overly tall and scrawny but oh!! could i eat!!
it goes without saying that my bowel production was equally substantial-(laugh)
it was late summer at the lake -just a spot near the road with no facilities where the kids could walk to or get dropped off for an afternoon of swimming and -all our parents (really knew) we could get away with.
my bodys urges took over typically in the mid afternoon and i told my girlfriend i was going in the bushes for an awful shit
she said she had to go as well and came along, OK with me.
one peice full cut suits were the norm and undressing to go was difficult so pulling the bottom aside was the practice among the girls.
i found a spot and did my half squat with the crotch of mu suit to one side and just let go with a long ropy poop that formed a "cow pat"between my feet i didnt realize she had watched the whole operation.
she was squatted behind where i deposited my production and was straining
i said did you go yet-she said "im trying" and under her were two rock hard little turds. she forced two more and said she was finished . she asked me after "do you always go like that- i said i guess so she said wow i couldn't imagine going that much.
turns out she told one of the boys she knew to go to where we pooped to see "what jeri made" and boy did i get teased the rest of the summer over that!!
I had to find a way to get past the teasing so i said -HA girls do it better!!!! bet you cant match mine!! well the famous "poo place" got many "contributions "over the next few days- I held the record for a few days anyway heh he
it seems that a girl (elna) was the final winner (sorry guys) with a solid poop that was significantly larger than my "cow pat"as i think back to those fun silly times i wish i were watching the "action"

Rigo- Have you ever seen the movie Spun, the character COOKIE played by Mena Sufari takes a dump, I think that it might actually be her real poop because it looks like she had to really push something out when she couldn't go because it was so small.

Has anyone seen Dumb and Dumbererr, that movie is stupid but funny especially when Harry visits the girl he likes house and ends up smearing chocolate all over the bathroom. Then afterwards the Dad played by Bob Saget walks in and goes "Oh my god, there's Sh*t everywhere."

When I was visiting my home town over thanksgiving, I went to the college and the womens basketball team was practicing, on the first floor, I was watching from the window of the second floor, and a few girls left, one of the girls who is kind of cute, very athletic comes upstairs where I am, and uses the bathroom upstairs instead of the main one downstairs. After she leaves I go in and see some skid marks and a moderate smell. My guess is she was too embarresed to poop downstairs with her teamates.

Curious Dude
KRISTEN: Well, that depends on who you ask. Some people come here to be amused, but actually, not many. Some people come here for medical answers to see if their bodily functions are normal. But, most people here find the act of relieving oneself arousing. I am a 21 year old college guy and I love the thought of a girl dropping a load, but that's just me. Most others here are similar.

GIRLS: Please post stories about huge dumps after Thanksgiving!

Mine was not too impressive. I was visiting my sister in Philadelphia for the holiday. She has very comfortable toilet seats though and it was really relaxing. Bye for now!

I have a friend who is a female Army helicopter pilot. She told me when she has to fly long missions, she uses something called a "Lady Jane" that lets her pee in her flight suit. Has anyone heard of something like that? I think it is some sort of foam thing that just absorbs all of the liquid, turns solid, then you throw it away.

ShortSkirt Girl
I have a story like Marcy's where she popped in her pants. Today, I woke up making small, little farts. I wasn't really worried cuz there wasn't any odor and I didnt feel the need to 'follow through'. Anyway, I kept farting while I was dressing for work, and started to feel a bit heavy back there like I was building for a bowel movement. When I got in my car, the sensation went away a bit, but when I drove up to the station, I really felt gassy, and ready to go. I still thought I'd be able to make it to work, and go to the bathroom there, but as I was crossing the station parking lot, I really felt that pressure build in my ass. I thought if I could relief the pressure, I might feel a bit more comfortable so I tensed up to fart some of the air out, but realised to my horror that my tiny little sphincter was actually tightening around something more solid than just air, and I forced out what felt like a big turd. I just froze in my tracks, too frightened to move an inch and not wanting to stimulate anything else. I eventuaally walked back slowly to the car, and just asI got to it, I relaxed my muscles and the poop just gushed out of me - big firm logs and mushy shit. Driving home, I was just bawling my eyes out sitting in my shitty panties, and when I got home my husband was fortunately still home and helped clean my off in the shower. He told me I had three medium sized turds in my panties, and a big stain there in my white underwear and hose.

Upstate Dave
Well we weathered the snowstorm ok. Hope everyone elsee did that had snow from the storm. Juile here are my replies to your survey.
1.B My aim is very good but the only times I do miss is when I have a morning erection and I have to stand back and sometimes my stream overshoots.
2. D I need to go so to me its not rude to be noisy. It is more importenet for the relief!
3. Most the time I dont have to fart when I piss. The other factor is where I am will edtermine if I just let rip or try to stiffle it down. Public bathrooms if empty let go, if not soften it up. Close friends or at parents let go.
4. Off a bridge into a gorge that was over 800' in depth.
5.We had a private swimming place that we made when we damed up a creek. There were 10 of us guys and girls and we all peed together to christen the project when we first finished it.
6. It would not to be wise to put anything all the way around your penis that would be that tight. There is a major vien and arterie that feeds blood to the penis. Constriction of the blood vessels is what creates an erection but you can run the result of being overtight and completely cut off the blood supply can do tissue damage just like when a tornaquete is applied wrong.
Again Julie good questions.

raz:1) How often do you get stomach aches and how bad are they/what are they like. not at all

2)What kind of poop do you have when you have these stomah aches? It used to vary from hard to loose.

3)Do you grunt and groan, massage or hold your stomach? grunt only if I am constipatd

4)How do you sit on the toilet when you have a stomach ache? hunched over

5)Do you get cramps during your period and do cramps feel the same as stomachaches? I do not suffer with menstrual cramps.

In New York City, a city councilwoman has introduced a "potty parity" bill, requiring public establishments to have a greater number of toilets for women. Did you ever hear of such a thing? When I go to the toilet, I do not dawdle. I use the toilet for what a toliet is used for. I see women spend obscene amounts of time, not using the toilet for bodily functions, but for cosmetics and vanity. That is why the lines are so long. I refuse to stand on such a line, unless it is an emergency for me. But, I will tell you this. The camera was allowed into the women's room. They only showed women entering and leaving the stall, a pair of legs with pants down and a toilet being flushed. Nothing was in the toilet.

Rick: That bottle of water that you shared with Kerri primed your pumps.

Franco: Where in Canada are you? I love that country. See my earlier posts about my experiences with laxatives. I'll tell you this. When I was in elementary school, I was given a dose of Castoria the week before school started. It would attack me at home. I would not let it at school. Many of my classmates' mothers gave them Castoria. The first day of school, at the morning bathroom break, many of the girls had to release their bowels. I was in first grade and made up my mind that I could not have a bowel movement in school. One afternoon, in first grade, I went to the girls room to urinate. Another girl from the adjoining first grade class followed me in and lifted her dress, slip and pulled down her brown panty hose and pink panties as she went to the stall. I took the next stall, lifted my navy skirt, white slip and pulled down my pink panties and urinated for about 60 seconds. The girl sat on the toilet and her bowels crackled and then exploded with two thuds. She said, "My mother gave me Castoria and it gives me a lot of doo-doo." I then wiped my vagina and fixed my clothes. My new little pal sat for awhile. I waited for her to finish and she wiped herself and fixed her clothes. When she came out of the stall, we became friends. Castoria is still on the market.

Jason (pooping expert): That boy could have gone to the toilet. I think that he was a wise guy. I have never seen a child of reasonable age do such a thing, with the exception of my cousin's 16y/o son. As a matter of fact, there are many such children doing so.

As for baby-sitting, I never denied a kid the bathroom. If they had to go, I sent them. No questions, asked. I have had small children urinate on themselves in my care. That was liveable. I took their clothes, washed and dried them and put them back on. I would put the kids in one of my shirts and in a blanket while the wet clothes were being laundered.

Hi im nicki and im 12,
One day i was up on stage doin a play. I had to wear only panties and a bra. I was nervous and drank lots of water. in one of the scenes i had to pee so bad but it was in the midle so i couldnt. all of the sudden i just went right there and it wasnt only pee!!!

I haven't told this story in a long time as peeing is what interests me (girls peeing in particular).
Something like that happened to me. I was visiting San Francisco. I went to a wonderful fancy restaurant for dinner. When I left the restaurant I had a fifteen or twenty minute walk to my hotel. Soon after leaving the restaurant I felt my stomach get crampy and realized that there was a messy BM wanting to get out, but I figured it wasn't that far to the hotel. Well, I was wrong. The pressure increased very quickly and I suddenly realized that I needed to crap very soon. I looked around and saw a movie theater. I walked up and as I was buying a ticket for the next show I could no longer hold it and a bunch came out filling my shorts and oozing out of them. I tried not to let the ticket seller know. I went into the theater's empty lobby and went directlly to the Men's room. It all would have been much worse if the lobby were filled with people. During that walk to the Men's room I'm sure that some chunks fell all the way through my pants and onto the floor. In the Mens' room I sat down and emptied myself and tried to clean out my shorts as best I could. Then I left the theater and got to my hotel where I threw out my shorts and took a long hot shower. Awful experience.

Pee Fan
P. Fan
My wife (Janet) has never allowed me to share her 'bathroom' time - which has been a disappointment for me 'cos I've always enjoyed the sound of woman on the toilet and wished I could take a peek.
Anyway, I've had to content myself with a sneaky listen outside the door whenever possible!
So I noticed that she would normally pee for about 10 -12 secs 4 or 5 times a day and it took a while before I had the chance to listen at the door when she was really 'desperate'.
We'd been to the pub for a couple of beers (I think Janet had had 4 half pints). Normally she would have a pee before leaving - but this time there was a queue - so she told me that she had decided to "hold on'. You can guess that my pulse rate was rising!! Well, I didn't drive home at top speed and I could see by the wriggling around that she was doing that she really had to go badly. She also shivered a few times and sucked in her breath if we went over a bump or something.
Whe we finally got home, she rushed to the loo and I followed quietly behind.
I arrived outside the door just as she was undoing the belt on her jeans and pulling down her knickers. But...surprise surprise, instead of the gushing torrent I'd expected - silence - then a quiet groan - she took a deep breath and was obviously straining - but all I could hear were a few little dribbles dropping into the toilet...suddenly I heard a fierce burst of pee - it probably only lasted 3 or 4 seconds and then I could hear Janet taking another deep breath. There was a small grunt and then I heard another longer high-powered burst lasting about 6 or 7 seconds. For another agonising 12 seconds Janet couldn't manage another drop (I could hear her panting with the effort!) - but at last the pressure was dropping and with 3 short ( 2 sec) bursts followed by one of 4 secs and a final 2 second squeeze - it was over. And -YES!- I was counting every second!!
I wonder if any other ladies have similar problems after they've been "holding on."

Not too long ago maybe last week, I was working at my job which is in a bakery. I was closing that night and the manager had told me before I can go home I had to wrap out a few items. I remembered that I had to pee and asked him if I could go before I got started, he told me no that I was to finish everything before I could go, no breaks no nothing. Well, as I was working My desire became pretty bad and I was twisting my legs around trying to hold it. When my shift was done I dashed for the bathroom, I really had to go then. But when I got there, there was already someone in there. I stood oustide waiting, but after a couple mintues I decided that they weren't going to be out anytime soon so I was going to try and make it home. Getting in my car with a full bladder was not easy. The bumps made my desire grow rapidly and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. Since it was about the time everyone was getting off work it was five o'clock traffic and I had to go sooo badly that I was using my hand to stop a few dribbles that wanted out. My bladder stared hurting and i was holding myself tighter, anything that would stop it from coming out. When I was stopped again in traffic I felt a leak pop out. I had to pee so bad that I just let a little slide out until I used both hands to stop it. I began to dig in the back seat for a bottle or something that I could pee in. I found an old bottle and then quickly tried to pee in it. I got about half of my bladder in it and thought I could hold it. As I continued to drive I encountered yet another great desire. I was speeding my way home until i couldn't hold it anymore and no more bottles were around and I just slammed the brakes and let a leak out. I jumped out of my car and went to the nearest tree and let go. The relieve was trememdous and so was the stream. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, no one seemed to be. I felt great after that, then got back into my car and drove home

This is the first time in a long time that I've posted twice in a week. But I've got a story which is good enough to post on here. BTW, for those who have forgotten I'm an 18 y/o male. Senior in HS.

Today was Friday and all was well except that I hadn't crapped in a week. Well around the latter half of 3rd hour I started getting this really bad cramps in my intestines and it was getting really bad. I started getting a sorta nausiated feeling but was still hungry so I ate. After I ate I was going to go take a crap since I was in such agony. Well I got to the bathroom door and here comes along a friend of mine and he follows behind me to the bathroom. I'm not too keen on going into a stall to poop around guys I know (unless they do too) and this guy just came in to wash his as like I usually do every day. So I just decided I could make it for the rest of the day. Well lunch ended and I got to my class and half our class only showed up and then we realized we had gotten the extra 15 minutes of lunch for our class. Some of us left the room and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take a crap. So I went from third floor to first floor and went into the bathroom and took the second stall. I sat down and immediately started pushing really hard. A very long and thick log started to ease its way out of me. When it finally landed in the toilet a couple of small turds dropped out and then alot of loud wet sounding farts came out. After that I had to wipe a ton.

So I left the bathroom (which BTW I stunk up the stall pretty bad) and went back upstairs to my class. Even after taking that crap I still was having intestinal pains. So during the latter part of that class I was really feeling sick, I was shaking and was really feeling light headed and nausiated. I asked to use the restroom (this is the first time I've ever asked in the middle of class to use the bathroom because I'm usually to embarassed but I was feeling to horrible to care about my pride) and went into the bathroom on the third floor. I've never been in this bathroom before and it actually had a window in it (first time I've been in a bathroom like that). So anyway I enter the last stall and put the toilet seat down and sit down and immediately I started releasing some pretty runny crap.I wouldn't call it quite liquid but soft enough to be diahrea. It was quite a large amount too. I sighed and leaned forward for a minute to catch my breath. As I did that I let out a booming fart. There's a classroom right behind the wall of this bathroom and it wouldn't suprise me if some people heard it. I didn't really care at this point. So I wiped several times and returned to class. I was still feeling pretty bad and after class ended a few minutes later I went to the nurse and she offered to let me lay down but I had work to do so she gave me some tums to try and settle my stomach. Although I had some Government work to do I was just feeling to lousy to do it so I quit and put my head down on the desk and was out until about 5 minutes before the bell rang (it was study hall BTW). The only way I could really be somewhat comfortable was it I leaned forward and put my legs up on the racks under the desks. So when I got home I sat on the toilet for about 30 seconds and let a small amount of runny stuff out and since then I've seen been in pain and its not getting any better but even somewhat worse as I type this. And what makes we worry somewhat is my back has been hurting for a short time now and I'm afraid something is wrong. I just hope this will pass by tomorrow.

From a guy:
Several years ago, I was working down in El Paso, TX, which is right on the border of Mexico. Of course, I went across the border quite a bit to shop, party, eat, and wander. I'm a pretty seasoned traveler, so I knew better than to drink the water, or eat the ice. Still, there is a bar there (I think it's called the Cadillac bar, or something like that) that swears they invented the Margarita (it's a really old place, sort of 1930's style wood), so I HAD to have one (actually about 10). They use fresh squeezed limes, (no mixers!), and strain the concoction over ice (like a martini). I tolerated it well, but several days later, I had to drive from El Paso to Dallas. I was about an hour out of El Paso on I-10 when I felt the urge to fart. It was about 100 F and I was in the desert w/o air conditioning, so I just let it go. Well, it wasn't a fart, but the nastiest, worse mush you could imagine. I pulled over, and got out of the car. There wasn't a tree in sight (all desert), so I ended up just standing by the side of the road, pulling off my pants and underwear, cleaning with a water bottle, and throwing everything into the sand. I then put on some shorts, and proceeded to finish my trip. From then on, if I even THOUGHT I had to fart, I got out, and went arout the car and dropped my pants. It was so weird, as there were cars of people driving by, waving and laughing. Oh well....

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